9 Squares - a UNIQUE game that looks like nothing else! This is a game that gets your BRAIN involved and stimulates your thinking power. A game that combines SMART with FUN. Enjoy unlimited unique puzzles indefinitely!

WARNING: Addicting :-)

- Unlimited number of puzzles. Yes, every new game is unique
- Revolutionary graphics that offer a welcoming interface
- Intuitive game, simple yet challenging
- Suitable for all ages
- Choose between a regular timer and a count-down time-to-beat
- Sound effects make the game interesting
- The game remembers your Average Time so you can keep trying to improve your performance

The objective of the game:
You have 8 squares on the right and a grid on the left with one square pre-filled. The objective of the game is to move all 8 squares from the right hand side to the grid!

Here is how to play:
Sounds too simple? Not as simple as you think! You can move a given square to a spot on the grid where all the adjacent sides are either blank or have the same values. Tap a given square to see where it can go on the grid. The permissible spots on the grid will be shaded blue.

If you tap one of the blue shades on the grid, the square will move to that position. To return a given square to its original location, either tap the Undo button or tap the desired square and then tap its initial position on the right hand side.

A square can also be rotated unless it has a lock image in its center. A square with a lock can only be moved to the grid as is.

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