You are a newly hatched dragon in a small cave. If you aspire to be a great dragon you will need to fight to survive. You have many advantages being a dragon but the dwarves are relentless. You will not only need to use your fire to great effect but also need to carve out homes for other mountain creatures such as goblins, fire imps, minotaurs, and kobolds. They will help you since you share a common foe. With care and patience and a little luck you will turn into a powerful dragon guarding a cave overflowing with dwarven gold. Good Luck!

Dragon Cavern is a single player offline strategic defense game created specifically for the iPad. It has a straight forward user interface, touch an area and your dragon will dig at that spot enlarging your cave. If you want to move your dragon to a more defensible position dig out an area large enough and touch it.

Other features
* Three difficulties ranging from: easy enough for a child - normal - hard
* Custom sound and retro art
* Completely offline and 2d graphics mean low battery usage so it is great for plane rides or car trips.

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