Eat! Run! Crash!

!!!Congratulation!!! "Glutton Truck" achieving total download 10,000 over!!!

Very fun and addicting!!! - This game is a great way to make time go by if I'm bored. Now I know which app to play!
by Vanessa_A

Great - Great way to pass da time! Awsome!
by Derrall

5/5 - Great game!!
by Deano Bocelli

Gréât - Cool game
by Cayser

Fun!!! - Pretty sick game. It does get you to come back and play more
by Vivi24

Cool - Cool!!!
by Slum25

Good time waster - Nice openfeint achievements
by chromesafari

Good~~!! - Wow
by ?????

Good game - Quite good game with easy to learn controls. A definite must have.
by Game raterz

Excellent - Game is great buy it and join the fun. :)
by xResolved

Get this app! - Fun game!
by MCMURRAyyyy

great game - iv been playing for at least an hour straight since I got this, one great thing about this game is that the controls and layout for everything are easy to learn and get used to, even though I'm still not that good yet
by Bolacu

Great update - The game runs much better with the more responsive controls.
by Shift...

Marrante ! - Super application ! L'idée est orginial malgré des graphismes qui laissent à désirer. La durée de vie est vie est un peu courte par rapport à ce que l'on attend de ce jeu. Plus de personnalisation serait le bienvenue. Mais cela me laisse un appriorit positif sur ce jeu.
by seigneurholo

Pretty fun - Eh... It killed 5 hours today, why not?
by Joche1337

? - ???? ????
by ?????

?June,6,2010 Game/Racing Ranking -
#40(United Statues),
?June,6,2010 Entertainment Ranking -
#28, Top #65 in Korea

?Game/Racing Top100 in 14 countries(USA, Japan, china, taiwan, singapore...) - May,16,2010 Update

?May,16,2010 - Game(Tatal) #754Arcade #181Racing #63new in USA

?May,9,2010 Rank #21 Game/Racing(Hongkong)
?May,12,2010 Rank #50 Game/Racing(kuwait)
?May,16,2010 Rank #63 Game/Racing(United States)

- Support 3Type Leaderbord.
- offer to 15 Achievements.

*Update History
- Changed EnemyCars Image.
- Fixed "More App" Link.
- Support Twitter & FaceBook(publish Openfeint Archievements)
- Adjustment Game Valance.
- Fix Controls (More Fast steering wheel)
- Add Crash-Coin(Get More Point)
You can eat enemy cars as being to drive a car.
Eat a lot, further increasing the size of your car,
you will be able to eat car more big.

Also, if you crash the enemy and you will get the double score.
You do not touch enemy if them bigger than you.
See Energy Bar on left top of screen. you can know your size.

Finally, you have triggered your turbo when your energy bar full.
Please see "How to Play" menu in Game. That is a more detail description.

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