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    FAQ by JMoore

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    For the ATARI JAGUAR
    Developed by REBELLION
    FAQ Version- 1.02  (07/09/00)
    Written by:  Jeremy Moore   
    My e-mail:   bird33@pa.net
    Version 1.00 07/09/00--  original 
    Version 1.01 07/10/00--  corrected title
    Version 1.02 07/12/00--  Cleaned up the FAQ a bit, added a few tips, and other 
    minor info. added an other stuff section...
    --- LEGAL CRAP ---
         This FAQ is written by ME, copyrighted by ME, and owned by ME. =)
    All names are copyright either, FOX, Atari, or Rebellion Software 
         If you would like to use this FAQ on your site... just e-mail me and ask...  
    more than likely I'll say yes... we Jaguar fans gotta stick together  =)
         However, in no way will you change this FAQ, or profit from it in anyway.
    --- INTRODUCTION ---
         The Atari Jaguar, the first 64-bit console on the market (like it or not, 
    and agree with me or not....  it WAS a 64-bit system, that much is proven ) met 
    with mixed response when it was released.  Released with a game called 
    Cybermorph, a fully 3D action/flight game.  While Cybermorph was a great game in 
    its own right, the Jaguar lacked that one, great, killer app.  In 1994, that 
    killer app made its appearance, first in rumors, then a VERY cool, yet rarely 
    shown commercial.  If Atari would have marketed games like this better, we may 
    have had seen a completely different fate in store for Atari's 64-bit machine.  
    This game could have propelled Jaguar sales into the millions on name alone, 
    with proper marketing.... starting with showing the commercial at a time when 
    most people would have been awake to see it...  That game was Aliens Vs. 
    Predator (AvP).
         It was the ultimate match-up between two of Sci fi's most deadly Extra-
    Terrestrials... The universes' greatest Hunters vs. the ultimate survivors...  
    throw in some Colonial Marines(ie: meat) and alot of bullets flying, blades 
    cutting, and tails whipping... and you have a REAL survival horror game.  
    Resident Evil has nothing on AvP, slow moving Zombies don't seems so scary when 
    compared to a half dozen Aliens coming running at you from all angles... then, 
    just as you finish the last one off  with the last of your pulse rifle's ammo, 
    you hear a laugh, but see nothing, suddenly, out of nowhere! a Predator appears, 
    and all you have is a few rounds in your shotgun... RUN!!!... oops... too 
    late.... he took you out with a well placed blast from his shoulder cannon...  
    add that feeling to a game with no music, only the eery sounds of the station 
    lightly humming in space, the air suddenly comes to life with the sounds of guns 
    blazing and Aliens screaming... play this game with the lights off.....
    --- STORYLINE ---
         Weyland Yutani's Colonial Marine training base, Camp Golgotha recieves a 
    signal from a distress beacon on an unidentified derilect spacecraft, numerous 
    attempts at contact have failed, a towing ship is deployed and the ship is 
    docked at the Sublevel 5 airlock, and the ship is boarded  ****WARNING!!! 
    ESCAPE PODS PREPPED! DISTRESS BEACON ACTIVE!***  A second unidentified craft, 
    drawn by the emergency beacon approaches the training station, Auto defense 
    systems offline in distress situation, Unidentified craft docking at airlock on 
    Sublevel 1 ***WARNING! INTRUDER ALERT!***  --- so ends the last transmissions 
    from Golgotha...
         The ultimate survivor, capable of surviving in the most harsh of 
    conditions, the Aliens weapons are its Claws, Tail and Teeth,  moving at 
    incredible speed the Alien has the ability to strike quickly, before your 
    opponent knows what hits him, you also have free reign of the airducts.  The 
    Aliens goal is simple, The Alien Queen has been taken captive by the Predators, 
    RESCUE her.  In the Alien Scenario, you cannot heal yourself, to stay alive you 
    must cocoon marines, then wait, in time they will be infected and Aliens will 
    gestate inside, ready to burst when your current Alien dies.  Meaning the one 
    means nothing, the HIVE is what matters, save the queen, regardless of how many 
    Aliens it takes you to do so.  
         The cocooning process is farely simple when you come upon a human attack 
    them by Claw attack, Tail Slash, and then clawing attack once more... after the 
    three hit combo, if effective you will see a message stating Cocooning complete.  
    You may have up to 3 cocoons active at one time.
    *WARNING* cocooned enemies do take a small amount of time to gestate, meaning if 
    you go and get yourself killed before another Alien is ready to emerge, its GAME 
    OVER... make SURE you always have at least one Alien in reserve at all times... 
    also keep in mind that when your current Alien dies, your next one will emerge 
    where the host was cocooned, meaning if you advanced up two levels to the 
    predators ship, and die, your back on sublevel 3 where your last host was 
    cocooned...   Attacking repeatedly drains strength, so vary your attacks... 
    unless you'd like your repeated tail slashes to do little to no damage...
         Your mission is simple....  Rescue the Queen, the Hive MUST survive.......
         Having recieved a distress call from an Oxygen Breather's compound, a young 
    Predator has been given the perfect scenario for his rite of passage, The most 
    deadly of species have come into conflict with one of the weakest, resulting in 
    the opportunity for the perfect Hunt, here we will find a Queen! the ultimate 
    prize, her skull shall make a fine trophy!
         There is much fighting here, while the Oxygen Breathers(Humans) should pose 
    little threat, the Aliens will pose much more a deadly one.  Fight with Honor 
    Young Warrior, and you shall be rewarded, Fight without honor, and you will 
    surely die. 
         Essentially, this means that you must NOT kill while under the cloak of 
    invisibility, doing so reduces your honor points, killing while visible raises 
    them.  As your honor points rise new weapons will be made available to you, 
    however, as you begin, only the wristblades will be available, as you make 
    honorable kills your honor points rise and in doing so new and better weapons 
    will come available, making life MUCH easier...
         The Predator, is rather slow and cannot enter airducts, but is very strong, 
    capable of withstanding tremendous punishment... and capable of dishing out just 
    as well   >=)  his ability to turn invisible will allow him to surprise and 
    attack Marines, appearing out of nowhere to slaughter them. BEWARE however, that 
    getting too close to a marine even when invisible, they will see you (I guess 
    they hear you or see that funky distortion effect) and they can hurt you bad 
    with their weaponry if they spot you... Invisibility has no effect on Aliens... 
    and they can find you visible or not... my advice, in alien infested areas... 
    just say visible.... taking the occasional hit from a human before you can kill 
    them is worth it compared to accidentally killing an alien while invisible and 
    losing a ton of honor points....
         The Predator can heal himself through his medical computer, which uses 
    standard human med kits and food as raw materials for healing compresses for the 
    Predator.... using the MedComp slowly drains its raw materials reserves as it 
    heals you, so a good strategy would be to make sure your at full health, and 
    your MedComp's reserves are full before going into heavily infested areas.  
    Additionally the Predator has an Audio Waveform Analyzer, a device that detects 
    changes in the audio environment around him, meaning that it will resonate when 
    somethings moving near him.  Overlooked but very handy....
         The Predator also posses several different vision filters while invisible, 
    which will look familiar to anyone who's seen the movies... even the sound 
    effect while using the invisibility or changing filters is right on with the 
    movie sounds.
         So good journey Youthful Warrior, go and claim your prize....
         Remember... all of these weapons have unlimited ammo... but like the Alien 
    they have strength meters, using the same attack repeatedly drains it... and 
    lowers its power, and when its drained you cannot use this weapon until it 
    repleneshes itself sufficiently.
    WRISTBLADES- [ Available from the start] 
    Double sided, twin wristblades... short range, actually, rather strong, but 
    there range guarantees you'll be taking some damage while using them.
    [ the "+" is honorable kills  the "-" are dishonorable kills]
      Alien         +10,000   or  -10,000
      Marine        +5,000   or  -5,000
      Face Hugger   +900  or  -900
      Egg           +300  or  -300
      Yellow Drum   +100  or  -100
    COMBI STICK- [ 150,000 Honor Points]
    A Pole Arm, its a spear like weapon, roughly equal attacking strength to the 
    wristblades but with slightly better range... you should be able to take out 
    most enemies with slightly less damage done to yourself...   
    [ the "+" is honorable kills  the "-" are dishonorable kills]
      Alien         +10,000  or  -10,000
      Marine        +5,000   or  -5,000
      Face Hugger   +900     or  -900
      Egg           +300     or  -300
      Yellow Drum   +100     or  -100
    SMART DISKS- [ 350,000 Honor Points]
    We all remember this nasty disk weapon from the movies, capable of easily 
    slicing through any enemy, incredible range, capable of killing enemies as soon 
    as they appear in the limits of your line of sight, in my ever so humble opinion 
    the best Predator weapon in the game
    [ the "+" is honorable kills  the "-" are dishonorable kills]
      Alien         +5,000   or  -20,000
      Marine        +2,500   or  -10,000
      Face Hugger   +450     or  -1,800
      Egg           +150     or  -600
      Yellow Drum   +50      or  -200
    SHOULDER CANNON- [ 750,000 Honor Points] 
    The most powerful Predator weapon, incredible raw power.  good range too, but 
    watch out if using this sucker in close quarters, the explosion from its blast 
    could easily kill you as well... if you have a nice open area though, this 
    weapon can deal some massive damage...
    [ the "+" is honorable kills  the "-" are dishonorable kills]
      Alien         +5,000   or  -20,000
      Marine        +2,500   or  -10,000
      Face Hugger   +450     or  -1,800
      Egg           +150     or  -600
      Yellow Drum   +50      or  -200
    **IMPORTANT**  ...remember though, that even after attaining these weapons, 
    killing enemies while invisible (without honor) your honor points will drop, and 
    you can lose these weapons ... so stay visible while your killing... especially 
    in Alien infested areas...  even in Marine areas as long as you don't get 
    yourself surrounded.
         ... straight out of his cryogenic suspension prison sentence, this Marine 
    wakes up to find everyone slaughtered, and alone on the Golgotha Space Complex 
    with nothing but a lot of real nasty things just itching to kill him...
    Name-  Lewis, Lance J.
    Rank-  Private
    reason for imprisonment- Striking a Superior Officer
         The Marine is slow, and takes punishment quite easily, BUT he packs some 
    high powered weaponry.  He can enter airducts as well, but these are heavily 
    infested by Aliens most of the time.  Basically what you get by picking the 
    marine is high firepower balanced out by relatively weak defenses.  The Marine's 
    scenario has by far the most in depth story throughout, as you are the sole 
    surviving marine trying to discover what happened to the entire crew during your 
    cryogenic imprisonment.  
         The Marine has to search computer databases, and the bodies of fallen 
    comrades, for the locations of equipment, and for higher security cards to 
    access some information, and to open the hatches to higher security areas such 
    as the Armory.  Which means a LOT of searching will be required to get to all 
    the areas necessary to discover the entire story...
         Your only goal is to get out alive... just set the complex to Self 
    Destruct, and get to an escape pod.... simple huh?
         ...remember, a Human hand to hand would be less than effective against the 
    stuff in this game, so your only chance of fighting is by weaponry, meaning if 
    you run out of ammo for all your weapons, your screwed, you cannot attack... 
    which is realistic, seeing as how I doubt an Alien or Predator would really even 
    notice a puny marine punching it.... I mean look at the guys face.... he ain't 
    no Schwartzenegger   =)    so  if you run out of ammo, run like hell and try to 
    find some before you die....  its not hard to find its laying everywhere.
         Pump action single barreled shotgun for last ditch Proximity Fire weapon... 
    its decently effective against Aliens... 3 shots will take one down,  next to 
    useless against Predators... just run like hell...
         This sucker fires 10 x 24 mm explosive-tipped caseless rounds, at a 
    extremely high fire rate... works great against Aliens, short burst will 
    splatter one nicely, decent against a Predator, but still not too effective,  be 
    careful not to fire too long, as this eats ammo relatively fast...
         Fire based weapon,  Decent agains aliens,  somewhat less effective against 
    Predators, all in all the M41-A is the better weapon.  Not a bad weapon but eats 
    through fuel very quickly however.
         Steady Harnessed, full assault weapon, with smart targeting system...  pure 
    and simple, once you have this gun, few things will threaten you. One shot kill 
    of Aliens, and Predators are no longer something to worry about once your 
    packing this sucker.
         This device tracks anything that moves within 15 meters 360 degrees around 
    yourself VERY USEFUL...
         Restores roughly 10% of your health
    MED KIT-
         Restores 25% of your health
         Card's 1-10  - gain access to higher security areas of the complex, also in 
    the Med Lab, computers will heal you accordingly to Card clearance level
    -Card's 4, 5 and 6 allow 50% energy restoration
    -Card's 7, 8 and 9 allow 75% energy restoration
    -Card 10 allows 100% energy restoration
         ... real quick run through
    SUB-LEVEL 1-- Airlock containing the Predator's ship is located here and Armory
    SUB-LEVEL 2-- Medlab, Armory... 
    SUB-LEVEL 3-- Brig, Canteen, Marines starting point.... 
    SUB-LEVEL 4-- Training Maze, Armory...   HUGE area...  
    SUB-LEVEL 5-- Airlock, Alien Ship located here and Escape pod
    ALIEN SHIP--  Alien Queen(in Marine and Predator games)
    PREDATOR SHIP--  Alien Queen(Alien game)
    --- ITEM LOCATIONS ---
         Located in all levels in multiple locations
    #01-- Sub-Level 3
    #02-- Sub-Level 3
    #03-- Sub-Level 2
    #04-- Sub-Level 4
    #05-- Sub-Level 5
    #06-- Sub-Level 4
    #07-- Sub-Level 1
    #08-- Alien Ship
    #09-- Predator Ship
    #10-- Alien Ship- Queen's room
         Right outside of your cell, if you can't find this one, stop playing this 
    game right now 
         Multiple locations, Sub-Level's 1, 2, 3 and 4 all contain Pulse rifles... 
    but most are in sealed sections requiring either higher clearance or use of 
         Multiple locations, Sub-Level's 2 and 4
         Predator Ship
         Sub-Level 5
         Sub-Level 5
    FOOD and MED KITS-
         Located in all levels in multiple locations
         Alien Ship, in the Queens room    (duh =)
         Cocooning material ( although they'd prefer not to be =)  located on all 
         Predator Ship
         A very overlooked and absolutely essential feature in AvP is the automap 
    feature, which maps the current level as you go, pressing   8  on the numeric 
    pad toggles it on or off, once you leave the current level, all map features are 
    gone, so try to search each level as thoroughly as possible before moving on...
         To save your game first press pause, then option to bring up the options 
    menu, then select from one of the 3 save slots...
         Saving a game records current Card Clearance, reserve aliens, ammo, health 
    and Med Comp reserves,  weapons gained... (Predators weapons will be retained 
    but his honor points will be at only the bare minimum for the current highest 
    weapon attained)
    ***IMPORTANT***   when loading a game... enemies are all placed randomly.... so 
    if you save in a room with no enemies, and load it later, you may be stuck right 
    at the start with 3 aliens right on top of you...    When loading a game all 
    enemies, ammo and healing items are regenerated... and randomly placed...
    -     When using the marine, try to draw aliens out into open areas so that the 
    acid splash left behind can be avoided, instead of having to walk through it in 
    cramped corridors...
    -     Try to clear out and search as much of each level as possible before 
    moving on, it helps because then you keep your automap for the level and search 
    out all possible sections for ammo, health, and items...  this way you don't 
    have to repeatedly come back to the level and face regenerated enemies as 
    -     Try to get as many honor points as possible fighting marines, that way 
    you'll have better weapons ready by the time you reach the alien infested 
    sections of the ship...
    -     Try to destroy Alien Eggs quickly before a Face Hugger can emerge...  if 
    one does attach itself to you... move left and right rapidly with the joypad to 
    get it off
    -     Save your game in Elevators, with the door closed, no enemies can randomly 
    appear in there
    -     Don't be afraid to run.... its better to find healing items and live then 
    to waist ammo and die
    -     When using the Alien... don't use all your cocoons in one section... 
    unless you like backtracking...
    -     When using the Predator, if your close to attaining a new weapon... get it 
    before you save, the game only records the highest weapons bare minimum honor 
    points, which means you could lose a TON of Honor Points and have to work your 
    way up to that next level again....   so get enough honor points for that new 
    weapon before you save...
    -     As the Marine, backing up while firing is effective to get more room while 
    firing...  just make sure you're not backing up into a worse situation than what 
    your firing at   =)
    -     Don't Spray, use concentrated fire... You'll need the ammo
    -     Barrels explode, accidentally hitting one nearby could hurt and or kill 
    ---OTHER STUFF---
    (things that make ya say hmmmm?....   =)
    -     While Playing as the Predator, you may come across a room containing a 
    Face Hugger, an Alien Egg, an Alien, AND a Marine (or some combination of 
    such)... none of which are attacking each other, but the second you open that 
    door, they all come running for you  (well the egg hatches... an the face hugger 
    runs after ya, but you get the idea...  =)
    -     In the Alien and Predator scenarios, there are craploads of Marines 
    everywhere, but not ONE other to be found in the Marines game,  you'd think at 
    least one or two would have been able to hole up somewhere with all that high 
    powered weaponry.
    -     Pretty Amazing... Aliens can use doors, and elevators... yet can't pick up 
    that dead Marines shotgun and start firing away... tearing through doors, and 
    using airducts to change levels would have been more realistic....   ah well...  
    -     When you pick up a weapon, listen to the Marines voice, then look at his 
    face in the upper corner of the screen display...  doesn't quite match huh?   
    The voice would fit pretty well if the guy looked more like Curt Russell from 
    the "Escape from New York / LA" flicks... as is he looks more like Doogie Howser 
    5 years later.
    -     How comes you can't cocoon a Predator, if you ever read the AvP books or 
    comics... you may have seen the kind of Alien that comes out of an infected 
    Predator...  think... LARGE!  and really mean... moreso even than usual  =)
    -     When you acess the computers, man tell me that voice isn't dead on 
    perfect....  this game did the movies justice, in fact everything in this game 
    is dead on perfect... 
    -     OK... the Game rocked.... now Wheres the Alien vs. Predator movie?  =)
    --- SPECIAL THANKS ---
    -     Thanks to the writers of the AvP Jaguar Manual for some of the names I had 
    forgotten   =)
    -    Firstly, I'd like to thank Rebellion for making this fantastic game... 
    which has kept my attention for so long, and my love for this game just 
    continues to grow...  
    -     I'd like to thank Atari for giving us the Atari Jaguar, which is one of my 
    favorite systems... 
    -     Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox studios for making those cool ass 
    -     Thanks to The Coca Cola company for supplying me with the necessary 
    caffeine to write this... and do all the insane item hunting   =)
    -     Thanks to all the rest of you Jaguar fans...
    ................. Thats it..... Game over man...... GAME OVER!!!!

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