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"Classic gamers, rejoice! Everyone else...keep moving..."

Way back in the day, I remember playing a game in the arcades called Battlezone, in which you took on several wire-frame tanks controlled by the computer and attempted to blast them off of the landscape through the use of a rather realistic tank. When I found this game, I didn’t know what it was that I was buying, but that it seemed to remind me of a time when I spent more time than I should in an arcade spending money that I should have been saving. Battlezone 2000 for the Lynx is a game that takes the original theory of Batlezone, increases the options and gives you the ability to link up with four other players in an all out battle! Possibly one of the cooler multiplayer games that you can find on the Lynx, it’s best played with a group of friends rather than alone, as the challenge really isn’t that high and the replay value otherwise is relatively low.

The game play is pretty simple from the one player standpoint. The only thing that you have to do throughout the game is seek out your enemies through the use of a radar in which you’ll take on tanks, missiles, U.F.O’s and other various enemies. Through your battle, you’ll be able to pick up various power ups that will help you further your game and you’ll be able to make your tank into something more than what it originally was. One of the best features that I can find with this variation on the Battlezone game is that you can customize your tank with different options to suit your playing style, and that does add a little bit of replay to the game once you’ve finished it!

Multiplayer is probably one of the best options that you can find with this title in which you and up to four friends can either face off against each other, or work together. The customizing of the multiplayer option doesn’t end there, in which you can also create teams, handicap games and otherwise to get the full extent of the game for your buck! With the use of the ComLynx, you’ll have the ability to play through the game at various difficulty levels and you’ll either hinder or help your teammates by collecting power ups or running point to take on whatever is ahead of you. If you’re into games that you cooperate with friends in order to reach the end of the game, then you’ll find that this title has everything that you’re looking for.

The control is relatively simple to pick up in learn in which you’ll use the directional pad to get through the different stages. Use of the weapons comes with the different buttons on the front of the Lynx and doesn’t require a tutorial to get the hang of. Your radar is already there and easily readable, so there sound be no problem in pointing your tank in a certain direction and heading off to blast whatever is in your way! Beginners and veterans alike should be able to pick up the game and play through it with the controls the way that they are without customizing too much from the original setup.

Visually, the game really hasn’t changed too much from the original version of the game in the arcade. You have all of the same wire-frame visuals done in red and green that point you where you have to go and what is friendly and otherwise. The scrolling that the game takes on is nothing short of perfect with very little, if any chopping or jumping throughout the game and the stages that you encounter. However, you may find that it is a little more difficult to watch the game through the wire-frame mode, simply because the game has very little in it in terms of variation on the different enemies! This may be a downfall to some, but for gamers who played the original game and found it to be the end all, be all wire-frame game, and purists of that old style will be right at home with what they find here.

Audio wise, there is nothing in the game that you’ll really remember throughout the stages and the music doesn’t change from the same tone and beat at the start. Most of what you’ll be hearing in the game is the various sounds that come with a tank battle game that revolve around the engines, shots being fired and various explosions. Like the original game, it’s kept extremely simple, and in some cases during a one player game, it can be just a little too quiet for most gamers liking! If you can get through that, the simplicity of the game and the sounds that you encounter will have you bumping along the game with no real problems.

Battlezone 2000 is an upgrade of the original game with a few extra options thrown in for the hell of it. If you’re into games that really don’t put too much into the visuals, but create a pretty interesting atmosphere in which you and some friends can get playing, then you’re right on the mark. However, with the lack of sounds and the simple visuals that you find here, all of the multiplayer options and customization that you find in this game may not be enough to warrant a purchase for your Lynx. If you’re into games of the hand held system and the Lynx in particular, then you’ll find that everything you need for a good multiplayer time is right here in this miniature cart!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/18/02, Updated 01/18/02

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