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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JVillacorte

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                     Jaime C Villacorte (jaime@tcville.hac.com)
                               Last revision: 01/09/92
              This is a notes file that I maintained on my Mac as I played B&T.
            I really didn't intend this to be a walk-through description, but
            it may provide one with hints crucial to those (too frequent)
            B&T situations where one finds oneself totally in the dark as to how
            to proceed next.
              Unlike an earlier Chip's Challenge notes file [*] that I put
            together last May, this file is done in pure ASCII text, including
            the maps.
              My advanced apologies for not really attempting to clean up this
            document. Any corrections or additions to this document will
            be highly appreciated.
    [*] This CC spoilers file is a 40+ page, Word 4.0 document with
        embedded graphics drawn with MacDraw II. It's available in Word or
        Postscript form via anonymous ftp from coyote.cs.wmich.edu 
        in the pub/Lynx directory.
    Egypt 1700 BC
            - Find 16 notes, gold nugget. Give gold nugget to guard. Go to
              ancient Egyptian who gives you scare stone. He wants you to find
              staff. With the scare stone, head back to the phonebook and
              go to Egypt 1500 BC.
            - Royal Ankh at lower right. Wade through non-wavy water to get to
              small island. Need the ankh to ride the boat in Egypt 1500
    - Give the True staff back to Egyptian. He gives the following  
                    "Thank you. We shall remember this. Here is your reward.
                     This royal flute is known to lessen the danger from wild
                     animals. Also, our wise men have seen a strange star
                     fall to the northeast."
                      Password at this point: A6TF.TB01.D4YI.0ERJ
              Enabling flute at upper right part of world scares lions away. But
              you must keep activating it to have effect. There are 16 notes
              at the upper right, which gives you access to Rome 60bc.
    Egypt 1500 BC
            - Activate the scare stone. Find the 2 obelisks, which tells you
               "Hey Dudes, It's us! The staff is in the large pyramid. But the
                first staff you will see is bogus!. Remember to hide this
                message for us earlier, dudes.). Back to Egypt 1500 BC and hide
                the note.
            - Holy boat at lower right. Ankh from Egypt 1700 BC lets you ride
              this. Navigate through the current maze: '*' is starting point of
              boat. 'O's indicate valkid one step movements. '-' is the dock.
              '#' are blocked-off paths. '$' is concrete docking point. 'X is
              the temple entrance
                   OOOOOOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOO#####
            _  OOOOO     O#####  O####  OOOOOO# ###         $      #
            *OOO         OOOOOO  OOOOO# O##### #OOOO        OOOO# #OX
                         O#   OOOO   O##OOOOOOOOO##OOOOOOOOOO  OOOOO
            - You can take boat the concrete dock and enter tomb.
            - In the Large pyramid tomb, there's a maze with:
                    - 4 red squares which look like you have to step on all of
                      them to activate other doors in the maze.
                    - Red key
                    - Fake staff
                    - Blue key hole. Which leads to room with red key hole.
                    - Red key hole which leads to room with lions. Lead the
                      lion out of the little chamber. I got one to follow me out,
                      but then I was killed. Later I returned back to the chamber
                      and found the True staff. I think you need to have the
                      harp to see the staff, because I was here before, without
                      discovering the temple and harp, and saw no staff.
                    - Blue key
            - In the temple, there's a blue maze, which looks unsolvable, but
              there's a place in the wall with a hidden secret door. At the
              right hand corner, there's a  harp.
    Rome 60 BC
            - Initial password: P000.0001.XJ6C.0G0K
            - 4 notes in arena. The others are in the dungeon. This brings total
              to 64.
            - Dungeon on left has maze with:
                    - 4 blue doors
                    - 1 blue door with lion. Behind lion is black door. When the
    door opens, the lion doesn't chase you. It just roams  
                    - 1 blue key which opens 3 doors with 3 noes
                    - Black key at lower right part of maze
            - Once you have obtained Caesar's Lyre and given it to him, it
              becomes just a "Lyre" in the inventory. Open the door to the
              lion-guarded room with the blue key. Now activate the Lyre before
              entering. Enter. The lion will leave at this point. Unlock the
              door with the white key. You'll get a Page for Texas 1880. When you
              exit this room, activate the Lyre again to make the lion move
            - After acquiring the page: Password: KA33.7L02.TG71.0HGL
            - Once you have the Texas 1800 page, and you get to the booth and try
              to activate it, a message will appear saying:
                    "Heinous, Dude. Time Paradox!"
            - Caesar wants you to find his lyre.
            - I guess with 64 notes, you can leave Colosseum (bottom of arena)
              to the Town
            - (starting password L8ZV.R505.GGPH.6N0S) This is strange. After I
              obtained the harmonica, and explored San Dimas 2691 thoroughly,
    I went back to Rome 60 BC and picked up the black key that was at 
    the lower right cell of the dungeon. It was actually a gold key!
              Password: 9ADS.PS05.JGRB.6NSF. I had 112 notes before picking up
              this key, and as soon as I picked the key up, I was up to 128!.
            - 1 person in the garden tells you: "Follow the statue dude."
            - Another person tells you "The fountain is in pieces."
            - Another person tells you "The fountain is broken".
            - There is a statue whose arm points northeast. Around the statue,
              there's four corner pieces. Push all of these diagonally into the
              statue and the statue disappears, and the blocks spread apart
              again. Repeat and step where the statue was, and you'll get
              transported to Courtyard 1
        Courtyard 1
            - Z7P0.ZN02.8M2P.0HCH
            - 4 notes in this area.
            - Door is locked to the outside of the Courtyard. When you get
              killed though, you get kicked to Outside of Courtyard
            - I saw an instrument towards the top of this screen. Perhaps a Lyre.
              It's protected by a wall of bushes. There's a path to the 
              that comes out of the back of a building
            - Contains a bunch of guards walking. Need the Pipe Organ (picked
              up in Building of Europ 1700, in order to walk through. With the
              Pipe Organ in hand, the guards will be spinning. Walk to the
              back of the building, across the path and get Caesar's Lyre.
              A funny thing though. As soon as I got the Lyre, my Apple
              disappeared from my inventory!
              After obtaining Caesar's Lyre: Password: B7A9.AB02.PG55.0FLG
            - Return the Lyre back to Caesar and he says:
                    "My Lyre! Dudes, Here is your Gift Wrapped Reward!
            - Caesar gives you a Lyre
        Outside of Courtyard
            - A hidden phone page just south of the door, surrounded by trees.
              It's a page for Europe.
            - A guard who says he's hungry. Give him the apple found in the
              Maze Building. He'll let you enter the Town.
              Password: J1YS.FJ02.AP4T.0HR1
            - 2 notes at left side of screen surrounded by trees
            - 3 notes in the canyon (Makes a total of 80 notes
        Maze Building
            - A building with a hidden-path type maze, which leads to an apple
              'O's are valid one-cell path. 'A' is the apple. 'X' is the
              entrance/exit to the building
                    before getting apple
                    O  OAOO
                    O  O  O
                    O  O OOOOO
                    O  OOO
                    O    OOOOO
                    O O      O
                    O OO OOO O
                    O O  O   O
                    OOOOOOOO O
                      O    O O
                      OOOO O O
                        XX OOO
                    I ended up making a new map after getting apple. It seemed
                    the previous map no longer was valid
                      OOO A
                        O OOOOOO
                        O    O O
                       OOOOOOO O
                       O O   O O
                      OO OOO O O
                      O  O O O O
                      O      O O
                      O OOOOOOOO
                      O      O
                      O OOOO O
                      OOO XX O
            - After leaving the courtyard, password: H1YS.FJ6R.CNGV.0IDZ
    Europe 1700 A.D.
            - Password: L1YS.FJDF.GP8B.0HMG
            - You enter a building with floor tiles are composed of primarily of
              red dots. Make sure to walk to the green dotted tiles. Going
              from the 1st to 2nd green dot, I headed first to the left then up.
              Before going from the 2nd to 3rd, Make sure all three moving
              objects are to the right of you. Position them by quickly joggin
              below then back up to the green dot. When the coast is clear,
              head up the hallway with the pulsating silver tiles. Step on
              these tiles when they're silver to avoid dying.
            - Found a white key. Password: H7JF.A2DF.KQY7.0GR1
            - Step lightly across the paths, beyond the swinging axe (step across
              when it has completely stopped when it points towards you). Work
              your way towards the top, where you'll exit the building
            - Password: H7JF.A2DF.KRCQ.0GBI
            - Use the black key to open the gate.
            - At the upper right of the building, there's a pipe organ. Just 
              before this, it seems as if the shifting tiles is impassable. It is
              possible Use speed to quickly skip the tiles. Apply the magic
              wand to the organ, to shrink an add it to your inventory. Also,
    it doesn't seem like it's possible, but the path back to the 
    entrance of the building can be completed, with timing.
              After: Password: 7B1Q.6MDF.QFLE.0FBQ
            - There's a red key at upper left of the cemetery.
            - A building at the upper left with a read lock. (Can be opened by
              the red key. This building contains a maze with:
                    - a vampire
                    - a bat
                    - a magic wand.
                    - what looks like a box. I believe it is a coffin that the
    vampire emerges from, when you enter the building. I 
    applied everything I had against it including the wand, but 
    I was unable to pick it up or effect it.
                    - Leaving building: password: H88W.9DDF.KDL9.0GIF
            - A building at the upper right with a gold lock
            - Going back to the building, I noticed that the shifting tiles would
              not work to bring me back to the entrance to the building. I 
              around some more in the cemetery, looking for the yellow key,
              but got nowhere. I decided to get the password and reset the game
                    F88W.9DDF.KEPY.0FER <- this password brings you back to 
                    Europe 1700 at the front of the first building with guitar, 
                    80 notes, scare stone, harp, flute, blue key, white key, 
                    apple, black key, magic wand.
        Building with gold keylock:
            - A mandolin at the upper left of the maze. This area, by the layout,
              of this building looks very similar to the other building in the
              cemetery. Current password GAFB.79K7.UGZU.6PCD
            - After picking up the key and the building, I found 6 notes in
              the cemetery. This brings the total up to 134.
              Password HAGS.6ZDi.Ti5K.6NNR
            - With the mandolin, I went back to San Dimas 2691
    Rome 70 BC.
            - You'll end up transported into the same colosseum as Rome 60 BC
            - At the south end of the Colosseum, there's a guard that says:
              Sorry, Dude. You're Staying!
    - After coming back from Texas (and having acquired the San Dimas 
      page, come back to the Dungeon. There will be 4 notes here.
            - Coming back from Texas, and getting all the notes, there will
              be a total of 112 notes. Password: W8TR.RBDH.U01I.6NVN
            - This is weird with the password above, I start at Texas 1800
              with 112 notes, and I can now go to San Dimas and avoid the
              Time paradox. My inventory with this password: Guitar, 112 notes
              scare stone, harp, flute, blue key, lyre white key, pipe organ
              magic wand, train ticket. I'm confused. I thought I had a gold
              nugget also. Down in the dungeon I grabbed the Texas 1800 page
              (again) and tried to go for the black key, but was unable to
              remove either. I went back to Texas to check if I had previously
              grabbed the gold coins that was to the left of the train station.
              The skull wasn't there, and now I can't remember whether I picked
              up both gold coins or just the one below the booth, oh well.
            - Deliver the black key to the room at the lower right where it was
              originally found. This allows you to use the Texas 1800 page,
              bypassing the time paradox. Password after: 88P6.8Z03.796T.6KM5.
    - After coming back from Texas (and having acquired the San Dimas 
      page, come back to the Dungeon. There will be 12 notes here.
    Texas 1800
        Cactus Area
            - Cactus walls and scorpions
            - A gold coin beneath a cattle head skeleton at lower right of this
            - A note? or a phone page for San Dimas 2691 under a cattle head
              skeleton in the area below the boot. Password: K8QP.RFDG.ZB4S.6P23
        Steve's Saloon
            - A bartender who says:
                    "Check out the Skulls, Dude!"
              Password after: N1FF.2CDG.XA23.6LJ4
        Tom's General Store
            - A cowboy behind the desk who says:
                    "Buy tickets at the station!"
        Rick's Stable
            - A cowboy who says:
                    "Say hi to Billy the Kid!"
        Sheriff station:
            - Billy the kid who says:
                    "Long time Dude! Bust me out, and you'll get my harmonica!"
            - Acquire the Dynamite! from San Dimas 2691 and stuff it into
              Billy's jail cell. He'll say:
                    "Excellent, Dude!  Let's blow this joint! Back up and duck!"
            - You'll end up with a harmonica in your inventory, and the Dynamite
              is gone. Password at this point: L8ZV.R5Di.A0X5.6QFA. Nothing
              to happens when you go back to his cell.
        Ticket Station
            - Someone says:
                    "Tickets cost money, Dude!"
            - Exchange the gold coin (from the lower right of the Cactus Area
              for a Train Ticket. After: password: S2UC.0ZDG.ZAL3.6MM7
        Hand crank train
            - Need to apply ticket to get on
            - Use to get 2 notes, gold coin to the left of the station, and
              1 note to the left of the station.
            - To the left of the train station, there's another cattle head skill
              with another Gold Coin beneath it. Need to get
    San Dimas 2691
            - Password when I first arrived: Y8TR.RB05.1DSZ.6NH0
            - Dynamite! at lower left island
            - After getting Dynamite: password: 99i7.QM05.1E1F.6P24
            - Near the top left there seems to be land, which you can't move
              further across unless you have the Harmonica from Billy the Kid
              from Texas 1800, or so it seems. Last time I was here, without
              the harmonic activated, I got inundated by ghosts and bats.
            - Exploring the top part of this land, I see a vampire that's
              beneath a blue wall. There are shifting tiles that lead to
              him though.
            - Activating the mandolin (see Europe Gold lock building, I went
              near the top and entered the vampire's domain. He says:
                    "Play my game if you dare!"
              Use this password to start  with 128 notes and next to
               the phone booth: BAGU.A005.YL8G.6HTG
            - After some fruitless searching (see Approach #1), I think that the
              order in which you obtain the next 16 notes are crucial.
              Approach #1, which I tried first left me with 14 notes (142 total),
              and left me at a complete dead end (or maybe I didn't look hard
              Approach # 2 was successful. Either way, I think it's very crucial
              to learn how to jump from one tile to a second, and then back again,
              at the same time scanning the route ahead of you. This shuffling
              will be needed, especially at the final shifting tile screen after
              one obtains "The Babes"
              Approach #1
                    - Note  1 - at platform to entrance
                          2,3 - at bottom left. Screen changes after 3rd note
                            3b ?  - at bottom middle
                            4 - at bottom left corner. Next need to push blocks
                                to upper left corner. This leads to path which
                                runs left to right to upper center rest area.
                            5 - at upper right quadrant
                            6 - at bottom right. Screen will change after picking
                                this up
                            7 - at bottom right
                            8 - at top right. Head towards rest area at top 
                            9 - just above two girls. Screen changes.
                            10 - at far left
                            11 - at top left. Then you'll need the 2 blocks from 
                                 top left and bring down to far middle left
                            12 - just to the SW of the two girls
                            13 - at far bottom
                            14 - at far upper right corner
                            [ after much examination, I declared this situation
    to be a DEAD END. I could see a 15th note, but 
    there was no way to reach it, the way the shifting 
    tiles were moving. Sigh.]
              Approach #2
                    - Note  1 - at platform to entrance
                          2,3 - at bottom left. Screen changes after 3rd note
                                Head down to far bottom.
                            4 - At bottom right corner
                            5 - At bottom left corner
                            6 - At upper right quadrant. Screen will change after
                                picking this up. Killed self. Landed back in
                                previous screen. Headed back to bottom right.
                                Screen changes when reaching the tile where the
                                5th note was found.
                            7 - At bottom right
                            8 - At top right.
                            9 - Just above two girls. Screen changes. Killed self.
                                Screen changes to previous. Headed back down to
                                lower right corner. Landed on tile where the
                                7th note was. Screen changes.
                           10 - At bottom right quadrant. Head towards top middle.
                           11 - At upper right corner
                           12 - At far left corner
                           13 - At top left. Bring the 2 blocks from this area,
                                to use in the lower area.
                           14 - Just to the left and below the princesses
                           15 - At far bottom. Screen changes after this. Head
                                to far right corner and starting from here,
                                head left towards the princesses. Pick up the
                                princesses. "The Babes" will be added to your
                                inventory. When I checked I had 144 notes! I
                                don't know where the 144th was picked up. The
                                Screen changes
                            Getting to the exit:
                            Starting at the lower right tile of the 4 tile that's
                            in the center:
                                    - Right 4 tiles
                                    - Down 3 tiles
                                    - Left about 7 tiles until an upside down L
                                    - Head all the way until the top row of tiles.
                                      You'll be situated very close to the
                                      exit. This is a red herring.
    - Hang a left and work your way counter-
      clockwise around the perimeter of this room.
                                    - Near the exit, although you're close to the
                                      exit - careful, this is another red herring.
                                      You'll need to head down, jog left, then
                                      head up again. Time it correctly so you
                                      land on the 4 tile platform.
            - Choose the mandolin in order to get back out. At this point after
              I exited the shifting tile room. I hopped over to the right
              to get back to "land", and once there, I found my movements urely
              orthogonal - I couldn't move diagonally. Couldn't maneuver through
              the cave entrances without moving diagonally. I headed back to the
              entrance of the shifting tile room (where the vampire is), killed
              myself, and then found myself back on "land" again, with my
              diagonal movements resorted.
              password at this point: 6B4S.6K05.ZMQZ.6g82
            - I headed back towards the phone booth - I still had my mandolin
              activated. At the front of the booth, next to Ted, was the vampire.
              He blocks the way into the booth. Activate your guitar and ram
              the vampire. He'll say "I LOST!" Password: 6B4S.6K05.ZMUH.6g4J.
            - Enter the phone booth, choose San Dimas as a destination and
              an end screen showing Bill and Ted playing guitars, with
              the Two Babes hugging them appears. The following message scrolls
                            "...AND THIS, BY
                               RESCUING THE
                              BABES FROM THE
                              CLUTCHES OF THE
                                GRIM REAPER,
                                BILL AND TED
                                RETURNED TO
                              THEIR HOMES IN
                               SAN DIMAS AND
                              COMPLETED THEIR
                              MOST EXCELLENT
                                THE END ? "
            - The status screen shows up at this point. Password is
              8B4S.6K06.0MUH.6g4i. Hitting the "A" button gets you back to the
              end screen and end message. Funny thing - I tried entering this
              password, and I end up back at the start of San Dimas 2691, with
              128 notes, and no Princesses - looks like you'll have to do the
              whole damn shifting tile room all over again. Most heinously bogus!
                                            - jaime villacorte
                                              ar619@Cleveland.freenet.edu  or

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