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    Monster/Weapons Guide by Lord Zero

    Version: 2.9 | Updated: 04/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		    Monsters and Weapons guide for DoOm II
    				(plus a few tricks)
    			           By Lord Zero
    				     Version 2.9
    1.- File History.
    2.- Introduction(The life before and after DoOm)
    3.- Monsters(AkA the bastards of hell)
    4.- Weapons(and a more effective way than just "shoot 'em up")
    5.- Frequently asked questions.
    6.- Some nice bugs.
    7.- Some cheats.
    8.- Some reasons to never use cheats.
    9.- Patches and WADs- File Section.
    10.- Credits(¿?)
    11.- Legal stuff.
    1.- File History:
    -1.0 The start. Playing DoOm again made me feel proud of being alive
    when it came out and playing it.
    -1.2 Some ethereal specter came over me to write something else. Added
    descriptions for the "guest" enemies and a Bugs Section. Plus some help
    -1.4 Added first appearances of the enemies, and some other useless
    -1.41 Found out what the SS Officers say. Nuttin else:)
    -1.5 decided to work on the faq again since I was pretty bored, and I
    have been reading other faqs, so I'm kind of inspired. 3 days of playing
    DoOm II again isn't good for your eyes, dang it, I have been a week
    with closed eyes. So freaking annoying. Basically I added more tips
    against the enemies, and more instructions with the weapons.
    -1.55 Basically, decided to work out the faq and make it look
    respectable. Couple o' new sections added. Rewrote the Intro(It makes
    no sense now that i'm not longer and my dad's house-thank god-),
    corrected MANY mistakes, and...nothing else.
    -1.6 (MEGA UPDATE TO ALL MY FAQS) Started putting spaces after points
    and commas to make it look respectable. Also found out some info about
    the soldier from hell, though I still need more info about it.
    And finally, a good trick about the Cacodemons (I can't believe I didn't
    put it from the first version) Also added a couple of FAQs.
    -1.65 Actually read the faq from Ledmeister about the ghost monster and
    added the accurate info. Also found out that several monsters cannot be
    revived by the Arch-Vile. Interesting info if you let me say it. Finally,
    found out that I deleted an important note, so I wrote it again.
    -1.7 Added a good tip (For incredible lucky guys or gals) from
    "Russian LMG" about the Cyber Demon and the Spider Mastermind in the 20th
    level. Check it out.
    -1.8 Copyright Notice changed. My head aches just for thinking about
    DoOm III. Next update, the secret levels. The next update will
    be most likely the last one, but I will update it with any contributions
    I may receive.
    -1.85 Well, this isn't the last update after all... More info added about
    the Commander Keen,  fruit of my recent research about the Dopefish for
    my Quake FAQ.
    -1.855 Oops. Ion Storm didn't created SiN. Well... Much better. Corrected
    the mistake.
    -1.9 Added a couple of submissions I found in my mailbox. One of them
    was the first one who sent to me the info about the Soldier from hell
    bug, and the other is some guy who says something about being a Doom
    Master (and this isn't the last update neither...)
    -2.0 again... However, added some info that Gur Samuel sent to me. Thanks.
    He is a nice guy, he pointed my spelling mistakes without screaming at me ^_^.
    -2.1 Many Grammar spelling errors corrected. Extra Thanks to Gur Samuel
    for helping me out. Added a new strategy for the 32nd level, sent by
    -2.2 After some serious shoving, managed to get Word working with the
    English dictionary. Gur was right ^_^. Corrected MAAAAANY spelling
    mistakes. Also, Added another Faq related to DoOm III. Screw that final
    version crap. Gur Samuel is currently writing a FAQ for this game. Check
    it out if he finally releases it ^_^.
    -2.3 A couple of corrections, I don't think I will release this
    version anyway. Added the wishlist for DoOm III, but until I find some
    useful info, I won't release it anyway.
    -2.4 Two new sections added "DoOm Soundtrack" and the Files Section. I
    need help in both of them... and don't laugh at my pathetic attempt to
    write a Doom-like song ;_;... I'm sensitive.(07/29/2001; 22:29)
    -2.5 Copyright changed.(08/24/2001, 21:13)
    -2.6 Added Gur Samuel's site to the Files section. Also, after
    receiving a mail from my brand new friend Leidmester (^_^), added his
    site for your reading pleasure to the same section. Check it out. He's a
    DoOm God. (09/12/2001, 19:56)
    -2.65 Added the name for the God mode, thanks to wwwhardyzlita@aol.com.
    -2.7 Took out the music section because, well, it's useless. Added a few
    WADs to the wad files section.
    -2.8 Reformated the guide. Added a note on the introduction, and so! Not
    much anyway. (04/22/2002)
    -2.9 Changed my email. Yay. (10/29/2002, 16:42)
    2.- Introduction:
    Welcome to the latest version of my Weapons and Enemies(plus a few
    tricks) Guide for the best first person shooter ever, DOOM II. You got
    to know what's DOOM II, or at least DOOM, or at least what the word
    "doom" means, if not, then what the hell are you doing reading this?
    Forget it...
    Doom II was the first PC game I ever played, it has it's place in my
    heart (alongside Pokémon and Final Fantasy II)as one of the greatest
    games ever. Whenever I play this game, I can't help but recall all those
    wonderful days playing till dawn this game, getting scared, trying to find
    out the  secret levels, battling hordes of enemies, oh man... I'm going to
    cry... You know how much did I like this game? Not even Quake, Quake II,
    Sin, Unreal, Half Life, NO GAME will never beat Doom's Enemies!
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.8: Well, Quake is a cool game too, but still!
    Whatever, here's my little tribute to this game, and still waiting for
    DOOM III. The Doom community isn't dead, as any game this great would
    never die in our minds... Let's go!
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.8: Well, I got my new copy of Doom II and Ultimate
    Doom. You can annoy me at pleasure now. Also, I have begun a walkthrough
    for this game. While I can't promise I will end it sometime soon, I will
    end it, sooner or later, but I will release it.
    3.- The Monsters:
    The Monsters in DoOm are pretty cool, and somehow harder
    than any other game, since they are not very intelligent(That means they
    very rarely miss any shot), come in huge hordes(say,50 enemies at once),
    and are very tough to take down(no more easy to kill Shamblers).
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.1: Gur Samuel pointed that if they are not very
    intelligent, they would miss many shots. Nope, actually, games like
    Quake II, which claims to have intelligent Monsters, has these guys
    having the accuracy of a blind duck.
    NOTE: If there's a * before the name, it's because whatever's next is
    only found in DoOm II.
    -Common Enemies:
    Zombieman(little soldiers in brown clothes):
    Easy to kill. Sometimes you'll find a hell of them in a big room,
    especially when playing on Ultra Violence. During these times you can
    (and it's a very good Idea)switch to your fist or Chainsaw and run all
    around the room with the fire key down. Only appear during the first 10
    levels, so in the space station episode, which is a good thing ,since
    wasting ammo on this guys later is stupid.
    Sargent(little soldiers in black and red clothes):
    Easy to kill, and it's easy for them to kill you. They can inflict a fair
    amount of damage, and are tougher than the Zombieman. Your best bet is to
    use the Shotgun, but sometimes the Pistol will
    work for lonely Sergeants, but that kind of good times are extremely rare.
    As the Zombiemen, they appear until the tenth level.
    *Heavy weapon Dude(fat guys in black clothes and a very visible chaingun):
    These are some of the most dangerous enemies, even when they are easy to
    kill. If you don't see them when they see you, they will start firing and
    can do a hell of a lot of damage. It's good to use a one shot weapon with
    them, because  they can be really devastating. First appearance in the
    third level.
    Imp(Nude brown guys with spikes and a unpleasant face):
    These things are actually very easy to kill and it's easy to avoid their
    fireballs. They make a lot of noise when they fire, the fireball isn't
    very  fast and they go down with a Shotgun shot. Of course, they are a
    real problem sometimes, 'coz they will always appear in large numbers.
    It's nice to see how your rocket launcher can kill 6 of these things easily.
    Demon(Ape-like pink thing with more teeth than a dolphin):
    If you see one of these guys(and you are going too see them often)RUN.
    You MUST keep your distance while you aim a good supershotgun shot. They
    are really fast and they can be a big problem 'coz they can easily keep
    you in a corner. If that happens, switch to your  chainsaw.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.0: Ok, I was wrong. According to Gur Samuel
    (kissmyass124@hotmail.com)(Really, that's his email), they appear
    first in the third level. He's right.
    "I would just like 2 say that ur Doom II FAQ is wicked, the game never
    recieved the recognition it deserved (Which means that despite all the
    recognition it did get, it should have got a LOT more) and just to say
    the Pinkeys (Demons, but that's what I call them) first appear in level
    3, the gauntlet, and they appear after the Invisible Pinkeys (OK,
    Spectres then). And u have a hell of a lot of spelling mistakes 2.
    A fellow Doom II fanatic
    Gur Samuel"
    He calls them "pinkeys". Funny. Thanks Gur Samuel... I guess... ^_^U.
    I Called the Revenants "little michaels" and the Arch Devils "yellow
    fevers" when I was younger. A friend called the Hell Knights "pata 'e
    cabra", which translated from spanish is something like "paw 'o
    goat". Sounds funnier in spanish.
    Spectre(An invisible-transparent Demon):
    These things are dangerous. When you see that the scene is getting
    weird, unless you're on drugs it is because there is an Spectre lying
    around. Are almost the same thing as a Demon but a lot faster and with
    some resistance added. Appear in the third level "the Gauntlet" as a
    nasty surprise in the water.
    Lost Soul(Big flying skulls on fire):
    These things are easy to kill and don't do a lot of damage, but they
    can be quite a problem if you find a Pain elemental. The Skulls can eat
    you for lunch, and of course you should NEVER use the rocket Launcher
    against them. A nice Shotgun can do the work, and it's a good tactic to
    make them enter in a battle against powerful foes, like the Arch Viles.
    If my memory serves me right, they appear first in the 5th level.
    Cacodemon(Big one-eyed ball with a really ugly face):
    These things are probably the most hated enemy in the whole game. They
    are tough, they are strong and they fly. They can dodge your Rocket with
    ease, yet that's your best choice, 'coz they rarely come near to you.
    Watch out for the "Tricks and Traps" level(E1M8), where you're going to
    find lots of these guys. (And a familiar size Hell knight horde too=)
    TRICK: If they are alone, you can go near and use the chainsaw. They
    won't hurt you because they would not fire! An excellent trick to keep
    them 3 meters underearth.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.8: "Caco" in fact means "bad", in the sense of
    something wrong or chaotic. Probably, the word "Cacodemon" means
    "Demon of Chaos".
    *Hell Knight(Big Satan-like brownish demon):
    You're going to suffer each time you find one thing of these. Not the
    most powerful foe, but do a hell of damage and can take a considerable
    amount of shots to go down. They rarely come near you, but sometimes
    they like to punch you till you're nothing but a pile of dust. First
    contact with them in Doom II is in the sixth level "The Crusher".
    Baron Of Hell(Reddish Hell knights, the infamous "You'll know 'em when
    you see'em" enemies): This guy is dangerous, and believe me, is not
    funny to be caught in a crossfire with one(or more)of these things around.
    They are stronger and tougher than the Hell knights, and are probably
    one of the hardest enemies in the whole game. Not found in DoOm II till
    late in the game, but it's very common in DoOm I.
    *Revenant(Big skeleton):
    They pass away with two rockets, but are probably one of the fastest
    enemies. They can go near you and give you a few punches, and if you're
    reluctant to come near them, they can use their Missiles, which can do
    30% of damage. Never, and never use the Plasma Cannon with more than 3
    things of these around. You'll lost them and they will crush you. They
    appear nastily in the sixth level of Doom II, "The Crusher". Lately,
    when playing this game in ultraviolence again, I've had very tough times
    with these guys, so probably you should take more care with them.
    *Mancubus(Big fat thing with two flaming rocket launchers):
    You'll find 4 of these things in the 7th level "Dead Simple" and you'll
    wish you played with cheats. They are particularly tough, as they can do
    a lot of damage and is hard to dodge their rockets. However, they take
    a lot of damage from the Plasma Cannon. No matter how much you complain,
    you're going to see their ugly face a lot through all the game.
    Arachnotron(Weird spider-like mechs):
    But be fooled by their size, they are powerful enemies. They can swarm
    you with a wave of plasma but they are rather weak, and it's not a
    good idea to use the chaingun. If my memory serves me right, they appear
    first in the 7th level, "Dead Simple"
    -Rare(and annoying)Enemies:
    *Pain Elemental(Big flying ball with horns and little hands):
    These guys should be named Pain in the Ass. Really, really annoying, you
    must kill 'em fast or the Lost Souls will eat you. They fire Lost souls
    in industrial quantities and this thing alone is the same thing as face
    3 Hell Knights and one Baron of Hell. Try to fight them in close quarters,
    or when they die they will leave the entire level infested with flying
    skulls. First contact in the early city levels.
    *Arch Vile(Yellow spirits):
    Probably the most dangerous enemy. They use a powerful Fire magic, which
    will send you a few meters away from them. That thing alone makes them
    hard, but there's nothing more annoying than spending all your rockets to
    kill some Baron of hell and see this guy revived them all. They are fast
    and can take 2 BFG9000 shots(Yikes!).
    He can't revive Cyberdemons (THANKS GOD!!!) Spider Master Minds and other
    Arch vile (That's stupid).
    I recently found a way to make some easy work of their lives. Try to
    fight them in big rooms and get outta their line of sight. Their Fire
    Magic'sbehavior is sorta like the BFG9000 behavior, so if they can't see
    you, they are NOT going to hit you.
    First appearance in the 11th level, "O' of destruction"
    Spider Mastermind(Big brain-spiders):
    They are big, they are though, they are powerful and they are ugly.
    The use a chaingun which will probably leave you running away to find
    the Megasphere ,and they are really though to take down. They will give
    you one of the most frustrating moments when you get to the level 27
    (the Spirit World) and you find her, plus about 10 Arachnotrons!
    Whatever you do, never be quiet. I don't really recall when they appear
    first, but probably it's very late.
    The Almighty CyberDemon(Really big rocket launching mechanic demon):
    The toughest and ugliest enemies in the whole history. They can kill you
    in one shot(!)and can  take 4 BFG9000 shots(okay...ARGH!). In high skill
    levels, they can use teletrasportation and are deadly when combined with
    some Hell knights. Never, and I say NEVER use rockets with them. Use your
    BFG9000 or the plasma cannon, and it's a good idea(but very risky)to use
    the Chainsaw. First contact in the Trick and Traps level too.
    -Guest Stars:
    *SS Officer(Blue soldiers that look suspiciously like the ones on
    Wolfenstein 3D)(They are actually the same...)
    They are found in one of the two secret levels, "Wolfenstein"-
    Wolfenstein is actually the name of the castle where Wolfenstein 3D
    happens, so it goes beyond  the dedication to the famous game-. They act
    they same way as the Heavy Weapon Dude, but they don't have the massive
    gunfire and have a sharp eye. This level has some wide spaces, and that
    makes them easier.
    *Commander Keen(Small guys with big eyes, a football helmet and blue
    They are not exactly enemies. Some people refer to them as "characters".
    They appear only in the other secret level, "Grosse"- This level uses
    the same palette as "Wolfenstein", but I haven't found any connections
    here. It's only accessible using a cheat and finding the secret exit
    from "Wolfenstein"- just at the exit, where there's a + shaped platform.
    They are tied by their necks (They look so sadistic, damn!! I saw them
    when I was 12!!)and you must kill them to reveal the switch to end the
    level. They explode when killed, leaving a pile of dead meat and the
    head remains intact showing it's kiddish eyes.
    *John Romero(A head impaled in an wood stack)
    This thing is behind the final demon in Doom II. If you see, right on the
    thing that seems like a brain just in it's forehead, that shots enemies.
    The conventional way to beat this level was shooting there. If you use
    the No Clip cheat, you could be able to go through the wall, and you'll
    see this enemy. Some people said he wasn't an enemy, just a trigger or
    something like that. I think he's the last enemy, not only because when
    you kill it you finish the game, but because when you kill every enemy,
    and nothing else appears, and you see that the skull cards fly to the
    walls, you will still hear a sound like there's a monster there.
    4.- The Weapons:
    No first person shooter can be a good one without some nice weapons. This
    is the way to communicate to the enemies(Think about it: 1 rocket, 1 f%#&
    you). Some of the weapons work best against some others. The best one
    should be the Plasma cannon, which can deliver damage while attacking
    lots of enemies. The worst one can be the fist.
    Fist: You'll forget it in the 3 level(DoOm I) or in the first one(DoOm II).
    This sucks. However, if you manage to find a Berserker sphere, then it
    should be automatic to select it, and you'll do a hell of damage(Zombiemen
    will blow up)but even when that happens don't bother using it in
    anything tougher than a Sargent.
    Chainsaw: This baby rules the world! Ok, you must be very near to use this,
    but once you're near, the foe is good as dead. The enemies won't move or
    attack while you're using it in them, but however, it can take some time to
    kill it, and while you're trying to kill the enemy, his friends will tear
    you up from behind.
    Note: This will replace the fist when you got it, but when you get the
    Berserker, you'll be able to choose between them for a single level.
    Pistol: This will help you a lot till you get the chaingun or the rocket
    launcher. While it does little damage and is slow, it has the advantage of
    the marksmanship, so it's better to use it before the Shotgun when you must
    beat enemies from large distance. However, when you get the other 2
    weapons, this thing's history.
    Shotgun: One of the best weapons. Most enemies take 2 or 3 shots to go down
    and you'll find plenty of ammo out there. However, they must be used when you're
    close to the enemy, or it'll lose mucho power. It'll be used heavily through
    the whole game, or at least the whole Doom I.
    *Super Shotgun: Much better than the shotgun. It'll kill most enemies with one
    shot, and while you must be near the enemies to do full damage, you don't
    have to be worried, you will never see them again. However, it's pretty slow
    to recharge, so you should use it when no more than 4 enemies are around.
    Chaingun: Another big daddy weapon. You'll take a hell of time to kill
    enemies, but it's good to use it in close quarters against lost of enemies.
    It's good to use them against lonely Cacodemons or Demons as it will prevent
    them from moving.
    Rocket Launcher: A very, very powerful weapon. It can kill more enemies than
    the Supershotgun with one shot, and have splash damage, so it's nice to use
    them against lots of small enemies at large distance, it'll kill em all,
    including you if you're too near. It's pretty destructive, and unlike
    Quake's or Unreal's rocket launcher, it's almost unfair to use it in Death
    Plasma Cannon: It's the best weapon. It'll be used heavily the last levels,
    and it's a perfect weapon for long levels like the Living end or Nirvana.
    The ammo  last for very long battles, and some enemies taken an
    exaggerated amount of damage from it. However, it tends to block your view,
    which can be somewhat dangerous, but it's not so bad.
    The BFG9000(Big fraggin' gun, Blast Field Gun, or Plasma Bazooka): It's very
    destructive. It's a very complex gun(read the BFG FAQ by Tony Fabris). It's
    supposed to kill all enemies in sight, at least based in my experience, but
    it seems it has a blast radius which will damage every enemies for 1000 feet,
    but the damage is kind of like the Nuclear Missile from Shadow warrior, in
    other words, you can hide behind a wall and you'll get no damage. Direct
    shot will most than likely kill the target(except from the very very bad
    guys)and in certain cases, you're exposed to the blast too. The best way
    to use it is to keep enemies near and shot it up. When the shot crashes,
    you can go away.
    5.- Frequently asked questions:
    Q.- What's DOOM?
    A.- Go away. I'm not gonna answer that. And I like spelling it DoOm.
    Q.- Why do you say these monsters are so tough? I didn't found them to be
    so hard to kill off!
    A.- There seems to be a confusion... with difficulty levels. After you
    have beaten a game so many times, you're supposed to play on higher
    difficulty levels. I like to play this game on ultraviolence, and that
    means ULTRA VIOLENT ENEMIES. Two rockets(sometimes even a single rocket)
    from a revenant can kill you, a single fireball from a mancubus can wipe
    you out, and the mere sight of a Cyberdemon can kill you(That was very
    sarcastic). Get it? Besides, Enemies have become easier since Quake.
    Q.- What are you talking about?
    A.- Since designers decided to add human enemies, which are not perfect,
    but are, however, more believeable, we have seen enemies missing shots,
    running away like cowards, and, call me loser, but I hate fighting a
    couple of idiots with pea-shooters. I prefer fighting hordes of bad-ass
    Q.- What does the final monster says in the last level?
    A.- Reversed, "To win, you must defeat me, John Romero". Refer to another
    question below to know who's Romero.
    Q.- So you're a DoOm Master?
    A.- Probably, not. I've never played the full original DoOm, so I can't
    say it. But this guy seems to know he is a master. His email
    is laguna1428@aol.com, but he didn't included a name. The title was
    "Doom wimpin out"
    NOTE: It's important to note that I'm not making fun of him. But I
    can't really believe what he's saying. If you read this, please email
    me to explain these amazing tricks you use.
    "I am the Ultimate master of DooM and DooM II. Just to prove it here's
    some things I have actually done.
    - I have killed every enemy except the Cyberdemon with a Super Shotgun,
    and Chaingun without death."
    Well, I've killed everything (including a Cyberdemon) with the super
    Shotgun (With a few rockets to make sure I don't run out of ammo),but,
    hey, that's good.
    "- I have tackled 2 Barons and 2 Knights of Hell in the same room (In
    the Squadron 417 WAD) and killed them both with the Chaingun."
    I still haven't played the WAD, so I can't say anything, but killing that
    pack in the same room with a freaking chaingun it's quite a challenge.
    "- I have actually survived through 10 levels with about 5 shots of each
    Here's where I found that this guy HAS TO BE JOKING, at least on this
    one. But I can't really fully understand what he's trying to proof:
    Maybe "I've shot five times on each level with each weapon", which
    it's what I call a "Mission: Impossible", because shooting five times
    with each of the 7 ranged weapons means 49 shoots, and, man, the
    "refueling base" level has almost 300 enemies. It's virtually impossible,
    unless you can get them all into the main room and shoot your five
    BFG 9000 shots.
    Of course, you can try killing everything else with the chainsaw.
    Maybe "I've survived through 10 levels getting shot by each weapon
    five times" which it's pretty stupid.
     Ok, man if you read this, please make sure you explain at least this one.
    "If you really want to find something to make DooM II impossible get the
    Squadron 417 WADfile. I have played it and I cannot pass the 5th level!
    I am at a part where you enter a large room and there are 6 Knights of
    Hell in cages, 1 Cyberdemon, 5 Arch Viles(4 in Cages) and 20-30
    Heavy Weapon Dudes.
    You should get this WAD I recommend it."
    I still haven't played this WAD, but knowing how ridiculous hard are
    some custom made levels, I don't doubt this one.
    Seriously, "laguna", I'll try to locate you, but If you read this,
    email me with your tricks, as they will help a lot of gamers.
    Q.- Who is that little guy hanging from his neck at the end of the super
    secret level?
    A.- It's commander Keen. He was the main star of a very old shareware
    game named "Commander Keen"(Duh), you had to play this guy to the end of
    some mazelike level. It played pretty much like Duke Nukum I and II, and,
    yes, it was incredible boring. I played two of these games, one of them
    was in some far planet(which I never bothered to finish), and the other
    was on some space station. I'm not sure how much of these games were on
    the market.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 1.85: There were 7 games on the market.
    Q.- What's Wolfenstein?
    A.-(This is a pretty stupid question, you know?)It was the first game that
    gave this genre the chance to be so successful. You played a super allied
    agent, and you had to escape from a castle named Wolfenstein. This was a
    pretty creepy game(You could drink blood from dead bodies), and had many
    features I would like to see in a DoOm(or Quake) game, like the ghosts,
    the end bosses, but it seems it would be off-topic. It had a sequel, Spear
    Of Destiny, which was exactly the same thing, but extremely more boring,
    and more stupid themes.
    Q.- What it's the SS guard saying?
    A.- When he sees you, he says "Schutzaffel"("bodyguard"). When he dies, he
    says(it's hard to understand) "Mein lebel" Which I think means "My life"
    (maybe "life of mine" or something like that:)
    I swear I heard "He's able" and "We're whiners" before I started to
    try German.
    Q.- Who is John Romero?
    A.- One of DoOm's original creators. He was also one of Id's founders.
    Recently left Id to found Ion Storm, The creators of Daikatana.
    Q.- What are the "par times" for the levels?
    A.- I'm not sure if I was the only one, but I always asked myself WHAT
    THE FREAK are those times .After hours and hours of trying to kill
    Hitler in Wolfenstein 3d(Still can't kill him without cheats), I decided to
    play again in the previous level and noticed that if you get to the end in
    less time than a par time, you get extra points.
    But, since Doom doesn't handle any score system, the Par times are simply
    pointless challenges for you to beat. Of course, trying to do any of these
    times requires bypassing every monster you see, so I think it's better
    to play on your own.
    Extra Challenge: I just tried and beat the first map in 8 second(Par time
    is 30 seconds). Send me your best times and watch me... try to beat them.
    Q.- I cannot beat the Cyberdemon at the end of the super secret level. Any
    A.- It's pretty hard to beat since it's the only cyberdemon in the game that
    attacks you without any kind of items around, and in high difficulty levels
    there are many SS Guards hiding(They are pretty easy to sneak up to their
    back, however). The key into beating him without having to run away and
    spending half an hour unloading lead into his cyber-body, is trying to
    open every wall with an Swastika in it. One of these(IIRC, it's in the right
    side), has a very healthy supply of items. There's another secret door in
    the left side.
    Also, the pillars have some items.
    Finally, with all the cells you find, you shouldn't have any problem
    shooting him with 3 or so Plasma discharges from the BFG 9K.
    Sephiroth (seph2501@yahoo.com) sent this strategy:
    "Saw your FAQ and I got some ideas for ya.
    First off, about fighting that Cyber in Grosse.
    They're really not that hard to take down if you grab
    the Plasma gun (tucked away in a secret room on the
    left side of the room, check that wreath with a
    swastika on it) and right across from it is an
    ultra-rare Invulnerability sphere.  AND, check the
    large stone posts in the four corners (Marked with
    different colored torches)  In these, you'll find a
    megashpere, a BFG, a SSG with 2 boxes of shells, and 3
    chainguns.  Stick to the plasma gun for an easy gib.
    If you want a REALLY sick challenge, check out
    CyberDreams, a DooM 2 mod where you have to think of
    ways to kill cybers WITHOUT firing at all.  Telefrags,
    crushers, and even critter crossfires are your only
    friends here.   Go to www.newdoom.com to get it, along
    with some really viscious doom mods and stuff.
    Well, if you have other Q's, lemme know.  I've been a
    seasoned DooM veteran for over 5 years.  ^_^"
    If I continue receiving more Wad suggestions, I'll make a section
    for it ^_^. Thanks a lot.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.7: I did.
    Q.- How do I do to beat the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind at the
    start of the 20th level. Any Hints?
    A.- This is another tough spot in the game(IMHO, this is way too hard
    this far into de game, gee...there are 10 levels still to be beaten!), but
    oh well, this is one of the tougher missions anyway(this one comes with
    a couple o' Archviles- watch out for the first one-and 5 Pain elemental...
    Piece o' cake). The fact is that they come at the same time, at least,
    there's what could seem to be a "cheap" way to take 'em out. This may not
    work on the first try(or ANY time)but it seems to happen often.
    Equip a long range weapon(unless, of course, you think you can take them
    out with the Chainsaw)like the Plasma Cannon or the Chaingun. When you enter,
    dispatch the Imps and the gunner dude, and proceed to walk with EXTREME
    caution to the elevator that's just in front of you. Don't go into in,
    not even near, or the big daddies(and mommies) will appear. Waste the couple
    of Imps at each side(Do this as fast as you can, these Imps are as annoying
    as the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind themselves), and now, proceed to
    let them come down.
    First come, and take out the Cyber Demon. There are two ways into kill him,
    first, start running all over the place shooting. It's very effective, but
    since the Spider Mastermind it's a LOT more accurate, it's not a good thing
    to do. Just keep shooting him from the left corner of the entrance. That
    way, the freaking spider gal will not be able to shoot you(yay!). The safest
    way i've found to evade his missiles is to keep on the move. If you move
    fast enough, the Spider will not lock you, and remember to keep yourself
    away from the walls when he shoots.
    Try your best to kill the Cyberdaddy with at least 40% your health left.
    The girlie it's not as tricky. Keeping yourself in the same corner, equip
    if you can the Plasma Cannon(or the Missile Launcher-she's a nice wide
    target)Then start strafing to the right and shooting a volley o'discharges
    or Rockets. Then go back to your cover. It could take ages but it's safe.
    Next, go into the platform, and push the switch. Be careful of the Hell
    Knight(or baron of hell, I'm not sure)and the first Arch-vile, then you're
    out of the hardest part of the stage. Yatta!
    Russian LMG Wants to share this strategy:
    "Nice guide."
    Oops. Thanks ^_^
    "I still remember this encounter, and it was really scary until I
    figured out
    the following.
    Get them to attack each other.  Most of the time, if you run fast
    enough to
    the left she will blast the Cyberdemon.  He will get pissed and start
    unload on her.  At this time start to fill him with rockets, cells,
    Then she will either die, or kill him.  If she dies, he is very wounded
    you can finish him much easier.
    If she wins, then you have the easier opponent."
    Quite a good idea, but I think that if you start shooting him, he will turn
    to kill you. I have to try it.
    Q.- It's there any trick you use in the game?
    A.- Actually, nope ,but in Quake i've found a very effective strategy(yet
    risky and very stupid :)to make enemies shoot themselves. It works sometimes
    in DoOm, but it has it's limitations. Ever noticed that most enemies in
    Quake have a very slow startup time to shoot? Well, sometimes, if the enemies
    were one next to other but sorta separated, you can run in between them and
    let them hack themselves to pieces. I've found Shamblers to be extremely
    stupid to this trick, also Enforcers. It is, however, as I said, VERY risky
    and somewhat stupid, and sometimes you could just fail, or it may not work,
    and in DoOm, since very few enemies have startup time for their weapons, and
    actually seem to be more accurate, it's even more dangerous. However, this is
    the trick:
    The best enemies to try it are the ones that send fireballs down to yer neck,
    the Imps and the Hell Knight(or Baron of hell). When they raise their
    arm(and are sided with someone else)Quickly run in between. If timed right
    (and you're lucky)you will cause them to hit their own enemies. That will
    start a hell fight, and you can sometimes go on and cause a Hell Rumble :)
    If thought, Chaingun dudes and Spider masterminds could fall to this trick
    too, but you will receive damage after all.
    It's a lot of fun if you can make 4 demons shoot between themselves in the
    last level. What a war.
    Q.- Do people actually ask these questions?
    A.- No really, but I did have these questions, and decided to find them an
    Q.- Which level has more enemies?
    A.- E1M10, Refueling Base(278 enemies)... Technically. The Icon of Sin can
    have up to roughly 6400 % of killed monsters(that could be more than 500
    monsters, and once in one of the hell levels(probably Monster Condo, the
    27th level)I got 3200 % of killed monsters when playing with a friend.
    That time also happened to me the first time the "Soldier from Hell"
    bug, and left a diabolic Zombieman to appear in the ladder in the middle
    of the level(It's the level that seems a Library and has a VERY weird
    ladder in the center).
    Q.- What's your favorite Monster and Weapon?
    A.- My favorite monster it's of course the Arch Vile. It's soooo evil.
    My Favorite weapon has to be the Plasma Riffle.
    Q.- What's your favorite Level and Episode?
    A.- My Favorite level it's probably... let me seeee... The Living End, the
    29th level. It's fun, and so creepy. Also, the name it's one of the best
    damn things anyone could think of. My favorite episode it's the last one,
    since it has several very fun levels.
    Q.- Favorite Song from DoOm?
    A.- "The Demon's Head".
    Q.- What do you know about DoOm III?
    A.- The same as you: Nothing. Hunting info about this game has only gave me
    a headache. As far as I know, seems to run on space ships ambients, and
    seems it will need a monster machine to run it. The current cinematic
    available runs on a top G-Force Pentium III-800 MHZ, or something too
    big for me. Do the math.
    I am honestly waiting for this game to be a real DoOm game. I don't need
    another Quake III Arena or a Quake II, or, heaven forbid, a darned Unreal
    Tournament. I Want a DoOm game. I know this is hard to acomplish, but I
    guess it's all we ask for.
    As for Id, they are currently eating a Twinkie.
    And thinking of ways to torture us, poor, suffered DoOm fans. Damn
    you, guys :(
    - Arch-viles.
    - No more stupid John Romero's head (Heh).
    - Let us see the evil Quake's guy somewhere. You've gave us the Dopefish,
    now mock the Quake tough and comunicative guy.
    - BFG11K. Now, don't screw it anymore! I hate the BFG10K. Give us the
    old Big Fraggin' Gun!
    - A cohesive gaming world. Let me explain: Quake II's level design...
    was terrible, but the idea was good. Bring the Hexen's designers to do it.
    - There are poor people who don't have a rocket machine ;_;, don't
    request an Ultra-Pentium with wings and brain which says Good Morning
    when it's switched on.
    - Nine Inch Nails music would hurt, either ^_^, though I prefer a more
    powerful sound. I'm not asking a Slipknot or Pantera sound-alike, but a
    simple hard-rock music with style.
    - More hidden levels!
    - Get it out. I guess that's what we are actually waiting for ^_^.
    6.- Some Nice Bugs:
    I still need help for the Hell printer bug, but thanks to
    Ledmeister and several readers, the Soldiers from Hell bug "Mystery" is
    - Soldiers from Hell: This is one nasty bug. Some conditions to find
    them are to be on the Hell Levels(From Gotcha-21-to the Icon Of Sin-30-)
    and killed already all enemies in the level. It seems you need to have
    the Invincibility code On. This bug causes an enemy(This could be random,
    but the three times ithappened to me, the enemy had nothing to do with
    the level, like a Zombieman in the Living End-29-)to appear from
    nothing(usually in weird places)doing random sounds every time he walks,
    and is almost invincible! It seems the enemy has a No Clip mode, he
    doesn't even seems to receive the attack. This enemy counts as a living
    enemy in the final Kills count.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 1.6:(Thanks to everyone - all five of you- who
    emailed me about it) Apparently, there's a way to cause this bug. This
    seems to happen when an Arch vile revives a monster which was killed
    under a door. This explain why he counts as a living enemy, why there
    were so many enemies in that stage, and finally, why he appears on such
    weird locations. It seems as Ledmeister (the one who has wrote faqs
    for every ID game...)has wrote a faq about it recently (...) but at the
    moment of writing this, I haven't read it. In the next version I will
    add exact info about this interesting bug.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 1.65:(Thanks to Ledmeister!) So finally, I've found
    why it happens exactly. It happens when a monster is crushed under a
    door or a crushing ceiling, THEN an Arch vile revives it. He doesn't
    counts as a living enemy in the final kills counts (I was taking a
    wild guess. oops!...Silly me. Sorry everyone :), he appears in such
    weird positions because he can actually bypass most movement limitations
    in Doom (like too high places, he can climb it), and finally, it has
    nothing to do with the bug, but I finally found out why there where so
    much enemies. The arch-vile was evilly reviving them from behind the
    freaking door :). It was fun, though. This thing isn't invincible, also,
    he can be hurt from indirect explosion. Rockets go thru them, however.
    Ledmeister also informs of an incredible rare bug that can make any
    monster a Ghost (YEAH! That's a challenge! A ghost Cyberdemon!) on
    any map. Don't ask me how.
    Go read Ledmeister FAQ if you want more info, I'm not going to keep
    ripping his FAQ off.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 1.9:(Thanks to dchia1010@yahoo.com), this is the first
    email I had where someone explained to me. He somehow deserves the credit,
    since he made this thing know to me. He clearly took this from
    Ledmeister's faq, but to let you know that I help you as you help me,
    here's the mail, and he's on the credits section:
    "Well, I know how the bug that causes a monster to
    have the ability to walk through walls is activated:
    First, kill an enemy under a closable door and then
    crush it. You must do this in an area with an
    nearby. If the Arch-vile ressurects the enemy, it will
    become a "ghost form" "
    The next part is the list of attacks which damages a ghost monster, and
    since it's straight copied and pasted from Ledmeister's Faq, there's no
    reason to put it here.
    Also, sorry, but the monster can't climb walls, he simply walks through
    walls and falls on weird places. Oops again.
    Thanks to everyone else who told me, you know who you are.
    - Hell Printer: This is another nasty bug. In the last level " Icon of Sin"
    if you have a 4 megs PC, and let too many monster appear on
    screen, the system will get stuck and each time you press a key the scene
    will move up one centimeter or so. If you keep it pressed it will disappear
    eventually. There's no way to save your game here.
    - Trapped under cement: This one occurs quite often. Kill a Pain Elemental
    near a wall and when it explode it could leave the Lost souls it leaves
    trapped in the wall. There's no way to kill them, not even using the BFG
    7.- Some Cheats:
    IDDQD: the God Mode. There's another name but I can't recall it.
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.65:(Thanks to wwhardyzlita@aol.com) the name is
    "Degrelessness Mode".
    IDKFA: very happy ammo added. Every weapon, ammo and keys.
    IDCLEV##: Replace the ## with the number of the level you wanna visit. The
    two secrets levels are 31 and 32 in Doom II. Not tested in Doom I.
    IDCLIP: No clipping (Tripping!!)
    IDBEHOLD then press: V Invulnerability sphere.
    S: Berserk.
    I: Invisibility.
    A: Automap unit.
    R: Radiation Suit.
    L: Light Amplification visors.
    IDCHOPPERS: Gives you the chainsaw and an strange message. Pretty useless.
    IDDT in Map: Gives you different maps options.
    IDMYPOS: Gives you your... position in coordinates. Pretty useless too unless
    you're using Hank Leukart's faq to find all secrets.
    8.- Some reasons to not use cheats:
    - You'll probably miss the best levels.
    - You'll end up thinking the Cyberdemon is  not as hard as your history
    - You'll never experience the thrill of being chased by the enemies while
    looking for ammo.
    - You'll never know what the megasphere does (True history).
    - You'll wonder what's so funny about running away from enemies if you can
    kill em using your mere fists.
    - You'll end bored.
    - You'll unistall, sell and/or forget the game.
    - You'll be sleepy while a horde of Imps are trying to tear you up.
    - Your girlfriend won't speak to you anymore.
    - Id will be sad for having someone out there not enjoying the game.
    - I don't like it.
    - Uncle Sam doesn't like using cheats.
    - Fidel neither.
    - You'll going to end in jail.
    - You're going to burn in hell.
    (Send anything else to dskzero@yahoo.com)
    9.- Patches and WADs- File Section:
    Told Ya ^_^. Anyway, I guess a good FAQ about such a big game needs a good
    files section. It's nowhere near complete (And it's not going to until I
    find a new copy for DoOm II), but I will start here. Any WAD recommendation,
    patch or sound- whatever, it's welcome.
    Most of these files (and info, probably) are available at Doomworld.com.
    Check it out. It rocks.
    (Also, check out Gur Samuel's site, at http://www.hellonearth.freewebspace.com.
    He's writing a full guide for the game, slowly, but surely. Support him, and
    tell him to screw those colors! ^_^)
    Finally, I guess no one knows more about this game than Ledmeister.
    Seriously. He has beaten the Master Levels without Cheats, dang it! Check
    his site at http://m1.aol.com/ledmeister/
    a)ID official patches and versions:
    (I just realized that I haven't done enough research. Freak it. Next
    - "If you want a REALLY sick challenge, check out CyberDreams, a DooM 2
    mod  where you have to think of ways to kill cybers WITHOUT firing at all.
    Telefrags, crushers, and even critter crossfires are your only
    friends here.   Go to www.newdoom.com to get it, along with some really
    viscious doom mods and stuff." (Sephiroth's choice)
    - "If you really want to find something to make DooM II impossible get the
    Squadron 417 WADfile. I have played it and I cannot pass the 5th level!
    I am at a part where you enter a large room and there are 6 Knights of Hell
    in cages, 1 Cyberdemon, 5 Arch Viles(4 in Cages) and 20-30 Heavy Weapon
    You should get this WAD I recommend it." ("laguna"'s choice)
    - For you, Otakus (There should be another one out there), there are
    several WAD and TCs related to several animes available at
    http://anipike.com. At the time of writting, I've only tried OTAKON
    DoOm, which is ridiculously hard, but it's well done and with good
    palletes. New weapons also. (Yeh, and I finished it without cheats.
    How's that, Laguna?)
    - http://dau.physics.sunysb.edu/~ming/sos/sosdoom.html has the infamous
    Sailor Moon MOD (Save our sailors!). To be honest, I only played it out
    of curiosity, but it's, hmmm... funny.
    - Alien Vendetta is out! http://www.doom2.net/~av A 32 levels episode.
    The masters have done this one. A pretty good choice!
    - Doom Legacy: Probably the most well done one, has spawned a helluva lot
    of twists, and most BOTs out there are based on this one. Boosts graphics
    and sound to a great extent. http://legacy.newdoom.com
    - Doom95: I have been using this one. It boosts graphics and sound (Not as
    much as Legacy- I don't know how much), adds jump capability, variable
    weights for objects (I.E: You can move Barrels), and several other things.
    One of the weirdest features is that it makes dead bodies solid. Now you
    can pill up mountains of dead bodies- literally! (found everywhere!)
    - ZDoom: Been using this one. To be honest, I prefer Legacy, and this one
    tends to screw the normal levels (the ones using the normal Doom unedited
    engine), such as moving sectors and stuff. I think the URL is
    http://notgod.com/zdoom (I THINK)
    - GLDoom: Again, I haven't played this one, because I don't have a 3dfx
    card (YET!). My only friend with one says it makes the Imps to have a way
    too big head, and the CyberDemons are ugly (go figure).
    The only place I can really recommend you when looking for Demos is
    Ledmeister's page:
     "Hi Lord Zero  :-)
     Was just wandering around the web reading through
     FAQs, and took a look
     through your Doom 2 Monster & Weapon Guide, and was
     surprised to see my own
     name mentioned in there!
     Glad to see you got some use out of my Ghost-Monster
     FAQ. :-)  If you or your
     readers wanna check out a couple of downloadable
     demos that show Ghosts in
     action, go to
     (You'll need Doom II version 1.9 to run them.)
     And of course the online Ghost FAQ is here:
     Anyway, keep up the good work; And if there's
     anything I can do forya, lemme
     know. :-)
    (I just had to post this!) His site has some demos that are very
    interesting to see, as well for a helluva lot of info worth reading.
    10.- Credits...
    - ME!!!
    - Ledmeister, since he's the one wrote all those Faqs for the different
    versions of Doom for an acceptable name for the SS Officer. His URL is
    http://members.aol.com/ledmeister. He also found out how to cause the
    Soldier From Hell (AKA the Ghost Monster) bug, and he deserves a big
    hand for it. I took some info from his faq, I think he won't mind
    (I could even think that I started it all) but if Ledmeister
    thinks so, I can take it out of my faq.
    (Soooo, Ledmeister! Email me if you want me to remove all the things I
    NOTE FROM VERSION 2.6: He didn't wanted. He's my friend *does the same
    voice as Marilyn Manson in "My Monkey"*
    - Russian LMG (rpk740@hotmail.com) For his interesting strategy. Thanks!
    - laguna1428@aol.com, for his... uh... things.(He deserves credits anyway)
    - dchia1010@yahoo.com, for telling me the first about the Soldier from Hell
    or Ghost monster bug. Thanks to everyone else who told me, you know who
    you are.
    -  Gur Samuel (kissmyass124@hotmail.com)(What a weird email address, for
    god's sake...), corrected me about the "pinkeys" first attack. Also, he's
    helping me out with my terrible spelling and grammar errors. This guy
    deserves a hand for his mails.
    - Sephiroth (seph2510@yahoo.com) for his strategy.
    - wwhardyzlita@aol.com for telling me the damn name for the God Mode.
    - Our master HANK LEUKART, since I took some things of his faq. He's the
    one who _ALMOST_ invented the faqs...
    - Hellspawn, a guy who wrote me telling me the Pain elemental was easy...
    Play on ultraviolence... Nice guy though. Gave some inspiration.
    - Everyone who wrote to me. Keep Doom alive!
    - The Dopefish!
    - The guy at Gamefaqs.com for his hard work.
    - Id, of course...I WANT THE ARCH-VILES IN DOOM III!!!
    11.-Legal Stuff:
    This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)
    You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
    guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
    the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT
    change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
    including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
    guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to
    publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
    me of your URL.
    All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
    via email to the address below.
    Copyright 2000-2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).
    The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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