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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MRenfrow

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/06/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             D E U S   E X   F A Q   V 1.1
                                 Deus Ex FAQ v1.1
                                 By Matt Renfrow
    This FAQ is for personal use only. It is not to be used for profitable or
    promotional purposes, including magazines, without my written consent. This
    FAQ was created and is owned by me.
    Deus Ex is (c) Eidos Interactive and (c) Ion Storm
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    If you find any mistakes or things that you would like to see added in this
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    Table of Contents
    1. Revision History
    2. Character Creation
    3. Game Walkthrough
       3.1. Liberty Island, NY
       3.2. Battery Park, NYC and Hell's Kitchen, NYC
       3.3. Battery Park, NYC and the Mole People
       3.4. Hell's Kitchen, NYC Revisited
       3.5. UNATCO HQ Underground Facility
       3.6. Hong Kong
       3.7. Versalife Facility Revisited
       3.8. Hell's Kicthen, NYC Revisited, Again
       3.9. Docks, NYC
       3.10. Paris and the Catacombs
       3.11. Cathedral
       3.12. Vandenberg Air Force Base
       3.13. California Gas Station
       3.14. Ocean Lab and Missle Silo
       3.15. Area 51
    4. Thank-Yous
    1. Revision History
    7-26-2000: v0.4 of this FAQ is created, including the walkthrough for missions
    one through five and character creation. The rest of it should be done within
    a week.
    7-27-2000: v0.5 is done. Added the subquest about smuggler, added the info
    about the alternate way to destroy the NSF generator, and added the
    walkthroughs for the UNATCO underground facility, Hong Kong, and Hell's
    Kitchen revisited (again)
    7-29-2000: v0.7 is finished. In this version I added Versalife Revisited, the
    NYC Docks, the NYC Graveyard, Paris Catacombs, Metro Paris, and Chateau
    Duclare. I also fixed a couple of errors.
    7-31-2000: This is version 0.9, so I finished a quite a bit, including
    missions 11-14. I also added a lot of stuff that Jordan Jackson brought to my
    attention (Thanks man)
    8-2-2000: Version 1.0 is done! The complete walkthrough of the game is done.
    It's far from being perfected. There's still a lot of stuff I have to
    discover, go back and check out, etc =)
    8-6-2000: Created version 1.1. I added quite a few little tidbits here and
    there, most of which were things that people emailed me about to bring to my
    attention. Thanks for all your feedback guys!
    2. Character Creation:
    Pick JC's real name (Or leave it as JC Denton) and face, and then pick the
    skills that you want to start off training. For now, I'd suggest getting
    computers, lockpicking, and then a weapon of choice.
    To pick your weapons, realize that throughout the game, most enemies carry
    either 10mm ammo (For pistols) or 7.62 ammo or buckshot (For rifles). You
    don't stumble across a whole heck of a lot of rockets, plasma charges, or
    massive amounts of ammunition for any heavy weapon. But when you start the
    game, think of what kind of weapons you'd like to be carrying throughout the
    Me, I tend to prefer rifles, mostly because theres a lot of ammo out there
    for them, and once you get a silencer mod for your assault rifle, you can get
    quite a few silent kills.
    However, the way you want to make your character is totally up to you. I
    seriously doubt that it's impossible to beat the game with a certain
    combination of skills. However you feel most comfortable playing is the most
    important part.
    Now that we have our skills, we get dropped off at the good old statue of
    Once you've landed, grab the crowbar by the stash of boxes to the right, and
    smash up the two general supply crates to grab some binoculars and a lockpick.
    Turn around and find the steps into the water on the left side of the dock.
    Take a dive and turn left, and swim into the cage, smashing the two boxes
    in there to grab a biocell and a multitool.
    Word of advice: As you start out, you wont need biocells that much, but later
    in the game when you have a lot more augmentations that suck up a lot of juice,
    you're going to be thankful for all the biocell energy you can grab. So
    stockpile them now.
    Now climb out of the water and follow the dock down until your brother catches
    up with you. After a short and sweet briefing, he'll give you your choice of
    a weapon; select whatever best suits your character. I wouldn't suggest
    getting the crossbow though, because you'll find one on an enemy shortly.
    The GEP gun is the only weapon offered that you won't find on Liberty island.
    You can get a sniper rifle from an terrorist near the main entrance. So, you
    might want to chose the GEP gun. It makes for a great can opener when you're
    trying to conserve lockpicks.
    Once you've finished talking to Paul, head towards the entrance and grab the
    goodies in the boxes to the left. Now, before you go storming into the
    entrance, keep your eyes peeled for an NSF guard that likes to come trotting
    by. If you're good, you can get the NSF guard to follow you and then your
    UNATCO security bot will waste him.
    Now, head inside and go left a little bit. Push the crate a little to hop
    onto the small platform, smash the box and grab a grenade. Sneak by or
    silently kill any guards that come roaming towards you. Take note of the fact
    that this stack of crates (The one with the gas grenade on it) has a couple of
    UNATCO medbots inside of it. On the bottom stack, on the side that faces out,
    there is a small door you can pick or blow open. It has the UNATCO medical
    logo on it, so it's hard to miss. Inside are three medbots to heal you up.
    Go past the wall behind where you got the grenade and loot the corpse in the
    path to get your mini-crossbow, if you need one. Then head inside the walls
    to the UNATCO HQ. You can't get in yet, but you can find some goodies around
    the area.
    Once inside, you can talk to Kaplan. When you do, if you select the first talk
    option that comes up he'll offer to sell you some stuff. You don't have enough
    cash to buy the scope (Why would you want a scope on a pistol? Seriously) but
    you can buy 10mm ammo or some tranquilizer darts if you wish. He'll also tell
    you the code to the vault: 0451. You'll take note of that. Also notice that
    whenever you get told a code, you usually don't have to remember it. Press F2
    to bring up your goals menu, and the lower half shows codes and other
    important information.
    Now head to the left of the HQ and into the fenced area. Input the code on
    the vault and head inside, grabbing the medkit on top of the computers on the
    left and then the darts on the table. You can either hack the security panel,
    or if you look under the table on your right, you can find a datacube with
    the login and password: satcom, unatco_001
    Once you're in, unlock and open the hatch thats behind you. You'll find a
    crate with an EMP grenade inside. Very handy. You'll get a few skill points
    for getting in.
    Now back to the mission. From here, you can go talk to the informant on the
    north docks to get a key to the front door, you can pick the lock on the
    front door, or you can sneak around back and climb up that way. I'll cover
    them in order.
    - Informant -
    Head back out to the T-intersection and head left, avoiding or killing NSF
    guards that come around. Now, be careful once you hit the path leading into
    the small gap in the walls: a security drone likes to roam around here. If
    you're feeling lucky, you can take it on with your handy EMP grenade or the
    GEP gun if you got it earlier from your brother, but I'd suggest just sneaking
    past it when it goes around. Once through the gap, turn left and sneak by
    or dispatch the guard that's there. The small building in the center has
    a crate that you can lockpick. It doesn't contain much, just some credits.
    Now, before you leave this little building make sure that the sentry isn't
    roaming. Head out, turn right and then left through the gap. Make your way
    down this way, sneaking past or taking out guards along the way, until you
    get to the bend, and follow it right. The guard robot there is friendly, so
    you can lure some enemies towards it to save some ammo.
    Once you find the entrance to the north docks, which is fairly close to the
    guard robot, make sure you take notice of the two guards standing there. One
    uses tranquilizer darts against you (Which are a major pain), so get ready
    to whip out a medkit if need be. The crates here contain nothing special.
    When you're ready, head to the far end of the dock and talk to the guy in
    the building, and get lectured on the construction of the statue of liberty.
    He'll give you the key, eventually. You can grab a few items laying around
    here (They're pretty much useless) but the female in the corner can sell you
    some ammo. If you're a sniper, you can get some 30.06 ammo from her for all
    your sniping needs.
    There's a place near the informant's shaft that you can swim down into. Down
    there is a sunken boat, and there's a hatch that can be picked or blown open.
    Inside is an accuracy mod, reload mod, and a shotgun. Sweet.
    Now, head back to that small building near where the enemy sentry was. If
    you look behind it you can see the entrance to the base of the statue. Sneak
    past the sentry, if you didn't take care of it before, and skirt along the
    wall, being mindful of the security camera that's looking around. You can
    either avoid it or disable it using some multitools. Whip out your nanokey
    ring and then open the front door. You are now inside the base of the statue.
    You can skip down to the part that says "Inside the Statue."
    - Picking the Lock -
    Follow the above until you come to the small building near the sentry. Sneak
    towards towards the door, avoiding the sentry and the camera, and use a few
    of your handy dandy lockpicks. Voila, you're inside. Skip down to "Inside the
    - Sneaking Around Back -
    This requires either a lot of ammo or a lot of sneaking, so make sure that
    you're prepared.
    Go back to the entrance to the docks that you came in at, and head east,
    either sneaking past or taking out the guards along the way. Keep following
    the path along the outside, taking appropriate measures to the guards, until
    you see a bunker in the northeast corner. If you like, you can sneak inside
    this bunker and find a few goodies, such as a clip and laser mod for your
    To the left of the bunker, you can see a large stack of crates. With a bit
    of skill, you can climb up these crates to the second level of the statue.
    Once you're on the second level, follow along the inner wall, sneaking by or
    killing guards, until you find steps up. Now, once you're on this level, there
    are four ways inside the building. Three of them are protected by gas
    grenades. If you remember your training, just walk up to them (Quickly) and
    right-click to disarm them, and then you have a free gas grenade. Now sneak
    around a bit until you see two guards chatting. While you're still hidden,
    whip out one of your newly found gas grenades and chuck it at their feet.
    While they're coughing and rubbing their eyes, you can either run away or
    take them out; it's your choice, really. Now go into the middle and find the
    stairs down.
    When you get to the next floor down, you might see a guard roaming. He's not
    really that important right now, since this floor just leads back outside.
    Keep going down until you reach the first floor and you can see the torch in
    the center. Before dashing in, just around the corner to the right is a
    security camera. You can either sneak around it (Get under it while it's
    looking away, and then dashing off when it's turned the other direction)
    or disable it with a few multitools. Now you're on the first floor
    - Inside the Statue -
    Oh boy. Well, you can probably see the torch, and the guard that's patrolling
    around it. It's very important that if you want to take this guard out then
    do it silently with your crossbow or a prod, because there are quite a few
    guards on this floor. When you hit him a few times he'll run towards the
    alarm panel. DO NOT LET HIM HIT IT. Otherwise the alarm goes off and then you
    have quite a few NSF down your throat. So practice being silent.
    There's another guard on the walkway above this. Its fairly easy to pick him
    off with a few darts from below, or you can take the stairs up and sneak
    around him as you see fit. Up here you can find a crate with a medkit. Very
    Once you get back down, you have a few options. Read the datacube for the
    login and password for the security terminal, which you can use on the
    terminal that's next to Gunther's cell. Now, you can either disable the
    security panel with some multitools, you can dash through them (Setting off
    the alarm), or, you can look in the nearest corner of the torch room for
    a grate you can climb around in. Once you're in, follow it until you reach
    an area where you can stand up. To your left is a door you can use a pick to
    open, which leads to where the security beams are. Be careful going through,
    because there are three guards in this area who would be more than willing
    to sound the alarm.
    Once you're past the security beams, you see Gunther trapped in his cell. Be
    careful, though, because right above the doorway where you walk into the
    area before his cell is a camera. One of my favorite things to do is,
    assuming that there are no living guards to hear anything, is to chuck a LAM
    into the center of the room. This takes out the camera, the turret, and the
    door to Gunther's cell with one stone, if you have good aim. Or, you can
    disable the camera with a multitool. Or you can ignore it, but beware of the
    turret above here.
    Use your hacking skills or the login and password you got before to open
    Gunther's cell. He's grateful, but asks for your 10mm pistol. You can give
    it to him if you don't need it, but it doesn't really matter later.
    Now go back to the torch room and face the stairs. Unless you came this way
    to get in, realize that there is a security camera and a turret. Sneak by it
    or run past it before it realizes who you are to get to the stairs. Go up
    a few flights until you reach an area with two guards standing nearby. Be
    quiet and sneak by, or if you're feeling lucky, take them out. There is a
    staircase up right next to the staircase down. Keep heading up until you
    get to the stop.
    Here you should be quiet because there are two guards standing next to the
    top of the stairs, and theres really no way to get by them without taking
    them out. Do so, and walk to the left of them and climb the ladder. Alex will
    contact you on your infolink and then you'll meet up with the terrorist
    leader. Talk to him a few times to learn some conspiracy material, and make
    sure you grab the glowing blue device next to him - it's an augmentation
    Now we're finished. Head back to the headquarters that you visited before
    (next to the vault you got into). Paul will be waiting at the entrance to
    talk to you, and give you the skinny on what to expect. Proceed in, and Alex
    will tell you to talk to Manderly on level 2.
    - UNATCO Headquarters -
    Use the retinal scanner to get in. Welcome to UNATCO HQ. Theres quite a bit
    to do here. One thing you may want to do right away, is once you're on level
    one, go left and pick the lock on the office door, go in and grab the weapons
    mod on the shelf. Now, look under the desk to get a key to the other locked
    office door on the other side of the floor. In there is another lockpick.
    To the left of that office is your own office. When you walk in, Alex will
    tell you your login to you computer. If you like, you can log on and read your
    email from various people. Once you're done, head back outside, turn right and
    get into the meeting room. There's a cabinet in here that can be picked to
    get some darts. In the corner of the room is a door that leads to the lounge.
    When you walk into the back room you'll see your partner for your next mission
    talking to Gunther (Who whines about a soft drink conspiracy). When you're
    done laughing at Gunther, talk to Anna and she'll treat you like a kid and
    head down to her office. If you like, you can hack the ATM here for some
    extra cash.
    Now to Manderly's office, which is to the left of the meeting room. Talk to
    his secretary for your computer login (again). On a corner of her desk you
    can find out manderly's login. You can read his email for a bit of vague
    information. Also on her desk you can find the key to the closets on this
    floor. Anyway, talk to Manderly and he'll tell you to go talk to the supply
    officer and the doctor. When you leave his office, open the two doors to your
    left and right with your nanokey ring. The one on the right has ammo for your
    pepper gun, and the one on the left has a container that can be picked to get
    a multitool and a biocell.
    Go down the hall and go down the stairs to level two. There are four places
    here, plus the bathrooms. You can go in the women's restroom and harass the
    females in there, but Manderly will scold you for it later. Head to the first
    office on the right and talk to the doctor. Look behind the plant on the shelf
    in his room for the key to the medical storage closet, which is in the room
    behind you. In there you can get a medkit from the crate. Now, find the medbot
    in one of the rooms here and you can install that augmentation canister you
    picked up earlier. You can pick either the strength of melee damage
    augmentation. I recommend getting strength; when you boost it a few levels
    you can toss around gigantic crates, and, if you conserve ammo properly, then
    melee damage doesn't become much of a problem.
    The robot can also heal up to 300 points of damage. You'll probably need that
    after the last mission. Now, head to the office across from the doctor's
    office and Alex will start bugging you about how you found him. The security
    keypad next to the closet door can be bypassed for a lockpick and a biocell,
    or you can use the code 2001. Check the floor on the opposite side of the
    door to find two secret panels. Inside is some ammo, a scope mod, and some
    credits. Now go down and talk to Alex to get flattered a bit more.
    Now go back and check the next hall, and go in the office on the right to
    talk to Carter. He'll give you a stealth pistol (It sucks, but it's silent)
    and the option for a lockpick, a multitool, or some ammo. Whatever you pick
    is up to you. Now turn around and go in the next office. Anna will give you
    the usual childish brush-off, but you can find some darts on the bookshelf
    behind her. Further down you can find the jail but theres nothing of interest
    Go back upstairs and go in Manderly's office, and walk in on your brother
    talking to him. You'll get a quick briefing of what the next mission is
    about, plus, you'll get some money (If you did everything I told you to,
    you'll get 1250.) Then he'll tell you to go back to the dock and head out.
    Go back up and outside again, and head out of HQ and head back towards the
    docks. The boat to take you to the next mission is at the end of the dock,
    right behind where you started at. Right-click it to head out.
    A lot of people have problems getting on the boat. As far as I know, this only
    happens in the warez versions of the game. Go buy it, it's worth it.
    When you land, Anna will talk to you and tell you that you must exterminate
    everyone inside, and says that the front way is the only way in that she
    knows of. When she takes off, follow her to the front door of Castle Clinton.
    Bash open the crate here and take the ammo. Now run around the outside of the
    castle, breaking open any crates you find to get some 7.62mm ammo and some
    10mm ammo. Now you have three choices.
    One way in is just as Anna says: the front door. This tends to be a little
    more difficult but its very easy to lure them out front to let the UNATCO
    agents take care of them. The other way in is if you picked up the strength
    augmentation earlier. Go around to one side until you find a stack of 3 large
    crates. Grab a small crate and hop onto the lowest big crate. Then turn on
    your strength augmentation and push off the large crate on top, revealing
    a little passage blocked by small crates. Move them out of the way and you're
    inside. Now when I did this, most of the NSF troops inside ran out front to
    get killed by the UNATCO guards, leaving no blood on my hands. Handy.
    The third way in is to find the kid near the docks where you came in. If you
    have some food, offer it to him, and he'll tell you about an entrance behind
    the soda machine. Pick the lock on the panel next to it and enter the code
    that the kid gives you, 9183. However, this takes you somewhat far out of
    your way. I'll let you find your own way around down there (At least until I
    explore it a bit more) =)
    Now bash open a crate to get some 7.62mm ammo, then head into the central
    building. Usually you can find a kid in here, and if you give him some food
    he'll give you a clue to what the terrorists are up to. Check the bookshelf
    in the front for a key, used to open the door leading to the stairwell. In
    the crate that's next to the kid that can be lockpicked you find a biocell
    and a datacube that gives you the code for the stairwell down, which is 666.
    Head down and round the corner and you'll find two doors, the lower one is
    locked. Go in the unlocked door and whip out a silent weapon to take out the
    guard below. Proceed down the steps carefully, because there is a camera and
    a turret above to your left. Carefully head left, avoiding the camera and
    smashing the boxes for a medkit and some ammo. Head to the room that was on
    the other side of the stairs to find the container of ambrosia. Alex will
    contact you telling you to go back up and talk to agent Navarre. Do so and
    she'll meet you out front, ordering you to go east and clean up the hostage
    situation in the subway.
    You can check the shacks around here for some locked containers that don't
    contain anything special, other than biocells, lockpicks, tools, and ammo.
    When you're ready, you can either head into the subway through the main
    entrance or you can climb through one of the many tunnels leading there. One
    tunnel entrance is just to the left of the main subway entrance itself. It's
    up to you, and whatever you think you're ready to handle.
    Either way you go, CHECK YOUR FIRE! There's a ton of TNT wired around here
    and if you detonate them the TNT will take the hostages with it, and you'll
    get chewed up by a number of people. Also, take care, because one of the
    terrorists has a flamethrower, which are a pain; they light you on fire and
    take FOREVER to burn out, so if you catch on fire, you better either have a
    lot of medkits or a save from a minute ago you're ready to load.
    If you go down the main entrance, make you to take ou the security beams with
    an EMP grenade, because those beams will detonate the TNT. Once you take care
    of the terrorists, loot their bodies and smash open the crates for a bunch of
    goodies. Talk to the hostages and then hop on the subway to go to Hell's
    - Hell's Kitchen, NYC -
    You can bother some of the bums, or go upstairs. Your brother should meet you
    there to brief you on the next part of your mission, or chew you out if you
    failed in some respect on the last part (It took me awhile to figure out that
    there was one terrorist I missed, hence I failed). He'll also give you the
    key to his room in the (Hil)ton hotel to go stock up on goodies.
    Once you're up on the street, turn left and head that way. Talk to the two
    guards standing by the fence and take their offer of three free gas grenades.
    To the left of them is the 'Ton hotel. Head inside. There's an ATM here you
    can hack, or you can find someone's pin number behind a plant on the second
    floor of the place. But don't go there yet.
    The alley to the right of the 'Ton hotel has a fence with a hole you can
    climb through, which leads to a fire escape that you can use as an alternate
    entrance into Paul's room. Coming in via the second floor to take out the
    terrorists tends to be easier than coming through the first floor.
    Once you're in the main area, beware of the terrorist hiding behind the hotel
    owner on the left. Take him out, then go upstairs and take out the other two
    terrorists that have hostages up there. After receiving their thanks, go back
    downstairs and talk to the hotel manager. He'll thank you and ask if you've
    seen his daughter around. Behind him you can find a room key in a cubbyhole
    and some credits on his desk.
    Go back upstairs and go in the only door you can go through on the left. Use
    your nanokey ring to unlock Paul's room. Head in and read the datacube on his
    desk. It tells you to look behind the picture and "remember to count back from
    four", which is another way of saying the code is 4321. Enter it and help
    yourself to a whole bunch of goodies within (I especially liked the 3
    multitools stashed in there.) Also on the floor is Paul's login for the NYNet.
    You can go on and find out some interesting tidbits but not much else. Don't
    forget to check Paul's bedroom to find 350 credits under his nightstand.
    Now you can head to the only other room on this floor, using your nanokey ring
    to unlock it. The only thing in here, besides some dead bodies and drugs, is
    a medkit and a biocell in the locked closet. Before you leave, make sure you
    check out the bottom of the elevator shaft for some more goodies.
    Now you can leave the hotel. Next we may want to check the firefight going on
    around the corner to the right. Peek around and watch UNATCO whip some NSF
    booty. You can even help a bit (If your framerats here didn't drop drastically
    due to shoddy D3D support.) Make sure to loot bodies; there's plenty of free
    ammo to grab, and if a UNATCO soldier died you can get your very own assault
    rifle. Yay. Also make sure you get the key to the store on your left. But
    don't go there yet, we still have some investigating to do.
    Head past where the firefight was, and smash open the crates you see to get
    some ammo. Around the right corner ahead you can find the "free" clinic. Head
    in and listen to some people's sob stories. Once inside, there's really only
    about two things to do here.
    In the far door on the left you can use several multitools to open it, but
    the only thing back there is a medbot, and unlessyou'rein dire need of health
    I wouldn't recommend wasting between 4-8 multitools on the door, at least not
    while you can get full treatment in the door on the right. Here you can
    confront the angry patient and tell him to leave the doctor alone. If you do,
    the doctor will give you a 40% discount, meaning you can get full treatment
    for 1250, rather than the 2000 the other doctor asked for. You can also get
    some medkits for 180.
    You can bother some more patients here but there's really not much else to do.
    Head back outside, and head towards the 'Ton hotel again. Head past it, and
    the last building on the left before the tunnel is the underworld bar. Head
    in and grab some cash from the ATM's with your hacking skills if you need to.
    Here you can talk to Jock (Who plays an important role later) if you buy him
    a bit of liquor. You can also talk to the man who wants to buy ambrosia to
    cure his wife of the black death.
    When you're done there, head to the next room and talk to the woman in black.
    She tells you that her friend is being, uh, "talked to" by Jonny. You can
    also talk to the reporter in the corner, but he doesn't do much but annoy you.
    Once you're done, head out through the rear entrance (And get some exploration
    points for doing so.)
    Once outside, turn right and head around to the side of the building, and then
    left again to go into the alley. Here you see Jonny and his, uh, woman. Here
    you have three options. You can free her by buying her off him (First option),
    you can free her by killing him (second option), or you can free her by
    scaring the holy living spit outta him (third option). Either way, she'll
    thank you for the help, but warn you that JoJo won't be happy with you. This
    girl is the hotel owner's daughter, by the way. When she starts walking away,
    talk to her again to find out the password to smuggler's later: Bloodshot.
    There's a fun little side quest you can do right now. If you gave Jock a beer
    at the bar, he told you about the smuggler who deals in firepower. The main
    entrance to smuggler's hideout is just a little eest of the subway entrance.
    You can get in using the password if you talked to Sandra Renton. Or, if you
    want to, you can head northeast from the subway entrance and around the fences
    to the basketball court. You can play some basketball here and get the message
    "What are you playing basketball for. Go Cowboys!"
    The two NSF thugs in the corner are no good. Kill them or stun them before
    they kill the guy that they're talking to. If you do, the man will tell you
    the password to the Mole people, to save you cash later.
    Head past the court to the back alley. There are two "trailers" here. Go
    around to the end of the alley and pick the lock on the door of the trailer.
    Inside is a ladder. Head down it and you'll be in the entrance to smuggler's
    hideout. Here, there are some security beams. You can either climb over them
    with some crates scattered around, disable them with the panel to the left of
    the booth, or just run right through them. If you do, a security bot will
    start shooting at you but you won't take very much damage.
    Once you're past and through the door you can find smuggler. He'll tell you
    that his friend was kidnapped and there's a lab in the sewers that you can
    find him at. Before you go, if you have a couple of multitools, head up the
    stairs that are in this room to find smuggler's bedroom. Behind his bed is a
    keypad with a strength of 50%, but you can bypass it to find a stash of
    goodies. After every mission, smuggler will have different stuff here, so its
    a good place to get some stuff.
    Now head back out, either up the ladder again or you can use the staircase.
    Next to the subway entrance is a manhole that you can use your keyring to
    open. Head down and prepare to use a lot of multitools, because there's a TON
    of security beams to pass through. Or just run through with some ballistic
    armor on to absorb the gunfire from the turrets. Either way, once you reach
    the keypad, turn right and go up the ladder. You can find a couple of keycodes
    here, as well as a couple of multitools and lockpicks.
    Head back to the keypad and input the one it said on the datacube and head in.
    Oh boy, more security. The panel for this is back out next to the keypad.
    Head in and you'll eventually climb a ladder and you'll be at the top of a
    humongous shaft. You'll probably be spotted by a couple of guards so make sure
    you have plenty of ammo for your sniper rifle.
    Hack the security pad that's by you to rotate the bridge. Head across and
    eventually you'll end up in a lab. There's lots of guards here, too, but the
    guy you are looking for is in the room at the bottom of the ramp. If there's
    still a few guards pestering you, tell him to sit tight for a bit while you
    take care of it. Otherwise, you can tell him to make a break for it. Make sure
    you visit the armory next door. It's well worth the price of admission.
    Once you get back to the shaft he'll tell you he can make it from here. Now
    you can go back to Smuggler and he'll give you quite a discount on his stuff.
    Alright, now you're set to go turn off that generator. Head back to the locked
    building next to where the UNATCO-NSF firefight was, unlocking the door with
    your nanokey ring. Grab the goodies in the crate here. In the locked door in
    the back you can get more goodies, including an augmentation upgrade canister
    (which is a -very- good item to get.) Now you have two ways to get to the
    One way is to move aside the stack of crates on one side of the room. This
    leads back into some tunnels that are wired with turrets. You can either
    disarm the security beams with some multitools, or put on some ballistic
    armor and run through, taking punishment from the turrets. At the far end is
    an elevator that will take you to the roof.
    Or, you can go through the open door and follow it through. It leads out to
    a fire escape so you can get onto the roofs that way.
    Once you're on the roofs, you can make several kills with your sniper rifle,
    if you have one. But many terrorists have sniper rifles too, so if you start
    getting shot at, seek shelter! They tend to make headshots, and they do
    almost as much damage to you as when you shoot them in the head. So be
    Make your way over the rooftops until you get to the part with the wooden
    plank leading to the window. Smash it with a round or two then SAVE! This
    jump tends to be a bit precarious so saving just in case is a good idea. Once
    you make the jump, grab the medkit behind the cardboard box and grab the
    goodies on the floor below you. Make your way out either of the windows and
    climb down the fire escape.
    Now, you can either make your way onto their roof and head in, go in through
    the front door, or you can go in through the basement. Generally, I wouldn't
    recommend going through the basement or the front door, since in both cases
    you meet up with a lot more enemies than you have to. Going through the roof
    tends to meet you with a lot fewer enemies.
    On the middle floor of the building is the computer room, find the computer
    and if you can, hack in, and press the happy button to destory the reactor and
    then haul your butt to the roof. Another way of destroying it if you're not a
    hacker is to find the two cylinders at one corner of a generator and shooting
    the barrel next to it. Hacking gives you 500 skill points, while just blowing
    it up yields you nothing. Either way, head up to the rooftops once you're
    finished. There you meet up with Gunther again, and then you meet up with your
    friend Jock from the bar, who will lift you back to base.
    Once you're back, you can check out the vault next to the helicopter (Code
    0451) to recharge your biocells with the repair bot, and you can find a
    multitool in the hatch. Head towards HQ and meet the oh-so-happy men in black.
    They'll tell you to leave the prisoners alone. You can also talk with some of
    the UNATCO guards who are kinda unhappy with the way the firefight turned out
    next to the hotel. I'm not sure if their reaction changes if you dont let any
    UNATCO troops die, since I could hardly move during it since my framerates
    were so poor.
    Once you're in, you can check out all the offices for more goodies, and if you
    log into your own computer you can find an email from your brother that's,
    well, cryptic to say the least. You can also grab some cash from hacking the
    ATM in the lounge. Now head to Manderley's office and listen to his
    conversation with some "mysterious government agent" (Insert X-Files theme
    here). Once they're done, you can talk to the agent, who will brush you off
    and head out. Go bug Manderley (You don't need to let Anna go first) who will
    pay you for the last mission and give you the scoop on what happened with the
    previous mission. Hmm, Paul didn't report back eh? The plot thickens.
    You can hang around a bit to listen to Anna talk to Manderley and find out a
    bit of interesting information. Once you're done, you can check out the
    closets again to get some more goodies. Head downstairs and go talk to Jaime
    about some of the losses suffered against NSF, get healed by the medbot, and
    grab some medkits from the closet. You can also grab a biocell from Anna's
    Head over to Carter and brag about how you cleaned house at Castle Clinton
    (Even if you didn't kill but one person like I did) and he'll give you
    multitools instead of ammo, and an accuracy modifier for a weapon of yours.
    You can check out Alex's office but he's not here. He left a multitool on the
    console, though.
    You -can- go to the cell block and watch the interrogation of the NSF
    terrorists. I haven't seen it yet but I hear it's worth it. 
    There's an interesting bug here. If you have your inventory -full- then you
    -can- get that extra ammo from him. When he talked to you, you'll tell him
    you have no room. Now, drop something from your inventory and talk to him
    again. He'll give you that ammo along with everything else.
    Now head back up and outside again, and hop onto the black helicopter (Is
    this supposed to be a joke?) and head out for your next mission.
    We're back in Battery Park. Head towards the subway again.. you can talk to
    some of the bums and search some houses but you won't find much useful other
    than a medkit.
    Head down and talk to the man next to the subway car. For 500 credits, he'll
    tell you the password to find out the code in order to get to where the mole
    people are. So, either pay him 500 for the password and then take the password
    up to Curly in one of the shanties to find out the password, or waste a couple
    of multitools on the keypad to get down. Or, if you saved the man from the
    thugs at the basketball court in hell's kitchen, you wont have to do any of
    that. The code is 6653.
    Now we're in the Brooklyn Bridge Station. Talking to a few people around here
    yields some interesting information. The man in a brown coat walking around
    on a platform tells you that he needs you to turn on the water flow in the
    back room, but that room is blocked, so you need a LAM to get back there. But
    if you don't have a LAM, you need to go onto the upper level and talk to the
    leader of the Rooks Gang, El Rey. He's on one of the far sides. He'll either
    sell you the LAM for 750, or you can get it for free by taking out the drug
    dealer downstairs. The choice is up to you.
    Once you have your LAM, go into the corner behind the guy who told you to
    clear it out (you have to walk on the tracks to get back there) and chuck a
    LAM inside to clear out all the stuff. Hop over the pipes (You might get hurt
    by the steam) and then turn both the valves. Head back out and talk to Charlie
    again, who will tell you where the keypad is and the code. So head to the
    women's restroom and type in the code, and voila, you're among the MOLE
    Go down the ladder and head right. There's quite a few terrorists in this
    area, and most have access to an alarm, so be prepared. You can question one
    of the kids, and he tells you where their leader is hiding. Go into the far
    right corner, and smash the two cardboard boxes there. Beneath them is a brick
    that you can push. Do so, and it opens into where the leader is. He surrenders
    and gives you the key to the men's bathroom.
    Go back to where the ladder was, but instead of climbing up it, head past it
    and follow the tunnels until you reach the men's bathroom. Open it up using
    the key and head through.
    Now you can either disable the security beams by the box on the wall, or you
    can go right and brave the steam. Either way tou have to jump over some pipes
    (If you can't make that final jump, jump onto theexposed part on the wall
    where the pipe hits it for a little more height). Once you're through, avoid
    the security cameras and take out the guard. Take his key to unlock the door
    to the next area.
    Now, you can either disable more security fields, and quickly hop across the
    supports that fall out from under you after standing on them a few seconds,
    to the area ahead. Or, you can climb in the grate on the left. It leads into
    the water in front of you, but in one corner of the depths you can swim ahead
    to the next area. They both lead to the same place.
    Follow the passage and climb up the ladder. Here you have two sentries to
    deal with. You can try taking them out, but I think it's a waste of grenades.
    My suggestion is to have some thermoptic camo handy, put it on and dash by
    them before they see you. Whatever suits your character best.
    Keep on trucking until you get th a small computer room. Between the two
    machines on the elft you can find a datacube and a multitool. Remember the
    password for later.
    Go through and you'll reach the helibase. Be careful, because right above you
    is a security camera that you'll probably want to disable if you want things
    to remain quiet.
    There are quite a few guards around, so making silent kills is probably your
    best bet. Go left first, checking the offices and grabbing the goodies in
    the desk drawers. On the top floor you can find the computer room behind the
    far locked door. There is a guard so be careful. Also, here you can disable
    security in a couple of places. In one corner there is a switch behind a
    plant. Hit it and a secret door will open up. Grab all the goodies inside.
    While you're in the lab, head to the other door. It leads out to the helipad.
    Take out or sneak past any guards you see, and look for a passageway guarded
    by two of them, with a big "EXIT" sign over it. Follow it down and eventually
    you'll come topside. Or, you can find a manhole in one corner that will lead
    out to the same place, only through the water. If you went through the EXIT
    passage, follow the west wall until you come to a door marked "Boat House."
    Go through, and this is where the water passageway ends up. Grab some stuff
    in here, especially the key sitting on the crate.
    Now head straight out of this room, being careful to avoid the guards and
    security bots, until you come to a big gate. Use your nanokey ring to open
    the security box and press the switch to pop open the gates. Head into the
    next building. If you want, you can do some careful stacking to climb into
    the window to the barracks. Or, if you go in the front door on the left side,
    you can either pick the lock to the barracks, or you can look behind the
    stairs for a brick that can be tripped. It opens a secret room with goodies
    and the key to the barracks.
    Once you're in, the only unlocked crate in here has the code to the hanger:
    5912. The other crates don't hold much, just a multitool and a LAM and some
    other assorted crap. Go back out and turn left, inputting the code on the
    door. Head through, and once you're in the hangar, Paul will contact you by
    your infolink.
    -GASP-! Paul, a terrorist? Head right and go towards him and he'll give you
    a talkin-to. Head into the plane. Go left and head down the stairs. Here's the
    last ambrosia container, and an augmentation canister. You can either use
    some multitools on the lock, or you can go find the code next to Lebedev.
    Either way, go back upstairs, and then up the next flight of stairs to the
    control room. In the far right corner you can find the key to Lebedev's
    quarters on the desk.
    Head downstairs and find the locked door. Use your keyring to unlock it and
    head inside. Now you have four options. One, you can kill Lebedev on the
    spot, like your orders said. Two, you can talk to Lebedev and then Navarre
    will come in and kill him, and head back. Third, my preferred option, is to
    talk to Lebedev until Navarre kills him, then kill Navarre. Or fourth, just
    kill Anna and let Lebedev live, which is a lot like the third. In the end, it
    doesn't really matter what you choose, but the reason I chose to kill her is
    so I won't have to face her later.
    Once the carnage is through in here, you can find the code to the augmentation
    canister beneath Lebedev's bed. Head back outside, through the barracks, and
    follow the building around to the other side of the hangar. You'll see Gunther
    and he'll tell you that he wants to be the one to kill Paul. Keep going and
    you'll find Jock and his handy black helicopter. Head back to HQ.
    On your way in, Alex will tell you that Manderley wants to see you. Do so, and
    Manderey will talk to you, depending on what you did with Lebedev. If you
    killed Navarre, you'll make up the story about how Lebedev made a surprise
    attack on you (Har). Then he'll tell you to go to Hong Kong.
    Manderley's secretary probably told you to go find Jaime on your way in. If
    she didn't, talk to her and she will. Head to the employee lounge next to
    the snack dispenser and you'll find him talking to Simons. Have a brief chat
    with them and eventually Simons will walk off. Head downstairs and have fun
    with the medbot, installing that canister you got and healing up. You can
    find more supplies in the closet.
    Go talk to Alex and he'll also give you a talkin-to. While you're here, go
    back up to the landing and check the floor on the opposite side of the room
    as the keypad. Go in and you can find some miscellaneous goodies. Alex has
    a stash? Hmm.
    Go talk to Carter and grab some ammo, and then head back up and outside to
    the helicopter. Paul? New York? What's going on?!? (Insert standard plot-twist
    sound effect).
    Jock drops you onto the roof of the 'Ton Hotel. Head down and inside the
    front door. Sandra is talking to her father. He'll ask you for your pistol
    eventually; whether or not you want to give it to him is up to you entirely.
    But stick around in here. JoJo will come walking in and start raising a
    ruckuss. When he opens fire whip out a weapon and take him out. One less punk
    in NYC.
    Head upstairs to Paul's room. He's sitting in the corner being sick. He'll
    tell you to head to the NSF headquarters and broadcast a message for him.
    You can check in the secret room again for a few more goodies.
    Head back outside and then follow the tunnel that's past the bar, and it will
    lead back to the NSF headquarters. Isn't that so much easier than rooftop
    hopping? Here, Paul will tell you what you need to do. I really hope you
    have hacking skill, otherwise getting the pass to the computer is a PAIN!
    You have to go downstairs and bypass a lot of security and blah blah blah,
    just for a stupid code. BUT if you do you can find out a lot of dirt on
    UNATCO that Paul was talking about. But you already hated UNATCO, right? =)
    I'll save you the trouble of heading down there and tell you that the two
    logins are MCOLLINS and NAPOLEON, and the password for both is REVOLUTION. So
    head to the roof and input both the codes. On the first computer, select ALL
    the options in order and then go into the newly opened door and input the
    second code, and select the only option. Now put on some ballistic armor
    and load up your assault rifle, cuz there's gonna be some ass-kicking to do.
    Head downstairs, avoiding as many firefights as possible, or you can try
    hopping down a few levels. Either way, haul your sweet pootang back to the
    hotel and talk to your brother. While you're talking some agents will start
    knocking at your door. Now comes a critical turning point.
    You can either let your brother DIE by running out the window, or you can stay
    and help him. There are a LOT of agents gunning for your brother, though. So
    I hope you have a lot of ammo. Crouch behind a chair or something and peek out
    keeping your assault rifle at head-level. The nice thing about the Men in
    Black is that they EXPLODE when they die, so if they explode amongst several
    enemies they all get taken down with them.
    As soon as the oncoming onslaught is out of the way, Paul will escape. Now
    you have a couple of options. You can run out the front door, guns blazing,
    wreaking havoc, and DIE. Or, you can head out the window and hoof it for the
    subway, using the code that Paul gives you (6282 I think.) Hop on the train
    and head upstairs.
    Oh boy, everyone's favorite mech, Gunther! You can either surrender, which
    will save you some health, or you can tell him to be a hero and DIE. No matter
    whether you die back in Hell's Kitchen, or DIE here, or surrender, you end
    up in the same place.
    Yes, I realize that the game doesn't -tell- you where you are, but just trust
    me on this, okay? When you wake up, if Anna Navarre is alive she'll come and
    taunt you a bit. Move towards the door and some...THING... will contact you
    and tell you that they're going to cut the power so you can get out. Wait a
    moment and the door will open. Freedom! Horrible horrible freedom!
    Look right and sneak over towards the desk. Skillfully avoid the guard and
    grab the baton and read the datacube on the table for the code to the cells.
    Head back and open em up. You can find a medbot in one to heal you up if you
    need it. In another cell you can find Miguel, who will help you bust out of
    this place.
    Soe of the drawers to the right of the desk can be opened to give you some
    goodies. Smash the crate to grab the prod while the guard is out of earshot.
    Find a hiding spot away from the camera, and pop out when the guard walks by
    to zap him. Grab the pistol off his corpse and hoof it for the door. The code
    to the door is on the same datacube.
    The.. thing.. will tell you to head south, towards Robot Maintanence. Go in
    and turn left, heading up the staircase. There's a couple of guards here that
    will want to make your life miserable, but you can avoid most of them. Head to
    the opposite side and down the hall, up the stairs. Take out the guards with
    your 10mm or your prod. The code to the armory can be found on the furthest
    Head back downstairs and keep heading south, going back downstairs and hoofing
    it for the southern exit. Now, there's two -big- security robots in here, but
    there are also two entrances into the armory. Sneak around the robot and punch
    in the armory code. Inside is a security camera and a guard; I recomend
    sneaking past the guard and upstairs, where you can find a security panel. You
    can use this to disable the security robots, and, if your hacking is good
    enough, you can turn the turret on the guard downstairs. And no blood on your
    Downstairs is all your equipment, plus some extra goodies. If you hack the
    computer you can find the code to the plasma rifle upstairs, if you're into
    that sort of thing. But it takes up a -lot- of space in your inventory so be
    prepared to dump a whole bunch of stuff.
    Ahh, it feels good to be armed again, doesn't it? Now head -all- the way back
    north, through the robot maintanence facility and past the jail. Go past the
    jail and you'll come to the command facility. Step through the doorway and
    turn around, and go through the doorway next to the one you just stepped
    through, which leads to the medical facility.
    On your way in, a doctor will stop and tell you the code to the medbay. On
    your right is an area with a lot of guards and a Man in Black. Other than
    an augmentation canister and some goodies, there's no real reason to go in
    there. Still, augmentation canisters are fun.
    Once you're done here, keep following the main hallway and turn right at the
    intersection, follow it up, kill the guard, and back down, and you'll be in
    front of the medbay. Use the code on it and head in. You can use the medbot
    if you need the health. Here, if you saved Paul back in Hell's Kitchen, he'll
    tell you to go on since he has own escape planned out. Otherwise you'll find
    his corpse.
    Either way, Daedalus will give you the code to get out. Head back to command
    control and move around the central building to the other side. Input the
    code, pop the guard and head through. Eventually you'll pass through another
    door and find yourself back on level 3 of UNATCO HQ.
    >From here on, it's pretty straightforward. Jaime will give you another
    augmentation canister, but tell him to stay at UNATCO as a mole for you.
    Alex will give you the key to the front door if you killed Anna earlier,
    otherwise he'll tell you to go kill her and then come back. She's right next
    to the exit. Go see Carter and he'll let you loot the armory. Sweet.
    Head to Manderley's office and confront him. After a little talking, try to
    leave. Manderley will pull a gun on you. Put him away and talk to Simons
    again. Head over to the employee lounge, and you'll run into Samantha. You'll
    find out that she was the one who was stealing stuff from the armory. But
    she'll sell you some scramble grenades for 1250 each.
    Before you go upstairs, it might be a good idea to hack both Anna's computer
    and Manderley's computer to get Anna's killphrase, so that you won't have to
    fight her. If you didn't kill her already, that is.
    Search the rest of the offices for some extra goods. If you didn't kill Anna,
    you'll run into her here. She's not easy, but an assault rifle with low recoil
    can take her out with an emptied clip to her head. Once she's dead, go get the
    key from Alex and head back outside. Jock will take off for Hong Kong.
    Oops, looks like we've been detained! Jock will tell you that if you can turn
    off the weapons lock he can destroy the door that's locking you in. So, find a
    grating behind the chopper that you can open and hop in. Follow the path and
    go into the first grating on the left. Grab the multitools, the key, and read
    the datacube on the table. Crawl back into the grate, turn left and then take
    your first right, and then left again. Use the code from the datacube (99871)
    to flood the lower levels with toxic gas. Hurry back out through the vents
    and back the way you came to get back up to the helicopter.
    Go through the door on the left side and down the stairs. Most of the guards
    should be dead from the gas, but take care of the few remaining, if any. Loot
    their corpses and then head upstairs. If you have a LAM handy, place it on
    the second locker from the right and then back downstairs, and shoot the LAM.
    It will open all the lockers up there, and in that locker you placed the LAM
    on is the key to the control room. If you don't have a LAM then you can just
    pick the lock on that locker.
    Head back upstairs and up another flight of stairs and use your key to unlock
    the control room. Press the weapons lock button and Jock will take down that
    door. Run over there, taking care to avoid the security bots, and make your
    way through the collapsed door to the elevator. The code is 989.
    - Hong Kong: Wan Chai Market -
    When you walk in Jock will tell you not to mess around because your killswitch
    only has 12 hours left. Head straight and hack the ATM for some cash, turn
    right and then find the big red building. When you're next to it Jock will
    tell you that he dropped Paul off here several times. Make your way around
    it and find the entrance. Talk to the guard there and he'll send you on a
    mission to talk to Maggie Chow who lives on Tonochi road. Find the sign that
    points to Tonochi Road. There's a hallway that either leads downstairs to the
    Lucky Money club or straight to Tonochi Road.
    Keep following the signs until the Tonochi Road sign points past a destroyed
    bridge. Unless you have the super speed augmentation, head past it and go
    through the small bridge at the end of the overhang and backtrack to the
    Tonochi Road signs. Head through the underpass and you'll be on Tonochi Road.
    1313 is on the left through the big glass doors. Go around the desk and
    press the elevator call button on the left. When you get upstairs the maid
    will greet you and take you to see Maggie. Here she'll ramble on about
    politics, and eventually you'll either tell her that Paul is dead, or Paul is
    alive and well. When you're done, you have several options.
    If you're a multitool kind of guy, head to the corner that's near the elevator
    that has a lamp hanging in that corner. Use the lamp and it will open a secret
    passage. Be careful not to do this when the maid is around or she'll whip out
    a 10mm on you. Head through and BE SILENT as you pass by the security beams.
    Use your multitool on the door and you'll find the sword.
    Another way if you're a hacker with lots of ammo and a ballistic vest or two
    is to go upstairs in her apartment and use the security terminal on the
    podium in the meeting room. Here you can open up the secret passage that the
    Buddha statue was hiding, but you'll get a lot of angry guards as a reward.
    Take them out and then kill Maggie and her maid if you wish, and then head
    towards the sword room.
    If you're not a hacker you can get it through the streets. Just past 1313
    Tonochi on the left you can find a BIG SECURITY ROBOT just sitting there.
    Behind it you can pick the lock on a door and then climb up to the roof. Use
    a multitool on the door and then run down in with your guns blazing. Take out
    the guards and make your way into the sword room.
    Tracer Tong will contact you once you're in here. Now you can either use some
    multitools on the panel to open up the case, or hack the computer to open up
    the case. Now you have the most powerful melee weapon in the game. Kinda
    reminds you of a lightsaber, doesn't it?
    Across the street from Maggie's place is Jock's apartment. You can get the key
    to it as soon as you meet Tracer Tong later on. There isn't much in there,
    save for some interesting email
    Head back to the Wan Chai Market and go down to the Lucky Money club. Dig
    the groovy music and pay your cover and go inside. Head upstairs to the bar
    and go through the door behind it, heading down and then you can open the
    door here and get harassed by the men at the table. Head past them into the
    big cozy office and talk to Max Chen, and spill the beans about Maggie. Then
    some MJ12 troops will come crash the party; go help out the bodyguards by
    taking a couple of them out.
    Head back to the compound and talk to Gordon Quick and tell him about the
    truce that Chen proposed, and he'll let you into the compound. Walk across
    the courtyard, head inside, and then down the stairs. Follow the passageway
    until you get to a big chamber. The left painting on the wall has a keypad on
    it. Use the same code that Quick gave you and head down into Tong's labs.
    Find the computer lab and talk to Tong. He'll tell you to get into the medical
    chamber below. Do so and hop on the pad. After a pretty light show, head back
    up to Tong. In exchange for his deactivating your killswitch, he'll ask you to
    do a bit of corporate espionage for him. He'll give you the code to the
    versalife elevator, your new computer login, and tell you that Alex is here.
    Yay! Also, if you like, you can grab the key to Jock's apartment next to the
    computer in the foyer.
    Head towards where Tong took out your killswitch and go left into the room.
    Use the medbot if you need to and then head down more stairs to talk to Alex.
    Once you're done, you can head back further into the facility to grab some
    weapons, ammo, and other goodies, as well as recharge your bioenergy with the
    repair robot. Once you're done, head back topside and towards the Versalife
    Elevator that's above the Lucky Money. Input the code he gave you and walk in.
    - Versalife Building -
    There are two ways to get deeper into this facility. The cheapest way is to
    hack the computer at the receptionist's desk and get a day pass that way. Or,
    you can go find Hundly upstairs and pay him two -thousand- for one. Like I
    said, hacking the computer is definitely easier on your credit reserves. Once
    you have the code, the elevator is on the third floor, by the computer room.
    It's on the left side.
    Once you're in, a man will walk up to you and tell you what not to do. Lovely.
    You can talk to a whole bunch of MJ12 guards, too. It's rather funny that you
    just killed some of them back at the Lucky Money. Now, there are two ways to
    get into the underground facilities.
    If you're a hacker, go past the hand and go left, walk the passage and then up
    the elevator. Walk past the Man in Black and hack the security panel. One of
    the options is to open the undergroun passage. Or, you can simply use a
    multitool on the keypad on the base. Head down into the bowels of this place.
    Go left and follow the passage down. Go past the doorway that it comes to and
    you'll come to a walkway. If you didn't kill Maggie earlier, you can see her
    talking to Bob Page through some glass. Head downstairs and then go into the
    room with all the augmentation canisters. Either use lots of multitools or
    hack the computer to grab em all.
    Head back to that hallway and go in the doorway that leads into the center,
    where Tong told you to go. Press the up button and either hack the computer,
    or pick the lock on the cabinet in the conference room upstairs for the login.
    If you do, however, be prepared to defend yourself. Once you're in, press both
    options and get outta there. Head back up the elevator until you're back in
    the versalife offices. The guards are pissed now, so while you're on the top
    floor it'd probably be a good idea to snipe a couple of them.
    Once you're done, head to the temple that's next to Tong's compound. It's
    another red building. Go in and talk to Quick, and everybody will be happy.
    Now head back to Tong and he'll have another job for you. He'll tell you to
    go back to Versalife through the canal road and give you the code 55655.
    The canal road is to the left of the compound exit. Go down and follow the
    passageway, past the wreck and use the code on the door. Head inside. If you
    want a flamethrower, there's one on top of the very top pipe. Either way,
    pick the lock on the grate or blow it up and drop down in (Wheeee!)
    Swim through and hop onto the pipes and crawl into the open drainpipe. As soon
    as you're through, look right and read the datacube for the code 768. Go left
    and then crawl through the vent near the end on the right. Open the grate
    above and climb up, and put in the code 768 to open all the doors. Once you're
    through them all, press the button to lower the platform. Now, be quick, and
    press the button once it's back down, and scoot along the platform to the
    other side. Now turn around and go underneath.
    If you have a lot of multitools, you can disable the security beams. If you
    don't, find a scramble grenade, walk through the beams, chuck it between the
    two bots, and hide. The two bots will go at it, and when one of them is
    destroyed then the other one is easy pickins for an EMP grenade or a LAM.
    Take out the commando ahead and then hack the computer, selecting both
    options. If anyone knows how to unlock the doors without hacking, let me know.
    Go right and then climb down the ladder. Go to the center, and use some
    multitools to grab the augmentation canisters if you need them. Find the
    ladder down on the outside of the platform and go down. If you didn't kill
    Maggie Chow in her apartment, she will confront you. After some chit-chat
    she'll whip out her own dragons tooth sword and start hacking at you with it.
    Kill her before she gets the chance.
    Now find the keypad that's on a small podium underneath a camera. Input the
    code that Daedalus gave you (525 I think) and watch. Daedalus will tell you
    that you can't get out the way you came, so you have to go through the
    tunnels beneath. Hop onto the bottom platform and then through one of the
    holes. Climb out of the water it drops you into and then find the ladder that
    leads into a pipe with clear water and swim in.
    Here you can find a corpse floating, but in the next pipe is one big mother
    of a beast. Grab the tranquilizer darts off the bottom and then shoot the
    beast repeatedly with tranquilizers until he goes down. You can use another
    weapon, but not many work underwater. Swim past him and then get lifted up the
    pipe. Tong will start badgering you with information. Climb onto the platform
    nearby and go through the small tunnel at the end of it. Climb over the debris
    and through the pipe. Now we're back in Wan Chai.
    Go left and hop onto the ramp. Climb up the ladder and head back towards the
    market, and then to Tong's compound. When you come to the lab, if you saved
    Paul before, he'll be here. He won't go with you, though, since he's still
    recuperating. Talk to Tong, and he'll tell you to go find Stanton Dowd in
    New York. Also, if you go down to the medical lab, you can find Jaime. Looks
    like we're one big happy family again, huh? He'll give you an augmentation
    upgrade canister as a gift.
    Now head back outside to the courtyard and jock will give you a lift back to
    Hell's Kitchen.
    Now we have to go to the underworld bar to arrange a meeting with Stanton
    Dowd. Before you climb down, though, now would be a good opportunity to snipe
    some of the guards on the streets below so that you don't have to fight them
    Climb down the fire escape and head towards the bar, looking for our friend
    Harry Filben. He'll tell you to kill the UNATCO spy posing as a reporter in
    the clinic (You can if you want to, I'm not sure whether it affects your game
    much) and he'll also set up a meeting for you at the Osgood and Sons ruins...
    that's the place where you went through to the NSF rooftops before. Go there
    and find him. Talk to him and he'll give you information on how to sink the
    If you need more explosives, go see Smuggler. Otherwise, head for the 'Ton
    roofstop again and hop onto Jock's helicopter.
    Go through the grate on your left and keep going until a soldier stops you.
    He gives you a key to the front gate. Open it and head forward towards the
    door. Go in, being careful of a couple of cameras around. Now, if you have
    a multitool to spare, go in the door on your left and open the keypadded
    door. Beneath the desk is the key to the ammo dump. If you want to use a LAM
    instead, just go up the steps next to the pop machines, kill the guard there,
    pop a LAM on the door, and detonate it. Or you can just use the key.
    Be careful of the security bots roaming around inside. A scramble grenade will
    work nicely. Head towards the control booth in the far left corner, and press
    all three buttons. The third bay you open has two more security bots inside
    that you can avoid or take care of. In each bay there's quite a bit of ammo,
    weapons, and other goodies to be found. Once you're done, climb on top of the
    bays, and hop from platform to platform to get back to the door you came in.
    Turn left and hop down, heading straight and then left. Be careful of the
    huge bots here, and head towards the crane. Go in the door next to it, using
    the code "0909" to open it, or use a multitool. Head in, duck under the
    cameras, and talk to the guard. He'll say a few things, but then you can check
    out the datacubes here for a couple of codes.
    Head through the next door, and hang a right and go down those stairs. Follow
    them until you get to the docks and you see a -big- sub ahead. Use the code
    from the datacube (6655) to raise the plank to head up onto it. Climb the
    next ramp and you'll be on the sub.
    There's a couple of sailors inside that will shoot you on site, so make sure
    that they don't get too bothersome. Check out all the bunks and lockers for
    a couple of goodies. Make sure that you grab the vial of Ambrosia from the lab
    for Stanton Down, and then head upstairs. Loot all the rooms as necessary.
    To get to the electronics room, head into the grate that's near it (to the
    left) and then follow the vent right to get in, and grab all the stuff inside.
    You can go upstairs if you want and hack security to open the armory door,
    but it's really not necessary. The only things upstairs worth doing is killing
    some guards, grabbing 2250 credits from the captain's desk, or getting the key
    for below decks. But there's another key for below decks in the sickbay.
    Head down and then down again and unlock the door with your newfound key. Now
    we're below decks (Duh.)
    In this first area are two of the spots you are supposed to breach. Get rid of
    the guards and find the keypad next to the lowered bridge. The datacube from
    back by the friendly guard told you the code (9753). Climb the ramp, up the
    ladder, and into the small building in the center. Go right and smash open
    the window. Climb through and follow the pipe and jump down. On the left wall
    is one of the points. Pop a LAM on and then climb up the boxes. Once you're at
    the top, shoot the LAM and fall backwards. One down.
    The other spot is on the direct opposite wall that this one was. Work your way
    around, pop a LAM on, and shoot it again. Two down.
    Turn right and head out the doors. Go left and find the robot working next to
    the engineer. Grab the key and the multitool next to the engineer and head in.
    Be careful of all the electricity that flows around here and the spider-bot on
    the floor. Its easiest to use something explosive, or a few sabot rounds from
    your shotgun. The next weld point is in the far left corner. Same deal here.
    Three down.
    Head back out the way you came and turn left, following it down and then left
    again, down the red corrider. Sometimes this door is open, sometimes it isn't,
    depending on how much the guards heard you. The keypad's strength is only 20%,
    so the most multitools that you'll need is two, and the one by the engineer
    is one, and there's one in the last room on the floor. Either way, once you're
    through, dispose of the guards and head to the far wall. Find the weld point
    on the wall, and LAM it. Four down.
    Now head all the way back to the engineer, past him, past the way you came in,
    and keep going until you get to the Bilge Pump Room. Dispose of the guards and
    find the computer in the corner. Flip the switch next to it and hack into the
    computer to reverse the pump flow. I'm not sure where the login is for this
    computer if you don't have any hacking skill, so if anyone knows, let me know.
    Once that's done, find the last weld point in the opposite corner and LAM it.
    That's all of them. Now hoof it back to engineering, go in, turn left, up the
    stairs, and through the door with the red EXIT sign above it. Head upstairs,
    turn right, and go down the two ramps to the dock. Head right like Tong says
    and climb the ladder. Crawl left and around the pit and go through the vents.
    After loading, whip out whatever you prefer to take out spider-bots with, cuz
    there's a couple of them in here. Once they're disposed of, crawl up the
    ladders and make your way to the top vent. The vent can be smashed open with
    your dragon-tooth sword, lightsaber, or whatever you want to call it. Hop
    on the chopper and head to where Dowd's monastery is.
    - NYC Graveyard -
    Press the button next to the gate and the guard will let you in. Head left to
    go down into the monastery. Find Dowd and give him the ambrosia. Hmm, not
    supposed to be any guards, eh? Look inside the, coffins? I guess is what they
    are.. and find more goodies. One of them has a passageway back to the surface
    when you're done looting. The picture fram next to this one can be moved out
    of the way to reveal a 60% locked safe. Inside is an aug canister upgrade.
    Head back up to the surface. Oh boy, more MJ12 troops. Plow through them and
    head to the guard's shack next to the gate. Kill the guy inside. Hack the
    computer to reveal the passage and smash the EMP generator to bits. You can
    also chuck a LAM at the bookcase, if you aren't a hacker, and I think it will
    do the same job.
    Now we're free. Head back out to the courtyard and take off for Paris.
    There's a couple ways down. You can either try your luck at hopping down the
    elevator shaft (Save before you do that), or you can lockpick the little shed.
    Inside you can find the code to the maintanence elevator: 4003. Head down, go
    straight ahead up the steps, follow the path and go through the door on the
    right. Talk to Aimee to find out a code. Leave, turn left and hop down, and go
    in the left passageway. Follow the ramps down and go straight. Grab the hazmat
    suit and then go in the door to the left of that. Input the code (0001), put
    on your hazmat suit, and hoof it through to the door in the far left corner.
    Here we have a friendly repair bot. Climb the ladder here to find several
    greasels. Some buckshot or a few sniper rounds work nicely. Eventually,
    head towards the west passageway. About halfway down on the right there's a
    small alcove here with a lockpick. Keep heading down and then up the ladder.
    Beware of roaming MJ12 commandos here.
    If you want some goodies, you can raid the building to the west, and/or you
    can raid the metro station in the corner. In the metro station is a man who
    will sell you a couple of overpriced items.
    Once you're done goodie-hunting, head around the east building, take care of
    the MJ12 commando, and find the boarded-up door. Use a melee weapon to clear
    away the boards and head inside. Go down the spiral steps to enter the Paris
    - Paris Catacombs -
    Head down, turn right, and then go in the right passage. Beware of the gas
    grenade on the wall hear. Go down the hall, being at least a little quiet due
    to the MJ12 troops in the left room, and follow the passage, and past the room
    with a lot of rectangular columns and an MJ12 commando. Head past and Tong
    will tell you that you're getting close. On the wall in front of you is a
    brick that you can push. Do so, and the secret door will open up. Sure is easy
    to find a French terrorist group, isn't it?
    Head into the center room and talk to Chad. He'll tell you to find his people
    and he will give you a key to the blast door. The blast door is on the
    opposite side as the secret door. Unlock it and head in. There's an MJ12
    commando lurking here. If you want to have a bit of fun, make sure you have a
    lot of bioenergy, turn on your cloak (If you have it) and then start running
    around him. When he's quite confused, cut him down with your dragon's tooth.
    If you dont have any hacking skill, look for the locked crate near him. Also
    nearby is a crate of TNT. Hmm. GENTLY put the crate of TNT next to or on top
    of the crate, back a good distance away, and shoot it. Inside is a datacube
    with a security login.
    Follow the passageway, and keep turning left whenever you can, until you get
    to a room with four exits and an MJ12 troop walking about. Take him out and
    his friend who usually comes running when his partner dies. The room on the
    left has two crates with lockpicks. The room straight ahead has a ladder you
    can go up, and if you unlock the game to free the repair bot, it will get rid
    of the electrical field so you can go grab more goodies.
    The room on the right leads to the hostages. If you're a glutton for
    punishment, run in with your guns blazing and die a couple of times before you
    learn your lesson. A smarter approach is to go into the passage behind the
    cross on the wall. Crawl through and stay hidden, and snipe a couple of the
    troops, preferably with tranquilizer darts. Then hop out and mop up the rest
    of the troops.
    Go around the center room to the far one, and take out the (Wo)Man in Black.
    Grab the key on the table, and use the security panel to take out the cameras
    so that the hostages will have a clear escape route. There's also a couple of
    supply crates lying around here.
    Go back and unlock the door that leads into the center room with your keyring,
    and the hostages will make a run for it. Head back with them and talk to Chad.
    He'll tell you where to find your next objective. More sewers (Oy). To get
    there, head back towards where you freed the hostages, but go -straight- at
    the second straight-left intersection. Tong will tell you when you're in front
    of the door.
    - Paris Metro Area -
    Follow the servers through. There are two ladders topside. One is locked, the
    other isn't. However, the unlocked one will dump you into the middle of an
    MJ12 patrol. Up to you, though. Run away from the troops and find building
    13. The front door is behind three arched doorways. Head inside. Pay the
    outrageous cover charge and head in. The dancing nurse will tell you a -lot-
    if you've got the credits. If you like, you can go behind the bar and talk to
    one of the men in the offices. For 1000 credits he'll tell you where to find
    an out-of-town arms dealer's house... building 11. Behind the door with the
    85% keypad is a lot of booty (No, not -that- kind of booty. Plunder. Goodies.
    Sheesh.) You can also get it by bribing Cassandra, by the bar.
    Find the stairs next to the dancing nurse and walk into the trippy room with
    the slanted mirrors. Find the girl in purple in the corner and talk to her.
    She'll arrange for you to meet Nicolette Duclare. Yay.
    You can either go meet her right away and take off, or you can explore Paris
    a bit more. You can find building 11 behind the club. Stand next to the door
    to the hotel and look towards the club. Head towards the green light to find
    it. However, the front door is -very- strongly locked.If you want to have a
    little fun, you can go into the guard station on one side of the city to turn
    off the security bots. You can make drug runs for the man in the hotel, or
    kill him. You can break into one of the rooms at the hotel and then..
    "Icarus".. will mock you. You can break into the media store and find NOTHING
    except a multitool and an ATM that's -562 credits =)
    If you told Jaime to stay at UNATCO, you can find him at the coffee shop
    across the street from the club. He'll tell you the killphrase for Gunther,
    so that you won't have to fight him. Make sure you tell him to stay out of
    trouble, or he'll meet a miserable fate later.
    When you're done, head behind the club and find out that Nicolette was the
    same girl you talked to before. Head to her mother's home. Hey, that guy
    running at the helicopter sure looks a lot like Gunther..
    - Chateau DuClare -
    You can lockpick or destroy the front doors, but for us equipment-concious
    folk you can go around to the back of the house, hack away at the boarded-up
    door, and go in that way.
    Once in, go right and head upstairs, following the hallway left. Nicolette
    will say that a key is behind the vase. Sure enough, on the table there is
    the key to Beth's room. Go in and grab any interesting stuff you can find,
    like Nicolette's room key. While Nicolette rambles about the picture, move it
    out of the way to find a key, credits, and a computer login. Now, you can
    either head back and unlock Nicolette's room at the top of the steps (The only
    thing in there is a lockpick) or you can climb in the dumbwaiter in Beth's
    room to go down to the kitchen.
    If you choose to take the stairs instead, go through the dining room that's
    next to the double front doors. The kitchen is connected to the dining room.
    Grab the multitool from the shelf, and unlock the cellar door with your
    keyring. Grab the stuff from the crate and go in the far right room. Turn
    the candelabra to open the secret passage. Go through, grabbing goodies along
    the way. In the small room with two crates is a security panel. Hack it if you
    want an aug canister and an upgrade canister.
    Either way, bash through some boards to get to the computer room. Grab all
    the goodies here and use the robot if you need to. If you didn't hack the
    computer earlier, you can use some multitools on the keypad to grab the
    canisters. Now use the login you got from Beth's room (bduclare/nico_angel)
    to contact Morgan Everett, then talk to Nicolette again. She'll give you the
    crypt key.
    Go out the back door and keep heading in that general direction in the maze.
    Not much of a maze if you ask me. At the end are a couple of commandos, so be
    cautious. Head into the crypt, unlock it, and go through. Follow the passage
    ALL the way to the end and climb up the ladder.
    When you climb up, turn left, smash the window and climb through. Find some
    goodies, along with the gatekeeper's key. You can get to the second floor of
    this place by climbing up on the fallen beam.
    Head out, following the path and unlocking the gate. Keep heading out and
    you'll meet a couple of MJ12 commandos, and just past them a BIG security
    bot. Disable it with an EMP or a scramble grenade, or just plain blow it up
    if you have the weaponry. If you really like, you can smash the glass on the
    left side and grab a few goodies, but there's not much worth getting here,
    and you'll have a whole bunch of MJ12 troops down your throat.
    Head past the robot and then past the metro on the left, over the bridge, and
    now you're at the cathedral. This place is pretty big, and a lot of stuff you
    can explore, but for right now I'll just walk you through what you -have- to
    do here.
    Go in, following the building around and eventually hitting the northeast
    corner. By the supply crates is a vine trellis that you can climb up. Do so,
    then climb the beams to get up to the next layer. Gunther will start taunting
    you now. Head to the left corner of the roof here, turn around, and then
    carefully jump onto the slanted beam heading up to the next level. Climb up,
    then follow the ledge around here. There are a couple of snipers up here that
    will want to shoot you in the head, though, so be careful. Head across the
    causeway and into the next building.
    Head down the stairs a couple of flights and go through the first doorway you
    see. Head down more stairs, going through another doorway, go straight past
    the vault on your left, up the stairs, turn left, up more stairs, then turn
    right. Here we have a (Wo)Man in Black to take care of. On her desk is a
    datacube with several numbers on it. If you like, there's a security panel
    in her room you can hack.
    Now head back down to that vault you passed. Use the code to Sidon's Vault
    from the datacube (1942) and head in. The security panel for the security
    panel is on the side of the steps. Or you can disable it with an EMP grenade.
    Be warned that there are a LOT of cameras and turrets in here, and the
    security panel is on the far wall of the room. My suggestion is that if your
    rifle skill is good enough, you can snipe down the cameras. Be warned, though,
    that if you hack the turrets to attack Enemies, they -will- attack the repair
    robot in here.
    Everett will give you a little lecture here, but grab all the goodies in the
    supply crates. Head back out the way you came in. Turn left, go up the stairs,
    and go through the doorway on the right. Head in, either disabling or
    destroying the camera, and use the second code from the datacube: 0022. Head
    in, smash the crate. It'd probably be a good idea to grab this fire
    extinguisher. You'll see why in a minute.
    Turn left and head downstairs. When you're in the room head towards the
    computer on the right. Oh dear. Seems like Gunther's a man on a mission.
    Take care of him however you want. I favored getting in his face and spraying
    his head with a full clip from my assault rifle, then extinguishing myself
    from the flamethrower with the extinguisher. It's up to you. Just make sure
    that when you kill him you back away, because his body becomes volatile.
    When he's gone, head to the computer, and look for the third code on the
    datacube, the two five-digit numbers. They look like keypad numbers but
    they're actually a computer login and password. Get in and select the special
    option. Now we're done. Head back towards the hologram machine and Simons will
    come on to taunt you. Head back upstairs and Everett will tell you to go to
    the Metro Station.
    Head back outside. There's a lot of ways outside, but I'm sure you can think
    of something =)
    Run to the gate and then to the metro station that you passed earlier. After
    listening to some very cryptic messages, head down and go in the door on the
    right. Follow the passageway down and then turn left on the subway platform to
    meet one of Everett's cronies. Submit to him and he'll take you to Everett.
    - Everett's Home -
    This is a place with a LOT of interesting things going down. One interesting
    thing is in Everett's bedroom. Head into the bathroom and slide the full
    length mirror out of the way, and then lockpick the grate. Head in and you'll
    find the original leader of the Illuminati on ice. If you're a twisted little
    monster, you can hack the security panel next to him and kill him, but then
    Everett won't be happy. While you're in here, grab the cash from the table and
    read the datacube.
    Head back out and go through the room next to the kitchen, then turn left when
    you can go left or straight. Hi again, Alex. Maybe Everett isn't all he's
    cracked up to be. Head to the room behind him, and patch yourself up with the
    medbot if need be. Use the code from the datacube (8001) to open the vault and
    find the TOM HALL AI! Yup, if you read the credits, you find out that the
    prototype AI in here is played by Tom Hall, lead designer of Anacrhonox and
    one of the heads of Ion Storm. Anyway, you can have a long and rather
    interesting conversation with it.
    Go back out to the hallway and head left, and talk to Everett a couple of
    times. He mentions that he has no intention of resurrecting DeBeers. Hmm. Then
    you'll get the key to the helipad. If you like, you can go tell DeBeers, but
    i'm not sure what this accomplishes. Head back to where Everett's cronie
    brought you in and unlock the door with your keyring. Head up the stairs.
    Notice the dead mechanic. Go talk to the "Odd Mechanic". Hmm, what the hell?
    Whip out your prod and stun the guy, and search his body. Only some ammo and
    a crowbar. Hop on the helicopter and Jock will ask you why you knocked the guy
    out. After a bit of conversation you'll find a BOMB planted on the helicopter.
    Congratulations, you saved Jock's life. Take off for Vandenberg
    As soon as you land, a worker will run up to you and give you the lowdown on
    the situation, as well as an image of the compound and a code. Sweet. Open the
    nearby door and head down. Take care of two guards, raid some supply crates,
    and then press the button for floor two.
    Walk out, turn right, and take care of the guard on the right, preferably very
    quiet-like, because just below you are a whole bunch of troops and a MiB. Take
    the opportunity to snipe them or chuck a LAM down there to get rid of them.
    More troops should come join the party. Get rid of em. Now, remember the
    location of that infinitely strong lock and door with two TNT crates in front
    of it. We'll be coming back here later.
    Head downstairs, and find the big humming generator. Open the panel and
    plug in the code (5868). There's an interesting glitch here that I haven't
    tried yet but several people told me about. You can -keep inputting the code-
    on the panel and get 100 skill points every time! For those of you with no
    shame you can max out all your skills like this.
    Now to find the other one. Before you go, open the grating on the bottom of
    the generator and get the key from inside of here. Head out and walk down the
    hallway, minding the camera here. It'd probably be a good idea to hack
    security here so you can get those turrets on your side. Head through the door
    and go on the doorway opposite you. Now, you can bypass the security panel to
    get rid of the beams, EMP them, or you can go back to the foyer, go up the
    stairs and to the room above, and then hop over the side. Either way,
    there will be 2 guards waiting for you.
    If you need the cloaking augmentation, you can grab it in the flooded room.
    Be careful of the water, because you will get fried. Before you head back,
    open the door that's next to where you killed the guards with your keyring.
    Inside you can free a scientist and get a few goodies.
    Now we go get some help. Head out of the building (Either by the roof or by
    just going out the front door) and make your way to tbe back of the facility.
    If you're facing the complex, go towards the back left corner. Here is the
    second panel. Open it and punch in the code (5868). Now, head towards the
    building in the yard that DOESN'T have the dishes on the roof. Open the door
    and head in.
    As you pass through each doorway, turn around and press the switch to open
    the bay doors, for both of the robots. Now we have help. Follow them outside
    and watch the robot carnage ensue. I strongly suggest you get your assault
    rifle and load some HE ammo to help them out, because they're going to need
    it. You can take out the smaller bots with only one shot of HE ammo. The
    bigger bots take a couple more.
    When you're done with the bots, head to the building that DOES have the dishes
    on the roof, which is the communications building. Head in and talk to the
    guy. He'll tell you to go through the maintanence tunnels. If you want an aug
    upgrade canister, you can find one in a locked locker in here. When you're
    done, open the hatch in the back and hop in.
    Be ready for a whole bunch of spider-bots in this area. Use some sabot rounds
    or some 20mm HE rounds to take care of them. Head through, taking notice of
    the generator to your right as you walk and the security camera, until you
    get to the blue beams on the floor. If you think you're good enough, try
    hopping over them and around them, a la Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment.
    If you set them off, though, a couple of spider-bots will come to attack you.
    Fend them off, then go back to the generator, open the nearby panel, and press
    the top button to open the door again. Or, you can just bypass the security
    panel to turn off the beams.
    Once you're through, take care of the two spider-bots mulling around and drop
    down. Grab the goodies in the crates, turn left, and go up two flights of
    stairs. Press the 3 button the control panel, then head back down and turn
    right. Follow the passage, bypassing or EMP'ing the security fields, and
    then up again. Now cross the bridge to the other side. Grab the key next to
    the corpse and go up the ladder, and pop the hatch.
    Press the switch to open the door. Look familiar? Go back upstairs to the
    control room door I told you to remember earlier. Use your new key to open it.
    Head in, and, after loading, you can hack the computer here for a few
    interesting tidbits.
    Head right and down the steps, and meet up with your good buddy Carter. After
    catching up, go down and talk to the man on the left at the computer. That's
    Savage. He'll unlock the door for you and tell you how to access Milnet. Now,
    if you have a hazmat suit and a lot of health, head straight in, press the
    switch, double back to the other corner of the room where the elevator is,
    head up, and then run up to the computer.
    Or, walk into the room, turn right, grab the key, then head up two flights of
    stairs. Unlock it, plant a LAM on the fan or blow it up some other way, crawl
    through, and then drop onto the floor below where the computer is.
    Either way, once you're at the computer, log in with the name that Savage gave
    to you (GSavage/Tiffany) to upload Daedalus. After some more weird happenings,
    go talk to Savage and find out that his daughter got kidnapped. After more
    talkings with Savage and Carter, head back outside and head straight out the
    front door, head straight and then left when you get close to the wall, and
    go meet Tong at the helipad down there. Talk to him, and then you'll take off
    for the gas station to save Tiffany.
    Unless you're a sadist, MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE IN THIS PLACE! As soon as
    you do and a guard hears you, Tiffany is toast. If you're one of those kind of
    people who dont care who lives or dies, march right up, chuck a LAM at the
    building, get the message that Tiffany is dead, and leave, you sicko.
    For the rest of us:
    Head straight (You dont need to be quiet during this part) and talk to the
    bums surrounding the can. They'll give you the key, and the guy will sell you
    some weapon mods. Head back to where you got dropped of, unlock the door,
    go through and up the ladder. Save your game.
    Crouch-walk through the hole, and take out the troop that should be around on
    your right. Go to the left of the building and up the ramp (QUIETLY!) Take out
    the guard behind the building with a tranq dart or you can sneak up on him and
    pepper him or prod him. Once you're done, climb onto the roof with the ladder,
    then hop onto the next building. Save, and then it'd be a good idea to turn
    on your cloak augmentation, if you have it.
    Drop down in, and QUICKLY eliminate the MiB and the troop. Now you can make as
    much noise as you want. Open the door here and talk to Tiffany. Tell her to
    stay put while you finish off the guards. Find the key and then unlock the
    door on the other side. Head out and kill all the MJ12 commandos you see, then
    go back and grab Tiffany and tell her to run. Escort her all the way, just in
    case you missed an MJ12 commando somewhere.
    Jock will be waiting in his helicopter (Just follow Tiffany). He will take her
    back to her father, and he'll drop you off at the Ocean Lab.
    Head south, minding the gigantic robot stomping about. When you see the MJ12
    troop in the distance, pick him off, and head towards his corpse. He should
    have a key on him that you can use to open the door on the center pillar. Open
    it and climb up the -long- spiral staircase.
    Head up and make your way through, turning left at the top, past the barracks
    and through several guards until you get to the rooom above two scientists
    working on computers. Hop down (Or limbo under the railing) and talk to the
    guard. He'll give you some info and a picture. Now go through the doorway to
    the south and find the vertical passageway with all the ladders. Take the
    ladder down. Follow it down the passage, past a guard, to a room with two
    turrets up top with another guard. Dispose of them and go through the door on
    the right. Follow the catwalk out here, take out the guard, and to the next
    Get rid of the guard in here, and go into the center pillar. Press the switch
    and go down. Here, you can hack a security panel on the wall on the left, and
    can turn the turrets on an enemy. Head down the passage until you come to a
    room. Be careful of the 3 guards around here. Once they're vanquished, talk to
    the female scientist (Or read the datacube on the cart in the back) to get the
    security login for the panel hanging down from the ceiling here: login "tech"
    and password "sharkman". Turn off the cameras and open the bay doors. Head
    upstairs and follow the passage until you find the minisubs. Hop into the one
    that isn't being worked on.
    - Ocean Floor -
    There's a security panel on the wall here and a couple of supply crates. That
    said, head upstairs twice and go inside. Here you'll get a cryptic message
    from Icarus and Bob Page. Read the datacube on the far desk, and head out and
    upstairs one more time.
    Now be careful in the room at the top; there's a turret gone gusto. Either
    take it out or just haul your butt to the door on the right side. Here we have
    another turret that's gone nuts. This one I -really- prefer taking out, so
    chuck an EMP grenade, or a LAW, or a LAM, or snipe it, or something. Head
    towards it and grab the key next to the guy on the ground. The door on the
    right has a few supplies. The locked door on the left has a whole bunch of
    goodies, like ammo, tools, lockpicks, and a biocell.
    Head back to the main hallway and unlock the locked door with your key. Inside
    are several greasels that are very annoying. I usually choose two shots with
    my sniper rifle. Head past and down the ladder. Now we get to fight greasels
    in the water! Grab something water-friendly (Like the crossbow) and start
    pecking away at the greasel down here. The door on the wall here has a 60%
    keypad. You can either use a multitool or two, or go into the next room, fight
    three more greasels underwater, and grab the code for it (5690).
    Once you're through, Savage will let you know what's ahead. Go in and read
    the datacube on the desk, then go through the door on the right, down more
    stairs, and through another door. Follow the recessed floor in the cavern and
    take out the greasels that will pop out, two to be precies. Now follow the
    hallway on the right and prepare to get jumped by one of those beasts. Empty
    a couple 7.62mm clips into it, or whatever your preferred method is. Once
    it's dead, grab the key and weapon mod from the table, and head right towards
    the door. Unlock it and go through.
    Quick note: There's NOTHING of major value in ANY of the locked doors and/or
    rooms in this place, so if you're running low on lockpicks or explosives,
    don't waste them. The only thing I would consider getting would be a recoil
    weapon mod and a laser weapon mod.
    When you're done looting rooms, climb down the ladder, loot more rooms, and
    then through the door at the far end. Follow it and you'll load the next part.
    Here you can either bypass the security panel, use an EMP grenade, or lockpick
    the grate on the right side. They all take you past it into the next area. The
    grating is just a little hard to navigate through.
    Head through and into the next room. Here there is a -big- spider bot, but
    it's very easy to sneak by. Head past it towards the elevator. The guy
    floating in the water behind it has an aug upgrade canister, but the water
    is electrified, so be careful. Head up the elevator.
    Hack the panel to the right of the staircase ahead to extend the bridge (I
    don't know where to find the login to this), head down the stairs and across
    the bridge, and hack the computer in the next room (I dont know where this
    login is either). Now head -all- the way back to the cavern, and Simons will
    make an appearance.
    After some banter, dispose of him much like you did Gunther. He also explodes
    like Gunther did too, so watch out!
    Now do some -heavy- backtracking ALL the way back to the command module, which
    is where you first came into the place. That's right, use the minisub and get
    back to the vertical passageway with the ladder that spans three floors. Head
    to the top floor, then climb the next ladder, open the hatch, and you'll be on
    the roof. Savage will talk to you, and give you an upgrade canister if you
    saved his daughter. Hop on the helicopter.
    - West Coast Silo -
    Turn left and look up; you'll probably see a sniper in the tower there. Before
    he can see you, snipe him back, and then take care of the two guards to your
    left at the corner of the facility. Once they've been taken care of, head
    that way, around the fence, and towards that building with the windows. Inside
    are three guards. You can try sniping through the windows, or sneaking up to
    the door and tossing a gas grenade in.
    Either way, once they're done, grab some stuff from the table and their bodies
    and head upstairs. There's a keypad on the central support beam (I dont know
    the code, but its only 2 digits) that's 40%. Bypassing it will yield a secret
    stairway to the attic with quite a few goodies. Head back to the second floor
    and head through the door, and across the catwalk to the base.
    Once you're at the end of a catwalk (Not on the ramps down yet) hop onto the
    railing and then leap straight ahead onto the building. Some guards tend to
    come, so be prepared. Go inside the building to grab a few more goodies, but
    then go back out to where you jumped on. Head around the top floor and walk
    across the catwalk to the next building. Grab some more stuff, use the repair
    bot, and go into the grating in the grate in the corner. Follow it through.
    Once you're out of the grate, head down the steps and find the -big- silo
    doors. Use the code that Savage gave you (8456) and you'll be in. Turn left
    and use the code again to go through those doors. At the end are some security
    beams. I strongly suggest -not- running through them, because there are THREE,
    yes, THREE MiBs in this area. So take it out with an EMP or waste a lot of
    multitools on the security panel and go through. There's also an MJ12 Commando
    walking around here. But like I said, the MiBs are the most of your worries
    right now.
    If you're not a hacker, go into the room on the left, and lockpick the
    bathroom door. Inside is a guy who will tell you a few things. On the sink is
    a login for the computer upstairs. Sometimes the prisoner BLOCKED the stupid
    door on me, so I had to prod him to get him out of my way.
    Either way, head upstairs and take out the next MiB here, then find the
    console with the big "ABORT" button. This will open the security panel to the
    left. Get in by hacking or with your login (Elder/Armageddon) and initiate a
    new launch. While you're here, select security and turn off a couple of
    Head back to the silo doors and go through the other pair of BIG doors (They
    have a label next to them: MISSLE SILO) Go through and then look down the
    passageway. This place is a GREAT sniper's alley, so what I did was walk
    forward until I set off the alarm, then backed away and zoomed through. I took
    out two MJ12 Commandos and two MiB with four headshots. Very handy.
    If you're not the sniper type, you can rush forward guns blazing, or, at the
    very beginning of the tunnel is a grating on the floor that leads you to the
    bottom level (Into water). There's an elevator in the water, so push the call
    Either way, you want to end up on level four. Use the repair bot if you need
    to, then hop onto the railing and look down. One one side of the missle is a
    tech trying to destroy you work. Get him with a head shot and Page will try
    to sound cool. Use the elevator to go up to level 6. Take out the MiB up here,
    climb the ladder on one side, press the switch to open the hatch, and then
    take off for Area 51.
    3.15 MISSION 15: AREA 51
    If you didn't save Jock from the crazed mechanic, he's gonna blow up real good
    here. Now behind the helipad is a tower with a sniper in it. He's BAD NEWS so
    I'd take him out the very first thing. Now follow the ramps down to the ground
    level and go in the building on the right side. In here you can find a key to
    the tower next to a guard, as well as a few goodies.
    If you have hacking, you can head back to the tower. If you don't, you'll need
    to cross the facility, past the bots, to the hangar with the collapsed door.
    Inside is a MJ12 Commando and two MiB to take care of, and one MiB has a
    plasma rifle. Bad news. Once they're out of your way, head upstairs and hop
    through the broken window to talk to the soldier. He'll give you the security
    tower login.
    Head back to the helipad, past it, and unlock the door at the bottom. Be
    careful, because both ladders are trapped with LAMs. Disarm them or detonate
    them from a fair distance away. Downstairs has two combat supply crates, while
    upstairs has the sniper you should have killed before, and a security panel.
    Use the login from the guy in the hangar, or hack it, and open the blast
    doors. Head back to ground level and hoof it for the doors (To the left of
    the building where you got the key, between the two big mounds)
    Hack security or destroy the camera above, and head down. The left and the
    right forks are both guarded by security bots, so take care of them as
    necessary. Take the right fork first, find the friendly repair robot if need
    be, and go in the building on the left, turn right, open the panel, and turn
    power back on. Grab more goodies lying around here and head back to the other
    fork, and take the elevator down. Press the button next to the big security
    door and head through.
    - Area 51 Bunker -
    Take care of the turret and/or the security camera that's on the left. Head
    down and be careful of the exploding generator on your right. Once it's
    simmered down, head past it and talk to Everett. This is one of the possible
    endings you can have, if you follow what he says. Now turn around and head
    straight, following it down until you see a security robot and a keypadded
    door. Input the code that Everett gave you and head in. Use the medbot if you
    need to. Take note of the infinite strength keypad.
    Head outside and keep following the passage, into the next keypadded door. The
    code is the same the last one. Inside is a MiB and a troop, so take care of
    them accordingly. On a table is a datacube with the code to that infinite
    keypad (0169) so head back to in and open it, and grab the upgrade canister
    and the key. Now continue following the passage until it opens up into a big
    chamber. There are two MJ12 commandos and three troops to take care of (One
    sitting up in the crane: WHY?). Head up to the really big door lit by red
    lights, unlock it with your keyring, and go through.
    On the right, behind the wall, are two supply crates. If your brother's alive,
    he'll send you a message telling you to "Do what you think is right." Now,
    whip out a heavy weapon and press the button next to the elevator. Page will
    send you a message taunting you, and then a MiB and two troops will come up.
    As soon as the elevator doors open, throw what you got at the MiB. When he
    dies, the explosion will take out the two troops, assuming they haven't
    rushed out to get you.
    Get on the elevator, go down, and suffer more taunts from Page. Go ahead and
    turn left, and then Tong will talk to you about his "ending." He'll give you
    an image and will open the door for you. Head in. Now, there's a couple of
    ways into the stairwell that's to your right. Make a lot of noise and some
    troops and an MiB will open it for you (And kill you in the process, usually)
    or, you can lockpick that door. Or, if none of these appeal to you, head
    straight, and then to the right of the fenced-in area is a stairwell down.
    In the water at the bottom is a guy, and next to him is a key to the
    stairwell. Beware of the Greasels in the water, though.
    Once you're in the stairwell, take note of the Aquinas Hub door. Once, when
    I made some noise, this door was open, allowing me to bypass a -lot- of
    pain and misery. Keep heading upstairs and you'll find the troops (If you
    didn't draw them away already) and a mechanic. On the console next to the
    mechanic is a datacube for the security panel behind you. Not only does this
    panel allow you to get the upgrade canister behind you, but it unlocks a
    door somewhere. Do so.
    Now head back downstairs, and once you're back on the ground level, go right
    and follow the stairs down here. Below you are two spider-bots. Straight
    ahead and below you is that door you just unlocked. Head through it, and go
    up to the control room via the ladder to the right of it. Talk to the mechanic
    in here and he'll give you the code to the Aquinas hub. Backtrack to that,
    punch in the code, and head through.
    Here, you can hack the computer for some interesting emails. The drawer in the
    desk has a tool and a biocell. Now follow the passage until you get to the
    room with the little GRAY PEOPLE! One shot from your sniper rifle should be
    enough. Head through the door on the left, through the red passage, and follow
    it alll the way, and you'll eventually come to a room with a steps to your
    left and right, both leading to an elevator. Go up to the third floor and
    listen to Helios's idea for a third ending.
    Head back down to the second level and to the stairs you came down earlier.
    Two security bots will come out to help you as you get assaulted by three MJ12
    commandos. Dont expect the bots to be much help.
    Now, head back to the room with the gray people, and head down the stairs and
    through the door on the left. You'll have to follow this long vertical passage
    past a lot of locked doors and dead bodies, but eventually you'll reach the
    bottom with a big spider bot. Head past it or destory it, and go to the sector
    4 access door. You can't miss it, it's the door that's GIGANTIC. Helios will
    talk to you and open it. Head through, up the stairs and through the door,
    and someone will contact you.
    If you saved your brother, it'll be him. If you didn't, it'll be Savage. They
    say to "Make your own course" but it sounds like a sales pitch for the Helios
    AI Ending. Hmm. Head past.
    This is a place with lots of.. large scale test tube babies, for lack of a
    better description. The two you first see are clones of Page and Simons. On
    the other side, the empty one is where -you- were born. The other one is
    going to create "Alex Denton." A brother! Woohoo! Notice how it doesn't say
    where your base genetic sample is from.
    Head into the hallway between the two Denton incubators, and find the security
    panel near the window. Hack it to turn off the environmental generators and
    open the door on the other side (Anyone know another way in?). Kill the greys
    who try to stop you, and head through. Now you'll get a few lectures. Alex
    will tell you that if you want to turn off the fusion reactors, the code is
    724*, and you'll have to find out that fourth digit yourself. Both times when
    I tried this ending the code was was 7243. I'm not sure if it changes for
    other people.
    Head into Page's chambers and dispose of those annoying turrets. Now it's
    decision time.
    - Rebirth of the Illuminati, Everett's Ending -
    First, head through the south door, up the ladder, and turn right, following
    the hallway down, edown the stairs and straight ahead to the first reactor.
    Punch in the code, and turn around and be prepared to take care of two
    security bots. One down.
    Head back to where you climbed up the ladder, and then look east and down
    from the grating. See that dead body? Jump off the ladder and head towards
    that platform, then look north. Snipe a couple of grays that are milling about
    then hop down, and turn around. In this room it'd help to have a hazmat suit.
    In the left corner is the second reactor to take care of. Two down.
    Go back out, and go on the catwalk to the left. In the middle, right beneath
    Page, is the third reactor. Punch in the code. Three down.
    Now look east and straight down. See those two yellow pipes? Right beneath
    you and between them is the fourth reactor. However, the area below you is
    crawling with baddies. I strongly suggest taking them out from here, or just
    putting your cloak, before heading down. Hit the fourth reactor, four down.
    Turn left and head to the tall building with a door on the front. On the left
    side of that building is a switch. Press it to summon an elevator. Go up and
    climb the ladder down to get back to Page. Head north past him, turn right
    once you're through the doorway, and follow the hall, and take a right when
    you're in front of the Aquinas Router. In here is the control panel. Press the
    button. Congratulations!
    - New Dark Age, Tong's Ending -
    Head south, climb the ladder, then open the grate on your right and climb
    down. There's a dead mechanic in here and a few goodies. Open the door (Use a
    light), then look down, and open the grate. Crawl in and head straight. At
    the very end of this passage is a switch. Press it, and jump down into the
    water. Follow the water passage (A good swimming skill and aqualung helps)
    and eventually you'll hit a ladder. Now, there are a couple MJ12 commandos and
    several troops milling about. Watch yourself.
    Climb the ladder and hop over the fence. At the back of this room is the
    control panel marked "Flush Systems". Press it. Now head straight, past more
    troops, to the door. Press the button to open it. Now get ready to face a lot
    of monsters. Putting on your cloak helps, as does speed running. Dash back to
    where you went in the grate, through the door where the dead mechanic is, and
    up the ladder. Once you're up again, go back down the ladder that leads to
    More heavy backtracking. Head all the way back to where either Savage or your
    Brother contacted you, and keep going. Follow the passage all the way back,
    climbing all the stairs with the keypadded doors that contained nothing, and
    to the contaminated room where the grey men were, climb the ladder, through
    the office, and down the stairwell to the bottom. Head right, down the stairs,
    down more stairs, to the reactor lab. There are two grays at the bottom, so
    take care of them before you hop down.
    At the base of each reactor is a switch you must press. Wear a hazmat suit,
    too. Once you're pressed them both, head back up the stairs. Page will start
    pleading and reasoning with you. Head up to the control room, where the
    mechanic gave you the code to the Aquinas Hub. Press the switch marked 1. When
    it stops shaking, press the second, shaking, then press the third. Now press
    the ENGAGE button on the control panel. Congratulations.
    - Merging with the Helios AI, Helios's Ending -
    Turn right and head through the south passage. Head up the ladder, turn right,
    and open the grating. Head all the way down the ladder. Read the datacube
    next to the dead mechanic. Head back up the ladder.
    Go to where Page is. Head north past him, turn right, and follow the hallway
    to the Aquinas Router. Do as Helios instructs, turning on the switches on
    either side of the room. Now Helios will give you the login to the computer.
    Get in and activate the special option. Now we have more backtracking to do.
    Remember where Helios talked to you way back in the Aquinas Hub? That's where
    we're going. Head all the way back there, through the test tube baby lab,
    back through the Sector 4 access door, up all the stairs, going through
    the right door in the contaminated grey-alien room, down stairs, down more
    stairs, and straight ahead, taking the elevator to the third floor.
    Now go straight and talk to Helios. Congratulations!
    4. Thank-yous
    I'd like to thank the following people and/or places
    Simply because this is one of the greatest sites on the planet
    For putting up the review of Deus Ex that got me wanting to try it, and for
    having the demo to download.
    Eidos and Ion Storm
    For putting together one awesome game.
    Jim Albert
    He introduced me to Thief which got me hooked on the whole stealth-action
    gaming trend(?).
    Phil Baker
    For being one 3r33t d00d! =)
    For emailing me about another way to destroy the generator at the NSF
    warehouse, and for informing me about smuggler when you visit hell's kitchen.
    Andrew Valentino
    Found out the actual medkit price in the clinic after discount, and told me
    how to find out the password to Smuggler's.
    John Perkowski
    Informed me of the Gunther killswitch that you can get from Jaime in Paris.
    Jordan Jackson
    Found a LOT of neat little stuff throughout the walkthrough, like the third
    way into castle clinton, the other way to get the mole people password, and
    a ton of other little stuff.
    Drew Lucy
    Quite a few tidbits, too numerous to mention here, but such things as the
    GEP Gun tip, the boat "bug", the NSF Interrogation... thanks man.
    Eric Hinrichsen
    Told me about the Vandenburg code glitch
    Matt Woodard
    Reminded me about the medbots that I forgot in the beginning. As did a
    few others =)
    David Rodgers
    He told me about the massive amount of credits you can get from the captains
    room on the tanker.
    For telling me about Anna's killphrase
    Jonathan Adams
    For telling me about the fourth option on Lebedev's plane.

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