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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nexxt

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                 A Guide/Walkthrough for : WARCRAFT III: REIGN OF CHAOS on the PC
                                               Written by Ryan "SkYLiNE" Kavanagh
                                                         Updated on July 28, 2003
                                                                Version: Complete
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
      1.1 - Updates and Revisions
      1.2 - About the game
    2. Game Overview
      2.1 - Game Basics
      2.2 - Human
      2.3 - Undead
      2.4 - Orc
      2.5 - Night Elves
    3. Walkthrough
      3.1 - Exodus of the Horde (Prelude)
      3.2 - The Scourge of Lordearon (Human)
      3.3 - Path of the Damned (Undead)
      3.4 - The Invasion of Kalimdor (Orc)
      3.5 - Eternity's End (Night Elves)
    4. Indices
      4.1 - Heros
      4.2 - Cheats
    5. Multiplayer
      5.1 - Battle.net
      5.2 - Types of Games
      5.4 - Human Strategies
      5.5 - Undead Strategies
      5.6 - Orc Strategies
      5.7 - Night Elves Strategies
    6. Last Words
      6.1 - Frequently Asked Questions
      6.2 - Contact Info
      6.3 - Credits/Thanks
      6.4 - Copyright Info
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    *Note - If you have any multiplayer strategies that you would like to 
            contribute, please send them to brutalican '@' hotmail.com and make 
            sure you put "WarCraft III Strategy" in the subject line. Thanks.
    |                            1. Introduction                                |
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    | 1.1                       Updates and Revisions                       1.1 |
    July 6, 2002                                                               
    • Decided that WarCraft III would be my next Guide project
    • Got to work on the Introduction section
    • Started the Game Overview; got finished the Game Basics
    • Finished the Human section of the Game Basics section
    July 7, 2002
    • Finished the Undead section in the Game Overview
    • Started the Orcs Game Overview
    July 9, 2002
    • Finished the Orcs Overview
    • Got halfway done the Night Elves Overview
    • Finished the Prologue Walkthrough
    • Started the Human Campaign Walkthrough. Finished three chapters.
    • Finished the Human Campaign. I may start on the Undead later, but it's 
    July 10, 2002
    • Started the Undead campaign. Got up to chapter 3
    July 14, 2002
    • Finished the Undead campaign
    • Added some multiplayer strategies from readers.
    • Started playing through the Orc campaign
    July 15, 2002
    • Finished typing up the first two Orc chapters
    • Did chapter three
    • Did some fixing-up on the formatting
    July 20, 2002
    • After lack of updates, I've decided to start writing again. Played some of
      the Orc campaign
    • Typed up a few chapter walkthroughs for the Orcs
    • Finished the Orc campaign; finished typing up the walkthroughs, onto the 
      Night Elves
    August 2, 2002
    • After a fairly long period of procrastination, I finished up the Night 
      Elves campaign, which means the walkthrough is now complete!
    • Started work on the Heros section
    August 12, 2002
    • Been on vacation for a week, so that's my reasoning behind the lack of 
      updates to the guide
    • Finished the Human part of the Hero section
    • Finished the undead part of the Hero section
    October 20, 2002
    • There's not a whole lot of work done on the guide. Just letting you know 
      I'm still alive and kicking. I finished a couple more hero descriptions in 
      the hero section, but thats about it. I just dont have the time to finish 
      the guide right now, but I will come back to it.
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    | 1.2                       About the game                              1.2 |
    WarCraft III. Fans of the WarCraft series have been waiting for this game 
    since 1996; the release of WarCraft II. It was an amazing game for it's time.
    Now, too newcomers, it may not seem like much, but the veterans know that 
    that is where it all started....WarCraft II picks up after the second war 
    between the humans and orcs. There are still feuds between the races, but an 
    all out war hasn't broken out since the tides of darkness. What is happening 
    however, is that an enemy, far greater than any of the races has ever known, 
    is coming, striaght for them. 
    The Burning Legion will wipe any and all lifeforms off the face of the 
    earth. The story revolves around each races journey to stop the Burning 
    Legion. Except in the case of the undead, where as they WANT the burning 
    legion to come and destroy everything. The story really draws you in, and 
    makes you want to keep playing, which is saying alot compared to most of the 
    games released today. The gameplay is typical Blizzard style real time 
    strategy. It's the first completely 3D game blizzard's made, and it works 
    |                           2. Game Overview                                |
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    | 2.1                          Game Basics                              2.1 |
    <    > Moving around the screen
    Well, it may seem really obvious to veteran players of the game, but maybe 
    not quite as crystal clear to players new to Blizzard games, or even 
    Real-time strategy games for that matter. To start with, you must have a 
    mouse. No ifs ands, or buts about it. It's mandatory! Then, you simply move 
    the mouse around, when you think it's going to go off screen, it simply 
    moves the screen in that direction. It's that simple! At first, you may have 
    trouble with it because the speed will be set too high, and you'll overshoot 
    your desired location. To fix this, go to menu, then options, and set the 
    mouse speed back a little. There you go. Have fun!
    <    > Grunt Work
    Now, for each of the four species, there is a unit that does all the "hard 
    work" like constructing buildings, or retrieving gold/lumber. Each worker 
    has ups, and downs. 
    The humans have peasants. They go back and forth from the gold mine to carry 
    gold to your town hall. When you're constructing a building, you can assign 
    more than one peasent to the building to make it build faster. The Humans are
    the only race with this ability, so use it to your advantage. 
    The Undead, have Alcolaytes. They are cult guys and they pray to a ahunted 
    goldmine to get gold. The good part is that they never leave the gold mine. 
    They just stand around it and pray. You can only have 5 of them praying to a 
    single goldmine. Thye bad thing is that they can only collect gold and 
    construct buildings. Get your basic melee fighter, a Ghoul to get lumber for 
    Now, onto the Orcs. They use Peons, which act just like the Human's 
    peasants, except you can't assign multiples of them to one building.
    For the night elves, they have wisps, which are like blue balls of floating 
    gas. Like the Undead, they stand around a gold mine, and get gold, without 
    ever having to move. Great, eh?
    <    > Attack
    Well, the idea of the game is to conquer your opponents' army with one of 
    your own. To do that, you have to first build a suitable type of unit that is
    able to attack efficiently. Each of the races has a unit that is good at 
    ground attacks, and air attacks. Well, once you have an army that suits your 
    tastes, send them to the enemy. Highlight the unit(s) you want to attack with
    and either right click on an enemy building/unit or hit the attack command, 
    then elect what you want to attack. It’s as easy as that! Or, if an enemy 
    unit walks into your units field of view, you will automatically engage in 
    <    > Commands
    When a unit or building is selected, you can look at the bottom right hand 
    corner of the screen to find a little grid system of commands. Commands can 
    do lots of things. They can allow you to create units, they can help you to 
    upgrade a unit/building, you can choose to attack an enemy unit, harvest 
    resources, etc. Some commands, like the building and unit commands, you'll 
    have to use. Others, like resource collecting, it's a lot easier and less 
    tedious, to simply highlight the unit and right click on the resource you 
    want to harvest, right click on the unit to attack, right click to where you 
    want to move your unit, etc.
    <    > Gold
    Gold is the main currency of WarCraft. It is very important, and important 
    that you never run out. Ever hear the saying "the Best things in life are 
    free" Well forget that. You need money in this game, and lots of it. You can 
    find these gold mines in lots of places. Look for a Look for a mine that has 
    what looks like gold pouring out of it, and there ya go, a goldmine. They 
    appear as yellow circles on the minimap . To mine the gold, get your handy 
    man and right click on the minerals. He'll go over, grab up some of the 
    gold and bring them back to the base. It's that simple!
    <    > Lumber
    Lumber comes from trees, duh. You need lumber to build most of your 
    buildings, and to give proper weapons and armor to your trained units. It's 
    fairly easy to find, as trees will grow all over the map. You chop them down 
    using the labour worker of each race. Usually, it's the same unit that 
    collects gold. Except for the Undead, in which case, a Ghoul must harvest 
    lumber. That's about all I have to say. Good luck and happy tree hunting.
    <    > Fog of War
    This stuff was annoying as hell in the Warcraft series, so why on earth did 
    they bring it back?! Oh well, I guess it boosts the difficulty of the game, 
    somewhat. When you go to an area on the map that you haven't previously been 
    to, then it will start uncovering the map. You can see everything around you,
    but if you look a little further back, you'll notice a "fog" has settled in, 
    and won't let you see what's back there without retracing your steps. As 
    long as you have a unit there, however, the fog won't close in on you. It's 
    just sort of a block from letting you see the entire map at all times.
    <    > Rally points
    Rally points can be very useful, if used properly. To start one up, click on 
    a building that can produce any type of unit. Now, choose the "Select Rally 
    Point" command. Now, move the mouse around until you've found where you want 
    it to be, and left click when you've decided. Now, all the units that come 
    out of that building, won't just hang around outside of the building, 
    they'll head straight to the rally point.
      ___                                                                   ___
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    | 2.2                             Human                                 2.2 |
                              • B U I L D I N G S •
    Town Hall
    Gold:       450  | The town hall is your basic building. dont leave home 
    Lumber:     150  | without it! You can upgrade it twice. The first time, it 
    Hit Points: 1500 | turns into a Keep, the second time, into a castle. When it
    Armor:      5    | reaches Castle status you will be able to produce anything
    Gold:       240  | The Barracks produces your battle ready units. The Humans
    Lumber:     80   | have three units that come from a barracks; Footmen,
    Hit Points: 1800 | Knights, and Riflemen. Having 2 Barracks' is handy because
    Armor:      5    | that means you can produce two units simultaneously
    Lumber Mill
    Gold:       170  | When you build a lumber mill, any workers gathering lumber
    Lumber:     0    | will head to eith the toen hall, or the lumber mill; which
    Hit Points: 900  | ever is closer. You can use the mill to upgrade how well
    Armor:      5    | your peasants gather lumber; carrying more lumber.
    Gold:       240  | The Blacksmith helps you get the latest weaponry, in a  
    Lumber:     50   | matter of minutes. You don't train units here though, it's 
    Hit Points: 1200 | strictly for upgrading your units. You can increase their
    Armor:      5    | defense, attack rating, range, etc.
    Gold:       80   | The Farm is a mandatory building. It provides food for 
    Lumber:     20   | your units. You cannot create more units, if you don't
    Hit Points: 700  | have the food for them to eat. Each farm will provide six
    Armor:      5    | food, and the maximum is 90. Try to group them together.
    Arcane Sanctum
    Gold:       210  | Do you want magic units in your army? If you do, then this 
    Lumber:     70   | is a building that you should be looking at. You can make
    Hit Points: 1050 | priests and Sorceresses, as well as upgrades for each unit
    Armor:      5    | class. Use their abilities well. 
    Altar of Kings
    Gold:       300  | The stats of this building are nothing to write home about
    Lumber:     100  | but what it does is incredible. It lets you summon Heros!
    Hit Points: 900  | Your first Hero is free of cost, but it will take 5 food
    Armor:      5    | to keep him there. The altar can also revive dead Heros.
    Gold:       240  | The Workshop allows you to build Gyrocopters, Mortar Teams
    Lumber:     50   | and Steam Tanks. Some pretty powerful units. The workshop 
    Hit Points: 1200 | also contains upgrades for the gyrocopter to attack the 
    Armor:      5    | the ground, and lets the mortar teams see more of the map.
    Scout Tower
    Gold:       80   | The Scout Tower is just that, a tower that scouts. it 
    Lumber:     20   | doesn't do any attacks...yet. You ahve two options for
    Hit Points: 500  | upgrading it. A guard tower, which is good for close range
    Armor:      5    | or a Cannon Tower, which is good for large groups of ememy
    Gryphon Aviary
    Gold:       250  | The aviary lets you train gryphon riders. They are dwarves
    Lumber:     120  | that ride ont he backs of gryphons throwing large hammers 
    Hit Points  1200 | at the enemy. You can get an upgrade here that allows the 
    Armor:      5    | hammer to travel through one enemy, and hit another.
                                  • U N I T S •
    Gold:       90   | The peasant is your grunt worker. He will collect gold 
    Lumber:     0    | from the mines, or collect lumber from the trees, whatever
    Hit Points: 220  | you want him to do. If he needs to, he will also join the
    Armor:      0    | militia, which gives him a sword, making him able to fight
    Gold:       160  | The footman is your basic melee unit. He fights with a 
    Lumber:     0    | trusty sword by his side. When accompanied by other units
    Hit Points: 420  | a footman can be of help, but if you just mass produce 
    Armor:      2    | footmen late in the game, your just setting yourself up.
    Gold:       240  | The Rifleman is a good unit overall. He is equipped with a
    Lumber:     30   | large rifle, which is where his name originated from. He 
    Hit Points: 520  | is a ranged fighter, meaning he can attack an enemy from 
    Armor:      0    | a distance. WHich is a great advantage for you.
    Gold:       290  | Your horse mounted melee fighter. A Knight is quite a bit 
    Lumber:     60   | stornger than a footman, and add to the case that he's 
    Hit Points: 800  | faster, due to being mounted on a horse, he is without a 
    Armor:      0    | doubt, the best melee fighter the Human's have to offer.
    Gold:       160  | The Priest is a healer, not a fighter, although if things 
    Lumber:     60   | get rough, he'll step in and try his hardest. Not only can
    Hit Points: 220  | he heal, but he has other spells too, both offensive, and
    Armor:      0    | defensive. Things like rasing defence, and rasing strength
    Gold:       180  | A magic casting unit, the sorceress can play an important 
    Lumber:     20   | role in the battelfield. She can decrease or even stop the 
    Hit Points: 250  | speed of enemy soldiers, leaving them pretty much 
    Armor:      0    | defenseless. She can also cloak one of your units.
    Mortar Team
    Gold:       210  | The mortar team is great. A long distance attack that has
    Lumber:     70   | splash damage as well. You can also use the team to 
    Hit Points: 380  |destroy trees. Use this to your advantage, and try to 
    Armor:      0    | get rid of the enemies trees, which means no more lumber.
    Gold:       220  | These copters are like scouts. They are very fast, so you 
    Lumber:     60   | can fly them around the map to locate the enemies base. 
    Hit Points: 350  | It can learn true sight, which lets it see cloacked 
    Armor:      2    | enemies. It can also upgrade to be able to attack ground.
    Steam Tank
    Gold:       230  | This unit is a mixed bag of feelings, that's for sure. It
    Lumber:     60   | can attack enemy buildings for large amounts of damage, 
    Hit Points  700  | but it wont attack enemy units. Just make sure you've 
    Armor:      2    | already sent the infantry in, to clear up the enmies units
    Gryphon Rider
    Gold:       330  | This is the heavy hitter for the Humans. The Rider can  
    Lumber:     70   | throw hammers at people. Well, that might not sound so 
    Hit Points: 650  | amazing, but i guess the hammer picks up velocity, because
    Armor:      0    | it does a fair amount of damage.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 2.2                             Undead                                2.2 |
                              • B U I L D I N G S •
    Gold:       350  | This building acts as the center of your base. Without it,
    Lumber:     0    | the construction of other buildings is impossible. It has
    Hit Points: 1500 | two upgrade options: The Halls of the Dead, and a Black
    Armor:      5    | Citadel. Those upgrades improve hit points.
    Gold:       280  | The crypt acts as the training center for some of your
    Lumber:     50   | attacking units. You get the Ghoul, the Crypt Fiend, and 
    Hit Points: 1300 | the Gargoyle. The Ghoul is needed to harvest lumber, the 
    Armor:      5    | Fiend is a ranged fighter, and the gargoyle is an air unit
    Haunted Gold Mine
    Gold:       300  | Before you are able to collect gold from a mine, you must 
    Lumber:     170  | haunt it. You can only build a haunted gold mine overtop
    Hit Points: 1300 | of an existing gold mine. It has five slots on it, each of
    Armor:      5    | them dedicated to a single Acolayte that will get you gold
    Gold:       250  | Here, you can upgrade your unit's armor and attack 
    Lumber:     0    | damages. It also serves as a drop point for any ghouls 
    Hit Points: 900  | that are currently harvesting lumber. This building is a 
    Armor:      5    | prerequsite for a lot of units, so make sure you have one.
    Gold:       150  | This is your basic building that supplies food to your 
    Lumber:     50   | undead forces. It's very important that you have these
    Hit Points: 550  | somewhere in your base. They can be upgraded into 
    Armor:      5    | defensive towers that shower the enemy with energy.
    Gold:       240  | A slaughterhouse will create the ultimate melee fighter,
    Lumber:     80   | an abomination. This a huge undead sewn together...thing
    Hit Points: 1200 | that wreaks havoc on the enemies. The house also creates 
    Armor:      5    | meat wagons, which are ranged catapults.
    Altar of Darkness
    Gold:       300  | The stats of this building are nothing to write home about
    Lumber:     100  | but what it does is incredible. It lets you summon Heros!
    Hit Points: 900  | Your first Hero is free of cost, but it will take 5 food
    Armor:      5    | to keep him there. The altar can also revive dead Heros.
    Temple of the Damned
    Gold:       225  | This is your spellcaster production building. It allows 
    Lumber:     80   | you to create banshees and Necromancers. It also has 
    Hit Points: 1100 | various upgrades available for each unit class. Using the
    Armor:      5    | Necromancer, you can summon skeletons to fight for you.
    Bone Yard
    Gold:       350  | The Bone Yard allows you to create Frost Wyrms. An entire
    Lumber:     125  | building just to construct one unit. It had better be a 
    Hit Points: 1500 | powerful unit then, and it is. The Frost Wyrm is a great
    Armor:      5    | arial attacker that can stop enemy unit production.
    Sacrificial Pit
    Gold:       200  | There isn't much to say about this building. As the name 
    Lumber:     80   | implies, you sacrifice units. In this case, Acolytes. 
    Hit Points: 900  | They get turned into a new unit called a shade. A shade 
    Armor:      5    | is an invisible unit.
                                  • U N I T S •
    Gold:       90   | This is your worker unit. An Acolyte will pray to a 
    Lumber:     0    | haunted gold mine in order to get you money. They also
    Hit Points: 180  | construct buildings. When you summon a building, you don't
    Armor:      0    | have to wait for it to finish, just send your unit away.
    Gold:       140  | The Ghoul is your basic melee unit. It's the first one 
    Lumber:     0    | that you can build. Although not great, it can serve you
    Hit Points: 330  | well in the early game. A Ghoul is also used to harvest 
    Armor:      0    | lumber. It can heal itself by eating friendly corpses.
    Crypt Fiend
    Gold:       250  | This unit is a ranged fighter, meaning it attacks from a 
    Lumber:     40   | distance using an energy beam of sorts. At first, it only 
    Hit Points: 550  | attacks ground troops, but after getting the web upgrade,
    Armor:      0    | it can bring a flying unit down to the ground for 20 secs
    Gold:       220  | A gargoyle is an arial combat unit. It can attack both 
    Lumber:     30   | land units and air units, making it a worthy companion for
    Hit Points: 400  | your army. It can learn the Stone Form ability which just
    Armor:      5    | turns your gargoyle into stone, increasing its defense.
    Meat Wagon
    Gold:       270  | This is a long distance catapult. It gets its name from 
    Lumber:     65   | the type of ammo it flings. Meat pulled from enemy 
    Hit Points: 450  | corpses. It does alot of damage, but if it gets assaulted 
    Armor:      2    | by a melee unit, it's doomed. Always have backup nearby.
    Gold:       280  | An Abomination is the King of undead melee units. It's a 
    Lumber:     70   | very large monster sewn together with thread. It can take
    Hit Points: 1080 | on anything one on one, exceot for a hero, which makes it
    Armor:      2    | a very worthy choice for your army. 
    Gold:       170  | This is one of your main spellcasters. A Necromancer can 
    Lumber:     20   | learn the ability Raise Dead, which does exactly what it
    Hit Points: 230  | says; you summon skeletons from the ground to fight for
    Armor:      0    | you. There are other spells that he can learn too.
    Gold:       180  | This is your other main spelcaster. The flying banshee  
    Lumber:     30   | can autocast a spell called Curse, which makes a 25% 
    Hit Points: 210  | chance that the enemy unit you select will miss with its
    Armor:      0    | attack. She can also learn magic defense skills.
    Frost Wyrm
    Gold:       450  | This is like a huge flying tank. The Wyrm is almost like a
    Lumber:     120  | larger version of the gargoyle. It can deal alot of 
    Hit Points: 1100 | damage, and it has alot of health. The disadvantage? It's
    Armor:      0    | a pretty slow unit. It's best to have backup units around.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 2.3                               Orcs                                2.3 |
                              • B U I L D I N G S •
    Great Hall
    Gold:       450  | This is your most crucial building in the base. It is like  
    Lumber:     150  | the center of the universe; without it, everyhting would
    Hit Points: 1400 | fall apart. It can be upgraded to a Stronghold, and then 
    Armor:      5    | to a Fortress. It can create Peons.
    Gold:       260  | This is the building that you train your horde in. At 
    Lumber:     70   | first, you can only make grunts, but once you construct
    Hit Points: 1200 | new buildings, you'll also be able to train Headhunters 
    Armor:      5    | and catapults. You can get some Headhunter upgrades too.
    War Mill
    Gold:       240  | This acts as a drop off for harvested lumber. It also acts
    Lumber:     0    | as a gateway to the world of upgrades for your battalion.
    Hit Points: 1000 | If you build lots of these, you can have your units 
    Armor:      5    | upgraded in no time.
    Gold:       170  | This is the building that supplies food for your army. 
    Lumber:     50   | Each Burrow will provide you with 10 more food. The 
    Hit Points: 600  | Burrow can also be used as a bunker, whereas Peons will
    Armor:      5    | come running, and hide int hem and poke the enemy.
    Spirit Lodge
    Gold:       225  | From the Spirit Lodge,you are able to create spell casters
    Lumber:     90   | to, well, cast spells. You can train Shamans, or Witch 
    Hit Points: 800  | Doctors. Each have different spells, and specialties. The 
    Armor:      5    | also has upgrades for both units at your disposal.
    Altar of Storms
    Gold:       300  | So you want to summon a hero, and you dont know how? Well,
    Lumber:     100  | just use this building to summon one of three heros. That
    Hit Points: 900  | is, providing you have enough food stock to even support
    Armor:      5    | a hero. Some heros also have prerequsites.
    Gold:       230  | This is where you create some of your heavy hitters. You 
    Lumber:     70   | can make Raiders, Kodo Beasts, and Wyverns. There are 
    Hit Points: 1100 | also an assortment of upgrades for each. Are you 
    Armor:      5    | overwhelmed yet? Didn't think so...
    Watch Tower
    Gold:       180  | A watch Tower is a tower that will fire arrows at both 
    Lumber:     80   | enemy air and ground troops. Unlike the Human's scout 
    Hit Points: 500  | tower, the watch tower doesnt have to be upgraded at all
    Armor:      3    | to attack the enemy. 
    Tauren Totem
    Gold:       180  | This building does nothing other than create Taurens. They
    Lumber:     30   | are one of the Orcs mosr powerful units. It flies, and it
    Hit Points: 1200 | dishes out a ton of damage. The Totem also has an ability
    Armor:      5    | for your taurens, Pulverize.
                                  • U N I T S •
    Gold:       90   | This is your labour worker. A peon will mine your god from
    Lumber:     0    | the mines, and harvest lumber from the trees. What more do
    Hit Points: 250  | you want from a unit? When under extreme conditions, you
    Armor:      0    | can also herd peons into Burrows to defend your base.
    Gold:       235  | A Grunt is your basic melee fighter. He fights with his 
    Lumber:     0    | sword, and hands if nessicary. He id fairly powerful, in
    Hit Points: 680  | comparison to the other races basic fighter. You may want
    Armor:      1    | to have a few of them in your army, but not too many.
    Troll Headhunter
    Gold:       160  | A trollheadhunter is a spear thrower. A ranged spear 
    Lumber:     20   | thrower. He has very little hit points, so you don't
    Hit Points: 280  | exactly want to send a group of these guys in to battle.
    Armor:      0    | Send them behind your melee units if anything.
    Gold:       260  | The Catapult is a long ranged seige weapon. It's very
    Lumber:     70   | effective against buildings, groups of enemies, or an 
    Hit Points: 500  | enemy standing still. An enemy melee unit can rip it apart
    Armor:      2    | so you should use these behind your main forces.
    Gold:       150  | A shamaan is the Orcs primary spell caster. He can do 
    Lumber:     20   | things like lightning shield, which makes a shield of 
    Hit Points: 260  | lightning around an ally, or Bloodlust. Bloodlust triggers
    Armor:      0    | something inside the Orcs, and their rage takes over.
    Troll Witch Doctor
    Gold:       170  | This is the 'other' spellcaster. He can summon an 
    Lumber:     25   | invisible scout for you. This is useful if you dont know
    Hit Points: 240  | where the enemy is, or if you want to see whats going on
    Armor:      0    | in another's base. He can be upgraded at Temple of Damned.
    Gold:       210  | A Raider is a wolf rider. He rides on the back of a fairly
    Lumber:     40   | big wolf. He's a melee unit, and he does decent amounts of
    Hit Points: 610  | damage. He is also very fast, so it's easier to retreat a 
    Armor:      0    | group of them. A Raider has the ensnare ability.
    Gold:       310  | This is the flying unit of the Orcs. It is powerful, and
    Lumber:     40   | does alot of damage, but it doesn't have alot of hit 
    Hit Points: 500  | points. These are your best bets towards enemy air units,
    Armor:      0    | backed up by troll headhunters.
    Kodo Beast
    Gold:       300  | The Kodo is a huge lumbering melee fighter. His attack
    Lumber:     60   | rating isn't very good, but his abilities are very good.
    Hit Points: 790  | He can create an aura that increases the strength of any
    Armor:      1    | nearby units. He can also devour an enemy unit. 
    Gold:       325  | Tauren's are like bulls, sort of. They are big and  
    Lumber:     80   | powerful, and they have a very bad temper. Taurens are 
    Hit Points: 1300 | most powerful regular units you can train. Coupled with
    Armor:      3    | alot of hit points, and agood ability, things gets better.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 2.5                            Night Elves                            2.3 |
                              • B U I L D I N G S •
    Tree of Life
    Gold:       400  | The Tree of Life is also the center of your base. A  
    Lumber:     150  | primary structure if you will. It can be upgraded into a 
    Hit Points: 1000 | Tree of Eternity, or a Tree of Ages. It produces your 
    Armor:      2    | worker unit; a wisp. You can uproot the tree and move it.
    Ancient of War
    Gold:       230  | This is your primary attack unit building. You can train
    Lumber:     70   | most of what you will need from this building. You can 
    Hit Points: 800  | also upgrade most of abilities of the units, from here as
    Armor:      2    | well. Archers, Huntresses, and Ballistas are to be picked.
    Hunter's Hall
    Gold:       245  | This is your main upgrade facility. You can do almost 
    Lumber:     100  | anything here..well, as far as upgrading your units goes.
    Hit Points: 1100 | You can imrprove their speed, their defense, their attack,
    Armor:      2    | and allow them to see further at night.
    Ancient Of Lore
    Gold:       240  | This is your spellcaster building. You can create Dryads,  
    Lumber:     80   | and Druids of the Claw. There are also training upgrades
    Hit Points: 750  | for each of those units. The Acient of Lore is capable of
    Armor:      2    | uprooting itself to swith locations, or even to fight.
    Moon Well
    Gold:       175  | This is your food providing building. Each well provides   
    Lumber:     40   | 10 pieces of food for your army. It also has the abilty to
    Hit Points: 750  | heal your units. To switch autocasting of this feature on,
    Armor:      2    | simply right click the icon in the command manager.
    Ancient of Wind
    Gold:       220  | This Ancient is a building capable of training the Night    
    Lumber:     80   | Elves flying unit, a Hippogryph. You can also create a 
    Hit Points: 750  | Druid of the Talon. There are upgrades to go along with 
    Armor:      2    | each unit, as usual. 
    Altar of Elders
    Gold:       300  | The altar lets you summon a hero. Your first hero is free   
    Lumber:     100  | of charge, other than the fact that it takes 5 food to 
    Hit Points: 900  | keep him there. Your next hero however, will take 500 
    Armor:      2    | gold. The altar also lets you revive dead heros.
    Acient Protector
    Gold:       240  | This acient is a defender. It doesn't have any units to   
    Lumber:     100  | create or anything, it just defends your base. When its 
    Hit Points: 550  | rooted in the ground, it throws boulders at both land and 
    Armor:      2    | air troops. When it's uprooted, it becomes a melee fighter
    Chimaera Roost
    Gold:       280  | The Roost trains Chimaeras. It also has a corrosive   
    Lumber:     100  | breath upgrade for the Chimaera too. This building cannot
    Hit Points: 1200 | be uprooted and moved, because it is not an acient, so 
    Armor:      2    | when you choose to build the roost, choose a good place.
                                  • U N I T S •
    Gold:       70   | This is your worker unit. It collects gold and lumber. 
    Lumber:     0    | Like the Undead's Acolaytes, it can stand at a gold mine
    Hit Points: 120  | and get gold from it. It can also stay at a tree in the 
    Armor:      0    | forest and collect lumber, without returning to the base.
    Gold:       150  | This is the first unit you can make from the Ancient of 
    Lumber:     10   | War. It's not all that great by itself, but when 
    Hit Points: 260  | accompanied by other units, it holds its own. The Archer
    Armor:      0    | fires arrows at its enemies, in case you didnt guess...
    Gold:       225  | This melee figher is a night elve on top of what appears
    Lumber:     20   | to be a panther of sorts. The Huntress can attack two 
    Hit Points: 550  | enemies per hit, and once she's upgraded, she can hit 
    Armor:      1    | three per turn. Very helpful when dealing with big forces.
    Gold:       170  | This unit can learn a few anti-magic abilties, so I guess 
    Lumber:     60   | its not really fair to call her a spellcaster. She has the
    Hit Points: 380  | ability to get rid of all bad magic effects on your units,
    Armor:      0    | and get rid of all the good effects on enemy units.
    Gold:       245  | This is the long ranged siege weapon of the allies. Very
    Lumber:     85   | effective against buildings, not so good against units. 
    Hit Points: 450  | Never just send in a group of Ballistas, because they will
    Armor:      2    | get slaughtered. Send them in behind your main forces.
    Druid of the Claw
    Gold:       300  | This is the melee spellcaster for the Night Elves. He has
    Lumber:     80   | a few good spells, including one where he can turn himself 
    Hit Points: 430  | into a bear. His hit points double, as does his attack
    Armor:      1    | damage. You can make him a Night Elf again at any time.
    Druid of the Talon
    Gold:       160  | This is the secondary spellcaster. He, like the Druid of
    Lumber:     20   | the Claw, has some pretty good abilities. He can turn 
    Hit Points: 225  | himself into a storm crow, so that he can fly, he can also
    Armor:      0    | lower the enemies armor rating which should help in battle
    Gold:       190  | This is the flying unit. At first, it can only attack air.
    Lumber:     20   | But once you tame it via an upgrade, you can put an archer 
    Hit Points: 500  | on its back, to attack ground forces. Overall, it's a 
    Armor:      0    | pretty good unit.
    Gold:       390  | This is the flying heavy hitter for the Night Elves. A
    Lumber:     70   | Chimaera can only attack ground units, but it's very good
    Hit Points: 900  | at what it does. It can learn the Corrosive Breath ability
    Armor:      2    | which does extra damage to buildings.
    |                            3. Walkthrough                                 |
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 3.1                       Exodus of the Horde                         3.1 |
                           Chapter 1 - Chasing Visions
    Main Quest:
    • Find the Prophet
    This campaign is known as a tutorial. If you're familiar with real time 
    strategy games, then it's fine if you skip the whole campiagn, that is, if 
    you dont mind missing a few story elements. Anyways, when you get control of 
    Thrall, right click on the beacon that you see. Thrall will move over to it. 
    Now, do the same for the next beacon. The third beacon is located north 
    west. Right click on it, and Thrall will move through the fog of War to get 
    to it. Now, click on the fourth beacon and you will be sent up to a town. 
    There are a few grunts here. Click, and hold the button, now drag it over 
    Thrall and the grunts. Now, they're all in the same party. When you have 
    them all highlighted, you can move them all at once. 
    Anyways, head towards the next beacon. You'll come across an enemy. A gnoll. 
    Send your troops to kill it by right clicking on it. Great, now, 
    head towards the next beacon. You'll come across another group of gnolls. 
    Make sure you hav all your units attacking one enemy at a time, that way, 
    you take the enemy out faster, you might reduce your casualty rate. Now, 
    just keep following the path and beacons until you come to a one with a 
    familiar raven floating above...
                             Chapter 2 - Departure
    Main Quest:          Main Quest:
    ------------------   -----------                
    • Build a Burrow     • Find Grom
    • Build a War Mill
    • Build a Barracks
    • Train 5 Grunts
    This is a fairly easy mission. You start off with a single Peon, so send him 
    into the gold mine to get gold. When you have enough gold, build another 
    peon. The game will give you another three Peons. Send two of them to get 
    gold, and one of them to get lumber. When you're other Peon finishes its 
    training, send it to the woods as well. Now, when you have enough money and 
    lumber, build a barracks, by selecting a Peon and going to the build option 
    in the bottom right corner. You also need to build a burrow, and a war mill. 
    You construct them the same as the barracks. Now, with all the buildings out 
    of the way, you need to train five grunts. Just select the Barracks, and 
    build one whenever you have the chance. When you get your five, a cut scene 
    will trigger. Afterwards, your onto the second main quest.
    You have to Rescue Grom. I suggest building about four more grunts before 
    you continue, but the choic eis up to you. Either way, select your party, 
    and send them south, to the bridge. A couple of human footmen will coem and 
    attack the towers, but you dont need to do anything, the towers will fend 
    for themselves. Anyways, head across the bridge with your party. on the 
    other side of the bridge is a scout tower. Destroy it if you like, but 
    continue downt he path. You'll eventually reach a high castle gate, right 
    click on it to make your party attack it. Head north, into the town. There 
    are two footmen, so take them out of action. A grunt will be freed from the 
    cage here, so you can add him to your party. 
    Now, go south west, down the path. A footman will come running out. Kill him 
    to release a Shaman from the cage. Add him to your party, and continue down 
    the path. You'll come across another footman and two riflemen. Wreak havok 
    on them, and continue up the path. You'll come across even more footmen. 
    Take them out and 2 grunts and another Shaman will be released from their 
    cage. Add them to your party and keep going. You'll come across two knights
    and another gate. This is where hellscream is being kept. Take down the gate 
    and go after the southern guard tower. Then, work counter clockwise and take 
    out all the guard towers. When they're all crumbled to the ground, it's 
    mission complete.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 3.2                     The Scourge of Lordaeron                      3.2 |
                       Chapter 1 - The Defense of Strahnbrad
    Main Quest:                 Optional Quest:           Optional Quest:
    Defend Strahnbrad           Timmy                     BanditLord 
    -------------------------   -----------------------   ----------------------
    • Travel to Strahnbrad      • Rescue Timmy            • Slay The Bandit Lord
    • Defeat the Slave Master   • Slay Gnoll Kidnappers   • Arthas must survive
    • Arthas must survive       • Arthas must survive
                              • Defend Strahnbrad •
    For the main quest, all you have to do is defend Strahnbrad from the Orcs. 
    It's fairly simple to do. Just head down the path south east. They already 
    show you where Strahnbrad is, so you just need to follow the path to get 
    there. When you reach the gates of the town, a few Orc units will slaughter 
    villagers. Quickly take care of the orcs. Then, head up into the town. The 
    Slave Master is in the northwest part of the city. You'll know you're there 
    when a cut scene takes over. Now, you have to defeat the Slavemaster and his 
    guards. I suggest going after the guards first, because they're easier to 
    kill. When they're dead, you can concentrate on the SlaveMaster. When he's 
    dead, the main quest is complete.
                                   • Timmy •
    So, you want to save poor little Timmy, huh? Well, when the chapter begins, 
    head south, through the town. At the bottom is a villager with an 
    exclamation mark over his head. Go near him, and he'll run inside and get 
    his armor and weapons. You now have two new footmen. Now, head right a 
    little, and you will see a woman willager with an exclmation mark over her 
    head. It seems the Gnolls have come and kidnapped her little Timmy. It's 
    your job to get him back. Head northeast, along the forest path. You'll come 
    to a Gnoll Camp with three level 1 gnolls. Kill them, and click on Timmy's 
    cage. His mom will come running and give you a reward; a ring of protection.
                                 • Banditlord •
    To slay the Bandit, head along the path that you would normally follow, as 
    if you were going to Strahnbrad. When you get near the bridge, you'll see a
    couple monsters attacking a few villagers. Help them out. The monsters will 
    runa way. They seem to have stolen the villagers ledger, and without it, his 
    farm will surely die. Head southeast, down the path to find the BandidtLord. 
    Kill him, get the ledger, and bring it back to the villager. You get a Tome 
    of Strength as a reward.
                           Chapter 2 - Blackrock & Roll
    Main Quest:              Main Quest:                Optional Quest:
    Establish Base           Blademaster                Searinox 
    ----------------------   ------------------------   ---------------------
    • Construct a Barracks   • Defeat the Blademaster   • Bring heart of 
    • Construct two farms    • Arthas Must Survive        Searinox to Feranor
    • Train six footmen                                 • Slay Searinox
                                • Establish Base •
    The first main quest is fairly simple. You dont start off with much, so 
    train a peasant to construct your buildings. Make a Barracks first thing, as 
    you will need some defense. The enemy will almost always attack you through 
    the east side of the base, so have most of your defense go into that area. 
    AFter the Barracks is done, construct your farms. Then, just keep training 
    footmen. You can build a blacksmith to train riflemen if you want. 
                                  • Blademaster •
    Anyways, make sure you have a pretty big force, and that you're ready to do 
    this. Now, head out of your base and go to the right to find a blacksmith. 
    The owner will offer you an optional quest, and he will give you a couple of 
    riflemen. That should help you with the Blademaster. There are two ways you 
    can go after the Blademaster. Either go northeast, right up the pathway to 
    him, or head north, and take out the Orc base first, then move your troops 
    to the right and take him out. It doesn't really matter which way you decide 
    to go, as they both have their advantages. 
                                   • Searinox •
    To get the Seainox quest, head out of your base to the right to find a 
    couple elves, with a blacksmith. They will offer you the quest, and give you 
    a couple riflemen. You also get to use their blacksmith now, so I suggest 
    building more riflemen before you go after Searinox. Searinox is in the 
    bottom right hand corner of the map. You'll have to go through a few other 
    dragons to get to him. he's level 8, so he's fairly powerful too. ANyways, 
    attack him with everything you have, but remember, he's an air unit, so you 
    can't use footmen against him. When he's dead, bring his heart back tot he 
    eleves to get your reward; an orb of fire.
                        Chapter 3 - Ravages of the Plague
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:                 Optional Quest: 
    Investigation           Grain                       Fountain of Health 
    ---------------------   -------------------------   -------------------------
    • Explore Countryside   • Destroy Grain Warehouse   • Find Fountain of Health
    • Arthas must survive
    • Jaina must survive
                                • Investigation •
    You start out the chapter with Arthas, Jaina, and a few footmen. Head north 
    up the path and talk to the villager with the exclamation mark. She will 
    tell you something is happening to the bridge of ahead. Head up the bridge 
    and the workers will tell you that the bridge has been destroyed. Head 
    northeast, along the trail. Head past the farm to find some bandits 
    slaughtering the villagers. Killt he bandits, then talk to the villager with 
    the exclamation mark. You will be given a potion of greater healing, and an 
    optional quest. Anyways, cross the river by following the pathway underwater.
    This place is full of murlocs, so destroy any that you come across. 
    When you reach dry land, you'll see a battle raging between human, and 
    undead, join in and help. Whent eh battle's over, select all remaining 
    troops, and be on your way, keep following the path up towards the top left 
    corner. The path curves and starts heading south. Follow it. You'll be 
    ambushed by some undead guards, destroy them. A cut scene will trigger. 
    Afterwards, destroy the infected granary, and continue down the path. Once 
    again, you'll be ambushed, so be careful,a nd take out the undead. When you 
    reach the town, you will aqquire two priests, they can heal your units, so 
    they're fairly valuable. Keep goin left. 
                                    • Grain •
    Keep heading left to find a couple skeleton archers. Kill them, and keep 
    going along the path. You'll come across a mortar team firing at a group of 
    skeletons. Help them defeat the skeletons and othe rundeads that come out of 
    nowhere, and you get to keep the mortar team in your party. Now, head north. 
    When you reach the grain factory, a cut scene will trigger. Afterwards, you 
    must defeat the remaining undead, and destroy the factory. There is an 
    abomination here, so be careful, and take it out as quickly as possible. 
    Then, go for the factory, and it's mission complete.
                              • Fountain of Health •
    The Fountain of Life quest is really easy. From the broken bridge, follow 
    the path until you see a villager with an exclmation mark over his head, 
    talk to him to recieve the quest. A little light flashes on your minimap, 
    and it tells you exactly where the fountain is, you just have to get there. 
    Go along the chapter as you normally would. Then, steer off the path when 
    you see it, to be taken to the fountain of health. It heals all your guys, 
    so you should go to it, if your battalion is suffering.
                          Chapter 4 - Cult of the Damned
    Main Quest:            Main Quest:
    Investigate Andorhal   Kel'Thuzad
    --------------------   -----------------
    • Explore Andorhal     • Find Kel'Thuzad
                             • Investigate Andorhol •
    When you start the chapter, your base will be building. When your three main 
    buildings are done, select your barracks, and get some footmen. When you 
    feel you have a pretty good force, start heading north. You'll encounter 
    some undead almost immediately. Keep going. You'll see a villager women get 
    slaughtered by an undead, kill him. Now, start heading northward. You'll 
    encounter an undead base, but dont worry, it's basically unguarded. Take out 
    the units first, then start attacking the buildings. Be careful of the 
    spirit tower in the top right, as well as the necropolis, that shoots 
    energy beams at you. Once you are done with the base, head north again, into 
    the city to trigger a cut scene.
                                  • Kel'Thuzad •
    Now, you must track down Kel'Thuzad. You'll find him if you follow the north 
    path, but i suggest getting more units first, because he has some pretty 
    good body guards. Anyways, take down the abominations, and run into the 
    clearing where Kel'Thuzad is. Cut him down like meatloaf, and you will be 
    rewarded with another cut scene. Mission: Complete.
                       Chapter 5 - March of the Scourge
    Main Quest:                    Optional Quest: 
    Defend Hearthglen              Grain Caravan
    ----------------------------   -------------
    • Survive for thirty minutes   • Destroy Grain Caravan
                               • Defend Hearthglen •
    This mission is pretty easy, as long as you build a decent defense. The 
    enemy will usually attack through the north gates, so make sure you have a 
    lot of defense up there. The second most attacked is the west gate. The east 
    gate doesn't get attacked until the last minute or so, so you don't really 
    need to spend time worrying about it. The best form of defense are towers. 
    Build a wall of scout towers at each gateway, and upgrade them into guard 
    towers. Then, build another wall of scout towers behind the first, upgrading 
    them into cannon towers. That will stop most forces, but ti helps to have 
    extra firepower. Build a bunch of mortar teams, and position them at each 
    gate. Riflemen don't exactly hurt either. That's about all the defensive 
    strategies I have for this level. Good luck, and happy survival...
                                 • Grain Caravan •
    To destroy the grain caravan, get an army together and go to the town in 
    front of the last place is was visiting. Either wait for it there, or head 
    down the path and meet it halfway. It's composed of some heavy duty 
    equipment, so be careful. You're going to want to keep an eye on the 
    ever advancing undead coming to your base as well. When you defeat the 
    caravan, you will get a medallion of courage, and a scroll of town portal as 
                              Chapter 6 - The Culling
    Main Quest:
    Culling of Straholme
    • Destroy Plagued Villagers Houses
    • Kill 100 zombies
    • Stop Mal'Ganis from claiming 100 zombies
                             • Culling of Stratholme •
    This mission can be easy or hard, depending on how you play it. Basically, 
    the idea is that you kill 100 zombi villagers, before Mal'Ganis claims them 
    for his army. Try to quickly build a decent army, and send them to the first 
    town you see. Start destroying the houses, to let the villagers out. It's 
    best to kill them before they turn into the undead, because it's faster. Just
    press "A" and select the villager you want to attack. I also suggest to keep 
    on building reinforcements. If your score is higher than Mal'Ganis' then 
    he's probably going to bring his elite guards and come find you. If this 
    happens, you're forced to fight. Take out Mal Ganis last, because he 
    regenerates in about 2 minutes after his death. The undead will also attack 
    your base, so make sure you have some spare troops lying around. You may 
    also have to use call to arms to turn your peasants into the militia. It 
    isn't too hard to beat this. If you have mortar teams, it's faster to blow 
    up the houses so that you can kill the villagers.
                         Chapter 7 - The Shores of Nothrend
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:                 Optional Quest:
    Establish Base          Mal'Ganis                   Rescue Team
    ---------------------   -------------------------   -------------------------
    • Locate a Gold Mine    • Destroy Mal'Ganis' Base   • Rescue the Dwarven Base
    • Arthas Must Survive
                                 • Establish Base •
    Now, head southeast, and you will almost immediately be attacked by a pack 
    of wolves. Kill them, and continue along the path. You'll see another pack 
    of wolves at a fork in the path. Kill them. Now, you can go north,a nd fight 
    some creeps to get experience, or you can go east, towards the gold mine you 
    need to locate. The choice is yours. Just make sure that in the end, you 
    head towards the gold mine. You'll see another fork in the road, and the 
    same rules apply. Go north to fight creeps, or east towards the gold mine. 
    When the path curves northward, just keep following it until a cut scene is 
                                    • Mal'Ganis •
    Well, now you have a base, you just need an attack force to go after 
    Mal'Ganis. So, get to work. Develop an army capable of hitting hard, and 
    fast. You'll need quite a few riflemen, because undead gargoyles are going 
    to be coming after you alot. You're also going to want at least three mortar 
    teams. Melee ground units are a must too. Don't build too many footmen, try 
    to concentrate more on the knights. Upgrade all the units you plan to attack 
    with as well. When you think you're ready, start heading up the northwest 
    path. Mal'Ganis has quite a few spirt towers, so that's where the mortar 
    teams will come in handy. So, basically, you just storm in there and kick the
    crap out of the base. It's fairly easy, as it's not a big base. Good Luck.
                                   • Rescue Team •
    The optional quest in this chapter, is to recue muradins base. It is trapped 
    in the upper right hand corner of the map. The undead have built a base 
    right in front of it! It's small base though. Consisting of three spirit 
    towers, a graveyard and a necropolis. You should be able to take it out with 
    a few mortar teams, and your heroes. When the base is degeated, you will 
    gain control of mUradins old base, giving you all the units along with it. 
                             Chapter 8 - Dissension
    Main Quests: 
    Burn the Boats
    • Destroy the five ships before time runs out
                              • Burn the Boats •
    This chapter, once again, is fairly easy. You have to destroy five boats in 
    25 minutes. Grab your heroes and mortar teams, and follow the trail to the 
    northwest of base camp. Follow the path until you come across some undead. 
    Kil them, and continue downt he path. When you reach the spirit tower, get 
    your mortar teams to rip it to shreds. A little further down the road is a 
    mercenary camp. Get a hero to go up to it and buy some mercenaries. Then, 
    highlight your new party, and head south, then west. Use the mortars to take 
    out the spirit towers here, then run in with your melee fighters and take 
    out enemy units. Dont worry about buildings, there's no time. Destroy your 
    ship at the southern end of the base. Then, cross the bridge and head south 
    until you reach the next boat, destroy it too. Then, head across the river, 
    and start going north. 
    Buy some goblin sappers from the lbratory to blow an opening in tress. Then, 
    put your men through, and destroy the boat. Now, head north, and go around 
    the bend. There is a pathway here with spirit towers on either side. You can 
    use your mortars to take them out if you want, but I did it the old fasioned 
    way; I ran right down the center. Anyways, however you decide to do it, get 
    to the other side. There is a ship right there, so destroy it, and continue 
    down the path. You're in for a pretty big battle right here, so I hope you 
    have a lot of mercenaries. Either defeat all the abominations and other 
    undead, or just run through them and get to the last ship. The choice is 
    yours, just make sure you have someone who has a ranged attack.
                             Chapter 9 - Frostmourne
    Main Quest:              Main Quest:
    Frostmourne              Mal'Ganis
    ----------------------   -------------------------
    • Locate Frostmourne     • Destroy Mal'Ganis' Base
    • Arthas must survive
    • Muradin must survive
                                 • Frostmourne •
    Frostmourne huh? Well, if it'll help defeat Mal'Ganis...When you start, grab 
    all your units, and move them north to encounter a pack of white wolves. 
    Destroy them and continue. You'll come across a couple more wolves, but kill 
    them, and just keep on going. When you get to the graveyard, you will be 
    ambushed by skeletons, so be prepared. When you get to the end of the path, 
    a level 10 guardian will start talking to you. While he's talking, activate 
    Muridins avatar ability. When he's done talking, sick all your troops on the 
    guardian. Forget about the other guys. When he's defeated, the other's 
    disappear, and a cut scene is triggered.
                                   • Mal'Ganis •
    Destroy Mal'Ganis' base? That sounds familiar...Anyways, his base is a 
    little bigger than before, but don't fret, because you can now build steam 
    tanks and gryphons. To take his base, i suggest having two teams, one with 
    three steam tanks, three gyrphons, four mortar teams and two gyrocopters 
    with the ground bomb. The other Team should be Arthas, the captain, five 
    knights, and five riflemen. You don;t have to use that team, it's just that 
    I find things easier. Well, when you have an army, head north, straight up. 
    Destroy Mal'Ganis' expansion here. Then, head east to find his real base. 
    There are two entrances. A northern one, and a southern one. I reccomend 
    going through the soughtern one. Anyways, the idea is to use the steam tanks 
    and mortars to take out buildings, the gryphons, and riflemen to take out 
    the enemies arial support, and everything else to just kill enemy ground 
    units. When his base is destroyed, a cut scene persists, and then, it's the 
    end of the Human campaign.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 3.3                        Path of the Damned                         2.3 |
                     Chapter 1 - Trudging through the Ashes
    Main Quest:                Optional Quest: 
    Rescue the Alcolytes       Graveyard
    ------------------------   ---------------------
    • Rescue twenty Acolytes   • Find the Graveyard
    • Arthas must survive      • Arthas must survive
                              • Rescue the Alcolytes •
    Now, grab Arthas and your ghouls, and start heading down the southwestern 
    path. You'll come to a red villager. When you near it, it will turn into an 
    acolyte. It warns you that if the villagers see you, they'll alert the 
    guards. Anyways, head up into the village. To the north, you can see another 
    red villager, with a blue one beside it. Kill the blue one as quickly as 
    possible, then go to the red one. When the acolyte warps back to the 
    beginning, you can be on your way. Head northwest again to find another 
    acolyte in hiding. He will give you an optional quest as well. Head across 
    the river to recieve a shade; it's an invisible scouting unit. Don't move 
    though, because three footmen come running out. They don't see you though, 
    so wait before they're gone. Scout the area witht he shade. The acolye in 
    this area is founf in the bottom left corner. 
    Try to avoid any fights that you can, and rescue him. Now, watch out for the 
    patroling guard, and head north. The gate is well guarded, so sneak in 
    through the left path. There are three acolytes in this part of the city, so 
    find them all, and go up the northeastern path. To the right is the 
    graveyard from the optional quest, go in if you want reinforcements. When 
    you reach a gate, go west. A group of bandits will assault the human base, 
    keep goign west until you find an assassin. Kill him and his guards to free 
    the acolyte inprisoned beneath a spider web. Now, go back and destroy the 
    gate; go through it. An acolyte will come running at you, mostly because 
    he's being chased. Kill his pursuerers. Now, this village is the last of the 
    acolytes. They're scattered around,s o find them. Four of them are being 
    held hostage in the upper right corner of the map.
                                   • Graveyard •
    Now, I explained how to reach the graveyard in the main quest walkthough, 
    but maybe you missed that. To recieve the quest, you have to talk to an 
    acolyte. He's near the beginning, and you have to get him anyways, so I wont 
    give an exact location. When you get to the second gate; the one you have to 
    break open, there's a path over to the right. Head down it. Arthas will 
    summon three skeleton fighters from the freshly dug graves. Add these 
    fighters to your party, and be on your way.
                        Chapter 2 - Digging up the Dead
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:              Main Quest: 
    Recover Remains         Establish Base           Get the Urn
    ---------------------   ----------------------   -------------------  
    • Kill Paladin          • Build a Necropolis     • Kill the Paladins
    • Bring Arthas to Kel   • Haunt a gold mine      • Recover the urn
      Thuzads tomb          • Build a crypt
    • Arthas must survive   • Build three ziggurats
                            • Build a graveyard
                              • Recover Remains •
    To start off with, select all of your units, and start going east. You'll 
    come across a few footmen, so take him out of commission. You'll find a hero 
    here. Kill the Paladin hero that is guarding Kel'Thuzads tomb. Then, head 
    further east to find the actual tomb. A cut scene will trigger when you get 
    close to it. 
                               • Establish Base •
    Now, establishing a base isn't difficult. You first need to build a 
    necropolis, and haunt a gold mine, because those are the structures you 
    really need. Use an acolyte to do this. When they're both done, train some 
    more acolytes to collect from the mine, but make sure you don't train more 
    than six total. Then, construct a crypt and three ziggurats, as you have the 
    resources to do.
                                • Get the Urn •
    The first paladin you must kill, is to the northwest of your base. Follow 
    the path into the city to find him. He's a level four, so he's strong, but 
    not too strong. He starts a speech, and you can't kill him until he's done, 
    so just kill his guards to kill some time. When he's defeated, head south. 
    The next paladin is going to be here, in the town. He's even harder than the 
    last paladin, because he's a higher level, and he has a lot more backup. 
    When he's defeated, head west. Here, you willf ind the final paladin, Uther 
    the Lightbringer. A cut scene will trigger. When it's over, put all your 
    troops towards Uther. When he's dead, pick up the urn he drops, to complete 
    the chapter.
                     Chapter 3 - Into the Realm Eternal
    Main Quest: 
    Elf Gate
    • Destroy the high elf base guarding the elf gate
                                  • Elf Gate •
    When the cut scene is over and you're in control of your troops again, start 
    eliminating the elven buildings. Take out the town hall first, and build a 
    necropolis. Then, as soon as you have some creep to build on, build a crypt, 
    and a graveyard. Well, you know the drill. Establish a base pretty much. An 
    elven hero will come and warn you. Just kill her. You can build meat wagons 
    in this chapter, so put that ability to good use. Build at least onemore, so 
    you have a total of four. Now, when you have upgraded ghouls, and 
    necromancers, advance towards the east. Use the meat wagons to clear a hole 
    in the trees. Rush in with your infantry and destroy the elf base. Now, 
    bring in an acolyte and haunt the mine here. When it finishes, put 5 
    alcolytes collecting on it. This will double the income coming in. Now, if 
    you head south further, you'll find a bridge. Cross it and sestroy the elf 
    base that is here. Now, just keep going down the path, destroying whatever 
    you come into contact with. When you reach the elevn gate, you shouldn't have
    any problem taking out blue. As long as you've been sending reinforcements 
    all along. It's best with around 6 meat wagons,s o that you can eliminate 
    the buildings as quickly as possible. Necomancers are also very good, for 
    you can raise a small skeleton army in a amtter of seconds. When the base is 
    destroyed, a cut scene is triggered, and it's mission complete.
                       Chapter 4 - Key of the Three Moons
    Main Quest:                           Main Quest: 
    The Three Moons                       Gates of Silvermoon
    • Destroy the three high elf altars   • Bring Arthas to the Elf Gate
    • Collect all three moon crystals
                              • The Three Moons •
    When you start, you'll recieve three crypt fiends. They are fairly powerful, 
    and nice, because they can bring air units down to the ground, using a web. 
    Anyways, send all your troops excluding the acolytes south. Destroy the 
    elven base here, use the crypt fiends against the gyrphons. When it's all 
    said and done, bring down your acolytes and establish a base. Build a 
    necropolis and haunt the goldmine to start off with, and from there, just go 
    about building your base, and army. When you have a decent sized army, go to 
    the east with arthas. Find the goblin laboratory, and get the two free 
    zeppelins, to fly your troops across the river. You can purchase more if you 
    want. Anyways, fly them to the east, and destroy the elf base, including the 
    altar. Make sure to pick up the moon stone with Arthas. Now, find the 
    waygate, and send your troops through it. There's another bas here, so 
    destor yit. Now, ther eis a waypoint on either sid eof the one you came in 
    on. Go to the left one to reach the altar int he top left corner, and take 
    the right waypoint to reach the altar beside it. I highly suggest that you 
    get reinforcements each time you're going after another altar, because 
    they're pretty heavily guarded. Just make sure that Arthas picks up each 
    moon stone, as you destroy the altars.
                           • Gates of Silvermoon •
    This is fairly easy, you just need Arthas to stand int he circle of power in
    the top right corner. The only way in is through zeppelin. There are 
    lightning towers all around, so the zepplin won't last long. Just make the 
    drop, and run Arthas to the circle. Or, you can bring in more troops and 
    take out the elven forces that are guarding the gate, but why would you want 
    to do things the hard way?
                        Chapter 5 - The Fall of Silvermoon
    Main Quest:              Optional Quest:            Optional Quest: 
    The Sunwell              Sylvannas Windrunners      Silvermoon's runners
    ----------------------   ------------------------   --------------------
    • Defeat the Sunwell's   • Destroy Sylvannas Base   • Eliminate every runner
      guardians                                           Sylvannas sends
                                                        • Don't alert Silvermoon
                                                          to your presence
                                 • The Sunwell •
    This mission is both easy and hard. When you start, brng Arthas and the 
    crypt fiends to the top of your base. Kill Sylvanas when she comes. Now, try 
    to build an army mainly composed of gargoyles, crypt fiends, and meat wagons.
    In order to build gargoyles, you're going to to have to first upgrade your 
    halls of the dead into a black citadel. Now, there are two paths to get to 
    where you need to go. If all you want to do is beat the main quest, then 
    bring your gargoyles over that were guarding the path, and add them to your 
    army. Now, start heading south. When you reach the bridge, you'll know that 
    Silvermoon is close. Use your meat wagons to make rubble out of the high 
    elven guard towers (the electric things) Then, send in your ground troops, 
    accompanied by your air force. The idea, is to go to the well, and defeat 
    the four elven guardians here. They are huge golems. Attack one at a time, 
    and if you have alot of meat wagons, you should be able to make quick of 
    them in no time. Anyways, when they're dead, bring Arthas into the circle of 
                            • Sylvannas' Windrunners •
    This quest is fairly easy. When you first get your gargoyles, let them kill 
    the first runner. Now, you have about thre eminutes before the next starts 
    coming. Move three of the gargoyles between the two paths. This way, it 
    doesn't matter what way the runner comes, you'll be able to cut him off. 
    Send the fourth gargoyle back to your base, because you don't need them all 
    going after a runner ever three minutes. To complete the quest, either 
    destroy Sylvannas' base, or just dont let a runner through until the main 
    quest is complete.
                             • Silvermoon's Runners •
    For this mission, you have to destroy Sylvannas' base. It's a pretty big 
    base, so send your entire army. Use meat wagons on any guard towers you 
    encounter. When the base is leveled, a cut scene will be triggered. I won't 
    tell you what happens, because it's sort of a spoiler. But you DO get a new 
    type of unit; a Banshee available for production. The Banshee is another 
                         Chapter 6 - Blackrock & Roll, Too
    Main Quest:                          Optional Quest: 
    Demon Gate                           Kill Orc Heroes
    ---------------------------------    -----------------------------
    • Destroy the Orc base protecting    • Throk'Furoth   • Genjuros
      the Demon Gate                     • Mazrigos       • Jubei'Thos
                                         • Khanzo
                                 • Demon Gate •
    You get a new unit after the mission begins; a frost wyrm. It is a giant 
    flying tank. Anyways, you get attacked in a few minutes, so put all youir 
    forces towards the east sid eof your base. A blademaster attacks you, and he 
    uses his ability that makes duplicates. Try to keep an eye on which is the 
    real one, and destroy it. Anyway, this is another build your army up and 
    crush the competition type levels. So, sit there and build up an army, and 
    unstoppable army, an army of the undead. You should have one party with 
    three frost wyrms, and nine gargoyles. You don't have to, but I think it 
    helps greatly. Make sure that the gargoyles and frost wyrm are fully 
    upgraded too. Once you have an army, and are happy with it, head up to the 
    top right corner of the map. This is where red's base is. Destroy it to 
    complete the chapter. There are a couple level ten red dragons, use your 
    gargoyle/frost wyrm combo to rip them apart very quickly. When all of red's
    buildings are destroyed, it's main quest accomplished; you win.
                              • Kill Orc Heroes •
    This is a pretty simple quest to understand, but to take on, it's a little 
    more difficult. Anyways, you have to go around the map, and destroy each Orc 
    Hero. Each different coloured base has a different hero within it. You don't 
    need to destroy all the buildings. Just kill some of the ground forces 
    attacking you, killt her hero, and move onto the next base. Whatever you do 
    though, do not destroy red entirely until all the heroes are dead. For each 
    hero you kill, you get a tome to read, and make either Arthas or Kel'Thuzad 
                         Chapter 7 - The Siege of Delaron
    Main Quest: 
    Three Archmagi
    • Slay the first Archmage
    • Slay the Second Archmage
    • Slay Antonidas
                               • Three Archmagi • 
    This mission's pretty difficult. If you step beyond the aura, then your 
    units hit points will slowly go down. That's why you ahve to rush the 
    archmage as fast as you can, and kill him, to make the aura disappear. After 
    you've taken down the second one, the third is really hard to get, because 
    there's a base to get by first. Use meat wagons to level the unit making 
    buildings, and enemy units, then go after the final archmage. This mission 
    has no optional quests, so the only thing you CAn do is defeat the final 
    mage. Then, it's mission complete. I suggest using alot of abominations for 
    this level too. They do quite a bit of damage when they're fully upgraded, 
    and although they look pretty damn slow, they're actually speed demons. 
    Well, maybe not as fast as other units, but you get the idea...
                        Chapter 8 - Under the Burning Sky
    Main Quest:                                Optional Quest: 
    Archimonde                                 Goblin Land Mines
    ----------------------------------------   ---------------------------
    • Kel'Thuzad must survive for 30 minutes   • Acquire Goblin Land Mines
                                 • Archimonde •
    This mission is pretty difficult. It's one of those survive for thirty 
    minute type things. Anyways, you basically have three areas to defend, one 
    one each side of Kel'Thuzad. Build walls of spirit towers here, for the best 
    defense. Make sure you also have units though. Try not to go over 41 units 
    though, so that ou don't have an upkeep and therefore get more gold coming 
    in. There is an expansion in the bottom right corner, so use it. Every once 
    in a while, the Burning Legion will hand you over some units. These guys are 
    fairly powerful, but shouldn't be used by themselves. Whenever a tower gets
    damaged, or destroyed, amke sure you repair/replace it with an acolyte. In 
    the last minute and a half, the humans will launch an all out assault. They 
    use quite a few steam tanks, and gryphons, so if you're defenses aren't at 
    maximum, then they'll probaly break through. It's okay if they break in 
    withint he last 10-15 second sor so though. They won't have enough time to 
    defeat Kel'Thuzad, and the summoning will be complete. Good Luck.
                               • Goblin Land Mines •
    In the northwestern area of your base, your scouts have found some goblin 
    land mines, that could prove useful. Send Arthas up tot he crates, and 
    destroy them. Pick up the mines left over. Now, place them whereever you 
    want. I suggest placing them around Kel'Thuzad though, just in case the 
    humans break through towards the end. DOn't place them out in the middle of 
    the map either, because gyrocopters can come and blow them up from the air, 
    wasting a perfectly good mine.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 3.4                     The Invasion of Kalimdor                      3.4 |
                               Chapter 1 - Landfall
    Main Quest:                        Main Quest: 
    Rally the Horde                    Protect Cairne
    --------------------------------   -------------------------------------
    • Discover where the other ships   • Follow Cairne to the Tauren village
      have landed                      • Protect Cairne from his enemies
    • Thrall must survive              • Cairne Bloodhoof must survive
                                       • Thrall must survive
                               • Rally the Horde •
    Now, the idea of this quest, of course, is to rally of your horde. It's been 
    scattered along the beaches of Kalimdor. Well, grab Thrall, your grunts and 
    troll headhunter, and start following the path. When you see any creeps, 
    kill them, to get experience for Thrall. Keep following the path. The Orcs 
    will join up with you, as you find them. You will also see a few bull-like 
    creatures. Don't bother thinking that if you move fast enough, you can save 
    them, because that just won't happen. They are supposed to die. Eventually, 
    you will see a herd of deer people running northward, past you. Looks like 
    they're preparing for war...Anyways, keep heading along the path, rallying 
    the members of your horded, until you reach an area of trees where a cut 
    scene triggers.
                               • Protect Cairne •
    Now, after the cut scene, you'll be on your second main quest. Follow Cairne 
    as he travels north, up into the top right corner of the map. It seems those 
    horse people were preparing for war, war on Cairne's village! When you get 
    there, you'll be just in time. The first wave of horse people is coming. You 
    shouldn't have nay trouble here. The Taurens can handle the bottom entrance 
    tot he village, you really only need to worry about the top entrance. In the 
    third wave of enemies, they will send a champion. Well, I don't know where 
    he got his name from, because he's pretty easy to defeat. Anyways, after 
    about four or five waves, the horse people will stop coming. A cut scene 
    triggers, because it's the end of the mission.
                            Chapter 2 - The Long March
    Main Quest:                         Main Quest: 
    Three Oasis'                        The Caravan
    ---------------------------------   ----------------------------------
    • Lead Caravan to first Oasis       • Protect the Caravans
    • Lead Caravan to second Oasis      • At least two Kodo's must survive
    • Lead Caravan to third Oasis       • Cairne must survive
    • Thrall must survive
    • Cairne and caravan must survive
                                • Three Oasis' • 
    This quest is fairly simple. You have to lead Cairne's caravan around the 
    map to three different fountains of health. There's a fixed path here, so I 
    don't think you need a walkthough, just general tips. Always stay in front 
    of the caravan. If enemies attack from behind, then Cairne and his boys will 
    take care of it. Not you. Your job is to scout ahead and get rid of any 
    enemies before the caravan comes through. When Thrall levels up, it's best 
    to put his ability point towards summoning wolves. This gives you two extra 
    units for a minute. Very helpful when you're getting mauled by horsemen. 
    When you reach each fountain of health, it may be a good idea if you let 
    your guys stop and get their health replenished. When you reach the final 
    fountain, the chapter is complete. Congratulations.
                                • The Caravan •
    This sin't really a quest all on its own, it's mroe of an expansion to the 
    first quest. Anyways, you just can't let more than two of the Kodo Beasts 
    die. You have to amke it to the third fountain of health with at least two 
    living ones. They have a decent amount of health though, so as long as you 
    don't help the horsemen kill the caravan, you should be fine. Just remember 
    to scout ahead a little and defeat anything that poses as a threat to 
    Cairne's Kodos.
                          Chapter 3 - Cry of the Warsong
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:                Optional Quest: 
    Establish a Base        Secure Zeppelins           Pacify Humans
    ---------------------   ------------------------   -------------------------
    • Build a great Hall    • Destroy all Hostile      • Destroy the Human bases
    • Thrall must survive     units at laboratory
                            • Return two zepplins to
                              your base
                              • Establish a Base • 
    Well, in text, all you have to do to complete this quest, is to build a 
    great hall. Select a Peon, and tell it to build one. In reality however, 
    you're going to need a lot more than that. Build some burrows, an altar of 
    storms, a barracks,a nd when you get more money, a warmill. From there, 
    build your base however you want to build it.
                              • Secure Zepplelins • 
    This objective is easy and hard. You need to destroy the blue human base. 
    It's located north from your base, right in front of the goblin laboratory. 
    You should have an army composed of all units, as they all have strengths 
    and weaknesses. You should research ensnare for the Raiders too, as it will 
    prove useful. The easiset method of taking out the human guard and cannon 
    towers, is to use catapults. Anyways, do it by whatever method you want. 
    Then, continue northward. You will coem across some very powerful creeps, so 
    be careful when you attack them. Now, when you reach the laboratory, there 
    will be a bunch of flying creeps. Use troll headhunters, and the Raiders 
    ensnare to attack them. When they are dead, buy two zeppelins, and return 
    them to your base.
                                • Pacify Humans •
    To accomplish this quest, you must wipe out all four of the human bases. You 
    don't even need to go out scouting for them, because Grom will do that for
    you. He attacks each of the bases once, then starts the process over again.
    He gets slaughtered every time, unless you're there to help him. Build up 
    your army, and try to attack in sync with Grom Hellscream's army. This is 
    the best way to do it.  You don't really get anywhere by doing this, but 
    sometimes, a treasure chest will be dropped. Pick it up if you want it.
                        Chapter 4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale
    Main Quest:             Optional Quest:           Optional Quest: 
    Slash and Burn          Trees of Life             Furlong Chieftain
    ---------------------   -----------------------   ------------------
    • Amass 15 000 lumber   • Destroy Trees of Life   • Defeat the Furlong 
                               • Slash and Burn •
    This isn't an easy quest, by any means. When you start off, you only have 
    1 000 gold, and no gold mine. Build a few units, but make sure you have at 
    least 450 gold left. Now, when your peons cut through the woods on the west 
    side of your base, Send your attack units through. You'll encounter a few 
    archers and huntresses. Defeat them and head north a little more, to find a 
    gold mine with 9 200 gold in it. It's sort of pathetic, but right now, you 
    need all the gold you can get. Send a peon in to build a great hall. When 
    you have gold coming in steadily, build alot of anti-air units, as they will 
    help all throughout the quest. To the left of your base is a small night 
    elf base. Invad eit, and destroy everything. You get an optional quest, and 
    a bonus 3 000 lumber for killing the tree of life. 
    Head west a little more to find an encampment of trolls. Kill all of them. 
    Now, you have another gold mine, this one, with 40 000 gold! That should 
    last you for a while, so expand down there as soon as possible. Now, it's 
    just a matter of getting your 15 000 lumber. There are a few ways to do it. 
    Invade all of the night elf bases, and destroy the tree of life, complete 
    the other optional quest, and defeat the Furloong to get a few shredders, or 
    you can do things the olf fashioned way, and use your peons to amass 15 000 
    lumber, which may take a long time. Add to the fact that you get constantly 
    attacked by night elves, you're in for a fun time.
                               • Trees of Life •
    To complete this quest, you must destroy all the trees of lif eon the map. 
    They are scattered all around the map. You'll see them wherever there's a 
    base. Destroying one will bring in 3 000 lumber, so it's one of the best 
    ways to complete the main quest. As long as you have Raiders, you can rip 
    through buildings really easily. The other night elf base's may send 
    reinforcements once you attack though, so be ready for an onslaught of 
    archers, and huntresses. Good Luck.
                             • Furlong Chieftain •
    This quest is very simple. To recieve it, head east from your first 
    expansion, to find a goblin laboratory. The owner of the lab is being 
    terrorized by bear-like things called furlongs. If you help him kill the 
    furlong chieftain, he'll let you use some shredders. Shredders are big
    machines that mow down trees with ease, and bring back 200 lumber each time. 
    The chieftain is located above the night elf base in the bottom left hand 
    corner of the map. He's level 8, and he's surrounded by his goons, so you'll 
    want a big chunk of your army going in there, just to make sure you don't 
    lose any units. When he's dead, return to the goblin lab to claim your 
                         Chapter 5 - The Hunter of Shadows
    Main Quest:                      Main Quest: 
    The Chaos Well                   Cenarius
    ------------------------------   ---------------
    • Discover the source of power   • Slay Cenarius
    When the chapter begins, you won't have a quest. You won't have one for a 
    few minutes actually. Ignore your bases on the right side of the river. 
    Start building guys at your other base though. The night elves will soon 
    begin tearing through your other bases, then they'll start coming after your 
    main base. Defend it. use Grom's ultimate ability to rip apart archers. Just 
    defend your base. When the attackers are dead, your quest will be given to 
                               • The Chaos Well •
    This quest is simple enough. Make sure you make at least six shamans, 
    upgraded to master rank. When you head into a big battle, set bloodlust to 
    autocast. You should put alot of towers and burrows in front of the river to 
    the north. You can build an expansion here too, which I highly suggest you 
    do. Anyways, gather a fairly big army of grunts, headhunters, and raiders, 
    and start heading north. Kill the wolves here. Now, you're going to have to 
    use catapults to knock down the wall of trees here. Then, go through and 
    defeat all the furlongs. Keep going along the patht o find a waypoint. Go 
    through it. Just keep following the path, destroying any enemy you come into 
    contact with. When you get to the Well of Chaos, make sure you have 
    bloodlust on autocast, then kill everybody in the area. Quest complete.
                                • Cenarius •
    Cool, now you can build chaos units. Gather an army of chaos spellcasters, 
    grunts, and even some headhunters for arial support. Now, head across the 
    river, and start destroying the elf base here. When it's destroyed, Cenarius 
    will coem up from below you. He'll start a speech, but don't give him a 
    chance to finish it. Concentrate all of your fire on him. Use Grom's 
    ultimate ability if you want to. When he's dead, it's main quest complete, 
    which also means chapter complete.
                         Chapter 6 - Where Wyvrens Dare
    Main Quest:                Optional Quest:      Optional Quest: 
    Stone Talon Peak           Wyvrens              Defiled Fountain
    ------------------------   ------------------   -----------------------------
    • Destory the Human Base   • Find the Wyvrens   • Kill the Cenataur Khan
      guarding the peak                             • Restore the glyph of
                                                      purification to restore the
                               • Stone Talon Peak •
    This mission is a tough one. You have to destory blue's base. Well, blue's 
    castle to be exact. Anyways, you can now build Taurens, so use them to your 
    advantage, because they are very powerful. The enemy will drop groups of 
    units in the back of your base, by the gold mine alot, so make sure you have 
    enough defense around the area. Try to build up a very powerful army, with 
    alot of anti-air units. Then, buy a couple of zeppelins from the goblin 
    laboratory to the north. Drop all of your troops up on the cliff where 
    blue's base is, then wreak havok. If you need it, there is a gold mine 
    across from the lab, so you can expand if you desire. As soon as the castle 
    is destoryed, it's main quest complete. Don't nessicarily concentrate all 
    fire on it though, or else you'll lose alot of units.
                                   • Wyverns •
    If you want to be able to use the flying cousin of dragons, then you'll need 
    to do this optional quest. It's fairly easy. Send a couple groups of units, 
    with shamans capable of blood lust north a little bit. You'll see a group of 
    harpies. Kill them. Now, follow the path here northward. You'll encounter 
    alot of enemies on the way, but they shouldn't do much damage. When you 
    reach the end, you'll find a herd of harpies. Kill them all to complete the 
    quest. You'll get six wyverns for free, and you'll now be able to build them 
    from the beastiary.
                               • Defiled Fountain • 
    To recieve this quest, simply approach the defiled fountain to the left of 
    your base with a hero. It's guarded by lightning dino things, so you might 
    want to bring some back up. Once you've recieved the quest, all you need to 
    do is find and kill Centaur Khan. SOunds easy, doesn't it? Well, it's not. 
    When you have an army, amke your way northward, past the gold mine, and 
    goblin lab. There is a ramp going off to the right here. Climb it with your 
    men to envcounter the Centaur. He reincarnates, so he's going to be a tough 
    battle indeed. Finish him off to recieve the glyph of purification. now, 
    return it to the defiled fountain to transform it into a fountain of health. 
    Great! Use it on injured guys.
                               Chapter 7 - The Oracle
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:             Main Quest: 
    The Oracle              Heart of Aszune         Enchanted Gemstone
    ---------------------   ---------------------   -----------------------------
    • Seek out the Oracle   • Find Aszune's Heart   • Find the enchanted Gemstone
    • Thrall must survive                           • Bring the gemstone to the
                                                      spectral bridge
                                                    • Cairne must survive
                                  • The Oracle •
    Now, when you start, assign all your units to a hot key. Then, attack the 
    gate to the left to open it. Head through and defeat the skeletons. Now, 
    head south to find more enemies. Keep following the path, and you can't 
    really go wrong. The closed gates have items behind them, so only pick them 
    up if you have room, or if you just really want one. You'll eventually reach 
    a skeleton King. Kill him, then send all your units through the waypoint to 
    the right of his throne. The quest isn't complete yet, but you dont really 
    have anything else to do.
                                • Heart of Aszune •
    When you get off the waypoint, head south, to recieve the quest. There is a 
    ghost that has a spell cast on the path you need to take, so in order to 
    break the spell, you have to find the ghost's heart. Now, head north and 
    break down the door. Kill the peasants here, or they will bring out armor 
    and become footmen. When they're defeated, hit east. Follow the path, 
    killing enemies until an enemy jumps out of a prison cell at you. Kill him, 
    then open the cell beside himt o recive three headhunters. Now, continue 
    down the path. When you reach a broken gate, turn left, break downt he gates 
    to recieve two more headhunters. Now, go back and go through the broken gate.
    There are harpies terrorizing a level 10 red dragon. Let them finish it off 
    for the most part, and then attack the harpies. The dragon will drop the 
    heart of Aszuna. Head north and go through the waygate. Head south from 
    there, and return the heart to Aszuna. Now, head through the passage that 
    was recently revealed.
                             • Enchanted Gemstone •
    Now, you get to control Cairne again. Lead him and his taurens northeast, 
    along the trail. Follow the path around to see a bunch of humans get 
    slaughtered. Head south and defend yourself from the humans here. Continue 
    along, killing enemies. When you reach a fork int he trail, take the one 
    that leads upwards. Cairne will notice the enchanted gemstone in a pit to 
    your right, but there are a ton of beasts in there. Head north, and stand on 
    the circle of power. This will cause spikes to raise from the floor and kill 
    all the monsters in the pit. Now, backtrack a little, and go through the 
    other path that heads north. Use the circle of power to open a agte below 
    you. So, head south, downt he other trail, and go through it. North of you 
    location, you can get the enchanted gemstone. Grab it, and head south to the 
    fountain of health. Make sure all your taurens are full health, and take the 
    trail beside the spike path. There are some monsters in the river. Kill them,
    and head up the stairs on the opposite shore. Statues will come to life and 
    attack you. Kill them all to get a ghost key. Use it to open the door 
    further along the path, and meet up with Thrall. Send a hero across the 
    spector bridge.
                          Chapter 8 - By Demons be Driven
    Main Quest: 
    • Capture Grom in the soul jem
    • Bring Grom to Jaina's ritual circle
                                 • Hellscream •
    The final chapter in the Orc campaign. Are you nervous? Well, you should be. 
    The chapter's hard at times, but not too hard. Anyways, you need to find 
    Grom and put him in the spirit jem. Well, he's up in the top right hand 
    corner, so that's one half down, now you just need to put him in that jem.
    Start building up an army. A strong army. Accomplish this by upgrading all 
    of the units you will use to their maximum. Build alot of piercing units as 
    well (ranged units) as this will help against the Infernals that will be 
    called from the sky in a matter of minutes. Anyways, when you have a large 
    army, and are happy with it, head east. But before you do, build a burrow in 
    your allies base. That way, if Infernals attack your base, and you can't 
    defend, you can still live through that burrow. Anyways, head east, then 
    follow the path upwards. You'll encounter a fountain of halth. Kill all the 
    enemies around it, and let your units rest if nessicary. Now, continue up 
    into an orc base. Destroy it, then kepp on following the path until the 
    earth turns red. There are going to be alot of chaos grunts, and doom guards.
    Kill them as quickly as possible. Now, head up to Grom and use the spirit 
    jem in Throll's inventory. Once Grom is captured, return to your base the 
    way you came, and head over to the circle of power beneath your allies base.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 3.5                         Eternity's End                            3.5 |
                          Chapter 1 - Enemies at the Gates 
    Main Quest:                     Main Quest:          Optional Quest: 
    Night Elf Base                  Invaders             Furbolg Village
    -----------------------------   ------------------   -------------------
    • Entangle a Gold mine          • Slay the Paladin   • Locate 10 missing 
    • Construct a moon well                                Furbolgs
    • Construct an Ancient of War
    • Train 5 archers
                                • Night Elf Base •
    There isn't much to this quest. Simply root your tree of life into the 
    ground near the gold mine. When it's done entangling the mine, send your 
    wisps to get gold. Now, keep building wisps until you have six total. Send 
    five of them to the gold mine, and use the other one to build a moon well. 
    Build a few more wisps to build everything else. You'll also want a few of 
    them harvesting lumber as well. When your base is built, and you have 
    trained five archers, the quest is complete.
                                  • Invaders •
    This quest isn't very difficult. I suggest having at minimum, 12 archers 
    before you attempt it though. Any more, is even better. Now, strat heading 
    southwest, towards the human/orc base. Cross the river and approach the base 
    from the north. This is where the level 10 paladin should be. Focus all of 
    your fire on him. When he's close to being dead, he will use divine shield. 
    Back your forces off until it goes away, then finish him off. Quest complete.
                               • Furbolg Village •
    To recieve this quest, head south from your base. Talk to the Furbolg 
    chieftain. The ten furbolgs you need are scattered all over the place. Just 
    scout the entire map. They're usually in groups of two or three. I can't 
    give you all the locations though, because that ruins the fun of the quest, 
    doesn't it? ;) Well, I guess if I get any requests, I'll add in the 
    locations, but not until I get at least one request!
                          Chapter 2 - Daughters of the Moon
    Main Quest: 
    Escape into Shadow
    • Bring Tyrande to the Night Elf town
    • Hide from the patrolling Doom Guards
    • Tyrande must survive
                              • Escape into Shadow •
    Now, for this quest, it's best to keep one hand on the "I" key. It's the 
    hotkey for Tyrande's Hide command. It lets her shadowmeld and become 
    invisible, at night. Anyways, when you start, go north. Cross the river. 
    Avoid the guard be using hide, and then run past him when he's not looking. 
    There is a guard guarding two items up here. One is a claws of attack, the 
    other are slippers of agility. Grab them, then head down the southern path. 
    Keep going until you reach a cage thing. From here, you have to go east. 
    Follow the path around the ben, all the while, avoiding Doom Guards. Head 
    south until you reach a bridge. Cross it to see some archers slaughter a 
    footman. Destroy the crates in front of them, this lets you get by. All of 
    the arcgers will be joined into your party. Now, cross the river. A human 
    camp will be attacked my ghouls. Let them kill each other, then finish up 
    whatever's left. Move a little further, and you'll see the undead attack an 
    Orc encampment. 
    Let them kill each other off, finish whats left, and grab the mantle of 
    intelligence. Now, head through the way gate beside the Orc base. You will 
    recieve a few huntresses here. Break open the gate and go through. Kill any 
    shades you find. Now, head north. A human camp will be attacked by doom 
    guards on your right. Ignore it and head straight up, to the fountain of 
    health. You'll recieve more archers and huntresses. Keep headig east, and 
    you'll find a few ballistas. Use them to destroy all the spirit towers to 
    the south. When everything is out of the way, rush down and break open the 
    gate to the Night Elf Base, go through to complete the chapter.
                      Chapter 3 - The Awakening of Stormrage
    Main Quest: 
    Furion Stormrage
    • Reach Moonglade Isle behind the Orc Base
    • Slay the Primal Guardians
    • Bring Tyrande to the Horn of Cenarius
    • Slumbering Furion Stormrage must survive
                               • Furion Stormrage •
    Now, this quest is easy, if done correctly. You should upgrade your 
    huntresses and archers, and then mass produce them. Make about twelve of 
    each. The Orcs will come at you from the east, so make sure you're ready for 
    them. When you feel you're ready, move east, across the river. Go up the 
    ramp and into the Orc base. Kill the towers as soon as possible, because 
    they do alot of damage after a while. Then, concentrate on the burrows, 
    because that's where the peons hide inside of and fire at you. Anyways, when 
    the bas eis in shambles, head north. Just past the fountain of mana, you 
    will find the primal defenders. These guys are pretty tough. If you don't 
    kill them here, then they will go all the way back to your base and try to 
    destroy it. Don't let that happen. Concentrate on one defender at a time and 
    eliminate them all. Then, send tyrande up to Cenarius' horn. Chapter 
                           Chapter 4 - The Druids Arise
    Main Quest:               Optional Quest:              Optional Quest: 
    Awaken Druids             Crazed Furbolgs              Cursed Glade
    -----------------------   --------------------------   ---------------------
    • Reach the Barrow Dens   • Kill the Furbolg Warlord   • Kill the Death
    • Destroy the Corrupted                                  revenant to restore
      Night Elf Base                                         the forest
    • Bring Furion to the 
                               • Awaken Druids •
    This quest isn't really that difficult, even though it may seem otherwise. 
    Move your tree of life north and root it beside the old mine. When the mine 
    is entangled, send 5 wisps to mine from it. It only has 2 000 gold in it 
    though. Try to make an army based of mostly huntresses. Have a ballista or 
    two as well, for taking down offensive structures. When you have an army your
    happy with, and you think will do some damage, headnorth, until you see the 
    blue human base off to the right. Break down the gate, and destroy the human 
    base. Now, bring your tree of life in here and plant it near the goldmine. 
    Send your 5 wisps over to it and don't really do anything until you've mined 
    all the gold. Break open the gate to the south. It leds into a corrupted 
    forest. It curves around and starts going north. Bring your tree of life 
    along with your units, but make sure you provide protection for it, as there 
    are many enemies waiting to ambush you. When you come out of the corruption, 
    plant your tree by the gold mine and start mining. To the left of your 
    location, is a corrupted night elf base, and it's guarding the entrance to 
    the Barrow Dens. Destroy it, and head north. Bring Furion to the circle of 
                                • Crazed Furbolgs •
    If you head north from your first settlement, you'll run into the Furbolgs 
    that escaped Ashenvale earlier. They may have escaped Ashenvale, but not 
    corruption. They will start attacking you. Kill them. To complete the quest, 
    you have to defeat their warlord. He can be found to the north, guarded by a 
    ton of other Furbolgs. Kill all the normal ones, then go for the warlord.
                                 • Cursed Glade • 
    Once you've reached the corrupted forest, you can complete this quest. The 
    death revenant is in the southeast corner of the map, guarded by wolves and 
    wraiths. He himself has vampuric aura, so that poses as a little bit of a 
    problem. Just make sure you hit him with alot of units, and you'll be fine, 
    the forest will be brought back to normal. Quest: Complete.
                           Chapter 5 - Brothers in Blood
    Main Quest:                  Main Quest:                 Optional Quest: 
    Awaken Druids                Free Illidan                Bear Necessities
    --------------------------   -------------------------   --------------------
    • Discover the Location of   • Locate Illidan's Prison   • Get water from the
      the Barrow Deeps           • Tyrande must survive        fountain of life
    • Tyrande must survive                                   • Return Vial to the
    • Furion must survive                                      Furbolgs
                                • Awaken Druids •
    Now, be forewarned. I'm not going to explain this quest in great, great 
    detail, because to be honest, I don't remember the level that well. Anyways, 
    start by selecting your party at the beginning. Strat heading south. That's 
    more or less all you have to do. There are paths constantly going off to the 
    left and right, and you can use them if you want more items, or if you want 
    to fight creeps to level up. Anyways, keep heading down the southern path 
    until you reach a strange prison. Tyrande will run through the gates, 
    leaving you. Anyways, start heading east from here. A short cut scene will 
    take over. When it's done, you will have another Druid of the Talon in your 
    party. Now, you have to get past all the Druids of the Claw, but you can't 
    kill any of them. Use Furions entangling roots, or a Druid of the Talon's 
    cyclone to keep the Claw Druid at bay. Keep making it north, doing this 
    until you reach a circle of power. Stand on it to complete the quest.
                                 • Free Illidan •
    Now, when you head west, you will encounter a few enemies, defeat them. Now, 
    the path slits into 2 directions, north and south. There is a locked gate to 
    the west. Head up the north path and kill the enemies you see. Stand on the 
    circle of power to activate it. Now, backtrack and go down the south path. 
    Kill the enemies and activate the circle of power. Now, the gate is open. 
    Head through it. If you wish, you can head south to free some more units for 
    you to use. Anyways, start going north now and head through the way gate. 
    You'll be in what seems to be a court yart, and a bunch of Treants will come 
    running at you. Defeat them and head north to find Illidan.
                               • Bear Necessities •
    This is definately one of the easier optional quests in the game. As you are 
    going down the path, on your main quest, you'll encounter a couple of 
    Furbolgs. It will trigger a short cut scene too. Their Shaman is sick, and 
    if you don't help it, it will die. They give you a vial. Now, you just need 
    to fill it up with water at a fountain of life. Head up the north western 
    path. This is where the fountain is, but beware, there are wraiths 
    surrounding it. Kill them, then send Tyrande over to the fountain. FIll up 
    the vial, and bring it back to the Furbolgs. For your efforts, they will give
    you a Talisman of the Wild, which lets you summon 3 Furbolgs to fight for 
                    Chapter 6 - A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
    Main Quest:                         Main Quest: 
    Skull of Gul'Dan                    Destroy Tichondrius
    ---------------------------------   ---------------------
    • Destroy the Demon Gate guarding   • Destroy Tichondrius
      the skull
    • Bring Illidan to the skull
                               • Skull of Gul'Dan • 
    This isn't a difficult quest. Just make sure you have powerful guys. I 
    suggest getting fully upgraded Druids of the Claw from the Ancient of Lore. 
    When they transform into Bear form, they are a force to be reckoned with. 
    Anyways, build some of those and huntresses. Then, start your treck towards 
    the upper left corner of the map. There are a few corrupted night elf bases 
    around here. You can choose to attack them or leave them alone. Either way, 
    make it up to the demon gate. Kill the Doom Guards and Infernals, and then 
    focus fire on the gate, so no more enemies will come through. Now, Bring 
    Illian to the Skull. A cut scene will take over. When you're in control 
    again, bring your units back to your base, as it will be getting attacked 
                            • Destroy Tichondrius •
    This quest is a little bit tougher. Build up your army again, so that it's 
    really powerful. Wait for the skeletons to attack your base, kill them, then 
    work your way up to around the doom gate. Start heading down the eastward 
    path. When you reach Tichondrius, Take out his Doom Guards. It helps to have 
    a Druid of the Claw not in bear form use roar on all your units nearby. You 
    can also use rejuvenation if Illidan gets low on life. Anways, when 
    Tichondrius is the only one left, focus fire on him. When he's dead, the 
    chapter will be complete.
                         Chapter 7 - Twilight of the Gods
    Main Quest: 
    Delay Archimonde
    • Delay Archimonde for 45 minutes
    • Archimonde must not reach the world tree
                             • Delay Archimonde •
    This is a pretty tough chapter, but it's also the last, so don't fret. I'm 
    basically going to give you strategies for delaying Archimonde. It's hard to 
    give a walkthrough in a chapter like this. Anyways, you want to delay him as 
    long as possible. Which means you're going to have to provide the human base 
    with lots of support, because it's the first base to get attacked by the 
    Scourge. Use both of your heros down here. They will level up very quickly.
     By the end of the chapter, they are both going to be level 10, unless 
    they're dead and you didn't revive them. Anyways, Starfall is GREAT to use 
    when there are lots of enemies. Tranquility is also pretty good if your 
    attack force is starting to get slaughtered. Once again, upgraded Druids of 
    the Claw are very helpful. And you can use Druids of the Talon to cyclone 
    some of the more powerful units you encounter. The choices are almost 
    endless. Eventually, no matter what you do, the human base will be destoyed, 
    and Archimonde will build a new settlement. Now, you have to protect the 
    Orcs. I suggest buying goblin land mines from the merchant. They are great 
    against all of the undeads land units. You'll want anti-air too though for 
    dealing with those damn Frost Wyrms. Anyways, before the Orc Base gets over 
    run, make sure you stock up on land mines for your own base. Now, you should 
    have a very good defense force. Acient Protectors may or may not do you any 
    good. It depends on where you place them. That's pretty much all the advice 
    I have....Good Luck
    |                               4. Indices                                  |
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 4.1                              Heroes                               4.1 |
                                    H U M A N S
    [    ] Archmage
    Gold:        500 | The Archmage is a very powerful spell-caster. He can 
    Lumber:      100 | summon a water elemental, cause a blizzard of mass 
    Food:          5 | destruction, and even mass teleport nearby units to a 
    PA: Intelligence | different location on the map!
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     | 3     | 14       | 17      | 19           | 450        | 285
        2     | 3     | 15       | 18      | 22           | 475        | 330
        3     | 4     | 17       | 19      | 25           | 525        | 375
        4     | 4     | 19       | 20      | 28           | 575        | 420
        5     | 4     | 21       | 21      | 31           | 625        | 465
        6     | 5     | 23       | 22      | 35           | 675        | 525
        7     | 5     | 24       | 23      | 38           | 700        | 570
        8     | 5     | 26       | 24      | 41           | 750        | 615
        9     | 6     | 28       | 25      | 44           | 800        | 660
       10     | 6     | 30       | 26      | 47           | 850        | 705
    This is one of the Arch Mage's skills. Basically, he calls down waves of ice 
    from the sky. Each wave deals a different amount of damage depending on what 
    level it's at. The Archmage cannot move while casting this spell, or else it 
    will be canceled. It's good at dealing damage to buildings when it's  up to 
    the higher spell levels. It's not the greatest spell to use on enemy units 
    though, because they can simply move out of the blast radius, only 
    recieveing minimal damage. It also hurts your own units if it hits them.
    Level 1 - 6 waves of ice, each dealing 30 damage.
    Level 2 - 8 waves of ice, each dealing 40 damage.
    Level 3 - 10 waves of ice, each dealing 50 damage.
    Water Elemental
    This is my favorite spell from the Archmage. You summon a big thing made 
    entirely out of water. It fights with you. At first, it may not be the 
    strongest unit you've ever seen, but later on, it's quite a force to be 
    reckoned with, and the Archmage will usually be able to have 3-4 of them 
    fighting at one time. The Water Elemental is a tank. It has splash damage, 
    so it deals direct damage to one unit, then hurts the units around it a 
    little too. 
    Level 1 - 450 Hit Points, and a small amount of damage.
    Level 2 - 675 Hit Points, and a medium amount of damage.
    Level 3 - 900 Hit Points, and a large amount of damage.
    Brilliance Aura
    This is one of the better auras in the game. It makes all units around it 
    gain their mana back faster than normal. When the aura gets to level 3, you 
    pretty much never have to worry about not having enough mana, because when 
    you cast something, the mana will be back in a couple of seconds. It's very 
    helpful when you plan on using alot of spellcasters like priests and 
    sorceresses, because they'll never run out of mana to cast their spells.
    Level 1 - Adds 100% mana regeneration
    Level 2 - Adds 200% mana regeneration
    Level 3 - Adds 300% mana regeneration
    Mass Teleport
    This is the Arch Mages ultimate spell, meaning it only has skill level, and 
    that it's his most powerful spell. It's also one of the best spells in the 
    entire game. You can teleport your archmage, and up to 25 of your units to 
    another friendly unit on the map. This make sit really easy to prtect 
    expansions, because you just need to teleport over there. It also eliminates 
    the need to buy scrolls of Town Portal. There are many little tricks you can 
    do with this, like using a sorceress to cast invisibility on a unit, send it 
    to the back of an enemy base, and then mass teleport to it.
    [    ] Mountain King
    Gold:        500 | The Mountain King is also known as the "Hero Killer" His
    Lumber:      100 | Primary Attribute is Strength, which means he's going to 
    Food:          5 | be very strong. He can stun enemies with his hammer. He 
    PA:     Strength | can also turn into a giant, and get his stats boosted.
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  2    | 24       | 11      | 15           | 700        | 225
        2     |  3    | 27       | 12      | 16           | 775        | 240
        3     |  3    | 30       | 14      | 18           | 850        | 270
        4     |  4    | 33       | 15      | 19           | 925        | 285
        5     |  4    | 36       | 17      | 21           | 1000       | 315
        6     |  4    | 39       | 18      | 22           | 1075       | 330
        7     |  5    | 42       | 20      | 24           | 1150       | 360
        8     |  5    | 45       | 21      | 25           | 1225       | 375
        9     |  6    | 48       | 23      | 27           | 1300       | 405
       10     |  6    | 51       | 24      | 28           | 1375       | 420
    [    ] Paladin
    Gold:        500 | The Paladin is a mighty warrior. He can learn the divine 
    Lumber:      100 | shield, which prevents all magic and damage from doing 
    Food:          5 | anything to him. He can also heal his fellow units as well
    PA:     Strength | as ressurect dead units from the ground!
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  4    | 22       | 13      | 17           | 650        | 255
        2     |  4    | 24       | 14      | 18           | 700        | 270
        3     |  5    | 27       | 16      | 20           | 775        | 300
        4     |  5    | 30       | 17      | 22           | 850        | 330
        5     |  6    | 32       | 19      | 24           | 900        | 360
        6     |  6    | 35       | 20      | 26           | 975        | 390
        7     |  7    | 38       | 22      | 27           | 1050       | 405
        8     |  7    | 40       | 23      | 29           | 1100       | 435
        9     |  8    | 43       | 25      | 31           | 1175       | 465
       10     |  8    | 46       | 26      | 33           | 1250       | 495
                                    U N D E A D
    [    ] Death Knight
    Gold:        500 | This guy is one bad dude. He is mounted on a horse, which
    Lumber:      100 | is probbaly dead too, and he swings a mighty sword. Just
    Food:          5 | not on behalf of the good guys. His primary attribute is
    PA:     Strength | strength, which means he is fairly strong.
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  4    | 23       | 12      | 17           | 675        | 255
        2     |  4    | 25       | 13      | 18           | 725        | 270
        3     |  5    | 28       | 15      | 20           | 800        | 300
        4     |  5    | 31       | 16      | 22           | 875        | 330
        5     |  5    | 33       | 18      | 24           | 925        | 360
        6     |  6    | 36       | 19      | 26           | 1000       | 390
        7     |  6    | 39       | 21      | 27           | 1075       | 405
        8     |  7    | 41       | 22      | 29           | 1125       | 435
        9     |  7    | 44       | 24      | 31           | 1200       | 465
       10     |  8    | 47       | 25      | 33           | 1275       | 495
    [    ] Dreadlord
    Gold:        500 | This is my favorite Undead Hero. He is a strange looking 
    Lumber:      100 | demon with wings. He's also a melee fighter. He has the 
    Food:          5 | Vampiric Aura ability which makes all melee units around
    PA:     Strength | him gain hit points back when they attack. Very Useful.
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  3    | 20       | 16      | 18           | 600        | 270
        2     |  3    | 22       | 17      | 20           | 650        | 300
        3     |  3    | 25       | 18      | 23           | 725        | 345
        4     |  4    | 27       | 19      | 25           | 775        | 375
        5     |  4    | 30       | 20      | 28           | 850        | 420
        6     |  4    | 32       | 21      | 30           | 900        | 450
        7     |  5    | 35       | 22      | 33           | 975        | 495
        8     |  5    | 37       | 23      | 35           | 1025       | 525
        9     |  5    | 40       | 24      | 38           | 1100       | 570
       10     |  6    | 42       | 25      | 40           | 1150       | 600
    [    ] Lich
    Gold:        500 | This is the spell-casting Hero for the Undead. Most of his
    Lumber:      100 | spells have to dow ith cold. Like frost nova, or frost
    Food:          5 | shield. His ultimate is Death and Decay. It is excellent
    PA: Intelligence | at destroying groups of defensive towers.
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  2    | 13       | 14      | 20           | 425        | 300
        2     |  3    | 14       | 15      | 23           | 450        | 345
        3     |  3    | 16       | 16      | 26           | 500        | 390
        4     |  3    | 17       | 17      | 30           | 525        | 450
        5     |  3    | 19       | 18      | 33           | 575        | 495
        6     |  4    | 21       | 19      | 37           | 625        | 555
        7     |  4    | 22       | 20      | 40           | 650        | 600
        8     |  4    | 24       | 21      | 43           | 700        | 645
        9     |  5    | 25       | 22      | 47           | 725        | 705
       10     |  5    | 27       | 23      | 50           | 775        | 750
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 4.2                              Cheats                               4.2 |
    One Hit Kills...................................................whosyourdaddy 
    Reveal Map.....................................................iseedeadpeople 
    Instant Win..........................................allyourbasearebelongtous 
    Instant Loss...........................................somebodysetusupthebomb 
    Extended Play................................................strengthandhonor 
    No Spell Cool-Down..............................................thedudeabides 
    Disable Victory Conditions..........................................itvexesme 
    More Gold.........................................keysersoze [amount of Gold] 
    More Lumber.....................................leafittome [Amount of Lumber] 
    More Gold & Lumber.......................................greedisgood [number] 
    Quick Build...........................................................warpten 
    Quick Death.....................................................iocainepowder 
    No Food Limit......................................................pointbreak 
    Quick Research..................................................whoisjohngalt 
    Get Upgrades....................................................sharpandshiny 
    No Tech Tree Prerequsites.............................................synergy 
    Set Time...............................................daylightsavings [1-24] 
    Toggle Time Changing..........................................daylightsavings 
    Unlimited Mana.................................................thereisnospoon 
    Level Select........................................motherland [race] [level] 
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 4.3                          Item Listing                             4.3 |
    |                              5. Multiplayer                               |
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 5.1                           Battle.net                              5.1 |
     Battle.net Connection
    This is one of the most popular muliplayer options for Warcraft II. it 
    connects you to an online service where you can join or create your own games 
    and compete with up to 8 of your friends or complete starngers that don't 
    speak english for that matter. To connect, simply go to the battle.net option.
    It will turn to a new screen. If it needs to dial up to the internet, it will 
    minimize and start dialing. You might even have to connect manually before 
    you start to connect to b.net. Once in, select your user name and type in 
    your pass word. If you don't have an account, then go to "Create New Account"
    Direct Connect
    Well, if you have two computers in your house that are connected together 
    with a LAN, then you can play head to head, well, you also have to have 
    another copy of the game, so if you can, just burn one. After that, you 
    compete like it's a battle.net game. This type of game only supports two 
    people, so if you need more, go to battle.net.
    In this type of connection, two people can connect up their modems for a head 
    to head, or with computer opponents match up. To connect, one player must set 
    their option as "Call" and the other person set it as "answer" The person that
    has there's set as "Call" pushes connect. This will send a phone call to the 
    person set up as "answer" When the phone rings in that person's house, they 
    must push Connect. Then he will be dialed into the other persons modem. You 
    will be brought to a menu where you can choose your map, number of computers, 
    A "Clan" is a group of people on Battle.net. Almost like a club. They 
    usually have initials in front of their user name, example: {GF}BondsLegacy. 
    The initails could mean a lot of things, but in this case, they mean GameFAQs
    . Usually, the clan will hold tryouts where other members of the B.net 
    community will join the game and test their skills to see if they're good 
    enough to join the clan. Most clans will have their own channels. You know, 
    the chat room things. A lot of them even have something called a "bot" this 
    is a program that boots up and looks like a person inside of the channel, 
    except beside their name, it will say "Chat" Bots can do lots of things. 
    They can ban people from the channel, they can make it so that only the clan
    members can enter the channel, etc. They are found all over the net for 
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 5.2                          Types of Games                           5.2 |
    This is the most common type of game that you will find. You can have 
    computer players and human players in this game. The humans have the option 
    to "ally up" against other people or computers. That basically means that 
    there are teams. 
    Free For All
    The name should speak for itself. In this Type of game, you are pitted 
    against other human players. There are no computers and no option to ally up. 
    Fight for your life. You can have up to 8 people, which can get quite insane 
    when you don't know if somebody's being eliminated as you speak.
    One on One
    Just like it sounds. This mode only supports 2 people. Those 2 people go head 
    to head against each other. There is no computers and no allying option.
    Top versus Bottom
    This is a type of team battle game. One team is the Home Team (top) and the 
    others, the Away team (bottom) The game creator can move people from one team 
    to the other. Whoever is on your side is automatically allied when the game 
    Use Map Settings
    This type of game is meant for games that you or somebody else has created in 
    the scenario editor. It lets you play the game with all of the preset settings
    that were put into it. (ie. Start the game with 50 peons each)
    This is the competitive part of battle.net. It's almost like a contest. After 
    you have 10 wins off of normal games, you can enter ladder games. These games 
    can only be played on maps approved by blizzard. If you win, it is recorded 
    onto your record. If your record is good enough, you will be put on the top 
    100 list!
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 5.4                         Human Strategies                          5.4 |
    Strategy submitted by: Mano444
    Arch-Mage Rush.
    Build altar
    Build Farm
    Send rest of peasents to gold.
    Que 2 peasents.
    First on wood
    Second on gold
    Que 2 more peasents.
    Third on wood.
    Fourth to go scout.
    Altar and farm should be done.
    Altar peasent to go build lumber mill.
    Farm peasent to build another farm.
    Build Arch-Mage.
    Found enemy by now.
    Build barracks.
    Build smith.
    Send Arch-Mage to enemy base with Water Elemental skill.
    Harass enemy untill you have more troops then he does.
    KoTG, PoTM, 15-20 Archers, 5 huntresses, 1 DoTC, 2 Ballistas.
    KoTG has FoN to add treants to the meat shield, Druid casts roar, PoTM 
    should have true shot auroa.
    Strategy submitted by: Tomatt
    3 peasants to gold
    One to rax
    One to farm
    Que 4 Set rally point near barracks
    First peasant help rax
    SEt rally Point to gold
    WHen lumber gets down to 94 send peasant helping fast build to barracks to 
    gather lumber
    Farm finishes Send to lumber
    Rax Finishes Train 1 footman
    Lumber gets dropped back, enough for temple, Build temple
    you should have 1 peon almost done training, when he pops out have him help 
    fastbuild altar until you have a 0 at the end of your wood (YOu should have 
    a 5) when you have 20 wood have one of your peons build a farm.
    Now Keep pumping out footmen and get your hero, when you have your hero you 
    should have 5-6 footman. (Keep building farms too) 
    You should have 
    5 footman + Hero + 5 on gold + 3 on lumber + 1 building farm.
    Reasearch Defend IF your playing against NE. Start creeping, and go from 
    there what you want to do. This should help you in the beggining, and you 
    can fast expand out of it.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 5.5                         Undead Strategies                         5.5 |
    Strategy submitted by: Lyle Waldman
    Train 3 Acolyes at the beginning and mine with the 3 you have and the Ghoul 
    you have.  Send 2 of your new Acolytes to mine gold and the third to build a 
    Crypt.  First build a Crypt and while the Crypt is summoning, build a lot, 
    and I mean A LOT of Ziggurats.  As in WAY, WAY, WAY more than you will ever 
    need.  Build them around the border of your Blight.  After you're done that, 
    build a Graveyard.  Your Crypt should just be finishing as the Graveyard 
    finishes.  After the Graveyard's done, upgrade your Ziggurats to Spirit 
    Towers if you have the resources and build 3 more Ghouls.  If you want to do 
    an opening rush, build 5 ghouls to rush with.  You either won't have the 
    time or money to build more.  If you're not doing a rush build 3 and send 
    them to chop wood.  Upgrade your Necropolis to a Halls of the Dead whatever 
    you do, but first build an Altar of Darkness and train a Death Knight. Don't 
    build a Temp of the Damned.  I find it useless.  Build a Sacrificial Pit and 
    sac 1 Acolyte.  Be sure to replace it.  As your base loses space, build more 
    Spirit Towers to increase the borders.  I wouldn't reccommend destroying the 
    other ones but you can if you want.  Next build a Slaughterhouse.  (You can 
    do the last 5 steps in any order you want.  In fact I would reccommend 
    building the Slaughterhouse first).  After the Sacrificial Pit is up and 
    running, upgrade your Halls to a Citadel.  Research Web, Freezing Breath, 
    Disease Cloud (if you want), and upgrade your units to the max at your 
    Graveyard.  Reccomended army and group numbers (This is what I use):
    1-4X Abomination
    2-4X Crypt Fiend with Web on Autocast
    3-3X Meat Wagon
    4-4X Gargoyle
    5-4X Frost Wyrm with Freezing Breath
    F1-Death Knight
    Once you have this, go on an all-out attack immediately.  This army uses up 
    over 70 food and you'll have high upkeep for a little while so get rid of 
    some of your units ASAP.  Once your army dies or even while it's fighting, 
    replenish it exactly as it is here.  Be sure to co-ordinate an attack with 
    an ally so you don't get beaten.
    Recommended Death Knight abilities and levels:
    1 (Starting): Death Coil lvl1
    2: Undead Aura (or whatever it's called) lvl1
    3: Death Coil lvl2 or (Second spell) lvl1
    4: Whatever you didn't do at lvl3
    5: Undead Aura lvl2 or Death Coil lvl3
    6: Animate Dead
    7: Whatever you didn't do at lvl5
    8: Second Spell lvl2 or Undead aura lvl3
    9: whatever you didn't do at lvl9
    10: Max out the remaining skill
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 5.6                          Orc Strategies                           5.6 |
    Strategy submitted by: Defy Unbanned
    Heres the strategy and build order to accompany this strategy, you can use 
    it if you like: 
    Beginning 5 Peons are sent to mine gold while you queue 5 more peons at the 
    great hall.  The first peon that comes out goes and builds a burrow.  The 
    second builds a barracks and the next three through five go to gather wood.  
    Once the peon building the burrow is done, use the same one to build an altar
    .  Once the peon building the barracks, he should build an additional burrow 
    while building grunts.  Once the altar is completed, that peon should build 
    a war mill.  Once the additional burrow is completed, go gather wood with 
    that peon while training a farseer.  Continue pumping out grunts till you 
    have 4 and by this time, your hero should be ready.  Start your creeping by 
    first clearing your expansion.  While creeping and microing your units, you 
    have a choice here.  Either upgrade to a stronghold and soon to fortress to 
    start making Bloodlust shamans or you can expand and hold off the bloodlust 
    Heres a quick summary: 
    • Starting 5 Peons : Mine gold 
    • Queue 5 Peons at Great Hall. 
    • 1st Peon : Build Burrow 
    • 2nd Peon : Build Barracks 
    • 3rd-5th Peon : Gather Wood 
    • 1st Peon after building Burrow : Build Altar 
    • 2nd Peon after building Barracks : Build Burrow 
    *Note - as soon as your Barracks is completed, start pumping out grunts 
    [So far you should have 5 on Gold, 3 on Wood, 2 Burrows, 1 Altar, 1 Barracks] 
    1st Peon after building Altar : Gather Wood 
    2nd Peon after building Burrow : Build War Mill 
    (note: once your burrow is completed, continue pumping out grunts and train 
    your hero, which for this strategy I would prefer using a Farseer) 
    Once your Farseer is done, you should have around 4 Grunts ready.  Start 
    creeping with first clearing out your expansion.  Continue creeping after.  
    While creeping, build another burrow and continue pumping our grunts while 
    upgrading your Great Hall to a Stronghold.  Once your Stronghold is 
    completed, build 2 Spirit Lodges.  1 will build shamans while the other 
    upgrades.  By this time, it would be a great idea to have an expansion while 
    upgrading to a Fortress.  Once your Fortress is completed, upgrade the 
    Shamans in your Spirit Lodge while continuing to build grunts and Shamans.  
    Once you have around 4 Shamans and grunts along with a high leveled hero, 
    it's time to attack.  The quicker you tech to bloodlust, the higher the 
    chance to clear them in 1 good sweep.  While I have listed most of the 
    required steps, Expanding earlier might mean acquiring Bloodlust a little 
    later but if you prefer that, go right ahead. 
    first clearing out your expansion.  Continue creeping after.  While 
    creeping, build another burrow and continue pumping our grunts while 
    upgrading your Great Hall to a Stronghold.  Once your Stronghold is 
    completed, build 2 Spirit Lodges.  1 will build shamans while the other 
    upgrades.  By this time, it would be a great idea to have an expansion while 
    upgrading to a Fortress.  Once your Fortress is completed, upgrade the 
    Shamans in your Spirit Lodge while continuing to build grunts and Shamans.  
    Once you have around 4 Shamans and grunts along with a high leveled hero, 
    it's time to attack.  The quicker you tech to bloodlust, the higher the 
    chance to clear them in 1 good sweep.  While I have listed most of the 
    required steps, Expanding earlier might mean acquiring Bloodlust a little 
    later but if you prefer that, go right ahead. 
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 5.7                       Night Elves Strategies                      5.7 |
                       • U N D E R  C O N S T R U C T I O N •
    |                               6. Last Words                               |
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 6.1                     Frequently Asked Questions                    6.1 |
    Question: May I use this FAQ on my site?
    Answer:   No. This FAQ is for exclusive use on GameFAQs and Neoseeker
    Question: Why did you write all this?
    Answer:   Because I have a lot of spare time. </sarcasm>
    Question: I need to ask you about something not included in the FAQ, what do 
              I do?
    Answer:   Check the Contact Info section. Contact me by one of the methods 
              mentioned there
    Question: I found an error in your FAQ, what do I do?
    Answer:   Check the Contact Info section. Contact me by one of the methods 
              mentioned there
    Question: How do I creat more Heroes?
    Answer:   In single player, you cant. In multiplayer, you can create a 
              maximum of 3, using an altar
    Question: How come I get so much lag in multiplayer games?
    Answer:   It can be a lot fo things. Maybe youre connection is too slow 
              (rarely the case) or your computers too slow. Try decreasing the 
    Question: How do I get to the map editor?
    Answer:   The world editor is located in the WarCraft III folder, look in the 
              start menu
    Question: I saw different WarCraft III box arts, does the game change in each 
    Answer:   No. It's just a different box.
    Question: What's the Collectors Edition?
    Answer:   A limited edition set of WarCraft III stuff. You get posters, 
              signed instruction book, a DVD, and the sound track.
    Question: When are you going to finish the FAQ?
    Answer:   I work on it one day at a time. Depends on if I'm working or not 
    Question: What video card do i need to run WarCraft III?
    Answer:   Anything above a GeForce 2 MX, should be fine.
    Question: I can't beat the Orc campaign!
    Answer:   Well, keep trying!
    Question: Do you like to talk about WarCraft III in instant messengers?
    Answer:   If I'm in the right mood, and if you aren't asking questions that 
              can be answered in this guide.
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 6.2                          Contact Info                             6.2 |
    You REALLY want to contact me? Well, there are a few ground rules that I 
    go by, so look below.
    1 - If you ask me a question and the answer is located in this FAQ, I will 
        not bother replying to you by email. I may perhaps tell you if it's an 
        IM and I'm in a good mood however.
    2 - No psychos! I deal with enough of those in real life. I don't need to 
        deal with them in my 'other' life.
    3 - Webmasters. Don't even bother asking for permission to use this on your 
        website. It's for strict use off GameFAQs, and sometimes Neoseeker.
    4 - If you have tips on a section of the game, send them to an author who 
        doesn't have their guide marked "Final Version" - This applies only if my
        guide is currently a final version.
    5 - Don't use me as somethign to come crying to right away, use me as a 
        back-up     plan. Think through the game yourself, I did..
    Well, that's all for now. More things to come as people annoy me. Now, for 
    my actual contact info:
    Email - celicafan86 '@' hotmail '.' com
    AOL Instant Messenger - OA Punisher
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 6.3                          Credits/Thanks                           6.3 |
    This FAQ would not have been possible/as good as it is, if it weren't for 
    the following people:
       ~ CJayC - Webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com. He hosts a lot of the videogame 
                 FAQs I make and I'm grateful for that.
       ~ Blizzard - They've been teasing us with screen shots, etc of this game 
                    for about a year now, the game is finally here and it really
                    does live up to the hype.
       ~ You - For taking the time to read my guide.
       ~ My friends - For making me go out and buy this game
      ___                                                                   ___
     /   \_________________________________________________________________/   \
    | 6.4                         Copyright Info                            6.4 |
      Copyright 2002 Ryan Kavanagh (Bonds Legacy). This FAQ and everything 
    included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form  
    (physical, electronically, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely 
    accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and unaltered  
    format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money 
    would be made from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in
    any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of
    bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is 
    therefore prohibited.
      Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors, employees  
    or associates, etc. of any company, group, business, or association, etc.
    nor can it be used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in magazines
    guides, books, etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic media 
    (including mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form 
    (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the express written 
    permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, 
    Ryan Kavanagh. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected 
    that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
      This FAQ was written for GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) only. I don't want it 
    to be put up on any other web site and am not above explaining this to your 
    ad banner guys or whoever else I can get a hold of if you decide to violate 
    this disclaimer.
      To continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected by the 
    Berne Copyright Convention of 1976, not to mention International Copyright
    Law. Remember that plagiarism is a crime, and that this is a copyrighted 
    work--stealing from this guide is putting yourself at risk, plain and simple,
    because the law is on my side. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ  
    (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions, comments,
    or corrections, to the address above.
                 ~ End of File, Copyright 2002 (c) Ryan Kavanagh ~

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