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    Human FAQ/Walkthrough by Nexxt

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                    Game............................WarCraft III
                    Guide..............................Human FAQ
                    Platform...................Personal Computer
                    Author.........................Ryan Kavanagh
                    Last Updated.................Augest 03, 2002
                    Email.............brutalican '@' hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    01 - Updates and Revisions
    02 - Units
    03 - Buildings
    04 - Heroes
    05 - Campaign Walkthrough
    06 - Copyright Info
    01. Updates and Revisions
    Augest 03, 2002
    • Typed up the guide, because there isn't a human FAQ on GameFAQs.com
    02. Units
    Gold:       90   | The peasant is your grunt worker. He will collect gold 
    Lumber:     0    | from the mines, or collect lumber from the trees, whatever
    Hit Points: 220  | you want him to do. If he needs to, he will also join the
    Armor:      0    | militia, which gives him a sword, making him able to fight
    Gold:       160  | The footman is your basic melee unit. He fights with a 
    Lumber:     0    | trusty sword by his side. When accompanied by other units
    Hit Points: 420  | a footman can be of help, but if you just mass produce 
    Armor:      2    | footmen late in the game, your just setting yourself up.
    Gold:       240  | The Rifleman is a good unit overall. He is equipped with a
    Lumber:     30   | large rifle, which is where his name originated from. He 
    Hit Points: 520  | is a ranged fighter, meaning he can attack an enemy from 
    Armor:      0    | a distance. WHich is a great advantage for you.
    Gold:       290  | Your horse mounted melee fighter. A Knight is quite a bit 
    Lumber:     60   | stornger than a footman, and add to the case that he's 
    Hit Points: 800  | faster, due to being mounted on a horse, he is without a 
    Armor:      0    | doubt, the best melee fighter the Human's have to offer.
    Gold:       160  | The Priest is a healer, not a fighter, although if things 
    Lumber:     60   | get rough, he'll step in and try his hardest. Not only can
    Hit Points: 220  | he heal, but he has other spells too, both offensive, and
    Armor:      0    | defensive. Things like rasing defence, and rasing strength
    Gold:       180  | A magic casting unit, the sorceress can play an important 
    Lumber:     20   | role in the battelfield. She can decrease or even stop the 
    Hit Points: 250  | speed of enemy soldiers, leaving them pretty much 
    Armor:      0    | defenseless. She can also cloak one of your units.
    Mortar Team
    Gold:       210  | The mortar team is great. A long distance attack that has
    Lumber:     70   | splash damage as well. You can also use the team to 
    Hit Points: 380  |destroy trees. Use this to your advantage, and try to 
    Armor:      0    | get rid of the enemies trees, which means no more lumber.
    Gold:       220  | These copters are like scouts. They are very fast, so you 
    Lumber:     60   | can fly them around the map to locate the enemies base. 
    Hit Points: 350  | It can learn true sight, which lets it see cloacked 
    Armor:      2    | enemies. It can also upgrade to be able to attack ground.
    Steam Tank
    Gold:       230  | This unit is a mixed bag of feelings, that's for sure. It
    Lumber:     60   | can attack enemy buildings for large amounts of damage, 
    Hit Points  700  | but it wont attack enemy units. Just make sure you've 
    Armor:      2    | already sent the infantry in, to clear up the enmies units
    Gryphon Rider
    Gold:       330  | This is the heavy hitter for the Humans. The Rider can  
    Lumber:     70   | throw hammers at people. Well, that might not sound so 
    Hit Points: 650  | amazing, but i guess the hammer picks up velocity, because
    Armor:      0    | it does a fair amount of damage.
    03. Buildings
    Town Hall
    Gold:       450  | The town hall is your basic building. dont leave home 
    Lumber:     150  | without it! You can upgrade it twice. The first time, it 
    Hit Points: 1500 | turns into a Keep, the second time, into a castle. When it
    Armor:      5    | reaches Castle status you will be able to produce anything
    Gold:       240  | The Barracks produces your battle ready units. The Humans
    Lumber:     80   | have three units that come from a barracks; Footmen,
    Hit Points: 1800 | Knights, and Riflemen. Having 2 Barracks' is handy because
    Armor:      5    | that means you can produce two units simultaneously
    Lumber Mill
    Gold:       170  | When you build a lumber mill, any workers gathering lumber
    Lumber:     0    | will head to eith the toen hall, or the lumber mill; which
    Hit Points: 900  | ever is closer. You can use the mill to upgrade how well
    Armor:      5    | your peasants gather lumber; carrying more lumber.
    Gold:       240  | The Blacksmith helps you get the latest weaponry, in a  
    Lumber:     50   | matter of minutes. You don't train units here though, it's 
    Hit Points: 1200 | strictly for upgrading your units. You can increase their
    Armor:      5    | defense, attack rating, range, etc.
    Gold:       80   | The Farm is a mandatory building. It provides food for 
    Lumber:     20   | your units. You cannot create more units, if you don't
    Hit Points: 700  | have the food for them to eat. Each farm will provide six
    Armor:      5    | food, and the maximum is 90. Try to group them together.
    Arcane Sanctum
    Gold:       210  | Do you want magic units in your army? If you do, then this 
    Lumber:     70   | is a building that you should be looking at. You can make
    Hit Points: 1050 | priests and Sorceresses, as well as upgrades for each unit
    Armor:      5    | class. Use their abilities well. 
    Altar of Kings
    Gold:       300  | The stats of this building are nothing to write home about
    Lumber:     100  | but what it does is incredible. It lets you summon Heros!
    Hit Points: 900  | Your first Hero is free of cost, but it will take 5 food
    Armor:      5    | to keep him there. The altar can also revive dead Heros.
    Gold:       240  | The Workshop allows you to build Gyrocopters, Mortar Teams
    Lumber:     50   | and Steam Tanks. Some pretty powerful units. The workshop 
    Hit Points: 1200 | also contains upgrades for the gyrocopter to attack the 
    Armor:      5    | the ground, and lets the mortar teams see more of the map.
    Scout Tower
    Gold:       80   | The Scout Tower is just that, a tower that scouts. it 
    Lumber:     20   | doesn't do any attacks...yet. You ahve two options for
    Hit Points: 500  | upgrading it. A guard tower, which is good for close range
    Armor:      5    | or a Cannon Tower, which is good for large groups of ememy
    Gryphon Aviary
    Gold:       250  | The aviary lets you train gryphon riders. They are dwarves
    Lumber:     120  | that ride ont he backs of gryphons throwing large hammers 
    Hit Points  1200 | at the enemy. You can get an upgrade here that allows the 
    Armor:      5    | hammer to travel through one enemy, and hit another.
    04. Heroes
    [    ] Archmage
    Gold:        500 | The Archmage is a very powerful spell-caster. He can 
    Lumber:      100 | summon a water elemental, cause a blizzard of mass 
    Food:          5 | destruction, and even mass teleport nearby units to a 
    PA: Intelligence | different location on the map!
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     | 3     | 14       | 17      | 19           | 450        | 285
        2     | 3     | 15       | 18      | 22           | 475        | 330
        3     | 4     | 17       | 19      | 25           | 525        | 375
        4     | 4     | 19       | 20      | 28           | 575        | 420
        5     | 4     | 21       | 21      | 31           | 625        | 465
        6     | 5     | 23       | 22      | 35           | 675        | 525
        7     | 5     | 24       | 23      | 38           | 700        | 570
        8     | 5     | 26       | 24      | 41           | 750        | 615
        9     | 6     | 28       | 25      | 44           | 800        | 660
       10     | 6     | 30       | 26      | 47           | 850        | 705
    [    ] Mountain King
    Gold:        500 | The Mountain King is also known as the "Hero Killer" His
    Lumber:      100 | Primary Attribute is Strength, which means he's going to 
    Food:          5 | be very strong. He can stun enemies with his hammer. He 
    PA:     Strength | can also turn into a giant, and get his stats boosted.
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  2    | 24       | 11      | 15           | 700        | 225
        2     |  3    | 27       | 12      | 16           | 775        | 240
        3     |  3    | 30       | 14      | 18           | 850        | 270
        4     |  4    | 33       | 15      | 19           | 925        | 285
        5     |  4    | 36       | 17      | 21           | 1000       | 315
        6     |  4    | 39       | 18      | 22           | 1075       | 330
        7     |  5    | 42       | 20      | 24           | 1150       | 360
        8     |  5    | 45       | 21      | 25           | 1225       | 375
        9     |  6    | 48       | 23      | 27           | 1300       | 405
       10     |  6    | 51       | 24      | 28           | 1375       | 420
    [    ] Paladin
    Gold:        500 | The Paladin is a mighty warrior. He can learn the divine 
    Lumber:      100 | shield, which prevents all magic and damage from doing 
    Food:          5 | anything to him. He can also heal his fellow units as well
    PA:     Strength | as ressurect dead units from the ground!
        Level | Armor | Strength | Agility | Intelligence | Hit Points | Mana 
        1     |  4    | 22       | 13      | 17           | 650        | 255
        2     |  4    | 24       | 14      | 18           | 700        | 270
        3     |  5    | 27       | 16      | 20           | 775        | 300
        4     |  5    | 30       | 17      | 22           | 850        | 330
        5     |  6    | 32       | 19      | 24           | 900        | 360
        6     |  6    | 35       | 20      | 26           | 975        | 390
        7     |  7    | 38       | 22      | 27           | 1050       | 405
        8     |  7    | 40       | 23      | 29           | 1100       | 435
        9     |  8    | 43       | 25      | 31           | 1175       | 465
       10     |  8    | 46       | 26      | 33           | 1250       | 495
    05. Campaign Walkthrough
                       Chapter 1 - The Defense of Strahnbrad
    Main Quest:                 Optional Quest:           Optional Quest:
    Defend Strahnbrad           Timmy                     BanditLord 
    -------------------------   -----------------------   ----------------------
    • Travel to Strahnbrad      • Rescue Timmy            • Slay The Bandit Lord
    • Defeat the Slave Master   • Slay Gnoll Kidnappers   • Arthas must survive
    • Arthas must survive       • Arthas must survive
                              • Defend Strahnbrad •
    For the main quest, all you have to do is defend Strahnbrad from the Orcs. 
    It's fairly simple to do. Just head down the path south east. They already 
    show you where Strahnbrad is, so you just need to follow the path to get 
    there. When you reach the gates of the town, a few Orc units will slaughter 
    villagers. Quickly take care of the orcs. Then, head up into the town. The 
    Slave Master is in the northwest part of the city. You'll know you're there 
    when a cut scene takes over. Now, you have to defeat the Slavemaster and his 
    guards. I suggest going after the guards first, because they're easier to 
    kill. When they're dead, you can concentrate on the SlaveMaster. When he's 
    dead, the main quest is complete.
                                   • Timmy •
    So, you want to save poor little Timmy, huh? Well, when the chapter begins, 
    head south, through the town. At the bottom is a villager with an 
    exclamation mark over his head. Go near him, and he'll run inside and get 
    his armor and weapons. You now have two new footmen. Now, head right a 
    little, and you will see a woman willager with an exclmation mark over her 
    head. It seems the Gnolls have come and kidnapped her little Timmy. It's 
    your job to get him back. Head northeast, along the forest path. You'll come 
    to a Gnoll Camp with three level 1 gnolls. Kill them, and click on Timmy's 
    cage. His mom will come running and give you a reward; a ring of protection.
                                 • Banditlord •
    To slay the Bandit, head along the path that you would normally follow, as 
    if you were going to Strahnbrad. When you get near the bridge, you'll see a
    couple monsters attacking a few villagers. Help them out. The monsters will 
    runa way. They seem to have stolen the villagers ledger, and without it, his 
    farm will surely die. Head southeast, down the path to find the BandidtLord. 
    Kill him, get the ledger, and bring it back to the villager. You get a Tome 
    of Strength as a reward.
                           Chapter 2 - Blackrock & Roll
    Main Quest:              Main Quest:                Optional Quest:
    Establish Base           Blademaster                Searinox 
    ----------------------   ------------------------   ---------------------
    • Construct a Barracks   • Defeat the Blademaster   • Bring heart of 
    • Construct two farms    • Arthas Must Survive        Searinox to Feranor
    • Train six footmen                                 • Slay Searinox
                                • Establish Base •
    The first main quest is fairly simple. You dont start off with much, so 
    train a peasant to construct your buildings. Make a Barracks first thing, as 
    you will need some defense. The enemy will almost always attack you through 
    the east side of the base, so have most of your defense go into that area. 
    AFter the Barracks is done, construct your farms. Then, just keep training 
    footmen. You can build a blacksmith to train riflemen if you want. 
                                  • Blademaster •
    Anyways, make sure you have a pretty big force, and that you're ready to do 
    this. Now, head out of your base and go to the right to find a blacksmith. 
    The owner will offer you an optional quest, and he will give you a couple of 
    riflemen. That should help you with the Blademaster. There are two ways you 
    can go after the Blademaster. Either go northeast, right up the pathway to 
    him, or head north, and take out the Orc base first, then move your troops 
    to the right and take him out. It doesn't really matter which way you decide 
    to go, as they both have their advantages. 
                                   • Searinox •
    To get the Seainox quest, head out of your base to the right to find a 
    couple elves, with a blacksmith. They will offer you the quest, and give you 
    a couple riflemen. You also get to use their blacksmith now, so I suggest 
    building more riflemen before you go after Searinox. Searinox is in the 
    bottom right hand corner of the map. You'll have to go through a few other 
    dragons to get to him. he's level 8, so he's fairly powerful too. ANyways, 
    attack him with everything you have, but remember, he's an air unit, so you 
    can't use footmen against him. When he's dead, bring his heart back tot he 
    eleves to get your reward; an orb of fire.
                        Chapter 3 - Ravages of the Plague
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:                 Optional Quest: 
    Investigation           Grain                       Fountain of Health 
    ---------------------   -------------------------   -------------------------
    • Explore Countryside   • Destroy Grain Warehouse   • Find Fountain of Health
    • Arthas must survive
    • Jaina must survive
                                • Investigation •
    You start out the chapter with Arthas, Jaina, and a few footmen. Head north 
    up the path and talk to the villager with the exclamation mark. She will 
    tell you something is happening to the bridge of ahead. Head up the bridge 
    and the workers will tell you that the bridge has been destroyed. Head 
    northeast, along the trail. Head past the farm to find some bandits 
    slaughtering the villagers. Killt he bandits, then talk to the villager with 
    the exclamation mark. You will be given a potion of greater healing, and an 
    optional quest. Anyways, cross the river by following the pathway underwater.
    This place is full of murlocs, so destroy any that you come across. 
    When you reach dry land, you'll see a battle raging between human, and 
    undead, join in and help. Whent eh battle's over, select all remaining 
    troops, and be on your way, keep following the path up towards the top left 
    corner. The path curves and starts heading south. Follow it. You'll be 
    ambushed by some undead guards, destroy them. A cut scene will trigger. 
    Afterwards, destroy the infected granary, and continue down the path. Once 
    again, you'll be ambushed, so be careful,a nd take out the undead. When you 
    reach the town, you will aqquire two priests, they can heal your units, so 
    they're fairly valuable. Keep goin left. 
                                    • Grain •
    Keep heading left to find a couple skeleton archers. Kill them, and keep 
    going along the path. You'll come across a mortar team firing at a group of 
    skeletons. Help them defeat the skeletons and othe rundeads that come out of 
    nowhere, and you get to keep the mortar team in your party. Now, head north. 
    When you reach the grain factory, a cut scene will trigger. Afterwards, you 
    must defeat the remaining undead, and destroy the factory. There is an 
    abomination here, so be careful, and take it out as quickly as possible. 
    Then, go for the factory, and it's mission complete.
                              • Fountain of Health •
    The Fountain of Life quest is really easy. From the broken bridge, follow 
    the path until you see a villager with an exclmation mark over his head, 
    talk to him to recieve the quest. A little light flashes on your minimap, 
    and it tells you exactly where the fountain is, you just have to get there. 
    Go along the chapter as you normally would. Then, steer off the path when 
    you see it, to be taken to the fountain of health. It heals all your guys, 
    so you should go to it, if your battalion is suffering.
                          Chapter 4 - Cult of the Damned
    Main Quest:            Main Quest:
    Investigate Andorhal   Kel'Thuzad
    --------------------   -----------------
    • Explore Andorhal     • Find Kel'Thuzad
                             • Investigate Andorhol •
    When you start the chapter, your base will be building. When your three main 
    buildings are done, select your barracks, and get some footmen. When you 
    feel you have a pretty good force, start heading north. You'll encounter 
    some undead almost immediately. Keep going. You'll see a villager women get 
    slaughtered by an undead, kill him. Now, start heading northward. You'll 
    encounter an undead base, but dont worry, it's basically unguarded. Take out 
    the units first, then start attacking the buildings. Be careful of the 
    spirit tower in the top right, as well as the necropolis, that shoots 
    energy beams at you. Once you are done with the base, head north again, into 
    the city to trigger a cut scene.
                                  • Kel'Thuzad •
    Now, you must track down Kel'Thuzad. You'll find him if you follow the north 
    path, but i suggest getting more units first, because he has some pretty 
    good body guards. Anyways, take down the abominations, and run into the 
    clearing where Kel'Thuzad is. Cut him down like meatloaf, and you will be 
    rewarded with another cut scene. Mission: Complete.
                       Chapter 5 - March of the Scourge
    Main Quest:                    Optional Quest: 
    Defend Hearthglen              Grain Caravan
    ----------------------------   -------------
    • Survive for thirty minutes   • Destroy Grain Caravan
                               • Defend Hearthglen •
    This mission is pretty easy, as long as you build a decent defense. The 
    enemy will usually attack through the north gates, so make sure you have a 
    lot of defense up there. The second most attacked is the west gate. The east 
    gate doesn't get attacked until the last minute or so, so you don't really 
    need to spend time worrying about it. The best form of defense are towers. 
    Build a wall of scout towers at each gateway, and upgrade them into guard 
    towers. Then, build another wall of scout towers behind the first, upgrading 
    them into cannon towers. That will stop most forces, but ti helps to have 
    extra firepower. Build a bunch of mortar teams, and position them at each 
    gate. Riflemen don't exactly hurt either. That's about all the defensive 
    strategies I have for this level. Good luck, and happy survival...
                                 • Grain Caravan •
    To destroy the grain caravan, get an army together and go to the town in 
    front of the last place is was visiting. Either wait for it there, or head 
    down the path and meet it halfway. It's composed of some heavy duty 
    equipment, so be careful. You're going to want to keep an eye on the 
    ever advancing undead coming to your base as well. When you defeat the 
    caravan, you will get a medallion of courage, and a scroll of town portal as 
                              Chapter 6 - The Culling
    Main Quest:
    Culling of Straholme
    • Destroy Plagued Villagers Houses
    • Kill 100 zombies
    • Stop Mal'Ganis from claiming 100 zombies
                             • Culling of Stratholme •
    This mission can be easy or hard, depending on how you play it. Basically, 
    the idea is that you kill 100 zombi villagers, before Mal'Ganis claims them 
    for his army. Try to quickly build a decent army, and send them to the first 
    town you see. Start destroying the houses, to let the villagers out. It's 
    best to kill them before they turn into the undead, because it's faster. Just
    press "A" and select the villager you want to attack. I also suggest to keep 
    on building reinforcements. If your score is higher than Mal'Ganis' then 
    he's probably going to bring his elite guards and come find you. If this 
    happens, you're forced to fight. Take out Mal Ganis last, because he 
    regenerates in about 2 minutes after his death. The undead will also attack 
    your base, so make sure you have some spare troops lying around. You may 
    also have to use call to arms to turn your peasants into the militia. It 
    isn't too hard to beat this. If you have mortar teams, it's faster to blow 
    up the houses so that you can kill the villagers.
                         Chapter 7 - The Shores of Nothrend
    Main Quest:             Main Quest:                 Optional Quest:
    Establish Base          Mal'Ganis                   Rescue Team
    ---------------------   -------------------------   -------------------------
    • Locate a Gold Mine    • Destroy Mal'Ganis' Base   • Rescue the Dwarven Base
    • Arthas Must Survive
                                 • Establish Base •
    Now, head southeast, and you will almost immediately be attacked by a pack 
    of wolves. Kill them, and continue along the path. You'll see another pack 
    of wolves at a fork in the path. Kill them. Now, you can go north,a nd fight 
    some creeps to get experience, or you can go east, towards the gold mine you 
    need to locate. The choice is yours. Just make sure that in the end, you 
    head towards the gold mine. You'll see another fork in the road, and the 
    same rules apply. Go north to fight creeps, or east towards the gold mine. 
    When the path curves northward, just keep following it until a cut scene is 
                                    • Mal'Ganis •
    Well, now you have a base, you just need an attack force to go after 
    Mal'Ganis. So, get to work. Develop an army capable of hitting hard, and 
    fast. You'll need quite a few riflemen, because undead gargoyles are going 
    to be coming after you alot. You're also going to want at least three mortar 
    teams. Melee ground units are a must too. Don't build too many footmen, try 
    to concentrate more on the knights. Upgrade all the units you plan to attack 
    with as well. When you think you're ready, start heading up the northwest 
    path. Mal'Ganis has quite a few spirt towers, so that's where the mortar 
    teams will come in handy. So, basically, you just storm in there and kick the
    crap out of the base. It's fairly easy, as it's not a big base. Good Luck.
                                   • Rescue Team •
    The optional quest in this chapter, is to recue muradins base. It is trapped 
    in the upper right hand corner of the map. The undead have built a base 
    right in front of it! It's small base though. Consisting of three spirit 
    towers, a graveyard and a necropolis. You should be able to take it out with 
    a few mortar teams, and your heroes. When the base is degeated, you will 
    gain control of mUradins old base, giving you all the units along with it. 
                             Chapter 8 - Dissension
    Main Quests: 
    Burn the Boats
    • Destroy the five ships before time runs out
                              • Burn the Boats •
    This chapter, once again, is fairly easy. You have to destroy five boats in 
    25 minutes. Grab your heroes and mortar teams, and follow the trail to the 
    northwest of base camp. Follow the path until you come across some undead. 
    Kil them, and continue downt he path. When you reach the spirit tower, get 
    your mortar teams to rip it to shreds. A little further down the road is a 
    mercenary camp. Get a hero to go up to it and buy some mercenaries. Then, 
    highlight your new party, and head south, then west. Use the mortars to take 
    out the spirit towers here, then run in with your melee fighters and take 
    out enemy units. Dont worry about buildings, there's no time. Destroy your 
    ship at the southern end of the base. Then, cross the bridge and head south 
    until you reach the next boat, destroy it too. Then, head across the river, 
    and start going north. 
    Buy some goblin sappers from the lbratory to blow an opening in tress. Then, 
    put your men through, and destroy the boat. Now, head north, and go around 
    the bend. There is a pathway here with spirit towers on either side. You can 
    use your mortars to take them out if you want, but I did it the old fasioned 
    way; I ran right down the center. Anyways, however you decide to do it, get 
    to the other side. There is a ship right there, so destroy it, and continue 
    down the path. You're in for a pretty big battle right here, so I hope you 
    have a lot of mercenaries. Either defeat all the abominations and other 
    undead, or just run through them and get to the last ship. The choice is 
    yours, just make sure you have someone who has a ranged attack.
                             Chapter 9 - Frostmourne
    Main Quest:              Main Quest:
    Frostmourne              Mal'Ganis
    ----------------------   -------------------------
    • Locate Frostmourne     • Destroy Mal'Ganis' Base
    • Arthas must survive
    • Muradin must survive
                                 • Frostmourne •
    Frostmourne huh? Well, if it'll help defeat Mal'Ganis...When you start, grab 
    all your units, and move them north to encounter a pack of white wolves. 
    Destroy them and continue. You'll come across a couple more wolves, but kill 
    them, and just keep on going. When you get to the graveyard, you will be 
    ambushed by skeletons, so be prepared. When you get to the end of the path, 
    a level 10 guardian will start talking to you. While he's talking, activate 
    Muridins avatar ability. When he's done talking, sick all your troops on the 
    guardian. Forget about the other guys. When he's defeated, the other's 
    disappear, and a cut scene is triggered.
                                   • Mal'Ganis •
    Destroy Mal'Ganis' base? That sounds familiar...Anyways, his base is a 
    little bigger than before, but don't fret, because you can now build steam 
    tanks and gryphons. To take his base, i suggest having two teams, one with 
    three steam tanks, three gyrphons, four mortar teams and two gyrocopters 
    with the ground bomb. The other Team should be Arthas, the captain, five 
    knights, and five riflemen. You don;t have to use that team, it's just that 
    I find things easier. Well, when you have an army, head north, straight up. 
    Destroy Mal'Ganis' expansion here. Then, head east to find his real base. 
    There are two entrances. A northern one, and a southern one. I reccomend 
    going through the soughtern one. Anyways, the idea is to use the steam tanks 
    and mortars to take out buildings, the gryphons, and riflemen to take out 
    the enemies arial support, and everything else to just kill enemy ground 
    units. When his base is destroyed, a cut scene persists, and then, it's the 
    end of the Human campaign.
    06. Copyright Info
      Copyright 2002 Ryan Kavanagh (Bonds Legacy). This FAQ and everything 
    included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form  
    (physical, electronically, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely 
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                 ~ End of File, Copyright 2002 (c) Ryan Kavanagh ~

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