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    Hard Mode Campaign Guide by MNovakouski

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Name: Marc Novakouski
    Email: bahamut_026@hotmail.com
    Game: Warcraft III
    Guide: Hard Mode Campaign Strategy Guide
    Date: 10-20-02
    Version: 1.1
    Warcraft 3 is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.  This guide is not 
    in any way associated or endorsed by Blizzard.
    Copyright 2002 Marc Novakouski
    Anyone can use this guide (or parts of it) for public or private use, 
    as long as said use is non-profit and proper credit is given to the 
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    Version History
    1.1	Added reader comments sections, 
         Under the Burning Sky Ultimate Strategy.
    1.0  All Basic Strategies Complete.
    Planned updates (if demand is sufficient or I'm bored)
    -General advanced strategies section.  Everything in one place.
    -Listing of all objectives and brief thoughts for each.
    -Listing of all secrets, though I still suggest you read the secrets 
    faq that already exists
    Contact Info
    Any serious questions for Warcraft III may be directed to the above 
    email.  Note that I wrote this as a reference for people playing the 
    game on Hard Difficulty, so I expect (within reasonable limits) anyone 
    referencing this document to have completed the game on Normal.  
    Therefore I most likely will not respond to any questions which can be 
    answered in the normal course of playing the game.  I will also not 
    bother answering anything I specifically answer within the body of the 
    faq, any insults, flames, or intentionally stupid questions.  I Will 
    answer requests for clarifications or specifics on my strategies, if it 
    is not clear below.  Some areas within the faq, such as the various 
    secrets sections or the names of specific items you can find, I have 
    not included as I don't feel it's necessary with those things already 
    catalogued in numerous other faqs, or I just didn't remember at the 
    time of writing.  If enough people request it, I will go through the 
    game again and fill out those sections.
    I. Purpose.
    The purpose of this guide is to provide general and/or specific 
    strategies for the Hard Mode Campaign missions in Warcraft III.  For 
    the most part, strategies that work in normal mode will work again in 
    Hard mode; the major exceptions to this rule are the Timed missions, 
    such as "Dissension", the 8th Human mission; "Under the Burning Sky", 
    the last Undead mission; and "Twilight of the Gods", the last mission 
    of the game.  Each of these, when played on Hard mode, require some 
    extra effort to get through successfully.  I will provide general 
    strategies for each mission that will work on all difficulties, and 
    specific tips for each mission on Hard Mode.
    II. Table of Contents.
    Section 1:  Human
        -1. The Defense of Strahnbrad
        -2. Blackrock & Roll
        -3. Ravages of the Plague
        -4. The Cult of the Damned
        -5. March of the Scourge
        -6. The Culling
        -7. The Shores of Northrend
        -8. Dissension
        -9. Frostmourne
    Section 2: Undead
        -1. Trudging through the Ashes
        -2. Digging up the Dead
        -3. Into the Realm Eternal
        -4. Key of the three Moons
        -5. The Fall of Silvermoon
        -6. Blackrock & Roll, Too!
        -7. The Siege of Dalaran
        -8. Under the Burning Sky
    Section 3: Orcs
        -1. Landfall
        -2. The Long March
        -3. Cry of the Warsong
        -4. The Spirits of Ashenvale
        -5. The Hunter of Shadows
        -6. Where Wyverns Dare
        -7. The Oracle
        -8. By Demons be Driven
    Section 4: Night Elves
        -1. Enemy at the Gate
        -2. Daughters of the Moon
        -3. The Awakening of Stormrage
        -4. The Druids Arise
        -5. Brothers in Blood
        -6. A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
        -7. Twilight of the Gods
    III. Strategies.
    Section 1:  Human
    -1. The Defense of Strahnbrad
        The first real mission of Warcraft III is appropriately simple.  
    Simply take your troops through the start town, make sure to pick up 
    the items and the extra villagers that turn into footmen & join you, 
    and kill the creeps.  This should level you up.  You shouldn't lose any 
    units, especially if you make sure Arthas uses his healing spell on any 
    unit that has life that's getting low.  The easiest way to do this is 
    have all your units selected together, which will make Arthas (as the 
    Hero) the active subgroup.  Instead of moving the mouse between the 
    units on the actual map, simply watch the life bars in the unit window 
    (again, have them all selected, with Arthas as the active subgroup), 
    hit the (e) quickkey for healing, and left-click right in the unit 
    window on the portrait for the unit that needs to be healed.
        Anyhow, once you've killed all the creeps and made it to the town 
    entrance, kill the orcs waiting for you, and enter the town.  Kill all 
    the orcs you meet in the town square, and investigate all  the paths 
    off from the center LEAVING THE NORTH-WEST ONE FOR LAST.  When you go 
    to the Northwest, you'll meet the last group of Orcs, who will run away 
    and finish 
    the mission.  You want to scour the town for Experience for Arthas & 
    items.  When you're done scouring, finish the mission.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -2. Blackrock & Roll
        The first real base-building mission of Warcraft III.  Again, quite 
    simple.  And Uther makes it even simpler for you.  All you need to do 
    on this level is to defend your base against the periodic waves of 
    Orcs, and then go destroy the Orc base.  In order to do this, you won't 
    need to do much; however it is, of course, always best to build up your 
    tech tree as far as it will go, so put up every building you can and 
    upgrade everything you can.  Of course, you wouldn't be reading this 
    guide unless you were interested in Hard Mode Strategies, so from this 
    point on I'm going to assume that you do that anyways (or at least have 
    a competent base building scheme).  Otherwise you never would have made 
    it through the normal campaign in the first place.
        So-defend your base.  4 towers or so on each of the 2 entrances of 
    the base should do, especially since Uther, the level 10 paladin, is 
    gonna help you out.  Almost impossible to lose with him around.  Still, 
    back him with the towers, just so that you don't have to camp any units 
    there for defense.
        Offense-first thing you should do is go east, where you'll get the 
    dragon quest, the riflemen units, and the blacksmith building.  Upgrade 
    everything, then build 11 riflemen, and send them (with Arthas but no 
    footmen) east into the Dragon area.  Kill the dragons.  The reason I 
    say 11 riflemen not 12, is so you can have them & Arthas in 1 unit so 
    you can easily heal the riflemen using the above mentioned unit window 
    method.  Anyways, regardless of difficulty level, 11 riflemen will make 
    short work of the dragons.  Pick up the Orb of Fire, it's great.
        Next Objective-Mass up around 2 groups of fully upgraded units (11 
    footmen, 11 riflemen should do, Arthas leading each one for healing).  
    Take them to the top middle of the map, and stomp out the orc 
    encampment.  This should be quite easy with 20+ units.  First, last, 
    only time I'm going to mention this, when you attack an enemy base, 
    kill the units, then the 
    unit-building buildings, i.e. barracks, bestiary, magic-user producing 
    building, etc.  I suggest you leave the town hall for last, unless you 
    need the $, in which case just make sure to kill all the 
    peons/equivalent.  As for towers, I got by without siege units in 
    normal mode (didn't bother with 'em) but in Hard Mode you WILL need 
    Ballistas/Catapults/Meat Wagons/Mortar 
    Teams.  When they are available (which is usually by the second mission 
    in each Race's Campaign, except this one,) you will need them.  In the 
    first mission of each campaign you should be fine without them.
        Once you've eliminated the Orc encampment, make sure you've got a 
    decent force remaining (or take the time to build a new one; there 
    won't be any more attacks, so take all the time you need) and then go 
    kill the remaining orcs (should just be the blademaster) in the 
    northeast.  Just for fun, I tried killing him with peasants; this 
    didn't work on hard mode.  Bring in at 
    least 1 full group and the mission is over.
        -Kill the fish creatures in the northwest pond, destroy their 
    buildings.  This should net you some items.  This isn't the secret 
    though; after the pond, to the west, there is a small ramp to the north 
    which is blocked by a tree.  If you take some peasants & cut it down 
    (the path makes it one at a time, too), and then cut down the (seems 
    like) billions of trees behind That one, you'll Eventually cut a path 
    to some Ogres in the extreme NW corner.  They've got a neat item.
        -Along the south border of this map is a line of trees, all the way 
    to the mountains that mark the dragon optional quest area.  Cut down 
    the ones closest to the mountains, and work your way mostly south, and 
    west as needed; eventually you'll find a ridgeline and a down to the 
    right of it.  Keep cutting down those trees and Eventually a ramp that 
    goes to the left will become available, with yet more trees, but once 
    you cut Those down you'll meet up with some more creeps, which leave (I 
    believe) a wand of negation.  I wouldn't take it if I were you, but 
    feel free.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -Give the blademaster a Little respect.  Peasant rushes likely 
    won't work (unless you've got high upkeep because of them).
    -3. Ravages of the Plague
        Another no-base level.  This time, you get Jaina Proudmore, who's 
    wizard abilities rule.  You'll be hard pressed to choose over the next 
    2 levels what abilities to take-the aura is ridiculously powerful and 
    useful, but so is blizzard (as long as you don't hit your own troops), 
    and nevermind the water elementals are a match for nearly anything 
    you'll meet in this Campaign, never mind this mission.  Anyways, just 
    take your time progressing through this one, and make sure you kill ALL 
    the creeps and undead.  You'll find a Fountain of Health in the Upper 
    Right corner about half-way through; rest up, then head south.  the 
    path will eventually get up along the west edge of the map, and if 
    you're going north near the west edge, then you're almost done; look at 
    the minimap and double-check that you didn't miss any areas for 
    experience and treasure.  Then finish the map.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -4. The Cult of the Damned
        Time for a real Human vs. Undead battle.  First off, defend your 
    base.  The undead will Only come from the west, so only build towers at 
    that end.  Make sure to leave yourself room to run your units in when 
    your towers are attacked, so that you're not stuck behind your defenses 
    ineffectually.  The best offense is to engage their units and fight it 
    out while the towers wear them down, and heal up your guys with the 
    elves or Arthas after the battle (but you knew that since you're 
    playing on Hard Mode).  Anyways, defend the west end.  To your east is 
    a large area with lots of creeps and a gold mine.  When you've got a 
    second, go clear it out.  However, you Should have enough $ to defend 
    your base, upgrade everything, and build an attack force & wipe out the 
    undead without ever expanding.  If you want to expand before you wipe 
    out the undead base, just make sure you build towers to the east of the 
    river crossing (directly west of the goblin store).  This will ensure 
    that you'll at least have time to come & defend your base from the 
    undead should they choose to attack that way.  In my experience though, 
    they don't bother unless you actually put up a hall at the expansion 
    gold mine.    Once you've got enough $ and are fully upgraded, put your 
    attack force together.  This should be Arthas, Jaina, Lots of footmen 
    (around 12), Lots of Riflemen(8 or 10 maybe), a few priests, and at 
    least 2 mortar teams.  3 or 4, if you can spare the upkeep, is better.  
    When you attack the undead encampment (directly to your NW, big 
    surprise, that's where they've been coming from), mass everyone 
    together, then have your ground troops do general attack-ground moves 
    while you order your mortar teams to specifically the ziggurats/spirit 
    towers, and when you make it that far, the halls of the dead.  Undead 
    towers are VERY effective, and you need to take them out or they'll 
    return the favor Quite happily.  In any case, your 2+ groups of units 
    should be able to squash this encampment quite handily.  If you have 
    Jaina's Blizzard, feel free, it'll work great, just be careful as you 
    can easily kill your own units as well.  Water Elementals are great for 
    this battle too.
        Once the base is secure, the mission is almost over.  If you 
    haven't, kill all the creeps on the east side of the map near the 
    expansion gold mine, regroup & heal your units, then walk into the town 
    in the north.  A few undead will get in your way, but this shouldn't be 
    a problem until you get to near the end, where a bunch of abominations 
    are waiting for you.  Just let Arthas take the lead, Jaina wear them 
    out with Blizzard (if she has it; otherwise Water Elementals work great 
    too) and the rest of the troops should run right over them.  At the 
    end, you'll take down Kel'Thuzad, who is no challenge.  Mission 
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -5. March of the Scourge
        Ah, the first mission actually made hard by the Hard Mode.  You can 
    get through this level by just building standard footmen & riflemen, 
    supported by a few priests & sorceresses, with towers blocking the nw & 
    sw entrances to the town.  Some strategies suggest barricading in the 
    towers with farms & hiding behind them with riflemen.  Feel free to go 
    this route, but leave yourself room to run around and take out the meat 
    wagons that will come to take down your buildings.  Every time they 
    come with meat wagons, you'll probably end up losing a building or two 
    even if you've got peasants repairing them mid-battle, as the AI's 
    gotten good enough to recognize it should kill repairing units.  I 
    didn't notice it doing this in Normal Mode; 
    this may be a Hard Mode improvement.  Anyways, hold out as best you 
    can, the computer should give you enough time between waves to rebuild 
    your forces (though mid-battle try to estimate your losses & rebuild 
    them then, so that they're ready earlier; worst case you go to a higher 
    upkeep, which you should be able to afford).  Near the end of the 30 
    minutes (last minute or so) the Undead will throw everything at you; 
    they'll likely break through and you'll almost be wiped out (at least 
    in Hard Mode); however, since you don't "lose" unless you've lost your 
    town hall, you should be fine.  Just wait out the few seconds while 
    they take down your buildings.
        The optional quest, stopping the plagued grain caravan, can be 
    completed about as easily in Hard mode as in Normal; just wait until 
    it's about to move on the last town, and go straight north from your NW 
    exit (there should be a lull in the action at this point) and you 
    should meet them right to the west of the last town.  Completing that 
    quest (specifically killing the 
    units) nets good items.  Be doubly warned, though; the path north to 
    the meeting will pass by the entrances to 2 undead bases, and if you 
    move-attack instead of move, you may well end up have units go off to 
    their death into those bases; and secondly, as you finish up with the 
    grain caravan an attack most likely will be launched on your town, so 
    make sure you've got towers up and ready to hold them off until your 
    army can return.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -The last undead wave will likely manage to break through your 
    defenses.  Since you only have to hold on for a minute or so, just 
    fight it out, let your units die; the undead most likely won't go right 
    for your town hall, and you'll hold on for long enough.
        -If the Undead are taking down your hall too quick, one thing that 
    Might work (though I haven't tried it) is to build a new hall directly 
    south of the town, down the path that Arthas came up at the beginning; 
    I believe what's required for an Undead win is that they destroy ALL 
    town halls, not just the original; and if you tuck a second away, most 
    likely it'll double the extra time you have.
        -The undead start throwing heros at you in this scenario.  The Lich 
    in particular will come at you quite often.  The best way to take him 
    down, if you've got enough points in your heal spell, is to cast that 
    on him; since it does the normal healing amount in damage to undead.  
    Just keep casting it, especially on level 3, and he'll go down pretty 
    -6. The Culling
        Alright, so you need to perform 3 tasks in this mission.  1.  Knock 
    down buildings and kill 100 townspeople.  2.  Prevent Mal'Ganis from 
    doing the same.  3. Protect your base from the periodic attacks from 
    the Undead base in the sw corner of this map.  There are MANY different 
    ways to accomplish this.  The basis for any strategy, of course, is 
    upgrading your units all 
    the way, so as you progress make sure to keep upgrading.  I'll list a 
    few strategies, and then note special considerations in the Hard Mode 
    Strategies section.
        Offensive Strategy 1:  Go after Mal'Ganis as much as possible.  As 
    soon as you've got enough units to take his party, find him and hunt 
    him down.  When he dies, cut down the houses in the area as fast as you 
    can to make up for lost time.  Keep building units to keep yourself at 
    a good level, and as soon as he is resurrected, hunt him right down 
    again.  Rinse & repeat.  Note as you keep killing him, his escort of 
    units gets stronger & stronger; so the quicker that you can finish off 
    the 100 townsfolk the better.  Note that this strategy does not work 
    well for Hard Mode; see below for why.    Offensive Strategy 2:  Ignore 
    Mal'Ganis for the most part.  Send out your available units IMMEDIATELY 
    at the beginning of the map and start racking up kills.  Build units as 
    fast as possible (2 barracks are good) and, as Mal'Ganis starts getting 
    kills, pay attention to where he is and AVOID HIM.  The point of this 
    strategy is to race Mal'Ganis to 100 and take advantage of your jump at 
    the beginning.  When you start getting close, kill off Mal'Ganis, and 
    at this point you should definitely have a good number of units on your 
    side, while Mal'Ganis has either his weak first unit or his secondary 
    unit (you Definitely shouldn't engage him more than twice in this 
    strategy).  Use the time gained from killing him to spread the lead a 
    bit and finish off the scenario.
        Offensive Strategy 3:  A mix of the two.  Build up 2 groups of 
    units.  Have both start breaking down separate groups of buildings, and 
    when you feel is appropriate, have ONE engage Mal'Ganis.  They'll keep 
    him busy as the 2nd keeps up the culling.  By getting kills while 
    keeping Mal'Ganis busy & getting the extra time from his death, you'll 
    definitely have the time you need to get your quota.  Credit to Tryo 
    (tyro717@yahoo.com) who's strategy is posted on www.ultimategamers.com 
    is the basis for this strategy.
        Defensive Strategy 1:  To keep your base undead-free, you need to 
    know when the undead base is attacking you.  Fortunately, for all 
    strategies outlined above, you have a steady stream of units coming out 
    of your base and to you.  It's highly likely that when the undead 
    attack, they'll meet up with one of these units.  When that happens, 
    sacrifice that unit by having it continue to run to whatever main force 
    you have, and you can engage it within the city, thus saving your city.
        Defensive Strategy 2:  Build a group of units, footmen or knights, 
    to hold back and defend your base.  You can depend that the undead base 
    will send at least 2 squads at you throughout this mission, regardless 
    of how quickly you complete it, so you can be assured that the $ won't 
    be wasted sitting in your base.  Alternatively, you can leave a token 
    force of units 
    at the entrances to your base and when they're attacked, run to your 
    main group, thus doing the same as in strategy 1.
        Defensive Strategy 3:  Build towers at each entrance.  With at 
    least 6 towers, almost any force that the undead throw at you will not 
    make it through.  Leave at least 1 peasant to repair the towers.  Any 
    meat wagons can be cleaned up by the next passing built unit.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -Mal'Ganis's escort, and the dreadlord himself, are much more 
    difficult to beat in Hard Mode.  This is why I suggest the strategy of 
    killing him over and over doesn't work very well, as after the first 
    time it's a real challenge regardless of what your army consists of.  
    Mal'Ganis himself makes good use of the sleep spell in Hard Mode, and 
    is a pain about making sure Arthas falls asleep; be wary, and have one 
    of your units wake him up if that happens (by hitting him).
        -The times between Mal'Ganis's revivals shortens considerably in 
    Hard Mode; many times, you'll be focusing on him during the battle, 
    kill him off, and go into cleanup mode, which takes a decent amount of 
    time with his escort at this difficult, and when you're done you'll 
    notice that you've got nearly no time to take advantage of before he 
    resurrects.  Therefore I 
    recommend either Offensive Strategy 2, or 3 with a focus not on killing 
    him but keeping him busy.  I myself used Strategy 2.
        -In Hard Mode, the forces sent by the undead base Aren't the joke 
    they are in Normal Mode; if they come across your house-killing units 
    in the town, you might want to consider running.  Your best bet to 
    handle the undead squads are to let them past, use the Defensive 
    Strategy 3 (with the towers) and do cleanup when there's only meat 
    wagons left.  One positive 
    note though-if you go towers and have a peasant nearby, have the 
    peasant repair a damaged tower as soon as the undead attack (auto-
    repair is good for this); the undead will ignore the towers and come 
    after the little guy.  The towers will do the rest, and if you run the 
    peasant around, it's likely he'll live too.
        -In Normal Mode I observed the enemy to test both entrances to your 
    base; however in Hard Mode, it seems that the enemy almost always takes 
    the most direct route to your base.  In this case, it's the southern 
    route, so only bother defending that entrance.
        -It's a small thing, but notice that when you knock down a 
    building, the occupants are sleeping townsfolk for a few seconds.  Your 
    units will not automatically attack them (since at that point they're 
    still classified as allies-yellow border and all), but if you give your 
    units an actual attack command, they'll be happy to comply, and in this 
    mode it only takes 1 hit to kill them, unlike when they turn to zombies 
    where it takes several.  If you can get command queuing to work (I 
    haven't yet been able to) it would be quite easy to take them all out 
    before they morph into undead.  The game doesn't penalize you for 
    killing the sleeping innocents (thankfully); you get the full kill for 
    each.  Doing this speeds up the process quite nicely, instead of 
    waiting for the townsfolk to get stronger and your units to auto-
        -If you choose to avoid Mal'Ganis as in Offensive Strategy 2, it 
    seems that he always starts in the middle buildings, and then moves to 
    the south-eastern ones.  When I played the mission I started in the 
    south-eastern ones, got most of them, then ran into him.  If you start 
    in the Northwest buildings you might be able to avoid him for longer if 
    you slowly move south.  Also, it seemed that after the first time 
    Mal'Ganis is defeated he usually respawns in the northwest.  Use this 
    knowledge to avoid him.
        -In summation:  In Hard Mode, Mal'Ganis is quite difficult to kill, 
    and with his powerful escorts he can take down buildings Very quickly.  
    The undead base is also quite dangerous.  The best way to defend 
    against the undead base is a fixed tower defense on the southern 
    entrance of the base with some spare units available to clean up meat 
    wagons.  Since taking down Mal'Ganis is only semi-easy once (and even 
    then he still puts nearly all your units to sleep) and just gets even 
    More efficient at increasing his undead total as you kill him, it seems 
    prudent to avoid fighting him, at least much.  Either race him and take 
    a minute lead by the first kill then race to the end, or keep him busy 
    and have a second unit racking up the 
    kills.  As suggested in the above-mentioned strategy by Tyro, you can 
    even get him to chase some units around the board; if you can get them 
    to run between some way-points as you continue to rack up kills, this 
    will certainly buy you the advantage you need.
    -7. The Shores of Northrend
        Your goal in this mission is standard-destroy all of the undead.  
    The undead are collected in 2 bases-in the northwest corner, and 
    directly south of the 2nd dwarf base.  At the beginning, however, you 
    must first walk through the forest & mountain paths to get to the half-
    destroyed dwarf base.  In your way are a bunch of creeps, mainly 
    wolves, a few trolls, and some Nerubians.  The Nerubians pose the only 
    threat, but are taken out easily as long as you're careful and make 
    sure you consistently heal your troops.  The also drop a ball of ice, 
    which you may or may not choose to pick up, depending on your current 
    inventory.  Ignore all the other treasure the creeps drop, at least for 
    now.  When you make it to the dwarf camp, you'll inherit a bunch of 
    (mostly burning) buildings.  Ignore their state for now, and build some 
    defenses; the Undead attack swiftly on this level.  Once you have 
    control of muradin, send him back through the beginning of the level, 
    picking up the items you ignored on the first trip.
        The majority of your defenses should be towers, and they should be 
    grouped mainly at the northeastern approach to your town.  The other 
    entrance, to the west, is Very rarely attacked by any ground units by 
    the Undead, at least in Hard Mode (see general strategies for why).  
    Aside from your northern approach, you should also build towers all 
    long the trees that border the north of your town-the trees that are 
    between the 2 entrances-because the Undead constantly attack with 
    Gargoyles in this mission.  With enough air defenses, they will do very 
    little damage, and whenever they attack have whatever riflemen you have 
    available help out to clean them out quicker.  The main Undead attack 
    will usually come from the northern approach, and as long as you have 
    enough towers to slow them down at that entrance (6 is usually a good 
    number), your ground units should have no problems cleaning up.  In 
    this mission you'll probably be seeing a lot of the Lich hero; make 
    sure to use Arthas's holy light to help bring him down.
        Once you've got defenses up and holding, build your attack force.  
    By now you've got access to almost all the units; I generally go with 
    several knights and riflemen, backed up with a few priests & 
    sorceresses.  Your first objective is the undead directly south of the 
    2nd dwarven base, which is an easily destroyable base.  As long as you 
    have some mortar teams to take care of towers, you should be fine.
        Destroying this base will allow you access to the 2nd dwarven base, 
    where you'll pick up some ready-made units and a second gold mine.  At 
    this point, there's only a few creeps to kill and the final undead 
    base.  Take out the creeps if you so desire, and get your army ready.  
    You should have more than enough money with the new gold mine, so feel 
    free to go into high upkeep.  For the second Undead base, you should 
    make sure you've got 2 full groups of ground units, of whatever mix you 
    want, though I again used the above suggested knights, riflemen, 
    priests, and sorceresses.  You will, however, need a few more siege 
    units; mortar teams are my preferred unit, since they are ranged, 
    however siege tanks are Very powerful building killers.  The only 
    problem with them is that they are slow and bulky, so if there's a 
    massive battle they often can't get to their targets.  Only use them if 
    you can make sure the main unit fight takes place away from your 
    building targets.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -8. Dissension
        This is a fairly straightforward mission.  Simply advance along the 
    only path open to you, destroy nearly everything in your way, and 
    destroy each of the 5 boats when you reach them.  The boats can be 
    destroyed with either the mortar teams (which will take a few shots) or 
    with Muradin's Storm Bolt ability, which takes only one shot (and is 
    therefore the preferred method).
        For the first half of the mission or so, just keep moving & 
    killing.  When you reach the mercenary camps (there are 3 or so along 
    the level), hire as many units as you can from them and keep moving.  
    The main problem in this level is beating the clock.  Don't take time 
    to stop and think; just attack as soon as you can and move on.  The 
    only consideration is that you should try to be careful with your 
    mortar teams; there is one boat protected by trees, and you need to use 
    the teams to knock them down.  If they die, you can hire some sappers 
    from a mercenary camp, but it takes too long, especially on Hard Mode; 
    just restart and keep them away from the monsters.
        The first tricky part in this mission is where you meet up with a 
    bunch of Drakes, which are flying units.  You'll meet them about 
    halfway through, just after you pass another mercenary camp, the one 
    that offers the trolls with the ensnare ability.  Hire a few of those, 
    get all of your ranged units together, and attack.  Make sure to use 
    Muradin's storm bolt, as it's powerful and will bring down the drakes 
        The next tricky part is soon after the Drakes, the path through the 
    ziggurats.  If you still have mortar teams, you can destroy them; 
    however at this point, you're probably running out of time, and that 
    takes too long.  There are 2 strategies you can employ: 1, run through 
    with all your units, let some die.  This is acceptable, but there is a 
    better strategy.  Right by the entrance to the path there's a goblin 
    shop, where they sell teleport gems.  Buy at least one, give it to 
    muradin, have him go into avatar (I hope you have his Avatar ability by 
    now) and run through.  He'll survive without it, but not as well.  
    Right after, use the teleport gem, making sure you get all your units, 
    and at least most should be instantly teleported to muradin.  I say at 
    least most since if you haven't lost any, there may be one or two that 
    don't make it.  Ignore them though, and move on.  At this point you're 
    almost done, there should be 1 ship to go.
        The final stretch is full of undead.  If you've got the time, go 
    ahead & fight them, you should have no problems.  If not, check the 
    Hard Mode Strategy section for time-saving suggestions.  After you make 
    your final turn north you've got one more group to kill and then the 
    ship is right there; kill it with Muradin's Storm Bolt.  Mission 
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -You have much less time to complete this level in Hard Mode, which 
    means you're going to have to move faster.  Mainly, this means healing 
    on the go with Arthas, not losing your mortar teams so you can cut down 
    the trees immediately, and using Muradin to destroy the boats.  
    However, the place you can save the most time is at the last stretch, 
    through all the undead.  The only thing you have to do to complete the 
    level is sink the boat; so after the path lined with ziggurats, move 
    along the path south and meet the undead.  Engage them, then forget 
    about all your units, put Muradin into Avatar, and get him running.  
    You should easily be able to get around the final curve north; however 
    the last group of undead may very well trap you with their numbers, and 
    you won't be able to get away in time.  The way to get around this is 
    that if someone gets in your way, use Muradin's Thunder Clap to stun 
    them, and then get moving.  If you're completely surrounded, pick a 
    unit to kill, attack it and keep stunning as often as possible until 
    it's dead and you can run through the gap.  Muradin is near-impossible 
    to kill in Avatar, so you should be fine.  The only consideration is to 
    make sure you have enough MP to cast Storm Bolt on the final ship.
        -If you're really short on time, you may be able to start running 
    all the way from right before the drakes.  Just take Arthas & Muradin 
    and start going; the Drakes shouldn't chase you all the way down 
    through the Ziggurats.  Right before the final stretch, use Arthas to 
    heal up Muradin, put Muradin into Avatar, and go.
    -9. Frostmourne
        The final Human mission.  Here, you must complete Arthas's quest to 
    find Frostmourne, defend your base while he's doing it, and then 
    destroy the Undead.  Don't bother attacking from your base until Arthas 
    is back.  Since Arthas only has to deal with fixed creeps on his quest, 
    ignore him for a bit while you build up your defenses at base camp.
        You should defend your base mainly with towers.  You've got 3 
    approaches-North, East, and South.  When the mission begins, you've got 
    small groups of defenders at each one; don't do this.  The Undead only 
    attack one approach at a time, so you'll never have to worry about 
    multiple battles.  Therefore, take all your units, group them together 
    in the middle of your town, and when you're attacked, send them all to 
    the battle.  This will end each attack quicker, make you lose less 
    units, and let you concentrate on finishing Arthas's mission more.  At 
    each approach, build around 6 towers for defense (mainly scout towers, 
    to defend against the air units).  As your units die off, rebuild them 
    into whatever configuration you prefer for your offense, as you'll be 
    doing that soon after Arthas returns.  Make sure to fully upgrade 
    everything.  As long as you keep yourself in low upkeep, the gold mine 
    you start with should be sufficient to complete the mission.
        Arthas's quest is really quite simply.  There are 5 or 6 spots 
    along the mountain path with creeps; just kill them all.  Use Arthas 
    mainly to heal your units, as you'll need most of them.  The only 
    tricky part is that after you make the turn to the east, there will be 
    a graveyard; as soon as you see it, back off.  Take Arthas & Muradin 
    only in there, and kill off all the ghosts.  If you bring your other 
    units they will likely be possessed, and you'll need them for the final 
    battle.  Once you've killed all the graveyard units, heal up your 
    forces, and head to the end.  The guardians will put up a decent fight, 
    but concentrate on killing the head one, and as soon as it dies all the 
    others will too.  After this, you lose all the rest of your units and 
    Arthas will automatically return to base.  Too bad, as Muradin's quite 
    a good hero.
        Once Arthas returns, get your army ready to attack.  Make sure 
    you're fully upgraded and your defenses are set; at this point, 
    Mal'Ganis will start joining the Undead attacks on your town, and 
    you'll need Arthas to counter him.  As soon as you're set to attack, 
    wait for the next wave, and assuming you've fought it off with little 
    difficulty, make your attack.
        The Undead have 3 bases on this map, and it's up to you what you 
    decide to take out.  Directly north of your base, there's a very 
    sparsely defended Undead base with a gold mine waiting for you.  
    Directly east of your base there is a fully defended Undead expansion 
    base, from where the Southern attacks on your base have come from.  And 
    the main base is all the way to the Northeast.  Cleaning out the base 
    to your North is quite easy, and will net you a gold mine; however, I 
    wouldn't start mining it until you've cleaned out the expansion base 
    and built defenses from the main one.  
        I would suggest you first attack and destroy the base to your east 
    (which should be fairly simple), which will net you an expansion gold 
    mine as well as the ceasing of attacks on your south border.  If you 
    want to use the mine here go ahead, though like I said you should have 
    enough money to complete the mission.  If you choose to set up here, 
    take advantage of the one approach to the north and put up your 
    defenses there.  The problem is that if the Undead alternate attacks 
    between here and your main base, you'll have to run your units between 
    the two to fight them off.  Therefore, I suggest you destroy the 
    eastern base, regroup, then clean out the easy base to the north.  At 
    that point, you can build defenses that will contain any attacks by the 
    undead, right up against the approach to their main base.  There are 
    two approaches to the main base; the path to the east of the easy 
    northern base, and a slope up that leads to the south.  You can get to 
    the slope by following the path north from the eastern expansion base.  
    Build towers at each path for defense and leave your units for defense, 
    and mine whatever gold mine you so desire.  There are several groups of 
    creeps between your base and the undead one, kill them off if you want, 
    but this is the last Human mission so it won't do you any future good.
        For the final attack, make sure you have as many units as you can 
    muster, with plenty of air defense and siege units.  The undead base 
    has plenty of units in defense, and most likely you'll have to kill 
    Mal'Ganis at least twice before you make it to the Altar to keep him 
    from resurrecting.  Use your siege units to kill the towers and the 
    crypts as soon as you can; there will be more than enough enemies to 
    keep the rest of your offense busy, and the towers will pick you off.  
    Use Arthas as much as possible; he's way too powerful with Frostmourne 
    now.  You may need to withdraw and attack again; if so, it's best to 
    have built the defenses and build expansions.  It shouldn't take more 
    than two waves to take down the base.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    Section 2: Undead
    -1. Trudging through the Ashes
        This is a stealth mission, as much as that's possible for an RTS.  
    You've got Arthas, 2 ghouls, and (soon after beginning) a shade to get 
    you through it.  The basic idea on this level is to get Arthas close to 
    each Acolyte-in-hiding which will "save" them, or transport them to 
    Tichondrius.  Mainly you want to avoid all townsfolk and guards, who 
    take the form of footmen and knights.  The townsfolk, if they see you, 
    will run and get the guards, who will try to kill you.  Your basic 
    strategy is to scout out the area with the shade, sneak behind the 
    townsfolk, and play the divide-and-conquer game against the footmen.  
    The Knights are too strong for you to fight; Arthas is pretty weak now 
    as an Undead.  The townsfolk are best killed with Death Coil-it's 
    ranged, and takes one shot.
        The first area is simple.  There's 2 acolytes to get; just walk up 
    to each.  On the second one, you may just death coil the one guy there, 
    or you can maul him with your ghouls.  If any of the townsfolk see you 
    here, they'll get the footmen (1 on Normal, 2 on Hard) and attack.  You 
    may just want to kill them here for the experience; have the ghouls 
    take the attacks, and heal them with death coil as necessary.  After 
    this section you'll get a shade for scouting.
        The next area has a small base, where footmen are circling 
    periodically and knights are available if you get seen.  Don't get 
    seen.  The first thing you should do is go into the grove to the north 
    where there's an acolyte; kill the 1 or 2 townsfolk, use death coil and 
    the ghouls if you need too.  Hide up there by the water until you have 
    enough MP left for a few death coils, and when the guards pass, take 
    Arthas down and to the right of the base.  There's a lumber mill and a 
    bunch of working townsfolk with one acolyte.  Make sure you go as soon 
    as you can after the guards pass, as you'll most likely have to kill 2 
    or more townsfolk to get to the acolyte; use death coil as soon as 
    you're seen, and if you gave yourself enough time you can use it again 
    to kill the other guy before the guards come around again.  Once you've 
    neutralized any townsfolk who ran, you can hide over in the trees until 
    the guards come again.  Notice that there's a boy in the trees who 
    doesn't run, but is hidden.  Feel free to kill him if you're in a sick 
    mood; hell you're the undead, might as well play the part.  Once the 
    guards have past, get back to the grove, and take your ghouls over to 
    the left.  To the north is a gate guarded by knights; don't go there.  
    There's a shallow path over the water to the left which lets you get to 
    the trees and a path around the wall.  Now go back to the south, and 
    you can either fight your way through the fields with the ghouls and 
    death coil (there are 3 townsfolk to kill) to get to the acolyte in the 
    sw corner, or you can follow the guards to the bottom of the screen 
    after they pass and kill the townsfolk guarding the road there.  Either 
    way be careful not to let the townsfolk get far because you can't take 
    the guards there; get the acolyte and get back to the trees to the 
        The next area may be the toughest, especially in Hard Mode.  
    There's an acolyte just past the wall; get him, then watch out.  Right 
    after you get the acolyte a townsperson shows up behind the tree next 
    to the building; death coil him, because if you try moving north from 
    here he'll run out.  Next, take your time to kill the 2 townsfolk in 
    the alley to the north, waiting until the wandering townsperson moves 
    away, and hide until the wanderer comes back, then kill him.  Avoid the 
    townsfolk clustered around the 2 guys fighting (named after the 
    characters in Fight Club) and move along the west and north walls.  
    Clear out the townsfolk up here, and carefully move above the trees to 
    just before where the knight patrols.  When it's clear, move your units 
    past.  Once you're past, head to the graveyard and pick up your extra 
    units.  Now carefully run down the east wall to the acolyte waiting in 
    the nook down by the camped guards; as long as you're careful they 
    won't see you.  If they catch you though, you'll want to bring down 
    your units to fight them off.  You should be able to win this fight 
    with few problems.
        Once you've gotten all the acolytes in this area, move up to the 
    gate.  Don't bother with it for now, and move to the northwest.  There 
    will be a town hall with peasants who will be attacked by bandits.  Let 
    them fight it out or join the fight, keep in mind you'll have to kill 
    both groups.  With your reinforcements from the graveyard you should 
    have no problems.  Clean out the rest of this area, there should be a 
    few extra creeps in the form of a bandit camp.
        The final area is after the gate.  Scout out the entire area; the 
    idea here is very much divide and conquer.  All the guards are in small 
    groups of no more than 3, except for the last group (on the east edge 
    of the map) who are looking after the last group of acolytes.  Simply 
    kill any townsfolk, march up to each small group, kill them, and heal 
    your ghouls with the cannibalize ability.  Don't worry about your 
    skeletons, they're pretty ineffective anyways.  The townsfolk don't 
    summon any extra guards, so if they're hanging around guards (such as 
    the knight at the church) ignore them and go right for the guards.  
    Eventually you'll only have the last group left.  Wait until Arthas has 
    full MP and your ghouls are all at full health, then attack.  You'll 
    probably lose a few units, but this is the end of the mission, so it 
    doesn't matter. Once you've liberated the last acolytes, the mission is 
    over.  If you've only got a few units left and you don't think you can 
    finish off the guards, then attack them with whatever you've got, keep 
    them busy, and run over to the acolytes with Arthas.  Either way, 
    Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -In this mode there's an acolyte by the 2 guys fighting.  Once 
    you've cleared out everyone else in the area, take Arthas Only and run 
    him down to the acolyte.  All the townsfolk will run except for the 2 
    fighters, and a knight or 2 will come up to investigate.  As soon as 
    the acolyte activates and transports himself to Tichondrius, run away, 
    preferably past the patrolling knight up to the graveyard area.  The 
    knights who came to investigate will hang around the fighters and as 
    long as you're away you should have no trouble.
    -2. Digging up the Dead
        Simple mission.  At the beginning, all you have to do is move east, 
    take down the buildings with the meat wagons, and clear out the human 
    units & paladin with your other forces.  Make sure to let the meat 
    wagons go first and take down the buildings, especially the towers; 
    keep your other units back until you're attacked, then rush and defend 
    the wagons.  Once you've secured the body of Kel'Thuzad, you'll be sent 
    to a base.  The only thing to do here is build defenses, and when 
    you're ready, attack to the north.
        You'll need a couple of towers to your north to slow down 
    attackers.  The humans don't have any unit-producing buildings to the 
    south, so don't bother defending it.  When you have free time go ahead 
    and clean out the southern part of the map, pick up some items, watch 
    Tichondrius kill some townsfolk.  When you've got maybe 2 groups of 
    ghouls with some backup wagons, go ahead and attack the humans to your 
    northwest.  There's a paladin to kill, but other than that should be no 
    problem.  If you need some experience, take the northern path just 
    before the human base, which leads to some rogue mages.
        Once you've killed the first human base, restock your forces, then 
    make your way through the town.  Shortly you'll hit a tower and the 
    second paladin, use the wagons on the tower & buildings and your ghouls 
    should run over the rest of the forces.
        Once the second base is clear, the mission is almost over; the 
    humans have no more unit-producing buildings.  Feel free to take your 
    time to rebuild your units, and go ahead and clear out any creeps on 
    the map you missed or ignored.  When you're ready, attack over the 
    bridge to the southwest, and take on Uther.  He's extremely strong 
    (level 10), but 2 groups of ghouls should be enough.  Pick up the urn 
    he drops.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -Uther likes to use holy light a great deal, and will greatly 
    extend the life of his forces.  Make sure you have the maximum number 
    of units hitting Uther (even set a full group of ghouls to do nothing 
    but attack him) as the sooner you take him down the better.  Death Coil 
    will speed things up as well.
    -3. Into the Realm Eternal
        The secret to this mission is to know the best method of attack.  
    Your starting base has three paths leading off, 2 to the south and one 
    to the east, which would lead you to believe that you need three 
    different defensive positions.  This in fact is not true; you need 
    none.  If you follow the paths, you'll see that they are all blocked 
    off by trees, and the elves have no way of getting at your base if you 
    don't cut any of them down.  The only time you have to defend your base 
    is at the beginning of the mission, when Sylvanas attacks.  Once your 
    forces defeat her, you mainly don't have to worry about defense.  If 
    you sit around for a while, she may show up again; but the idea is to 
    not give her the chance.
        Your goal at the beginning should be to get your buildings up and 
    your units upgraded.  Get an attack force ready, and once you've got a 
    good amount of necromancers and ghouls (I usually have 11 of each, with 
    each group led by Arthas) take them to the east with your wagons.  Make 
    sure your wagons are full of corpses from the graveyard.  Knock down 
    the trees at the end (there's a small group of creeps in a village past 
    the northern trees here, kill them if you want).  Very shortly after 
    the trees there's an elf village.  Drop the corpses from the wagons and 
    have your necromancers summon up 24 skeletons or so (25 is supposedly 
    the limit you can have, I never bothered to check).  Send in the 
    skeletons to soften up the village, then follow them in.  Make sure the 
    raise dead ability on the necromancers is turned On, so that you're 
    always fighting with your full compliment of skeletons.  Take this 
    approach in every base attack from now on; the extra skeletons and 
    constant new stream of them nearly never fails against the computer.
        Once this base has been cleared off, create an expansion base.  
    You'll have one approach to the base, over the bridge, and you can be 
    fairly certain (at least in Hard Mode) that the elves will Always 
    attack this base (not your original).  Build some towers for defense, 
    get the gold mine going, and rebuild your forces.  Watch for the elves, 
    led by Sylvanas, to attack over the bridge.
        When you are ready, take the same approach on the next village, 
    which lies just to the south of the bridge.  When that one is gone, 
    move to the west where you'll find another bridge.  Setup your defense 
    on this bridge, towers preferably, and rebuild your forces.  When you 
    finish the mine at the first expansion move on to the second.  If you 
    want, clear the trees to the north of the bridge and claim the fountain 
    of health.  Fight off the elves whenever they come.
        Immediately after an attack by Sylvanas, if you didn't take too 
    much damage, move on the next base.  There's a small group of elves 
    defending a goblin shop just over the bridge; clear them out, then move 
    all the way to the west and then south through the trees.  This town is 
    once again easily destroyable.  Defend the one approach to the south; 
    you're close to Sylvanas's town now, which is why you wanted to attack 
    immediately after you took her out, to give yourself time to recover 
    from taking the town.  Setup a full base here and prepare for the final 
    assault.  A little to the south there's one final very small elven base 
    before the northern path to Sylvanas's base.  If you don't feel like a 
    full attack, just raise a bunch of skeletons and keep sending them down 
    there.  Also raise the remnants of every attack Sylvanas makes and send 
    them down there.  A couple of waves and that base will fall.  You can 
    also use the skeletons to take out the golems near the fountain to the 
        Once the final elf outpost has fallen, gather your forces, and make 
    your attack on Sylvanas's base.  Be sure to bring several wagons (4 or 
    5) on this attack; there are several barracks to destroy, and if you 
    don't take down the altar quickly Sylvanas will likely show up twice in 
    the battle.  Once you've destroyed the castle the battle is over.  
    Mission Complete.
        -Directly to the west of your original base, behind the trees, is a 
    raised ridge with some creeps, as your ghouls will find out if they try 
    to cut down those trees.  You can only get to it by going north along 
    the edge of the map from the last large base on the level (the one on 
    the western edge of the map).  You'll need to bring wagons to knock 
    down the trees.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -4. Key of the three Moons
        This is a long, but not exceedingly hard, mission.  You need to 
    destroy 3 altars, guarded by 4 elven bases, and take the items you find 
    to the final area.  You'll start by a bridge with a couple of acolytes 
    and a decent attack force.  Take your attack force to the southeast 
    where you'll find and destroy an elf town.  The fiends will use their 
    web ability to bring down the air units.  Make sure this is on 
    autocast.  Once the town is destroyed, build a base.  You'll want to 
    build a line of ziggurats to the north of your base, as the humans will 
    constantly come at you with flying units and zeppelins.  Simply build a 
    long line of ziggurats, straight east to west, over your buildings and 
    you should be fine.  Send in your attack units for additional defense 
    when necessary.  
        When you've got your base up, your units upgraded, and a decent 
    attack force, get a few extra zeppelins from the goblin merchant to 
    your east, and stage an attack on the base to your east.  You'll want 
    to first land some wagons with corpses, drop them, then land your 
    necromancers to raise them and attack.  Follow the skeletons with your 
    fiends, necromancers, and ghouls (if you're still using them-fiends are 
    So much better and you should fully convert if you have the $).  This 
    base should fall with little effort, so set up your own base protected 
    by towers by the way gate, as the elves send flying units quite often 
    at wherever your current base happens to be.  They will, however, keep 
    attacking your old base if there's anything there.  Either unsummon the 
    whole thing and recreate it at your new base (if you've finished 
    mining), or just keep the towers up until you've finished the level.  
    Make sure to destroy the altar, and you can either leave the item until 
    the end or pick it up now.
        Once you've recovered from the attack on the first base and have 
    your defenses up, make a bunch of skeletons and send them through the 
    way gate.  While they're getting the attention, either follow them 
    through with your regulars or drop them on the coast to your west with 
    your zeppelins.  Either way you should be able to destroy this town 
    quite easily.  Set up an expansion base here if you need the money, or 
    don't bother and just finish the mission.  Either way, retreat to your 
    defenses and rebuild your forces after the attack is complete.
        The final attacks are similar.  There are 2 more way gates off the 
    center island that you just cleaned off; for each, send some skeletons 
    through to gauge the resistance there.  If you've got plenty of room, 
    just follow them through and destroy the island from there.  If the 
    elves jump on you as soon as you come through, get their attention with 
    the skeletons and drop off your regular units on the coast of the 
    island with the zeppelins.  Both battles should be fairly easy with 
    enough fiends, necromancers (who are creating skeletons) and meat 
    wagons for towers.  Once the bases are destroyed, get the 3 pieces of 
    the key (1 from each altar) and take it to the northeastern island.  
    You'll have to land your forces together on the island as there are 
    towers and elves defending it.  Not enough to make a difference though, 
    and once they're all dead take Arthas to the circle of power.  Mission 
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -5. The Fall of Silvermoon
        The idea here is to hold off Sylvanas until you're upgraded, while 
    you kill off her runners, then to crush Sylvanas herself.  The runners 
    are easily done with the gargoyles you're given; I usually build a few 
    extra so that there's 6, and that usually does the job.  In the mean 
    time, defend your base until you're completely upgraded.  Once Sylvanas 
    has been dealt with, Silvermoon comes next.
        The runners go 1 of 3 ways; west from Sylvanas's base, south from 
    her base, or east.  When they go west, they're completely undefended, 
    and the gargoyles should be able to take them out easily.  When they go 
    east, they follow the path that goes past your base; simply fly the 
    gargoyles over there and let them take out the runner there.  Be 
    careful of crossing the middle area with the fountain though; 
    Sylvanas's attack force often takes that path, and if they do when 
    you're crossing they'll probably get a gargoyle or two.  The final 
    path, down the middle, is also easy, as long as Sylvanas isn't 
    escorting the runner.  See below for suggestions when that happens.  
    Bottom line, pay attention to the runner, even when you're being 
    attacked by Sylvanas, and make sure they never make it.
        Base defense is fairly easy; right at the beginning of the mission 
    Sylvanas attacks you from the north, then mainly attacks your western 
    approach.  Don't worry about the southern approach, Sylvanas will never 
    come from there.  Every now and then Sylvanas will come from the north, 
    so make sure you have a group of ziggurats at each approach.  Clear the 
    trees near each for easier access for your units.
        Once your units are fully upgraded and you have a good attack 
    force, go after Sylvanas.  Taking the base is fairly easy, with enough 
    fiends, necromancers, and wagons.  Follow the skeletons in (as always) 
    and clear it out.  BEWARE: the fact that you're attacking her base 
    doesn't stop Sylvanas from sending a runner at the periodic rate.  Keep 
    your group of gargoyles from the battle and make sure they hunt down 
    each runner as they escape the battle.  In addition, although the 
    castle always produced the runner before, if you knock it down, the 
    runners will keep coming from whatever is still standing until nothing 
    Is still standing.  Once you've knocked down EVERY building, no more 
    runners will emerge and you can take your time.  Build an expansion on 
    Sylvanas's gold mine, and go around killing off the creeps.
        The attack on Silvermoon is quite difficult.  From either the 
    eastern or western approach, there are tons of towers, offensive units, 
    and unit-producing buildings.  Before attacking, build up your forces 
    as much as you can (with Sylvanas's gold mine you should be able to 
    afford high upkeep) and then go in all together.  Have your wagons take 
    down the towers and buildings as soon as possible.  The problem here is 
    that there are so many defensive units and buildings your units will 
    get confused and go off all in different directions.  Once you've 
    defeated the initial defensive group, regroup your forces then attack 
    in a specific direction.  Take down buildings as quick as you can, and 
    the gold mine and castle are good secondary targets.  Whenever you meet 
    defensive forces group up your units and take them on together.  Once 
    you've cleaned the majority of one side of the city, you can either 
    rebuild any lost forces, or attack the Sun Well (which has very tough 
    golems guarding it).  Once you've gathered enough forces to take them 
    out, bring Arthas to the Sun Well.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -Sylvanas will often bring ballistas when she attacks your base, 
    and with the upgraded forces she brings in Hard Mode, they can cause 
    major havoc on any towers you have defending your base.  It's very 
    helpful, if the gargoyles are free, to bring them up and have them 
    attack Sylvanas from behind, taking out the siege units.  However do 
    NOT forget about the runners; they are your first priority.
        -In Hard Mode, the runner will often walk with Sylvanas's attack 
    group down the southern (middle) path and they'll both go to the right 
    towards your base.  When they reach the elven farms after the bridge, 
    they will split and the runner will continue south towards the bridge 
    to Silvermoon.  When this happens, you need to identify it as soon as 
    possible; if Sylvanas is travelling with the runner, what you need to 
    do is cross the middle area before she does and get to the south of the 
    farms and wait there to ambush the runner.  If you realize too late (or 
    if you run into Sylvanans by accident) retreat as best you can, and 
    then trail her towards your base.  There should be enough time to fly 
    past her once she's over the bridge and hunt down the runner.
        -Gargoyles tend to have issues with following and shooting at a 
    target.  The best strategy is to tell the gargoyles to go to part of 
    the path in front of the runner, let them attack it until the runner is 
    past them, then tell them to move once again in front of it and repeat.  
    Otherwise they'll clumsily follow it and get off their attacks very 
    slowly, giving the runner more of a chance.
        -6. Blackrock & Roll, Too!
        A straightforward, if difficult, mission.  You must destroy 5 orc 
    camps.  1 is easy, 3 are reasonably difficult, and the final one is 
    tough.  The name of the game here is defense and upgrading.
        When the mission begins, you're given a bunch of units, including 
    some gargoyles and a frost wyrm.  They'll probably survive until the 
    end of the mission, as the orcs have very few air units or anti-air 
    defenses, other than towers.  Soon after starting, orcs will attack 
    from the east.  Anticipate it and get your units over there to fight.  
    Now that you have Kel'Thuzad, utilize his Frost Nova spell which hits 
    groups of units for decent damage, and works great with Arthas as a 
    one-two punch with death coil, though it takes longer to recharge.  In 
    any case, fight off the first wave of orcs, then get right to defenses.  
    I find that the buildings on this mission are very much in the way; I 
    recommend that if you have the money and time, to build replacements to 
    your south (which is inaccessible to the orcs) and unsummon the 
    original buildings.  Build at least 3 or 4 ziggurats at the north and 
    east approaches to your base; no one Ever attacks from the west, so 
    don't bother.  
        As you reshuffle and upgrade your base and units, you'll be subject 
    to constant attacks by the orcs.  Mainly you should be fine, but the 
    orcs have 3 building killers on their side, which will get very costly 
    in terms of new ziggurats.  First is the sapper.  Learn what the sapper 
    looks like, watch for them when the orcs attack (they come from both 
    approaches), and when they do, have Arthas Death Coil them or 
    Kel'Thuzad Frost Nova them.  Both should kill them off (assuming 
    they're upgraded enough).  There may be up to 3 sappers attacking 
    together, and they hardly ever lead the attack, as to throw your 
    attention to the melee fighters.  With careful watching of the attacks, 
    though, you should be able to handle this easily.  Second is the 
    raider.  They are dangerous in that they move fast and do lots of siege 
    damage.  The best way to defend against them is to know when attacks 
    are coming and move your units in front of the buildings, engaging them 
    in combat before they can get to your ziggurats.  The best way to know 
    when attacks are coming is to place shades at the top of the slopes 
    that are the entrances to your base.  The third unit to take care of 
    are the catapults.  When the orcs attack with these, they bring plenty 
    of other units to keep you busy.  The best defense is to keep your 
    frost wyrm and gargoyles free until you see catapults, then send them 
    in.  The frost wyrm's frost breath will freeze the catapults, which 
    will help.
        Once you've got defense of your base down, are fully upgraded, and 
    have a good force assembled, it's time to take down some orcs.  The 
    orcs directly to your west are the easiest target; you can nearly take 
    them down at the beginning of the mission.  However, they hardly ever 
    attack; I advise leaving them until you've cleared out some of the 
    other bases.  The Orange orc base to your north is quite powerful, and 
    probably should be left until you can concentrate on cleaning it out.  
    I've therefore had the best success in destroying the brown orc base to 
    the southwest, which attacks often but is fairly easy to destroy.  In 
    addition, you killed their hero at the beginning so there's no hero to 
    deal with.  I recommend a standard attack, leading with skeletons, 
    though wait until right after an orc attack on your base to give 
    yourself maximum time before you have to rush back.  Once you've 
    destroyed that base, the frequency of attacks on your own should 
    significantly decrease.  This should let you recover fairly easily, and 
    be ready to launch a second one.  The next easiest is probably the 
    light blue to the east, and as they're always coming at you with 
    zeppelins, it should be quite helpful to take them out.
        At this point it'll probably be a good idea to pick up an expansion 
    base; I generally take out the dark blue next and take their mine, as 
    it's easy to defend, but feel free to take either of the two to the 
    east, as the red base doesn't attack until you've destroyed all the 
    other bases.  In any case, ready yourself for a decent battle against 
    Orange.  Wait until after they attack you, so that they're at their 
    weakest, then attack.  With a fully upgraded force, death and decay, 
    and all your other toys this shouldn't be too tough.  The key is to 
    have destroyed the other bases first so you don't have to break off the 
    attack and run back.
        Now that the red base is the only remaining one, watch out for red 
    dragon attacks, which is what they send out periodically.  Max out your 
    units, and go destroy the last base.  The red dragons are tough, but 
    with enough necromancers and gargoyles they'll fall soon enough, and 
    they don't build quick, so you normally don't have to worry about more 
    after the first clash.  Make sure to destroy all the unit-producing 
    buildings first, and wipe them out.  Bring Kel'Thuzad to the gate.  
    Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -7. The Siege of Dalaran
        This mission is actually not too hard, if you know how to take down 
    the Archmages.  As long as Death Coil on Arthas is at level 3 and the 
    same with Kel'Thuzad's Frost Nova, they are the only 2 units you need 
    (for the Archmages.)
        You start below the entrance to Dalaran.  Build some towers and 
    units for defense, and sit them there.  Take Arthas and Kel'Thuzad up 
    into the town through the aura, and when they get close enough, keep 
    casting Death Coil and Frost Nova on the Archmage until he dies.  Then 
    run them back to your base.  The units the Archmage keeps around don't 
    do enough damage to you to be a real threat, and you can kill the 
    Archmages normally in just a couple of castings.
        Once the first aura is down, build an attacking force.  You'll want 
    a few abominations now, considering how powerful they are, however 
    there are plenty of gryphons to deal with, so definitely keep some 
    crypt fiends around.  When you are ready, enter the town, clean out the 
    path to the north, and go west into the town.  Lead with skeletons, 
    destroy the base, and set up your own.  Build some towers for defense.  
    Once you've got that base up, go back to the east and clean out the 
    remaining forces in this section.
        The next Archmage can be taken out in 1 of 2 ways.  To the east of 
    your new expansion town, there are some cages that can be destroyed and 
    release golems.  Take the golems (as they're immune to the aura) and go 
    north and east.  Destroy the few water elementals, and heal up at the 
    fountain of health.  Be careful though, if you're on the south or east 
    side of the fountain an attacking force from the next human town might 
    very well pick up on them and attack them.  Avoid the next town, go 
    north and follow the path to the Archmage.  The golems should be able 
    to either kill or do plenty of damage to the Archmage.  If this method 
    fails, again, send in Arthas & Kel'Thuzad.  However, instead of going 
    around to the right, go up the path to the left that ends in a dead 
    end; but also is JUST close enough to the Archmage for your 2 heroes to 
    cast spells on him.  The Archmage may run around a bit, but he'll come 
    back to his original spot, and if you stand all the way in the 
    northeast corner of the path, you can always hit him.  Just keep 
    casting and eventually he'll die.
        Once you've killed the second Archmage and have replenished your 
    forces, Attack the final human base, to the east of the fountain.  This 
    isn't too bad, so use whatever mix of forces you want as long as there 
    are 2 groups of them, but be sure to bring 3 or 4 wagons, as there are 
    several towers to deal with.  There's another Archmage to take down in 
    this base, so be on your toes unless you want blizzard to take out your 
    troops.  Once this base is secure, make sure to get the items out of 
    the vault you passed, and then ready yourself for the final Archmage.  
    Feel free to build a third base here over the mine, but you really 
    don't have to.  Once again, all you have to do is take Arthas & 
    Kel'Thuzad into the aura after him, so there's little reason to 
    replenish your forces.  For good measure, cast Frost Armor on both of 
    them, and get going.  Ignore all human units but the mage.  When you 
    get in range of the Archmage, cast Death Coil and Frost Nova as fast as 
    they become available on him; Kel'Thuzad might die, but Arthas should 
    last long enough to finish the job.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -8. Under the Burning Sky
        This mission, in my opinion, is the hardest mission in the game.  
    The constant bombardment of human forces never lets you rest, 
    especially as they come from different directions, and the final attack 
    is overwhelming.  The name of the game here is towers and tower 
    defense; the longer your towers survive, the less money you spend on 
    new towers, the more you spend on new units.  Upgrade every time you 
    think you can.
        Your first step in this mission is to send an acolyte down the 
    passage to your southeast to the other gold mine.  You'll need the 
    money, as being in anything less than low upkeep promises certain 
    death.  Once you got that started, build Lots of Spirit Towers.  At 
    least 6 on each approach-the North, the East, and the Northwest.  
    Basically what you'll want to do is group as many units as you can 
    muster together, and keep them under your towers to the north, where 
    they can get to each approach fast.  The only advantage you'll have is 
    that until the end, the Humans attack separately, never together; so 
    you can commit all your forces to each attack.  Keep shades in front of 
    each approach (put them there specifically, their patrols never helped 
    me), and move your regulars out in front of the towers when they are 
    being attacked.
        There are 3 Human bases that are coming for you in this mission.  
    First, and possibly strongest, is the dark blue to your east.  They 
    come across a shallows of a stream and either come straight at the 
    platform Kel'Thuzad is on, or they come to the north and show up at the 
    northeast corner of the platform from the trees.  They are the most 
    dangerous because they have an Archmage hero, who just LOVES to cast 
    Blizzard all the time.  Kill him as quickly as you can every time he 
    shows up.  The other thing to worry about is if they break through your 
    eastern ziggurats, sometimes they head down to your expansion gold mine 
    and snuff that out; don't let that happen.
        The second most annoying Human base is the one in the northwest 
    corner, the light blue.  They attack with siege tanks, which, if you 
    let them get to your ziggurats, make swiss cheese of them.  The problem 
    with stopping them is that they have siege armor and way too many hp, 
    so you can either slow them with frost wyrms, hit them with catapults, 
    or try to overwhelm them with regular units.  The key is to realize 
    when they are coming and get between them and the ziggurats.
        The final Human base mainly employs griffins and knights, and 
    usually shows up at the north approach, from either side.  The griffins 
    are easily enough taken down by enough ziggurats, but be careful not to 
    let them team up with knights.
        After about 28 minutes of running back and forth between the 
    attacking units, the humans will commit all their units and attack 
    together.  I suggest saving the felhounds and inferals until now, and 
    sending them east against that front (the dark blue).  The rest of your 
    troops should be able to handle the other two attacking groups, at 
    least long enough for the last 2 minutes.  When it gets to about 1 
    minute, or if the humans are breaking through, pull Arthas back to the 
    platform, and have him do nothing but death coil Kel'Thuzad to heal him 
    as necessary.  Once 30 minutes is up, Mission is Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -First off-put the game on SLOW.  If you're good enough to 
    coordinate 3 different fronts at Fast speed with the kind of offense 
    they throw at you on Hard Mode, you belong in the goddamn army.
        -Upgrade as much as you can think about it.  You usually don't get 
    much of a chance to do so, but when you've got the money do it.  
    Anything you can do to slow down the humans helps.
        -If you're REALLY good, you can destroy one of the Human Bases at 
    the beginning of the game.  Right after the first attack of the mission 
    (which always comes from the eastern base, so camp it), you can have a 
    couple of catapults ready, a couple necromancers, and a steady stream 
    of ghouls.  I think the only place that's vulnerable is the 
    northwestern (light blue) base, and with enough micromanagement I think 
    it's possible.  I've never done it, but I've gotten close.  If you try 
    it, take 4 or 5 shades and block off the main gate out of their base 
    (by holding ground in the path) so that there's only one way out, and 
    come up the right side.  Good luck.  Also, be aware that the white base 
    will probably send griffins while you're engaged there, so make sure to 
    have ziggurats up.
        -Screw with the computer with Shades.  There are several things you 
    can try, and if you remember that the only way the computer can detect 
    them is via gyrocopters, you can enjoy good success.  I tried blocking 
    off the entire shallows the dark blue forces takes to your base; 
    unfortunately the Archmage blizzards the ground for some reason, even 
    though he can't see your units.  So that doesn't work.  (See reader 
    comments for update on this.)  Permanently blocking off the northern 
    passages to the 2 other human bases also doesn't work, since the light 
    blue base has gyrocopters.  However, in your own base, it can work 
    great.  First, the siege tanks sent by light blue are large and need 
    room to move; take 4 or 5 shades, and block off the 2 paths to your 
    northwest where the siege tanks usually come by moving into the paths 
    and holding position.  4 or 5 won't completely close off the 
    approaches, but well-positioned will only allow small units to pass; 
    and it's great to sit there and watch the computer vainly trying to get 
    through.  This will stop that attack, and if the gyrocopters ever try 
    to clear them out, just move them back until the copters have been 
    destroyed, then camp the paths again.  However, the real value of the 
    shades is in the last 2 minutes when you're being overrun; note that 
    usually there are no gyrocopters in the final wave; therefore the 
    humans have no way of seeing the shades.  Simply take 4 or 5 and block 
    off each of the stairs onto the platform.  The humans will sit there 
    trying to get by and not get anywhere and not be able to do anything 
    about it.  Doing this is the only way I was able to give myself enough 
    time to finish the level (on Hard Mode).  A similar approach that I 
    tried was to build a necropolis in front of each staircase.  It slowed 
    them down, though not for long.
        -See Reader Comments for the ULTIMATE strategy.
    Reader Comments:
        Kobold Lord and I had Extensive conversations about this mission.  
    He and I were both convinced that there MUST be a way to successfully 
    block off the dark blue attack force with shades.  However, using 
    various locations for blocking off the forces (at the shallows, up from 
    the shallows, at the two hills that dark blue climbs to attack you, at 
    the gate of dark blue, etc) never worked.  What we know for sure is 
    that the Archmages of each base (each base has one, but only dark blue 
    always brings theirs) have some ability or item to see invisible units, 
    probably a gem of true seeing.  This, you would think, would prevent 
    the use of shades at all, as the Archmage would simply blizzard and 
    dispel them.  However, this is not true, as I'll get into in a second.
        The next theory comes from watching the waves that come from each 
    base; you can tell that they always consist of the same units.  
    Therefore, the question is, are the waves unit-based, or time-based?  
    In other words, are they sent when all the units for the wave are 
    gathered, or are they sent at set times, regardless of whether they 
    have gathered all their forces?  The answer is time-based.  You can 
    expect waves from the humans at set times, which gives you the ability 
    to anticipate them and fight them off.  
        Kobold Lord has provided the following wave information:
    Dark Blue:  
    #1: 2 Footmen, 2 Knights, 2 Riflemen  
    #2: 4 Knights, 3 Riflemen, 2 Priests  
    #3: 3 Knights, 2 Riflemen, 2 Sorceresses, 1 Archmage  
    #4: 4 Knights, 3 Riflemen, 2 Priests, 2 Mortar Teams  
    #5: 2 Knights, 4 Riflemen, 2 Sorceresses, 1 Archmage  
    #6: 4 Footmen, 4 Knights, 2 Priests, 2 Mortar Teams  
    #7: 4 Knights, 4 Riflemen, 2 Sorceresses, 2 Mortar Teams, 1 Archmage  
    #8: 8(!) Knights, 2 Priests, 2 Mortar Teams, 1 Archmage  
    Light Blue:  
    #1: 3 Riflemen, 1 Steam Tank  
    #2: 6 Gyrocopters  
    #3: 4 Riflemen, 2 Steam Tanks  
    #4: 6 Riflemen, 6 Gyrocopters  
    #5: 4 Riflemen, 3 Steam Tanks  
    #6: 6 Riflemen, 6 Gyrocopters  
    #7: 4 Riflemen, 3 Steam Tanks, 3 Mortar Teams  
    #8: 4 Riflemen, 4 Steam Tanks, 3 Mortar Teams  
    Grey Waves:  
    #1: 3 Gryphons  
    #2: 4 Gryphons  
    #3: 5 Gryphons  
    #4: 5 Gryphons  
    #5: 6 Gryphons  
    #6: 4 Knights, 5 Gryphons  
    #7: 5 Knights, 5 Gryphons  
    #8: 4 Knights, 2 Sorceresses, 6 Gryphons
        This information can greatly help you predict where to run for 
    defense next; but since with good play you can get through to the final 
    90 seconds and still get mauled, the real question is how do you change 
    the mission so that you don't have to be concerned about that?  The 
    answer: the shade wall DOES work, in a particular place.  The place? 
    Very hard to describe, though I'll try.  I'm also going to attempt to 
    upload a screenshot to GameFaqs, so you might be able to get it there.  
    If not, I'll look into finding a place to host it, as it's a very 
    useful picture.
        Anyways, the place you want to put the shades is actually the best 
    possible place, except for the gates of the dark blue base.  If you 
    walk down the slope from the gates, towards your base, down to the 
    river shallows, you'll reach the absolute narrowest part of the slope, 
    which then opens up to the entire shallows.  At the absolute bottom, 
    narrowest point of the slope, you can place 6 shades, tell them to hold 
    ground, and placed correctly in a line from one side of the slope to 
    the other, they will successfully hold off the dark blue forces for the 
    entire mission.  Like I said, it's hard to write this down; the simple 
    explanation is to place 6 shades in a line from one side to the other 
    of the slope, at the bottom of it; if you're having trouble figuring 
    out where to start the line, try this.  Move a shade halfway up the 
    slope, on the north side.  Select it and tell it to move to a point in 
    the shallows that's north of the slope, so that it will have to come 
    down the slope, go around the corner that's at the end, and go north to 
    the commanded spot.  The point at which it goes around the corner is 
    the exact spot where you want to start the line.  Build the line to the 
    matching spot on the end of the south edge of the slope.
        Once you've got the shades in place, dark blue is DONE.  They will 
    never get free, never come around the back path to take the path white 
    takes.  Why?  I think this is an AI bug.  Because, clearly, the 
    Archmage should be able to see them.  In the screenshot I'm posting, 
    the Archmage is moving behind the line of shades; however when you do 
    this there will be several times where he moves all the way up to the 
    line, right up against the shades, and doesn't blizzard.  He even uses 
    the minute space between the shades to cast a water elemental which 
    shows up on the other side of the shades.  However the elemental 
    follows the mage, so it never wanders towards you.  The final straw as 
    to why this is an AI problem is that in one try, I put up the wall, 
    then proceeded to use the god mode cheat, and destroy all the bases to 
    see if that would complete the mission (it does, by the way).  I left 
    dark blue for last, and when I attacked (from behind) the Archmage and 
    the other units stuck at the shades DID NOT ATTACK.  I even left 1 
    building standing and came up and attacked the units; they just stood 
    there and took it until they died.  What this tells me is that they are 
    LOCKED INTO the move command until they cross the shallows (or at least 
    get into them) and regardless of whatever happens, this doesn't change.  
    So they are dead meat.
        So how do you incorporate this strategy?  Alright, here's the order 
    I used:
        -Mission begins.  Order all of your fighting units together.  Move 
    them to the east to take out the incoming dark blue wave that comes 
    immediately.  Build the second gold mine.  Group all 5 of your shades 
    together out by the shallows by dark blue.  Have one acolyte build at 
    least 8 towers (or a few halls of the dead/black citadels) at your 
    northern middle front.  Have the western acolyte go into the 
    sacrificial pit, make a shade.
        -Kill off the initial dark blue wave.  Move your 5 initial shades 
    and your new shade (making 6) to the far side of the shallows in front 
    of the dark blue base, set up the wall as described above, and forget 
    about dark blue.  Move all units west into the trees in the middle of 
    light blue's path.  Sit them there, kill off all light blue attacks.  
    Build units, build up your forces and upgrade them.
        -All initial gray attacks are gryphons.  Most likely they will 
    attack your big group of towers at the north middle battleground.  If 
    not, take a unit, and decoy them to the towers.  That will handle all 
    of those threats.  When you get felhounds use them for that purpose.  
    When the gray waves start bringing ground units, they will always hit 
    the towers; send your felhounds and (when they arrive) infernals to 
    support your towers.  You'll max lose 2 towers for each attack.  With 
    nothing else to support you should be able to handle that fine.
        -When you have a full attack force (I went into high upkeep with 
    the initial fiends, 4 abominations, 11 necromancers, and 4 meat wagons) 
    attack light blue.  Most important thing is to get the mage to prevent 
    blizzard.  Most of your units, if you move-attack, will try to attack 
    the Dalaran towers.  That's ok; let the abominations and Arthas (with 
    lots of Death Coil) kill off the archmage, then move in.  The key here 
    is to keep your necromancers alive, as the skeleton warriors will do 
    most of your work, since the buildings all have the max human building 
    hp upgrade, and take forever to knock down.  Just keep plugging, making 
    new skeleton warriors, and reinforcing your troops if you remember to.  
    Grey shouldn't send any help.  I successfully destroyed light blue 
    doing this.  This left gray as the only viable opponent with about 7 
    minutes left.  I think you can kill off light blue with enough time 
    left to regroup and destroy gray; but I didn't bother, as the endgame 
    is child's play at this point.  If someone can destroy all 3 bases 
    before 30 minutes expire, on Hard Mode, I'd love to hear about it.
        -Final note: do NOT build a haunted gold mine over light blue's 
    mine.  Gray WILL take exception to this and come for you with it's next 
    wave.  Of course, if you want to use that as a decoy from the real 
    base, it's up to you; it's a perfectly viable strategy.  But since once 
    light blue is dead the mission is essentially over anyways, I see no 
    need for it.
    Section 3: Orcs
    -1. Landfall
        This is quite an easy mission, except for the end.  All you have to 
    do is following the one main path from west to east, killing creeps, 
    picking up items, and saving your forces until you reach Cairne on the 
    east edge of the map.  The main idea is to go Everywhere you can, 
    finding all the creeps and items you can.  Each group is fairly easy to 
    kill, and eventually you'll have enough forces to take out anything.  
    Be careful until you win the healing wards, which will be your main 
    source of healing until you find the fountain of healing.  Once you've 
    got the wards, just lead with your grunts, killing everything.  If some 
    of your units are getting low on hp, simply either retreat them for the 
    length of the battle, or throw a ward down mid-battle which should most 
    likely keep them, and all your units, alive for the length of the 
        Eventually you'll find the fountain of health, which means you're 
    close to Cairne.  After healing up, head east and then south, where 
    you'll find him.  Kill the creeps attacking, and when protecting Cairne 
    becomes your new objective, DON'T.  First, gather your forces, and head 
    to the south, where there's a ton of creeps and a few useful items.  
    Kill them off, head to the fountain to head off, THEN go after Cairne.  
    The battle at his village won't begin until you show up, which is 
    helpful.  When you are ready, head off to his village.
        There's only one thing left to do, which is fight off the attacking 
    Centaurs.  There'll be a couple of waves of them; they aren't too 
    difficult.  By now you should have either the wolf summon or Chain 
    Lightening; make sure your mp is at max when this battle begins, and 
    then use them as much as possible.  Stay near Cairne to make sure his 
    taurens take some of the beating, and this should be over quick.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -In hard mode, enemies Often try to take out any healing wards you 
    might throw down, to deny you the benefit.  Therefore, when you go into 
    battle, try to place the wards behind your own melee units 
    (grunts/raiders/taurens) to protect against melee units.  Against 
    ranged units you can't do much except kill them quickly.  If you've got 
    witch doctors, watch your wards, and if one goes down, put up another 
    one.  It also helps to have multiple wards going, to have some overlap, 
    though I'm not sure if wards stack.
        -There's a wave or 2 extra of centaurs in hard mode when you're 
    defending Cairne's village.  I took out the first 2 waves no problem 
    myself, but overextended myself for the last ones, and thus the tauren 
    didn't absorb any of the punishment.  I highly recommend letting the 
    enemy come to you near the tauren to share the damage, and using 
    Thrall's abilities as much as possible.  Also, make good use of your 
    healing wards; though save a few, as they'll definitely be helpful in 
    the next mission.  And be alert for the last wave, in which the 
    centaurs bring a champion.  If you're almost dead at this point, but 
    think you can win, don't bother healing; just spend your units until 
    the centaurs are dead, to save the wards for the next mission.
    -2. The Long March
        This is not an excessively hard mission, as long as you don't make 
    it harder than it already is.  There's one main path, and moving along 
    it will trigger the tauren and kodos to move.  The key to this level, 
    however, is to Keep Moving.  There are MANY, MANY groups of creeps off 
    the main path, and most of them have items that you can pick up.  
    Problem is, every time the caravan stops, after a set amount of time 
    (which happens over and over) centaurs will attack both ends of the 
    caravans.  The Tauren can usually hold their own at the end of the 
    caravan, but if you're off clearing out some harpies or a centaur 
    village, the Kodos will take a bunch of damage, and the Tauren will get 
    the crap kicked out of them.  As many hp as they have, the tauren seem 
    to take damage way too easily, esp. in this mission.  Often times I end 
    up with just Cairne at the end.  One important note is that if you 
    saved any of the healing wards from the last mission, you can heal the 
    tauren with them.
        Your first goal is to get from the first oasis to the second.  Just 
    keep moving along the path, and you should be fine.  The best strategy 
    is to spawn some wolves and send them as advance scouts, while your 
    regular troops follow.  This will identify where the enemy is and give 
    you the few moments you may need to prepare.  If you can, take out any 
    enemies along the path before the kodos catch up with you, which will 
    keep them from stopping, and keep the level from spawning new enemies.  
    Whenever you hear Cairne say "The Kodos must be protected", his end of 
    the caravan is under attack, and usually your end is.  When this 
    happens, rush back and see if there's anyone attacking your end of the 
    caravan; if not, run back and help Cairne.  When the threat is 
    neutralized, get moving.  You'll reach the first oasis soon.  At each 
    oasis, you'll use it to heal first, then Cairne & the kodos will heal.  
    In the time that they heal, you might be attacked; so be alert.  You'll 
    also get some raiders at this point.  This will help if you decide to 
    kill any of the harpies, but other than that it's pretty useless.
        Get moving along the path when the kodos are ready.  Be careful of 
    the cave on the top of the path; it'll spawn enemies if you get too 
    close.  When you turn the corner, there'll be thunder lizards to the 
    left in a niche and a centaur village to the north.  Ignore both; you 
    only get +3 claws from the lizards, and you don't have the time to take 
    out the village.  Once you've turned the corner, you'll probably be 
    attacked at least once, if not twice by centaurs, and the next corner 
    will have harpies up on a hill.  I suggest ignoring them, as the 
    fountain is real close.  There'll be some enemies to kill right near 
    the fountain, and when it's clear, you'll get some catapults; now go 
    back and make sure the caravan makes it ok (Cairne will probably be 
    attacked again).  Once you've healed, Cairne and the kodos will heal, 
    and at this point there Will be an attack from the south (at least in 
    hard mode).  Anticipate and take it out, then get moving.
        The last stretch is quite easy, as long as you're careful and 
    protect the end of the caravan.  You'll come up on several towers, 
    which are best taken out with your catapults.  The thing here is to 
    make sure you knock them down out of their range (because you can't 
    repair the catapults in this mission) and every now and then some 
    centaurs will come up and try to take them out.  Keep a few units (the 
    grunts, mainly) by your catapults for that defense, but just keep 
    moving and knocking down the towers.  If the catapults don't start 
    attacking until they're under attack, quickly move them out of range 
    and attack from there.  In the mean time, several attacks will occur on 
    the kodos from behind, so keep the bulk of your forces back there.  You 
    might need Thrall in the front group to keep the caravan moving, 
    though.  Once the towers are all clear, you're pretty much at the 
    oasis, so move everyone there and wait for the caravan to catch up.  
    When it does, Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -Regardless of difficulty, but especially on hard mode, the 
    periodic attacks on the caravan when you're not moving Really wear on 
    you.  On normal, you have the time and health to take down a village or 
    two and collect the items; if you try that on hard, though, you'll end 
    up with half your forces and inferior items.  Especially don't take on 
    the lizards; it takes too long, does too much damage, and the +3 claws 
    are not worth it.  In fact, if you get all the items on mission 7 (The 
    Oracle) you're gonna end up throwing out almost every item you had up 
    to that point anyways.  So ignore all the creeps on the mission and 
    keep moving.  If you do, you'll get through the level with few 
    problems; if you don't, and go after the items, most likely the Tauren 
    will die except for Cairne, you'll lose one or 2 kodos, and may not 
    have enough troops to make it through the last stretch.
    -3. Cry of the Warsong
        Time to actually build a base.  Here you're going to most likely 
    end up taking out 4 human bases (though it's not required) because Grom 
    has anger issues.  First things first, move east and help Grom destroy 
    the human base,  establish your own there.  After a while, Grom will 
    attack the 4 human bases in turn, and that causes them to retaliate 
    against YOU.  Fair, isn't it.  I certainly wouldn't mind if those 
    legions of troops went after Grom and wiped him out.  Anywise, you'll 
    have to work fast, because as soon as Grom makes his first attack, 
    humans will be coming for you.  Therefore, you'll need to build some 
    defenses to stop them; the easiest thing to do is to put up some towers 
    in the path down the middle of the map, and guard that.  Make sure 
    you're not just defending the north or the south passage though, 
    because if they can, the humans Will swing around your defenses and 
    flank you.  The best approach I found was to put 2 sets of towers, a 
    bit more than halfway up, in the following configuration:
    \        x        \
     \        x        \           \ = walls of the path
      \           TT    \          * = divider in middle
       \  TT    *TT      \         T = tower
        \TT   O  *        \        x = the group of trees where the creeps 
         \   OOO  *        \       O = where I kept the orcs
          \   O    *        \
        This made it so that attacks that came down the south half of the 
    path would be stopped by the southern towers, and my units could run up 
    past the right side of the towers and take them out.  Additionally, 
    attacks that came down the northern half of the path would also be held 
    up by the northern towers, and the opening between the path divider and 
    the trees allowed me to rush my units up to the battle just as easily.  
    Now obviously I didn't have 4 towers on each group and 5 orcs; I 
    suggest 6-8 towers in each group, and 1-2 full groups of orcs ready for 
        Credit to Sean Healey, who posted the following strategy on 
        "The Computer AI seems to be programmed to attack the nearest orc 
    settlement, which by your walkthrough requires that you     defend both 
    of your bases (main and expansion) with ample troops and towers.
        I placed a Town Hall at the purple base before expanding, and the 
    human attack forces went directly to it. This was     helpful for two 
        1) Obviously, it kept pressure off of my forces at the main base, 
    which allowed me to build forces up steadily.
        2) Placing it at the purple base also gave me supplemental forces 
    to defeat whatever was thrown my way, even if double or     triple 
    Since I only now had to hold one point for defense, and not two, I was 
    able to go in and wipe out each human settlement     in turn, without 
    having to scramble forces every which way. It allowed me to defeat the 
    mission muchmore quickly, and     cleanly."
        So either post your own defense along the path, or go with Sean's 
    strategy.  In any case, when you feel you can deal with any attack 
    fairly easily, are fully upgraded and have an attack force standing by, 
    it's time to take the battle to the humans.  I recommend clearing out 
    all the human bases, though you only have to destroy the dark blue, 
    directly to the northwest, to get to the zeppelins.  I suggest 
    destroying the white base, then the gray base, then the green base, 
    then finally the light blue base.  The general strategy for each attack 
    is simple; just go in as you would in any base attack, but wait until 
    Grom makes one of his periodic attacks, and follow him in.  If Grom 
    attacks a different base from the one you want to attack, just let him 
    go and wait until next time.  The goals here are to destroy all unit-
    producing buildings, then Get Out.  In the time you took to attack the 
    base (especially the first one), the humans are probably massing 
    another attack on your defenses.  Therefore, make sure the job is done 
    (they can't rebuild), and then retreat to your defenses to regroup and 
    wait for the inevitable attack.
        The white base is the easiest to take down, which is why I 
    recommend attacking that one first.  The gray isn't that hard, but they 
    use a lot of cannon towers and mortar teams, so make sure you take down 
    those defenses quickly.  You may want a few extra catapults for this 
    one.  Once you've got those 2 bases down, you'll probably need some 
    cash, so build an expansion at either one.  I recommend the gray base, 
    since there's only one approach.  Once you've got an expansion up, 
    notice that it will suffer the periodic attacks for the rest of the 
    mission-note above where Sean says that the AI goes after the nearest 
    base; so you can abandon any other defenses you have, and group all 
    your forces at your new base.
        When you're ready, attack the green, then the blue.  Both of these 
    should be reasonably easy, especially if you follow Grom in.  You can 
    also wait until just after a human attack from your target, at which 
    point the base will be noticeably weak.  In any case, destroy both 
    bases, recover your troops, make sure you have some anti-air units 
    (raiders or trolls) and take the northwestern path from the blue base.  
    This will lead you directly to the zeppelins, which are defended by 
    some harpies.  Take them out, get the 2 zeppelins.  At this point, as 
    soon as you bring them back, the mission is over; if there's still some 
    creeps on the map, make sure to clear them out first.  There's some 
    along the backdoor path between the white and blue bases, and on the 
    left side of the path to the green base there's a little area with some 
    creeps.  Once you're done with the map, fly the zeppelins back.  
    Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -See reader comments for further explanation of the town hall in 
    purple's base strategy.
    Reader Comments:
    Kobold Lord writes:
        "If you don't want to put a Great Hall in Grom's base, you can 
    duplicate the effect by having Thrall taunt incoming armies of humans 
    toward his base. This can buy you enough time to kill one human base 
    and stockpile the money necessary to defend it with towers. Green 
    should probably be your last target. Mass casters are relatively hard 
    to kill with units but will be absolutely butchered by towers. Dark 
    blue and gray are the only human bases that produce siege units to 
    injure your towers, so killing them is higher priority."
        My Comments:
        I agree with this strategy, especially in that dark blue and gray 
    are higher priority targets than green.  However, as I advocate 
    destroying white then gray, my own experiences have given me the 
    opinion that once you're down to green and dark blue, the mission is 
    easy enough to beat regardless of who you attack next.  The 2 human 
    bases just can't muster enough forces, at a high enough rate, to be a 
    threat at that point.  Still, green should definitely go last, I am in 
    full agreement with that.
        Kevin Ries writes:
        "Hi Marc.. in your Hard Mode WC3 Faq under the Orc campaign mission 
    number 3.. there is a part where it explains how it is possible to build 
    your Orc settlement within the Purple base.. However.. I noticed that 
    when I did that, the purple team began attacking my farms.  Did this 
    happen to you?  Perhaps there is someway to make them stop from 
    I got completely wiped out by my very own allies :/ "
        My Comments:
        His problem was caused by building his entire town within the 
    purple settlement, which is not what the strategy posted above 
    suggests.  I'd like to thank Sean again, as I went back and tried this 
    strategy, and found that it makes this scenario Laughably easy.  In any 
    case, here is the full strategy.
        First thing, put a town hall on the EDGE of the purple base.  I put 
    mine to the southwest of the purple barracks, basically between the 2 
    burrows that are to the west and to the south of the barracks.  You'll 
    want to put up that town hall a. As close to the purple base as 
    possible (you might have to put it next to a raider that sits there) 
    and b. as SOON as possible, like the second your first one is up and 
    mining gold at your base.  Remember, if you're depending on purple to 
    defend your base, while you don't have to build towers or troops to 
    defend Yours, if you Don't build towers and troops to defend yourself 
    and you Don't get the hall up before the first human wave, expect a 
    swift kick in the ass from dark blue as the first retaliation comes.  I 
    found that out the hard way.
        Once the hall is up, enemies will 95% of the time take the high 
    route on the diagonal path down the center of the map, line up just 
    outside the purple base, and start to attack your hall, at which point 
    the purple towers and troops will come out and take the brunt of the 
    attack.  Of course, you have to remember that if the purple base falls, 
    it's back to square one again, so give Grom at least Some support.  
    What I did is build 11 grunts, sit them to the south of the purple 
    base, and when the humans attacked, I ran up and helped out.  As you 
    most likely noticed, the computer (at least on Hard Mode) picks on the 
    weakest opponents, and 99% of the attacks I got through virtually 
    unscathed because the computer was focusing on Grom's troops since they 
    had already injured them.  
        Since I only built 11 grunts (11 grunts and thrall as my attack 
    unit) I stayed in no upkeep for the whole mission.  I sat there 
    watching purple getting thwacked, and I got 100% of the gold out of my 
    mine.  This gave me 14K when it was finally out, which meant that I had 
    MORE than enough to finish the board, just on that one mine.  I was 
    down to 11K when I had bought all my offensive units (which, since I 
    didn't have gold coming in, I went to full 90 food), 8K when I 
    replenished after destroying white and gray, and 5K when I was finished 
    with dark blue and light blue.  This means I never built an expansion 
    base, because I never needed the money, so all attacks were always 
    soaked by Grom, and thus I never spent money on additional buildings or 
    defenses.  Doing so relieves you of having to do anything but attack 
    the human bases (and support Grom on defense if you feel like it), 
    which makes this scenario ridiculously easy.
        The only other thing to watch out for is on the Very few cases that 
    the human attacks took the southern route of the diagonal path down the 
    center of the map; they will mass up to the southwest of your new hall, 
    just above your regular base.  Don't worry, they will still attack your 
    decoy hall and purple will still defend it; the thing to be watchful 
    here is where you put your support troops.  If they're to the southwest 
    of your decoy, they'll take the brunt of the attack, which isn't what 
    you want.  If this happens, just run them to purple's base and let Grom 
    handle it and come back once the computer has shifted targets.  After 
    that, make sure to keep your support forces to the south, or even 
    southeast, of your decoy hall.  It'll take longer to get to the fight 
    to support Grom, but what do you care?  He started this thing.
       Bottom line: using the decoy town hall strategy is the way to go.  
    Period.  Makes this mission cake.  Again thanks to Sean Healey for it.  
    It's nice to finally find a way to make Grom deal with what he started, 
    no? <mutters, belligerent -expletive deleted-s, how do You like it 
    -4. The Spirits of Ashenvale
        All you need to do to finish this mission is accumulate 15000 
    lumber.  This is current, not total, so if you accumulate 5000 3 times 
    and spend it all, you'll have another 15000 to go.  Fairly 
    straightforward map.  At the beginning, you'll have no gold mine.  
    Getting gold is your first goal.  Group your units together, wait until 
    the path to the north is open, and go through it.  You'll meet some 
    night elves immediately, who will fall quickly.  Move to the north, 
    where there will be a few more elves, and a gold mine.  Kill them, and 
    set up a hall there.  Make sure at the beginning of the level to buy 
    upgrades or units, but keep just enough $ for a hall.  Once you've got 
    your hall building, you need to hold that area until you've got cash 
    coming in.  When you've got an income, build towers to guard the 
    northwest approach to this base, as well as the southwest approach.  
    This is where the night elves will mainly be coming from.  I don't 
    think that, other than the odd hippogriff rider attack, I ever had to 
    deal with the light blue base to the northeast.  Speaking of bases, 
    there are 3 main night elf bases on this map, the light blue in the 
    northeast corner, the green in the northwest, and the dark blue in the 
    southwest.  You'll most likely end up only having to take out one of 
        When you've got some defenses up, go to immediate east of your new 
    base, where you'll get offered some shredders if you take out some 
    furbolgs.  That'll come later though.  Your first goal is to build a  
    decent set of troops (focus on grunts and raiders in this mission; 
    shamans are near-useless without bloodlust, and use your towers and 
    raiders to take out the flying units.  Granted purge is a decent 
    ability, esp. against summoned units, but it's not any good on this 
    mission).  Once you're ready, take the southwest exit from your base, 
    and go south.  There will be a small night elf settlement with a tree 
    of life.  Destroy it all, and for destroying the tree you'll get 3000 
    lumber.  Nice, huh.  Now go to the immediate west, where there'll be a 
    gold mine protected by trolls.  Claim it, and get ready to build your 
    second town there.  Regroup your forces (if you want to get the 
    treasure right by the mine, windwalk Grom so that the creeps defending 
    it can't do anything), and build a hall down there.  Be Very careful 
    about how you defend it, though.  If you build towers, you run the risk 
    that they'll attack the forces from the dark blue that pass right near 
    there when they attack, and thus attack your new settlement.  
    Therefore, you can either run your units between your first and second 
    bases for defenses, or put up towers, bring units down from your first 
    base for cleanup, and prepare quickly to destroy the dark blue, which 
    is your next goal.
        When you've got a few catapults, are fully upgraded, and have a 
    good attack force (again, mainly raiders and grunts), attack the 
    southwest night elf base.  Use the catapults to take down the ancient 
    protectors first thing, and you should be fine.  The night elves in 
    this mission don't stack up well against an orc melee force; this 
    should be quite easy.  Again you'll get 3000 lumber for the tree of 
    life.  When that attack is complete, get back to your first base, where 
    you'll probably be attacked soon from the northwest, if you weren't 
    during your offensive.  From now on, the only defense you'll need at 
    your 2nd expansion is towers, as only hippogriff riders will go there.
        Your (optionally) final task is to kill the furbolgs for the 
    goblins.  Although this is an optional quest, it's the easiest way to 
    complete the mission, so head pretty much directly west from your first 
    base, or north from the dark blue base.  You'll find the furbolgs 
    easily enough; destroy them, return to the goblins, and 2 shredders 
    will be yours.  At this point, you can either take out one of the other 
    night elf bases, or let the shredders rack up the lumber you need.  The 
    shredders are ridiculously quick, so I suggest that; however you're 
    welcome to launch another attack.  I took out the northwest base for 
    fun; but be careful if you decide to do that, as they've got a large 
    hippogriff force.  Bring lots of trolls or raiders, or you can also 
    ring their base with towers while they're not attacking.   Once their 
    air force is depleted, it's simple to take out the base.  Another 3000 
    lumber is yours.  If you need even More, there's another tree of life 
    in the northern middle section which is not well defended; but if you 
    haven't destroyed the northwest base, expect reinforcements if you 
    attack it.  In any case, it should be easy to defend against attacks 
    from anywhere from the time you take out the dark blue, so accumulate 
    the lumber however you want.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    Reader Comments:
        Kobold Lord writes:
        "Killing the NE bases is much easier if you Windwalk Grom and send 
    him to Bladestorm between a couple Ancient Protectors/unit producing 
    buildings. He can kill two such buildings with one Bladestorm, and he is 
    then easily resurrected. Killing buildings doesn't get much cheaper than 
    this. The NE do not replace Ancient Protectors at all and do not replace 
    most other targets until they are entirely out of unit-producing 
        My Comments:
        Fully agree.  I noticed myself that Grom's Bladestorm is very 
    effective against Night Elf buildings, especially the Ancient 
    Protectors.  I suppose this strategy is up to you, whether you want to 
    mass units and attack or pick at the enemy.  Since I'm a fan of the 
    slow death myself, I fully endorse it, but don't feel compelled to use 
    it unless you're in trouble, such as if you're out of money from the 
    first mine.
    -5. The Hunter of Shadows
        You've got a full base for this mission, on both sides of the 
    river.  However, Cenarius takes care of that quite quickly.  First 
    thing you should do is set the game on Slow, to give yourself more time 
    to build defenses, as the initial attack is Quite hard to take.  To 
    begin, look at each of the 3 orc settlements on both sides of the 
    river, and you'll find 3 or 4 peons that are not attacked initially.  
    Take them all across the river, and use them to build towers at the 2 
    paths across.  The southern path has a few towers and burrows; I 
    suggest lining up the towers in front of the burrow that's closest, and 
    when the attack comes, hide the orc in the burrow.  Have just 1 orc 
    building towers down here, as there already are defenses; have all the 
    other peons build towers up at the northern approach, and build as many 
    as you can.  In the mean time, your units as much as you can; if you 
    can have bloodlust or healing wards by the time the attack comes, 
    you'll be real good.  In any case, as soon as Cenarius fully destroys 
    your bases across the river, he'll build a night elf base there, and 
    send all his forces across the river.  I've had the best success with 
    grouping all available units at the southern approach, which should be 
    able to take out the attackers there (with the help of the towers), 
    then sending them north.  The idea is to have 6 or 8 towers up at the 
    northern approach before the attack comes, which will hold off the 
    majority of the attack (and possibly kill most of it) until you can 
    send Grom and his remaining forces up there.  Once you've beaten off 
    the attack, a random witch doctor will tell you about a "Power Source" 
    or some such thing, which will be your next goal.  Take the significant 
    breather here to rebuild your defenses, but don't worry too much as all 
    other attacks until you've finished the power source objective will be 
    much weaker, and at one approach at a time.  A good number of towers 
    with some cleanup forces for ballista and such will be sufficient for 
    most attacks.
        Build up a good attacking force (I prefer a full group of orcs with 
    a group of 4 witch doctors and 8 shaman, which gives me plenty of blood 
    lust and healing wards), upgrade them fully, and head north.  You'll 
    kill a few creeps, find a line of trees to cut down (use catapults or 
    peons) then a bunch of furbolgs to take out.  Eventually you'll reach 
    some satyrs and a way gate.  Use it, follow the path, kill the creeps 
    along the way, and reach the power source.  Kill the satyrs and 
    "upgrade" the orcs.  When you've completed the objective, Cenarius will 
    send a large force at you; either run back or use a scroll of town 
    portal to return (which can be bought from the goblin merchant along 
    the way to the power source).  Once you've fought off the attackers, 
    prepare for a final invasion; you can finish this mission right now if 
    you want.  When you're ready, attack from the southern approach, which 
    will lead you to a lightly defended base.  The upgraded orc units are 
    actually great against buildings, so for this attack you don't need 
    catapults unless you want them; once you've cleared most of this base, 
    Cenarius will come from the north, usually alone, so cut him down.  
    Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -The periodic night elf attacks on Hard Mode often include 
    Chimeras, and thus are usually a bit more than a bunch of towers can 
    handle.  If your units are off on the power source quest, make sure to 
    have Grom buy a scroll of town portal or two along the way so he can 
    run back and help out if necessary.
    Reader Comments:
        Kobold Lord writes:
        "With judicious use of Healing and Mana Potions from the Goblin 
    Merchant as well as the Fountain of Healing, Grom can kill all the 
    creeps all by himself, leaving your entire army to fend off the NE 
    attacks. Basically, send in a Mirror Image to take hits while Grom picks 
    stuff off, Bladestorming whenever the cooldown ends. Shamans get 
    Bloodlust in this level, so if you have many Grunts, several Raiders for 
    Ensnare and Ancient Protectors, and a few Shamans, you should have no 
    trouble fending off the attacks indefinitely, even without Grom."
        My Comments:
        If this is true, and it certainly seems like it probably is, this 
    would be the way to go.  Considering that Grom can windwalk past many 
    of the creeps and Bladestorm those he can't, sending him alone so that 
    you can keep your forces at home for defense is the perfect strategy.  
    Since you get hit hard once you find the fountain, especially in hard 
    mode, this solves the getting home in time problem quite nicely.
    -6. Where Wyverns Dare
        The key to this mission is figuring out How to defend your base 
    before you're ready to attack.  You're up against the right side of the 
    map, with a path to your northwest that leads north.  Humans will 
    attack along the ground with an Archmage from that direction, as well 
    as drop off units in the un-buildable area directly to the north of 
    your hall.  To combat the ground units, clear out the lizards to the 
    immediate west, and build towers to defend that approach.  You should 
    also be able to build a line of towers just above your hall stretching 
    from the gold mine 6 or 8 towers to the west.  Since I'm definitely not 
    an artist, here's a non-artist's conception of the 2 setups:
                  Ground approach:                                
      ttttt        |          |,\,_ = edge of the mtn
      ttttt        |          t     = trees          
      tttttTTTT    \          T     = Towers         
      ttt  TTTT     \______   O     = Orcs           
                   Air approach:
          |                                    |,\,_,/ = edge of mtn
          |          _____________             x       = unbuildable
          \         /xxxxxxxxxxxxx\            T       = Towers
           \_______/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\_________  H       = Great Hall
                    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            M       = Gold Mine
                    xxxxx  xxx xxxx
                          HH    MM
                          HH    MM
        This setup will allow you to hold off the humans from wherever they 
    attack, until you can rush your units over to clean them up.  As you 
    hold off their attacks, build up your base, upgrade your units, and 
    prepare for an offensive.  Once you've got a decent attacking group 
    ready (I suggest melee units led by Cairne, and ranged/magic users led 
    by Thrall) wait until the next attack, fight it off, heal yourself up 
    (gotta love the shaman's healing wards) and go north along the path.  
    When you find the harpies yapping about the wyverns, kill them, then 
    you'll notice a path up to the left; take it.  Go along this path until 
    you're almost at the wyverns.  If you're quick you won't have suffered 
    an attack on your base yet.  The harpies that defend the wyverns can 
    only be hit by ranged units; so at this point, send Cairne and your 
    melee units home to fight off any attacks, and go in with thrall.  With 
    enough Chain Lightening, bloodlust, and healing wards, this battle will 
    be over quickly.  Return to base with the wyverns, though be sure to 
    destroy the harpy buildings for the items that are left.  
        Once you've regrouped, go along the path to the north until you hit 
    the centaur village.  Destroy it and build an expansion there.  In hard 
    mode, this means all attacks will now be centered on this base, so 
    build some towers for defense.  When you're done there, go to the 
    northeast (around the corner to the right) and take out the remaining 
    centaurs.  Get the glyph from the centaur khan and return it to the 
    defiled fountain, clearing it (though it doesn't get you anything).  
    When you kill the Khan, an attack from the humans usually materializes; 
    so defend your new base and fight them off.  When you're ready, 
    preferably soon after that attack so that they are low on troops, go to 
    the northwest and destroy that town.  If you've got catapults you 
    shouldn't have too hard of a time.
        Your final objective is the destruction of the northeastern base, 
    which is inaccessible from the ground.  Take the wyverns you inherited 
    from finishing that objective (or if they're dead build 5 or 6 new 
    ones) and fly to the southern edge of that base, where the landing zone 
    is protected by a few gryphons.  Your wyverns will cut through them 
    quickly.  I suggest that once this is clear, kill off your remaining 
    wyverns and invest in ground troops and catapults, which you will 
    really need to take out this base.  Buy as many zeppelins as you'll 
    need from the goblin lab near your expansion, prepare yourself, and 
    attack.  Drop off the catapults LAST, having all your normal units hold 
    ground until everything is down; as soon as your catapults are landed 
    they have a tendency to attack, so you want to have your units 
    available for defense.  Join the battle and destroy the humans.  This 
    isn't too hard, except that they have a lot of unit-producing 
    buildings, and tend to attack your catapults first thing.  Go for the 
    buildings as soon as you can, but don't worry about your catapults if 
    you lose them; as long as your troops take out theirs, you should have 
    enough of an advantage to clear out the rest of the base.  Make sure to 
    take out the towers as well.  The main thing to worry about here is 
    that your units tend to wander away and attack different targets; 
    periodically group them together on one target to avoid this.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -In hard mode, the zeppelin attacks on your main base are frequent 
    and often include a mountain king hero.  When you see the zeppelin come 
    in, select all of the towers in the line and have them attack the 
    zeppelin.  Chances are it won't get most of the units unloaded before 
    it is destroyed (with enough towers you can destroy it in one grouped 
    shot) and while the units not unloaded won't die, they Will be dropped 
    stunned for several seconds.  With this advantage it's a whole lot 
    easier to fight off this attack.
    -7. The Oracle
        There are plenty of ways to get through this level; by exploiting 
    them you'll have little trouble.  Your first goal is to get Thrall 
    through his section.  I won't describe each and every room, as that'll 
    take way too much time.  Your general strategy is to 1. Summon your 
    wolves (by now I hope you have level 3 wolves, if you don't, this level 
    will be much harder, as only level 3 wolves are invisible).  2. Send 
    them to scout the next room.  3. Have them attack any enemies in that 
    room.  Repeat the above 3 steps until a. the enemies are dead or b. the 
    enemies are weak enough that you feel you won't lose any units by 
    attacking them.  If a, move on.  If b, lead with your wolves and attack 
    with all your units.  The only thing you must do in this mission is to 
    explore EVERYWHERE (as there is a TON of items in this level, most of 
    them quite good).  Eventually you'll get to a way gate.  When you fight 
    some level 8 or higher creeps, (there should be 3 of them) you're 
    getting close.  Go through the gate, which will lead you to a more 
    castle-like area.  Still underground, though.  Go to the north and 
    follow the passageway, killing the creeps and freeing your units.  
    You'll reach an area where your wolves are automatically unsummoned if 
    they advance; simply attack, you'll fight off a bunch of humans.  After 
    that, explore with your wolves; you'll find a dragon fighting a bunch 
    of harpies.  Let them fight, pick off the winners, and take the heart 
    which is left.  Go forward to the way gate, which will take you to the 
    beginning of the castle area, and go south to statue.  End of Thrall's 
        Cairne's area is much harder, as he's only got himself and a few 
    Tauren, who once again are killed way too easily.  First off, if you go 
    south, take only Cairne, as you'll get mobbed by creeps.  Use his stomp 
    ability (which I hope is level 3) to fend them off.  You'll get a 
    scroll of healing.  Take your tauren and travel northeast.  Do NOT 
    destroy the blocks protecting the visible treasure; otherwise you'll 
    have to deal with a rock golem, which is almost too powerful for all 4 
    of your units together.  The treasure is just a summon item anyway, it 
    doesn't do you much good.  Simply travel along the trail; you'll kill a 
    few humans, kill a few creeps, and eventually come to a pit overlooking 
    treasure guarded by a bunch of creeps.  Go to the north, activate the 
    trap, kill them all.  Go to the northwest, kill off the creeps, pick up 
    the healing wards (which will help immensely) and activate the panel 
    which opens the door.  Through the door is more creeps and a fountain 
    of health; take full use of it.  From here, pick up the treasure 
    guarded in the trapped pit (don't worry it won't activate on you) and 
    follow the path to the castle area.  A few destroyed golems later, and 
    you've met Thrall, activated the bridge, and are at the end of the 
    level.  If you want to pick up any of the items you either missed or 
    didn't have enough room for before, go ahead and do that now; 
    otherwise, cross the bridge.  Mission Complete.
        -Along the way on Cairne's section, you can take a southern path 
    and find a "Hungry Hungry Lizard."  Don't attack it.  It will, if you 
    sit and wait, eat it's way through the forest of mushrooms.  When it's 
    cleared a path, it will explode, letting you pass and pick up an item 
    that gives your hero an aura like Arthas's devotion aura, which gives 
    all nearby units a defense bonus.  Great when combined with Cairne's 
    endurance aura.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -There's simply more and harder enemies for each hero on Hard Mode.  
    Use Thrall's wolves to scout, and send Cairne in alone into each area, 
    followed by the Tauren, as he can soak and heal damage much better than 
    the Tauren.
    -8. By Demons be Driven
        This is a somewhat challenging mission, especially if you're not 
    careful.  You have to deal with 4 threats here; luckily 2 you can 
    ignore and 2 can be defended similarly.  First, there's the infernals.  
    Them attacking your base is threat number 1, and attacking Jaina's base 
    is number 2.  Then there's the orcs.  Them attacking your base is 
    threat number 3, and attacking Jaina's base is number 4.  Luckily, for 
    the most part, you can ignore all attacks on Jaina's base, at least for 
    a while; she can defend herself for quite a long time.  As for 
    yourself, there are 3 main points at which the orcs and infernals 
    attack:  The forest path to the northwest, the approach to the 
    northeast, and the approach to the east/southeast.  At each one, build 
    at least 6 towers, and preferably a burrow with a peon within it.  
    Infernals are, luckily, torn to bits by towers; when they attack, let 
    the towers kill them, pop out the peon, and repair.  The orcs are 
    another matter.  When they attack, they will probably tear down a few 
    towers, and perhaps the burrow, so make sure to counter them with your 
    own units.  Using sentry ward at each entrance will give you a good 
    warning system.
        Like I said, don't worry about Jaina, for the most part.  Until she 
    runs out of resources, she will almost never be overrun.  A few towers 
    might fall from her north defenses, but until she runs low, she should 
    be fine.  The only time you might think about helping her is if the 
    orcs and infernals are attacking her together and you can run over 
    there quick.  Regardless of if you help, though, she'll be constantly 
    begging for help; check your log at the end of the mission, there'll 
    probably be 20 or 30 requests.  Anyways, once you've got defenses up, 
    your units fully upgraded, and a good attack force (I still suggest a 
    group of melee units, and a group of spell casters), it's time to 
    attack.  The question is where, and the answer lies with your own 
    resources.  If you spend some time in no upkeep and never go over low 
    upkeep, even in Hard Mode you'll have enough money to wipe out the 
    orcs.  If you squander your resources, or if you get caught by a 
    surprise attack by helping Jaina or something, you might need another 
    gold mine before you attack.  I prefer to wait until the orcs are wiped 
    out so that my expansion only gets attacked by infernals, but it's your 
    call.  If you need the money, take the northeast exit, go up the hill 
    to your right, and clear out the gold mine there.  Build a hall, 
    immediately build a bunch of towers right there, and be prepared to run 
    back and forth fighting off orc attacks on both camps.
        In any case, get ready for an attack.  There are 2 orc camps; one 
    in the northwest, and one in the northeast.  The one in the northwest 
    is the best defended, and harasses Jaina the most.  Once you've 
    destroyed that one your job is infinitely easier.  You can also attack 
    the less-defended northeast one.  I suggest you completely ignore the 
    small bases scattered throughout the eastern side of the map unless you 
    need the gold, and as I've already said, you really don't.
        For the northwestern base, you'll probably have to attack twice to 
    finish the job.  If Jaina's got a moment, she'll launch an attack 
    against it, and if you can, follow her troops in.  You'll approach the 
    northwest corner, go up a slope, and then attack a secondary encampment 
    to the west.  Since there's unit producing buildings here, tear it 
    down.  However, be very careful; your melee units will take a lot of 
    damage from the spikes on the buildings.  Watch their hps, and 
    periodically group everyone at the entrance together, and heal with the 
    healing wards.  Once the unit-producing buildings are down, ignore the 
    rest of the buildings on this part.  Instead, march north up the slope, 
    where you'll find the main encampment.  There are many towers, unit 
    producing buildings, and defensive forces.  Marshall your forces, and 
    take out all the important buildings that you can.  You very well may 
    not be able to take this all out in one try; destroy what you can and 
    retreat if that's the case.  Rebuild your forces and attack again.  
    This time victory should be assured.  Your main goal is to destroy the 
    stronghold and the peons mining and building buildings.  Once that's 
    done, you can regroup at your leisure, as the orcs from the other base 
    won't send any peons to rebuild.  Either march in when you feel ready 
    and clean up the remaining buildings, or let Jaina's forces slowly pick 
    off the remains.
        The northeastern base is much easier to destroy.  This is because 
    you can skip past the secondary encampment.  When your forces are 
    ready, work your way to the northeast, clear up the fountain, and from 
    there go to the right edge of the map.  Go north, and you'll encounter 
    orc forces, but not buildings.  Once the units are dead, you can march 
    right past the buildings to your west up to the plateau with the 
    stronghold.  Again, focus on the towers, unit producing buildings, and 
    stronghold.  Once this is clear, regroup and destroy at your leisure.
        Once the strongholds are destroyed, the mission is almost over.  
    Feel free to build an expansion at any mine you wish, as only infernals 
    will attack (though some few orc attacks may occur from the scattered 
    unit-producing buildings on the remaining gold the orcs have 
    accumulated).  Defend all expansions with towers, gather your forces, 
    and clean out all remaining orc forces and buildings from the map.  
    When the only thing left is the demons that are guarding Grom, march up 
    to the entrance and kill the guards.  Go right in and attack the final 
    set of demons as soon as you've healed, use the crystal on Grom, and 
    march Thrall back to the circle.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    Reader Comments:
        Kobold Lord writes:
        "Send a small group of Wyverns to sneak between the chaos orc 
    bases. Four Wyverns can easily take two Doomguards without a loss, so 
    just send them back for a Healing Ward whenever there's a couple in the 
    red. If this is done quickly, you won't have to worry about Ensnare, and 
    Grom's entire escort can be eliminated with no losses. The Wyverns can 
    then be pressed into service as base defense to free your main army to 
    attack, since Wyverns will virtually never be injured in any such 
    defense due to the chaos orcs' lack of antiair. The real benefit of 
    killing the escort with Wyverns, however, is the simple fact that it 
    allows you to run Thrall through either chaos orc encampment, scoop Grom 
    up, and run back out without the tedium of chipping the encampment 
        My Comments:
        Sheesh, talk about making this scenario easier.  Granted, using 
    this strategy doesn't absolve you from protecting your own base or 
    Jaina's (if she's Really in trouble, of course) since you're going to 
    get constantly attacked for the entire mission instead of just until 
    you destroy the orcs.  My only additional recommendation on this 
    strategy is to wait until Thrall is level 10, if he isn't already, so 
    that you have the maximum hp you can have to make the run.  Also beware 
    groups of grunts, raiders with ensnare, etc etc.  I would also 
    recommend that when you Do make the run to send your wyverns to the 
    base you're running through first as distraction.
    Section 4: Night Elves
    -1. Enemy at the Gate
        Very simple, if perhaps not easy, mission.  You get archers, and 
    only archers, on this mission.  Again, you won't have to build an 
    expansion if you don't want to.  Mine out your original gold mine, 
    build 2 groups or so of archers, and get going.  The subquest is to 
    rescue furbolgs which nets you a few strong furbolgs for the final 
    attack.  Use Tyrande's scout ability to look over the entire map for 
    the furbolgs you need to find.  There are more than the requested 10, 
    so if you want to pick and choose which ones you get go ahead.  While 
    you scour the map, leave at least one group of archers at your base, as 
    the humans and orcs will make periodic attacks on you.  Have them 
    backed up against a bunch of autocasting moon wells, and they should be 
    fine until your main force returns to finish the job.  
        In any case, scour the east side of the map for furbolgs and 
    human/orc encampments.  Destroy any small ones you find, but don't 
    attack the main southwestern encampment until the end, and you don't 
    have to attack the main northwestern one unless you want to free the 
    furbolgs behind them, which you don't need to do.  Once you've got the 
    furbolg warriors, group all your archers with the furbolgs at the 
    northern approach to the human/orc southwester base, and attack.  The 
    furbolgs will take the brunt of the attacks, letting your archers 
    attack until the paladin shows up.  Order all your archers to attack 
    him, and he'll go down pretty quickly.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -2. Daughters of the Moon
        There are 3 main sections of this mission.  First, you need to get 
    Tyrande to the way gate.  To do this, you'll need to sneak through the 
    demon defenses.  Use your scout to watch them, and when you can sneak 
    past, go.  You'll want to go to the northwest corner first to pick up 
    the 2 items first, then head to the south.  Any time a demon sees you 
    and turns toward you, hit the h key to hide.  The demon will get 
    confused momentarily then walk away.  Avoid them in this way until you 
    reach the human and orc camps with the archers.  Let the undead and the 
    humans, and then the undead and the orcs, fight to the death, then 
    sweep in and kill the survivors.  During the orc/undead fight, have 
    Tyrande only run in and steal the treasure.  By this time the night is 
    probably almost gone, so run everyone by to the way gate, where you'll 
    get a fountain of health and a bunch of huntresses.  If the orcs follow 
    you, either hide to avoid them if it's still night, or use the 
    huntresses to kill them.
        The next section is to fight your way through the demons, 
    gargoyles, and shades to the door.  The game assumes you are going to 
    try to sneak through; don't bother.  Keep all your units by the 
    fountain of health, send Tyrande out and have her attack one of the 
    doom guards, and lure him back to the fountain.  By having all your 
    units fight the guard while being healed by the fountain, you can 
    easily defeat all of them.  Once they're gone, have your units go after 
    all of the shades and gargoyles; if the doom guards are gone, they are 
    easily defeated.  Take all the items you want.  Move to the northwest, 
    where you'll find some humans that run right into a doom guard.  They 
    can actually almost kill the thing, but will fail; finish the job and 
    get the item he drops.  Go through the door to the northwest.
        The final section has you destroy 1 or 2 groups of undead.  You get 
    a couple more huntresses, a fountain of health, and as you move east, 
    some ballistas show up.  As you travel east, you'll find a small area 
    enclosed in trees which has some doom guards, a few ziggurats, a shade, 
    and some items.  If you want the items, line up your units outside the 
    entrance, lure the doom guards out one at time and destroy them, then 
    send in the ballista to take care of the ziggurats.  The final goal is 
    to destroy a full undead encampment that appears to the south once 
    you've gone all the way to the east.  In the northeast corner, there's 
    a second fountain of health with some more reinforcements; gather your 
    forces and attack.  Make sure to attack only with the ballista at the 
    ziggurats and buildings, and have your regular units hold ground in 
    defense around the ballista.  The undead units will come to you and get 
    cut down, and you'll work your way down through the base.  Destroy the 
    whole thing if you want, or make it to the door, break it down, and run 
    through.  Once you've passed through the door, the Mission is Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -3. The Awakening of Stormrage
        One of the hardest missions in the game, due to the limited time 
    you have.  The goal here is to build up an attack force as soon as 
    possible, destroy the orc town, and kill off all the guardians to the 
    north.  In normal mode, you have enough time to build up a full force, 
    upgrade them, and send them in on the orcs.  I'll discuss specific 
    build strategies for hard mode below.  Once you're ready to attack, go 
    in; don't waste any time.  If you want any chance of completing this 
    mission, you should attack by no later than 40 trees left protecting 
    Furion.  The key here is to take out all of the unit-producing 
    buildings and towers as soon as possible, but NOT destroying the whole 
    town.  This leaves the question; once you're almost through, should you 
    just run through?  No, because the orcs will follow your forces, 
    harassing you as you go, and you won't be able to get any 
    reinforcements.  Once you're through the orc encampment, the guardians 
    are not that hard to kill, providing you still have a decent sized 
    force (15-20 units).  Kill the guardians and move Tyrande to the horn 
    (she should already be there, but whatever).  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -You have a whole lot less time in this mission on Hard Mode.  I 
    think the computer has ghoul frenzy on Hard Mode and doesn't on normal.  
    So you need to streamline your building processes.  Once again, use 
    slow game speed.  First thing, spend NO GOLD until you have enough $ 
    for another tree of life.  Send a wisp to the east down the slope, and 
    the moment you've got enough gold, build a tree.  Group all your forces 
    to the east of the tree, up in the water path, so that the orcs don't 
    sneak past.  Your next priority is 1 or 2 extra wisps on the trees for 
    lumber; you need to walk a delicate line between gold and lumber until 
    you're almost done on this mission.  So if you took a wisp that was on 
    a tree to build your second tree of life, replace it and build at least 
    one more.  The next thing to buy is the upgrade for the tree of life.  
    From that point on, build units and upgrade them as soon as the money 
    comes in.  Spend your money on archers, huntresses, maybe a few extra 
    dryads, and ballistas near the end.  By 50 trees or so you should be 
    almost ready.  The orcs will attack one time during the day, and once 
    near the end of the following night.  If you're ready before the 2nd 
    attack, wait for it, then go.  The first thing you'll find is a group 
    of raiders and a fountain of health; the dryads will take care of 
    anything that was ensnared.  Don't bother with the fountain of health, 
    it takes too long.  I hope you've got at least 2 ballistas, if not 3 or 
    4.  Let them lead the attack and kill the units that attack them.  
    Focus your units on the buildings, except to protect your ballistas.  
    Once the towers, burrows, and unit-producing buildings are all down, go 
    north past the town and regroup before the first set of guardians.  As 
    long as you've got about 20 trees and 15-20 units left, you should be 
    fine.  If you've got a scroll of healing or 2 that'd be helpful here.
        -When you attack the orc encampment, you're obviously going to lose 
    some units.  So constantly switch between the battle and your base, 
    building new units which you rally on Tyrande.  When you hear the unit 
    complete notification, hit the spacebar to jump to them, add them to 
    the group, and re-order the group to attack.  Otherwise they'll just 
    follow Tyrande and not attack.  By constantly reinforcing your army, 
    you should have plenty of units available for the final battle.  To 
    make sure you've got enough money for this kind of production, I highly 
    recommend building the expansion I mentioned above.
        -Also, see reader comments below for an entirely different, but 
    similarly effective, strategy.
    Reader Comments:
        Kobold Lord writes:
        "For a long while, I thought this was the hardest scenario in the 
    game, but then I gave up the "kill the orcs" strategy and started "run 
    the gauntlet". The trouble I ran into is that I could send 21 units into 
    the south end of the orc base and only about 6 or 7 would emerge from 
    the north end, not nearly enough to deal with the Owlbears that assist 
    the Guardians. This difficulty can be bypassed by fighting the Owlbears 
    BEFORE you go through the orc encampment, however. Basically, the 
    INSTANT the first night falls, run Tyrande past the orc base. She should 
    make it through but be significantly injured. Have her poke the first 
    Guardian with an arrow and then Shadowmeld. The first Guardian's escort 
    will find no units to attack, so it will rush through the orc base (odd 
    how the orcs don't seem bothered by Enraged Owlbears in their camp, but 
    meh...) and attack your base, where you should have all your units 
    waiting. As soon as those Owlbears are dead, run Tyrande to the second 
    Guardian and poke it with an arrow. Shadowmeld immediately. The second 
    group of Owlbears will rush your encampment, where they can be easily 
    slaughtered. By the time they finish, the night will be nearly over, so 
    you won't be able to Shadowmeld. But the third is the last group of 
    Owlbears, so when they kill Tyrande, they'll attack your base and the 
    Guardians will be undefended. Once the Owlbears are gone, the 6 or 7 
    units that make it through the orc gauntlet will be more than enough to 
    handle the Guardians."
        My Comments:
        The first original and truly effective strategy I've seen.  By 
    going at it this way, you pretty much take the time element out of the 
    picture.  Your only concern is to get enough regular troops through to 
    take out the 3 guardians.  When I tested this, all I did was build lots 
    of huntresses, I didn't build a second base (entangle the second mine); 
    basically I didn't worry too much about time.  First main comment I 
    have is that you should run Tyrande through JUST before darkness falls, 
    so that as she reaches the other side she should be able to hide.  Just 
    wait until all of the yellow circles are full on the time circle at the 
    top of the screen, and then go; you'll be fine.
        My next comment is that you can indeed provoke all the owlbears 
    without killing Tyrande, and do so at whatever pace you want.  As soon 
    as the first set are through and as long as she's got enough hp, run 
    Tyrande by the first guardian, and trigger the second.  Do the same 
    again, and you should have plenty of time to trigger all 3 before the 
    sun rises. If you have enough time, you can even move Tyrande to the 
    top of the screen to the right of the horn, between the second and 
    third guardians, where they won't bother her even while the sun is up.  
    As for the owlbears, just camp your base and let them come to you.  You 
    might lose an archer when they get to you.
        Finally, a word about running through the orc base; the orcs move 
    to stop you as soon as you go in.  The key in getting Tyrande through, 
    and your regulars later, is to micromanage.  When the orcs converge in 
    one place, another path will open up; take it.  For your regular 20+ 
    troops you may need to sacrifice a few to get the attention of the 
    orcs, and when all the orcs have converged, run the rest through the 
    open spaces.  The key here is to get as many through as possible.  I 
    managed to get 12-15 through several times; simply save your game 
    before you run if you have worries.  The final obstacle is not 
    difficult, if you got all your troops through; on Hard Mode though, it 
    does take quite a few troops to take down the 3 guardians.  Make sure 
    you have Tyrande with trueshot aura going, and if you have at least 10 
    units that made it, you should be fine.
        One other suggestion to make the final run through easier is to 
    wait until the orcs attack for the second time (you should have 20+ 
    units ready to go before that), and hide them all right at the entrance 
    of the base.  Leave all dryads and catapults at home.  Sacrifice your 
    own base to the orcs, giving your regular troops a better chance to 
    make it through.  Assuming you do, it doesn't take long to finish the 3 
    guardians, so you should be able to do that before the orcs take down 
    your base.
    -4. The Druids Arise
        This is definitely one of the more interesting missions in the 
    game.  The idea here is to keep moving, mine out the individual mines 
    as fast as you can, and fight off the periodic attacks from the undead, 
    humans, and orcs.  Once your take the human base, you're done with the 
    periodic attacks, which is nice.
        First thing, move to the north with your units and clear out the 
    local creeps.  Entangle the mine and drain it as quickly as possible.  
    When you're not mining in this mission, I suggest leaving your wisps 
    near the beginning on some trees, where they'll rack up plenty of 
    lumber while you're not paying attention.  I also suggest upgrading 
    your troops with the hunters hall at the beginning location as fast as 
    you can.  Other than that, simply build troops to fill out your ranks.  
    While your first gold mine is draining, take your units as far north as 
    you can, and clear out the creeps by the fountain.  You can then move 
    all your units and buildings up to the fountain as a safe haven away 
    from the undead/orc/human battles while you plan your next move.  When 
    you've done that, and when you've cleared the way to the second gold 
    mine just past the trees to the north of the undead base, go mine that 
    one.  While that's mining (and wait for the first orc/human attack to 
    come) go after the furbolgs to the north.  They're not hard to kill, 
    esp. with the help of the treants Furion can summon.  
        When you've finished the second mine, get some ballistas ready, and 
    attack the human base.  It's quite easy to kill, just be careful your 
    ballistas aren't overrun by the human response.  Clear out the base and 
    make your own; drain this mine.  Optionally, you can wait until now to 
    kill off the furbolgs, as the periodic attacks cease at this point.  
    However, enemy units will often fly over the western wall of your new 
    base, so keep all your troops on the east wall to keep them out of 
    trouble.  When you're ready to move on, destroy the wall, pick up the 
    reinforcements, and move into the forest.  I suggest moving through 
    here to the final base before completing the optional quest to destroy 
    the undead who've corrupted the forest, since it's a much shorter walk 
    from the final base to the graveyard; until you cleansed the forest, 
    undead and corrupted enemies will pop up randomly whenever you walk 
    through it.  
        Therefore, when you're done with the human base, move everything 
    together through the forest, following the north forest wall to the 
    east.  You'll be attacked by skeletons, treants, and ghosts; beware the 
    ghosts as they will possess you.  You'll reach the end of the shallow 
    river; cross it and keep moving east.  Keep all your units and 
    buildings together as to not lose too many.  Once you climb the slope 
    out of the forest, you'll have to kill a few satyrs that guard the 
    entrance to the corrupted night elf base.  Be careful not to fight too 
    close to the base, or reinforcements will arrive, which is what you 
    Don't want to deal with after just crossing through the forest.  Set up 
    your new base at the gold mine (there'll be a few more creeps to kill) 
    and replenish your forces.  Cut down the trees between you and the 
    entrance to the corrupted base; they just get in the way.  When you're 
    ready, follow the left forest wall back into the corrupted forest and 
    kill off the undead.  It shouldn't be too hard if you're at full 
    strength.  This will allow you to walk through the forest at will; 
    before you take on the corrupted base, go to the southwest corner of 
    the former corrupted forest, and observe that there are some thunder 
    lizards behind some trees (use scout).  Cut down the trees, kill the 
    lvl 10 creep, and pick up a sobi mask (+50% magic regeneration speed).
        When you're regrouped and are ready, attack the corrupted base.  
    First, send some ballista up the path to the right to attack the 
    protectors; follow them with some archers to protect them.  Once you 
    begin the attack, forces will stream from the main entrance.  Take them 
    out, and when the protectors on the hill to the right are no more 
    thanks to your ballista, bring everything back together and attack.  
    This base is actually really easy to destroy as long as you have a few 
    ballista; huntresses are very effective against satyrs.  Clean it up, 
    take Furion north to the barrow dens.  Mission Complete.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        None for this level.
    -5. Brothers in Blood
        Fairly simple mission.  First part is Furion and Tyrande together.  
    I recommend for this part, leave your non-hero forces behind, and for 
    each room simply summon up some treants with Force of Nature, and send 
    them in with the heroes for the battle.  This works for nearly every 
    enemy group except the large group of spiders around the corrupted 
    fountain; you can either pick them off, or bring in all your units for 
    a full battle.  In any case, slowly proceed to the south, checking 
    every other path first.  Once you get past the corrupted fountain, 
    you'll meet some furbolgs that want some help.  Take your heroes to the 
    north, the first passageway has ghosts so only bring in your heroes; 
    the second has thunder lizards which Can be taken by your heroes, 
    though it will be close; bring your main forces for this battle.  When 
    the way to the fountain of health is clear, bring the furbolg's vial to 
    it and return.  Follow the path south and split up.
        Furion's section should be handled in the same way.  Call up some 
    treants, send them in, then come in behind them with the rest of your 
    units.  This method should save you most of the trouble.  Eventually 
    you'll cross a bridge, kill some strong creeps (entangle works good 
    here) and hear tell of the "bear gods".  By now you should have 
    tranquility; you'll probably need it.  Go to the south to the fountain 
    of mana where you can restore hp with tranquility and mp with the 
    fountain.  When you're ready, head to the north.  You'll fight through 
    a bunch of black dragons, which aren't too hard.  The section with the 
    druids is next.  Make sure your druids of the talon have full mp, then 
    go into the pit.  Entangle the druids when you can, fight the non-druid 
    creeps, and make your way up and around to the left.  You'll have to 
    cyclone a few druids along the way.  When you see a fountain, go down 
    to it, and fight the creeps there.  Use Tranquility to heal your units, 
    the fountain is another mana one.  When you're ready, go to the north, 
    break down the door, hold down the druid there, break down the next 
    door.  Cyclone the 2 druids blocking the path.  Fight the creeps around 
    the corner and go up the slope.  There's only a few creeps guarding the 
    last door and one more druid to avoid.  My favorite tactic is to have 
    Furion entangle the creeps from across the chasm, then run away; do 
    this enough and they'll die.  Or cyclone the druid and take them head 
    on.  Break down the door and go to the circle; this section is 
        Tyrande's section now starts.  Make sure she has starfall.  My 
    approach for this section is to save your units, use Tyrande 
    exclusively.  Start killing your attackers.  Take Tyrande to the south; 
    go through all the rooms killing the enemies, picking up all the items.  
    You'll save a few elves on the way.  When you've activated the panel 
    above the main door, go back to the beginning.  This time, go to the 
    north and clean out the creeps up there.  You'll probably need either 
    starfall or the support of your forces to kill the creeps up here.  
    Clean out the area and activate the second door panel, opening the 
    door.  The rest of the area is fairly simple; take all your troops, or 
    optionally just Tyrande, and clean out the level room by room.  Make 
    sure to do the room with the sleeping watchers, as that will give you 
    the huntress glaive upgrade.  If you reach the way gate, make sure 
    you've cleared out everyone before moving on.
        Through the way gate, you're almost there.  Heal up at the 
    fountain, kill the creeps to the south.  Go to the west and up to the 
    corridor with the circling watchers.  You can use the goblin land mines 
    you just found to kill them, or just kill them the normal way.  When no 
    more circle into view from the left, follow the corridor in either 
    direction and go up into the fountain area.  Kill the creeps and move 
    to the north, where you'll meet the final watchers guarding Illidan.  
    Use starfall and finish them.  Mission Complete.
        -In the first area, explore to the east and north as much as 
    possible.  The easternmost passage in this section (go straight north 
    from the spider area to find it) will have the east wall made of 
    mushrooms.  Cast Force of Nature 5 or 6 times to clear them all out, 
    and follow the path.  You'll find an enormous panda ("The World's 
    Largest Panda" or something).  Kill it, it'll give you a necklace of 
    spell immunity.
        -In Furion's area, to the north and south of the bridge that Furion 
    activates are small areas blocked off by mushrooms.  Cast Force of 
    Nature many, many times to clear these all out, and you'll find creeps 
    behind both with treasure.  However, to the south, once you clear out 
    the first set, there's a very small niche which is easy to ignore/miss 
    that's further south instead of to the west where the creeps are; open 
    That up, and it will take you to a teleporter that will then take you 
    to a hidden area with some creeps which drop an item that gives you a 
    +6 to intelligence.
    Hard Mode Strategies:
    -6. A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
        Once you have a good defense setup, this level is actually not too 
    bad.  From your base, there are 3 approaches: the northwest, the west, 
    and the east.  No one EVER attacks from the east, so don't worry about 
    it.  Set up a few protectors to the west (which will also catch 
    attackers from the northwest) and some moon pools for healing; but the 
    main defense is your units.  Build a strong force of huntresses, druids 
    of the claw, and a few druids of the talon. Archers aren't too useful 
    here.  When you're attacked, select the druids of the claw, have one 
    use Roar (just hit r with them all selected, only one will cast it) and 
    put them in bear form, which is a much better attack form for them.  
    When you're attacked by doom guards, this is when your druids of the 
    claw pay off.  Cyclone them.  This will get them out of the battle for 
    30 seconds or two (which is a lifetime in an RTS), and is worth it's 
    weight in gold if they're attacking with other units.  If there's just 
    2 guards, go ahead and cyclone 1 to separate them.
        Once your defense is up and holding, attack the corrupted base to 
    your northwest.  I recommend waiting until right after an attack 
    (assuming you have full moon wells for healing purposes) and then 
    taking the northwest exit, going north, killing the creeps at the mine, 
    then going east.  With a full attacking force of what I mentioned 
    before and some ballistas, you should have little trouble with this 
    base.  If it's a problem, focus on the buildings, get the tree of life 
    down, cyclone the giant skeleton creep there, and when you need to, 
    retreat.  As long as they can't mine anymore gold you can go back and 
    finish the job at your leisure.
        Once again, I feel there's no need to set up an expansion to finish 
    the mission, at least until later.  If you need the money, go ahead and 
    take the gold mine you just liberated; otherwise, regroup for another 
    battle.  Your next goal is the corrupted base to the west.  Go west 
    from the liberated gold mine, careful not to hit the demons in the 
    northwest corner.  There should be a tainted stream you go around, and 
    a slope to the southwest to go up.  The base is up the slope.  Attack 
    with your forces and make sure your ballista are in range to get the 
    protectors.  If you can keep the enemy forces busy long enough to do 
    their job, you should easily be able to take this base down.
        At this point, you only have to deal with incoming doom guards, so 
    feel free to build the expansion base.  When you've regrouped once 
    again, head up to the northwest and take on those forces.  There's only 
    a few corrupted protectors to take out, along with a bunch of demons, 
    so you may not care to bother with ballista.  When you've fought your 
    way up to the demon gate, destroy it, and Illidan will morph.  At this 
    point, the demons will start coming from the northeast, where 
    Tichondrius is.  Replenish your forces and attack.  When Tichondrius 
    attacks, set your forces to attacking in general and Illidan to 
    attacking Tichondrius.  Even if you lose all your other forces, Illidan 
    should get the job done.  Once Tichondrius falls, the Mission is 
    Hard Mode Strategies:
        -Tichondrius really has a lot of Infernals and Doom Guards guarding 
    him on Hard Mode.  The best thing to do is build a bunch of dryads, and 
    send one unit up towards Tichondrius while the rest of your units wait 
    nearby.  You'll pull out several doom guards and infernals.  Take care 
    of them normally by cycloning the doom guards and using abolish magic 
    (dryad) on the infernals.  That will clear up most of the Demon Lord's 
    defenses.  Once you've recovered from that, attack, and Tichondrius's 
    defenses should be reduced enough to allow you to get the job done.
    -7. Twilight of the Gods
        Ah, after days of writing this faq, we finally come to the reason 
    WHY I decided to write it in the first place.  I was toying with 
    writing another Twilight of the Gods guide instead of a whole Hard Mode 
    faq.  However, as you've seen above, there's plenty to say, so I went 
    ahead and said it.  Now, the reason why I wrote this faq.  Twilight of 
    the Gods can be, if you play it right, one of the easiest levels in the 
    game.  I'd like to give credit right now to Scott Sandlin (aka Pixel) 
    and James York (aka Red Skin) who's strategy posted on GameFaqs is the 
    inspiration for my strategy.  They had the right idea, however they did 
    not take it far enough.
    The approaches to this mission:
        -You can either attempt to actually hold out for 45 minutes against 
    the undead hordes, retreating between bases as necessary, or:
        -You can attempt to destroy the undead base as it transitions from 
    the original base to the new base, which is built over the human or orc 
    bases, thus ending the undead march and letting you sit back and relax 
    for the rest of the time.
        Clearly the more efficient way is to destroy the undead base, as if 
    you succeed you will guarantee victory on this mission.  Attempting to 
    hold out is always a risky proposition as you need to be completely 
    focused for 45 minutes and even then could get unlucky, especially on 
    Hard Mode.
    The Undead base transition:
        The heart of the strategy lies with the specifics of the 
    transition.  Watch it.  What happens when the undead transition to a 
    new base (at least to the human site, I've never let them take the orc 
    site) is:
        1. All undead units except for the heroes disappear.
        2. 3 Acolytes appear in the middle of the area.
        3. The gold mine is instantaneously haunted (there is no build 
    time-one second it's not, then it is).
        4. Archimonde starts wandering around destroying whatever's left of 
    the human/orc base.
        5. The Acolytes wander for a bit, as the AI tries to decide who 
    will mine and who will put up the base.
        6. Once the Acolyte who will summon is decided, the buildings are 
    summoned in the following order.
           -Altar of Darkness
           ... and then some more.
        7. Once the buildings are complete (and notice that they build 
    extremely quickly) the crypts start summoning the units for the first 
    wave of attacks, which are ghouls.
    The Key:
        The Undead will start production on their units ONLY WHEN THEIR 
    BUILD CYCLE IS COMPLETE.  What this means is that if you can disrupt 
    the build cycle, THEY WILL NOT, AND NEVER, PRODUCE ANY UNITS.  You'll 
    only have to deal with killing off the heros, who, if there's no altar 
    of darkness, will never come back.
    How you exploit this:
        When the Undead overrun the Humans, have some units waiting outside 
    of the base (you don't want them teleported away).  As soon as the 
    transition takes place (the cutscene plays), hit escape to get right to 
    the action, and send in your units.  KILL THE ACOLYTES.  If you can 
    kill the Acolytes before they get any farther than putting up the Altar 
    of Darkness, YOU HAVE WON.  The build order has been disrupted, and the 
    crypts will never start producing units.  The most effective way to 
    kill the acolytes is this:
        1. Build 9-12 hippogriff riders.
        2. When the human base is about to fall, move them to the east of 
    the base (up on the mountains; click up there, the riders will move so 
    high you can't see them, but they're there.
        3. When the base falls, immediately get to the action by skipping 
    the cutscene.  Move your riders in and kill the Acolytes AS SOON AS 
    Problems to be overcome:
        1. As you may notice when you immediately move your riders in, the 
    Acolytes are invincible.  So Archimonde will beat on you for a while, 
    while you make no progress.  The solution:  the Acolytes are all 
    invincible UNTIL JUST AFTER THE 2ND CRYPT GOES UP.  Have your riders 
    hold ground outside the town until the first crypt is built (with them 
    there you should be able to see the action, but if you can't, simply 
    have Tyrande put a scout in the middle of the town), and when the 1st 
    crypt is going up, move them in to the map, but don't attack just yet; 
    as the acolyte is putting up the 2nd crypt, start MADLY clicking on him 
    to attack, and as soon as the command goes through, get find the other 
    Acolytes, who should both be on the mine.  Watch the first acolyte, and 
    as soon as he goes down, attack the other 2.  If you can get command 
    queuing to work, do that, it'd be perfect.  Attack the next 2 acolytes 
    as soon as you can, as Archimonde is constantly attacking you during 
    this time, and possibly the lich too.  Note that most of the time, the 
    2 acolytes that are mining went to the left 2 slots on the mine, and 
    the one that will build next is the top one.  Always attack the builder 
    first, because if the build sequence completes it's business as usual, 
    which is what you're trying to prevent.  Once you're done, RUN, as 
    Archimonde is tearing great chunks out of your forces.
        2. So you've killed the 3 acolytes, and are celebrating and went to 
    the kitchen for some pizza.  You check back 2 minutes later to find 
    that yes, the undead buildings are indeed building nothing, and the 
    game is over.  You write some email, watch some TV, and then hear 3 
    minutes later that you're under attack, and that a full undead wave is 
    attacking the orc base.  What happened?  Well, as you might have 
    expected, the necropolis spit out another acolyte, and he finished the 
    build order, beginning the attack.  Of course, you would have expected 
    this from the beginning when the necropolis finished, but it Doesn't 
    happen then; it happens about 5 minutes after the Undead started their 
    new base, as long as you disrupt the build order.  So what do you do?  
    Well, there's one objective left-the Necropolis.  After taking down the 
    3 Acolytes you've got about 5 minutes to destroy the Necropolis before 
    a new acolyte is spat out.  The key to this one is that Archimonde and 
    the other heros DON'T DEFEND THEIR BASE.  Once all the human buildings 
    are down, they just sit at the entrance.  Simply heal up the riders you 
    used to kill the acolytes, maybe take a few minutes to build a few 
    more, and as long as you've got 2 minutes to spare or so, fly them down 
    the side of the base (either side), come in from behind, and take down 
    the necropolis.  Archimonde and his heros Won't interfere.  That is, if 
    you are careful and make sure you come around the side.  If you get in 
    range of the lich (who has the largest range) he (alone) Will come 
    after you.  If this happens, take him out so that you can destroy the 
    necropolis unmolested.  Once the necropolis is down, the build order 
    will Never be finished, and so the undead will NEVER rebuild and 
    attack.  Just deal with the heros as they come at you individually, and 
    you're done.
    Update: if you take too long in healing your units or rebuilding your 
    riders, and haven't knocked down the necropolis by the time it produces 
    an acolyte, the computer will build a steady stream of as many acolytes 
    as necessary to finish the job.  What this means is if you have the 
    necropolis half dead by your riders and the necropolis spits out an 
    acolyte, you can kill it and go back to shooting at the necropolis, but 
    it will continue to build acolytes at that super-fast rate.  I let the 
    undead start building acolytes, and let the build order get continued 
    before I killed the acolyte and destroyed the buildings; the build 
    order was not completed, no new waves were built, but every 2 seconds I 
    had to kill another acolyte.  Eventually I finished off the necropolis, 
    which ended the threat; in the time it took me though, I shot down 
    probably 20-30 new acolytes, and destroyed the altar of darkness 10 
    times or so.  So if you are late in finishing of the necropolis, it is 
    still very much possible to stop the build order from completing; you 
    just need to be careful of the acolytes.
    Suggested Strategies:
        1. The most Honorable strategy you can use (though this is a game, 
    who cares if you treat the computer with honor) is to faithfully 
    protect Jaina as well as you can, and hold out as long as you can.  
    Spend your money on combat units like druids of the claw and 
    huntresses, and upgrade for said units.  When you're about to be 
    overrun (around 30 minutes left is a good goal), withdraw your forces, 
    hopefully you've got some riders available, and move just outside of 
    the human base to the north.  Wait for the undead to finish it, and 
    when the cutscene hits immediately attack with all your forces.  Your 
    ground units should keep the heros busy while any units you can get 
    through and your air units go after the acolytes.  Kill them off, and 
    take the 5 minutes or so to build a group of riders and heal the ones 
    you have, and go in and take down the necropolis.  The risks to doing 
    this is that you may very well not have a sufficient air force to get 
    the job done.
        2. The next strategy would be the same, except you fight mainly 
    with riders, and when your rider force reaches 10 or 12, withdraw and 
    let the undead finish the job.  Using this strategy you'll probably 
    make it almost to 30 minutes, if you're serious about defending Jaina.  
    Use the accumulated riders to kill the acolytes, withdraw immediately, 
    rebuild and heal your rider force, and send them down to finish the 
        3. The easiest strategy would be to ignore the human base, except 
    on the most trivial levels.  Send all your starting units down there, 
    but build nothing but riders for the entire time, and spend your gold 
    on nothing but the riders and their upgrades.  Buy the damage upgrade 
    first, and the armor upgrade next.  Have Tyrande and Furion defend the 
    human base as they see fit; use tranquility and starfall a lot to hold 
    off the undead since you're not reinforcing them; buying a few potions 
    of invulnerability will help you out with that.  You should be able to 
    hold out for about 4 or 5 waves; somewhere around 36 or 37 minutes 
    remaining.  Do not send your riders down to help defend.  The second 
    you have 12 riders, move them down to the east of the human base 
    (directly to the right of the mine) and have them hold ground.  If your 
    heroes are still alive, have them withdraw.  However, they're likely 
    dead.  You should, though, have enough time to get 12 riders up before 
    the human base is overrun.  Of course, Jaina will yell at you again for 
    not helping her; if she knew what you were doing, she'd accept the 
    sacrifice.  Ah well.  When the transition takes place, as above wait 
    for the 2nd crypt to go up, then send in the riders; when the acolytes 
    stop being invincible, kill them, then run.  You should be able to get 
    out of there with maybe 9.  If so, just run them up to the fountain of 
    health or the moon wells, heal them, and send them back down to take 
    out the necropolis.  By doing this, I had over 30 minutes left where I 
    did nothing but watch as the undead heros slowly marched up to the orc 
    camp to be slaughtered.  I even left the 2 crypts standing; they 
    produced nothing for the whole mission.
    Final Note:  I've read from the above mentioned Twilight of the Gods 
    strategy by Scott Sandlin and James York that it IS possible to kill 
    Archimonde though it's very hard since all attacks do 1 point of 
    damage.  With the 3 gold mines available to you, and over 30 minutes to 
    try if you use strategy #3, I believe you've got a decent shot here, 
    though I never bothered trying.  Good luck if you try.
    ---------------------------------End Faq-------------------------------

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