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    WarChasers Scenario FAQ by TAKOYAKI

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    WarChasers Scenario FAQ for WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
    E-mail: ssj4takoyaki@yahoo.com
    Last updated: 3/8/03
    Best viewed with a fixed width font such as Courier New or else the FAQ would 
    look horrible. . .
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    3/8/03:  v1.5 - Minor update, corrected some errors. Nothing much.
    2/1/03:  v1.4 - Added better ASCII art. Arranged the Tips section. Added 
      Hero Strategies section. (previously from the Tips section) Added Naughty 
      People List (from AstroBlue's idea) Corrected an error about Megatron X 
      (he can attack air units, so he isn't a melee unit) Renamed Hero Details to 
      "Heroes Overview"
    12/14/02:  v1.2 - Minor changes. Corrected an error about Optimus Primo (he 
      CAN be healed)
    11/19/02:  v1.1 - Added ASCII art and e-mail policy. Changed e-mail address 
      because my laptop couldn't connect to Hotmail. (arrrgh!)
    11/15/02:  v1.0 - Am starting to upload all this crap I wrote.
    11/10/02:  v0.99 - Minor changes. Forget about uploading it, I must finish the 
      dammed thing first!!!
    11/5/02:  v0.9 - More ideas. Starting to upload FAQ at GameFAQs. . . *fingers 
    10/5/02:  v0.1 - Started up the FAQ. Got some ideas at the WC3 board. 
      Finished the Hero Details, the items, and some Tips.
    I.   What this FAQ is all about...
    II.  Legal Stuff
    III. E-mail Policy
    IV.  Heroes Overview
    V.   Hero Strategies
    V.   Tips
    VI.  Credits
     9oooooo6/What this FAQ is all about.../9oooooo6
       This is, you guessed it, a FAQ for the WarChasers Scenario. You see, it was 
    kinda cool that Blizzard decided to cross WC3 with the Gauntlet games, and the 
    map is a good example for all those mapmakers out there.
       WarChasers is what you see it: a lite Diablo II experience where there are 
    no PKers (well, sort of), hackers, or hacked items. So if you are getting 
    whacked by losers in D2, then play WarChasers! It's very nice, and shows 
    Blizzard's great sense of humor.
       Enough talk! On with the FAQ!
     9oooooo6/Legal Stuff/9oooooo6
    (from Kao Megura's FAQs, because I am too lazy to type up my own legal 
    stuff. . .)
     This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
    Convention of 1976. It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be 
    reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form 
    (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort 
    of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift. 
    This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody 
    (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express 
    written permission. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, SSJ4TAKOYAKI 
    <ssj4takoyaki (at) yahoo (dot) com>. It can be found exclusively at 
    (www.GameFAQs.com). All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and 
    respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
    *end quote*
    This FAQ can be found outside GameFAQs, but only by my permission.
    You may also not rip off parts of this FAQ and use it for your own purposes. 
    Remember, plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by law. If you want it on 
    your site then ask my permission first. It won't take less than 5 minutes of 
    your time, trust me.
    If you are going to post my FAQ, then post it as a Text file.
    Shall you disagree with any of these statements, delete this FAQ and discard 
    any help it has done for you.
    I shall make it clear: do not put my FAQ in your site unless I give you 
    permission to. If I get notified that your site is hosting my FAQ, then I will 
    have to get dirrty!
    If you find this FAQ on sites which are not listed below, then that site did 
    not probably ask my permission to post my FAQ on their site. Report it to me 
    and you'll be in the Nice People List!
     9oooooo6/E-mail policy/9oooooo6
    1. All replies about the FAQ should be exactly titled "WarChasers FAQ" 
    (without the quotes) or else I will delete them, and block the sender.
    2. No spam, death threats, hate mail, and chain letters. If your letter 
    contains anything listed previously, I will delete it and block you from my 
    3. No, I don't want to be your friend, sorry I'm not trying to be rude but my 
    schedule is very tight and I can't go online much. . . But you can see me in 
    IRC, (Undernet) and my nick is usually B00GS. The channel I'm usually on is 
    4. Reader suggestions and contributions (especially gameplans!) are gladly 
    welcome. Just follow the guidelines above. If your contribution WILL make it 
    to my FAQ I will give you due credit.
    5. If you provide me with a link that links to a site which STOLE my FAQ, you 
    will make it to the Nice People List.
     9oooooo6/Heroes Overview/9oooooo6
       Here is a explanation of the different WarChasers heroes:
    Optimus Primo
       A first-class heavy melee unit, closely modeled to the Mountain King. He 
    has excellent ground base skills and is an excellent melee fighter. He is the 
    first pick of beginners because of his area-of-effect-spells Thunder Clap and 
    Shockwave. His Aura is crappy, but the Ultimate, Avatar, is the best. He is 
    also Mechanical, so he will explode upon dying. (my brother self-destructed to 
    clear the Murloc infestation. . . how kind!)
    Primary attribute: Strength
       The offensive mage hero. He 0wns enemies by Chain Lightning and Mana Burn. 
    Brilliance aura is a great aura, it makes the waits for mana to fully 
    regenerate infinitely faster. Death and Decay should be used on bosses while 
    your allies keep him in the radius.
    Primary attribute: Intellegence
       A favorite, BladeBerserker has amazing skills. The Endurance Aura is a very 
    good one, making you move and attack faster. Immolate tears enemies apart, and 
    is powerful at Lvl 3. Death Coil can deal up to 300 damage to non-undead 
    enemies. Bladestorm 0wns when caught in the middle of jampacked enemies. . . 
    His Primary attribute is Agility so you can have more armor and faster 
    Primary attribute: Agility
    MegaTron X
       An underused hero. I'm not surprised, because his skills are mainly 
    defensive. Divine Shield is very good, you can kill a big enemy without 
    getting damaged yourself. Thorns is decent, but it doesn't deal much damage. 
    Better watch your health instead. Wind Walk is of little offensive value 
    (outside of scouting), but is great when you are dying, for it makes you 
    invisible and ups your moving speed. Tranquility is very nice in team games, 
    because you are virtually invincible when affected by it. 
    Primary attribute: Strength
    Snake Aes
       Another underused hero. She has long range attacks and works like a PoM 
    clone. Cold Arrows is a plus, it slows down enemies. Searing Arrows add some 
    nice damage. She also has Holy Light to heal her allies and damage undead. Her 
    final ability, Rain of Fire, is damaging, but not very good for an Ultimate. 
    If you can, have alternating volleys of Cold Arrows and Searing Arrows against 
    the Soulless!!! 
    Primary attribute: Agility
       A very cool hero. His attack looks cool (a cut-and-paste version of the 
    Gargoyle's ground attack) Storm Bolt is powerful in the early levels and 
    against strong enemies. Entangling Roots is best used on powerful melee units 
    and bosses. Bash is really good, since it's passive and stuns the opponent. 
    Starfall is, arguably the best Ultimate aside from Avatar. Yeah!!!
    Primary attribute: Agility
       The summoning melee unit. A favorite when going solo because of cool 
    summons. Very helpful when going against swarms. Holy Light is THE healing 
    spell, it heals a lot of life. Water Elemental and Feral Spirit are both cool 
    spells, 'nuff said. Inferno gives you the most powerful ground-based unit, the 
    Infernal, while stunning enemies in its radius.
    Primary attribute: Strength
       A decent ranged hero. Has cool spells like Frost Nova which is devastating 
    against swarms. Sleep is for powerful enemies and bosses so that you can heal 
    while the idiot is sleeping. Also, attacks to them deal more damage because 
    sleeping units lose their armor!!! Vampiric Aura is a good addition, but it 
    doesn't do him much good because he isn't a melee unit. Whenever you feel 
    outnumbered, Animate Dead will help you even out the odds and has good mana 
    cost (v1.04) too!!!
    Primary attribute: Intelligence
     9oooooo6/Hero Strategies/9oooooo6
       How to use each hero's skill effectively, skill builds and other riffraf 
    are listed here. The fun titles are mostly for fun only. I made them up! The 
    skill builds are just my preference. You are free to make up your own!
    |Skeletorius, powerful wizard who refused to die|
       It is always good to have Skeletorius around. His Brilliance Aura is 
    fantastic! Chain Lightning will rip low-level enemies apart, and is a great 
    help for unruly swarms!!! Mana Burn is extremely useful against bosses, and so 
    is Death and Decay. He is quite frail, so have a good melee unit to back him 
    up. A fan favorite!
    What to do with his skills:
       Chain Lightning - Use whenever you are fighting 4 or more enemies. Very 
    useful. Max at once.
       Mana Burn - Good at spellcasting enemies, like Dark Wizards. Decent damage.
       Brilliance Aura - Passive, and your allies also get this when near you. 
    Mana regeneration rate is increased incredibly so you can wait shorter for 
    your mana pool to be at full. (what a sentence!)
    Skill order:
    Chain Lightning, Brilliance Aura, Chain Lightning, Mana Burn, Brilliance Aura, 
    Chain Lightning, Mana Burn, Brilliance Aura, Mana Burn, Death and Decay
    |Optimus Primo, king of fighting clad in violent machinery|
       The powerhouse himself, Optimus Primo, is out for a little fun. He is very 
    fun to play, because he squishes enemies like there's no tomorrow. The problem 
    is, he is slow and lacks finesse in dealing enemies. You're just like a 
    Whirlwind Barbarian straight from D2.
    What to do with his skills:
       Shockwave - Decent damage, hits a good deal of enemies. Very good, but 
    since Thunder Clap is better, use it instead. Shockwave does damage to 
    buildings but you can't target them yourself. Instead, you should align 
    yourself so that your Shockwave hits the building too.
       Thunder Clap - Use whenever overwhelmed. This will help you take out fast 
    enemies quickly. (like Ghouls) Slows enemies, good damage, and hits more 
    enemies than Shockwave.
       Devotion Aura - Not very good, but the armor bonus may prove to be useful 
    in some circumstances. You know the drill, passive and allies get it when they 
    are near you.
       Avatar - Arguably the best ultimate here. Animated dead don't have spells 
    and upgrades, and Infernal can't stand up to an Avatared Optimus. Very 
    powerful. You gain a ton of HP, spell immunity and damage bonuses to boot! 
    With a Lvl 3 Devotion Aura, you will get +8 into armor if you cast Avatar!!! 
    Skill order:
    Thunder Clap, Shockwave, Thunder Clap, Devotion Aura, Thunder Clap, Avatar, 
    Shockwave, Devotion Aura, Shockwave, Devotion Aura
    |MegaTron X, burning hatred encased in a metal shell|
       Good, you want to play as him. If you want to play Megatron X, then you 
    should try to have a strategy when in battle. If you don't have a proper 
    strategy chances are, you will die. Megatron X needs a certain degree of skill 
    to be a powerful hero. If you don't have the guts, go pick someone else. 
    Fight fight fight!!! (know where that came from and who said it? e-mail me and 
    you may get a chance to be featured in this FAQ!!!)
    What to do with his skills:
       Wind Walk - Use in conjunction with Divine Shield. Try to scout with it so 
    you won't get noticed. Other than that, its use is for evasive purposes.
       Divine Shield - Use in conjunction with Wind Walk. This skill makes you 
    invulnerable to everything (for a limited time only!) so feel free to kick 
    some ass!!! Try to use him as bait for enemies, while your allies tear the 
    opposition to pieces.
       Thorns - Thorns is an aura so therefore, it is passive. All allies near you 
    get the infamous Thorns skill from D2. (albeit toned down very much) A nice 
    bonus but its damage is neglectable.
       Tranquility - Yeah! Heal 20 damage PER second? This is the ultimate healing 
    skill! It even heals faster than Rejuvenation!!! Area effect, so your friends 
    share your excellent boon. Get as soon as possible.
    Skill order:
    Divine shield, Wind Walk, Divine Shield, Thorns, Divine Shield, Tranquility, 
    Thorns, Wind Walk, Wind Walk
    |BladeBerserker, whose blade sings with justice|
       A lethal combination of skills, BladeBerserker is a fearsome sight to 
    behold. However, he is not Optimus and doesn't have as much HP as him. So try 
    to remember that, or you'll get killed. You should play safe but don't be a 
    coward. You can take hits, and you dish out some hurt to rival Optimus, and in 
    some circumstances you can even exceed him!!! (like when a bunch of enemies 
    surround you... Bladestorm time!!!)
    What to do with his skills:
       Death Coil - Sucky. Does the same damage as Storm Bolt does, sans the stun.
    You don't use this to heal people, dummy. They aren't undead. You may want to 
    have one if things get out of hand...
       Immolation - Very good to have. Combine with a Cloak of Flames to destroy 
    enemies!!! Don't turn it on all the time though, you don't have enough mana.
       Endurance Aura - Great to have. You know what it does, do you? Faster 
    heroes live longer. This is an aura. You should know what all auras do. You 
    don't? Ask Jeeves. *slaps my behind for a lousy joke*
       Bladestorm - 110 damage per second and a duration of 8 seconds. You do the 
    math. Poor, puny enemies don't stand a chance. You have spell immunity while 
    doing this, so don't worry about Purge ruining your day. You aren't invincible,
    Skill order:
    Immolation, Endurance Aura, Immolation, Death Coil, Immolation, Bladestorm, 
    Endurance Aura, Death Coil, Endurance Aura, Death Coil
    |Assassin, dark one who fights on the side of Light|
       His skills are really helpful, even if they are for single targets, but 
    have him for Starfall!!! The stage where you get transported to Hell is 
    dangerous for your ranged allies, for they would die very easily due to the 
    overwhelming number of enemies. Be sure to surround the Assassin while doing 
    this because he is easily killed. Of course, if you have and Optimus around 
    better Thunder Clap the bastards to save mana for the 
    What to do with his skills:
       Storm Bolt - For single strong enemies, or healing units. (Priests, Troll 
    Shadow Priests) Use also on bosses.
       Entangling Roots - Use on powerful melee enemies, it stops them in their 
    tracks. Good on bosses, but limited range against those who have a missile 
    attack. Good on the first boss, though.
       Bash - Passive, so is a nice thing to have. Stuns enemies!
       Starfall - Starfall is a powerful spell, but it has been weakened by recent 
    patches. Great to use on swarms.
    Skill order:
    Storm Bolt, Entangling Roots, Bash, Storm bolt, Entangling Roots, Starfall, 
    Storm Bolt, Entangling Roots, Bash, Bash
    |Snake Aes, whose arrows pierce the hearts of evil|
       Okay, you feel like playing your Bowazon from D2. The disappointing thing 
    is, there won't be any Eaglehorns, Burizas, or Windforces to help you here, 
    only your skills, your meager inventory, and your allies. You should cooperate 
    with them, since Snake Aes needs a degree of skill to play.
    What to do with her skills:
       Holy Light - Use whenever someone is down to yellow health. You may not 
    want to waste in on your summoned units, since they are expendable and are 
    easily replaced.
       Cold Arrows - Slows down on enemies. Good with fast strong enemies, bad for 
    weak ones. Save the mana for Searing Arrows instead. Against the first boss, 
    try to use this often.
       Searing Arrows - A welcome damage boost. Use whenever possible.
       Rain of Fire - Great on tightly packed enemies, but its use is very limited.
    |Mumm-Rah, vile Necromancer with a heart of gold|
       An alternative to Skeletorius, he loses the excellent Brilliance Aura, but 
    recieves the stronger Frost Nova and Sleep. Animate Dead is powerful and will 
    help you a lot for the final confrontation, and Vampiric Aura is nice for your 
    melee friends. However, Skeletorius is much easier to use because his skills 
    are simplier, but you may want Mumm-Rah for his potent skills.
    What to do with his skills:
       Frost Nova - Use on tightly bunched up enemies. Powerful damage, and slows 
    enemies down a lot.
       Sleep - Use on powerful enemies, and deal with the weaker ones while the 
    stupid fool is dozing off. Great on bosses!
       Vampiric Aura - Very good if partying with 3 melee heroes. Works like Life 
    Tap from D2, but its effect is permanent (as long as they are near you) and is 
    therefore better!
       Animate Dead - I love it!!! Use on powerful enemies for the best effect.
    Skill order:
    Frost Nova, Vampiric Aura, Sleep, Frost Nova, Sleep, Animate Dead, Vampiric 
    Aura, Frost Nova, Vampiric Aura
    |BeastKnight, strong warrior and owner of a lethal bestiary|
       A very good companion. He heals and summons badass units. He is a great 
    hero overall, and is very suited to solo. Have him heal dying heroes and they 
    won't need anymore those Ankhs!!! The problem is, his minions may get in the 
    way... Especially that Infernal!
    What to do with his skills:
       Holy Light - Use whenever someone is down to yellow health. You may not 
    want to waste in on summoned units, since they are expendable and are 
    easily replaced.
       Water Elemental - Since you can have more than one of them, these are very 
    good to have. Nice damage and HP, but slow attack. Duration is considerably 
    shortened in recent patches.
       Feral Spirit - Not very powerful, but you get more than the Water Elemental.
    Shadow Wolves (sLvl 3 only) have nice bonus skills, too!
       Infernal - A weak offensive (but useful) skill and an exceptional summon 
    rolled into one skill. Great! Use whenever outnumbered. Stuns enemies, too!!!
    Skill order:
    Feral Spirit, Water Elemental, Feral Spirit, Holy Light, Feral Spirit, 
    Infernal, Water Elemental, Holy Light, Water Elemental, Holy Light
    1. Always have a friend around. You'll need their company. Two heads are 
    always better than one, but three or four are much better. Let your auras help 
    each other.
    2. Don't go for entirely melee-based teams. (even with 4 BeastKnights) Get at 
    least one ranged hero. Get Snake Aes if you're going for melee-based teams 
    because her Holy Light will help your team a lot because they tend take more 
    damage than ranged heroes. Skeletorius is excellent because you can cast 
    Immolations and Thunder Claps faster. (Don't forget the Chain Lightning!!!)
    3. Destroy the spawning buildings first! Unless you're trying to raise levels 
    behind schedule, destroying the spawning buildings will spawn good items like 
    tomes and stuff.
    4. Don't hog the items!!! Ain't having a good time with your allies due to 
    item hogging, make an agreement with them! Tell them that Intelligence Tomes 
    go to caster heroes (Mumm-Rah and Skeletorius), Agility Tomes go to ranged 
    heroes (Snake Aes and Assassin) BladeBerserkers, and Strength Tomes go to 
    melee heroes (MegaTron X, Optimus Primo, BeastKnight)!!! And remember, give 
    the Tomes to your allies who need them most. That way, you won't have much 
    5. Choose items wisely. Ranged heroes need Gloves of Haste a lot because they 
    usually have long cooldown time. You won't need the Cloak of Shadows much, so 
    ditch it. Go for the best Claws of Attack you can manage to get your hands on, 
    and have only one in your inventory. Always have an Ankh of Reincarnation in 
    your inventory!!! So when you accidentally die, (like what happened to me when 
    I was sent to Hell, I accidentally went to those jets of flame, and died!!! 
    fortunately, I got an Ankh ready, so it wasn't Game Over for me)
    6. Rest, rest, and REST!!! I cannot stress this hard enough. I once had a game 
    with two Optimuses and a BladeBerserker, and the BladeBerserker died right off 
    the bat after tackling the second wave of Murlocs. (but he had an Ankh ready, 
    good for him) Not a very good thing, but the worse has yet to come: the two 
    Optimuses died in Level 2!!! (Game Over, man!!!) So I (an Assasin) and my 
    BladeBerserker ally were left, but we managed to kill the 
    big-fat-Pit-Lord-for-a-boss before me leaving the game due to boredom. Rest to 
    regenerate lost health. Rest to get back those mana you used up earlier. Rest 
    to get your bearings and plan for something ahead. (like a boss) If you're 
    BeastKnight, send your summoned units (yes, even the Infernal) to battles to 
    gain some gold and EXP painlessly without losing a point of HP. Save your game 
    often, too. It doesn't matter if you spend 10+ minutes to regenerate up to 
    full HP, because the ecstasy when beating the scenario is more than worth 
    it!!! If you're really bored, just click on your hero a lot. =8P
    7. Choose your items with discretion. ALWAYS have Ankh of Reincarnation 
    ready. If you don't have one, buy some at shops or ask someone to give theirs 
    to you, especially when you're a melee hero. Don't go for Intelligence or 
    Agility boosting items, unless they give more than +3 bonus (which is very 
    unlikely) but rather get Strength boosters. (especially for Strength-based 
    heroes) If you are lucky to get a Crown of Kings, shout "HOORAY!!!" and keep 
    it. Boots of Speed and Gloves of Haste are particularly good items, have them, 
    but never get more than 2 of them. Always have a slot for tomes and Manuals of 
    Health. Cloak of Flames is very useful, and will help you a lot. For cloak of 
    shadows, you may decide to get it or not. I recommend it for ranged heroes so 
    if you imagine some strong enemies coming at your way, press I to Shadowmeld, 
    therefore rendering yourself invisible to them. If you are EXTREMELY lucky to 
    get any of the Orbs, KEEP it. Don't drop it or give it to somebody else, 
    unless you are dying and don't have an Ankh, ask someone to trade their Ankh 
    for your Orb to get back in the game. Use your discretion on the Necklace of 
    Spell Immunity because there are advantages and disadvantages in it. If 
    however, you are playing solo, then get it.
    8. Don't just charge the enemies mindlessly. I have seen overzealous nuts 
    that charge blindly into swarms while ignoring their health. Drink potions!!! 
    Use Healing Wards!!! Remember, a weak team that survives is better than a 
    strong team that dies. Anyways, you can't finish the game when you're dead!!!
    9. Use your team's assets to the limit. If you're being chased by a line of 
    enemies, ask someone to Shockwave them. (or do it yourself) If you're being 
    surrounded by enemies, use the appropriate skills to get out of the jam. If 
    someone is dying, give him potions, an extra Ankh, heal him, or do your best 
    to stop him from dying. You can't win unless you play as a team!!!
    10. Beware the Steam Tank (aka Roadkill) stage. You will lose all your items 
    when you become a tank. Travel all at once and save the Immolates for 
    emergencies. Move at a snail's pace and beware the invulnerable towers. Kill 
    the tanks first!!!
    CrystalKing (crystalking52@aol.com) told me of his tank strat. Here it is:
    - God for allowing me to walk this world
    - My parents for shaping me into the man I am now
    - My pesky little brother for allowing me to test some tactics with him
    - Blizzard for the zany humor I know (Naasty Diablo!) and love
    - People at the GameFAQs WC3 board for the hilarious threads and tips
    - My friends for providing me with various tactics
    - J. R. R. Tolkien by giving us the Lord of the Rings (I'm a big fan!)
    - People at the Shoryuken.com forums (www.shoryuken.com/forums) for making me 
      laugh when I'm not playing WC3 (but I don't usually go there now, since the 
      people have become somewhat unruly)
    - CJayC for hosting this FAQ
    - nm486 (nm486@hotmail.com) for informing me of that Optimus Primo error
    Live then, beloved children of my heart, and never forget that, until the 
    day God deigns to reveal the future to man, the summary of all human wisdom 
    will be contained in these two words: "Wait and hope."
     -- from The Count of Monte Cristo
    This document Copyright 2002 by TAKOYAKI

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