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    Undead Campaign FAQ/Walkthrough by ocissordei

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/08/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Undead Campaign FAQ/Walkthrough
    By Ocissordei
    Version 1.0
    I. Updates
    II. Intro
    III. Background Info
    IV. Campaign Walkthrough
    V. Credits/legal info
    I. Updates
    Version 1.0: Added intro, background info, conclusion and completed the 
    campaign walkthrough.
    II. Intro
    While browsing through Gamefaqs one day I found that there was an undead 
    scourge guide, but alas no guide dedicated for the Scourge campaign.  This 
    FAQ/walkthrough is here for the purpose of getting you through the Undead 
    Campaign.  Although difficult at times, the "Path of the Damned" is pretty 
    easily completed.
    III. Background Info/Unit Background
    The shaman, Ner'Zhul: Origin of the Lich King
    The orcish clans, bound by a noble, shamanistic culture for thousands of 
    years on the world of Draenor knew nothing of corruption or spiritual decay.  
    But the sinister agents of the burning legion sought to forge them into a 
    voracious, unstoppable army.  The cunning demon, Kil'jaeden, second in 
    command of the legion, saw that the savage warriors had vast potential for 
    murder and bloodshed-and set out to corrupt their tranquil society from 
    Kil'jaeden appeared to the orcs' most respected leader, the elder shaman 
    Ner'zhul, and told him that he would bestow upon the orcs great power and 
    make them the undisputed rulers of their world.  He even offered the old 
    shaman untold mystical knowledge if he agreed to bind himself and his people 
    to the Legion's will.  Calculating and power hungry by nature, Ner'zhul 
    accepted Kil'Jaeden's offer and made a blood pact with the demon.  By doing 
    so Ner'zhul had sealed the orcs' fate and damned them to become the unwitting 
    slaves of the burning legion
    As time passed, Kil'Jaeden recognized that Ner'zhul did not have the will or 
    the brazen Audacity to follow through with his plan of forging the orcs into 
    a bloodthirsty horde. Ner'zhul realizing that his pact with Kil'Jaeden would 
    only lead to his race's annihilation refused to help the demon any further.  
    Enraged by the shaman's defiance, Kil'jaeden swore to take vengeance upon 
    Ner'zhul, and corrupt the orcs despite him.  Kil'jaeden found a new, eager 
    apprentice to lead the orcs on the path to oblivion-Ner'zhul's own nefarious 
    protege, Gul'Dan
    With Kil'jaeden's help, Gul'dan succeeded where his teacher had faltered...  
    The evil, power hungry orc not only abolished the ancient practice of 
    shamanism-which he replaced with the study off demonic warlock magic-but 
    united the orc clans into the volatile horde that Kil'jaeden had envisioned.  
    Ner'zhul powerless to stop his former apprentice, could only watch as Gul'dan 
    masterfully transformed the orcs into mindless agents of destruction
    Years passed as Ner'zhul brooded silently upon the red world of Draenor.  He 
    watched as his people staged the first invasion of Azeroth.  He heard the 
    tales of the orcs' second war against the alliance of Lordaeron.  He bore 
    witness to the treachery and corruption that seemed to be destroying his 
    people from within.  Despite Gul'dan's masterminding the horde's dark 
    destiny, Ner'zhul knew that he himself was responsible for setting it all in 
    Shortly after the end of the second war the news of the horde's defeat 
    reached the orcs who had remained in Draenor.  Ner'zhul, knowing that the 
    horde had failed its mission to conquer Azeroth, feared that Kil'jaeden and 
    the Legion would take dire action against the remaining orcs.  To escape 
    Kil'jaeden's imminent wrath, Ner'zhul opened a number of mystical portals 
    that lead to new, unspoiled worlds.  The old shaman rallied the remaining orc 
    clans and planned to lead them through one of the portals into a new directed 
    Before he could execute his plan, Ner'zhul was forced to deal with an 
    Alliance expeditionary force sent to Draenor to destroy the orcs forever.  
    Ner'zhul's loyal clans managed to hold the alliance forces at bay while the 
    old shaman opened the raging magical portals.  To his horror Ner'zhul 
    realized that the portals' tremendous energies were beginning to rip the very 
    fabric of Draenor apart.  As the alliance forces pushed the orcs further back 
    into the hellish world, Draenor began to buckle in on itself.  Realizing that 
    the battling clans would never reach the portals in time, Ner'zhul selfishly 
    abandoned them and escaped with his elite followers in tow.  The evil group 
    of orcs crossed through their chosen portal just as Draenor blew apart in an 
    apocalyptic explosion.  The old shaman believed he'd been lucky to escape 
    death...Ironically he would live to regret his naivete
    Kil'jaeden and the new deal:
    Just as Ner'zhul and his followers entered the Twisting Nether- The ethereal 
    plane that connects all of the worlds scattered throughout the Great Dark 
    Beyond-they were ambushed by Kil'jaeden and his demonic minions.  Kil'jaeden, 
    who had sworn to take vengeance on Ner'zhul for his prideful defiance, 
    tortured the old shaman mercilessly by slowly tearing his body apart piece by 
    piece.  Kil'Jaeden kept the shaman's spirit alive and intact leaving Ner'zhul 
    painfully aware of his body's gross dismemberment.  Though Ner'zhul pleaded 
    with the demon to release his spirit and grant him death, the demon grimly 
    replied that the blood pact they had made long ago was still binding-and that 
    he would make use of his wayward pawn once again. 
    The orcs' failure to conquer Azeroth as the Legion intended forced Kil'jaeden 
    to create a new army to sew chaos throughout the kingdoms of the Alliance.  
    This new army could not be allowed to fall prey to the same petty rivalries 
    and infighting that had plagued the horde.  It would have to be dogged, 
    merciless, and single-minded in its mission.  This time Kil'jaeden could not 
    afford to fail.  Holding Ner'zhul's tortured, helpless spirit in stasis, 
    Kil'jaeden gave him one last chance to serve the legion or suffer eternal 
    torment.  Once again, Ner'zhul recklessly agreed to the demon's pact.
    Ner'zhul's spirit was placed within a specially crafted block of diamond-hard 
    ice gathered from the far reaches of the Twisting Nether.  Encased within the 
    frozen cask, Ner'zhul felt his consciousness expand ten thousand fold.  
    Warped by the demon's chaotic powers, Ner'zhul became a spectral being of 
    unfathomable power.  At that moment, the orc known as Ner'zhul was shattered 
    forever, and the Lich King was born. 
    Ner'zhul's loyal death knights and warlock followed were also transformed by 
    the demon's chaotic energies.  The wicked spell casters were ripped apart and 
    remade as skeletal Liches.  The demons had ensured that even in death, 
    Ner'zhul's followers would serve him unquestioningly.
    When the time was right, Kil'jaeden patiently explained the mission for which 
    he had created the Lich king:  Ner'zhul was to spread a plague of death and 
    terror across Azeroth that would snuff out human civilization forever.  All 
    those who died from the dreaded plague would arise as the undead...and their 
    spirits would be bound to Ner'zhul's iron will forever.  Kil'jaeden promised 
    that if Ner'zhul accomplished his dark mission of scouring humanity from the 
    world, he would be freed from his curse and granted a new, healthy body to 
    Though Ner'zhul was agreeable ands seemingly anxious to play his part, 
    Kil'jaeden remained skeptical of his pawn's loyalties.  Keeping the Lich king 
    bodiless and trapped within the crystal cask assured his good conduct for the 
    short term, but the demon knew that he would need to keep a watchful eye on 
    the Lich King.  To this end, Kil'jaeden called upon his elite demon guard, 
    the vampiric Dreadlords, to police Ner'zhul and ensure that he accomplished 
    his dread task.  Tichondrius, the most powerful and cunning pf the 
    dreadlords, warmed to the challenge, fascinated by the plague's severity and 
    the Lich King's unbridled potential for genocide.  
    Ice Crown and the Frozen Throne:
    Kil'jaeden cast Ner'zhul's icy cask back into the world of Azeroth.  The 
    hardened crystal streaked across the night sky and smashed into the desolate, 
    arctic continent off Northrend, burying itself in the deep, shadowed hallows 
    of the Icecrown glacier.  The frozen crystal, warped and scarred by its 
    violent descent, came to resemble a throne, and Ner'zhul's vengeful spirit 
    stirred within it.  
    From the confines of the Frozen Throne, Ner'zhul began to reach out his vast 
    consciousness and touch the minds of Northrend's native inhabitants.  With 
    surprising ease, he enslaved the minds of many indigenous creatures, such as 
    ice trolls and the fierce wendigo-and drew their evil brethren into his 
    growing shadow.  He found that his psychic powers were almost limitless, and 
    used them to create a small army that he housed within Icecrown' twisting 
    Labyrinths.  As the Lich King mastered his growing powers under the 
    dreadlord's persistent vigil, he discovered a remote human settlement on the 
    fringe of the vast dragonblight.  Ner'zhul decided to test his powers and his 
    dread plague on the unsuspecting humans.   
    Ner'zhul sent eh plague of undeath, which had originated from deep within the 
    Frozen throne, out into the arctic wasteland.  Controlling the plague with 
    his will alone, he drove it straight into the human village.  Within three 
    days, ever y human soul in the settlement was dead. Yet in surprisingly short 
    amount of time the dead villagers began to rise as zombified corpses.  
    Ner'zhul could feel their individual spirits and thoughts as if they were his 
    own.  The raging cacophony In his mind caused Ner'zhul to grow even more 
    powerful-as if their spirits provided hi with much needed nourishment.  He 
    found it was child's play to control the zombies' actions and steer them to 
    do whatever end he wished.  
    Over the following months, Ner'zhul continued to experiment with his plague 
    of undead by subjugating every human inhabitant of Northrend.  With his army 
    of undead growing daily, he knew that the time for his true test was nearing.  
    War of the spider:
    For ten long years, Ner'zhul built up his power base in Northrend.  A great 
    citadel was erected above Icecrown and manned by growing legions of the 
    undead.  Yet as the Lich king extended his influence over the land, a lone, 
    shadowy empire stood against his power.  The ancient subterranean kingdom of 
    azjol-nerub, which had been founded by a race of sinister humanoid spiders, 
    sent their elite warrior guard to attack Icecrown and end the Lich King's mad 
    bid for dominance.  Much to his frustration, Ner'zhul found that the vile 
    Nerubians were immune to not only the plague, but to his telepathic 
    domination as well
    The Nerubian spider lords commanded vast forces and had an underground 
    network that stretched nearly half the breadth of Northrend.  Their hit and 
    run tactics on the Lich King's stronghold stymied his efforts to root them 
    out time after time.  Ultimately, Ner'zhul's war against the Nerubians was 
    won by attrition.  With the aid of the furious dreadlords and his innumerable 
    undead warriors, the lich king invaded azjol-nerub and brought its 
    subterranean temples crashing down upon the spider lords' heads.  The 
    Nerubians were immune to his plague, Ner'zhul's growing necromantic powers 
    allowed him to raise the spider warrior's' corpses and bend them to his will.  
    As a testament to their tenacity and fearlessness, Ner'zhul adopted the 
    Nerubians distinctive architectural style for his own fortresses and 
    structures.  Left to rule hi kingdom unopposed the Lich king began preparing 
    for his true mission in the world.  Reaching out into the human lands with 
    his vast consciousness, the Lich king called out to any dark soul that would 
    Ke'Thuzd and the cult of the damned
    There were a handful of powerful individuals, scattered across the world, who 
    heard the Lich king's mental summons.  Most notable of them was the Archmage, 
    Kel'Thuzad, of the magical nation of Dalaran. Kel'Thuzad, one of senior 
    members of the Kirin tor-Dalaran's ruling council-had been considered a 
    maverick for years due to his insistence on studying the forbidden arts of 
    necromancy.  Driven to learn all he could of the magical world and its 
    shadowy wonders, he was frustrated by what he saw as his peer's outmoded and 
    unimaginative precepts.  Upon hearing the powerful summons from Northrend, 
    the archmage bent all of his considerable will to communing with the 
    mysterious voice.  Convinced that the Kirin Tor was too squeamish to seize 
    the power and knowledge inherent in the dark arts, he vowed to learn what he 
    could from the immensely powerful Lich King.  
    Forsaking his fortune and prestigious political standing, kel'thuzad 
    abandoned the ways of the Kirin Tor and left Dalaran forever.  Prodded by the 
    lich king's persistent voice in his mind he sold his vast holdings and stored 
    away his fortunes.  Traveling alone over many leagues of both land and sea he 
    finally reached the frozen shore of Northrend.  Intent, on reaching Icecrown 
    and offering his services to the Lich King, the archmage passed through the 
    ravaged, war-torn ruins of Azjol-nerub.  Kel'Thuzad saw firsthand the scope 
    and ferocity of Ner'zhul's power.  He began to believe that allying himself 
    with the mysterious Lich King would not only be wise, but potentially 
    After long months of trekking through the harsh artic wastelands, Kel'Thuzad 
    finally reached the dark glacier of Icecrown.  He boldly approached 
    Ner'zhul's dark citadel and was shocked when the silent undead guardsmen let 
    him pass as though he was expected.  Kel'Thuzad descended deep into the cold 
    earth and found his way down to the bottom of the glacier.  There in the 
    endless cavern of ice and shadows he prostrated himself before the frozen 
    throne and offered his soul to the dark lord of the dead.
    The lich king was pleased with his latest conscript.  He promised Kel'Thuzad 
    immortality and great power in exchange for his loyalty and obedience.  
    Kel'Thuzad, eager for dark knowledge and power, accepted his first great 
    mission-to go into he world of men and found a new religion that would 
    worship the Lich king as a god.
    To help the Archmage accomplish his mission, Ner'zhul left Kel'thuzad's 
    humanity intact.  The aged, yet still charismatic wizard was charged with 
    using his powers of illusion and persuasion to lull the downtrodden, 
    disenfranchised masses of lordaeron into a confidence.  Once he had their 
    attention, he would offer them a new vision of what society could be- and a 
    new figurehead to call their king...
    Kel'thuzad returned to Lordaeron in disguise, and over the span of three 
    years he used his fortune and intellect to gather a clandestine brotherhood 
    of like-minded men and women.  The brotherhood, which he called the cult of 
    the damned, promised its acolytes social equality and eternal life on Azeroth 
    in exchange of r their service and obedience to Ner'zhul.  As the months 
    passed, Kel'Thuzad found many eager volunteer s for his new cult amongst the 
    tired, overburdened laborers of lordaeron.  Surprisingly Kel'thuzad's goal to 
    pervert the citizens faith in the holy light towards belief in Ner'zhul's 
    dark shadow was easily attained.  As the Cult of the Damned grew in size and 
    influence, kel'thuzad made sure to keep its working secret from the 
    authorities of Lordaeron at every turn.   
    The Forming of the Scourge:
    With Kel'Thuzad's success in Loraderon, the Lich king made the final 
    preparations for his assault against human civilization.  Placing his plague 
    energies into a number of portable artifacts called plague cauldrons, 
    Ner'zhul ordered Kel'thuzad to transport the cauldrons to Lordaeorn where 
    they would be hidden within various cult-controlled villages.  The cauldrons, 
    protected by the loyal cultists, would then act as plague generators, sending 
    the plague seeping out across the unsuspecting farmlands and cities of 
    northern lordaeron
    The lich king's plan worked perfectly.  Many of Lordaeron's northern villages 
    were contaminated almost immediately.  Just as in Northrend, the citizens who 
    contracted the plague died and arose as the Lich King's willing slaves.  The 
    cultists under Kel'thuzad were eager to die and be raised again in their dark 
    lord's service.  They exulted in the prospect to immorality through undeath.  
    As the plague spread, more and more feral zombies arose in the northlands.  
    Kel'thuad looked upon the Lich king's growing army and named it the Scourge-
    for soon it would march upon the gates of lordaeron...and scour humanity from 
    the face of the world.   
    An Heir Apparent:
    Though the Dreadlords were pleased that Ner'zhul's true mission had finally 
    begun, the Lich King himself brooded within the tight, shadowy confines of 
    the Frozen Throne.  Despite his vast psychic powers and his complete dominion 
    over the undead, he longed to be free of his ice prison.  He knew that 
    Kil'jaeden would never release him from his curse.  And, due to his great 
    power, he knew the demons would destroy him as soon as his mission was 
    Still he had one chance for freedom-one chance to escape his terrible curse.  
    If he could find a suitable host-some hapless dupe who was torn between 
    darkness and light-he could possess that body and escape the confines of the 
    Frozen throne forever.  
    Thus, the Lich King sent his vast consciousness once again and sought out the 
    perfect host
    Mission 1: Trudging Through The ashes
    "The lich king's plague of undead has spread through the capital city and 
    into the outskirts of Loradaeron.  Shocked and disheartened by the loss of 
    their beloved king, the forces of Loraderon were scattered by the ravenous 
    undead warriors.  Now lordaeron is but a shadow of its former glory-and 
    Prince Arthas has yet to be seen...."
    Start off the mission by leading Arthas down the path to the west.   You'll 
    meet up with what seems like a regular human being that is red.   This is how 
    all the acolytes in the mission will look, red human beings.   Go near the 
    red human and he'll talk to you.  Continue up the path to find another red 
    human being guarded by a footman.  Run up so that the red human begins to 
    take shape into an acolyte and run from the footman.  Continue west to find 
    another acolyte in hiding next to a normal human.  Trigger the acolyte and 
    kill the human (coil works).  Head south down the path and you'll get a 
    shade.  Move him around in the south to find when the footmen are patrolling 
    the area. While he is moving there head slightly west and north to find 
    another acolyte.  When the footmen aren't around head out and get the acolyte 
    in hiding there with your Death Knight.  Then send the shade to the bottom 
    left corner to find yet another acolyte.  Send an acolyte north, directly 
    north, but slightly to the east.   You'll find a shallow area of water.  
    Cross it with your shade and continue north until you find an acolyte.  Bring 
    your death knight up there and make sure he doesn't go north through the 
    towers and knights (in other words make sure he goes through the shallow 
    pathway, just click on the acolyte will send him through enemies).  North of 
    that acolyte there is another.  Bring your shade up to find it and then your 
    death knight.  Southeast from here there is an acolyte, but there is a Knight 
    patrolling the area.  Time it right with your shade in place and you should 
    be able to scoot across quick enough to not be caught by the knight. Then 
    head north and go into the graveyard to your left to get some more troops. 
    North from here there is another gate, take a left here (with your shade) and 
    you will find a human encampment.  In the southwest corner of this there is 
    another acolyte.  Bring your death Knight to him.  Bandits will attack right 
    when you enter.  Use this to avoid the militia.  Go in the direction in which 
    the bandits came.  There will be a fork.  Take the southern route first and 
    get the acolyte there.  In the northern path there are a bunch of bandits and 
    an enforcer here.  Just hit and run so that the Acolyte appears and then 
    leave. Now head to the gate where you took a left.  Break it open and an aco 
    and two footmen will come out.  Run back to the graveyard to avoid them after 
    you get the aco.  You should have 13 aco's right now and probably are at 
    level 2.  I suggest putting your next point into Unholy Aura, as it will make 
    your DK faster, which is good for this mission, although death pact would be 
    useful in other missions.  Bring your shade through the gate and walk around.  
    You'll see the locations of 7 acos.  4 are far to the east, one is south from 
    that, another north, and another is near the southwestern part of the entire 
    area.  Just look at your mini map.  I suggest doing this all in one run.  
    Just take your death knight and go to the one to north of the place where 
    there is a bunch of acos.  Then go south to the 4 acos, then south to the aco 
    that is hard to see because he is hidden by some houses and then to the west 
    of that.  Once you've gotten all of these acolytes your mission will be 
    Mission 2: Digging Up the Dead
    "The next morning on the outskirts of Andorhal"
    At the start of this mission make two control groups, one for the meat wagons 
    and one for Arthas and the ghouls.   Head right and destroy the tower, and 
    kill the two footmen.  I suggest keeping the wagons out of the battle, as 
    their splash damage will damage your units as well.  Continue right and there 
    will be a tower, some footmen and a Paladin. Take out the tower (and all 
    other buildings) with your wagons and the paladin with your ghouls and hero. 
    Once they are dead, pick up the item and head into the graveyard.
    After the cut scene summon a necropolis and a haunted gold mine and start 
    summoning buildings once blight is created. Put all your ghouls on wood and 
    your acos on gold. Once you've summoned 3 ziggs, a crypt, a graveyard, a 
    necropolis and a Gold Mine, this part of the mission will be completed.  You 
    probably will want your ziggs in front for towers, and your graveyard near 
    where your ghouls are harvesting wood.  
    Now it's time to kill the paladins.  Get about 11 ghouls (put them with the 
    control group w/ your DK and don't forget to upgrade them from the graveyard) 
    and bring your meat wagons.  Go attack the paladin top the northwest of you.   
    It's not that difficult just focus fire on him until he goes down to low 
    health and divine shields. Then focus fire on the militia and footmen until 
    the spell wears off.  Kill them all and the barracks near him to ensure the 
    humans don't get more units then they should.    Make sure you are towered up 
    in your base so that they don't ransack your base because its not defended. 
    Go back with some more ghouls (if you lost any build more so that you have at 
    least 11 ghouls), your hero, and your meat wagons.  It's always a good idea 
    to get more ghouls, because then u can swarm their units even better.  Go 
     From the first paladins base to find another paladin.  Kill the tower with 
    your meat wagons and the units with your death knight and ghouls. Make sure 
    you are coiling low health ghouls and you will win this easily.  Head south 
    again, with around 11 ghouls and your meat wagons.   Focus fire meat wagons 
    on the horses to the right (the AI is stupid enough to heal them, and it will 
    waste the paladins mana.) and focus fire on Uther with all of your melee 
    units.  He should go down pretty easily, but like all paladins, he has that 
    annoying divine shield. When he dies, Pick up the urn and you'll finish the 
    BTW This mission goes really fast if you are constantly building ghouls and 
    rallying them to your hero.
    Mission 3: Into the Realm Eternal
    "Six days later, near the forested border lands of Quel'Thelas"
    Let your units raise hell on the site and summon your goldmine and 
    necropolis.  Sylvanas will come to your base; slaughter her and the two 
    soldiers that accompany her.  After this continue building structures in your 
    base.  Make sure you have a crypt and a graveyard, and many ziggurats.   When 
    you feel the time ibis right upgrade your necropolis to the halls of the 
    dead.  Then build two temples of the damned.  While you're waiting for your 
    units and buildings to be built take your meat wagons and some ghouls (5-6 I 
    would say) with your hero north east of your base.  An even will be triggered 
    telling you that you can knock down trees with ghouls and meat wagons and 
    such.  Knock down the trees to the north revealing a Gnoll camp.  There are 
    other spots such as this that you can creep around the map.  Most to the 
    south.  These are all pretty self-explanatory so I'll let you discover them 
    yourself.  Now you can finish this mission pretty quickly by just going to 
    the south (in the direction that Sylvanas attacked.  Knocking down some trees 
    with your meat wagons at a one of the points with blue flashing lights and 
    attacking the green base to the east.  This should be easy if you get the 
    following units/upgrades:
    3 meat wagons (you start off with them)
    6-8 necros with adept training and skeletal longevity
    You probably wont lose much here if you just put your meat wagons on the 
    buildings and your ghouls on the units.  Don't unleash skellies unless you 
    want the computer to dispel them, the computer IS that smart at times. So 
    kill the priests.  After you're done with the base to the south of your base 
    head to the base to the east of it (not north east). If you want to go 
    creeping even more go directly south to and you'll find some more (although 
    you cant go past more than level 4 on this mission) Before it there will be a 
    small encampment, you will overwhelm them by brute force.  Once you get to 
    the blue base, just remember to focus fire ghouls on units and meat wagons on 
    towers.  Unholy frenzy your heroes and use skeletons when priests are gone or 
    to just rub it in the computers face.  Once you destroy her town hall the 
    mission is complete.
    Mission 4: Key of the Three moons
    "Moments Later, just beyond the shattered elf gate:
    ahh,...the crypt fiend mission..
    Alright start this one off by heading east (slightly south) to the elf base.  
    Web the dragon hawks and slaughter them when they reach the ground.  Summon a 
    goldmine and a necropolis.   This is a mission in which you DEFINITELY want 
    to make some towers at your base.  Because Arthas doesn't start off with a  
    scroll of town portal like heroes in multiplayer there is no way for him to 
    get back.  This is why it's beneficial for you to make some towers at the 
    base so that those alone can take out enemies.   I would put them at the 
    northern part of your base because that is normally where the dragon hawks 
    and zeppelins that attack you come from.  When your necropolis and goldmine 
    summon a ziggurat a crypt and when u have enough money another ziggurat.  
    When you get out of red food, build another acolyte and send it to your 
    goldmine.  There are really two ways to go about this mission
    Ghouls+nex or Cf's+nex, either way you should bring meat wagons along.  I 
    really like crypt fiends because they work so well with Unholy frenzy.  I 
    brought all of the units that start off the mission +2-3 extra crypt fiends 
    the strength upgrade for crypt fiends and the defense upgrade for ghouls and 
    necromancer adept training, and wiped out the first base (the one to the 
    right).  The most important part of this is to get meat wagons.  I probably 
    should have brought an extra one from my base because the things in the base 
    to the right that do the most damage are probably the towers  therefore you 
    should probably go into the first base like that, but with some more meat 
    wagons.  You will lose a lot of ghouls in this process...but yet again, I 
    suggest you go crypt fiends and necros because they will slaughter dragon 
    hawks with relative ease. When you have destroyed the base to the right go, 
    destroy the altar  in the bottom right corner and you will get the first part 
    of the key of the tree moons.  Now head north and destroy the towers here and 
    go through the way gate. Bring a similar force of units (more ghouls this 
    time because inner fired high elven swords men pretty much slaughter they way 
    through crypt fiends although crypt fiends will easily take them out if they 
    are unholy frenzied) through the first way gate and you will slaughter 
    everything here pretty easily (remember to get the moon stone from the 
    altar).    (autocast raise dead and watch your skellies run wild yon the 
    comp). Replenish your supply of troops and head back through a way gate and 
    to a way gate to the east of the one that you come through (watch out for the 
    towers and the small encampment that is to the south off the way gate.  Just 
    go in, unholy frenzy Arthas, and ur crypt fiends and watch  the comp die.  
    Kill the altar and collect your final moon crystal. Then pop Arthas in a  
    zeppelin and run him over to the northeastern part of the map.  Just drop him 
    and run into the circle of power.
    Mission 5: The fall of silvermoon
    "moments later on the outskirts of the elves' capital of silvermoon"
    Start off this mission by building a slaughterhouse, a temple of the damned 
    and if you want, another crypt.   Sylvanas and some other units of hers will 
    come from the north.  Bring the crypt fiends in your base and any other units 
    that you wish to kill her.  Now, build some ziggurats and upgrade to Black 
    Citadel. Soon a necromancer will tell you how a runner is being sent to get 
    reinforcements.  You'll see the gargoyle cut-scene.  I personally...don't 
    like having only 4 gargoyles there.  Once you're black citadel comes build 
    two gargoyles and send them over with the other ones.   They will easily pick 
    off the runners.   
    For this mission you'll probably want to do the optional one, which is to 
    destroy Sylvanas' base.  This isn't that difficult, just do the same strategy 
    that we've been doing for the last few missions. If you are running low on 
    cash there are stone golems to the north that give you a lot of experience 
    and gold.  Whenever a runner comes just have ur gargs pick him off.  When you 
    get enough units (5-6 necros, 7 cf's and about 4 ghouls, and a couple meat 
    wagons, should be MORE than enough to get you through slyvanas' base.  Head 
    over there, and raise hell. .  Kill all the buildings and Slyvanas will turn 
    into a  really cool banshee.  
    After this is done you can just head south, past the goblin merchants knock 
    down the towers with your meat wagons and killing all of the units with your 
    nex/skellies/cf's.  After you've penetrated one side you can enter to the 
    golems pretty easily.  Just take a meat wagon and have it hit one of the 
    towers and have it run after you.  Move your meat wagon have your crypt 
    fiends shred them to pieces (piercing damage that crypt fiends do>golems). 
    Repeat, and then bring Arthas to the circle of power next to the 
    Mission 6: Blackrock & Roll, Too
    Ahh...OrcV.UD a very hard matchup on bnet....
    The first thing you should notice about your new base is the shade standing 
    right next to the sacrificial pit.  Don't get too carried away with him as a 
    large orc force will soon attack you. Defeat them and send your shade around 
    the map.  You should find 5  orc bases.  5 orc bases means 5 more place for 
    you to get money from.  The first thing you should do is tower up and then 
    tech straight to frost wyrms. (although not a very good strategy on bnet 
    ^_^).  While your waiting you can crepe around as there is a goblin merchant 
    to the northwest of your base (follow the path up towards the orange orc 
    base, but go off the path to the left and you will find it.   If you go 
    directly south from your base all the way down you can knock down some trees 
    to find a troll and some murlocs.  Of course outside there base there are a 
    bunch of dragon encampments (big red dragons), which can be taken down pretty 
    easily with gargs, fiends and your frost wyrms. (how convenient, as that's 
    basically what will win the mission for you).  If you are worried about what 
    direction people may be coming from put some shades at crossroads outside ur 
    base. When you have a lot of frosties  (which is very simple in this mission 
    because after the first attack u can just tower, creep, and then own 
    everything in site.  A good strategy for this mission is to try to take out 
    the warlocks first as they can cripple your army with ease.  Is there any 
    rhyme or reason of what base to hit first of the orc? No not really, just go 
    to the red one last.  Frosties basically just eat up everything in site.  
    Every time you kill a hero you get a tome, which can make your heroes 
    powerful. You don't even have to destroy their base, just kill their unit 
    producing buildings. When you get around to killing the blackrock make sure u 
    focus fire on the dragons and the towers as they are the only things that can 
    really do any damage to you.  Make sure you use your ultimates (death and 
    decay and animate dead) every once in awhile to inflict some major damage.  
    Once all of the buildings are decimated your missions is complete (all of the 
    Red, Blackrock buildings)
    Mission 7: The Siege of Dalaran
    "the next morning, at the gates of Dalaran
    First have your meat wagons take out the towers, and then tech you halls of 
    the dead up to a black citadel. Build some ziggurats and tower up the ones in 
    your base if you want some base protection. Build another slaughterhouse 
    while you're at it, and start upgrading the unholy armor for abominations at 
    the graveyard.  When you have around 5-6 abominations bring them, Kel'Thuzad, 
    Arthas and your crypt fiends to attack the first Archmage.  Focus all fire on 
    him first.  If Arthas is level 7 and you put points into his skills as I 
    suggested you should be able to heal fairly quickly after you disperse the 
    first arch mage (once you kill him the aura closest to your base goes away).  
    When you run up to the archmage, nova and coil him right away, he should die 
    or have his health go down significantly.  For the next arch mage you should 
    bring your meat wagons from your base to the units that you brought to kill 
    the first arch mage.   Now when you get here go northwest and break open the 
    boxes to reveal some stone golems.   These stone golems are NOT undead and 
    will not take damage from the Aura, which is nice.  Now, bring the golems 
    your abominations crypt fiends and heroes to the base to the west.  While 
    attacking that base build another crypt and upgrade creature attack and get 
    stone form for gargoyles.  Start building gargoyles (5-8 will do).  Now 
    you're probably thinking, Why did I all of a sudden switch upgrades/units?  
    Well, here's the reason, the best way to kill the next arch mage is gargoyle 
    hit and run. Simply take your meat wagons north and kill the two towers, and 
    the spellcasters.  Then take the gargoyles north of the base you just sacked 
    and focus fire on the archmage.  If you're reeling too much from the 
    aura=archmage fire just bring them back from the aura, go into stone form, 
    replenish most of your health (unholy aura+stoneform=fast health 
    regeneration). Then attack the magic vault to the north.  Give all of the 
    items but the pipe to your lich.  and go right and sack the base there.  Nova 
    enemy units, death and decay if you want, coil/animate dead bla bla bla.  Not 
    difficult just kill the archmage first. Then head north and kill the knights 
    there and open up the cages.  You'll get some nice friends here.  GO heal at 
    the fountain of health and then send all of your units to go  smack up the 
    riflemen and sorceress near the  knights that you just beast up then go to 
    the fountain of health to the left of them so that your health stays at about 
    the same spot while your meat wagons take out the towers.  then smack um 
    Antonidas with your aboms/nova/coil.  If anything dies animate dead it.  This 
    shouldn't be that difficult
    Mission 8: 
    "one hour later on a hill overlooking Dalaran"....
    At every secition build at least three more ziggurats and when they summon 
    return them into towers  (at first).
    Put the ghouls at your base on the trees.    Then run up to the left corner 
    and get the land mines with your death knight.  Place these at each location 
    where you can be attacked.  Soon fell hounds will come.  Put one at each 
    location.  Keep building ziggurats and upping them to spirit towers at each 
    location, make sure to keep your acos at the being attacked location on 
    autocast repair. Expo fairly early, having lots of money for towers will help 
    you a lot.  Build more ghouls to get more wood faster. KEEP MAKING TOWERS, 
    they will be the bulk of your defense remember to expand, if you don't you 
    will lose, and RESEARCH WEB.  Remember to make meat wagons to destroy steam 
    tanks.  As siege is the only way to destroy them quickly and effectively.  
    Remember every 5 minutes or so you'll get some fellhounds or other burning 
    legion units (with the exception of when u have 5 minutes left to go).  Make 
    sure you use mana burn to stop archmagi (no blizzard=very good for your 
    towers). Make sure you have your death knight and your cf's in a control 
    group and that they re always in the middle so that they can run to wherever 
    your are being attacked. Unless you see them coming.  Eventually you'll get 
    infernals.  Spread them out among different places  Repeat and remember these 
    steps and you'll be victorious. Although it does get a little tight at the 
    end just make sure you ALWAYS have a lot of crypt fiends (6-8) on you and 
    infernals should prove to be a very nice meat shield for your towers. After 
    you have survived for 30 minutes (pews) you will be awarded with a kick-
    "arse" cinematic with ARCHIMONDE.  Yes.
    All rights are reserved by their respective owners.   This FAQ is copyright 
    Ocissordei 2003.  Don't copy it, don't plagiarize, plagiarism is bad.  You 
    can post this on your site as long as you don't edit it in anyway and give me 
    full credit.
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