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    Sorceress FAQ by Vercingetorix

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    ^*+_|       Diablo II Expansion: Lord of Destruction -  Sorceress Guide v1.05      |^*+_
    ^*+_|              made by ^Vercingetorix^ [vercingetorix@chatpr.com]              |^*+_
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                                                                                    (c) 2001  
    ICQ: 6932815
    mIRC: Vincitori (on DalNET)
    I have always been a HUGE fan of magic-users so choosing the sorceress to begin my quest
    through Sanctuary was not much of a surprise.  (Just who cares if Blizzard says that she
    is one of the hardest characters to handle along with the necromancer? - I sure don't; I
    came to regret my decision MUCH later.)  The sorceress is, in my opinion the hardest one
    to play, since she is COMPLETELY dependent on her skills. You must be fully aware of the
    full extent of each skill before you begin to add points.  Picking skills simply because
    they "sound nice" or "look cool" is a surefire way of getting your derière disconfigured
    by the final bosses of each act.  I have made this FAQ simply because I felt that my own
    strategy of gameplay has made the game run quite smoothly (to my advantage of course). I
    have no intention of detailing EVERY single step I took to reach my current level - that
    will take too long, and frankly I don't remember at what level I added what point where.
    What I WILL do is give you the reasoning I used to add attribute and skill points, along
    with some useful tips to get through tough spots.
    One more thing,  this guide takes into account the changes that the Diablo II Expansion:
    Lord of Destruction has made to the original game. My approach may be somewhat different
    if you are simply playing the ORIGINAL game.  Be warned!!!  Other than that, enjoy and I
    hope you will find this useful.
                             I N   T H E   B E G I N N I N G ...
     The Sorceress starts out with about the same amount of mana as she has life.   This has
    some serious implications.  Because of the fact that there are NO set limits to how many
    point you can distribute to each attribute,  the Sorceress has the potential of boasting
    the most Mana of any of the seven characters.
    (Note: I like nice even numbers, so I always add the full five points for leveling up to
           only one attribute per level - this has NO influence on the bonuses that apply to
           that attribute, it's just pure aesthetics.) 
    The first thing I recommend is to begin to add points to strength - just enough to equip
    a chain mail later. This might mean the first four or five levels (about 20 - 25 points)
    you need to be comfortable. Right now it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to depend on your Mana for
    a steady source of fuel for your skills; it wears out too fast now.  
    The next thing to worry about is dexterity --> it comes in handy to increase your attack
    rating against the later monsters in Act I.   You bash them while your mana regenerates.
    Just don't add too many points, it's a waste later. (At the moment my Dexterity is at 40
    and I'm at Level 45 (as of August 27, 2001), and I don't regret my decision.)  
    VITALITY  (1 point = +2 Life, +1 Stamina;  +1 Life, +1 Stamina upon Level-up)
    Vitality and Energy should be raised according to your style of gameplay.    If you feel
    that the hits you receive take too much of your life - 1/3 to 1/2 - add to Vitality.  If
    not, add to Energy for more mana.   Vitality adds only one point to your life and two to
    your stamina, so you might need to use up a few levels to significantly increase your HP
    and survive more blows.  Regardless of how huch life you have, it is ESSENTIAL you learn
    how to dodge ranged attacks and avoid melee combat unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. You just
    won't do too much damage - at least when compared to a Barbarian or Paladin. Keep to the
    magic attacks.  
    ENERGY  (1 point = +2 Mana;  +2 Mana upon Level-up)
    Whenever you are unsure as to where to add your next attribute points,  just add them to
    energy.  You'd be surprised at the result.   Each point added increases two mana points,
    which is the highest rate in the game.  The Necromancer also has the same rate of growth
    but since the Sorceress starts off with MORE mana,  she has the greatest potential stock 
    of mana in the game (Thus proving my earlier point - yesyes, thank you, no applauses are
    necessary - but they are noted ^_^)    Well, anyways *ahem*, with this in mind, by level
    30 or so, you will have piled up enough mana to cast a barrage of spells without needing
    to wait and regenerate more.  What's more: since mana regeneration is a percentage-based
    ability that ALL characters have, the more mana you have, the more regenerates.  What is
    higher: 10% of 100 Mana or 10% of 500 Mana?  The rate of regeneration is the same but in
    the second case you regenerate about 50 Mana every few seconds,  which is enough to cast
    all the fireballs or glacial spikes you want.  
    What is important to remember here is that skill points are few and PERMANENT.  The best
    Sorceress skills are obtained at later levels (Level 24+).   Which means that you should
    hoard those points as if your life depended on it! - since it just might at nightmare or
    hell difficulties.  Add a few points to Warmth is just my suggestion.  This is optional;
    I know of several people using the Sorceress who save up those points and do quite well.
    However, they dedicate a higher percentage of their attribute points to Energy for a big
    pool of Mana.  I added about 4 Skill Points to Warmth, and now with 526 Mana at Level 45
    I regenerate about 10 points every SECOND!.
    The key to hoarding your points is to be completely dependent on staves and orbs for the
    free skill points they give upon using them.  This may mean saving up ALOT of gold to go
    to Akara to buy them.  
    I consider only a few skills worth INVESTING in:
         - Blizzard
         - Thunderstorm
         - Fire Wall / Blaze
         - Lightning Mastery
         - Cold Mastery
         - Fire Mastery
    Of those skills I specialize the most in Blizzard and Thuunderstorm, along with Lightning
    and Cold Masteries.  Blaze and Firewall I ONLY use for Duriel and Mephisto respectively.
    The key to success is to keep in mind the skills you TRULY want later, so you don't waste
    your points on spells that are useless later on.
    My strategy was to add points along the tree to prepare for the truly useful spells.
    It is important to know that there are a fewskills that are quite useful with only one or
    two points added to them.   Precisely Teleport, Static Field, Warmth (explained earlier),
    and Telekinesis.
    Teleport is GREAT with just ONE lousy point, all future points simply reduce the cost to
    cast it - but with high regeneration and a large pool of Mana that won't be necessary; a
    cost of 24 Mana is small enough.  I use teleport strategically, i.e, I don't cast it all
    day.  Just for certain reasons:
         (1) To Teleport my Hireling:  Since a Hireling teleports right along with you it is
              EXTREMELY handy throughout the game.   You could teleport your hireling out of
              an ambush or a mob of powerful enemies, or teleport him into a group to kill a
              few ranged attackers while they're off guard.  It is also a great way to avoid
              spells like meteor or more importantly the pesky Bone Spirit that the Oblivion
              Magi cast at you.
         (2) To save MYSELF from dangerous situations - like the Charged Bolts of a powerful
              Lightning Enchanted Unique Monster.
         (3) To save time in maze-like areas of the game - like the tombs in act II, the act
              III dungeons.
         (4) Or to simply save time retracing explored areas (especially after dying - where
              by teleporting you could easily reach your body.
    Static Field is a good spell, since it takes a fixed percentage of an enemy's life (25%)
    REGARDLESS of the amount of life it has.   Successive points only increase the radius of
    the spell, so the amount of points added is proportional to how much you like to gamble.
    The only limitation is that Lightning Resistance reduces the damage inflicted, and those
    "lucky" <insert curse words here> monsters that are Immune to Lightning receive no harm.
    Telekinesis is a nice spell - especially when you want to beat someone to a shrine or an
    item (I try to be fair with what I find when I coop, but let's face it, not everyone has
    that same attitude).  Only one Skill Point is necessary, since the damage it inflicts is
    minimal, and the stunning effect it has only works on SOME monsters, and does not last a
    noetable amount of time.   Besides, it's a requirement for Teleport so you might as WELL
    give it a try. HEHE.
    Whether you wish to believe it or not, your faithful (however dumb) companion is a great
    necessity for the Sorceress.   There are four hirelings that become available throughout
    the game. Two are melee fighters - the Desert Mercenarie (Act II), and the Barbarians of
    Harrogath (Act V) - and the other two are ranged attackers - the Rogues (Act I), and the
    Iron Wolves under Aeshera (Act III).  Any of these are a great help, but I recommend one
    of the two melee attackers.   My particular style of gameplay is through ranged attacks,
    which are about 85% of the Sorceress' Skills.  Your hireling should attack while you are
    to provide coverfire and ranged support.   The fact that a melee attacker is usually the
    closer target should make him cannon fodder,  but since Hirelings are somewhat costly to
    revive (usually since you want to place equipment on him to make him more powerful), the
    key to your attacks should be to weaken the enemy as much as possible for him to deliver
    the finishing blow. The less time he is in contact with one particular monster, the less
    punishment he receives.  Later on in the game you will judge what monsters he can handle
    on his own so you can cover your flanks and avoid large-scale attacks. You will also see
    that with good Skill Point management you will often be able to decimate a group of evil
    minions before your hireling can actually get to them.  In this case, keep him alive for
    bait - it's better that he should get the punishment than you, since he usually has more
    Of the two melee hirelings I recommend the Desert Mercenaries, since they have auras.  A
    Thorns Aura or a Defiance Aura come quite in handy. There are three types of mercenaries
    available: Offensive, Defensive, and Combat.   Each has upto three auras available as he
    gains levels.  The only problem is you can't choose which one he is going to use, but he
    usually sticks to one.  My Hireling (Defensive) is stuck with Defiance - which is good -
    but I would have much rather had Holy Freeze as his first choice. The auras per hireling
    type are as follows:
         Offensive :
         Defensie  :
         Combat    :
    Since 90% of all your attacks will consist of HEAVY support and coverfire for your brain
    dead hireling, High Defense is NOT a requirement.   It is useful, I mean, but don't pass
    on a nice Rare Item with decent attributes, for example, simply because your armor has a
    higher defense.  
    Look for Magic Resistances, Fast Recovery Rate (so you don't have to worry about casting
    Teleport only to be hit and have the spell nullified), Bonus to Mana, Mana Regeneration,
    among others (I think you have the idea)  
    The same strategies that apply to Helms and Armor apply to Shields - with ONE exception:
    High Block Rate, Fast Block Rate.  The Sorceress suffers from a particular problem, just
    because a shield has a 60% block rate, doesn't mean that THE SORCERESS does. She usually
    will have something nearer to 25% or 30%. The fact of the matter is that as you progress
    from one difficulty to another,  you must increase your defense drastically to withstand
    the hits from your enemies.  It has also come to my attention that there is a nice glich
    added to Hell Difficulty called "4XAR" (for 4X Attack Rating), which simply means that a
    monster will hit you quite easily UNLESS your defense is off the charts - like 16,000 or
    something similar.   This can ONLY be done through the use of Paladin Auras or Barbarian
    Skills, combined with, maybe, an Armor Shrine.  To put it simply, it is gonna be QUITE a
    task to match that with a Sorceress.  On the other hand, the Block Rating was unaffected
    since the absolute maximum is 75%.  So exploit this to its maximum.
    I recommend Orbs (OBVIOUSLY), since they grant additional skill points, like staves, and
    due to that fact that the Sorceress is the most skill-dependent class, this is a must to
    exploit.   Look for fast cast rate to bombard enemies with Fireballs and Glacial Spikes.
    Extra Mana is always welcome, along with Magic Resistance, and Attribute Bonuses. Simply
    ignore the damage of the orb, you will rarely need to go hand-to-hand with it. 
    Don't overlook staves simply because they are two-handed.  You may have to sacrifice the
    use of your shield (just put it away in your second quick weapon slot ("W")), but if the
    staff has a good bonus to some skills you are using - then by all means USE IT.  Just be
    sure to avoid getting too close to monsters.
    Top priority, above ALL ELSE, is to increase the amount of potions you can carry.   I do
    NOT care if the previous belt had a higher defense or a good bonus to anything, the more
    potions you can carry the safer you will be. The maximum is 16 slots, which is available
    from Heavy Belt onward, so once you reach that belt, follow the strategies for any other
    piece of armor.
    Again, do not worry too much about Armor Class; concentrate more on speed.   30% or more
    increased run/walk speeds comes QUITE in handy when atempting to run away or dodge enemy
    projectiles and magical attacks.  Magic Resistances are always welcome, as well as extra
    mana or attribute points.
    Look for Skill Bonuses - quite often found in Rare Amulets and Rings.  There are certain
    uniques which are worth looking into, such as the Eye of Etlich and the Stone of Jordan.
    Each increases all Skills by one point.  Always be on the lookout for Magic Resistance!!
    The best charms are skill increasing ones (only available in Grand Charms - 3 slots) and
    attribute increasing charms.  Charms that increase strength will help you conserve those
    points for more mana or more life.   Since Mana Shield no longer does what it used to do
    in Diablo, it is practically useless, so the more life you have the better.  By default,
    charms that increase life are also nice to have, along with Magic Resistances. Be on the
    lookout for charms that combine two of these recommendations to save up space.  Also, it
    is important to know that there are NO rare more unique charms.
    (I will post the equipment I have on a later date)
                   T H E   J O U R N E Y   T H R O U G H   S A N C T U A R Y
    This section is by NO means a detailed walkthrough, it is only a GENERAL strategy on how
    to breeze through each act, along with places where the game might prove to be a greater
    challenge (such as certain unique monsters and Act Bosses).
    Act I should be no challenge until you reach the Monastery.  The only ones you might see
    as a threat are Rakinishu, Griswold, and the Countess(along with the few unique monsters
    who are Lightning Enchanted). 
    Rakinishu has very few hit points - and by then you should have gotten your *FREE* Rogue
    Hireling. If you have given her a good bow, the little imp should be down in a few hits. 
    Griswold should be treated carfully. Sometimes he can pack quite a punch especially with
    him being Cursed.   Attack from afar with Ice Blast, Ice Bolt, or Frost Nova to slow him
    down while using your Rogue to finsh him off.
    The Countess is easy - just try not to get too close.  She has alot less hit points than
    Griswold, but she gets those lucky shots that do serious damage.  Don't be afraid to run
    through the firewalls she casts at the entrance to her room. Keep a potion for that just
    in case.
    HINT: It can be a good idea to get a bow for your Sorceress so she can help attack while
          her Mana recovers, just don't go spending all your attribute points on Dexterity -
          later on in the game that will NOT have made any difference since damage from bows
          aren't that great.  Your spells do more damage.
                                         A N D A R I E L
    The final boss for Act I is not too hard, it just takes some time to kill her. You can't
    do alot of damage with your spells,  since they should ALL be at level 1 or unused, like
    Frost Shield and it's family.  Ice blast is a good spell to use as well as Blaze (my all
    time favorite against her - and Duriel). Before you reach her, go to town to buy several
    stamina potions.  You are going to be running ALOT.  Also buy some antidote potions just
    in case she poisons you.  Her poison does ALOT of damage and acts rather quickly.  Clear
    out the floor and approach the throne room's back wall.  You should hear her speak - now 
    RUN.  Outside there is a large, circular pool of blood and human corpses.  You are going
    to use this to make her chase you around it.  Cast Frost Nova to slow her down, and then
    cast Blaze.  She will follow you around scorching herself in the fires.  Cast Frost Nova
    every time you see her unfreeze, and time your Blaze castings so she doesn't catch up to
    you.  Keep your antidote and stamina poitons ready in your belt for a quick recharge. In
    a few minutes - 10-15 - she will be down and out,  and with luck you will have survived.
    I wasn't killed, and I only used a few antidote potions and stamina potions. If your aim
    is off or you cast blaze too quickly, i.e, didn't wait for it to burn out before casting
    it again, keep some mana potions accessible, but DON'T STOP RUNNING - at least not until
    she stops to cast something.
                                            -- * --
    Act II, for the most part is smooth sailing.   Just remember to be greedy with those few
    Skill Points.  In other words, regardless of what you need at the moment, do not add any
    more than ONE POINT to Fireball, for example, unless you TRULY plan to develop it in the
    near future.  This would also require you to add points to Fire Mastery when the time is
    right, since at maximum level (Level 20), Fireball inflicts almost 300 damage - but this
    does NOT include the penalties for Fire Resistance in monsters; therefore you will TRULY
    need FIre Mastery to get that damage up to do some noticeable damage.
    Anyways, my advice is to save up your skill points for Blizzard (inflicts 300+ damage at
    level 11), and Thunderstorm (which requires, in my opinion, Lightning Mastery due to its
    slow rate of fire).
    The FIRST thing you should do is to buy a Desert Mercenary (I recommend Defensive, but a
    Combat Merc is good due to Thorns - that is unless you are stuck with Prayer permanently
    in which case you better start praying or buying a NEW Mercenary).
    As usual, any Lightning Enchanted Unique Monsters present a particular challenge for the
    unwary Sorceress.  Even with an Desert Mercenary it might be hard, considering that your
    Hireling might get killed with a few hits of the charged bolts.  The Scarab Demons are a
    close relative to these uniques, but luckily they don't ALWAYS counter with charged bolt
    when hit.  Upon dying they do, so be careful.  If the monster is ALSO a unique Lightning
    Enchanted Monster, RUN!!!  I will not be responsible for any gold lost upon an encounter
    with one of those freaks!
    Radiment is a walk in the park.  Just make sure to use Ice Blast on his minions to avoid
    any reanimation from his part.  Having a few antidotes for you and/or your hireling will
    make you rest more easily - Remember, you cannot die from ONLY poison, but your hireling
    sure can!
    The next noteworthy challenge is Coldworm the Burrower, who will usually poison you when
    you are simply in VISIBLE range of him.  The trick is to get poisoned by one of the sand
    maggots that surround him beforehand.  The poison attacks don't accumulate in this case.
    Just use Glacial Spike on his minions, and use firewall (if you decided to add points to
    it) on him.
    The rest of Act II is quite easy until you reach The Summoner. His magic attacks are not
    to be taken lightly - and neither are his curses.  A few well placed firewalls will send
    you to your death, and his glacial spikes REALLY slow you down.   The trick is as simple
    as can be: Teleport NEXT to him (with one or two castings of the spell) and hack away at
    him with your hireling.  Usually one or two hits will kill him.   Only worry about Frost
    Nova at close range, and even then that barely does any damage.   It just slows you down
    and allows him to get out of range, but if you have a Desert Mercenary with a spear this
    should pose no problem.
    (NOTE: Stock up on Mana Potions before facing Duriel; buying stamina potions is a must.)
                                          D U R I E L
    This over-grown cockaroach can be quite deadly - especially to a Sorceress, who does not
    boast of an excessive amount of Life.  His permanent Holy Freeze Aura is also a problem,
    since it will slow you down, making you use more stamina, and allowing him to get close.
    His only attack is close-ranged (with his large protruding apendages), so, by all means,
    stay away from him!  The required spell here is Blaze. I HIGHLY recommend it NOW even if
    you may never use it again (until nightmare or hell that is...).  Cast the spell and let
    him chase you.  Apparently he was not gifted with as much intelect as brute strength, so
    he will follow you right through the trail of fire you leave behind. Use Mana Potions as
    needed, and save your stamina potions in your belt like you did for Andariel. If you are
    cornered, teleport out ASAP!  Duriel should be an over-grown pile of slop in no time...
    (NOTE: If you manage by any chance to reach Duriel on level 24, CAST THUNDERSTORM!)
                                            -- * --
    Act III is one of the larger acts of the game due to the huge size of the jungle-hell. I
    tend to have a few stamina potions (1-2 only) on hand just in case. If you find yourself
    without these, Teleport away until you recover some stamina.  By Act III you should have
    ALOT of Skill Points stored away, 13-15 points or more.   Use them to reach Blizzard and
    Thunderstorm (unless you already have them); I haven't added any points to Blaze or Fire
    Wall, but that's my priority (I only use them for Duriel and Andariel).  You do not have
    to use all your points now.  Save them to beef up Blizzard and Thunderstorm - as well as
    their respective masteries for additional damage
    (NOTE: you may not notice any increase in damage on the skill tree for blizzard with any
    extra points in Cold Mastery, but the damage is there; it is autpmatically applied to an
    enemy with Cold Resistance.)
    Act III has a few monsters that are troublesome: the Shamans, the Corrupted Preists, and
    the Council Members. Each of which do the worst damage with MAGIC attacks (hence a heavy
    inclination to choose magic resistance to defense since their most powerful attacks also
    have a nice range.  The Shamans can be easily avoided with Blizzard from afar. This will
    also help you control their followers, who cannot be resurrected if shattered.  The darn
    Priests of Zakarum (Cantors, Heirophants, etc.) can do alot of damage with Lightning and
    Blizzard.   The best thing is to counter with Blizzard and/or teleport near them so your
    hireling can mash them to a pulp.  The Council Members are another story.  They have too
    much life to be mashed quickly by your hireling, so the best alternative is thunderstorm
    and blizzard (Firewall is nice if they are on the other side of an obstacle.  Run when a
    hydra appears; they do little damage with each firebolt, but since their rate of fire is
    quite fast, they can decimate you in no time.  teleport out of range, and have the enemy
    follow you while making him walk through the blizzard.
    The only unique monster that you are pretty much obligated to fight is Stormtree.  He is
    a Lightning Enchanted bramble hulk, who can do some serious damage.  Pay close attention
    to your hirelings life, and don't be afraid to pass a potion to him <Shift+Belt Slot>.
    The Vampires(Blood Lords, Night Lords, etc.) can also pose a threat with their incessant
    Firewalls and Meteors, which can kill you if you are not careful. The Blood Lords are an
    extra challenge, since they can and WILL attack you with magic even when they are out of
    your visible range.  Good luck.
                                        M E P H I S T O
    Before facing Mephisto, clear the floor he is located on.  There should be another three
    Council Memebers and a possible unique Blood Lord.   Kill them so you have room to move.
    The First Council Member is near the entrance to the fourth floor of the Durance of Hate
    with the unique Blood Lord.  The other two Council Members are on the two rooms opposite
    to the Red Portal.  Mephisto is at the other end near the Portal's entrance.
    The trick here is to avoid his lightning attacks and pound him with Blizzard or Firewall
    when he's across an obstacle.  Have your hireling attack him, but Teleport away once his
    life meter is yellow.  Mephisto can kill him in just two hits with his Poison attack. Be
    sure to carry around plenty of Healing Potions for you and your hireling. AND BE SURE TO
    DODGE MEPHISTO'S LIGHTNING BALL - it will kill you in one hit.   Attack him and Teleport
    out of range.  Repeat this until he is dead.  Have fun... ^_^
                                            -- * --
    Act IV is the shortest but most intense Acts of the game.   The key thing to worry about
    here is to avoid getting surrounded.  More than 3/4 of the Act is an open field with few
    places to single out enemies; they will prefer to attack in groups of at least three.  I
    consider all the melee attackers to be easy.  Thunderstorm and Blizard do the trick! The
    key trouble are the Abyss Knights and Oblivion Knights, which attack with blasts of pure
    elemental energy.  They can easily kill you in one hit.  If you have maximum resistances
    for any of the four types of magic, consider yourself lucky.  But despair not - learn to
    dodge their attacks, and PAY ATTENTION for any off screen attacks (they don't have to be
    in your line of sight for the inverse to apply).  
    The fun begins when preparing to face Diablo: all those oblivion knights.  The best help
    I can offer is to carefully monitor your hireling's health.  He may not be at all useful
    when actually facing Diablo, but he is EXCELLENT cannon fodder for all those demons that
    stand in his way. Move slowly and make yourself known to only small groups of enemies at
    a time.   You can take bigger risks when facing the Venom Lords, but be careful just the
    same. Clear each group out with a few Blizzard castings, and empty out the floor to make
    your second task easier.  
    Now go one by one clearing out the Seals.  I recommend starting with the top seal, which
    is directly north.  This is Lord de Seis, a powerful unique oblivion knight - with a few
    minions of course.  His magical alignment varies with each game, but they are all deadly
    attacks.  When activating the seal, teleport out of the corner and into an open area, so
    you can maneuver.  This may take several castings, and PLEASE do NOT Teleport INTO their
    immediate area, you may not get out alive.  Slowly dispach each one by themselves with a
    combination of Blizzard and Firewall or Hydra if you chose that spell. Deal with Lord de
    Seis in the same way, just MUCH more carefully.  After he's dead the remaining guardians
    are much easier.  Choose left or right; it's pretty much the same.  Use your hireling as
    cannon fodder and clean them out with Blizzard (non are Immune to Cold).
                                          D I A B L O
    After all Five seals are activated, Diablo will appear.   Cast a Town Portal near one of
    the seals as a precautionary measure, i.e, in case you DIE!  For some reason Diablo does
    not chase you that far.  Say goodbye to your hireling, since he will only stand close to
    one or two hits from Diablo.  MAKE SURE YOU HACE MAXIMUM LIGHTNING RESISTANCE (75%), due
    to that fact that his most powerful attack (the red and white flame) is Lightning based.
    Cast Thunderstorm and keep your distance.  Don't even BOTHER to cast Blaze, since Diablo
    actually has traces of intelligence he will not chase your around, but will zigzag about
    and stop beside you and attack.   Blizzard comes quite in handy, since it slows down his
    running speed and allows you to keep your distance more easily.  Keep alot of potions at
    hand for his Flame Nova, and Firestorm Spells which do a fair amount of damage.   If for
    some reason he gets too close or you run out of potions or mana - USE THE TOWN PORTAL!!!
    But be sure to recast it once you return, just in case of death. This strategy is one of
    the safest ones I've decided upon, although it takes a bit more time to see the results.
    Once he's dead, enjoy your victory and prepare for Act V (no time to gloat any more).
                                            -- * --
    Act V is a very unique part of the game, however innocent it may seem.  
    v1.00 (27-Aug-2001)  -- Initial Release
          (28-Aug-2001)  -- Completed Recommended Equipment, and Act I strategy.  (Equipment
                            is subject to frequent changes as I find better uniques, rares, 
    v1.01 (28-Aug-2001)  -- My mistake - I switched the values for stamina and mana.  All is
                            adjusted to correct this error.  ^_^;
    v1.02 (04-Sep-2001)  -- Started Act II strategy, forgot to add Recommended Equipment. My
    v1.03 (07-Sep-2001)  -- Finished Act II strategy and added BELT to the Equipment section
                            I will add the equipment I'm currently using on a later date.
    v1.04 (08-Sep-2001)  -- Started Act III, and am almost done. (This just might be done in
                            a few days, hehehe)
    v1.05 (08-Sep-2001)  -- Felt a bit more inspired than usual, and completed Act III & IV.
    This FAQ can be freely distributed, however ONLY in its entirety and with due credit to 
    its author. It has taken me ALOT of time and effort to do this. If you wish to use this 
    information for your own FAQ or web-page, etc.  PLEASE give credit I don't mind sharing 
    this information, otherwise I would not have sent it to GameFAQs.com.  I give credit to 
    ANY contributions, and I only expect of others what I expect of myself.

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