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    FAQ by Billy Lee

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                        Diablo II: Lord of Destruction - Quick Reference Guide
                                                - Written by Billy Lee
                                                  Version 4
    This document (c)2001-2002 Billy Lee.  This FAQ may not be used or
    distributed for commercial use.  It may not be distributed at all without
    written permission from the author(that's me).  Diablo II is (c)2000 Blizzard
    Entertainment, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is (c)2001 Blizzard
    Entertainment.  This guide must be displayed in its entirety.  No pieces of
    it may be removed and/or copied to another location for public display.
    Version 4:More abbreviations and also alphabetized them all.
    Version 3:New Section.  Added to the Mercenaries section.  Made corrections
              on spelling/gramatical errors.  Gave a few sections a "face lift"
              so they should be a bit easier to navigate.  More useless info
              about Runes.
    Version 2:Fixed a couple glitches.  Added a couple more playstyles and did a
              little refining in a couple of the others.  Added a few more
              abbreviations to the list.  I was bored so I added the characters
              I'm working on.  Added the Auras Desert Grunts have in the mercs
              section.  Started 2 new sections.  Fixed a few spelling/grammar
              mistakes I found.
    Version 1:Initial Release.
    |Table of Contents                   |
    |1. Guide Introduction               |
    |2. Common Abbreviations +           |
    |3. Playstyles                       |
    | 3-A. Amazon                        |
    | 3-B. Assassin                      |
    | 3-C. Barbarian                     |
    | 3-D. Druid                         |
    | 3-E. Necromancer                   |
    | 3-F. Paladin                       |
    | 3-G. Sorceress                     |
    | 3-H. Party Configurations          |
    |4. Useful Runewords                 |
    |5. Rune Names                       |
    |6. Mercenaries                      |
    |7. Tidbits and Tricks               |
    |8. Blocking Bosses                  |
    |9. Site Plugs                       |
    |10. Acknowledgements                |
          |+ = Section is updated |
          |* = Section is new     |
    1. Guide Introduction
      This Guide is not a walkthrough or in depth strategy guide.  It is merely a
    reference sheet for several aspects of the game.
      Before reading this guide, there are a couple things in which you need to
    take into account:
    - You have to know at least a little bit about the game.  Such as the common
      abbreviations for certain items/skills.  I will give you as many as I can
      remember, but it's usually a good idea to know them beforehand so you don't
      have to keep going back and forth trying to figure out exactly what I'm
      talking about.  Also, bear in mind that I'm playing the game less and less,
      so I'm not always up to date on the most recent lingo.
    - I'm not going to list every skill and what it does.  There are a few skills
      not worth mentioning since they won't fit the playstyle I'm going over(i.e.
      I won't talk about the Druid's Elemental Skills when talking about a Shape
      Shifter and vice-versa).
    - Along with the previous statement, this is not going to be a step by step
      guide to tell you exactly what to do.  All this guide basically is is a
      quick reference sheet.
    - I'm not really going to explain anything in detail.  There are several
      web sites you can go to for a thorough rundown of just about anything you
      can think of.  They are:
             Unofficial          Unofficial               Official
          www.diabloii.net  www.lurkerlounge.com  www.battle.net/diablo2exp
      All of those are high quality sites that should have most, if not all, of
      the information you need.
      If you have a question or comment about the guide, or Diablo 2 in general,
    feel free to send it to me.  I'm not the world's most mindful email checker,
    so it may take me a while to get to you.
      If you do not get a response from me within a week, then either the email
    was lost somewhere along the way, or your question has been asked by enough
    people for me to put it in the guide under an FAQ section.  Or, I just
    haven't gotten to it yet, in which case... umm... sorry.
      Please, please, please do not email me asking for cheats, trainers, or
    realm hacks!  I will not respond to those, as they get a quick toss into
    the trash can.
    If all that didn't scare you away, then send email to: leeroy3825@hotmail.com
      I think that's all for now, now on to the fun stuff!
      Yes, I meant the guide itself... yeesh...
    2. Common Abbreviations
      I don't think this needs any sort of introduction, do you?  Huh?  What're
    you reading this for then?  Well, I like to write here, it makes me feel
    complete somehow.  Don't look at me like that...
    Abbreviation     Game Name
    TP             Town Portal
    PK             Player Killer
    PKK            Player Killing Killer(basically someone who kills pk's)
    mod            item modifier(prefixes and suffixes)
    excep          Exceptional(the next level up for weapons/armor)
    Clvl           Character level
    Slvl           Skill level
    lol            laugh out loud
    rofl           roll on the floor laughing
    lmao           laughing my ass off
    afk            away from keyboard
    brb            be right back
    stfu           shut the fuck up
    Character Classes:
    Class        B.net Ladder  Common Name
    Amazon       Ama           Zon
    Assassin     Asn           Ass, Sin
    Barbarian    Bar           Barb, Baba
    Druid        Dru           Druid
    Necromancer  Nec           Necro
    Paladin      Pal           Pally
    Sorceress    Sor           Sorc
    Class Variations
    Variant        Class        Style of Play
    Bowazon        Amazon       Mainly Bow & Crossbow Skills
    Hybrid         Amazon       Bow and Javelin Skills combined
    Javazon        Amazon       Mainly Lightning Fury/Plague Javelin with Pierce
    Spearazon      Amazon       Mainly Jab/Fend
    Tankazon       Amazon       Mainly Passive Skills(Dodge, Evade, etc)
    Flier          Assassin     Specialize in Dragon Flight and Tiger Strike
    Trapper        Assassin     Mainly Traps
    Bard           Barbarian    Mainly Warcries
    Berserker      Barbarian    Mainly Berserk
    Frenzian       Barbarian    Frenzy, usually with 2 Swords
    WW Barb        Barbarian    Whirlwind and a Mastery with support skills
    Bear           Druid        Skills Specialized around Werebear form
    Elementalist   Druid        Mainly Elemental Skills
    Wolf           Druid        Skills Specialized around Werewolf form
    Cowkiller      Necromancer  Corpse Explosion in the Cow Level
    Meleemancer    Necromancer  Poison Dagger and Support Curses
    Poisonmancer   Necromancer  Mainly Poison Skills
    Zookeeper      Necromancer  A *lot* of minions
    Avenger        Paladin      Veangeance with Conviction
    Hammerdin      Paladin      Blessed Hammer with Concentration
    Martyr         Paladin      Sacrifice with support Auras
    Vindicator     Paladin      Smite with Fanaticism
    Zealot         Paladin      Zeal combined with Fanaticism/Holy Shock
    Tweaker        Sorceress    Equip/Skills chosen for maximum casting speed.
    Abbreviation   Skill
    CS             Critical Strike
    FA             Freezing Arrow
    LF             Lightning Fury
    IA             Immolation Arrow
    Guided, GA     Guided Arrow
    MS             Multishot
    Valk           Valkyrie
    BF             Blade Fury
    Blast          Mind Blast
    BoS            Burst of Speed
    DS             Death Sentry
    LS             Lightning Sentry
    Flight         Dragon Flight
    Master         Shadow Master
    TS             Tiger Strike
    WoI            Wake of Inferno
    BO             Battle Orders
    B'serk         Berserk
    LA             Leap Attack
    Nat Res        Natural Resistance
    WW             Whirlwind
    Arm            Armageddon
    Blast          Arctic Blast
    Boulder        Molten Boulder
    Dire           Dire Wolf
    HoW            Heart of Wolverine
    Oak            Oak Sage
    Rage           Feral Rage
    Spirit         Spirit Wolf
    WB             Werebear
    WW             Werewolf
    Amp            Amplify Damage
    BS             Bone Spear/Bone Spirit(you kinda have to guess)
    CE             Corpse Explosion
    Decrep         Decrepify
    IM             Iron Maiden
    LR             Lower Resist
    Mage           Skeletal Mage
    Wall           Bone Wall
    Aim            Blessed Aim
    BH             Blessed Hammer
    Bolt           Holy Bolt
    Conc           Concentration
    Conv           Conviction
    Fanat          Fanaticism
    FoH            Fist of the Heavens
    HS             Holy Shield
    Med            Meditation
    Sal            Salvation
    Shock/Freeze   Holy Shock/Freeze
    Ball           Fireball
    CB             Charged Bolt
    Chain          Chain Lightning
    EShield        Energy Shield
    GS             Glacial Spike
    Orb            Frozen Orb
    FW             Fire Wall
    LM/CM/FM       Lightning Mastery/Cold Mastery/Fire Mastery
    Port           Teleport
    SF             Static Field
    TK             Telekenesis
    TStorm/TS      Thunder Storm
    Abrev.         Full Name               Type of Item
    ------------------------Unique Items------------------------
    Ali Baba       Blade of Ali Baba       Tulwar(Excep. Falchion)
    Arkaine        Arkaine's Valor         Balrog Skin(Elite Splint Mail)
    Arreats        Arreat's Face           Slayer Guard(Excep. Avenger Guard)
    Atma           Atma's Scarab           Amulet
    Bartuc         Bartuc's Cut Throat     Greater Talons(Excep. Blade Talons)
    Blackbog       Blackbog's Sharp        Cinquedeas(Excep. Kris)
    Blink          Iceblink                Splint Mail
    Bong           The Iron Jang Bong      War Staff
    Bul Kathos     Bul Katho's Wedding     Ring
    Buriza         Buriza Do Kyannon       Buriza(Excep. Heavy Crossbow)
    Culwen         Culwen's Point          War Sword
    DCC            Dark Clan Crusher       Cudgel(Excep. Club)
    Eye            Eye of Etlich           Amulet
    Frosts         Frostburn               Gauntlets
    Garb           Heavenly Garb           Light Plate
    Gavel          The Gavel of Pain       Martel de Fer(Excep. Great Maul)
    GF             Grandfather             Collossus Blade(Elite Great Sword)
    Hand           Hand of Blessed Light   Divine Scepter(Excep. War Scepter)
    Harle/Shako    Harlequin Crest         Shako(Elite Cap)
    Herald         Herald of Zakarum       Gilded Shield(Excep. Aerin Shield)
    Holy Grail     Windforce               Hydra Bow(Elite Long War Bow)
    Ialal/Jalal    Ialal's Main            Totemic Mask(Excep. Spirit Mask)
    Kuku           Kuku Shakaku            Cedar Bow(Excep. Long Bow)
    Lidless        Lidless Wall            Grim Shield(Excep. Bone Shield)
    Lycander*      Lycander's Aim          Ceremonial Bow(Excep. Reflex Bow)
    Lycander*      Lycander's Flank        Ceremonial Spear(Excep. Maiden Pike)
    Manald         Manald Heal             Ring
    Mara           Mara's Kaleidoscope     Amulet
    Nagel          Nagelring               Ring
    Reaver         Messershmidt's Reaver   Champion Axe(Elite Great Axe)
    Schaefer       Schaefer's Hammer       Legendary Mallet(Elite War Hammer)
    Shard          Spectral Shard          Blade
    Shaft          Shaftstop               Mesh Armor(Excep. Chain Mail)
    Shroud         The Spirit Shroud       Ghost Armor(Excep. Quilted Armor)
    Silks          Silks of the Victor     Ancient Armor
    Skin           Skin of the Vipermagi   Seprentskin Armor(Excep. Leather)
    Skins          Goldskin                Full Plate Mail
    Skulders       Skullder's Ire          Russet Armor(Excep. Splint Mail)
    SoE/String     String of Ears          Demonhide Sash(Excep. Sash)
    SOJ            Stone of Jordan         Ring
    Spire          Spire of Honor          Lance(Excep. Pike)
    Spike          Wizardspike             Bone Knife(Elite Dagger)
    Tarn           Tarnhelm                Skull Cap
    Tears          Tearhaunch              Greaves
    TG Vigor       Thundergod's Vigor      War Belt(Excep. Plated Belt)
    Titan          Titan's Revenge         Ceremonial Javelin(Excep. Maiden
    Treads         Treads of Cthon         Chain Boots
    Twitch         Twitchthroe             Studded Leather Armor
    Umes           Ume's Lament            Grim Wand
    Valk Wing      Valkyrie's Wing         Winged Helm(Excep. Great Helm)
    Vamp Gaze      Vampire Gaze            Grim Helm(Excep. Bone Helm)
    War Travs      War Traveler            Battle Boot(Excep. Light Plated Boots)
    WotE/Eyeless   Wall of the Eyeless     Bone Shield
    -------------------------Set Items--------------------------
    Halo           Angelic Halo            Ring
    Sigons         Sigon's Guard           Tower Shield**
    Whitstans      Whitstan's Guard        Round Shield(Excep. Small Shield)
    ----------------------Set Abreviations----------------------
    IK             Used to signify a piece of the Immortal King's Set
    Nat            Used to signify a piece of Natalya's Set
    Tal            Used to signify a piece of Tal Rasha's Set
    Trang          Used to signify a piece of Trang Oul's Set
    ------------------------Magic Items-------------------------
    CCB            Cruel Collossus Blade   Cruel is +200% - +300% Enhanced Damage
                                               The Blade is the Elite Great Sword
    CCBQ           Cruel Collossus Sword
                     of Quickness          Same as above, only adds the mod "of
                                               Quickness" for +40% Increased
                                               Attack Speed
    CBBQ           Cruel Balrog Blade of   Cruel is +200% - +300% Enhanced Damage
                     Quickness                 Quickness is +40% Increased Attack
                                               Speed, the Blade is the Elite
                                               Giant Sword
    *  - When people talk about the 2 Amazon weapons that start with Lycander's,
         you have to use a bit of common sense(I know, it's heresy to use that
         stuff).  When they're in conversation about Bowazons or such, they're
         usually referring to Lycander's Aim.  When the conversation is geared
         towards Spearazons and whatnot, it's a safe bet they're referring to
         Lycander's Flank.
    ** - There are other items in the Sigon set, but usually when people use that
         they are talking about the shield.
      As far as gems are concerned, the names usually aren't abbreviated, but
    people will usually put a "P" in front of it to signify that they are talking
    about a Perfect quality gem(i.e. PSkull means Perfect Skull).
      That's all I can remember for now, I'll add more when they come to mind.
    3. Playstyles
    Section TOC:
    3-A. Amazon
    3-B. Assassin
    3-C. Barbarian
    3-D. Druid
    3-E. Necromancer
    3-F. Paladin
    3-G. Sorceress
    3-H. Party Configurations
    3-A. Amazon
    Skill                    Points
    Passive and Magic:
    Valkyrie                 1
    Evade                    1~5
    Dodge                    1~5
    Avoid                    1~5
    Critical Strike          20
    Penetrate                5
    Pierce                   20
    Bow/Crossbow Skills:
    Multiple Shot            5~15
    Guided Arrow             10
    Strafe                   2
    - All excess skill points should go into the evasion skills, bows are two-
      handed only, meaning you will never be using a shield for added blocking
      and defense.
    - Stat points should go mainly into Dexterity and Strength so you can equip
      the higher end bows/crossbows.
    Skill                    Points
    Javelin/Spear Skills:
    Jab                      1
    Plague Javelin           1~20
    Lightning Fury           20
    Passive and Magic:
    Decoy                    1~5
    Valkyrie                 1~5
    Evade                    1~5
    Dodge                    1~5
    Avoid                    1~5
    Critical Strike          5~20
    Pierce                   20
    - Critical Strike and Plague Javelin are skills that you have to go either
      all or nothing into.
    - You're not going to need very many points in the evasion skills, but they
      will come in handy.
    - Stat points should go mainly into Dexterity and Energy with some in the
      other two.
    - Try to get as much + to skill equip as you can.  You will also need mana/
      life leeching equipment, but not as much.
    Skill                    Points
    Passive and Magic:
    Valkyrie                 1~5
    Evade                    1~5
    Dodge                    1~5
    Avoid                    1~5
    Critical Strike          10
    Pierce                   20
    Bow/Crossbow Skills:
    Freezing Arrow           20
    Immolation Arrow         20
    - Points put into Str and Dex should only be enough to equip a bow with
      Piercing as a mod.  This mod is only available on a few Unique bows and
      Crossbows.  All of your other points should be put into Energy, as the
      Elemental Arrows will not leech back very much mana.
    - You might also consider going after Hellmouth, the Unique War Gauntlets
      since those have a % chance to cast Meteor as well as Firestorm for each
      enemy that is attacked, which will work with the radius effect on Freezing
    - Along those lines, you might also consider looking for Goldstrike Arch,
      the Unique Gothic bow since it has a %chance to cast Fist of the Heavens
      with an attack; however it does not have a piercing attack, which you may
      or may not need depending on the Slvl of your Pierce.
    Skill                    Points
    Passive And Magic:
    Valkyrie                 5
    Inner Sight              1~5
    Dodge                    20
    Evade                    20
    Avoid                    20
    Critical Strike          10
    Penetrate                5
    - Stat points should go into Strength, Dexterity, and Vitality.  Energy is
      virtually useless.
    Skill                    Points
    Bow/Crossbow Skills:
    Guided Arrow             3
    Multiple Shot            5
    Javelin/Spear Skills:
    Lightning Fury           20
    Passive and Magic:
    Valkyrie                 1
    Critical Stirke          5~10
    Pierce                   20
    - Stat points should go into Str and Dex to start out so you can equip the
      higher end Bows/Javelins.  After you meet the requirements, put all your
      points into Vit each level.  Or, if you want to keep your blocking up for
      when you use the Javelins, put 2 Dex, 3 Vit per level.  As long as you
      have enough mana leach and +mana after kill equip, you won't need to worry
      about energy.
    - Try to get both Class specifics for your weapon(Lycander's Aim for a bow
      and Titan's Revenge for a Javelin).  Both are very useful, and Lycander's
      Aim is easier to come by than Eaglehorn or the coveted Windforce.
    3-B. Assassin
    Skill                    Points
    Wake of Inferno          20
    Lightning Sentry         20
    Shadow Disciplines:
    Burst of Speed           1~5*
    Fade                     1~5*
    Shadow Warrior           1
    Shadow Master            20
    Cloak of Shadows         1
    * You cannot have both Burst of Speed and Fade active at the same time.  You
      must choose between them depending on the situation.
    - Stat points should primarily go into Energy and Vitality.  If you wish to
      use claws for the extra skills you can get from them(which you should), you
      do not need to pump Str/Dex to equip the bigger ones since all claws will
      be able to get those benefits.  You may want to pick up a normal claw item
      and save it for a high level imbue later on as the lower end claws tend to
      not drop very regularly once +to skills becomes available.
    Skill                    Points
    Shadow Disciplines:
    Claw Mastery             20
    Burst of Speed           1~5
    Fade                     1~5
    Shadow Warrior           1
    Shadow Master            1
    Cloak of Shadows         1
    Martial Arts:
    Dragon Claw              1*
    Dragon Flight            1~20**
    Tiger Strike             20
    Cobra Strike             1
    Phoenix Strike           20
    * Dragon claw is the only finishing move to use Claw damage, rather than Kick
      damage, and as such, it can not be used without 2 claws equipped.
    **Dragon Flight is all or nothing.  At high levels, combined with Tiger
      Strike, it will be able to kill pretty much any monster in one hit.  It
      doesn't use claw damage to enhance it, rather it goes up by about 3 to 5
      damage per point in Str/Dex.
    - Stat points should primarily go into Stength and Dexterity for equipping
      higher level claws.  Vitality will also be needed a lot due to the very
      close range fighting you'll be doing.
    3-C. Barbarian
    Skill                    Points
    Any Weapon Mastery       20*
    Increased Speed          1~5
    Iron Skin                5
    Natural Resist           7
    Combat Skills:
    Leap Attack              1~5
    Berserk                  20
    Frenzy                   1~10**
    Whirlwind                5
    War Cries:
    Battle Orders            20
    * Masteries are chosen based on weapon preference:
      Sword - Fast, 1 or 2 handed, when used with one hand, damage is lower.
      Mace - Fairly slow, 2 handed, have highest minimum damage.
      Spear - Very slow, 2 handed, have highest maximum damage, very long range.
      Polearm - Fairly Fast, 2 handed, small damage range(high min, low max).
      Axe - Fast-Slow depending on which type, 1 or 2 handed, high damage.
      Throwing - umm... don't use this one...
    **Only invest in Frenzy if you're going to have a secondary weapon set made
      up of 2 one handed weapons.  Otherwise, put those points wherever you want.
    - Stat points should be placed around your weapon, so if you're going for a
      Sword setup, place points so you can equip the strongest swords, likewise
      for the other setups.
    - I don't really like the Barbarian class and have very little experience
      playing it, this is all based on what I've read and seen people using in
    3-D. Druid
    Skill                    Points
    Oak Sage                 1~5
    Grizzly                  1
    Carrion Vine             1~5
    Fissure                  1*
    Cyclone Armor            1~5
    Tornado                  20
    Hurricane                20
    Armageddon               20
    * Fissure is a good skill that will get you through normal difficulty until
      you can get the higher powered skills, that's why it's listed and not
      counted as a standard prereq.
    - Stat points should be used mainly for mana, which is where they will be
      needed.  Before you hit level 30, you should use mana potions and pump
      strength for the armor/weapons you may want later on.  After level 30 your
      points should go in a 2 vitality, 3 mana per level until you have enough
      life to take a few hits without dying(i.e. no one hit kills), after that,
      pour everything into mana.
    - Try to get as much + to skill equipment as you can, you're going to need
      all you can get.
    Powered Werewolf:
    Skill                    Points
    Shape Shifting:
    Werewolf                 5-10
    Lycanrthropy             5
    Feral Rage               20
    Fury                     20
    Heart of Wolverine       20
    Grizzly                  1~20
    - Grizzly is 1~20 because it's a matter of personal preference.  The wolves
      you can summon will not have enough life to be able to survive later
      difficulty levels.
    Vitalitous Werebear:
    Skill                    Points
    Shape Shifting:
    Werebear                 5-10
    Lycanthropy              20
    Hunger                   20
    Oak Sage                 20
    Grizzly                  1~20
    3-E. Necromancer
    Skill                    Points
    Golem(Iron or Fire)      5
    Golem Mastery            5
    Summon Resist            5
    Raise Skeleton           1
    Skeleton Mastery         5
    Raise Skeletal Mage      5
    Revive                   15
    Amplify Damage           1~5
    Iron Maiden              5
    Lower Resist             5
    Decrepify                5
    Poison and Bone:
    Bone Spear               20
    Bone Wall                1
    Bone Prison              1
    - Stat points should mainly be split between Vitality and Energy.  Strength
      should be raised for armor.
    - Try to get as much + to skill equip as you can, you're gonna need it.
    Skill                    Points
    Golem(Iron or Fire)      5
    Poison and Bone:
    Poison Dagger            20
    Poison Explosion         1~5
    Poison Nova              20
    Bone Armor               5
    Bone Prison              5
    Lower Resist             20
    - Stat points should be spent in Strength and Dexterity for equipping items,
      and then pumped into Vitality/Energy.
    - Try to get a totem(Gargoyle Head, Zombie Head, etc.) with 25-50 poison
      damage added to it for the increase in poison damage.  For a weapon, go
      with a 3 sockey dagger/blade and put 3 Perfect Emeralds in it if you can't
      find Blackbog's Sharp.  Alternatively, you can get a six socket Military
      Pick and use that instead of Poison Dagger, but you will lose some poison
    - Your basic tactics will be to hit something and then run away and let the
      poison kill them.
    Skill                    Points
    Golem(Iron or Fire)      10
    Golem Mastery            5
    Summon Resist            5
    Decrepify                20
    Confuse                  5
    Attract                  5
    Poison and Bone:
    Bone Spirit              20
    - Stat points should be primarily in Vitality and Energy with enough strength
      for equipment.
    - You will need as many + to skill items as you can get.
    - When approaching a pack of monsters, first cast decrepify, then attract,
      then send out Bone Spirits like there's no tomorrow.
    3-F. Paladin
    Skill                    Points
    Offensive Auras:
    Conviction               20
    Fanaticism               5~20
    Defensive Auras:
    Vigor                    1
    Meditation               1
    Salvation                3
    Combat Skills:
    Zeal                     3
    Vengeance                20
    - At lower levels stat points should go into Str and Dex so you can equip
      better weapons.  One you get enough for the equipment, start pouring into
    Skill                    Points
    Offensive Auras:
    Concentration            20
    Holy Freeze              5
    Defensive Auras:
    Vigor                    5
    Salvation                3
    Combat Skills:
    Smite                    20
    Blessed Hammer           20
    Holy Shield              20*
    * Holy Shield is more for its Smite damage bonus than its blocking.
    **Since patch 1.09 came out(and maybe before that, I didn't really check),
      Hammer no longer works with Fanaticism, so if you want to actually deal
      damage with hammers now, you have to use Concentration.
    - Boost your strength up enough to equip higher end Paladin Only shields.
      The rest of your points should go into Vitality and Energy(more Vit than
      Ene though).
    Skill                    Points
    Offensive Auras:
    Fanaticism/Holy Shock    20*
    Conviction               5~20
    Holy Freeze              5
    Defensive Auras:
    Vigor                    5
    Meditation               1
    Salvation                3
    Combat Skills:
    Zeal                     5
    Fist of the Heavens      20
    * Use either Fanaticism or Holy Shock, both will add a lot of damage, but
      Shock adds lightning damage while Fanat adds normal damage as well as an
      added attack rating and swing speed.  If you want both that's fine, but 
      you're going to be using an extra 20 skill points.
    - Stat points should be at first divided between Str and Dex for one handed
      Swords, preferably a fast sword, such as a Phase Blade(the elite Crystal
      Sword).  Once you hit lvl 30 you will need a few in Ene for FoH.
    - Attack speed is also very important.
    - It's usually a good idea to turn on Holy Freeze and then switch to
      Fanaticism when you plan to attack with Zeal.
    - Get a Might merc(Act 2 Nightmare), you'll need the extra damage.
    3-G. Sorceress
    Cold Only Sorc:
    Skill                    Points
    Cold Skills:
    Frozen Armor             1
    Glacial Spike            20
    Frozen Orb               20
    Cold Mastery             20
    Lightning Skills:
    Telekenesis              1
    Teleport                 1
    Energy Shield            1~5
    Fire Skills:
    Warmth                   10
    - Stat points should primarily go into Energy with Vitality Secondary.  You
      will not need all that much Str(usually only 45).
    - Try to get as much + to Cold Skills equip as possible.
    Fire Only Sorc:
    Skill                    Points
    Fire Skills:
    Warmth                   10
    Firewall                 20
    Hydra                    20
    Fire Mastery             20
    Lightning Skills:
    Telekenesis              1
    Teleport                 1
    Energy Shield            1~5
    - Stat points should primarily go into Energy with Vitality Secondary.  You
      will not need all that much Str(usually only 45).
    - Try to get as much + to Fire Skills equip as possible.
    Lightning Only Sorc:
    Skill                    Points
    Lightning Skills:
    Charged Bolt/Nova        20*
    Thunder Storm            20
    Lightning Mastery        20
    Telekenesis              1
    Teleport                 1
    Energy Shield            1~5
    Fire Skills:
    Warmth                   10**
    * Choose between CB and Nova, you won't need both.
      CB - Sends out a lot of bolts, long range, more than one can hit each enemy
      Nova - Medium-small radius, hits everything in radius, higher damage
    **You're only really going to need Warmth if you chose Nova.
    - Stat points should primarily go into Energy with Vitality Secondary.  You
      will not need all that much Str(usually only 45).
    - Try to get as much + to Lightning Skills equip as possible.
    Multi-Element Sorc:
    Skill                    Points
    Fire Skills:
    Warmth                   10~20*
    Hydra                    15
    Fire Mastery             5
    Lightning Skills:
    Thunderstorm/Nova        15**
    Lightning Mastery        5
    Static Field             5
    Telekenesis              1
    Teleport                 1
    Energy Shield            1~5
    Cold Skills:
    Frozen Orb               15
    Cold Mastery             5
    * Work on Warmth after you've gotten your other skills to high enough levels.
    **Nova/T-Storm is a matter of personal preference.  I prefer T-Storm myself.
    - Stat points should primarily go into Energy with Vitality Secondary.  You
      will not need all that much Str(usually only 45).
    - Try to get as much + to All/Sorc Skills equip as possible.
    Second Multi-Element Sorc:
    Skill                    Points
    Fire Skills:
    Fire Wall                15
    Fire Mastery             10
    Lightning Skills:
    Nova                     20
    Lightning Mastery        20
    Telekenesis              1
    Teleport                 1
    Energy Shield            1~5
    Cold Skills:
    Frozen Orb               20
    Cold Mastery             1
    * Work on Warmth after you've gotten your other skills to high enough levels.
    - Stat points should primarily go into Energy with Vitality Secondary.  You
      will not need all that much Str(usually only 45).
    - Try to get as much + to All/Sorc Skills equip as possible, as well as a lot
      of + Single Tree charms.
    3-H. Party Configurations
      These are ways you can group the different characters together to get a
    more effective playstyle against the bad guys.
    Elemental Insanity:
    Class            Main Skill
    Paladin          Conviction
    Necromancer      Lower Resist/Decrepify
    Necromancer      Poison Nova
    Sorceress        All Cold(Orb/CM)
    Sorceress        All Fire(FW/Hydra/FM)
    Amazon           Lightning Fury
    Offensive Insanity:
    Class            Main Skill
    Paladin          Might*
    Paladin          Concentration
    Paladin          Fanaticism
    Druid            Heart of Wolverine
    Amazon           Strafe/Multishot/Guided Arrow
    Barbarian        Whirlwind/Berserk
    * You could also hire a Might Merc, but the Aura won't be as powerful as from
      an actual Paladin, since Act 2 Mercs don't get +skill benefits.
    Defensive Insanity:
    Class            Main Skill
    Paladin          Defiance*
    Paladin          Salvation
    Barbarian        Shout
    Necromancer      Lots of Revives/Skeletons to take hits
    * You could also hire a Defiance Merc, but the Aura won't be as powerful as
      from an actual Paladin, since Act 2 Mercs don't get +skill benefits.
    Life Insanity:
    Class            Main Skill
    Barbarian        Battle Orders
    Druid            Oak Sage
    Invincible All Paladin Team:
    Auras: Conviction, Concentration, Holy Freeze, Vigor, Salvation, Defiance,
      Fanaticism, Holy Shock.
    Attack Skills: Vengeance, Fist of the Heavens, Smite.
      You can mix and match with all of these to make your own.
    4. Useful Runewords
      To make a Runeword, you need 3 things:
      - The required item with the exact number of sockets needed(i.e. using a 3
        socket armor to make Stealth will not work).
      - The correct Runes needed for the Runeword.
      - You need to put the Runes in the item in the right order(i.e. to make
        Stealth you need to socket the Runes in the order Tal, then Eth or it
        will not work).
      Thse are the Runewords I found interesting and/or effective.
    Runeword             Runes Used
    Stealth              Tal(07), Eth(05)
    Lionheart            Hel(15), Lum(17), Fal(19)
    Lore                 Ort(09), Sol(12)
    Nadir                Nef(04), Tir(03)
    Rhyme                Shael(13), Eth(05)
    Melee Weapons:
    Fury                 Jah(31), Gul(21), Eth(5)
    Honor                Amn(11), El(01),  Ith(06), Tir(03), Sol(12)
    Silence              Dol(14), Eld(02), Hel(15), Ist(24), Tir(03), Vex(26)
    King's Grace         Amn(11), Ral(08), Thul(10)
    White                Dol(14), Io(16)
    5. Rune Names
      As you may have noticed, some of the runes by themselves or when combined
    with others make words.  Whether they were inentional or plain coincidence,
    only Blizz knows that(unless they've told someone, then that person and
    whoever they told know as well).
    Amn - The Abbreviation for Airman, a rank in the US Navy.
    Ber - Well, all I could find on Ber was that it's an acronym for various
    Cham - The Cham is the sovereign prince of Tartary, aka khan.  Located near
    Dol - A dol is a unit of pain intensity.
    El  - Spanish for "he."
    Eld - means to make old/age.
    Eth - A letter in several languages, including Old English.
    Fal - I found nothing on Fal itself, but it sounds like it would be part of
      an Arabic name.
    Gul - A stylized octagonal motif in Oriental rugs.  It's also a rank in the
      Cardassian Military in the "Star Trek" series.
    Hel - Norse goddess of death and the underworld, also the daughter of Loki.
    Io  - In Greek mythology, Io was a woman who was in love with Zeus.  She was
      turned into a white heifer.
    Ist - ist is a suffix, which is used to refer to a person who does, believes,
    Ith - I remember there was a card in Magic: The Gathering, a card game, that
      was called "Maze of Ith."  Whether there is any relation... I dunno...
    Jah - It means "God" or "Jehova."
    Ko  - It's an acronym for Knock out.
    Lem - A spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the
      moon and back.
    Lo  - To look/see etc.
    Lum - A chimney.  Can also be used to mean a woody valley or deep pool.
    Mal - Means bad.
    Nef - The nave of a church.
    Ohm - A unit of eletrical resistance.
    Ort - means a scrap, usually left over food on a plate.
    Pul - An Assyrian kind.  Also means destruction
    Ral - Well, it's similar to Ras, which is a type of gene.
    Shael - I found nuthin... But hey, if you switch the "s" and "h" it's leash
    Sol - Sol means, well, the Sun.
    Sur - A prefix signifying over, above, etc.
    Tal - Well... it's the second half of a couple words such as metal or mantal.
    Thul - Found nada...
    Tir - It's similar to Tyr, who was the God of War and Strife in Norse
    Um  - Um... Well, that's what it is, a word used to express doubt and fill
      space/waste time.
    Vex - A word in English, not used much anymore, meaning to annoy or bring
    Zod - The only thing about Zod that I can remember right now is General Zod,
      the main bad guy from the movie "Superman II"
    MalUm - Malum, which is on the Diablo II CD case, means evil in Latin.
    TirIth - Well, Tirith.  Minas Tirith is a fortress in the land of Gondor in
      J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Lord of the Rings"
    ElBerEth - Elbereth is the name of an Elven lord, also in Tolkein fantasy.
      There are some that apparently don't mean anything, but they could be
    fragments from other words or changed spellings, like Shael.
      I'm sure there are more, I just can't remember them right now.  If you've
    found one not listed here, let me know and I'll put it up.
    My own memory and interpretation
    6. Mercenaries
      Each Merc has it's own use and function.  This is just a brief rundown on
    their strengths/uses and weaknesses.
      Mercs tend to die quickly on higher diff levels and vs. Bosses.  If your
    merc dies a lot, it may be better to go on without it, rather than to keep
    dishing out money to revive them.
      If nothing else, mercs make a mini-stash to hold items for you.  My Act 2
    merc is still holding a Spire of Honor, Goldskin, and rare helm that I'm
    holding on to for a while.
      Mercenaries will be stronger in the long run if you hire them at a low
    level and build them up as opposed to buying them at an already high level.
      Any merc can wear any armor/headgear that is not class specific(except for
    Barbarian Mercs which can equip Barb specific headgear) as long as they meet
    the requirements to do so.  Mercs will not gain life/mana stealing bonuses,
    as well as a few others that seem to be player specific.
      If your mercenary dies, talk to the person that hires them in that act.
    Reviving them can be quite expensive at higher levels.  In Act 4, talk to
    Tyrael, since there is no "Rent-a-Merc" shop there.
    NOTE: These evaluations are on a scale of 1-10(10 being best), not their
      actual in-game stats.
    Act 1: Rogue Scout
    HP - 4/10
    Attack - 2/10 to 10/10*
    Defense - 3/10
    Resists - 5/10
    * The actual Damage of their bows is quite low.  Your best bet is to get a
      5-6 socket bow and put Perfect Emeralds in it for some really high damage.
    Equipment: Bows only, no Crossbows
    Skills: Elemental Arrows(depending on which kind you hire), Inner Sight
    Bonus: If you give them equipment so that they have +3 to all skills, they
      will use a "Lightning Hose" attack, where it seems like she'll cast a short
      range version of the Sorcs Lightning, but only dealing a lot more damage.
    Bottom Line: Use them for an added ranged attack punch and their Inner Sight
      to help you hit stuff.  Watch out though, they are the easy to get killed,
      which tends to happen frequently in later areas.
    Act 2: Desert Grunt
    HP - 6/10
    Attack - 7/10
    Defense - 6/10
    Resists - 6/10
    Equipment: Spears, Polearms
    Skills: Paladin Auras(they vary with the type you hire and which diff level
      you hire them in), Jab
      Aura: Hired on Normal of Hell diff
        Offensive: Blessed Aim
        Defensive: Defiance
        Combat: Prayer
       Aura: Hired on Nightmare diff
        Offensive: Might
        Defensive: Holy Freeze
        Combat: Thorns
    Bottom Line: Use them for their Auras.  They are my personal choice of merc
      since the Auras are very helpful, especially the Holy Freeze aura when you
      are a Spellcaster or Might for the Melee fighters.
    NOTE: In order to activate their aura, you must first take them into battle
      and have them attack a monster.  They don't have to kill it though, this is
      just to put them into "Active" mode.
    Act 3: Iron Wolf
    HP - 5/10
    Attack - 3/10
    Defense - 5/10
    Resists - 5/10
    Equipment: 1-Handed Swords, Shields
      Lightning Merc: Charged Bolt/Lightning
      Ice Merc: Glacial Spike/Ice Blast/Frozen Armor
      Fire Merc: Fireball/Inferno
    Bottom Line: Use them if you feel the need for added elemental damage, other-
      wise, skip them.
    Act 4: NONE!!!
    Act 5: Barbarian
    HP - 10/10
    Attack - 9/10
    Defense - 7/10
    Resists - 8/10
    Equipment: Swords, 1 or 2 Handed.  They can equip Barbarian only helmets.
    Skills: Stun, Bash
    Bottom Line: Use them to tank, i.e. stand on the front lines and take hits
      for you, and to do some added physical damage.
    7. Tidbits and Tricks
      These are just a few things about the game that I've noticed that may come
    in handy, or they may just be good for a nice laugh.  Just be forewarned that
    they aren't always thoroughly tested so if they don't work perfect don't be
    too mad at me.
    Skill Stuff
    - The nerf on SF says that it will not deal damage to an enemy below a
      certain point on Nightmare and Hell difficulties(1/4 and 1/2 respectively).
      This is partly true.  It will actually take a monster below those levels,
      it just won't activate when a monster hits them.
    - The Druid Skill "Hurricane" will not trigger the charged Bolts that come
      from a Lightning Enchanted monster.
    Elemental Stuff
    - When resistances go negative, the damage you take from that element will be
      increased by the % your resistance is.  So if you've got -100% Fire resist,
      which can happen in Hell diff, you'll be taking double the amount of damage
      you normally would from Fire attacks.  This also works with monsters, if a
      Pally has Conviction turned on or a Necro uses Lower Resist and you bring
      the monsters resistance negative, they will take a lot more damage.
    - You don't neccessarily need Poison Resistance.  If you have two or more
      items with "Poison Length Reduced by 75%" or are using the Paladin's Aura
      "Cleansing," the poison will wear off before it has a chance to do any real
      damage.  Just watch out though, if your poison resistance is negative, you
      can still take a lot of damage before it wears off.
    - On a similar note, I've found it useful to put a column of Antidote Potions
      and a colum of Thawing Potions in my belt, in case I'm poisoned or chilled.
      This is especially helpful when you're going to be running around the Chaos
      Sanctuary where either one can be lethal.
    - If you're going to use a lot of poison attacks, you're going to need a lot
      of running space since Poison is a lot more effective when you hit once and
      let the damage continue.
    - Poison and Open Wounds damage will not trigger charged bolts from a
      Lightning Enchanted monster.  The initial hit will, but the duration will
    Cow Level
    - The Secret Cow Level is one of the best places to get items and experience
      in the game.  Granted, not *the* best, but it's excellent to play since
      cows have no elemental resistances or immunities on any difficulty.  On
      Normal Difficulty, cows are level 28, Nightmare 61, Hell 90.
    - To access the Secret Cow Level(what, you thought I was gonna leave you in
      suspense?  Well, what do you think I'm doing now?), you have to beat the
      game on the difficulty level you want to play it on, so if you want to play
      the cow level on Nightmare difficulty, you have to beat the game on
      Nightmare.  Once you've done that, go to Tristram and get Whirt's Leg by
      clicking on his body in the lower left corner of the map.  Then go back to
      the Rogue's camp and put Whirt's Leg in the Horadric Cube with a Tome of
      Town Portal and Transmute them.  A red portal will open next to your
      character, allowing you access to the Cow Level.
      NOTE:  Anything in the cube at the time of transmutation will be lost, so
             don't leave anything valuable in there.
    Merc Stuff
    - Mercs and Minions don't take any damage from the kamikaze bad guys such as
      the ever so popular Frenzied Ice Spawns.
    - Occasionally, Act 2 mercs will be "broken" in that their Aura will not turn
      on.  If that happens, try going to town to try and reset their active mode.
      If that doesn't work, hire a new merc, you got a dud.
    Misc Stuff
    - Most Amazons will have better blocking % when using a shield than a Paladin
      since the zon usually pumps Dex a lot more than a Paladin does.  Kind of
      odd how that works since Blizzard gives Paladins higher shield blocking and
      a skill designed to increase blocking %.
    - Every character class has it's own special greeting from a person in each
      act.  For example, the Barb gets a different greeting from Charsi than
      the other character classes the first time you talk to her.  They will only
      talk to you this way in the intro, every other conversation is the same for
      every character class.
    Tidbits not relative to gameplay
    - When you select the Sorceress in the Character Select Screen, it says that
      she is skilled in Magick.  The extra k at the end is quite interesting to
      see, considering the fact that the word was always spelled as Magic(with
      no k).  A wiccan author added the k at the end so people would not confuse
      real magic that is practiced in the real world with the flashy stuff you
      see in games, movies, tv, etc. 
    8. Blocking Bosses
      All normal attacks from bosses can be Blocked with a shield, Dodged with
    a high enough defense rating, and Avoided with the Amazon skills Dodge and
    Evade.  This is just a list of some of their special attacks that can also
    be avoided in one way or another.
    Andariel - I think all of hers can be blocked. The single poison projectile
      can be with a shield, and the poison spread can be avoided with a zon, not
      sure about shields.
    Duriel - Theoretically, his Charge can be blocked/avoided, but it has an
      astronomical AR which makes it almost impossible to avoid without a shield
      or an Amazon's high level dodging skills.
    Mephisto - The Cold "Orb of Death" can be blocked, but not avoided or dodged.
    Diablo - His "Cold Touch" can be blocked/avoided. The Lightning Inferno can
      be Avoided with Amazon skills, but I'm not sure about shields. I'm not sure
      about his fire attacks, I think I've doged his Fire wave nova thingy once
      or twice, but I don't encourage people to sit there and try it.
    Baal - I think his Fire Spray can be avoided with the Amazon skill, but other
      than that, he can't be avoided.
      I'm not entirely sure, but it's been my experience that bosses have such a
    high AR that is doesn't matter what your defense is, you're always going to
    get hit by the normal attacks if you don't have a good shield or a zon with
    dodge/avoid/evade, and since defense is only melee, it won't work against
    their magic.
    9. Site Plugs
      These are sites about Diablo 2 and it's expansion run by fans, they are not
    official sites run by Blizzard.  The official site won't be plugged here, it
    was plugged elsewhere.  Anyways, these are the plugs:
    The Unofficial Diablo 2 Site - www.diabloii.net
    **The Lurker Lounge          - www.lurkerlounge.com
    Phrozen Keep                 - www.planetdiablo.com/phrozenkeep
    V&K Mods for Diablo 1 and 2  - www.vkmods.de
    Savior's Realm               - sivut.koti.soon.fi/hedgehog/
    **Sadly, The Lurker Lounge is closed now.  The site itself will remain up,
      but there will no longer be any more content updates to it.
      Other site plugs not specifically related to Diablo 2, but having something
    or someplace on the site for Diablo 2(like a message board or something like
    GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
      If you have a site you'd like mentioned here, send me an email with
    "diablo 2 link plug" or something along those lines in the subject.
    10. Acknowledgements
    Most recent version of this guide always available at www.gamefaqs.com
    The following sites have permission to display this guide:
    GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com
    Thanks to the following individuals/groups:
    Mike - My best friend.  Awwwww..................
    Blizzard - Making a game so addictive it made me write this thing.
    DiabloII.net - The website feeding you more info about Diablo 2 and its
           expansion than you need.
    Dictionary.com - The online dictionary.  Lots of the info from the runes
           section came from there.
    Anyone I might've forgotten - whatever your contribution was.
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