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    Werebear Guide by Morrigan

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    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Werebear Guide
    By Morrigan (c) 2002 (morrisama@juno.com)
    Version 1.0 (last edited 5/15/2001)
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    Version Updates:
    1.0 - FAQ was created.
    Whenever I come across a druid I usually see Werewolves and the occasional
    Elementalist. But why no werebears? Too slow? Well, they do not get any attack
    and speed bonuses. No fury attack either. But don't worry - with some help from
    equipment and skills werebears can more than make up for it. This is not the
    best guide for werebears, but it's more of a helping hand to anyone who wishes
    to take the path of the bear. I was compelled to write this when I saw no
    werebear FAQ on gameFAQs.
    Note that this FAQ uses the version 1.09 patch.
      -Shape Shifting Skills
      -Summoning Skills
      -Elemental Skills
    -Attribute Points
      -How to handle monsters
    -Special boss battles
    -My last character
    -Legal Stuff
    Werewolf - Level 1 Skill
    Allows you to morph into a werewolf with bonuses to attack rating, speed,
    stamina, and life.
    +Attack speed and AR bonuses are great
    -No damage or defense bonuses
    My suggestion:
    This is a guide for bears, not wolves. But you need 1 point in it as a
    prerequisite for other skills. And from levels 2-6 it's nice to transform into
    Lycanthropy - Level 1 Skill
    Increases the life and time duration of transformations. Additional levels
    increases bonuses at a steady pace.
    +Who complains about more life?
    +Less chance of morphing into a human in the middle of a battle
    -Nothing else to add
    My suggestion:
    It varies from player to player, but you should invest at least 5-8 points
    early on. My bear is HC so I got 12 points in it early.
    Werebear - Level 6 Skill
    Allows you to morph into a werebear with bonuses to damage, defense and life.
    +More bonus life than werewolf
    +More yummy damage
    -No bonuses to speed (in many aspects)
    My suggestion:
    This is what we're all about. Put 1 point in it to become the bear, and add
    more points later when you don't know where to put extra skill points.
    Maul - Level 12 Skill
    An attack that increases AR and damage each time you connect. A green ball will
    orbit around you showing when the maul bonuses are activated. As the ball
    grows, the more bonuses you receive. More points make the ball grow larger
    (although it's limited to around 5-7 sizes). It also has a stunning effect. The
    ball disappears after 20 seconds and if you have not hit anyone.
    +The more you use it, the more damage you inflict
    +It stuns - an ailment only champions and uniques are immune to
    -Sort of like an Assassin's charge skill, you need to hit a few times with maul
    to gain all of its benefits
    My suggestion:
    Awesome skill. You can dish out the damage quickly with this skill. Max it to
    increase the bonuses and stun duration. It can put most enemies in stun lock
    too! The stun affect also carries over into other attacks, like hunger.
    Feral Rage - Level 12 Skill
    This is a werewolf-only skill, so it will not be discussed here. But you need
    one point in it as a prerequisite for other skills.
    Fire Claws - Level 18 Skill
    Adds AR and fire damage to an attack.
    +It's a source of elemental damage, which is useful against Physical Immune
    (PI) enemies.
    +AR bonuses are very important for a bear
    -Damage done by fire is a little weak in later stages of the game
    -There's quite a few fire immunes in the world of Diablo II Expansion
    My suggestion:
    I'm not sure yet. I only have 1 point in it right now as a prerequisite. You
    might want to max this skill if you can't find a fast elemental weapon.
    Rabies - Level 18 Skill
    Again, this is a werewolf-only skill. No points.
    Shockwave - Level 24 Skill
    Your bear will lift up both arms as you roar/stomp the ground to cause 5 small
    shockwaves to damage and stun anything the waves touch. It can be controlled
    the same way an Amazon uses multishot - aim far for a tight, linear wave, or
    aim close for a fan. Champions/uniques are immune to the stun, but take the
    +At high levels the stun is insane. With mana leech you can just use shockwave,
    maul a few times, then repeat. Your enemies will just stand around dazed as you
    pound them into a pulp.
    +It is the prime crowd control skill. A properly aimed shockwave will halt
    anything in its path, allowing you and your party to take them out easily.
    +Mana cost is constant at all levels
    -Damage is no good at later stages
    -It is bugged so the duration is actually only around 50% listed even on Normal
    My suggestion:
    I love this skill. A lot. You could replace this skill with an Act 3 Cold merc
    but then there's the deal with chill times at higher difficulties, cold
    immunes, how fragile the merc is, etc. This is the skill to use against mobs.
    Even those pesky oblivion knights cannot escape the stun. It doesn't have to be
    maxed either - put enough points in it until you are in a comfortable stun
    Hunger - Level 24 Skill
    By biting your enemies you gain life and mana back. Increasing the skill levels
    adds to the life/mana stealing, as well as AR.
    +At level one it has around 75% dual leech. Wowzers.
    +Unless you are taking huge amounts of damage you can just use this skill to be
    invincible for a while.
    -75% damage reduction. DOH! Well, this would be way overpowered without this
    My suggestion:
    You can get by with only 1 point in it, and use it if you are in need of some
    life/mana. Like shockwave it doesn't have to be maxed.
    Fury - Level 30 Skill
    Werewolf-only skill. Don't bother.
    *I'm only going to mention those I feel should be considered
    Arctic Blast - Level 6 Skill
    An inferno like attack that does cold damage and chills.
    +It's elemental damage that chills. It has uses against PIs.
    -You have to be in human form to use it
    My suggestion:
    It isn't worth it, but 1 point should be put in it if you really want cyclone
    armor. Since you have to be in human form, you'll be quite vulnerable to
    Cyclone Armor - Level 12 Skill
    Call forth winds to absorb fire, lightning, and cold damage.
    +It's armor that takes elemental damage for you (but not poison/magical)
    +You can have it activated as a bear
    -You need to be a human to cast it
    My suggestion:
    You could invest in it, but I don't think it's worth it. You'd need to go back
    to human form, cast, and then switch back. That's too much to ask for if you
    are in the middle of a battle.
    Raven - Level 1 Skill
    Summon raven(s) to peck away at enemies. More skill points add to damage and
    number of ravens, with a max of 5 ravens.
    +Ravens cannot be targeted
    +Free physical damage
    -Damage output is worthless at later stages
    My suggestion:
    A summoning werebear should get 1 point in it as a prerequisite. It's fun to
    watch raven strike down monsters though :)
    Poison Creeper - Level 1 Skill
    Summons a vine that poisons enemies as it travels under the ground.
    +Poisons monsters as you meet up with them
    -Very fragile
    -Poison damage is very weak
    -It likes to jump right into the fray; enemies will target and kill it
    My suggestion:
    If you want the other vines, get 1 point into it. Otherwise avoid.
    Oak Sage (OS) - Level 6 Skill
    Summons a spirit ally to add life to all allies within a 20 yard radius.
    +Adds quite a bit of life at higher levels.
    -Sort of fragile
    My suggestion:
    Tank bears may opt for this skill. Werewolves get it to cover up for a lack of
    life. Werebears generally have lots of life anyway, so it'd be redundant to
    invest here.
    Summon Spirit Wolf - Level 6 Skill
    Summons a spirit wolf to fight by your side. More points add to the number of
    wolves (max of 5), as well as attack/defensive rating bonuses to other
    +More buddies to fight by your side
    +It's no longer just your merc to act as a meat shield ;)
    -Damage is low at mid/higher levels
    -Killed easily
    My suggestion:
    Summoner bears may get up to 5 points. The passive bonuses add to the other
    summoned fighters of this tree.
    Carrion Vine - Level 12 Skill
    Summons a vine that eats corpses and gives you life proportional to your total
    +Indirectly life steals from enemies you cannot leech from (skeletons, ghosts,
    +Destroys corpses (so certain monsters cannot revive them)
    -Like the poison creeper, it's very suicidal. It just loves to jump in there
    and get killed off for some reason.
    -Life regained won't save you if you are taking tons of damage
    My suggestion:
    One point should be sufficient. Note that the life you receive is a percentage
    of your maximum life, so the more life you have, the more the vine gives you
    when it snacks.
    Heart of Wolverine (HoW) - Level 18 Skill
    Summons a spirit that adds AR and damage to all allies within a 20 yard radius.
    +Grants much needed AR for your bear
    +Sturdier than Oak Sage - it can actually serve as a weak tank later on,
    allowing you to get into position to unleash your shockwaves/mauls
    -Sometimes it exhibits vine like personality and floats into a bunch of enemies
    (it can tank, but only for a few seconds - the mana cost increases as you
    My suggestion:
    The AR bonuses is very desirable. And extra damage is also a great plus. If you
    are not a solo bear, invest in this skill. Melee allies will love you too.
    Summon Dire Wolf - Level 18 Skill
    Summons a wolf that eats corpses to regain life.
    +More damaging and sturdier than spirit wolves
    -Depending on the situation, they can be great, or get slaughtered easily
    My suggestion:
    Good replacement for the spirit wolf. Choose between the grizzly and this. But
    you can invest in both skills for the passive bonuses.
    Solar Creeper - Level 24 Skill
    Summons a vine that eats corpses and gives you mana based on your mana pool.
    Basically a mana version of the carrion vine.
    +Keeps you filled with mana assuming you are killing monsters
    +Sturdier than the carrion vine
    -Not very useful since you rely on mana leech from equipment
    My suggestion:
    I wouldn't bother with it. Elementalist might want this, but not werebears.
    Spirit of Barbs - Level 30 Skill
    Summons a spirit that grants a weak version of the Paladin's thorn aura to all
    allies within a 20 yard radius.
    +Reflects damage back to enemies when they damage you or your allies
    -The damage returned is very poor
    -You need to take damage to reflect it back
    My suggestion:
    I don't like this spirit. At high levels it's like a very weak Paladin thorn
    aura. And don't forget that you can only have 1 spirit at a time, which means
    having this means no oak sage/heart of wolverine. Only heavy summoners might
    consider it.
    Summon Grizzly - Level 30 Skill
    Summons a Grizzly bear to fight with you.
    +It's a big tank assuming you have also spent points into Summon Dire Wolf
    -You only get one of these, and you can't have dire wolves along with the
    My suggestion:
    Well, it may look cool to pair up with another bear. Grab a barbarian merc and
    you're a 3-tank team :) But realistically you should use this in a party that
    wants one big meat shield to take damage while they fire away with their stuff.
    Strength - Allows you to equip heavier items as well as deal more
    physical damage on weapons. You'll need plenty of strength to equip the elite
    weaponry. Look at the Arreat Summit for strength requirements for the weapon of
    choice. The highest you should ever go is 253, which allows you to equip any
    club in the game. The Immortal King's Maul is around 225.
    Dexterity - Allows you to equip certain types of weapons and increases your
    chances to hit with melee weapons. Currently in 1.09 dexterity also affects
    your block rate.  To keep your block rate at an acceptable level, you must give
    2-3 points in dexterity every level.  If you are using a 2-handed weapon, you
    can keep dex low (around 75-100), unless you are using elite polearms. If you
    are using a 1 handed weapon, you'll need lots of dexterity. Around 200 you can
    get a 75% chance to block on bone shields, which also pretty much solves your
    AR problems as well.
    Vitality - The more vitality you have, the more life you have.  Bears gain lots
    of life bonuses, so vitality doesn't need to be pumped a lot. Around 100 is
    just fine.
    Energy - More energy means more mana.  You will rely on mana leech, so keep
    energy at base.
    One key mod you will strive for is increased attack speed - especially on the
    weapon itself. This should make up for the lack of attack speed bonus that only
    werewolves get. Life/mana leech is also quite important (with more emphasis on
    mana leech). Then it's the usual - resistance, life, walking speed, etc. +skill
    items aren't really needed, but it doesn't hurt.
    Key things to remember:
    1) Circlets/Amulets/Pelts can give +3 to a skill tree if it's MAGICAL,
    not RARE.  However, rare items can give +2 to druid skills and then
    +2 to a certain tree.  Druid pelts can also give +1-3 skill
    points to 1 to 3 skills.  So it's possible to attain +7 to a single
    skill from a pelt!
    2) You have a choice of which skill to build up for AR - Fire claws or Heart of
    Wolverine. With fire claws you don't have to worry about PIs so much, but HoW
    is more party friendly and also adds with maul's AR and damage. If you go with
    HoW try to get a fast 6-socketed weapon and fill it with
    rubies/sapphires/topaz/emeralds. Forget physical damage - a fast normal weapon
    would do (although a 6-socketed phase blade is ideal). Now you could try to get
    both, but then you'd have to spend 40 pts to max those skills. That leaves 70
    points for lycanthropy, werebear, shockwave, maul, and hunger.
    3) Safety crafted items are good while you can't find the
    right equipment you need.  It's a shame you need perfect gems for the
    normal crafted equipment though.
    4) There are ups and downs with using a 1 or 2 handed weapon. With a 1 handed
    weapon you will be safer because you will also have a shield to add to defense
    and resistances. With 2 handed weapons you can really deal damage. So it's up
    to you. Ideally you can just use the weapon tabs to switch between them. Just
    decide early on, because this will also determine how much you will pump
    5) You can attack in werebear form with any weapon, even bows (without arrows I
    might add). So it's viable to use windforce or buriza. You won't see your bear
    shooting arrows :) but you will maul with some insane damage. In addition your
    dexterity will determine damage, not strength.
    6) Good weapons to use are clubs, axes, and polearms (along with real fast
    bows). For armor disregard DR unless you want to go all out to get a decent
    rating. Usually it's shockwave that will prevent harm. If you want to use
    polearms you'll need dexterity. More so if you will end up using bows.
    How to handle monsters:
    The strategy I use is to open an attack with shockwave to stun a mob, and then
    maul away. If you use fire claws use maul until the ball is a max size, then
    switch to fire claws. Use your judgment on when to recast shockwave. Against
    champions and uniques I'd shockwave anyway to stun the minions. Then pick away
    at them until only the special monsters are left. Then repeatedly maul/fire
    claw them. Pretty straight forward, eh? Melee characters in general don't have
    many ways of doing damage besides running right up to them and hacking away.
    Act I Notables:
    Ghosts - They can stack on top of each other and make a constant stream of
    attacks. They also are PIs in hell so it might be best to avoid them
    Zombies (Ghouls) - Zombies that do a surprising amount of damage. So be sure to
    stun before you get in there to maul.
    Rat Men - Yup, fetishes are in the end of Act I. And boy can they be trouble in
    higher difficulties. Pay attention to the whole screen.
    Tainted - From my experience, these monsters have invincibility frames when
    they use their long range attack. While they are generating their lightning
    ball, you cannot target them, let alone hit them.
    Act II Notables:
    Scarab Demons - Meleeing them without lightning resistance can be your death.
    They can appear all around the desert and the maggot lair.
    Ghosts - They pop up in the arcane sanctuary. And are much harder to avoid.
    Vampires - Firewall is a real pain at higher difficulties. Only seen in the
    Arcane Sanctuary.
    Greater Mummies - Target them first - they can revive slain undead monsters.
    Cave Vipers - They have a chilling attack, so have thawing potions ready.
    Obviously they only show up in the Valley of Snakes.
    Act III Notables:
    Fetish - Small, dangerous, and can come in HUGE packs. In hell they quickly
    swarm you and kill viciously. Add in the possibilities of uniques (fanaticism
    anyone?) and they become killing mobs. Shockwave often to keep then stunned.
    You have to play some hit and run to separate the huge masses and take them
    down by parts.
    Fetish Shaman - Why does their inferno do so much friggin damage? Anyway,
    shockwave them before going in for the kill.
    Undead Fetish - Fetish that do even more damage and explode upon death. Avoid
    if possible - killing them may kill you as well. Note that their explosion is
    related to their health, and it scales with more players in the game - making
    it lethal in multiplayer games.
    Vampires - They're in Kurast and the Durance of Hate. Now they are armed with
    Meteor. Beef up your fire resistance.
    Zakarum Mages - Lightning, blizzard, and heals allies. Target them first before
    Council Members - Cast hydra, a short range lightning attack, and do some
    considerable melee damage. But they cannot avoid stun lock :)
    Act IV Notables:
    Finger Mage - They can drain your mana, disabling maul/shockwave. So a mana
    potion or two wouldn't hurt. If your mana leech and damage is high enough you
    can do just one normal attack to regain enough mana to resume.
    Undead Horrors - The fighters are fire immune on higher difficulties, so throw
    fire claws out the window. The other types are dealt the same way - shockwave
    then maul. Oblivion knights are not immune to stun.
    Act V Notables:
    Suicide Minions - Walking (more like sprinting actually) grenades. Avoid them
    and let your merc take them out. Mercs seem to be quite good at killing them
    without taking the huge damage from explosion.
    Overseers - They cause minions to become suicide minions. So get these guys
    Frozen Horrors - Not really strong, but their chilling breath is very annoying.
    Get thawing potions.
    Blood Lords - Scary. They have frenzy and use it very well. Shockwave and make
    sure to take them out first. Once they build up frenzy they are quite
    Minion of Destruction - They have ITD as far as I know. And they knockback. In
    other words, they will hit you no matter what and will stun you while pushing
    you around. Best way to kill them is to separate them and shockwave every
    couple of seconds.
    Rogue - Give her a nice bow and tank for her. Most prefer cold arrow rogues for
    obvious reasons. I have to look into the lightning hose effect rogues can
    Paladin - I consider the mercs from Act 2 paladins since they use
    paladin auras.  It's your choice of what type you need. Blessed Aim to help AR,
    holy freeze to slow monsters, might to add damage, it's your pick.
    Mage - It's best to get a cold mage.  You can keep monsters in place while you
    maul away. Of course shattering bodies makes your vines worthless...
    Barbarian - This is what I use.  He's a big meat shield that does
    physical damage.  Give him a good sword and some decent resistance gear
    and he's all set. Even if you are a tank, you can tank along with him.
    Blood Raven - She can call forth zombies and shoot fire arrows on occasion.
    She's probably the most dangerous in normal where you don't have many skills
    available. All you can do is chase her around and attack. At higher
    difficulties you can shockwave her allies and ignore them.
    Rakanishu - A Carver that guards the carin stones. He's always fast and
    lightning enchanted. You can make him flee if you kill one of this minions.
    The Countess - A special rouge warrior that has firewall. But not much else.
    She's always fire enchanted, so she'll explode when killed.
    The Smith - He isn't very fast (unless he gets that Extra Fast
    attribute), but he's strong.  But you're a brute yourself. In normal difficulty
    just separate you two from everyone else by any means (run, or just kill off
    the other monsters) and flail away at him.
    Andariel - She always has a -50 resistance to fire.  So fire claws would be
    great. Keep antidote potions ready. Her poison hurts, but if you are fast with
    the potions you can get off relatively unscratched.
    Radament - Use a vine to eat the skeletons you kill off so he can't revive
    them. Then just attack him straight up. Have antidotes ready to cure his
    annoying poison breath.
    Coldworm the Burrower - No direct attacks, but can create adult maggots, which
    can create baby maggots. When killed a large explosion of poison will fly all
    over the place, so run for cover. It's also cold enchanted, so watch out for
    that too.
    Fangskin - Always has two nasty mods - extra fast and lightning enchanted. If
    possible just avoid him and rush to the viper amulet, and TP away to safety.
    The Summoner - Be careful. His firewall is powerful, and glacial spike can slow
    you down horribly (and you're slow enough as it is). You can try to quickly get
    to him by running by or shockwaving other enemies. He's physically weak, so you
    can easily kill him once you actually get in his face.
    Duriel - Stay close to him so he can't charge you. Even with all the life you
    have he can still kill you easily if you aren't watching your life orb. And his
    chilling aura cannot be avoided. If you are in a party, you serve as the tank.
    Sszark the Burning - A spider that is extra strong and cursed all the time.
    This leads so some disgusting damage it can do. Be very cautious with your life
    Stormtree - Always found at the entrance to Kurast. Also always lightning
    enchanted. You can just run by him if you feel like you can't deal with the
    charged bolts.
    Battlemaid Sarina - Extra fast rouge. Nothing much except that the area she
    spawns in can be very cheap. At times monsters will just appear next to you
    right when you enter.
    The Council Members - Each unique has specific mods:
    -Fire enchanted and extra strong
    -Cold enchanted and stone skin
    -Cursed and extra fast (watch out here)
    -Cold enchanted and random aura (usually blessed aim)*
    -Teleportation, extra strong and extra fast (watch out here too)
    -Mana burn and teleportation
    *This is actually Bremm Sparkfist. His name implies lightning enchanted, but
    for some reason Blizzard changed it to cold. I wonder why.
    Mephisto - It helps to have cold and lightning resistances. The skull missile
    (the fast blue ball he shoots) hurts a lot, but it shouldn't kill you in 1 hit.
    Keep antidotes ready against his poison explosion.
    Izual - Very annoying cold attacks and somewhat strong. Keep healing and
    thawing potions ready. He has a ton of health, so it'll take a while (but it's
    definitely worth 2 skill points).
    Hephasto the Armorer - A beefed up Smith. He does have some nasty mods like
    conviction aura and spectral hit (with unfortunately work very well for him
    together). At higher difficulties pay attention to his other mods, especially
    ones like cursed and extra fast/strong.
    Chaos Sanctuary Seal Guards - To play it safe use a TP and use the WP to get to
    the River of Flame and run back to the monsters. If you don't have the
    patience, just use normal mob tactics.
    Diablo - Build up fire and lightning resistance to the max. Magic reducing gear
    helps a lot too. Then just run up to him and maul away. His blocking rate is
    around 50%, so it'll be tough to actually connect. Just run around once he
    starts his lightning hose. Consider thawing potions to counter his icy touch.
    His firestorm is powerful too. The firewall and firenova shouldn't be much of a
    problem if you have decent fire resist.
    Nithlathak - Lead his minions away from him and then kill them.  Then have a
    carrion vine eat up the corpses. Then make a beeline for Nithlathak and take
    him out ASAP. Corpse explosion hurts on normal, and is a party killer in higher
    The Ancients - Keep your merc in good health with potions so he can
    tank against the big 3. They are very tough to beat since you have to melee 3
    classes that specialize in melee combat. If possible party up with others to
    tackle them. If you see nasty mods on them use a TP to reset them. Even on
    nightmare difficulty my 1200 life was cut down rather quickly, so I guess on
    Hell they'd be quite tough. If you have HoW you can use it to tank. You're
    gonna recast a lot though.
    Listor the Tormentor - Basically right before he makes his entrance
    there is always a long period of loading lag.  Always. If you are near
    his spawning area, you will die once the loading lag finishes (as well
    as seeing him and his buddies huddling around your body).  Best way to
    avoid this is to run once you kill of the other 4 groups of minions
    Baal throws at you. Then "crawl" towards Baal, starting from very far
    away if the loading lag doesn't begin. If done correctly, you'll
    recover from the lag unscratched.  It's also possible to enter the
    worldstone chamber without defeating his last batch of minions.  Just
    lead the minions away, then run straight for Baal. If you wish to fight this
    special pack of beasts, make great use of shockwave.
    Baal - He doesn't walk around a whole lot, but teleports from time to
    time. If you see two of him, the real one has the label "Demon" slightly off to
    the right. You can also deal with his "vile effigy" by teleporting to town. 
    Once the real one is dead the other disappears.  Fire and cold resistances are
    good against him. You can attack his tentacles to build up maul. His mana burn
    attack also does a lot of damage, so watch your health. He can melee with you
    too which does good damage.
    Reziarfg - Good luck. Even his minions are afraid to go near him. His attacks
    can make quick work of parties like MSLE monsters. Don't even bother to melee
    him - or even read this since he doesn't exist ;)
    Random Unique - Before tacking a unique, read what mods it has. Depending on
    what they are, you may have to withdraw:
    - Aura enchanted - at normal difficulties they aren't so bad but later on they
    are a nightmare. If it's might or fanaticism just leave. Same for conviction
    against elemental attacks and freezing aura. The holy fire/shock auras can take
    out any minions/mercs fairly quickly. Blessed Aim is redundant in hell since
    all monsters have crazy AR anyway ;)
    - Cursed - depends on the monster itself. If it's a blood lord - run like
    crazy. Any attack that connects can cause the amp damage curse - a melee
    attack, projectile, anything.
    - Cold Enchanted - Will use a frost nova equal to the monster's level upon
    death. In hell, a level 90 frost nova is painful. Try to let you merc kill if
    off while you hide.
    - Extra Fast - Depends on the monster. If it's a fetish, um, save and exit? :)
    Those buggers can zip across the screen in no time. Note that the minions get
    the velocity bonus in terms of walking/running speed as well.
    - Fire Enchanted - Does a corpse explosion upon death. Lethal if you aren't at
    full health or if you don't have a lot of health to play with in general. Let
    your merc make the finishing blow.
    - Lightning Enchanted - Each hit = charged bolts equal to the level of the
    monster. Level 90 charged bolts will hurt if not kill the weak hastily. Don't
    melee them unless you have max lightning resistance and a lot of life to spare.
    Knockback attacks work well here.
    - Magic Resistant - Perhaps the only mod you don't have to worry about so much.
    You deal physical damage for the most part.
    - Multishot - Not too bad either, unless it also has lightning enchanted. Then
    it's a definite killer. MSLEs can and will kill you when they take a hit.
    Doesn't matter if you have 95% lightning resistance and -X magic reduction.
    Well, with that you may survive one wave of MSLE charged bolts.
    - Spectral Hit - Random elemental damage tacked on to their hits. Not a really
    bad mod to deal with though.
    - Stone Skin - A real annoyance since it hurts your chance to hit and the
    amount of damage drops so much. At higher levels this usually leads to PI
    - Extra Strong - A scary mod. Think cursed but it's always active. Actually
    it's stronger than curse - curse doubles damage. This mod triples the damage
    the unique does. Usually kills off mercs and minions very quickly.
    - Teleport - More of an annoyance. Becomes almost unbearable when paired with
    stone skin.
    - Mana Burn - Not much of a problem. With mana leech you only need 3 mana back
    to be able to maul anyway. Just looks scary to see one of your orbs vanish
    instantly. Be glad it's the mana one :)
    What to be wary of:
    1) Sorceress PK - Hydras can be active while the sorceress is in town. So be
    wary if a very high level sorceress waiting hear TPs or WPs and are just
    sitting around in town (especially if your level is low).
    2) Druid PK - oh boy.  Because of a very nasty bug in the game, druids
    can force your game to freeze up (I'm not sure how it works...has
    something to do with using a druid skill granted by an item).  So they
    freeze your game while you are in battle, then either let the monsters
    kill you or they quickly go to town, hostile you, and PK you.  The
    lameness of this PK trick is way worse than the sorceress
    hydra/TP/hostile technique.  Worse yet there is no real warning
    sings of this.  Rumors have it barbarians have a similar bug as well.
    3) Lag - an old, but still ongoing problem that will most likely never
    resolve itself.  Lag is the only thing that cannot gain any resistance
    of by the game's natural means.  You can indirectly gain lag resistance
    with your skills (properly placed traps, blade shield, etc).  Type in
    the message "fps" to toggle the display of your ping, frames per
    second, as well as other stuff.  Note that all monsters and minions are
    immune to lag ;)
    So how can you detect lag attacks?
    -Monsters will go to their targets, but will not attack
    -Drinking potions does nothing
    -You cannot pick up items from the ground/inventory
    -Minions/Players just stand around
    -After running around the area you notice things are disappearing
    -You come across the infamous black wall (not receiving data from the
    -You suddenly teleport to another area instantly (packet loss perhaps)
    -Game seems to freeze for a few seconds (loading from your computer)
    -Game becomes really choppy and your hard disk is going nuts (more
    loading from your system)
    The last two can be rectified by purchasing more RAM, although it's not
    necessarily a guarantee ;)  There's the requirements to play,
    recommended specs to play, and the hidden REALITY specs to play.  I
    find this to be the case with all games :D
    Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction are the property and
    creation of Blizzard Entertainment.  You may distribute this FAQ freely
    as long as you give credit where credit is due.  This FAQ is
    copyrighted 2001 by Morrigan.
    I currently have a werebear called Hildebear (from PSO fame).  It's sort of a
    cross between solo and summoning. It only summons carrion vines and HoW. I've
    decided to only have 1 point in fire claws and search for a high elemental
    damage weapon (ideally I'd want Baranar's Star).
    The skills I will max:
    -Lycanthropy (already maxed)
    -Werebear (I got a long way to go here)
    -Maul (already maxed)
    -Heart of Wolverine (already maxed)
    -Shockwave (near max)
    All the rest have 1 point as a prerequisite except Hunger which as 1 point.
    So there you have it.  Updates may follow following new info I come across.  
    This is not the end-all perfect trap assassin FAQ as I'm sure there are better
    ones out there.  I'm just providing information for those who are brave enough
    to go with the werebear.  Enjoy!
    I'd also like to thank the people on GameFAQs D2X board and battle.net board
    for werebear suggestions that helped make up strategies for the bear. Also the
    people of BWUSA-1K.
    You can find a solo werebear guide at http://ad2a.tripod.com/wbguide2.html
    which is more detailed than this one and also offers equipment suggestions.
    It's quite good from what I've read.

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