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    1.11 Enchantress Guide by stephenp1983

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/16/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ~Enchantress Guide for Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction  V1.11
    ~By Stephen
    ~Version 1.2
    Copyright Information:
    This guide was credit by Stephenp1983, and can not be copied or 
    distrusted in any way. I only give permission for it to be shown on 
    Gamefaqs and its affiliate sites. This guide is for personal use of 
    this site's users and visitors. Use of this guide in any way that I 
    have not stated above is prohibited and is a violation of copyright. So 
    basically do not copy my work without my permission, it's against the 
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction and Version History.
    II. Questions and Answers
    III. Skill Point Placement 
    IV. Types of Builds
    V. Stat Point Placement
    VI. Item Setups
    VII. Charm/Inventory Setup
    VIII. Mercenary Setup
    IX. Things you should know 
    X. Uses
    XI. Contributors
    XII. Contact Information and Final Thought
    I. Introduction
    Alright to start off, this is my first attempt at a guide. I thought I 
    would make one for an enchantress because it's honestly a very under 
    appreciated build that is very helpful throughout the game.  There are 
    many things you can do with an Enchantress, but I'll get into that 
    later on in the guide.
    Version History:
    V 1.0 – Created the guide and posted in on the forum for review.
    V 1.1 – Added Contributors, Mercenary Setup, Charm/Inventory Setup, 
            Corrected numbering in Things you should know and added to this 
    V 1.2 - Rejected! so, I sent it to kirbix for review
    II. Questions and Answers
    Q: So what is an Enchantress anyway?
    A: Basically, it is a sorceress class character that uses the skill 
       enchant to add melee fire damage to herself, her mercenary, her party 
       members, and their minions.
    Q: How can I use my enchantress?
    A: You can use it as a support only character, enchanting your party 
       members, or you can use it on yourself to become a solo fighting force.
    Q: How much damage does it add?
    A: It really depends on your level of enchant, or course it adds more 
       to you because you use fire mastery. A good Enchantress will add over 
       5000 melee fire damage to each party member.  I have broken 6000 with 
       mine. This is only to your party members though. I can enchant myself 
       and with fire mastery I break 30k melee damage GG!
    Q: When can you use enchant?
    A: You can enchant yourself, your mercenary and other player's minions 
       while standing in town. To enchant other players you must party with 
       them and step outside of town. If you attempt to enchant other players 
       while inside town it will cause you to initiate the trade window with 
    Q: How long does enchant last?
    A: Well again that depends on the level of enchant. A good enchant 
       should be over 20 minutes.
    Q: So does enchant add to elemental or casters damage like hurricane or 
    A: No only melee
    Q: What types of melee will enchant work with.
    A: Any attack that uses a weapon like a sword or axe. It also works 
       with bows, which is very useful. (I'll get into that later).
    Q: What type of weapon should an enchantress use?
    A: An enchantress can use a variety of weapons depending on her build, 
       I'll get into the weapons more in the items set up, but basically 
       depending on the build she can use any melee type weapon, or even a 
    III. Skill Placement 
    Well honestly there are several routes you can go, because there are 
    different types of enchantresses. I will type the setup for the three 
    that I think are the most popular. But first I will go over your three 
    main skills than you use in every one of the builds.
    Here are your three main skills, in which every enchant build you 
    should max these.
    This is enchants only true synergy.  It will regenerate your 
    mana at a higher than normal rate, and is useful in so many ways.  It 
    helps with the high cost of mana at high levels when enchanting 
    multiple characters and minions. It also allows you to regenerate your 
    mana from teleporting around quickly. Finally its helps tremendously on 
    the Energy shield version of this build. . My warmth level was at 45 
    with plus skills and it regenerated my mana at a 558 percent increase 
    OMG :)  You need to max this
    This isn't a true synergy to enchant but rather a 
    passive bonus to any fire skill.  Points into this will increase the 
    percent to fire damage. Again at level 45 my fire mastery was at around 
    338 percent. The awesome thing about fire mastery is that the damage it 
    adds to enchant sticks.  You need to max this as well.
    Here is the backbone of our build, Enchant. Of course were 
    going to max this if we didn't we wouldn't be an enchantress now would 
    The rest of your points depend on the type of Enchantress you are 
    building, see below.
    IV. Types of Builds
    Alright as stated above there are three main enchantress builds that I 
    will go over.  All of these builds you will want to max the above 
    skills as well as the ones I list belong depending on the build. 
    Alright here we go.
    This is the build that I used for my first enchantress, and it turned 
    out kind of bad lol. The reason was I didn't have a mercenary (I tend 
    not to with any char because it's too much trouble keeping alive) and I 
    had no way of dealing with fire immunes. If you get to hell look around 
    and a good majority of your monster are fire immunes. So you're just 
    out of luck without a mercenary. 
    One of the most popular fire sorceress skills. Its fireball 
    not explanation needed here. The idea of using fire ball is to add a 
    ranged attack along with your melee one. It seems like good idea, but 
    the damage your fire ball does isn't that great and you must deal with 
    all of hell's fire immunes. MAX THIS SKILL
    We've all seen meteor being spammed in Baal games, again no 
    explanation needed. We put around 11 points into here because its 
    synergy to fireball and again we already have fire mastery already 
    maxed. Meteor is needed to give fireball enough damage to be decent. 
    I have never made one of these, but have considered it many times. With 
    this build you use energy shield and telekinesis as a damage reducer. 
    If you're not familiar with how these two skills work then consult a 
    guide, because honestly it's really confusing. I will try to explain it 
    more below. The beauty behind this build is that with energy shield on 
    your damage gets taken from your mana. With high level warmth your mana 
    is regenerated at high levels. This makes it so you're almost 
    You must put points into this skill first. You will need 
    at least 16 into it. Basically, telekinesis is a hidden synergy to 
    energy shield. It reduces the amount of mana you loose from being hit 
    while having energy shield on. For example with 0 into telekinesis for 
    every 1 point damage you take you loose 2 points from your mana, or 200 
    percent. So at level 16 you're taking 1:1 damage. At level 20 for every 
    1 point damage you only loose .75 mana. So it's like a 25 percent DR.
    This skill takes the damage you receive and reduces it 
    from your mana instead of your health. With this build you'll want to 
    put most points into energy because that's really your life line.  You 
    should put 1 point to begin with, and after maxing or 16 into 
    telekinesis put all remaining points into Energy Shield.
    I am about to rebuild my enchantress with this build, it seems the most 
    fun and it creates a huge damage output. This build uses helm and 
    shield runeword dream to stack Holy shock, and add lots of lightning 
    damage. (I've heard of players hitting over 100k melee damage with this 
    Same as fire mastery except with lightning. You max 
    this because you're using two dreams whose holy shock aura's stack. 
    Basically, you have a level 30 holy shock and lightning mastery greatly 
    increase the damage added by holy shock.  You should max this skill.
    With this build you will have points left over; you can choose to put 
    points into Energy shield and Telekinesis, one of the cold armors, or 
    lighting itself sort of like the fire caster build. It's really up to 
    you but I recommend the additional points into Energy shield and 
    IV. Stat Point Placement
    This should be pretty basic. This is the same for most builds. With 
    energy shield you have a couple of various however, so I will list the 
    variations as well.
    NORMAL Build Stat Placement:
    Strength: Enough for your gear, it shouldn't be too much because you'll 
    have an anni and torch charm to boost your attributes.
    Dexterity: Either none or enough for max block. I never use max block 
    because I like more into vitality. If you're a support only character I 
    wouldn't put any points here but if your melee I would consider it.
    Vitality: Every extra point
    Energy: None like most builds. With your high level warmth your mana 
    will be regenerating at such a high level you won't need any.
    ENERGY SHIELD Build Stat Placement:
    Strength: Same as above enough for your gear.
    Dexterity: Again same as above none or enough for max block.
    Vitality: About a 100 more or less it's up to you. You want a little 
    here because if you run out of mana your dead without it.
    Energy: Everything you can spare since this is basically your health.
    VI. Item Setups
    This will vary greatly depending on the build you choose from above. 
    Also with an enchantress you will have an additional prebuff item 
    setup. This is more than just your CTA and Lidless on switch. A good 
    enchantress will have a whole additional setup to maximize her enchant 
    damage. This is annoying sometimes changing out gear, but it's a must 
    if you want to make your enchantress the best she can be.
    PREBUFF Setup: I will list the best choice first and other choices 
    Weapon 1
    Rare magic enchant orb with 6 to enchant, a 6 enchant leaf, 
    Eschutas orb. (Note the first item is very rare I've only seen 2 on 
    battle.net, I have one. The second leaf is fairly easy to get. I got 
    one for two SOJS a couple of days ago. Last is easy to get).
    Weapon 2
    CTA to cast battle orders
    Shield 1 
    Either a spirit shield for the 2 to skills or a 5/5 faceted 
    Shield 2
    Same as above without the facet. A spirit or a lidless if you 
    can't get a spirit
    Plus 3 enchant 5/5 faceted 20 fire skill damage Ormus
    Plus 3 to fire skills circlet 2 open sockets with two 5/5 fire 
    Magefist is you're only choice and easy to get. Use these for 
    the plus to fire skills.
    You won't change these up I use Sandstorm treks, but you could 
    use some rare duped boots with resist.
    Arachnids for the plus skills.
    Two sojs.
    Plus 3 to fire skills amulet.
    OPTIONAL Prebuff: You can also use a 9 energy shield staff if you're an 
    Energy shield sorceress. Also you can use a beast to transform into a 
    bear after your initial prebuff. A lot of enchantress use beast because 
    in bear form you attack faster and have more life and defense.
    Now that is for the prebuff. You will use this setup no matter what 
    build you choose. After you prebuff throw this gear in your stash.
    CASTER Item Setup:
    Three to fire skills Eschutas 5/5 faceted
    5/5 facet lidless or spirit.
    You can keep the enchant ormus on or replace it with a COH for 
    Shako it your best bet in my opinion. You can experiment around 
    with other helms but shako is the best.
    Keep your magefist on.
    Same as above keep the treks on.
    And again I'd just keep your arachnids on for faster cast rate 
    and the plus to skills.
    Two sojs are perfect here keep them on.
    Either a Mara's for resist or a rare duped amulet.
    ENERGY SHIELD Item Setup
    With the energy shield setup you're more than likely going to be a 
    melee enchantress so take that into mind with the following item 
    I use a 4x socketed Griswold's caddy. I use this because it 
    will have 120 increase attack speed and in bear form reach the fourth 
    frame. Another option is a 5 shaeled 1 eth phase blade.  This weapon 
    will hit the same frame but also have -25 to target's defense with the 
    eth. I use Gris because I don't like to get max block and put points 
    into dexterity.  Another option is passion rune word is a phase or 
    bezerker axe. This rune word gives you the skills zeal and berserker, 
    nice but unfortunately you can't use while in bear form. 
    I would use a storm shield here for the resist and most 
    importantly the damage reduction. Put a -15 requirement jewel in here 
    to reduce the strength requirement. I also think a Phoenix Monarch 
    would work here as well. It adds a lot to your physical damage and has 
    -23 to enemy fire resist. I have never tried it, so it's just a 
    For this build I'd probably wear a dusk Chains of Honor. It 
    gives you plus two to skills and tons of resist; you really can't go 
    wrong with it.
    I'd probably again go with a Shako. Plus 2 to skills, life and 
    mana you can't go wrong. Don't use a Crown of ages for the damage 
    reduction because you'll have almost enough with a storm shield.
    Since you are melee I would go with dracul's grasp for the life 
    leech and life tap. Also it adds a bonus to your strength which is a 
    I'd just stock with treks, but you could put on some gore riders 
    for the deadly strike, crushing blow etc. It would help your physical 
    damage but the majority of your damage comes from fire so this is 
    pretty useless.
    Two options here, you could keep the arachnids or what I would do 
    is switch it out with a Verdungo's. Dungo's gives you a lot of vitality 
    which is good since most of your points are in energy. Also it has 
    damage reduction which with storm shield will help you hit the 50 
    percent damage cap.
    You can go with sojs for the increase percent of mana, or B.K. 
    rings for the life and life leech. I would go with the sojs because you 
    already have them and you need as much mana as you can get since it is 
    your life.
    Stay with your rare duped amulets or your Mara's here. High 
    lord's is useless because deadly strike doesn't affect fire damage and 
    you won't need the increase attack speed from it. 
    DUAL DREAM Item Setup:
    Again I would use either a Gris weapon or a 5 shaeled 1 eth phase 
    blade. Another option is passion rune word is a phase or berserker axe. This 
    rune word gives you the skills zeal and berserker, nice but unfortunately you 
    can't use while in bear form..
    Alright there is no choice here. You are a dual dream enchantress, so 
    you're going to have to use a shield with the dream rune word.  I would 
    recommend a monarch if your going for max block or a large shield if you're not 
    because of its low strength.
    I would choose chains of honor here as well. It's a great armor you 
    can't go wrong.
    Again you're a dream enchantress you must use the rune word dream in your 
    helm.  I use a dream tiara, but you can use whatever. Some people use Diadems, 
    bone helms, or Crowns.
    I would use Drac's here again for the reason stated above.
    Treks are the way to go unless you can afford rare dupes.
    I'd probably stay with arachnids here because you don't have the damage 
    reduction from storm shield to make verdungo's worth it.
    Either sojs or Bk's. You can use bk's here because you don't need the 
    mana boost from sojs. This is because you're a vitality build, not an energy 
    one. Either one is good, it doesn't make that much difference.
    Rare dupe or Mara's is your best choice again.
    That concludes the item setup. Like I said depending on your build your setup 
    will be slightly different. Your prebuff setup is always the same, and depends 
    on how much you can afford.
    VII. Charm/Inventory Setup:
    Your charms and what you have in your inventory is pretty standard, but can 
    vary depending on your build. So again I will list what I think is the best 
    inventory set up for each particular build.
    CASTER Inventory Setup:
    You should have 9 fire grand charms. Some with life, faster hit recovery, or 
    plain if that's all you can get. ( I use plain because I'm too lazy to care 
    about breakpoints, bad on my part) 
    Best Annilus Small charm you can afford
    Best Torch you can afford.
    The rest of your inventory is optional I would probably use 20 life 5 all 
    resist small charms for the rest of your inventory.
    ENERGY SHIELD Inventory Setup:
    For highest possible enchant you will want again 9 fire grand charms. For a 
    higher level energy shield you would want to replace the fire grand charms with 
    lightning grand charms.
    Again Best anni and torch that you can afford.
    The last piece of your inventory is vital to an energy shield sorceress or so I 
    hear (Never made one).  You should use bugged 70 mana 15 life small charms. 
    This is because your mana is like your life in this build. Be careful as most 
    of these small charms are duped and unpermed. So be careful when trading.
    DUAL DREAM Inventory Setup:
    The correct way for this build to work is to have 9 lightning grand charms in 
    your inventory. This will add massive damage to holy shock and allow you to 
    reach the insane damages that I talked about earlier. Personal I choose to keep 
    my fire grand charms because I liked being more of a party player, and I loose 
    enchant damage when I substitute lightning grand charms. My way is incorrect 
    but that's what I like to do so oh well. For massive damage use the light grand 
    HMM best anni and torch? Of course it's like this is every build.
    As far as small charms its up to you, again I'd do 20/5's or 70/15's, but be 
    careful and aware of dupes.
    VIII. Mercenary Setup:
    Alright there are two main mercenary setups that I will discuss. The 
    first one will probably be the best choice for someone wanting to fully 
    utilize their enchantress.  The second is more for fun and what I'm 
    planning to do on my remade enchantress.  Remember that eth items don't 
    loose durability on your mercenary, so you should always use them.
    First choice is a act 2 holy freeze Mercenary with the following gear:
    Really it's up to you a lot of people use a dream helm, but there 
    are so many choices here.  I like an eth Andy's for the life leech and 
    other useful mods.
    The pretty obvious choice here is an eth infinity in some 
    polearm. I think a cryptic axe is the best choice, but it's really up 
    to you and what you can find.  The reason you should use this weapon is 
    because of the conviction aura that it gives your mercenary.  This will 
    lower all your enemy's resist and make your enchantress much more 
    Again a few choices, but I think the best is an eth fortitude 
    for the added damage. You could also use an eth stone, or other armor 
    of your choice.
    Second Mercenary choice is a Act 1 Rogue mercenary.
    You may ask why in the world you would want to use one of these. Well 
    it's simple; enchant them and equip them with some nice gear, teleport 
    around and watch the fire arrow flow.
    I would use a 120 enhanced damage 40 increased attack speed 
    tiara. It would be nice if you could get one with life or another good 
    mod. This will add speed and physical damage to your Rogue.
    An 08 or regular wind force is the best choice here. Socket it 
    with a 40/15 jewel. Remember a wind force is a better choice than a 
    faith for your mercenary.
    Again use an eth fortitude for the added damage and life.
    This setup will give you a pretty godly bow mercenary that will spam 
    tons of fire arrows at your opponent.
    IX. Things you should know:
    I've included this section because honestly there are certain things 
    about enchant that aren't obvious and you really should know them to 
    full understand how enchant works.  Nothing really complicated but good 
    stuff to know
    One confusing thing about enchant is that in the skill description 
    it says that ranged attack or bows that are enchanted only do 1/3 the 
    damaged of a regular sword melee weapon. Well this is false. A ranged 
    bow enchanted will do the same damage as a Zeal paladin enchanted.
    This next piece of information is one of the most important and 
    unknown things about enchant. Basically when an enchantress enchants 
    herself and is using a melee weapon such as a sword or an axe, then her 
    fire mastery is actually multiplied in twice instead of once. So to 
    understand this, when an enchantress enchants herself the fire mastery 
    is calculated at that time. It's again used after her enchant 
    passively, so actually two times.  The damage show on the character 
    screen is the actual damage she does. All of this damage can be 
    calculated by the following formula.
    Enchant base damage * Warmth synergy * Fire mastery at time of enchant 
    * Fire mastery at time of striking or after enchant.
    This next part goes along with what was stated above.  The double 
    fire mastery only works with melee weapons not ranged one such as bows.  
    This is confusing because on the character screen it shows the damage 
    as if it was multiplied by fire mastery twice but it's not.  So to put 
    it simply the damage you see after enchant on the character screen when 
    using a bow is wrong. To find the correct damage use the following 
    Enchant base damage * Warmth synergy * Fire mastery at time of enchant
    Fire mastery affects the damage on charms. For example a small charm 
    with 1-3 fire damage is multiplied by the percent of fire mastery and 
    then incorporated into the damage done. So this actually makes fire 
    small charms useful, or at least the ones with higher damage.
    Enchant is carried by explosive arrows and bolts, when fired by the 
    enchantress or another character. This is not true when a mercenary 
    fires an explosive arrow or bolt. This is useful because of bows that 
    have an explosive arrow skill added on to them. Note that an explosion 
    from an explosive arrow always hits, and if the arrow is physical and 
    not magical it hits as well.  So basically you're hitting your target 
    twice, cool huh?
    Although the character screen does not display the enchant damage 
    for an assassins kick, enchant does work with them. If you don't 
    believe me test it out yourself with a level 1 or so character and 
    you'll see.
    One thing you should note about enchanting your party members. That 
    is only one of you has to be outside the town so either the players 
    have to be outside and the sorc can enchant, or the sorc can go outside 
    and enchant the party... (Helpful if you are playing in hardcore.)
    Well that's basically it for information you should know. I think this 
    section will be very helpful to people new to the enchantress, and even 
    people that have made them before.  A lot of this stuff I didn't know 
    myself at first but learned from reading other enchantress guides.
    X. Uses
    There are several things you can do with an enchantress that make them such 
    useful characters.  I will list the main ones, if you have more ideas send them 
    to me.
    First of all this is a great party character. An enchantress will add around 
    5000 damage to her party as well as their minions.  I often go into Baal games 
    just to enchant people and hear their reactions. My enchant is at level 55, and 
    I just wait for them so say OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED, or awesome enchant.  It's 
    really great.
    Like stated above you can enchant party members mercenaries and minions. For 
    example a necromancer with 20 skeletons gets around 5k damage added to each of 
    his army. That's a big help.
    One of the funniest things an enchantress can do is enchant low level 
    characters. This is very helpful when they are trying to level in the tomb area 
    and cows.  The low level character should buy a bow from a npc, and get 
    enchanted.  You'll be amazed with a level 1 character doing 5000 damage, it's 
    Enchanting yourself duh.  What is awesome about an enchantress is that they 
    are unique and not your cookie cutter sorceress build. You're a melee sorceress 
    swinging your sword and doing a ton of damage.
    XI. Credits
    The Gamefaqs community as a whole for the feedback and criticism 
    Mike Archer
    Kirbix- "fixing" the errors in my guides layout.
    XII. Contact Information and Final Thought
    You can contact me at swp1983@charter.net if you have any suggestions or have 
    found corrections that should be made.  If you have anything you would like to 
    add to my guy please let me know and if I include it I will give you full 
    Let me finish by saying I hope you enjoy this guide and can put it to good use. 
    Like I said before this is my first attempt at a guide, but I think it turned 
    out pretty good.  The enchantress is a unique character that you don't see that 
    often, and that's why I think it's such an appealing character to make. I 
    challenge everyone who hasn't made one to try it out, and I guarantee you'll 
    have fun. Sure it's not the best solo or pvp character in the game but its one 
    great party character and really useful and fun in so many ways.
    Right now my enchantress is a caster who I use now solely as a support 
    character. When I finish my Diablo 2 run this time I intend to remake her into 
    a dual dream enchantress. If you want to see my enchantress in action let me 
    know, she is one of the top on battle.net having a Godly level 55 enchant and 
    one of the Godliest enchant orb on battle.net If you want to see it let me 
    know, I guarantee you won't find a better one. Well that's the end of my rant, 
    again I hope you enjoyed the guide please send feedback.
    Copyright 2005 © Stephen (stephenp1983)

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