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    1.11 Werebear Druid Guide by CLLi

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 01/14/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
     Indepth Guide
    Werebear Druid - 1.11b Patch
       Version 1.20
          Written by CLLi a.k.a. sunny_d2
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Stats
    III. Skills
       A. Elemental Skills
       B. Shape Shifting Skills
       C. Summoning Skills
    IV. Equipment
       A. Power Equipment
       B. Speed Leech Equipment
       C. Inventory
       D. Mercenary
    V. Usage
       A. Normal
       B. Bosses
    VI. FAQs
    VII. Miscellaneous
    I. Introduction
    Hello, thanks for checking this guide out. This is a guide to help you make
    a good werebear druid. 
    The ancient druid knowledge I am about to bestow upon you is a mighty gift
    indeed. This werebear druid focuses on speed and leech rather than a lumbering
    powerhouse; for a pure power werebear, check out some other guides. 
    There are some experts in Diablo that have calculated exact frame rates for
    the druid in werebear form, and also determined the change of attack speed,
    walk/run speed, etc. I cannot give you exact frame break points, but the 
    information in this guide works fine.
    II. Stats
    Werebear, despite being such a beast that he is, doesn't need to pump 
    strength. And also doesn't need to pump dexterity. 
    -Strength determines what armor you can where. Strength also adds to your 
    physical damage, but it's not worth spending the points for it.
    -Dexterity determines your defense and your attack rating. The werebear will
    obtain plenty of AR and defense from items.
       Note: If you plan on using the alternative equipment set (see below), then
             you probably have to put more in dexterity.
    -Vitality determines health, stamina and stamina recovery. This is where
    all your other points should go into.
    -Energy determines mana and mana recovery. None
    Strength should be at a "bear" (no pun intended) minimum. The increase in 
    physical damage is not worth it. Five more damage vs. two more life. (You 
    would think druids obtain three life for every skill point...) Energy is 
    always a joke. No character except the energy shield sorceress would need 
    mass mana.
    III. Skills
    The werebear doesn't rely skills as much as a spellcastor, but still more than
    a pure melee character. As for skills that are not even being used, I will
    just skip them.
    A. [----Elemental Skills----]
    Total: 0 points spent
    Only reasonable skill present is cyclone armor, and no. In order for it to be
    effective, you would need the synergies to be filled in.
    B. [----Shape Shifting Skills----]
    Total: 69 points spent
    We will not even touch the werewolf side of the tree.
              1 point
                 20 points
    With any transformation, Lycanthropy needs to be maxed. Duration and Life.
              20 points
    Damage and defense are covered, we just need speed.
          20 points
    Such a funny skill name... This is your primary attack skill. It stuns, adds
    damage and attack rating (AR)! Plus the 3 mana cost will easily be leeched 
    back, or even regen'ed back. 
               8 points
    Oh yes, shockwave is a necessity. But one of the last necessities you will 
    put points into. The damage isn't great, but +.6 seconds of stun per level is 
    really helpful. And it has an area of effect. 
    C. [----Summoning Skills----]
    Total: 41
    Here comes the controversial part. Firstly, with 60+ points spent in 
    shapeshifting, we cannot pour points into summons. The wolves are too weak.
    The bear is only effective if you max it, and its synergies, which we can't.
    So make yourself weaker and have below average summons OR ignore summons
    altogether and make yourself stronger.
    So with the potential and ultimately useless points that go into summons, we
    can make TWO spirits. 
           1 point
    One point will suffice. With +skills, you will be able to summon 5 ravens.
    These are more useful than the wolves/bear. Yeah, they don't do damage, but
    they blind enemies and they can't die.
    :Oak Sage:
              20 points
    With ideal conditions, Oak Sage adds ~1900 life. In addition to your Battle
    Orders and Werebear, your life will be around 6500 (w/o charms).
    :Heart of Wolverine:
                        20 points
    20?! Yes, there is no rule that states you have to explicitly max one spirit
    or the other. There are times when you need life more than damage and AR; and
    of course vice versa. Play smart.
    Primary Skills Summary
     20 Lycanthropy
     20 Werebear
     20 Maul
     20 Oak Sage (OS)
     20 Heart of Wolverine (HoW)
    Now... maxing order. I wouldn't follow this chart strictly. There are no
    "essential skills" to max out first, but just keep your werebear balanced, in
    terms of skills, all the time.
    Lycanthropy - (1 point Shockwave) - Werebear - Maul - (Alternate) OS and HoW
    IV. Equipment
    The main things that a werebear needs to focus on are...
       damage reduction
    faster hit recovery
          faster run and walk
    increased attack speed
          attack rating
             faster cast rate
    An odd organization chart, but the more important modifications are on the
    left. Thus, faster hit recovery is more important than faster cast rate. But,
    faster cast rate?! For what? To cast Shockwave of course.
    I am going to rate the difficulty in obtaining these items. I will try to 
    update these ratings fairly regularly because the duped-filled, bot-filled 
    economy is always changing.
    The rating is out of 6 +'s. One + being easy to get while six + means you 
    need a lot of effort to find/trade one of these.
    There are two equipment setups available for the speed werebear. The first one
    is slower, but deals more damage. The second one has faster attack speed and 
    higher life leech. Choose one or the other. Mix these items up at your own
    A. Power Equipment
    These items, per se, are not the power items that suit a truly Power 
    werebear, but are power items when compared to my other setup. Still, 7000
    damage isn't low.
     Jalal's Mane
     Totemic Mask
    Defense: 247-297 
    Required Level: 42
    Required Strength: 65
    Durability: 20
    +150-200% Enhanced Defense 
    30% Faster Hit Recovery
    20% Bonus To Attack Rating
    +2 To Druid Skill Levels
    All Resistances +30
    +5 To Mana After Each Kill
    +20 To Strength
    +20 To Energy
    +2 To Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
    The overall best helm for a SS druid. +skills, resistance, stats and a slight
    AR boost. Cerebus' Bite provides higher AR and life leech, but lacks what was
    just stated about Jalal's. 
    Socket with a Ber, NOT an Um. Ber adds 8% damage reduction in a helm or in a
    shield, but Um adds higher resists when in a shield.
    ~~~~Body Armor~~~~
    No doubt. Most melee characters use Fortitude. Damage, insane defense, resists
    and life. An archon plate should suit you well, high defense, low strength.
     Fortitude - El + Sol + Dol + Lo
    20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when Struck
    +25% Faster Cast Rate
    +300% Enhanced Damage
    +200% Enhanced Defense
    +15 Defense
    +1.125-1.5 To Life (Based on Character Level)
    Replenish Life +7
    +5% To Maximum Lightning Resist
    All Resistances +25-30 
    Damage Reduced By 7
    12% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    +1 To Light Radius 
    As for Non-ladder players, surprise surprise...
     Treachery - Shael + Thul + Lem
    5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Fade When Struck
    25% Chance To Cast level 15 Venom On Striking
    +2 To Assassin Skills
    +45% Increased Attack Speed
    +20% Faster Hit Recovery
    Cold Resist +30%
    50% Extra Gold From Monsters
    This is just such an oddball armor. Your resists are taken care of (plus you
    look ethereal). The Venom adds to your damage. The 45% IAS will break who 
    knows how many frames. 20% FHR is always a plus. And 30% cold resist! Downside
    is that there are no +stats and almost no defense. But who needs those...
    And also, fade has curse reduction and more damage reduction, excellent.
    2-handed or 1-handed? Since we are a speed character, a 1-handed weapon is, 
    for the most part, faster than a 2-handed weapon. Damage? Well go for the 
    highest damage 1-hander. 
     Breath of the Dying - Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth
    50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy
    +60% Increased Attack Speed
    +350-400% Enhanced Damage 
    +200% Damage To Undead
    -25% Target Defense
    +50 To Attack Rating
    +50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
    7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    12-15% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    Prevent Monster Heal
    +30 To All Attributes
    +1 To Light Radius
    Requirements -20%
    Phase Blades are ungodly fast, but the dexterity requirement is way too high.
    And the damage is too low. So use an ethereal Berserker Axe.
    Phoenix versus Stormshield. The ONLY good thing about Phoenix is the enhanced
    damage. Werebears don't need that Redemption aura. Stormshield is a lot more
    balanced than the Phoenix.
    Defense: 136-519 
    Required Level: 73
    Required Strength: 156
    +3-371 Defense (Based On Character Level)
    +25% Increased Chance Of Blocking
    35% Faster Block Rate
    Damage Reduced By 35%
    Cold Resist +60%
    Lightning Resist +25%
    +30 To Strength
    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 10
    Socket this with an Um. +22% resists. You're gonna need it. With the Ber in
    the Jalal's (if you can), you're close enough to the DR cap. 
    Gloves are used as the 20% IAS frame breaker. But this time, no. We are using
    Dracul's Grasp for the +stats, life leech and most importantly, the chance to 
    cast lifetap.
     Dracul's Grasp
    Vampirebone Gloves
    Defense: 125-145 
    Required Level: 76
    Required Strength: 50
    Durability: 14
    +90-120% Enhanced Defense 
    +10-15 To Strength 
    +5-10 Life After Each Kill 
    25% Chance of Open Wounds
    7-10% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    5% Chance To Cast Level 10 Life Tap On Striking
    The overall best boot is Sandstorm Trek. Great +stats, frw, fhr and monster
    poison resist.
          +++ [Ethereal: +++++]
     Sandstorm Trek
    Scarabshell Boots
    Defense: 158-178 
    Required Level: 64
    Required Strength: 91
    Durability: 14
    +140-170% Enhanced Defense 
    +20% Faster Hit Recovery
    +20% Faster Run/Walk
    +1-99 Maximum Stamina (Based On Character Level)
    +10-15 To Strength 
    +10-15 To Vitality 
    50% Slower Stamina Drain
    Poison Resist +40-70% 
    Repairs 1 Durability In 20 Seconds
    Most melee characters use Verdungo's for the +life and DR. We don't need 
    either of them. There is, somewhere, a perfect belt for the werebear; it would
    be a rare one. A rare belt with...
    +24% Faster Hit Recovery
    +XX% Strength
    ..and maybe some other random useful mods. But you can also be content with
    just a Verdungo's, not String of Ears; life leech is voided because we 
    have Drac's. With Verdungo's you can reach the 55% DR cap.
     Verdungo's Hearty Cord
          Mithril Coil
    Defense: 125-158
    Required Level: 63
    Required Strength: 106
    Durability: 16
    +90-140% Enhanced Defense
    10% Faster Hit Recovery
    +30-40 To Vitality 
    Replenish Life +10-13 
    +100-120 Maximum Stamina 
    Damage Reduced By 10-15% 
    Bling, bling. Raven Frost, and a rare ring.
     Raven Frost
    Required Level: 45
    +150-250 To Attack Rating 
    Adds 15-45 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Duration
    Cannot Be Frozen
    +15-20 To Dexterity 
    +40 To Mana
    Cold Absorb 20%
    This rare ring should include...
    If you are not comfortable with using a rare ring, Bul-Kathos' ring will do 
     Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
    Required Level: 58
    +1 To All Skills
    +0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)
    3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    +50 Maximum Stamina
    No, not Mara's. We don't need the +skills and the resists and the +stats. We
    need Highlord's Wrath, for the IAS and Deadly Strike.
     Highlord's Wrath
    Required Level: 65
    +1 To All Skills
    +20% Increased Attack Speed
    +0-37 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level)
    Lightning Resist +35%
    Adds 1-30 Lightning Damage
    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 15
    Prebuff refers to [usually] spells you cast before going into battle. e.g.
    Burst of Speed, Bone Armor, Shout. For the werebear, two prebuffs are 
    The regular Call to Arms + Spirit is used.
         +++ [High BO: +++++]
     Call To Arms - Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm
    +1 To All Skills
    +40% Increased Attack Speed
    +250-290% Enhanced Damage 
    Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
    7% Life Stolen Per Hit
    +2-6 To Battle Command 
    +1-6 To Battle Orders 
    +1-4 To Battle Cry 
    Prevent Monster Heal
    Replenish Life +12
    30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
     Spirit - Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn
    +2 To All Skills
    +25-35% Faster Cast Rate 
    +55% Faster Hit Recovery
    +250 Defense Vs. Missile
    +22 To Vitality
    +89-112 To Mana 
    Cold Resist +35%
    Lightning Resist +35%
    Poison Resist +35%
    +3-8 Magic Absorb 
    Attacker Takes Damage of 14
    For non-ladder players, use lidless wall to prebuff this setup.
     Lidless Wall
     Grim Shield
    Defense: 271-347 
    Required Level: 41
    Required Strength: 58
    Durability: 70
    +80-130% Enhanced Defense 
    +1 To All Skills
    Increase Maximum Mana 10%
    20% Faster Cast Rate
    +3-5 To Mana After Each Kill 
    +10 To Energy
    +1 To Light Radius
    An optional prebuff that helps the AR is Demon Limb. The Enchant charges 
    increases your AR significantly. It is quite expensive to repair.
     Demon Limb
     Tyrant Club
    One-Hand Damage: (89-105) To (162-191)
    Required Level: 63
    Required Strength: 133
    Durability: 65
    +180-230% Enhanced Damage 
    +50% Damage To Undead
    +123% Damage To Demons
    Adds 222-333 Fire Damage
    7-13% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    Fire Resist +15-20% 
    Level 23 Enchant (20 Charges)
    Repairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds
          Modification Summary
    This is a summary of most of the important item mods. I may have suggested 
    some rare items, so those mods can't be catalogued accurately, so I kept those
    mods to a minimum. I did not include items in the inventory nor optional
    prebuff items. This list is also based on that the player is on Ladder or can
    obtain Ladder items. All mods are at the maximum possible stat and with you
    at level 99.
    Defense: 297, ~1400, 519, 145, 178, 158, 
    30% FHR, 20% FHR, 24% FHR
    20% Run/Walk
    60% IAS, 20% IAS  
    25% FCR
    35% Block Rate
    300% Dmg, 400% Dmg    
    35% DR, 8% DR                         
    20% AR
    +250 AR
    +30 All Resist, +30 All Resist, +22 All Resist, +5 All Resist, +10 Resist
    +60% Cold Resist
    +25% Lightning Resist. +35% Lightning Resist
    +70% Poison Resist
    +5 Mana Kill
    +10 Life Kill
    +30 All Attributes
    +20 Str, +30 Str, +15 Str, +15 Str, +15 Str, +10 Str
    +20 Dex, +5 Dex
    +20 Enrgy
    +15 Vit
    +1 All Skills
    +2 Druid Skills
    +2 ShapeShift
    +40 Mana
    +30 Life
    20% Cold Absorb
    12% Dmg to Mana
    20% Level 15 Chilling Armor Struck
    50% Level 20 Poison Nova Kill
    5% Level 10 Lifetap Striking
    +37% Deadly Strike
    +25% Open Wounds
    7% Mana Leech
    15% Life Leech, 10% Life Leech, 3% Life Leech
    Prevent Monster Heal
    +25% Chance Block
    Replenish Life +7
    -25% Target Defense
    Cannot Be Frozen
    Cold Damage
    B. Speed Leech Equipment
    This equipment setup is not secondary to the one listed above, it is just
    another way. And quite a powerful way too. This equipment set is still for a 
    speed werebear.
    Also, this setup 'requires' the use of a Ladder runeword and a high dexterity
    weapon. Again, mix these two setups together at your own risk.
    Cerebus' Bite offers a different layout than Jalal's Mane. The pros that are
    covered in Jalal's must be covered somewhere else while using Cerebus'.
     Cerebus' Bite
      Blood Spirit
    Defense: 335-350 
    Required Level: 63
    Required Strength: 86
    Durability: 20
    (Druid Only)
    +130-140% Enhanced Defense 
    60-120% Bonus to Attack Rating 
    7-10% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    33% Chance of Open Wounds
    +2-4 To Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only) 
    +1-2 To Feral Rage (Druid Only) 
    (Ladder Only)
    Socket this with a Cham, and it completely replaces the Raven Frost.
    For non-ladder people. *Sigh, get a Jalal's Mane. Try to find a 40% enhanced 
    damage, 7% FHR jewel to socket it with.
    ~~~~Body Armor~~~~
    This setup is a little different from my earlier choice. I think it's better
    because the shield is actually valuable! We go back to the Fortitude choice
    from the first setup. Defense, life, resists.
    A very powerful weapon is in your grasp now. Grief. You will have amazing
    attack speed and amazing damage, even if it doesn't show on the character
    screen. Grief is simply amazing.
    You must, MUST, get at least 390+ damage on the Grief for it to be worthwhile
    in Hell. Anything under will notibly decrease your killing speed. Also, I
    believe 37% IAS is the frame break on the PB; that's for Paladins at least.
     Grief - Eth + Tir + Lo + Mal + Ral
    35% Chance To Cast Level 15 Venom On Striking
    +30-40% Increased Attack Speed 
    Damage +340-400 
    Ignore Target's Defense
    -25% Target Defense
    +1.875-185.625% Damage To Demons (Based on Character Level) 
    Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
    -20-25% To Enemy Poison Resistance 
    20% Deadly Strike
    Prevent Monster Heal
    +2 To Mana After Each Kill
    +10-15 Life After Each Kill
    For non-ladders, don't use this setup. It is centered around the Grief PB...
    Unless you want to go get a Grief PB.
    Using a Phase Blade requires a high dexterity. High dexterity means less life.
    The armor Fortitude gives, max 30 resists, and that is not nearly enough. We 
    will be using the runeword Sanctuary. It is preferred to make the runeword in
    a low strength required shield. This shield gives you insane resists along with
    more FHR and FBR. The +20 to dexterity definitely helps.
     Sanctuary - Ko + Ko + Mal
    +20% Faster Hit Recovery
    +20% Faster Block Rate
    20% Increased Chance of Blocking
    +130-160% Enhanced Defense 
    +250 Defense vs. Missile
    +20 To Dexterity
    All Resistances +50-70 
    Magic Damage Reduced By 7
    Level 12 Slow Missiles (60 Charges)
    For gloves, Dracul's Grasp is a must-have for physical damage characters.
    Boots. You don't need boots with resists so focus on some +stats. A good 
    choice would be Marrowwalk, but the strength requirement is a little high.
    But then again, if you're using an archon plate, your strength will definitely
    reach 118.
    Boneweave Boots
    Defense: 183-204 
    Required Level: 66
    Required Strength: 118
    Durability: 16
    +170-200% Enhanced Defense 
    +20% Faster Run/Walk
    +1-2 To Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer Only) 
    +10-20 To Strength 
    +17 To Dexterity
    Regenerate Mana 10%
    Heal Stamina Plus 10%
    Half Freeze Duration
    Level 33 Bone Prison (13 Charges)
    Level 12 Life Tap (10 Charges)
    Nosferatu gives great mods, but not in great quantity. But still it's a great
     Nosferatu's Coil
     Vampirefang Belt
    Defense: 56-63 
    Required Level: 51
    Required Strength: 50
    Durability: 14
    Slows Target By 10%
    +2 To Mana After Each Kill
    5-7% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    +15 To Strength
    10% Increased Attack Speed
    -3 To Light Radius
    The Raven Frost ring is excellent in adding the dexterity that you need. The
    CBF and the attack rating don't hurt either.
    For the amulet, we shall use Cat's Eye for the +speeds and particularly the 
     Cat's Eye
    Required Level: 50
    +30% Faster Run/Walk
    +20% Increased Attack Speed
    +100 Defense Vs. Missile
    +100 Defense
    +25 To Dexterity
    Call to Arms will work fine. But since you are hurting in the strength area,
    just use a Lidless instead of Spirit monarch. As for the Demon Limb Enchant
    prebuff, this setup adds a ton more AR than the first one, so AR isn't 
    remotely a problem now. 
    This setup allows for very fast attack speed and very high life leech. But
    less damage. This setup is just as good as the previous setup, it's all about
    preference. As for charms, resists are a little lower, so you have to help 
    that by getting some resist charms. 
    Notice how there is no FHR in the items? Well since your attack speed is 
    extremely quick, FHR becomes less important. Having some FHR in your charms
    definitely helps, but is not mandatory.
    Mercenary? Just go with the written recommendation.
          Modification Summary
    This is a summary of most of the important item mods. I may have suggested 
    some rare items, so those mods can't be catalogued accurately, so I kept those
    mods to a minimum. I did not include items in the inventory nor optional
    prebuff items. This list is also based on that the player is on Ladder or can
    obtain Ladder items. All mods are at the maximum possible stat and with you
    at level 99.
    Defense: 350, ~1400, ~400, 145, 204, 63
    20% Run/Walk, 30% Run/Walk
    50% Block Rate
    25% FCR
    40% IAS, 10% IAS, 20% IAS
    +400 Damage
    +300% Enhanced Dmg
    185% Demon Damage
    120% AR
    +22 All Resist
    55% Poison Resist
    +2 Mana Kill, +2 Mana Kill
    +15 Life Kill, +10 Life Kill
    +15 Str, +20 Str, +15 Str
    +49 Dex, +17 Dex, +25 Dex
    +1 All Skills
    +4 ShapeShift
    +123 Life, +49 Life
    61 Cold Absorb
    4% Level 5 Weaken Struck
    5% Level 10 Life Tap Striking
    10% Level 10 Poison Nova Struck
    8% Level 13 Twister Striking
    20% Deadly Strike
    33% Open Wounds, 25% Open Wounds
    10% Slows Target
    10% Life Leech, 10% Life Leech, 7% Life Leech, 5% Life Leech
    -25% Enemy Poison Resist
    Prevent Monster Heal
    12% Dmg to Mana
    10% Mana Regen
    -25% Target Defense
    Cannot Be Frozen
    Ignore Target Defense
    C. Inventory
    Don't forget out charms and the like. Rule of thumb, don't keep you Horadric
    Cube in your inventory; keep it in the stash. For almost all builds, charms
    will be the last set of items you acquire. And usually the hardest. 
    A.  Small Charms
    x11 20 Life, 3 Max Damage, 20 Attack Rating
    The usual 3/20/20 charm. You don't have to get the max stats, just get some
    Fine Small Charms of Life/Vita. 
       "+" depends on stats
    Small Charm
    Required Level: 70
    +1 To All Skills
    +10-20 To All Attributes 
    All Resistances +10-20 
    +5-10% To Experience Gained 
    B.  Large Charms
         "+" depends on stats
     Hellfire Torch
      Large Charm
    Required Level: 75
    25% Chance To Cast level 10 Firestorm On Striking
    +3 to Druid skills
    +10-20 To All Atributes
    All Resistances +10-20
    +8 to light radius
    Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)
    Your standard torch. 
    C. Grand Charms
    x4 +1 Shapeshifting Skill 12% Faster Hit Recovery
    More FHR is good.
    x5 +1 Shapeshifting Skill 45 Life
    Life skillers are a pain to obtain. Even if it's +4 life, keep it!
    Of course having your entire inventory filled with charms isn't a good idea.
    Unless you're explicitly dueling. Keep a 3x4 space open. That allows for
    a Tome of Identify, Tome of Townportal and space to fit the largest item; 
    that way you can still pick up drops. 
    D. Mercenary
    The mercenary for melee characters usually improves damage. And we're going to
    do just that! But for the speed werebear, we need more than just damage..
    Mercenaries survive by doing damage quickly with high leech to counter the 
    high amount of damage they take, since they have no DR and... they're not you.
    The best mercenary combo to boost your damage, is an Act 2 mercenary with
    Might aura and a Pride polearm. Depending on your condition, it can boost your 
    max damage by 2000! But again, we are the speedy gonzalez type werebear. So,
    Act 1 Mercenary, cold arrow. 
    For Andy's helm, it is important to get as much +strength as possible. Since
    the Act 1 mercenary naturally has low strength. Also, the damned -30% fire
    resist makes the mercenary actually susceptible to Hydras and the like. 
    I once found a rare jewel with +24% fire resist, +8 strength, +21% enhanced
    damage, +3 minimum damage and some other goofy stat. Find something like that,
    and socket Andy's helm with it!
     Andariel's Visage
    Defense: 310-387 
    Required Level: 83
    Required Strength: 102
    Durability: 20
    +100-150% Enhanced Defense 
    +2 To All Skills
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    8-10% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    +25-30 To Strength 
    +10% To Maximum Poison Resist
    Fire Resist -30%
    Poison Resist +70%
    15% Chance To Cast Level 15 Poison Nova When Struck
    Level 3 Venom (20 charges)
    (Ladder Only)
    For Non-Ladder people, Vampire Gaze is an amazing helm.
     Vampire Gaze
      Grim Helm
    Defense: 252 
    Required Level: 41
    Required Strength: 58
    Durability: 40
    +100% Enhanced Defense
    Adds 6-22 Cold Damage - 4 Second Duration
    15% Slower Stamina Drain
    6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit
    6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit 
    Damage Reduced By 15-20%
    Magic Damage Reduced By 10-15
    A decent replacement is Tal Rasha's mask. Good life leech, some resistance,
    and some life.
     Tal Rasha's Horadric Creset
            Death Msk
    Defense: 99-131 
    Required Level: 66
    Required Strength: 55
    Durability: 20
    10% Life Stolen Per Hit
    10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    All Resistances +15
    +45 Defense
    +30 To Mana
    +60 To Life
    Faith is the runeword of choice. It boosts AR, damage and attack speed. It 
    should be made in a non-(amazon only) weapon, since rogues aren't amazons. 
    Getting a high Fanaticism aura is important.
     Faith - Ohm + Jah + Lem + Eld
    Level 12-15 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped 
    +1-2 To All Skills 
    +330% Enhanced Damage
    Ignore Target's Defense
    300% Bonus To Attack Rating
    +75% Damage To Undead
    +50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
    +120 Fire Damage
    All Resistances +15
    10% Reanimate As: Returned
    75% Extra Gold From Monsters 
    Non-ladder people... I might have to transfer you to another mercenary. Since
    the point of a rogue, is the Fanaticism aura. Still, try to get that Faith. If
    you do not wish to get a Faith, instead go for an Act 2 Defensive mercenary in 
    nightmare. For the weapon, Breath of the Dying. Alternative? Any unique 
    ~~~~Body Armor~~~~
    The runeword Fortitude provides resistance, enhanced damage, life and great
     Fortitidue - El + Sol + Dol + Lo
    20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when Struck
    +25% Faster Cast Rate
    +300% Enhanced Damage
    +200% Enhanced Defense
    +15 Defense
    +1-148.5 To Life (Based on Character Level)
    Replenish Life +7
    +5% To Maximum Lightning Resist
    All Resistances +25-30 
    Damage Reduced By 7
    12% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
    +1 To Light Radius
    An alternative would be Duriel's Shell. Good defense, life, strength, cannot
    be frozen and resists.
     Duriel's Shell
    Defense: (528-650) - (610-732)
    Required Level: 41
    Required Strength: 65
    Durability: 150
    +160-200% Enhanced Defense 
    +1-123 Defense (Based On Character Level)
    +1-99 To Life (Based On Character Level)
    Resist Fire +20%
    Resist Lightning +20%
    Resist Poison +20%
    Resist Cold +50%
    Cannot Be Frozen
    +15 To Strength
    V. Usage
    Werebears, the characters that rush into the fray first while amazons and
    sorceresses steal their kills. Naw, but a fun character to use albeit a little
    This section is written to help you out with whatever is difficult for you at 
    your level. A level 80 playing in normal does not need to worry about tactics.
    A. Normal
    This isn't normal difficulty. I'm talking about just all the 
    non-unique/minion monsters. Your majority of kills will be normal monsters.
    For button layout, I found these efficient to use.
     Left-click - Maul
     F1-F8 - [Somewhere in there] Werebear, Shockwave, Oak Sage, Heart of 
    The Battle Command and Orders are a hassle to keep constantly activated, so
    for gentile battles, don't bother to transform and prebuff. 
    Shockwave will be used a lot. Send a wave into a crowd then pick them off one
    by one. 
    Adjust your spirits according to the situation. Party games generally call for 
    Oak Sage, unless you're with 6 other bloodthirsty Barbarians. Spirits are 
    extremely fragile. So get used to resummoning them.
    Also, the hit recovery of the werebear is naturally slower than the 
    untransformed druid, so having fast hit recovery is very important. Because 
    usually the tank gets hit! So recover quickly, or else back away and try at a
    different angle.
    B. Bosses
    It's too bad that the stun doesn't work on bosses, or else the game would be 
    insanely easy. Still, bosses are generally easy because 1. you rock and/or
    2. your lifetap kicked in and you don't have a negative rate of health
    flow. Expect your spirit to die a lot though..
    VI. FAQs
    None, yet.
    VII. Miscellaneous
    A. Credits
    Thank you to Battle.net for the online service and the website. 
    B. Legal
    The explanation of stats, skills, equipment and usage belongs to CLLi 
    (Charles Li). This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    Sites Allowed To Post My Guide
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    © 2007 Charles Li
    C. Version History
    10/02/2007 Version 1.00   Written
    10/03/2007 Version 1.10   Filled in text gaps
                              Changed some ratings
                              Changed skill point layouts
    12/13/2008 Version 1.20   Changed 2nd Setup Equipment
                              Updated Modification Summary
    D. Contact
    I am available for questions, comments, criticism and suggestions. Feel free 
    to email me, I will try and respond within the same week.
    email: charlesli321@hotmail.com

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