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"Finaly! A great game for Macs!"

Riven....It brings back memories of hours on my Mac trying to figure out how to beat the game. In my opinion I think that Riven is the best game of the Myst series story line wise. It gives more history into the series and is just downright amazing graphically. But in case your wondering about how if its good on a Macintosh read on.

Story- 10/10
I've always loved the story in the series. The basic story is about how the D'ni can link to worlds by writing books and Atrus' problems with them. This game takes place in Riven, an age that Atrus' father created. Your goal is to capture Ghen (Atrus' father) and rescue Catherine (Atrus' wife).

Graphics- 10/10
Riven's graphics take a big leap from Myst's. If you have the lights turned down you will believe you are there. The people are real actors and except with some fuzz on them they do a good job. There are also rides from island to island that are quite spectacular and fun to watch.

Sound and Music- 10/10
You will notice the sound right away. You will hear the wind blowing and doors and levers creaking opening with much detail. The music is also amazing and it captures the mood quite well, not being too cheesy or bad. It's is subtle music that is quiet and not blaring into your ears.

Game play- 9/10
The game is basically a series of huge puzzles that you have to figure out. You will be asking “Do I have to push this lever to get the power on that other island?” or “maybe I missed something on that other island that might help me on this puzzle.” You point where you want to go and you'll go there. It's a very simple concept but yet very hard to figure out everything and what to do. The only reason I gave this a 9 is because it IS hard and after you play it a while you loose the patience of seeing doors open and elevators moving up and down while you sit and watch (although most of the time you can just press the spacebar to skip it) and also the wait time between changing the cds.

Mac compatibility- 10/10
Yes, Mac users! There ARE good games for you on the computer!. This series is one of them. All five games in the series work for mac just as well as they do on windows.

Replay ability- 7/10
The only problems with the Myst series is that you play them once and then you don't play them again until you forgot what it was about or just for the fun of it again. After you play through it you know all the puzzles and can beat it easily. I gave this a little higher because there are multiple endings that are fun to find and watch.

Riven is simply one of the greatest games out there for computer. It is good in almost every aspect. Although it is hard, there are many guides out there to help you on your way. Riven is simply amazing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/26/05

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