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Reviewed: 08/19/01 | Updated: 08/19/01

Galaga Remake, with a twist!

Ambrosia Software strikes gold again when they make this Galaga remake, called Swoop. On a journey to another planet, they found an alien body in a cave, in fear, they destroyed the cave and the body with it. In turn, a signal was cast and it alerted a bug squadron, who in turn grows hostile. Now you must hold them off until help arrives (which is never) A game of survival as you destroy as many bugs as you can before they finally destroy all your ships.

The gameplay can be tricky, as you are being constantly divebombed and sometimes left with no chance to retaliate. You can get new weapons, like a shield, peacemaker, warmaker, etc, that you can use to help you. At the end of every wave, score some bonus points, which can be multiplied if you get a multiplier bug destroyed, and then complete the level without dying. And after every few waves, you get a Challenge Wave to get lots of bonus points! Basic galaga style, weak ships in front, stronger in the center, and the flagship and guardians in the back. But they aren't the only ones...It isn't just a organized group of ships like regular Galaga, there are more baddies.....

All you need to do is move side-to-side, switch weapons, and shoot. That isn't a lot of controls. The strategy and evasion part is then left to you without even so much as a thought on what key is needed to move/shoot

Their Killer Tracks Album has some rocking tracks indeed! You can change it to lesser tracks to conserve memory, but you can listen to the best soundtrack (The Flight of the Parrots or something like that) which totally rocks! The sound effects are cool, like most Ambrosia games. My favorite? The bomber when he buzzes the screen, then releases his bombs.

Great for a space game like Swoop (Don't forget it is a Galaga remake),the reason it doesn't get a 10 is because there isn't much in the way of graphics at all.

The program runs smooth, the controls are easy, and you shouldn't run into any problems. I use MAC OS version 7.5.3 for this game.

Keep? Delete?
Definitely a keeper. Give it a nice folder to put it in and keep it in a safe place.

This game has no saving option. You must do your game in one sitting. It doesn't take that long to die, so, you should have no problem.

Player Info
One player

I run this on MAC OS system 7.5.3 on a Mac Performa 5215 CD model. This game takes about 1-3 MB of space

Game info
Shooting space game (Galaga Remake)
Shareware, $15

Company Info
Ambrosia Software

Easy to very hard! The difficulty increases as you complete wave after wave.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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