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    Hints and Tips by KThaerigen

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    *** HINTFILE ***
    This is not a complete walkthru because it would probably spoil the fun, but
    everybody can only take so much frustration, so maybe you find some useful hint 
    here and there that helps you further through the game.
    The most important hint of all is: SAVE YOUR GAME STATUS OFTEN !
    This will keep you from having to start all over again at certain points. Yes the 
    graphics are stunning and the scenario is fascinating, but it sort of annoys to 
    replay it for the nth time...
    Since this game doesn't have a binding solution - you don't have to play it in a 
    certain order - this hintfile is certainly limited by the game's nature and you may find another way out of some of the puzzles. So feel free to post your solution 
    here in the lib, or drop me a line if you think I goofed completely, 
    OK ?
    Let's go:
    I assume you've found that Global Transporter down in 
    the lounge ? And you certainly have figured out how to use it ?
    OK, it would be a wise decision to do as your boss told you...
    In the Ready Room - have you taken everything you need ?
    So you made your first trip through time - step by step 
    by --- oops ! Welcome to Jurassic Park.
    Back in the Command Center: watch TV - even the boring programs.
    It would be a good idea to start on MARS.
    Take the subway - just like in real life, sometimes people forget their belongings 
    in there.
    You wouldn't argue with that guy, would you ?
    What's that straight ahead ? Looks like you might need it 
    later on..
    He's gone ? Ok, then in through the out door.
    If you are scared of microwave cooking, guess what this kind of radiation will do 
    to you !
    Hope you're not colorblind...
    Hey, you found something new ! Time to leave.
    You didn't really expect the subway to wait, did you ?
    Spin around !
    Now that's what I call wallpaper art!
    GOOD ADVICE: Turn the music off, it'll save your nerves...
    At least you don't have to wait for the lift here.
    "Driver - follow that spaceshuttle !" 
    Is your finger trigger-itchy ? Think about the Ghandi-bonus !
    Now - have you ever been to Australia ?
    "OUCH ! I better get that analyzed !"
    Again - have you really watched and touched everything ?
    Remember the colourpuzzle from Mars ?
    There lie many unsolved puzzles behind the Green Doors - but purple is a far more 
    interesting colour...
    Looks like you need a sparky idea here, fast !
    He's not a Terminator - you may touch him !
    See something familiar, looking useful ?
    Again - have a really close look at your new goodies !
    Sticky situation, but you still have that oxygen mask, haven't you ?
    You can look, but you better not touch - ok, touch it, but don't try to take it, ok 
    This is the time to play crane operator - you just never know when your knowledge 
    will come in handy...
    Come on, you know how to pass the retinal test, don't you ?
    Don't know much about geography ? Tough luck !
    I toldya - it pays to learn...
    Remember the guy in Sydney ? Maybe this one has got something for you as well ?
    OK, you're back in time - just in time, actually !
    Now who got you into this mess in the first place ?
    You knew you could use that thing you found on Mars !
    Stunning game, isn't it ?
    Congratulations ! You've made it !
    Now wait for the sequel.
    I hope you have had all the hints you needed - for further questions, rants and 
    raves drop me a line on MACFUN or mail your comments to me via mail:
    Kiki Thaerigen, 100031,1030
    This hintfile (C) Kiki Thaerigen, 1993. You may distribute it freely, as long as this copyright note is included. 

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