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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by RWong

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                                    The Unofficial
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                                     Release v7.01
                       Last Updated: April 20, 1996  23:12 BST
                  Written by: Roger Wong
         The purpose of this FAQ is to aid the public regarding strategies and 
    tactics to use in the game Command and Conquer, by Westwood Studios.  In no 
    way should this promote your killing yourself, killing others, or killing in 
    any other fashion.
         Roger Wong claims NO responsibility regarding any illegal activity 
    concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ.
         Command & Conquer is a trademark, and is so acknowledged. Any trademarks 
    not mentioned here are still acknowledged.
         This article is Copyright 1995, 1996 by Roger Wong.  All rights 
    You are granted the following rights:
    I.  To make copies of this work in original form, so long as
          (a) the copies are exact and complete;
          (b) the copies include the copyright notice and these paragraphs
              in their entirety;
          (c) the copies give obvious credit to the author, Roger Wong;
          (d) the copies are in electronic form.
    II. To distribute this work, or copies made under the provisions
        above, so long as
          (a) this is the original work and not a derivative form;
          (b) you do not charge a fee for copying or for distribution;
          (c) you ensure that the distributed form includes the copyright
              notice, this paragraph, the disclaimer of warranty in
              their entirety and credit to the author;
          (d) the distributed form is not in an electronic magazine or
              within computer software (prior explicit permission may be
              obtained from Roger Wong);
          (e) the distributed form is the NEWEST version of the article to
              the best of the knowledge of the distributor;
          (f) the distributed form is electronic.
            You may not distribute this work by any non-electronic media, 
    including but not limited to books, newsletters, magazines, manuals, 
    catalogs, and speech.  You may not distribute this work in electronic 
    magazines or within computer software without prior written explicit 
    permission.  These rights are temporary and revocable upon written, oral, or 
    other notice by Roger Wong. This copyright notice shall be governed by the 
    laws of the state of Texas.
            If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above, write 
    to the author at "roger@powhq.nildram.co.uk" on the Internet.
    CHAPTER [1] Introduction
          *1-1* Foreword
          *1-2* About the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ
                [1-2-1] Is the FAQ related to the Official Guide to C&C?
                *1-2-2* Is the FAQ related to PC Gamer UK?
          [1-3] Getting the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ
                *1-3-1* via E-mail
                       *1-3-1-1* Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe
                       *1-3-1-2* Antartica, North America, South America
                *1-3-2* via Usenet
                *1-3-3* via Internet FTP
                *1-3-4* via WWW
                [1-3-5] via BBS
                *1-3-6* via IRC
          [1-4] Adding to the FAQ
          *1-5* Acknowledgments
          *1-6* Accurate Information
          [1-7] The format of this FAQ
    CHAPTER *2* What can I do with these units?
          *2-1* Infantry
                [2-1-1] Civilian
                [2-1-2] Technician
                *2-1-3* Engineer
                [2-1-4] Minigunner
                [2-1-5] Grenadier
                [2-1-6] Bazooka
                [2-1-7] Flame-thrower
                [2-1-8] Commando
                *2-1-9* Chem. Warriors
          *2-2* Vehicles
                [2-2-1] MCV
                *2-2-2* Harvester
                [2-2-3] Gunboat
                [2-2-4] Hummer
                *2-2-5* APC
                [2-2-6] Medium Tank
                *2-2-7* Orca
                [2-2-8] Rocket Launcher
                [2-2-9] Mammoth Tank
                [2-2-10] Nod Buggy
                [2-2-11] Recon Bike
                [2-2-12] Light Tank
                [2-2-13] Artillery
                [2-2-14] Flame Tank
                *2-2-15* Apache Attack Helicopter
                [2-2-16] Stealth Tank
                [2-2-17] SSM Launcher
                [2-2-18] Chinook Transport Helicopter
                [2-2-19] Mobile HQ
          [2-3] Buildings
                [2-3-1] Construction Yard
                [2-3-2] Powerplant
                [2-3-3] Advanced Powerplant
                [2-3-4] Sandbag/Fence/Concrete
                [2-3-5] Silo
                *2-3-6* Refinery
                [2-3-7] Barracks
                [2-3-8] Hand of Nod
                [2-3-9] Weapons Factory
                [2-3-10] Airstrip
                [2-3-11] Communications center
                [2-3-12] Advanced comm. center
                [2-3-13] Guard tower
                [2-3-14] Nod Turret
                [2-3-15] Advanced guard tower
                [2-3-16] Obelisk of light
                [2-3-17] SAM Site
                [2-3-18] Heli Pad
                [2-3-19] Repair Pad
                *2-3-20* Temple of Nod
          [2-4] Special Units
                [2-4-1] Airstrikes
                *2-4-2* Nuclear strike
                [2-4-3] Ion Cannon
    Chapter [3] Important information not in the manual
          *3-1* What are the keys?
          [3-2] What is that colored bar?
          [3-3] What is a blossom tree?
          [3-4] How do I view the radar?
          [3-5] How do I suspend or cancel build commands?
          *3-6* How do I manage multiple barracks?
          *3-7* Can I run over walls with mammoth tanks?
    CHAPTER [4] Cheating
          [4-1] What are the cheat keys?
          *4-2* How, then, can I cheat?
          [4-3] How does the computer cheat?
          *4-4* What cheating programs are available?
          [4-5]  What are some C&C quirks I can exploit?
                [4-5-1] Tiberium harvesting without silos
                [4-5-2] Preventing the computer from rebuilding
                [4-5-3] The Reservoir Dogs scenario
                [4-5-4] The silo money cheat
                [4-5-5] The ultimate A-10 defence
                [4-5-6] Money making ala SimC&C
                [4-5-7] Place buildings anywhere cheat
                [4-5-8] Infinite minigunner cheat
                *4-5-9* Seeing stealth tanks
                [4-5-10] Transport helicopter denial
                [4-5-11] Safe Orca killing
                [4-5-12] Longer ranged towers
                *4-5-13* Blind Spots
                *4-5-14* Long range bazookas
                *4-5-15* The engineer black hole
                *4-5-16* Wraparound radar
                *4-5-17* Confusing the enemy
                *4-6* Are there any hidden game elements or easter eggs?
                [4-6-1] Visceroids
                *4-6-2* Hidden cutscenes
                *4-6-3* Covert Operations Funpark
                *4-6-4* Dinosaurs
    CHAPTER [5] Defensive tips
          [5-1] Sandbag defense
          [5-2] Building base defenses
          [5-3] Help! I'm being attacked by enemy...
                *5-3-1* Nukes
                [5-3-2] Orcas
                [5-3-3] SSMs
                [5-3-4] Advanced guard towers
                *5-3-5* Transports loaded with engineers
                [5-3-6] Attack helicopters
                *5-3-7* Recon bike gangs
                [5-3-8] Airstrikes
          [5-4] Suppressive fire
    CHAPTER:[6] Offensive tips
          [6-1] How do I destroy?
                [6-1-1] Obelisks of light
                [6-1-2] Flame-throwers
                [6-1-3] Gun turrets using Orcas
                *6-1-4* Temple of Nod
                [6-1-5] Tanks in general
                [6-1-6] Flame Tanks
                [6-1-7] Mammoth tanks
                [6-1-8] SAM sites
                [6-1-9] Strong bases
                [6-1-10] Harvesters
                [6-1-11] Gunboats
                *6-1-12* Advanced guard towers
          [6-2] The spiderbase strategy
          [6-3] How do I drain the computer's funds?
    CHAPTER [7] Miscellaneous tips
          [7-1] How do I sell my infantry/vehicles?
          [7-2] How do I control Orcas in mid-flight?
          [7-3] Why should I destroy villages?
          [7-4] How do I make a convoy?
          [7-5] How do I get rid of trees?
          [7-6] How do I hide under trees?
          [7-7] How do I stop the computer from rebuilding?
          [7-8] How do I keep my harvesters from gathering all the tiberium?
          [7-9] How do I get nukes in the last Nod mission?
          *7-10* How do I squish things?
          *7-11* How do I destroy patches of tiberium?
    CHAPTER [8] Single player tactics
          [8-1] Blue Aardvark's Anti-Crummy AI Tactics
    CHAPTER *9* Confucious says
    CHAPTER [10] Technical Issues
          [10-1] What determines my score?
          [10-2] What is the CONQUER.INI file?
          *10-3* KALI related issues
          *10-4* How can run C&C off my hard disk?
    CHAPTER [11] What is a mission tree?
          *11-1* GDI mission tree
          *11-2* Nod mission tree
    CHAPTER [12] I'm stumped! Can you help me?
          [12-1] GDI missions
                [12-1-1] GDI Mission 1, Estonia
                [12-1-2] GDI Mission 2, Estonia
                [12-1-3ea] GDI Mission 3ea, Latvia
                [12-1-4ea] GDI Mission 4ea, Belarus
                *12-1-4wa* GDI Mission 4wa, Belarus
                [12-1-4wb] GDI Mission 4wb, Poland
                *12-1-5ea* GDI Mission 5ea, Ukraine
                *12-1-5eb* GDI Mission 5eb, Ukraine
                [12-1-6] GDI Mission 6, Czech Republic
                [12-1-7] GDI Mission 7, Czech Republic
                [12-1-8ea] GDI Mission 8ea, Austria
                [12-1-8eb] GDI Mission 8eb, Slovakia
                *12-1-9* GDI Mission 9, Hungary
                [12-1-10ea] GDI Mission 10ea, Slovenia
                *12-1-10eb* GDI Mission 10eb, Romania
                *12-1-11* GDI Mission 11, Greece
                [12-1-12ea] GDI Mission 12ea, Albania
                [12-1-12eb] GDI Mission 12eb, Bulgaria
                [12-1-13ea] GDI Mission 13ea, Yugoslavia
                *12-1-13eb* GDI Mission 13eb, Yugoslavia
                *12-1-14* GDI Mission 14, Yugoslavia
                [12-1-15ea] GDI Mission 15ea, Bosnia/Herzogovina
                [12-1-15eb] GDI Mission 15eb, Bosnia/Herzogovina
                *12-1-15ec* GDI Mission 15ec, Bosnia/Herzogovina
          [12-2] Nod missions
                [12-2-1ea] Nod Mission 1ea, Libya
                [12-2-2ea] Nod Mission 2ea, Egypt
                *12-2-2eb* Nod Mission 2eb, Egypt
                [12-2-3ea] Nod Mission 3ea, Sudan
                *12-2-3eb* Nod Mission 3eb, Sudan
                *12-2-4ea* Nod Mission 4ea, Chad
                [12-2-4eb] Nod Mission 4eb, Chad
                [12-2-5] Nod Mission 5, Mauritania
                [12-2-6ea] Nod Mission 6ea, Ivory Coast
                *12-2-6eb* Nod Mission 6eb, Benin
                [12-2-6ec] Nod Mission 6ec, Nigeria
                *12-2-7eb* Nod Mission 7eb, Cameroon
                [12-2-7ec] Nod Mission 7ec, Central African Republic
                [12-2-8ea] Nod Mission 8ea, Zaire
                [12-2-8eb] Nod Mission 8eb, Zaire
                *12-2-9ea* Nod Mission 9ea, Egypt
                [12-2-9eb] Nod Mission 9eb, Egypt
                [12-2-10ea] Nod Mission 10ea, Angola
                [12-2-10eb] Nod Mission 10eb, Tanzania
                *12-2-11ea* Nod Mission 11ea, Namibia
                [12-2-11eb] Nod Mission 11eb, Mozambique
                [12-2-12ea] Nod Mission 12ea, Botswana
                [12-2-12eb] Nod Mission 12eb, Botswana
                [12-2-13ea] Nod Mission 13ea, South Africa
                *12-2-13eb* Nod mission 13eb, South Africa
                *12-2-13ec* Nod Mission 13ec, South Africa
          *12-3* GDI Covert Operations
                *12-3-1* Blackout
                *12-3-2* Hell's Fury
                *12-3-3* Infiltrated!
                *12-3-4* Elemental Imperative
                *12-3-5* Ground Zero
                *12-3-6* Twist of Fate
                *12-3-7* Blindsided
          *12-4* Nod Covert Operations
                *12-4-1* Bad Neighborhood
                *12-4-2* Deceit
                *12-4-3* Eviction Notice
                *12-4-4* Tiberium Strain
                *12-4-5* Cloak and Dagger
                *12-4-6* Hostile Takeover
                *12-4-7* Under Siege: C&C
                *12-4-8* Death Squad
    CHAPTER [13] I need help playing multiplayer
          [13-1] What do I do with crates?
                *13-1-1* Stealth technology
                [13-1-2] Units
                [13-1-3] Visceroids
                [13-1-4] Explosions
                [13-1-5] Cash
                [13-1-6] Nukes, airstrikes, ion beams
                [13-1-7] Map modifiers
                [13-1-8] Heal all units
          *13-2* Offensive tactics
          [13-3] Defensive tactics
          [13-4] Capture the flag
          [13-5] Various player strategies
                [13-5-1] Aardvark's strategy
                [13-5-2] Joseph's strategy
                [13-5-3] Kokko's strategy
    -Section Four- MISCELLANEOUS
    CHAPTER [14] Tables
          *14-1* Armor
          *14-2* Weapons
          [14-3] Units
          [14-4] Buildings
    CHAPTER [15] Internet resources
          *15-1* Third party programs
          *15-2* World Wide Web sites
          [15-3] Other resources
    [16] Bugs, updates, future games
          *16-1* The wishlist
          [16-2] Questions regarding C&C present and future
                *16-2-1* Mouse problems
                *16-2-2* Multiplayer savegames
                *16-2-3* The Covert Operations
                *16-2-4* Red Alert
                *16-2-5* C&C for Win95
                *16-2-6* C&C 2
          *16-3* Update patches
          *16-4* Errors in the C&C manual
    CHAPTER *17* Conclusion
    CHAPTER *18* Revision History
    CHAPTER [1] Introduction
    *1-1* Foreword
         This is the twelfth incarnation of the C&C strategy FAQ. I've had a lot 
    of fun putting this FAQ together. Even six months on, there still seems to be 
    no end to the sheer volume of suggestions. More importantly, the daily 
    letters of support and encouragement I receive tells me that C&C is here to 
    stay. Thus, I toil into the early morn.
    *1-2* About the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ
         Welcome to v7.0 of the Unofficial Command and Conquer Strategy FAQ. 
    Version 7.0 is a major revision written after v6.0. 'Unofficial' means that 
    this FAQ is not supported by Westwood Studios. Command and Conquer is the 
    name of the game. FAQs are (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions.
         Revision classification works something like the following. If a new 
    version of the FAQ has only a small amount of information changed or added, 
    the version number is increased by 0.1, and is called a 'minor revision.' If 
    a new version of the FAQ has a substantial amount of new information changed 
    or added, the version number is increased by 0.5, and is called a 'standard 
    revision.' If a new version of the FAQ has a huge amount of added or changed 
    information, major parts of the FAQ are rearranged, or major parts of the FAQ 
    are rewritten, the version number is increased by 1.0, and it is called a 
    'major revision.'
         You may be wondering why chapter numbers are enclosed in either []'s or 
    **'s. The definition of these is as follows:
         [] Chapters enclosed in square brackets mean that the information
             contained in the chapter has not been updated since the
             previous FAQ.
         ** Chapters enclosed in asterisks mean that the information
             contained in the chapter is new or has been updated for the
             current version of the FAQ you are reading.
    [1-2-1] Is the FAQ related to the Official Guide to C&C?
         No, the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ is not related in any way with the 
    Official Guide to Command & Conquer other than in topic.
         Nor is the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ meant to be competition to the 
    Official Guide. If you need complete printed maps, step by step walkthroughs 
    and the like, then by all means, get the book. (ISBN: 1-566-86-247-7  Brady 
    Publishing  1-800-428-5331  http://www.mcp.com/brady/ 19.99 USD)
    *1-2-2* Is the FAQ related to PC Gamer UK?
         The Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ is not in any way related to PC Gamer UK.
    Portions of the FAQ appeared in the December issue of PC Gamer UK. They have
    apologized for the copyright violation and have tightened their controls to
    ensure that something like this never happens again.
    [1-3] Getting the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ
    *1-3-1* via E-mail
    It is possible to receive the latest Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ via E-Mail. 
    This is done through a program that will automatically mail you the FAQ based 
    upon the E-Mail you send it. For the fastest response, please use the service 
    listed below your continent.
    *1-3-1-1* Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe
    E-Mail: filerequest@pobox.org.sg 
    Subject: send ccsfaq
         Maintained by: Alvin Jiang (alvin@singnet.com.sg)
    *1-3-1-2* Antartica, North America, South America 
    E-Mail: stevenma@lanmail.shu.edu
    Subject: send ccsfaq
         Maintained by: Matt Stevenson (stevenma@lanmail.shu.edu)
    E-Mail: s.wolfe@m.cc.utah.edu
    Subject: send ccsfaq
         Maintained by: Steve Wolfe (s.wolfe@m.cc.utah.edu)
    *1-3-2* via Usenet
         The Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ is posted on the first of every month 
    (or earlier if a new version is released) on the following Usenet groups.
         (1) alt.games.command-n-conq
         (2) alt.games.command.and.conquer
         The Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ is also posted as new versions are 
    released to comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic.
    *1-3-3* via Internet FTP
         New releases of the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ can be found at the 
    following fine Internet FTP sites:
         The file name of the upload should be 'ccs??.faq' where '??' is the 
    version number of the FAQ.  This filename is for FTP sites only. BBS 
    filenames are outlined in [1-3-5].
    *1-3-4* via WWW
         New releases of the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ will be found on the 
    following World-wide Web sites:
         HTML versions of the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ can be found on the 
    following World-wide Web sites:
    [1-3-5] via BBS
         I am not responsible for uploading new releases of the Unofficial C&C 
    Strategy FAQ to bulletin board systems. I have control over neither them or 
    their naming conventions, and can not guarantee that any given BBS will hold 
    a copy of the FAQ in their files area.
         ATTENTION: ALL BBSes, CompuServe, America On-line, and all other 
    information services.  PLEASE conform to the naming standard of the 
    Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ when placing this file on your system.  The file 
    name should be 'ccsfaq??.zip' where the '??' is the version number of the FAQ 
    or 'ccsfaq??.txt' if the FAQ is a text file instead of PKZIPped.
    *1-3-6* via IRC
         Server:  irc.sintercom.org  port: 6667
         Channel: #Singapore
         In the channel, type "!send ccsfaq" without the double quotes.
    [1-4] Adding to the FAQ
         If you have something to add to the FAQ, please send E-mail to 
    'cncfaq@powhq.nildram.co.uk' (no quotes), explaining what your addition is. 
    It will be reviewed, and if accepted, added to the next FAQ version.  In the 
    E-mail, please supply your name and E-mail address.
         Please note that all submissions to the FAQ become property of the 
    author (Roger Wong) and that they may or may not be acknowledged.  By 
    submitting to the FAQ, you grant permission for use of your submission in any 
    future publications of the FAQ in any media.  The author reserves the right 
    to omit information from a submission or delete the submission entirely.
    *1-5* Acknowledgments
         Westwood Studios for making this great game.
         Mom. (Hi mom!)
         Mike Fay, author of the Official Guide to Command & Conquer, for being a 
    patient and understanding guy, and for giving me support, enthusiasm, and an 
    autographed copy of the Official Guide to Command & Conquer
         Hank Leukart, author of the 'Official' DOOM FAQ, for his advice on FAQ 
         Mike Lee for his work on the weapons damage tables.
         Philip Lochner, for letting me absorb his FAQ into mine
         Andrew Griffin for his stunning and thorough effort in deciphering the 
    C&C data tables.
         Aaron Glover, for nitpicking.
         To the people who E-Mail me their tips and tactics, and to those who 
    take the time to answer questions on the Internet:  You have my undying 
    gratitude and thanks.
    *1-6* Accurate Information
         An attempt has been made to make the information in this FAQ as accurate 
    as possible.  Unfortunately, it has been difficult to match strategies and 
    walkthroughs to the proper mission identifications.
         If a walkthrough tip for a certain level variation doesn't work for you, 
    try one of the other variation tips. To identify your mission, look at the 
    numbers that are displayed above the version number in the options menu.
         I try hard to make sure there are no bogus entries in this FAQ, but, 
    undoubtedly, one or two will probably slip by. Please let me know immediately 
    if there is any information in this FAQ that you know is incorrect.
         Future updates and add-ons may render parts of this FAQ obsolete.
    [1-7] The format of this FAQ
         I have been copying the format and style of the granddaddy of all FAQ 
    keepers, Hank Leukart (ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu) of the 'Official' DOOM 
    FAQ. Many thanks to Hank for allowing me access to his FAQ.
    CHAPTER *2* What can I do with these units?
         This chapter contains information on the various units available for use 
    in C&C. The availability of each unit in any given mission depends on who's 
    side you are on and how far into the missions you are. I.e. - Construction 
    options for minigunners are available early on to both GDI and Nod players, 
    but the option for the Temple of Nod is available only to Nod for the last 
         Full unit and weapon statistics can be found in Chapter 14.
    *2-1* Infantry
         Military infantry units take half of normal weapons damage while prone. 
    They will fall prone when fired upon, and move by crawling on their bellies. 
    Crawling reduces movement rate by half.  To force any prone infantry unit 
    back on to their feet, double click when you give them movement commands.
         It is more difficult to shoot at moving targets. 
    [2-1-1] Civilian
         Civilians carry pistols with 10 round magazines.
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Civilians inhabit villages. Fodder for Nod, must be protected (usually) 
    by GDI.
    [2-1-2] Technician
    see also [2-1-1] Civilian.
         Technicians carry pistols with 10 round magazines.
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         I actually saw one of my stealth tanks get killed by one (the tank was 
    just about dead anyway).
    William Jang (jangw@direct.ca)
         Even though they can't be used as expendable scouts, you can force the 
    issue by sending them off to the enemy's lines.  Once they get fired upon by 
    the enemy, the map lights up a nine-square area around the dead technician 
    and an even larger area around the unit that pulled the trigger.
    Colin Jacobs (coljac@pyromania.apana.org.au)
         You don't need to do that. Move them to the edge of the darkness, and 
    have them fire into it using the CTRL key. The square they shot at will light 
    Alan Lam (hlam+@andrew.cmu.edu)
         Have you guys ever wonder what the technician can do? They can't take 
    out buildings, they can't (not practically) kill other units except another 
    technician and they can't even map!
         Well this is what I have actually done with my technician(s):
         1) I have actually blown up 2 mammoth tanks in their full power with 1 
    technician only.
         2) I have blown up a SAM site and 2 blocks of concrete wall with 1 
         When you resign a game, all your units and buildings will blow up. The 
    technician just seems to blow up MUCH better than any other unit. So when you 
    have only a few units left, move your technicians to some enemy structures or 
    units, and then resign the game, thereby killing some of your enemy's units 
    and structures.
         This may be useless in 2 player games but it will help your ally a lot 
    if there is more players.
    *2-1-3* Engineer
         If you are going to take over a refinery with an engineer, wait for the 
    harvester to return. Not only do you get a free harvester in the process, but 
    your opponent can not sell a refinery that contains an unloading harvester.
    KnoX (knox.tdujam@tip.nl)
         The engineers the computer sends to your base always try to capture your 
    northern most building.
    Scott King (sking@cinternet.net)
         I have found that it is effective to send a medium sized force into a 
    base to engage the defensive forces, then send engineers guarded by riflemen 
    to capture buildings. This works well for the well-armored buildings because 
    even if your assault team gets defeated, the enemy will destroy the  captured 
    buildings for you. (EDITOR'S NOTE: It is better to sell the buildings 
    Dave Glue (daveacg@interlog.com)
         One of the most powerful weapons- they take over buildings and then you 
    control them.  Take over your enemy's construction yard, then you can produce 
    Nod/GDI forces, right in his own base!  Just direct them to the building you 
    want to take over, and once they enter it it's yours.  Of course, they're 
    fragile, so it's wise to use an APC to transport them.  
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         Engineers cannot take over enemy gun turrets, SAM sites, guard towers, 
    obelisks, advanced comms centers, or the Nod Temple.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Before taking over buildings, try "pre-building" a guard tower 
    structure, such as the Advanced Guard Tower for GDI, or an Obelisk of Light 
    for Nod. The moment you take over the enemy's building, dump it right next to 
    it. And if you're playing as Nod and want to be real slack, start building 
    lots of them turrets :).
    Charles Anderson (caa@wavefront.com)
         If you're going to take over the enemy's barracks/hand of NOD, build an 
    engineer and put it on hold just before it's done. After taking over the 
    building double click on it so that it's "primary" and continue the engineer 
    build. It'll pop out almost immediately.
    Ben McCulloch (raven@hba.trumpet.com.au)
         Capture enemey silos if you see them full of tiberium. Sell the silos, 
    and within a few minutes, the AI will build them back, chock full of spice. 
    In the end, you will come out 1075 credits richer per silo, and you can build 
    more engineers to recapture them.
    [2-1-4] Minigunner
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         These soldiers, although easy to overlook, can be very useful in mass 
    amounts. They also make good, cheap decoys and can be used as fodder to draw 
    out enemy tanks and soldiers. With three barracks, Minigunners pop out so 
    quickly that you can amass a nice twenty or thirty man army which is more 
    than enough to deal with most enemy attacks. They must be very close to 
    targets to attack, and will take damage if your supporting grenades attack a 
    target they are standing right next to.
         It's usually a good idea to leave a small detachment of two or three to 
    Guard each important building in your fortress just in case. The computer 
    seems to prefer Barracks over your construction yard, refineries over your 
    barracks, and guard towers over everything else. Rarely will they attack your 
    silos or communications center.
    Karl Kilborn (kilborn@worldgate.com)
         Minigunners can totally destroy bazooka dudes. A minigunner beat to 
    within an inch of his life can easily kill two bazooka infantry.
    [2-1-5] Grenadier
    Ethereal (allenr@sunspot.tiac.net)
         Whenever possible use grenadiers, they can move faster, and kill turrets 
    + tanks the best in my opinion. Also Jeeps + Grenadiers Are a very good 
    combination, The jeeps prevent the grenadiers from getting run over, if you 
    don't have a jeep just make the grenadiers move, to my knowledge, they don't 
    get squashed almost at all if they are moving. APC with four grenadiers and 
    one engineer are very good combinations.
         In my experience, if you have one flame thrower vs. a grenadier about 
    half of the time he will kill the flame guy with one grenade.
    [2-1-6] Bazooka
    Ethereal (allenr@sunspot.tiac.net)
         Bazookas are OK for long distance such as putting about ten of them up 
    on a ridge.  Putting Bazookas in a APC is not good since they usually cannot 
    move fast or hit as reliably as grenadiers.
    Luke Duff (lukeduff@inlink.com)
         Bazooka guys fire on helicopters and they're much better against 
    vehicles. They're worth what you pay for 'em. Just make sure they don't get 
    run over.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         If you can afford it, try keeping 4 or 5 bazookas around your tanks 
    (especially flame tanks). Alot of people assume your tanks do more damage 
    than the bazookas and will totally ignore these guys, and they do pack a 
    punch in groups. Unfortunately, they're next to useless against infantry. 
    Bazookas are also great against Orca's. (Not Apaches!)
    [2-1-7] Flame-thrower
    Phil Sykes (root@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         These guys are Nod's best antipersonnel weapon apart from the gun 
    turrets. They can take out up to 16 opponents on full energy in one shot at a 
    ridiculous range (much further than the flame extends, don't be fooled by 
    that!) Best to use in conjunction with bazooka troops, because they do not 
    work well against vehicles, although they are somewhat effective against 
    buildings. Group 3-4 flamers for maximum effect.
    Mr. P / Powersource
         Flame-throwers make up an important part of your building-destruction 
    and infantry-halting capabilities. If you're fortunate enough, one flame-
    thrower firing at a building can cause it to erupt in flame, thereby cutting 
    its "life" in half. Groups of these guys are also indispensable in 
    eliminating any type of enemy infantry.
         If you are not careful with their firing, they can burn friendly units, 
    as well as themselves. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Didn't their mothers tell them not to 
    play with fire?) Trees will start to pose a hazard - if a tree ignites, say 
    good-bye to any units within a 1-person radius of it.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Unbelievable firepower against infantry and buildings for their price! 
    Send four of these up to a group of 20 or more infantry, and watch them light 
    up in toast (especially if you're against other flame-throwers or grenadiers, 
    since they literally explode and kill everyone else around them). They're 
    also great against structures, having two or three tagging along with a main 
    assault force can really make a difference.
    [2-1-8] Commando
         When planting demolition charges, let the computer move the commando to 
    a safe range on its own.  The damage the commando takes when a building blows 
    up is not from the explosion, but from the enemy soldiers who evacuate the 
    building from within.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         Only available on special missions, the Commando is pretty cool. The 
    Commando is also available for $1000 in high tech-level multiplayer games. 
    Their super-long eyesight and damaging weapon (one shot takes down any enemy 
    soldier) makes them a great unit for base defense, but they are worthless 
    against enemy vehicles. They can also plant charges on enemy structures to 
    blow them up instantly.
         They are great fun in multiplayer games. They can be airdropped from a 
    chopper right near enemy armies (or their Hand of Nod) and set to Guard. 
    They'll effectively kill off soldier after soldier as soon as they come 
    within their considerable range, until the enemy gets a clue and sends some 
    Cycles or Buggies after them.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         These units are good for very specialized missions, but that's about all 
    they're useful for. For their high price ($1000), I'd much prefer five flame-
    thowers(Nod) or 6 grenadiers (GDI). However, it's real good fun to march 
    these guys through an enemy base, blowing everything up, when the end of the 
    game is near!
         If you want a cheap way of taking out guard towers, they can also do it. 
    Send up a decoy unit to the structure (e.g.: harvester, hummer), and while 
    that's distracting the guard tower's attention, send in the commando to blow 
    it up.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Commandos are also great fun when it comes to killing harvesters 
    especially those well out of the way of your base defense. Against the 
    computer merely shoot a harvester and run back to your own base ... the 
    harvester will try to run over you and follow. So long as the commando does 
    not die the harvester will walk right into your defenses (*grin* if you have 
    an Obelisk of Nod) and be happily blown away. Commandos are best because they 
    move much faster than ordinary troops and are unlikely to be mown down by 
    tanks or humvees before you reach the safety of your base.
    *2-1-9* Chem. Warriors
    Kareem Harper (griffin@panix.com)
         These troops are identical to the flame-thrower infantry but with the 
    following differences:
         1. They wear an insulated outfit that protects them from taking damage 
    in tiberium fields.
         2. They produce a poison gas that is 50% more lethal than a flame-
         They are available in the Covert Operations and multiplayer games only, 
    and can be found in crates, or can be built with a hand of NOD and temple.
    Ong Yang (yang@pacific.net.sg)
         They're immune to their own gas. Extremely effective in a group, these 
    also make great structure destroyers.
    *2-2* Vehicles
         Numerical data on all vehicles can be found in Chapter 14.
         It is more difficult to shoot at moving targets. 
    [2-2-1] MCV
    Phil Sykes (root@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Mubile construction vehicle. As you might expect from Dune 2, this 
    allows you to build another construction yard somewhere on the map. It is 
    ridiculously expensive (5000), slow, and utterly useless in combat. As yet, 
    in 30 multiplayer games (the only place other than level 15 it appears) it 
    remains unused.
    Thenardier (isc40562@leonis.nus.sg)
         Build it up as a back-up base. Drive it somewhere and don't deploy it 
    until Nod or GDI have nuked or ion cannoned your construction yard into dust.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         I played a friend the other day with an interesting and legitimate 
    tactic; he drove down a MCV almost next to my base (being guarded by stealth 
    tanks, so I couldn't do much to attack it), plonked a construction yard right 
    next to my base, and immediately dumped a pre-built Obelisk right there. Not 
    that I should have allowed this to happen in the first place, but it's a non-
    cheating method of sandbagging (and judging by the distance that some people 
    sandbag, this may be cheaper as well!) 
    *2-2-2* Harvester
    see also: [5-3-6] Attack helicopters
    Karl Kilborn (kilborn@worldgate.com)
         You should manually select the mature crystals in a tiberium patch for 
    harvesting purposes. It not only fills the harvester up quicker, but also 
    adds to the life of the cabbage patch. When you let the harvesters attempt to 
    grow a brain, they farm the new growth rather than the ripe and mature 
    patches. EDITOR'S NOTE: The moral of the story is: Harvesters are as stupid 
    as commercial fishermen.
    Aaron Glover (arn@kiwi.gen.nz)
         It's great for taking flags in multiplayer. Especially when teamed up 
    with humvees and recon bikes. Holds 700 credits when full.
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Collects tiberium and transports it to your refinery. You get one 
    whenever you buy a refinery, and can have multiple harvesters working for a 
    single refinery. They can't attack, but can run over infantry and recon 
    cycles. However, occasionally the computer will get their harvesters to 
    attack a building of yours, or some armor, and they can do damage to it! This 
    only happens when it can no longer collect tiberium for refining.
    Michael Stango (phillymjs@aol.com)
         If the enemy destroys your harvester, your ability to wage war against 
    him is seriously crippled at least temporarily. If you don't have the ability 
    to build a new harvester, you must sell your refinery and rebuild it. If you 
    don't have enough credits to rebuild the harvester, you must sell the 
    buildings you can do without for quick cash to rebuild it. Fortunately, the 
    harvester is a tough vehicle. If it is attacked, you'll usually have enough 
    time to get some forces to it to defend it.
         Never attack the enemy harvester until you have otherwise hobbled their 
    efforts. Taking a potshot at their harvester early in the game, while 
    tempting, will bring all the force the enemy can quickly muster down upon 
    you. In plain English, the computer gets pissed if you attack its 
    Jay (liza.heslop@nursing.monash.edu.au)
         The harvester can also be used to run over any offending attack bikes, 
    those nasty little suckers with the missile launchers. Providing of course 
    that the opposition is slow on the uptake.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Ohhh - and don't allow more than 2 harvesters to share a Refinery ... 
    there will be long waiting periods for one harvester and on occasions the AI 
    will screw up and one harvester will just sit around and not do anything.
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         If you know that your base is going to get vaporized by your opponents, 
    the best thing you can do is use your Harvesters to help gather Tiberium for 
    your ally. Move the harvesters clear of your opponents' units and manually 
    direct them when full into your ally's tiberium refinery.
    [2-2-3] Gunboat
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Provides missile support from oceans/rivers. Can be taken out with 1 
    blast from an obelisk, however.
    [2-2-4] Hummer
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Light recon jeeps, similar to Nod buggies. Best used earlier in the game 
    for recon and light attack, but will die against anything more than one 
    minigunner. Quite useful in the base assault strategy with engineers.  Send 
    two hummers in first, with your APC full of engineers following. The hummers 
    attract all of the heavy fire from tanks, arty, obelisk, leaving you time to 
    rush the APC through and squash everything, then pile  the engineers out.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         This quick little scouting unit has more armor than the Nod Cycle, but 
    seems to do as much damage as an enemy Minigunner, albeit with longer range. 
    They are good for zipping around the board, luring enemies to follow them 
    down into a classic Warcraft Archer trap. Beware bazooka soldiers and gun 
    turrets. Their low cost, however, makes them unnecessary to repair.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Also an excellent support unit for tanks ... since tanks are not good at 
    attacking infantry moving humvees together with tanks allow the tanks to 
    concentrate on wiping out the armored targets while the humvees concentrate 
    on killing the infantry pests. This way the tanks firepower is not wasted nor 
    do they have to waste time moving to run infantry over. Also better than 
    infantry in that they can move through Tiberium. Have found that 6 Humvees 
    guarantee instant death to any unit of infantry (even prone). Thus 6 of them 
    kill infantry at the rate of one every 3 seconds.
    *2-2-5* APC
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Armored Personnel Crusher (er... surely carrier)
         This has four roles. Firstly, in can be used to carry men into battle in 
    relative safety and speed (especially across tiberium). To load men in, click 
    one at a time and click on the APC when you see the three green arrows. The 
    man will enter the APC. Then select the next man, etc.
         Secondly, a personnel sqauasher. Holding down alt and running over 
    squads of enemy troops (especially flame troops) is very useful. Thirdly, its 
    chaingun allows a limited antipersonnel / anti-vehicle role, but is more 
    suited to forming a barrier so troops do not get squashed. Fourthly, recon. 
    The APC has the largest recon radius in the game (four squares all around), 
    and is the third fastest land unit. Most useful for recon.
    Seth Bowden (bsb3@cornell.edu)
         If the troops are squirming around, fire at them first. They'll hit the 
    deck and then you can squish them.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         The order of units exiting an APC is the reverse of their order of entry 
    i.e. the last unit to enter is the first unit to exit. Important that the 
    most powerful units (commandos or whatever) go in last so they can kickass 
    right from the start.
    Thenardier (isc40562@leonis.nus.sg)
         Combination of APC and engineer is possibly regarded as one of the best 
    tactics in C&C. Load your APC with engineers and give it a tanks escort. APC 
    is agile. And it can withstand more damage.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Possibly one of the best-value units in the game. Can be used for 
    exploration (it's fast and has a high scouting range), is the most effective 
    Squasher Of Infantry, and transports troops, including those engineers. One 
    cool little tactic to try sometime: many people will send in decoys to the 
    enemy base (e.g.: nod buggies, hummers) and send in the APCs after it. Of 
    course, humans won't fall for this trick and will almost always target the 
    APC. Simple solution! Send in two or more APCs. Which to target? Depending on 
    how lucky you feel, either load one up full with engineers, or split the 
    number of engineers evenly between them. Watch your opponent's confusion when 
    he sees five APCs walking toward your base! These units are also good for 
    capturing flags, since they're fast and can take a fair bit of damage.
    [2-2-6] Medium Tank
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Great against light tanks (can take 2 out in one for one combat), and 
    against flame tanks (can take LOTS out in one to one combat, the main gun 
    outranges the flamer seriously). Limited use in base attack (tends to die vs. 
    obelisks) Useless against enemy troops (far too slow to run them over 
    effectively, too inaccurate to cause firing damage). Back these up with 
    infantry or lose them.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         A staple in any GDI army. With a low cost ($800), these tanks pack a 
    punch and can be very effective in packs. You should always bring along a 
    squad of Minigunner or Grenadier Guards around these tanks, as they have very 
    big problems targeting and destroying enemy footsoldiers up close. They do 
    great damage for their price, and make good Guards for key installations. 
    Their speed makes them poor support for attacking footsoldiers, as the 
    soldiers must wait for them to keep up. It's easier and more effective to 
    make soldiers support the tanks.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         The best support for Medium Tanks are actually Hum-Vees or Nod Buggies. 
    These kill infantry faster, move much faster and last much longer than 
    supporting infantry.
    Douglas Jacobs (djacobs@umich.edu)
         I haven't seen my tanks automatically run over infantry in C&C (Dune2's 
    units were pretty smart.)  You can still force-move them using the <alt> key.  
    Unfortunately, unlike Dune2, enemy units don't just sit there so you can run 
    them over - they tend to move around.  I use one unit to fire at the 
    infantry, causing them to drop and start crawling, this way they're too slow 
    to move away from my tank.
    *2-2-7* Orca
         Orcas have air to air capability. If you target an enemy helicopter that 
    is on the ground, the Orca will fire missiles at it even if it takes off and 
    tries to escape. This helicopter carries six missiles.
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         Helicopters tend to hover over a moving target, taking their time to 
    fire.  If you're trying to destroy a moving target with an Orca or Apache, 
    the best thing to do is predict where it is heading and click on that area.  
    When the helicopter approaches there, click on the intended target, and it 
    will deliver its payload faster.  If you do this, you can destroy Harvesters 
    easily--even with Apaches.
    Hale Walker (shaggy@ra.isisnet.com)
         If the enemy chopper is in the air, force attack on the ground on the 
    opposite side of the enemy helicopter. In other words, if the enemy 
    helicopter is on your right, fire you missiles at the square to the right of 
    the helicopter. Your missiles will fire towards the ground, but they will hit 
    the enemy chopper instead since they pass through the enemy's airspace.
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Armament: Six missiles of a similar type to those fired by bazooka guys, 
    i.e. useless vs. infantry, excellent against vehicles / buildings.
         In order to get them to attack coherently, you need to group them 
    together on the ground. To do this effectively, DO NOT BUILD any Orcas on 
    their own. ALWAYS build pads, or you spend forever charging them. Once in the 
    air, use the unit keys to redirect them. They need to be re-fed information 
    about fast moving units (faster than a tank) before they get there.
         They will get MAULED vs. SAM missiles. Expect to lose at least one if 
    your strike loiters near a SAM or Adv. guard tower.
         First strike capabilities:
         (1) can serve as a decoy for incoming missiles.
         (2) will take out a flame tank/buggy
         (3) is best for gun turrets, although two will work on earlier levels: 
    Send one up to attack first, then when he comes in, send them both out. After 
    the first one, the turret will not have suffered enough damage to warrant a 
    repair early on, to the second two will kill him!
         (4) will kill a light tank
         (5) will take down a medium tank, obelisk, or SAM site
         (6) one harvester or mammoth at full health.
         (7) will get gun turrets/spice silos/power plants
         (8) is a reasonable building assault force 
         (10) construction yards and other big buggers
         They work best in multiplayer for air support of harvesters!
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         They also 'track' enemy units which are moving, and usually fly over 
    them and then return to attack. Keep this in mind if you are attacking 
    swiftly moving units, as they can move closer to the Nod SAM sites before 
    your Orcas can 'draw a bead' on them and fire missiles.
         They also zip around a target after firing some missiles, and this may 
    also bring them closer into SAM range. It is HIGHLY advisable that you Group 
    these units before sending them out, as it is impossible to select them while 
    they are in the air to change their mission orders. When grouped, you can 
    simply select the number group and redirect them elsewhere. It takes three 
    SAM missiles to kill an Orca, and they are targets for enemy Bazooka 
    soldiers, Cycles, Rocket Launchers, and Stealth Tanks. Note that you can also 
    land these units in remote locations for quick use later. They cannot target 
    or land in areas which ground units have not explored, although you can 
    exploit their mobility by landing them right on the corner of an explored 
    area (such as the top of a cliff), and then 'leapfrog' them to adjacent areas 
    to uncover ground quickly.
         It takes three full Orcas to take out an enemy gun turret, and four full 
    Orcas to take out an enemy SAM site or Obelisk. They're also great to attack 
    the lone enemy harvester, but it will take repeated runs to destroy one.
    Philip Banks (banks_p@kosmos.wcc.govt.nz)
         A single Orca is invaluable for scouting out large chunks of the map. 
    Initially I had blocked off the passes that afforded entry to the valley 
    wheremy base was located, which prevented me from sending out scouts much. 
    But an Orca doing gradual hop flights could scout out a significant fraction 
    of the map without any trouble.
    Jonathan Haas (jhass@primenet.com)
         The 'S' key, which normally causes a unit to stop, will cause selected
    Orcas or Apaches in flight to immediately turn around and return to base.
    This is EXTREMELY useful when you need your choppers out of an area in a 
    Durren Shen (durren_n._shen@vval.com)
         If you find that your opponent is attacking your orcas a lot while they 
    are on their helipads with apaches, or vice versa, then after the aircraft is 
    done reloading, you should hide it behind a building or somewhere else by 
    moving and landing there.  My opponent thought that all of my orcas were 
    destroyed one time when I did that.
    [2-2-8] Rocket Launcher
    Requires: Advanced comm. center, Weapons Factory
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Mobile rocket launcher, a good weapon, hampered by the ease with which 
    it can be killed. Great anti-aircraft weapon, two can usually take out a 
    transport helicopter. Also, their excellent range means they can take out 
    turrets without being hit. The ammo has a largish explosion radius, so can 
    take out multiple infantry units. Very poor aim, however.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         Fragile and powerful. They can only take a few rounds from a bazooka 
    solder or tank, but their dual rockets are faster and more deadly than 
    bazooka rockets. They have a longer range, and the exhaust from the rockets 
    appear to do damage to targets underneath them, making them effective for 
    shooting into packs of enemies. They need support from other  units as 
    defense only, as they are quick enough to get out of the way. Their range 
    makes them perfect for destroying the remote gun turret or SAM site.
    [2-2-9] Mammoth Tank
    Mammoth tanks have two weapons, a dual cannon and a missile pack. The missile 
    pack is only fired either if an enemy helicopter comes into range, or you 
    manually target a unit that requires the tank's turrets to turn by more than 
    45 degrees.
         Mammoth tanks are the biggest and most expensive of all tanks. They are 
    worth buying/making large numbers of, for four main reasons: 
         They squish troops. (though a bit too slow if their scattering.)  
         They squish walls.  (only tanks that can, and walls take ages to shoot 
         They squish helicopters. (four shots with their missile packs.) 
         They self heal right back up to 50%.
         Basically, if you're planning on building up your forces, Mammoth tanks 
    are a good choice. One tip though: infantry support from grenadiers will go a 
    long way to clear the pesky enemy infantry.
    Stephen Jones (s.jones@ukonline.co.uk)
         If your Mammoth Tank is surrounded by infantry firing at it and there is 
    no way to get units suitable for taking out infantry there in time, command 
    your tank to attack the infantry opposite the direction it is facing. This 
    will trigger its missiles and massacre the infantry fairly quickly.
    [2-2-10] Nod Buggy
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Also an excellent support unit for tanks ... since tanks are not good at 
    attacking infantry moving buggies together with tanks allow the tanks to 
    concentrate on wiping out the armored targets while the buggies concentrate 
    on killing the infantry pests. This way the tanks firepower is not wasted nor 
    do they have to waste time moving to run infantry over. Also better than 
    infantry in that they can move through Tiberium. Have found that 6 buggies 
    guarantee instant death to any unit of infantry (even prone). Thus 6 of them 
    kill infantry at the rate of one every 3 seconds.
    [2-2-11] Recon Bike
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Fastest ground unit, but very lightly armored. Equipped with rockets, a 
    great unit in packs, especially against hummers and APCs. Can be squashed by 
    tanks and harvesters.
    Michael Brenner (100275.2163@compuserve.com)
         Recon bikes are best used in groups of 4-10. Use them to take out enemy 
    harvesters. Be aware that they can be run over, so don't let the harvester 
    get too close to them. If you're attacked you can retreat to your own base 
    faster than any GDI unit can pursue you. A group of 6 bikes can take out a 
    mammoth tank with losing only 1 bike. They're also great for defending your 
    own harvesters esp. against Orca attacks. Since they're so fast usually one 
    large group is enough to protect all your harvesters. Vs. the computer drive 
    one bike close to the enemy base (the computer uses his Orcas mainly to 
    defend his base), let the computer launch his Orcas, drive your bike back to 
    your SAM sites. As long as you keep your bike on the move the Orcas won't be 
    able to hit. Let your SAM sites do their work.
    Mike Zimmerman (zimmermanm@aol.com)
         Find the enemy harvester in its tiberium patch.  Drive the recon bike by 
    the harvester.  The harvester will always chase the bike because it can be 
    crushed. Lead the harvester to your turrets or obelisks and watch the fun.
    [2-2-12] Light Tank
    see also [2-2-6] MEDIUM TANK
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         These are smaller than medium tanks (Surprise, surprise) but is also 
    Nod's heaviest tank. One on one against a GDI medium tank is a sad contest, 
    but two on one is as well, the other way. They should be backed up by 
    infantry and possibly artillery as well, never work alone. They cannot handle 
    infantry except by running over it, and cannot handle tanks, because armor-
    wise they are at the bottom of the tank food chain.
    [2-2-13] Artillery
    Ethereal (allenr@sunspot.tiac.net)
         These make INCREDIBLE offensive weapons when they are firing at close 
    range, at long range even if it appears that they hit the target, often it 
    doesn't do full damage. They aren't that good a resource since they cannot 
    take much damage, but if you plan to use them remember that they function 
    VERY well at close range.
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Slow moving, this unit can take very little punishment. It does have a 
    very long range, and the blast radius from its shots are very large. Can take 
    out multiple infantry with a single hit. Tends to be inaccurate though. Also 
    good for attacking buildings from a distance.
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         The first and biggest tip is, never attack with them. I do not mean, do 
    not use them in an attack, just NEVER ORDER THEM TO ATTACK. Against enemy 
    rocket turrets, for instance, if you order it to attack, it will move within 
    a comfortable range, and then open fire. The problem, of course, is that 
    'comfortable range' means the rocket turret eats it up first. Move it towards 
    the turret one square at a time, and when it starts firing, just leave it 
    alone. The artillery has better range than any other unit. Remember that, use 
    it, and the artillery units is Nod's best weapon. Cheap, too... but 
    vulnerable. To take them out? Attack it. All you need to do.. it's slow, it's 
    weak, it's pathetic when someone fires back at it... so it needs backup.
    [2-2-14] Flame Tank
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Awesome anti-infantry weapon. Fires twin flame jets. Especially 
    devastating against closely-packed infantry. Also good for taking out 
    buildings. Nod only. You get access to these after a few missions.
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         These are great fun against infantry. A single flame tank can waste 
    heaps and heaps of infantry. They are weak against armor, though, so back 
    them up with bazooka units to keep things balanced. It's a paper-scissors-
    stone thing where you have both a paper and a stone. If he uses infantry 
    (which is good against bazookas) the flame tank wastes it. If he uses armor, 
    which the flame tank is powerless against, the bazookas wastes it. This works 
    nicely, but the flame tank is not strong enough to fight sustained battles.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         I took out 60+ infantry with one flame tank once. Nothing else to say
    about them, really :).
    *2-2-15* Apache Attack Helicopter
    see also [2-2-7] Orca
         The Apache carries enough ammo for fifteen weapon discharges.
    Bonczkowski (ccastrd@prism.gatech.edu)
         Nod gets them in later scenarios if you capture a GDI construction 
    center and build the heli pad, that lets you build heli pads with attack 
    Seth Hutchins (seth.hutchins@sunrisebbs.com)
         The Nod attack chopper is basically a flying Guard Tower, and as such is 
    a DELIGHTFUL weapon to kill lowly GDI infantry. If your opponent doesn't have 
    any bazooka/missile support, the chopper also does well to weaken armored 
    vehicles (harvesters, and the like). It can also destroy a re-arming Orca on 
    the platform. Watch out for Advanced Guard Towers, Bazooka Infantry, Mammoth 
    Tanks, and Rocket Launchers, who can all make short work of the chopper.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         a) Apaches can make short work of infantry. Orcas well, merely waste 
    rockets on infantry. 
         b) Apaches are slower to deliver their full payload ... while this means 
    you can keep them in the air longer, it also means that they take much longer 
    to destroy an armored target.  Against armoured targets, the Orca has the 
    edge because its faster delivery means it stays in the area a shorter time, 
    reducing its vulnerability to SAM sites, Advanced Guard Towers etc. Orcas 
    also kill structures faster as again, the faster delivery allows the 
    structure less time to repair.
         c) Apaches take twice as long to reload as Orcas.
    [2-2-16] Stealth Tank
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         Keep at least one square away from his units and you can launch an 
    effective attack. Even with enemy units and guard towers present, four of 
    these could take out the opponent's building facility. And the next batch can 
    take out the tiberium facility. It is too weak to operate alone, and rather 
    costly to use in large numbers, so it's not the best units as such, but it 
    has its uses when you fight an opponent that is too well defended for an open 
    Seth Hutchins (seth.hutchins@sunrisebbs.com)
         Purchase LOTS of Stealth Tanks and group them into "Wolf Packs" of 5 or 
    more. Attack your enemy's harvesters. It never fails to be annoying. These 
    Wolf-packs also make short work of Mammoth Tanks. You can also toast grouped 
    infantry, simply run over them. You'll become visible for a moment, so stay 
    clear of any evil tanks.
    James Hindman (jhindman@ea.oac.uci.edu)
         Here is another one of my strategies. It is to place 5-6 Stealth tanks 
    in your enemies favorite Tiberium field. When his harvester shows up, have 
    your tanks unstealth and annihilate his harvester. It will be dead before he 
    even knows what's going on. Then take your tanks and run away so he doesn't 
    retaliate by killing them.
    Michael Brenner (100275.2163@compuserve.com)
         Against a human player it is also a neat trick to let stealth tanks 
    protect your harvesters. Many human GDI players will launch an Orca attack 
    against a single harvester outside the reach of visible air defenses, not 
    follow the attack too carefully if they've got other things to do and be very 
    surprised if their Orcas don't come back. Like most multiplayer tricks this 
    only works once or twice though.
    Eric (eroswelkr@aol.com)
         Here's an AI strategy I exploited like no tomorrow while playing NOD. 
    Use Stealth tanks as walls.  As long as they're stealthed, the computer won't 
    advance or attack.  AND you can position artillery or other ranged units a 
    few squares behind them so they can just pick off anything at a distance.
    Jeremy Butcher (butcher@inter.nl.net)
         There any good ways of hiding them so in a multiplayer base so that they 
    can't be found. Almost all buildings have a few squares under them where you 
    can't place a building. Place them on those things, then when your enemy 
    tries to place a building there, everything's normal because you never can 
    place a building there.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         If the computer (or player's) refinery is fairly far away from any 
    units, drive a stealth tank directly in front of his refinery, cutting off 
    the entrance for the harvester to get through. It can take quite a long time 
    for your opponent to realize something is dreadfully wrong.
    [2-2-17] SSM Launcher
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         The SSM launcher is big and powerful. Though they take a terribly long 
    time to reload, each missile they shot has a tremendous amount of damage 
    potential. The flame which shoots from the missile toasts footsoldiers, and a 
    direct SSM hit takes out practically any Nod unit. It has the longest range 
    of any unit.
    Mike Mulligan (mulligan@netcom.com)
         Have two or three SSMs and a few tanks as a protecting force. Then just 
    move in to attack!  I had three SSMLs take out two Obelisks in less then 30 
    seconds. When your opponent comes after the SSMLs, let your tanks lag behind 
    and buy time for the SSMLs to get away. If she presses her attack, she will 
    get a mouthful of SSMs!
    [2-2-18] Chinook Transport Helicopter
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Like the APC, the order of exit is the reverse of the order of entry 
    i.e. the last units to enter are the first to exit.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         These slow moving troop transports are expensive and troublesome. They 
    suffer from the same loading and unloading problems of the APCs, and have a 
    tendency to circle aimlessly before landing in any area. They make easy 
    targets for SAM sites, and their cost and low capacity makes them tough to 
         Note that they are not usually available to be built on computer 
    missions. They also cannot be used to land in unexplored areas.
    Tan Tot Lit (isc30236@lenois.nus.sg)
         Two big advantage of the chopper over APC
         - Few units can shoot at you.
         - You don't appear on radar until you land.      
    Josh Eckels (joshtgf@execpc.com)
         Send in an Orca or Attack Helicopter a few seconds before the transport 
    helicopter.  Since your opponent can't change the targets of SAM sites or 
    Advanced Guard Towers, they will continue to shoot at the first thing they 
    see.  This gives your transport helicopter enough time to land, deploy its 
    cargo of engineers, and get out. 
    Scott Shaffer (shaffer@bangate.compaq.com)
        Despite the limitations of this craft (small capacity, slow movement) 
    there are some cases when it is very effective.  Often times an enemy base is 
    vulnerable to attack from a certain angle or direction.  This is especially 
    true of bases built against a corner of the map.  You can often then direct 
    your Chinook to an undefended area (like the very corner) by making it hug 
    the edge of the map.  It can land in areas that other units can't get to if 
    they opponent has built his base in such a way to prevent easy unit movement.
    [2-2-19] Mobile HQ
         These units only appear in multiplayer games of capture the flag, when 
    bases are turned off. They are unarmed, and are weak units. You must protect 
    your own mobile HQ while destroying your opponents' mobile HQs.
         Keep them surrounded by your units. Even a Hummer can destroy one in a 
    few shots.
    [2-3] Buildings
         Buildings lose productivity with damage. This is especially true of 
    [2-3-1] Construction Yard
         Selling your last construction yard is usually not recommended. If you 
    do this, all is not lost, however. You do get an engineer in the bargain, and 
    if you're skillful (or really lucky) you might be able to capture the 
    opponent's construction yard.
    [2-3-2] Powerplant
         It's good to have a few backup powerplants to keep defenses running.
    [2-3-3] Advanced Powerplant
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Building 2 power plants is more cost effective than building one 
    advanced power plant (by $100), but makes your base larger.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         It might be better to use normal powerplanets since it ensures more 
    equal distribution of power output (i.e.: if one of them is taken out by a 
    nuke/ion/air strike, there's a lesser chance you'll be left without your 
    guard towers firing!), and they're faster to build.
         In multiplayer situations: if playing against Nod, build Adv. Power 
    plants. If playing against GDI, build normal Power Plants. The reason? Nukes 
    can kill (many) normal Power Plants in one hit, they cannot however destroy 
    the Advanced version. However, an Ion Strike will kill an Advanced Plant in 
    one hit, so it's not worth it to build them.
         Protect these very well, and ALWAYS make sure you have *excess* power, 
    in case one of them is taken out by an ion cannon, nuke or strike, especially 
    important if you have Obelisks.
    [2-3-4] Sandbag/Fence/Concrete
         These have different levels of damage. After getting hit by a certain 
    amount of hitpoints, they lose a level of damage and start to fall apart. 
    Concrete walls have three different damage levels, fences have two, and 
    sandbags have one.
    [2-3-5] Silo
         Holds 1500 credits worth of refined Tiberium. See also [4-5-4] The silo 
    money cheat.
    *2-3-6* Refinery
         Home base for Tiberium harvester. It will hold 1000 credits worth of 
    refined Tiberium. One harvester included in price. You can build a refinery 
    much faster than you can build a harvester. You can not sell a refinery that 
    contains an unloading harvester.
    [2-3-7] Barracks
         GDI Barracks can produce minigunners, grenadiers, bazookas, and 
    engineers. Two Barracks builds infantry twice as fast. If you have more than 
    one, double clicking on one will make it the primary building for unit 
    [2-3-8] Hand of Nod
         The Nod infantry creation building can produce minigunners, flame-
    throwers, bazookas, chem. warriors, engineers, and commandos. Two Hands of 
    Nod builds infantry twice as fast. If you have more than one, double clicking 
    on one will make it the primary building for unit construction.
    [2-3-9] Weapons Factory
         GDI Weapon factories are easily destroyed by a single nuke. They are 
    less than half as strong as Nod airstrips. Two weapon factories construct 
    vehicles twice as fast as a single factory. If you have more than one, double 
    clicking on one will make it the primary building for unit construction.
    [2-3-10] Airstrip
         In a multiplayer game, try to build your airstrip such that incoming and 
    outgoing cargo flights do not fly over an enemy base and give away the 
    presence of additional vehicle units.
         You cannot have a constructed unit delivered while the cargo transport 
    plane is still on the map. If a unit is constructed before the transport 
    plane has had time to fly off the screen, the unit must be loaded onto the 
    transport plane manually by clicking on its icon once the plane is no longer 
         Two airstrips construct vehices twice as fast as one airstrip. If you 
    have more than one, double clicking on one will make it the primary building 
    for unit construction.
    Scott Shaffer (shaffer@bangate.compaq.com)
         If possible, make sure to build your airstrip as close to the right edge 
    of the map as possible.  Since they C130 transport plan only goes from right 
    to left, building it on the right edge of the map means your units arrive 
    faster.  The delay between unit completion and its arrival is a penalty for 
    NOD that GDI does not have.  This penalty can be reduced significantly if you 
    build on the right edge of the map.
         Also, make sure to leave room around the top of the airstrip for the 
    arriving units to deploy.  Don't build an airstrip up against the top-left 
    corner of the map.
    Raymond Lee (rksl1@leicester.ac.uk)
         As GDI, purchasing an MCV through a Nod airstrip yields a GDI 
    construction yard, not Nod.
    [2-3-11] Communications center
         Enables the overhead satellite view.
    [2-3-12] Advanced comm. center
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         Other than the Ion Cannon, it is necessary to build this structure to 
    gain access to the more 'high tech' units and buildings.
         Contrary to the manual, it does appear to be well-armored, and can take 
    quite a beating before going down.
    Scott Shaffer (shaffer@bangate.compaq.com)
         Once you build an advanced comm. center, sell your normal communications 
    center. The ACC will function as a normal communications center.
    [2-3-13] Guard tower
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         These fire bursts of machine gun fire (once every 3 squares of 
    minigunner movement) which will *usually* kill a standing up troop, and do 
    about 25% to a dug in trooper. It is not effective against armoured vehicles.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         They're cheap and effective against infantry. They're not so effective 
    against vehicles and flame throwers, but at their cost you should be able to 
    afford two or three of them throughout your stronghold. They do require 
    maintenance, and you'll find yourself repairing them often. Beware the enemy 
    artillery gun and tanks, as they do not even have to be in their gun ranges 
    to damage them.
    [2-3-14] Nod Turret
    EDITOR'S NOTE: Prior to version 1.18, turrets cost $250 each. The tactics 
    expressed here may be prohibitively expensive and/or impossible in versions 
    1.18 and beyond.
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         These are real good against armor, as long as you build enough of them. 
    Considering the cost...no problem. Since they use cannons, they are 
    dangerously weak against infantry; a grenadier one on one with a gun turret 
    is somewhat even, which is rather weak for a defensive installation.
         It has okay range; you are protected as long as you have enough deployed 
    so that they chop up the infantry early. You can shift the odds to your favor 
    while fighting infantry by repairing them during battle.
    Scott Shaffer (shaffer@bangate.compaq.com)
         An effective strategy is to build the walking line of Gun Turrets/sand 
    bags from your base to your opponents. The Gun Turret can be easily built and 
    repaired in the field, and the "walking line" technique gets around the 
    mobility problem. GDI can also do this with the Adv. Guard Tower, but it is 
    less effective since they cost so much more.
    [2-3-15] Advanced guard tower
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Very useful against vehicles. Anti-air role also, as good as a SAM site, 
    but can be otherwise engaged during a fight!. Fires two rounds every three 
    minigunner square moves. Best to use as perimeter defense, but support with 
    armor! A flame tank getting close is deadly, and they cost a lot of money! 
    Remember to keep repairing them in battle. 
         Keep putting two together for best results, but watch the power 
    consumption. They don't work when out of power.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         They're most effective when coupled with normal Guard Towers. Their 
    rockets are ineffective against close targets, although they seem to have the 
    same 'exhaust burn damage' of the Rocket Launcher. One Advanced and two 
    normal Guard Towers in problem areas are usually enough to deal with threats. 
    Beware that if you place them near sandbags or walls, their stray rockets 
    will usually knock them away quickly.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Advanced Guard Towers rockets are less powerful than SAM site rockets. 7 
    AGT rockets vs. 3 SAM rockets to kill an Orca or Apache. Also more vulnerable 
    as SAM sites are protected while underground.
    [2-3-16] Obelisk of light
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         These are completely wicked against armor units. Remember that they are 
    tall, so build concrete walls around them to stop cannons, and they can 
    easily stop five or six medium tanks without problems. As has been commented, 
    they are energy intensive, and shoot slowly (but surely), so can also be 
    fuzzy-wuzzy'd. Always have a lot of energy to spare, so you can keep firing 
    if one power plant is destroyed. (Or be prepared to sell off a lot of 
    buildings to keep it firing if a major attack is launched coordinated with 
    the destruction of a power plant.)
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Try to make sure you have at least two; many humans will Ion Strike 
    against one Obelisk when their attack force is coming down; if you have two, 
    it will ensure that you have at least one Obelisk left if he decides to use 
    his Ion Cannon. Also be sure to back them up with Flame Tanks, since they are 
    unless against masses of infantry.
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         1 Shot  - Any infantry, assault cycle, hum-vee, Nod buggy, MLRS, SSML.
         2 Shots - Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, APC.
         3 Shots - Harvester, Mammoth Tank
         All the above are considered from full health to full death.
         Players who think Obelisks of Light are a steal for 1500 credits should 
    think twice. They require POWER, typically one Advanced Power Plant per 
    Obelisk, so the cost is more like 2200 credits
    [2-3-17] SAM Site
         Selling a SAM site will net you four minigunners for the price of two 
    and a half. SAM sites have tough outside armor, but become more vulnerable to 
    damage when the missile launcher exposes itself while it fires.
    [2-3-18] Heli Pad
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         Helipads come with a helicopter. You shouldn't be buying extra 
    helicopters, as it is five times faster to build a helipad than a helicopter 
    on its own.
         You should try to designate an inner, well-protection area of your base 
    for your Helipads, and keep them built close to each other. Otherwise, you 
    will have problems with those distant helis 'catching up' with the main 
    helicopter attack force when a problem arises. 
    [2-3-19] Repair Pad
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         It is usually a better idea to just buy a new humvee than repair a 
    damaged one. All vehicles, including helicopters, and harvesters, can be 
    repaired. Soldiers cannot be 'repaired' using this building.
    Douglas Jacobs (djacobs@umich.edu)
         The repair pad has a few quirks. Once, while repairing a tank, an 
    airstrike came along and destroyed the tank during repair. The bay survived, 
    but it would no longer accept units to be repaired. Neither could I sell the 
    reapir pad.
    Scott Butler (sydtech@skypoint.com)
         I actually had a repair bay die on me. I built it in a cleared out patch 
    of tiberium, not far from a tree (stupid, but I was in a hurry). It *seems* 
    that the tiberium started growing back, wrecking the repair bay. 
    *2-3-20* Temple of Nod
         In a single player game, you are given only one nuclear missile per 
    temple. In a multiplayer game, one temple will yield an infinite amount of 
    VT (VirtualTed@westwood.com)
         To use nukes, building the Temple of Nod is not enough. You'll need to 
    get the crates in missions 6, 8, and 12.  You may have to capture or destroy 
    some of the buildings to get at the crates.
    EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a bug in versions prior to 1.18 that makes it 
    impossible to fire nukes when the temple is constructed, even when all the 
    necessary crates are collected.
    [2-4] Special Units
    [2-4-1] Airstrikes
    Reload: 12 minutes.
    Weapon: multiple napalm bombs
    Level: Tech ?; GDI 5
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         Available for GDI forces after all SAM sites are taken out. Slow 
    recharge rates means you won't be using it too many times a mission.
    Phil Lochner (decker@megaweb.com)
         If the enemy rebuilds the SAM sites, the Air Strike option is still 
    available. It recharges faster than the Ion Cannon, but it takes time for the 
    aircraft to reach their target, so timing assaults with Air Strikes is 
    important. Depending on the mission, one or two A-10s will zip down and drop 
    fire bombs around the target area. These bombs can do mass damage to enemy 
    troop stockpiles, destroy buildings, level Tiberium fields, or harass the 
    Construction Yard. Coordinate the strikes with other attacks for maximum 
    effectiveness, but try not to rely on Air Strikes to take down SAM sites, 
    Obelisks, or Gun Turrets. I usually use them to clear out the twenty or 
    thirty soldiers which meander around the Hand of Nod..
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         Airstrikes are available in Multiplayer Missions. They come in crates.
    see also [5-3-8], AIRSTRIKES
    *2-4-2* Nuclear strike
    Reload: 20 minutes
    Weapon: nuclear warhead
    Level: Tech 7; Nod 13
    see also [5-3-1] NUKES
         Single player nukes are two to three times more destructive than 
    multiplayer nukes. 
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Feeling nasty? Directly target the weapons factory. It'll take it out in 
    one hit, and seriously damage all other buildings around it. Or, if your 
    opponent has only one deposit of tiberium next to his base, nuke the tiberium 
    and  watch his eyes widen. Otherwise, if you see lots of full silo's, nuke 
    there. $3000+ down the tubes.
    Lars Pedersen (lk2648@mail.krull.dk)
         To do the most damage, direct your nuclear strike to the base of the 
    building you are attacking. The center of the building is where the sand 
    stops and the building begins.
    David Brandt (dbrandt@origin.ea.com)
         In team play, have your teammate lay a nuke at the same time and place 
    as when you lay one. Will take out anything in a huge area.
    Ian (nstn1738@fox.nstn.ca)
         Just like a real small-yield nuke, buildings are relatively big, 
    unprotected targets and get vaporized. Armored units, because they are low to 
    the ground, airtight, made of metal, and very heavily protected, are much 
    less vulnerable to radiation/heat effects.
    [2-4-3] Ion Cannon
    Reload: 15 minutes
    Weapon: ion cannon
    Level: Tech 7; GDI 14
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         GDI's special 14 & 15 + tech level 7 weapon:
         Advanced comm. center (2800 - need comm. center) is used to recharge it. 
    It stops recharging if you are low on power!
         The weapon will destroy from full health:
         Five troops
         Light tank
         Flame tank
         Gun turret
         Obelisk tower (VERY useful)
         Stealth tank
         Tiberium silo
         Wall (WASTE!)
         One patch of tiberium.
    Terrence (tantoli@iscs.nus.sg)
         When a SAM site is out of its protective shell and firing at an 
    aircraft, a single hit will take it out at full health.
         Also can take out both a Flame tank and an artillery unit side by side 
    at full health by targeting the Flame tank. The secondary explosion from the 
    flame tank will finish off the artillery unit.
         Targeting a group of troops with a flame thrower will result in further 
    damage to the group. Again, due to secondary explosions from the flame 
    Lee Yu Tang (ytlee@pl.jaring.my)
         When compared to NOD's nuke attacks, GDI's most powerful weapon the Ion 
    Cannon may seem pretty weak in many people's eyes. It needs more than one 
    shot to take out some of the units and buildings with heavy armor. There are 
    2 buildings that for certain will fall prey to one blast of the Ion Cannon 
    which are the Obelisk of Light and the Power Plant.
    Chapter [3] Important information not in the manual
         There is important information missing from the manual!
    *3-1* What are the keys?
    G : Guard Area
         This will cause a selected group of units to go into guard mode. In this 
    mode, units will scan with binoculars for enemy units, and move to attack any 
    that come within their sighting range.
    X : Scatter Units
         This causes a selected group of units to scatter. Useful when infantry 
    is under attack by tank treads and incendiary missiles
    S : Stop Unit
         Causes a unit to stop dead in its tracks. Very useful when one of your 
    units is braindead and begins to wander nonchalantly into the guns of the 
    enemy base. 
    F7-F10 : Map Bookmark System
         Use CTRL+F7-F10 to mark a spot on your map, then use F7-F10 to jump to 
    that spot at anytime.
    <CTRL>-# : Team Creation
         Mark a group of units as a team using either using your mouse button and 
    shift key or the bounding box. Then use CTRL and a number key (0-9) to 
    assigned the selected units as a team.
    0-9 : Team Selection
         This selects a team as active.
    TAB: Open/Close Sidebar
         Opens and closes the sidebar. Use it when you need to see more tactical 
    H : Home unit
         Selects your construction yard, and centers the tactical map around it.
    N : Next unit
         This is almost a useless command. It runs through the internal lists of 
    units, selects the next one, and centers the tactical view around it.
    R : Resign
         I bet you didn't know that all your units carry suicide demolitions. Hit 
    'R' and find out. In a multiplayer game, your civilians and technicians 
    actually do a large amount of damage when you resign. Position them by the 
    enemy before resigning, and maybe you'll take a few of them with you.
    <HOME> : Homing
         This will center the tactical view around the currently selected unit or 
    <ALT>-# : View team
         Centers the tactical view over a predefined team.
    Multiplayer Options
    A : Alliance
         Select an enemy unit and press 'A'. From that point on, your troops will 
    treat that enemy as a friend and not target them.
         This only works one way. The other side is still welcome to blow you to 
    smithereens, so they must also ally with you to complete the team effort.
         Allying with an enemy is also useful when you want a deep strike 
    operation into the heart of the enemy base, but don't want your units to slow 
    down and fight. Such operations might include recon or engineer infiltration.
         Pressing 'A' for a second time will negate the previous ally command.
    Cursor Modifiers
    Bill Elliot (belliot@ftw.mot.com)
    SHIFT : Select Additional Units
         Holding down the shift key will let you select additional units to a 
    group of selected units.  For examples, to select your six advanced guard 
    towers to fire on the four flame tanks approaching, SHIFT - click click click 
    click click click.  Bingo, six selected towers ready for orders.
    CTRL : Force Attack
         Holding down the CTRL key will turn your movement cursor into the target 
    crosshair. This lets you target friendly units, trees, and empty squares.
    ALT : Force Move
         Holding down the ALT key will turn your movement cursor into a movement 
    only cursor. Subsequently moved units will move instead of attack. This is 
    how you get your tanks to squish enemy infantry instead of blowing craters 
    around them.
    CTRL+ALT : Guard Area or Unit
         Holding down CTRL+ALT turns your cursor into a defend cursor. Selected 
    units will patrol around a building or unit and protect it from attack.
    [3-2] What is that colored bar?
         The colored bar represents the current power output. The blue marker 
    represents the current power usage. When you use more power than available, 
    your base experiences blackouts and brownouts.
         A green bar represents a surplus of power.
         A yellow bar represents a brownout
         A red bar represents a serious blackout.
         Facilities that totally shutdown during power outages are Obelisks of 
    Light, Advanced Guard Towers, Communication Centers, Advanced Communication 
    Centers, Temple of Nod.
         During blackouts and brownouts, other buildings serve at a diminished 
    capacity. It will take longer to produce a unit, and so forth. A brownout 
    seems to cause production to drop to 50% of normal. A blackout seems to cause 
    production to drop to 10% of normal.
    Mr. P / Powersource
         The power scale is logarithmic, not linear.
    [3-3] What is a blossom tree?
    Scott King (sking@one.net)
         They serve as replenishing centers for tiberium. After you harvest all 
    of the tiberium from around a tree, it will grow back around it. Whenever the 
    blossom tree releases spores, it damages any units directly next to it.
    [3-4] How do I view the radar?
    Vance Hampton (VHAMPTON@ti.com)
         There are two different radar maps, one long range and one short, and 
    you can cycle through them by clicking the Map button -- provided, of course, 
    that you have a communications center.
    [3-5] How do I suspend or cancel build commands?
         You can suspend or cancel build commands by clicking with your primary 
    mouse button on the unit icon that is currently being built. This will turn 
    the unit icon gray to signify that the building has been put on hold. From 
    this stage, clicking with your primary button will resume building, and 
    clicking with your secondary button will cancel the build order.
    *3-6* How do I manage multiple barracks?
    Stuart Loh (stuloh@acay.com.au)
         If you build more than one Hand of Nod or barracks, or more than one 
    weapons factory or airstrip, you can double click on one to select the 
    primary building. Troops and vehicles will arrive out of this building. If 
    you are NOD and capture GDI barracks, GDI only units will come from the 
    barracks. Common units such as bazookas and minigunners will come out of your 
    primary building. The same applies to airfields and weapons factories.
    *3-7* Can I run over walls with mammoth tanks?
         Contrary to what the manual and the cutscene videos imply, it is not 
    possible to drive over walls with a mammoth tank or any other unit.
    CHAPTER [4] Cheating
    [4-1] What are the cheat keys?
         Easy. There are none. The cheats were removed after beta testing and 
    *4-2* How, then, can I cheat?
         You can cheat by using programs written by the kind folk on the 
    Internet. See Chapter 15 for a listing of such programs.
    [4-3] How does the computer cheat?
    Min He (he@mathp7.jussieu.fr)
    Eradicator (drwestco@mailhost.ecn.uoknor.edu)
         The computer starts out with more funds than you do.
         The computer can place units inside scenery at the start of a mission.
         The computer can rebuild gun turrets when they are destroyed without 
    needing to have adjacent buildings.
         The computer can build a construction yard without needing a MCV.
         The computer doesn't have to clear out SAM sites to launch an air-
         The computer may rebuild destroyed buildings even if they are not 
    adjacent to any other building.
         The computer's Orcas may attack NOD attack choppers in mid-flight.
         The computer can build harvesters immediately as long as funds are 
    available. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Though it may seem like the computer builds 
    harvesters immediately as long as it has funds available, it does not. The AI 
    starts building a new harvester when it senses that an existing harvester 
    will be destroyed.)
         The computer can use harvesters to attack tanks and other vehicles.
    *4-4* What cheating programs are available?
         See Chapter 15 for a listing of such programs.
    [4-5]  What are some C&C quirks I can exploit?
    [4-5-1] Tiberium harvesting without silos
    Mike Means (means@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu)
         When your refinery storage is getting full, start constructing another 
    building. The construction will use up the tiberium in your storage. When the 
    construction is finished, cancel the building. You will get your money back, 
    but the tiberium will not return.
    [4-5-2] Preventing the computer from rebuilding
    Richard Stone (rstone@news.infi.net)
         You can prevent the computer from rebuilding a structure by placing a 
    unit on the same square.  You can permanently prevent the computer from 
    rebuilding a structure by sandbagging your way to the structure, destroying 
    he structure, building a sandbag on the structure's square, and then sell the 
    sandbag.  You now 'own' that square, and the computer can't rebuild from 
    scratch on it.
    [4-5-3] The Reservoir Dogs scenario
    Douglas McCreary (dark@ix.netcom.com)
         Unlike NATO, the computer does not choose to ignore friendly-fire 
    incidents. Whenever one of the computer units hits another accidentally, the 
    units go into full combat against each other. 
         Once I discovered this bug, I started exploiting it by moving my units 
    to the middle of enemy groups before attacking.
    [4-5-4] The silo money cheat
    EDITOR'S NOTE: This cheat only works with versions of C&C prior to 1.18
         Build a silo, and let it fill up with tiberium. When it is full, build 
    another silo but do not place it.  Sell the silo that is full of tiberium. 
    Quickly place the built silo down before the silo sell animation is over. In 
    return for this, you will get over a thousand credits for the tiberium in the 
    silo you sold, and have the tiberium you just sold transferred over to the 
    silo you just created.
    [4-5-5] The ultimate A-10 defence
    see [5-3-8], AIRSTRIKES
    [4-5-6] Money making ala SimC&C
    Oliver Schade (schade@mabuse.phil.uni-passau.de)
         If you have defeat the computer except one or two buildings and your are 
    sure that you will win with your existing troops sell all your buildings and 
    attack after that the remaining buildings. You will get lots of money and a 
    'efficiency-rate' of 100% which will results in many points.
    EDITOR'S NOTE: A variation on this is to leave an enemy building standing, 
    and go into tiberium farm mode. With good harvester management, it is 
    possible to rack up a near infinite amount of money without running out of 
    harvestable tiberium.
    [4-5-7] Place buildings anywhere cheat
    EDITOR'S NOTE: This bug was corrected with version 1.19. Trying to abuse the 
    radar map in this manner in versions 1.19 and beyond will have unpredictable 
    results. You have been warned.
    Tim Brutton (tim@arcady.demon.co.uk) wrote:
         A working radar map is required for this cheat. Scroll your screen in 
    such a way that a part of a building you own is cut in half by the menubar at 
    the right. Select that building.
         Start construction on the building you want to build anywhere. When the 
    construction is complete and the building is ready, move your cursor over the 
    building that is on the map. Drag the hash marks past the building as your 
    move your cursor into your radar map. It is important that it leaves an area 
    of white hashing - one white hashed square is enough.
         Move your cursor into the radar map. It should display a no-smoking 
    sign. Wherever you click your mouse button now will deploy your building on 
    that spot in the map.
    [4-5-8] Infinite minigunner cheat
         Sell any building that has a weapon (turrets, obelisks, etc) Quickly 
    select the building, and press 's' to stop the sale. The building will remain 
    where it is, but the minigunners will have already poured out. Repeat this as 
    many times as you like to get an army full of minigunners. These minigunners 
    can be sold using the sandbag proximity technique to get infinite cash as 
    *4-5-9* Seeing stealth tanks
    Neil Bradley (neil@tongue-tied.co.uk)
         Select an Orca. Move your cursor around in the radar map. When the 
    cursor drifts over a square occupied by a stealth tank, the cursor will turn 
    Mark Lockland (mark@lockland.demon.co.uk)
         If you ally yourself with an opponent, you will see your opponent's 
    stealth tanks.
    [4-5-10] Transport helicopter denial
    Matthias Gutfeldt (matthias.gutfeldt@buemplizer.ch)
         If you place a unit on the exact landing spot of a computer transport 
    helicopter, it will not land on top of your unit. It will not look for 
    another landing site either. It just hovers there with infinite fuel. Get 
    some bazooka guys, and blast away. Then wait for the next transport chopper, 
    and do the same.
    [4-5-11] Safe Orca killing
    Colin Jacobs (coljac@pyromania.apana.org.au)
         Attack an Orca on its pad with a stealth tank. The Orca will lift off, 
    but your tank will cloak, and the orca will land, allowing the next volley to 
    be fired.
    [4-5-12] Longer ranged towers
    Jeremy Gilbert (viper@mcn.net)
         The obelisks and advanced guard towers have a one square advantage when 
    attacking units to the north because the origin of fire and the base of the 
    structure are not the same. Enemies can only target the base of the 
    structure. It is therefore possible for two obelisks or advanced guard towers 
    to be built in such a way that the first can target the second, but the 
    second can not target the first.
    *4-5-13* Blind Spots
    Toni Ali-Mattila (toniam@aino.wakkanet.fi)
         It is possible to shoot enemies with a medium tank without them shooting 
    back. I have blown away light tanks and rocket infantry.
    Ong Yang (yang@pacific.net.sg)
         This is a trick over the AI of computer. There seems to be a 'blind 
    spot' to certain units (I've found it applies to turrets and advanced guard 
    towers, haven't tried the rest). Sometimes, when a unit is within the AI 
    controlled tower's range, they will not fire back, even when they're fired 
    upon. I've found that it works in certain directions only. I've only 
    discovered the Southwest. eg. Place your Nod turret 7(approximate) squares 
    west and 2(approximate) squares south of an advanced guard tower. You'll find 
    that the tower is oblivious to your turret's presence. Proceed with the order 
    for the turret to attack the tower and it'll still be a sitting duck. (This 
    strategy is EXTREMELY useful in one of the NOD covert ops mission .. Cloak 
    and Dagger I think, where the construction yard is built right in the middle 
    of the enemy base)
    *4-5-14* Long range bazookas
         To take out a guard tower with bazooka units, place them four squares 
    directly to the side or above or below the guard tower. They will attack on 
    their own, out of reach of the guard tower machine guns. The same can be done 
    using the bazookas mounted on recon bikes.
    *4-5-15* The engineer black hole
         This may sound cheap to some people, but probably most of you have had a 
    base taken over by enemy engineers before and have been really ticked off by 
         Here's a way to counteract that in an extremely cheap way: You've 
    probably noticed that all enemy units aim for the top structure on the map. 
    We can use this to our advantage. If you place a SAM site north of your base, 
    the engineers will go for it. But, instead of taking it over, they enter and 
    nothing happens! Of course, all your other enemy units will go for that too, 
    but the SAM site can take lots of damage and you can place an Obelisk or two 
    near it.
    *4-5-16* Wraparound radar
    Greg Long (h.slconsult@mailbox.uq.oz.au)
         The person I was playing against had all entrances to his base blocked 
    and I could not see a thing inside it. His base was up against the left side 
    of the map. When I moved an SSM all the way to the right of the map, a small 
    segment of the left side could be seen on my radar. I used this to send my 
    choppers out to destroy his poorly defended construction yard.
    *4-5-17* Confusing the enemy
    Dave Mitton (dmitton@tiac.net)
         The computer AI tends to attack the last thing (perhaps of equal class) 
    that attacked it. The way to attack a large enemy unit such as a harvester 
    with bikes or infantry is to circle around it so that everyone gets a shot, 
    and the harvester will spin around trying to take on the last one that hit 
     *4-6* Are there any hidden game elements or easter eggs?
    [4-6-1] Visceroids
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         It regenerates when in a tiberium field, and unlike a mammoth tank, can 
    regenerate to full strength from a low red condition. They are pretty slow 
    and don't have many hit points, but their weapon is the chemical spray.
    *4-6-2* Hidden cutscenes
    Robert Whisler (cato@dcez.com)
         If you decide to completely liquidate the Temple with your Ion Cannon 
    (after your forces reduce the place to wreckage and after you have destroyed 
    all other Nod forces so that only the temple remains), you will get a 
    different ending sequence than if you destoyed the Temple using conventional 
    forces alone.
    *4-6-3* Covert Operations Funpark
    P. Habib (habibp@aol.com)
         When you start Covert Operations, type "c&c funpark". You will enter a 
    special mode of play. If you start a new game, you will play a series of 
    dinosaur missions. If you load a previously saved game, you will be able to 
    build the units and buildings of both GDI and Nod.
         Nod players should take note. Building an advanced comms center will not 
    give you the ion cannon.
         GDI players can only build chem troops or SSM launchers if they capture 
    a hand of Nod or Nod airstrip.
         In some missions, a new type of barrier, razor wire, will be available 
    for construction.
    *4-6-4* Dinosaurs
         There are two ways to get the Dinosaurs in C&C. The easiest way, if you 
    have the Covert Operations disk is to run C&C with the funpark option, and to 
    select either GDI or Nod as your transmission.
         If you do not have the Covert Operations mission disk, you will need to 
    visit Andrew Griffin's Internet webpage and download some hacking utilities.
         The dinosaur movies are only available with the Covert Operations 
    mission disk.
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         There are four dinosaur units: the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, 
    Stegosaurus and Triceratops.  There seems to have been a fourth team in 
    multiplayer mode after GDI, Nod and civilians, called JP, obviously for 
    Jurassic Park.
         Their bite is great against infantry, and they can squish all the soft 
    targets (including walls and sandbags), but they aren't that good against 
    heavy tank armor.
    Amer Khan (khan@minerva.cis.yale.edu)
         Velociraptors regenerate hitpoints when they eat chem warriors.
    CHAPTER [5] Defensive tips
    [5-1] Sandbag defense
    Dave Smith (physics@computek.net)
         The computer does not know how to deal with sandbags. It treats all 
    barriers as impassible terrain. It is possible to wall the enemy inside its 
    own base. This is especially useful for keeping their harvesters out of your 
    [5-2] Building base defenses
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         Always use your advantage on a level. Sun Tzu said, first become 
    invincible, then destroy your opponent's invincibility. Do so. Make a base 
    that can shrug off any (reasonable) attack, and assure a steady cash flow. 
    Once this is done, a computer opponent is lost. On most levels, doing this is 
    the problem, not destroying the opposing base. Against GDI, he can always 
    attack your base with air strikes, and you will grow to loathe the A-10's, 
    simply because making a base impervious to air strikes is so difficult it is 
    inefficient, and so your opponent can always harm you. GDI does not have this 
    problem, as long as they have enough guard turrets and walls. This is some of 
    the reason that the common guard turrets cost almost double that of the NOD 
    gun turrets (I think.), so that making a base impervious to ground assault 
    would cost too much. 
    James Hindman (jhindman@ea.oac.uci.edu)
         As anyone who has used NOD knows, turrets suck against men. SO a very 
    useful strategy is to take either Flame tanks, or flame men and tell them to 
    guard the turrets. This will prevent grenadiers from getting close and 
    thrashing your turrets, and the turrets protect the Flame units against tanks 
    and other large units.
         Of course for any base defense you should build flame infantry, because 
    they are your best infantry defense. Build turrets, lots of turrets. They are 
    great against tanks and other large vehicles, don't bother with obelisks 
    unless you have A LOT of extra power, in case your enemy takes out one of 
    your power plants, it may still function.
    [5-3] Help! I'm being attacked by enemy...
    *5-3-1* Nukes
    David Tong (davet@skaro.eng.sun.com)
         When choosing warhead targets, the computer will pick advanced guard 
    towers, and, lacking that, your refineries for termination.
    Ong Yang (yang@pacific.net.sg)
         In Covert Ops, the computer will aim its nuke at the first advanced 
    guard tower you've built.
    Craig Kazial (kaizal@cedar.buffalo.edu)
         Spread your base out through the use of sandbagging, all structures must 
    touch each other but sandbags count.  You can sell them afterwards if in the 
         Have excess power.  Your power plants will go down in a nuclear blast if 
    near impact almost all the time.  Building is outrageously slow when your 
    power is low.  If stuck in this situation perhaps sell off some of your 
         Two weapon factories don't hurt.  Unfortunately this thing usually also 
    bites it in one shot.  Yes it's expensive, but it's slow to build and if your 
    enemy follows up a nuke with a conventional attack you may want units 
    churning out.
         If you can, right from the start bottle up all entrances to your 
    territory. Obviously some scenarios make this more or less difficult.  Avoid 
    putting your structures in the extreme corners.. if I was shooting a nuke 
    blind that's where I would go.  Ideally get some concrete walls  and advanced 
    guard towers going before your enemy has more than scouts to check out your 
    situation. Stealth tanks and recon bikes aren't going to make keeping your 
    base hidden easy, but I don't imagine you thought you were signing up for a 
    Raymond Lee (rks11@leicester.ac.uk)
         NOD airstrips and the Temple of Nod are the only buildings that can 
    withstand a direct nuclear attack. The computer Nod player will always fire 
    its nuclear missiles at the GDI advanced communications center. It is best to 
    build it in an out of the way area.
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         If you play GDI and hear "Nuclear Warhead Approaching", hurry back to 
    your base (hit "H" if you still have a Construction Yard or use map 
    bookmarks), and be ready to sell your Weapons Factory. Most intelligent NOD 
    players will go after it because it is a sure target. You'll get 1000 credits 
    back if you sell it. But you have to be FAST--sometimes you just won't get 
    the opportunity.
    [5-3-2] Orcas
         Build bazooka or recon bike units. Unlike SAM sites, these are mobile, 
    and can be deployed anywhere. Scatter them around a bit.  Lay a bunch of them 
    around your harvester routes.
         If you are Nod, follow your harvesters around with stealth tanks or 
    recon bikes. If you are GDI, you can use rocket launchers, but they are too 
    easy to kill, and a smart opponent will target the escorts before attacking 
    the harvester.
    Casper Lund (ccc4708@vip.cybercity.dk)
         A trick: If the enemy (computer or human) sends Orcas against one of 
    your (fast) vehicles, and you have bazooka's/adv. guard towers/SAMs 
    available. Simply drive your vehicle towards one of them and circle it 
    manually. The Orca will follow, circling around trying to get a shot off 
    (they fire slowly on fast moving objects), and your SAM/tower/bazooka's will 
    bash away at it, usually killing it. Actually, if the opponent hasn't put his 
    Orca under "CTRL-control", you can tie his Orcas up pretty much by simply 
    driving around the map like crazy with the Orca(s) in pursuit, but this only 
    works if your "bait" vehicle is pretty fast! :)
    [5-3-3] SSMs
         These have very few hit points. Three choppers can take this out in one 
    and a half volleys, as can three stealth tanks.
    [5-3-4] Advanced guard towers
         Don't send infantry against them. Use armored vehicles instead.
    *5-3-5* Transports loaded with engineers
         Sandbag your base. Do not leave any openings where a helicopter or APC 
    can land.  Block entrances to your base.
    Kjetil Svendsberget (kjetilsv@ifi.uio.no)
         As soon as you have build the weapon factory churn out 4 Humveess and
    scatter them around your CY. Assign them to a high number, one which you 
    rarely use; I use '9'. Now when the hated APC keeps rolling in just press 
    '9', or your own number and blast away at anything that churns out of it. Any 
    men will die almost instant death, and will only be able to crawl a couple of 
    [5-3-6] Attack helicopters
         If you are Nod, use SAM sites against these. Bazookamen die too easily 
    unless they are deployed in groups of six or more, and are spread out. You 
    shouldn't use recon bikes as anti-attack chopper escorts. Recon bikes have a 
    particular weakness to the attack helicopter machine-gun.
         If you are GDI, you can send an Orca or two and destroy the attack 
    helicopter while it is on the pad. Even if the attack helicopter takes off, 
    it will still die, because the Orca has air to air capability, and will chase 
    the attack helicopter and keep pumping rockets up its backside.
    Ossi Mantylahti (manty@online.tietokone.fi)
         Follow your harvesters around with two APCs packed with bazooka dudes.  
    When your opponent attacks your harvesters with his Apache's, quickly unload 
    the APCs, and watch his helicopters go BOOM!
    *5-3-7* Recon bike gangs
    Ola Olsson (oo@df.lth.se)
         A group of Humvees packs about the same punch as a group of recon bikes. 
    If you don't believe me, try it.
    Jeff Montondon (jml7741@swt.edu)
         I'd suggest using Orcas as a kill/distraction.  When a human player 
    stops his bikes to attack the Orcas, run 'em over with the tanks.  When the 
    bikes move in to kill the tanks, shoot 'em with the Orcas.
         Come to think of it, I'd say use infantry and APCs. The APCs would have 
    to have cover by the infantry to keep the bikes off their back, but when the 
    bikes stop to attack one target, run 'em over with the APC.
    Jason West (jason@jove.acs.unt.edu)
         Get a GDI APC, maybe a "pack" of equal cost to his wolf pack.  And just 
    run those wimpy little bikes over.  Have fun.
    Richard Wesson (wesson@cse.ogi.edu)
         Throw a couple of Orcas into the melee. He can't target them while 
    they're in the air, he can only stop attacking and let the bikes fire on 
    their own, which he'll be loath to do while they're being shot at and run 
    over by APCs and things.
         In the meantime, send an APC full of bazookas tagging along with your 
    harvester.  After you do this a few times, he'll avoid attacking any 
    harvester that has an APC around it.  So you can save money sometimes by 
    using an empty APC. Like Dirty Harry says, "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
    Ola Olsson (d91oo@efd.lth.se)
         Pound for pound, a group of humvees are better than a bike gang. Try it!
    [5-3-8] Airstrikes
    Joachim Rijsdam (jrijsdam@wi.leidenuniv.nl)
         One can draw away enemy a10's with only one minigunner. The AI only 
    attacks from left to right and from top to bottom when 'paving'; like reading 
    a page, really. So you just move one minigunner a little to the northwest of 
    your base, and viola, damage is restricted to 100 credits.
    [5-4] Suppressive fire
         There is no reason to wait for the enemy to come to you before firing. 
    Use the CTRL key to force your units into continuous fire mode. This works 
    well with area effect weapons such as artillery, flame-throwers, rocket 
    launchers, and grenadiers. This will intimidate a human opponent into 
    thinking twice before attacking, and will utterly decimate any AI opponent 
    who will walk blindly into the killing field.
         This is also useful to preserve the integrity of your choke points. 
    Build a concrete wall one square thick across the river crossing. Build two 
    turrets in front of this wall. Place a couple artillery units behind the 
    walls, and concentrate their fire at a point two squares in front of the 
    turrets. Because of their inaccuracy, you will end up laying a large area of 
    suppressive fire that will rip to shreds any infantry trying to destroy the 
    turrets.  Back up with bazookamen as AA support, and nothing but a very 
    determined attack will breakthrough.
    CHAPTER:[6] Offensive tips
    [6-1] How do I destroy?
    [6-1-1] Obelisks of light
    Lynda Myer (lyndamyer@aol.com)
         Nod obelisks use much power.  If you can take out a power center with an 
    Ion Blast, the entire base usually goes down, and you can walk right in!   
    Mike Mulligan (mulligan@netcom18.netcom.com)
         An ever better way to take out the Obelisks are the SSM units!  There 
    range is greater then the Obelisks. They can just keep lobbing rockets on it 
    without being hit!  Try it, it works!  The only thing though is you have to 
    protect them!  It doesn't take much to kill and SSM, one recon bike can end 
    the bombardment really fast!  So have 2 or 3 SSM and 2 mini tanks as 
    guards....works great!
    Douglas William Cole (dougc@umd.umich.edu)
         (1) Air raid it if there are no SAM sites around (fat chance).
         (2) Overwhelm it with minigunners.  (It can only pick off one at a 
    time...  so just swamp it with guys and you'll come out on top with minimal 
         (3)  Take out the power supply.
         Whatever you do, DON'T bring any kind of armor in there.  You'll 
    get nowhere fast.
    [6-1-2] Flame-throwers
    Lee Beng Hai (benghai@iss.nus.sg)
         Use minigunners, but do not send them together... keep them separated, 
    usually 2 or 3 minigunners from different direction can take out a flame 
    thrower easily. Send them one at a time will work but you'll have more 
    [6-1-3] Gun turrets using Orcas
    Casey Robinson (ogiswise@rahul.net)
         First, attack the turret with just one Orca, it will damage the turret, 
    but not so much that the computer repairs it.  Then hit it with both Orcas, 
    leaving it a pile of rubble.
    *6-1-4* Temple of Nod
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         Don't even think about sending Orcas against a Temple of Nod. It takes 
    15 Orcas to destroy a Temple in one sortie. You're better off taking out 
    something else or building a Commando.
    [6-1-5] Tanks in general
    Stephan Lau (skip@yoda.bsd.uchicago.edu)
         (1) Don't take on tanks head on, use the APCs to lure them into your 
    killing zone;
         (2) In the kill zone, place mini-gunners up front for use the described 
    single attack, place grenadiers behind as a main line of defense, and have 
    three or four bazooka guys behind to take on the tanks;
         (3) Once the tanks gets into the zone and enemy infantry have been 
    mostly eliminated, surround the tanks with your grenadiers in the "circle of 
    [6-1-6] Flame Tanks
    Stephan Lau (skip@yoda.bsd.uchicago.edu)
         Use your Orcas against these guys to soften them up. Assign a very 
    expensive medium tank or two take them on; send the tank back to your repair 
    shop for immediate reconditioning.
    [6-1-7] Mammoth tanks
    Douglas William Cole (dougc@umd.umich.edu)
         (1) Air strikes are always nice.
         (2) 5+ infantry guys should take a single one out easily.  DON'T         
    forget to keep hitting the 'X' key to scatter your troops when it gets too 
    close for comfort.
         (3)  Stealth tanks.  I've seen 3 do it, but use 4 or 5 to be safe.
         Mammoths actually aren't that great, they just have a lot of hit points.  
    Use infantry on it if you can rather than armor, though...
    [6-1-8] SAM sites
    Thenardier (isc40562@leonis.nus.sg)
         Beside the Obelisk of light, the other structures which people would 
    most possibly like to destroy are SAM sites. SAM sites have really strong 
    armor and long bar of health. One strategy of taking down SAM sites is to fly 
    an Orca close to it. When you see the cover open, blast it with the ION 
    Zeff Yusof (zeff@triop.pc.my)
         Try taking out the SAMs with 4 Orcas at once, all 4 will survive. If 
    there are two sites within striking distance use two waves, one for each - 
    you'll get back unscathed.
    [6-1-9] Strong bases
    Rune Fostervoll (runefo@ifi.uio.no)
         Three tactics work.(At least.). 
         One is to attack him through his harvesters. He will usually have more 
    than one working, and can usually get more even if you attack all you find, 
    so it could take some while. But eventually this will cripple him. Then you 
    can pick him off at leisure. But, especially early, destroying a harvester 
    can bring an all-out attack. Be prepared for it. 
         The other tactic is to attack with an attack not designed to destroy his 
    base, but to cripple part of it. Stealth tanks are good at this. The 
    construction center is usually the first priority, then the refinery, then 
    the unit builders. 
         Thirdly.. no base is perfect. It has a weakness. Find it, and exploit 
    it. A back entrance, a cliff overhang, something should be there.
    [6-1-10] Harvesters
    Tucson Luke Loh (tlloh@zip.com.au)
         While its true that when you attack a harvester the enemy sends a huge 
    force after you, they comprise mostly infantry so an adequate defense will 
    easily mop them up and pay huge dividends i.e. lots of troops lost on the 
    enemy side vs. few (if any) of your own. Of course, please make sure you have 
    adequate defenses first. Strategy works best if you are NOD (with an Obelisk 
    and a turret or two).
    [6-1-11] Gunboats
         Gunboats seem to have a one track mind. To destroy them easily, move a 
    minigunner towards the gunboat as close as you can without the gunboat firing 
    at you. Even though the gunboat can not hit your minigunner with missiles, it 
    will have selected it as a target, and will ignore all other units from then 
    on. You can now move something heavy into range and blast the boat without 
    fearing retaliation.
    *6-1-12* Advanced guard towers
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         Any armored vehicle can make short work of the advanced guard tower. The 
    guard towers have horrible aim and find it difficult to attack targets that 
    are at point blank range. One flame tank can creep up to an AGT and destroy 
    it without becoming badly damaged. Assuming, of course, that no other units 
    are attacking it.
    [6-2] The spiderbase strategy
    Jim Varner (jvarner@nr.infi.net)
         I developed a strategy for Dune2 I call the spider base, and it works 
    just fine in C&C. The concept is simple, build a sandbag wall from your base 
    to your opponents.  Then start building turrets right in the middle of their 
    base.  It is tedious and expensive, but it is sometimes the only way to 
    destroy the enemy in those SERIOUS wars of attrition.  You can also use your 
    wall to block off choke points. You see, the AI doesn't recognize walls as 
    targets so you can build a sandbag fort right in the middle of their base, 
    just have plenty of $$$ for replacement turrets though. All's fair in love 
    and war...  Exploit your enemies weakness...  I am NOT cheating!!!! OK, It is 
    [6-3] How do I drain the computer's funds?
    Drone (jdw@cris.com)
         I just send a few units to bomb or shoot at the SAM sites.  Not enough 
    to ever destroy them but enough so the computer just repairs them until its 
    broke.  I'm sure a human would never fall for this.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         If playing against the computer, you take over a base and he still has 
    another construction site somewhere, sell the tiberium silos which he had (or 
    make sure that spot is vacant so he can build there again). Occasionally the 
    AI will build another one there, usually full of money. Send an engineer to 
    capture it. Repeat process. This will only work if the silos are surrounded 
    by his own structures, so it might be an idea not to capture the buildings 
    around them, if possible.
    CHAPTER [7] Miscellaneous tips
    [7-1] How do I sell my infantry/vehicles?
    David Hulet  (d.hulet@ix.netcom.com)
          A Westwood bug that turned into a feature for us.  You can sell 
    infantry, vehicles and even civilians!  Build a sand bag and move the unit as 
    close to the sand bag as you can.  Click on the sell button.  Move the cursor 
    over to the sand bag. Move the twirling dollar sign as far away from the sand 
    bag (toward the unit) as you can without it loosing its rotating property.  
    while its spinning near the unit click and sell him down the river!!!!  This 
    is a great way to make money if you are seriously down and out and about to 
    get your butt kicked.  It takes a little practice to figure out, but once you 
    have done it the first time its simple.
    Frank Wen-heh Lee (lefrankw@umich.edu)
         If you put the unit in the repair bay (no infantry, of course), click 
    sell, and move the cursor over the unit, a little green $ will appear. You 
    can sell the unit for half-price.
    Kenneth Chen (lore@vval.com)
         I find this useful when my units are injured. Usually, I will bring back 
    a vehicle that is almost dead and sell it away to build a new one. It's 
    better to gain some money then none at all.
    [7-2] How do I control Orcas in mid-flight?
         Group the Orcas. You can then select the Orcas using the group keys and 
    give them orders, even when they are in flight.
    [7-3] Why should I destroy villages?
         Because you can find crates full of money under churches.
    [7-4] How do I make a convoy?
    Seth Hutchins (seth.hutchins@sunrisebbs.com)
         When you've got a group of units, and want them to follow one another in 
    a "single-file" style grouping, make use of the CONTROL+ALT key combination 
    like this...
     1. Send the leader towards destination.
     2. Control+Alt Click on the next unit to follow him
     3. Repeat 2 until you have your group
         This tactic can be altered to get an interesting "circling patrol" 
    effect out of Hummers, Buggies, and Tanks.
     1. Select a "lead" unit.
     2. Control+Alt Click the next unit.
     3. Repeat 2 until you have all but one of the units in your group.
     4. Control+Alt Click the LAST unit on the leader.
         This can annoy your opponent on the modem, and is a decent way to patrol 
    an area. It works well (for me) in closed spaces.
    EDITOR'S NOTE:  This technique can also be used to keep faster units from 
    traveling too quickly.  Make all the faster units 'guard' the slowest unit in 
    the group (e.g.- mammoth tank) and wherever you move the unit, the faster 
    units will follow at the same speed.
    [7-5] How do I get rid of trees?
    Craig M. Kazial (kazial@acsu.buffalo.edu)
        You can destroy trees. However it has to be just one lone tree. In other 
    words, you can not destroy a clump of trees.  It is not really useful except 
    if you need to place port of a base at a location that the tree is at. 
    Usually grenadiers and rocket launchers are the best to destroy trees.
    [7-6] How do I hide under trees?
    Richard Lio (ez022609@boris.ucdavis.edu)
         Well, you can do it.  Select your unit to move past the tree.  When your 
    unit is under cover, hit 's' to stop the unit.  Your unit will be behind the 
    tree and invisible to other human eyes. :)  My friend does that often in 
    multi-player games.
    [7-7] How do I stop the computer from rebuilding?
    Michael Stango (phillymjs@aol.com)
         Park a vehicle on the spot where an enemy building or turret was, so it 
    can't be rebuilt there.
    [7-8] How do I keep my harvesters from gathering all the tiberium?
         Put a vehicle on a patch of tiberium. The harvester won't be able to get 
    to it. The tiberium patch will then regrow around it. If you have a blossom 
    tree, parking a vehicle is not necessary because tiberium will begin to 
    sprout around the tree.
    [7-9] How do I get nukes in the last Nod mission?
    VT (VirtualTed@westwood.com)
         To use nukes, building the Temple of Nod is not enough. You'll need to 
    get the crates in missions 6, 8, and 12.  You may have to capture or destroy 
    some of the buildings to get at the crates.
    Jon Osborn (josborn@quapaw.astate.edu)
         On level 8, the crate is by an Orca pad. On level 12, the crate is 
    underneath the GDI construction yard.
    Brian Albers (albers@cs.utexas.edu)
         I didn't get the nukes after installing  the 1.18 patch halfway through 
    the game.  So I went back and replayed _all_ the missions and made damn sure 
    I had gotten all three crates using that version.
         No nukes.
         So I loaded 1.19 and restarted the last mission, as they instructed.
         Still no nukes.
         For Chrissakes, Westwood, I hope that in the 1.20 patch you will quit 
    screwing around with event flags that don't work and just GIVE EVERYONE WITH 
    *7-10* How do I squish things?
         Some objects and vehicles can be run over by tracked vehicles and 
    dinosaurs. Tracked vehicles are harvesters, tanks, and APCs. Use ALT-click to 
    do a forced move to a location with the object/unit directly in its path of 
         Infantry can be squished easily.
         Recon bikes can only be crushed if they are hit side on.
         Sandbags, fences, and walls can not be crushed or driven over by any 
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         In multiplayer games, it's often risky to try squashing Recon Bikes. 
    There seems to be a bug in C&C that makes it very difficult to do this even 
    with the fast-moving APCs.
    *7-11* How do I destroy patches of tiberium?
         The only weapons that can directly target a tiberium field are 
    airstrikes, ion cannons, and nuclear warheads.
         Normal units can destroy tiberium only if they are armed with inaccurate 
    weapons such as bazooka rockets, missiles, artillery shells, or 
    flamethrowers. To destroy tiberium with these units, force attack on a clear 
    square adjacent to the patch of tiberium you wish to destroy. The inaccuracy 
    of these weapon will mean that a few hits will stray into the tiberium patch 
    you want to destroy.
         Depending on the maturity of the patch, it may take more than a single 
    hit to destroy.
    CHAPTER[8] Single player tactics
    [8-1] Blue Aardvark's Anti-Crummy AI Tactics
    Phil Sykes (phil@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Punch a hole in their wall where they aren't expecting it. They won't 
    react unless you attack buildings, and you can waltz through, and they still 
    won't react until you open fire (N.B. Turrets will!)
         Go up on a hill behind or beside the enemy base (every other enemy base 
    has one that isn't guarded very well)
         APC engineer assaults
         Load up your APC, and have two Hummers ready. Select a safe forward 
    staging post to meet the squad up. If you haven't got recon on their 
    perimeter defenses, do that now, but DON'T attract enemy attention to the 
    massed armor, cos they'll die. Group all of the units together, and send the 
    APC in AFTER the Hummers, straight through the main gate, or a hole in the 
    wall (much preferred) if you made one. 
         Don't worry about:
         Light tanks, troops (except flame-throwers and minigunners close to the 
    engineers final objective - run them over if you can)
         Do worry a bit about:
         Gun turrets, obelisk tips - the Hummers are there as a sacrifice, and 
    the APC can (just) survive one Obelisk hit!
         Hopefully if and when your APC dies, you'll have got close enough so 
    they can't fire again on the engineer.
         Do worry a lot about:
         Flame tanks and artillery, and I suppose stealth tanks (never faced them 
    defensively), near the objective. All of these eat APCs and engineers for 
    breakfast. If possible, go for another objective, or abort the mission until 
    you can draw them out or confuse them.
         (1) VITAL to take out the construction yard, first, or any captured 
    buildings can just be rebuilt. He will *NOT* be running out of money at this 
    stage (if he is, why aren't you doing a mass assault??)  He ISN'T restrained 
    by building coherency rules on later levels.
         (2) Vehicle yard (he's still got money, remember, so not much use in 
    removing his spice yard just yet, cos he'll have enough for loads of 
         (3) Refinery (hurt him bad, but remember he's got a huge strategic 
    reserve of cash). This is good for money, especially if there's a harvester 
    in it at the time
         (4) Hand of Nod. These are VERY difficult to actually get an engineer 
    close to, but worth it. Capture it and churn out a couple of flame-throwers 
    to hold it for a bit.
         (5) Power Plants / Spice silos / whatever else
         Take 'em for money. Easier and cheaper to blow em up, but shutting down 
    obelisk power can be useful.
         Interesting things to try:
         Draw 'em out: Send a recon unit inside the base, shoot someone and run 
    out. He will follow you to his doom.
         Lead enemy troopers across tiberium field, they will follow in droves 
    and die.
         The Nod base, on every level has at least one tactical weak point. 
    Things to look out for:
         (1) Wide entrances - unguarded or with no turret guards.
         (2) Hills to the side or rear of the base that can be used for assaults 
    without being directly hit with base defenses.
         (3) Weak spots where there are no defenses round a wall
         (4) Having two bases, one big and well defended the other not. Take over 
    the one that isn't well defended, and built some advanced guard towers to 
    defend. This will really annoy them
         (5) Harvesters going a long way from home - blow them up, and more will 
    be built. If you can get them every time, then they will continue to waste 
    their money!
         Retaliation: Sometimes after a successful engineer raid or limited 
    attack, they will retaliate by going after your harvester. Make sure they 
    don't get this chance by keeping the harvester in the base following a 
    limited attack, or light tanks will hunt it down
         Tiberium field guarding: Often, the enemy will send rocket troops or 
    tanks to guard spice fields. Sometimes, the troops will keep dying trying to 
    get to the tiberium field, and they will be replaced indefinitely. 
    CHAPTER *9* Confucious says
    Confucious says: "Bird in hand worth two in bush."
    I have dropped this section from my FAQ. I will, however, add Murphy's Laws 
    of Combat and Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' to my C&C Field Manuals webpage: 
    CHAPTER [10] Technical Issues
    [10-1] What determines my score?
    Craig M. Kazial (kazial@acsu.buffalo.edu)
         Leadership is based on the number of units killed. Efficiency on ending 
    cash (note, not the same as cash used).
         Time taken does NOT enter into final score and is only for your 
    information. GDI scores the above two [L+E] higher when determining final 
         Nod emphasizes simply accomplishing the mission (in other words, the L+E 
    do not factor in much)... Terrorist style "who cares about the cost".
         Final score ONLY impacts how much cash is brought forward as a 
    percentage ranging from a fixed minimum (enough to get started) to a max. 
    allowable, so players can't become an unstoppable cash machine. Some 
    scenarios zero-out score and all past cash allocation info is lost.
    Raymond Lee (rks11@leicester.ac.uk)
         Destroyed civilian buildings will go under GDI structure loss even if it 
    is a Nod village. Also, when I have no casualties, my leadership rating under 
    Nod is 75% where as GDI, it is 100%
    [10-2] What is the CONQUER.INI file?
         The CONQUER.INI file sits on your hard disk in your C&C directory, and 
    supplies C&C with startup values for various configuration items. Most of 
    these startup values can be changed within C&C, but there are some that are 
    only available by editing the file directly using a text editor.
    Robert J. Trembley (bob@cyrcle.com)
              Default = 0
              If set to 1, each time a GDI or NOD unit is lost, the female 
    computer voice will state "GDI (or NOD) unit lost". It gets old kinda fast, 
    and I rather prefer the screams...
    Alan Schneider (alschnei@starlink.com)
         Last night we found a new feature (?) in C&C. Editing the CONQUER.INI 
    file .... and under the multiplayer section, change side=1 to side=3.
         What this apparently does, is allow both GDI and NOD to build EQUALLY, 
    i.e.- NOD can build medium tanks (by first building a GDI Factory) and GDI 
    can build NOD bikes (by first building an Airport)
    *10-3* KALI related issues
    see also [15-3] KALI C&C SERVERS
         Kali is a TSR program that emulates an IPX network through a PPP or SLIP 
    connection. Connect to a Kali server, exit the control program, and load the 
    game. Its usage is completely transparent. As far as your computer is 
    concerned, you are simply connected to a local area network that has a few 
    dozen people playing computer games.
         If you have Windows 95, use Kali95 instead of DOS Kali. It will solve 
    most of your connection and memory related problems.
         You can find out more about KALI at www.axxis.com.Please do not E-Mail 
    me for help regarding Kali related issues.
    Nemesh (jcn8387@osfmail.isc.rit.edu)
         If you are planning on playing a lot of C&C over the net, you should try 
    to get the latest copy of KALI.  At this point, kali1.2e is out, and is an 
    INCREDIBLE improvement over 1.1g.  Everything is much faster, and the game 
    almost never locks up.  Check it out if you can (talk to someone on one of 
    the servers...the kali.exe is around.)
    Stephen Vakil (smvakil@students.wisc.edu)
         I finally got C&C and KALI to work. I'd like to say that when people 
    were asking why it wasn't working, it wasn't very informative for people to 
    say "it's a known bug.." without saying _what_ is a known bug.  Basically, 
    from what I can see, using any sort of slip tsr derived from the 16550 one 
    will not work.  It would cause frequent crashes on C&C, sometimes a reboot.  
    I got pppshare from kali.jedi.net and got that to work, and that worked 
    through 3 games of C&C and 1/2 hour of descent.
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         I have compiled a brief checklist of things to do to check to get Kali 
    C&C games to work. The most important rule after following all this:
         Don't send messages in the Network Game Setup. I've found that the 
    chances of getting games working are significantly reduced the longer you 
    talk and wait. 
         Don't talk in the first five minutes of the game. C&C seems to speed up 
    later in the game--probably because it is trying to verify that all players 
    have the same map, unit specifications, and so on.
         1) Ping times should be very low among all the users. Try to hit sub 600
            ms consistently.
    2)  Don't use a busy server that is handling a lot of traffic. Playing 
            over @central is not always a good idea if you're trying to aim for 
            speed and reliability.
    3)  Make sure everybody is connected at least with a 28.8k modem. I 
             played a three-player game that was sluggish because some idiot 
             didn't tell us that he was using 14.4k.
         4) If a lot of C&C games are going, use a different IPX socket by 
            entering "-socketnn" as an argument (where nn is a digit).
         5) Under Windows 95, try setting "Idle Sensitivity" all the way down to 
         6) The person with the fastest connection should start the game.
         7) Playing during off-hours, when your provider is usually the fastest, 
            is a good idea.
         8) Keep trying to start the game a few times. The first time often 
            doesn't work.
         9) Use a provider that has a fast connection to the Internet. T1/T3 
            accounts work nicely.
        10) Pray until the next technological revolution comes when everybody 
            will have at least a T1.
    Jet (jet@aloha.com)
         If you want to run DOS Kali and C&C under Windows 95, look on my 
    Internet webpage for a step-by-step guide. http://www.aloha.com/~jet
    *10-4* How can run C&C off my hard disk?
    If your CDROM device drivers take up too much memory to run a program such as 
    Kali, or if you have a laptop that does not have a CDROM drive, you can play 
    C&C completely from your hard disk.
    Running C&C off the HD:
         step 1: install C&C like normal
         step 2: copy all the files from the root directory of the CD-ROM into
                 the directory you just installed C&C into.
         step 3: now copy the general.mix file from the other CD-ROM into this 
                 directory as well (rename the first one before doing this).
         step 4: before playing C&C, make sure you have the general.mix file 
                 representing which side you want to play (I use gdi.mix and 
                 nod.mix as the filenames and rename one to general.mix 
                 depending on which side I want to play).
    ** step 5: **
         Instead of typing C&C to start, type in C&C -cd<path> where path is the 
    full path to the C& directory. ie.- If you installed C&C to c:\games\c&c, 
    start the program by typing in:
         c&c -cdc:\games\c&c\
    Notice that there is no space. Though the trailing backslash is optional for 
    DOS 6.xx users and below, Windows 95 users *must* include it.
    You no longer have to have the CD-ROM loaded to play c&c. This takes up a 
    little under 30M if you omit the video and music files.
    CHAPTER [11] What is a mission tree?
         When playing C&C, sometimes you will be given a choice of countries to 
    fight over. The hierarchical listing of these choices and the possible paths 
    one may take is described as the mission tree.
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
         About the mission path, it seems that (for some countries), if there are 
    multiple arrows into the same country, clicking on a different arrow will 
    bring a different map layout.
         If you look at the option screen (press ESC from the game), above the 
    version number is a group of numbers that represents which mission this is.
    *11-1* GDI mission tree
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
               [4EA][5EA]                                       [15EA]
               [4WB][5WA] \--- [8EB]   [10EB]    [12EB][13EB]    [15EC]
    Trevor Ruppe (jlruppe@twave.net)
         GDI 1. (one map)
         GDI 2. (one map)
         GDI 3. (one map)
         GDI 4ea.  Right arrow.  Mission goal: recover stolen crate in Belarus.
         GDI 4wa.  Left arrow.  Will say "Poland" but then you'll be re-routed to 
    Belarus goal.
         GDI 4wb.  Middle arrow.  Mission goal: find and protect village in 
         GDI 5ea/eb.  From mission 4ea only, there are two arrows into the 
    Ukraine. Both the left and right arrows lead to 5ea.  5eb, as far as I can 
    tell, is completely inaccessible. 5ea has the same goal as 5wa and 5wb and 
    also has the EXACT SAME MAP as 5wa.
         GDI 5wa.  From 4wa and 4wb there are two arrows into Germany.  This is 
    the top arrow.
         GDI 5wb.  From 4wa and 4wb; this is the bottom arrow. 
         GDI 6.  Both arrows lead to the exact same mission map. 
         GDI 7.  (one map) 
         GDI 8ea.  Left arrow is Austria. Mission goal: repair and defend GDI 
         GDI 8eb.  Right arrow is Slovakia. Mission goal: protect Mobius and 
    village hospital. 
         GDI 9.  Both arrows lead to the exact same mission map. 
         GDI 10ea.  Left arrow is Slovenia. 
         GDI 10eb.  Right arrow is Romania. 
         GDI 11.  (one map) 
         GDI 12ea.  Left arrow is Albania. 
         GDI 12eb.  Right arrow is Bulgaria. 
         GDI 13ea.  Right arrow. 
         GDI 13eb.  Left arrow.  Same exact terrain as 13ea but a different 
    letter code. 
         GDI 14.  (one map) 
         GDI 15ea. Northwest arrow. 
         GDI 15eb.  South arrow. 
         GDI 15ec.  Northeast arrow.
    *11-2* Nod mission tree
    Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
                           [6EA][7EA]                           [13EA]
         [2EB][3EB][4EB]  [6EC][7EC][8EB][9EB][10EB][11EB][12EB][13EC]
    CHAPTER [12] I'm stumped! Can you help me?
    [12-1] GDI missions
    [12-1-1] GDI Mission 1, Estonia
    Objective:  Use the units provided to protect the Mobile Construction 
    Vehicle. (MCV) You should then deploy the MCV by double clicking on it. Then 
    you can begin to build up a base. Start with a Power Plant. Finally, search 
    out and destroy all enemy Nod units in the surrounding area.
    Group your minigunners in teams of 5. Scout with your vehicles. When you find 
    trouble, retreat your vehicle back to your minigunners, and they will make 
    short work of the pursuers.
    [12-1-2] GDI Mission 2, Estonia
    Objective:  Defend your position, deploy the MCV, then build a sizable force 
    to search out and destroy the Nod base in the area. All Nod units and 
    structures must be either destroyed or captured to complete objective.
         Build the MCV next to the barracks. Build a power station. Build a 2nd 
    barracks. Crank out 20 to 30 minigunners. Group the minigunners into groups 
    of ten. Scout the surrounding area using one of your hummers, but do not 
    engage the enemy.  If you come across soldiers, run your vehicle to your 
    infantrymen to drag the enemy into an ambush.
         When attacking the base, it is best to form a two pronged attack. Have 
    1/3 your men attack from the west, and 2/3s of your men attack from the 
    south.  Move your engineers behind your main force. Have them capture the 
    construction unit, the refinery, and the powerplant.  
         Do not capture the refinery until the enemy harvester has returned to 
    unload. This way, you capture the harvester as well.
         Destroy the remaining structures save for one tiberium silo. Build two 
    more tiberium refineries, and tiberium silos as needed. You want to harvest 
    the map clean of tiberium. Once all the tiberium is harvested, sell all the 
    buildings for cash, and destroy the last remaining silo to finish the 
    mission. You should end the mission with over 20,000 credits.  Half of these 
    funds will transfer to the next mission.
    [12-1-3ea] GDI Mission 3ea, Latvia
    Objective:  Build up forces to destroy Nod base. Once all Nod SAM sites are 
    neutralized then air support will be provided to combat obstacles such as 
    turrets. Destroy all units and structures to complete the mission objective.
    Make your base and get harvesting as soon as possible. Churn out as many 
    grenadiers as you can, and use them to pummel the SAM sites you find along 
    the way.
    [12-1-4ea] GDI Mission 4ea, Belarus
    Objective:  Nod has captured classified GDI property. You must find and 
    retrieve the stolen equipment. It is being transported in a shipping create. 
    Use the new APC to strategically transport infantry through Nod forces.
    Mark Willoughby  (willocds@te.rl.ac.uk):
         Explore in one turn, scrap the mission and start again.
         Load up the APCs and sprint for the base. De-bus south of the river, and 
    try to take out the tank and the troopers. Once this force gets trashed, use 
    the reinforcements to mop up the rest of the troops, and steal the crate 
         Take advantage of the extra range the APCs have to avoid the Nod troops 
    where possible. Hopefully once you get trashed in the first attack, the 
    Noddies try to launch a counter attack which you sidestep, and fulfill your 
         Not too much fun this mission IMO. Although I did use this quick and 
    dirty strategy.
    Lemming (lemming@globalone.net):
         I didn't unload my APC at all. Just loaded 'em up, and run like hell to 
    the Nod base, tag the carton, and that's it.
    *12-1-4wa* GDI Mission 4wa, Belarus
    Objective: Same as previous
    Stick all your men into the APCs and go straight for the crate. Don't stop to 
    shoot and run down anyone in your way.
    [12-1-4wb] GDI Mission 4wb, Poland
    Objective:  Nod is moving to capture and hold a civilian town. Your mission 
    is to reach the town first and hold off invading Nod units until GDI 
    reinforcements can arrive. All invading Nod units must be destroyed.
    The town is south of where you start off. The best way to do this is to hold 
    your position at the bridge that leads to the village. The Nod guys will have 
    to get through your massed forces first, and you can cut them down with no 
    *12-1-5ea* GDI Mission 5ea, Ukraine
    Objective: A GDI field base is under attack. They have fended off one attack 
    but will not survive another. Move to the base, repair the structures and 
    then launch a strike force to destroy the Nod base in the area. Destroy all 
    Nod units and structures.
    Trevor Ruppe (jlruppe@twave.net)
         The GDI base is east of your start position.  Keep your infantry out of 
    the tiberium field as you head for it.  Repair everything but the silos.  
    Sell the silos; you should be spending tiberium on this mission, not saving 
         Go north and then west across the river to find a SAM site near a cliff.  
    On the other side of this cliff is a money crate.  There is also a SAM site 
    on the south side of the river, west of the bridge.  His base is in the NW 
    corner.  One entrance on the east side guarded by 2 turrets and (outside the
    wall) a SAM site.  The fourth SAM site is deep in the back of his base.
    *12-1-5eb* GDI Mission 5eb, Ukraine
    Objective: Same as previous
    Same as 12-1-5ea, but your base is located near the center of the map.
    *12-1-5wa* GDI Mission 5wa, Germany
    Objective: Same as previous
    Same as 12-1-5ea.
    *12-1-5wb* GDI Mission 5wb, Germany
    Objective: Same as previous
    Trevor Ruppe (jlruppe@twave.net)
         The GDI base is at the bottom of the map and has TWO entrances, east and 
    west.  One SAM site is N of your base.  The Nod base, at the top of the map, 
    has 2 SAM sites on its south side, both guarded by turrets.  The 4th SAM site 
    is near a hill.  From this hill you can fire down onto his airstrip, 
    powerplants, and construction yard.
    [12-1-6] GDI Mission 6, Czech Republic
    Objective:  Use a GDI Commando to infiltrate the Nod base. **** ** destroy 
    the ******** so that the base is incapacitated. Get in, hit it, and get the 
    **** out.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Easiest way I found to do this (and it was very easy!) is after the 
    Chinook arrives, land to the left of the village/flare. With the commando, 
    march him up and left in the pass, so you enter the base from the left. The 
    AI should start sending many troops to attack the Chinook, and your commando 
    will probably get hassled by a light tank or Nod buggy. There is one SAM site 
    southwest of the base by itself; get your commando to take it out, then send 
    the Chinook in to pick him up, and drop him off inside, to the left of the 
    base (the chopper can just withstand two shots from the one SAM site in the 
    southwest corner of the base). Run up and right, and blow up the airstrip.
    Matt Ho (matt@romulus.internex.net)
         Take out the SAM site on the island to get your transport off.  Have the 
    commando run around the edge of the map and take out the infantry and SAM  
    sites on the edge.  Bring your transport to your commando by following the 
    path that the commando made.  Send your commando at the base.  A ton of 
    troops will start pouring out.  Pick off the lead infantry to give yourself 
    more time and then run like Hades.  The tanks and buggies should come out
    to chase you.  Send the transport in to extract you.
         Once you're airborne, fly into the enemy base toward the top edge.  A 
    SAM will probably peg your transport a few times ... ignore it and go on ... 
    Drop the dude down and have him dash for the airstrip (or whatever it was ... 
    I forget) and nuke it.
    David Hulet (d.hulet@ix.netcom.com)
         It's best to work north then east once you cross the river in your 
    transport chopper.  Jumping from location to location in the chopper also 
    works well to confuse the patrolling buggies.  Once in the base what ever 
    building you take out will not be there for the cleanup mission.  It's best 
    to take out the tiberium refinery.  AI does not rebuild and
    so Nod runs out of money quickly!
    [12-1-7] GDI Mission 7, Czech Republic
    Objective:  Previous mission objective not complete. Airfield was to be 
    targeted. New objective: Build up a base and Destroy remaining Nod structures 
    and units. Reinforcements will be provided.
    Rick Murray (hrmiii@ct.net)
         Once reinforcements land, proceed due north, continue past the first 
    tiberium. You will find another field. Establish your base just south of the 
    field. Build guard towers(mostly on the north side of the base) and hoard 
    your forces on the south side of base. The towers will handle most all that 
    the NOD will send your way. You will need to destroy the gun turret, which 
    can be found by following the northernmost boundary. After you have destroyed 
    the turret, use what ever you have left to attack the north wall of the NOD 
    base. The purpose at this point is just to open up an easier route of attack. 
         After building a considerable amount of forces, I used 6 tanks, 5 APCs 
    mostly with grenadiers, 4 Hummers, and about twenty grenadiers on foot. Stage 
    your forces north of the tiberium field which is to the east of the base. 
    Send in the Hummers first. Set two outside and just north of the main 
    entrance to the base and the other two. Use the hole you made in the wall and 
    send to the center of the base mostly as a diversion of sorts. Do not 
    immediately attack the Hand of Nod. Time it out where the tanks and APCs 
    follow the Hummers through the hole. Dispatch two APCs and foot soldiers to 
    dispatch the tanks within the compound( your route of entry leads directly to 
    their parking area). Send the rest of your force on around north and attack 
    the airfield and power plants in this area. This strategy seems to reduce the 
    amount of resistance encountered while attacking this base.  
    [12-1-8ea] GDI Mission 8ea, Austria
    Objective:  UN Sanction has cut funding to the Global Defense Initiative. 
    Field Units are helpless. Use the repair facility to keep your units in the 
    field long enough to destroy the Nod base in this region. All Nod units and 
    structures must be destroyed.
    Tim Hardy (drtmh01@nt.com)
         If this is the mission I am thinking about, I found a technique that is 
    extremely effective and easy, and I haven't heard it mentioned yet.  If you 
    clear out the meager troops straight above the base, then all the way to the 
    top and over to the left, you'll find a cliff overlooking the Nod base 
    (you'll also be able to kill most of the SAM sites).  From this cliff your 
    rocket launchers can pound the heck out of his airfield, several silos, and 
    the Hand of Nod, as well as the infantry he tries to mass there.  The cool 
    thing is he never figures out how to get to your rocket launchers.  You can 
    kill every single one of his mobile forces and ability to produce mobile 
    forces without losing any of your units.  Then can just walk in the base with 
    bells on.
    Jason Thomas (hiro@mill2.millcomm.com)
         That's the same thing I did.  I think the AI wants to stay close to home 
    because its base is under attack, but once you destroy the airstrip, no more 
    vehicles.  Once it's all gone, you can leave one rocket vehicle up there and 
    about ten bazooka guys, and just blast the crap out of anything that gets 
    built as it's coming up. Also humvees are pretty good against infantry so you 
    can keep one of those up there to provide machine-gun support.  I wasted 
    about 3 hours playing this mission and dying, before I discovered this 
    technique.  In Aikido and other "soft" martial arts, there's a principle of 
    never meeting force with force.  In other words, when the enemy attacks, you 
    should let your forces fall back a bit to surround and absorb.  In attack, 
    don't keep hammering a strong point, but use recon to find enemy weak points 
    and then strike hard.  It's a lot easier in the long run than just throwing 
    cannon fodder into the meatgrinder.
    [12-1-8eb] GDI Mission 8eb, Slovakia
    Objective:  Dr. Moebius is establishing a Hospital to treat the civilians in 
    the region who are falling ill due to exposure to Tiberium. Protect Moebius 
    and the civilians. Eliminate Nod presence in the area.
         Move all units to the southwest. The village is there. There are large 
    tiberium fields to the northeast and northwest that you can mine. Build MCV 
    in the clearing north of village, past the bridge.
         Build sandbags around the blossom tree in the village to keep the Nod 
    paratroopers from wrecking havoc.  Also sandbag off the eastern bridge 
    entrance to the village. Paratroopers land there also.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         You might have to blow up some of the tiberium (with the rocket 
    launchers) to the east of the village, since a couple of the stupid civilians 
    tend to wander off into that area and commit suicide. Make sure to repair 
    your rocket launchers regularly in this mission, as you can't build them.
    *12-1-9* GDI Mission 9, Hungary
    Objective:  Take out Nod turrets along shore so Gunboats can move in safely 
    on the Nod base. The Nod base must be destroyed. If gunboats can get in, they 
    should be able to destroy the base with no difficulty. Keep an eye out for 
    the new weapon Nod is rumored to be working on.
    Francis Ho (grendel@juno.com)
         There is a crate of cash in the southwestern corner.
    Dave Glue (deaveacg@interlog.com)
         In mission 10 (the one with the first appearance of the laser obelisk), 
    I beat their base by basically using 4 humvee's and 2 APCs of engineers.  I 
    used two hum-vee's to map their base, then used 2 more and filled 2 APCs with 
    3 engineers each.  The 2 humvees went in first and drew the enemy away, and 
    when they would out of line I drove my APCs in, unloaded the engineer's and 
    took their airstrip, construction site, and sold some silo's for my own 
    profit, as well as providing some infantry to keep tanks and other guys busy.  
    Then I started making a mass of gun turrets and destroyed their own base from 
    the inside out.
         Engineer's and APCs boys, and hum-vee's for their speed and ability to 
    attract the enemy.  That's the secret.  Then again, we'll see what happens in 
    mission 12.
    [12-1-10ea] GDI Mission 10ea, Slovenia
    Objective:  UN funding has been re-established. You now have access to a new 
    aircraft, the Orca. This unit is to be used to scout out the immediate area. 
    Destroy all Nod presence in this region.
    Zachary Harrison (a2z@netaxis.com)
         North of his base is a plateau of tiberium which the computer will 
    eventually harvest. If you send an APC full of engineers to this plateau, all 
    the way east, and then south, there is a back door to his base.
         With five engineers, one can take the airstrip, construction yard and 
    many silos. Build a Hand of Nod, sell the useless buildings (especially the 
    power plants, to disable the Obelisk) and pump out engineers to take over the 
    base with extreme ease. The only weapons the computer has in range of this 
    part of the base is a turret a SAM site.
         Blow through the wall, and there's nothing to it from there on in.
    Robert "Crash" Cullen (74040.1627@compuserve.com)
         I think this mission is the most fun of the entire bunch.  Pretty easy 
    too. Start by securing your location in the upper left hand corner.  Get your 
    power station, barracks and refinery up ASAP.  Produce a few grenadiers, and 
    bazookas, and take out the NOD forces on the ledge behind you.  Good job.  
    Now put them on guard duty.  Get three guard towers up to guard the left 
    pass.  Build a weapon factory, and repair bay, then the Comm. station.  Keep 
    building grenades and bazookas for guard duty.  You should be mining the 
    tiberium out of the upper right hand corner of the map.  
         By this time, you should have the upper third of the map under your 
    control. Build a second harvester.  Now you are ready to build a second power 
    station and 4 helipads.  Add a bit of sand, and guard with 3 towers on the 
    right pass.
         Position secure, let's go find George and Gracie.  Produce 2 Hummers and 
    explore like crazy.  Once you have two thirds of the map explored, start 
    sending the choppers to take out the turrets.  Stay away from the lower third 
    of the map with the choppers, or you'll get waxed by SAMs.  Explore as much 
    of the NOD base, (lower third) as possible with the hummers.  Your hummers 
    won't survive, but hey, you're over it.  Besides, revenge is just around the 
         By this time, you should control 2 thirds of the map.   Cool.   Now the 
    fun begins.  Start building tanks.  Lots of them.  20 in all.  Your Tiberium 
    is probably running out in the upper right hand corner, so start harvesting 
    out of the lower left side.  With your 20 tanks, take the left pass down.  
    You will need to stop short and regroup.  Stopping at the 2/3 point worked 
    for me.  Now move the group to the lower left hand corner.  The reason for 
    stopping and regrouping is simple.  Moving down that pass strings your forces 
    out like a bunch of Christmas tree lights.   If you were to move into the 
    base one at a time, you wouldn't stand a chance.  Especially against that 
         Now you have a group of tanks across from the NOD base.  Don't just sit 
    there....ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!  Move the group in and take out that Obelisk 
         Next, move the group all the way to the right and take out the 
    construction yard.  Next the airfield, and finally the Hand of NOD.  Now lets 
    pillage this village.  The nice thing about so many tanks in such a small 
    area, is that the soldiers have nowhere to run.  It's splat city everywhere 
    you turn, and I suggest you turn a lot.  Blow up everything in sight.  Don't 
    even think about engineers or taking over buildings in this one.  Game over, 
    You've won.  Now wasn't that more fun than listening to Black Sabbath at `78?
    *12-1-10eb* GDI Mission 10eb, Romania
    Objective: Same as previous
    Trevor Ruppe (jlruppe@twave.net)
         The objective is the same, but the terrain is different.  You start in 
    the SW corner of the map.  Tiberium is due north and due east.  The latter 
    field is smaller but has a blossom tree.  There are two valleys, north on the 
    left side of the map and northeast toward the center.  Most attacks will come 
    from the northeast, but before you defend it, take out the Nod turret that's 
    sitting on the edge of the hill that separates the two valleys.  (Infantry 
    that attack from the left usually get weakened by walking through the 
            Also that beautiful lake east of your base has a river with a weir in 
    the center of the right edge of the map.  The weir leads down onto a hill 
    that goes due south then due west to the southwest corner of the map.  From 
    here Nod has a great place to shoot down onto your base.
            Once the valleys and your backyard are defended, you have a big 
    grassy field to build Orcas.  Three are good for taking out a turret in one 
    sortie.  In addition to the one above, there are three more on the same hill, 
    spaced out heading north.  There are two on the hill east of the northeast 
    valley and two on the hill west of the northern valley.  One of these guards 
    a blossom tree.  This is where you'll need to send your harvester next.  But 
    be warned: unless you block off that central hill with troops or sandbags, 
    you're going to watch your harvester make every return trip by driving up 
    onto the hill, scouting all along the edge of the cliffs, then going back 
    down the hill and finally turning south to come home. Ooo, don't get me 
    started on harvester steering!  I've seen more intelligent maneuvering 
    performed by freshly-beheaded chickens.
            Now the Nod base.  It's in the northeast corner.  One entrance, on 
    its southwest corner guarded by two turrets and an obelisk.  There are SAM 
    silos in all four corners of the base.  Along the south wall are the airstrip 
    and two power plants.  You can also drive along the narrow strip at his north 
    wall to hit his comm.center, tiberium silos, and more power plants.  But Nod 
    usually parks a mobile artillery near this northern wall which can hit you 
    repeatedly as you drive by.
            For those of you who don't think the "prison/sandbag" strategy is 
    cheating, then choose this mission, Romania, instead of Slovenia when it's 
    time to select level 10.  By building sandbags up the northeast valley, you 
    can quickly reach his one and only entrance and block him in before he gets 
    more than just a handful of troops onto the battlefield.
    *12-1-11* GDI Mission 11, Greece
    Objective:  Intelligence operative, code-name Delphi, has info on Kane and a 
    new bio-research laboratory. After landing on the beach here in Corinth move 
    north to make contact with him. Nod will attempt to stop you. You must reach 
    EDITOR'S NOTE: You need to break through the wall at the east end of the Nod 
    base and move a unit next to the cliff that Delphi is on to trigger the 
    helicopter to come.
    Bill Seurer (BillSeurer@aol.com)
         First, immediately follow the coast to the right.  Ignore the turrets. 
    You'll run into a tank but your 6 grenadiers should handle it without a 
    problem.  Follow along the cliffs to the right (they wind a lot) until you 
    hit the crops.  Set up your base there.
         Send the 6 grenadiers slowly to the SE.  There are some bazooka guys 
    just across the river.  Kill them and move just far enough to see the fields.
         Build a refinery first, then a Weapons Factory, then a Barracks. Build 
    tanks and APCs as fast as you can.  Line them up diagonally NW of your base.  
    You may want to build a sandbag line out a bit and build a couple of guard 
    towers too.  Build a repair platform ASAP.  Repairing a tank is a *LOT* 
    cheaper than building a new one.
         You'll be faced with hoards of flame-thrower guys at first.  It is 
    impossible to defeat them without tanks backed up by APCs or guard towers.  
    Their flames don't hurt tanks much and the APCs will chop
    them up.  Put a few infantry in front of the line of tanks and APCs if there 
    are still some alive.
         After a while the attacks will die down a bit.  Send an APC across the 
    river to the NE and explore that area.  You'll see the Nod base up on the 
    hill.  Move the APC up to where it can fire at the SAM site and let it hammer 
    away.  Yes, it won't really do anything, just leave it though.
         This will trigger another flood of Nod attackers.  By now you should 
    have 4 or 5 tanks and a like number of APCs.  Line them up with tanks in 
    front in a line straight south from the river just south of the Nod SAM site.  
    You will slaughter the Nod guys as they come.  I find
    putting a few grenadiers in front works even better but they do tend to get 
         **IMPORTANT** Be sure to cycle your damaged vehicles back to the repair 
         Take any extra tanks you are producing to where you left the APC and 
    kill the SAM site and any adjacent buildings.  The computer will kindly keep 
    building new ones for you to kill.  Keep at them.  The
    buildings are power sites and once all three in your range are shot up the 
    Nod base will start to fail.
         Gradually move the line to the west until you start seeing the Nod 
    harvesters and your tanks shoot at them.  This will trigger another Nod wave 
    which by now will be a piece of cake to slaughter. Your tanks will kill off 
    the harvesters quite handily and they rumble past.
         Eventually you will notice that the attackers are reduced to a dribble 
    of infantry.  Now is the time to attack!  Sell off all the buildings of your 
    base and rush the dozens of infantry that will produce up to the "front".  
    Load them in the APCs.  Send one humvee or APC to run all the way through the 
    Nod base and spot things.  It may get toasted by one of those laser towers.
         Send all your tanks against the laser tower and mix in the APCs with the 
    trailing elements.  Once the tower is gone unload the infantry and attack 
    whatever Nod units show up with the infantry and APCs while the tanks hammer 
    at the Nod barracks and airfield.  Once those are gone it's all over but the 
    mop-up.  I sent in an APC full of engineers that took over 5 buildings, which 
    I immediately sold.
         I build a couple of Orcas but didn't find them that useful in this 
    scenario.  4 more tanks would have been much better.
         What a minute, where's the guy you'll supposed to rescue?  He'll appear 
    on a plateau in the NE corner once all the SAM sites are gone.  A transport 
    chopper will appear to pick him up.
         And what about those turrets by where you first entered?  Ignore them.
    [12-1-12ea] GDI Mission 12ea, Albania
    Objective:  A GDI base is under siege in this region. Dr. Moebius is trapped 
    in the base. Move in, grab Moebius, and then a transport helicopter will be 
    sent to you. Get Moebius into the transport. Make sure that there are no SAM 
    sites in the area or else the transports will be useless.
    Yannick Asselin (yasselin@magmacom.com)
         In the upper left of the map there is a crate containing 2000 credits.
    David Tong (david.tong@eng.sun.com)
         This one is actually very easy. Repair everything, then send all your 
    forces except the APC to the bottom left corner. Cross the river, then head 
    North to the bridge.
         Park the Mammoth north and to the east of the bridge.
         Park the APC next to it.
         Park the Rocket Launcher south and to the west. 
         Park the medium tank on the bridge. 
         Eventually a harvester will come to try and cross the bridge. If it's to 
    the north it realizes that it can't cross, so waits  to the west, within 
    range of the rocket launcher. Destroy it. After you destroy a harvester NOD 
    will send a tank or two and  a few bazookas. The tanks and APC makes 
    mincemeat of them.  Repeat this until he stops sending harvesters (he can't 
    afford them).
         In the meantime, build 5 engineers. Sell the hospital and the heavy 
    weapons factory. KEEP THE REPAIR UNIT. and use it often. Send the troops 
    round to the bridge.
         When you're ready, advance the mammoth slowly until you can see the
    wall of the base. Make holes in it. Now send all the grenadiers and 
    minigunners against the left hand obelisk. It will fire a couple of times, 
    and then he will sell it! Kill the troops who come out of it. Now do the same 
    thing to the right hand obelisk.
         Use your tanks against his vehicles, and send in the engineers. From 
    then on it's a mopping-up exercise. Take out all the SAM sites (there is one 
    in the top right hand corner) and the chopper will come.
    [12-1-12eb] GDI Mission 12eb, Bulgaria
    Objective: Same as previous
    Kevin McQuire  (kmcguire@omni.voicenet.com)
         There may very well be a more elegant way to do it, but I sold off all 
    of my buildings, built as many tanks and engineers as I could afford (plus 
    the bonus cash crate up near the northernmost SAM site) and then charged the 
    Noddie base en masse, concentrating on getting my engineer-laden APC near 
    enough to capture the construction yard, the hand of Nod and their tiberium 
    refinery.  By the time this had happened, I had taken out the Nod death rays 
    and their units.  The only thing you need to take out are 
    the SAM sites, though.
    Jeff Powell (powellj@crd.ge.com)
         That's what I did.  One APC full of minigunners to draw the death rays 
    while the 2nd APC full of engineers shot around the airstrip and unloaded 
    without taking a hit.  From there it was a race for the construction yard and 
    the hand of Nod.  Sold the yard immediately, started repair and flamer 
    building on the hand. Piece o' cake.
         The key to scout with your hummers.  Don't worry about the turrets your 
    faster than their shots just look out for the laser towers.  Make some tanks 
    and hummers after they stop attacking your base ( don't leave the base until 
    this happens your guard towers make quick work of tanks and infantry when 
    backed up by your vehicles) and go to the very top of his base with about 3 
    or 4 tanks and maybe 2-3 hummers and an APC ( with some engineers).  At this 
    point blow away the wall then hammer the powerplants with you tanks.  He will 
    send infantry to stop you but your hummers should keep them away from the 
    tanks.  Once the power stations are down roll the APC into the base and take 
    over stuff and sell it.  
         Make sure you keep repairing your vehicles don't lose any!!!! There is 
    also a money crate in the top left corner near the SAM site and the turret.
         Once all SAM sites are down GDI will send another chopper. Also use your 
    Mammoth tank as the point tank since after battles it will heal itself to 
    half way.
    [12-1-13ea] GDI Mission 13ea, Yugoslavia
    Objective:  Delphi's info decoded and Kane has been found. He is overseeing 
    experiments at a Bio-research facility in this area. Destroy facility while 
    we have him cornered. Build an Advanced Communications center to access the 
    new Ion Cannon. It will greatly assist you in your objective.
    Howard McGee (avatar@hunterlink.net.au)
         Level 13ea was the best level in the game.  I started out by moving 
    everything from the south east corner to the south west corner.  I built my 
    base there.  Then I quickly got 2 harvesters going.  Then built comm. and 
    advanced comms.  The barracks and weapons factory.  Then a third harvester.
         By this stage I was earning more money than I could handle.  I built a 
    large force then took the small base above me.  I captured his refinery and 4 
    silos(when full). Sold them he rebuilt them I captured them again.  By 
    continually repeating this I was able to build 10 advanced comms. and still 
    have 60000 dollars.  With the endless supply of $$$$ I built a sandbag wall 
    to lock him in his own base.  Blasted him with ion cannon and rockets.  Till 
    I walked through his base with bells on to mop up and destroy the research 
    base.  The mission took over 7 hours but scored over 1100 points.  I loved 
    this mission.    
    *12-1-13eb* GDI Mission 13eb, Yugoslavia
    Objective: Same as previous
    Trevor Ruppe (jlruppe@twave.net)
         This is the same exact terrain as 13ea.  It seems unlikely that Westwood 
    would waste disk space on two of the same map, so I'm guessing in situations 
    like this and GDI mission 5, where the maps are identical but the letter code 
    is different, there must be variations in the strength of the enemy forces.  
    That would seem to be the case here.  The only difference between 13ea and 
    13eb that I could tell is that on 13ea, Nod parks 2 flame tanks at the 
    blossom tree on the right side of the map.  On 13eb, he doesn't park anything 
    here (making this mission slightly easier than 13ea).
    *12-1-14* GDI Mission 14, Yugoslavia
    Objective:  We have learned the path of evacuating Nod forces. They are 
    moving through this valley. Cut them off so that they can't rejoin the main 
    force. Attack and destroy all the vehicles in the Nod convoy.
    Indramin Darmadi (idarmadi@server.indo.net.id)
         I used the formation below :
            R R
         T = medium tank
         M = mammoth tank
         R = rocket launcher
         Use the mammoth tank as the shield and always move a bit by a bit.  When 
    you meet a bridge, park the tank formation below the bridge, facing to the 
    left. Map with the humvees or APC. For the flame thrower, just send the two 
    tanks to take care of them. With no casualty (100% leadership) and 100% 
    efficiency, you should be able to reach score 1500. 
    Joe Pantuso (jpantuso@usit.net)
         If you clear the whole map but still can not finish the mission, you 
    have missed some stealth tanks. There are at least six.
    [12-1-15ea] GDI Mission 15ea, Bosnia/Herzogovina
    Objective:  The Temple of Nod has been located. We are sure Kane is there. 
    Destroy him, the temple, and any other remnant of Nod that exists there. Nod 
    has been rumored to have completed its own nuclear device so it's do or die 
    time. Let's do it!
         Wow, did you have the frustration of running out of Tiberium in the last 
    stage of GDI? Well, consider the problem solved.
         In the last stage, Nod always have a little section of base for silo. It 
    is usually lightly guarded with only 2 turrets and maybe 1 stealth tank. At 
    the start of the game harvest as usual to build up a nice base to fend off 
    the invading Nod. After you have enough force to take out those turrets I 
    mentioned above, build an APC and have 5 engineers in it. 
         With you first force take out the guards and the north wall of the "silo 
    compound". Then leave for home otherwise it will attract more Nod tanks. Wait 
    until the silo fills up and then send your engineers in carefully. Once you 
    take over a silo, sell it so it's easier for the next engineer to take over 
    the next silo. Before you know, you have about 8000 units of tiberium to 
    build some mammoth tanks. Be sure you have some silo ready otherwise you'll 
    waste all those effort. There is more. Once you sell their silo. They'll 
    rebuild it so that we can take over again. Isn't it just so thoughtful of 
    them. :)
         Those newly build silo only take one full harvester to fill it up. (What 
    kind of motherless harvester do they have??) All you have to do is to repeat 
    the trick ....forever. I even sold my refinery. Before I attacked their base, 
    my base was already bigger than Nod's. (and you know how big their base is!) 
    I even had a nice parking lot for all those tanks that I build and all those 
    harvester that 'retired'. With about 25 mammoth tanks and 25 SSM's, I believe 
    anyone can pulverize the Nod base in less than half an hour.
         There's one more thing, I attacked Nod from the north. I don't know if 
    other directions will have the same situation. 
    [12-1-15eb] GDI Mission 15eb, Bosnia/Herzogovina
    Objective: Same as previous
    Robert A. Hayden (hayden@krypton.mankato.msus.edu)
         On that final mission, engineer-steal the power plant and hand of Nod, 
    and then park an infantry right in the place where the obelisk would pop 
    up.  the computer is stupid and won't build with you standing there, and 
    won't build somewhere else.
    Brian Cornett (alecbravos@aol.com)
         The key to this level is endurance and patience; along with some quick 
    mouse clicking. I must have played the first twenty minutes five times before 
    I was able to get everything set up and not lose my Construction Site. The 
    key is the very beginning.
         First, when your MCV is unloaded, drive it immediately to the left edge 
    of the screen. When your tank comes ashore, immediately put it between the 
    construction yard and the flame tank. Not right in front of the MCV. Away 
    from the MCV. Keep the flame tank away from the MCV. Once the flame tank 
    begins to move toward the MCV, start moving it toward the bridge on the 
    northeast corner of this little island. There will be two NOD bazooka 
    infantries. Use the MCV to run over them. Once this is done, drive the MCV 
    over the bridge and then left. 
         DEPLOY and begin building your base in the following order: Power plant, 
    Refinery, Communications Center (CC), sandbags, Advance Guard Towers (AGT), 
    and Advanced Communications Center (ACC). 
         Place the AGTs on the Northern and Eastern sides of your base. Use 
    sandbags to build them away from your Base. The Eastern AGT should be placed 
    on the northeast corner of the bridge. Sandbag across the bridge and 
    disregard the island. (You'll find out why later.) Sandbag in the rest of 
    your base leaving only space for the harvester to get in and out right by the 
    northern AGT. Also, build a 3/4 concrete barrier around the AGTs in order to 
    protect them from flame tanks. Make sure to repair them continuously while 
    engaged in battle; especially when fighting flame tanks.
         This is the point where your options begin to open up. If you can 
    control their flow around your base, then you can slowly begin to expand 
    outward. I decided to build a second Refinery to get the harvester and then 
    sold the Refinery. Build a silo instead. they're cheaper. Keep building your 
    power plants as well. The AGTs don't work without adequate power. Once you 
    have enough money, build the Advanced Communications Center (away from your 
    Construction Site). Sell your old CC. Let the clock start ticking.
         After you build your ACC, build your barracks. Now your probably 
    wondering why up to this point, I haven't built a Barracks or a Weapons 
    Factory. Well, I didn't need either  until I decided to go on the Offensive. 
    Just prepare yourself with AGTs for their onslaught. Build one more AGT in 
    the northeast corner of your base, and just be patient. When your harvesters 
    are attacked, just move them  back in and watch the AGTs do their job. Then 
    go back out and harvest until there is nothing left in the Tiberium Field 
    just north of the
    base. This is when you have to begin to take control. 
         Now build your Barracks and your Weapons Factory. Then build one to two 
    (1-2) APC and ten (10) grenadiers.
         Tell your Harvesters to stay put for moment. Use the mini gunners you 
    got out of the Refinery and the CC and explore the area to the north and 
    north east. Don't explore to the East yet. Begin placing sandbags north along 
    the bottom of the ridge you'll uncover running north from the northeast side 
    of your base. Then when the ridge turns right, run the sandbags east along 
    the bottom of the ridge. When the ridge turns south keep running the sandbags 
    east until you sandbag across the valley. Sell all those sandbags except for 
    the ones running across the valley and a few at that corner of the ridge 
    where you make the first turn right. Once you kill the turrets and remaining 
    units inside this area with your roving grenadiers in APC(s), you'll have 
    control of 1/3 of the screen, and 1/2 the tiberium; and NOD forces cannot get 
    in. The sandbag defense works very well and continued to work well throughout 
    the mission.
         Once you have control of these areas, it is time to move East. If you 
    have not uncovered the south plateau, then their base will not be built yet, 
    and it will be time to strike. Fill an APC with Two engineers, one technician 
    from the sold buildings, and two Grenadiers. Drive your APC and a harvester 
    directly east, and then take the first turn South. Then drive west to the 
    northwest corner of the plateau and let your grenadiers stand guard. Place 
    the tech on the northwest square as previously mentioned. Move the Engineers 
    to the south and wait. While you're waiting, have the harvester eat a path 
    through the tiberium so that you can build sandbags east. When the Fist of 
    Nod sprouts up, take it over. Now build a wall running from the Fist east 
    until you close off the opening to the plateau. Now take over the power 
         Now, sandbag north until you reach their southwest base and sandbag them 
    in. Now you have control of over half the map, and there is a HUGE tiberium 
    field in the southeast corner. Take out that south turret and it's yours. 
    (After I took out the turret, I went and sold all the walls except the ones 
    that would keep my harvesters from taking their usual "long cuts" in front of 
    their obelisk. Then I built a refinery right below their base. They never 
    touched it.)
         Now build 2 APCs worth of engineers, 10 grenadiers and three Mammoth 
    Tanks, and about 6-10 Orcas. Keep blasting the infantry they keep building 
    with the Ion Cannon. You can take out up to nine (9) grid squares or 45 
    infantry at a time. Just think of those thousands of credits they keep losing 
    every time you knock out a platoon of engineers. I couldn't stop laughing 
    from this point until the end of the game.
         SAVE the GAME. Knock out the obelisk with the Ion cannon. Build a 
    sandbag and place it where the obelisk was. They won't build it back. SAVE. 
    Kill the two turrets at the front of the base with the Mammoth Tanks. SAVE. 
    Now, build a AGT and place it inside their compound on the northwest corner. 
    Build another. Run the Mammoths into the center of the compound and run your 
    engineers in behind. SAVE. Take over everything. Don't sell anything. Place 
    the other AGT right beside the Fist of GDI. PROTECT AND DEFEND. SAVE. Take 
    out that Northeast SAM site inside the compound  with the tanks and 
    grenadiers and brace for his first NUKE. SAVE. If you don't like where the 
    nuke hits (it's got to hit somewhere), then just like Dune II, you can 
    restart and it will hit somewhere else. If you're a purist then accept 
    wherever it hits and go on. If you do things right, you won't lose another 
    building until the end of the game.
         Building a Repair Bay in the middle of GDI base 3 makes an ideal repair 
    station on the way into battle.
         Now that you have two hands of NOD, it makes building Engineers much 
    quicker. Also, use that Airfield to build those new GDI Recon Bikes! Map out 
    the area using three bikes at a time so that you can continue on mapping if 
    the remaining three obelisks get one or more of your bikes. You will find if 
    you can get to it, a Construction Site in the extreme northeast corner of the 
    screen. This will become your base 4
         Sandbag north until you get to the front of their base. Sandbag them in. 
    Now clear the area of turrets, tanks and SAM sites with your Orcas and 
    Mammoths. Repair and repeat. There is one hidden turret that you'll have to 
    park an infantry on once you destroy it.
         Now fly your Orcas up to the northeast corner and take out the turret. 
         Build three more recon bikes, an APC and five engineers. Drive up to 
    their base and use the recon bikes as fodder while the APC sneaks by. Blast 
    the obelisk with the Ion Cannon right when the APC goes by. Now head for that 
    construction site and power plant.  If any bikes survive (they will 
    immediately rebuild the obelisk), then send them  up as guards. Build another 
    Fist of GDI and build six engineers. Load up the APC and drive them along the 
    very top edge of the screen until you reach the silos. Don't drive down to 
    them until you're at the end away from the north central obelisk. Park at the 
    left end and just take all of them over. You'll get about 8,000 credits from 
         Now build four Mammoths and move them to the ridge below their southwest 
    wall of the north central base. Blow the wall, the SAM site, and the 
    airfield. Sandbag from their front gate over to here and build a Fist of GDI, 
    and two guard towers. Build five mini gunners and seven engineers. Move the 
    mammoths around to the southeast corner of their base outside the range of 
    the obelisk. Run the mini gunners toward the obelisk and get those engineers 
    into those power plants. Sell them and kill the obelisk. Build some guard 
    towers and plant them out in front of their Fist. Now take everything with 
    engineers, and kill the other obelisk on the north east corner. Blow up the 
    remaining obelisk in the northwest corner with the Ion Cannon and destroy the 
    Temple of NOD. Leave the other building for now. Take over the power plant. 
    Blow up the SAM sites. and then sell everything except your infantry and 
    vehicles. All the walls -- everything except for the tiberium silos. Then 
    blow up the last building and watch the cool preview of C&C2.
    *12-1-15ec* GDI Mission 15ec, Bosnia/Herzogovina
    Objective: Same as previous
    Radiation (wulfman@cris.com)
         When you first start out, move your mcv right next to the NOD comms 
    center and build your base. Get your tank that arrives and kill off the 
    invading NOD guys. Then use the apc full of engineers to  take the NOD 
    structures (the power plant and comms center). Once that is done, build up a 
    pretty big base. 
         Build an attack force of about 5 mammoth tanks and two APCs full of 
    engineers and some missle launchers for the infantry. Invade the smaller NOD 
    base in the NW corner from the top, taking all the buildings. Once that is 
    done, fix up that base and take the remaining mammoths south along the edge 
    of the map.
         You will come to a river and then go across the bridge . There will be a 
    cliff overlooking the Temple of NOD, an adv. power plant, and maybe an 
    obelisk. Attack the Temple of NOD. When the first bullet hits, they will 
    launch a nuclear missle at your guard towers of your NE base,  try to sell 
    those off so the missle is useless. Finish off the Temple with your mammoths 
    and maybe an ion cannon if you have it ready. Now you can build up a gigantic 
    force without worrying about them getting nailed by a nuke. 
    [12-2] Nod missions
    [12-2-1ea] Nod Mission 1ea, Libya
    Objective: In order for the Brotherhood to gain a foothold, we must begin by 
    eliminating certain elements. Nikoomba, the nearby village's leader, is one 
    such element. His views and ours do not coincide, and he must be eliminated.
         Nikoomba is on a plateau north of the village at the extreme west of the 
    [12-2-2ea] Nod Mission 2ea, Egypt
    Objective:  GDI has kept a stranglehold on Egypt for many years. Set up a 
    forward attack base in your area. To do this you must double click on your 
    Mobile Construction Vehicle. (MCV) From here you can begin to build a base. 
    This area contains plenty of Tiberium, so establishing the base should be 
         Build lots of minigunner dudes and keep them in packs of 5. Attack the 
    base from the north, and send in a couple engineers to take over the refinery 
    and the construction yard.
    *12-2-2eb* Nod Mission 2eb, Egypt
    Objective: Same as previous
    Same as 12-2-2ea.
    [12-2-3ea] Nod Mission 3ea, Sudan
    Objective:  GDI has established a prison camp, where they are e detaining 
    some of the local political leaders. Kane wishes to liberate these victims. 
    Destroy the GDI forces and capture the prison, do not destroy it.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Easy mission after finding the enemy base! Send in some decoy units to 
    his base (Nod buggies), and walk in three or four engineers behind them. At 
    least one engineer should make it to the prison safely, and the moment it's 
    captured, mission accomplished.
    *12-2-3eb* Nod Mission 3eb, Sudan
    Objective: Same as previous
    Same as 12-2-3ea.
    *12-2-4ea* Nod Mission 4ea, Chad
    Objective:  GDI is attempting to relocate a village of sympathetic civilians. 
    Intercept the convoy and destroy it. It is imperative that the villages be 
    totally destroyed, as a lesson to any other natives who may oppose us.
    Run all your men south and west. Destroy the APC and all villagers and 
    [12-2-4eb] Nod Mission 4eb, Chad
    Objective:  A small village friendly to our cause has been increasingly 
    harassed by GDI, and the Brotherhood wishes you to assist them in their 
    efforts. Seek out the enemy village and destroy it. The event will be 
    disguised as a GDI attack.
    Peter Hearty (hear0330@mach1.wlu.ca)
    : I'm stuck in NOD Mission 4, where you have to destroy an enemy
    : village, and you just have a couple of buggies, three mots and some
    : infantry. How do you deal with those grenadiers ?
    : They always kill my people really effectively - how do you solve this
    : mission ???
         I solved it by going really slowly.  Advance slowly, and while no enemy 
    troops are around, send one buggy to the closest enemy, and then return to 
    where all of your men are.  Then kill it.  Keep doing this, they have no way 
    of rebuilding vehicles or men, so if you just fight everybody on your side 
    against one or two of their men, then you can beat everyone and have no 
    trouble destroying their village.
    [12-2-5] Nod Mission 5, Mauritania
    Objective:  Our brothers within GDI tell us of A-10 strike jets scheduled to 
    be deployed here soon. Our suppliers have delivered new Surface to Air 
    Missiles to aid you. Use the SAMs to defend your base, then seek out their 
    base and destroy it.
    Fabrice Timmermans (ftimmerm@belgium.attgis.com)
         First of all, don't build SAM sites immediately, they are slow and not 
    at all useful (you will just need to build one at the end to end the 
    mission). Build your base in the southeast corner of the map, go for a 
    refinery, hand of NOD and airstrip.
         Go ahead and explore the map to the west with your buggy. One big point, 
    SCATTER your troops in groups no bigger than three or four units because off 
    A-10 strikes !
         If you follow the road to the west, you will come across a bridge. Go 
    north along the edge of the map and at the top a little east. You will arrive 
    just near his construction yard. Send your four recon bikes while building 
    new ones and hammer the yard to dust !
         He will probably send one heavy tank after you so if you can, protect 
    the bikes with light tanks. OK yard is out of business so no more 
    construction! Time to take his base piece by piece.
         From your base, follow the eastern edge of the map to the north. You 
    will eventually cross a small tiberium field. There head west. You will 
    arrive near his base just near his construction yard. Send a tank and an 
    engineer. Launch the tank in the middle of the base to attract enemy fire and 
    take the construction yard. Sell it immediately to build more tanks or bikes. 
    OK, no more GDI vehicles !
         You can now send a massive assault to the base and kill the remnants of 
    GDI forces or send more engineers to capture the rest of the base.
    [12-2-6ea] Nod Mission 6ea, Ivory Coast
    Objective:  GDI has imported a Nuclear Detonator in an attempt to sway a few 
    local political leaders. Penetrate the base and steal the detonator. A 
    chopper will be sent to meet you at a designated landing zone. Look for the 
    landing flare once you have stolen the device.
         I had the light section (the one with the recon bike) attack the 
    sandbags of the base and create openings. My cycle blow a gap in the fencing, 
    ran it through, and made it pick up the nuke. I boogied to the pickup site by 
    going south and following the ridge.
    *12-2-6eb* Nod Mission 6eb, Benin
    Objective: Same as previous
    This is another run-into-the-base-and-dash-out mission. Do just that. Run 
    into the base, and dash out when you've touched the crate.
    [12-2-6ec] Nod Mission 6ec, Nigeria
    Objective: Same as previous
    Ray Van Dolson (rayvd@sierra.net)
         One of my friends found an interesting solution by capturing the enemy's 
    refinery with the harvester inside. He then used the tough harvester to grab 
    the detonator without being easily destroyed.
    Brian Hassink (brian.hassink@nt.com)
         After a few initial failures, have figured out how to win it. Of these 
    missions, mission 6 has been the hardest so far (I finished it with just one 
    remaining unit who almost died because I had to force him across the Tiberium 
    field to reach the helicopter).
         It took several tries, but I managed to cross the bridge and arrive at 
    the northeast corner of the map with most of my units (leaving the Engineers 
    back in the southeast corner).
         I now took this surviving group and walked them along the ridge at the 
    top of the map to the northwest corner, and then south. I then opened fire on 
    the GDI buildings with the Bazooka men. This cause the AI to send its men out 
    of the base and up along the way I came in. As his men came in, I ran my 
    tanks up and down squishing them. This was far more effective than trying to 
    take them out with gun and tank fire.
         Eventually you'll bleed off most of his men and you can move your group 
    back around to the base entrance. Use the tanks to take out the towers (and 
    place a man where they used to stand or the AI will
    usually replace them). You'll now have to clean up any residual units in the 
    base and can also bring up the Engineers.
         Take over any GDI buildings you want, or simply grab the crate and head 
    for the helicopter.
    [12-2-7ea] Nod Mission 7ea, Gabon
    Objective:  The Brotherhood has located a huge field of Tiberium in the area. 
    The nearby village has laid claim to the field. Eliminate the villagers, as 
    to prevent any infection of our own workers. GDI forces are reported to be 
    minimal, so elimination of them is of secondary importance.
    Fabrice Timmermans (ftimmerm@pobelgium.belgium.ATTGIS.COM)
         The goal of the mission is to kill all villagers (by the way, you can 
    destroy all buildings also) and eliminate GDI forces (only scientist they 
    say!   Ah, Ah, let me laugh !!) At the beginning your are north of the first 
    part of the village. Just destroy everything in sight there is no opposition 
    there. Use your two tanks to scout ahead (you have only one path possible 
    between two ridges) but back them with your bazookas. Your will arrive soon 
    to the second part of the village (south of it is the GDI base). There also 
    destroy any buildings north of the church for the moment (if you go south, 
    you will attract GDI forces). 
         Cross the bridge and you will have access to the remnants of a NOD base. 
    Repair what you can and go for a hand of NOD and construction yard as soon as 
    you can. For the moment, don't go for the money crate south of the church 
    because it will trigger a massive GDI attack. West of the church and a little 
    south, there is a power plant and a hospital. Take them with your two 
    starting engineers and sell them so you can borrow a little cash. Now, 
    fortify your positions north of the bridge by moving all your units there and 
    build tanks and bikes. Be careful to protect also your west flank because it 
    is possible to cross the river a little west of the bridge. 
         When you feel confident enough to withstand a GDI attack (grenadiers and 
    tanks), send a suicidal unit to take the crate (it's suicidal because you 
    will be in the fire range of two guards towers). With that money, you can 
    build another harvester. After that, repel each attack by running over the 
    grenadiers crossing the bridge and stay north of the river. Keep building 
    tanks (you can also build a buggy or two to recon his base). I've waited then 
    that he runs out of tiberium and I've destroyed his harvester as he tried to 
    cross the bridges. He has then launched nearly all his remaining forces and I 
    have then sent a massive assault on his base to destroy all in sight. His 
    last move was to send an APC with engineer at my base but if you keep there 
    one tank or bike, you can easily defend it.
    *12-2-7eb* Nod Mission 7eb, Cameroon
    Objective: Same as previous
    Destroy the main buildings inside the GDI base; you don't want GDI 
    reinforcements breathing down your neck. Build a bonfire inside the village. 
    Toast some marshmallows. Have a nice day.
    [12-2-7ec] Nod Mission 7ec, Central African Republic
    Objective:  GDI have left themselves open to the deadliest weapon of all, 
    information. Our spies tell us the GDI base in your area contains an advanced 
    attack helicopter, the Orca. Steal this weapon, then fly to the nearby 
    village and destroy it. The attack will be blamed on GDI.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         The hard part is clearing out all the infantry surrounded at the 
    barracks, they're the whole reason engineers can't get through. You have to 
    send in your tanks (the second group) to the base and take out at least the 
    barracks, after this is done, piece o' cake. Walk all your units in from the 
    north of the base in one huge group, placing an engineer somewhere around the 
    middle. They should make it safely since the guard tower aims for the first 
    troop that comes in and not the engineers. Then, just capture the helipad.
    Brian Hassink (brian.hassink@nt.com)
    : When I sent the engineers into the ORCA installation, they came 
    : right back out. Much to the amusement of the few remaining GDI gunners 
    : who promptly killed me good. Don't tell me I needed all 4 engineers to 
    : complete the mission?! DOOHH!!!
         I had this happen as well. What I ended up doing was moving the Engineer 
    around to the other side and entering the structure from the bottom.
         Some advice for this level...
         Use the cluster of vehicles to bleed away enemy units from the GDI base. 
    I ended up rolling them along in a row, and using the recon-bike unit to lure 
    enemy units to their death. Attacking the GDI harvester is a very good way of 
    getting him to send his units out of the base.
         As for the squads of men, I space each man out so that the grenades and 
    tank fire from the GDI don't do collateral damage to nearby units. Generally 
    I don't use them until I've almost completely drained the GDI base of units 
    with the vehicle group.
         Once the GDI base is drained, use your tanks to eliminate the machine 
    gun towers from a distance. It may take a little time, but it'll save you a 
    lot of grief. Once the towers are gone, send in the engineers and grab the 
    Orca. You can use your other engineers to grab the other GDI buildings (hint: 
    Don't grab the refinery until the harvester is in it).
         OK, you've got the Orca. Next thing is to get rid of that pesky patrol 
    boat. If you don't, your Orca may get hit by its missiles. For this, I took 
    all my remaining units (you can build more if you captured the other GDI 
    buildings) and lined them up along the shore. A few tanks are usually enough 
    to take out a patrol boat.
         Now that the boat's gone, send the Orca after the lone GDI Bazooka unit 
    in the village. You need to take him out first or his missiles will kill the 
    Orca and you lose the mission. The Orca will fire off missiles automatically 
    and return to the helipad to reload. It takes a few trips to kill the 
    Bazooka, and several more to wipe of the village.
    [12-2-8ea] Nod Mission 8ea, Zaire
    Objective:  Since we are low on troops, you will have to make use of all 
    available resources. Locate the abandoned GDI base in the area and restore it 
    to operational status. Once that is done, use GDI's own weapons against them. 
    Be sure that no GDI forces remain alive.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         The key to this mission is engineers. Take out any units/structures 
    which can cause damage to a transport helicopter, send in a small attack 
    force, then while they're distracting the enemy, send in the transport 
    helicopters with the engineers. Target the construction yard, barracks and 
    weapons factory in that order.
    Jay 'PyRo'  (jkw7063@osfmail.isc.rit.edu):
         I sold the old base, made flamers transported three flamers, and two 
    engineers.  That was all I needed.  That was a pretty simple mission. If you 
    think that's hard... boy do you have a thing coming.   Just wait till the 12 
    and 13 mission... damn ION Cannons and bombers!.  And those 'missile towers' 
    don't help your stealth tanks at all.
    [12-2-8eb] Nod Mission 8eb, Zaire
    Objective: Same as previous
    Douglas McCreary (dark@ix.netcom.com)
         I found that the civilian church on this level is hiding a crate worth 
    $3000.  Discovering that fact really helped me solve that level.
    *12-2-9ea* Nod Mission 9ea, Egypt
    Objective:  GDI is attempting to retake Egypt. Use every available resource 
    in your efforts to stop them. The populace has once again swayed in support 
    of GDI forces, so show no mercy in dealing with the villagers.
    Neil Bonner (nrbonner@erols.com)
         After you get your base up and running, the key is to build 2 turrets to 
    the south to protect your base from the gunship.  After that concentrate on 
    building up base defenses and getting the tiberium flowing in.  I used two 
    refineries and 3 harvesters.  That combination works well on this mission.
         The end-game strategy is to build up an offensive punch to cut off 
    access to the large tiberium field in the east.  Once that is done build an 
    attach force of 8 to 10 light tanks and 4 or 5 flame tanks.  Also take along 
    about 5 Nod bikes if there are any Orcas left.
         My secret to the big offensive is to NOT walk thru the front of their 
    base.  It's guarded by two guard towers and two AGTs.  Take out the guard 
    tower in the southwest corner of the base and then blast thru the wall mid-
    way along the south wall.  This can avoid a lot of casualties!  Then have the 
    tanks take out the Construction Yard in the northeast corner.  Have the flame 
    tanks take care of any infantry and concentrate on taking out the power 
    plants.  Once a few powerplants are destroyed the AGTs will go off-line and 
    can then be destroyed at your leisure.  Once the AGTs are off-line the game 
    is basically over as it turns into a mop-up job.
         With this end-game plan you should not need to send a second force to 
    finish the job as is the case with most offensives.  When I finished this 
    mission I had a few tanks left in the GDI base and over 6500 credits in my 
    [12-2-9eb] Nod Mission 9eb, Egypt
    Objective: Same as previous
    John C. Price (doctor23@iglou.com)
         Well, here's the Doc's Guide to GDI Base Bashing.
    i) Build up a strong defense.
         You heard me. Defend FIRST. Why? Because any assault on a CPU base must 
    destroy the construction center, or it accomplishes nothing, so you need a 
    hellacious attack force. Throw up a few turrets and an Obelisk if you can 
    afford it. SAM bases are mostly useless, but if you build enough of them, the 
    CPU will get scared and bomb your harvesters instead (they'll survive, but 
    keep 'em in good repair). Once your defenses are up, you have as much time as 
    you want, because you're invulnerable. The computer is just too dumb to mass 
    an assault force, so it sends in wave after wave of unsupported infantry and 
    the occasional tank. Just have a flamer guy standing around and you'll have 
    no problems.
    ii) Pick your plan.
         a. The Rommel Attack:
         This revolves around building a slew (15-20) light tanks and roaring in 
    through the enemy's front gate, blasting the bejesus out of everything. The 
    tanks take an incredible amount of damage to kill, so odds are you can wreak 
    so serious havoc before you die. Again, the construction base MUST die, or 
    the CPU will just rebuild all you knocked out. Note: Since tanks SUCK against 
    infantry, you might need a couple of flame tanks.
         b. Flame On:
         As the name implies, this tactic revolves around flame tanks. Build a 
    horde (at least 10, because they're lightly armored), and a few light tanks 
    as damage sponges. Send in the light tanks to draw fire, then charge the 
    flame tanks at any advanced guard towers (they'll cause too many casualties 
    if allowed to live). The flamers do HELLACIOUS damage, so the towers should 
    die rapidly. Next, everybody goes after the construction base, with one or 
    two tasked to kill the hordes of infantry pouring out of the barracks. If you 
    get the construction base, you've won, regardless of your losses, because you 
    can just rebuild your attack force and attrition him to death since he can't 
    rebuild his lost defenses.
    [12-2-10ea] Nod Mission 10ea, Angola
    Objective:  GDI is developing an orbital weapon. Our spies have told us of a 
    large lake near the location of the R&D center. Find the base, and use the 
    sniper to eliminate their scientist.
    Marcus Augustus Alzona <marcus@octopus.net>:
         This took me awhile to find, but in the end it was easy.  You start on 
    the (lower) left edge of the lake with just units(Tanks, infantry, commando, 
    artillery, buggies, flametanks).  Save the commando.  Move your units north, 
    eliminating units as you go.  eventually, near the top-right edge, they'll be 
    a land-bridge south.  Follow that.  You'll come to the outside wall of the 
    GDI base - the most important thing here is that you can ignore it - try to 
    stay clear of the gun tower.  If you stick to the right and go south past the 
    base, there is a smaller sub-base past the base to the south, with the 
    scientist in reach if you have a commando or a tank left.
    [12-2-10eb] Nod Mission 10eb, Tanzania
    Objective:  GDI is developing a new, heavily armored tank. Our spies have 
    located the GDI R&D base. Use your small strike force to locate and penetrate 
    the center. Be sure to destroy the tanks in the base and the factory.
    J. Willig (j.willig@student.utwente.nl)
          Use your commando to mislead the two tanks and than walk down to the 
    right until you can cross the river. walk to the left (watch for grenadiers) 
    and pass the bridge on the left side of the field. Wait for the mammoth tank 
    to pass and run across the other bridge (where the tank came from) and use 
    the left bridge to enter the base. destroy the tanks and factory and get 
    ready for the next thrilling animation
    *12-2-11ea* Nod Mission 11ea, Namibia
    Objective:  GDI has captured one of our technology centers. You must 
    recapture the base and recover the stolen information. Our forces in the area 
    don't have time to find a way across the river, so you will have to control 
    the two forces separately.
    Neil Bonner (nrbonner@erols.com)
         Have your commando pick off the guys on the bridge to the south.  Then 
    the humvee will come after the commando.  Have the bazooka guys and 
    minigunners advance to finish off the humvee.
         Proceed south avoiding the medium tank and as much conflict as you can. 
    Remember your objective right now is to get into the base to the south.  Take 
    out the guard towers with the team of bazookas -- you can do this without 
    getting hurt if they stand 4.5 squares away. 
         Take over the refinery when the harvester is in the unloading bay.  Take 
    over the Comm Center.  Sandbag south toward the base entrance.  At the 
    entrance of the base place an obelisk when you have enough power to operate 
    it. Place a turret south of the obelisk to provide protection to the
    obelisk and to keep the gunship from cruising past your base. 
         The computer will not be able to effectively attack your base because it 
    cannot mount an effective attack force to overcome the obelisk and turret.  
    At this point your job is to have two refineries and 3 harvesters going.  The 
    money will be flowing in.  Build a massive attack force and destroy the base 
    to the northeast.
    [12-2-11eb] Nod Mission 11eb, Mozambique
    Objective: Same as previous
    Jeroen Kwast (jkt@gesasdsc.nt.getronics.nl)
         Forget a great strategy! Use your commando to scan the base to the 
    north. If you do this right your base will become active without actually 
    entering the base and you're ready to build! The first thing to do is make 
    sure your units remain intact, because they can't reach the base without 
    damage. The second thing is to build a hand of nod and an engineer. Recapture 
    the tiberium plant and harvester. Now you need to do two more things. Use the 
    force in the south to reach the village church and destroy it for a money 
    crate. Use the force in the north + created forces to protect the harvester. 
    While some gdi forces attack the harvester, move the 3 engineers back to the 
    base (while protecting the harvester). Oh! don't forget to destroy the two 
    watchtowers with : created forces or a turret placed close by.
    [12-2-12ea] Nod Mission 12ea, Botswana
    Objective: Somewhere in this area there is a GDI Advanced Communications 
    Center. Inside this center are the firing codes for their orbiting Ion 
    station. The Brotherhood must have these codes. Capture the center and 
    retrieve the codes, do not destroy the center.
    Chee Hui (cheehui@aztech.com.sg)
         In this mission, you need to capture the advanced comm. base where you 
    started off with a mobile construction yard, two recon bikes, two Nod buggies 
    and a light tank.
         The main problem is that the surrounding area in your vicinity has no 
    tiberium fields so you need to cross the bridge to build the yard there. 
    Unfortunately, 2 Mammoth tanks are stationed at the bridge.
         Here's the trick. If you recon the area, you will find it's actually a 
    nice square loop. Select 1 recon bike and ask it to target the further 
    Mammoth tank on the bridge while you stationed the rest of your forces just 
    outside of the edge of this square. Once the Mammoth tanks start attacking, 
    run your bike as far away (and from your main force) ASAP towards the loop. 
    When the tanks see your mobile yard, they'll turn their attention to it 
         So select all your vehicles (except the bike) and run round the loop to 
    keep ahead one step of them always. Since the 2 tanks are now preoccupied 
    with your other vehicles, reselect your bike and chase after the 2 tanks. 
    Start with the 2nd further tank and shoot his butt black !
         Once the 2nd tank got his butt fried, do the same for the 1st tank. Just 
    be sure to maintain the rest of your forces beyond the Mammoths' range and 
    you'll be all right. The rest of the mission will be fairly routine.
         Boy, those Mammoth tanks certainly have no brains.
         I actually like this mission because you can just use 1 bike to beat 2 
    Mammoth tanks. Talk about the odds of doing that in real combat.
         PS: If you think that's tough, wait till the next one.
    [12-2-12eb] Nod Mission 12eb, Botswana
    Objective: Same as previous
    See [12-2-12ea].
    [12-2-13ea] Nod Mission 13ea, South Africa
    Objective:  Establish your base, then build and defend the Temple of Nod. All 
    GDI forces are to be destroyed. Kane has ordered you to defend the Temple at 
    all costs, even your own life. Do not allow GDI forces to overrun you.
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         I think I did this mission in a very unorthodox way. Firstly, notice 
    that a transport helicopter lands on the island you start off on. Use your 
    engineer to take over it! Later a commando will appear on his own island 
    (blowing up that church next to him will give you $7000 by the way), and use 
    the transport helicopter to pick him up. If you use the commando to explore 
    to the east of your island, he will be able to see the concrete walls of the 
    secondary GDI base. That base is guarded mostly by bazooka men along the 
    western side of the base, except for two mammoth tanks at the south-west of 
    the base - which is a very good drop off point!
         Make around 6 or 7 bazooka men, and transport them along with your 
    commando to that south-east point of that island. Start pre-building an 
    obelisk. Your commando will take out all the troops who come near you, and  
    the bazookas will take out the two mammoth tanks which appear (bazooka 
    rockets can go over concrete walls, 120mm cannons can't!). After you've 
    eliminated the force there, send in an engineer with the transport 
    helicopter, take over the repair bay, and place your already built Obelisk 
    next to it. Watch it take out all the buildings! The base is now yours, and 
    you should be able to take over the weapons factory and barracks, allowing 
    you to build mammoth tanks.
    Chee Hui (cheehui@aztech.com.sg)
         I won this end-game by doing something incredibly brave (and stupid 
    too!). Using my transport helicopter, I filled it with a troop of bazooka 
    guys and the one commando dude. I proceeded to land at the left coastline of 
    the GDI base at the top.
         I unloaded my troops and used my commando to make short work of the 
    surrounding infantry. I then attacked the nearby tanks and waited for the 
    tanks to roll in. In the meantime, I flew my heli back to carry a full load 
    (with the commando of course) of engineers.
         Once all loaded up and repaired, my heli landed on the inside wall to 
    the left of the weapons factory. I unloaded one of my engineer immediately 
    and right away, asked my chopper to take off and return to base for repairs. 
    The advanced guard tower station there is a real pain. But it will begin 
    shooting at the factory once you took over it.
         Once done, my heli took off again and proceeded to land at the same 
    place. I unloaded my engineers and took over his barracks immediately and 
    started making grenadier units there. I then took over his refinery and sold 
    it immediately to furnish my funds while I made grenadiers. Once the guard 
    tower is gone, I constructed a line of fence all around to keep out those 
    pesky tanks which by then had rolled over my troops. It took 3 successive 
    tries before I got this timed right. Phew!
         From then on, I literally drained the computer of funds by proceeding to 
    take over his refinery (with the harvester) which keeps getting rebuilt next 
    to my barracks. I timed my engineer movement just right, so that when the 
    refinery is in the earlier stages of building, my engineer was halfway in. I 
    then sold off the refinery and the harvester for a handsome profit of about 
    1000+ credits (compared to the price for producing engineers).
         Of course, others might say this is stupid but after 10+ takeovers, the 
    computer was  drained of money. How did you know ? Everything you attack will 
    be sold off by the computer.
         It took me 3+ hours to complete and the feeling was great because I was 
    churning out Mammoth tanks inside their base and using it to destroy their 
    nearby yard. And all done without the nuke! 8-)
         I literally fenced out the GDIs for my second yard and was harvesting in 
    absolute peace.
    *12-2-13eb* Nod Mission 13eb, South Africa
    Objective: Same as previous
    See 12-2-13ea.
    *12-2-13ec* Nod Mission 13ec, South Africa
    Objective: Same as previous
    Q: I think I've killed all the GDI. Why haven't I won?
    A: There is a village that is GDI-colored (gold) on the radar.  There are GDI
    hiding in it, so you must destroy it and them to win.
    *12-3* GDI Covert Operations
    *12-3-1* Blackout
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Take the money in front of the church. Go south and west, until you see 
    the flame tank. Use airstrike to kill it. Use one of your commando's to blow 
    up the power plants. Then move your commandos to the north-west. Avoid the 
    turrets. When you encounter a tiberium field move east and enter the base. 
    Watch out for the buggy. If you are lucky both your commandos are now damaged 
    but still alive. Blow up the construction site in the north-east corner. Nod 
    has probably not built his hand-of-nod and airstrip yet. Let the MCV enter 
    the base. Don't worry about the turrets. Set up a base and take over or 
    destroy the Nod structures. Build a weapon factory and an APC. Put in both 
    commandos (if you still have both) and a couple of grenaders or bazookas. 
    Move the to the north-west and blow up the temple of Nod and the sam-sites. 
    Bring some more infantry if needed. Build 3 orca's to destroy the turrets 
    that are located everwhere in the field.
    *12-3-2* Hell's Fury
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         In this mission the Nod bases are not completed at startup. Nod builds 
    them during the game. This means that you must act quickly. Take over the nod 
    base on your right side. This should be easy. Build a refinary. Explore the 
    map with your hum-vee. Watch out for obelisks. You need to build a helipad. 
    If you've done this a chinook will appear. Be careful not to build all your 
    buildings at the bottom of the map, as the chinook will not be able to land 
    in that case. Put some grenaders or bazooka's in the chinook and send it to 
    the top of the map near the yellow flare. Go east and kill the turrerts. Make 
    a hole in the wall. Build a guard tower just north of your base. Build an 
    engineer and send it to the landing zone on the north side. Let it take over 
    a power plant in the north-east base. Build a barrack next to it. Destroy 
    everything and put sandbags to prevent rebuilding. Take over some power 
    plants with engineers if you like. At this time he won't have enough energy 
    for his obelisks.
         Build an engineer and send him just south of the landing zone with the 
    chopper. Take over his refinery. Build a barrack next to it. Try to take over 
    his hand-of-nod's. Be careful. Then destroy everything else in this base. The 
    last Nod base is in the north-west corner. He can not build any units anymore 
    at this point. Destroy the turrets and guarding flame tanks. Be careful to 
    destroy the power stations first, or else the obelisks might start working 
    *12-3-3* Infiltrated!
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         The start of this mission is very tough. First put your game speed at 
    the lowest level. Sell your barrack and kill the engineers with the 
    minigunners that you get from it. You will probably loose your refinary at 
    this point. Build a new barrack and build an engineer to take it back. Use 
    your tank to kill the APC in your base. Use your hum-vee to kill the 
    flamethrower. Once you have your refinary back put a sandbag at the bottom of 
    the right side of it, or else a Nod turret will pop up there. Keep repairing 
    your guard towers. Attack the tanks. Build a brick wall. Put the first part 
    between the tank and the guard tower. When the first battle is over build 
    another refinery. Build 2 advanced guard towers near the gate. Build many 
    tanks and keep them on guard in front of your base. Build 2 more harvesters. 
    And build an orca fleet. 8 ones should be enough. Use the orcas to kill his 
    harvesters every time they come out of his base. Soon you'll grow much 
    stronger then him. Use the orca's to destroy his sam-sites. At this time you 
    should have about a dozen tanks. Send them towards his base.
    *12-3-4* Elemental Imperative
         Go up the northwest side of the map. After you have located and found 
    the village, a transport helicopter will arrive. Put your commando into this 
    helicopter and transport him across the river on the right. Unload him to 
    reveal more portions of the map. Use the helicopter to move the commando on 
    top of the plateau. Snipe whatever you can, and then transport the commando 
    to the base of the cliff. Pick up the two crates inside the village to the 
    right to end the mission.
    *12-3-5* Ground Zero
    David Tong  (davet@skaro.eng.sun.com)
         Destroying enemy units triggers your reinforcements. You need to be 
    quick about killing them or the nuke will rain down upon you.
         You start off with 2 Grenadiers and 1 Minigunner. Initially in the 
    bottom left corner you can see a Noddy destroying a  farmhouse with a 
    flamethrower. To his left there's another one. Left and up there's a 
    building. Start by heading towards that building.
         Once you've reached the building you should get reinforcements - 2 more 
    Gren's and 2 MGs. Use them to take out the flame throwers, and that should 
    get you a tank. Now head north from where you started. Eventually the maze 
    leads you to a flame tank. Destroy it with the tank to get a Hum-Vee and 3 
    bazookas. Now head North-East to the top.
         Across a tiberium field you'll find three scientists inside a fenced off 
    area. Get them out and head back to the right. You'll get another Hum-Vee and 
    3 more bazookas. Noddy will nuke the base; somehow a few soldiers survive the 
    strike so get them too.
         Group the 6 bazookas. Noddy sends in a couple of flame tanks to mop up 
    any survivors. Make sure your tank attacks the flame tanks first;  this draws 
    his fire. If the bazookas get the first shot they'll be attacked and toasted.
         Now head round to the bottom left. Watch out for bazookas behind you, 
    plus another flame tank, a stealth tank, a regular tank and a few foot 
    soldiers etc. When you get to the bottom a chopper will arrive. You only need 
    to save one of the Moebii to win.
    *12-3-6* Twist of Fate
    David Tong  (davet@skaro.eng.sun.com)
         This is the best yet. You begin with a small base getting completely 
    hammered. My advice here is to turn the game speed down and to hit TAB to get 
    shut of the side bar.
         You should get the nearest tank to retreat and get the two Orcas to 
    attack the Nod tank. Now leave the base alone; they can fend for themselves. 
    Instead get up to the upper right. There's a pair of  Mammoths up there 
    taking a serious pounding. You  need to rescue both of them. Get them to run 
    towards the upper right hand corner. Mammoths can run one way and shoot 
    another, but it's hard work. 
         Once they are there, give them time to recuperate. If your MCV arrives 
    during this time, move it towards the mammoth tanks. Move the mammoth tanks 
    all the way south. When you destroy the stealth tanks, an Apache will attack 
    the mammoth tanks and promptly get wasted in the process..
         Use the troops from the base to destroy the local NOD forces and escort 
    the MCV down to the base. Park it on the plateau to the left of the base. 
    From then on it's fairly straightforward.
         There's an opening leading to a patch of tiberium just above you. This 
    is a great defensive aid; his bazookas and engineers have to run through that 
    tiberium to get to you. Aaargh! You'll need two advanced guard towers ASAP to 
    safeguard against his chopper and air strikes.
         Half way up there is a small NOD base. The main offensive units are an 
    obelisk, a single SAM site and a (now) empty helicopter pad. There's also a 
    construction yard.
         There's a small base in the top left corner, just a power station and 
    comm centre, protected by an obelisk. I took out the obelisk with Orcas, 
    captured the two buildings, sold the comm centre and built a new refinery 
    there (had to use a sandbag to get the position right). There's an absolute 
    stack of Tiberium up there.
         I had to defend with NOD turrets and flame tanks; not as effective as 
    both guard towers IMHO, so I had two of each.
         He kept sending his harvesters right in front of my base, so I just kept 
    destroying them and wearing him down that way. In the end I sent 8 mammoths 
    into his base, and got the sh!t kicked out of me. Second time I got the 
    strategy right, but still suffered very heavy losses.
         In this scenario, he has several obelisks with SAM sites right next to 
    them. The easiest way of dealing with them was to set 4 Orcas on the Obelisk, 
    which will destroy it. When the SAM base opens, blast it with the Ion Cannon. 
    Although there are other SAMs around you can usually so this without losing 
    an Orca.
    *12-3-7* Blindsided
         The computer will not start building until you land across the river. 
    Because you have airstrike capability, it is possible to completely decimate 
    the enemy without ever setting foot on the riverbank. Use this to your 
    advantage -- the Nod construction yards in the northeast and northwest 
    corners of the map.
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Go west and kill all infantry. Destroy the turret and the samsites. Now 
    you get 5 engineers. Take over: the hand-of-nod, 1 power station, the 
    airstrip and the comm center. Save 1 engineer. Sell the airstrip and the comm 
    center and build as many minigunners as you can. Move them all east. Let the 
    minigunners destroy the obelisk and then the turrets. Use your commando to 
    kill the infantry inside the base. Watch out for the harvester. Don't attack 
    it! Let the engineer take over the refinery. Build engineers and take over 
    other buildings in the base. Destroy the ones you don't need. Build a couple 
    of bazookas to destroy the sam-sites. After that put them on the place where 
    the game started, to prevent enemy choppers landing there.
          Now you'll get a chopper. This part is a bit tricky. Put in 3 
    engineers, 1 flamethrower and the commando. Let it land just above the fence 
    on the other side of the river. Now let 2 engineers run to the north-west and 
    take over the silo's before Nod gets the tiberium out of it. Now move your 
    commando and flamethrower west, towards the hand-of-nod and kill anything 
    that comes out. Now let the last engineer take over the hand-of-nod. Sell 
    your other ones. Now things will really get tough... Let the commando kill 
    the turrets. Watch out for the apache. Then build sandbags as quick as 
    possible to close the gate before the artilery enters the base. Build new 
    turrets and keep repairing them. Build a new refinary. There are 2 other Nod 
    bases on this side of the river. The one in the north-east is the easiest of 
    the two. 
    *12-4* Nod Covert Operations
    *12-4-1* Bad Neighborhood
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Move your MCV to the northwest and place it a bit north of the tiberium 
    field. Don't go too far, as you may encounter a mamoth tank. Build an obelisk 
    near the edge of the plateau. Build a second refinery to harvest the large 
    field in the north. Fence off the space between the plateau and the river and 
    put another obelisk near the bridge. Your first one may be hit by the ion 
    canon ion the mean time. Rebuild it later. Build a stealth tank to explore. 
    Go the the north-east and find the base. Get the crate which is on the north 
    side of it. Be careful. Go to the south side of the base and enter it. In the 
    mean time build the temple. Now wait until the nuke is ready and defend your 
    base in the meantime. Let the nuke take out: 1. the construction yard 2. the 
    adv comm centre 3. the barrack and 4. the weapon factory. Sell the temple 
    afterwards. Now build an army and wipe out all GDI forces.
    *12-4-2* Deceit
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Follow the road north, then follow the road west. Take the cash. Let the 
    engineer take the chopper. Let the commandos go further west. Put one of them 
    on the plateau with the chopper. Find the old base. Block the narrow path 
    below the constuction yard. Build a hand and 1 engineer. Let the engineer 
    take the comm centre near the river. Sell the hand and build your next 
    structures near the comm centre. Only structures like power plants, silo's 
    and the temple should be built at the abandoned base on the plateau. Leave 
    the guard towers alone for now. Let one commando go to the south and find the 
    village. Kill all GDI troops while they're destoying buildings. Take the 
    money that's in the church. Explore the field and kill remaining GDI 
    soldiers. Take over the other comm centres in the field and sell them (after 
    building a sandbag next to them). Build some extra refineries there. Then 
    build the temple. Protect your bases with oblisks. Build a stealth tank to 
    carefully explore the map near the big GDI base. Unfortunatly it's as good as 
    impossible to enter it. Build a strong army. When you're ready attack the 
    southern entrance. Use lots of tanks. Destroy the guard towers and capture 
    the power plant. Put a (pre-built) obelisk next to it. Prepare for a tough 
    final battle. It may be hard to aim the nuke as it is nearly impossible to 
    recon the base before.
    *12-4-3* Eviction Notice
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Move everything to the village in the south-east corner. Kill the 
    mammoth. This will cost you a few of your flame tanks. Destroy the whole 
    village and build your base. Put a minigunner up north as decoy for the 
    airstrikes. Watch out for the GDI engineers. Defend your base with obelisks. 
    Build a stealth tank to explore the map. You can take out the adv comm centre 
    in the GDI base. Build a second refinery. Build the temple. Build a biker-
    gang to kill the GDI units in the field. When it is safe destroy one of the 
    southern guard towers of the GDI base with your stealth tank. Enter the base. 
    Let the bikes kill all harvesters and let them return to base afterwards so 
    that the obelisks can take care of any units that go after them. After 
    reconing the GDI base launch the nuke and let it destroy at least the 
    construction site and the weapon factory.
    *12-4-4* Tiberium Strain
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         This is an easy mission. Move south across the river. Kill all GDI units 
    and civilians. Go back north to the river. Follow the road and kill 
    everything you encounter. When you reach the south cross the river and go up 
    north through the tiberium fields until you reach the GDI base. Enter the 
    base and kill all units. Then destroy the bio centers. A real easy mission. 
    Just follow the orders from your briefing.
    *12-4-5* Cloak and Dagger
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Explore the map with your stealth tank. Enter the base through the north 
    entrance. Move your vehicle around it carefully. Liberate the MCV. You now 
    have very little space to build your base because of the AGT's. Move your 
    stealth tank to the AGT just right. Attack it. Your stealth tank will be 
    sacrificed. Quicly deploy the MCV in the north-east corner of that little 
    space. The AGT will attack it. Keep repairing. You'll have just enough time 
    to build a powerplant and a hand and to sell the construction site before it 
    collapses. Carefully take over the power plants with engineers. Then take the 
    GDI construction site. Use a group of bazooka's to kill the guard towers and 
    the tank. Then take over the weapon factory and let the bazooka's kill the 
    guard tower that is firing on it. Block the northern entrance and the path 
    near the 2 mammoth tanks. Build 2 tanks and destroy the guard towers. Don't 
    destroy any AGT's or silo's! Let the bazooka's kill the adv comm centre and 
    let the tanks handle the humvee and the tank that will come. Build 2 
    refineries. Build some more tanks. Take out the group that is waiting south 
    of your base. Then take your tanks to the small GDI base in the middle of the 
    map. Let the tanks attack the towers and take over the GDI's last power 
    plant. Now you may destroy the AGT's.
    *12-4-6* Hostile Takeover
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Take out the tank on the bridge. Then reach the abandoned Nod 
    structures. Sell the comms center. Build 1 engineer. Move the flame tank, 1 
    bazooka andthe engineer west along the shore. Let the flame tank kill the 
    guard towers. Take over 1 chopper. Move the bazooka's to the village on the 
    east side. Get the money in the church. Let the flame tank kill the GDI 
    reinforcements. Then fly the chopper to the yellow flare on the west side. 
    Find the base up north. Build a second refinery. Move the chopper away 
    because it will atract a mamoth tank. Watch out for the AGT's. Better use the 
    tiberium field in the east first. Use tanks and artilery to destroy the 
    AGT's. Block the 2 nearest bridges over the river. Build an obelisk near the 
    most eastern one. Build a large army with lots of light tanks, artilery and 
    flame tanks. Attack the GDI base. The northern gate is the weakest.
    *12-4-7* Under Siege: C&C
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Sell the silo's and the sam-sites. There will be regular airstrikes, but 
    the sams are pretty useless against them. Just make sure to put always a 
    technician or minigunner to the north as decoy. Block the openings on the 
    west and east side. After it sell ou can sell the turrets there. Let the
    stealth tank explore the map. There's a crate in the church in the south.  
    Build a refinery, but keep the harvester in your base for the moment. Move 
    the stealth tank to the north-west. Make a hole in the wall at the near the 
    west end of the map. Recon the base. When the nuke is ready aim it at the 
    construction site, the refinery, the adv comm center and the power plants. 
    Build an obelisk and put it one space north of your norther turret. Sell the 
    turret. Keep your mobile artilery and flame tank nearby. When all northern 
    units are destroyed the western and eastern units will come and then the real 
    battle begins. Fight, win, prevail!
    *12-4-8* Death Squad
    Hans Nelisse (hneel@xs4all.nl)
         Move your stealth tank to the north-east until you reach the GDI base. 
    Put the commando, the light tank and the flametank a bit south of it near the 
    lake. Move youur stealth tank around the corner to the east side and make a 
    hole in the wall at the upper end of the east wall. Move your stealth tank 
    through and find the adv comm center in the upper north of the base. Move 
    your commando to the east side, followed by the 2 other units. Let the flame 
    tank take care of the GDI commando which will come outof the gate. Let the 
    light tank make another hole a bit below the first one. Move the flame tank 
    through and let it kill the 5 grenadiers. Then attack the mamoth. Move the 
    light tank through the other hole and let it attack the AGT near the adv comm 
    center. Let your commando follow and let him blow up the adv comm center. 
    Mission accomplished.
    CHAPTER [13] I need help playing multiplayer
    see also
         [2-1] INFANTRY
         [2-2] VEHICLES
         [2-3] BUILDINGS
         [2-4] SPECIAL UNITS
         [5-1] SANDBAG DEFENSE
         [5-4] SUPPRESSIVE FIRE
         [6-1] HOW DO I DESTROY...
    [13-1] What do I do with crates?
    *13-1-1* Stealth technology
    Stealth crates will stealthalize everything within a 3 square radius. The 
    rotors of stealth Apache and transport helicopters are visible.
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         If you're fortunate enough to get a cloaked Commando via a crate, then 
    you've basically got yourself a one-man Seal Team. A cloaked Commando will 
    de-cloak just to plant the explosives, move away, and cloak again. So when 
    mini-gunners come out of a destroyed structure, they won't be able to see the 
    Commando. You can then move the Commando to a safe distance, kill the mini-
    gunners, and plant more explosives.
         Cloaked SSMs are very useful at destroying Orcas or Apaches that are on 
    the ground (your opponent won't know where the napalm is coming from).  After 
    each missile is lanuched, they re-cloak, allowing you to move them to safety. 
         Cloaked APCs do not de-cloak while unloading. This means 
    Engineers can pop out of nowhere and take your structures. The only 
    thing you can defend against this is to block off every area leading to 
    your base--and be ready to sell your structures quickly!
    Douglas William Cole (dougc@umd.umich.edu)
         Whoa, I've never gotten a stealth APC, that would be the be all, end 
    all, ultimate weapon.
         I've gotten a stealth harvester (the little bugger must have just run 
    over it himself), a stealth humvee (yay!), a stealth med. tank (oh boy), and 
    other stuff.  Once, there was this crate that appeared right in the corner of 
    my base and when I got it and opened up the stealth technology, it made my 
    unit (like a buggy or something), a refinery, a powerplant AND a harvester 
    that was in the refinery all stealth!  I freakin' had a stealth power plant!  
    Whoo boy!
    Andre Pang (ozone@zip.com.au)
         Here's something hilarious. A friend of mine was playing, and a crate
    appeared right next to his three helipads at his base. He sends in a humvee 
    to pick it up. Not only did the humvee stealth, but his helipads and his 
    Orcas went stealth as well! And what's more, when he used them to attack, the 
    Orcas would uncloak, fire two missiles, AND CLOAK AGAIN! The Nod SAM sites 
    just went up when they saw them uncloak, and back down when they cloaked 
    again, without firing a single missile.
         Needless to say, the game was stopped after about 30 minutes due to him
    almost not being able to breathe, rolling around the floor laughing :).
    [13-1-2] Units
    Douglas William Cole (dougc@umd.umich.edu)
         Units.  (All infantry, commandos, flame tanks, stealth tanks, APCs, 
    Mammoths, **MCVs**, Chem. warriors, almost everything I guess.
    [13-1-3] Visceroids
    Kevin 'Zaph' Burfitt (zaph@torps.apana.org.au)
         If you open a box and find one of those red blob things, then head the 
    unit that opened it towards the enemy base, if it dies, the blob will 
    continue to their base, and you can get back to killing them...
    [13-1-4] Explosions
    Not particularly desirable. These come in three flavors. The incendiary 
    explosion is roughly equivalent to a bell pepper. The napalm explosion is 
    about on par with a couple of chili peppers. The nuclear explosion is about 
    equivalent to five jalepenos.
    [13-1-5] Cash
         This contains up to 2000 credits.
    [13-1-6] Nukes, airstrikes, ion beams
    Douglas William Cole (dougc@umd.umich.edu)
         One time use nukes, airstrikes and ion beams.
    [13-1-7] Map modifiers
         Will either hide or reveal or cover all territory on your maps.
    [13-1-8] Heal all units
    Joe Bostic (joebwan@anv.net)
         sphere with rings -> heal all units and buildings to full strength
    *13-2* Offensive tactics
    EDITOR'S NOTE:  Much of the information found in Chapter 6 is directly 
    related to multiplayer offensive strategies.
    Stanley Hu (hu@valisys.com)
         If you are allied with another player, it's not a bad idea to build 
    structuers in your partner's base.  The easiest way to do this is have your 
    partner build a silo, which only costs $150, and send an engineer to take it 
    over (use CTRL to force the engineer to capture the building).  Just make 
    sure your partner doesn't have any tiberium stored in the silo, otherwise he 
    might be a little upset to see his money supply dwindle.
         This works especially well with a GDI-NOD combination.  A NOD player can 
    build Obelisks and SAM sites in his partner's base, while the GDI player can 
    build Advanced Guard Towers and Guard Towers.
    Seth Bowden (bsb3@cornell.edu)
         Always, always, ATTACK your enemy. If you're down to your last two units 
    on the whole map--ATTACK. Don't just settle for a good defense. Defending 
    your base is not the goal of the game, offing the other guy is.
         If you do build up an impenetrable defense, it is really useless in and 
    of itself (unless playing against the computer). You can easily be boxed off 
    and slowly drained of money. It takes money to repair your base, and you will 
    eventually run out if you are denied tiberium.
         Consistently attacking, however, has the very important advantage of 
    unnerving and distracting your opponent. It forces him to think primarily 
    about base/harvester defense. Notice, he will not be thinking about what 
    really matters in the game, and that is killing your base.
         The best, and most effective place to focus your attack is on the enemy 
    harvester. Kill it and he has no money. Everything else in the game can be 
    rebuilt, even MCV crates can be found, but when you're out of money, you're 
    out of luck.
         Of course, your attacks must be intelligent--sending bazooka guys 
    against flame guys is not something you should do unless it turns you on to 
    hear that chick saying "unit lost." Sending a few tanks and recon bikes after 
    a harvester is, however, a sound tactic.
         Another general principle: don't fight in your enemy's defensive zone. 
    If you're following a harvester, for example, and you come upon his turrets, 
    run away. He'll just have to send the harvester back out, and then you can 
    finish what you started. The general idea is not to do what he wants you to 
    do, namely get gutted on his defenses.
    Firefox (tnorris@hti.net)
    Diversionary Tactics (can be used by both NOD & GDI)
         I have used this strategy successfully in net games as well as against 
    the computer:
         Build up about 20 minigunners, a hum-vee (or nod bike) and maybe a 
    cheapie tank. The idea is to make this force look as convincing as possible. 
    Group this "Attack Force" and hold it in reserve.
         Build an APC and load it up with 4 engineers and a bazooka (NOT a flame 
    thrower, they'll sometimes kill the engineers). Move the APC on the side of 
    the map that the enemy's construction yard is on.
         Now, with the Grouped Attack Force attack the enemy base from the side 
    OPPOSITE of where the Construction Yard, other important buildings are. You 
    ARE NOT concerned about what happens to the attacking force. 
         Just as the force starts to engage in battle and you see the enemies 
    troops, etc. running to defend the base, bring in the APC and unload the 
    engineers. Take over (in order of priority: Construction Yard, Airbase (or 
    Weapons Factory), Hand Of Nod (or Barracks). The enemy will be defenseless!
         If the enemy has tanks around his base, build a turret and have it ready 
    to deploy as soon as you take over a building, then put it next to it so it 
    can destroy enemy forces.
         I have successfully used this diversion many times to the disdain of my 
    enemy. It works almost all of the time. The key point to remember is that 
    your attacking force should be convincing. A mammoth tank in it will convince 
    the enemy that the force is REAL and not a diversion and hence will draw all 
    his troops to attack it.
         In general, use this tactic to draw forces AWAY from something you 
    REALLY want to attack.
         One of my favorite ways to annoy the enemy is to build a bunch of 
    Grenadiers/Bazooka's and send them out, one at a time to attack different 
    buildings of the enemy base. This really only works if he has not yet built a 
    Obelisk Of Light. The enemy will be so preoccupied killing the annoying 
    attackers that they won't see (hopefully) your APC or REAL strike force 
    attacking his base from another point of the base. This tactic also wears 
    heavily on the enemy finances since he is constantly repairing many different 
    buildings. Your enemy will be become paranoid and demoralized, THEN you can 
    send in the tanks, etc. that you have been building the whole time and wipe 
    them out.
    Overwhelming Force
         If your enemy has an Obelisk Guard Tower (and hopefully no flame-
    anythings), then build about 40 minigunners and send them to attack his 
    Obelisk Guard Tower. The Tower takes so long to recharge that it cannot 
    possibly kill off all of the attackers. Also send 1 or 2 off to attack a 
    power plant (which makes the enemy rebuilding take just that much longer).
    Jason Thomas (hiro@mill2.millcomm.com)
    :I was on the losing end of a game when I got lucky with an APC
    :full of engineers and took most of his base - my opponent promptly resigned.
    :Yes, I won technically, but it felt like a hollow victory.  It also places 
    :way too much emphasis on that tactic instead of a mix of strategies.
         There's no such thing as an unfair tactic.  If you haven't arranged your 
    defenses so that you can defend against a couple of APCs with engineers, 
    perhaps you should reevaluate your strategy.  It is, however, a devastating 
    assault.  Picture this: A few waves of humvees driving  parallel to the wire 
    to snipe at infantry units.  Follow this up with a wedge of medium tanks, 
    spearheaded by a heavy if you have it, directed at a turret.  Follow this up 
    with rocket artillery.  Then the APCs with engineers come through.  If the 
    APCs get through, game over.  If they don't, then the defender's base is 
    going to be pretty much toast, and his defending forces crushed. Your attack 
    force is going to be gone too, but it underscores the principle of attacking 
    Don Good (treygood@aol.com)
         It appears that most players use a defense first strategy.  Sorry, but 
    this is not the most effective way to go.
         At the outset, you should hunt aggressively for your foes base.  Assign 
    a humvee/recon bike to a ctrl number, and send it first to one corner, then 
    the others.  While the unit is in transit, build your base right next to a 
    tiberium field.
         Your order of build for NOD is powerplant, refinery, Hand of NOD.  For 
    GDI it's powerplant, then refinery.  If you have found your foes base, and he 
    has no Helipads yet, then GDI should build the barracks.  If your foe has 
    Helipads, or Hand o NOD; GDI should build a communications center.  The comm. 
    center allows you to build Advanced towers, the barracks allows everything 
         During this phase, listen for sounds of gunfire.  When you here gunfire 
    it's your scout being attacked.  Do an alt+# to jump to him and thoroughly 
    scout out his base.
         If he has no SAM's/advanced towers, your in luck, quickly build 2 
    Helipads, and 1 powerplant and start attacking his harvester.  Meanwhile, if 
    your GDI, train to engineers and load them into your APC for an assault on 
    his construction yard.
         From this point on, your main objective is to build more harvesters, and 
    constantly attack his harvesters and powerplants.  When a powerplant gets 
    knocked out attack his ground units on his base.  Concentrate on units which 
    can attack helicopters/Orcas.
         By attacking from the get go, you force the "base builders" into a 
    constant rebuilding mode.  If they insist on still trying to build and 
    advance their bases they will leave themselves open to further attacks upon 
    production.  If they try to return the attack, you will have already gained 
    significant ground in offensive punch over them.
         This strategy is especially effective against the GDI "spider base" 
    builders.  In the early stages of the game their defenses are too spread out 
    to prevent constant air attacks, and too spread out to deal with an 
    APC/engineer attack.
    Terminator (termy@challenger.net)
         When playing NOD build a Power Plant, Tiberium Refinery, and Airstrip in
    that order.  Don't build anymore buildings.  Just keep churning out Recon 
    Bikes until you run out of money.  You should have about 10-20 bikes now (you 
    started with 9999 credits right?).   You now have an unbeatable army.  Send 
    them to destroy the other guy's harvester(s). Usually they won't have enough 
    time to put together a defense by then. Your bikes can then just head in and 
    blow the bejesus out of them.  This tactic works very well and I haven't 
    found anything else that can stop it.  The only problem is that once you've 
    used it on the other poor guy a few times he'll start doing the same thing.  
    Then it bogs down to who builds first. :)
         Build Power Plant, Tiberium Refinery, and Barracks/Hand of NOD, and then 
    build as many helipads as you can.  You should be able to gather a nice 5-10 
    chopper/Orca force.  If the other guy is GDI then you'll usually be able to 
    go over and blow their Construction Yard away before they can form a good air 
    defense.  If the other guy is Nod then they might have made a Sam Site by 
    now.  Go and blow the Sam Site away. You shouldn't lose one chopper/Orca if 
    you sent at least four or five. Then blow the Construction Yard away.  This 
    really annoys people, and half the time they'll lose self confidence and 
         Make the all famous engineer/APC combo.  Before you send them over have 
    an Obelisk/Adv. Guard Tower ready to put down.  When they capture a building 
    put down the Obelisk or AGT right there in there base!  If you're NOD keep 
    building turrets and put them in their base. Destroy them from the inside 
    out.  If you're GDI then building a barracks (if you haven't captured theirs) 
    and putting it in and building more engineers to capture more buildings might 
    be best, since Guard Towers build slower.  It's just like cancer.  Once it's 
    started it can't be stopped.
    [13-3] Defensive tactics
    EDITOR'S NOTE:  Much of the information in Chapter 5 directly relates to 
    multiplayer defensive strategies.
    JB Hall (jbhall@acs.ucalgary.ca)
         Here is a great tip for 4-Player Net Games with alliances. Both you and 
    your teammate pick Nod and GDI.  During the game (after you've both got 
    things rolling) build an MCV each and send 'em across to the other guy's 
    base.  After that set them up build an engineer and VIOLA!! both of you have 
    Nod and GDI capabilities.  Sure it's REALLY expensive but well worth it.
    With both capabilities, the perfect base defense is:
         -2 Turrets (Hum-Vee Killers)
         -Guard Tower (Infantry Killer)
         -SAM Site (Bye Bye Aircraft)
         -Missile Tower (Chews up leftovers)
    Jason Thomas (hiro@mill2.millcomm.com)
         Now, what if you had two layers of defense?  An outer wall, possibly 
    sandbags, with gun turrets, infantry, et cetera.  Then, an inner wall of 
    chain-link or concrete surrounding your buildings with gun-turrets, grenade 
    guys, et cetera.  That might help keep the engineers away a bit better.  It's 
    a legitimate tactic; use it and learn how to defend against it. 
    Phil Sykes (root@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         Surround your base with guard towers. If an enemy (even an allied one) 
    approaches to try and get recon info, waste them. The less they know at the 
    start, the more costly it is in the middle.
         Spice harvesters are great to hassle with Orcas.
         Pointers to remember during netgames:
         The computer player ALWAYS repairs structures when they get damaged. The 
    same is not true for the humans however.
         Humans may get demoralized and quit if you kill their construction yard!
         Always keep a couple of engineers next to your refinery and construction 
    yards - to recapture them immediately.
         Humans have VERY limited money, especially if you've killed their 
    harvesters! Those ion cannons are much more useful when repairs can't be made 
    and obelisks / guard towers can't be replaced indefinitely. 
         Try to cripple your opponent early on by making them spend money on 
    repairs and replacements so their 'base-economy' cannot develop.
         If playing against a tech 6 or 7 Nod opponent, wall up your base apart 
    from one choke point which should have a guard stationed there who moves out 
    of the way to let units in / out. This prevents stealth tanks.
         Never leave your base open anyway - the other guy will be fighting a 
    penetration war if he has to get through walls! 
         Often, humans will repair their units. Clobber them on the way out if 
    you don't like this!
    [13-4] Capture the flag
    Kevin 'Zaph' Burfitt (zaph@torps.apana.org.au)
         Playing 4 player Capture the Flag, with Alliances:
    The Zaph strategy:
         As soon as the game starts, gear to building fast vehicles 
    (humvees/Bikes) and run groups of 3 or 4 into the enemy base, grabbing the 
    flag and dragging it further away - they wont have the defenses to prevent 
    this in the opening stages...
    The Anti-Zaph Strategy:
         After forming an alliance with your teammate, run a tank into their 
    base, and take their flag. Then drive it a few squares away, somewhere 
    convenient and hard to get to!. Now the only way someone can take the flag is 
    by destroying your tank (they can't just grab it and run). - have your 
    teammate do the same for you!
    [13-5] Various player strategies
    [13-5-1] Aardvark's strategy
    Phil Sykes (root@sykic.demon.co.uk)
         (1) Get recon on the enemy base as soon as possible.
         Preferably, send all of your recon capable guys out to corners of the 
    map to get info on the areas around the base. This saves you enormous hassle 
    getting it later on, when it will be needed to detect buildups, aim 
    airstrikes / Orcas and mount an attack.
         When your guy gets there, offer (verbally or using f1-f4) to make an 
    alliance. If you command the respect I do in C&C, they will probably agree. 
    Say you will team up and crush the other two (so the other two can here it). 
    This will cause them to ally (maybe)
         Once you've made the alliance, run all the way round the base (if 
    someone else tries to do this to you, unally and whack them). Then set off to 
    another base.
         (2) Defend your base from recon.
         Put fences up around 'choke points', areas where the base is protected 
    by natural features to prevent other people getting in. Put a tank at the 
    entrance (and a guard building) to discourage people from getting in. With 
    any luck, no-one got a good look round your base.
         If anyone did, offer to make an alliance with them - they could be very 
         (3) Build more base.
         Put at least two tiberium refineries in, preferably on opposite sides of 
    the base. Make sure harvesters have easy access to them, but put them inside 
    the fence, or engineers will attack them. Don't worry about defense too much 
    at this stage, but be sure to make a 
    base that is easily navigable (so troops can get through to defend).
         Avoid making 'transport chopper magnets', that is large areas of open 
    ground deep inside your base. If you have any, be sure to station a 
    minigunner and a bazooka guy to shoot down or mop up any penetrators. 
         My personal preference is for a fairly open plan base, with all areas 
    defended by advanced guard towers or SAMs.
         If you're playing NOD, put your obelisks RIGHT next to SAM launchers, 
    and preferable within range of two or three SAMs, because this will mean any 
    air attack to remove it takes hideous casualties.
         Be sure to produce five or six bazooka dudes to plant around the inside 
    of the base for SAM cover.
         In areas where a tank attack seems probable, place fence 2 squares deep, 
    or concrete if you can get it.
         DON'T leave huge gaps in your defenses. If possible, only two or three 
    squares should afford entrance or exit to your base, and these should be 
    defended with advanced guard towers like so:
                   ************ ************     
                            *** ***
                            G** **G
     * = fencing / natural defenses  G = advanced guard tower / obelisk
         This fencing two deep prevents flame-throwers or minigunners from 
    getting next to the targets.
    (4) Be really evil.
         At this point, everyone's base is defended. A frontal assault would be 
    suicide and lose you the game, so you have to fight dirty, using attrition or 
    psychological tactics or luck to destroy the other three.
         Build three harvesters and two harvester plants at least.
         If you're GDI, get around five Orcas. Start blowing up harvesters. It 
    doesn't take long for the human to feel the pinch. If he gets stuck without 
    enough money to build more harvesters, he has to sell units or buildings. If 
    you can see areas in the enemy base not under SAM cover, blow them up. This 
    works especially well against weenies who build their construction yard right 
    at the back, and form a front line to stop enemies.
         If your harvesters start to get blown up, complain violently. Protest to 
    the other guy, and suggest to everyone that a punitive raid should be 
    launched on player X to stop them from being so evil. Also, send a few 
    bazooka guys to the spice farms. Orcas aren't much good at hitting moving 
    targets, so this is where they are most vulnerable.
         If you can afford it - spider base. Build a line of sandbags out to a 
    large spice field, and plonk an advanced guard tower or a SAM site (protected 
    by a tank). This is an excellent place to mass troops prior to an assault, as 
    they don't get pummeled by aircraft (it's also a big target for ion cannons / 
    nukes, deflecting the attention away from your base.
         If another player looks stronger then you, say so. Explain to the other 
    players how it would definitely be best to take this guy down 'I can see 
    troops massing in his corner, he's going to attack' or 'I'm sure he's got 
    stealth tanks in your base!'
         Launch a combined assault. This will undoubtedly remove him from the 
    game if you are playing with anyone half decent. Offer to lend 'air support' 
    but not ground troops.
         Whilst they're doing this - engineer attack their base or blow up their 
    harvesters. Chances are they'll be too pre-occupied to notice.
         If you're NOD - Stealth tanks! - Sneak em in through enemy defenses and 
    mass them in the gaps between his buildings. Go for his construction yard 
    first, because once the construction yard is gone, the will to fight can go 
    too, and they may resign. Also, use stealth tanks or recon bikes to hunt 
    harvesters in packs ;)
         Crates are always useful. No matter what you got, say it was a good one 
    to your enemies. If you're nod, decloak one of your stealth tanks to make the 
    noise, and say it was a stealth APC/engineer/mammoth tank. Make sure you have 
    recon all around the map, and periodically scan it for crates. Have a humvee 
    ready to go after the crates (be sure to tell an ally what you're doing if 
    you approach his base, or he may attack you)
         Set up a buffer zone around your base. If anyone comes inside a LARGE 
    radius, say 'that (unit) better get out of here or my Orcas / assault 
    choppers are gonna whack him'. 'You got 10 seconds - 9 - 8 - 7 (launch the 
    Orcas now) - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 (Orcas attack now) - damn, I can't count.'
         This will scare weenie players a bit.
         Of course, no treatise on being nasty would be complete without the 
    engineer assault. I've already described the best method for this, but after 
    a bit more multiplayer playing, the enemy has got wise to these tactics 
    (remember - you can target your AGTs and obelisks manually). 
         So, a few more pointers:
         The enemy will whack any APC approaching his base, for sure. (I know I 
    would). If he sends choppers up, the APC is in trouble. Guard it with bazooka 
    guys, who get out when you're nearly there and march with the APC.
         Remember to ally with him in the middle of this. It might confuse him, 
    but your APCs won't stop to shoot that way.
         Say 'OK . he's turning around now - he was just doing some recon', turn 
    him round, and move straight back in again (or attack one of his harvesters, 
    to divert attention).  
         There must be a weak point for the APC to get through. Defenses like I 
    have described will chew up APCs and engineers every time without a problem. 
    If you've got stealth tanks inside, use them to divert his attention away. By 
    the time he notices, it may be too late. Else use an Orca strike to remove a 
    gap big enough to get an engineer through.
         If there's no way that's going to work, use a chopper. Land it as far 
    from SAM sites as possible, and get out four grenadiers and one engineer. Use 
    the grenadiers to chew up a power station or two, and send the engineer in.
         To defend against this, just put a wall down where the chopper is about 
    to land. It has to take off again.
         Once you've got the building, sell it. Use the minigunners to get more 
    recon, or to attack a building. Don't suicide them into the nearest guard 
         Power: If an GDI enemy runs out of power, send the Orcas in. If a nod 
    player does, have a quick engineer attack ready ;)
         Always turn your sound down if you know you will lose power (same for 
    building nukes/ion cannon/air strikes). Turn in up again afterwards.
    (5) Endgame
         You got walloped? Had to sell all of your buildings to pay for a few 
    units? Got a few guys left (or a mass of minigunners from building attack?). 
    Make use of them! Send them to attack harvesters or camp out close to an 
    enemy base, inviting an attack (which will cost the enemy dear if you are 
    going to try a head on assault - make sure you send the armor in first.
         Offer to send any harvesters you have to other people's bases in return 
    for air support / backup in an assault. In short, get the other guys to help 
    you against the guy that beat you. You may still win!
         Everyone else has no money and a load of units which are crap?
         Start building up defenses. Close up entrances you no longer need, and 
    plant extra advanced guard towers in. Say 'come on then - finish it off - 
    I've got bugger all money left now' and other such things to entice an 
    attack. When it comes, mass all units inside the fence and pound away. Two 
    advanced guard towers and a wall can kill a virtually infinite number of men, 
    especially with money to repair them.
         Send up the assault choppers and or Orcas to attack them on the way in. 
    you start getting beaten, fall back inside your base a bit more. They 
    generally can't prosecute an attack against a multilayered base (units too 
    scattered - not enough armor etc.).
         HOUSE RULES FOR C&C (+ interesting deathmatch games)
         No engineers attacks
         No engineer attacks in the first half hour
         No attacking harvesters (in the first half hour)
         No sending out first minute recon buggies
         No resigning (sell all your buildings and try a head on assault)
         Must resign and abort once beaten (to speed up the game)
         Two on two alliances
         Nod and GDI vs. Nod and GDI (capture allies buildings for a nice mix of 
         Three on one (I've won a few playing the one)
         No bases - 50 units tech level 1
         No bases - 50 units tech level 4
         No bases - 5 units tech level 4 (this is a hoot!)
         Tech levels 6&7 are the most fun to play on.
         Use CCEDIT to edit the weapon loadouts for all players.
         Bazookas guys armed with SAMs, cost 700
         Nod recon buggy armed with SAMs, cost 900
         MCV only costs 2000
         Orcas only cost 300, SAMs 400 and AGTs 450 (air war!!!)
         Flame-thrower troops have obelisk lasers, but cost 1200
         Nod buggy and Hummers both have high velocity machine gun, but cost 100 
         Engineers cost 1000
         Everything is half price (this is FUNNY!)
         Everything is one credit (this is SILLY!)
    [13-5-2] Joseph's strategy
    Joseph E. Bellerose (oz@cris.com)
         One can win against any opponent with a Low Tech Strategy. I have 
    overrun my opponent with just foot soldiers as the NOD and as the GDI. 
    Basically I NEVER build the advanced structures. I put my cash into 
    "troopers" or some other low tech capability. My "Chinese strategy" is to 
    overwhelm the opponent early on with a combination of grenadiers/flame-
    throwers and a few bazooka and mini-gunner troops. While he is building all 
    those fancy buildings I'm sending groups of 12 to 15 troopers at him from 
    several different angles. The trick is to attack from two or preferably three 
    different directions. This has the effect of inducing the greatest military 
    weapon of all...PANIC into the heart of your opponent.
         Another favorite of mine is the HELLS ANGELS strategy. I build Recon 
    Bikes as fast as I can and nothing else. 12 Recon Bikes can easily overcome 
    any Orca strategy and I have rushed the enemy base with Recon Bikes and taken 
    out his Construction yard, Vehicle Building and usually 1 or 2 of his Orca 
    Pads before the 12 Bikes expire. In the meantime I am building the second 
    wave of HELLS ANGELS for the finishing moves. It is amazing to watch 12 to 15 
    HELLS ANGELS shred a harvester or a squadron of Orcas. They can reduce a 
    couple of Mammoth tanks to scrap iron in a matter of no time at all.
         The basic idea is to get there "furstus with the mostus" and to have a 
    "second punch" to finish off the enemy after your first attack has caused 
    chaos. The money you save by NOT building the fancy structures and going for 
    the Wunder Weapons allows you to get there with a killer punch FIRST.
         The basic defense against the HELLS ANGELS...Hummers of course. The 
    Recon Bikes are lightly armored and the Hummers or Nod Buggy can run with 
    them and shred the Bikes quickly as well. So it is a good counter. Of course, 
    if you are building all those Monuments to Greatness (Advanced Comm...NOD 
    temple etc..) well you are not going to be able to produce too many Hummers 
    or Buggies are ya? Hahahahaha
    [13-5-3] Kokko's strategy
    In our small (10 player, local net) C&C group it's become very apparent that 
    1 or 2 refineries and 3-4 harvesters just gets you killed.
    As we start with just 3 units, it means you just can't mount a good offensive 
    real fast, so we go like this:
         start - send fastest unit (humvee/buggy) to explore. Find enemy ASAP as 
    mapping the base area helps a lot. at the same time build:
         construction yard->
         power plant->
         advanced power plant->
         troop or vehicle factory->
         some defensive troops->
         (start building defenses and buildings in your preferred order)
         Usually mid-game we have 3 refineries and 5-6 harvesters. 
         If you stick to two refs. (or one, for god's sake) you get overrun 
    sooner or later as you are out of funds/waiting for harvester while other 
    player keeps on building and building...
         We also usually frown upon 'hunt the harvesters' strategy, and in 4-
    player game it's simply enforced by the fact that whoever starts to kill 
    harvesters (unless they wander into base defenses) usually becomes public 
    enemy no.1 and gets killed by the other 3 players :) I wish 'guard' option 
    would work better so you could put some bikes or rocket launchers to guard 
    harvesters but as of now (at least with bikes) they just prevent the 
    harvester from entering refinery unless you manually do so.
         It's a shame the areas are so small. 4 times the current size, please. 
    4-player game gets REAL claustrophobic. Real fast. And even with 9999 funds 
    at start, you need to use 'low tech' approach or capture one enemy with 
    engineers *fast* or you just run out of cash. Too little tiberium for each 
    -Section Four- MISCELLANEOUS
    CHAPTER [14] Tables
         The data in these tables are the result of the hard work of Andrew 
    Griffin and Mike Lee. My many thanks to Mike for his initial field 
    experiments, and to Andrew for his dedication to cracking that rascally 
    game.dat file. What a patient guy! Also thanks to Max Ahston 
    (karon@mnet.medstroms.se) for some time to build values.
    *14-1* Armor
         The armor levels of units in C&C range from 0 to 3. Each react to 
    weapons in different ways. Armor level 0 has high resistance to armor 
    piercing munitions such as tank shells. Subsequent levels are less resistant 
    to tank shells and bazooka missiles, but have higher resistance to small arms 
    fire such as miniguns and grenades.
           Unit Armor
    Level  Description
    0      infantry. resistant to anti-armor weapons. squashable
    1      recon bike. squashable 
    2      stealth tank, artillery, hummers, buggy, MRLS, harvester, MCV, SSM,
           rocket launcher, a-10, chinook transport chopper
    3      flame, light, medium and mammoth tanks, APC, gunboat, orca, apache,
    *14-2* Weapons
    Weapon type    : Name of weapon
    Weapon ID      : Internal ID number of weapon
    Damage to armor: Hitpoints damage to units of specified armor
    Area damage    : Radius of damage area in game squares
    Range          : Range of weapon in game squares
    Reload         : Reload rate of weapon in minutes and seconds
    Accuracy       : Accuracy of weapon. AA is excellent, FF is hopeless.
    Weapon         Weapon   Damage vs Armor Area Range Reload
    type               ID   0   1   2   3   Dam. (sq.)  mm:ss Accuracy
    Sniper rifle        0  99?  4   4   4   N/A    6     :05  AA
    HV machine-gun      1  22  19  14   6    1     3     :05  AA
    Pistol*             2   ?   ?   ?   ?   N/A    1     :25  CC
    Minigun             3  15   8   8   4   N/A    1     :03  AA
    Rocket              4   8  22  22  30    ?     4     :06  BB
    Flame-thrower       5  26+  ?  24   ?    3     2     :05  AA
    Tank flame-thrower  6  50+ 35  35  13    2     2     :05  AA
    Chemical Spray      7  40+  ?  36   ?    3     2     :07  AA
    Grenade             8  39   ?  26  13    2     2     :07  BB
    70mm cannon         9   ?  19  19  25    ?     4     :06  BB
    120mm cannon       10   8  22  22  30    ?     5     :05  BB
    120mm cannon APR   11  10  30  30  40    ?     5     :09  BB
    Turret cannon      12  10  30  30  40    ?     5     :06  BB
    Missile pack       13   ?   ?   ?   ?    1     5     :07  CC
    227mm rocket       14   ?   ?   ?   ?    2     6     :09  DD
    Ballistic charge   15   ? 112  85  40    1     6     :06  FF
    50 cal. machinegun 16  15   8   8   4   N/A    4     :03  AA
    Gunboat missile    17   ?   ?   ?   ?    2     8     :03  DD
    Adv. GT Missile    18   ?   ?   ?   ?    2     8     :05  DD
    Napalm bomb        19   ?   ?   ?   ?    1    N/A  12:00  AA
    Obelisk Laser      20   ?   ? 200   ?    ?     5     :05  AA
    Surf to Air Miss.  21   ?   ?   ?   ?   N/A    8     :06  AA
    Surf to Surf Miss. 22   ?   ?   ?   ?    4    10     :24  AA
    Dinosaur Bite 1    23   ?   ?   ?   ?   N/A   N/A    :05  AA 
    Dinosaur Bite 2    24   ?   ?   ?   ?   N/A   N/A    :05  AA
    Ion Cannon            592 578   ? 450    1    N/A  15:00  AA
    Nuclear warhead         ?   ?   ?   ?    5    N/A  20:00  AA
         * Pistols have a fire rate of about half a second, but take 25 seconds 
    to reload the 10-round magazine.
    [14-3] Units
    Unit Type : The name of the unit.
    Hit Points: The amount of damage a unit can sustain before it is destroyed.
    Armor     : The armor level of theunit.
    Cost      : Cost of unit in credits.
    Weapon ID : Type of weapon carried, according to internal ID numbers.
    Mission   : The mission number in which the unit becomes available for 
                building purposes.
    Tech      : The tech level that must be met or exceeded to build the unit in 
                a multiplayer game.
    TTB       : Time to build the unit at the slowest gamespeed on my (t)rusty
                Gateway P5-66. Anyone want to send me a new computer?
    'I stopwatched the building time for all vehicles, infantry and buildings and 
    came to the conclusion, that TTB is linear to the cost except the following 
    units: refinery needs only 1/3 of the time, helipad; 1/5th the time, walls 
    need all the same (as if costing 150 credits), a harvester needs a little 
    more time (15%), and orcas, attack helicopters need almost twice the time.'
         -Stefan Sautter (t1163ci@sunmail.lrz-muenchen.de)
         On my system, it takes approximately nine seconds to build 100 credits 
    worth of units/buildings. The times to build presented here are only meant to 
    give a rough idea of construction times.
    Movement  : Higher numbers indicate faster movement.
    Turning   : Higher numbers indicate better turning capabilities.
    Scout     : The radius of the unit's visual range in game squares.
    Req.      : The buildings required before a unit becomes available for 
    Unit         Hit               Weap                  Mov. Turn Scout
    Type         Points Armor Cost ID    Mis. Tech  TTB  Rate Rate Rad.  Req.
    Minigunner       50   0    100   3    1     1   :10    8         1   Bar
    Grenadier        50   0    160   8    3     1   :10   10         1   Bar
    Bazooka          25   0    300   4    3     2   :25    6         2   Bar
    Flame-thrower    70   0    200   5    5     1   :18   10         1   HON
    Chem Warrior     70   0    300   7   N/A    7   :25    8         1   HON+Tmpl
    Engineer         25   0    500  N/A   2     3   :45    8         2   Bar/HON
    Commando         80   0   1000   0   N/A    7  1:30   10         5   Bar+ACC/
    Attack Heli.    125   3   1200   1   10     6  1:15   40    4    0   Air+Hpad
    Orca            125   3   1200   4   10     6  2:00   40    4    0   WF+Hpad
    Transport Heli   90   2   1500  N/A   0     6  2:20   40    5    0   WF+Hpad/
    A-10             60   2    N/A  19    3   N/A   N/A   40    4    0   N/A
    Transport Plane  25   2    N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A   N/A   40         0   N/A
    Flame Tank      300   3    800   6    9     4  1:10   18    5    4   Com+Air
    Stealth Tank    110   2    900   4   12     5  1:20   30    5    4   Com+Air
    Light Tank      300   3    600   9    5     3   :50   18    5    3   Air
    Medium Tank     400   3    800  10    7     3  1:10   18    5    3   WF
    Mammoth Tank    600   3   1500 11/13 13     5  2:15   12    5    4   WF+RBay
    Harvester       600   2   1400  N/A   7     2  2:15   12    5    2   WF+Ref/
    MCV             600   2   5000  N/A  15     7  8:00   12    5    2   WF+ACC/
    Artillery        75   2    450  15    9     6   :40   12    2    4   Air
    Humvee          150   2    400  16    5     2   :35   30   10    2   WF
    Nod Buggy       140   2    300  16    5     2   :25   30   10    2   Air
    Recon Bike      160   1    500   4    5     2   :35   40   10    2   WF
    Rocket Launcher 100   2    800  14   11     7  1:10   18    5    4   WF+ACC
    APC             200   3    700  16    5     4  1:00   35    5    4   Bar+WF
    SSM             120   2    750  22   N/A    7  1:05   18    5    4   Air+
    Visceroid       150   1    N/A   7   N/A   N/A  N/A   18    5    4   Hacking
    T-Rex           750   3    N/A  24   N/A   N/A  N/A   18    5    5   Hacking
    Velociraptor    180   3    N/A  24   N/A   N/A  N/A   40    5    5   Hacking
    Triceratops     700   3    N/A  23   N/A   N/A  N/A    8    5    5   Hacking
    Stegasaurus     600   3    N/A  23   N/A   N/A  N/A    8    5    5   Hacking
    [14-4] Buildings
    Building type: Name of unit.
    Req Power    : Power drain in power units.
    Power Output : Power generation in power units.
    Hit Points   : Amount of damage absorbed before destruction.
    Armor        : Armor level of building.
    Cost         : Cost of building in credits.
    Weapon type  : Type of weapon carried, according to internal ID numbers.
    Mission      : Mission in which building becomes available for construction.
    Tech         : Tech level that must be met or exceeded to construct building 
                   in a multiplayer game.
    TTB          : Time to build at slowest gamespeed on a Gateway P5-66.
    Req.         : Prerequisite buildings before construction.
    Building          Power   Hit             Weap     
    Type              in  out Pts  Armor Cost Type Mis. Tech TTB  Req.
    Construction Yard  15  30  400   1   5000 N/A    1    1  N/A  MCV  
    Sandbags            0   0   20   2     50 N/A    5    2   :15 Cyard
    Fence               0   0   10   2     75 N/A    9    5   :15 Cyard
    Concrete            0   0   70   2    100 N/A   13    7   :15 Cyard
    Power Plant         0 100  200   1    300 N/A    1    1   :20 CYard
    Adv. Power Plant    0 200  300   1    700 N/A   13    5   :45 Pp
    Refinery           40  10  450   1   2000 N/A    2    1   :55 Pp
    Silo               10   0  150   1    150 N/A    2    1   :10 Ref
    Comm. Center       40   0  500   1   1000 N/A    3    2  1:35 Ref
    Helipad            10   0  400   1   1500 N/A   10    6   :20 Bar/HON
    Repair Pad         30   0  400   1   1200 N/A    8    5  2:00 Pp
    Barracks           20   0  200   1    300 N/A    1    1   :20 Pp
    Weapons Factory    30   0  200   2   2000 N/A    5    2  3:20 Pp
    Guard Tower        10   0  200   1    500   1    7    2   :42 Bar
    Adv. Comm. Center 200   0  500   1   2800 N/A   13    7  4:10 Com
    Adv. Guard Tower   20   0  300   2   1000  18   13    4  1:35 Com
    Hand of Nod        20   0  200   1    300 N/A    2    1   :20 Pp
    SAM Site           20   0  200  3/1   750  21    5    6  1:05 HON
    Turret             20   0  600   3    250  12    8    2   :22 HON
    Airstrip           30   0  500   3   2000 N/A    5    2  3:20 Ref
    Obelisk of Light  150   0  200   2   1500       11    1  2:20 Com
    Temple of Nod     150   0 1000   2   3000 N/A   13    7  4:50 Com
    (1) Turrets cost $250 in versions prior to 1.18
    CHAPTER [15] Internet resources
    *15-1* Third party programs
    C&C Edit v2.0
              change hitpoints, cost, weapons, power data, tech levels, vehicle 
              speeds, stealth capabilities and ownership of infantry, vehicles
              and structures. 
         written by Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
    C&C Scenario Editor
              With this editor, you can edit the map, the overlays, the terrain,
              the structures, units and smudges that occur on the map.
         written by Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
    C&C Ultimate Map Editor v2.1
              A graphical mission editor for C&C.
         written by Jeroen Rimeijer (jarit@xs4all.nl)
    C&C Mix Manager v2.0
              Allows you to view, extract, and replace any of the files inside
              GENERAL.MIX with your own. This utility is required for making 
              third party missions and scenarios.
    C&C Mission selector v1.4
         change the mission of a savegame
         written by Andrew Griffin (buggy@adam.com.au)
    *15-2* World Wide Web sites
         Westwood Studios Home Page
         This is Westwood Studio's Official site.
         The Roger Wong Home Page
         The official home of the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ.
         Andrew Griffin's Homepage and Editor List
         Andrew writes scenario and unit editors for C&C.
         The Temple of the Conquerer
         The message board here gets more C&C messages per day than Usenet.
         Command & Conquer InfoCenter
         All roads lead to Rome, and every custom mission ends up at this site.
         Command & Conquer Multi-Player Maps
         Radar images of the original C&C multiplayer maps.
         The Ultimate Command and Conquer File Collection.
         Many C&C files are here also.
         The Command and Conquer Modem Players List
         A list of C&C players to help you find a local challenge.
    [15-3] Other resources
    The Official C&C FAQ
    by virtualted@westwood.com
    available from:
    Unofficial Command and Conquer Multi-player Strategy Guide
    by gbl1@cec.wustl.edu
    available from:
    Guide to GENERAL.MIX
    by buggy@adam.com.au
    available from:
    The Command & Conquer Internet Edition Group
         The C&CIE group are compiling a group of fifty custom made missions to 
    replace all the existing ones in the general.mix. We are looking for plot 
    line editors, scenario and multi player mission producers and programmers.  
         Please email hon@liv.ac.uk
    [16] Bugs, updates, future games
    *16-1* The wishlist
         The wishlist was successful. Much of what you asked for has apparently 
    made it into the design of Red Alert (please do not send me any more material 
    for the wishlist--send your comments to support@westwood.com). Here is what 
    Westwood had to say:
    From:             support@smtpgwy.westwood.com
    Date sent:        Fri, 23 Feb 96 16:11:54 PST
    To:               Roger Wong <roger@powhq.nildram.co.uk>
         Hi Roger!
         Nice work on your FAQ. Thanks for the list. Many of the things below 
         will appear in Red Alert.  I have edited below the ones I am sure of:
         (Y) means it is in Red Alert
         (N) means it is not
         (?) means I don't know yet
         Keep in mind that this is as things stand now, and is subject to 
         change, AND it ONLY applies to Red Alert.
         -Westwood Support
         A mission builder, or random missiongenerator(Y)
         Formation movement (Y)
         Guarding in place (?)
         Improving the harvester AI (Y)
         Star Wars meets C&C (N)
         Ability to dig foxholes with your infantry. (?)
         Ability to camouflage units. (?)
         Units that can scale cliffs (seal teams) (?)
         Mortar infantry. (?)
         More units with dual weapons systems (like mammoths) (Y)
         A bridgelayer/combat engineer (?)
         A heavy-lift chopper to move vehicles, only light ones Flak guns (?)
         Aerial recon? (N)
         A Paris Gun (super long range artillery) (Sort of)
         A laser tank  (not as powerful as the obelisk) (N)
         A purpose-built scout unit (can see stealth stuff?) (Y)
         A scatter command that actually moves infantry out of the path of 
    tanks (Sort of)
         Jetpack infantry  (short hops only, takes time to recharge) (N)
         Tomahawk missiles, really long range, kill 1 tank or so per shot.(Y) 
         A technician-type unit that can field repair vehicles to 50% (?)
         A field hospital!!!!  I hate sending nearly dead guys into combat. (Y - 
    Medic unit)
         Minefields. (Y)
         Mine detecting/disarming troopers. (?)
         Grenade *launchers* (?)
         That cool looking one-man robot thingy on the box. Tiberium growth
    accelerator? (C&C2 only)
         Bridge builders. (?)
         The ability to *destroy* bridges.(?) 
         That cool vehicle from GI Joe that lays bridges. (?) 
         The ability to knock over trees. (?) 
         Let the 'B' key take you to current points of battle. (?) 
         360 degree sound (via headphones) (?)
         Fog of war (N - at least not like it was in WC2) 
         Water based vehicles that you can build and control and amphibious 
    vehicles like hovercraft etc. (Y) 
         The ability to target an area instead of individual
    units. (?)
         Saving the multiplayer score history to disk. (?) 
         Paratroops (i.e., a way to jump out of helocopters) (Y) 
         Trenches (Y)
         Sabatour (like Commando, but is stealth and has only a pistol) (sort of)
         Ability to interact with terrain (cause landslides from cliffs) (N)
         Truck (a cheap way to transport troops, less armour than an APC) (?)
         Guard dogs (can detect stealth units) (Y)
    And finally...
         More of that newscaster chick with the nice rack! I received two dozen 
    requests such as this! (Hehe - I don't know about this one, but I bet I
    got more requests for her than you did!) :)
    [16-2] Questions regarding C&C present and future
    *16-2-1* Mouse problems
         From my personal experience, spastic mouse problems only affect PS/2 
    type port mice. Serial and bus mice seem to be immune. Switching to a serial 
    mouse, or using an adapter to convert the round connector to a serial 
    connector will cure this problem in all cases.
         Some people have also cured their problems by using the latest versions 
    of their mouse drivers. Contact your mouse manufacturer for updated drivers.
         My mouse problems disappear when I run C&C under Windows 95.
    *16-2-2* Multiplayer savegames
         C&C was not designed with a multiplayer save game option in mind. Once a 
    project is out of the design stage, changes to the core functions become 
    extremely difficult to make. Hence, multiplayer save game functionality can 
    not be provided in any future patch for C&C. However, both Red Alert and C&C 
    2 will have such an option.
    *16-2-3* The Covert Operations
    Release date: March 1996
         'Covert Operations' is the name of the Westwood missions disk add on. I 
    said in a previous FAQ that I wouldn't write a strategy section for them. 
    What can I say? I lied.
    *16-2-4* Red Alert
    Release date: August 1996
         The next C&C type game from Westwood is called 'Red Alert'. The premise 
    is that World War II never took place. The Allies and Russia duke it out, and 
    the player can choose to be either the Allies or the Russians. It will sport 
    six simultaneous players, and larger maps.
    *16-2-5* C&C for Win95
    Release date: June 1996
    Skip McIlvaine (skipmc@ix.netcom.com)
         Westwood plans a Windows 95 version of C&C that is more than just making 
    sure it works in Windows.  The game will actually be window-based, so that 
    you can resize and move windows around (like the radar map, the building 
    interface, the playing screen, etc.)
    *16-2-6* C&C 2
    Release date: end of 1996
         A producer who works for Virgin Interactive told me that C&C 2 will be a 
    "three dee" game, whatever that means.
         The confirmed information is that C&C 2 will include new missions, art, 
    rules, special effects, design, storyline, and computer base building.
         Kane may not be dead, and because they are doing a complete rewrite of 
    their development tools, they are "heavily" considering releasing a map 
    editor for C&C2.
         C&C 2 will be Windows 95 only. 
         EDITOR'S NOTE: I estimate that by Christimas 1996, about 40% of all 
    games will be written for the Windows 95 environment, with about 60% written 
    for MS-DOS. I advise all game players to upgrade to Windows 95. Windows NT 
    users should run a dual boot system -- a Windows 95 sticker DOES NOT imply 
    Windows NT compatibility. There is a loophole in the Microsoft spec that 
    allows games to carry a Win95 sticker without being Windows NT compatible.
    *16-3* Update patches
         Westwood releases maintenence updates to fix bugs. As of this writing, 
    the latest version of C&C is 1.20, available only with the Covert Operations 
    mission disk. 1.19 is the latest available stand-alone patch.
         Official C&C patch sites are as follows:
         FTP: ftp.westwood.com
         WWW: http://www.westwood.com
    1.08a This is an unofficial patch to 1.07.
         Improves Win95 modem play.
         Addresses USR modem connect problems at 14.4k or 28.8k.
         Fixes Diamond Viper palette/color problem.
         Fixes movies not playing when CD is swapped.
         Changes hex offsets in game.dat file. This means that early versions of 
    popular 3rd party utilities may not work with v1.08a.
         Flame-thrower hitpoints increased to 70 from 50.
    1.18  This is the first offical Westwood patch from 1.07.
         Fixes connect problems with Win95 and modem connections.
         Addresses USR modem connect problems at 14.4k or 28.8k.
         Fixes palette problem with the Diamond Viper video card.
         Fixes movies not playing.
         Fixes the silo money bug.
         Adjusts cost of Nod turrets to $600.
         Fixes problem with nonappearing nuke in last Nod mission.
         Incompatible with 1.07 in multiplayer mode. Compatibility mode must be 
         C&C crashes with a DOS 4GW error during initial loading.
         Sometimes nuclear missiles are still unavailable in mission thirteen 
    even with the retrieval of all special nuke crates on missions six, eight, 
    and twelve.
         Strange things happen to weapon reload times when save games made with 
    versions prior to 1.18 are loaded.
         Changes hex offsets in game.dat file. This means that early versions of 
    popular 3rd party utilities may not work with v1.18a.
         Flame-thrower hitpoints increased to 70 from 50.
    1.19  This is the second official Westwood patch from 1.07.
         It does everything that the 1.18 patch does, with the following 
         Fixes the build anywhere bug.
         Fixes problem with nonappearing nuke in last Nod mission.
         Incompatibility with earlier versions in multiplayer mode. Combatibility 
    mode must be specified at run-time.
         Some people still are unable to fire nuclear missiles, but the number of 
    such complaints has fallen.
    1.20  This is the Covert Operations patch version
         This is the same thing as 1.19, but adds Covert Ops functionality. It is 
    only available by purchasing Covert Operations.
    *16-4* Errors in the C&C manual
         First and foremost, the manual seems to be written to be more of a 'good 
    read' rather than a tech manual. This might explain the exaggerations evident 
    in some parts of the text.
         The armor values for some units are incorrect. For the true armor values 
    of units, see the tables section of this FAQ.
         The power usage values for some buildings are incorrect. For true power 
    usage values, see the tables section of this FAQ.
         The manual states that mammoth tanks can crush through walls. This is 
    incorrect. Walls, fencing, sandbags, and other barriers, can only be 
    destroyed by weapons.
    CHAPTER *17* Conclusion
         This may be the end of the FAQ, but I still have that Oops-I-forgot-my-
    toothbrush feeling. There is much about C&C that is not in this FAQ. I think, 
    however, that it is time for me to call it a day.
         I enjoyed receiving your letters of support and encouragement. They are 
    what really kept me going. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to
    share my knowledge with the world. It has been a delightful and exciting
         Until next time,
         Roger (April 19, 1996)
    CHAPTER *18* Revision History
    v0.1:         First release of the Unofficial Command and Conquer Strategy
                  (October 1, 1995 GMT)
    v1.1:         A major revision of the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ.  FAQ is
                  completely rewritten. FAQ explains cheating, mission-trees,
                  how to do such and such, and contains a section of unsolicited
                  (October 4, 1995 GMT)
    v2.1:         Major revision of the Unofficial C&C Strategy FAQ. All
                  missions listed. Missions listed according to internal mission 
                  numbers + countries, to avoid 'which mission is this?' 
                  confusion. Most vehicle and infantry entries filled. Building, 
                  vehicle, infantry unit stats added. Discovered more ways in 
                  how the computer cheats. 
                  (October 8, 1995 GMT) 
    v2.2          Oops. I accidentally posted v1.1 instead of v2.1 to the 
                  newsgroups. To make up for the error, I'm posting this one, 
                  version 2.2. It includes the beginnings of the armor, health, 
                  damage data tables. Added cheating util information. More 
                  multiplayer strategies.
                  (October 8, 1995 GMT)
    v2.7          I'm no longer using tabs for spacing. This should ensure 
                  readability. Some errors were pointed out to me. I should have 
                  read the submissions more carefully. I apologize for the 
                  errors. Phil Lochner submitted his C&C strategy FAQ to me, 
                  which I have absorbed into mine. Some more multiplayer 
                  strategies have been added. I've added the special Nod 'poison 
                  troopers'. Expanded section on exploitable computer bugs. Big
                  thanks to Andrew Griffin for extracting data from the C&C
                  (October 16, 1995 GMT)
    v3.2          Tables! Tables! Tables! Completed many tables. Complete vehicle
                  armor values worked out by Andrew Griffin. Added section on 
                  bugs and updates. I corrected a few minor errors. Yet more 
                  multiplayer strategies are added. The 1.08 patch is out.
                  (October 27, 1995 GMT)
    v3.7          Lots of errors in v3.2. So many errors, in fact, that I really 
                  need to apologize for all of them! Added dinosaurs. Changes in 
                  C&C Internet resources. FAQ now available via E-Mail, thanks to 
                  Alvin Jiang. A couple blanks filled in here and there. A little 
                  more information on future C&C products. If you have any 
                  suggestions for reordering elements of this FAQ, please write 
                  to tell me about them. I'm an organizational nightmare!
                  (November 4, 1995 GMT)
    v3.71         Typo in E-mail server address fixed.
                  (November 5, 1995 GMT)
    v4.7          Westwood releases 1.18 patch. I find time to update FAQ. I'm 
                  really pooped now, so I'm going to bed. Goodnight.
                  (December 11, 1995 GMT)
    v4.7 -        Cut some sections out to reduce the size of the FAQ. These 
    v5.0          versions were not released to the public.
                  (February 8, 1996 GMT)
    v6.0          Oh my gosh, the FAQ has actually SHRUNK in size! Yes! New 
                  cheats added. New mission strategies added. More cool things to 
                  do with your units. False intelligence reports eradicated.
                  (February 17, 1996 GMT)
    v7.0          Bogus FAQ entries eliminated. Complete Covert Operations
                  strategies added. The spell checker died--there are many typos, 
                  I am sure.
                  (April 19, 1996 GMT)

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