• Cheat Codes

    To use cheat codes, open up Aliens vs Predator™ Cheat, and go to the console during gameplay. There, type these in:

    SKY_BLUE <#>Adjust blue amount in sky
    SKY_GREEN <#>Adjust green value in sky
    SKY_RED <#>Adjust red value in sky
    CDVOLUME <# between 0 -127>Adjust sound level
    LEANSCALE <#>Adjusts amount of screen tilt when side-stepping
    SAYBroadcast message
    SAY_SPECIESBroadcast message to your species
    TIMESCALE <# between 0.0 - 1.0>Change game speed
    MOTIONTRACKERSPEED <# between 0 -16>Change motion tracker speed
    MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME <# between 0.00 - 1.00>Change motion tracker volume
    UNBIND-ALLClear all key buildings
    ALIENBOTCreate Alien bot
    LIGHTCreate light aura
    MARINEBOTCreate Marine bot
    PRAETORIANBOTCreate Praetorian Alien bot
    PREDOBOTCreate Predator bot
    PREDALIENBOTCreate Predator-Alien bot
    XENOBORGCreate Xenoborg bot
    DETAIL_LEVEL_MINDecreases detail level
    SHOW_SCOREDisplay kill count
    ID_PLAYERGet name of player closest to center of screen
    GIVEALLWEAPONSGives all weapons and ammo
    SKULLCOLLECTORGod Mode (Predator)
    DETAIL_LEVEL_MAXIncreases detail level
    OBSERVERInvisible to enemies
    NUKEALIENSKill all Aliens
    NUKEMARINESKill all Marines
    NUKEPREDSKill all Predators
    LISTBINDList all key buildings
    LISTEXPList all text expansions
    LISTCMDList cheat commands
    LISTVARList in-game help
    EXPVMore detailed text expansion reports
    GIMME_CHARGERestores field energy
    CDPLAYSelect music track
    CDPLAYLOOPSelect music track to be looped
    SHOWPOLYCOUNTShow # of rendered polygons
    SHOWCOORDSShow coordinates
    SHOWFPSShow frame rate
    CDSTOPStop playing current music track
    SCREENSHOTTake screen shot
    CROUCHMODE <1 or 0>Toggle crouching
    DOPPLERSHIFT <1 or 0>Toggle doppler shift on sounds
    EXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENTToggle opponent movement
    WIREFRAMEMODE <1 or 0>Toggle wire frame mode

    Contributed By: CRigflo and Starky27.

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