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    FAQ/Walkthrough by crazedgiggles

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A L I E N S    V S .    P R E D A T O R
    Version 1.0
    Author: Hippie Chick (aka crazedgiggles)
    Originally published: 8 / 25 / 05
    All information in this guide is also published on my Aliens vs. Predator
    T a b l e    o f    C o n t e n t s :
    1. Introduction
    2. Contact Info
    3. Alien Levels
         A. Episode I: Temple
         B. Episode II: Escape
         C. Episode III: Ferarco
         D. Episode IV: Gateway
         E. Episode V: Earthbound
         F. Bonus I: Invasion
         G. Bonus II: Derelict
         H. Bonus III: Tyrargo
         I. Bonus IV: Caverns
         J. Bonus V: Fury 161
    4. Marine Levels
         A. Episode I: Derelict
         B. Episode II: Colony
         C. Episode III: Invasion
         D. Episode IV: Orbital
         E. Episode V: Tyrargo
         F. Episode VI: Hangar
         G. Bonus I: Temple
         H. Bonus II: Vaults
         I. Bonus III: Ferarco
         J. Bonus IV: Gateway
         K. Bonus V: Waterfall
    5. Predator Levels
         A. Episode I: Waterfall
         B. Episode II: Area 52
         C. Episode III: Vaults
         D. Episode IV: Fury 161
         E. Episode V: Caverns
         F. Episode VI: Battle
         G. Bonus I: Invasion
         H. Bonus II: Escape
         I. Bonus III: Temple
         J. Bonus IV: Earthbound
         K. Bonus V: Tyrargo
    6. Cheats
    7. FAQ
    8. Version History
    9. Legal
    1 .  I n t r o d u c t i o n
    Hey there, this is Hippie Chick, the writer of this guide. I'm also known
    as crazedgiggles, but Hippie Chick is the tag by which I play AvP.
    I have been a big fan of AvP ever since I discovered it. That is, of
    course, why I have written this guide! I'm a Mac user, so this FAQ is
    specific to the Mac version of Aliens vs. Predator, although as far as the
    walkthrough is concerned, it should have no real significant problems if
    you are running on Windows and decide to use this guide. This also only
    covers the single player missions, not Multiplayer. Hopefully it'll help
    you get through any levels you might be having trouble with.
    This guide assumes you have a basic knowledge of how to play, and don't
    want to be bothered with scrolling through a long explanation of every
    button, when all you need is help getting through a level.
    Ready? Then set your vision modes, sharpen your claws, and get your motion
    tracker set!
    2 .  C o n t a c t  I n f o
    Do you have a question that's not covered in this guide, or have something
    to add I might have missed or messed up on? Feel free to drop me an email,
    but please make the subject header "AvP" or something similar, so I know
    it's not spam mail.
    Email: TRblastoff@bellsouth.net
    AIM: TRblastoff
    Website: http://www.angelfire.com/pro/avp/
    Anyone who submits anything new to this guide will be mentioned in the
    guide. Thank you for your help!
    3 .  A l i e n  L e v e l s
    So you're playing as the Alien. Unlike the other species, the Alien relies
    more on a combination of stealth and power. You are a biological weapon,
    from your claws to your tail to your vicious bite. Your weapons are as
    Claw Attack: Slash with your claws. Although this is the weakest of the
    Alien's attacks, it is also the quickest. If you tap the Primary Fire
    button, you'll get a quick double swipe, while holding the button down
    makes the Alien's claws slash out continuously. Also, don't forget that
    your claws will do double the damage if you are behind the enemy. Clawing
    dead bodies will give you a little bit of health.
    Tail Attack: Stab out with your tail. Pressing the Secondary Fire button
    with cause your tail to snap out, automatically targeting the nearest
    target. If you hold down the Secondary Fire button, you can coil your tail
    up, making the attack much more powerful.
    Headbite Attack: Use your secondary jaws to decapitate your prey.
    Headbiting an enemy will instantly kill them. You can only use this attack
    when your jaws appear on the screen, and you press the Primary Fire
    button. Headbiting live prey will restore a good amount of health, and you
    can also headbite dead bodies for a little extra health, provided its head
    is still attached to its corpse.
    E p i s o d e  I :  T e m p l e
    - Our temple has been violated. Eliminate intruders
      and seal the entrances. -
    You'll begin the level in a room with a few eggs. In front of you there
    is a tunnel. Go through it and climb up the opposite wall. Continue
    climbing until you enter another room with a column of fire. Go around the
    fire and climb up the wall on the opposite side between the two columns.
    They are hollow; enter the left one and when you exit, you'll see a grate.
    Claw it open and go through it.
    In the next room, go left and down into the pinkish hallway. At the end of
    the hall, go left and keep going until you come to a drop-off. CRAWL down
    the hole into the next room.
    - Destroy the supports and block the fuel pipes for
      the fire. -
    You can destroy the supports easily by clawing them. Once you break both
    of them, the fire will disappear.
    - Fire extinguished. Access lower temple areas. -
    Go back through the hole that you entered. Keep going until you come to
    the pink hall and go straight across. You'll come to a large hole where
    the fire was before. Drop down the hole.
    - Destroy the security systems and access laboratories. -
    Crawl down to the room below, where you'll find a few Marines and
    civilians. Some of the civilians have Molotov cocktails, which can be
    really annoying, so kill them quickly and back away to avoid the fire. The
    Marines should die pretty easily.
    - "The labs are locked. Protect the security systems.
      We can't let the xenomorphs disrupt the experiments." -
    Once all the humans are dead, go to the hallway labeled "East and South
    Guard". Go down the hall and go left and up the stairs. There will be a
    Marine to the right, so take care of him.You'll be able to hear the sentry
    gun beeping and whirring. Going left, run quickly past the gun and down
    into the small recess. A Marine will be there, so kill him. Now destroy
    the power grid. Crawl out of the recess and destroy the sentry gun too.
    Leave this area and head towards the South Guard, which is across the
    hall. There will be another sentry gun, so just repeat what you did for
    the East Guard.
    - Laboratory One unlocked. Destroy equipment and
      prevent further experiments. -
    Go back to the central main room and turn right, to where the door has a
    green light above it. This is Laboratory One. Go through the doors and
    kill the Android here quickly, as its Shotgun can do a lot of damage. In
    this room, you need to destroy all the black and orange wires hanging from
    the ceiling. In some of the smaller rooms here, you'll also find two
    civilians you can headbite for some extra health if you need it. When
    you're done, go back out into the main room. Turn right and go down the
    "West and North Guard" hall. At the end of the hall, go left into the West
    Guard. Depending on what difficulty you are playing, there may or may not
    be a sentry gun here. Either way, repeat what you did for the East and
    South Guards until the other two power grids are destroyed.
    - Laboratory Two unlocked. All experiments must
      stop! Destroy equipment. -
    Head back to the main room and go right into the second lab. There's
    another Shotgun-wielding Android here, so kill him first. There are
    another two civilians if you need health. When you are ready, destroy the
    black and orange wires.
    - Platform lift access to lower level activated. -
    - "All units! Lab integrity has been compromised. Get
      up there and take out that xenomorph!" -
    As if! From now on, Marines will respawn throughout the level, so just
    kill them as you see them. They aren't that big of a threat. Go back to
    the main room and go to the center, where the lift is. Hop on it and take
    it down. There will be two Marines in the room at the bottom of the lift,
    so kill them.
    - "What the Hell's going on down there? Don't let it get
      to the Hive - we can't contain it there!" -
    Good indication of where you're headed, huh? :) From the lift, go to the
    door on the right side of the room. Break the small grid and the door will
    - A door opens. -
    In the next hallway, there's a civilian with a Molotov cocktail, and there
    also may be a civilian with a Pistol. Take care of both of them and
    continue into the next room. There's another lift in here, and from the
    lift, go through the door on the right. You'll find yourself at the top of
    a large room. You can take the lift down, or you can crawl. Be very
    careful; if you walk into the center of the room, you'll be blasted by two
    sentry guns. Stay along the wall.
    - Destroy the blockades and allow the doors to shut. -
    The blockades are pretty easy to see on either side of the stone slabs.
    Claw them to destroy them. Take out both and the stone slabs will block
    the entrance.. and those pesky sentry guns. To get the second one, just
    crawl above the entrance so you don't get killed. Once the doors close,
    run into the hallway opposite the way you came in this room.
    - Destroy the blockades and allow the doors to shut. -
    Again, destroy the two blockades to close the door and block the sentry
    guns from shooting you. Once that's done, a hole will open up in the floor
    in the middle of the room.
    - Temple sealed. Return to our Hive. -
    Drop down the hole and through the hallway. This leads to a second hold
    which you should drop down, and then you must climb up into another
    hallway. Continue until you reach the room with the Alien statue.
    - Find the tunnel down to our lair. -
    Go straight across and climb the wall opposite you until you get to a
    ledge. Turn left and go down the stairs. You'll drop down into a large
    room, which ends this level.
    E p i s o d e  I I :  E s c a p e
    - Leave lair and infiltrate human base, then escape. -
    There will be a little tunnel in front of you in this room. Crawl through
    it then crawl up the wall until you reach a small recess. Push the stone
    at the end of this recess and it will shift.
    - A secret passage opens. -
    Drop down into the next room and kill the Marine there.
    - Use vents to navigate base. -
    - "Attention all personnel! A xenomorph has been
      contained in Biolab 2, but we believe another is still
      at large. The creature will be contained, keep the
      eggs moving on schedule." -
    Crawl up into the vent and into the next room. Walk across the catwalk.
    There are some humans below you, but they shouldn't see you, so don't
    bother with them. Drop down into the next room and kill the Marines and
    civilians you see. Enter the door on the right and kill the two civilians.
    In this room, climb up onto the catwalk and enter another vent, which
    leads into a bathroom. Kill the civilian with the Pistol and take out the
    Marines in the next room.
    Go down another hall and kill any other humans, then climb up the wall and
    onto the ledge above the hall. This leads to yet another vent. Travel the
    vents until you come to another room.
    - Go through airlocks to access research laboratories. -
    Do so. There should be one Marine somewhere in there. Enter another vent
    in this room and go all the way through it, killing any humans you find.
    Enter the next room, which has a few humans and an Android to dispose of.
    When that's done, go through the doors on the right.
    - "The xenomorph has bypassed the labs. We can't seal
      it off from here. Prepare for immediate evacuation." -
    Crawl into the vent to the left of the locked door, drop down into the
    next room, and kill the Marine. Then head through the door on the left.
    - Seems humans are evacuating with eggs. Hitch a
      ride. -
    Go through the door on the right. Don't bother going into the bathroom to
    the right unless you want to kill more Marines. Instead, go left and get
    into the little elevator.
    - "The xenomorph must be stopped! Do NOT let it get
      on the ship!" -
    One the elevator stops, go straight across, kill the civilian, then move
    left. You'll see a locked door to the right and a pane of glass to the
    - Break the glass. -
    Claw the glass to break it and drop down. Enter the shuttle to end the
    E p i s o d e  I I I :  F e r a r c o
    - Sabotage the ship and kill all crew. -
    Quickly go to the right to get around the tanks and kill the civilian in
    this room. Then go left, killing another civilian in the hall. As you go
    on, a door will close when you approach it, but be careful of the Android
    with the Shotgun behind it.
    - This door leads to the main deck. -
    A lot of good that does you, as it's locked. Go down the hall past the now
    locked door. You'll eventually come to a small ladder leading up to a
    vent. Crawl up into the vent and go through it until you reach a grate.
    Claw it away and drop down into the next room, killing any humans.
    - "Attention crew. Mother has detected an alien
      lifeform onboard this ship, Garage Deck. At present
      time, there is no way it can access the other decks.
      Now I know some of you will be concerned. But rest
      assured every step is being taken to protect the
      ship and her crew. Captain out." -
    Now head back to the door that was closed before. It's now open. Quickly
    kill the Android and go up the stairs. Claw the tanks and they'll begin to
    hiss. Doing this will open the door on Deck 2. Kill the two humans that
    come out of the opened door and go down the hall. You'll reach another
    door that closes before you can reach it.
    - "Attention crew. The Alien has reached the main
      deck. There's no need to panic. I repeat, NO need to
      panic. The area is monitored. And Mother is
      confident that the xenomorph can be contained.
      Return to your stations and remain calm. Captain
      out." -
    Bah, no humans can contain you! Break the nearby grid to open the door,
    and quickly kill the human on the other side. The doors in this circular
    hallway will open as you approach them, revealing more humans. Kill them
    all, then enter the room in the center. Above the central table, you'll
    see a grate. Crawl up there and claw it away to enter the vent.
    Kill the human inside the vent, break the grate inside, then break another
    grate to reach a small corridor. Claw the grid here to open the small door
    and kill the human on the other side. Go straight forward and break the
    grate to get into yet another vent. Going through it, break an additional
    two grates to exit.
    - "Attention crew. I'm getting garbled reports and false
      sightings. This is of no use to Mother or myself. The
      last reliable sighting indicated the Alien may have
      entered our ventilation system. But I need
      confirmation. I'm also authorizing the use of all
      weapons. I need you all to be vigilant - our lives may
      depend on it. Captain out." -
    You'll now find yourself in a cryogenic freezing room. Kill the civilian
    for health and break the nearby grid to open the door. Kill the Android on
    the other side, then head left down the hall. Go left again, but DO NOT go
    around the bend, as there are sentry guns waiting for you. Instead, break
    the nearby glass and kill the human inside the next room, then go right.
    Break the grid to open the door and destroy the two sentry guns.
    From here, go left and down the hall. At the hall's end, go left once more
    and open the door by clawing the grid. This lets you into another
    cryogenic freezing room. Crawl onto the roof and break the grate to enter
    the vent. When this vent branches in two directions, go the right. Leave
    the vent and kill the nearby human.
    - Sentry is guarding end-vents. -
    Go down this hall and break the grate to climb up into another room, where
    you must break yet another grate. Drop down and kill the human, then enter
    the hall and kill another human on the other side of the tanks. As you
    continue on, destroy the grate on the floor to get by and move forward
    into the next room. Go to the right, then climb down the hole.
    - "Jones? It's me. I've selected a handful of synthetics
      to pilot the escape shuttle. At least a few of us
      might make it out of here alive. I need you to secure
      the shuttle. Got that? If we're gonna get out of here
      we're gonna NEED that shuttle!" -
    You can see the shuttle in question through the glass, but the door to it
    is locked. Climb back the way you came in and go to the right. The door
    across from you will open. Kill the humans that come out, then drop down
    into another hallway, destroying the Android here.Continue on. Right
    before you reach the pilot's area, climb up the stairwell. Open the door
    at the top by clawing the grid. In the next room you'll find an Android on
    the deck above you, so crawl up and dispose of him. Then follow the
    hallway to the right on the bottom deck.
    - The brain of the ship is vulnerable, it must be
      destroyed. -
    You will eventually find a mesh door and a grid to your right. Destroy the
    grid, and the next one, to gain access to Mother. Claw up all the screens
    and consoles in here. A warning klaxon will sound once you're done.
    - This ship is dying. Join the escapees. -
    Now you are on a timer, as if you take too long, you'll get caught in a
    blast that will instantly kill you. Retrace your steps back to the room
    where you could see the shuttle. You'll notice the door is now unlocked,
    so go down the hall. If the door isn't unlocked yet, just wait a few
    - Join the escaping vessel. -
    Once you enter the shuttle, the level will end.
    E p i s o d e  I V :  G a t e w a y
    - The vessel has docked, a hive presence can be felt,
      seek it. -
    Quickly crawl up to where the door is. The airlock will open after a
    while, and if you're still standing where you begin the level, you'll be
    sucked out into space and will die. Claw the grid to open the elevator,
    then destroy a grate on the roof and climb up the elevator shaft until you
    reach two grates. Destroy them and drop into the next room, then destroy
    the two sentry guns.
    Go left and maneuver around the tanks, where you'll see another grate
    blocking the entrance to a vent. Claw it and crawl inside. At the vent's
    end you'll have to crawl up and into a large room. Go straight across and
    scale the wall until you climb into a niche. Kill the humans in this
    - "Attention station personnel! There is an intruder in
      the R&D Tower. It looks like we picked up a
      xenomorph stowaway. This security breakdown has
      been corrected and the xenomorph will soon be
      neutralized." -
    Once the humans are all dead, head towards the two elevators and claw the
    nearby boxes to open them.
    - "Attention sub-station personnel! We must keep the
      xenomorph away from the local generators. Lock
      yourselves in and wait for back-up. This is NOT a drill!" -
    Enter the left elevator and climb up the shaft until you reach the second
    floor. Kill the Marine here. To your left and right you'll see doors with
    grids. Each contains a generator and an armed civilian. Go into both
    rooms, kill each human, then claw the consoles inside to deactivate the
    generators. Once this is done on this floor, climb up the stairs to reach
    the third floor.
    Here there is only one generator room with another civilian. Kill him then
    shut down the generator. Go back to the stairs and climb up to the top,
    clawing away the four grates. Look for the sentry guns on the fourth floor
    and climb out so you can destroy them.
    - Feel power running from lower chambers. -
    On the fourth floor, enter either hallway; they both lead to a large hall.
    Kill the civilians you find, then go to the elevators. Open them by
    clawing the nearby boxes, then climb up either shaft. You will find a
    sealed door which can be opened by clawing the box next to it. Open the
    door and kill the Marine in the next room. Go down the hall and enter the
    first door on your left.
    - Destroy the power sources to the fans. -
    Directly in front of you is the first power grid, and the second is to the
    right. Claw all the boxes until the fan stops spinning, then climb in past
    the stationary fan blades, clawing the grate to enter the first junction.
    Destroy the two power boxes here, then go forward and destroy the next
    two. Go to the left to find two more to destroy, and the last two are to
    the left again. Kill any Marines you might find. After you've destroyed
    all the boxes, crawl up into the vent in the roof.
    In the next room, crawl up past the stationary fans and into one of the
    three tunnels at the top. Two are sealed off with bars, but you can crawl
    out of one.
    - Hives are near, chambers are fresh with their scent. -
    Drop down into the next room.
    - "This is Lebowski, I'm in the Holding Pens. Please halt
      all specimen transfers until further notice. The
      Marines have yet to neutralize the xenomorph. So
      much for military efficiency..." -
    Keep going forward by breaking the glass panes as you go. Kill any Marines
    or civilians that you encounter. In the last room, crawl through the hole
    in the roof. Crawl to the niche below the fan so you don't get sucked up.
    Destroy the two nearby boxes to deactivate the fan, then crawl past the
    blades once they've stopped moving. Break the grate to enter the vent.
    - Hive trapped behind power bars. -
    The large doors to your left and right will open, releasing powerful
    Marines. Take care of them, then crawl up through each of those doors and
    destroy all the computer consoles you see.
    - Join us. -
    Go back down into the main room and enter where the barred door was to end
    the level.
    E p i s o d e  V :  E a r t h b o u n d
    - Hive eggs have been taken, find them. -
    Kill the Marine and the two civilians in the room ahead. Go to the right
    and drop down, destroying the Android at the bottom of the tunnel. Go
    forward towards the elevator and climb up into the elevator shaft. Crawl
    all the way up to the room with the vacuum glass panes. Kill the human in
    this room, head towards the left, and drop down. Claw the grate to enter a
    small room and kill the Marine inside.
    - "Attention dock personnel! The R&D Tower has been
      breached. We are evacuation transit sections 1, 2,
      and 3. Security teams, remain at your posts.
      Everyone, please follow standard Company
      emergency procedures." -
    In this room, destroy all the computer consoles and also kill any Marines
    you find. Move forward into the next room and break the four power boxes
    in front of you. Behind you there are four more. Break those too and the
    massive door opens, revealing two more Marines. After killing them, crawl
    through the open vent.
    - Caution, the fans need to be stopped but drone guns
      guard the power source. -
    In the next room, go forward into the vent ahead of you. When you emerge,
    go to the right and destroy the sentry gun there. Doors to the left and
    right will open, revealing the power boxes. Break all eight to turn off
    the fans, and crawl up past either one. Both lead to a room. Climb up past
    another fan in the ceiling. Continue on and go left, past another fan.
    Break the grate, drop down, and kill the civilian for health. Go straight
    across this room and you'll find another vent in the ceiling. Enter it.
    This leads to a long tunnel with several humans. At the end, break the
    grate to drop down into a room with two civilians for you to kill.
    - "Lebowski here? How you doing with those egg
      specimens? Get 'em down to Dock 4 ASAP. The
      Earthbound ship is ready to dock and load." -
    Break the grates to enter the next room. Destroy the four power boxes,
    then break the glass when the fan to the left stops. Enter the tunnel
    behind the fan to the left. Drop down into the next room and kill the
    Marine. Enter the next tunnel, which leads to another Marine, then enter
    the third tunnel.Kill the civilian and break the four power boxes. Go past
    the fan on the right when it stops moving and drop down. Go to the right
    and break the grate, but wait for the huge box on the ceiling to move away
    and for the huge doors to close. Once those doors are shut, drop down and
    break the eight power boxes in this room. As soon as the doors start to
    reopen, quickly crawl onto the ceiling to avoid being shot at by sentry
    guns. From here, crawl past the huge box and drop down to safely destroy
    the two sentry guns if you want. To the right of them is a ledge. Climb up
    to it and enter the next room.
    - "Do you copy? Damn it! Is anybody hearing this?
      We've encountered multiple hostiles, but they are
      not xenomorphs. I repeat, they are NOT
      xenomorphs. Now these guys have some serious
      firepower and they're appearing out of thin air!
      We've taken heavy, heavy casualties so we've had to
      fall back and Dock 4 is no longer secure, I say again,
      we can no longer hold Dock 4. Now you've got to
      cancel the Earthbound cargo ship, I say again, call
      off the Earthbound ship..." -
    Go through this room and destroy the computer consoles. Break the glass to
    enter the next area. A set of doors will open, revealing a civilian. If
    you are playing on harder difficulties, there will also be a Predator
    inside the elevator.
    - Hive eggs are nearby. -
    Climb up the elevator shaft. Near the top, a door will open. Climb out
    into the next room. Here you'll find a Marine and a Predator.
    - Kill the Predator threat. -
    The Predator will kill the Marine, then turn his sights towards you.
    Quickly hit him in the chest with a fully charged tail attack and he'll
    drop to his knees and prepare to self-destruct. To stop him from self-
    destructing, quickly headbite him.
    - Join the eggs; they will need protection on the long
      passage to the human homeworld. -
    Go left and enter the ship to finish the level.
    B o n u s  I :  I n v a s i o n
    Complete all levels: Training
    - Seek the planet surface to escape the installation. -
    You'll begin this level in a pool of water. Climb up the ledge ahead of
    you and turn to the left, heading down the hallway. This will lead to a
    small hole that you need to drop down into. Go left in the circular
    tunnel. You'll start to hear a sentry gun beeping. There will be a square
    shaped tunnel to your right, so climb into it.
    In this tunnel, there are two drop-offs, one in the middle of the tunnel,
    and one at the end. DO NOT drop down the middle tunnel, as there is a
    sentry gun waiting for you. Crawl past it and drop down the tunnel at the
    end of the vent. There will be a Marine in the next room, so kill him.
    From this point on, Marines respawn randomly throughout the level, and
    you'll encounter plenty of them, so kill them as you find them.
    Exiting this room will bring you to a hallway. If you turn left, you can
    destroy the two sentry guns. Otherwise, turn right. Keep going straight
    until you enter the control room. Enter another small door in this room
    and turn the wheel inside to stop the fans. Head back to the main hall and
    turn right.
    You'll see a set of stairs across from you, illuminated by some red
    lights. Crawl over to them and go down the stairs. This eventually leads
    to a small room with two wheels, so turn them both. Wait until the fans
    stop fully before moving into the room with the fans. Enter the vent
    directly in front of you, with the flashing red lights on either side of
    it, and drop down.
    - Power generator room. -
    Claw the spinning turbine to cut the power. Be careful, as the turbine
    will explode and might harm you. After a bit of sitting around in the
    dark, the emergency lights will come on, and it's time for you to
    continue. Once you reach a room with some large tanks in it, go forward
    until you reach the wall, then go down the hallway to the left. From here,
    enter the circular hallway and go left.
    Take a right at the first hall and pull the switch to activate the lift.
    Take the lift up into the next room, then take a second lift in this room.
    Go along the walkway until you come to an area with stairs to your right
    and a circular tunnel to your left. Enter the tunnel. In here, you'll see
    a hole burned down through the tunnel, running vertically. Drop down into
    the next room and kill any Marines you find. Turn right in this hallway
    and continue on until you come to a large room.
    DO NOT go through the large door ahead of you! Instead, directly to the
    left of the door, you'll see a vent in the ceiling. Crawl up into it and
    drop down into the next room. Go forward then right if you want to destroy
    the sentry gun.
    Continue through these halls until you see the entrance to another big
    room to your left, with a large tank in it. Ignore this room and glance
    towards the ceiling. You're looking for another vent. When you find it,
    crawl up into it. This leads to another area with a pool of water. Climb
    straight up, where you will see the sky, to end the level.
    B o n u s  I I :  D e r e l i c t
    Complete all levels: Training
    - The ship must be reclaimed from the creatures that
      have desecrated it. Kill the company heads that
      have sealed themselves in the base. -
    You start inside the Jockey spaceship. If you go down the tunnel nearby,
    you'll only find a Marine and a sealed door, so you need to find another
    way out. Climb onto the roof and crawl up the small elevator shaft. Exit
    the artifact and kill the two Marines that are outside.
    Directly above the sealed door there is a hole; it's a way to get inside
    the base. Once you enter the base, humans will respawn quite a lot
    throughout the level, so always be prepared to fight them. Crawl up and
    enter the base, where a human should be. Keep going along these hallways.
    Stop once you see a grate in the ceiling above you, illuminated by a
    bluish light.
    Climb up and claw the grate away, then climb into the vent. Keep going
    until you reach a small depression and another grate. Claw it away and
    drop down to safely destroy the two sentry guns. Go back up into the vent
    and keep going until you reach another depression. Claw the grate and drop
    down to destroy another two sentry guns, one on either side of you. Now go
    down the hallway where you can see the vent directly above you. Take a left
    in the next hallway and destroy the two sentry guns. Go left and continue
    down the hall, which leads to a circular room. In here, drop down and
    destroy two more sentry guns guarding the next hall. This hall leads to a
    large room. Jump across quickly if there are any humans to avoid being shot
    at. At the end, there is a hallway to the right that dead-ends. However,
    there is a grate above your head, so claw it away to enter the ventilation
    shaft. At the first depression, claw the grate to drop down into a room
    with some eggs. There are also a few humans here, and one of them is a
    company head!
    - You have killed one company head, but there is one
      still alive. -
    Go back up into the vent and continue along. The vent ends with a grate
    which you need to destroy to enter the last room. Kill all the humans in
    here, as one of them is the last company head, to complete the level.
    - Mission accomplished. An evacuation has been
      ordered. The Hive is safe again! -
    B o n u s  I I I :  T y r a r g o
    Complete all levels: Realistic
    - Three officers on board. Kill them. -
    - Use airducts to avoid sentry guns. -
    This level can be very confusing because there are a lot of vents, but it
    is easiest to complete if you navigate them rather than face the many
    sentry guns of this level. Go down the first hallway to the right, then
    make another right at the end. Drop down the first hole; it's on the left.
    This room has two humans in it, and one of them is an officer.
    - Officer killed. -
    Go back up the vent you dropped down from and head down the hall that has
    the orange colored glow. Take the first left you come across and drop down
    the second hole you find. This leads to a shower room. Exit the showers
    and go left, past the lockers. There will be a grate to your right, so
    claw it and enter the passageway. Claw the second grate to enter the
    dining hall and kill the humans here. One is an officer.
    - Officer killed. -
    Head all the way back to the shower room and go back up the vent. Back in
    the ventilation system hallways, head towards the yellowish glow. There is
    a hole at the very end that you need to drop down into. There's a civilian
    with a Pistol in this room, so kill him first, then go straight across to
    the unguarded door (the other door has sentry guns guarding it). Inside
    there are two humans, and one is the last officer.
    - Officer killed. -
    - Watch out for the predator! -
    The Predator is out in the main room. Hit him with your charged tail to
    make him drop to his knees, then headbite him quickly before he self-
    destructs. Killing the Predator ends this level.
    B o n u s  I V :  C a v e r n s
    Complete all levels: Realistic
    - QUEEN: Worker, a predator is approaching the hive.
    Find it and kill it. -
    You start the level inside the Hive. Go straight across the main Hive
    chamber and enter either tunnel, to the left or right, as they both lead
    to the same room. In this room, you'll find two Marines, one of which has
    a Flamethrower, so be careful. Once they're dead, head towards the small
    tunnel with the light. This leads to a narrow walkway over a chasm, with a
    Marine on the other side. Run (or crawl) over to kill the Marine, but
    don't fall, as it will kill you. You'll notice the tunnel on the other
    side dead-ends.
    - All containment doors have been secured. -
    Head back to the chasm and crawl up through the hole on the ceiling. This
    long passage leads to a small room with a door. Clawing the door will
    destroy it, and lead you to another room with two Marines and some
    machinery. Claw the two generators and try to stand back as they explode.
    - Containment doors have opened. -
    Go back the way you came, all the way back to the chasm. Head down the
    tunnel that previously had a dead-end; it's now open. As you enter the
    next room, turn to the left and there will be a small tunnel on the left
    side of this wall. You should encounter two Marines here as well. Go
    through this tunnel to a door, which will open as you approach it. There
    are more Marines in this room. Go through another door to leave the Hive
    and enter the hangar. The huge door to the right will open as you near it,
    where three more Marines wait to be killed. Opposite the large door you'll
    see a ledge, so crawl up to it and go through the stone passageways. Watch
    out for two more Marines with Flamethrowers.
    Continue through this passage until you find a sentry gun. Destroy it,
    then run quickly along the ledge to the left. Another sentry gun will
    shoot at you, but you will take little or no damage from it if you're fast
    enough. This leads to a room with an elevator, and a Predator will drop
    down. Hit him with your charged tail attack then headbite him before he
    self-destructs to end the level.
    - QUEEN: The hive is now safe. -
    B o n u s  V :  F u r y  1 6 1
    Complete all levels: Director's Cut
    - Deactivate sentry guns and hunt human fodder. -
    Haha, best line in the whole game. :) Remember not to touch the molten
    lead in this level as it will kill you. Guess you're not as strong as the
    Alien in Alien 3? Anyways, as soon as you step out of this small
    passageway a Marine will start shooting at you from the left. Ignore him
    for now and crawl to the wall directly in front of you. Keep crawling up
    and you'll reach a set of stairs. Head down the stairs and the walkway,
    using the lift to go down. Kill the Marine at the bottom, then run quickly
    along the walkway to avoid being shot at by that annoying Marine. The
    walkway leads to a small niche with a Marine. Kill him, then press the
    button to deactivate the sentry gun that was guarding the annoying Marine.
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    Now you can climb over to Mr. Annoying Marine and kill him out of spite.
    When you're done, climb back up to the stairs and go up them this time.
    In the next room, you can take the lift down or just drop down. The large
    doors ahead of you will open as you approach. In this circular hallway,
    take the first left you can and press the button.
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    Continue down this passage and go left down the hallway with the orange
    flow. Go left in the next room and wait for the elevator to come down,
    then ride it up. In the next huge room, there is a Predator somewhere. He
    is usually on the bottom level. Find him and kill him, making sure to
    headbite him so he doesn't self-destruct. Then, hit all four buttons in
    this room; there is one on each floor.
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    Now head to the bottom floor and drop down the small hole in the ground.
    In here, head towards the door that doesn't have a red light. You will
    notice two passageways directly ahead of you in the next room. In the
    passage to the left, you'll see lots of barrels. Claw the first one to
    start an exploding chain reaction that will disable the fan inside. Then
    walk inside and past the fan blades. Go straight across in this room. The
    doors will open. Hit the switch to the left.
    - Sentry gun deactivated. -
    Leave this small room and head down the hall on your left and down the
    stairs. In this room you'll find three Marines and an Alien. The Marines
    will kill the Alien, then turn to fight you. Kill all three.
    - Kill the predator! -
    Do so, and don't forget to headbite him to stop his self-destruct
    sequence. Killing the Predator ends the level.
    4 .  M a r i n e  L e v e l s
    The Marine, physically, is the weakest of all three species, but that
    doesn't mean you're not a threat. Armed to the teeth with all sorts of
    destructive weapons, the Marine is a walking armory in his own right. Here
    is a run down of all the weapons the Marine has available to him:
    Pistol: The Pistol is a very weak weapon, but it will do in a pinch, if
    you have nothing else. This is the weakest of the Marine's weapons. You
    can also carry and shoot two Pistols simultaneously.
    Pulse Rifle: The basic weapon of the USCM. The Primary Fire button will
    empty the magazine at the enemy, while the Secondary Fire shoots grenades.
    This weapon is particularly effective against most enemies, and should be
    the one you use most often.
    Flamethrower: Sets enemies on fire by blanketing them with napalm. The
    Flamethrower is rarely good against most enemies, but is particularly
    effective at taking out Facehuggers. Do not run backwards while firing the
    Flamethrower, or you will be swathed in your own flame.
    Smartgun: A very handy weapon with an auto-tracking feature. Extremely
    helpful in dark areas where you may not see approaching enemies, the
    Smartgun automatically targets enemies for you, so all you need to do is
    Minigun: One of the best Marine weapons available. You must remain
    stationary to use the Minigun. When you fire using this weapon, it will
    quickly mow down any enemy within a few seconds. Be careful using the
    Minigun against Aliens, however, as it tends to make them explode in a
    shower of acidic blood.
    Grenade Launcher: A highly dangerous, efficient weapon. The Grenade
    Launcher can shoot three different types of grenades: grenades, frag
    grenades, and proximity mines. Regular grenades can be launched a long
    distance before they explode. Frag grenades, upon exploding, release
    fragments of dangerous shrapnel. Proximity mines will plant themselves on
    the ground and explode when they detect motion nearby. You can switch
    between grenade types by pressing the Secondary Fire button. Although
    these grenades are powerful, they are dangerous to use in enclosed spaces,
    as you risk getting caught in the explosion.
    SADAR: A rocket launcher. This is another extremely powerful weapon, but,
    like the Grenade Launcher, should not be used in enclosed spaces. The
    rocket, when launched, explodes violently upon impact with a target.
    Skeeter Launcher: The most powerful of all Marine weapons. When fired, the
    Skeeter Launcher launches a disc that ricochets everywhere. Once it finds
    a target, the disc releases a homing beam of energy that will instantly
    kill most, if not all, enemies.
    E p i s o d e  I :  D e r e l i c t
    - "Look alive, Private! You're in some serious shit. We're
      bugging out now! Level 3 doors are already locked.
      So get your ass to the Comm room. I'll brief you from
      there." -
    You will only have one weapon in this level, the Pulse Rifle, but it's all
    you'll need. There aren't many Aliens in this level. You don't even
    encounter any until you're about halfway through the level anyways! Exit
    this room and head down the hallways to the switch that says "In case of
    emergency, break glass". Shoot the glass to break it, then pull the
    switch. A door will open, so go through it. This leads to the comm room.
    Use the lift to get down.
    - "Okay, Private, we've got a security breach. Move
      your ass to the airlock. You've gotta go through the
      egg lab first. Open the blast doors by pulling on the
      override switch. And don't worry about those eggs,
      they've been sterilized. Now move it!" -
    Find the switch in this room and pull it. Go through the now opened glass
    doors and down the hallways to the room with the eggs. Against the far
    wall you'll find some Pulse Rifle ammo, but you haven't used any shots
    besides shooting the glass, have you? Don't worry, you'll get to shoot
    some bugs soon. Turn right at the wall and go down the hallway. Press the
    button to open the airlock, then go through it.
    - "Proceed through the tunnels and rendezvous with
      Op 3. They'll escort you out. We've had some light
      failures so you may need to use your image
      intensifier." -
    Go ahead and use your Image Intensifier in the next room, as it's pitch
    black. Go left in this hug room and all the way to the lift, which will
    take you up.
    - "Okay Private, we've lost contact with the Ops team.
      Careful, we've got some weird signals. Something's
      moving down there." -
    Prepare your gun; it's time to kill some bugs! As soon as you turn right
    down the hall, you'll see your first Alien, way down the hallway, running
    at you. Kill it from a distance. Now Aliens will respawn throughout the
    level, but you won't encounter too many. Head down the long hallway.
    - "God damn it! We're getting our asses kicked. Looks
      like you're on your own. Take the underground
      access duct to the main colony. Try using the
      override switch for the observation door. Just don't
      get yourself killed." -
    There's a Medikit in this room if you need health. Take the lift up and
    head down the hallway into another long hall. Go right if you need Armor,
    otherwise stay on the main path of hallways as you make your way through
    the installation. Eventually you'll reach a huge room with a catwalk. Walk
    across the catwalk and turn left at the end. Activate the switch down
    - COM: That's it! Now get your ass down to the main
      research floor. -
    Head back to the large room with the catwalk and stand in the niche. It's
    a lift; it'll take you down to the research floor. Head right and into the
    hallway marked "Exit".
    - COM: Don't panic marine - you need to proceed
      carefully inside the artifact. There's a tunnel
      through it to the access ducts. -
    The structure in front of you is the artifact. Don't worry, you'll
    probably only encounter two or three Aliens inside. Enter the artifact and
    go left. It's a good idea to use your Image Intensifier. Take the lift
    down into the huge room with the Jockey, where you might find an Alien.
    Somewhere in this room along the wall is a tunnel; enter it.
    - "Thought we lost you back there. Okay, you're almost
      to the colony access duct. Stay sharp!" -
    Follow the hallway past the room with the pool of water to another lift.
    Enter the red room to finish this level.
    E p i s o d e  I I :  C o l o n y
    - "Welcome to the main Colony base, Marine. Looks like
      the colonists shit a brick and pulled out. There's an
      APC beyond the Main Gate. But the power's shut
      down. You'll have to open the gate remotely. Find
      the Generator Shed, turn on the power, and await
      further instructions." -
    You begin this level with just the Pulse Rifle, but you'll pick up other
    weapons later. Start by leaving this room and taking the lift to get
    outside. Aliens respawn randomly in this area, but you shouldn't be
    overwhelmed at any point. Once outside, head right and go all the way down
    until you reach the wall. From here, turn left and you'll see a building
    marked with an "E". That's the generator shed, so head inside. It's dark,
    so you'll need your Image Intensifier. There aren't any Aliens inside, but
    they might run in from outside.
    - COM: This leads to the Generator Shed. -
    Go through the building, ignoring the stairs, and you'll reach a small
    room with a glass window. Shoot the glass and jump down into the next
    - COM: Activate all 4 Generators. -
    You can activate the generators by pulling the nearby switches. Get all
    - "All right, Private. Main Base is back on-line. Now get
      inside the Colony Building and find Ops room, Level
      3. You'll be able to unlock the Main Gate from there." -
    Leave this building, grabbing the Medikit on the way out, and head back
    to the junction where you first got outside. This time, make a left. This
    will take you to the North Lock doors: the colony building. Pull the
    nearby switch to open the doors and go inside. Go to the right and you
    will reach the Level 1 door, which is locked. You'll need to crawl into
    the tunnel on the right. Go inside, and it'll lead you to a small room
    with stairs. Go up the stairs until you find another small tunnel marked
    "Exit Storage" and crawl inside. This will take you to another room. Go
    through the door on the right. At the junction, go right and take the lift
    up. This leads to a hallway with a big hole in the floor, but you can walk
    around it, just be careful not to fall. Go right and up the stairs to
    reach the Ops room.
    - COM: Control Room - Nice going marine - you need to
      activate all 5 switches. -
    There are two switches along each wall, and one all by itself opposite the
    - COM: Main Base doors are waking up. -
    - "Damn! Did you throw all FIVE switches? Well the
      Gate's locked down tight. You need a bypass kit. The
      Engineer had one - it might still be on him. His body is
      in Medlab on Level 2. Got that? Level 2." -
    You can exit by either door. Turn down the corridor opposite the one you
    entered by; this will lead you to stairs. Head down them. At the little
    niche in Level 3, you can grab a Medikit and a Smartgun! Save your
    Smartgun ammo for now though. Head down to Level 2 and enter through the
    Medlab doors (they're clearly marked). Before you get near the actual
    entrance to the Medlab, at the door with the hole in front of it, switch
    to your Smartgun! Be extremely careful in and around this room, as there
    are Facehuggers inside. If you get hit by one of them, you'll instantly
    die. Use your Smartgun to kill them all quickly.
    - COM: PDT is near - look around for a small device. -
    The bypass kit will be on one of the six tables in this room. You can also
    grab Armor, a Medikit, and ammo in a pool of blood in here.
    - COM: Manual bypass collected. -
    - "You're on the home stretch. Stay focused, Marine,
      get across that field and get to the APC." -
    It's time to leave this Alien infested colony. You can exit by going back
    to the main set of stairs and going down, or you can drop down the hole
    outside the Medlab. The latter will hurt you slightly, but it's much
    faster, and you're almost done this level anyways. Once you are outside,
    go back towards the generator shed and you'll see a huge door labeled as
    the South Lock.
    - COM: The Main Gate. -
    Go to the little box by the main gate and activate it to open the door.
    - COM: Manual bypass in action. -
    - COM: The APC is waiting for you. -
    You're not out of the woods yet! There are a few more Aliens as you
    approach the APC, but you'll find some Smartgun ammo along the way, so
    just use that weapon to kill them from a distance.
    - COM: You made it, marine. Let's get this APC
      prepped and moving. -
    Head towards the APC to complete this level.
    E p i s o d e  I I I :  I n v a s i o n
    - "Orders from above, you MUST shut down the cooling
      system before they'll authorize an airlift. You need
      to power down the five, repeat FIVE, ventilation
      fans, and make your way through the Processor to
      the landing platform. I'll be in radio contact." -
    You only have the Pulse Rifle now, but you can grab a Pistol if you just
    turn to the right. Aliens will respawn randomly throughout this entire
    level. Leave the APC and go up the stairs, where you'll see some Predator
    blood. Go through the hall with the flashing lights and into the larger
    room, then up the stairs.
    - COM: OK Marine. Your location is directly under one
      of the ventilation fans. Blueprints say the pressure
      wheel's a level above you. Don't waste time! -
    Go up the stairs, around the pipes, and through the door. In this hall,
    you will find a Medikit and Armor; 
    take it if you need it. Go through the door on the left.
    - COM: Keep it sharp Private; there's a cooling fan
      directly ahead to the right. -
    Listen to him and head right. Go up the stairs and turn the wheel in the
    next room, making sure to grab the Flamethrower (and the Medikit if you
    need health).
    - "Nice work, Private. Cooling systems degraded by
      twenty percent. Looks like the direct route is closed
      off. You'll have to go through the substructures and
      make your way down." -
    Head back to the hall and go straight across the hallway. Go down the
    stairs and take the lift down. Get your Flamethrower out and use it to
    take care of the Facehuggers in the next area. It's dark, so just sweep
    flames across the floor to get them, then back up and wait for them to
    die. Go through the small door with the bars across it and go up the
    stairs along the big tank. Turn the wheel at the top of the tank, and grab
    the Medikit and Smartgun here too.
    - COM: Good going - pressure door reactivated.
      Company reps say they're prepping a dropship for
      you. Guess we gotta believe em.... -
    Head back to the room where the Facehuggers were and go through the larger
    door with the bars 
    across it.
    - COM: Don't waste time - the Processor's fitting to
      blow real soon. Find the lift upwards A.S.A.P. -
    Go down the little hallway to the right and you'll find a lift. Ride it
    - COM: Looks like you're in a subsidary fuel room of
      some kind. Good. Keep it tight and keep climbing. -
    There's another lift in the next room, so ride that up and then go up the
    stairs after you get off the catwalk.
    - COM: Private, you need to access the door opposite
    the stairs. -
    Go up the stairs and turn so you can see the door in question. Above the
    row of flashing lights you'll see a bar. Shoot it and a platform will drop
    down so you can reach the door.
    - COM: Proceed down to Ventilation Control. -
    Go down the stairs. This leads to a room with a Medikit and some napalm.
    Turn the two wheels in this room.
    - "Okay, Private. Two fans down, three to go. A
      dropship's being prepared for you right now." -
    - "The cooling towers are starting to vent. I'm reading
      serious power surges here. Keep it up. Two more
      fans to go." -
    Once the fans shut down completely, head down into that room and enter the
    middle vent. This drops you down into another room. At the blue area with
    the tanks, go left. The room straight ahead has a Facehugger in it, so use
    your Flamethrower to take care of it. You want to head back to the
    circular hallway and take the lift up again. This area should look
    familiar to you. Head back to the area where you dropped the platform down
    to access the door.
    - COM: Proceed left into the local Control Room. -
    Go left into the room.
    - COM: There's a pressure wheel in the viewing gallery. -
    To the right is a door. That's where the wheel is, so go turn it.
    - COM: Good work Marine, just one more fan. -
    You can also find a Medikit and napalm in this room. When you're ready,
    head back to the main hallway and go straight. At the junction, go right
    and follow the hallway down. There is a Facehugger in one of the small
    rooms you pass by, so be careful. These halls will take you to the last
    wheel you need to turn.
    - "Great work, Private! Cooling systems shutting down.
      But I wouldn't stick around if I were you - it's gonna
      start getting real hot down there. The airship's
      coming down but you don't have that much time. Get
      your ass up to the landing platform. I mean NOW!" -
    Backtrack through the halls until you find a door with a bright green
    light over it. This door will take you to an elevator, but you must jump
    over a gap to reach it. Use the elevator to go up to the landing platform.
    You'll see the dropship land. Once it has landed, move towards it to
    finish the level.
    E p i s o d e  I V :  O r b i t a l
    - COM: Welcome to the orbital platform USS
      Odobenus. Please proceed through the airlock for
      decontamination. -
    You only have a Pulse Rifle now, but you'll find other weapons later. Go
    forward and enter the airlock. You'll be decontaminated, and the other
    door will open after a few seconds.
    - COM: Decontamination complete. Have a nice day. -
    - "This just keeps getting better. We got hostiles in a
      parallel orbit - looks like they're gonna dock with the
      platform. The rest of us have pulled back to the
      cruisers. You need to get down to the living
      quarters. And one more thing: the Company has
      activated a new defense system. I don't have any
      specs on it yet. All I know is that it's new and nasty as
      hell. So watch yourself." -
    There's a Smartgun in this room you should grab. You can stay to watch the
    Predator ship fly in and attack the dropship if you want to. Pull the
    switch to open the door in this room when you're ready.
    - COM: You are now located in the secondary
      residential area. -
    There are Aliens in this area, but not too many. Go straight ahead to get
    some Pulse Rifle ammo and a SADAR. Save that SADAR, you'll really need it
    later! Go down the stairs and you'll enter another hall. There are plenty
    of doors here, and some of them have helpful items behind them. The first
    door on the left has a Facehugger, a Pistol, and some Pulse Rifle ammo.
    The next door on the right has a Pistol. The following door on the left
    has a Medikit, and the last door on the right has Armor. In the next
    hallway, turn right. The room on the left has an Alien and Pulse Rifle
    ammo. All the other rooms contain nothing of value.
    If you go through the door at the end of the hall and turn right, you'll
    find a Predator; he may be cloaked. Kill him if you want to get the
    Skeeter Launcher in the room behind him. Somewhere in this area you'll
    find a room with a strange tube thing. That's where you want to be.
    - COM: You'd better watch yourself, Private - the
      Company rep's just powered up the automated
      defenses, including some really nasty experimentals.
      They don't seem to want any security breaches. -
    Open the door here by pulling the switch.
    - COM: Here's a hint, marine - the defenses are
      laser-targeted. If they get a lock-on, be somewhere
      else. -
    In this room you'll find some SADAR ammo and health. Grab them both for
    the upcoming confrontation.
    - "Bad news. The hostiles have destroyed all the
      docking arms, so the only way off the platform is in
      one of the escape capsules. They're located at the
      end of the hydroponics garden. But in order to get
      there, you have to get passed this new defense
      system. Details are still classified but what I do know
      is that it's based on some kind of laser technology.
      Whatever you do, don't let it get a laser lock on you!" -
    It's time to pull out your SADAR and deal with these experimentals you've
    heard so much about! Go up the stairs and down the lift. As soon as you
    reach the bottom of the lift, turn left and you'll see the Xenoborg. Shoot
    it dead on twice with your SADAR to destroy it. Don't put your SADAR away
    just yet though, you still need it.
    - COM: Marine - there's an escape capsule at the end
      of each hydroponics section. Get to the algae tanks
      and the rest should be obvious. -
    Follow the tunnel and take the lift up, then go up the stairs.
    - COM: You are now located in the hydroponic
      gardens. -
    Pull the switch and go through the door. Immediately to the right, you'll
    see yet another Xenoborg. Shoot it twice with the SADAR to take it out,
    then go to the opposite end of this room and pull the switch. Go through
    the door and drop down the hole to finish this level.
    E p i s o d e  V :  T y r a r g o
    - "Here's the latest. Tyrargo is overrun with Aliens, and
      it's gonna be tough going. So watch your back." -
    Yet again, you only have the Pulse Rifle to start with. Pull the switch
    ahead of you to open the door and enter the huge room. In this level, you
    will find Aliens respawning in massive numbers, so you'll need all the
    ammo you can get. Go straight across in this room to find a Smartgun,
    Pistol, and Armor. Then, go up the stairs and hit the two switches to open
    the door. You'll be going through lots of rooms now, with lots of Aliens
    attacking you. In the room with the cryogenic freezing chambers, you'll
    find a Facehugger.
    - "The crew has already bugged out. Don't bother
      looking for survivors. Make your way through the
      mess hall to engineering." -
    Hit the switch to open the door.
    - COM: Door unlocked. -
    Continue through the linear rooms. If you stop in the shower room, you can
    grab Armor and Smartgun ammo. In the locker room, shoot the grate and
    enter the vents. At the other end, you'll need to shoot the grate to exit.
    This room has a Flamethrower and a Medikit. Continue through the rooms and
    you'll reach a lift. Pull the switch to activate it.
    - COM: Platform lift activated. -
    Ride the lift up.
    - "The doors to the reactor core are sealed. To open
      'em, you'll have to re-activate the cooling systems.
      Once you're through, open the emergency exit and
      get outta there!" -
    Go down the hall and pull the switch.
    - COM: Cooling systems activated. -
    Backtrack and go through the door with the blue light. Continue through
    the halls until you find a set of stairs. Go up them and hit the switch,
    then go through the opposite door. At the end of the hall, throw the
    switch to open the door and enter the next room.
    - COM: Door unlocked. -
    Take the lift down and you'll end up in another huge room. Go right to
    grab a Medikit, Armor, and a Minigun. Keep that Minigun out; you'll need
    it. Once all the Aliens are killed, you'll notice a cloaked Predator
    walking around. He won't attack you until you attack him, so make your
    first shot count. You can blow up the rockets near him to hurt him, or
    just blow him to pieces with the Minigun.
    - "All right Marine, thank you for your services.
      Private, you've been most useful. However, I have to
      inform you that the Company is unable to evacuate
      you at this time. You understand it's nothing personal." -
    What a jerk! And after all you've done for him! You'll see a Predalien
    come lurching towards you now, so shoot it down quickly with your Minigun.
    - "Not much time so listen up, I'm opening the hangar
      door. Hurry, Marine! Move your ass outta there!" -
    Hurry and run towards the door that's up a small flight of stairs. It'll
    only open for a short while, then close again. Get through it, then hit
    the switch to activate the lift.
    - COM: Platform lift activated. -
    Take the lift up. You're almost out!
    - COM: This lift must be activated. -
    Turn around the corner; the switch is down this way. A Praetorian will
    drop down and attack you, so use your Minigun one last time to kill it.
    Then continue down the hall to hit the switch.
    - COM: Platform lift activated. -
    Take the lift down to complete this level.
    E p i s o d e  V I :  H a n g a r
    This is it; it's time to fight the Queen Alien. You have only your Pulse
    Rifle, but it won't even put a dent in the Queen. Not even your grenades
    will do any more than slow her down for a second. So how can you beat her?
    Well, how did Ripley beat the Queen? She pushed her out of the airlock!
    You're gonna do the same thing.
    Go forward to enter the hangar and confront the Queen. If she's far away,
    don't feel invincible; she can throw those tiny boxes at you, so it can be
    helpful if you shoot away the boxes. When you're ready, lure her towards a
    pile of rockets and shoot them when she gets close. This will stun her for
    a while. Once she's stunned, run and search for the airlock on the floor.
    It's near the entrance to the hangar. There should be a little panel;
    press it to open it up, revealing two buttons. Press the button on the
    right! DON'T open the airlock!
    - Caution! Safety system active. -
    Next, shoot the grate on the floor to enter a little crawlspace. Crawl
    forward until you reach the button. Press it to open a panel in the floor.
    Shoot the two canisters inside.
    - Warning! Safety system failure. -
    Now climb out of the crawl space by one of the sets of stairs inside. By
    this time, the Queen should be up and walking about again, so lure her
    towards the last pile of rockets and stun her again. Head back to the
    airlock and press the button on the left. The airlock will open slowly, so
    you need to hurry! Run towards the wall, where there is a small niche. As
    soon as you get inside, press the button to close the door. Now you can
    watch as the Queen is sucked out into space! Whee!
    B o n u s  I :  T e m p l e
    Complete all levels: Training
    - COM: You're lucky to be alive, Private - the temple is
      outta control! Keep headin' up to reach evac. -
    You start the level inside the Hive (how on earth did you get there?!),
    and almost immediately, three or so Aliens will attack you, so kill them
    quickly. Use your Jetpack to reach the ledge high up on the wall, which
    has a Medikit in case you got hurt this early in the level. :) This leads
    to a long tunnel that goes steadily upwards. You'll find a few more Aliens
    in here also. Eventually you'll reach a room with a huge Alien statue. Use
    your Jetpack to descend to the ground safely. At the bottom, you'll find a
    Flamethrower, some napalm, and Armor. Enter the tunnel opposite the side
    you entered from, and watch out as you proceed; there's a Facehugger
    located somewhere in the tunnel, although your new Flamethrower should
    make short work of it.
    At the tunnel's end, it drops off slightly. If you look down, you'll see
    another Facehugger down there, so kill it before you drop down. Here you
    can grab a Smartgun and a Medikit. Use the Jetpack to go forward and up,
    continuing through the tunnel. Then use the Jetpack to exit the Hive. Take
    the lift up (or use the Jetpack) and continue into the square room. Use
    your Jetpack to reach the second level here, and go through the hallway.
    In this room there is an elevator, but it isn't working, and your Jetpack
    won't help you in this case.
    - COM: Local generator needs to be powered to budge
      this lift. -
    Go through the other door in this room. To the right is a hole in the
    floor with two caution signs beside it. Use your Jetpack to descend safely
    to the bottom for a Medikit and a Pistol. Then, jet up a bit to the second
    level. Shoot the glass here, then pull the switch.
    - Platform lift activated. -
    Head back to the room with the unmoving lift; it's working now. Ride it
    - COM: Top access is blocked - override it by
      destroyin' the four local sub-stations. -
    The sub-stations are labeled as the North, South, East, and West Guards.
    Just go to each one and destroy the panels. Watch out, as there are quite
    a few Aliens, including a few Praetorians. If you are in need of health,
    you can find a Medikit in Lab 2, but watch out for the Facehuggers.
    - Door opened elsewhere. -
    Now, use your Jetpack to fly straight up, as far as you can go. On
    occasion, Aliens might drop down onto you (I once had a Praetorian land on
    my head). At the very top, go down the passageway, and watch out for
    Praetorians around here, as there seems to be a lot of them.
    - COM: The evac craft are in sight. Looks like ya made
      it! -
    The craft will smash the window ahead of you open. Don't worry about
    breathing now, just run towards the ship and you'll complete the level!
    B o n u s  I I :  V a u l t s
    Complete all levels: Training
    - COM: Sir, we have a problem. The predator that
      infiltrated the base has triggered the base's
      self-destruct. We have just had word that one of the
      company heads is still in the base. You must destroy
      the four liquid tanks in the basement to terminate
      the sequence. You have less than a minute! -
    You'd better start moving quick! You won't find too many Aliens as you
    run, only a few. The hallways are very straightforward, so just keep
    running until you come across the trail of green Predator blood.
    - COM: You may want to find Russell's minigun to help
      you with that predator. Russell's last com came from
      the predator-holding room. -
    Turn to the right, into the room where the Predator blood comes from. Grab
    the Minigun from the pool of blood that is Russell and turn around to
    follow the trail of green blood. You will go past a set of doors
    eventually, and from that point on, ignore the blood trail and turn right.
    There is a set of stairs here, and you might spot the Predator, or he may
    be cloaked. Ignore him for now and run down the stairs. You need to shoot
    the big boxes; they are the liquid tanks. Two are at the bottom of the
    stairs, and the other two are in a room to the right.
    - COM: Congratulations, Sir; the destruction
      sequence has been terminated, but you must kill
      that predator. -
    Chances are the Predator followed you, but if he didn't, head back to the
    stairs; he should be somewhere around there. Annihilate him with your
    - COM: Sir, we have another problem. We have learned
      that the company head is in the upper
      communications level alone and unarmed. There
      appears to be some loose xenomorphs headed that
      way. You must locate him before it is too late. -
    Again, you need to run quickly through these hallways because if you
    don't, the company head will get munched on by Aliens. The hallways are
    pretty straightforward. You'll find some Aliens and Facehuggers, but it's
    best to just run away from them. Eventually you'll reach a large door.
    There's a switch on the side of the door that you need to pull to continue
    on. There's also a sentry gun behind the door, but it only targets the
    Aliens that by now should be following you.
    - COM: OK, Sir. The level is sealed off. Now you must
      clear the area of aliens and protect the head of the
      company. -
    Whatever you do, don't use your Smartgun, because the reticle will target
    the company head. He does have a Pistol, which he'll use if Aliens attack
    him, but you're the one with the Pulse Rifle, so protect him! Search
    around for any remaining Aliens in this area. There are usually only two
    or three you need to kill. Once all the Aliens here are dead, the level is
    - COM: Well done, Sir. The area has been secured. The
      company wishes to express its deepest gratitude.
      You have an extra half day's leave. -
    B o n u s  I I I :  F e r a r c o
    Complete all levels: Realistic
    - COM: This ship is dead and infested - your mission is
      to power up the Mother Module. -
    An Alien will attack you as soon as the level starts, so kill it quickly.
    The lights will then go out.
    - COM: Uh oh - looks like the power is off again - you will
      have to trigger local Generators so keep your eyes
      peeled. -
    You will encounter only a few Aliens in the start of this level. Head down
    the tunnel and to the elevator on your left. It doesn't work, so use your
    Jetpack to get to the top. In the next room, the door to the right won't
    open, so head to the vent on the left. There's an Alien in here, so take
    care of it. At the end of the vent, shoot away the grate and crouch to
    enter the next room. In here, there's a Medikit, a Pistol, and a
    Flamethrower. On the right side you'll see a cylinder wedged between the
    door. Shoot the cylinder and it will blow up, letting you go through the
    stuck door. Continue until you reach a large room where a few Aliens will
    attack you. Use your Jetpack to fly to the very top of the room and enter
    the vent. Shoot the grate to enter a hallway.
    At the end of the hallway, enter the vent opposite the one with the grate
    covering it. Head down the vent and turn right. This tunnel drops down
    into a cryogenic freezing room. Crouch to go through the half-opened door
    and head down the hall. Go left, then left again and shoot the glass away
    to enter a circular room. To your left is a switch. Shoot the glass away
    and activate the switch. From this point on, you will encounter a lot more
    Aliens. Head down the hall and go right at the fork. In this large room,
    go up to Deck 3. Here, there are two switches, so shoot the glass away to
    activate them. Then, head back down to Deck 2 and enter through the newly
    opened door.
    This circular hallway can be a little confusing. You want to start by
    going right. You will notice the door in this room opens if you go near
    it, so remember this place, because it leads to Mother. Right now though,
    you need a security pass. Keep going down the halls. You should pass three
    rooms before you find another door that leads to a room with a table.
    There is a security pass on the table, so grab it.
    - COM: Security Pass picked up. -
    Now backtrack to the other door that opened for you. Head to the right and
    you'll find yourself in the control room. The small door on the right
    leads to Mother.
    - COM: The Mother Module requires a Security Pass -
      get searching Marine. -
    Well it's a good thing you already found it! Go into the room that houses
    the Mother Module to complete the level.
    - COM: Mother Module is powering up - mission accomplished. -
    B o n u s  I V :  G a t e w a y
    Complete all levels: Realistic
    - COM: ALERT!!! Aliens are loose in the base, pull back
      to the bottom deck for immediate evac. -
    In the beginning part of this level, you will be attacked by A LOT of
    Aliens, so always be prepared! As soon as your start the level, an Alien
    or two will run through the door and attack, so take care of them. Then go
    through the door and start shooting the glass that separates the many
    rooms. Keep moving through these rooms until you can't go any futher. In
    the last room, there is a hole in the ceiling, so use your Jetpack to get
    up there.
    In the next room there is another hole, this time in the floor. Use your
    Jetpack to safely descend, as it's quite a drop. This leads to another
    vertical drop past some stationary fan blades, so drop slowly. At the
    bottom, you might encounter a Facehugger as well. Enter any of the tunnels
    here and shoot away the grate to drop down, where another Facehugger lurks.
    Now search for the small tunnel guarded by a sentry gun. The sentry gun
    only shoots at the Aliens, but it will eventually run out of ammo, so use
    your Jetpack to safely drop down the nearby shaft. In the next room, fly up
    to the upper level using your Jetpack and enter the one door in this room.
    This hall has a Predalien to the right, so either kill it with Pulse Rifle
    grenades or just avoid it. You want to head towards the elevators on the
    left anyways. Enter the elevator shaft to the left and use your Jetpack to
    descend safely. Now be prepared to run as fast as you can! As soon as the
    door at the bottom opens, a Xenoborg located in the next room will
    activate. Currently, your weapons can't handle it, so just run past it and
    go through either door. Both lead to a small room with a SADAR. If you
    want to go back and destroy the Xenoborg, be my guest, but it's not
    necessary. Otherwise, drop down the next elevator shaft here, making sure
    to use your Jetpack. The next room has yet another elevator shaft for you
    to drop down. Here, enter the hallway, and it will eventually lead you to
    a large room. Descend to the bottom with your Jetpack and enter either
    niche in the floor. Shoot away the grate and drop using your Jetpack into
    the vent.
    There is a Praetorian behind the large door, so avoid that area
    altogether. Head towards the hole in the ground opposite the large door
    and drop down. Shoot away the grate to enter the elevator, and approach
    the awaiting ship to complete the level.
    B o n u s  V :  W a t e r f a l l
    Complete all levels: Director's Cut
    Coming soon
    5 .  P r e d a t o r  L e v e l s
    The Predator is not as fast as the Alien, nor as heavily armed as the
    Marine, but is an extremely deadly creature. Armed with technologically
    advanced weapons and gear, a single Predator can bring down entire hordes
    of enemies quickly and easily. The Predator's advanced weapons are also
    extremely dangerous:
    Wristblades: The Predator's close-range melee weapon. The twin blades can
    be an effective weapon for an experienced hunter. The Primary Fire will
    let you slash the blades in front of you, and by holding down the
    Secondary Fire, you can charge up an attack. The charged attack is also a
    way to claim skull trophies from dead bodies.
    Speargun: A very deadly gun loaded with spears and a scope for zooming in.
    The perfect weapon for a sniper, the Speargun usually deals a mortal wound
    to any enemy, but be warned, as you have a limited about of spears to fire
    per level.
    Pistol: Not to be confused with the Marine's Pistol, the Predator Pistol
    fires balls of plasma which will harm enemies even if you don't score a
    direct hit. This weapon is particularly effective against large groups of
    Aliens. The Pistol drains your energy reserves.
    Shoulder Cannon: Fires a bolt of plasma at an enemy. You can also charge
    up the bolt by holding down the Primary Fire button. If used in
    conjunction with the appropriate vision mode, you will automatically lock
    on to a target. The Shoulder Cannon drains your energy reserves.
    Disc: A deadly bladed disc that, if used with the right vision mode, locks
    on to a target and tracks it when thrown. It will often kill most enemies
    in one blow. However, you must either retrieve the Disc after throwing it,
    or expend some of your energy reserves to call it back to your hand.
    Medicomp: Not a weapon, but an extremely useful device. The Medicomp will
    heal you at the cost of a large amount of energy. Using the Secondary Fire
    button will heal you if you are on fire as well.
    E p i s o d e  I :  W a t e r f a l l
    - Fight through defenses to access human's research
      facility. -
    Start by switching to your Thermal vision mode (the blue one), because the
    only enemies you encounter in this level are humans. You should have
    enough ammo to just use your Speargun as well, but switch to your Shoulder
    Cannon if you run out of spears. Go forward and kill the Marine below you
    and the one to the left. If you don't see the latter, it means he's in the
    little niche right beside the stairs.
    - Jump here. -
    Go down the stairs and press the button. If you need the field energy,
    it's to the left, but you really shouldn't need it this soon. Enter the
    nearby hallway.
    - "Unit 2, report in. Report in Unit 2. Unit 2, do you
      copy? Damn! His comm must be down." -
    Go through all the halls and kill any Marines you find. There are a few.
    You'll reach an area that dead ends.
    - There is another way around. -
    Go back to where you began this level. Jump over the bars to the right and
    across to the ledge ahead of you. To the left is another ledge. Jump to
    that and the door will open as you approach it. There are two Marines
    around the bend. Kill them and continue on.
    - Second security area. -
    Once you come to the open room, there are another two Marines. One will be
    right in front of you; the second on one of the ledges. The ledge Marine
    has a Grenade Launcher, so kill him quickly to avoid taking a lot of
    damage. Jump across the ledges if you need field energy, then go down the
    stairs. Go right into the next hall and kill all the Marines you find.
    This leads to another dead end.
    - Find way onto gantries above. -
    Backtrack to the button and press it.
    - Door unlocks. -
    - "All units report casualties. Repeat, all units report
      now! How bad are the casualties, people?" -
    Go straight and through the door into a room with field energy and a large
    pool of water. Go to the right and hit the button to open the door. Kill
    the two Marines you find as you go. You'll find yourself at Check 1. Kill
    the Marine here.
    - Must be some important traffic coming through this
      way. -
    Go past the gate and enter the stairwell to the left, which will take you
    to Check 2. Kill the two Marines here and go down the stairs. Press the
    button to open the door, then go left and kill the Marine in the little
    - "Okay Marines. We've got another Predator creature
      in here. Patrol in groups. Do NOT allow yourselves to
      be separated. We handled the last one and we can
      do it again. Stay frosty, Marines!" -
    Press the button in this room and continue on to Check 3. Kill the two
    Marines here and keep going. Press the button to open the door. At the
    waterfall, hit the button to activate the lift.
    - Platform lift activated. -
    Ride the lift up and kill the Marine at the top. Press the button and the
    large doors will open.
    - Airlock activated. -
    - Entrance to research facility. -
    Go through and you'll finish the level.
    E p i s o d e  I I :  A r e a  5 2
    - You should shut off that alarm. -
    For this level you should use your Thermal (blue) vision mode. Enter the
    room on the left and break the alarm to disable it. Kill the Marine in
    here as well.
    - There is some field charge in here. -
    Pull the switch in this room.
    - "Attention all base units! The Predator has infiltrated
      the installation. Now it's up to us. Keep it cool and
      watch each others' backs." -
    Exit this room and go through the doors. Kill the Marine and press the
    button to activate the lift.
    - Entered lift. -
    Exit at the top into a large room.
    - Base accessed. Now locate controls to lower bridge. -
    Go across the catwalk and down the stairs, killing the Marine you'll find.
    At the bottom of the stairs, kill another Marine to the left. Go to the
    right and enter the hall to the left. Go across the walkway and go left.
    Now Marines will appear randomly in the level, so kill any you encounter.
    When you enter the large room, go down the lift and grab the little card.
    - You have picked up the second level security pass. -
    Now backtrack to the hallway where a pipe runs overhead. Go left and
    destroy the grate to enter the vent. In the next room you'll find a
    Marine. Dispose of him and enter the elevator. It'll lead you to another
    room. Pull the switch here.
    - Bridge down. Now access second security level. -
    Go down the hall and jump over onto the bridge. Go left down the hall and
    kill the Marine in the next room. Go through the door and down the stairs
    until you reach a small door. In here there is some field energy if you
    need it. Keep going down the stairs until you reach a much larger door.
    - This door leads to the second security level. -
    The door will open automatically. In the next room you'll see a large gap
    that will kill you if you fall down it.
    - This looks like a challenging jump. -
    Jump across the gap and into the next area.
    - "Marines! Security level two has been breached. All
      doors are being sealed. Stand your ground, Marines,
      let's bag this thing." -
    Go left down the hall and enter the first room on the right. Kill the
    Marine in here and pull the switch.
    - Doors on this level have been unlocked. Gain access
      to the third security level. -
    Back in the main hall, go left and down the hall. Near the very end, go
    left and you'll enter a kitchen. There's a door ahead of you. Stand as
    far right as you can when the doors open, because there is a sentry gun on
    the other side. If you're far enough to the right, it won't hurt you.
    Destroy it, then continue to the right. Go through the door on the left
    and you'll see a Marine down the hall. Kill him. As you approach, though,
    the doors will close and lock.
    - Access to the third security level denied! Find
      another way to access the hangar. -
    Go down the stairs to the right. Kill the human in this room, take the
    lift down, and go through the door. This leads to a laundry room.
    - "What the hell's going on out there? We've lost sight
      of the intruder. All units report immediately!" -
    Head towards the back of the room and destroy any laundry carts that are
    in your way.
    - You are next to a laundry chute. -
    Break the door of the chute and drop down into it. In the next room, jump
    on the box and break the grate to enter the vent. This leads to the
    hangar, where your ship is.
    - Kill all threats and access the ship. -
    There's only one "threat" here, so take care of him, then enter your ship
    to complete the level.
    E p i s o d e  I I I :  V a u l t s
    - Proceed deeper into the installation. -
    Use your Thermal (blue) vision mode for now. Use only your Speargun to
    kill Marines, as you will 
    definitely need your field energy later on. Exit your ship and go right.
    The doors you find will open,revealing a Marine. Kill him and go down the
    hall. You'll enter a room with an elevator and a Marine. Take care of the
    - "Attention all units! The Predator has accessed level
      four. All doors have been secured. Stay on maximum
      alert. This thing must be stopped NOW." -
    Go to the left and break the cabinet with your Wristblades, revealing a
    grate behind it. Break the grate too and enter the vent. Go all the way to
    the end and break the small grate on the ground to drop into the next
    - Destroy mainframe control systems to unlock doors.
      There are four mainframe terminals in the area. -
    The big box to your left is one of the mainframes. Destroy it, then go
    right and break the grate to enter a second vent. When you exit this
    vent, you'll find a Marine. Kill him, then destroy the second mainframe.
    Break the grate in this room and jump into another vent. This one has a
    branched off path in it, however. Go left when you find it, and shoot the
    sentry gun from between the bars with your Speargun to disable it. Then
    head back and continue through the vent until you reach the next room.
    Destroy the third mainframe, then break another vent to go into the last
    vent, which leads you to the last room with the fourth mainframe. Destroy
    - Doors are unlocked. Continue with hunt. -
    Go through the doors here that just opened.
    - "All units! We have a system error. Xenomorph
      specimens are on the loose! Get to the ops area now!
      Oh shit, they're in here!" -
    Switch to your Electromagnetic vision mode now (the red one), as you'll
    only encounter Aliens from this point on. If you have good aim, you can
    stick with your Speargun until it's out of ammo; otherwise use your Pistol
    effectively by firing into large groups of Aliens at their feet.
    Go left through the door and continue down through the hallway. Go left
    and through an airlock. At the end of the hall, a door will open,
    revealing a Marine and an Alien. The Alien will kill the human, then run
    at you. Dispose of it quickly. From now on, Aliens will respawn randomly
    throughout the environment, so kill them when you find them. Go through
    the door.
    - Holding pen was opened when mainframe was
      destroyed. Life-forms being held in base are now
      loose. -
    Go straight through several doors and through a curving hallway with some
    field energy in it. Kill the Alien in the next room and continue through
    the doors until you reach the long, sloping hallway.
    - This way leads deeper into the installation. -
    Head down this hall.
    - "Hello.. hello? Is there anyone alive down there? Well
      we've shut down the power and we think we can
      stop them if we..." -
    - Systems shut down by humans. All doors locked.
      Must find manual override switch in control room
      attached to xenoborg-holding room. -
    Go left down the hall into the hall labeled "2". Go left into the first
    room and kill the Alien inside.
    - Something has burnt hole in door. -
    In this room, there will be a grate to the left. Break it and enter the
    vent. Go straight and turn left when you reach the main vent area. Be
    careful, because there if a Facehugger in the vent somewhere, or it may
    have crawled out into the nearby room. Your Pistol is highly effective at
    killing it. Go through the vent until it dead-ends and go left. Exit the
    vent by breaking the grate at the end.
    - A xenoborg-holding room. -
    Go through the door. There's some field energy in here if you need it.
    - A control room. -
    Kill the Alien in here and pull the switch ahead of you.
    - Installation systems reactivated. -
    Go back into the xenoborg-holding room. Go to where the barred door is; it
    will open now. Go all the way down through the hallways and turn left at
    the very end.
    - Where humans were holding xenomorphs. -
    Go up the lift in this room and into another hall. The airlock will open.
    Continue through these halls until they dead-end, where you should go
    right. Through this hall, you'll reach a small room with an Alien. Kill
    the Alien.
    - Human office. Security pass in here. -
    The pass should be on one of the tables.
    - Security pass collected. -
    Backtrack into the main hallway. Now look at the ground; you'll see some
    Predator blood leading off to the right. Follow this blood trail.
    Eventually you'll reach a large open space with an orb suspended above
    you, where an Alien creature can be seen inside it. Destroy the protective
    bubble with a quick shot from your Shoulder Cannon.
    - Fellow hunter genetically defiled! Slay the
      abomination! Release your brother's spirit! -
    The Predalien will pause once the bubble breaks before jumping down at
    you. A fully charged Shoulder Cannon shot should kill it instantly. Once
    it's dead, you need to hurry, because the base will self-destruct soon.
    Backtrack to the circular room with the elevator.
    - Activate the lift. -
    Go through the small door in this room.
    - Central lift is controlled through here. -
    Pull the switch.
    - Central lift is now operational. -
    Get back to the circular room and enter the lift. Take it up and go
    through the doors and halls to reach the hangar where you started this
    level. Enter your ship to complete the level.
    E p i s o d e  I V :  F u r y  1 6 1
    - Area overrun by aliens. Good hunting. -
    Use your Electromagnetic (red) vision mode for most of this level, until
    you actually get into the smelting plant. I'd advise using your Pistol for
    the Aliens, saving your Speargun for the Marines towards the end. Because
    you'll use up a lot of energy (there are a lot of Aliens), I'll also point
    out the field energy spots. Go forward and pull the switch to open the
    door in front of you. Two Aliens are behind this door. Kill them, then go
    left down the corridor and down the stairs. There is a field charge under
    the stairs.
    - Use platform lift on left. -
    The niche on the left is the aforementioned lift. Use it.
    - Follow gantries around to switch at top. -
    Do so, and you'll reach a box with a button. Push the button.
    - Door unlocks. -
    Go back the way you came, down the lift, and back to the main room with
    the fan. Go straight across and the door will open. From here you should
    hear some Aliens, but can't see them. Eventually they will break down the
    walls ahead of you, which has an Alien and a Facehugger behind it, and to
    your right, which has an Alien and a Praetorian behind it. Kill them all
    and head straight, up the stairs.
    - Pipe looks weak.... -
    There is a field charge to your left if you need it. The pipe might
    already have been broken by the Alien inside, but if it's not, shoot at
    it, then jump over into the pipe. Go through this pipe and you'll drop
    down into a small room. Press the button here to deactivate the fan.
    - Fan deactivated. -
    Go to the door and pull the switch to open it.
    - Door unlocks. -
    Go to the left and you'll reach the room with the fan again. Head to the
    right and walk past the fan. This tunnel leads to a small hallway with an
    Alien or two to kill. Head for the door at the end of the hall for a field
    charge and a locked door.
    - Door locked. -
    Go back to the hall and through the door on the right. This will lead you
    to a large room.
    - Must activate all switches in this room. -
    One switch is straight ahead on you. They'll all be located on that side
    of the room. Activate the switch.
    - Door unlocks. -
    Drop down through the hole near the switch and go through the door that
    was previously locked. From this point on, you'll encounter quite a few
    Aliens, so be wary! Go down the hall and up the stairs. Go left at the top
    and straight ahead to reach the mess hall, where there is a field charge.
    - Mess hall. -
    Go back to the hall and go through the door, which leads back to the large
    room. Follow the path around to the switch and press it.
    - Door unlocks. -
    Head back to the mess hall and go through the door. There should be two
    Aliens in here. Go up the winding staircase. The door at the top leads
    back to the large room. Head towards the right and hit the switch.
    - Door unlocks. -
    Get back to the room with the stairs and go through the other door. Use
    the lift. This will take you once more to the large room, where you can
    throw the last switch.
    - Access lower levels via elevator. -
    You can reach the elevator from this floor. It's back where the door was.
    Get into the elevator and get out at the bottom floor. You'll find an
    Alien and a Praetorian here. Kill them, then enter the tunnel. Go left if
    you need a field charge. Otherwise, head right. The first path on your
    left leads to an abandoned vehicle.
    - Human emergency escape vehicle has been
      salvaged. -
    - "Everyone's dead up here! Everyone! I'm the last. The
      escape vehicle is primed and I'm getting the hell out!" -
    Inside the vehicle is a Facehugger, if you want to kill it. There is also
    another field charge on the roof of the vehicle. Head back into the
    tunnel; the second path on the right leads to a switch. Press it.
    - Accessed lead smelting plant. Watch out for humans. -
    Go through the tunnel to reach a very big door. Take the lift and kill the
    Praetorian at the top. Now switch to your Thermal (blue) vision mode,
    because as soon as you go up those stairs, you'll find mostly humans with
    just a few Aliens. Kill the Marine on the far ledge with your Speargun.
    You can cloak if you don't want him to see you. Then, go down the stairs
    and the lift. At the bottom, you'll find another Marine and an Alien. Kill
    them both.
    - Don't step in molten lead. -
    Good advice! It'll kill you instantly. Across from you on a platform will
    be a Marine using a Grenade Launcher. Your cloak won't help much in the
    bright light, so kill him quickly with your Shoulder Cannon or Speargun.
    Keep going until you reach a small room with a Marine and a switch. Kill
    the Marine and activate the switch. The door across from you opens, and
    there is an Alien on the other side.
    - "Report in, section 3. Section 3? We've spotted an
      unidentified craft on approach. Headed straight for
      you! Could be a Predator ship. I suggest you get
      your ass out of there immediately." -
    Head down the hall and you'll be outside. Now you need to wait.
    Eventually, a Predator ship will 
    - Get into ship. -
    Jump over to the ship to finish the level.
    E p i s o d e  V :  C a v e r n s
    - Need to access underground marine research posts. -
    Use your Thermal (blue) vision mode at first. Use your Speargun to kill
    the Marines, but make sure you save at least five or more shots! You'll
    know why later. You need to watch your field energy too, because you'll
    need it at the end of the level. Head down the tunnel until you come to a
    large open area.
    - "Unit three-two. We've collected specimen batch
      twenty-seven. Ready to pull out." -
    If you look down, you'll see a couple Marines standing around. Usually
    they won't see you. Sniper them with your Speargun. Realize that
    throughout most of this level, Marines will respawn randomly around the
    level, so conserve your ammo. In this level, it's better to use stealth.
    Once all the Marines are dead, jump down.
    - All doors are locked. -
    Head down the corridor. Don't go up the stairs, just keep going until you
    reach another large area. There should be a switch somewhere to the right,
    so look for it and activate it.
    - The door above has opened. -
    Now retreat back to that flight of stairs and go up it. Follow the
    corridor, which leads to the large room again, just on the top floor. Jump
    across the gap and keep going. This leads to yet another open area, so
    sniper the Marines then jump down. There is field charge here if you need
    - You need to get down here, but the lift is not going
      to work. -
    Shoot the cable that is supporting the lift and drop down.
    - "All units. The Predator is heading for the breeding
      ground. I don't know what it's planning, but it must
      not reach the hive." -
    Go through the corridor, and at the next large open space, go down the
    stairs and follow the other corridors until you reach a huge room with a
    vehicle and a Marine or two. Kill them, then switch to your
    Electromagnetic (red) vision mode. You'll see a huge door with a button
    next to it. Make sure your Speargun is out, and push the button. The door
    will open to reveal a Xenoborg!
    If you have a lot of Speargun ammo left, then quickly aim for its head and
    empty your ammo into it! If you don't have a lot of ammo left, then shoot
    at its guns and scope, then run away from it. There are two sentry guns at
    the entrance to the Hive, so shoot them down if you have any Speargun ammo
    - Leads to the underground hive network. -
    As you enter the Hive, make sure to have your Pistol out! There's a
    crapload of Aliens inside, and they respawn randomly. Go through the
    broken vehicle to enter the Hive caverns. In the large cavern, go left and
    down the corridor to a room with a bunch of equipment in it.
    - Doors controlled here. -
    Break the two boxes to open all the doors, but be careful! Doing this also
    releases an Alien and a Facehugger. Run away or kill them and go through
    the door that they came out of for a field charge. Go back to the large
    cavern room and head straight for the wall, then turn right into a tunnel.
    Watch out for Aliens in here. You'll reach a narrow ledge where two or so
    Aliens will come out and attack you. Make sure they're dead before you
    attempt crossing the ledge, because they might push you off. Go across the
    - The Queen is close. Good prize for hunter. -
    Go left through the broken vehicle and through the tunnel, where you'll
    find a field charge. This leads to a huge cavern. Drop down into the next
    - Praetorian guards! -
    There are two Praetorians that will attack you. Kill them quickly, and run
    straight ahead. The floor will break and you'll drop down, completing the
    - Now fulfill your highest honor. Hunt and kill the
      Queen. -
    E p i s o d e  V I :  B a t t l e
    - To retain honor amongst your clan your electrical
      weapons have been disabled. -
    This means you only have your Wristblades, which do jack squat, and your
    Speargun. Switch to the 
    Electromagnetic (red) vision mode, and go through the tunnel. Drop into
    the large room to fight the Queen. She'll come out of the wall. Depending
    on what difficulty level you are playing, Facehuggers may also come out,
    and you will need to kill them also.
    The key to killing the Queen is that you must keep moving! Don't even get
    stuck with your back to the wall, because the Queen is so large she can
    trap you there. It might also be a good idea to shoot her tail off. Keep
    moving and strafing to avoid her claws. Be careful, because when she's far
    away, she'll throw rocks at you, so strafe to avoid those too. Aim your
    Speargun for her head and shoot whenever you can. It's a tough fight, but
    you can do it. If you're really lucky, the Queen will get stuck behind
    something, so you can shoot freely at her (this happened to me once). It
    takes about 18 shots to her head to kill her, and when she falls, you'll
    have completed this level.
    B o n u s  I :  I n v a s i o n
    Complete all levels: Training
    This level is a little confusing because you have no clear goal! It seems
    that your mission is to kill a Marine (or Marines) at the end of the
    level, however this is never stated. Anyway, you'll want to be in your
    Electromagnetic (red) vision mode for the beginning of this level. Head
    towards the door and pull the switch to open it. Take this elevator down.
    You'll probably encounter an Alien as you exit. After killing it, drop
    down the hole where a few more Aliens will attack you. Head on down the
    halls until you come to a room with a large tank. Here, go straight ahead
    and slightly right and you'll find a hallway. Keep going this way until
    you come to a lift in the middle of the hall. Pull the switch to activate
    it, then ride it up. This leads to a room with another lift, so take that
    one up and follow the pathway, which eventually goes up two sets of
    stairs. Remember this area.
    Now turn left in this hall; it leads to the control room. A small door in
    here leads to a small room with a wheel. Turn the wheel and head back into
    the hall. Now go straight across and go right at the fork. This hall
    ultimately leads to another set of stairs and another wheel. Turn the
    wheel, but DROP DOWN rather than taking the stairs. The reason is, you
    just activated the fan, and if you took the stairs, you would get sucked
    up by the fan and would die. Now, head back to the place I told you to
    remember! If you forgot, just follow the guide in reverse. Shoot the
    yellowish bar to drop a platform, giving you access to a long set of
    stairs, which you should go down. At the end of all the halls you'll find
    a room with two wheels. Turn them both and wait for the fans to stop
    Now enter the fan on the right and drop down the hole. You may want to
    switch to the Thermal (blue) vision mode, as there are a few humans, but
    you will still encounter Aliens. There will be two Marines ahead of you,
    and chances are they didn't see you drop down, so dispatch of them
    quickly. Go straight and up the stairs, continuing along. Then, head right
    and go up the stairs, to yet another small room with, you guessed it, a
    wheel! Turn it, then DROP DOWN to avoid getting sucked up by the fan. Now
    go straight and down the several flights of stairs to the elevator. Here,
    enter the only door that will open for you and turn the wheel on top of
    the large tank. Now head all the way back to where you spotted the first
    Marines in this level: at the hole. This time, head to the left. You may
    want to cloak as you go through the door, because one of the Marines in
    the next room has a SADAR. There are three Marines here, so kill them.
    Then enter the vehicle and kill one last Marine.
    - Mission Accomplished -
    What mission? Oh well, you beat the level anyways. :)
    B o n u s  I I :  E s c a p e
    Complete all levels: Training
    - Move through base. Kill all game. -
    I don't think you need to kill all the enemies in this level to complete
    it.. just the Praetorian at the end. You will encounter an equal amount of
    Aliens and Marines in this level, so I would advise sticking to the
    Thermal (blue) vision mode, because it's easy enough to see the Aliens as
    well. You can use your Speargun, but SAVE FIVE SPEARS. You will need them
    later, trust me! This level is pretty straightforward in its layout, so
    you won't get lost.
    Now, as soon as the level begins, you'll find an unarmed civilian. Don't
    waste ammo on him; either ignore him or slice him up with your
    Wristblades. Use your Grappling Hook to get up and break the glass. There
    is a Marine and an unarmed civilian here. Continue along and take the
    elevator down. At the bottom there is a Marine. In the bathrooms there are
    more humans and Aliens as well. Now keep going through the rooms, killing
    anything you come across. Eventually you'll reach a locked door.
    - Use the airducts. -
    Use your Grappling Hook to enter the vent. Just keep going through the
    rooms, killing everything. One room has an Android, so look out for them.
    If you find there are no exits, look for a vent; there will be one.
    Eventually you'll reach a room with a glass window to the left and you'll
    hear the dreaded whirring sounds of a Xenoborg. If you look through the
    window, you'll see it. Don't worry, this glass is unbreakable and it won't
    see you anyways. It may even kill the Marines in the other room. If you
    keep going, you'll reach the Xenoborg, and that's what those fire spears
    are foor. Shoot it to deactivate it and then destroy it. A vent is in this
    room. This leads to a room with a Marine and an Alien.
    - A way into the hive. Kill those inside. -
    Use your Grappling Hook to get into the Hive. There is a Praetorian
    inside. Killing it completes the level.
    B o n u s  I I I :  T e m p l e
    Complete all levels: Realistic
    - Escape from hive and infiltrate facehugger shrine. -
    Start with the Electromagnetic (red) vision mode. As soon as you start, a
    few Aliens will attack you. When they're taken care of, use your Grappling
    Hook to reach the high ledge to the left. Head up this long tunnel until
    you reach the room with the large Alien statue and use your Grappling Hook
    to drop down and hover high enough above the ground. This is because there
    are two Facehuggers there. The Facehuggers can't climb, so you can safely
    kill them, then drop down. Enter the tunnel to the left. It drops down
    into a small tunnel, then use the Grappling Hook to get up. Go either way
    in this tunnel and use the Grappling Hook to exit the Hive. You may find
    some humans up here.
    Look for the room with the lift and take it all the way up. In the next
    room, go straight and continue through the hallways, killing Marines and
    Aliens as you go. You might want to switch to the Thermal (blue) vision
    mode now. Eventually you'll reach a room with a lift in the corner. Take
    it up to a room where Marines and Aliens are. They might try to fight each
    other, and you need to ignore them anyways. Use your Grappling Hook to get
    up to where the square tunnel separates.
    - Must kill praetorian guards to deactivate fire. -
    Now keep using the Grappling Hook to get as high in this tunnel as you
    can. You'll want to be on the Electromagnetic (red) vision mode again.
    There are two pathways you can go at the top. You are looking for the one
    that will lead you to the room with the window. There are two Praetorians
    in here that you must kill. Then, head back to the room where the fire is.
    Go through where the fire was before and drop down the hole.
    - Facehugger shrine. -
    There might be a Predalien in here. I seem to remember it roaring at some
    point, but I didn't see it. Just go up the tube-like tunnel to complete
    the level.
    B o n u s  I V :  E a r t h b o u n d
    Complete all levels: Realistic
    - The Predator race has been defiled, restore honor -
      kill the Commanding Officer. -
    There are plenty of Marines and Alien in this level, so I would recommend
    switching back and forth between your Thermal (blue) and Electromagnetic
    (red) vision modes when you need to. Now, break the glass to activate the
    switch and open the door. There is a Marine at the end of the hall, so
    kill him and continue.
    - The captive Aliens have broken loose and overrun
      the Base. -
    Head to the right and drop down the elevator shaft. Destroy the grate and
    drop down into the elevator, which has two Marines in it. Watch out; one
    of them has a Flamethrower. Break the glass and continue down this hallway
    and go through the door. In here, head to the left and drop down into a
    larger room with three Marines. Once you kill them, break all eight power
    grids to open the nearby door. You will see a sentry gun fire on some
    Aliens that come out of a vent. Once all the Aliens are dead, destroy the
    sentry gun and use your Grappling Hook to get into the vent all the Aliens
    came out of.
    As soon as you exit this vent into the next room, A LOT of Aliens will
    start to swarm you, so I advise to just run away. Another tip: I have
    found that using your Medicomp just before you reach this area seems to
    greatly reduce the amount of Aliens that you encounter. A glitch maybe?
    - Destroy the substations to stop the fans. -
    The eight power grids you need to destroy are to the left. Once all the
    grids are broken, use the Grappling Hook to get up past the fan blades.
    This tunnel leads to a room. Enter the middle tunnel here, which leads to
    a room with a Marine and some field charge. Take care of the Marine, then
    crouch to get under the pipes and into the next room. Again, once you
    reach this point, Aliens will start swarming you again, so just try to run
    away (or try the Medicomp trick again?). Exit this elevator by using the
    Grappling Hook to get up as high as you can go and continue through the
    hallways. You'll reach a room with another elevator shaft, so drop down
    and break the grate to enter the elevator. Kill the two Marines in the
    next room and break the glass to continue. In the next room, there is a
    Marine. Kill him, then drop down to the left. Destroy all eight power
    grids to open the door, which hides two Marines. One of them is the
    officer. Kill him to complete the level.
    - The Officer is dead, honor is restored. -
    B o n u s  V :  T y r a r g o
    Complete all levels: Director's Cut
    - Find and destroy two xenoborgs and get back here. -
    In the beginning half of this level, you'll encounter Marines, and in the
    second half you'll encounter Aliens, so switch vision modes accordingly. I
    would advise using energy based weapons, but if you're going to use your
    Speargun, SAVE 8 TO 10 SPEARS! You will need them to kill the Xenoborgs.
    As soon as the lift you're on reaches the top, two Marines will attack
    you, so pull out a weapon quickly and take care of them. Head down the
    only hall here.
    - COM: Security alert! A predator has accessed
      section D. -
    Go down the halls, all of which are straightforward. Eventually you will
    reach a room with a lift. Pull the switch to activate the lift, but DON'T
    get on it just yet. There are two sentry guns at the top waiting to kill
    you. Dispose of them with your Speargun and then take the lift up. Head to
    the left and down this L-shaped hallway and pull the switch.
    - Security has overridden the doors. -
    Head out and go to the door at the right. It's locked.
    - Xenoborgs are stored behind these doors. -
    Remember this area. You'll need to come back here later. Drop down and go
    through the hallways. In one room, you will need to break the glass to
    continue. Just keep going down the hallways.
    - COM: Warning! If the predator is not contained soon
      the base will be evacuated. -
    Eventually you'll reach a large room. Behind the other set of doors are
    three Marines. Kill them. There is also some field charge here.
    - COM: Message to all units. Prepare for evacuation.
      Opening evacuation doors. -
    Head back out to the large room. The door is locked now, so go up the
    small set of stairs and pull the switch.
    - COM: Message to all units. Opening the doors has
      caused a security breach. The base has been
      infiltrated by xenomorphs. -
    Now you'll want to switch vision modes as you'll encounter mostly Aliens.
    Head through the now open doors and head all the way back to the room
    storing the Xenoborgs, that was locked before. It's open now. Attack the
    Xenoborg farthest from you first, as it will activate. The one with its
    back to you won't activate unless you attack it or go in front of it. Kill
    the Xenoborgs with your Speargun, as it's the easiest way. When they're
    both destroyed, another door in this room will open.
    - Return to section D airlock lift and escape! -
    Go through the door at the end of this room. You may encounter some
    Marines down these halls as well as Aliens. When you reach the large room,
    two Praetorians will attack you. Kill them, then pull the switch to open
    the door and continue along. This will take you back to the lift you
    started the level on. Stand on it.
    - Wait for a few moments for the lift to activate. -
    Kill any Aliens that might approach you while you're waiting. Then the
    lift will descend, and the level will end.
    6 .  C h e a t s
    There are two types of cheats available in Aliens vs. Predator. The first
    kind you can unlock by completing certain objectives when playing the
    Single Player levels on Realistic or Director's Cut difficulties. The
    second kind can be entered on any level by bringing down the console while
    playing the AvP Cheat version of the game.
    Objective Cheats:
    Remember, in order to earn these cheats, you must be playing on either
    Realistic or Director's Cut difficulties. The cheats will then be
    available in the main menu of both AvP and AvP Cheat.
    Alien Episode I - Temple
    Cheat: Sniper Munch
    Objective: Ten live civilian headbites
    This cheat lets you headbite people from very far away. It's fairly easy
    to get; just watch out that the civilians with the Molotov cocktails don't
    kill themselves.
    Alien Episode II - Escape
    Cheat: Nausea
    Objective: Complete the level in under two minutes
    This cheat causes the entire screen to wave around. It's aptly named;
    you'll get motion sickness trying to play a level with this one! To get
    it, you just have to really know the level and run!
    Alien Episode III - Feraro
    Cheat: Pipecleaner
    Objective: Fifteen dead civilian headbites
    This makes all your enemies look like they are made out of sticks or pipe
    cleaners. What fun! This one is fairly easy to get; just make sure you use
    your tail to kill the civilians or you risk knocking their heads off.
    Alien Episode IV - Gateway
    Cheat: Motion Blur
    Objective: Complete the level in under four minutes, with an average speed
    of more than nine meters-per-second
    This cheat makes everything that moves somewhat blurry and see-through.
    Learn the level and run!
    Alien Episode V - Earthbound
    Cheat: Mirror
    Objective: One live Predator headbite
    This mirrors the level. It's easy to get. A fully charged tail strike will
    drop him to his knees, then headbite him before he self-destructs.
    Alien Bonus II - Derelict
    Cheat: Impossible Mission
    Objective: Twenty live Marine headbites
    This cheat means that you'll take more damage. It can be a tough one to
    get. Just try to sneak up on all the Marines or you'll get torn apart. It
    helps if you destroy the lights. Also, because the Marines respawn, you
    can keep searching around and/or wait for them to come to you. Just
    remember to QuickSave every five or so headbites.
    Marine Episode I - Derelict
    Cheat: John Woo Mode
    Objective: 80% head shots
    This cheat makes everything move slowly. The best way to get it is to kill
    one or two Aliens with head shots, then run away the rest of the level.
    It's not hard because there's only a few Aliens in this level anyways.
    Marine Episode II - Colony
    Cheat: Grenade
    Objective: 40% accuracy
    This cheat gives you ninety-nine grenades in your Pulse Rifle, no bullets,
    and you can't pick up any other weapons. Using your Smartgun will really
    help you get this one. You might have to wait until the Aliens are very
    close to assure you don't miss them. Or, you could shoot a few Aliens and
    try to avoid the rest.
    Marine Episode III - Invasion
    Cheat: Warp Speed
    Objective: Finish in under four minutes
    This cheat will speed up everything. To get this you need to know the
    level well and have a little luck on your side. If you avoid as may Aliens
    as you can, you can reach the hangar in three minutes, and it takes about
    twenty seconds for the dropship to come.
    Marine Episode IV - Orbital
    Cheat: Land of the Giants
    Objective: Less than twenty shots
    This cheat makes you small, but you're no less stronger. Use the Pulse
    Rifle grenades or the SADAR if you have to fight, but otherwise just try
    to avoid battle as much as possible.
    Marine Episode V - Tyrargo
    Cheat: Slug Trail
    Objective: Thirty-two Alien kills
    The cheat makes all Aliens start off with a missing leg, so they all crawl
    around and leave acid blood trails. This one is easy to get, considering
    the amount of Aliens that attack you!
    Marine Bonus I - Temple
    Cheat: Free Fall
    Objective: Complete the level with under 100% damage
    This cheat changes gravity every so often, so you'll be falling all over
    the place. To get it, don't pick up any Medikits; only Armor.
    Marine Bonus II - Vaults
    Cheat: Under Water
    Objective: Complete the level with under 60% damage
    This cheat makes it like you're underwater. Things are a little wavy,
    there's a bluish tiny, and you fall slower. There aren't many Aliens in
    this level, but I don't advise running from them. Instead, take your time
    and methodically kill them all so you'll be safe.
    Predator Episode I - Waterfall
    Cheat: Pigsticking
    Objective: 80% accuracy
    This cheat makes your Speargun have infinite ammo and it shoots a bunch of
    spears at a time, in a shotgun spread. Just use your Shoulder Cannon in
    conjunction with the Thermal vision mode all the time to get it.
    Predator Episode II - Area 52
    Cheat: Super Gore
    Objective: Get twenty-five Marine trophies
    This will make your kills bloodier. Just don't use your Shoulder Cannon to
    kill Marines because it tends to blow them apart. Once you run out of
    Speargun ammo, use your Wristblades to kill the rest of the Marines you
    need to trophies.
    Predator Episode III - Vaults
    Cheat: Disco Inferno
    Objective: Complete the level with under 100% damage
    This cheat makes all the walls glow with bright rainbow colors. Don't use
    your Medicomp at all to get it. Just stick to using your Pistol a lot and
    keep your distance, or just run away from enemies.
    Predator Episode IV - Fury 161
    Cheat: Balls of Fire
    Objective: Forty Alien kills
    This cheat transforms all your enemies into flames. Explore the level and
    kill all the Aliens you can to get it.
    Predator Episode V - Caverns
    Cheat: Rainbow Blood
    Objective: Be spotted less than fifteen times
    This cheat makes blood, lights, smoke, and similar things all rainbow
    colored and flashing. Your best plan of action is to cloak and run through
    the level as fast as possible. You can also try to just sniper all the
    Marines with your Speargun before they see you.
    Predator Bonus I - Invasion
    Cheat: Ticker Tape
    Objective: Get fifteen Alien trophies
    This makes all Aliens leave a trail behind them, like ticker tape. This is
    the hardest cheat to get, as there are only seventeen Aliens in the level,
    Aliens tend to blow up when you kill them, and their corpses fade away
    really quickly. Hit them near the feet with your Pistol so they don't
    explode, then very quickly get its head with your Wristblades. QuickSave
    every couple of trophies you get, also.
    Predator Bonus II - Escape
    Cheat: TripTastic
    Objective: Get ten civilian trophies
    This cheat makes everything all wavy and rainbow colored, like an LSD
    trip. Kill the civilians with your Pistol to avoid knocking their heads
    off, or shoot them in the feet with your Speargun.
    Gameplay Cheats:
    In order to enter this cheats, you must be playing on the AvP Cheat
    version of the game, and you can only use the cheats on levels you've
    already completed, and you cannot open up any new levels while using them.
    In order to activate the cheats, bring down the console (by pressing the ~
    key), and type in the code you want to use. Make sure the code is in all
    capitals. Also note that creating bots may sometimes cause the game to
    OBSERVER - Makes you invisible to all enemies except Facehuggers and the
    Queen. You can still attack to some extent; Aliens can headbite, and
    Marines and Predators can use their active weapon. Good for exploring
    GOD - Makes you immortal. Your health will go to zero, but you won't die.
    Also, if a Facehugger gets you, it'll just stick to your field of vision
    for a while, then disappear. Good for exploring levels.
    GIVEALLWEAPONS - This gives you all the weapons available in the game for
    your species.
    GIMME_CHARGE - This can only be used by the Predator. It restores your
    field charge completely.
    SHOWFPS - Shows the current frame-rate per second on the screen.
    MOTIONTRACKERSPEED - This allows you to change the pulse rate of the
    Marine's motion tracker from 1 to 16. The default is 1.
    LIGHT - Creates a source of light near you. If you keep using it, the
    light gets brighter.
    ALIENBOT - Creates an Alien in front of you.
    MARINEBOT # - Creates a humanoid in front of you. Use the following
    numbers to decide which one you want:
    1 - Colonial Marine with Pulse Rifle
    2 - Colonial Marine with Flamethrower
    3 - Colonial Marine with Smartgun
    4 - Colonial Marine with SADAR
    5 - Colonial Marine with Grenade Launcher
    6 - Colonial Marine with Minigun
    7 - Civilian with Shotgun
    8 - Civilian with Pistol
    9 - Civilian with Flamethrower
    10 - Unarmed civilian
    11 - Civilian with Molotov cocktail
    12 - Colonial Marine with Pistol
    13 - Android with Shotgun
    14 - Android with Shotgun (slower)
    15 - Android with Pistol
    PREDOBOT # - Creates a Predator in front of you. Use the following
    numbers to decide which kind you want:
    0 - Predator with Wristblades
    1 - Predator with Speargun and Combistaff
    2 - Predator with energy weapons
    PREDALIENBOT - Creates a Predalien in front of you.
    PRAETORIANBOT - Creates a Praetorian in front of you.
    XENOBORG - Creates a Xenoborg in front of you.
    TIMESCALE # - Changes the rate of time in the game.
    WIREFRAMEMODE # - This toggles the environment to display only wire-frame
    DOPPLERSHIFT # - Enable or disable the Doppler shifting on the Alien's
    SKY_RED # - Changes the red color in the sky.
    SKY_GREEN # - Changes the green color in the sky.
    SKY_BLUE # - Changes the blue color in the sky.
    LEANSCALE # - Changes the amount the camera tilts when you strafe.
    SHOWPOLYCOUNT - Shows the number of polygons per frame on-screen.
    7 .  F A Q
    Have a question? Feel free to email me at TRblastoff@bellsouth.net with
    the subject header "AvP". I'll do my best to help answer your questions,
    and post the ones most frequently asked here.
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    February 21 2007, Version 1.1
     - Minor guide changes
     - Added FAQs
    November 25 2005, Version 1.0
     - Guide first uploaded
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