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    FAQ by Desslock

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    From: Desslock <desslock@interlog.com>
    Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg,alt.games.diablo
    Subject: Diablo FAQ/Guide-v.1.5 (1 of 3)
    Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 04:03:36 -0500
    - The Attributes of over 150 monsters, including the resistances and
    immunities of unique monsters.
    - Complete explanations of all of the spells in the game.
    - An explanation of the importance of magical resistances.
    - Detailed lists of the magical items in the game, including unique
    - List of Shrines and their effects
    - Description of all of the books in the game
    - Class differences and attribute maximums explained.
    - FULL Walkthroughs to all of the Quests
    - Many convenient tables and charts.
    A full list of the changes from prior versions is contained at the end.
    copyright 1997
    Table of Contents
    1.	Monsters:
    	(a)	List of Monster Attributes
    	(b)	List of Monsters by Type
    	(c)	List of Unique Monsters
    2.	Spells/Magical Resistances
    3.	Magical Item Lists
    4.	Ordinary Item Lists
    5.	Shrine List
    6.	Book List
    7.	Character Classes and Attributes
    8.	Quest List and Walkthroughs
    I have provided three separate charts which list the monsters
    in Diablo. The monsters are organized into the following "types".  All 
    creatures of the same type look exactly the same in shape (except as
    below), but color, resistances and abilities vary between monsters of
    same "type":
    	1	Fallen Ones (regardless of weapon type)	
    	2	Scavengers				
    	3	Zombies				
    	4	Skeletons (including archers)
    	5	Goat Men (including archers)
    	6	Winged Fiends
    	7	The Hidden
    	8	Gargoyles
    	9	Horned Demons
    	10	Overlords
    	11	Mages
    	12	Lightning Demons
    	13	Magma Demons
    	14	Spitting Terrors
    	15	Balrogs
    	16	Knights
    	17	Vipers
    	18	Succubus Demons
    	19	Diablo
    In the first two charts, unique monsters are indicated with an asterisk(*).
    A random number of unique monsters are present in each game.  Each of the
    unique monsters listed below, if present in a particular game, can always
    be found on the level indicated opposite its name.  The first chart lists
    the hit points (in the single player version of the game) resistances, 
    immunities and special abilities of the monsters, and presents the monsters 
    alphabetically based upon the level of the dungeon in which they can
    initially be encountered.  The special abilities which a specific monster
    possesses, such as the ability to cast spells, are indicated in parenthesis
    after the resistances and immunities of the monster, but special abilities
    which all monsters of a certain type possess (such as the ability of
    "Spitting Terrors" to spit), are not generally listed in the charts below.
    The second chart organizes the monsters by type and the third chart provides
    some additional information about the unique monsters in the game.  
    As stated above, the hit points listed below relate only to the single player
    version of the game.  The hit points for monsters in the multiplayer version
    of the game are higher than those listed below (generally twice as high, plus
    one hit point to the low or high end of the range).  As you increase the
    difficulty level of a multiplayer game, the hit points of monsters increase
    based upon the following formula: Nightmare = 100 +(3 x Normal) and Hell=200
    + (4 x Normal).  In a subsequent version of this information guide, I will
    provide a list of the hit points of the monsters in the multiplayer version
    of the game on the “normal” difficulty level.  The hit points of the 
    monsters on the other skill levels can be obtained using the formula listed
    Since the game does not indicate the specific resistances and immunities of
    the "unique" monsters, I have indicated in square brackets immunities and,
    less frequently, resistances which I have observed.  All unique monsters 
    carry magic items which, except as noted below, are randomly determined. 
    I have also listed unique items which can always be obtained by killing a
    particular monster. Unique items are described in detail in part 3 of this
    information guide.
    1	Fallen One (spear)	1	1-2	none
    	Fallen One (sword)	1	1-2	none
    	Scavenger		2	1-3	none
    	Skeleton		4	1-2	none/magic
    	Skeleton Archer		4	1-2	none/magic
    	Skeleton Captain	4	1-3	none/magic
    	Zombie			3	2-3	none/magic
    2	*Bladeskin the Slasher	1	n/a	some/none
    	*Bonehead Keenaxe	4	n/a	none/some[magic]
    	*Boneripper		4	n/a	none/some
    	*The Butcher		10	n/a	some/none	
    	 (Butcher's Cleaver)
    	Carver (spear)		1	2-4	none
    	Carver (sword)		1	2-4	none
    	Corpse Axe		4	2-3	none/magic
    	Corpse Bow		4	4-8	none/magic
    	Corpse Captain		4	6-10	none/magic
    	*Deadeye		4	n/a	some/some[magic]
    	Devil Kin (spear)	1	6-12	none
    	Devil Kin (sword)	1	8-12	none
    	Fiend			6	1-3	none
    	Flesh Clan		5	15-22	none
    	Flesh Clan Archer	5	10-17	none
    	Ghoul			3	3-5	none/magic
    	Hidden			7	4-12	none
    	Plague Eater		2	6-12	none
    	*Pukerat the Unclean	1	n/a	some/none
    	*Rotfeast the Hungry	3	n/a	none/some[magic]
    	Rotting Carcass		3	7-12	none/magic
    	*Shadowbite		2	n/a	none/some[fire]	
    	*Soulpus		3	n/a	some[fire]/none
    3	Blink			6	6-14	none
    	Black Death		3	12-30	none/magic/(drain life)
    	*Bongo			1	n/a	none
    	*Brokenhead Bangshield	4	n/a	some/some[magic]
    	Burning Dead		4	4-6	fire/magic
    	Burning Dead Archer	4	5-12	fire/magic
    	Burning Dead Captain	4	8-15	fire/magic
    	Dark One (spear)	1	10-18	none
    	Dark One (sword)	1	12-18	none
    	*Ed Chupacabras		2	n/a	some[fire]/none
    	*Gutshank the Quick	1	n/a	some[fire]/none
    	Horror			4	6-10	lightning/magic
    	Horror Archer		4	7-22	lightning/magic
    	*Rotcarnage		3	n/a	some/some[magic]
    	Shadow Beast		2	12-18	none		
    	*Skeleton King		4	n/a	some/some[magic]/
    	(undead crown)				(raise skeletons)
    	*Skullfire		4	n/a	none/some[fire]
    	*Warpskull		7	n/a	some[fire]/none
    4	*Backlash the Burning	4	n/a	none/some[magic,fire]
    	Bone Gasher		2	14-20	magic/none
    	*Gharbad the Weak	5	n/a	none/some[lightning]
    	Gloom			6	14-18	magic/none/(charge)
    	Horror Captain		4	17-25	lightning/magic
    	*Moonbender		6	n/a	none/some[fire]
    	Overlord		10	30-40	none
    	*Pulsecrawler		2	n/a	some[magic]/some[fire]
    	*Snotspill		1	n/a	some[lightning]/none
    	*Spineeater		2	n/a	none/some[lightning]
    5	*Bloodskin Darkbow	5	n/a	some[fire,lightning]/none
    	Familiar		6	10-17	magic/lightning/(lightning)
    	*Foulwing		6	n/a	some[fire]/none
    	Horned Demon		9	20-40	none
    	*Shadowcrow		1	n/a	none/none
    	*Shadow Drinker		4	n/a	some[fire]/some[magic]
    	Stone Clan		5	20-27	magic/none
    	Stone Clan Archer	5	15-20	magic/none
    	Winged Demon		8	22-30	fire/magic
    	*Wrathhaven		6	n/a	none/some[fire]
    6	Acid beast		14	20-33	none
    	*Bileforth the Pit Master10	n/a	some[lightning]/some
    	*Bloodgutter		5	n/a	none/some[fire]
    	*Deathshade Fleshmaul	5	n/a	some/some[magic]/(charge)
    	*Death Spit 		14	n/a	some/none
    	Fire Clan		5	25-32	fire/none
    	Fire Clan Archer	5	20-25	fire/none
    	Unseen			7	17-25	magic/none
    7	*Blightfire 		5	n/a	none/some[fire]/(bloodstar)
    	*Blighthorn Steelmace	5	n/a	some/none/(charge)
    	Blood Stone		13	27-37	none/magic,fire
    	Gargoyle		8	30-45	lightning/magic
    	*Gorestone		5	n/a	some/none
    	Illusion Weaver		7	20-30	magic,fire/none
    	Magma Demon		13	25-35	fire/magic
    	Mud Man			10	50-62	none
    	Night Clan		5	27-35	magic/none
    	Night Clan Archer	5	25-32	magic/none
    	*Nightwing the Cold	8	n/a	some[fire,lightning]
    	Stalker			7		
    8	*Baron Sludge		10	n/a	some/some
    	*Chaos Howler		14	n/a	none
    	*Firewound the Grim	13	n/a	some[fire]/some[magic]
    	Lava Lord		13	35-42	none/magic,fire
    	Poison Spitter		14	30-42	none
    	Toad Demon		10	67-80	none/magic
    	*Zhar the Mad		11	n/a	some[lightning]/some[magic]
    9	Blood Claw		8	37-62	none/magic,fire
    	*Breakspine		9	n/a	some/none
    	*Brokenstorm		12	n/a	none/some[lightning]
    	Hell Stone		13	30-40	none/magic,fire
    	Mud Runner		9	25-45	none
    	*Oozedrool		10	n/a	some[fire]/none
    	Redstorm		12	27-55	lightning/magic	
    10	*Blackstorm		9	n/a	none/some[lightning,magic]
    	*Flayer			12	n/a
    	Frost Charger		9	30-50	lightning/magic
    	Obsidian Lord		9	35-55	lightning/magic
    	Pit Beast		14	40-55	magic/none
    	*Plaguewrath		14	n/a	some[lighning,fire]/some
    						[magic]/(rapid fire attack)
    	Slayer			15	60-70	magic/fire/(inferno)
    	Succubus		18	60-75	magic/none/(blood star)
    11	Cave Viper		17	50-75	none/magic
    	Death Wing		8	42-75	none/magic,lightning
    	*Fangspier		17	n/a	none/some[fire]
    	Flayed One		10	80-100	magic/fire
    	Guardian		15	70-80	magic/fire/(inferno)
    	*Goldblight of the Flame8	n/a	none/some[magic,fire]
    	Storm Lord		12	37-67	magic/lightning
    	Storm Rider		12	30-60	magic/lightning
    12	Maelstorm		12	45-75	magic/lightning
    	*Viletouch		8	n/a	none/some[lightning]
    	*Viperflame		17	n/a	some[lightning]/some[fire]
    13	Blood Knight		16	100	fire/magic,lightning
    	Firedrake		17	60-85	fire/magic
    	Gold Viper		17	70-90	lightning/magic
    	Lava Maw		14	50-75	magic/fire
    	Snow Witch		18	67-87	lightning/none/(blood star)
    	Steel Lord		16	90	magic,lightning/fire
    	*Warlord of Blood	16	n/a	none/some[fire,magic,
    	*Witchmoon		18	n/a	some/none
    14	Doom Guard		16	82	magic,fire/none
    	*Fangskin		17	n/a	some[lightning]/some[magic]
    	Hellspawn		18	75-100	magic/lightning/(blood star)
    	*Lachdanan		16	n/a	none/none/(will not attack)
    	*Stareye the witch	18	n/a	none/some [fire]/(blood star)
    	*Steelskull the Hunter	16	n/a	some/none
    	Vortex Lord		15	80-90	magic/fire
    15	Advocate		11	72	fire/lightning,magic
    	Azure Drake		17	80-100	fire, lightning/none
    	Balrog			15	90-100	magic/fire
    	*Blackjade		18	n/a	some[lightning]/some[magic]
    						/(blood star)
    	*Bloodlust		18	n/a	none/some[fire,lightning]/
    						(blood star)
    	Cabalist		11	60	magic,fire/lightning
    	*Dreadjudge		11	n/a	some/some [lightning]
    						/(charged bolt,flash)
    	*Lazarus		11	n/a	some[fire,lightning]
    	Magistrate		11	42	magic,lightning/fire
    						/(charged bolt,flash)
    	*Red Vex		18	n/a	some[fire]/some[magic]
    						/(blood star)
    	Soul Burner		18	70-112	magic, lightning/fire
    	*Vizier			11	n/a	none/some[fire]
    16	Black Knight		16	
    	*Diablo			19	n/a	n/a [immune to stone curse]
    	*Sir Golash		16	n/a	none
    The following is a list of monsters by type (see the list in part (a) of
    this section for the attributes of a particular monster).  Unique monsters
    are indicated with an asterick (*).  The monsters are generally listed in
    the order in which they appear:
    [Fallen Ones]		[Skeletons]		[Goat Men]
    Fallen One (spear)	Skeleton		Flesh Clan
    Fallen One (sword)	Skeleton Archer		Flesh Clan Archer
    Carver (spear)		Skeleton Captain	*Gharbad the Weak
    Carver (sword)		*Bonehead Captain	*Bloodskin Darkbow
    Devil Kin (spear)	*Boneripper		Stone Clan
    Devil Kin (sword)	Corpse Axe		Stone Clan Archer
    *Bladeskin the Slasher	Corpse Bow		*Bloodgutter
    *Pukerat the Unclean	Corpse Captain		Fire Clan
    *Bongo			*Deadeye		Fire Clan Archer
    Dark One (spear)	*Brokenhead Bangshield	*Deathshade Fleshmaul
    Dark One (sword)	Burning Dead		*Blightfire
    *Gutshank		Burning Dead Archer	*Gorestone
    *Shadowcrow		Burning Dead Captain	Night Clan
    			Horror			Night Clan Archer
    			Horror Archer		*Blighthorn Steelface
    			Horror Captain		
    			*Skull Fire		
    			*Skeleton King		
    			*Blacklash the Burning		
    			*Shadow Drinker		
    [Scavengers]	[Winged Fiends]	[The Hidden]	[Gargoyles]
    Scavenger	Fiend		Hidden		Gargoyle
    Plague Eater	Blink		*Warpskull	*Nightwing the Cold
    *Shadowbite	Gloom		Unseen		Winged Demon
    Shadow Beast	*Moonbender	Illusion Weaver	*Blood Claw
    *El Chupacabras	Familiar	Stalker		*Goldblight of the Flame
    *Pulsecrawler	*Foulwing			Death Wing
    Bone Gasher	*Wrathhaven			*Viletouch
    [Horned Demons]	[Overlords]	[Mages]		[Lightning Demons]
    Horned Demons	*The Butcher	*Zhar the Mad	Red Storm
    *Breakspine	Overlord	Magistrate	*Broken Storm
    Mud Runner	*Bileforth 	Advocate	*Flayer
    Frost Charger	Mud Man		*Dreadjudge	Storm Rider
    *Blackstorm	*Baron Sludge	Cabalist	Storm Lord
    Obsidian Lord	Toad Demon	*Vizier	Maelstorm
    		*Oozedrool	*Lazarus	
    		Flayed One		
    [Magma Demons]	[Spit Terrors]	[Balrogs]	[Succubus Demons]
    Magma Demon	Acid Beast	Slayer		Succubus
    Blood Stone	*Death Spit	Guardian	Snow Witch
    Lava Lord	Poison Spitter	Balrog		*Witchmoon
    Hell Stone	*Chaos Howler			*Blackjade
    *Firewound 	Pit Beast			Hellspawn
    *Plague wrath					*Red Vex
    Lava Maw					*Stareye the Witch
    [Vipers]	[Knights]		[Dark Lord]	[Zombies]
    Cave Viper	Steel Lord		*Diablo		Zombie
    *Fangspier	*Warlord of Blood			Ghoul
    *Viperflame	Blood Knight				*Soulpus
    Gold Viper	*Lachdanan				Rotting Carcass
    Fire Drake	Doom Guard				*Rotfeast the H
    *Fangskin	*Steelskull the Hunter			Black Death
    Azure Drake	*Sir Golash				*Rot Carnage
    		Black Knight				*Goretongue
    The chart in part 1(a) of this Information Guide provides a significant
    amount of information concerning the unique monsters in Diablo, including
     the hit points, resistances and immunities.  The chart in part 1(a) of
    this Information Guide also identifies which of the 19 “types” of monster
    which each of the unique monsters is associated with.  Most unique monsters
    also have a pack of  "followers", and the followers of a particular unique
    monster possess the same powers as that unique monster.  Other unique
    monsters are essentially solitary versions of their “type”, except they
    have certain additional abilities.  The Butcher and the Skeleton King are
    essentially just being giant versions of their "type" (Overlords and
    Skeletons, respectively).
    This list is substantially complete, but where I do not yet have the
    "specific type" for a particular unique monster, I have provided my "best
    guess" in [square brackets].  The monsters alphabetically, based upon the
    level in which they appear:
    2      	Bladeskin the Slasher	Fallen One (with sword)	--
            Bonehead Keenaxe        Corpse Axe		--
    	Boneripper		Skeleton		--
            The Butcher             None/solitary Overlord	Giant
            Deadeye                 Skeleton Archer		--
            Pukerat the Unclean     Fallen One (with spear)	--
            Rotfeast the Hungry     Zombie			--
            Shadowbite              Scavenger		--
            Soulpus                 Zombie			--
    3       Bongo                  [Dark One (with sword)]	--
            Brokenhead Bangshield   Corpse Axe		--
            Ed Chupacabras          Plague Eater		--
            Gutshank the Quick      Carver (with sword)	--
            Rotcarnage              Ghoul			--
            Skeleton King           Variety of Skeletons	Giant,Raise 
    							Skeletons (single
    							player version)
            Skullfire               Corpse Bow		--
            Warpskull               Hidden			--
    4       Backlash the Burning    Burning Dead Archer	--
            Gharbad the Weak        None/solitary Goatman	NPC
            Moonbender              Blink			--
            Pulsecrawler		[Shadow Beast]		--
            Snotspill		Dark One (with spear)	NPC
            Spineeater              Bone Gasher		--
    5       Bloodskin Darkbow       Flesh Clan Archer	--
            Foulwing                Gloom			--                       
            Shadowcrow              Dark One		--
            Shadow drinker          None/solitary skeleton	Disappear
            Wrathhaven              Blink			--
    6       Bileforth the Pit Master Overlord		--
            Bloodgutter             [Stone Clan]		--
            Deathshade Fleshmaul    [None/solitary]goatman	Charge	
            Death Spit              Acid Beast		Rapid Attack
    7       Blightfire              Fire Clan Archer        BloodStar
            Blighthorn Steelmace    [Night Clan]		--
            Gorestone               Night Clan Archer	--
            Nightwing the Cold      Gargoyle		--
    8       Baron Sludge          	Mud Man			--
            Chaos Howler            Poison Spitter		Rapid Attack
            Firewound the Grim      [Magma Demon]		--
            Zhar the Mad            None/solitary Advocate	NPC
    9       Breakspine              Mud Runner		--
    	Brokenstorm		[Red Storm]		--  
          	Oozedrool               Toad Demon		--
    10      Blackstorm              Obsidian Lord		--
    	Flayer                 [Storm Rider]		--
            Goldblight of the Flame Blood Claw		--
            Plaguewrath             Poison Spitter		Rapid Attack
    11      Fangspier               Cave Viper 		--
    12      Vile touch		Deathwing		--
    	Viperflame              Fire Drake		--
    13      Warlord of Blood        Steel Lord		--
            Witchmoon               Snow Witch		--
    14      Fangskin                Gold Viper		--
            Lachdanan               Blood Knight		NPC
            Stareye the Witch       Snow Witch		--
            Steelskull the Hunter   Steel Lord		--
    15      Blackjade               Hellspawn		Guard of Lazarus
            Bloodlust               Hellspawn		--
            Dreadjudge              Magistrate		--
            Lazarus                 Advocate		NPC
            Red Vex                 Hellspawn		Guard of Lazarus
            Vizier                  Cabalist		--
    16      Sir Golash              Blood Knight		--
            Diablo                  Dark Lord		Casts Apocalypse,
     							Immune Magic, S.Curse
    The following is a list of spells, based upon the order in which they
    in the spell book.  Spells marked with an (m) are only available in the
    multiplayer version of the game, and spells marked with an asterick (*)
    are only available on scrolls or items:
    [Level One]		[Level Two]	[Level Three]	[Level Four]
    (character ability)	xx		Phasing		[Nova]*
    Firebolt		Firewall	Mana Shield	Golem
    Charged Bolt		Telekinesis	Elemental	Teleport
    Holy Bolt		Lightning	Fireball	[Apocalypse]*
    Healing			Town Portal	Flame Wave	Bone Spirit
    Heal Other (m)		Flash		Chain Lightning	Blood Star
    Inferno			Stone Curse	Guardian	xx
    The following additional spells can be found on scrolls or items, but are
    not available as books: identify, infravision, resurrect (m).
    By reading a book on a particular spell, your character will acquire the
    ability to cast that spell.  Reading additional books on that spell will
    raise the level of that spell in your spell book.  Certain shrines can also
    raise or lower the level of spells in your spell book.  The maximum level
    of spells, without the assistance of magic items, is 15.    
    The following charts provide a brief description of each of the spells in
    the game.  Except as noted below, each of the attacking spells in Diablo
    an be classified as either “Magical”, “Fire” or “Lightning”.
    Spells available from Books, Scrolls and Staves:
    [Name of Spell and Type][Description of Spell]	[Effect of +Spell Levels]
    Firebolt 		Small missile of fire	Less mana, faster bolt.
    (Fire based)					Damage increases as character
    						level increases
    Charged Bolt 		Spread of small	bolts	additional bolts + duration
    (Lightning Based)
    Holy Bolt		Small missile		Less mana, faster bolt.  
    (Skeletons, 					Damage increases as character
    Zombies and Diablo)				level increases
    Healing			Heals your character	Increased healing, varying mana
    Heal Other		Heals others		Increased healing, varying mana
    Inferno (Fire Based)	Short stream of fire	Increased range and duration,
    						less mana.  Damage increases as
    						 character level increases
    Firewall (Fire Based)	Stationary fire wall	Increased duration, less
    						increased damage
    Telekinesis		Move objects, monsters	Less mana, greater strength
    Lightning 		Long burst of lightning	Less mana.  Damage increases 
    (Lightning Based)				as character level increases
    Town Portal		Create door to town	Less mana
    Flash (Magic Based)	Attacks all 		Increased damage, less mana
    			in immediate vicinity
    Stone Curse		Temporarily 		Increased duration, less mana
    			turns monster to stone
    Phasing			Teleport (uncontrolled)	Less mana
    Mana Shield		Mana used as hit points	lose less mana when hit
    Elemental (Fire Based)	Running man of fire 	Increased damage, less mana
    			(autotargets enemies)
    Fireball (Fire Based)	Missile of fire		Increased damage, less mana
    Flame Wave (Fire Based)	Wall of fire 		Increased area of effect
    			which moves from caster
    Chain Lightning 	Multiple streams of	Additional streams, less mana.
    (Lightning Based)	lightning	        Damage increases as character
    						level increases
    Guardian (Fire Based)	Stationary defender	Increased damage, less mana
    Golem			Wandering defender	Increased duration ]
    						(hit points), less mana
    Teleport		Teleport (controlled)	Less mana
    Bone Spirit		Weakens opponents	Less mana
    Blood Star (Magic Based)Magic missile		Less mana, faster bolt.
    						Damage increases as character
    						level increases
    Spells available only on Scrolls or Staves:
    [Name of Spell and Type]	[Description of Spell]		[+level]*
    Identify**			Identifies magic items		n/a
    Infravision**			Shows “heat” image of monsters	n/a
    Nova (lightning)		Propels circle of lightning	n/a
    Apocalypse			Attacks all monsters on screen	n/a
    Resurrect (m)			Brings dead players to live	n/a
    *	Since books for these spells are not available, you are unable to
     ever raise the level of these spells directly, although presumably items
     which raise the level of your spells (such as the “Thinking Cap”) may also
     be effective at raising the level of these spells.  Of course, since you
     will only see these spells in your spell book if you are using a staff
    , and since you are unable to see what level a particular spell is if you
     have equipped a staff of that particular spell, it is impossible to 
    confirm that there even are more than one level for these spells.
    **	Identify and Infravision are not available on Staves.
    Spell Casting Tips:
    · Mana Shield and Golem spells will only work until you leave the level
      you cast the spell on.
    · Flame Wave will not work on creatures immediately next to you - there
      must be some distance between you and your target(s).
    · In order to control where you reappear when using the Teleport spell,
      move your mouse cursor over to your target landing area prior to
      "right-clicking" your mouse.
    · Each player can only cast one Golem at a time.  If you cast an additional
      Golem spell while your first Golem is still alive, your spell will fail
      and your first Golem will explode.  If more than one player casts Golem
      on the same level of the dungeon, the Golems will seek and attack another.
    · Firewall, Town Portal and Guardian spells also have the side-effect of 
      creating a great deal of light.
    · The Bone Spirit spell will only weaken monsters, not destroy them.
    · As indicated above, apocalypse, nova, infravision, identify and resurrect
      are only available on items.  Identify and Infravision are only available
      on scrolls.
    · The spells listed above without a "type" (i.e. magic, fire, lightning),
      will affect all monsters (other than Stone Curse, which will not affect
      Diablo or other players).  
    · Apocalypse affects all monsters, including Diablo. Holy Bolt will work on
      Diablo, as well as "Skeleton" and "Zombie" types.
    · Fireball has an "area of effect" and therefore each Fireball can affect
      a number of monsters.
    · Apocalypse will affect all of the monsters on the screen, regardless of
      whether or not they are accessible to your character. 
    · For you pkillers out there, many of the spells in the game are intended to
      work only on the monsters.  Spells such as Stone Curse have no effect on 
      player characters.
    · With Telekinesis, you can move monsters away from you (helpful in getting
      some space so that you can shut a door.  Telekinesis is also helpful for
      obtaining items which your character was carrying (and consequently lost)
      when killed while playing the multiplayer version of the game.
    · In order to Resurrect a character in the multiplayer version of the game,
      the character killed must not choose to “restart in town” from the option
      menu - in fact, the player which is killed shouldn’t  even touch the
      options menu, as it may cause his or her character’s body to disappear,
      preventing resurrection.
    · Use your keyboard spell “hotkeys” (F-5 to F-8) to make your favourite 
      spells available quickly.  In the early levels of the dungeon, I suggest
      setting Firebolt, Holy bolt, Charged bolt and Heal (or Firewall) as your
      four hotkey spells.  Replace charged bolt with Lightning, and Firebolt with
      Fireball when the more powerful spells becomes available to your character 
      (provided that the mana requirements are not overly prohibitive for your
      character), and remove holy bolt once you stop seeing “Horror” skeletons 
      in the Catacombs (around level 7).  By the time you get to the deeper
      levels of the dungeon, the four spells which mage characters should
      select are:  Fireball, Chain Lightning (unless playing multiplayer), 
      Stone Curse and Teleport.
    · Stone Curse is ideal for taking out unique monsters easily.  Kill the 
      unique monster’s followers first so that you can concentrate on the
      unique monster while it has been temporarily paralyzed.
    · Mages should always have a Mana Shield cast.  Higher level mages are 
      almost invincible with a Mana Shield cast and a belt full of full
      mana potions.
    Resistances/ Immunities:
    Monsters which are “immune” to a particular form of spell cannot be hit,
    and consequently cannot be damaged, by that form of spells.   Monsters
    which are resistant to a particular form of spell, on the other hand,
    suffer less damage from that form of spell.  Player characters can never
    be entirely immune to a particular form of magic, but can be up to 75%
    resistant (and therefore avoid 75% of the damage caused by that form of
    Many players underestimate how important  resistances are, especially in
    the deeper levels of the dungeon, where you are constantly attacked by one
    form of magic or another.  Traps can cause magical, fire or lightning damage
    and a variety of monsters can attack using a particular form of magic. The
    ollowing chart provides an outline of all of the monsters which attack using
    a particular form of magic, as well as an indication of that form:
    [Name of Monster and Type]	[Form of Attack/Resistance which is Relevant]
    Familiars (Winged Fiends)	small bolt of lightning
    All Lightning Demons 		lightning spell (stream of lightning)
    - hence the name
    Magistrate (Mage)		charged bolt spell (multiple bolts of 
    Dreadjudge (Unique Mage)	charged bolt spell (multiple bolts of
    Cabalist (Mage)			lightning spell (stream of lightning)
    Vizier (Unique Mage)		lightning spell (stream of lightning)
    Zhar the Mad (Unique Mage)	fireball spell (missile of fire)
    Advocate (Mage)			fireball spell (missile of fire)
    All Balrogs			inferno spell (short stream of fire)
    Lazarus (Unique Mage)		fireball spell (missile of fire)
    All Succubus Demons		Blood Star spell/ magical damage
    Blightfire (Unique Goatman)	Blood Star spell/ magical damage
    All Mages			Flash spell/ magical damage
    All Spitting Terrors		Spitting, which does magical damage
    The following is a list of "adjectives" which are used to describe the 
    various items in the game, as well an indication of the magic bonuses which
    such items grant.  These tables are substantially complete and reflect 
    ranges which I have personally confirmed.  Where I have not yet determined
    the full extent of an item’s effects, I have provided the range in
    [square brackets].  Rather than provide the list alphabetically, I have
    grouped items which have similar effects together:
    [+ Attributes]	[+ Strength]	[+Vitality]	[+Magic]	
    sky	+1-3	strength+1-5	vitality+1-5	magic	+1-5	
    moon	+4-7	might	+6-10	zest	+6-10	mind	+6-10	
    stars	+8-11	power	+11-15	vim 	+11-15	brilliance+11-15
    heavens	+12-15	giants	+16-20	vigor 	+16-20	sorcery	+16-20	
    zodiac	+16-20	titans	+21-30	life 	+21-30	wizardry+21-30	
    [Resist Magic]	[Resist Fire]	[R/Lightning]	[Resist All]	[Fast Attack]
    white	+10-20	red	+10-20	blue	+10-20	topaz  	+10-15	readiness{q}
    pearl	+21-30	crimson +21-40	azure	+21-30	amber 	+16-20	swiftness(f)
    ivory	+31-40	garnet	+41-50	lapis	+31-40	jade     +21-30	speed(faster)
    crystal	+41-50	ruby	+51-60	cobalt	+41-50	obsidian+31-40	haste(fastest)
    diamond	+51-60	sapphire+51-60		
    [+ Mana]	[+Hit Points]	[+Damage Points][-Damage Points][Hit Recovery]
    spider's+10-15	fox	+10-15	quality	+1-2	health	    -1	balance(fast)
    raven's	+15-20	jaguar	+16-20	maiming	+3-5	protection  -2
    snake's	+20-30	eagle	+20-30	slaying	+6-8	absorption  -3	harmony(fastest)
    serpent's+30-40	wolf	+30-40	gore	+9-12	deflection  -4	blocking(f/block)
    drake's	+41-50	tiger	+41-50	carnage	+13-16	osmosis	    -5-6	
    dragon's+51-60	lion	+51-60			
    mammoth +61-80			
    whale	+81-100			
    [Steals Mana]	[Steals Life]	Increases Light	[+ Spell Levels]
    bat	-3%	leech	-3%	light      +20%	angel   +1 lvl	
    vampire	-5%	blood	-5%	radiance   +40%	arch-angel+2lvls
    [Durabilit			[+Dexterity]
    Craftsmanship   high		dexterity  +1-5
    many		high		skill	   +6-10
    plenty          high		accuracy   +11-15
    structure       high		precision  +16-20
    sturdiness      high		perfection +21-30
    ages            indestructible
    [+Hit% / +Damage%]	[+ % to Hit]	[+% Damage]	  [+% Armor]
    sharp+1-5/    +20-35	bronze	+1-5	jagged  +20-35	  fine	  +20-30
    fine +6-10/   +36-50	iron	+6-10	deadly  +36-50	  strong  +31-40
    warrior’s +11-15/+51-65	steel 	+11-15	heavy   +51-65	  grand	  +41-55
    soldier’s +16-20/+66-80	silver  +16-20	vicious +66-80    valiant +56-70
    lord’s    +21-30/+81-95	gold	+21-30	brutal	+81-95	  glorious+71-90
    knight’s +31-40/+96-110	platinum+31-40	massive	+96-110	  blessed +91-110
    master’s+41-50/+111-125	mithril	+41-60	savage	+111-125  saintly +111-130
    champion’+51-75+126-150	meteoric+61-80	ruthless[+141-144]awesome
    king’s +76-100/+151-175	weird	+81-100	mercilous[+164-166]holy   +151-170
    			strange +101-120		  [godly  [+198]
    [Other Attributes]
    bashing			- damages armor
    bear			- pushes target back
    bountiful		- extra charges 
    burning			- fire damage (1-16)
    fire			- fire damage (1-3 prefix, 1-6 suffix)
    flaming			- fire damage (1-10 prefix,  2-20 suffix)
    lightning		- lightning damage (1-10 suffix, 2-20 prefix)
    plentiful		- extra charges 
    piercing		- damages armor
    puncturing 		- damages armor
    shock			- lightning damage (1-6)
    shocking 		- lightning damage 
    thieves			- absorbs half of trap damage
    thunder			- lightning damage (1-20)
    [Cursed Items]
    clumsy			-8 to hit, - 74% damage
    disease			-2 vitality
    illness			-7 vitality
    night			-20% light
    pit			-3 to all attributes
    paralysis		-6 dexterity
    rusted			-28% armor
    trouble			-(7-10) to all attributes
    uselessness		-100% damage
    vulnerable		-97% armor
    [Unique Items]
    1. "Arkanines' Valor" (armor) AC 25, +10 vital, -3 damage from enemies,
        fastest hit recovery
    2. "Baranar's Star" (mace) chance to hit +12%, +80% damage, quick attack,
        +4 to vitality, -4 dexterity
    3. "The Bonesaw" (claymore) +10 damage, strength and life, -5 dexterity,
        mana and magic
    4. "Black Razor" +150% damage, +2 vitality
    5. "Blackoak Bow" +10 dexterity, vitality -10, damage +50%, -10% light,
        no requirements
    6. "Bow of the Dead" +10% to hit, +4% dexterity, -3 vitality
    7. "Butcher's Cleaver" +10 Str, unusual damage, altered durability
    8. "Civerb's Cudgel" +200% damage versus demons, -5 dexterity, -2 magic
    9. "Cranium Basher" +20 damage, +15 strength, mana -150, resist all +5%
    10. “Dragon’s Breach” (shield) armor 20, indestructible
    11. "Empyrean Band" (ring) +2 attributes, +20% light, fast hit recovery,
        absorbs 20% of trap damage
    12. "Executioner's Blade +150% damage, -10 hit points, -10% light, high
    13. "Fool's Crest" (crown) -4 attributes, hit points +100, +6 damage from
        enemies, attacker takes 1-3
    14. "Gibbeous Moon" (sword) +2 attributes, +25% damage, mana +15, -30 light
    15. "Gleamsong" (staff) +25 mana, -3 strength, -3 vitality, 76 phasing charges
    16. "Gnarled Root" (club)+20% to hit, +300% damage,+10 dexterity, +5 magic,
        resist all +10%, armor-10
    17. "Gotterdamerung" (crown)	+20 all attributes, Armor 60, -4 damage from
         enemies, all resistances=0, -40% light
    18. "Griswold’s Edge" (sword) Firehit 1-10, +25% to hit, fast attack, 
        knocks target back, +20 mana, -20 life
    19. "Hammer of Iholm"
    20. "Harlequinn Crest" (crown) Armor -3, -1 damage from enemies, +2 to all
         attributes, +7 mana and life
    21. "Immolator" (staff) resist fire +20%, firehit damage 4, mana +10, 
        vitality -5, no requirements
    22. "NAJ's Lightplate" (armor) Armor 46, durability 7, no strength 
        requirement, +5 magic, mana +20, resist all 20%, spells increased 1 level
    23. "Optic Amulet" +20% light, resist lightning +20%, -1 damage from 
        enemies, +5 magic
    24. "Rainbow Cloak", Armor 10, +1 all attributes, resist all +10%, 
        hit points +5, high durability
    25. "Ring of Engagement"-1 damage from enemies, attacker takes 1-3, 
        Armor 5, damages target's armor
    26. "Ring of Truth" -1 damage from enemies, +10 resist all, +10 hit points
    27. "Rod of Onan" 50 Golem charges, +100% damage, +5 to all attributes
    28. "Shadowhawk" hit steals 5% life, +15% to hit, resist all +5%, -20% light
    29. "Split Skull Shield" AC 10, +10 hit points, +2 strength, -10 light,
        altered durability
    30. "Stonecleaver" +30 hit points, +20% to hit, +5% damage, 
        +40% resist lightning
    31. "Storm Shield" 40AC, +4 damage from enemies, +10 strength, fast block,
    32. "Storm Spire" (staff) +50% resist lightning, lightning hit damage 2-8,
        +10 strength, -10 to magic
    33. "Thinking Cap" Spells are increased 2 levels, mana +30, armor 4, 
        resist all 20%, altered durability
    34. "Thundercall" (staff) chance to hit +35%, lightning damage 1-10, 
        resist lightning +30%, +20% light 
    35. "Torn Flesh of Souls" (rags) AC 8, +10 vitality, -1 damage from enemies,
    36. "Undead Crown" life stealing, armor 8
    37. "Veil of Steel" (crown) -20% light, +50% resist all, +60% armor, 
        mana -30, +15 str, +15 vitality
    38. "Wicked Axe" +30% to hit, +10 dexterity,-10vitality,-2damage from enemies
    39. "Wisdom's Wrap" (cloak)
    40. "Wizard's Spike" (dagger)+15 magic, +35 mana, +25% to hit, resist all +15
    4	Ordinary Item Lists
    The following is a list of the various "non-magical" weapons and items of
    armor which can be found in the game.  Although this list is substantially
    complete, some of the "armor values" will have to be adjusted once I have
    an opportunity to confirm the "ranges of protection" certain items grant.
    Item			Damage or Armor	Durability	Requirements
    Dagger			1-4			16	none
    Sabre			1-8			45	17 str
    Short Sword		2-6			24	18 str
    Scimitar		3-7			28	23 str, 23 dex
    Blade			3-8			30	25 str, 30 dex
    Falchion		4-8			20	30 str
    Long Sword		2-10			40	30 str, 30 dex
    Claymore		1-12			36	35 str
    Broad Sword		4-12			50	40 str
    Bastard Sword		6-15			60	50 str
    2-Handed Sword		8-16			75	65 str
    Great Sword		10-20			100	75 str
    Short Bow		1-4			30	none
    Long Bow		1-6			35	25 str, 30 dex
    Hunter's Bow		2-5			40	20 str, 35 dex
    Composite Bow		3-6			45	25 str, 40 dex
    Short Battle Bow	3-7			45	30 str, 50 dex
    Long Battle Bow		1-10			50	30 str, 60 dex
    Short War Bow		4-8			58	35 str, 70 dex
    Long War Bow		1-14		`	60	45 str, 80 dex
    Clubs/Blunt Weapons
    Club			1-6			20	none
    Spiked Club		3-6			20	18 str
    Mace			1-8			32	16 str
    Morning star		1-10			40	26 str
    Flail			2-12			36	30 str
    War Hammer		5-9			50	40 str
    Maul			6-20			50	55 str
    Small Axe		2-10			24	none
    Axe			4-12			32	22 str
    Large Axe		6-16			40	30 str
    Broad Axe		8-20			50	50 str
    Battle Axe		10-25			60	65 str
    Great Axe		12-30			75	80 str
    Short Staff		2-4			25	none
    Long Staff		4-8			35	none
    Composite Staff		5-10			45	none
    War Staff		8-16			75	30 str
    Buckler			1-5			16	none
    Small Shield		3-8			24	25 str
    Large Shield		5-10			32	40 str
    Kite Shield		8-15			40	50 str
    Gothic Shield		14-17			60	80 str
    Tower Shield		18-20			50	60 str
    Cap			1-3			15	none
    Skull Cap		2-4			20	none
    Helm			4-6			30	str 25
    Full Helm		6-8			35	str 35
    Crown			8-11			40	none
    Great Helm		10-15			60	str 50
    Rags			2-6			6	none
    Cape			1-5			12 	none
    Cloak			3-7			18	none
    Robe			4-7			24	none
    Quilted Armor		7-10			30	none
    Leather Armor		10-13			45	none
    Hard Leather Armor	11-14			40	none
    Studded Leather		15-17			45	20 str
    Ring Mail		17-20			50	25 str
    Chain Mail		19-22			55	30 str
    Breast Plate		20-24			80	40 str
    Scale Mail		23-28			60	35 str
    Splint Mail		31-34			65	40 str
    Field Plate		40-45			80	65 str
    Plate Mail		46-50			75	60 str
    Gothic Plate		51-60			100	80 str
    Full Plate		63-75			90	90 str
    5	Shrine List
    Abandoned Shrine  "The hands of men may be guided by faith" +2 dexterity.
    Blood Fountain	  [no quote is given] each drink restores +1 life.
    Cauldron	  Random effect (and related quote)
    Creepy Shrine     "Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith"  +2 strength.
    Cryptic Shrine	  "Arcane power brings destruction" casts Nova spell 
    		  and restores mana.
    Divine Shrine 	  "Drink and be Refreshed" - Restores health/mana, gives
    		  two full potion of rejuvenation, or one full potion of
    		  mana and one full potion of Life.
    Eerie Shrine	  "Knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self"  +2 magic.
    Eldritch	  "Crimson and azure become like the sun" - all potions
    		  become rejuvenation potions.
    Enchanted Shrine  "Magic is not always what it seems" lose 1 spell lvl
                      for 1 spell, all other know spells gain 1 lvl.
    Fascinating Shrine"Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom" - lose mana,
    		  gain firebolt spell levels if	not already maxed out at
    		  15th level.
    Fountain of Tears[no quote is given] -1 to one attribute, +1 to another
    Glimmering Shrine"Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason" - 
    		  identifies all items in inventory
    Goat Shrine	  Random effect (and related quote)
    Gloomy Shrine	  "Those who defend seldom attack" -1 max damage to all 
    		  weapons,+2 to armor items.
    Hidden Shrine	  "New strength is forged through destruction" one item
       		   in inventory -10 durability, all others +10 durability. 
    Holy Shrine	  "Where ever you go, there you are" phases you to random
    		  location of currently explored level.
    Imposing Shrine	 ["A surge of blood interrupts your thoughts" +2 Dexterity.]
    Magical Shrine	 "While the spirit is vigilant the body shines" casts 
    		  mana shield
    Murkey Pool	[no quote is given] casts infravision
    Mystic Shrine	“Your skills increase, but at a price” lose all gold in
    		 inventory except one, gain experience points.
    Mysterious Shrine"Some are weakened while one grows strong" +5 to one
    		 attribute, -1 to others
    Ornate Shrine	"Salvation comes at the cost of Wisdom" lose mana, gain 
    		Holy Bolt levels if not already maxed out at level 15.
    Purifying Spring[no quote is given] restores one mana point per drink
    Quiet Shrine	"The essence of life flows from within" +2 vitality
    Religious Shrine"Time cannot diminish the power of steel" restores all 
    		items to full durability
    Sacred Shrine	"Energy comes at the cost of wisdom"  lose mana, gain 
    		levels of charged bolt ifnot already maxed out at level 15.
    Secluded Shrine	"The way is made clear when viewed from above" - gives map
    		 of current level
    Spiritual Shrine"Riches abound when least expected" - gives a small amount
    		 of gold to each open spot in your inventory.
    Spooky Shrine(m)"Where avarice fails, patience brings reward" (user),
    		 “Blessed by a benevolent companion” - all other players
    		 get hit points restored.
    Stone Shrine	"The Power of mana refocused renews" - restores charges
    		 in staves
    Tainted (multi)	“Those who are last may yet be first” (user), “Generosity
    		 brings its own reward”, User gets a random +1 stat, other
    		 players get -1 to all attributes.
    Thaumatology Shrine	"What was once opened is now closed"  re-fills 
    		chests on current level
    Weird Shrine	"The sword of justice is quick and sharp" +1 damage to all
    		 weapons in inventory
    The following is a list of the books in the game, as well as the purpose,
    if any, of the book:
    Name of Book		Purpose
    Ancient Tome		Arcane knowledge gained - gain Guardian Spell
    Binding of the Three	Provides background to the binding of Baal,
    			Mephisto and Diablo
    The Black King		Provides background to Lararus' abduction of
    			Prince Albrecht
    Book of the Blind	Initiates "Halls of Blind" quest
    Book of Blood		Initiates "Valor" quest
    Book of Vileness	Teleports you within Lararus' unholy altar
    The Dark Exile		Provides a history of the exiling of Baal, 
    			Diablo and Mephisto
    Fungal Tome		Initiates "Black Mushroom" quest when given to Adria
    The Great Conflict	Provides an introduction to the war between the 
    			heavens and hells
    Library Book		Scroll or Spell book
    Mythical Book		Initiates "Chamber of Bone" quest
    The Realms Beyond	Provides an introduction to the awakening of Diablo
    			and the Sin War.
    Skeleton Tome		Scroll or Spell book
    The Sin War		Provides an introduction to the demons' war on earth
    Steel Tome		Initiates "Warlord of Blood" quest
    The Tale of the HoradrimProvides a history of the Horadrim
    Tale of the Three	Provides more history on Baal, Mephisto and Diablo
    The Wages of Sin are WarProvides additional history of the Demons' war on
    I may add more to this section in a future revision of this guide, but for
    now here's a chart summarizing the  attribute maximums (without the
    assistance of magical items) for the three character classes, and an
    indication of the different benefits each class gains with each new
    experience level:
    [Class]	[Max Str][Max Magic][Max Dexterity][Max Vitality][Effect of Level]
    Warrior	250		50		60		100	  +2 life, +1 mana
    Rogue		55		70		250		80	  +2 life, +2 mana 
    Sorcerer	45		250		85		80	  +1 life, +2 mana
    In addition, a Warrior will gain +2 Life points for every +1 increase in
    Vitality, while a Rogue or Sorcerer will only gain +1 Life for every +1
    increase in Vitality.  A Sorcerer will gain +2 Mana points for every +1
    increase to Magic, while a Rogue or Warrior will only gain +1 Mana for
    every +1 increase in Magic.  As indicated in part 3 of this Information
    Guide, an increase in a character’s level will also increase the amount
    of damage certain spells inflict.
    Each class also has certain abilities which it does better than the other
    classes, and a unique ability spell.  The only unique ability spell of 
    real value is the rogue's which allows her to detect traps.  The 
    sorcerer's ability (to recharge staves) and the warrior's ability (to
    repair items) should each only be relied upon in emergency situations as
    any item which one of these abilities is used upon will be weakened.
    For every +2 increase in Dexterity, a character’s % to hit will increase
    by one, and for every +5 increase in Dexerity, a character’s armor class
    will increase by one.  Increasing strength will also increase the amount
    of damage caused by a character’s attack.
    The following is a list of the quests in the game, as well as the manner
    in which each quest is started, the level upon which the quest can be
    solved, and the reward for completing the quest.  
    [Name of Quest]	[Initiated By]	[Level of Solution]	[Reward]
    The Butcher	wounded townsman	2		Butcher’s Cleaver*
    P. Water Supply	Pepin			2 (mini level)	Ring of Truth
    Leoric		Odgen			3 (mini level)	Undead Crown*
    Tavern Sign	Odgen			4		Harlequinn Crest
    							(if returned)
    Gharbad		Gharbad			4		Magic Item
    The Magic Rock	Griswold		5		Embryean Band
    Valor		Book			5		Arkanines’ Valor 
    Chamber/Bone	Book			6 (mini level)	Guardian Spell, 
    							magic items
    Halls/Blind	Book			7		Optic Amulet
    Zhar the Mad	Zhar			8		Books, magic item
    Black Mushroom	Adria (fungal tome)	9		Elixir (+3
    Anvil of Fury	Griswold		10		Griswold’s Edge
    Warlord of BloodBook			13		Magical armor (2)
    							Magical weapons (4)
    							(plus magic item)
    Lachdanan	Lachdanan		15		Veil of Steel
    Lazarus		Cain (Staff of Lazarus)	15 (mini level)	Magic items
    Diablo		Cain (death of Lazarus)	16		End Game
    *	In the multiplayer version of the game, you will not receive the
    Butcher’s Cleaver or the Undead Crown from the Butcher or the Skeleton King,
    respectively, but will instead receive a random magic item.
    Solutions to the Quests:
    Note that in any one single player game, you will NOT receive all of these
    quests, as quest allocation is random (except for Lazarus and Diablo,
    which appear in every game).  In a multiplayer game, the only quests which
    you will receive are the following:  The Butcher, The Skeleton King,
    Lazarus, and Diablo, which appear in every multiplayer game.  Some of the
    quests available in the multiplayer game are presented in a different 
    manner than the same quests in the single player game.  
    1	The Butcher - A tough quest early in the game.  His lair is a 
    square room on the second floor of the dungeon which will be easily 
    recognizable because of all of the bodies on stakes inside the room.  If
     you can afford, and are capable of casting, Stone Curse, this quest is 
    very easy - cast it and chop away until he's history.  But very few 
    players will be able to cast Stone Curse early in the game, and unless
    you have very fast dexterity or an item which gives you a magically "fast
    attack", or "fast recovery", it is difficult to go toe-to-toe with the 
    Butcher.  A "bear" weapon (which forces him back) makes it possible to 
    take him head on.  A better plan, however, is to open the door to his lair,
    wait until he announces "fresh meat", and then flee to any nearby location
    (and it helps to map out an escape route first!) with a door and a chain
    link wall.  Go through the door and shut it before the Butcher follows you.
    He won't be able to follow you through the door, and you'll be able to hit
    him with arrows and spells until he finally goes down (which may take a
    while).  You can greatly speed up this process if you are capable of
    casting "Firewall" - you can cast it right through the grate where the
    Butcher is standing and he will gleefully wait around until he fries.
    If you happen to replay a dungeon with an advanced character and you're
    capable of casting "Golem"  - do so, it's more than a little amusing to 
    watch the golem take about two seconds to plow through the Butcher.  The
    Butcher's weapon makes a nice weapon for a relatively low-level character,
    although it is prone to break easily.
    Monsters: The Butcher (and any nearby monsters on level two which you
    	  haven’t cleared out yet)
    Reward:	The Butcher’s Cleaver (single player game) or random magic item
    	(multiplayer game) from the Butcher’s body.
    2	Poisoned Water Supply - You'll know if you have this quest in your
    game by checking the color of the water in the fountain in the middle of
    the town (near Cain).  If the water is brown, as opposed to its normal
    blue, you'll have this quest on the second level.  If you talk to Pepin
    (the healer) in town after you start the first level, he will give you
     this quest.  If you don't happen to notice the color of the water in the
     town fountain, you'll still be able to tell that this quest is in your
     game if, during your exploration of the second level, you run into a 
    crack in the wall which is surrounded by candles (described as "to a 
    dark passage").  If you haven't already initiated the quest by talking
     to Pepin, return to town and do so prior to exploring through the 
    opening (not necessary to complete the quest, but will provide you 
    with more of the story line).  The opening will take you to a separate 
    'mini-level', which you'll have to clear out of monsters in order to 
    solve this quest.  On this quest you'll likely meet your first 
    'goatmen' (flesh clan, the easiest), and a bunch of 'fallen one'
     types, Devil Kins with swords and Carvers with spears.  Once you kill all
     of the monsters, the waters in the mini-level will clear and you'll have
     completed this quest.  Don't forget to return to Pepin to obtain your 
    reward - the Ring of Truth.
    Monsters: Carvers (with spears) [22], Devil Kin (with swords) [11],
    	  Clan Archer [1], Flesh Clan [4].
    Reward:	  Ring of Truth from Pepin
    3	Skeleton King Leoric - This quest is different in the single player
    game compared to the version in the multiplayer game.  Ogden will initiate
    this quest which, like the Poisoned Water quest, also occurs in a separate
    'mini-level', this time off level 3.  There is a separate entrance to the
    Skeleton King's Lair, and by moving your mouse over any staircase you 
    ncounter on the third level you can check if it leads to Leoric's lair.
    Once in Leoric's lair, take it slowly, and gradually pick off his 
    skeleton army without getting too many on the screen at once, to avoid them
    overwhelming you.  Use "Holy Bolt" as much as you can.  If you engage in 
    hand to hand combat, try to use a 'blunt' weapon, like a club, mace or 
    staff, instead of a cutting weapon, like a sword.  You may meet your first
    skeleton archers on this quest.  Avoid advancing too far into a room in 
    order to avoid being caught in a crossfire.  The Skeleton King is straight 
    left (NE), look for the glow he creates.  As with the Butcher, Stone Curse 
    is once again the easiest way to defeat your enemy - cast it when he gets 
    close and attack him while he's vulnerable.  Holy Bolt spells also work very
     well against the Skeleton King.  It's probably not wise to fight him in
     hand to hand unless you have high dexterity, a "bear" weapon, or an item
     which allows you to "fast attack" or "fast recovery".  If he gets near 
    you, you can run away from him - although he may chase you for a while, 
    eventually he'll veer off.  He also has the nasty habit of raising the 
    skeletons which you've already killed, so try and take him out quickly.  
    Once you've killed him, pick up the undead crown (a great item for 
    fighters), and don't forget to "click" on the crosses in each of the 
    corners - they'll open up a secret room with more magic items.
    Monsters:  A large variety of skeleton and skeleton archers, including 
    	   Burning Dead and Corpse Bows.  Skeleton King
    Reward:	Undead Crown from Skeleton King.  Additional magic items from the
    	secret room opened by “attacking” the four crosses in Leoric’s lair.
    4	Tavern Sign - Ogden also initiates this quest, if you talk to him 
    after clearing a couple of levels in the dungeon.  You'll know if you get
     this quest in your game because you won't be able to get down to the 5th
     level until you solve it.  The sign is guarded in a room by "Overlords",
     and it'll be the first time you meet these big guys.  They aren't too 
    difficult, especially if you have some spells (they have no immunities or
     resistances).  You won't be able to open the chest in their lair until you
     talk to "Snotspill", a  "fallen one" leader, who is on the other side of 
    the room with the Overlords (hey, if you find Snotspill first, now you know
     where the sign is).  He'll tell you to go get the sign for him.  Once you
     talk to him, if you haven't already spoken to Odgen to initiate the quest,
     return to town to do so now.  Once back in the dungeon, go and get the 
    sign from the lair of the Overlords.  DO NOT give it to Snotspill, instead
     return it to Odgen in town, and he'll give you the Harlequinn Crest.  
    Then go back into the dungeon and return to Snotspill, who will attack you
     immediately, and he'll have lots of "Dark Ones" to help him.  Firewall 
    works wonders here.  If you can't cast Firewall, wait outside the door and
     pick off Snotspill and his friends one at a time - don't let them get 
    through the door and surround you. 
    Monsters: Dark Ones (with swords) [20], Overlords [5], Snotspill
    Reward:	  Harlequinn Crest from Odgen upon returning the shrine.  A
    	  determined magic item from Snotspill’s body.  Access to the fifth 
    	  level of the dungeon.
    5	Gharbad the Weak - When you first encounter this Goatman, you 
    probably won't even realize that he is a quest, and you'll likely try and
     attack him.  You can't hurt him, so once you clear out any monsters near 
    him, click on him to initiate a conversation.  He'll plead with you not to 
    kill him - you can't anyway, so leave the room.  You'll have to leave and 
    return to the room several times in order to complete this quest, but there
     is no time limit, so you can explore at your leisure and return when you
     want.  The first time you return he will give you a magic item, which may 
    or may not be useful to you.  The second time you return he will tell you
     that he isn't quite finished making you another item.  Finally, the third
     time you return, Gharbad will decide that the item he has made is "too 
    good for you", and he'll attack immediately.  Gharbad the Weak lives up to
     his name, however, so you shouldn't have much difficulty killing him in 
    any number of imaginative ways.  You'll receive the item he made once you 
    kill him.
    Monsters:  Just poor old Gharbad (unless you haven’t cleared out the monsters
    	   on the 4th level near him)
    Reward:	   A magic item from Gharbad the second time you speak to him and an
    	   additional magic item from his body.
    6	The Magic Rock - Griswold will initiate this quest by telling you of
     a caravan that passed through the town some time ago.  There's not much to
     this quest, you'll find the rock on a pedestal on level 5.  Take your time
     in getting to it, as it is usually surrounded by a fair number of monsters.
      Return it to Griswold, who will give you the Embryean Band.  If you find 
    the rock before you've talked to Griswold, take it anyway, but drop it in 
    town before you talk to him, then pick it up again and complete the quest 
    (this strategy also works for the Tavern Sign quest discussed above).
    Monsters:  Randomly determined monsters on the 5th level of the dungeon
    Reward:	   Embryean Band from Griswold for returning the rock.
    7	Valor - This quest is initiated by reading the Book of Blood on 
    level 5.  You'll be able to complete this quest in the same room as you 
    find the book, but you may want to drop back into town in order to see what
     the townsfolk have to say about the quest first (see Farnham, in particular,
     for a few laughs).  Once you go through the room with the book, you'll see
     a blood stone on the floor.  Pick it up and click on the pedestal which is
     also in the room.  There are some Horned Demons in this room, so look out
     for their charges, you can normally hear them picking up speed.  If you 
    dodge them they will ram into walls (they can't stop their charges), which
     will leave them momentarily helpless. Try to take them out at a distance 
    with spells or a bow.  Once you place the first bloodstone on the pedestal,
     you will open another door to the north, opening an attached chamber.  
    There are more monsters and a second blood stone in that room.  Take the
     second blood stone and click on the pedestal again (back in the first 
    room), which will open up a third, attached chamber, where you can find 
    the final bloodstone.  Using the last bloodstone on the pedestal, you will
     open the chamber to the Arkanines' Valor armor.
    Monsters:  Horned Demons [8]
    Reward:    Arkanines’ Valor Armour in the room of Valor.
    8	Chamber of Bone - This quest is initiated by reading the Mythical 
    Book, on level 6.  Once you've read the book (and for those of you who are 
    impatient, you don't have to listen to all of it, just hit the "escape" key
     to close the book), a staircase will be available on the 6th level to take 
    you to another "mini-level", the Chamber of Bone.  You will likely meet both
     Horned Demons (if you didn't get the Valor quest) and Unseen for the first
     time on this quest.  There are three passageways - the ones on the left 
    and the right lead to levers and are guarded by Horned Demons (see the 
    Valor quest for combat tips).  The center passageway leads to the chamber
     of bone which, as the name implies, is heavily populated with skeletons.
      Firewall works great here, as all of the skeletons are crammed in a 
    relatively small area.  4-5 firewalls can fill the entire room, quickly 
    exterminating the skeletons and the Hidden (who are hiding!).  There are
     a few more Horned Demons through the skeleton room, and a book in the 
    middle of the room.  If you charge and get the book, you will receive the
     "Guardian" spell, and a three headed dragon will appear out of the ground,
     and it will blast any remaining monsters in the room.  Once you read the 
    book the quest will be completed, but make sure you explore the two 
    "secret" rooms on the right hand passageway (they are opened by the two
     levers).  Each of the secret rooms contains more hidden and skeletons,
     and also a chest with several items, all magical.
    Monsters:  Horror Captains [45], Horned Demons [9], Unseen [12]
    Reward:    Guardian Spell from reading the Ancient Tome, 3 randomly 
    	   determined magic items from each of the quests in the two rooms
    	   opened by the levers.
    9	Halls of the Blind - This quest, like the Valor and Chamber of Bone
     quests, is also initiated by a book (see how important my book summary in
     part 6 of this Information Guide is...), this time appropriately called 
    the "Book of the Blind", which will be found on level 7 if you get this 
    quest.   The Halls of the Blind is a tilted "figure-eight" shaped room, 
    with a door on each of the north and south sides.  You'll find the yellow
     "Illusion Weavers" in the room, and they are fairly tough, but can be 
    taken out by spells (lightning preferably, as they are resistant to magic
     and fire), or in hand to hand.  They are fairly easy to run from if you 
    get in over your head.  Inside the Halls of the Blind room, there will be
     two small rooms.  Both contain more Illusion Weavers, so don't open them 
    until you clear out the ones already in the main room.  The small room to 
    the North contains the "Optic Amulet".  Once you take the Optic Amulet, 
    you will solve the quest.
    Monsters: Illusion Weavers [17]
    Reward:	  Optic Amulet in the small room at the top of the “figure eight”
    	  shaped room.
    10	Zhar the Mad - This non-player character is found on level 8, in a
     room with some books and scrolls on pedestals and a bookcase.  Talk to him
     first in order to initiate the quest, as he will give you a free magic 
    book.  You can freely take the items off of the pedestals, but as soon as
     you touch the bookcase he will admonish you and attack.  Stone Curse will
     take him out in seconds.  Spells are generally the best way to take him 
    out, as he will teleport when you try to engage him in hand to hand
    Monsters:  Zhar the Mad
    Reward:	   Books or scrolls from the pedestals, a book from the bookcase and
    	   a randomly determined magic item from Zhar’s body (“I’m sorry, did
    	   I break your concentration).
    11	Black Mushroom - In order to initiate this quest, you'll have to 
    find the Fungal Tome, which can be found on level 9 if this quest is 
    present in your game.  Take the Fungal Tome to Adria, the witch (there
    is  no other use for the book).  She'll tell you to go get a "demon's brain",
     for Pepin the healer.  Talk to the healer to get additional information.
     The first monster you kill after speaking to Adria will release the 
    "demon's brain" (that monster doesn't have to be labeled a "demon").  
    Many people complain about missing the brain, because it is quite small 
    and in the caves it is easy to lose an item behind a wall.  Return the 
    brain to Pepin, who will give you an elixir for Adria.  Take the elixir 
    to Adria, who will tell you to keep the elixir for yourself.  Use it and 
    you will gain +3 points to each of your attributes.  In the initial 
    release of Diablo, there is a bug which may prevent you from using this 
    potion if you don't use it right away, so be sure to gulp it down 
    immediately.  A demon's brain never tasted so good.
    Monsters:  Just the randomly determined monsters on the 9th level of
    	 (and deeper if you don’t take the Fungal Tome to Adria until later).
    Reward:	  Elixir from Adria (actually Pepin, but take it to Adria before 
    	  trying to use it).
    12	Anvil of Fury - This is another quest which people often have 
    difficulty completing, but it actually is fairly easy.  Griswold will 
    initiate this quest by telling you about the mighty Anvil of Fury.  The 
    Anvil itself can be found on level 10, but it is on a peninsula surrounded
     by lava, and well guarded by monsters (including Night Clan Archers and 
    Obsidian Lords).  Take your time and gradually clear out the monsters 
    prior to trying to get to the Anvil - identify the weaknesses of the 
    monsters by looking at my charts in Part 1 of this Information Guide. 
     The Anvil is actually quite small and easy to miss, but most people 
    miss the Anvil because they explore the "Caves" by patrolling around 
    the edges, picking off targets of opportunity.  The lava pool is 
    closer to the center.  Return the Anvil to Griswold in order to receive 
    "Griswold's Edge", a pretty good weapon.
    Monsters: Night Clan Archers [8], Obsidian Lords [10]
    Reward:	  Griswold’s Edge from Griswold after returning the Anvil.
    13	Warlord of Blood - Yet another quest initiated by a book, this time
     the Steel Tome, which is found on level 13.  You'll know if you have this 
    quest in your game, because you will be unable to get to the stairs leading
     to level 14 until you read the Steel Tome.  The Warlord and his henchmen are
    pretty tough, but vulnerable to stone curse if you can get them to follow you
    so that you can take them out one at a time.  His henchmen are Steel Lords,
     and therefore vulnerable to lightning.  Or just swing and chop, but try to
     avoid being surrounded by fleeing if necessary.  A defensive spell like
     Mana Shield also comes in handy.  After you have disposed of the Warlord
     and his men, you will be able to loot his treasure, which includes 2 
    sets of magical armor and 4 magic weapons.  Not bad.  He won't be
     needing them anymore anyway....
    Monsters: Steel Lords [many], Warlord of Blood
    Reward:	  Magic Armor [2] and Magic Weapons [4] in the Warlord’s Lair, 
    	 another magic item from the Warlord’s body, access to the 14th lvl.
    14	Lachdanan - Lachdanan himself will initiate this quest, and he can 
    be found standing still on level 14.  He is a Blood Knight, so your first 
    instinct will likely be to attack him, which is fruitless.  He'll ask you to
     get the Golden Elixir, which you will find in the center of a room on level
     15.  When you find it, return it to Lachdanan (don't worry, he won't 
    attack), and he'll give you the Veil of Steel in exchange for it - and 
    a merciful death.
    Monsters:  Blood Knights will always be on level 14 if this quest is present
    	   in your game, plus additional randomly determined monsters on
    	   the 14th and 15th level
    Reward:    Veil of Steel from Lachdanan after returning the Golden Elixir.
    15	Lazarus - Getting close now...In order to initiate this quest, you
     will first have to find the "Staff of Lazarus", which is an unusable item
     found on level 15, near a strange contraption.  Once you have the staff,
     you'll have to show it to Cain in town in order to start the quest.  Once
     you speak to Cain, there will be a red portal available on level 15, 
    which will take you to another "mini-level".  Lazarus' lair is populated
     with Succubus type monsters, as well as mages.  Take your time, the 
    narrow corridors make it easy to avoid being surrounded.  Use Stone Curse
     or other offensive spells such as Fireball.  Clear out as much as you
     can without reading the "Books of Vileness" (there are two books on 
    opposite sides of this mini-level).   There are a number of Hellspawn 
    initially trapped in cages - ripe for a nice Firewall spell.  In order to
     read the Books of Vileness, you have to be standing on the teleport pad 
    nearby (which will light up).  You will be teleported into an area with 
    more Hellspawns, which will be again be vulnerable to Firewall. You'll 
    have to read the second Book of Vileness as well, and then return to the 
    beginning of the level to step on a teleport to Lazarus himself.  Lazarus
     surrounds himself with Hellspawns (hmmm....), including two "leaders", 
    "Blackjade" and "Red Vex" - flee to the north or south passageways in order
     to avoid being surrounded immediately, and then pick off the Hellspawns 
    when they follow you.  Lazarus will not chase you.  Once you have gotten 
    rid of his guards, Lazarus is quite easy to take out with Stone Curse.  He
     is difficult to engage in hand to hand with, because he will use "Flash" 
    spells and teleport.  You're likely to have better success with ranged 
    weapons or spells.  After you kill Lazarus, return through the red portal,
     which will have reappeared, and return to town to talk to Cain, in order 
    to initiate the final quest.....
    Monsters:  Hellspawn [many], Advocates [6], Lazarus
    Reward:	   A randomly determined magic item from each of Lazarus, Red
    	   and Blackjade.  Access to Diablo.
    16	Diablo - Diablo is initially trapped in a room, so be sure to take 
    out all of the other monster on this rather small level prior to pressing 
    all of the levers which allow him out.  This level is essentially 4 large 
    areas, connected by a passageway in the middle.  There will be lots of Blood
     Knights and Advocates.  Mana Shield is a must for this level, particularly 
    if you are a mage, and lots of Mana potions come in handy.   If you can 
    cast Golem, try and use one against the mages, but realize that the Golem
     won't last long against the Blood Knights on the level.  To help your 
    Golem, cast Stone Curse on enemies near the Golem and watch him shatter 
    them.  Three of the four main areas contain levers (2 in one area), and 
    the fourth area contains Diablo and yet more minions.  The area with the 
    2 levers will open Diablo's chamber, so leave it until you have cleared 
    out the other areas.  When you finally do let Diablo out, you may want 
    to get him to chase you into one of the other cleared out areas 
    (preferably on the other side of the level).  He tends to get lost 
    following you, so you should be able to sneak back to finish off his 
    minions (for extra experience points).  Diablo casts Apocalypse spells,
     which are quite dangerous, so keep an eye on your hit point level or, 
    if you are using a  Mana Shield, your mana level.  If you are luring him
     away, zigzagging will allow you to dodge his spells.  Unfortunately, 
    Stone Curse will not work on Diablo.  I found that the best way to take
     him out was actually to go head to head with him, keeping Mana Shield 
    up and using spells from a staff (like Fireball or Lightning), and chopping
     away.  Diablo appears to be vulnerable to all types of spells, including 
    Holy Bolt, but excluding Stone Curse, as discussed above.  Ah, he was a 
    wimp after all.....
    Monsters:  Blood Knights [many], Advocates [many], Black Knight [1], 
    	   Sir Golash, Diablo
    Reward:	   A magic item from Sir Golash.  End game for killing Diablo.
    Thanks to everyone who has written to me with comments (and especially 
    praise!), and to the following people in particular:
    - Sandra (slink) for info on the following unique items: Baranar's Star, Black
      Razor, and the Blackoack Bow, and for help with the hit point ranges;
    - Franklin MacKenzie for information on several shrines (mainly multiplayer 
    - Nick Lock for some info on “Godly” items (which I have personally never
    - Trung Nguyen for some info on “Strange” items;
    - Gamespot;
    - Origin Systems, Inc. and Richard Garriott in particular, for the enjoyment
      I have received from the Ultima games over the years; and
    - Blizzard Entertainment for producing Diablo, and for quickly developing a
      well deserved reputation as a company that develops extremely well polished,
      entertaining games.
    Changes Between Version 1.2 to 1.3
    - Moved “blocking” item under “Hit Recovery” table, Added the effects of 
     increasing Mana Shield levels.
    Changes Between Version 1.3 to 1.4
    - Added the level maximums, and a short section on character classes
    (Part 7)
    - Moved "flesh clan" and "flesh clan archers" from lvl 3 to lvl 2.
    - Added *Blighthorn Steelmace as unique monsters
    - Adjusted the ranges for "deadly" and "heavy" items
    - Added "night", "pit" and "useless" to the cursed items list
    - Added +10 hit points to the description of "Ring of Truth"
    - Changed the range for "large shield" from 8-10 to 5-10
    - Added the Tower Shield to the list of shields
    - Tweaked the range for "Plate" items
    - Removed the description of the negative effect associated with "Eerie 
     shrines", I now believe there is no negative effect.
    - Added a description of the bug associated with the "Black Mushroom"
     which prevents you from using the elixir unless it is used relatively 
     quickly after completing the quest.
    Changes Between Version 1.4 to 1.5
    	General Changes:
    -  Converted the Information Guide/FAQ to a Word 6.0 document, converted 
     most of the information to formal tables.
    	Changes to Part 1:
    -  Added additional commentary re:  Hit Points of monsters on other
       levels and formulas for calculating hit points on other skill levels.
    -  Added the following monsters to Part 1:  *Boneripper, *Bladeskin the 
       Slasher, *Breakspine, *Viletouch.
    -  Added the “charging” special ability to Deathshade Fleshmaul.
    -  Added *Deadeye’s immunities
    -  Deleted duplicate entry for Death Spit (was on level 6 and 8)
    -  Fixed reference to “Stalkers”.
    -  Moved Toad Demons to lvl 8, Brokenstorm and Mud Runners to lvl 9,
       to lvl 10, Black Knight to lvl 16.
    -  Added immunities for Bloodlust.
    -  Added Diablo’s ability to cast Apocalypse.
    -  Made related changes to the list of monsters by type, fixed a typo in 
       *Plague wrath.
    -  Added a Monster chart solely dealing with unique monsters.
    	Changes to Part 2:
    - Added additional commentary, and several new spell casting tips.  Also 
      amended some of the existing tips.
    	Changes to Part 3:
    - Changed +Mana, + Hit points low end  to 10 instead of 11.  
    - Added the following item attributes:  absorption, slaughter, jagged, 
      silver (deleted from previous version), strange, plenty, thorns,
    - Added Dragon’s Breach as a unique item, amended Shadowhawk disclosure, 
      deleted Staff of Onan (red herring of mine, hehe).
    	Changes to Part 4:
    - Changed the ranges for the following items:  Gothic Shield, Breast
      Scale Mail, Splint Mail, Field Mail, Plate Mail and Full Plate.
    	Changes to Part 5:
    - Minor fixes, deleted some information I was previously provided but
      unable to verify.
    - Added quotes for Tainted Shrine, Ornate Shrine, Mystic Shrine and
    	Changes to Part 7:
    - Added a significant amount of commentary re: effects of leveling, etc.
    	Changes to Part 8:
    - Added a full list of the monsters associated with each quest, as well
      a more detailed description of how to obtain quest magic items.
    - Revised the wording (minor tweaks mainly) on virtually all of the

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