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    Multiplayer Guide by cnick

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                                    D I A B L O
                        by Blizzard for the PC and Macintosh
                         Diablo Multiplayer Guide V1.03
                              Last Updated: (1/19/03)
                      Newest Versions of this FAQ can be found ONLY at:
                              COPYRIGHT 2000-2003 cnick.
    [ C O N T E N T S ]
    I.    Introduction and Revision History
    II.   Warrior
    III.  Rogue
    IV.   Sorceror
    V.    Multiplayer Tactics
    VI.   Dueling
    VII.  Guilds
    VIII. Battle.net NOTE
    IX.   Thanks and Disclaimer
    Diablo is a RPG/Adventure game created by Blizzard release in 1996 for the PC
    and in 1997 for the macintosh.  While the one player mode is great and fun,
    it can only last you maybe a week or two.  The greatness of this game, is the
    fact you can connect to Blizzard¹s Battle.net.  Here, you can join with 3
    other people to play.  Instead of playing by yourself, you can build your
    character to win dueling tournaments, or co-op through hell.  This is where
    the REAL fun is.
    Revision History
    v0.10 (3/??/00) : First version.  Minor things about each character class,
                      and extra things they get in playing over battle.net.
                      Obviously, more to come... I might decide to do another
                      revision in a couple of hours.
    v0.20 (3/26/00) : V0.10 was never released, as it sort of got mixed with
    11:20pm PST       this version, so V0.10 was never really a revision...
                      Basic things for warrior, rogue, and sorceror are done.
                      Mostly equipment advice.
    v0.20A(3/27/00) : Huge problem with the text fixed.  This won¹t be posted
    12:39am PST       since I just sent in v0.20 about a hour ago, so I will
                      wait till today after school.  To imagine I¹m talking
                      about school... anyway, this is just something minor,
                      back to work.
    v0.30 (3/27/00) : Second update of the day...Added advantages and insights
    4:05pm PST        to each class, as well as added the guild section.  Big
                      update..more to come late today, I¹m writing this at 1 am.
                      Anyway, I don¹t believe v0.20 was posted on gamefaqs,
                      because of the text problem, so I¹ll send it now, and hope
                      it works.  Anyway, later.
    v0.40 (3/28/00) : 50% done on the strategy section for each class.  Also
    12:00am PST       added a multiplayer tactics section.  Its around 33.3%
                      done, so more and more stuff will be added.
    V0.45 (3/28/00) : More of that text problem. Hmmm, the whole FAQ was messed
                      up and it took me a good 30 minutes, so heres V0.45. Also
                      decided to check the whole FAQ for errors.
    V0.50 (3/28/00) : Finished the Rogue section of the strategies.  At least I
                      think I¹m done.  Maybe some minor updates on it,  but
                      nothing major will occur on it.  Thats it for today, I¹m
                      going to work on it tonight and tomorrow to get a rather
                      large update in.
    V0.50a (3/29/00): V0.50 never got posted. hmmm
    V0.55 (3/30/00) : Sorceror strategies done.  20% left, still have that
                      multiplayer section to get to, but I got a little done on
                      it.  Still a whooping 60% left in that section.  Connection
                      is messed up, so I cant send this in, so this will be an
                      unreleased revision. =)
    V0.70 (3/30/00) : My own strategies for each class are done.  Theres probably
                      some minor things I might add, but basically I¹m done with
                      that section.  Some reader strategies would be nice, but
                      I can live without them.  Anyway, connection is down, again,
                      so this will be a huge update.  Also added dueling section.
    V0.80 (4/01/00) : Worked on the multiplayer tactics section, as well as edited
                      until my eyes hurt, so theres bound to be a couple of mistakes
                      I missesd.  Point them out to me, if you want.
    V0.90 (4/04/00) : Added more to the dueling section.  Starting to get to the
                      last version of the guide.  I might take a long break so that
                      people can send in strategies of their own, and that will be
                      the final version, because I rather not go past 1.00, because
                      1.00 should be the final version, with only minor things and
                      contributions to add.  Added more in the Multiplayer Tactics
    V1.00 (4/13/00) : Everything is done.  Maybe a minor updated version, but I
                      highly doubt it.
    V1.01 (4/19/00) : Fixed huge disclaimer problem.  Updated lay-out.
    V1.02 (5/28/00) : Probably the final version of the guide.  Nevermind it is
                      THE FINAL VERSION.  I just wanted to get my b.net note off,
                      so I can prevent at least one person from traveling to the
                      depths of hell, and signing an agreement with the devil
    V1.03 (1/19/03) : Spring cleaning.
    In Future Revisions:
    *Reader strategies - like what Ken Lawler sent it
    II.     WARRIOR
    The warrior is the foot-soldier of diablo.  Instead of attacking from long
    range, or using a magic spell, warriors grab a nice sword, or an axe, or a
    mace, and walk straight up to the enemies of hell.  Great armor, and lots
    of health is required.
    STR: 250
    DEX:  60
    MAG:  45
    VIT: 100
    Look above and you get the general idea of what a warrior does.  High
    strength allows warriors to grab any kind of armor and any kind of weapon.
    Full Plate Mail is the necessary armor for a warrior.  Find one of these
    are cherish it.  Below are some armor and weapons you should look for.
    Remember, unique weapons and armor basically suck, unless you get them
    early on.
    |Gryphon¹s Claw  | Falchion |  +100% to damage, -2 MAG, -5 DEX    |
    |The Executioners| Falchion | +150% damage, -10 HP, -10% light    |
    |Blade           |          | radius, +200% durability            |
    |Doom Bringer    | Bastard  | +25% to hit, +250% damage, -5 to    |
    |                |          | all stats, -20% light radius, -25 HP|
    |The Grandfather |Great     | 1 handed, +5 to all stats, +20 to   |
    |                |    Sword | hitm +70% dam., +20 HP              |
    |Messerschmidts  |Great Axe | +200% dam., +15 to dam., +5 to stats|
    |Reaver          |          | -50 Hp, fire hit (2-12)             |
    |Royal Circlet   |Crown     | +10 to stats, +40 mana, +40 armor   |
    |                |          | +10% light radius                   |
    |Demonspike Coat |Full Plate| AC=100, absorbs 6 HP per hit, +10str|
    |                |Mail      | indestructable, +50% resist fire    |
    |Stormshield     |Tower     | AC=40, absorbs 4 per hit, +10 to str|
    |                |   Shield | indestructable, fast block          |
    =Prefixes and Suffixes to look for=
    While some of the unique items are good, magical items can give you the
    best armor and weapons in the game.  Below are some Prefixes and Suffixes
    you should cherish when you find.
    Kings     : +151% to +175% Damage and +76 to +100 to hit
    Champions : +126% to +150% Damage and +51 to +75  to hit
    Masters   : +111% to +125% Damage and +41 to +50  to hit
    Knights   : +96% to  +110% Damage and +31 to +40  to hit
    Holy      : +151% to +170% AC
    Awesome   : +131% to +150% AC
    Saintly   : +111% to +130% AC
    Obsidian  : +31% to +40% resist to all <---for ring or amulet
    Emerald   : +41% to +50% resist to all <---for ring or amulet
    Jade      : +21% to +30% resist to all <---for ring or amulet
    Haste     : skip frames 1,2,4 and 5 of attack animations
    Life      : +21 to +30 VIT <---for ring or amulet
    Lion      : +51 to +60 HP
    Tiger     : +41 to +50 HP
    Zodiac    : +16 to +20 to all stats <---for ring or amulet
    Heavens   : +11 to +15 to all stats <---for ring or amulet
    Whale     : +81 to 100 HP <--- Extremely rare
    Mammoth   : +61 to  80 HP
    =Warrior Advantages=
     * The warrior enjoys the fastest attacks with all weapons except the bow
     * He gains 2 hit points per level of experience, and also per point of
     * Can repair his own weapons
     * He gets double bonuses for all items of life and of Vitality though
       he also gets double negatives
     * The warrior has a critical strike component giving him a calculated
       chancge for double damage (half his current level is his chance -- e.g. A
       level 10 warrior has a 5% chance for Critical Strike)
     * High Vitality means less damage per hit
     * Stone Curse can stop enemies from running away (takes a lot of mana)
     * Teleport can close in the gap between your enemies
     * Have something in your INV. to boost your magical abilites
     * Use potions or scroll for healing, not spells
    Although the warrior basically hacks-and-slashes, you can perform some
    strategy against the demons.  The first is LURING one monster type towards you.
    This becomes extremely helpful in hell, where you lure the knights to come
    towards you, and the advocates/magical demon will stay back.  Take out the
    knights, then go after the magical users.  This seems to work at most areas,
    but witches tend to come follow you too, and it becomes a whole mess.
    Another strategy (this only works if you have around 100-150 mana) but you can
    stone curse and use teleport to kill those distance magic users that run away
    whenever you get near them.  This eats up mana, but you end up saving a lot of
    health in the process.
    Another strategy, while obvious, is just get equipment that raises your health,
    so you have around 600 to 700 or even more.  With that much, you can just do
    anything, and take a lot of abuse, before you need to heal.
    Fast hit recovery is a must.  If you dont have it, you are going to get
    killed.  You may survive through caves, but once you reach hell, you are
    dead.  You will get surrounded like heck, and 8 monsters attacking at one
    time without a fast hit recovery is just a deadly combination for death.
    In multiplayer, when you co-op, watch out for sorcerors.  They are loose
    cannons, and a fireball or two can kill you.  Make sure you are all on the
    same page, because believe me, you don¹t want to be killed every few minutes.
    Here is a set up for equipment.  There isn¹t as much room to experiment unlike
    for a rogue or a sorceror, since the warrior is only good at one thing and
    thats it.
    Helm- - Holy Great Helm of Mammoth (or something like that, with lots of AC)
    Armor - Awesome Full Plate of Tiger, Lion, Giants.
    Sword - Kings Sword of Haste
    Shield- Stormshield
    Ring 1 - Obsidian/Perfection or Life
    Ring 2 - Obsidian/life
    Ammy - Obsidian/Life
    This set up gives you a major attack, with lots of life and AC. If you have
    exactly what I just posted, as well as maxed out on all stats, you should
    be close to 300 AC with an attack that does 100+-130+.  This is one of the
    best set ups for a warrior, but its extremely hard to find this.  Also, he
    should have around 500-600 Health, so overall, hes one hella tough warrior.
    Heres another warrior set up:
    Helm- - Holy Great Helm of Mammoth (or something like that, with lots of AC)
    Armor - Awesome Full Plate of Sorcery
    Sword - Kings Sword of Haste
    Shield- Emerald Shield of Lion/Tiger
    Ring 1 - Obsidian/Wiz
    Ring 2 - Dragons, Drakes/Wiz
    Ammy - Dragons, Drakes/Wizz
    This set up gives you a lot of mana to work with.  Around 300.  Which is
    extremely high for a warrior, and it will help out in the long run.  You
    will lose some AC, but you should be around 230, and your attack might be
    10 points lower, but you can now use stone curse to kill those damn witches
    in hell/hell, and you can save so much more time.  The advantages outweigh
    the disadvantages, since you would only need this set up for lvl 14-16,
    and theres only one level with a knight, so you won¹t need a super high
    III.    ROGUE
    The rogues primary purpose is to grab a bow, and kill everything before it
    reaches her.  And it seems to work.  You shouldnt get hurt often, unless
    you are in an area with more powerful enemies, or you have enemies that have
    magical attacks.  The rogues weapon choice is also, extremely easy.  A bow
    is the only weapon a rogue have.  No matter what.  A melee weapon is
    pointless as the rogue cant get enough HP to stand a chance in tough battles,
    and a staff wont work because a rogue can not get enough mana to be able to
    cast a lot of spells.  While a bow is quite useful, a rogue can grab a melee
    weapon and we as successful as a warrior.  Read in the strategy section to
    see a detailed look on why.
    STR:  55
    DEX: 250
    MAG:  70
    VIT:  80
    Again, the characteristics tells everything.  DEX is the best stat in the
    game.  It ups your total damage, your AC, and your to hit %.  This helps
    since the rogue loses the AC received from a shield, as well as the
    sacrafice of losing a nice helm, or ring so that you can get your resistances
    up higher and you dont get much AC for using it.  Below are unique items you
    should look for:
    |Flamedart       | Bow      | Fire arrow, +1-6 fire dam, +20% to  |
    |                |          | hit, resist fire 40%                |
    |Fleshstinger    | Long Bow | +15 to DEX, +40% to hit, +80% damage|
    |                |          | 6 durability                        |
    |Windforce       | Long War | +5 to STR, +200% damage, knockback  |
    |                | Bow      |                                     |
    |Eaglehorn       |Long      | +20 to DEX, +50% to hit, +100% dam, |
    |                |Battle Bow| indestructable                      |
    |Messerschmidts  |Great Axe | +200% dam., +15 to dam., +5 to stats|
    |Reaver          |          | -50 Hp, fire hit (2-12)             |
    |Royal Circlet   |Crown     | +10 to stats, +40 mana, +40 armor   |
    |                |          | +10% light radius                   |
    |Demonspike Coat |Full Plate| AC=100, absorbs 6 HP per hit, +10str|
    |                |Mail      | indestructable, +50% resist fire    |
    =Prefixes and Suffixes to look for=
    Eaglehorn is your best bow there, but its almost nothing compared with the
    bows you can get with the right prefix and suffix.  Below are the best:
    Merciless : +151% to 175% damage
    Ruthless  : +126% to 150% damage
    Savage    : +111% to 125% damage
    Massive   :  +96% to 110% damage
    Holy      : +151% to +170% AC
    Awesome   : +131% to +150% AC
    Saintly   : +111% to +130% AC
    Obsidian  : +31% to +40% resist to all <---for ring or amulet
    Emerald   : +41% to +50% resist to all <---for ring or amulet
    Jade      : +21% to +30% resist to all <---for ring or amulet
    Dragons   : +51-60 mana
    Drakes    : +41-50 mana
    Serpents  : +30-40 mana
    Swiftness : Skip frames 1 and 3 of attack animation
    Readiness : Skip frame 1 of attack animation
    Wizardry  : +21 to 30 MAG
    Perfection: +21 to 30 DEX
    Percision : +16 to 20 DEX
    Zodiac    : +16 to +20 to all stats <---for ring or amulet
    Heavens   : +11 to +15 to all stats <---for ring or amulet
    =Rogue Advantages=
     * The rogue casts spells much faster than a warrior
     * She adds both one health and one mana point per level gained
     * She can inflict physical damage from a distance (duh!)
     * She fires the bow quickly and accurately
     * Should always fight with a bow
     * The mana shield spell is very necessary
     * Keep heal and mana shield hot-keyed
     * Stone Curse your enemies. You should have the mana to do it!
    The rogue probably has the most strategy in the game.  The most common one,
    is shooting the bow a couple of times, run back into an already cleared area,
    and squeeze off another shot, run back a little, and squeeze some more shots.
    If you aren¹t fighting considerably stronger enemies, you should be able to
    kill most enemies without getting hurt, unless theres just WAY to many to
    perform this.
    Forget about getting life for a rogue.  Mana is almost as necessary for a
    rogue as it for a sorceror.  Try your best to get it up around 300 mana,
    so you can have mana shield, and have ample mana left to perform level 5
    or 6 spells against the minions of hell.
    A rogue in multiplayer should always have a nice bow.  Thats your speciality
    so use it.  Low AC won¹t hurt you much, since a warrior would be taking
    most of the damage.  Just make sure you are accurate and you don¹t kill
    Use the SHIFT key.  You won¹t move while shooting, and you can squeeze
    shot after shot without the possibility of walking up to a huge pack of wild
    demons.  Standing still also allows other characters to move around freely,
    so they wont get nailed by an arrow.
    (From Ken Lawler <rpgfan99@hotmail.com>)
     To start with, Rougues have a very high Dex. That gives a great to-hit rate
    (Warriors need +to hit boosters to do well in hell difficulty. What good is
    strength if you can't hit anything?) and a high natural AC of 50. While their
    Strength is low, the to-hit means their blows land more often. HP is a
    problem, but the use of Mana Shield and the equipment below even things out.
    35 strength points from equipment can allow a Rogue to wear Full Plate,
    boosting the AC beyond what any Warrior can get, and all the better if it has
    a +HP suffix. Stormshield is a Rogue's best shield, with it's 40 AC, +10
    Strength, and Fast Block, allowing them to block as fast as Warriors (The +dmg
    is hardly a setback).
    As for weaponry, Rogues can take advantage of the ultimate demon killer
    in the game: Civerb's Cudgel. While the Cudgel only does 1-8 damage, the
    reason it's so powerful is because the +200% vs. demons affects your total
    damage (on char screen), not the weapon damage. While Warriors can use this
    item, they have to base all their equipment towards +to hit in order to use it
    effectively, which is a huge problem. As for the non-demons, a King's or
    Merciless bastard sword of Haste does well.
      As an example of an archer/melee rouge's equipment, I submit the equipment my
    multiplayer char uses:
    Helm: Royal Circlet
    Armor: Awesome Full Plate of the Tiger
    Bow: Windforce
    Spare Bow: Eaglehorn
    Shield: Stormshield
    Melee Weapon: Civerb's Cudgel
    Spare Melee Weapon: Doombringer
    Ring 1: Obs/Heavens
    Ring 2: Obs/Titans
    Amulet: Crystal/Zodiac
    I would list stats for them, but I don't have the game here at college *sigh*.
      Warriors are still great melee fighters (though I won't say the best, I am
    slightly biased), with a high base damage (125 vs. 76) and fast swing speed, and
    the almighty critical hit. But the Rogue has a natural high AC and to-hit, and
    with the right equipment can fight head to head with the demons in hell difficulty
    as well as a Warrior.  Also, early on melee fighting is not a good option for a
    Rogue, but later on it becomes a great addition.  All in all, Rogues can make
    great melee fighters.
    To add another equipment set up, I¹ll add my own, which includes a huge
    difference then the one set up sent by Ken Lawler.  Here it is:
    Helm: Royal Circlet/Thinking Cap (TC is for hell, where I need the resistance)
    Armor: Awesome Full Plate (Can get better, but a suffix won¹t help too much)
    Bow: Massive (+100%) Long War Bow of the Heavens (+14 to all)
    Ring 1: Ruby Ring of Life
    Ring 2: Jade Ring of Titans
    Amulet: Obsidian/Stars
    This at, lvl 30, gives me a 54-75 attack, and 256 AC, and I have around 80
    or so DEX points to put in.
    IV.     SORCEROR
    A sorceror is the only one of the 3 classes to really be able to do some
    damage with magic.  Its worthless to bother trying to help the warrior with
    magic, and the rogue can barely learn things over level 5 of 6.  This
    ability makes the sorceror the most powerful class in the game.  With a blow
    or 2 with a fireball, anything thats not immune to it is dead.  Sorcerors
    are simply gods in multiplayer in diablo, and they shouldn¹t be messed with.
    STR:  45
    DEX:  85
    MAG: 250
    VIT:  80
    Magic is where its at.  Each point gives you +2 mana, so without any special
    items, sorcerors alone have more then rogues have with all equipment.
    Because they basically have no health, you must find a book of mana shield.
    Doing this will cause damage to drain your mana, not your health.  This
    means that by the time you are at lvl 30, you should have about 800 or so
    mana, which is alot more then a warrior can have in health.  Below is the
    unique items you should look for:
    |Dreamflange     | Mace     | +30 MAG, +50 to mana, +50 to resist |
    |                |          | magic, +20% light radius, spells up |
    |                |          | 1 level                             |
    |Thinking Cap    | Skull Cap| +30 mana, all spells up 2 levels,   |
    |                |          | +20 resist all, durability 1        |
    |Mindcry         |Quarter   | +15 MAG, +15 resist all, all spells |
    |                |Staff(hvy)| up 1 leve, 69 guardian charges      |
    |Holy Defender   |Large     | AC=15, absorbs 2 HP per hit, +20% to|
    |                |  Shield  | fire, +200% dura, faster block      |
    |Royal Circlet   |Crown     | +10 to stats, +40 mana, +40 armor   |
    |                |          | +10% light radius                   |
    |Najs Light      |Plate     | AC=100, absorbs 6 HP per hit, +10str|
    |   Plate        |   Mail   | indestructable, +50% resist fire    |
    Note: A thinking cap needs to be affected by a hidden shrine before you
    should use it.  When you find a hidden shrine, take everything off, except
    for the TC and a worthless item, and just hope the TC gets the extra 10
    durability.  You cant lose the TC so theres no loss no matter what happens.
    Also, you probably shouldnt use a TC unless you have a high obsidian shield
    or higher, or you won¹t have max resistances and you would be forced to use
    jewelry to max it out.
    =Prefixes and Suffixes to look for=
    These below are best for a shield (for resistance) and rings (for mana) or for
    a great staff.
    Arch-Angel: all spells up 2 levels
    Bountiful : charges tripled (best for apoc staff)
    Obsidian  : +31% to +40% resist to all <---for shield
    Emerald   : +41% to +50% resist to all <---for shield
    Dragons   : +51-60 mana
    Drakes    : +41-50 mana
    Serpents  : +30-40 mana
    Wizardry  : +21 to 30 MAG
    Zodiac    : +16 to +20 to all stats <---for ring or amulet
    Heavens   : +11 to +15 to all stats <---for ring or amulet
    Apocolpyse: Allows a certain amount of charges for apocolpyse
    Fireball  : Alloes a certain amount of charges for fireball.  (good for
                dueling, when you don¹t lose mana by using fireball)
    =Sorceror Advantages=
     * The sorceror gains two points of mana for every level gained, as well as
       for every magic point
     * He gets double the bonus for magical enhancementsw (gets double neg. too)
     * At higher levels, hes indestructable (no kidding)
     * He attacks fastest with a shield
     * For every level of mana shield, the damage he takes is reduced.
     * Use teleport (should be in your top 5 spells)
     * Always have mana shield on (duh!)
     * Pour points into the magic characteristic, since Mana serves as both
       magic power and Hit Points with mana shield on.
     * The combo of Stone curse and golem is the only way to kill Advocates, and
       soul burners on level 14-16 on hell difficulty.  This is extremely
       difficult to do, and the only downside of a sorceror
    Well a sorceror basically has no strategy.  Teleport, chain lightning,
    fireball, teleport, and so on.  But, you must get books as quick as possible.
    Mana shield is the most important to get, then fireball and chain lightning.
    Keep looking for the books at the witch, as well as books falling off from
    dead monsters.
    The LAZ RUN is the best way to get unique items, as well as a lot of cash
    quick.  Once you have teleport, with at least 400-500 mana, lvl 5 fireball,
    and a lvl 5 chain lightning, you are capable to do a LAZ RUN.  You just teleport
    through 13, down to 14, down to 15, and right into Lazs cell.
    Kill him, and his witches, grab the items, and hunt for bloodlust who is
    hanging around in lvl 15.  This easily gets you 10k gold, and within a hour,
    you can have 200k.  This is only done by a sorceror, since neither a rogue
    or a warrior are able to get enough mana to teleport around.
    Pour points in magic.  Forget about any reasonable armor (although you want
    to max out STR so that you can get a reasonably good armor quickly).  Once
    you have that, beef up your MAG stat, and watch your mana grow.  Within a
    couple of levels you will be one mean, lean fighting machine.  Be careful
    when you use magic spells.  A couple of fireball shots can kill anyone
    thats not a sorceror.
    Although a sorceror can go pound-to-pound with anything in all magic equipment,
    you can still customize him.  In hell/hell, the soul burners and advocates
    can only be killed by golem, and this takes an extreme amount of time.  To
    fix this, you can put warrior items on your sorceror, and he will become a
    mean, lean, fighting machine.  Below is what I use, especially down in
    Helm - Thinking Cap
    Armor - Awesome Full Plate of Sorcery
    Weapon - Kings Sword of Haste
    Shield - Emerald Shield
    Ring 1 - anything/titans or zodiac
    Ring 2 - anything/titans or zodiac
    Ammy   - anything/titans or zodiac
    Note:  You will only need 2 jewelry to give you the above 90 STR needed to be
    able to kick some ass.  So on that 3rd jewelry, keep your best ³magical² item
    there so you have a nice damage with a sword and a high mana.
    The above strategy should only be used for soul burners and advocates.  Use
    your sword while they are stone cursed, and have golem pound away.  This will
    go much faster, and you will save a lot of time.  This way, getting levels
    won¹t be such a pain now that lvl 15 and 16 won¹t take very long to do.  Take
    notice that you will have around 600-700 (if you had a lot to begin with) mana,
    so it may go down quicker then you think.
    Heres a different kind of equipment set-up.  Its much different from the
    above one, but its more standard, and this is how to get a stronger mage for
    dueling, and gameplay.
    Helm - Thinking Cap
    Armor - Naj¹s Light Plate
    Weapon - Dreamflange
    Shield - Emerald Shield
    Ring 1 - something/wiz or sorcery
    Ring 2 - something/wiz or sorcery
    Ammy   - something/wiz or sorcery
    You have a lot of room to experiment in here.  For most mana, you will need
    the dragons or drakes prefix, which is extremely rare to get, but you can
    easily have 1100 mana with the jewelry.  Other then that, theres not much
    you can use for a prefix.  The emerald shield, thinking cap, and naj¹s light
    plate should give you max resistances.
    There are a certain amount of different possibilites for multiplayer tactics.
    Below are some different scenarios with a way to be successful in clearing
    a room.
    =Small Room=
    Of course, Im assuming you have at least 1 of each class.  But if you don¹t
    you may have to slightly alter this tactic.  In a small room, a sorceror is
    basically useless, as he will hurt his partners.  Try to get the monsters
    lured out to a bigger room where he can do some damage.  In the small room,
    the warrior should hack-and-slash, and the rogue should be using her bow,
    like usual.  If the sorceror has stone curse, he can be doing that.
    =Large Room=
    Everything is game here.  Make sure the rogue helps pick off guys around
    the warrior, and the sorceror needs to make sure his magic isnt killing
    his partners.  Other then that, everything is game, which is very cool.
    Try your best to lure one kind of monster away, so you dont waste so
    much health or mana.
    =Wide Hallway=
    Keep 2 characters in the hallway, and one player to go through the door,
    (warrior most likely) and lure some monsters in.  Have him hack at some of
    the demons that come in, but when he gets overwhelmed, move away and let
    rogue and sorceror use their long range attacks.  CAREFUL!  The warrior
    should run behind the rogue and sorceror so he doesnt get killed.
    This strategy also amplies to a NARROW HALLWAY.  The one thing thats
    different is that the warrior needs to be careful, since theres is little
    room for error.  A loose fireball or arrow can easily hit him.  He is
    in the line of fire.  WATCH OUT!
    =Lots of Enemies=
    This may sound like a joke from the title, but believe me, if you get
    surrounded, you are going to get killed.  But there is some things you can do
    about it.  First, have chain lightning, or an apoc scroll, or even a nova or
    2 hot keyed, and saved them when you get in this kind of situation.  If you
    are a sorceror, you don¹t need to worry about this, but a Rogue and Warrior
    can be screwed unless they have a powerful magic attack to weaken or kill
    everything around them.  Also, keep track on what you are going to do if
    you get surprised by a huge amount of enemies.  You don¹t want to run away
    into another uncleared area, so make sure you have a planned route if you
    are forced to retreat.
    Also, try to single out one kind of enemy that would seem most likely to
    kill you.  If its witches and knights, go after the knights first.  The witches
    hurt, but not as much as a couple of knights surrounding you.
    Only for sorcerors basically.  Only a few rogues and warriors can use it and
    they can only do it a couple of times before they need to use a new mana
    potion.  When teleporting through hoards of monsters, you must always be
    moving.  Don¹t wait for a second, then teleport.  It has to be quick, and
    fast or you will be dead.  Of course, if you are extremely powerful this
    won¹t happen, unless you get locked up by 8 blood knights, then you are
    dead.  Make sure you have ample mana, at least 500+ to really be able to take
    advantage of this.
    =Stone Cursing=
    While you may not think this spell is important, it is.  You don¹t need to
    actually see your enemy to use this, so take that for an advantage.  Get behind
    a wall, cast it a couple of times, and teleport on the other side, and kill
    the stoned enemies.  Easy enough, eh?  Stone cursing is great for warriors,
    especially for those pesky witches in hell, where one runs away while the other
    50 hit you.  This is also a good spell for sorcerors, since you need this,
    as well as golem to kill soul burner and advocates deep in hell.
    If you dont take your time in the labyrinth, you are going to die.  Make small
    movements into new areas, so only a couple of monsters see you, and you can
    take them out first, instead of taking a whole rooms full of monsters. This
    will save you lots of time, health, and your life on certain occasions.  This
    is a necesity if you are traveling into hell on hell difficulty, where you can
    be dead within a second.
    Also, having patience will get you into the higher levels, where you get
    slightly more powerful as you get past 40, since only a few get further then
    that.  If you are a sorceror, reaching level 50 is awesome.  Not only is it
    a great accomplishment, but your spells damage raise each time you get a new
    level.  So a lvl 19 fireball on you takes off 1100-1300 while a lvl 19 fireball
    on a lvl 35 sorceror only takes off 950-1150.  200 damage might not seen a lot,
    but multiple that by how many times you shoot it in a duel, and you got yourself
    a huge advantage.
    VI.     DUELING
    Dueling is the funnest thinf in Diablo.  That is, if you are lucky to get some
    great items to be able to win.  While reaching lvl 50 is a huge achievement,
    beating anyone is much better.  Before you begin your destiny to become the
    greatest dueler on battle.net, you must decide one thing:
    Are you going to cheat or not?
    If you are, fine, its your choice.  But duel with other cheats, and don¹t go
    after people who are earning their items to win.  I have nothing against
    cheaters, unless you PK legits.  Once you have the answer to that question,
    you are now ready to begin your journey.  The second question you should
    ask yourself is:
    =What class do you want to be?=
    Sorcerors are my far the most powerful, rogues come in 2nd, and warriors come
    in at a far third.  Each class has different requirements to become a good
    duelist.  Sorcerors need a lvl 19 or 20 fireball, with 1000 or 900 mana
    respectively, whether or not you are using an Arch-Angel staff to get the
    lvl 20 fireball.  A rogue needs a powerful bow, so you don¹t stand there
    for 10 minutes taking off 5 HP per hit.  Once you get a powerful bow, you
    want to beef up with perfection suffixes and gold prefixes to improve
    your to hit % and your AC.  Warriors are left dead here.  They can get a
    high AC, and a reasonable to hit %, but nothing can save them from a
    powerful long distance attack.  Just do yourself a favor and don¹t make a
    warrior for dueling. =)
    =What are some tips?=
    My best advice is know what kind of items your opponent has, and try to
    predict this strategy by that.  If he has a lot of mana, he will probably
    go all out on magic, so try to get as much resistance and life (or mana
    if you use mana shield) to prevent you getting killed by a fireball.
    If he has a lot of AC, you are going to need an extremely high to hit %
    or you will be toast.  Theres also the chance that you don¹t know what he
    has, and you are left out in the blue.  In that case, you just have to
    experiment around, and set up a best out of 3 duel, so that you can lose
    one without losing the match.
    If you are facing a sorceror, walk parallel from him so dodge as much as
    you can.  He will hit you a couple of times, but if you perfect this move,
    you can move all you want and he will waste mana pot after mana pot.  Heres
    a map descriptions:
    ---> Path you should take
    X - Sorceror
    Move like that.  If you are moving at a angle, he will have a better shot,
    depending on how big the angle is.  The bigger it is, the best chance he will
    be pounding you with fireballs.
    Where do I find duels?
    Good question.  Unless you cheat, doing a public game duel is like commiting
    suicide.  I¹ll guarantee you that some jackass will join and PK each and every
    one of you.  To prevent this, you can use a scanner, like Diablo Sight, to
    scan his items and see if they are hacked.  But to prevent being PKed like that,
    joining a guild, which holds dueling tournaments, is the best to go.  Read
    below if you want to join a guild, I listed a number of LEGIT guilds that have
    dueling tournaments every month or so.
    VII.    GUILDS
    One of the special things about playing over battle.net is this people.
    When Diablo first started, people would group up creating guilds.  Instead of
    entering a public game, you would play amongst the people in your guild,
    people you could trust, and have fun playing with.
    Enter the hacks.  Cheating went rampant a couple of months after Diablo
    was first released.  The importance of guilds were know obvious.  Legit
    guilds were created, so that you would never have to fear being Pk-ed in
    a public game, or even MK-ed, which is being killed by monsters by a bogus
    clear Town Portal.  I put this section here for anyone who actually doesn¹t
    know about this, or people who are looking for some guilds.  Below are some
    guilds I am in or that Ive been in.  All of them are proved by me, and the
    reasons why I left were not because they were crappy.  Here they are:
    Knights of Camelot         - <koc.clanpages.com>
    Knights of Excalibur       - <http://www.angelfire.com/ny3/KOE/doorway.html>
    White Knights of Valor     - <www.angelfire.com/wv/WKV/entrance.html
    Iron Knights               - <www.geocities.com/knightsofiron
    Eternal Knights of Trinity -
    The Battle.net world of diablo has been infested by cheaters and hackers.
    This is extremely sad, since regular good people are forced to cheat back
    just so they can play a game without being pked, and downloading a scanner
    to see if the new person who jsut entered a game cheats.  Wow, I never
    though online gaming would turn to this.  Blizzard gives us a free
    opportunity to meet new people, and have fun playing a great, and awesome
    game, and all we can do is ruin it.
    Why is this?  I be glad for someone to email me who cheats, and explains
    it to me why he/she does it.  I don't really have a problem with a person
    cheating, I should note that, but others do.  Cheating to grab the nicest
    equipment is fine by me, or to fight off a pk is even better!  I want more
    of that, cheaters that help.  But then again, you guys shouldn't be considered
    cheaters, but prehaps heros.  If we have that technology to basically ruin
    the game, why dont we use it for good?  I for one, have experienced the help
    of one of these people, and I am ever grateful for that persons help.
    However, few people are like this.  Instead of helping a person who lost all
    of his equipment in the labyrinth, theres people who will drop in a game,
    kill everyone in it, swear a couple of lines, and leave.  Great, I usually
    think to myself, and I feel glad that theres guilds that prevent this
    kind of stuff.  Ive listed guilds, above this section, if you are interested
    in joining one.  All of them are fairly good, although I cant say for sure
    if they are still up and running... I havent checked on them for awhile,
    prehaps since I want to get ready for Diablo 2.
    I guess, to finish this little statement off, I want to say one last thing:
    Dont ruin Diablo 2 like people ruined Diablo.  Of course there was things
    to prevent this ruining of the game, and sometimes it works.  But every
    legit player has seen or been killed by a hacker/cheater.  I know
    Blizzard plans on doing a lot to prevent hackers/cheaters to repeat this
    performance, which we are all glad for, but hackers are always one step
    ahead of prevention, and within a couple of months, the new version of
    bobafett will be out, and once again people will be pked like hell.  Which
    brings up another point, if theres no cheating, and items are harder to get,
    will the older, and much stronger players pk?  I will be interesting to
    see what happens, we got roughly 30 days left until its release.  PLEASE,
    if you are reading this, drop any thought of cheating and believe me, your
    experience on battle.net will be much, much funner.
    IX.     Thanks and Disclaimer
      CJAYC <www.gamefaqs.com> - For creating the coolest site on the
        net and hosting this FAQ.
      Prima - Weapon info from their guide (ie. base weapon damage)
      Ken Lawler <rpgfan99@hotmail.com> - For sending in a detailed strategy for
        a rogue that I had not thought of.
    This GUIDE is (c) 2000-2003 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced at all
    except for personal, private use. This guide is not to be used for
    profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of
    magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY
    way.  Unless noted on this guide, this document should not be found on any
    web site other than gamefaqs.com. Any characters, names, places, or
    miscellaneous objects are copyright their respective companies.
    Diablo Multiplayer Strategy Guide (c) 2000-2003 cnick
    -End of FAQ-

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