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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MetroidMoo

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     =-              The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time (PC)            -=
                        Written By: Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman
                 GUIDE TYPE ......................... FAQ/Walkthrough
                 FILE SIZE .................................... 31 KB
                 FIRST RELEASED ....................... July 26, 2001
                 LAST UPDATED .................... September 26, 2004
                 LATEST VERSION ................................ 1.16
    <<<                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                           >>>
    1) Version History
    2) Introduction
    3) Story
    4) Items
          [4.1] Inventory
          [4.2] Guises
    5) Walkthrough
          [5.1] Trouble In Time
          [5.2] The Time Code Pieces
          [5.3] Search For The Legacy
          [5.4] Final Puzzle
    6) Contact/Legal Information
     =~   1)   VERSION HISTORY                                                ~=
    VERSION 1.16 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2004
      Updated e-mail address.
    VERSION 1.15 - SEPTEMBER 28, 2003
      Revised the file's format, adjusted the number of characters per line, and
    added/moved sections.
    VERSION 1.05 - OCTOBER 14, 2002
      Updated contact information and made a few other changes.
    VERSION 1.0 - JULY 26, 2001
      First (and complete!) version of the guide.
     =~   2)   INTRODUCTION                                                   ~=
      The computer platform is known for its older point-and-click adventure
    games, and the Journeyman Project series is no different. What makes this
    title different from the likes of Myst and Riven is HUMOR. Your A.I. buddy,
    Arthur, is always there to make offbeat and hilarious comments for whatever
    situation you have gotten yourself into (and there are plenty!). I find this
    lack of a serious tone makes The Legacy of Time VERY enjoyable!
      As Gage Blackwood, you warp to different periods of time to complete the
    task assigned to you by the Temporal Security Agency. Along the way, you
    encounter members of various cultures (Genghis Kahn, for example) that may or
    may not be helpful in your journey to save Earth, and your meetings with these
    people might actually give you a few brief lessons in history, too!
     =~   3)   STORY                                                          ~=
    Legacy of Time's storyline, from the instruction manual...
      It is the year 2329, and you are Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal
    Security Agency (TSA). For the past eleven years, it has been your incredible
    duty to protect history from any threat that could disastrously change it.
    Twice in your decorated career as the TSA's elite agent, you have saved Earth
    from criminals utilizing time travel to destroy history as we know it.
      Two months ago, you thwarted a plot to frame you, masterminded by a traitor
    once thought above suspicion--Michelle Visard, the rogue Agent 3 of the TSA.
    She had captured you and threatened to betray the secrets of time travel to
    another alien race known as the Krynn. But your intrepid online companion,
    the sentient Artificial Intelligence Arthur, saved you by creating a virus
    that infected Agent 3's time-travel JumpSuit and caused a malfunction. Unfor-
    tunately, Arthur himself was the virus, and he was trapped within Agent 3's
    time-travel JumpSuit when a flood of temporal energy surrounded them both and
    sent them spinning into the time stream. No trace of Agent 3 or Arthur has
    been found, and both are presumed dead.
      Since then, a grim time has befallen the TSA. With the Agent 3 scandal
    undermining the credibility of the TSA, the intergalactic league of worlds
    known as the Symbiotry has demanded that Earth surrender control of its time-
    travel technology. You watch helplessly as the TSA shuts down around you.
      While the TSA endures its darkest hour, distant events are transpiring on
    the far border of known space that dwarf the scope of any danger you have
    faced before. A forgotten alien race has amassed a fleet of warships and
    returned to claim a relic long lost. As their ships ominously approach Earth,
    you are charged with discovering that which they seek. As you accept the
    challenge to save Earth from the mysterious invaders, you learn that the
    answers to the crisis in the present lie hidden within the past...
     =~   4)   ITEMS                                                          ~=
    This section lists the items and their uses.
    <<<   [4.1]   INVENTORY                                                    >>>
    Rope Ladder
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 6, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Use it in the windmill to reach the first time code piece.
    Winch Handle
    Location: Andes Mountains - January 29, 524 A.D.
    Function: Use it to bring down the air balloon.
    Crop Basket
    Location: Andes Mountains - January 29, 524 A.D.
    Function: Place this on the bottom of the air balloon so you have a place to
              sit, unless you prefer to dangle from it...
    Wooden Staff
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 15, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to pry open the frozen window.
    Control Wheel
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 15, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Place it on the gear to extend the bridge remains.
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Used to move things out of your reach.
    Silk Scarf
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Give this to the Dob Dob Guard so he'll activate the bridge.
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Used to pay your fares for the ferry rides.
    Raw Clay
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Used to create the medallion to access the temple.
    Pitcher & Bowl
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Fill these up with holy water and use it on the sick tree in
              Shangri-La to cure it.
    Gold Leaf
    Location: Andes Mountains - January 28, 524 A.D.
    Function: Use this with raw clay to finish the medallion.
    Sun Disc
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Used to turn the clock found in the Atlantian temple.
    Tunnel Map
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Gives you an image of the cave system in Shangri-La.
    Garden Knife
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to cut the rope of the aviator's balloon.
    Flint Talisman
    Location: Andes Mountains - January 28, 524 A.D.
    Function: Used to make sparks for heat and to control the water level of the
              pool in El Dorado.
    Spiritual Fruit
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Place it on the yellow statue's bowl to get the yellow stone.
    Yellow Stone
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to reach the Lotus in the temple.
    Butter Boiler
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to grease the music wheel by the white statue.
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Place it in the hand of the red statue to get the red stone.
    Red Stone
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to reach the Lotus in the temple.
    White Stone
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to reach the Lotus in the temple.
    Book of Knowledge
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Place this in the hole near the green Buddha to get the green stone.
    Green Stone
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to reach the Lotus in the temple.
    Alms Bowl
    Location: Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
    Function: Place this in the hand of the blue Budda to get the blue stone.
    Blue Stone
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Used to reach the Lotus in the temple.
    Location: Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
    Function: Give it to the pilgrim to transform the Lotus into the final portion
              of the legacy.
    <<<   [4.2]   GUISES                                                       >>>
    NOTE: The "Critical?" category indicates if that particular guise is necessary
          in completing the game, or if it's just for fun.
    Name                   Critical?
    Beggar                   Yes
    Captain                  Yes
    Windmill Keeper          No
    Ferryman                 No
    Guard                    No
    Potter                   No
    Olive Oil Vendor         Yes
    Saros                    No
    Name                   Critical?
    Farmboy                  Yes
    Farmer                   No
    Scribe                   No
    Aviator Warrior          No
    Aviator Leader           No
    Shaman                   Yes
    Name                   Critical?
    Pilgrim                  Yes
    Dob Dob Guard            No
    Gardener                 No
    Genghis Khan             Yes
    Lama                     No
     =~   5)   WALKTHROUGH                                                    ~=
    This section guides you through The Legacy of Time.
    <<<   [5.1]   TROUBLE IN TIME                                              >>>
      A crisis strikes the Temporal Security Agency, and Gage Blackwood decides to
    head back into time to locate Agent 3, although there are no JumpSuits avail-
    able. William Daughton brings Gage to a room containing the latest device in
    time travel, the Chameleon JumpSuit. Capture Daughton's image using your
    cursor and then warp to the location listed in the bar at the top of screen.
    <<<   [5.2]   THE TIME CODE PIECES                                         >>>
    Mediterranean Sea - October 6, 1262 B.C.
      After completing the time-jump, Gage lands in Atlantis...or what's left of
    it. Turn around and continue walking forward until Agent 3's suit appears in
    your view. Activate it, and the artificial intelligence, Arthur, will move
    into your suit. Along with him is a message left behind by Agent 3. She
    mentions that there three pieces of a time code that will take you right to
    her. The first one is found here, of course.
      Keep heading forward until you reach the end of the area. There Arthur zooms
    in a boat carrying someone. It turns out the person on it looks unusually
    close to the inventor of time travel, Dr. Elliot Sinclair. After that scene is
    done, look around on the ground for a rope ladder. Stick in your inventory,
    head back, and enter the windmill.
      Throw the rope on the broken staircase to continue on. Traverse the stairs
    and open the trapdoor. Climb up the ladder you see in that room to reach the
    apex of the structure. Now you're movin' on up! (well...you would be if this
    was The Jeffersons...) The time code piece is engraved in the wood. Scan it
    to complete the area.
    Andes Mountains - January 29, 524 A.D.
      Have the Andes Mts. be the next destination on your list. The area begins
    with Gage being stuck in a well. To get out, move the rock out of the way of
    the stone brick. Activate the lever to the left of that to increase the water
      Jump out of the well and collect the winch handle to your left. When you
    reach the fork in the road, take the left path. You should see a crop basket
    in your view. Walk up to it and borrow it. Return to the fork and travel
    through the other path you missed.
      Look up, and you'll see a balloon in the air attached to a device on the
    ground. Go up to it, place the winch handle, and turn it to bring down the
    balloon. Then put the crop basket there. Enter the balloon to hitch a ride.
      While in the air, you should notice a rope that's a bit thicker than the
    rest. Click on it to have Gage throw it to the adjacent balloon. After hopping
    into the other vehicle (and listening to Arthur's comment), have a gander
    around the basket and scan the code piece. Then unknown vessels and a Cyrollan
    ship enter the scene and begin fighting. Don't worry, you'll find out who the
    unknowns are later.
    Himalayan Mountains - April 15, 1219 A.D.
      The concluding time piece is found here. Turn a bit to your right and run
    down the hill of snow. There you'll see a dead body clutching a staff. Take
    the staff, turn right, and pick up the control wheel.
      Enter the crippled building and walk up to the gears. Place the control
    wheel on the gray one and turn it. Take a step back, go down the snow hill,
    move forward, and climb down the remains of what used to be a bridge. Take a
    step north, turn right, and move again. Use the wooden staff in your inventory
    to open the frozen window. Enter the room. You'll see a Buddha statue in the
    corner. Climb over it, and look at the final time code piece. Cyrollan
    soldiers appear in the distance, but Gage escapes before things heat up.
    <<<   [5.3]   SEARCH FOR THE LEGACY                                        >>>
      This is where the game gets more interesting and complicated. Here, you can
    complete any of the three locations in any order. So if you get stuck, move to
    another area and see how you fare. For now, we'll just beat it in the order
    they are listed.
    Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
      Looks like a lot different than your last visit, eh? Turn to the right and
    take a step forward. Glance down to find the same trapdoor you saw earlier in
    the game. Open it and go down. There's two gears lying on the floor. Dash to
    the other side of this circular room and stick the gears on the floor. Now you
    can turn the lever! Click it a total of five times so you can move to the out-
    side of the windmill. Once you're there, turn the device again, and Gage lands
    in a new spot. Run the whole way the strip of concrete and jump onto the
    ship's mast. Then climb down it.
      Now you're in the docks area. Turn left, take a step, then right, left, and
    left again. The beggar should be in your sight. Steal his guise and switch to
    it. He's blind, so he won't care. ^_^ 
      Move back a step and board the Egyptian ship. A gaff is sitting amongst the
    clay containers on the vessel. Pick it up. Move yourself to the left and move
    forward. You should see a silk scarf on the deck. While you won't need this
    until *much* later into the game, there's no reason you should leave it there.
      Go the other end of the ship to find the ship's captain in chains. Take his
    guise and talk to him. Make sure you get the coins from him. Visit the beggar
    and give the moolah to him. The Atlantian mentions "nasty weather," although
    the sky tells you otherwise. You'll discover exactly what this means in a
    short while.
      The opposite end of the docks has the ferryman. Make sure you converse with
    him using the captain guise. Fork over the coins and head to the windmill.
    Climb the staircase and enter the building.
      In this small section, there's a chest. Open it to find a scroll containing
    the schematics for a hidden passage. It won't make any sense now, but it will
    later in Atlantis. Take the windmill keeper's guise and chat with him. He also
    mentions this "nasty weather" phrase. Arthur decides to add this to your
    dialogue choices. 
      Chat with the Egyptian captain as the beggar. Mention nasty weather to him.
    He then says "It may even rain." Now go to the beggar as the captain and say
    it may rain. The plot begins to unravel. Learn everything about this escape
    plan from this Atlantian. Go talk with the windmill keeper (as the captain
    again). This time pick "long winter." Learn as much as you can and then return
    to the ferryman. The olive oil vendor is now on the list of destinations. Go
      There are two structures here: the potter's shop and the olive oil vendor's.
    Visit the potter. As soon you enter his workshop, turn left and walk to the
    foreign machine. Activate it and glance down at the container on the floor.
    Collect the raw clay and stick it with your other items. Go the oliver oil
    vendor's workshop. When you enter, you'll see various vases on the table. Zoom
    in on one of them and place the raw clay on it to replicate the temple's holy
    seal. Take the woman's guise, put it on, and talk to the potter. Agree to
    "watch" his pots so he can celebrate at the festival. Walk up to the kiln.
    Steal the pitcher and bowl off of the table. Before you can complete the fab-
    rication of the temple medallion, you need one more thing--a gold leaflet.
    You won't find it here, so time-warp to El Dorado...
    Andes Mountains - January 28, 524 A.D.
      Don't fret, you won't spend too much time here. =P Since you're here, there
    are three guises you can capture. Walk to the right and take the sleeping
    boy's image. Go back, turn left, and get the farmer's image. Now head to the
    balloon. Maneuver on over to the other side and walk the whole way up the
      In this room is a scribe working on painting a mural. Take his guise, if you
    desire. Open the nearby basket, take a gold leaf, and teleport back to
    Mediterranean Sea - October 5, 1262 B.C.
      Open the oven door. Place the raw clay (make sure you have the seal!) and
    the gold leaf on top of it. Close the door, turn the wheel, and viola! Instant
    gold medallion! Now you can enter the temple. Talk to the ferryman and head
    there. Give the guard the medallion, and he'll grant you permission. Board the
    ferry. Walk forward until you see a container with chicken heads around it.
    Fill the bowl and pitcher with holy water. Turn right and walk to the end of
    the path. Use the gaff to close the small gate that's allowing water to flow
    through. Now travel to the windmill.
      Go inside to the central room of it. Pick up the loose rope on the ground
    and attach it to the wooden pole in middle of the area. Now turn the wheel on
    the pole to reveal the hidden passage. Since you closed the water flow, you
    can go in. So do it!
      Climb up the ladder, step forward, and walk to the left. Here you'll see the
    Sinclair-look-alike. He turns out to be Saros, the guardian templar. Talk to
    him as Padros (the beggar) to obtain the sun disc. Place this special item on
    the nearby clock. Then turn the wheel. But...you need to turn the water back
    on. Go back and continue moving forward to a staircase. Climb up to enter the
    temple again. Open the water gate, and a raising column of water appears
    before your eyes. The legacy moves with it. Collect it and warp outta here.
    Andes Mountains - January 28, 524 A.D.
      As it turns out, what Gage brought to the TSA is only a piece of the legacy.
    There's two more to locate. So let's find the next one!
      If you warped to Atlantis as soon as you picked up the gold leaf, Gage
    should land in the room with the murals the scribe is working on. Turn around
    and go down the first small set of stairs. Turn right and continue along the
    path until you are stopped by a guard. The aviator warrior will not let you go
    in to see the shaman, so something needs to be done... If you go behind the
    guard, you should see the rope holding his balloon in place. You need to cut
    it somehow, but you don't have the necessary equipment. Let's pay a quick
    visit to Shangri-La!
    Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
      Once you land, face to the right and walk down the snowy road. Take the
    pilgrim's guise, equip it, turn around, and cross the nearby wooden bridge.
    Take the left path until you come across the greenhouse. Enter the building
    and climb up onto the small platform. Collect the knife and tunnel map and
    head back to El Dorado.
    Andes Mountains - January 28, 524 A.D.
      With the knife in hand, cut the rope! Then you can watch the warrior hang
    from the balloon and yell various expletives! Anyway...continue on. When you
    reach a wall, put the view on your right side to see yet another guard! Talk
    to him, and the shaman appears. As the farmboy, ask him to explain the Story
    (and get a bag of popcorn while you're at it). Before this important conver-
    sation ends, obtain his guise...you will need it in a moment.
      Head the whole way to the location of the farmboy (the well). Chat with the
    kid as the shaman and have him give back the talisman. Now travel back to the
    aviator leader. Take the other route to spot a hot air balloon. Use the tal-
    isman to create the heat required to fly into the sky. In the air, zoom in on
    the temple's roof. Make a note of how the heads are arranged around that
    arrow. When you're done, go back down and visit the temple entrance. 
      Walk down the path you have not gone through yet. It'll look like a dead-
    end. Move around through the vegetation, and an arrow-shaped pool of water is
    there. Place the talisman on the serpent with the cavity, and the liquid
    drains out. Take a step down and face the set of heads on your left.
      Zoom in and touch the head with the blue square eyes. Maneuver to the next
    head-set. Click the one that looks a bit like a bulldog. Turn around and hit
    the parrot-like stone. Now move to the final group and touch the one that
    looks really PO'ed (it's on the west end if you can't tell =P). A hidden
    passage opens!
      Traverse down the corridor and watch your ass get scorched. So we need to
    fix this minor obstacle. Remove the talisman from the indentation, so the
    water flows and cancels out the flames. Go down the hall a second time to get
    the second legacy part.
    Himalayan Mountains - April 14, 1219 A.D.
      The final part of this legacy is located here. Remember the guard house that
    was beside you when you first entered this place? Enter that structure, go up
    the left staircase, and talk to the Dob Dob guard. Pass him the silk scarf
    from Atlantis so he'll grant you permission to use the bridge. Head straight
    forward and enter the monastery.
      The Lama (no, not Llama...) is here at his desk. Talk to him as the pilgrim
    and try to learn about the Buddhist religion. Leave the building and run to
    the west. You should a tent that stands a bit out of place. The gruesome
    Genghis Khan is inside. Take his guise and don't bother attempting to start a
    converstation with him. Talk to the Lama as Khan to learn even more of the
    religion. He mentions two critical pieces of information: transmutation and
    visiting the six shrines. Each of the colored Buddha statues scattered around
    the land is a shrine that represents one of the realms. You need to give each
    statue an offering to progress. Take some time to read the inscription under
    the blue Buddha statue here.
      Enter the building past Khan's tent and make your way through the hallway.
    Turn to the right and analyze the picture on the wall. This circle has each of
    the statues showing the offering they desire. Remember that info and exit this
      Go across the other bridge by the pilgrim. Read the writing under the green
    Buddha statue and the symbols near it. Visit the green house again. There's a
    golden grate on the floor by the tree. Climb down, pour the healing water onto
    the dying roots, and go back up. Collect the spiritual fruit from the tree and
    place it on the statue's bowl. A yellow stone appears. Get it! Enter the cave
    system the same way you did a couple minutes ago.
      Check the map. On the far right, there's an exit that appears under Khan's
    tent. That is where you need to go. Along the way, pick up the butter boiler
    in the hells realm (on the map, it's the room with the skeleton and flames).
    Once you reach the tent steal Genghis's sword. Be quick, though! If you take
    too long, he'll bash your head in. Get outside of the caves and approach the
    statue by the tent. Give this one the sword you just acquired. The red stone
    is now yours.
      Enter the hallway of the temple you went to earlier. On the left wall, there
    are eight wheels that play a unique note. You have to play them in the order
    of the holy mantra. Take out the butter boiler and grease the upper-right
    wheel so it actually works. Use this order (ignore the wheels with the X's):
                                ___   ___   ___   ___
                               |   | |   | |   | |   |
                               | 3 | | 2 | | 6 | | 4 |
                               |___| |___| |___| |___|
                                ___   ___   ___   ___
                               |   | |   | |   | |   |
                               | 5 | | X | | 1 | | X |
                               |___| |___| |___| |___|
      The white Buddha behind you grants ya the white stone. Now talk to the Lama
    as Khan and ask about the animal realm. If you have read the text near the
    green statue, answer the question with "ignorance." He then hands over the
    Book of Knowledge. Place this item into the hole under that statue to get the
    green stone.
      To get the rock from the blue Buddha statue, you need to warp to Atlantis
    again. Go to where the beggar usually is and get the alms bowl he left behind.
    Put this bowl in the hand of the statue. One more to go!
      This item is tricky to obtain. Remember the hells realm statue in the tunnel
    system? To get the stone from it, you must direct the heat from two steam
    rooms to the statue. You do this by changing the positions of the doors in the
    caves. Look at my tunnel map at www.gamefaqs.com for a solution to this
    puzzle. Once you've completed that, pick up the black stone the statue leaves
    for ya.
      Now head back to the temple with the circle of life. Dash down the staircase
    and face the central pillar. Walk around to the other side of it to see a
    figurine of the white Buddha. Give it the white stone to cause a small portion
    of a staircase to rise. Read the inscription on the front of this. Walk up,
    turn to the right, and give the red Buddha the red stone. Again, read the text
    to learn more about this "Siddha." Keep repeating this process. At the top, a
    flower-like object spins and opens up. Jump from platform to platform to
    progress. Learn a bit about the murals and take the Lotus in the hub of the
    room. Make sure you look at the red orb above the face painting here. It shows
    the pilgrim you first saw at Shangri-La (hint, hint).
      Leave and talk to the pilgrim. Attempt to give him the Lotus. He says that
    he cannot change the artifact until you have completed the True Path by
    removing all of your illusions. Remove the currently equipped guise and do
    this again. The Lotus transmutates into the final portion of the legacy. Gage
    will be transported back to the TSA...
    <<<   [5.4]   FINAL PUZZLE                                                 >>>
      The game isn't over yet! Now that the three artifacts are brought together,
    you must make them form the Sosiqui marking that the Cyrollan ambassador
    showed you earlier in the game. This is accomplished by rotating the three
    pieces in different directions.
      For the lower-left artifact, turn the lower-right corner (from your
    perspective) once. On the lower-right artifact, rotate the northern corner two
    times. For the final piece, turn the very top of it once. Rotate the lower-
    right one time and the top once again. This should create an image of the
    Sosiqui symbol.
                 Now you have finally completed The Legacy of Time!
     =~   6)   CONTACT / LEGAL INFORMATION                                    ~=
    Copyright Information
    (c) Copyright 2001-2004 Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman
      This FAQ cannot be distributed in books, magazines, etc. or in any other
    form of printed or electronic media (CDs, etc.) in any way. It may not be
    given away as some sort of prize or bonus with a purchase, and it may not be
    used for promotional or profitable purposes.
      Any characters, names, or other objects are copyright their respective
    companies. This document and its author are in no way affiliated with any
    company involved with this game.
    E-mail Information
    E-mail Address: ryanammerman[at]gmail[dot]com
      Before you e-mail me a question, make sure you've looked through the FAQ to
    see if your question is answered. If you send me a question that is answered
    in the FAQ, it WILL be ignored.
    Posting Notice
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    permission as long as this document is **NOT** changed in any way, shape, or
    form. The latest version of this guide can always be found at GameFAQs
                                                             --End of Transmission

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