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    Barbarian FAQ by Vincento

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    ****************************BARBARIAN GUIDE****************************
                                   DIABLO 2
                                 By Vincento
                          Last Updated June 23, 2001
    If there is anyone out there that wants to put this FAQ on there site they 
    must first e-mail me at firm1315@aol.com and ask me for permission. Then I 
    will visit your site, and make a decision. I will e-mail you back telling 
    you if you can put this FAQ on your site. Once on your site, you better not 
    redistribute the FAQ without my permission. It stays on one page on one site. 
    If I find out that it was redistributed, I will sue your sorry ass and I'll 
    probably win. 
    ===Version History===
    June 20, 2001  5:26 P.M.
    V 1.0 - Completed Barbarian Guide.
    June 23, 2001 12:34 P.M.
    V 1.1 - Updated My Barbarian section
    NOTES - I started a new Barbarian and before I knew it, I was on level
            46 with the best Barbarian I ever played. Check him out in 
            section 6. 
    June 23, 2001  5:40 P.M.
    V 1.2 - Added Disclaimer, fixed some random mistakes in some sections, 
            and I added Act 1 Boss Walkthrough section for Barbarians! 
            Tomorrow I'll add the walkthroughs for the other acts, so keep
            looking at my FAQ for an update.
    NOTES - God I hate when I do that. It seems I remembered to put the 
            Disclaimer and Boss Walkthrough in right after I already 
            submitted V 1.1 to GameFAQs.com, so I'm doing another version 
            in a matter of 5 hours.
    June 24, 2001  9:23 P.M.
    V 1.3 - Finished the Boss Walkthrough for Barbarians! Check it out in 
            section 5.
    June 26, 2001 10:09 P.M.
    V 1.4 - Polearms are for Barbs. Thanks for the email whoever sent it to 
            me, I kind of forgot.
    ===Table of Contents===
    1. Introduction
    2. Barbarian Skills
       a. Combat Masteries
       b. Combat Skills
       c. Warcries
    3. Good Skills, and Bad Skills
    4. What you should put Stat Points into
    5. Boss Walkthrough
       a. Act I
       b. Act II
       c. Act III
       d. Act IV
    6. General Tips and Comments
    7. My Barbarian
    8. Closing Statements
    ===Section 1=== Introduction
    The Barbarian for Diablo 2 is a very good character to be. I think the 
    Barbarian is the best character simply because it is so much fun to 
    play with the Barbarian. Many people argue with me online saying that 
    the Barbarian is the least fun to play, well they are wrong. Using 
    certain skills and wiping out hoards of enemies is what I call fun and 
    that's what you do with the Barbarian. If you have any questions 
    regarding the Barbarian or anything in general about Diablo 2 email me 
    at firm1315@aol.com. Enjoy!
    ===Section 2=== Barbarian Skills
    PART A
    SKILL- Sword Mastery
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- Sword Mastery increases the attack and the damage of any 
    Sword type weapon by a +%. I put the maximum of 20 skill points into 
    my sword mastery and it helps a lot increasing the damage by 123% and 
    the attack by 180%! Swords are usually the best weapons but it is your 
    choice on which weapons to use.
    SKILL- Axe Mastery
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- Same thing as Sword Mastery only it works for all Axe type 
    SKILL- Mace Mastery
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- Mace Mastery increases the damage of your Mace type weapon 
    more than Axe or Sword Mastery does by 3%. 
    SKILL- Spear Mastery
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- Don't even bother with this skill. Leave the spears for the 
    SKILL- Throwing Mastery
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- Again don't even bother. Leave the throwing job for 
    SKILL- Polearm Mastery
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- This can be good if you find a really good Polearm with Fast Attack 
    Speed, or Very Fast Attack Speed.
    SKILL- Increased Stamina
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- This skill increases your maximum Stamina. It starts out by 
    adding 30% to your Stamina and then with each skill point put into it 
    the percent goes up 15%. If you run out of Stamina often, you should 
    put a skill point into this skill.
    SKILL- Iron Skin
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- This skill increases your overall defensive rating. The 
    skill starts out by adding 30% to your defense and increases by 10% 
    with every skill point you put into it.
    SKILL- Increased Speed
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- This skill increases your Speed. Only put a maximum of 3 
    skill points into this skills because the more skill points you put 
    in it, the less the percentage goes up. 
    SKILL- Natural Resistance
    MANA- 0
    INFO/TIPS- You definitely will want to put skill points into this 
    skill. Put no more than 5 skill points into it. If you put 5 in it, 
    you'll have resistances +40%.
    PART B
    SKILL- Bash
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- This is good to use throughout the game. It increases your damage 
    your attack rating. Put no more than 2 skill points into this skill. If you 
    have Mana stealing rings or a weapon, use this skill all the time instead 
    of normal attack.
    SKILL- Leap
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- Not a very good skill to invest your skill points into. Only put 
    one skill point into this skill just so you can use Leap Attack. 
    SKILL- Double Swing
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- This is a great skill to invest a skill point into if you find 
    two very good one-hand weapons. Only put one skill point maximum into this 
    skill however. Regardless of what the weapons speed is, like a War Hammer 
    that has slow attack speed, Double Swing is always fast.
    SKILL- Stun
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- The attack modifier goes up 5% for every skill point you put into 
    it, but don't even bother. Only but one skill point into this.
    SKILL- Double Throw
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- Don't even waste your time on this skill unless you want to be 
    a throwing Barb. 
    SKILL- Leap Attack
    MANA- 9
    INFO/TIPS- This is a great skill for jumping out of trouble, or jumping into 
    trouble. This skill does a good amount of damage so it is worth using for 
    a while.
    SKILL- Concentrate
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- This skill allows your attack to not be interrupted. On top of 
    that, it modifies attack, and defense. A pretty good skill for the Barb. 
    SKILL- Frenzy
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- When you have this skill, after you hit an enemy, the attack speed 
    goes up for your weapon. You may not want to waste skill points on this. 
    SKILL- Whirlwind
    MANA- starts at 25, goes up each higher level by 1
    INFO/TIPS- This is the Barbarian's best skill. Use it as a crowd controller 
    against many enemies, after level 7, the damage is greater than a normal 
    attack. Invest your skill points into this skill.
    SKILL- Berserk
    MANA- 5
    INFO/TIPS- This adds Magic and increases your attack rating when used. The 
    more skill points you put in it however, the less the duration of the skill 
    will be. 
    PART C
    SKILL- Howl
    MANA- 4
    INFO/TIPS- This skill makes monsters run away. Not a good investment.
    SKILL- Find Potion
    MANA- 2
    INFO/TIPS- You may want to put one skill point into this skill so you can 
    use it to find potions on corpses if you run out of potions.
    SKILL- Taunt
    MANA- 3
    INFO/TIPS- This skill makes monsters come and fight you. It also brings down 
    the accuracy and damage of the target. Not a very good investment once again.
    SKILL- Shout
    MANA- 6
    INFO/TIPS- This skill increases the defense rating of your Barbarian for a 
    duration of seconds. 
    SKILL- Find Item
    MANA- 7
    INFO/TIPS- Use this skill if you need money to loot the corpses of enemies 
    you have defeated.
    SKILL- Battlecry
    MANA- 4
    INFO/TIPS- This skill reduces the defensive rating of the enemies inside the 
    radius of this skill.  This skill also decreases the amount of damage the 
    enemy will give to you if he attacks you.
    SKILL- Battle Orders
    MANA- 7
    INFO/TIPS- This skill helps in Multiplayer because it increases the Life, 
    Mana, and Stamina of you and your party for a small Mana cost and a somewhat 
    long duration.
    SKILL- Grim Ward
    MANA- 4
    INFO/TIPS- This skill turns a corpse into a totem pole that scares away nearby 
    SKILL- Warcry
    MANA- Starts at 17 and goes up 1 per skill level
    INFO/TIPS- This skill damages and stuns nearby enemies. A pretty good 
    investment in skill points if you are a Warcry Barbarian (a Barbarian who 
    invests his skills in the Warcry area).
    SKILL- Battle Command
    MANA- N/A
    INFO/TIPS- This skill increases all of the Barbarian's skill levels for a 
    duration of seconds. This is extremely helpful in Multiplayer and gives the 
    Barbarian a huge advantage. 
    ===Section 3=== Good Skills and Bad Skills
    There are some very good skills that you will want to invest skill points 
    in for the Barbarian and then there are some very bad ones that you shouldn't 
    waste your time with. 
    In my opinion all of the Combat Masteries except for one are good for the 
    Barbarian. They are all extremely helpful in the game. Natural Resistance 
    is imperative to have for Nightmare and Hell difficulties where your 
    Resistances go down -20 and -50. With two skill points invested in Increased 
    Stamina you will barely ever run out of Stamina and you will never have to 
    stop and walk. Iron Skin is a huge plus with the defense bonus it gives you, 
    and with Increased Speed the Barbarian is extremely fast and just cruises 
    across sections with ease.
    Bash, Double Swing, Leap Attack, and Whirlwind are the skills that really 
    help in fighting crowds. With a Mana stealing weapon or jewelry, you can use 
    Bash or Double Swing instead of a normal attack. Leap Attack serves great 
    for attacking and dishing out damage, moving around anywhere, and getting 
    out of a crowd. Whirlwind is the best crowd controlling Skill in the game 
    for any character. Once you get past level 7 with it, you will be practically 
    Regrettably, there are no good Warcries for Single Player. For Multiplayer, 
    Warcry and Battle Command will be very sweet and helpful. Those two skills 
    are both descent in Single Player also, but you don't want to waste your skill 
    points in them.
    The only bad Combat Mastery is Throwing Mastery. Who would want to be a 
    throwing Barb?? 
    Frenzy can be a big waste, and Double Throw is just a pitiful excuse for a 
    skill. The rest of the Combat Skills are pretty descent. Try to stick to 
    Whirlwind, Bash, Leap Attack, and Double Swing though, they are the best 
    Combat Skills you can put your points into. 
    All of the Warcries are pretty bad and you shouldn't really waste your time 
    on them unless you are a big Multiplayer Guru. The main purpose for Warcries 
    is Multiplayer play not Single Player.
    ===Section 4=== What to put your Stats into
    With my Barbarian I will usually keep Strength the most powerful Stat, the 
    Vitality a little weaker than strength, and then Dexterity just about the 
    BECAUSE IT IS THE BIGGEST WASTE IMAGINABLE. Here's how I will usually do my 
    level ups:
    Strength:  +2
    Dexterity: +1
    Vitality:  +2
    Energy:    +0
    Strength:  +2
    Dexterity: +2
    Vitality:  +1
    Energy:    +0
    You always want to put at least 2 points into Strength, and you should always 
    consider how much life you have, and what your percentage to hit monsters 
    is. Your life goes up 4 every time you put one Stat point into Vitality, so 
    always be thinking about how much life you have or how much life you need. 
    Strength is important because without it, you won't be able to wear good armor 
    or use good weapons. I almost always do the 2,1,2 with my Stat points but 
    it depends on how much life I need, or if I need to have a better to hit 
    ===Section 5=== Boss Walkthrough
    For each higher difficulty, these bosses, along with all other unique 
    monsters, gain another attribute, but that attribute is completely random 
    so be careful.
    PART A - Act I
    Blood Raven (Burial Grounds)
    Special Attributes - Fire Arrow
       Normal - A quick and easy kill with Bash, and whatever 
                sword/axe/mace you are using. Don't let her run away, 
                always be near her and hacking away at her.
    Nightmare - If you're level 30, unleash Whirlwind on her ass, otherwise 
                use Double Swing or Bash and hunt her down. Same strategy 
                as in Normal. 
         Hell - Whirlwind, Leap Attack are your favorites in this battle.    
                Pretty easy.
    Rakanishu (Stony Field)
    Special Attributes - Lightning Enchanted, Extra Fast
       Normal - Great Bash target. Takes about 2 to 3 hits to kill him. 
                Watch out for those sparks though, they can be deadly.
    Nightmare - Whirlwind is great. Kill him and his minions in two whirls!
                Pretty easy, but still those sparks are very deadly.
         Hell - Whirlwind again. God that's a good skill. He's pretty tough
                in hell though. Make sure you don't hit too many sparks,  
                and don't underestimate his minions. 
    Treehead Woodfist (Dark Wood)
    Special Attributes - Extra Strong, Extra Fast
       Normal - Take out his minions first, then use Bash, or Double Swing
                on him. Make sure he is alone, because a couple hits from
                him plus other monsters will kill you.
    Nightmare - Whirlwind to take out him and his minions. Same as in 
         Hell - Whirlwind and Double Swing are the most effective in Hell. 
                Leap Attack and Bash are just a little bit too slow.
    Griswold (Tristram)
    Special Attributes - Cursed
       Normal - Make sure he is alone and then hack away at him with Bash 
                or Double Swing.
    Nightmare - Make sure he is alone. Leap Attack and Whirlwind are best
                in this battle.
         Hell - Amplify Damage will hurt a damn hell of a lot if you're not
                careful. He'll use it as soon as you run up to him so make
                sure you have potions. Whirlwind is nice and so is Double
    The Countess (The Forgotten Tower Lv. 5)
    Special Attributes - Fire Enchanted
       Normal - Bash and Double Swing. Let her minions come out of the door
                so you can kill them first, then go for the Countess.
    Nightmare - "Whirlwind everyone." That's my motto and it works here.
         Hell - Double Swing and Whirlwind work very well.
    The Smith (The Barracks)
    Special Attributes - Extra Strong
       Normal - Double Swing him and make sure he is alone. Also make sure 
                you have plenty of potions.
    Nightmare - Same strategy as in Normal but use Whirlwind and Double
                Swing. Don't use Bash or Leap Attack. Bash is way too slow
                and when you're in the air with Leap Attack he'll swing,
                hit you and you'll probably die.
         Hell - Same thing as in Nightmare.
    Andariel (Boss of Act I, Catacombs Lv 4)
    Special Attribute - Poison
       Normal - First of all, make sure you have a little bit of Poison 
                Resistance. Second, make sure you fight her alone so no 
                other enemies are around you. Third, you should use either
                Bash, Double Swing, or Stun. A lot of people ask me why you
                should use Stun. I think that Stun worked pretty well. It 
                paralyzed her for a litttle bit so that she couldn't use
                massive poison attack and it did a little bit of damage. 
                You have to put one skill point into it anyway if you want
                Whirlwind later in the game.
    Nightmare - Try to get MAX Poison Resistance for this fight. Like in  
                Normal difficulty try to get her alone. Double Swing and
                Whirlwind will wipe her out in no time flat. 
         Hell - Same exact strategy as in Nightmare but you should make
                sure you have MAX Poison Resistance because her Poison 
                Attacks are killer.
    PART B - Act II
    Radament (Sewers Lv. 3)
    Special Attributes - Extra Fast
       Normal - Lure all his minions far away from Radament and kill them
                so he can't revive them, then use Bash or Double Swing to 
                kill Radament.
    Nightmare - Same strategy as Normal except you should use Whirlwind, or 
                Double Swing.
         Hell - This will be a pretty tough battle. Try Whirlwind as much 
                as you can and make sure that you fight him alone, and that
                you keep him occupied.
    Fangskin (Claw Viper Temple Lv. 2)
    Special Attributes - Lightning Enchanted, Extra Fast
       Normal - Kill his minions first and then watch out for his sparks. 
                Try using Double Swing.
    Nightmare - This can be tough depending on what random attribute he now
                has. Make sure he is completely alone and hack away at him 
                with Double Swing or Whirlwind. Whirlwind is good for   
                taking out his minions also.
         Hell - Same exact thing as in Nightmare only he will be tougher.
    Coldworm the Borrower (Maggot Lair Lv. 3)
    Special Attributes - Cold Enchanted, Magic Resistant
    All Difficulties - This is simple. Use whatever you want to just kill 
                       all it's minions and then go after her. She doesn't
                       even attack.
    The Summoner (Arcane Sanctuary)
    Special Attributes - Extra Strong, Extra Fast
       Normal - Kill everyone around him and then about 2 Bash, or 1 Double 
                Swing will kill him.
    Nightmare - One Leap Attack and he's dead.
         Hell - Leap Attack. That is some crap defense. Watch out for his 
                massive fire wall attack when you get close to him.
    Duriel (Boss of Act II, Tal Rasha's Tomb)
    Special Attribute - Cold
       Normal - Make sure you have a good amount of Cold Resistance. When 
                you get to him, just run up to him and start hacking away 
                at him. Double Swing is your best bet here. Since he has no 
                minions near him, this can be a pretty easy fight.
    Nightmare - Whirlwind is great. Make sure you have a lot of Cold 
                Resist, and make sure you have some rejuvanation potions.
         Hell - This can be very hard. MAX Cold Resistance will help a lot, 
                but it is not mandatory. 
    PART C - Act III
    Witch Doctor Endugu (Flayer Dungeon Lv. 3)
    Special Attributes - Magic Resistant, Fire Enchanted
       Normal - Try to get him alone and then kill him first before you 
                kill all of his minions. Double Swing and Bash are good, 
                but Leap Attack is great, if you have it.
    Nightmare - Whirlwind Everyone. You may even want to get some fire 
                resistance if you don't have any because this can be a hard 
                fight. You may want to try taking out his minions before 
                you take him out in Nightmare.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Battlemaid Sarina (Ruined Temple)
    Special Attributes - Extra Fast, Spectral Hit
       Normal - Get to those annoying Ghoul Lords and kill them first so 
                you don't have to deal with those meteors. Next you should 
                find a doorway and just hack away at them one by one. If 
                not, then kill her minions first, and then kill her. Double 
                Swing and Leap Attack are great here.
    Nightmare - Whirlwind everyone. Try to get them all in a big group, 
                make sure you have full health, and then go right through 
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Sszark the Burning (Spider Cavern)
    Special Attributes - Extra Strong Cursed
       Normal - Kill his minions with Double Swing or Bash and then he 
                should retreat, slowing you down with his annoying web. 
                Just hunt him down. 
    Nightmare - Same strategy as in Normal except you want to use Whirlwind 
                to cut down the big group of spiders. Sszark will then run 
                away so just hunt him down again.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    All Council Members - Ismail Vilehand, Geleb Flamefinger, Toorc 
                          Icefist, Wyand Voidfinger, Maffer Dragonhand,
                          Bremm Sparkfist (Travincal, Durance of Hate Lv.3)
    Special Attributes:
      Ismail Vilehand - Extra Fast, Cursed
    Geleb Flamefinger - Extra Strong, Fire Enchanted
        Toorc Icefist - Cold Enchanted, Stone Skin
     Wyand Voidfinger - Mana Burn, Teleportation
    Maffer Dragonhand - Extra Fast, Extra Strong, Teleportation
      Bremm Sparkfist - Lightning Enchanted, Aura Enchanted
       Normal - All these Council Members are the same. All you have to do 
                is get them alone and just hack then down with Bash or 
                Double Swing. Never be fighting anymore than two of them at 
                the same time. That red thing they do with their hands 
                kills you extremely fast. You should always be on the look 
                out for Hydra because these Council Members use it a lot. 
                You also want to make sure you kill them all before you 
                fight Mephisto. There are three in the Travincal and three 
                in the Durance of Hate right before Mephisto. Fighting the 
                Council Members and Mephisto at the same time will almost 
                guarantee your death.
    Nightmare - Same strategy as in Normal. Use Double Swing and if there's
                a group of them together, use Whirlwind. These will be some 
                pretty tough battles because they will have an extra 
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Mephisto (Boss of Act III, Durance of Hate Lv. 3)
    Special Attribute - Lightning
       Normal - Get a lot of Lightning Resist. Enter the fight with Leap 
                Attack and just keep hacking away at the punk with Double 
                Swing until he's a dead Lord of Hatred.
    Nightmare - You better have MAX Lightning Resistance cause you're gonna 
                need it. Keep using Whirlwind back and forth or Double 
                Swing. Watch your health and also watch the sparks. It 
                shouldn't take too long to kill him. If you have MAX
                Lightning Resist, then his lightning attacks should not 
                hurt you too much.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    PART D - Act IV
    Izual (Plains of Dispair)
    Special Attribute - Cold
       Normal - Get him alone and then just hack away at him with Bash or 
                Double Swing. Leap Attack is also good for avoiding his 
                Frost Nova Attack.
    Nightmare - You should consider having some cold resistance. Whirlwind 
                is great for getting rid of all the monsters around him. 
                Once you get him alone, keep using Whirlwind on him.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Hephasto the Armorer (River of Flame)
    Special Attributes - Extra Strong, Cursed, Magic Resistant
       Normal - Make sure that he is alone when you fight him. Stay out of 
                the air as well, i.e. avoid using moves like Leap Attack 
                cause he'll hit you while you're in mid air and then you're 
                screwed. Double Swing and Bash are yet again your best  
                bets. Always be watching your health, because he does 
                massive damage.
    Nightmare - Stick to the same strategy as in Normal only try using 
                Whirlwind. You better have some loads of life as well, 
                cause he does a whole lot of damage.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Infector of Souls (Chaos Sanctuary)
    Special Attributes - Extra Fast, Spectral Hit
       Normal - This will be an easy fight if you clear out the area. Kill 
                his minions first and then hack him down with Double Swing 
                or Bash. Beware, he is super fast.
    Nightmare - Again, make sure you are just fighting him and his minions. 
                Stay in one area to fight them, and use Whirlwind when they 
                group up. A good amount of Fire Resistance may be needed if 
                you have trouble defeating him.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Lord de Seis (Chaos Sanctuary)
    Special Attributes - Extra Fast, Aura Enchanted, Thieving
       Normal - This is a very hard battle. Again, you must make sure that 
                they are alone. Kill his minions first and then use Leap 
                Attack on the Lord. It shouldn't take too many hits to kill 
                him because he has pretty crappy life.
    Nightmare - This is much harder than in Normal. Try as hard as you can 
                to avoid their magical attacks. Whirlwind is your best bet.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    Grand Vizier of Chaos (Chaos Sanctuary)
    Special Attributes - Extra Fast, Thieving, Aura Enchanted
       Normal - Easy. Make sure they're alone. Double Swing and Bash. They 
                do practically no damage.
    Nightmare - Same thing as in Normal. Use Whirlwind. Watch your health 
                also. Don't get cornered.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    DIABLO (Boss of Act IV and Diablo 2, Chaos Sanctuary)
    Special Attribute - Fire
       Normal - The boss of the game! Have some Full Rejuvs ready because 
                his fire lightning bolt thing is killer. It will just drain 
                all of your health . As soon as he uses it and your health 
                is about at zero, press the 1, or 2 or whatever hot key you 
                have your Full Rejuv under in your belt. All his other        
                moves are worthless if you have MAX Fire Resist. Try 
                getting MAX Fire Resist and also try getting as much 
                Lightning Resist as possible because his best move is a 
                mixture of lightning and fire. Double Swing, Leap Attack,  
                and Bash are your best moves for this battle.
    Nightmare - Same thing as in Normal only you should better have MAX 
                Fire Resist and as much Lightning Resist as possible. 
                Anything under 40 will be disastrous when you fight him. 
                Whirlwind is great but beware, he has the best defense 
                imaginable, so you won't hit him that much, you just have 
                to stay patient. Use the Full Rejuv trick as well.
         Hell - I have not gotten this far in the game yet. Once I do, I 
                will post the strategy right here.
    ===Section 6=== General Tips and Comments
    1) Many people ask me online what they should use as weapons. Well my advice 
    would be to stick to Swords, Axes, or Maces. Decide in the early stages of 
    the game what type of Barb you want to be. If you decide to be a Sword Barb 
    then you will probably want to put 20 skill points into Sword Mastery. Never 
    ever put 10 skill points in one weapon type mastery and then 10 more skill 
    points in another weapon type mastery. Always stick to one weapon type 
    2) One great strategy for the Double Swing skill is to use two, slow Axe or 
    Mace type weapons with it. Regardless of the speed of the weapon, like a slow 
    War Hammer, Double Swing makes the weapons go fast. My friend has two awesome 
    War Hammers and uses them with Double Swing and he absolutely destroys 
    everything in a matter of seconds. 
    3) Having a lot of Life is key to the Barbarian. Without life, you will die 
    a whole bunch of times in places like the Chaos Sanctuary. Always consider 
    to put Stat points into Vitality since your Life will go up 4 points for each 
    Stat point put into it. Mana is also important. You don't want to put any 
    Stat points into Energy, but you do want Mana so you can use skills like 
    Whirlwind. My advice to you is to try and find Mana stealing weapons or jewelry 
    and hold on to them all the way through the game. 
    4) When you get level ups, you will always want to check your life out. If 
    you die a lot, it's probably because you don't have enough life. A great way 
    to avoid this is to but 2 stat points into Strength, 1 into Dexterity, and 
    then 2 into Vitality. If you don't hit monsters enough switch Dexterity with 
    Vitality and put 2 into Dexterity. 
    5) Warcries are a waste of time and skill points. If you want to have a 
    successful Barbarian stick to Combat Masteries and Combat Skills for all your 
    Skill Points. Trust me when you get to Hell and Nightmare there will be no 
    need for Warcries. They're definitely a waste of time and skill points in 
    Single Player.
    6) A good strategy that I have found in this game with skills is that you 
    should put at least 2 or 3 skill points into Bash and at least 1 skill point 
    into Double Swing. Sometimes Bash is just to slow so you'll want to use Double 
    Swing, and other times Double Swing just isn't as effective as Bash. You 
    should also want to find two good weapons so that when you need to use Double 
    Swing, you can use it.
    7) Mana stealing itmes are your friends in this game if you're the Barbarian, 
    your best friends. Always keep any of these items you find for the rest of 
    the game. The Barbarian usually will never have very high Mana and once you 
    get awesome, high Mana costing skills like Whirlwind, you're gonna need the 
    Mana stealing.
    8) I urge you Barbarians out there not to use Spears, or anything that has 
    to do with throwing weapons. That stuff is for the Amazons and should stay 
    with the Amazons. I can sense some hate mail from Amazons coming my way, 
    nothing personal.
    ===Section 7=== My Barbarian
    These are my exact current stats on my Barbarian.
    Lord Linkrape: Level 46
    Experience: 32,183,175
    Next Level: 35,344,686
     Strength: 168
    Dexterity: 94
     Vitality: 109
       Energy: 10
         BASH Damage: 192 - 555
    WHIRLWIND Damage: 197 - 578
         BASH Attack Rating: 2125 (91%)
    WHIRLWIND Attack Rating: 2454 (91%)
    Defense: 1160
       Life: 633
       Mana: 68
    Stamina: 296
         Fire Resist: 23
         Cold Resist: 53
    Lightning Resist: MAX
       Poison Resist: 35
    **Note that these skills have pretty many skill points into them because of 
    my Amulet that is +1 to Barbarian Skills.
    Combat Masteries
    Sword Mastery: 21
    Axe Mastery: 0
    Mace Mastery: 0
    Polearm Mastery: 0
    Spear Mastery: 0
    Throwing Mastery: 0
    Increased Stamina: 3
    Iron Skin: 4
    Increased Speed: 2
    Natural Resistances: 4
    Combat Skills
    Bash: 4
    Leap: 2
    Double Swing: 2
    Stun: 2
    Double Throw: 0
    Leap Attack: 2
    Concentrate: 2
    Frenzy: 0
    Whirlwind: 18
    Berserk: 0
    I have no Skill Points into Warcries
    NAME- Demon Bite
    TYPE- Rune Sword (Rare)
    ONE HAND DAMAGE- 30 to 119
    SWORD CLASS- Very Fast Attack Speed
    EFFECTS- 10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
             Enhanced Damage
             Adds 4-9 Cold Damage
             +161 to Attack Rating
             Increased Attack Speed
    NAME- Skull Hood
    TYPE- Basinet (Rare)
    DEFENSE- 129
    EFFECTS- Enhanced Defense
             Fastest Hit Recovery
             +38 to Life
             +2 to Minimum Damage
    NAME- Bitter Talisman
    TYPE- Amulet (Rare)
    EFFECTS- +1 to Light Radius
             +1 to Barbarian Skills
             +26 to Mana
             +45 to Life
             +21% Better Chance of Getting Magical Item
    NAME- Blessed Templar Coat of the Colussus
    TYPE- Templar Coat (Magical)
    DEFENSE- 445
    EFFECTS- Enhanced Defense
             +53 to Life
    NAME- Grim Shield of the Ox
    TYPE- Grim Shield (Magical)
    DEFENSE- 111
    EFFECTS- +7 to Strength
    NAME- Bloodfist
    TYPE- Heavy Gloves (Unique)
    DEFENSE- 5
    EFFECTS- +40 to Life
             Fastest Hit Recovery
             +5 to Minimum Damage
    NAME- Ghoul Spiral
    TYPE- Ring (Rare)
    EFFECTS- Half Freeze Duration
             7% Mana Stolen
             +27 to Mana
             +36 to Life
             Lightning Resist 43%
             Poison Resist 35%
    NAME- Skull Band
    TYPE- Ring (Rare)
    EFFECTS- +3 to Light Radius
             Poison Resist 15%
             Cold Resist 63%
             Lightning Resist 15%
             Fire Resist 15%
             +149 to Attack Rating
             +11 to Strength
             +3 to Minimum Damage
    NAME- Gale Lash
    TYPE- Plated Belt (Rare)
    DEFENSE- 9
    EFFECTS- Poison Length Reduced by 25%
             Cold Resist 5%
             +17 to Strength
             +108% Extra Gold from Monsters
    NAME- Glyph Shank
    TYPE- Greaves (Rare)
    DEFENSE- 13
    EFFECTS- Fastest Run/Walk
             Lightning Resist 36%
             Fire Resist 23%
             +7 to Strength
             +22% Better Chance of Getting Magical Item
    Check this awesome armor out that I imbued. It's in my stash now because I 
    don't have enough Strength to use it though.
    NAME- Loath Shroud
    TYPE- Ornate Plate (Rare)
    DEFENSE- 730
    EFFECTS- Fastest Hit Recovery
             +1 to Light Radius
             Enhanced Defense
             Cold Resist 21%
             Fire Resist 16%
             +31 to Life
    ===Section 8=== Closing Statements
    I hope this FAQ answered any questions anyone had about their Barbarian. Right 
    now GameFAQs.com is the only site that has permission to put this FAQ up on 
    their website.
    Special Thanks:
    Please e-mail me at firm1315@aol.com with any comments or suggestions to make 
    my FAQ better. If they are good suggestions, I'll add you to the Special Thanks 
    Copyright 2001
    Last Updated June 23, 2001        

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