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    Necromancer Guide by SMakoto

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 08/07/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Diablo II Necromancer Guide V.0.70
    By: Shishio_Makoto   (rhleex@wm.edu)
    This is not a walkthrough.  Really, do you need hints here?  Kill things, get funny items when 
    quest log button appears.  Return to town for reward.  Come on, its not a difficult thing to do. 
    This is a guide for how to use the necromancer well for acts 1-3, act 4 forthcoming.  Feel free 
    to e-mail non threatening rants, unless you want to spend three weeks in traction and get skin 
    grafts after I teach you a lesson about manners.  Remember, not all computer players are geeky, 
    I happen to be able to thoroughly kick some butt when I want to, so don't piss me off.  Be 
    courteous, and I will represent you at the end of this Guide. I also promise to use the words 
    didactic and perspicacity somewhere in this guide, so watch for 'em. 
    You can always find the latest version of this guide at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Fo' real.
    I am on battle.net as Shishio_Makoto and sometimes open as Shishio. Talk!  I'll be listening.
         I.   Revisions
         II.  Why a necromancer?
         III. Character training and focus
         IV.  Skills
         V.   Tips
         VI.  Tricks
              ***Bonus section***: How to play a good necro info.
         VII. Thanks
    ***********Part the First: Revisions*************************************************************
    7/31/00- No revision since this is the first edition of this guide.  
    8/7/00- Ver. 0.70:  OKAY! Lots of new stuff, I think you can all enjoy it, too.
    1. Added new belt tips.
    2. Added a "how do you make a good necro?" part, (forgive the bias
    As it is very similar to my method)
    3. Added Information and tips from several other people, all with
    Their names in this faq, and also in the thanks list.  
    4. Added great information about the golem, taken from an expert,
    Which you will see noted in the summoning section.  I don't 
    Know how much of an expert he is, but he sounds professional.
    5. Added an unsettling reference to Hiroshima.  
    6. Added poison dagger, corpse explosion, and teeth revisions.
    That's was all for today, but hell, that's a lot of work!!!!
    ***********Part the Second: Why a Necromancer?***************************************************
    The necromancer is a very unique character; with the ability to create minions from the fallen 
    corpses of his adversaries, he is the only character who doesn't have to participate in combat 
    more than a simple spell casting.  This premise is what makes a necromancer player.  The ability 
    to watch things unfold as your men overrun the enemy, and the drive to master even better 
    monsters and spells will cause you to choose the necromancer.  Good choice!  I think you have 
    chosen the most powerful and in depth character in the game.  
    ***********Part the Third: Character training and focus******************************************
    You are going to want to train this man like a barbarian. Specifically, concentrate on strength 
    for a good while, while periodically putting points into mana as well as dexterity.  The main 
    stat until you reach about 60-70 is strength.  This will become vitally important as you continue
    further into the game.  The reason I say this is that bosses and uniques will be very difficult, 
    and in fact impossible for your golems and skeletons to defeat starting from the boss of act I.  
    In fact, I found that skeletons and skeleton mages are useless after act II because they die 
    instantly.  However, a good golem is strong, fast, and has prodigious amounts of hit points, so 
    he can become the catalyst for your corpse explosions.  Still, If you have enough strength, just 
    run into the fray and whack left and right with your weapon, then corpse explosions will do the 
    As for wands, I found them useless except at the beginning levels.  Yay, a skill increase.  Yet, 
    when I am attacked by a swarm, I am helpless.  Oh god, I died.  Wands suck.  They cost a lot, 
    maintenance is high, and they are virtually ineffective in the later levels.  You are gonna want 
    to stick with the melee weapons.  Specifically, find a nice big axe.  Preferably magic, doing 
    around 16-60 damage.  Now wear a ring that steals mana and/or life.  Wear a couple.  Now hit 
    enemies, and watch your mana go up after you used a couple corpse explosions.  You should cast 
    that spell, then hit a few guys to steal some mana and cast again.  It is a pretty simple 
    concept, and makes the wands useless.  
    Also, because of the high strength, you will be able to wear massive armor and gain lots 
    of defensive points.  I don't think I need to express the importance of this ability, as the 
    enemies will overrun your golem in sheer numbers in the later acts of the game.  Besides, 
    nothing is more fun than making an ally, crushing some baddies with your axe, then blowing the 
    rest away with magic.  I can literally clear a room full of bad guys in about 3-4 seconds.  And 
    you know what follows that?  Lots of maniacal laughter.  Oh and treasure picking.  Hee hee.  
    *************Left and Right mouse click**********************************************************
    I think the left and right mouse click options is a very important part of the game.  Since I 
    believe this wholeheartedly, I'm gonna tell you what I believe you should have set up as hotkeys.
    Later, expect a revision.
    **************THE BELT***************************************************************************
    The Belt.  Here is the best way to make a belt that I know of.  This has worked many, many times,
     and is a holdover from the first Diablo, in any case.
    TP=Town Portal Scroll
    H=Healing/Light healing
    M=Mana/Light Mana
    GH/GM=Greater Healing/Greater Mana
    SH/SM=Super Healing/Super Mana
    Slot:	  1	     2	          3	      4
    Have:     TP         H            H           M
    	GH/SH      GH/SH        GH/SH       GM/SM      
                           \ /
    So on up the belt.  This technique is important because you can town portal instantly by pressing
     1.  Nice, huh?  Plus, the greater healing potions behind the TP scroll only means you use em 
    when you are desperate, so you just go 1,1,1,etc.  That means TP, GH, GH, GH. Compared to the 
    slots 2,3,4 which have light healing or minor or whatever.  Makes sense, I'm a genius, I know, 
    thank you thank you, The book comes out tommorow, no I am not married, etc.  
     Save the Full rejuvenation or simple rejuvenations for boss fights.
    XvSquallXv@aol.com brought up a interesting point, which I say makes sense.
    I was reading in your Diablo 2 Faq about the belt setup for items and I 
    noticed that you  had 2 greater potions behind the Town Portal. Well as I was 
    playing I noticed that when you use a Rejuvination (the purple ones) it fills 
    up the amount of life/mana instantly and not gradualy and if your in a Jam 
    and need to use the portal and all behind it the slow fill up with greater 
    healings probably won't help much. But an instant boost from the 
    rejuvinations will leave you alive.
    I know it would be wasting a rejuvination potion but thats alot better than 
    dying right?
    Here are some tips from "john huttley" john@mwk.co.nz
    Enjoy, as these are good for any necromancer.  
    Hi I've just read your guide.
    An interesting slant on things.
    I would add the following.
    In the beginning get a socketed sword and stick a sapphire in it as soon as
    you can.
    Being able to freeze the monster is great, particularly when shamen are
    trying to
    raise them. Raise that pile of mush then!
    Same with a socketed cap. I try for a skull there.
    If you want to level up, the two best places are
    The canyon of the magi. Zillion of monsters who mob your golem. Pity about
    IM! Blam Blam Blam
    And the River of Fire. To the hell forge and back. Lots of goodies, room to
    run and to manuevre.
    I'm at level   44 (single player) doing Nightmare. This starts with a -20
    resistance penalty.
    Ghoul lords and lightning enchanted uniques are utterly deadly.
    Ultimately I got a gothic socketed shield, with a big diamond,  ruby and
    Topaz on it.
    Even if it had no defensive bonus at all, I could not survive without it.
    Also I have golem resistance at about 47%.
    I do not recommend combat for a necro, though its the only way to get
    In Nightmare, when you die you Lose Experience! Personal Combat is way too
    Fire Golem/Mastery and revived do very well with IM. Mastery juices up the
    golem without.
    making it too expensive to cast. my Fire Golem is now at 100Mana to cast,
    which is getting a bit
    There is a limit to the effectiveness of revive.
    Champions and Uniques cannot be revived! So I just necro-mage them.
    They help a bit, especially with icebolts to slow the enemy.
    In addition the AI of the revived is just terrible! With 7 revived, they get
    in each others way,
    get lost, or just wander off.
    Dont underestimate teeth. I killed mephisto with L2 Teeth and Mana Regen
    It took about a hour.. I wish I had bone spear then!
    |     ACT 1     |
    Head:  Any unique cap or helm that is actually good.  Screw defense, who's gonna hit you in this 
           act anyways?
    Body:  Yer gonna want to wear some decent armor.  If you are lucky, you'll find Twitchthroe (I
           did).  If not, go with the most powerful studded leather you can find.  Defense isn't that
    Shield:Get a large shield with sockets.  Get three diamonds.  Do my gem perfection trick.
           Enjoy huge resistance to magic.  Laugh in face of death.  Go to hospital when laughing
           causes heart attack.  Spend rest of life on respirator, swearing never to laugh again.
    Rings:Any rings which offer stealing life or mana.  Or any uniques, its up to you.  At this
          point, rings don't really matter that much.
    Amulet:Same deal as the rings, although you should look for an amulet of the ox for strength
    Belt:Any belt that provides good defense and some magical plusses is good.
    Weapon:Go with a wand for now.  Pick a wand that is useful, and DO NOT attack stuff unless you
           really have to.  Wands are expensive to fix and money becomes handy in act II.
           Preferably, get a wand that provides a plus to skeleton and golem mastery, or some bonus
           to clay golem.  Or corpse explosion.
    General Act I eq tips:
    Get uniques if you can through my uniques trick.  Wear em, or sell em if they aren't any good.  
    Defense shouldn't be that important as the fighters are gonna be your golem and your skeleton 
    mages.  Make sure you have enough strength for a two handed sword, I think 30-40.  You are gonna 
    need it for Anduriel.
    |     ACT 2     |
    Head: sell the crap you are wearing if it is crap and get a superior or magic full helm (Defense
          around 24+).  Yeah yeah, you lose some bonuses or whatever, but frankly, it won't really
          matter.  You are gonna get hit by stuff, and you are not gonna like it that much, so screw
          the +hp or +mp and go with defense, to minimize the damage you take.  
    Body:Two words.  Splint mail.  Magic if possible, although if you have unique(gold letters)
         armor here, it is probably worth the bonuses to resistance, attack speed, recovery, etc. to
         keep it instead.  But if you don't, a 92 defense splint mail compared to a 20-30ish normal,
         rare, or set piece just doesn't add up; go with the splint mail for now.
    Shield:Same as before.  Hopefully, muscular therapy and sad movies like "Old Yeller" have
           restored your health after the heart attack, and also made you want to not laugh.  Either
           that or technology has progressed to anime technology while you were in the hospital, so
           you are now playing in a full body robotic cybernetics suit with brain jack etc.
           Or......maybe not.  
    Rings:Same as before.  Gee, this is pretty comprehensive isn't it?
    Amulets:Guess.  Actually, the chances of getting some rare/set/unique accessories is pretty high
            now, so switch when you are ready to do so.
    Belt:Go with the biggest magical belt you can find.  You are gonna want a lot of potions.
    Weapon:The most deadly and powerful one handed sword you can find.  If you find a two handed
           sword of good quality and extra damage, put it in the stash.  It'll come in handy against
    General Act II tips:
    Defense becomes more important, so go with the higher defense for eq for the most part.  Remember
    uniques usually provide bonuses that make up for any defense loss, but in some cases it just 
    isn't enough,  It may be hard to part with that unique, but do it anyway for the good of the 
    |     ACT 3     |
    Head:Gemmed Crown.  Stick in a diamond and a skull.  Both perfect.  Crowns defense should be
         around 42+.
    Body:Imbue that Plate mail.  Just Alt+tab, retry to get what you want.  Go for high defense,
         +stats, etc.  
    Shield:Don't use one.
    Rings:The best you can find, go for a rare or unique.
    Amulet:Same as the rings.
    Belt:Plated belts are good, especially if you get Sigon's wrap.  Resistance, Plus to Health, and
         a huge number of potions fit in that thing.  (How does it work?  Is it like a coin dispenser
         or something?  Clearly, Blizzard defies logic.  Actually, the idea of magic spells, Diablo
         and all that defies logic.  So really, this was just a rant.  Hmm.)
    Weapon:Two handed axe, 15-60 damage base, + to attack rating if you can get it.  All of that plus
           vicarious bloodlust= one murder conviction in real life, first degree manslaughter,  one
           bloody axe from sears, and 20 to life in jail or possibly the death penalty in certain
    I really hope that isn't prophetic, please!  Anyone who reads this needs to realize that was a 
    joke.  Seriously, lets not kill anyone in real life, because they don't respawn.  Except for 
    those shifty government stooges..........
    	Secondary should be a gemmed heavy crossbow, put in two perfect amythsts and a sapphire.
            Carry around 2 quivers of bolts for the flayer jungle.
    General Act III tips:
    You want a high defense without a shield, which is why you get that plate imbued.  You 
    want a brutal weapon with a plus to attack rating, so you can hit the baddies easier.  Now, when 
    you hit for 50 damage, you drain 5-6 mana and hp each time with the appropriate rings.  That 
    means potions become pretty much worthless unless you get swarmed hardcore by flayers.  I hate 
    those guys.  In any case, with a brutal weapon and good armor, summon an iron golem with 
    resistance at level two or three skill level, and he does thorns damage too.  A good man to back 
    you up.  Look for armor that increases resistances, since magic from enemies becomes brutal as 
    all git out.  That was a horrible cultural reference, so please excuse me.    
    As I have not beaten Act IV yet, I'll save those tips for the revision.  
    *****************Part the Fourth: Skills*********************************************************
    These are the skills I reccommend for the necromancer.  The amount which you decide to put
    into each of these skills is entirely up to you, but you will probably want to focus on the A 
    graded skills.
    #############################|  Curses  |########################################################
    Curses.  I don't have much good to say about this whole tree of skills, because I think they 
    are fairly useless unless you decide to play multiplayer.  The mana spent for the duration of
    time for most of the curses is well balanced, but many of the spells themselves seem pretty
    useless in single player.  There are some exceptions to this rule, which will be shown below.
    Curses are a very unique idea that hold strong multiplayer potential, but, in my opinion
    are better left out of single player.
    Name: Amplify Damage
    Lvl: 1
    Effect: Doubles Damage caused by you and/or minions during short duration of time.
    Cost: 4
    radius:2 yards
    duration: 8 sec
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +3 sec
    Grade/Explanation: A
    This skill is very effective.  You will probably get this at the beginning of the game, and it
    is a good skill to pop maybe one or two skill points into .  Basically, you will cast this, then
    let your minions do hellish damage to the enemy while you sit back and relax.  It comes in handy
    when you fight uniques.  A good skill that you will use throughout the entire game.
    Name: Dim Vision
    Lvl: 6
    Effect: enemies have a hard time seeing you.
    radius:2.6 yards
    duration: 7 seconds
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +2 sec
    Grade/Explanation: D
    Okay, I found this skill to be useless.  Your minions aren't going to sit back and watch 
    the enemy stuble around.  Nor are you going to be able to target all those ranged enemies who 
    are off screen.  Basically, I didn't waste a point in this skill, and just put another point in
    my skeleton mastery.
    Name: Weaken
    Lvl: 6
    Effect: enemies do much less damage to you.
    radius: 2 yards
    duration: 8 seconds
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +3 sec
    Grade/Explanation: C
    Again, another curse that is straight useless.  You are better off putting points in something 
    good like golems or skeletons.  Personally, although the effect of this skill is very balanced 
    it isn't worth the trouble to cast or even learn it.
    Name: Iron Maiden/ prereq: Amplify Damage
    Lvl: 12
    Effect: Enemies hit you, then they take back the damage they do.  Or more.
    Cost: 5
    radius: 4.6 
    duration: 12 
    Skill level up
    duration +2.4
    damage starts at 200% return, +25% per skill level
    Grade/Explanation: A
    My god is this one useful.  Ever see a paladin clear a room using thorns?  This is just like 
    that skill.  I think that you will probably want to put some skill points in this one, especially
    for those tough bosses.  Just cast it, let him kill you while taking around 200% at level one
    and town portal back in.  Ha ha.  ah hahahahahahahaha MWA HAHAHAHAHA.... sorry.  In any case,
    I likey likey.
    Name: Terror / prereq: weaken
    lvl: 12
    Effect: Enemy runs like little girl from big man
    Cost: 7
    radius: 2.6
    duration: 8
    Skill level up
    duration +1
    Grade/Explanation: B
    It's not great, its not bad, its....eh......its Terror.  I mean, how many times are you gonna use
    this one?  It's.........man, I'm trying to think of something good to say about it but its not
    coming.  its an okay skill to drop a point into if you are afraid of being swamped, but against
    boss characters with magic resistance, I don't think it's gonna help all that much.
    Name: Confuse / prereq: Dim Vision
    lvl: 18
    Effect: Enemies apparently drank too much coffee and attack themselves
    Cost: 13
    radius: 4
    duration: 10
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +2
    Grade/Explanation: B
    It is kinda useful to make enemies attack each other, but sometimes they attack you or your 
    minions.  You might want to put a single point into it to weaken you enemies if they are in 
    another room or inaccessible area.  Examples being Act 2 harem area, Act 3 riverbanks, there's 
    some good places to use this.
    Name: Life Tap / prereq: Iron Maiden
    lvl: 18
    Effect: enemies when hit give back 50% damage to attacker's health(i.e. you)
    Cost: 9
    radius: 2.6
    duration: 16
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +2.4
    Grade/Explanation: B
    A fairly useful skill, your minions will heal as they whack the baddies.  Personally, I think 
    you will probably be using iron maiden a lot more, so this might actually be useful.  Hmm..
    Iron Maiden/Life tap combo.  In any case, I didn't get this skill, but you might want to.  It 
    has some potential.
    Name: Attract / prereq: Dim Vision
    lvl: 24
    Effect: Enemies focus attacks on a single enemy you target.  "Ha Ha" as Nelson says on the 
    Cost: 17
    radius: 6
    duration: 12
    Skill Level up
    duration +3.6
    G/E: C
    This doesn't work on Super Uniques or Bosses. Sooo....what the hell is the point? That's like
    giving you a gun during world war two which doesn't work on people.  What, you want to waste
    17 mana on a normal Unique baddie?  HAHAHAHA......actually, maybe, that might be good, so that's
    why I didn't grade this skill as a D.
    Name: Decrepify/ prereq: Weaken
    lvl: 24
    Effect: Enemies become slow, like "Corky".  Sorry, joke not intended to offend, I'm really sorry
    please don't sue or flame me because of that bad reference.  
    radius: 2.6
    duration: 2
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +.2
    G/E: D
    Useless skill in single player.  But wait! Also useless in multiplayer!  You get two useless 
    skills for the price of one!!!!!  OKAY!!!  I don't think that was a joke, sadly enough.
    Lower Resist / prereq: Umm.....Everything
    lvl: 30
    Effect: lowers enemy resistance to magic.  Cool, yes?
    Cost: 22
    radius: 4.6
    duration: 20
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7
    duration +2
    resistance lowered by a lot, then a little as more points put in.  Max -62%
    G/E: B
    It's useful in some cases, but mostly in multiplayer.  Because of the multiplayer use, I'd say
    it's a decent skill.  But the skills you need to learn to learn it are almost worthless.  Thus,
    I'd say don't go for it unless you have a thing for the curse spells that I don't know about.
    Really, the only use in single player is the poison explosion spells and stuff, but that's 
    something we'll get to in time.  Not what I expect from a 30th level curse.
    #########################|   Poison & Bone   |###################################################
    Poison and Bone.  This Skill set has the most powerful spell in the entire game.  It also
    has a lot of useless skill that I'm pretty sure you are not going to use except if you become
    level 1 billion, which is impossible.  I think this is a cool skill set in theory, but in 
    practice it becomes pretty damn useless for the most part.  Still, It's worth putting some points
    into this skill set.
    Name: Teeth
    Lvl: 1
    Effect: You throw magic teeth which go through enemies.
    Cost: 3
    damage: 2-4
    number of teeth: 2
    Skill level up
    #teeth +1
    damage +1 to max/min
    G/E: D
    This skill is fairly useless.  Put a point in, forget about it.  You are done.  Pretend you no 
    have this skill at all.  If people ask, say "what?  What's teeth?  never heard of it."  Try to 
    use it to kill something, and fail miserably.  
    Read above.  Mephisto killed with teeth lvl2?  HAHAHA that is great.  I'm 
    A gonna grade ye' up a graed ya kilt snaetchin' crrrroooouuten eayten' 
    New Grade: C  Why?  Mephisto.  LORD OF WHATEVER.  Killed by teeth.  That is 
    Damn funny.
    Name: Bone Armor
    Lvl: 1
    Effect: Cool lookin bones swirl around you and absorb damage.  Kinda neat.
    Cost: 11
    damage taken: 20
    Skill level up
    damage taken +10
    mana cost +1
    G/E: C
    You can do this skill, and be able to absorb around 200 hp, or you can avoid it and just avoid
    getting hit some other way.  It's up to you, its an average skill so it warrants the C grade
    in my opinion.
    Name: Poison Dagger
    Lvl: 6
    Effect: makes your dagger do poison damage.  
    Cost: 3
    damage: 7-15
    Attack rating: +15%
    Skill level up
    cost +.2/.3
    max damage 168-217
    duration +1
    attack rating bonus +10%
    G/E: D
    This skill sucks.  how many times are you gonna use a dagger?  It does decent poison damage, 
    but who cares, really?  If there is someone who uses this effectively and thinks it deserves 
    better than a D, let me know.  Really, the attack rating bonus just isn't worth it.
    From: "Skyler Brown" skyjis6@hotmail.com
    the Only Thing Ive found that a levl. 6 poison dagger hit can kill a lvl. 15 
    barbarian. Use it only for duelz, thats it I think it deserves an A in 
    duelz, but overall, your right, A C
    In retrospect, I don't duel so I never used it, but if he says it works, try it!
    With that, I'll regrade it as a C, because it is fairly useful against human players.
    New Grade: C  Look up there for why.
    Name: Corpse Explosion / prereq: Teeth
    Lvl: 6
    Effect: Does 60-100 % of the targets health damage to surrounding enemies in radius
    damage: Look up there
    Skill level up
    radius +.6/.7 every couple of levels
    cost +1
    G/E: A+++++
    AHAHAHAHAHAHA I love this skill.  Kill someone.  Then chain a bunch of these spells together.  
    The room is cleared in about 4 seconds or so.  HAHA.  Ahhh......that's all I need to say.
    Put a lot of points in this one when you get a chance.
    time:4 sec
    Revision:  Blizzard sucks.  They made corpse explosion have a much smaller 
    Radius, and I Im gonna say is, it still kicks some butt, but not as much.
    As much as I hate to do this, I'm gonna hafta grade it down.
    New Grade: A+++
    P.S.  It still destroys the enemy like a stripper does to a bible reading.
    Name: Bone Wall / prereq: Bone Armor
    Lvl: 12
    Effect: Makes a wall of bones.  Read the title, come on.
    Cost: 17
    duration: 48
    health: 19
    Skill level up
    health +4/5
    G/E: D
    This spell is useless.  It sucks.  Leave it alone.  That's all I'm going to say, except that it
    may be vaguely useful to escape enemies long enough to town portal home and ask "Dear god, why
    didn't I put a point in something useful?"
    Name: Poison Explosion / prereq: Poison Dagger, Corpse Explosion
    Lvl: 18
    Effect: Corpse Explodes in poison
    Cost: 8
    duration: 4
    Skill level up
    damage +5 min +10 max
    time +.8
    G/E: B
    Not very great.  Personally, I think poison damage is bad because it takes time to kill 
    the enemy.  Still, this skill may be somewhat useful, I don't know, use it if you feel like 
    killing with poison.  It is entirely up to you. Can be pretty useful in some circumstances; i.e.
    poison enemies, let them wander to other enemies, die, then coprse explosion.
    Name: Bone Spear / prereq: Corpse Explosion
    Lvl: 18
    Effect: You shoot a bone spear at enemies
    Cost: 7
    damage: 16-24
    Skill level up
    cost +.2/.3
    damage +8 min/max
    G/E: B
    this isn't that great of a spell, it is kind of useful against range attack enemies.  Still, it's
    effectiveness will go drastically down as you enter nightmare and hell level difficulties.  It
    is convenient against those Flayers in Act 3, or also to kill a single Vampire Lord to set off 
    a chain reaction of C.E.  Overall, isn't worth more than one or two allocated points.
    Name: Bone Prison / prereq: Bone Wall
    Lvl: 24
    Effect: Creates a circular prison of bone
    Cost: 27
    Health: 19
    Skill level up
    Cost -2
    health +4/5
    G/E: C
    Could be used to trap enemies and then peg em with your handy gemmed crossbow.  Could also be 
    considered worthless, and not much good in any situation whatsoever.  it's all up to the 
    individual necromancer.  
    Name: Poison Nova / prereq: Poison and Corpse Explosions
    Lvl: 30
    effect: Ring of Poison expands outwards in flashy graphics
    Cost: 25
    damage: 50-75
    Skill level up
    damage +5 min/ +7/8 max
    duration: +.8
    G/E: C
    Again, I find poison spells to be pretty useless, but this might be effective against a group of
    enemies that have surrounded you.  I think that you are better off putting skills in summons.
    Name: Bone Spirit / prereq: Bone Spear
    Lvl: 30
    Effect: Cool looking spirit tracks down and kill enemy.
    Skill level up
    cost +1
    damage +16 min/max
    G/E: B
    This spell is pretty cool if you max it out.  Otherwise, spend the points elsewhere.
    ########################|   Summoning Abilities  |###############################################
    Summoning Spells will make up the crux of your attack.  I love em.  Your father loves em.  Your
    grandmother watches the tapes in the VCR.  (Another Bad cultural reference.)  Basically, you 
    create an ally, sit back, and watch it kill things.  At the beginning, you will want to balance
    your skeletons with your corpse explosions, but later on skeletons become rather obsolete.
    ++++++++Did You Know?++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    |From: Briareos Kerensky <briareos@inwind.it>                             |
    |                                                                         |
    | Hi, I was searching infos how to get into the Secret Cow Level while I  |
    | stubled over your walkthru. Well done, really, though I have a lv.29    |
    | necromancer and I almost finished the game (found the "pit" where are   |
    | the five gems you have to destroy to get to Diablo, but the enemis are  |
    | too much...oh well, the Chaos Santuary IS hard :P) and just want to     |
    | point out that the Golem is created by assembling mud and a death body, |
    | and animated by writing "emeth" (life, renaissance) on their foreheads, |
    | and they can be killed only by erasing the first from emeth, turning it |
    | to "meth" (death); the original ritual is jewish, and it is relatively  | 
    | simple. Bof, stopped to write useless things :P. Keep up the good work. |
    |                                                                         |
    Name: Raise skeletions
    Lvl: 1
    Cost: 6
    number: 1
    Skill level up
    Cost +1
    Number +1
    G/E: B+
    This is a great skill to have at the beginning of the game.  You can make a minion, and if you
    put points in, you can make lots of minions. This will probably become pretty important for the
    first few levels, and will be the best skill you have until around level 6.  
    Name: Skeleton Mastery / prereq: Raise Skeleton
    Lvl: 1
    Effect: Gives bonus to skeletons and raised creatures
    damage mod for skeletons: +2
    life of skeletons: +7
    damage mod for revived: +2%
    life of revived: +7%
    Skill level up
    dmg mod for skeletons: +2
    life mod for skeletons: +7
    dmg mod for revived: +2%
    life mod for revived: +7%
    G/E: A
    This skill is great because it pumps up life and damage for skeletons and the revived creatures
    you are going to want to make at level 30.  There is nothing bad to say about this skill; it 
    simply is a great passive skill to put some points in when you are in those intermediate 
    levels.  It also affects your revived creatures, so if you want to prepare for lvl 30, you can
    do so; however I think you are really better off putting points into golem mastery as well.
    Name: Clay Golem
    Lvl: 6
    Effect: you make a golem out of clay.  Not Glay, the somewhat famous Japanese alterna rock band,
    but Clay.  Like Gumby, but not so wussy lookin, although Pokey did have a brutal name.
    Cost: 15
    damage: 2-5
    health: 100
    Skill level up
    cost +3
    damage + small amount min/max
    life +35
    G/E: A
    This is the best skill to learn at level 6-7 besides corpse explosion.  The golems are 
    surprisingly effective, as they really can take quite a beating and have a high attack rating 
    for the level at which you acquire the skill.  Overall, all the summons are gonna get A or 
    higher ratings.
    Name: Golem Mastery / prereq: Clay Golem
    Lvl: 12
    Effect: Gives added bonuses to your golems.
    Life mod +20%
    speed +6%
    Skill level up
    Life mod +20%
    speed mod +small amount %
    G/E: B
    Fairly useful, but not that much.  It's best to put most of your skill points into the 
    golems themselves, as that increases the damage done as well as the hitpoints.  Still, one or 
    two points in this skill aren't bad.  It just depends on what you want to master.
    Name: Raise Skeletal Mage / prereq: Raise Skeleton
    Lvl: 12
    Effect: Self-explanatory
    Cost: 8
    Number: 1
    Skill level up
    Cost +1
    Number +1
    G/E: A
    Skeletal Mages are effective until act 3.  They are able to use elemental magic including cold,
    which becomes very useful in the tombs of Tal rasha, or really, anywhere.  They die fairly 
    quickly, but their low cost makes it ok.
    Name: Blood Golem / prereq: Clay Golem
    Lvl: 18
    Effect: You make a Golem out of Blood.  Ewwwww.... I hated seeing blood during dissection, I 
    don't think I could take seeing this in real life.  Looks kinda like the previews for Hollow Man
    which I personally think is a horrible movie because of the name.  Come on, he's not hollow, he's
    Cost: 25
    damage: 6-16
    life: 201
    damage converted: 31%
    Skill level up
    damage +min/max a small amount
    damage converted +1%, max is 38%
    G/E: A
    The blood golem is a very good spell for level 18.  Again, it doesn't die too quickly, is fairly
    powerful, and is a useful minion to drag along on your quest.  The blood golem's sharing of 
    health is fairly effective, as you will mostly be healed from his attacks when you stay in the 
    back of the battle.  A nice effect.  he looks really cool, too.
    Name: Summon Resist / prereq: Clay Golem, Golem Mastery
    Lvl: 24
    Effect: All summoned minions get magic resistance.
    Resistance: 24%
    Skill level up
    Resistance +some amount, max is 66%
    G/E: C
    Not all that useful, the fact that your minions die from lightning doesn't matter since it 
    doesn't take much to make another one anyway.  It's good to put one or two points here, but 
    don't go overboard.  You should just save the points for something better, if you have extras.
    Name: Iron Golem / prereq: Clay, Blood Golems
    Lvl: 24
    Cost: 35
    Effect: Makes a brutal Iron Golem.  Mwa haha.  It is metal and large, like the terminator.
    damage: 7-19
    life: 306
    Thorns at level 2 150%
    Skill level up
    Thorns from level 2 up +15%
    G/E: A
    The ability to give your golem the abilities of magical weapons is first class.  Ici-Ban!  
    Anyhow, it is a great golem to have, cast it on any metal item, and they don't dievery fast. 
    Also, the Thorns Aura will cause many a bad guy to die from damage they take themselves.  I 
    personally like the Iron golem because of the thorns.  
    Name: Fire Golem / prereq: All golems
    Lvl: 30
    Effect: Oh, it burns! it Burns!!!!! makes a fiery golem who apparently is too hot to handle,
    (And now you all think too cold to hold).  
    Cost: 50 
    damage: 10-27
    life: 313
    fire damage converted: 36%
    Skill level up
    damage +max/min small amount
    fire damage converted +percent small amount
    nana cost +10
    G/E: A+ 
    This guy is awesome because he does fire damage, he absorbs fire damage, and he is cool.  This 
    spell is well worth the mana cost, even in the higher skill levels where he will require quite 
    a bit of mana to be summoned.  Still, A great skill especially in hell where everything uses 
    fire on you and your minions.  
    Name: Revive / prereq: Raise Skeletal Mage
    Lvl: 30
    effect: You now control the enemy for a short period of time.  You will send your revived 
    minions like uniques( oh ho my friend, yes indeed) and others into battle to destroy the enemy.
    Ultimate power is now in your hands.
    Cost: 45
    Life: 200% predeath
    number: 1
    Skill level up
    life +20%
    G/E: A+
    You control your enemies after they die for three minutes.  Go find something and kill it.
    This is one of the best skills you can learn, as you spend a tough time killing a unique, then 
    send it against the baddies in retaliation.  I love it.  Revive a vampire lord, and watch him
    mercilessly kill the enemy with his sorceress like spells.  GHAHAHAHAH HOO HOO HAA HAA MWA MWA
    HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... hack... cough.....arrrghhhh... heimleich...please.....
    *****************Part the Fifth: Tips************************************************************
    I only have a few tips for the necromancer player, some of these tips actually work for anyone 
    as well.
    1. As I have stressed before, you should choose to specialize in one field, probably summoning.  
    Doing this allows you to pump points into your golems, which will give you more time to 
    regenerate mana, cast spells, etc.  Curses, while important for multiplayer support, need only 
    be superficially studied by a successful necromancer.  The main attack power will come from your 
    golems, your melee or range weapon of choice, and the most powerful spell in the game.  Corpse 
    2. Corpse Explosion.  My god is this spell insanely powerful.  Uniques tremble at the sight of a 
    necromancer for this reason.  You should probably dump a few points into this skill, as it will 
    become the mainstay of your attack.  It is important to get as large a radius as you can while 
    still maximizing the abilities of your golems so that they can survive and do decent damage.  
    Still, a corpse explosion at level four is effective enough to clear a room even on Act III.
    3. When fighting uniques the strategy is quite simple.  Create a golem.  Attack distracted 
    minion.  Corpse explosion.  Corpse explosion.  Corpse explosion.  Until all the bad guys are 
    dead.  And there you have it!  This technique will be the one you employ for a loooooong time.  
    However, there are some important things to remember about this.........
    4. Bosses are hell.  You need to get a good melee weapon, and smack the crap out of them while 
    they are distracted (for about a second) by your relatively weak golem.  If possible, perform 
    corpse explosions to weaken the boss, then do the rest by yourself.  Stock up on potions.  
    You'll need them.
    *****************Part the sixth: Tricks**********************************************************
    1. The Perfect Gems-------------CHEAP TRICK(not the band)
    This is really simple.  You get some gems, probably chipped/flawed.  Now, take the waypoint to 
    the Rogue waypoint in Act I.  In the Blood Moor, there are usually around 4-5 shrines pretty 
    close to each other.  Run to each of em, avoiding enemies.  One or two will be gem shrines every 
    once in a while.  Save, exit, repeat until all gems are perfect.  Takes about and hour or two to 
    make 3-5 perfect gems from chipped gems.  
    2. The Rare/Unique items--------CHEAP TRICK
    This is also really simple.  Whenever there is a building with a chest inside, there is like a 
    99.999 percent chance that there is a magic item inside.  So, for example, in the blood moor 
    there is is almost always a building with a chest right inside.  Open the chest, get the magic 
    item, save and exit.  Every once in a while, the item is unique/rare/set, but with a much higher 
    probability than normal.  For example, in act III in lower Kurast I opened a chest with Three 
    rare items in it.  Total, I collected 20 rare items in all of Lower Kurast in a single game, 
    including a rare crown, unique great axe, etc etc.  This trick works!  Also, if you stay alive 
    for a long time (about two to three hours) then search a chest in a building, you are almost 
    GUARANTEED a rare item, at least.  (I don't know if this holds for everyone, but it did for me.)
    I don't know if this works on b.net, so someone please find out if it does.  In any case, I 
    found tons of rares, and lots of uniques I just threw away because they sucked too hard for my 
    tastes.  (Ha Ha, all the guys are thinking one thing "Sucked too hard...heh heh...*snort*", and 
    all the girls are going "This guy is an ass and a sexist pig!  Its such a shame he's a hottie!"  
    Damned if they aren't right.)
    Well, thanks to "Nicolas Vu" redphoenixone@hotmail.com, we can see.  
    Interestingly, I play almost exactly like this guy, and would have beaten
    The damn game last weekend if my computer hadn't bombed like hiroshima, 1945.
    Anyway, (Horrible reference, please, I'm quite sorry, haha, erm, excuse me)
    Read Below______________________________________________________________
    I just read your Necromancer FAQ on Gamefaqs.com and I loved it!  Great 
    info inside.
      I have a different playing style and I have some info that I think you 
    might find interesting.
    1) At the start, I play the game like you, pumping only Energy and Strength 
    (no Dexterity).  I also buy the biggest and baddest weapons that I can.
    2) I do NOT take Raise Skeleton or Raise Skeleton Mage or Skeleton Mastery.  
    (It takes too many points for them to become good.)  Just read on, you'll 
    see why I do this later.
    3) I pump Amplify Damage and Corpse Explosion up.  Corp Exp has to be at 
    LEAST at lvl 6 (since 6 yards is pretty good and 20 mana isn't so steep 
    later in the game).
    4) I don't know if you already know this, but you can Amplify Damage before 
    using Corpse Explosion.  This will ensure you that you kill all the monsters 
    of the same type in one blast.  (E.g., you just killed a Skeleton and five 
    more are coming, if you Amplify then Corpse Exp, then all five will die [as 
    opposed to using two corpse explosions]).  This trick is great against 
    uniques/bosses!  Kill one of his minions (minions have tons of Life [4x as 
    much as a standard version of that monster]), this means that they are GREAT 
    at detonating!  You can easily use all of a boss's minions as dynamite and 
    kill him in less than 2 seconds!  (In fact, I after I killed a zombie 
    unique, I used HIM as a Corpse Explosion against Andariel and killed her in 
    no time at all!!!)
    5) I master Golems all the way.  They are best used as walls to place 
    between monsters and yourself, giving you the time to snipe at them then use 
    the Corpse Explosion trick mentioned above.
    6) Bone Spear is an essential skill.  It starts weak (16-24), but each level 
    will increase its power by 8 (lower AND upper bound damage) and its cost by 
    only 0.25 mana.  Bone Spear is good because the damage range is so tight 
    (lower damage and upper damage will ALWAYS differ by only 8), it increases 
    in power quickly without mana cost rising to fast and IT GOES THROUGH MANY 
    ENEMIES!  Think of it like a super charged lightning bolt: it travels in a 
    straight line and never stops (even after hitting an enemy).  It's best used 
    when many monsters are lined up.  You can usually take down 3-5 guys in one 
    shot!  I use the golem as a distraction tool.  While the monsters are 
    rushing towards him, I just line myself up and fire away.  At lvl 6, I do 
    56-64!  Anyhow, I only use Bone Spear to get one corpse so that I can use 
    the Corpse Explosion trick mentioned above.  Yes, its damage isn't really 
    good enough for Nightmare or Hell; that's why I use the trick bellow.
    7) Attract is a fantastic skill because monsters will immediately turn on 
    one another (the Attracted one will IMMEDIATELY start attacking his buddies 
    and vice versa, both parties COMPLETELY IGNORING YOU!).  Sure it doesn't 
    work against Uniques, but who cares?  Use it on all of his Minions.  Once at 
    least one of them is killed by his peers, use Amplify Damage on the rest, 
    then use Corpse Explosion a few times (this is the trick mentioned above) 
    and BOOM!!!  The unique and all of his minions are dead.  THIS IS AN 
      I hope this info helps you.
    *****************Part the Seventh: Thanks********************************************************
    Okay, new THANKS!!!  Here go the shout outs to all my homeys.  Werd.  First, to 
    "john huttley" john@mwk.co.nz, leading the pack in his stylish new Polo
    sports coat.  It is perfect for indoor or outdoor wear.  Made from the finest
    imported silk, it is guaranteed to be cool and breezy no matter where you go.
    Next in line is "Nicolas Vu" redphoenixone@hotmail.com, wearing the fabulous 
    New polyurethane shoulder shirt design from Gucci.  Coupled with the brilliant
    Rolex gold design, the combination of disparate textures is sure to draw the 
    Eye of any woman in the crowd.
    Coming up as center is Briareos Kerensky briareos@inwind.it, sporting his 
    Fly look in this gorgeous Tommy jacket.  A more undercut design, the 
    Jacket is desgined to let you lay low while it does all the attracting. 
    Yes people, that is suede.
    "Skyler Brown" skyjis6@hotmail.com is keeping up appearances, in his 
    new Givenchy tailored suit, light cream color with a fine cut on both
    the arms and sides.  Very nice.
    And last but not least is XvSquallxV@aol.com, working the crowd in that
    Flashy new suit design from Brooks Brothers.  Yes, the ladies will be all
    Over this man, or more specifically, his beautiful suit.  Made from the 
    Most carefully cultivated silk/cotton blend, the smooth texture and 
    Brilliant highlights will make you more popular than a woman at ladies 
    OKAY, That is all for today, I will update whenever I feel I need to.  
    Hmm....I want to thank a couple people.  One being the importers of  fine Florentine white 
    truffles.  No, just kidding.  I do want to thank Blizzard for a great game.  I also want to 
    thank myself for looking so damn good even though I play a lot of video games.  (Natural good 
    looks, nice bod, perfect smile, etc.)  I want to thank God for the giant and crushing ego and 
    almost narcissistic vanity, as well as Webster for creating such wonderful words as perspicacity 
    and didactic, which I said I would use in this Guide and did right now.  I also want to thank 
    Rurouni Kenshin's creator Watsuki Nobuhiro for giving me a great name for a necromancer: Shishio 
    Makoto!  I love that guy.  Not literally though.  I also want to thank the new b.net for not 
    sucking and making cheating uncool.  YEAH!!!    
    Last, to draw attention to this one, I want to thank the IGN game guide for the technical info
    on Necromancer Skills.  I didn't want to bother with em, but lots of people want to know.
    -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+|     Legal Stuff       |-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    This is copyright Rich Lee 2000.  Any plagarism etc of this material will force my alter ego of 
    death and destruction out of retirement to kill you and your immediate family.  Either that, or
    I'll send some sad lookin kids to your house to cry and make you feel guilty.  Unless you buy
    little Susie a pony.  Pony?  Yep.

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