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Reviewed: 08/12/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

God bless cheap ripoffs of popular games..

Face it people. There are always going to be cheap ripoffs of popular games. Final Fantasy 7 with Legend of Dragoon, Mega Man with half the action games released today, etc. But there was this old Mac game I used to play a lot that was the perfect definition of a cheap ripoff of a popular game. Mac Man was its name, and Mac Man is just what it sounds like, a Pac Man for your Macintosh. This has to be the most pathetic idea, let me tell you why. There is no sense of innovation here.

Developer A: ''Let's rip off Pac Man and call it Mac Man! That will sell!''

I do not really understand why this game was even made to begin with. Is there really some point in me wanting to play this game, because if there is I am not aware of the point. I would much rather play a game like Pac Man or Ms Pac Man than this game, even though Mac Man is pretty much exactly the same game as Pac Man. Pac Man just seems more fun to play, however. It really does, I don't know why, maybe because of the classic game factor.

The game has pretty much no redeeming factors to it whatsoever. Let's see. There are 370 gazillion video games out there. Chances are, you are not going to have time to play all of them. And you are not going to have time to play cheap ripoffs of popular games on computers no one cares about anymore. Mac Man is just a ripoff of Pac Man. Plain and simple.

The basic game play of the game may sound pretty familiar, because it is. Here is what you do: go around on a large maze, eating dots, large dots light up the dots, etc. Yes, this is the basic premise of the game. Sound familiar? It should. Because this is Pac Man Remember that this game is just Pac Man on the Macintosh, and you will be okay. I would not reccomend playing this game anyways.

The graphics in the game are to be expected. Boring mazes, with a dark background, and colored ghosts. The music and sound effects in the game are average, nothing special. The game does feature somewhat decent challenge, but the replay value in the game is pretty much non existant. What a shame.

Overall, I cannot see how I could possibly reccomend you playing this game, because it is nothing more than a cheap ripoff of a popular game like Pac Man. If you want to play this game, do yourself a favor and play Pac Man, because it is a lot more fun for some strange reason.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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