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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by DSimpson

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             T H E  S I M S  &  L I V I N '  L A R G E  &  H O U S E  P A R T Y
                           & H O T  D A T E  &  V A C A T I O N  &
                                    U N L E A S H E D
                                 The Sims (PC, Mac) &
                            The Sims: Livin' Large (PC, Mac) &
                               The Sims: House Party (PC)
                                The Sims: Hot Date (PC)
                                The Sims: Vacation (PC)
                               The Sims: Unleashed (PC)
                                  The Complete Guide
                                   January 22, 2005
                                      Version 8.11
                          Written by:  Dan Simpson
                               Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
                             Subject:  Sims v 8.11
                                    Email Policy:
             Emails without the proper subject MAY BE DELETED!
             Do NOT email me asking for a Serial Number.
             If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
             please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
             your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.
             Before emailing me with a question, be sure to check out the
             Frequently Asked Questions section.
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    If you wish to translate this FAQ into another language, just email me
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    to give me credit for writing the FAQ, though.
    In case you cared, The Sims has broken the SimCity 3000 sales record for the
    first month of sales.  SimCity 3000 went on to be the best grossing game of
    1999 (it didn't sell the most copies, RollerCoaster Tycoon did that, SC3K
    simply pulled in more dollars due to a higher cost-per-sale average), so we
    can safely assume that The Sims will be one of the top games of 2000!  It
    already sold 1 Million copies!  If you haven't bought it yet, what are you
    waiting for?  The Sims is now the best-sellingest PC game of all time.
    There are now FOUR Expansion Packs out now for the Sims!  Check out section
    1.2 Information on the Expansion, Livin' Large for an introduction to
    the Expansion Pack as well as section 1.3 Information on the Second Expansion,
    House Party.  1.4 covers Hot Date and 1.5 covers Vacation.  Unleashed is
    the FIFTH expansion, but I don't have it yet, so no comment.
    Be sure to check http://www.thesims.com/ every Thursday for a game update!
    Updates so far (can be downloaded, also included with Livin Large):
          Cuckoo Clock
          Moose Head Decoration
          5 New Skins
          5 New Houses
          Wall Lights
          Slot Machine
          Guinea Pig (Pet)
            Note:  With the Guinea Pig, if you fail to keep its cage clean, your
                   Sim may catch a disease from it!
          New Plants
          New "Physical" Skins
          "Elwood" Skin
          MTV Skins
          Topiaries (Hedge Animals and such)
          Jukebox (actually at http://www.rankit.com/sims/simsoffer2.html)
          The White House
          Two New Trashcans
          Glowing Flamingo
          Art Studio, a tool to create custom Wall Hangings
        Upgrades not included with Livin' Large
          Jack O' Lantern
          Turkey Dinner
          Telecom Upgrade (Sims can call each other to say "hi")
          Vacation Island Beach Blanket
          Hungry Hungry Hamster Game
          Promotional Balloon Fence
          Holiday Mistletoe
          Triple Bull Dartboard
          Pepsi Machine (North America only)
          House Party Potty Pack
          Nouveau Nites Party Lights
          Queen Vivanco Roses
          'Ukulele Lady Lamp
          A complete Game upgrade to The Sims version 1.1 (not needed if you
            have Livin' Large)
          A patch to Livin' Large
          A patch to Hot Date
    This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.
    This Document is Copyright 2000-2005 by Dan Simpson
    The Sims is Copyright 2000-2002 by Electronic Arts
    I am not affiliated with Maxis, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything
    to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so
    long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting
    it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.
    What's New in 8.11:
        Changed my email address and some small format changes.
      For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
      of the FAQ.
    Table of Contents:
      i.)    What is The Sims?
      1.)    Getting Acquainted
             1.1)   Understanding Your Sims
                    1.1.1)   What a Sim Wants/Needs
                    1.1.2)   Why A Sim Does What He Does
             1.2)   Information on the Expansion, Livin' Large
                    1.2.1)   Multiple Neighborhoods
                    1.2.2)   Cockroaches
                    1.2.3)   The Grim Reaper
                    1.2.4)   Genie in a Bottle
                    1.2.5)   The Chemistry Set
                    1.2.6)   The "Love" Bed
                    1.2.7)   Beejaphone Guitar
                    1.2.8)   Woodworking Table (or the Work-at-Home career)
                    1.2.9)   Madame Blahbatfry Crystal Ball
                    1.2.10)  Servo
                    1.2.11)  Horrowitz "Star Track" Backyard Telescope
                    1.2.12)  The Tragic Clown
                    1.2.13)  Voodoo Doll
             1.3)   Information on the Second Expansion, House Party
             1.4)   Information on the Third Expansion, Hot Date
                    1.4.1)   New Social Interaction Options
                    1.4.2)   Controlled Sim Interactions
                    1.4.3)   Interests and Inventory
                    1.4.4)   Downtown
             1.5)   Information on the Fourth Expansion, Vacation (forthcoming)
             1.6)   Information on the Fifth Expansion, Unleashed
      2.)    Creating a Family
                 a.)  Creating a Sim
                 b.)  Of Neatness and Maids
             2.1)   The Bachelor Sim
                    2.1.1)   The Bachelor Gets Married
             2.2)   The Full House (8 Sims)
      3.)    Building a House
             3.1)   Building a Better House
             3.2)   Who Needs Walls?
             3.3)   Housebuilding, Especially on a Budget
      4.)    Furnishing a House
                 a.)  Lighting and Lamps
                 b.)  Decorations
             4.1)   Cooking (or, a Meal fit for a Sim!)
                    4.1.1)   Food Strategies
             4.2)   Room Rating
             4.3)   Alternative to Alarm Clocks
             4.4)   Who Needs a Trashcan?
             4.5)   Sims' Interaction With Objects
             4.6)   Moving Trash Yourself
             4.7)   The "Cluster" Method
             4.8)   "Quick Use" of Items (the Buy/Use/Return method)
      5.)    Of Friends and Lovers
                 a.)  Socializing
                 b.)  Marriage and Moving In
             5.1)   Befriending Mean Sims
             5.2)   Carrying on Multiple Romances
                    5.2.1  The "Love Shack"
             5.3)   Maintaining Relationships the Easy Way
             5.4)   Sending your Sim Out of the House!
             5.5)   Creating Friends the Old Fashioned Way
             5.6)   How to Befriend SimKids
             5.7)   Sim Personalities and Compatibilities
             5.8)   Getting the Desired Interaction
      6.)    Working (and Not)
                 a.)  Quitting
                 b.)  Job Events
             6.1)   The Jobs Chart (a.k.a. the Career Paths)
                    6.1.1)   Livin' Large Careers
                    6.1.2)   Unleashed Career Opportunities
                    6.1.3)   Alternate Job Chart
             6.2)   Abusing the Carpool
                    6.2.1)   Early Morning Social Call (while Abusing the Carpool
                             no less!)
             6.3)   Quitting for Fun and Profit
                    6.3.1)   Job Hopping Analysis
             6.4)   Job "Shifts"
      7.)    Running an Efficient Household
             7.1)   Working the Pause
      8.)    Expanding the House
             8.1)   Building that Second Story
                    8.1.1)   The "Flying" Second Story
                    8.1.2)   The Balcony
      9.)    Babies and Children
                    9.0.1)   Baby Tips
                    9.0.2)   Baby Personality Matrix
             9.1)   Children and School
             9.2)   What Kids Do
      10.)   Everything Else in the Neighborhood
             10.1)  Death and Ghosts
             10.2)  Did you Know?
      11.)   Cheats & Tricks
             11.1)  Deleting Trash (and Bills too!)
             11.2)  Paying only Every Other Bill
             11.3)  The Newbie Trick
             11.4)  Washing Dishes Faster
             11.5)  Deleting your Characters, and resetting their Mood
             11.6)  How to Max out all the Personality Stats
             11.7)  Starting a Sim with random Job Stats
             11.8)  Speeding up your Sim
             11.9)  Better Personalities through Chemistry (Livin' Large)
             11.10) Sell the Rocket Explosion
      12.)   Customizing Your Game
             12.1)  Changing the Radio Station Music
             12.2)  Skins
                    12.2.1)   The "Nude" Patch
             12.3)  Setting up Multiple Neighborhoods
             12.4)  Download Surprises
             12.5)  Playing Without the Sims CD
             12.6)  Creating your own Objects
             12.7)  Custom Interface Graphics
      13.)   Known Bugs
      14.)   Getting the Most from "The Sims"
      15.)   Wish List
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Livin' Large Frequently Asked Questions
      Final Words...
    i. What is The Sims?
      The Sims, simply put, is the People Simulator from the creator of SimCity.
      So, what is a People Simulator?  Well, you get to run the lives of everyone
      in a neighborhood (not all at once, of course).  Taking on one "family" at a
      time, you try to guide them to success in life, love, and the workplace.  
      Left to their own devices, the Sims tend to simply tread water (i.e. they 
      live without a goal), and that is where you come in.  I like to think of the 
      player as the Sims' ambition, their goals in life, if you will.  You are that 
      little voice in their head that tells them to study Mechanics, or to take a 
      shower, in order to get that promotion.  Without you, their ambition, the 
      Sims will tend to lounge around, fulfilling only their most immediate desire,
      without any eye on the future.
      Sim (noun) :  A simulated person in a Maxis game.  Ex:  The Sim went to
                    SimCity to buy a bagel.
      Updates to The Sims:
        There are several new downloads available at the Official Site
        (www.thesims.com of course!).  These aren't any great Patches, but are some
        neat new objects and skins.  Maxis promises that every Thursday that they
        will have some cool new thing on the site, and therefore every Thursday is
        called SimDay.  So far they have had 9 downloads:  a Slot Machine, a Cuckoo
        Clock, a Moose Head, 5 Warrior Skins, 5 Houses, New Plants, Wall Lights,
        new Physical Skins, "Elwood" Skin, MTV Skins, Topiaries, Flowerbeds, a
        Guinea Pig, the White House, Two New Trashcans, a Glowing Flamingo, a tool
        to create custom Wall Hangings, Turkey Dinner, Jack O'Lantern and a 
        This is the first time a review of mine will be found in my FAQ.  I just
        felt that I needed to express my opinions on the game in a more
        editorialized fashion than the normal FAQ sections allow.
        I have been looking forward to The Sims since I heard about it back in
        November.  I couldn't quite put my finger on why this game sounded good to
        me, but I was certainly intrigued.  Controlling people's lives?  Sounded
        (strangely) like fun.
        After having played it non-stop since I bought the game, I can sum up my
        experience in one sentence:  One of the most strangely addicting and
        compelling games I have ever played.  I haven't played a game this much
        since Rollercoaster Tycoon, and that was back in April '99.  That's almost
        a year.  I have stayed up many a night until 1 or 2 am, and only going to
        sleep then so that I could get up the next day and play some MORE Sims!
        In The Sims you take control of a family of Sims and try to guide them
        through life.  Along the way you develop friendships, work your way up the
        career ladder at work, and try to keep your Sims fed and happy.  You can
        sit back and watch the Sims interact with each other, or you can take a
        more active hand and FORCE them to do your bidding.  You can even shut off
        their Free Will.
        Personal interactions between the Sims is often the most amusing part of
        the game.  Watch as someone will shoo another Sim out of the bathroom so he 
        can take a leak.  Or as a Sim attempts to give another Sim a back rub, but 
        is pushed away.  Then there are always the Sims who like each other... a 
        lot, and start getting passionate.
        I also really enjoy the differences between the Sims.  One may be very 
        neat, and like to clean up messes, and another may be extremely mean, and
        prone to get into fights.  Very interesting variety.
        All in all I really enjoyed this game, and give it a 9.5.
    1. Getting Acquainted
      Welcome to the crazy world of The Sims.  I'm assuming that you have gone
      through the first Tutorial, and if not, then you probably should.  It teaches
      you all of the basics of the Sims and their needs.  Once you have finished
      with that little tutorial, save it and go back to the Neighborhood.
        Note:  There is a neat little trick that one can do with the Tutorial, 
               check out section 11.3 The Newbie Trick for details.
        Note:  There is only one neighborhood!  Therefore there is also only one
               Save Slot.  Of course, there are lots of houses in the neighborhood,
               so do you really need more than one save slot?
      The first thing you should know, is that you control the entire neighborhood.
      Not at the same time, but one house at a time.  When you aren't directly
      controlling a house, NOTHING HAPPENS THERE.  It's like they are in stasis.
      They can be called over to your current house (assuming you've met them), but
      they won't actually do anything.  They'll be exactly as you left them when
      you go back to them.  So, if you play one house, then switch to another, then
      switch back to the first, it will be as if nothing has happened.  If house 1
      was eating breakfast, they'll still be doing that when you get back.
        Note:  There is ONE exception to the "nothing happens while you're away"
               rule.  And that is Relationships.  If you have the Sims in your
               current house flirt with the Sims from the other house and their
               relationship improves, then that will carry over.
      Another thing to know at the Neighborhood level is that the people you put in
      the neighborhood are the only ones you can be friends with.  That is, there
      are no "random Sims" wandering about.  Since your Sims require the 
      friendships of lots of other Sims (some careers require that you have lots of 
      friends)that means that you will have to work on the Neighborhood as a whole, 
      rather than single-mindedly working one house. (more on this in section 5. Of 
      Friends and Lovers)
        Free Will:  A quick little note here on Free Will.  You CAN turn free will
                    off if you'd like to take full control of the Sims.  With only
                    one or two Sims under your command this is an easy thing to do.
                    However, once you get up to 5 to 8 Sims, then it can get very
                    difficult to control all of their separate actions at once.
                    Free Will is useful to some extent--the Sims will do things
                    that are quite beneficial to themselves, such as cleaning up
                    the house, or talking to the neighbor.  Although you should
                    know that the Sims aren't very efficient in what they choose to
                    do.  Suppose that you need to improve both Hygiene and Comfort.
                    The best choice (if you have the Time) is a bath.  Well maybe
                    the Sim wants a shower.  Or what if the Sim takes the bath just 
                    as the carpool pulls up.  Therefore you can't totally give over 
                    to free will.  But neither should you destroy it and control 
                    their every move.
                    Sims WILL ignore your commands if what you're telling them to
                    do seems contrary to what they need most.  A starving man won't
                    go play basketball (or at least, is far less likely to!).
      Well on we go!  Click on the Create a Family button to get things going.
      (You could, of course, play the Goths, or the Newbies, but you will need to
      create a new family to start filling in the Neighborhood)
      The following subsections deals with the Sims themselves, and why they do the
      things that they do.
        Note:  Throughout this FAQ I often refer to Sims as "he" or "him".  This is
               a fairly arbitrary choice of gender, basically because I myself am
               male.  This is not because all Sims are male, I just refer to them
               that way.
    1.1  Understanding Your Sims
      Even if you don't have Freewill turned on (and you don't HAVE to, check the
      Game Options) you should understand a few things about your Sims.  What they
      like, why they like it, etc.  For example, why does a Sim choose what they
      do on their own?  Why do they stop doing it when they do?
      In the first subsection we'll talk about the 8 motives (or as I prefer to 
      call them, Needs) and their effect on your Sim, then in the next subsection 
      we'll talk about the reasons behind your Sim's actions, and how to better 
      control them.
    1.1.1  What a Sim Wants/Needs
      Each Sim has 8 Needs that constantly need to be met.  And at most you can
      satisfy 2 or 3 needs at a time.
        Note:  The Hot Tub CAN satisfy up to 4 needs at a time, depending on 
               whether there's more than one person in the Hot Tub.  Also, Sims 
               will stay in the Hot Tub until all 4 of those needs are filled. 
               (these Needs are Hygiene, Comfort, Fun, and if someone else is in 
               with them, Social)
      Also realize that the needs are weighted differently.  That is, Hunger counts
      for more than Room does, although both count when computing mood.  So, your
      Sim will try to satisfy Needs based on the most serious Need first, which
      may not be the Need that needs the most work done on it.
      The Needs: (in no particular order)
        Hunger -- fairly self-explanatory.  Satisfying hunger can be done mostly at
                  the fridge.  In a pinch you can also call the Pizza delivery guy
                  (under Services on your phone), but that isn't nearly so
                  satisfying as a good home cooked meal.
                  The following factors go into how satisfying, and therefore how
                  much of the Hunger Need is filled, a meal is:
                    - The Type of Fridge you have, the better the more satisfying
                      the meal.
                    - The Type of Preparation surface used.  A food processor here
                      is best, followed by a bare counter, then by using the 
                      surface on a dishwasher/garbage compactor.  So don't count on 
                      the surface of the dishwasher, as it makes less appealing 
                    - The type of cooking implement used, again the better the
                      equipment, then the better the meal will be.
                    - And the skill of the cook comes into play here.  The more
                      cooking skill points your Sim has, the better the meal.
                  If you have the best in all 4 of the above categories, then you
                  can and should let your hunger rating drop lower than you would
                  if you didn't.  Otherwise you are wasting all those nutritional
                  points by eating a great meal when you only needed a good one.
                  For more information check out section 4.1  Cooking (or a Meal
                  fit for a Sim).
        Room --   How appealing the room you are in is.  This is covered in depth
                  in section 4.2  The Room Rating.
        Social -- Sims are social creatures, and need companionship.  Some Sims
                  (the High Outgoing Sims) need Social more than others.  (i.e.
                  their Social rating will drop faster than the less outgoing Sims)
                  The "High Level" interactions, kissing, hugging, etc., have a
                  better effect on this than merely talking.
                  The best way to keep Social satisfied is to socialize at least
                  once a day.  Work your way up on other Sims relationship charts,
                  dance with them, tell jokes, etc.  Do that and you should be just
        Bladder - Just use the toilet before this one hits Pure Red (empty) or you
                  might pee on the floor.  Not only that, but having this little
                  "accident" cuts into their other Needs too, such as Hygiene.
                  Your sims will need to "use the facilities" after drinking coffee
                  or eating a meal.
                    Note:  Non-neat Sims won't flush automatically after using the
                           toilet, so you will have to make sure that they do it,
                           or the toilet could clog up.
        Energy -- Two ways to get Energy up, sleep, and Coffee.  Sleep is the
                  better solution, and the better the bed (or couch in the case of 
                  naps) the more Energy you get back in less time.  If you fail to 
                  get to sleep or drink some coffee before your Sims' Energy bar
                  hits Pure Red, then he will collapse on the floor and sleep 
                  there.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!  Your Sim will wake up with NO Comfort,
                  and far less Energy than if he had slept in a bed.  So before
                  Energy gets too low, send the Sim to bed!
                    Note:  Espresso is better than Coffee, but takes longer to
                           drink.  Usually I prefer Coffee, as you can drink it
                           several times in a row quite quickly.
        Comfort - A gauge on how your Sim is FEELING.  Low comfort is similar to
                  how you would feel Sore after exercising.  Comfort is a Need that
                  you should never bother with on its own.  You can always increase
                  Comfort while doing something else, for example, while eating
                  your Sim sits on a chair, or while watching TV he sits on a 
                    Note:  The Best Toilet also increases Comfort.  Also the main
                           reason to get the top of the line Tub (not the hot tub)
                           is because it helps Comfort as well as Hygiene.
        Hygiene - How clean your Sim feels.  This naturally decays throughout the
                  day, but is also decreased by using the toilet without washing
                  your hands, or accidentally peeing your pants.
        Fun --    And lastly there is Fun.  A bored Sim is an unhappy Sim.  Keep
                  your Sim entertained by having him read the Paper, a Book, or
                  Watch TV, Dance to the radio, etc.
      There are some activities that help out 2 or more of the Needs.  Some of
      these are:  Sitting in the Hot Tub (Hygiene, Comfort, Fun, Social), the 
      Hygeia-Matic Toilet (Comfort, Bladder), Eating while Sitting with Others 
      (Social, Hunger, Comfort), Dancing with a Guest (Fun, Social), Joking with a 
      Guest (Fun, Social), etc.
    1.1.2  Why A Sim Does What He Does
      Why do some Sims like to watch TV and others like to read a book?  Why does
      one Sim like cartoons and another the horror channel?  Why does your Sim
      STOP doing a certain activity even though he still hasn't filled that Need?
      And why do they keep doing an inefficient activity when there are better
      objects to fill that need around?  Let's find out!
      Here's where we get into the PERSONALITY of your Sims.  (We won't actually
      be CREATING our Sims for the moment, we're just looking at them first so you
      can know what you're dealing with)  Just like people, every Sim has his own
      personality.  One Sim may be a happy little go-getter, while another is a
      slob who can't shut up.  Obviously then, not all Sims are going to like doing
      the same things.
      The Personality Types:
        Neat, Messy  -- Neat Sims are like little Maids, they clean up not only
                        after themselves, but others too.  They also wash their
                        hands after using the Toilet, and after eating with their
                        hands.  They do the dishes, they take out the trash, and
                        are generally nice to have around.  Messy Sims are the
                        opposite.  They don't wash their hands, they don't do
                        dishes.  They also tend to leave puddles when using the
                        0-2 Slob: So I occasionally leave a pizza box or two
                                  lying around, and I don't mind the flies buzzing
                                  all over. Why clean up when everybody else is
                                  willing to do it?
                        3-7 Occasional Cleaner: When it comes to cleaning up, I
                                  have a few basic rules. I flush when I'm done,
                                  throw away my own junk, and take out the trash
                                  now and then.
                        8-10 Neat Freak: I'm known to wash a dish as soon as I've
                                  finished eating. The trashcan's barely full 
                                  before it's taken out. The paper is recycled as
                                  soon as I've finished reading. And the house is 
                                  always spotless whenever I'm about.
        Outgoing, Shy - Outgoing Sims crave conversation with other Sims.  As
                        discussed in the last section, their Social Need will drop
                        like a rock if they don't have some friends over to chat
                        with.  They're more likely to have the Higher Level social
                        interactions pop up, and react better when someone does one
                        on them (for example, they are less likely to push a hug
                        away).  Shy Sims still need Social, but on a smaller scale.
                        0-2 Shy: Being self-conscious and introspective, I don't
                                 have a great need to be social. It's hard for me
                                 to meet new people and make friends.
                        3-7 Member of the Crowd: I'm a little reserved, and it
                                 takes me a while to warm up to new people. You 
                                 won't see me in the middle of huge crowds at 
                                 parties, but I won't be sitting quietly in a 
                                 corner either.
                        8-10 People Person: I am an extrovert. I love to talk to
                                 everyone. I crave social interactions. Basically,
                                 I'm a social animal.
        Active, Lazy -- The Active Sim wants to go out and play some Hoops, or do
                        something other than sit around watching TV.  They Dance,
                        they Swim, and enjoy moving around.  Lazy Sims are your
                        couch potatoes.  Their Comfort score will drop faster than
                        for active Sims (to reflect their overwhelming desire to
                        sit).  Lazy Sims also have troubles getting out of bed.
                        0-2 Lazy: Is there anything worse than getting out of bed
                                  in the morning? Who needs ambition--a warm couch
                                  and a good TV show is all anyone needs.
                        3-7 Laid Back: Though not always on the go, I am somewhat
                                  motivated. Though I tend to linger a little too
                                  long in a nice cozy chair, I won't be caught
                                  sitting there all day either.
                        8-10 Energetic: Some say I'm a live wire. Some say I have
                                  ants in my pants. Either way, it just means that
                                  I'm always on the go and anxious to get there.
        Playful, Serious -- Playful Sims like to play around with other Sims (i.e.
                        jokes) or with games (Pool, Computer, Pinball).  Serious
                        Sims are your bookworms.  They also like Newspapers.
                        0-2 Serious: Sims who spend their time joking around just
                                     irritate me. Don't they understand that their
                                     frivolous folly is meaningless? So much more
                                     fun can be gained by reading a good book.
                        3-7 Amused: I laugh at good jokes, dance if there are other
                                     people on the floor, and like to play games.
                                     Generally, I like having fun, but I don't go
                        8-10 Life of the Party: When I'm not telling jokes, I'm
                                     laughing at them. I've never seen a game I
                                     didn't want to play. That's why everyone knows
                                     the party is always at my house.
        Nice, Grouchy -- This mostly effects how well your Sim will interact with
                        others.  Remember the old saying "Doesn't play well with
                        others", well that's the Grouchy Sim.  I refer to them as
                        the Mean Sim as they like to insult, tease, taunt, and
                        0-2 Mean: Everything makes me mad, especially when someone
                                  says I have a temper. If everything wasn't always
                                  broken, or other Sims weren't always bothering
                                  me, I probably wouldn't have to blow my stack so
                        3-7 Easy-going: While some Sims can get on my nerves a
                                  little, overall I'm pretty good-natured.
                        8-10 Compassionate: I like giving hugs and compliments. I
                                  love making friends with everyone. If everyone
                                  were more like me, the neighborhood would be a
                                  nicer place.
      Following your Sims' personality type will make them happy, but may make
      others unhappy. (i.e. the Mean Sim insulting people)  So try to work within
      the boundaries of personality, but don't let it run their lives.
      Best Fun Objects Based on Personality:
        Playful -- Aquarium, Computer, Doll house, Guinea Pig, Piano, Pinball, Pool
                   Table, Train Set, TV (Cartoons), VR Glasses  -- INTERACTIVE
        Serious -- Newspaper, Book, Chess Table, Looking at Paintings
        Active --  Basketball, TV (Action), Pool, Radio
        Lazy --    TV (Any Channel!), Computer
        Outgoing - Hot Tub, TV (Romance)
        Mean --    TV (Horror)  
          Note:  Train Set, Toybox and Playground are for kids only, but playful
                 Sims seem to enjoy them more. (broadstrong)
      For a more thorough look at Sims and their interactions with various Objects
      check out section 4.5.
        Tip:  Holding the mouse pointer over a CONTROLLED Sim speeds his movement.
              Holding it over an UNCONTROLLED Sim slows him down. (broadstrong)
              Check out section 11.8 for more information on this.
      Now let's actually create that Sim Family!
    1.2)   Information on the Expansion, Livin' Large
      This is a cursory explanation about the Expansion Pack for The Sims, Livin'
      Large.  This section summarizes everything in the Expansion Pack, and then
      lists where you can find more information on each subject.  For example, the
      new careers are listed in section 6.1.1.
      First and foremost, Livin' Large is an Expansion Pack for The Sims.  It is
      NOT, I repeated, NOT something that you can download for free.  You must go
      to a store and purchase it.  Try Walmart.  Or Target.  Or Babbage's/Software
      Etc.  The suggested retail price of Livin' Large is $29.95.
      Dozens of new situations and objects:
        Alien abductions
        Roach infestations
        A chemistry set
        Genie in a lantern
        Fortune telling crystal ball
        Exploding garden gnome
        Holiday decorations
      Five new career paths featuring 50 new jobs:
        Musician:       subway musician, piano tuner, wedding singer, lounge singer
                        and more
        Sloth:          golf caddy, convenience store cashier, lifeguard and more
        Paranormal:     Tarot card reader, UFO investigator and more
        Journalism:     game reviewer, weatherman, TV show host and more
        Game industry:  beta tester, game designer, programmer and more
      New architecture and decor:
        Castle: Build the perfect creepy setting for the neighborhood mad scientist
        Vegas:  Outmoded but not cheap aesthetic, such as clashing colors and odd
        Retro:  A revival of the 50s-60s "mod" craze, upscale and chic, with
                graceful curves and a minimum of ornamentation
      The next information here came from Computer Gaming World, courtesy of Joseph
      Peitler. (Computer Gaming World issue 192, July 2000, in the read.me section,
      there is an article about the Sims Expansion Pack, titled THE SIMS: LIVIN'
      LARGE.  Here are some items that MIGHT appear in the game coming out in the
        New objects that have deeper repercussions:
        - An antique lamp that inhabits a genie (but be careful, wishes can 
          backfire when you get stuck with an incompetent mystical being)
        - A new workbench to make gnomes (but a low mechanical skill will result in
          lawn ornamentation that basically functions as a proximity mine)
        - A crystal ball (to predict a Sim's future)
        - A voodoo doll (to torment other Sims)
        New characters:
        - Space aliens (that can abducts Sims)
        - A Tragic Clown (who shows up and performs disastrous tricks and never
        - The Grim Reaper (who you can bargain with for the life of your perished
            Sean from Maxis mentioned the Grim Reaper in the recent chat:
              The current design of the grim reaper is that he shows up 
              occasionally when people die. If you make the right bargain with him,
              or win a little game, you can come back from the dead...but with..uh, 
              some... uh, drawbacks of course.
      There was recently a chat with the designers, and Wendy Zupack summarized 
      some of the major points:
        - In the Pack, there will be a vibrating bed where the naughty Sims will be
          able to 'Play With' each other.  This, of course, produces babies.  Also,
          it decreases energy and other needs severely, while increasing social
        - There will be about 125 new objects added, including objects now 
          available as downloads from TheSims.com
        - There will be many more objects to increase Skills, such as an electric
          guitar for Creativity and telescope for Logic (Beware, the telescope
          brings on aliens!).
        - There will be more 'sets' of furniture, such as a dining table that might
          go with counters and chairs.
        - Wallpaper, flooring and furniture will have increased compatibility.
        - There will be vacations for all the working Sims.
        - The chemistry set and getting abducted by aliens both alter Sim
          personality, either temporarily or permanantly.
        - There will be triple the number of doors and windows (there are stained
          glass windows, boomerang-shaped windows, etc.)
        - It has been released!  Check out the next few sections for more
          information.  [ and it will cost $29.95 USD ]
        - New Items List:
           = Egg-shaped chair
           = Velvet Sofasauras Funk sofa
           = Wood burning stove (perfect for those log cabins!)
           = Coat of Arms (for the medieval people out there)
           = Stainless steel table set
           = Guinea pig painting
           = Tiki lamps
           = Head in a jar on pedestal
           = Ceremic elephant end table
           = Vibrating bed
           = Black velvet painting
           = Electric Guitar
           = New piano
           = Instruments of torture (not working implements of torture)
           = Suit of Armor (the most expensive decorative item at §15,000 each)
           = Throw Rugs (extra decoration)
      To cure guinea pig disease, buy the "Forgotten Guinea Pig" painting and
      hang it up. Your sim should be cured within a day. (JediPika88)
      The party balloons has a chance of attracting 1 neighbor every 30
      minutes. Once all the balloons are popped or you have five neighbors, no more
      come. It does not work late at night. (JediPika88)
    1.2.1  Multiple Neighborhoods (Livin' Large ONLY)
      One of the most common fan Utilities is the Neighborhood Manager that allows
      a user to create more than one Neighborhood.  Now with the Expansion,
      Livin' Large, everyone can create up to 5 unique Neighborhoods.
      When the game first loads up you will be at the original Neighborhood Screen.
      In the top left corner is a number with a LEFT and RIGHT arrow by it.  If you
      click the right arrow it will take you to Neighborhood 2, left to 5, etc.
      These new neighborhoods exist completely separate from one another.  That is,
      you can't have Sims from one neighborhood visit another.  And of the new
      neighborhoods, only the 2nd neighborhood starts with houses and Sims already 
      in it.  The others are completely blank.
    1.2.2  Cockroaches (Livin' Large ONLY)
      One of the more annoying additions in Livin' Large (well, they can't all be
      happy fun new gadgets) are the cockroaches.  They appear in a little swarm,
      and need to be Sprayed.  Roaches usually appear when there has been a mess 
      for awhile -- even an unmade bed counts as a "mess".  To prevent them from 
      appearing, then, you must keep everything clean.  Cockroaches will kill the 
      Room rating.
      Also Roaches can walk through walls, go under any object, and generally make
      a nuisance of themselves.
      Getting rid of Roaches requires having a Sim click on the Roach, then select
      the Spray option.  There are a number of quirks with this action, however.
        One:  the Spray command MUST be the ONLY thing in your Sim's action Queue.
              So you can't set them to Spray after they do something else, Spraying 
              must be the ONLY thing that they are set to do.  
        Two:  if the Roaches move after you click them, then the Spray option 
              vanishes, and you must re-click the roaches.
        Three: If you start Spraying roaches, and there are more than one swarm of
              roaches around your property -- even if they are outside your house
              -- your Sim will seek and destroy EVERY roach group that he can
      Maids will sometimes clean out the Roaches for you, but not all the time.
      In fact, since installing Hot Date, she never bothered with Roaches again.
    1.2.3  The Grim Reaper (Livin' Large ONLY)
      Before Livin' Large, when a Sim died, he was dead.  Nothing could be done
      about it (short of simply not Saving the game).  Your Sim was gone.  Not
      anymore!  Now when your Sim dies, Death will come for him in the form of
      the Grim Reaper that we all know and love.
      When Death comes, anyone else in the family may go up to Death and [Plead]
      with him to not take the dearly departed away.
      At this point, Death can do three things:
        1. Ignore your Plea, and take your dead Sim anyway.  You still get their
           remains as a Tombstone or Urn, though.
        2. Play you in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and you win.  The Sim is 
           brought back to life, and Death goes on his merry way.
        3. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors and you LOSE.  He might take pity (or not) and
           bring the Sim back.  But as a zombie.
      Hey, it's better than nothing!
    1.2.4  Genie in a Bottle (Livin' Large ONLY)
      One of the new Miscellaneous Objects in the game is a plain brass lamp.
      Anyone who has seen "Aladdin" (or any other cartoon dealing with Genies)
      will immediately recognize this as a Magic Lamp.
      To get to the genie, select the lamp and [Clean].  It also has a very minor
      effect on Fun when [Viewed].  The genie can be used ONCE PER DAY. (every
      night at 12:01 a.m., he can be used again)  
        Note:  Before ever using the genie, I'd be sure to have a Fire Alarm in
               each room of your house.  You can check out why under "Bad" for FIRE 
               and LEISURE.
      The genie will make you choose between two things, and then he will "act."
      Each choice that he gives you has both a GOOD and a BAD effect.  For example,
      choosing Money (from Love or Money) can give you either BILLS or a POT OF
      GOLD.  Here are the choices:
        Love    - Good - Summons forth a neighbor, who will immediately fall in 
                         love with your Sim
                - Bad  - Ruins a relationship that you have
                                       -- or --
        Money   - Good - Gives you a Pot of Gold worth between §1141-2918 (well
                         that's what I've gotten)
                - Bad  - Gives you three bright red, nearly-due bills
        Friends - Good - Teleports someone there, and now they like you MORE
                - Bad  - Teleports a friend there, and they're now angry at you
                         (my person went down to -75 on the relationship-meter)
                                       -- or --
        Family  - Good - Anyone living with your Sim has their relationship with
                         your Sim improved
                - Bad  - Creates a "family crisis" where another family member will
                         like you less (usually it just subtracts about 20 points
                         from their relationship, so if it was 100 it might now be
        Fire    - Good - Improves your Sim's Comfort and Social Needs
                - Bad  - Starts an actual fire in your Sim's house
                                       -- or --
        Water   - Good - Summons a fountain (for your Sim to play in, no doubt)
                - Bad  - Floods the house (about 8-12 "water" spots on the floor)
        Work    - Good - Gives a +1 to 3 different Skills (Logic, Body, Mechanical,
                - Bad  - Deletes some of your Sim's Skills (for example, a Sim with
                         4 Cooking skills will have only 2 after this)
                                       -- or --
        Leisure - Good - Gives your Sim the Big Screen TV or another Leisure Item
                - Bad  - Sets one of your "leisure" items on fire (I've had
                         everything from the "love bed" to the good toilet burn up)
        Earth   - Good - Summons forth three indoor plants
                - Bad  - Summons five dead plants, which can't be deleted, though 
                         your Sim can throw them away (an interesting side-note is
                         that if the "move_objects" cheat is activated, these
                         plants can be deleted in furnish mode for full price!)
                                       -- or --
        Air     - Good - Summons forth about a dozen pink flamingoes on the lawn
                - Bad  - Plagues your house with lots of cockroaches
      The chance of getting a BAD effect to a GOOD effect SEEMS to be about 3 to 2.
      (so on average, every 3 bad events will be followed by 2 good effects)  This
      naturally makes using the Genie a VERY risky proposal!  Here are the choices
      that I would choose to minimize your risk:
        Fire or Water:
          Water (if the Fire burns something large, such as a bed, you won't get 
                 the fire extinguished before it destroys the item!)
        Love or Money:
          Money (early in the game this makes a great deal of sense, a pot of gold
                 can net you almost §3000, and your 3 bills will add up to 
                 considerably less)
          Love (late in the game this makes more sense, you probably have a lot of
                friends and a lot of money, therefore you won't need more money)
        Earth or Air:
          Earth (the plants sell for more than the flamingoes, PLUS it's easier to
                 clean up dead plants than it is to get rid of cockroaches)
        Work or Leisure:
          I have never had Work do anything beyond zap my skills, so I have to say
          Leisure, despite the Fire risk.  Hopefully it will be something small and
          easy to put out.
        Friends or Family:
          Family (this one has almost no risk at all!  Losing about 20 points with
                  someone you LIVE WITH is all too easy to fix, and occasionally it
                  will actually improve your relationships!)
    1.2.5  The Chemistry Set (Livin' Large ONLY)
      One of the best new items in the expansion is the wonderful Chemistry Set.
      (Called the Concoctonator)  Its primary purpose is to improve your Sim's
      Logic (it isn't fun).  However, once you [Make a Potion], you can then
      [Drink Potion], and depending on the COLOR of the potion you get a variety
      of neat side effects:
        Blue Potion -  The most common type of potion.  This will completely
                       fulfill THREE of your Sim's Needs randomly.  One time this
                       potion will fill up Energy, Hunger and Fun, while another
                       time it will fill in Social, Bladder and Hygiene.
        Dark Green  -  Creates an Evil Clone of your Sim.  By "Evil Clone" it means
                       that this Sim is your exact duplicate.  This means that this
                       Clone may not actually be evil.  If your Sim is a jerk (low
                       Nice), then this Clone may be a really nice guy.  You can't
                       get rid of a Clone, but eventually they just fade away.
                       Evil clones will ruin your Sim's relationships with other
        Yellow      -  Permanent Reverse Personality.  Yep, your Sim will have 
                       their entire personality flip-flopped.  If you had 3 Nice,
                       you will now have 7.  If you had 10 Neat, you will now have
                       none.  There is a really cool trick involving this potion,
                       see "Tip" below.
        Purple      -  Turn your Sim into a monster.  Monsters just don't listen to
                       you!  I had one that painted a picture (he didn't gain
                       Creativity, but I sold the picture for §166, and this was at
                       a mere 3 Creativity!).  Monsters also tend to wake up
                       sleeping Sims if in the same room.  Monsters don't lose Need
                       points.  If they were halfway hungry when they became a
                       monster, that's where they'll be later.
                       Worse of all, monsters also have a tendency to break most 
                       things they use!  Plus they seem to want to use (break)
                       everything in the house!
                       This effect eventually wears off.
        Light Green -  Ruins all of your Sim's Needs except Room, such that they'll
                       all have a mere sliver of green.
                       If this one happens to you, you have to very quickly work
                       on EVERY Need your Sim has all at once.  I would do it in
                       this order:
                         Energy (a quickie coffee to keep them up long enough to
                         Hunger (get them food, STAT! If possible, eat with a
                                 family member, but you don't have time to call
                         Bathroom (actually let them pee their pants, this only
                                  worsens Hygiene, but it was nearly empty anyway)
                         Energy (get them to sleep)
                         Hunger (when they wake up they need to eat again, and
                                 if you can, get some friends to eat with you)
                         Bathroom (in the toilet this time)
                         Hygiene (shower or bath)
                         Fun & Comfort (have them watch TV with a family member or
                         Social (have them Hug anyone they meet)
                       And that should be that.  It took me about 16 hours to
                       resuscitate a Sim this way.
        Orange      -  Turns your Sim invisible.  Therefore other Sims can't
                       interact with that Sim.  However, your invisible Sim CAN
                       interact with the other Sims.  This potion has the shortest
                       effect of all of them.
        Red         -  Causes your Sim to fall in love with someone in the
        White       -  Cures your Sim of sickness.  10:1 odds that this will appear
                       when your Sim is sick (JediPika88).
      And, of course, the Chemistry Set can always explode in your face!
        Tip:  Once the potion is created, there are two ways to get rid of it.
              First you can just drink it.  This isn't always desirable, if say,
              the potion is a bad one.  Second, you can sell the Chemistry Set and
              buy a new one.  This will lose you some money as your chemistry set
              will have depreciated.  Well there is a neat little cheating way to
              get around this.
              Activate the "move_objects on" cheat. (Press CTRL-SHIFT-C, then type
              "move_objects on" without the quotes)  Now before you drink the
              potion, SAVE THE GAME.  Then drink the potion.  The bad effect hits
              you.  Go into FURNISH mode (F2), click on your Sim, and press DEL.
              Go back to LIVE mode (F1), and click on your Sim's portrait to bring
              her back.  Since the Sim is brought back from the last save, she'll
              be exactly as she was before drinking the potion.
              This does NOT work very well for the MONSTER effect, as if you delete
              the Monster, your Sim will never return!
              This tip also works well for the Genie effects, such as when he
              blasts away your skills.
        Tip:  The Chemistry Set is one of the most fun objects in Livin' Large, and
              there is one fun thing to try with it.  Create a Sim and give her
              NO PERSONALITY AT ALL.  Then use the Chemistry Set until you get a
              YELLOW, or Personality Reversal Potion.  Drink it and you will have
              the ULTIMATE PERSONALITY.  Sweet.  Takes a while but it works!
        Rob Sevening has another idea to remove unwanted Potions:
          Another easy way (without cheating) to get rid of an unwanted potion is 
          to invite one of your Sim's friends over to your house.  Make sure there
          is no food for the friend to eat because the first thing friends look for 
          when they come over is something to eat.  Anyway, once the friend arrives 
          have your Sim greet them and do nothing else.  The friend will walk 
          directly to the potion set and drink the potion regardless of what type 
          it is.  This has worked for me every time I wanted to purge a potion.  If 
          it is the nasty green potion, the friend will leave immediately!
    1.2.6)   The "Love" Bed (Livin' Large ONLY)
      There is a big cheesy red bed with a giant red heart.  This bed allows your
      Sims to finally do "it".  Have one Sim get in the bed (under the [Vibrate]
      command).  They'll strip and get in the bed.  Then have another Sim (one who
      is in Love with the other Sim, naturally) go to the bed and do the [Play in
      Bed] command.  They will then proceed with gettin' it on.  It is both Fun and
      a Social activity. (naturally!)  On the downside, it pulls down every other
      Need you have quite dramatically.
      The [vibrate] feature costs §20.  There is also the [Relax] feature which
      improves a Sim's Comfort like no other.
    1.2.7)   Beejaphone Guitar (Livin' Large ONLY)
      The new Guitar is both fun and it improves your Creativity at the same time.
      Plus as a group activity, two people can share in the fun.  Sometimes, 
      however, the second person (the "watcher") will Jeer the person playing.
      This is usually caused by the first person being a horrible guitar player.
      The better the Creativity level, the better the chance that anyone [Watching]
      will "rock out".
      Even with people listening to your Sim-guitar work, this isn't a Social
    1.2.8)   Woodworking Table (or the Work-at-Home career) (Livin' Large ONLY)
      The KraftMatic Woodworking Table doesn't COST money, it MAKES money. (You
      still have to buy it, but it will soon be rakin' in the dough for you!)
      Used to increase Mechanical Skill while creating yard Gnomes.  There is a
      slight chance that the police will fine you §500 (saying that kids can smell
      the fumes miles away).  In any event, once a Gnome is completed it can be
      sold, (only through the Furnish F2 function) and the more Gnomes you make,
      the more money you get per Gnome.
      The rate at which Gnomes are produced is a little slow at first, but as you
      progress and your Mechanical Skill gets higher they take less and less time.
      Also the later Gnomes sell for more money.  So, your first Gnome will sell
      for a measely §1, while your last Gnome will sell for §100.  About every 3
      to 4 Gnomes, the price rises by §1, and at every Mechanical Skill Increase
      the price rises by about §10.
      Lawn Gnomes do NOT appreciate in value like artwork (not the stuff you paint,
      but the stuff you buy).  So if it would sell for §2 when you made it, it will
      still sell at that rate in 100 SimDays.
      The value of your gnome is equal to your initial mechanical skill times your
      updated mechanical skill (if it went up, otherwise they're the same). So, if
      you make a Gnome at Mechanical 1, it will sell for §1. If, however, your 
      skill goes up to 2, but started at 1, then it will sell for §2. (with thanks
      to Amy Lam)
      The max price per Gnome is §100, which you will get when your Mechanical
      Skill gets maxed out.  Once that happens you are making a Gnome every
      20 minutes (from the time the Block of Wood is put on the table, to the time
      that the Gnome is put on the ground).  Therefore you can make 3 Gnomes an
      hour, for §300/hr.  If you were to have your Sim work at the table for 8
      hours you could make §2400 a day.  Of course, the table is very stressful
      for your Sim, and their Needs will drop while working at it.
      Gnomes are decorations and improve the Room rating slightly.
        Note:  Gnomes are more interactive in Hot Date.  Your Sim can pick them up,
               and give them as a gift.  "Just what I always wanted..."
      If a Gnome is kicked, it might explode!  I had a Sim turned into a Monster.
      First thing he did was kick a Gnome, which exploded knocking him on his butt.
      The ONLY way to get a Sim to kick a Gnome is through Free Will.  You can't
      force them to kick a Gnome.
    1.2.9)   Madame Blahbatfry Crystal Ball (Livin' Large ONLY)
      Madame's Crystal Ball is the other method to improve your Sim's personality.  
      What it does is it gives you a riddle.  You must have your Sim do what the 
      riddle says, and you will have a permanent Stat increase. (such as 
      Playful +1)  If it says to "seek pleasure", have some fun and become more 
      To gain your stat increase, simply do what you are told, and it will happen
      naturally.  No more work required. (some info below from JediPika88)
        "be more clean" (have a clean house)          -  +1 Neat point
                        (have a dirty house)          -  -1 Neat point
        "just enjoying yourself" or "fun not frown" (have fun)  -  +1 Playful point
                                 (no fun)             -  -1 Playful point
        "be nice" (improve a relationship by 20)      -  +1 Nice point
                  (don't be nice)                     -  -1 Nice point
        "befriend the neighborhood" (10 hours with 
                   other Sims in your house)          -  +1 Outgoing
        "active" (have a low comfort score)           -  +1 Active
      And of course, sometimes it has no effect. (Possibly because you didn't fail
      to meet its objectives, but didn't succeed either)
      It takes 24 hours from the time you first look into the Crystal, to when it 
      adjusts your Personality.
        Note:  If you "Delete" your Sim (see Cheats & Tricks below) it will also
               reset your Crystal Ball objective.
    1.2.10)  Servo (Livin' Large ONLY)
      The most expensive item in the game -- §15,000 -- is the robotic butler,
      Servo.  He can do just about anything, cook, clean, repair.  In order to
      function, his Pod must have one empty square in front of AND behind it.  Then
      simply [Turn On] and he'll patrol your house looking for things to do.  Once
      he runs out of tasks, he returns to his Pod.
      Servo puts on different "hats" depending on the job he is about to perform.
      He wears a brown cap if he wants to repair something, a little maid's cap to
      clean and a Chef's Hat when he prepares a meal.  If you see him wandering
      around in the Brown Hat (for repairing) then you can assume that he WANTS to
      repair something, he just can reach it.  Find what it is (it's probably a
      burnt out Wall Light), and clear the obstacle out of Servo's way so that he
      can fix it.
      To get Servo to COOK for you, simply click on his Pod again once he is
      already out and about, and select [Serve Food].  Be warned, Servo is NOT a
      good cook, and his meals are only slightly more satisfying than a mere SNACK.
        Note:  Servo's meals may be unsatisfying to your Sims, but they are FREE
               and you can have him toss out LOTS of meals quickly.  These meals
               are the equivalent of a Pizza slice.
      Servo MUST be [Turned On] EVERY TIME you want him to work.
      One of the promotionals Maxis made prior to the release of Livin' Large
      intimated that Servo might "rebel" against his human oppressors.  I have not
      confirmed whether this exists or not.
      So in the end, is Servo worth it?  No, not really.  Even if you have the
      money, a Maid and a Gardener are better bargains.  A maid will cost you
      usually only §10 a day, and a gardener is only §10 every 3 days. (we'll
      assume that you repair your own items)  At these rates, it would take 1127
      days of owning and operating Servo before he becomes cost efficient vs. the
      human help.  Even if we doubled the Maid and Gardener rates (to §20 a day,
      and §20 every three days respectively) it would still take over 563 days
      before Servo is worth the money.  Plus he has the annoying drawback that you 
      must activate him EVERY time you want him to do something.  In that time, you 
      could probably do the very thing you were turning him on to do!  If Servo
      automatically sensed a mess, or something to repair, went out and cleaned it
      all on his own, then he would be worth it.
      Rob Sevening has this to say about Servo:
        I've noticed that when my family has friends over and my robot is finished 
        with his chores he will sometimes approach one of the visitors and interact 
        with them.  Sometimes he will entertain them (juggling act) or sometimes he 
        will dance with them.  He has never done it to any member of my family only 
        to visiting friends.  Another thing was he only interacted with the exact 
        same friend every time she was over.  It was though he grew some 
        'attraction' to that particular Sim.
      Servo may attempt to interact with a Sim if his social score is low. 
    1.2.11)  Horrowitz "Star Track" Backyard Telescope (Livin' Large ONLY)
      Increases a Sim's Logic Skill with only a slight chance of getting abducted 
      by Aliens.
      Getting abducted by Aliens will mess up your Sim's personality.  This hasn't
      happened to me yet, so I can't say anything more specific about it.
      Rob Sevening had his Sim's adbucted:
        I don't use the telescope anymore because it seems every single time I've
        had my Sims use the dang thing they get abducted.  No aliens are ever seen, 
        but they get 'beamed' up in purple beams of light.  My family members then 
        'grieve' at the spot they were abducted.  They cry for a few minutes then 
        continue on with their business.  The longest I've ever been gone was about 
        12 hours.  The Sim then reappears in a random spot (usually near the 
        abduction point) with a picture of an alien in their conversation box.  
        Each time their personality was apparently randomized (no pattern found) 
        never to return to normal.
    1.2.12)  The Tragic Clown (Livin' Large ONLY)
      The Tragic Clown will only appear in houses that have his portrait hanging
      on their walls.  Then the occupants must be sad, look at his portrait and he
      will appear and attempt to cheer you up.  Too bad that he is so depressed 
      himself, else he might actually be ABLE to cheer you up.  As it stands, he 
      manages to make matters worse!
        Hot Date & Vacation Note:  The Clown can show up Downtown and in the
                                   vacation areas.  He does much the same stuff
                                   there, but arrives without your having purchased
                                   the clown portrait.
      He does a variety of tricks (all of which fail miserably), but mostly just
      wanders around your house crying, coughing, sneezing, and just generally
      getting everyone down.
      There are bunches of interaction options with the Clown, but the only one
      that seems to make my Sims happy were [Insults].
      There's nothing YOU can do to get rid of him, he simply has to leave on his
        Tip:  Having trouble getting the clown to appear?  Try this.  Make potions
              with the chemistry set and try to get the light green (The one that
              makes you tragically unhappy yourself), then look at the clown's
              portrait.  This guarantees nothing, but the clown loves a good
      JediPika88 has this to say about Clowns:
        The tragic clown appears when the family's average motive drops below -20.
        Do not try to trap him, if he cannot get somewhere he makes a hole, goes in
        and pops up somewhere else. To get rid of him, get the family's motives up 
        to 25. He will then leave. Or you can put his painting above a fireplace, 
        remove smoke alarms, then light it. When the painting catches on fire, so 
        will the clown.
    1.2.13)  Voodoo Doll (Livin' Large ONLY)
      Used to beat up someone from afar.  Can't see that it has much point, other
      than pure annoyance.  It can only be used on someone currently in the house,
      and cannot be used on children.
      I can't see much of a purpose to this item, except for sadistic pleasure.
      If the voodoo doll victim is in the same room as the one using it, they
      will attempt to slap the user. (JediPika88)
    1.3  Information on the Second Expansion, House Party
      I wasn't terribly satisfied with House Party, as an expansion.  I just felt
      that it didn't add enough to the Sims to justify the cost.  Ah, well.
      What's New:
        3 New Neighborhoods (6-8)
        Many new objects
        New Characters (The Caterer, the Mime, the Raver, Drew Carey, 
        Parties - which are started by clicking the phone and selecting "Throw 
      A few things to know:
        1) Good parties are expensive.  First you need to buy just about every 
           party object in the game (which requires a large house to start with),
           then you need to hire a caterer to feed the group.  The quality of the
           party can be measured by who shows up, if you get the Mime, your party
           stinks, if you get Drew Carey, you probably have a good party.
        2) The "Entertainer" (or, Stripper, if you want to be accurate) that pops
           out of the big cake will flirt with members of the party who are around.
           This can create a LOT of havoc in their lives!  I saw one female 
           "entertainer" kiss about 4 different men before leaving, each one had
           their girlfriend in the room at the same time.  Result was a lot of
           jealousy (and one completely ruined romance).
        3) Mimes steal things.
        4) Party crashers break things.
      If you want additional information on House Party, I would suggest checking
      out James Paterson's FAQ on House Party.  This can also be found at
    Molly B. found an easter egg in House Party:
      1. Buy "Jungle Jumble Import Display," and hang it somewhere.
      2. Tell your sim to *view* it. (NOTE: The sim must be in a GREAT mood for it 
         to work.
      3. A picture of the Maxis staff, stangely dressed up will appear. Next to it 
         will be a narrorative, with a written out french accent, which is supposed
         to be parody of a generic nature documentary.
    1.4  Information on the Fourth Expansion, Hot Date
    What's New:
      From the Sims: Hot Date Readme:
        New Downtown Area
        Each Neighborhood can have its’ own downtown. Just pick up the phone and
        call a cab. When you get downtown, visit one of the lots that Maxis has 
        made for you. If you want to get creative with all of the new objects,
        hit the downtown button from the neighborhood screen and build your own 
        downtown lot. When building your lot, it is best to place 3 tiles worth of 
        sidewalk next to the street. We recommend that you limit the number of
        animated objects you place on your lot. The more you have, the slower the 
        performance will be.
        New Non-Player Characters
        There are two sets of NPC's that are in Hot Date. There are the 
        "worker-bees", like the chef, waitress and store clerks and there are the 
        "dateable" NPC's. These "dateables" are Sims you can meet downtown and 
        strike up a relationship with.
        New Catalog Sorts
        Each catalog sort now has a subsort in order to better organize the objects 
        that are available. If you double click on the buy mode icon, you will 
        notice that at home you have both a room and a functional sort. In downtown 
        buy mode you have a Place and a functional sort.  If you choose to place
        skill objects downtown, your Sim will not gain skill. Skills are only 
        gained in your Sim's house. If you have previously downloaded objects from 
        www.thesims.com, you will need to go to the website and download the 
        updated versions so that they function correctly with Hot Date.
        New Web Features
        There is now a new exchange available to you on www.thesims.com. The 
        Downtown Exchange is where you can post your new downtown lots that you
        have worked so hard on. You also have the opportunity to download lots that 
        other Sim fans have created.
        The Sims Livin' Large and The Sims House Party support multiple
        neighborhoods. The Sims Hot Date allows you to have a different downtown 
        area with each one of these neighborhoods. You can select new neighborhoods
        by using the arrow buttons in the upper left portion of the neighborhood 
        There are five neighborhoods to start with, the first of which is reserved 
        for the existing neighborhood players have created.
        Neighborhoods 2,3,4 and 5 are not created by House Party. This is to allow 
        for Livin' Large to install its neighborhoods in these spaces.
        Neighborhoods 6, 7, and 8 have been created for your House Party houses.
        It is possible for users to have even more neighborhoods in The Sims House 
        Party.  Here's how:
        - Make a copy the TemplateUserData folder.  Place it in the same directory 
          as the other UserData folders.
        - Rename this copy to UserDataXX, where XX is an unused number (check the 
          existing UserData folder numbers) up to 99. We do not recommend you use 
          neighborhoods 2-5 until after you have installed Livin' Large. See
          the "House Party and Livin' Large" section for more details.
        - You can do this before you run the game, or while you are alt-tabbed away 
          from the game.  Either way, the game should pick up the fact that you 
          added a new neighborhood.
        Here's an example:
        - You're running the game, and you decide you want to add a new 
          neighborhood to hold some imported houses you just found on 
        - You alt-tab to the windows desktop, find the installation folder for The 
          Sims House Party, and make a copy of TemplateUserData.  Rename this 
          folder to UserData23.
        - Alt-tab back to the game.  As you scroll through the different 
          neighborhoods, "23" will show up.  This refers to your new UserData23 
        Do NOT rename the original UserData folder either while the game in running 
        or when the game is not in use.
    1.4.1  New Social Interaction Options  (Hot Date)
      There are now far more things to worry about when your Sims interact.
      First, you might not be able to control the reactions of each Sim in a
      conversation.  I'm not just referring to Sims who already lived together
      that you FORCED to like each other, but also to Sims in the neighborhood.
      Just switching from one household to the next to get 2 Sims to like each
      other, propose and move in.  Now some Sims are NPCs.  That is, you don't
      get to control them.  You can meet NPCs at the new downtown area.
        Note:  These NPC's have the last name "Townie."  They make a good way for
               you to gain more Family Friends without having to simply fill up a
               neighborhood with "filler" families.
      The "Friendship Meter" used in previous versions is now replaced by a
      "short term Friendship Meter."  It works very similarly to the old meter.
      Positive reactions to your Sim increase the meter, when it hits a certain
      number (about 60) you make a new Family Friend.
        Note:  Remember that the meter represents YOUR SIM'S feelings, not the
               total relationship.  It won't tell you how the other person feels
               about you, and THAT is critical in determing whether they become a
               Family Friend.
      The new "long term Friendship Meter" doesn't decrease nearly as often as
      the short term (which decreases in value daily).  It, as its name implies,
      offers you a view on the long term relationship between your Sims.
      Downtown ... while downtown you can only control ONE SIM.  I imagine this is
      what The Sims Online will be like.  You can either "go it alone" with your
      one Sim, or you can call/invite another Sim to go with you.  This is like a
      date, I suppose.  While on your date, any time you do a "group" activity,
      your date will follow you.  That is, if you go to the restaurant and order
      food, your date will automatically follow.  Play pool, dance, etc.
    1.4.2  Controlled Sim Interactions  (Hot Date)
      Hot Date also allows you to control just how far you want your Sims to go
      with an action.  For example, if you want to Hug another Sim, but don't want
      that Sim to get the "wrong idea" you could do a quick "Friendly Hug."  Or,
      maybe you want to become good friends/lovers you would go for the "Intimate
      Hug," where they embrace for several seconds.  It's all up to you, now.
        Tip:  Remember to do actions that the other Sim enjoys the most.  This is
              (as before) based on that Sim's personality.  For example, "Active"
              Sims enjoy doing active things, such as Lively Dancing.
              If a Sim consistently rebuffs your attempts at TYPES of actions,
              then you know something about their personality, and what types of
              actions to use on them.  For instance, if a Sim always boos your 
              jokes/puppets/other playful things, you know they have a low
              Playful rating.
    1.4.3  Interests and Inventory  (Hot Date)
      The major changes to the Sim interface are the addition of an "Interests"
      button and an "Inventory" button.  Interests are literally what interests
      your Sim.  Ex.  Dating/Sports/Money.
        Note:  To get your Sims to talk about Interests, click the Sim > Talk >
               About Interests.  If you are Downtown, you can actually ask the
               Sims there what their interests are.  Ask > What are you Into?
               The major reason to ask a Sim what she is into, is if you can't just
               check it yourself, for she is a Townie. (see Downtown below)
      Each Sim has a rating in each Interest grouping.  A Sim with a maxed out
      Interest in Sports gets along well with other Sims who like Sports.
      Conversely a Sim with NO interest in Sports gets along with other Sims who
      hate sports.  And just as you might suspect, the Sim that loves sports does
      not get along so well with the Sim that hates sports.
      In other words, a LACK OF INTEREST in a subject is itself a common interest
      among Sims.
      If you want to customize your Sims interests, go buy a Magazine from downtown 
      and read it.  Each magazine contains 3 interests.  Studying an interest in
      the magazine will improve one Interest and drop another.
        Magazine        Cost      Raises      Drops
        The Avarix       §6       Money       Outdoors
                                  Politics    Sports
                                  Technology  Excercise
        Livin Large      §5       Music       The 60s
                                  Parties     Technology
                                  The 60s     Weather
        MAXISMUM         §7       Travel      The 60s
                                  Outdoors    Politics
                                  Excercise   Food
        WhooNoo!!!       §6       Romance     Style
                                  Hollywood   Food
                                  Style       Technology
        Victor's Digest  §3       Food        Hollywood
                                  Sports      Outdoors
                                  Weather     Outdoors
      Objects that your Sim is carrying.  Typically this space is used to show you
      what gifts you are carrying.  (Gifts are bought downtown, or in the case of
      Lawn Gnomes, built by your Sim)  These gifts are then given to other Sims to
      improve their friendship.
    1.4.4  Downtown  (Hot Date)
      The default downtown comes with all but one of the lots full.  Each lot
      typically has a bunch of objects and things to do in it.  Typically every
      Need is accounted for in these Lots (except Energy, i.e. there are no beds
      around).  So, as long as your Sim has lots of Energy, you can head off to
      Downtown.  The best lot of the bunch is probably the old converted Farm,
      which is now a pricey restaurant and nightclub.  It offers the best
      entertainment value, dancing, which is free.
        Note:  To go downtown, use your phone and call a cab. (§50)
        Note:  Everything Downtown costs MONEY and usually a lot more than normal.
               Meals at restaurants are considerably more than the §20 you pay at
        Tip:  Easily the most useful thing to do is to Auto-Center (Right-Click) on
              your Sim to keep from losing her.  You can also right-click your
              Date's portrait (in your Relationship bar) to auto-center on him/her.
              Wouldn't want to lose track of your Date... or yourself for that
        Tip:  While in a restaurant, if you get the guitar player at your table,
              tip him §20 to get a more ROMANTIC mood.
    1.5  Information on the Fourth Expansion, Vacation
    1.6  Information on the Fifth Expansion, Unleashed
    What's New:
      From the readme:
        New Family Members - your PETS!
        The Sims Unleashed offers many new pets to add to your Sims’ families. Dogs 
        and Cats are adoptable, and become family members! Birds, Turtles, Iguanas, 
        and Fish can be purchased and brought into your Sims’ homes from the local 
        pet store.  Don’t forget to buy them cages.
        New Neighborhood
        The Sims can now see their much larger Old Town, thanks to the expanded 
        view and zoning opportunities of the new neighborhood in The Sims 
        Unleashed! The original neighborhoods from the Sims are still there, and 
        all your families are accessible - you can find them in the upper right 
        section of the new neighborhood screen. You now have 41 lots to play with 
        in each neighborhood! In this new neighborhood, you can choose whether 
        you'd like any lot to be a community lot for all your Sim families to 
        share, or a residential lot for your Sims to live on. You can do this by 
        clicking on the "Evict or Rezone" button at the top of the neighborhood 
        Community lots offer a different set of objects and opportunities from the 
        residential lots you're used to in The Sims. You can use our community lots 
        to have all your Sims socialize, adopt pets, pick up gardening supplies or 
        the fruits of other Sims' labor at a farmer's market, shop, play, eat, or 
        even enter your dog or cat in a pet judging contest! You can also build 
        your own community lots to delight or destroy the moods of your Sims. The
        possibilities are endless!
        Should your Sims want to visit any of the community lots in your 
        neighborhood, have them call a cab, so the Old Town Shuttle can pick them 
        up and take them wherever you'd like them to go.
        New Lot Filters
        There are now new lot filters for your neighborhoods.  The new filter 
        buttons in the Neighborhood Transit Screens sort the neighborhood lots by 
        Lodging, Food, Gardening, Shopping, Dogs and Cats, Small Caged Animals or
        Recreation services.  This makes it easy to choose which lot you want to go 
        to at any given time.
        NOTE:  If you have Vacation or Hot Date installed, then your Unleashed 
        installation will bring a Lot Filter toolbar to your Downtown and Vacation 
        Island screens as well.  However, if you installed Unleashed AFTER Vacation 
        and/or Hot Date, you will need to save your Downtown and/or Vacation Island 
        lots for the Lot Filter toolbar to take effect.
        New Phone Book
        Gotten too popular for your own good? The Sims Unleashed has come to your 
        rescue with a brand new phone book system. Your phone pie menus now say
        “Call Neighbor…” and when you select this interaction, a phone book appears 
        listing all the names of your friends’ families on the left, and the 
        individual family members on the right.
        New Gardening
        Finally, your Sims can now grow their own food!  A new garden plot object 
        lets Sims grow a variety of vegetables at home, using seeds purchased at a 
        local market in Old Town. Proper care of the garden yields a crop that can
        be picked and stored in a pantry—a new entry into the Sims’ food chain. For 
        the first time ever, hard-working Sim families can now live off their own
        land, or make a living by selling their homegrown vegetables at the market!
        New Non-Player Characters
        The Sims Unleashed has a wealth of characters to liven up the lives of all 
        your Sims – including your pets!
          Food and Entertainment: Be it saxophone or hand organ, coffee or 
            pastries – community lots are the perfect place for a stroll in the 
            park with family and pets in tow.
          The Maintenance Crew: Even in Old Town there are messes made and cleanup 
            is needed.
          Animal Control: If your new litter of pups or kittens isn’t well tended 
            to, count on someone from Animal Control to show up and remove them 
            from the home. You can also call upon these friendly folks to get rid 
            of skunks or raccoons who may visit your Sims from time to time.
          Palm Reader: You can have your pets or palms “read,” and if you ask her, 
            the palm reader will tell you about all the other services offered by 
            the palm readers of Old Town.
          Head Gardener: This helpful gent is a great source of advice for a Sim 
            who has an avid or passing interest in their garden. You can also buy a 
            great Plant Tonic from him, as well as vegetables, and he’s happy to 
            buy any of the vegetables you’ve harvested and brought with you to sell 
            in Old Town.
          Pet Judges: See the Head Pet Judge to enter your pet in the contest, have 
            your pet judged at a pet pedestal, and win fabulous prizes to take home 
            with you! The Pet Judges all evaluate your pet’s skills in a contest, 
            so training can pay off in the long run.
          Pet Trainer: The Pet Trainer is available for hire anywhere there is an 
            Adoption Center pet display. Sims can ask him questions about pets and 
            training, and also hire him to train their pets for them.
          Four-Legged Visitors: Rabbits, raccoons, mice, gophers, and even skunks 
            may pay a visit to Sims unexpectedly.
        New Careers
        5 new career tracks are coming to the classifieds in your Sims'  
        neighborhood! Your Sims can now choose to earn their living in Fashion, 
        Culinary, Circus, Education, or Animal Care, with new carpools and 10 
        levels in each career track.
          Editor's Note:  These are covered more fully in the Jobs section.
        Department Store Clerk
        Skills: Charisma, Creativity, Body
        Playground Monitor
        Skills: Logic, Charisma, Creativity
        Animal Care
        Dog Walker
        Skills: Charisma, Body, Logic
        Skills: Cooking, Mechanical, Creativity
        Popcorn Vendor
        Skills: Body, Charisma, Creativity
    2. Creating a Family
      Ah, your first family (besides the Newbies).  Unless you created a family
      earlier that failed, and now you want to find out what you did wrong.  Either
      way, we're going to create a Sim Family!  Nothing fancy, mind you, just
      something to get started with.
      We're going to create two Sims for this family.  Two is, in my opinion, the
      best number to start with.  It isn't so hard to control as, say, eight, and
      is infinitely better than just having one as having an extra person gives you
      a great advantage over having just the one.
      What we're essentially going to do is to divide the tasks that our two family
      members are going to have.  One person is going to get a job, and the other
      is going to take care of the house, cook, clean, and be the primary socialite
      You really don't need to employ both people at this stage of the game.  This
      strategy really helps in the mornings when one person has to get ready for
      work (shower, toilet, etc.) the other cooks breakfast.  When the worker goes
      off to work, the other one stays home, cleans up, and meets the neighbors who
      will all drop by (not all at once).  Then later in the game, this Sim will
      call up those neighbors and try to make them into Family Friends.  Also your
      stay at home Sim can answer the phone (which may be a Reward or another
      beneficial Event), pay the bills, etc.
          a.  Creating a Sim
              So now we need to create some Sims!  Two, in fact.  The stats that 
              you can give them effect what the Sims want to do, not what you will 
              make them do.  So a low Neatness isn't all that bad if you are going 
              to be forcing them to clean up anyway.  Of course, if you are a more
              passive Sims player, (you don't plan on telling them EVERY LITTLE
              THING that they should do), then SOMEONE should have a high Neatness.
              Plus it's nice when the Sims will automatically clean the table after
              Try to keep your Sims distinctive and different.  The stay at home
              Sim needs to be outgoing, nice, and playful, while the worker Sim
              needs to be active and outgoing.  Beyond that keep the stats somewhat
              Note:  If you keep a stat blank (that is, empty), then that person
                     will be the opposite of that stat.  So if he or she has no
                     Nice, then that person will be mean, and prone to piss others
                     off.  That makes getting friends difficult!
              Another thing that stats effect is what type of recreation they most
              enjoy.  Inactive people love the TV, while more active would like
              Dancing or other more interactive entertainment.
              Note:  You don't need to use up all of the Stats points while 
                     creating a Sim, in fact, you could use NO stats points at all 
                     and make a surly, messy, lazy, mean, introverted Sim!
          b. Of Neatness and Maids
             One alternative to Neat Sims is to hire a Maid.  This way you can 
             avoid using ANY neat points to spend them elsewhere, and still have a
             wonderfully clean house.  At most the Maid will cost you §70 a day,
             which isn't all that expensive.  Plus the Maid is quite attractive!  
             If you DO hire a Maid, then you don't really NEED a stay at home Sim
             (although I'd still recommend it for the Socializing aspect).
               Note:  There are more consequences of having a Messy Sim than one
                      would think.  When the messy Sim gets out of the shower, he
                      ALWAYS leaves a little "puddle".  Also, he NEVER flushes the
               Warning:  If you fail to pay for a Maid, or a Gardener, they will
                         "Blacklist" you, that is, they will refuse to come back
                         and work for you.  This isn't a permanent problem, they
                         "forget" about it after 5 days, but it can be annoying.
                         Can't wait that long?  You could just move out and back
      For now we don't want anymore than these two adult Sims.  Once your family is
      finished, you cannot add new members by simply creating them...  The only way
      to get new Sims is to Marry them, ask them to Move In (between Same Sex
      couples, either as friends or lovers), or to have a baby.
      Now let's build them a house.  (or if you'd rather not build your own house,
      there are several already in the neighborhood)
      (The following 2 sub sections are alternative ideas to having 2 Sims, the
      first having to do with having just one Sim, and the second to having an
      Arkload of Sims, 8!)
    2.1  The Bachelor Sim
      When I say "Bachelor" I mean any Sim who is living alone, not just male Sims.
      I have said that your first Family of Sims should probably be 2 Sims, well
      here are a few different ideas on how to play.  The first being the Bachelor.
      The tricky thing about the Bachelor is that you have no one to help you.
      There is no stay at home Sim.  So your Bachelor must get a job, and while he
      (or she, but for the purposes of this section, the Bachelor is a he) is at
      work, you can't socialize (you can even watch as all your neighbors drop by,
      and leave, because there's no one to greet them), nor can you clean up or 
      have a meal ready when he gets home.  So the real problem here is TIME.  You 
      simply never seem to have enough to Socialize, Work, and Improve your Skills.
      So here are a couple ideas to having a good Bachelor:
        1.  Pick a job with decent hours.  By this I mean stay away from the career
            tracks that demand a lot of your time.  I should suggest the Military
            career track as it has good starting pay and fairly steady hours.  Also
            the Military requires the LEAST amount of Family Friends, and doesn't
            require ANY until Level 5.
            Note:  The best way to pick and choose your Career is to use a 
                   computer.  If you can't really afford a computer, buy it before 
                   you buy the rest of your things, use it quickly to get a good 
                   job, then sell it before it has been 24 hours.  If you sell 
                   before that, you get all your money back!
            Tip:  The absolute best hours come from the Science track, with a final
                  hours from 10am-2pm.
        2.  Hire a maid.  This way your Bachelor can live like a slob, and not 
            care.  This frees him up to hit the exercise machine, or call a date.  
            The maid costs §10 an hour, and has a working hours of 10:00 am to 
            5:00 pm, for a maximum of §70 a day.  However, if she runs out of 
            things to clean she leaves then.
        3.  Build a smaller house, and use the extra money to buy a better bed,
            fridge, etc.  Since you will have less time to do things (having no one
            to help you) you will need the better things to be more efficient!
        4.  Go to work every other day (depending on how much money you need).  In
            the first few levels of your job, you will probably want to go everyday
            because you need the money.  But at the higher levels, you need TIME
            more than anything, so skip a day.  As long as you don't skip two days
            in a row, you will be fine.  Use that day to improve your skills, make
            some friends, etc.  You won't get paid or promoted, but it won't hurt
            your chances of getting promoted either.
            Of course, the challenge of trying to go to work every day and keep
            relationships up is kinda fun.
    2.1.1  The Bachelor Gets Married
      Your Bachelor Sim can't stay a hermit forever, he eventually will fall in
      love, and want someone to move in or marry him.  However, there is a better
      way than simply having him marry someone.
      Here's the idea.  Your Bachelor Sim works fairly far up the career ladder,
      possibly to the top without getting married.  He's putting career before
      relationships, only socializing to Gain Friends or Maintain Friendships for
      work.  Once he is at or near the top of the ladder, he will be rich, and
      very likely talented as well.  He'll have a great paying job, and lots of
      Why not then, get your BACHELOR HIMSELF to move out?
      Here's what I mean.  Say you're starting up a new family.  Wouldn't it be
      nice if you had someone who had a nice high paying job?  Well that's 
      precisely what you should do!  Marry the bachelor from the OTHER SIM.  That 
      way he will move out of his house, bring all his assets with him, PLUS he 
      will keep his great job.  This is a great way to help out Beginning Sim 
      Families.  If his net worth was §28k, then that family will gain that much 
      when he is married into the family.
      Sweet deal!
      Note:  Once you've moved your Bachelor out in this fashion, his old house 
             will remain EXACTLY AS HE LEFT IT!  Which might make it an ideal house 
             to have another Bachelor move into, as it would be cheaper (due to 
             Item Value Degradation) than buying it all new.
    2.2  The Full House (8 Sims)
      Starting your first game with 8 Sims would be a little crazy.  Just keeping
      up with ONE Sim's needs is hard enough, much less 8 Sims who all need the
      same things.  Plus the most difficult thing about starting out with an 8
      Sim Family is simply getting them all into a furnished house using only the
      20k that you start with.  I would normally just advise you to start with a
      small family, then build up from there, adding members by marriage or child
      However, there is a good way to start out with 8 members.  Don't build any
      special house, except having a longer bedroom.  Stick in at least 4 beds in
      here.  If you have any children, place as many 2 person beds as you have
      children.  The bedroom will resemble a military barracks, but there's nothing
      to be done about that yet.
      Make sure there are at least 3 different Fun things for the Sims to do, or
      they will all fight over their limited Fun items.  A radio, bookcase, and a
      TV should be enough.
      Now get all but one adult Sim jobs.
        Tip:  Before fully furnishing your house buy the cheap computer and use 
              that to get your Sims jobs.  This will give you the choice of 3 
              different jobs for each Sim.  Then once they all have jobs, sell the 
              computer.  If you sell it within 24 hours of buying it, you will get 
              a full refund.
      With everyone working, you should get quite a lot of money, especially if any
      of them get promoted.
        Tip:  If you start to get overwhelmed with these Sims, use the PAUSE 
              feature then decide what your Sims should do, then UNPAUSE.  Remember 
              I did advise starting with only 2 Sims, a much more manageable 
    3. Building a House
      Our objective with building the house is to create a livable area and have
      enough money left over to actually put THINGS in the house.
      Here's our objectives:  We need a good sized house (not large), with three
                              rooms (living room/kitchen/dining room, bathroom, and
                              one bedroom).  The Sims don't require their own
                              private bedrooms, and will do quite fine in a
                              "communal" bedroom. (where everyone sleeps in the
                              same room)
      We're going to start the house a minimum of 2 or 3 squares away from the
      nearby sidewalk.  Now we create the Living Room/Kitchen.  A good size for 
      this is a smallish rectangle, about 11 x 6 squares.  Build the entrance door 
      near the mailbox and trashcan.  Now off to the side of the house build a 
      4 x 4 room to be your bathroom.  You don't need any larger at the moment.
                |          |                   Key:
                |          |
                | Bedroom  |                   e - Door      -- - wall
                |          |                   Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
                |          |
      ----------------e-------------           Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |                    |       |                  is one "square" of SimLand.
      |                    e Bath  |                  So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            | room  |
      |                    |       |           Note:  To build a "square", hold
      |           Living   |--------                  down the shift button while
      |             Room   |                          building a wall outwards.
      As you can see, this is a very small type of house, but is perfectly suited
      for two people.  This is a "basic" house, and as your family grows you will
      need to add to it.  Notice that there isn't a wall between the kitchen and 
      the living room.  This is quite intentional to aid in the parties that you 
      will be throwing here!  The open space allows people to move about more 
      freely, and to prevent people from running into each other.  Also note that 
      this leaves space to the left of the Bedroom which is ideal for building
      another room, be it a new bedroom, or an entertaining room, or even just an
      outdoor pavilion.
      Once the basic floor plan is done, we need to apply wallpaper to the outside
      of the house, and to each room individually.  The last few wallpapers in the
      list are specifically for the outside, and aluminum siding is cheap (§7).
        Note:  To apply a wallpaper to every available surface, hold down the SHIFT
               key, then click.  If you're doing this to the outside, it won't
               affect the inside, and if you are wallpapering the interior of a
               room, then it will only wallpaper that room.
      For the kitchen I would use the Deep Jade or the Tuscany Tin (§6).  The
      living room you can do separate from the Kitchen if you want, although you
      can't use the SHIFT function if you do, as they aren't really separate rooms.
      In the bathroom I would go with a "Too Turquoise" (§6).
      Now we need to add flooring (can't have your Sims living on bare grass).  
      Both the kitchen and the bathroom have their own matching floor sets (if you 
      chose Tuscany, the best flooring would be the Il Perrinni Italliante tile 
      (§20)).  In the bedroom I would go with the simply Blue Carpet, it's cheap, 
      and effective.
      Windows:  Each room needs quite a number of windows to keep the room bright
                and happy.  This effects one of the Sims' eight needs, that of 
                Room.  So place windows around each room until it is as bright as 
                it can be.  Don't forget this!  Also, when you start furnishing a 
                house, you need to place Lamps for when it gets dark.
                Which window you pick is entirely up to your individual preference!
      Note:  Don't bother with a second story yet, as you don't need it, and you
             probably can't afford it!  See the section on Expanding the House 
             below for more information on Second Stories.
      Tip:  A backdoor is a very useful thing to have, as it allows your Sims
            another way in or out (if the main entrance is blocked), and can 
            provide for a nice patio outside as well.  Try putting in a flamingo in 
            the backyard, just for fun.  Also the neighbors seem to like it.
      Alternate Floor plan 1:
                |          |                   Key:
                |          |
                | Bedroom  |                   e - Door      -- - wall
                |          |--------           Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
                |          e       |
      ----------------e----- Bath  |           Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |                    | room  |                  is one "square" of SimLand.
      |                    e       |                  So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            |       |
      |                    |--------           This alternate version moves the
      |           Living   |                   bathroom up 2 squares and builds a
      |             Room   |                   door into the bedroom.
      Alternate Floor plan 2:
                /          \                   Key:
                |          |
                | Bedroom  |                   e - Door      -- - wall
                |          |--------           Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
                |          e       |
      ----------------e----- Bath  |           Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |                    | room  |                  is one "square" of SimLand.
      |                    e       |                  So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            |       |
      |                    |--------           This alternate version cuts the
      |           Living   |                   square corners to be diagonal.  This
      \             Room   /                   helps Room rating, and looks more
       ----------e---------                    attractive.
      Now that we have a house, we need to buy things for the house!
      But first some ideas on Better Houses (i.e. Richer).
    3.1  Building a Better House
      Not to be confused with Section 7. Expanding the House, this section deals
      with building a house with more money to start with.  After all, sometimes
      it's easier to start over than to keep adding onto a current house.
      /           e     e            \            Key:
      |  Bedroom  ---e---    Bedroom |
      |   One    /       \    Two    -----------    e - Door      -- - wall
      |          e Bath  e           |         |    Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
      |          | Room  |           |   Pool  |
      -----e-----|       |-----e-----|   Hall  |  Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |          \___e___/           |         |         is one "square" of SimLand
      |                              e  Hottub |         So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            Living    |         |
      |                     Room     |\        /    Notice just how much larger
      |                              | ---e----     this house is than the previous
      \                              /              models.  Also, it makes the
       ------e-------------e---------               attempt to "round out" every
             +             +                        room to improve Room Rating.
             +             +
             +             +                        This is a very large and
      ================================              spacious house, but designed to
                 Tr                                 keep most everything "close by"
                                                    Notice particularly the amount
                                                    of doors that lead into the
      Why two bedrooms?  When you have a baby, place the baby, plus one caregiver
      to spend the night in their own bedroom.  Then when the baby wakes up and
      needs attention, only one of your Sims will have to be awakened by it.  Plus
      this allows you to do separate Socializing (you know, kissing other people
      than your wife).
    Alternate 1:  The Second Story
                                                   Key:  e - Door     -- - Wall
      Floor One:                                         SS - Stairs  + - Path
                    Pool and Hot Tub Outside             Tr - Trash
      /------e--------------e-------------e----\   This house keeps the first floor
      |             SS               |  Bath   |   very spartan and uses half the
      |             SS               e  Room   |   space for an outdoor pool and
      | Kitchen     SS     Living    |         |   spa area.  The Stairs lead up to
      |             SS      Room     |\        /   a Second Story, which will
      |             SS               | --------    contain 2 bedrooms, a bathroom,
      \                              /             as well as an extra room, for
       ------e-------------e---------              fun.
             +             +
             +             +
             +             +
      Floor Two:
      /----------------------------------------\   You could always leave the
      |          |  SS  |            |         |   "Extra" room wall-less and have
      |          e  SS  e            e  Extra  |   it be a balcony.
      |  Bedroom |      |   Bedroom  |         |
      |          ---e----            |\        /
      |          e bath e            | --------
      \          | room |            /
    3.2  Who Needs Walls?
      Thinking about this logically (and we Sims players are nothing if not 
      logical) there is only one thing Sims need privacy for, and that's going to 
      the bathroom.  They don't seem disturbed when they sleep in a room with other
      people (though they do seem to mind being put into the same bed with a 
      So, if all you need walls for is a bathroom, then why not simply save on 
      money, and ONLY build walls around the bathroom?  Walls are expensive!  Save
      your money for something really cool, like that Hot Tub!
        Note:  Well this strategy seems really cool on the surface, but there is a
               bit of a downside.  No one can sleep in the same room as an active
               TV or radio.  Which means that everyone will have to sleep at the
               same time.  In other words, if Sim Bob is on the nightshift and
               Sim Betty is on the dayshift, they'll overlap, and one will want to
               sleep while the other wants to watch TV.  Other than that it works
        Note:  This strategy works best with a Bachelor Sim, for reasons stated in
               the previous NOTE.
      A more extreme version of this is to build ONLY the 2x1 bathroom, and have
      no house at all.  This really saves on money as walls aren't cheap, but has
      some odd drawbacks, such as your Sim refusing to get out of the shower if
      even another Sim wanders by the lot, or your Sim getting stuck in the 
      bathroom because another Sim wants to use it.
      However, it makes a great starting Bachelor house (although it looks very
      Hillbilly), if you intend to have this Bachelor get married into another
      household later.
    3.3  Housebuilding, Especially on a Budget                        (from Seeker)
      Build Mode items, unlike Buy Mode items, depreciate as soon as you leave
      Build Mode and only that once.  With this in mind, it is very wise to have a 
      Sim who can lose money (usually just for this purpose, a shill) build homes, 
      then be evicted and then populated with the Sims you wish to have in that 
      house.  This will amount to a savings of approximately one-third versus the
      pre-depreciation value, more if you are not a very careful house designer and 
      have to delete and recreate walls, windows, or other items.  That house that
      would cost your regular Sims about $16,000 to build now can be yours for just 
      under $10,000.
      I don't believe this works with items such as staircases and fireplaces, but 
      it will with walls, windows, doors, wallpapering, floors, and (most likely) 
      pools.  Be sure that you don't outfit the house with Buy Mode items and then 
      evict the shill, because you will kick yourself when you have to do it all 
      over again.
      Feel free to add as much flora as you wish from the Build Mode as well, it 
      has no effect on the property value other than raising your Yard score.  In 
      fact, any item that can only be disposed of does not raise the cost.  So go 
      ahead and add as many trees, shrubs, flowers, and topiaries as you like with
      your shill.
      Always make generous uses of corners, it not only increases your room scores,
      it also saves money on building the house ($70 for a corner as opposed to 
      $140).  For a little extra added effect, on interior corners do a diamond 
      pattern instead of a straight intersection.  It costs the same and boosts 
      room score.  It looks very good where four rooms meet.  All of this can be at 
      the cost of space however.
    4. Furnishing a House
      We're going to build things based on the Sims' Needs, with the most pressing
      needs first.  We'll start with Hunger (the only Need that your Sims can Die
      of) and furnish the Kitchen.
      Kitchen Objects you Need:
        Refrigerator (§600 for the Llamark)
        Cooking Appliance (§400 for the Dialectic Free Standing Range, stove)
        Empty Counter
        Dish Cleaning Apparatus (either a Sink or the Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher, §650)
        Fire Alarm (§50)
        Food Processor (§220)
        Trashcan (or if you can afford it, a Trash Compactor)
      Here's what I did.  At the left end of the Kitchen is a 6x long wall.  At the
      top I put a Dialectic Range, then a Fridge, then a Counter (if you did the
      Jade walls and floors, then do the Jade counter top, otherwise just keep it
      cheap!), then a counter with a Sink, and another blank counter.  This leaves
      one square left in the bottom corner, but we'll use that later when we have
      more money.  (By moving the Counter with the Sink to the corner, and filling
      that hole with a Dishwasher)  Finally on the empty counter place the Food
        Note:  When someone cooks a full meal it will go like this, they will take
               the food out of the Fridge, and stick it into the food processor
               (or onto a counter if you don't have one, but the food processor
               adds more Food value to the meal), then from there onto the stove,
               and from the stove to the counter where it is finished.
        Tip:  Be vigilant with who makes the meals!  Every Sim when they get hungry
              will go to the fridge to get a snack or to make a quick meal.  But
              you should let only the person with the most Cooking skill cook, and
              then have them SERVE the meal.  This creates 8 portions for only
              §20 which is very cost effective.  Plus the higher cooking skill
              reduces the chance of Fire and increases the Food Value.
      Now 2 squares away from that stuff place a Card Table (§95).  Around it place
      4 Chairs (the cheapest chair works fine, §80).  Make sure the chairs face the
        Tip:  One good way to place the chairs is to put all the chairs in the
              corners, like this:
                        Ch      (not to scale)
                      Ch .....
                         ..... Ch
              What this does, is keeps the other corners not touched by the chairs
              completely free for your Sims to put things on like the mail, and for
              YOU to put things like Lava Lamps (§80) on.  The Sims will be eating
              closer together, but they don't seem to mind.  This table is a 2x2
              table, so how does this work with the longer Parisian table?
                        Ch          (also not to scale)
                      Ch ..... Ch
                      Ch ..... Ch
              This table is longer, and can hold more chairs.  I recommend the
              above pattern with the Parisian, as you fit more people, but keep the
              same amount of Places for Sims to Drop things (like Gifts from other
              Sims) or for you to put things (like radios).
      Onto the Bathroom.
      Bathroom Objects you Need:
        Toilet (§300 for the Hygeia-O-Matic)
        Major Hygiene Item (§640 for the SpaceMiser Shower)
        Bathroom Sink (§400 for the Andersonville sink)
      The placement of these objects isn't so tough, just put them in the corners,
      making sure that they face the right direction.  If you have the money, I
      would suggest also putting a Medicine Cabinet in above the Sink.  However,
      the Medicine Cabinet isn't as useful as a plain mirror placed in the living
      room.  (Mirrors are used to improve the Charisma Skill)  This is because
      other Sims like to use the bathroom, and you don't want to hold them up while
      you make a speech to a mirror.  We want the shower right now because it is
      cheaper, and more time efficient.  Plus we're saving up for that REALLY good
      bathtub! (The Hydrothera)  Once you get the money, you definitely want that 
      good tub!
      However, you will still want that shower.  Nothing beats the quick shower,
      plus your Sim won't always need a full bath.
      Pressing onward to the Bedroom.
      Bedroom Objects you will Need:
        1 Bed for each Person (in this case 2, Spartan Bed, §300 each)
      You won't spend too much time in the Bedroom, so you don't need too much more
      than that.  Don't worry about the Room rating much either, so don't worry
      about lighting or decorations.  One thing that you might want in the bedroom
      is an End Table with an Alarm Clock on it.
        Note:  Alarm Clocks do need to be set by your Sims before they can be
               effective.  The alarm goes off 2 hours before your Sim has to be
               to work.  If you want more time than that to get ready, you can
               always manually waken your Sim.  Although, if you get a Sim up 
               before he or she is fully rested (full energy bar) they will stomp 
               about a bit trying to wake up.
        Tip:  The first beds that you can get aren't very efficient at getting your
              Sims their Energy.  So as soon as humanly possible get that really
              expensive (and worth it!) bed.
      And finally the Living Room.
      Living Room Objects you will Need:
        1 Couch (Contempto is §150)
        Television (Monochrome is §85, Trottco 27" is §500)
        Bookcase (§250 for the Cheap Pine)
        Desk/Table (Mesquite Desk/Table is §80)
        Radio (Down Wid Dat Boom Box is §100)
        Phone (could also put this in the Bedroom, although it wakes them up!)
        Security Alarm
      Have the Television placed by one of the walls, and have the couch face the
      Television about 2 squares away, and put the Bookcase next to the TV by the
      wall, so that your Sims can read and sit on the couch.  Now on another wall
      place the table and place the Radio on it.  Place the Phone on the wall 
      behind the radio, and the Security Alarm anywhere on the wall.
      Tip:  Placing the TV 2 squares away from the couch is more important than it
            might at first seem.  Why is that?  Well suppose a Guest Sim decides to
            watch TV, but there's no more room on the couch, they'll stand right in
            front of your Sim on the couch.  But now your Sim wants to go to the
            bathroom, but now there's a Sim in the way!  You'll have to wait for 
            that Sim to move on his own before your Sim can get anywhere. (or you
            could just use the move_objects cheat, see the Cheats section below)
      Note:  All appliances, computers, etc., can break down and need to be
             repaired.  You can either repair them yourself (and maybe get
             electrocuted and killed) or call the Repairman who charges you §50 per
             hour.  Until you get your Mechanical skills up (via reading) you
             should probably just call the experts.
      Note:  An alternative to placing the Security Alarm in the living room is
             to put it outside.  Then the Thief doesn't even have to enter the 
             house to trip the alarm.  There's more on burglars in the Section 
             Everything Else in the Neighborhood.
        a. Lighting and Lamps
           Now that we've adequately furnished the house (I say adequate, because
           once you get money, you'll want to replace your shoddy items with better
           ones, like your little monochrome TV for a HUGE Plasma TV), you will 
           want to start filling your house with Lamps.  I would place 1 lamp in 
           the bathroom, and 1 in the Bedroom, and a lot in the Living 
           Room/Kitchen.  Keep the lamps spaced out to keep the lighting in the 
           room even.  (Say, 3 to 4 squares apart)
           Check out the Sims website (http://www.thesims.com) to download the new
           Wall Lamps, which are placed on the walls rather than on the floor, in
           the same way that the Fire Alarm attaches to the wall.
             Note:  Lights can burn out, and need to have their bulbs replaced.
                    BEWARE!  Your Sims can get electrocuted by doing this!  There
                    isn't a good chance of it (maybe 1 in 5), but you may want to
                    call a repairman.
        b. Decorations
           The other way to pump up the Room value is to put decorations into a
           room.  And the easiest of the decorations to place, are the Paintings.
           Since these go on the wall, they don't take up any space, and unlike
           plants, they don't require water.
           Most decorations also have a Fun value, which happens whenever someone
           looks at it.  For example, you can have your Sim check out a painting.
           Also the better objects (such as the Plasma TV) also have a positive
           effect on the Room.
           Use Decorations to get the Room rating up, not only for your Sims, but
           to help the Mood of visiting Sims.  That helps you make friends!  You
           know the old saying, a happy Sim is a friendly Sim.
           More on the Room rating in that section below (Room Rating).
      I know your house seems rather Spartan (you even have the Spartan beds, no
      doubt!), but this is just the starter equipment.  As you go along, UPGRADE!
      Replace that fridge as soon as you can, as well as the Range.  These will
      help alleviate your Sims' hunger rating better.  Also replace those Spartan
      beds with better ones.  If you get your 2 Sims to like each other enough, you
      can get a 2 person bed, and get them into it.  I would also definitely get
      rid of that couch the first chance you get, and also get rid of the cheap
      lights in favor of the top of the line lights.
      Generally you spend a good deal of the game replacing your old junk with the
      better stuff.
      Let's make some friends...
    4.1  Cooking (or, a Meal fit for a Sim!)
      But first, let's look a little deeper into the realm of Cooking for Sims.  As
      I have said a number of times, we want the Stay at Home Sim to be our Cook,
      and therefore they should spend a good deal of time Studying Cooking.
      Whenever they have a spare moment, they should grab that book and study until
      they get all the way up to 10 Cooking Points.  This helps in two ways:  One,
      they are far less likely to burn down the house (unless using the Grill), and
      they prepare more satisfying meals.
      Beyond simply helping the Cook become a better Chef, you can also improve
      your equipment, and how you prepare the meals.
      Let's start with the equipment.  The first step in cooking is the
      Refrigerator, and, no surprise here, the better the Fridge, the more
      satisfying the meals (the more it satisfies the Hunger Need, that is).  The
      next piece of equipment is the Preparation part, which can be either just a
      countertop, or the Food Processor.  The Food Processor is about twice as good
      as a mere countertop, and is faster to boot, so getting one of those is quite
      valuable.  Then comes the cooking implement, from Microwave (the worst) to 
      the Gas Range (the best).  Finally you have to set the meal down on an empty
      counter top to serve the meal. (only necessary if you ARE doing a SERVE, if
      you are merely HAVING dinner this is skipped)
        Note:  To keep things moving efficiently, you should arrange the kitchen
               appliances in order of use, so place the Fridge, then next to it
               have the Food Processor on a Counter, then the Cooking Range, and
               finally a blank counter.  Why?  Saves time, and every second counts!
        Note:  If a step along the meal preparation chain is broken (say you have
               no preparation surface, or your range is broken, etc.) then you will
               get a different (and less satisfying) meal.  If you don't have a 
               prep surface or food processor you end out with a Can (or cans) of 
               Beans.  If you prepare it, but have no way to cook it, then you get 
               a salad.  These results ALSO occur if you have the item, but can't 
               get to it.  So if another Sim is in between your Cook and the Stove, 
               you could end out with Salad.
      Next is how you prepare the meals.  There are 4 basic options at every meal:
      Snack, Quick Meal, Have Meal, and Serve Meal.  I would heartily recommend
      doing ONLY "Serve Meal"s and having them cooked ONLY by your best Chef.  Then
      the meals will be very effective at removing hunger.  This requires that you
      constantly check your other Sims when they get hungry as they will want to
      have Snacks or Quick Meals.  It's much more cost efficient to have just the
      Big Meals (Serve Dinner, Serve Breakfast, etc.)
      Other Options:
        If you have no way of preparing your own meals, you can always call for
        pizza (§40).  It also takes some time for the pizza to arrive, and it isn't
        very satisfying.
        Also you can use a Grill to grill up some food.  This isn't so satisfying
        and can cause a fire (if something is too close to the grill).
        Both these options do make for some good socializing, however.
    4.1.1  Food Strategies
      This section is from Mark Hissett
      When you prepare a meal (fit for 6) the plate will remain fresh for about 8 
      hours.  However you can prolong this.  When you take plate of food off the
      main dish, it will last 8 hours in itself.  So if the main dish is 6 hours 
      old and you take a plate off.  That one plate will not get flies above it for 
      approximately 14 hours.  So, one thing you might want to try is to make a 
      meal (that is not going to get all eaten of course) and after 6 or 7 hours.  
      Take a plate off one at a time.  Do not eat them.  Just cancel the action 
      after they have taken the plate.  They will probably put it on the floor.  
      Now that food will last another 8 hours.  When your sims get home from a hard 
      days work, and your homemaker sim needs a bit of rest.  You can control the 
      sims to take that food and eat it.  Also, guests do not eat food that has 
      already been dished out.
      Well aside from that, 6 plates takes up a lot of room.  And so does chocolate 
      and brownies.  In the build or buy mode you can move plates of food (the main 
      dish as well).  If you hover the food over the fridge, it will allow you to 
      "put the food in the fridge."  When you move the fridge any food inside will 
      remain inside.  I am not sure if there is a limit to how many dishes you can
      put in or not.  Guests can take food that they have brought or take off the 
      main plate, but again, they will not eat food already dished out.  A couple 
      downsides to this are, snacks and meals cannot be made from that fridge.  The
      fridge also does not give anymore time for the food to go rotton.  Another
      thing I am unsure of is when flies begin swarming the plate, if room value 
      goes down.  To get food out of the stocked up fridge, you will need to hover 
      the cursor over the middle of the fridge, so that the fridge does not light 
      up, this will give you the option to take plate or clean up.  Pizza cannot go 
      in the fridge.  I am not sure if the little vases of flowers can or not 
        Tip:  If you are busy busy in the morning getting sims off to school and 
              ready for work.  Make breakfast (though it will be called dinner, 
              unless made after 12:00 AM) around 10 or 11 the night before.  The 
              food will last then from 6 to 7.  A prompt sim should be up by at 
              least 6.  And the food is ready for them to enjoy.
    4.2  Room Rating
      The Room Rating is influenced by quite a number of things, but we'll boil it
      down to the essentials.  One, is how well lit the room is.  This is 
      influenced (in the day) by windows, and in the night by Lamps.  Two, is what 
      is in the room that improves it, such as decorations.  Three, is what is in 
      the room that degrades it, such as garbage and messes.  And four, the size of 
      the room, the larger the better.
      In the early part of the game you probably can't afford the mighty
      Torchosterone lamp (the best lamp in the game, as it improves Room rating two
      ways, by being a Lamp, and by being a Decoration), but as soon as you get
      some steady cash flow, start replacing your old lamps with the good ones.
        Tip:  In the beginning of the game, only buy a few lamps.  It will be dark,
              and your room rating won't be so great, but you will save money (all
              objects degrade in value over time) so that you can buy the better
              lights later.  Also the good lamps tend to need less bulb
      All the good objects also have a Room rating attached to them.  Things like
      the Plasma TV, the good couches, etc.  Therefore, once you have all the neat
      gadgets in your living room, do you really need some art deco piece?
      The Outside Room rating is probably the most important, at least as far as
      your Job goes.  It's probably already well lit, and large, so the only two
      things that you can do to improve it are to keep it clean, and add some
      decoration.  A fountain and some flamingoes would go well out there.  Plus 
      you could put a fireplace out there if you really wanted to.
        Note:  Keep in mind that if you let something go to Pot (such as a flower
               dying, or fish dying, a computer breaking, etc.) then it will pull
               down the Room Rating just like trash.  After all, if you can't use
               the object as it was meant to be used, it's not much more than 
        Tip:   The Fireplace has the best Room Rating (when lit anyway) of
               anything.  HOWEVER, it can cause things (such as objects, or Sims)
               to catch on fire, and should be placed well away from anything!
    4.3  Alternative to Alarm Clocks
      As anyone who has had to wake up to an alarm clock might say, it isn't the
      most pleasant feeling.  Yet the alarm clock is the only way to get your Sims
      up in time for work.  Or is it?
      Sims tend to sleep until their Energy Bar is full, then they also tend to
      keep on sleeping until an alarm clock goes off, or you wake them up.  So you
      could just wake them up as soon as you notice their Energy bar full green (or
      at any set time that you want, although Sims take longer to get up if they
      aren't fully rested), but I prefer this little trick.
      If the Sim is sleeping, but is fully rested, he will tend to keep on sleeping
      until he has a reason to get up.  Simply add something to his Queue (such as
      using the Toilet) and once his Energy bar fills up, he will wake up and start
      working on his queue.  This way your Sim gets to be fully rested.  This is a
      little more dynamic than simply waking your Sim with an alarm clock 2 hours
      before the Carpool arrives.
      Mark Hissett has this to add:
        A well rested sim will sleep to 6:00 AM.  That means, if a sims energy bar 
        is green at 4 or 5 AM, they will not automatically wake up until 6.  If you 
        tell them to do something while they are asleep, they will automatically do 
        it, as soon as their energy bar is full, which may be earlier than you 
        intended.  A not so well rested sim will wake up anytime after 6, as soon 
        as their energy bar is full, or if you wake them up, or if the alarm goes 
    4.4  Who Needs a Trashcan?
      There are 3 forms of waste management in The Sims:
        1.  Your outside trashcan.  This is part of the Lot when you buy it, and
            you can neither move it, nor sell it.  This trashcan is here to stay.
        2.  A standard trashcan.  This holds trash, and can be put anywhere you 
            want.  When it fills up with trash (it doesn't take long!) it will take
            down the Room Rating until someone takes out the trash.
        3.  And finally there is the Trash Compactor, which not only can it hold
            more Garbage (because it compacts the garbage), but when it gets full,
            it does not take down the room rating, because the garbage is self-
      However, you can probably get away with NOT HAVING A HOUSE TRASHCAN at all.
      You can never get rid of the First type of trashcan, so why should you buy
      any more trashcans?
      Here's what I'm talking about.  There are only THREE MAIN types of trash
      (there are more than 2 types, but you won't come across the others often),
      Snacks, Newspapers, and Gifts.  Consider for a moment that the place most
      likely to need a trashcan is the Kitchen area, which is notably near the
      exterior trash anyway (well it should be, it is in my designs).  Therefore 
      the walk outside to the trash isn't much longer than that to go outside.  The
      important thing here is that we SKIP A STEP.  If you don't have an interior
      trashcan, you NEVER HAVE TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH.
      For a different, i.e. "cheating", tactic on this, see section 11.1 Deleting
      Trash (and Bills too!).
      TheReaper86 has a slight different take on this:
        About the "who needs a trash can" thing:  instead of buying a small Trash
        Can only to take THAT trash to the outside one...OR simply taking it to the
        outside trash, you can just use the CTRL+SHIFT+C cheat and use the 
        "move_objects on" code and move the outside trash into the kitchen -- the 
        only place you ever need one anyways.
    4.5  Sims Interactions with Objects
      You may wonder why a Sim will go painting for fun when he doesn't need the
      Creativity, and he Needs more Fun than he can get out of painting.  Part of
      the reason is that when Sims choose what they are going to do, they pick 
      their most pressing need (Hunger being the greatest Need, then the rest based 
      on how Red they are), and checking the room for the best objects.  Once they
      have an idea of the best objects in the area, they'll randomly pick one and 
      go to it.
      So it isn't entirely a random process, it's just not an entirely educated
      process either.  After all, Sims do get bored of watching TV, they need more
      than just one source of Fun.
      So, if your Sim needs some Fun, he'll take stock of the area, find all the
      available sources of Fun, and pick one.  They usually limit their choices to
      the better objects, so the more better objects you have, the better chance
      that they will pick at least one good object instead of going to something
      less than preferable.
        Note:  This Randomness doesn't seem to apply to Guest Sims (Sims who you 
               have invited over), they always seem to know what they want and
               use the best available method to get it.
    4.6  Moving Trash Yourself
      You, the player, can pick up any object while in build mode, including dirty
      dishes, trash, bills, and other things.  What does this mean to you?  Read
      Red Phoenix sent me this:
      "While in Build mode, you can move any object that's currently not in use.  
      You can get this ability to do lots of micro-management.  For instance, 
      before you can afford a maid, you can help your Sims with clean up.  Gather 
      all of the dishes and stack them next to the sink.  Or gather trash and place 
      it next to a trash can.  If you're really cheap and lazy, you can create a 
      garbage pit at the side of your house where you can throw your trash."
      If you do create a garbage pit, make it in a small enclosed space that has no
      doors.  You will be able to move things in and out, but no one, thankfully,
      will be able to go in there.
      Also, you could just DELETE the garbage (see section 11.1 Deleting Trash and
      Bills too! This trick DOESN'T work with Livin' Large installed) instead.
    4.7  The "Cluster" Method
      So, what is the "Cluster" Method?  My latest attempt at efficiency!  Here's
      the idea:  Keep a cluster of objects around the mailbox/trashcan.
      That's the jist of it, anyway.  Here's a more detailed explanation.  Build
      your house about 3 squares away from the sidewalk, with your door being close
      to the mailbox/trashcan.  Pave a little walkway from your door to the 
      sidewalk.  Now on one side of the walkway, place a cheap desk, facing the
      walkway.  When you get the mail, your Sim will place the Bills on this desk,
      instead of walking who knows how far.
      On the other side of the table place a standard phone.
      On the opposite side of the walkway place an Easel, a Mirror, and a chess set
      with a chair (or two).
      Now when you call another Sim over to your house, you have a few things that
      you can do while waiting for them to actually arrive!  So, call someone, then
      start working on your Charisma (using the Mirror), or play some Chess, or
        Tip:  If a Guest Sim arrives with an Object, such as candies, flowers, or
              whatnot, cancel AFTER they have given it to you, and your Sim looks
              for a place to put it (if you don't, it will possibly end up on your
              desk, candies likely end out in your kitchen), and your Sim will drop
              it there.  However, it's very close to your garbage can for easy
    4.8  "Quick Use" of Items (the Buy/Use/Return method)
      Some items in the game (Hot Tubs come to mind) are very expensive, and are
      used for one very specific thing.  Why not simply Buy it > Use it > Sell it
      back.  If done quickly enough, you can return the item for full price!
        Tip:  Only return cheap items if they haven't depreciated in value.
              Expensive items you may want to keep if they've depreciated, but
              that depends on how often you use it.  I'd still return the Hot Tub.
      I typically use this strategy with "Bachelor" Sims (Sims who live alone).
      Since I don't want their net worth to drop, I return items that they don't
      use often.  Why keep the net worth high?  So, when my Bachelor moves in/gets
      married somewhere else, he'll take all his money with him.
    5. Of Friends and Lovers
      Your Sims are going to need some friends in The Sims.  Not only to keep your
      Sims from going insane (Social being one of their 8 Needs), but also to
      advance in certain job fields you will need a certain number of friends.
      (for example, on the political career track, to become a Senator you need 14
      friends, and mayor requires 17!)
        Note:  Your Sim does not personally need to be a friend with someone, as 
               long as SOMEONE in your family is friends with them, that is enough.
               In other words you only need family friends, not personal friends.
      When you first move into your house, various people from the neighborhood 
      will come by and chat with you.  Make sure to greet them!  They might not 
      come back if you don't.  Once that new Sim is greeted then that person is 
      "known" and at any time, you can call them on the phone to get them to come 
      over. (unless they are working at that exact moment, but you can call them 
      before or after work)
        Note:  Yeah it sounds stupid but, the Sim you are calling also needs to
               have a phone for this to work.  I mention this because you might 
               want to create a large 8 person family, stick them on a vacant lot, 
               and befriend them.  If you want to do that, at least build one wall 
               with a phone attached to it!
      Once greeted, this neighbor Sim will start working to fulfill his or her
      needs, just as your current Sims do.  If there is food out, and they're 
      hungry they'll eat it (but they can't fix themselves any food, not even a 
      snack).  If they have to go to the bathroom, they'll go (but they can't 
      shower, or take a bath).  Mostly, however, what they want to do, is to 
        a. Socializing
           When you first start socializing with someone, keep it simple.  Just 
           talk.  As your relationship gets better (10+ or so... depends on the
           Sim), start complimenting them, and telling jokes.  Avoid doing anything
           else for awhile.  Also, if they try to do something too intimate to you,
           and your "rating" (click on the Relationship button to see the number
           rating of how much you like them.  By the way, they also have a number
           for you, and they may not be the same number...  You might love them, 
           and they might not care for you!) is not very high, you may want to 
           cancel their action.  So if you see "Be Hugged" by someone you just met,
           you may want to click it to get rid of it.
             Note:  Negative reactions to social interactions (eg. crying after 
                    being slapped) will increase the social Need, but decrease
                    relationships.  Seems that bad interaction may be better than
                    no interaction at all. (Winston Jen)
           As you get to know someone (40+) you want to start dancing, and hugging.
           Dancing is not considered sexual, and doing it is not coming on to them.
           And as you get even higher (70+) you may want to start flirting, and
           maybe even kissing!  This all depends on where you want this
           relationship to go.  Although you can be in love with EVERYONE in the 
           neighborhood (except children), you probably won't want to.  It makes 
           parties awkward if you are in love with everyone there.  Someone might 
           want to kiss you, and if you are in love with everyone in the room...
        Tip:  If you hear the "bad" music (meaning usually that something is going
              wrong, it sounds like a bad trumpet) and you just flirted with 
              someone (or kissed, hugged, or danced with them), then you probably 
              just flirted with someone's significant other!  Check your "queue" to 
              see if someone is going to slap you, and if so, click it to stop 
              them. (Pause the game, if that helps)
              So how do you come onto someone else's significant other?  Go into an
              empty room (if none are available, go outside), and Call Over that
              Sim that you like.  Then flirt away!
              By the way, it doesn't matter if you hug them (or kiss them...) or if
              they hug you, their significant other will still get mad.  Although
              maybe not at you...
        Tip:  (from Nick Yowler)  There's another exception to the rule about
              calling a Sim over to your house and nothing happens during their
              timeline.  If you can get them to join you in a game of chess (for
              example), and you get them to play long enough, then their logic
              points will eventually go up.  This also carries over to their house.
              So I suppose if you wanted you could call them over and enhance their
              skills without wasting time back at their place.
        b. Marriage and Moving In
           When you get someone higher up on the Relationship-O-Meter, you will get
           the option to ask them to marry (propose) or move in with you.  Whether
           they say yes is based on their mood, and their opinion of your Sim.
           Getting someone to marry/move in with you is simply a two stepped
           process.  First you must get them to love you.  This is built up
           gradually.  Start out with a friendship, then gradually work up to love.
           (Getting them in love with you is not necessary for Move Ins)  Once you
           believe that they love you enough, now you have to work on their Mood.
           Sims will only marry you if all their needs are being met, and are 
           therefore happy enough to marry.  As such, you will want to feed him or
           her, entertain them, and generally keep them comfortable and happy.
           Propose, and they're in!
           When a Guest Sim (anyone you call over) comes to your house, their Needs
           are usually in an atrocious state.  They are hungry, bored, and need to
           talk a LOT.  This counter will reset every time you invite the Sim over,
           so if you fail to get them to marry your Sim in one sitting, you will
           have to start all over the next day.
             Note:  If your Sim is turned down, the other Sim will give a reason,
                    such as "We don't talk enough." (which means, that their Social
                    Need needs work)  They give what they think is the thing that
                    would help their mood out the most, saying "We don't talk 
                    enough" tells you that you need to work on Social a lot, but
                    that might not be the only thing that they need, merely it is
                    the most pressing Need.
             Note:  Moving In is only between Same Sex couples, whether they are
                    lovers, or just roommates.
           Whenever someone is brought into the family through marriage or moving
           in, they not only bring any children they have with them, but if they
           are the only member of their family, they will sell their old house, and
           bring that money plus the cash they had on hand to their new family.
             Warning:  When someone joins the family, they can no longer be
                       considered a family friend!  Although they remain a close
                       personal friend (and possibly a lover) they are no longer
                       counted in the Family Friend count. (Although they ARE
                       counted as such in the Neighborhood, if you hold the mouse
                       over their house)
             Note:  So, you had someone marry you, and they were the last in their
                    family, and so sold the house.  Well the house is still in the
                    neighborhood, and furthermore, it is in EXACTLY the same
                    condition as it was when the person left it!  So if someone new
                    moves into it, they might find dirty dishes!
      All relationships wither over time, and as such, you need to constantly keep
      on socializing with your family friends to make sure that they STAY family
        Tip:  When working to maintain a relationship, you needn't work as hard at
              it as when you were building the relationship.  So call the Sim over,
              talk a bit, maybe give a hug or two, then once the Rating is back up,
              tell them to go home.  Then move onto the next Sim...
      Social Activities:
        Talking -- usually the most successful for simply improving the rating.
                   This one also happens, to a lesser degree, when two Sims are
                   doing the same thing, such as both watching TV or eating dinner.
        Compliment -- depending on how much they like you, and what type of person
                      they are, the Sim you compliment will likely be impressed by
                      this.  They might, however, take it the wrong way.  (best if
                      done over 10)
        Entertain -- adults juggle dice; kids play with yoyo.  Increases Fun and
                     Social.  Best for 30+ or so, but not quite good if the other 
                     party is not so playful (3-4 bars or less), especially around 
                     30 or so. (from broadstrong)
        Tickle -- an activity that increases Fun and Social, but only best for good 
                  friends (75 or more) and the other party should be quite playful.
                  (from broadstrong)
        Give Gift -- gives a nicely wrapped present.  Will only appear when
                     relationship reaches 40 or so.  Seems like the other party 
                     will ALWAYS accept.  (from broadstrong)
                     EvilDave2 points out that:  Sims that you have relationships 
                     with will NOT always accept gifts. In fact, in this 
                     relationship with my lady sim and Bella Goth, Bella ALWAYS 
                     took the gift and crushed it underfoot! Talk about paying 
                     someone to hate you! It affects relationships about -10 to -20 
                     points. Also, this is strange since my sim's personality was
                     compatible with Bella's.
        Joke -- depending on how playful the Sim is, and how much they like you,
                this will help your relationship.  Best if used over 10.  Also
                increases both of your Fun ratings
        Hug -- a better social activity, best between good friends, and lovers.  
               Can make the other Sim's lover(s) jealous, though.
        Back Rub -- increases the Sim's comfort level, and helps socialization.
                    Also will increase jealousy.
        Dance -- increases Fun rating, and makes others jealous.  Best if used only
                 between good friends (40+ or so).
          Note:  There are two ways of dancing with someone.  One is to click on
                 the Sim and select Dance, and the other is to wait for someone to
                 dance by the Radio, and then click on the radio and click Join.
                 The second one will help Fun, but won't help Social (but they're
                 less likely to turn it down!).
        Flirt -- for when you want the relationship to go further.  Use this on
                 friends to make them lovers.  Best if used over 80.  And you
                 guessed it, makes other Sims jealous!
        Kiss -- the ultimate sign of affection!  Also the most likely to get 
                someone slapped, if either of the kissing Sims is already attached.
        Others:  Brag, Tease, and Fight
          Joseph Peitler sent me this:
            I discovered another speaking action that a sim can use.  When a sim 
            starts flirting with sim mate 1 and is seen by sim mate 2 (that's when 
            you hear the trumpet sounds of the "Woody Woodpecker" theme), that sim 
            can over and "apologize" to sim mate 2 after the damage is done.  It 
            doesn't eliminate all the negative relationship points, but it does get 
            rid of sim mate 2's negative reactions, such as slap, shove, and fight.
          broadstrong sent me this:
            More Social Interactions - Joining Interactions
            This comes in one of three types - Watch TV (TV only), Listen (piano 
            only) or Join (everything else that allows Social Activity, except 
            playground and guinea pig).  Click on the Sim the active Sim wants to 
            join with, then choose this action.  Note that for the piano, if the 
            listener doesn't like the music, the relationship points drop!
            [Ed. Note:  The more Creatively Skilled your Sim is, the better he will
            play the piano, and the more likely the other Sim will enjoy their
      Note:  So, can Sims get into homosexual relations?  Yes, but only if you make
             them.  They won't seek it out on their own.  But it's just as easy to
             get 2 same sex people together as two of the opposite sex together.
      One final thing here.  What do you do when you want someone to Move OUT?  
      Well you could kill them (there ARE ways...), but if you're less bloodthirsty 
      than that, here's what you can try.  Load up another household somewhere, 
      with another family that you aren't too likely to play often, and who has 
      room for one more.  Call up the person that you are trying to get rid of (or 
      if they just moved into the neighborhood, wait for him or her to come 
      around).  Then socialize the Sim until you can get them to move in with you.  
      Now they've left your first Sim family and joined a new one.
        Note:  Sims may also pack up and leave if they get into a fight.  At which
               point they disappear forever.
    5.1  Befriending Mean Sims
      Just a quick note on how you should go about making friends with a mean Sim.
      The mean Sim tends to like to Taunt, Brag, and Insult the other Sims.  This
      makes them happy (and gives THEM a better opinion of YOUR Sim, but makes YOUR
      Sim hate them).  But it won't ever get them any friends, which is where you
      come in.
      In any social situation with a mean Sim, just keep an eye on your Sim's
      Queue to check for "Be teased", "Be insulted", etc.  Whenever any of these
      pop up, just cancel them.
        Tip:  Keep social interactions with Mean Sims simple (just Talking) until
              they start to like you.  Once they like you, they are far less likely
              to be mean to you.  So after your Sim is done talking, PAUSE, talk
              again, then UNPAUSE.  Allow no other interaction to take place.
        Tip:  Another way to avoid mean actions is to enter Group Interaction.  
              Have the Mean Sim eat dinner with your Sim, or watch TV.  This grows 
              their relationship slower, but safer.
    5.2  Carrying on Multiple Romances
      Your Sim(s) can fall in love with anyone and everyone.  Sims are rather easy
      about who they fall in love with, all they have to have is a pulse.
      However, things start to get really sticky when one Sim is having relations
      with multiple other Sims.  You know what I mean, Jealousy.  When a Sim sees
      her boyfriend kissing someone else, she tends to react badly.  She might slap
      someone, or stalk off, or even get into a fight.  You could completely lose
      someone's friendship this way.  They might even leave the game if provoked
      enough (via fighting that is).
      Yet the "romantic" actions are very common at the high levels of a 
      relationship.  You can't very well go without hugging a friend, can you?  In
      fact, as you get closer to 100 in relationship points, you start losing the
      basic things, such as Talking, Telling Jokes, and Compliment.  Which means,
      that the only way to maintain good relations, is to Hug, Kiss, and Flirt.
      But how to avoid that thorn of jealousy?
        - First off, never EVER do your socializing outside where everyone can see
          you.  This does not include areas that are hidden behind a fence.  Sims
          can tend to wander the neighborhood, and what if the husband of the girl
          you are kissing wanders by?
        - Second, if you are having many people over, and you THINK that 2 of them
          may already be romantically "linked", then go into an unoccupied room, 
          and do a CALL OVER to get the right Sim in that room.  Bedrooms work 
          great for this.  Once the Sim is alone with you... well...
        - Third, try to avoid falling in love with 2 people who are already in 
          love.  These love triangles are just begging for trouble.  Even if you 
          aren't caught in the act, you might catch THEM in the act which is just 
          as bad.
      With just a little careful planning, your Sim can pretty much have it all!
    5.2.1  The "Love Shack"
      My favorite new strategy, build yourself a "Love Shack" and make the entire
      neighborhood fall in love with you.  This is very similar to the Second
      strategy outlined above, but works a little better.  This is a quick 2-part
      1.)  Build yourself a small "guest house" out of the way.  Paint it, give it
           lighting, etc., but no USEABLE objects.  Nothing that would attract a
           Sim with Free Will to enter on her own.
      2.)  Call multiple people over to your house.  If you know several already
           have a relationship, or you have a romantic linking with multiple Sims,
           keep the initial actions romance-neutral.  Once the basic needs of the
           Sims are dealt with (Food, mostly), go out to your Shack, and call one
           of the Sims over.  Have Fun.  Get that Sim out of your Shack, call the
           next one over.
    5.3  Maintaining Relationships the Easy Way
      Every relationship your Sims have will naturally degrade by 2 points every
      day.  That means that no matter how in love with you they may be, they'll
      eventually fall out of it if you don't call them up for a visit.  Therefore
      before too long, they won't even be your Family Friend any more (although you
      will get a phone call reminding you to socialize with them before that 
      So, obviously your Sim has to keep working on his current friends to keep
      them as friends.  Now, you COULD just wait for that phone call to invite them 
      over, then wine, dine, dance, and kiss them; or you could call them over when 
      they are at about 70 relationship points.
      Once the Sim is over, talk to them once, compliment them once, then hug them
      until they hit 100, and then Ask them to Leave.  Once they're gone, find the
      next lowest relationship, and call that Sim over.  You can probably work on
      3 Sims a night, and 1 in the morning (call after 6:00 am, see 6.2.1 Early
      Morning Social Call).
        Note:  Maintaining a 70+ relationship is a lot easier than starting from 0
               and working your way up.  Therefore you need take less time doing 
               it.  And as such, I like to Ask them To Leave.  Why?  So you can 
               cleanly work on the next Sim.  You could just leave the first Sim 
               alone, but this works better without interference (see the last
        Note:  In Hot Date, I found that other Sims didn't like being repeatedly
               Hugged over and over.  I had to mix up the social interactions quite
               a bit more than usual.  Hug / Entertain (if Playful) / Kiss (if
               possible) / Hug / Compliment / etc.
    5.4  Sending your Sim Out of the House!
      So, you can't actually go to another Sim's house while playing as one Sim.
      But there is another way, you can simply go back to the Neighborhood screen
      (save first), and then play one of your neighbors, and have THEM call your
      first Sim.
      Red Phoenix sent me this:
      "You don't have to wait for your friends to come to you.  You can go to them.
      Go to your neighborhood selector and choose another house.  Then call up the
      Sim you are working on and invite him or her over.  Then, bombard the Sim
      with social options.  This works great with large families.  The Sim you've
      invited can interact with three or four other Sims and boost his relationship 
      rating.  An extra bonus to this technique is that it doesn't cost the Sim and 
      time or energy.  When you go back to the original Sim's house, no time will 
      have passed."
      Note:  You are NOT in control of your original Sim, you now control a 
             different family.  That means that you might not be able to even get 
             your first Sim to come over, and lord knows he might not get along 
             with these Sims.
      Hote Date and Vacation allow your Sim to get out of the house and head
      Downtown and on Vacation.  While there, you control ONLY the Sim that called
      for the Cab/Vacation.  If you invited someone with you, you do get an
      indicator icon above his/her head (Blue represents a Happy Sim, other colors
      are bad).
    5.5  Creating Friends the Old Fashioned Way  
      Some jobs require a LOT of friends.  In fact, if you are playing your first
      family of Sims, your neighborhood will be rather sparse, and you will need to
      start new Families just so your first one has a few people to talk with.
      Red Phoenix sent me this:
      "If your Sim is in dire need of new friends, create a large family of new 
      Sims and move them onto a lot.  You don't have to worry about completely 
      outfitting a new house, or building any house at all.  Just give them a 
      phone.  Without a phone, you can't call the new Sims and invite them over."
      What this amounts to is creating a Family specifically to be used by a Sim
      who you like more.  Fun!
        Tip:  When "Creating My Own Friends," I like to set their Personality such
              that they are easy to befriend.  Lots of Nice, Playful and Outgoing.
              No points in Neat (that's what Maids are for).
              Playful Sims are easy to Tickle, which is my favorite Sim-interaction
              once Hot Date is installed.  It is quick to pull off, and builds both
              short and long term good will.
    5.6  How to Befriend SimKids
      If you've ever tried befriending a Sim Kid, you may have noticed that as the
      night gets going, their parent will come and collect the kid.  This cuts the
      time short that you could use to befriend the kid. (you could just avoid this
      altogether by not HAVING any kids in the neighborhood, but where's the fun in
      Red Phoenix sent me this:
      "Having good relationships with neighborhood kids can be tough for the 
      working adult due to narrow window of social time between school hours and 
      the eight o'clock curfew.  But there's a way around this.  If a kid is 
      visiting and the kid's parent comes over to collect the kid, ignore the 
      parent.  Don't answer the door and keep the kid occupied.  Eventually, the 
      parent will go away and you keep the kid well past midnight."
    5.7  Sim Personalities and Compatibilities
      This section comes to us courtesy of Mike Fenton.
      Sims are described by a "zodiac" label that gives you an idea of their 
      SimFate.  Here's how they are numbered (in the tables below):
        1 "Aries"
        2 "Taurus"
        3 "Gemini"
        4 "Cancer"
        5 "Leo"
        6 "Virgo"
        7 "Libra"
        8 "Scorpio"
        9 "Sagittarius"
       10 "Capricorn"
       11 "Aquarius"
       12 "Pisces"
        Compatibility is a measure of how well Sims can socially interact. 
        Generally speaking, Sims that share similar traits tend to get along, as 
        long as they avoid competitive behaviors.
        Sims that have the exact same personality have similar interests, but 
        mutually-exclusive activities can cause problems. Sims who share too many 
        activities can crowd each other or become obstacles to each other.
        Sims that have exactly opposite personalities rarely share interests, so 
        their chances for interactions are minimal.
        Sims that are the most compatible tend to have the best ability to adapt 
        to give-and-take roles in their interactions.  For example, one tends to 
        prefer starting a conversation or leading a dance or telling a joke, and 
        the other prefers to be lead.
      Sims compatibility chart (++ most compatible, -- least compatible)
              1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9  10  11  12
        1         ++   ++   --             --
        2    ++             --        --   ++
        3    --                       ++                 --      ++
        4    --   ++   --                       ++
        5              --   ++                       ++  --
        6         --             --                  ++      ++
        7                   ++        ++        --               --
        8                        ++        --                --  ++
        9                                  --   --       ++      ++
        10         ++   --        --                          ++
        11                             --        --   ++  ++
        12    --        ++        --             ++
        Mutual compatibility or lack of compatibility is convenient in that it
        gives you an idea of how difficult a relationship is to maintain between 
        the Sims.  An Aries-Taurus relationship is easy, but a Taurus-Virgo 
        relationship is a bit of a challenge.
        Oppositely compatible is odd in that it gives you an ideal match one way
        that really stinks the other way.  For example, Aries is most compatible 
        with Gemini, but Gemini is least compatible with Aries.
        Mutually compatible:  Aries-Taurus, Gemini-Pisces, Scorpio-Pisces, 
        Mutually least compatible:  Aries-Cancer, Taurus-Virgo, Gemini-Capricorn,
        Leo-Capricorn, Libra-Scorpio, Scorpio-Aquarius.
        Oppositely compatible:  Aries-Gemini, Cancer-Taurus, Virgo-Aquarius.
      Default personality scores
        There are over 8,800 combinations of scores that total 25 points. These are 
        the scores that appear if you just click the name of the sign.
               Neat  Outgoing  Active  Playful  Nice
          1      5       8        6       3       3
          2      5       5        3       8       4
          3      4       7        8       3       3
          4      6       3        6       4       6
          5      4      10        4       4       3
          6      9       2        6       3       5
          7      2       8        2       6       7
          8      6       5        8       3       3
          9      2       3        9       7       4
          10     7       4        1       8       5
          11     4       4        4       7       6
          12     5       3        7       3       7
      Sorted in order of social relevance (Outgoing, Playful):
               Neat  Outgoing  Active  Playful  Nice
          5      4      10        4       4       3
          7      2       8        2       6       7
          1      5       8        6       3       3
          3      4       7        8       3       3
          2      5       5        3       8       4
          8      6       5        8       3       3
          10     7       4        1       8       5
          11     4       4        4       7       6
          9      2       3        9       7       4
          4      6       3        6       4       6
          12     5       3        7       3       7
          6      9       2        6       3       5
      Personalities high on this list are the most rewarding but the most 
    5.8  Getting the Desired Interaction
      Most of the time, your Sims will just want to Talk, even though that isn't 
      the best thing in terms of getting a better relationship going.  In fact, 
      most the time you want your Sims doing things such as Hug, Joke, or Kiss to 
      get a good relationship in the quickest amount of time.
      But often (especially when you first meet someone) you won't get the same
      choice two times in a row.  For example, you talk to someone, then joke, but
      then the only option you get is to Talk again.
      Well, Jon Mars has a little trick about this:
        "One of the tactics that I have employed to increase the efficiency of my
        Sims' interaction with other Sims has been to simply queue up a bunch of
        behaviours then delete the alternate behaviours so that they will only
        actually complete the ones I want them to. Example: Queue Talk, Joke, Talk,
        Joke, Talk, Joke... then go and cancel all the Talks... the end result is
        that my sim will just Joke all the time (or whatever behaviour I desire
        them to do). Generally I just do this on the fly, but pausing the game may
        be easier for others to implement. If done properly you can raise a
        relationship from 0-100 in half the time."
    6. Working (and Not)
      One Sim per household should definitely stay home.  Any others should then
      try to find a job.  To keep things interesting, I try to get each Sim on a
      different career track.  So one Sim may be on the Law Enforcement track, 
      while another takes the business track.
        Note:  The starting pay of each career track has nothing to do with the
               final pay.  The starting pay for the business track is low, but the
               final pay is high (§1200).  Politics starts out relatively well, but
               ends out somewhat low (§750).  A full list on these pays can be 
               found in the next section 6.1 Career Tracks below.
      I have already discussed the importance of why you leave someone home (to
      socialize with the neighbors, of course!), another good reason is that when
      you first start out, you really don't need the money that badly.  As long as
      all your needs are met, your expenses will be low.  You have a §40 per day
      bill on food (assuming you do a "serve breakfast" and "serve dinner") and
      likely around §200 to §300 in bills every 3 days.  Most jobs start out around
      §200 a day, and you should be able to get quickly promoted to around §300 or
      so before the bills come.  So money won't be crucial.
      Depending on the job you take, you'll need to increase your "stats".  Things
      such as Creativity, Body, Logic, etc. are needed to advance past the most
      entry level jobs.  And some jobs don't require some stats, researchers don't
      need to develop their body, and so forth.  To find out how much stat 
      increases you need to get the next promotion, click on the Jobs button.  The 
      first few skill points are relatively easy to get, a short time studying will 
      get you your first cooking point, for example.  But the later stat points may 
      take a LOT longer.
        Your Sim has 6 Skills that may need improving to get a job.  These are:
          Cooking -- Study Cooking at a bookshelf to improve.  Useful to prevent
                     kitchen catastrophes, and many jobs require at least 1 point
                     for the higher levels.
          Mechanical -- Study Mechanical on a bookshelf to improve.  Useful in that
                     now your own Sims can repair broken items rather than that
                     expensive repairman.  Most useful in the military and 
                     scientist career tracks.
          Logic --   Play Chess on a chess set, you can do this alone or with 
                     others to also improve your social skills.  Logic doesn't help
                     you out around the house, however.  Used in the scientist 
                     career track, although most career tracks require a little bit 
                     of logic.  With Livin' Large I prefer to get my Logic through
                     the Chemistry Set, after making the potion, you can drink your
          Charisma -- Practice a Speech in front of any available mirror.  No
                     practical use around the house.  Used in the Entertainment and
                     Political career tracks mostly, but again, most career paths 
                     need some Charisma.
          Body --    Work out on that exercise machine to improve.  You can also
                     try swimming, but this never worked for me.  Used in the
                     military and law enforcement tracks, but most require at least
                     one point here.  Also you can Swim in the pool for Body, but
                     it takes 4x as long in the pool as on the Machine.
          Creativity -- Play the Piano or Paint a Picture (which can then be sold,
                     starting out at a mere §5, but eventually going up to §166,
                     also at that point your Sim will actually LOSE Fun by 
                     painting!) to become more creative.
        Note:  When the Carpool arrives, your Sim will automatically add the "Go to
               Work" item to his or her queue of things to do.  However, in many
               cases, this Sim will not cancel what they are currently doing (at
               least until they "finish" doing it), so you may need to cancel that
               thing for them so they get to work on time.  You have until an hour
               after the Carpool shows up to get inside the car to get to work on
      There are 3 things need to get a promotion at work.  One, is to make sure you
      have all the right stats at the right levels; two, is to make sure that you
      have enough family friends; and lastly you have to be in a good Mood to get
      a promotion.  Happy Sims are productive Sims.  Again, everything you'll need
      to know about this can be found in the Jobs button.  It also has a 
      description of how well you are working (bad, average, good, excellent) which 
      is based on your Sims' mood.  Below that will be how many Family Friends you
      need (if it isn't there, then you have already met that requirement!), and to 
      the right are all the stats.
        Note:  You can sometimes miss one day of work, but missing two in a row is 
               a guaranteed firing.  You can miss alternating days of work, but you
               will miss out on a lot of money that way.  Also, the night shift
               tends to be more strict about missing shifts, and may fire you on 
               the first missed shift.
        Tip:  If you need a lot of friends for a promotion (the politics career
              track especially), then create an 8 person family, and wait for your
              Stay at home Sim to come over to socialize.  Get each of the 8 to
              talk to this Sim at least once, then go back to your original Sims.
              Now you have a lot of people that you can call up!
        a. Quitting
           So, that new career as a Scientist just isn't working out.  Or maybe, 
           you just want to try out something else.  Well there are several ways to 
           quit your job.  As we saw in the above note, you can just stop showing 
           up to work.  They'll get the hint.  Or you can just check the paper and 
           take the job from there (it will warn you that doing so will get rid of 
           your first job).
             Warning:  If two Sims are sharing a carpool, and one of them gets a
                       new job at a different time, then that carpool won't show up
                       for EITHER person!
           I would also assume that if you did your job very poorly, or got caught
           doing something really bad at work (see "Job Events" below), you may 
           also get fired.
           How you quit depends on your goal from it.  If you just want to stay at
           home and be lazy, then by all means, just skip work.  If you really are
           tired of your career path (maybe you'd rather be an actor), then just
           take that waiter job.
             Note:  Whenever taking a different job, you always start out at the
                    lowest rung on the ladder.  So don't just quit to see what the
                    other jobs are like.  That's very inefficient.
                    Although, if your Skills are high enough, jumping to a new
                    career may be quite profitable!  (see Section 6.3 Quitting for
                    Fun and Profit)
        b. Job Events
           Every once in awhile, a major event will happen to your Sim at his or 
           her job.  These events are quite random as to when they happen, and they 
           only happen once.  These are usually just little things like, "Taking a 
           Bribe" or "Scandal".  They will often give you a choice, which amounts 
           to doing the right or wrong thing, and if you do the wrong thing you can 
           get caught.
           Some other job events are less good vs. evil, such as the actor in the
           In any event, these Events have 2 outcomes, a good one (whatever it
           was succeeded perfectly) and the bad one (it failed miserably), and
           depending on the severity of the choice, you get rewarded or punished.
           Some punishments are rather severe (your family leaves you) or just
           annoying (a fine, or loss of stats).  But the rewards may be worth the
           There is another type of random job event, and that is the Job Swap,
           where you are fired from your Level 10 job and given a Level 6 (or so)
           Job in another Career.
           Mark H. Dove sent me this about it:
             Here it is. I reached the top of the career ladder with my guy, he
             became a General, and I was very satisfied about that result, then,
             once all of a sudden one day when he came back from work I got a 
             message about a random event that was about something like: "Military 
             downsizing:  You've been fired due to excess personnel in the base, 
             but because of your high ranking postion and your knowing of military
             strategies you easily find a job as a Swat Team Leader".  So my 
             military career (level 10) automatically changed (and I had no way to 
             choose if to accept it or not) to the Law Enforcement Career (Level 
             6).  It also happened to me other times from Level 10 Business Tycoon 
             to Level 6 Politcian, from Level 10 Law Enforcment to Level 6
             But remember it does happen JUST if you reached the top of the career
           This may actually end out good in the end, as some careers have much
           better final pay, which you can see in the Job Chart in the next 
    6.1 The Jobs Chart
      Note:  When I say "To Get Promoted" that is what you must work on to get to
             the next job level.  So in Politics at the Intern Level it says that
             you need "+2 Charisma", that is you need that much of that stat to
             get to the next level, Lobbyist.
        Career                         Hours               Wage   To Get Promoted
                   Campaign Worker    9:00 am - 6:00 pm    §220      --
                   Intern             9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §300    +2 Charisma
                   Lobbyist           9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §360    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   2 Family Friend
                   Campaign Manager   9:00 am - 6:00 pm    §430    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   4 Family Friend
                   City Council Mem.  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §485    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   6 Family Friend
                   State Assembly     9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §540    +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   9 Family Friend
                   Congressperson     9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §600    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   11 Family Friend
                   Judge              9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §650    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   14 Family Friend
                   Senator            9:00 am - 6:00 pm    §700    +3 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   17 Family Friend
                   Mayor              9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §750      --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 0
                                 Mechanical -- 0
                                 Charisma   -- 9
                                 Body       -- 5
                                 Logic      -- 7
                                 Creativity -- 5
                   Waitress           9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §100      --
                   Extra              9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §150    +2 Charisma
                   Bit Player         9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §200    +2 Body
                                                                   2 Family Friends
                   Stunt Double       9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §275    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   4 Family Friends
                   B-Movie Star       10:00 am - 5:00 pm   §375    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   6 Family Friends
                   Supporting Player  10:00 am - 6:00 pm   §500    +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   8 Family Friends
                   TV Star            10:00 am - 6:00 pm   §650    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   10 Family Friend
                   Feature Star       5:00 pm - 1:00 am    §900    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +3 Creativity
                                                                   12 Family Friend
                   Broadway Star      10:00 am - 5:00 pm   §1100   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +3 Creativity
                                                                   14 Family Friend
                   Superstar          10:00 am - 3:00 pm   §1400     --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 0
                                 Mechanical -- 2
                                 Charisma   -- 10
                                 Body       -- 8
                                 Logic      -- 0
                                 Creativity -- 10
        Law Enforcement:
                   Security Guard     12:00 am - 6:00 am   §240      --
                   Cadet              9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §320    +2 Body
                   Patrol Officer     5:00 pm - 1:00 am    §380    +2 Mechanical
                                                                   1 Family Friend
                   Desk Sergeant      9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §440    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Body
                                                                   2 Family Friends
                   Vice Squad         10:00 pm - 4:00 am   §490    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   4 Family Friends
                   Detective          9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §540    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   6 Family Friends
                   Lieutenant         9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §590    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   8 Family Friends
                   SWAT Team Leader   9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §625    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   10 Family Friend
                   Police Chief       9:00 am - 5:00 pm    §650    +2 Charisma
                                                                   +3 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   12 Family Friend
                   Captain Hero       10:00 am - 4:00 pm   §700      --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 1
                                 Mechanical -- 4
                                 Charisma   -- 6
                                 Body       -- 7
                                 Logic      -- 10
                                 Creativity -- 5
                   Mail Room          9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §120      --
                   Executive Asst.    9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §180    +2 Mechanical
                   Field Sales Rep.   9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §250    +2 Charisma
                                                                   1 Family Friend
                   Junior Executive   9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §320    +2 Logic
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                   Executive          9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §400    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   6 Family Friends
                   Senior Manager     9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §520    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   8 Family Friends
                   Vice President     9:00 am - 5:00 pm    §660    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   10 Family Friend
                   President          9:00 am - 5:00 pm    §800    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   12 Family Friend
                   CEO                9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §950    +2 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   14 Family Friend
                   Business Tycoon    9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §1200     --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 0
                                 Mechanical -- 2
                                 Charisma   -- 8
                                 Body       -- 2
                                 Logic      -- 9
                                 Creativity -- 6
        Life of Crime:
                   Pickpocket         9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §140      --
                   Bagman             11:00 pm - 7:00 am   §200    +2 Body
                   Bookie             12:00 pm - 7:00 pm   §275    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   2 Family Friends
                   Con Artist         9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §350    +2 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                   Getaway Driver     5:00 pm - 1:00 am    §425    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   4 Family Friends
                   Bank Robber        3:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §530    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +2 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   6 Family Friends
                   Cat Burglar        9:00 pm - 3:00 am    §640    +2 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   8 Family Friends
                   Counterfeiter      9:00 pm - 3:00 am    §760    +3 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   10 Family Friend
                   Smuggler           9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §900    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   12 Family Friend
                   Criminal           6:00 pm - 12:00 am   §1100     --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 2
                                 Mechanical -- 5
                                 Charisma   -- 7
                                 Body       -- 6
                                 Logic      -- 4
                                 Creativity -- 8
                   Medical Technician 9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §200      --
                   Paramedic          11:00 pm - 5:00 am   §275    +2 Mechanical
                   Nurse              9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §340    +2 Body
                                                                   2 Family Friends
                   Intern             9:00 am - 6:00 pm    §410    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                   Resident           9:00 pm - 4:00 am    §480    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   4 Family Friends
                   GP                 10:00 am - 6:00 pm   §550    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   5 Family Friends
                   Specialist         10:00 pm - 4:00 am   §625    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   7 Family Friends
                   Surgeon            10:00 pm - 4:00 am   §700    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   9 Family Friends
                   Medical Researcher 9:00 pm - 4:00 am    §775    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   11 Family Friend
                   Chief of Hospital  9:00 pm - 4:00 am    §850      --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 0
                                 Mechanical -- 6
                                 Charisma   -- 6
                                 Body       -- 7
                                 Logic      -- 9
                                 Creativity -- 4
                   Recruit            6:00 am - 12:00 pm   §250      --
                   Elite Forces       7:00 am - 1:00 pm    §325    +2 Body
                   Drill Instructor   8:00 am - 2:00 pm    §350    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                   Junior Officer     9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §450    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +2 Body
                   Counter-Intell.    9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §500    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   1 Family Friend
                   Flight Officer     9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §550    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                   Senior Officer     9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §580    +3 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   5 Family Friends
                   Commander          9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §600    +3 Mechanical
                                                                   +3 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   6 Family Friends
                   Astronaut          9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §625    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Body
                                                                   +3 Logic
                                                                   8 Family Friends
                   General            9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §650      --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 1
                                 Mechanical -- 10
                                 Charisma   -- 7
                                 Body       -- 10
                                 Logic      -- 9
                                 Creativity -- 0
        Pro Athlete:
                   Team Mascot        12:00 pm - 6:00 pm   §110      --
                   Minor Leaguer      9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §170    +2 Body
                   Rookie             9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §230    +3 Body
                                                                   1 Family Friend
                   Starter            9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §300    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                   All-Star           9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §385    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   5 Family Friends
                   MVP                9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §510    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   7 Family Friends
                   Superstar          9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §680    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   9 Family Friends
                   Assistant Coach    9:00 am - 2:00 pm    §850    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   11 Family Friend
                   Coach              9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §1000   +1 Cooking
                                                                   +3 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   13 Family Friend
                   Hall of Famer      9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §1300     --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 4
                                 Mechanical -- 2
                                 Charisma   -- 9
                                 Body       -- 10
                                 Logic      -- 0
                                 Creativity -- 3
                   Test Subject       9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §155      --
                   Lab Assistant      11:00 pm - 5:00 am   §230    +2 Logic
                   Field Researcher   9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §320    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   1 Family Friend
                   Science Teacher    9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §375    +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                   Project Leader     9:00 am - 5:00 pm    §450    +2 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   4 Family Friends
                   Inventor           10:00 am - 7:00 pm   §540    +2 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   5 Family Friends
                   Scholar            10:00 am - 3:00 pm   §640    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +2 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   7 Family Friends
                   Top Secret         10:00 am - 3:00 pm   §740    +1 Mechanical
                    Researcher                                     +2 Logic
                                                                   +3 Creativity
                                                                   8 Family Friends
                   Theorist           10:00 am - 2:00 pm   §870    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +3 Creativity
                                                                   10 Family Friend
                   Mad Scientist      10:00 am - 2:00 pm   §1000     --
                   Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 2
                                 Mechanical -- 8
                                 Charisma   -- 5
                                 Body       -- 0
                                 Logic      -- 10
                                 Creativity -- 10
                    Daredevil         9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §175      --
                    Bungee Jump Inst. 9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §250    +2 Body
                                                                   1 Family Friend
                    Whitewater Guide  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §325    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Body
                                                                   2 Family Friends
                    Xtreme Circuit    9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §400    +1 Cooking
                     Pro                                           +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   3 Family Friends
                    Bush Pilot        9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §475    +2 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Body
                                                                   4 Family Friends
                    Mountain Climber  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §550    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +2 Charisma
                                                                   +3 Creativity
                                                                   5 Family Friends
                    Photo-Journalist  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §650    +1 Mechanical
                                                                   +1 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +1 Creativity
                                                                   7 Family Friends
                    Treasure Hunter   10:00 am - 5:00 pm   §725    +2 Charisma
                                                                   +2 Logic
                                                                   +3 Creativity
                                                                   9 Family Friends
                    Grand Prix Driver 10:00 am - 4:00 pm   §825    +1 Cooking
                                                                   +3 Charisma
                                                                   +1 Body
                                                                   +1 Logic
                                                                   +2 Creativity
                                                                   11 Family Friend
                    International Spy 11:00 am - 5:00 pm   §925      --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 2
                                  Mechanical -- 6
                                  Charisma   -- 8
                                  Body       -- 8
                                  Logic      -- 6
                                  Creativity -- 9
    6.1.1  Livin' Large Careers (Livin' Large ONLY)
      This list isn't finished yet.  As it stands, only the Paranormal career is
      filled in.  All the others are started, but it will take some time to
      complete this chart.  When it is completed, I will also add the appropriate
      information to the next section (Alternate Job Charts) as well.
      Hacker Career:
                    Beta Tester       9:00 am - 5:00 pm    §120        --
                    Support Tech      8:00 am - 4:00 pm    §150     +2 Mechanical
                    Web Master        6:00 pm - 2:00 am    §200     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Logic
                    Hacker           12:00 am - 9:00 am    §240     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Security         10:00 am - 7:00 pm    §400     +4 Creativity
                     Consultant                                     3 Friends
                    Game Designer     2:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §610     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Internet         10:00 am - 8:00 pm    §800     +2 Charisma
                     Entrepreneur                                   +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Software CEO     10:00 am - 7:00 pm   §1100     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    8 Friends
                    Venture          11:00 am - 8:00 pm   §1300     +2 Mechanical
                     Capitalist                                     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    8 Friends
                    Information      11:00 am - 8:00 pm   §1550        --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  0
                                  Mechanical --  7
                                  Charisma   --  8
                                  Body       --  0
                                  Logic      -- 10
                                  Creativity -- 10
      Paranormal Career:
                    Psychic Friend    6:00 pm - 12:00 am   §100        --
                    Conspiracy       11:00 pm - 5:00 am    §130     +1 Charisma
                     Theorist                                       +2 Creativity
                    Tarot Card Reader 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §200     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Hypnotist        10:00 am - 4:00 pm    §300     +1 Logic
                                                                    3 Friends
                    Medium            8:00 pm - 2:00 am    §375     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Douser            6:00 am - 3:00 pm    §480     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Police Psychic    6:00 pm - 2:00 am    §600     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    10 Friends
                    UFO Investigator 11:00 pm - 6:00 am    §810     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    13 Friends
                    Exorcist         10:00 am - 3:00 pm   §1000     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    17 Friends
                    Cult Leader      10:00 am - 4:00 pm   §1200        --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  0
                                  Mechanical --  2
                                  Charisma   -- 10
                                  Body       --  2
                                  Logic      --  9
                                  Creativity --  7
                    Subway Musician   3:00 pm - 8:00 pm    § 90        --
                    Piano Tuner       9:00 am - 4:00 pm    §120     +2 Creativity
                    Wedding Singer    9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §190     +3 Creativity
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Lounge Singer     8:00 pm - 4:00 am    §250     +2 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                    High School Band  7:00 pm - 2:00 am    §320     +3 Mechanical
                     Teacher                                        +1 Creativity
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Roadie           11:00 am - 8:00 pm    §400     +4 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    8 Friends
                    Backup Musician  12:00 pm - 9:00 pm    §550     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    9 Friends
                    Studio Musician  11:00 am - 6:00 pm    §700     +5 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Body
                                                                    12 Friends
                    Rock Star         5:00 pm - 2:00 am   §1100     +3 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +4 Logic
                                                                    15 Friends
                    Celebrity        10:00 am - 3:00 pm   §1400        --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  0
                                  Mechanical --  5
                                  Charisma   -- 10
                                  Body       --  8
                                  Logic      --  4
                                  Creativity -- 10
                    Typesetter        4:00 am - 12:00 pm   §120        --
                    Game Reviewer    11:00 am -  6:00 pm   §200     +2 Creativity
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Tabloid Writer    9:00 am -  3:00 pm   §230     +2 Charisma
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Papparazzi        5:00 pm -  1:00 am   §340     +2 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Newspaper         3:00 am - 10:00 am   §420     +1 Charisma
                     Reporter                                       +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    4 Friends
                    Meteorologist     5:00 am -  1:00 pm   §510     +3 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    6 Friends
                    TV Reporter      12:00 pm -  8:00 pm   §660     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    9 Friends
                    Investigative    10:00 am -  5:00 pm   §850     +1 Charisma
                     Reporter                                       +3 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    11 Friends
                    National News    11:00 am -  8:00 pm   §975     +1 Charisma
                     Anchor                                         +3 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    14 Friends
                    Talk Show Host   11:00 am -  5:00 pm  §1200        --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  0
                                  Mechanical --  0
                                  Charisma   -- 10
                                  Body       --  5
                                  Logic      --  8
                                  Creativity --  8
                    Golf Caddy        5:00 am - 10:00 am   § 90        --
                    Convenience      10:00 pm -  3:00 am   §110     +2 Body
                     Store Clerk                                    1 Friend
                    Life Guard        9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §150     +2 Charisma
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Record Store     12:00 pm - 5:00 pm    §180     +2 Charisma
                     Clerk                                          4 Friends
                    Party D.J.       11:00 pm - 4:00 am    §220     +3 Mechanical
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Projectionist     6:00 pm - 1:00 am    §280     +2 Mechanical
                                                                    7 Friends
                    Video Editor     12:00 pm - 6:00 pm    §350     +3 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    10 Friends
                    Freelance        12:00 pm - 5:00 pm    §400     +1 Charisma
                     Photographer                                   +3 Body
                                                                    12 Friends
                    Personal Tour     2:00 pm - 7:00 pm    §450     +2 Charisma
                     Guide                                          +3 Body
                                                                    15 Friends
                    Professional     10:00 pm - 2:00 am    §600        --
                     Party Guest
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  0
                                  Mechanical --  5
                                  Charisma   -- 10
                                  Body       --  9
                                  Logic      --  0
                                  Creativity --  0
    6.1.2  Unleashed Career Opportunities
      Education Career:
                    Playground        7:00 am - 1:00 pm    §120        --
                    Substitute        7:00 am - 1:00 pm    §180     +1 Cooking
                     Teacher                                        +1 Creativity
                                                                    1 friend
                    Kindergarten      7:00 am - 1:00 pm    §190     +1 Charisma
                     Teacher                                        +1 Logic
                                                                    2 friends
                    Junior High       8:00 am - 3:00 pm    §210     +1 Charisma
                     Teacher                                        +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    2 Friends
                    High School       8:00 am - 3:00 pm    §290     +1 Charisma
                     Teacher                                        +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    3 Friends
                    Principal         8:00 am - 3:00 pm    §310     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    4 Friends
                    Assistant         9:00 am - 6:00 pm    §490     +2 Charisma
                     Professor                                      +2 Logic
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Tenured           9:00 am - 5:00 pm    §600     +1 Logic
                     Professor                                      +2 Creativity
                                                                    7 Friends
                    College Dean      9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §700     +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    9 Friends
                    Minister of      10:00 am - 5:00 pm    §900       --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  1
                                  Mechanical --  0
                                  Charisma   --  6
                                  Body       --  0
                                  Logic      -- 10
                                  Creativity -- 10
      Animal Care Career:
                    Dog Walker        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm    §100        --
                    Pet Groomer       9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §160     +1 Cooking
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Sheep Custodian   9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §185     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Aquarium         12:00 pm - 5:00 pm    §250     +1 Cooking
                     Technician                                     +1 Charisma
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Zoo Keeper        6:00 am - 12:00 pm   §345     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Dolphin Trainer  11:00 am - 4:00 pm    §435     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    4 Friends
                    Animal Acting     9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §560     +1 Cooking
                     Coach                                          +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    4 Friends
                    Alligator        11:00 pm - 6:00 am    §700     +1 Cooking
                     Relocator                                      +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Veterinarian      8:00 am - 3:00 pm    §780     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    8 Friends
                    Animal Magician   6:00 pm - 12:00 am  §1050       --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  4
                                  Mechanical --  5
                                  Charisma   --  9
                                  Body       --  6
                                  Logic      --  6
                                  Creativity --  5
      Culinary Career:
                    Dishwasher        6:00 am - 12:00 pm   § 90        --
                    Drive Thru Order  5:00 am - 10:00 am   §120     +2 Cooking
                    Fast Food Shift   9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §130     +1 Cooking
                     Manager                                        +2 Mechanical
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Sous Chef         9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §180     +3 Cooking
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    3 Friends
                    Head Chef         7:00 pm - 2:00 am    §220     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    3 Friends
                    Restaurant Critic 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §335     +2 Cooking
                                                                    +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Cook Book Author  3:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §580     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Restaurateur      9:00 am - 2:00 pm    §690     +2 Cooking
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    9 Friends
                    Celebrity Chef    3:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §760     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    11 Friends
                    Candy Bar Magnate 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §930        --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    -- 10
                                  Mechanical --  5
                                  Charisma   -- 10
                                  Body       --  0
                                  Logic      --  0
                                  Creativity --  6
      Fashion Career:
                    Department Store  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §130        --
                    Tailor            9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §190     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Makeup Artist     9:00 am -  3:00 pm   §210     +1 Cooking
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Painters Model   12:00 pm -  3:00 pm   §235     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    2 Friends
                    Fashion          11:00 am -  4:00 am   §450     +2 Charisma
                     Photographer                                   +2 Body
                                                                    +2 Creativity
                                                                    3 Friends
                    Tradeshow Model   5:00 pm -  1:00 am   §600     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    4 Friends
                    Runway Model      1:00 pm - 10:00 pm   §650     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Supermodel       11:00 am -  4:00 pm   §875     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Fashion Columnist 5:00 pm - 12:00 am  §1050     +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    7 Friends
                    Fashion Designer  4:00 pm - 11:00 pm  §1350       --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  1
                                  Mechanical --  1
                                  Charisma   -- 10
                                  Body       -- 10
                                  Logic      --  0
                                  Creativity --  8
      Circus Career:
                    Popcorn Vendor    4:00 pm - 11:00 pm   § 90        --
                    Ticket Taker      3:00 pm -  6:00 pm   §130     +1 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                    Midway Carnie     3:00 pm - 12:00 am   §140     +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    1 Friend
                    Sideshow Barker   3:00 pm - 10:00 pm   §180     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Body
                                                                    4 Friends
                    Clown             4:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §200     +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    5 Friends
                    Human Cannonball  9:00 am - 3:00 pm    §240     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    +3 Creativity
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Acrobat           4:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §500     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Mechanical
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                    6 Friends
                    Trapeze Artist    4:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §610     +1 Cooking
                                                                    +2 Charisma
                                                                    +1 Body
                                                                    +1 Logic
                                                                    7 Friends
                    Lion Tamer        4:00 pm - 11:00 pm   §775     +1 Charisma
                                                                    +2 Logic
                                                                    +1 Creativity
                                                                   8 Friends
                    Ringmaster      5:00 pm - 11:00 pm    §815        --
                    Final Stats:  Cooking    --  1
                                  Mechanical --  3
                                  Charisma   --  9
                                  Body       --  8
                                  Logic      --  5
                                  Creativity --  6
    6.1.3  Alternate Job Charts
      I realize that the above chart isn't the most user friendly of charts 
      (although it looks fine to me) and I realize that it does have an annoying
      flaw in it.  So here are some Different Styles of charts that contain roughly
      the same information.
      Most of these charts compare all the jobs, rather than show you all the
      information for a particular career path. (since that information can be 
      found in the previous section)
      The Money Chart Comparison:  (allows you to simply compare Pay of each job at
                                   each level, Sorted by Final Pay)
                                   a * indicates that this is a Livin' Large career
                                   a + indicates that this is an Unleashed career
                                             Career Level
        Career      |    1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9      10
        ----------- |  ------------------------------------------------------------
        *Hacker     |  §120  §150  §200  §240  §400  §610  §800 §1100  §1300  §1550
        Entertainer |  §100  §150  §200  §275  §375  §500  §650  §900  §1100  §1400
        *Musician   |   §90  §120  §190  §250  §320  §400  §550  §700  §1000  §1400
        +Fashion    |  §130  §190  §210  §235  §450  §600  §650  §875  §1050  §1350
        Athlete     |  §110  §170  §230  §300  §385  §510  §680  §850  §1000  §1300
        Business    |  §120  §180  §250  §320  §400  §520  §660  §800   §950  §1200
        *Journalist |  §120  §200  §230  §340  §420  §510  §660  §850   §975  §1200
        *Paranormal |  §100  §130  §200  §300  §375  §480  §600  §810  §1000  §1200
        Crime       |  §140  §200  §275  §350  §425  §530  §640  §760   §900  §1100
        +Animal Care|  §100  §160  §185  §250  §345  §435  §560  §700   §780  §1050
        Science     |  §155  §230  §320  §375  §450  §540  §640  §740   §870  §1000
        +Culinary   |   §90  §120  §130  §180  §220  §335  §580  §690   §760   §930
        XTreme      |  §175  §250  §325  §400  §475  §550  §650  §725   §825   §925
        +Education  |  §120  §180  §190  §210  §290  §310  §490  §600   §700   §900
        Medicine    |  §200  §275  §340  §410  §480  §550  §640  §700   §775   §850
        +Circus     |   §90  §130  §140  §180  §200  §240  §500  §610   §775   §815
        Politics    |  §220  §300  §360  §430  §485  §540  §600  §650   §700   §750
        Law Enf.    |  §240  §320  §380  §440  §490  §540  §590  §625   §650   §700
        Military    |  §250  §325  §350  §450  §500  §550  §580  §600   §625   §650
        *Slacker    |   §90  §120  §150  §180  §220  §280  §350  §400   §450   §600
      Hours Worked Per Day Chart Comparison: (shows the number of hours that your
                                             Sim will work at each level per day,
                                             sorted from lowest final to highest)
                                              Career Level
         Career      |    1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10
         ----------- |  -----------------------------------------------------------
         Science     |    6     6     6     7     8     9     5     5     4      4
         *Slacker    |    7     5     6     5     5     7     6     5     5      4
         Entertainer |    6     6     6     7     7     8     8     8     7      5
         *Musician   |    5     7     6     8     7     9     9     7     9      5
         +Animal Care|    2     6     6     5     6     5     6     7     7      6
         *Paranormal |    6     6     6     6     6     9     8     7     5      6
         Athlete     |    6     6     6     6     6     6     7     5     6      6
         *Journalist |    8     7     6     8     7     8     8     7     9      6
         Business    |    6     7     7     7     7     7     8     8     7      6
         Crime       |    6     8     7     6     8     8     6     6     6      6
         XTreme      |    6     6     6     7     6     6     6     7     6      6
         Politics    |    9     6     6     9     6     7     6     6     9      6
         Law Enf.    |    6     6     8     6     6     6     6     6     8      6
         +Circus     |    7     3     9     7     7     6     7     7     7      6
         Military    |    6     6     6     6     6     6     6     6     6      6
         +Culinary   |    6     5     6     6     6     8     8     5     8      7
         Medicine    |    6     6     6     9     7     8     6     6     7      7
         +Fashion    |    6     6     6     3     5     8     9     5     7      7
         +Education  |    6     6     6     7     7     7     9     8     6      7
         *Hacker     |    8     8     8     9     9     9    10     9     9      9
      Hourly Wage:  (this is for the 10th level only!  Sorted from best hourly wage
                    to the lowest hourly wage)
         Career      |     Final Wage          Final Hours       Final Hourly Wage
         ----------- |  -----------------------------------------------------------
         Entertainer |       §1400                 5                 §280 / hr.
         *Musician   |       §1400                 5                 §280 / hr.
         Science     |       §1000                 4                 §250 / hr.
         Athlete     |       §1300                 6                 §217 / hr.
         *Paranormal |       §1200                 6                 §200 / hr.
         Business    |       §1200                 6                 §200 / hr.
         *Journalist |       §1200                 6                 §200 / hr.
         +Fashion    |       §1350                 7                 §193 / hr.
         Crime       |       §1100                 6                 §183 / hr.
         +Animal Care|       §1050                 6                 §175 / hr.
         *Hacker     |       §1550                 9                 §172 / hr.
         XTreme      |        §925                 6                 §154 / hr.
         *Slacker    |        §600                 4                 §150 / hr.
         +Circus     |        §815                 6                 §136 / hr.
         +Culinary   |        §930                 7                 §133 / hr.
         +Education  |        §900                 7                 §129 / hr.
         Politics    |        §750                 6                 §125 / hr.
         Medicine    |        §850                 7                 §121 / hr.
         Law Enf.    |        §700                 6                 §117 / hr.
         Military    |        §650                 6                 §108 / hr.
         Note:  This is just another way of deciding which job ends out being the
                best.  You can see that Science and Entertainer are incredibly
                good, Science being only 4 hours a day (from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm) 
                and Entertainer bringing in the most total money.
      Final Stats:  (this is for the 10th level only!  Sorted from the Career that
                    requires the least stats, to the one with the most)
         Career      | Cook   Mech   Char   Body   Logic   Create   Friend   Totals
         +Education  |    1      0      6      0      10      10        9   =   36
         +Fashion    |    1      1     10     10       0       8        7   =   37
         *Slacker    |    0      5     10      9       0       0       15   =   39
         +Circus     |    1      3      9      8       5       6        8   =   40
         Athlete     |    4      2      9     10       0       3       13   =   41
         Business    |    0      2      8      2       9       6       14   =   41
         +Culinary   |   10      5     10      0       0       6       11   =   42
         *Hacker     |    0      7      8      0      10      10        8   =   43
         Politics    |    0      0      9      5       7       5       17   =   43
         +Animal Care|    4      5      9      6       6       5        8   =   43
         Medicine    |    0      6      6      7       9       4       11   =   43
         Crime       |    2      5      7      6       4       8       12   =   44
         Entertainer |    0      2     10      8       0      10       14   =   44
         Law Enf.    |    1      4      6      7      10       5       12   =   45
         Military    |    1     10      7     10       9       0        8   =   45
         Science     |    2      8      5      0      10      10       10   =   45
         *Journalist |    0      0     10      5       8       8       14   =   45
         *Paranormal |    0      2     10      2       9       7       17   =   49
         XTreme      |    2      6      8      8       6       9       11   =   50
         *Musician   |    0      5     10      8       4      10       15   =   52
         Note:  The lower the total here, the better, as that means that it takes
                less time to get to the 10th level in that Career.
      Marcel VanDalfsen has a few charts of his own:
        When I was looking through the alternate job charts (sec 6.1.2),
        specifically at the final skills chart, I realized another way of
        sorting the data.  ->  the amount of time to build those skills.
        This does not depend linearly on the skill levels! (eg. it is
        quicker to build four skills to lvl 3, than to build two skills
        to lvl 5).
        The amount of time it takes to build any particular skill is:
            T = 0.5*(n)*(n+1)     [with T in sim-hours]
        that is:
             skill  time       skill  time      skill  time
               0      0          4     10         8     36
               1      1          5     15         9     45
               2      3          6     21        10     55
               3      6          7     28
        These numbers of course don't take into account trait/skill
        accelerators (eg. outgoing -> charisma)
        So, if the level 10 careers are then sorted by this category
        (excluding friends category of course) in order of # of sims-hours
        to build those skills:
          Politics     :  103
          Business     :  108
          Crime        :  113
          *Slacker     :  115
          Athlete      :  119
          +Circus      :  124
          Medicine     :  125
          +Animal Care :  127
          Law Enf.     :  130
          +Education   :  132
          *Paranormal  :  134
          *Journalist  :  142
          +Culinary    :  146
          +Fashion     :  148
          Entertain.   :  149
          Xtreme       :  162
          Science      :  164
          *Musician    :  171
          *Hacker      :  174
          Military     :  184
    6.2  Abusing the Carpool
      If you have an alarm, it will go off 2 hours before the Carpool is going to
      arrives to pick you up.  The carpool itself arrives an hour before your shift
      at work is actually set to begin.  This is a fact that we can abuse!
      You don't need to get into the carpool until it is just about ready to leave.
      In fact, if you are even on your way just before your shift begins, the 
      carpool will wait for you!  So, if you get into the carpool the second it
      arrives, you are essentially losing ONE WHOLE HOUR of time that you could
      be spending doing something constructive, like eating, or playing chess to
      get that last logic point for that promotion.
      In other words, don't leave for work until the last possible moment!
      This gives you essentially 3 hours between when the alarm gets you up, and
      when you get to work.  It also makes my earlier idea of not using an alarm
      clock a little more realistic.  Even if you get up a little late, you'll 
      still have time to use the toilet, shower, and probably eat as well.  Then 
      spend the rest of the time fulfilling other needs (such as Fun and Comfort by
      watching TV) or by building Skills.  Or do both and play Chess.
      GamemaniaX sent me this:
        I think this bug is similar to the carpool bug written in your faqs. I got 
        2 sims.  SimA got an 9:00 AM carpool and SimB  got an 10:00 AM carpool. I 
        was busy working on SimA with his hunger and bath. When I finished all 
        that, I realized  that SimA is already late  for work (10:03)! The funny 
        thing is, the car still didn't move a bit! Probably the 10:00 AM
        carpool is "stacking" into the 9:00 AM carpool. Stragely enough, I put SimA 
        into the car.  It works!  Yet the car still isn't moving. I began working
        on SimB and put her into the car to work. And, finally the car take both
        Sims to work! This is excellent considering that SimA now got an extra 1 
        hour to fiddle with before going to work!
        "The side effects I noticed from this bug is that it effects your Sims work 
        performace. Even though I got level 4 mood, the game still stated that I 
        only got an average performace for my work. Probably because the game
        thought that the Sims didn't go to work since he already missed the
        carpool. Also, I didn't got promoted even I have fulfilled all necessary 
        requirements for promotion. HOWEVER, this can be  neutralized if 
        you take your "late" Sims to work ON TIME the next following day."
      broadstrong had this to add:
        Note:  When the "stacking of carpools" occurs, the carpool for the later 
               time (10AM) will not come, maybe because the earlier (9AM) carpool 
               had not left!  So the player MUST direct the Sims (in the later 
               carpool) to work.  However, for this stacking to work, at least one
               person for the earlier carpool must get in before the time is up.
    6.2.1  Early Morning Social Call (while Abusing the Carpool no less!)
      Some of the other Sims have jobs, just like your current Sims do.  You
      probably know what these jobs are, as you probably gave them to these other
      Sims.  Well, during the day they are probably at work, so if you were to call
      them, you would get the Machine telling you that they are at work.  The usual
      solution to this problem is to simply call them after they get off work.
      But another idea is to call them as soon as you get up.
      The brilliance of this idea is even more evident when playing as a bachelor.
      Your Sim gets up in the morning, goes to work, then has a little bit of time
      to socialize, gain skills, and keep up with his own needs.  Well, what we CAN
      do is to help him out by starting socializing in the morning.  He gets up,
      calls someone, then continues getting ready.  He Greets the guest Sim, then
      Serves Breakfast.  While they are both eating, then both socialize.  After
      eating your Sim could watch TV with the other Sim, or maybe they could just
      Since we have about 3 hours to work with (due to the last strategy, Abuse the
      Carpool), your Sim have plenty of time to improve his relationships!
      broadstrong had this idea:
        My Sim has a 8 AM carpool.  On one day, the family invited a guest (whom I 
        know has a 9 AM carpool) over.  Well he was at the doorstep before 9 AM.  
        Now the funny thing --  The time was already 9.03AM, but the 8 AM carpool 
        is still there!  Probably it "noticed" the guest with the 9 AM carpool and
        "decided" to wait for him to get in.  With this trick, my Sim has one more 
        hour to catch the carpool!  This is another reason to invite guests over 
        early in the morning.
    6.3  Quitting for Fun and Profit
      Here's a neat little idea to try if you are sick of your job.  Assuming that
      you have fairly high skills, your Sim would find it pretty easy to jump up a
      new career ladder, right?  And at each promotion level your Sim is given a
      Promotion Bonus which is equal to 2x the time of the salary that they are
      being promoted to.  That is key.
      So say, your Sim, Bob, is a Superstar in the Entertainment track.  There is 
      no hope for him to ever get promoted since he is at the Apex of his career.
      Well why not start over?  Since Bob already has a lot of stats from getting 
      this high in the first place, he will JUMP rather quickly up several other
      career ladders!
      Ideally if you could get him back into Entertainment, he would rise very 
      And at every single promotion you get your Promotion Bonus.  And if you chose
      a new Career wisely (similar stats), you could get promoted EVERY DAY.  Quite
      the bonus!
    6.3.1  Job Hopping Analysis
    This entire section is from Andrew Harms.
      After reading the bit in your FAQ about "job hopping", I decided to find out
      exactly how much you benefit from it. (as well as some other misc. stats)
      I created a spreadsheet and got data for going from lvl 1-8 and 1-10, as
      well as allowing you to specify how often you get promoted.
      How often you can get promoted turns out to be the most important factor. In
      the Military track, if you get promoted every day, you more than triple your
      earnings if you go all the way to lvl 10. ( for a daily avg of 1952.00 ) If
      you only get promoted every other day, the benefits are significantly less.
      The most realistic timeframe is probably 2 promotions every 3 days.
      Given the 2/3 promotion rate:
      Military benefits the most (not quite double), and Entertainment actually
      loses 80 per day. (for lvl 10)
      For the most part, the higher the lvl 10 pay is, the less you gain.
      These charts show the number of friends required for lvl 8 and 10 of each
      career, the average daily pay for lvl 8 and 10, and the benefit recived for
      restarting the career as opposed to just staying at lvl 8 or lvl 10. The
      second column in the daily average shows how much you earn per friend that
      you must maintain.
    1 day avg pay
     ( 3(sum of lvl 1-Y pay) + ((sum of lvl 1-Y pay)/Y)(((days for promotion)-1)*Y)
                                  Y*(days for promotion)
    promoted 1 out of 2 days                                              Career
                     # friends     1 day avg 8       1 day avg 10        Benefit
                lvl 8  lvl 10    pay   /friend     pay    /friend   lvl 8   lvl 10
    Entertainer   10     14     787.50   78.75    1130.00   80.71  -112.50 -270.00
    Athlete        9     13     808.75   89.86    1107.00   85.15   -41.25 -193.00
    Business      10     14     812.50   81.25    1080.00   77.14    12.50 -120.00
    Crime          8     12     830.00  103.75    1064.00   88.67    70.00  -36.00
    Science        7     10     862.50  123.21    1064.00  106.40   122.50   64.00
    Xtreme         7     11     887.50  126.79    1060.00   96.36   162.50  135.00
    Medicine       7     11     898.75  128.39    1044.00   94.91   198.75  194.00
    Politics      11     17     896.25   81.48    1007.00   59.24   246.25  257.00
    Law Enf.       8     12     906.25  113.28     995.00   82.92   281.25  295.00
    Military       0      8     901.25  901.25     976.00  122.00   301.25  326.00
    promoted 2 out of 3 days                                              Career
                     # friends     1 day avg 8       1 day avg 10        Benefit
                lvl 8  lvl 10    pay    /friend    pay    /friend    lvl 8  lvl 10
    Entertainer   10      14    918.75   91.88    1318.33   94.17    18.75  -81.67
    Athlete        9      13    943.54  104.84    1291.50   99.35    93.54   -8.50
    Business      10      14    947.92   94.79    1260.00   90.00   147.92   60.00
    Crime          8      12    968.33  121.04    1241.33  103.44   208.33  141.33
    Science        7      10   1006.25  143.75    1241.33  124.13   266.25  241.33
    Xtreme         7      11   1035.42  147.92    1236.67  112.42   310.42  311.67
    Medicine       7      11   1048.54  149.79    1218.00  110.73   348.54  368.00
    Politics      11      17   1045.63   95.06    1174.83   69.11   395.63  424.83
    Law Enf.       8      12   1057.29  132.16    1160.83   96.74   432.29  460.83
    Military       0       8   1051.46 1051.46    1138.67  142.33   451.46  488.67
    Some other stuff:
      here's a chart of how much you earn per friend you have to maintain.
                       lvl 10 pay    pay/friend
        Entertainer        1,400       100.00
        Athlete            1,300       100.00
        Science            1,000       100.00
        Crime              1,100        91.67
        Business           1,200        85.71
        Xtreme               925        84.09
        Military             650        81.25
        Medicine             850        77.27
        Law Enf.             700        58.33
        Politics             750        44.12
    Unrelated stuff: I've noticed that people with high Active stats walk faster
    than those that are less Active.
    6.4  Job "Shifts"
      This section is from RD Saunders and Joseph Peitler (Livin' Large jobs)
      I found that after reaching the top position of each career choice you are 
      able to be transfered to a new career (most of the time to a 5,6,7 ranked 
      job). I found it is possible to go in circles and end up in the same job 
      again with all the bonuses and going therough all the careers.
      I made this to show the circle or careers. It shows the starting job and 
      career and why your sims changes (the reason or excuse given) and the new job 
      and career of your sim.
        - Medicine    Chief of Hospital   -> (your advanced medical knowledge) 
                      ->    Inventor, Science
        - Science     Mad Scientist       -> (you drink a magic potion)
                      ->    Criminal Mastermind, Crime
        - Crime       Criminal Mastermind -> (want to become a clean businessman)
                      ->    Executive, Business
        - Business    Business Tycoon     -> (your burnt out at the top)
                      ->    All Star, Athlete
        - Athlete     Hall of Famer       -> (you've finished with your career)
                      ->    Mountain Climber, XTreme
        - XTreme      International Spy   -> (your intelligence)
                      ->    Counter-Intelligence, Military
        - Military    General             -> (military downsising)
                      ->    SWAT Team Leader, Law Enforcement
        - Law Enf.    Captain Hero        -> (you start to captain hero TV show)
                      ->    TV star, Entertainer
        - Entertainer Superstar           -> (want to do something with your fame)
                      ->    Congressperson, Politics
        - Politics    Mayor               -> (a scandal forces you to resign)
                      ->    Intern, Medicene
        - Musician    Celebrity Activist  -> Getting in touch with your inner self
                      -> Medium, Paranormal
        - Hacker      Information Overload-> Your infomation is inaccurate
                      -> Newspaper Reporter, Journalism
        - Journalism  Talk show host      -> Need to "stop and smell the Roses" 
                      -> Freelance Photographer, Slacker
        - Paranormal  Cult Leader         -> Want a jobs with less exposure.  
                      -> Jr. Executive, Business
    7. Running an Efficient Household
      The most difficult aspect of the Sims is managing all your Sim's time.  Since
      each Sim has only 24 hours in the day, 8 major needs, promotions, 
      socializing, and whatnot, you have to be fairly efficient in how you do 
      things.  It should be noted that the Sims themselves are not especially 
      efficient in how they decide to do things.  A Sim who has a nearly Red 
      bladder Need, may sit down to read a book, when his Fun need is still mostly 
      Generally you want to fulfill your Sims' needs on a Need basis.  Whichever 
      they need most, you have them do first.  There are, of course, many 
      For example, you should use the toilet after eating, not before.  You should
      shower after using the toilet.
      Anyway, since I advised you to create two Sims, I'll do a rundown of how
      their first few mornings should go:  
        I'll call the two Sims, Worker, and Homer.  When you first appear at your
        house, you'll already have a Newspaper, and another one will be coming 
        along at 9:00 AM.  Have Worker look for a job, and if you want to, take it.
        If it is still before 8:00 AM, the car pool will be picking Worker up at
        that time (assuming you didn't take a night job).  Send Worker off to work.
        Now Homer will be home alone.  Have him Study up on Cooking so that he can
        fix a feast when Worker comes home.  One or two points here is all you need
        (although you should keep at this until you have all the points!).  Now
        your neighbors are going to start dropping by.  Cancel the Cooking Lessons,
        and go out to greet them.  Once greeted, the neighbor becomes a Guest in
        your house, and will eat food if you have already prepared it, watch your
        TV (if it's already on), etc.  This neighbor should be very chatty, so just
        let your Sims talk for a bit.  At this point, it is more important to greet
        new Sims, than to work up relationships with Sims already there, so if
        someone new comes to the door, go greet them.
          Note:  If you have two or more Sims around when other Sims come to the
                 door, make sure that ALL of your Sims have talked to the new Sim
                 at least once.  This is most important if you ever take control
                 of the other Sims' house, and need to get him some friends.
        In the early days of your neighborhood, there won't be that many people for
        you to socialize with, so you will have to start new families soon.
        Worker comes home, and watches TV to get his fun rating up.  While he is
        doing that, Homer Serves Dinner (always do Serve Dinner!  It costs only 2x
        as much as "Have Dinner" and feeds 6!), and then the two sit around the
        table eating and chatting.  Also any guests in the house will eat with you,
        and Socialize as well.
          Note:  Although they are talking here, their relationships only improve 
                 by a mere point or two.
        After dinner, Worker goes to improve some Stat to help get promoted, while
        Homer talks to the Guest Sims.  Before going to sleep, both Sims go to the
        The next morning, Homer gets up at 5:00 AM to Serve Breakfast.  Worker 
        stays in bed until his Energy rating is all the way back up, and as soon as 
        it is he jumps out of bed, and goes to take a shower, eat breakfast, and
        maybe watch some TV before the Carpool arrives.
          Note:  The 5:00 AM breakfast gives your stay at home Sim plenty of time 
                 to prepare the breakfast so that it is ready for the other Sim(s) 
                 when they get up.  Since the first Sim isn't going to work, he 
                 doesn't need to worry about lack of energy.  What I did usually is 
                 let the game run on fast mode (speed level 3) until 5 AM, then I 
                 paused it (press either 'p' or the key left of the 1 button), 
                 clicked on the Sleep icon to cancel it (top left corner), and 
                 click on the Fridge and Serve Breakfast.  I wake up most Sims like 
                 this.  Pause, then order them to do something, then unpause for 
                 them to do it.
                 Of course, if you simply give a sleeping Sim something to do,
                 then they'll wake up automatically and do it (as soon as they
                 feel "rested" of course).
        Once Worker is at work, Homer takes a shower, goes to the bathroom, and
        fulfills his needs.  Once that's done he picks up that Cooking book and 
        works on that for awhile, hoping that some new neighbors might drop by.  If
        they don't, he picks up the phone and calls the Sim who is close to 
        becoming a Family Friend.  That Sim comes over (or blows you off with an 
        excuse), the two chat for a bit, and the Guest Sim smelling food, goes over 
        and eats some breakfast.  Homer joins him.
          Note:  Since Homer got up early, he might need a nap.  Usually I would 
                 wait for my working Sims to get home before sending my Stay At
                 Home to sleep, then I would get that Sim up in time to fix dinner 
                 and Socialize some more with the neighbors.
        They continue socializing until you get a new Family Friend.  At this 
        point, keep going until the relationship is at 100.  At some point here, 
        Homer is going to need to clean up the table, and get rid of what remains 
        of the breakfast (it has undoubtedly spoiled by now).
        Worker comes home and studies some more for a promotion.  Homer takes a
        small nap, and gets up to make dinner.  The two Sims (three if you still
        have a guest) eat and talk.  After dinner everyone watches TV and talks.
        Finally everyone goes to sleep.
      That was just a sample of how to run things efficiently.  It featured a
      staggered approach to getting ready in the mornings, one Sim got up at 5, the
      other a little later.  The first Sim made breakfast, while the other did some
      things in the bathroom.  This is also how you do things when you get more 
      Sims (although you will probably need to build a second bathroom).
      Remember, you aren't just fulfilling Needs, you're also advancing these Sims
      in their lives.  Work on Stats for promotion, have them practice speeches in
      front of the bathroom mirror, or play chess to work on their logic. (chess is
      also Fun)  Bear in mind that Sims will work on their Stats forever if you let
      them, so keep an eye on their Needs, and cut short their Statbuilding if they
      need to go to the bathroom or something.
      Also keep in mind that you CAN hire Maids, Gardeners, and even call for a
      Pizza if you want to.  These services cost you a little (Maids are §10 an
      hour), but they can help out if you are getting overwhelmed.
    7.1  Working the Pause
      Part of running an efficient household is to know when to pause the game.  If
      you were to watch me playing The Sims, you would see that I pause the game a
      lot.  And unless you're playing just one Sim, you are going to need to pause
      quite a bit.
      Here are the basics of when to pause and how often to pause your game.
      - Pause Whenever you need to decide what your Sims are going to do.
        This is fairly simple.  While you are thinking of what your Sims should be
        doing, you should pause the game.  Once paused, you can look around at all
        their various stats, moods, and whatnot, and decide what would be the best
        thing for them to do right then.  Ex.  Your Sim comes home from work, you
        pause it to think of what he should do first.
        Note:  Don't just give your Sim ONE thing to do, give him several.  He will
               then simply go from one activity to another.  For example, have him
               use the toilet, then take a shower, then serve dinner.
      - Pause in Social Interactions
        There are two really good times to do this.  The first is when you are just
        starting out with another Sim to avoid them doing something that your Sim
        won't like (such as them trying to Hug you, and your Sim rejecting them,
        that will drop your relationship, so you need to cancel it).  So, I will
        simply pause after they finish what they are doing, then have them do 
        something SAFE (such as talk).  The other time this comes in handy is when
        you are carrying on an affair, you will want to pause to make sure they
        don't kiss you while the wife is around.
      This all has to do with TIME EFFICIENCY.  Since your Sims never seem to have
      enough hours in the day to do everything they need to do, those precious
      moments they lose while you are deciding what they should do are costly.
    8. Expanding the House
      Well your Sims are doing quite well, you have gotten some promotions, you 
      have a bit of money now, and you want to spruce up your house.  Who can blame
      you?  The first thing you should probably do is to replace your 
      Not-Top-Of-The-Line kitchen appliances with better ones.  Get rid of the 
      cheap Fridge and Range for more expensive versions.  These help satisfy your 
      Sims hunger better.  Generally you will want to replace your cheap crap with 
      expensive stuff.  Don't go overboard and spend all your money at once (you 
      might have to pay bills, or something).
      If you succeed in getting someone to Move In or Marry you, then you have to
      find a place for them to sleep, which may mean expanding the entire house (or
      could just mean replacing a Spartan Bed with a Two Person Bed).  But as the
      game goes on, you definitely need to expand the house.
      Here's the house as I designed it earlier:
                |          |                   Key:
                |          |
                | Bedroom  |                   e - Door      -- - wall
                |          |                   Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
                |          |
      ----------------e-------------           Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |                    |       |                  is one "square" of SimLand.
      |                    e Bath  |                  So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            | room  |
      |                    |       |           Note:  To build a "square", hold
      |           Living   |--------                  the shift while building a
      |             Room   |                          wall outwards.
      And here are a couple improvement Ideas:
      Idea 1:  Mega Bedroom
      |                    |                   Key:
      |                    |
      |      Bedroom       |                   e - Door      -- - wall
      |                    |                   Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
      |                    |
      ----------------e-------------           Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |                    |       |                  is one "square" of SimLand.
      |                    e Bath  |                  So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            | room  |
      |                    |       |           Note:  To build a "square", hold
      |           Living   |--------                  the shift while building a
      |             Room   |                          wall outwards.
      Idea 2:  Mega Bedroom, Move Bathroom, Add Den
      |   Bedroom          |                   Key:
      |     ---------      |
      |     | Bath  |      |                   e - Door      -- - wall
      |     e room  e      |                   Tr - Trash    == - sidewalk
      |     |       |      |
      ---e------e-----e-------------           Note:  Two horizontal characters
      |                    |       |                  is one "square" of SimLand.
      |                    e  Den  |                  So -- is one 1 x 1.
      | Kitchen            |       |
      |                    |       |           Note:  The Den would have a Desk for
      |           Living   |--------                  a computer, as well as
      |             Room   |                          a Piano, etc.
      And, of course, you could always build some stairs and add a second level.
      Remember on the second level that people can't go up there until there is a
      floor.  And you can only build walls out one square past the walls on the
      first story.  Whatever else you stick on the second story, I would definitely
      place a bathroom.
      Also as I previously mentioned, a great deal of expanding your house is to
      replace your old furniture and objects with bigger shinier models.
    8.1  Building that Second Story
      There isn't all that much to building a second story.  As long as you can
      fit those stairs in your house somewhere, you can build the second story.
      Once the stairs are built, switch to the Second Story view.  Notice how there
      is nothing here, but the area directly above the walled area is marked.  That
      is where you can build.  The buildable area extends out one square from the
      first story's wall, in case you want to build out a little.
      You will probably just want to build your walls directly above the first
      story's walls.  Make sure to wallpaper the outside and inside.  Decide what
      you are going to do with this story, and build interior walls appropriately.
        Tip:  I would recommend building a bathroom upstairs, at least.  This way,
              anyone up there won't have to come down to use the facilities, and
              it gives you another bathroom in case the first gets "busy".
        Note:  If you want to build out a balcony that isn't directly above an
               already walled area, there are two ways to do it.  The first is the
               standard Balcony idea (see 8.1.2) and the second is the "Flying"
               Balcony Idea. (see 8.1.1)
      To finish the second story, make sure to build a flooring.  Without a floor
      no one can go up there!
        Note:  For walls, fences and barricades (on the second storey) above the 
               staircase, these can only be built from the third square (counting 
               from the staircase landing on the second storey) onwards.
    8.1.1  The "Flying" Second Story
      Based on a strategy from http://thesims.xtremesims.com/ (David Phillips)
      There is a way around the "Pillar Limitation" as discussed in the previous
      section.  Here is what we're going to do.  Say you want to build out a
      true balcony, one that doesn't have any first story rooms below it.  The only
      way (until now) to do this was to build a Pillar under every square that you
      wanted to build on.
      First, do what you would normally do to build a balcony.  That is, place a
      pillar everywhere you want to build on.  Then build the second story room,
      floor, walls, whatever.  Just make sure that it is finished.  Now go back to
      the first story, and DELETE all the pillars.
      You will now have a True Balcony!  If you want, you can leave a pillar or two
      for aesthetic reasons.
      You can even do this without having a First Story, so that you have nothing
      but stairs down there, then a fully "flying" second story.  It's great!
    8.1.2  The Balcony
    The following correction comes from Christopher Scatliff:
    When building a balcony, you don't need to put pillars under *every* square.
    Every pillar supports a 3x3 area, but these buildable floor squares don't
    appear until there is a floor square next to them.
    Therefore, your pillar pattern can be every 3rd square:
    (O = pillar, X = empty)
    As you can see. those six pillars will support a balcony of area 6x9!  But
    that floor area won't become apparent until you actually put the balcony
    floor in place.
    Of course, you could just use the "flying balcony" strategy, too...
    9. Babies and Children
      You can start any family with children, but you can't start them with a baby.
      There are only two ways to get a baby, lots of kissing of the passionate 
      sort, or Adoption.  I'll deal with adoption first.  The way adoption works is 
      that they will call you and ask if you want a baby.  This can happen to 
      either gay couples or singles (as they can't produce children on their own).  
      You are given the choice of taking or rejecting it.
        Note:  Adoption can also happen to opposite sex couples (man-woman), but
               isn't so common. (from Keri)
      As for the natural method, simply have a guy kiss a girl a lot (or visa 
      versa, it doesn't matter who kisses whom) and the option will come up "Would 
      you like to have a baby?"  No, you don't get to see them have sex.  The baby 
      just appears, magically.  The sex and personality are set at birth, you have 
      no control over that.  You do get to name the baby, though.
      Now that you have the baby, you have to take care of her for 3 days.  72 
      hours exactly from the moment you got her.
        Tip:  The best time to get a baby would probably be in the morning, as when
              the baby becomes a Child, they have perfect Energy, and you don't 
              want perfect energy late at night.  Not with school the next morning!
        Tip:  Children are a TAX CREDIT, which is a deduction in Bill Payments.
              How much?  About 10% off of Bills per child.  So if your bills were
              §310 before having a kid, after it will be about §279. (assuming you
              haven't bought anything, nor had anything stolen/sold/broken, and
              that depreciation was small/nonexistent)
              Naturally the most you can get off is 70% (you can only get 7 kids,
              you NEED at least one adult).
      A baby is a huge responsibility.  But you didn't need me to tell you that.
      You have only 3 things you can do with the baby, Feed, Play and Sing (to
      sleep).  The baby will be resting quite comfortably when suddenly "WAH!"  The
      baby will cry out.  Anyone sleeping in the area will be awakened (I'd
      recommend sleeping ONE and only ONE person with the baby, and rotating who
      gets to do it, so no one Sim loses too much Energy).  Then you have to figure
      out what the baby wants (impossible).  Usually I would just do each option
      once from Feed to Play to Sing.  If that didn't put the baby to sleep, I'd
      feed again and Sing again.  That almost always works.  If it does, the baby
      will go back to sleep... only to wake up in a few hours bawling.
        Note:  If you fail to take proper care of the baby, she will be taken away
               by the Social Workers.  Shame on you!
      As you can see, having someone home at all times is CRUCIAL here, not just
      recommended.  This is another place where it really helps to have left 
      someone home all along.  But if you didn't, just have different people miss 
      work different days to care for the child.  Sorry, there is no "day care" or 
      "baby sitter" for you to call.  What I did, is I used my stay at home Sim to 
      care for the child until the first person got off work, then Sim 1 would go 
      to sleep and Sim 2 would take over tending over the baby.  Make sure you have
      something constructive to do while the child sleeps, so maybe you should move
      the Chess set to the room that has the baby (or something like that).
      After 3 full days, the baby goes *poof* and becomes a Child.  Children can
      sleep with any adult in the household, if you can't afford to buy her own
      bed.  Children have only one responsibility, and that is School.  They have 
      to go everyday at 9 AM and come back everyday at 3 PM.  Furthermore they have 
      to study to keep their grades up (you can study at any bookcase or computer).
        Note:  One side effect of good grades is that Grandparents can give money
               for good grades.  At the A+ level, I got §100.
      At this point you probably should buy a Toybox for the child so she can play
      with the toys.  And as you can guess, they like to watch Cartoons on TV as
      Finally children can also Play with other children, where they will just 
      start running amok.  And no, children never grow up.
    9.0.1  Baby Tips
      This tip comes from Joseph Peitler:
          When the female sings and plays with the baby, her fun bar goes up.  It 
          has no effect whatsoever when the male does it.
      This tip comes from Mark Hissett:
          Have a baby when a few guests are over (just kiss a lot).  The guests 
          will be able to play with the baby then.  I find it easier that way, 
          because my sims are happy, and the guests are happy (usually).  After a 
          day or so, it's much harder to get company over (me speaking that is),
          because your sims aren't feeling so well rested, and the baby is only not 
          crying if its asleep.  So it won't interact much with neighbors.
          However, as said above, the little simkid will get a better chance at 
          outgoing points if neighbors are over at the time of birth.  And they 
          all come in and clap too. 
      These tips come from broadstrong:
        If a couple (man and woman) is eager to have a baby, can try this: the 
        Houseworking Sim call someone at 3 something (preferably 3 to 3.30 pm) to 
        invite someone over (make sure he agrees, or it may not work).  The Working 
        Sim comes back from work at around 3 or 4 pm.  When you know that the 
        invited guest is approaching (about 4.15 to 4.30 pm by then), the couple go 
        for a passionate kiss (prior to this, can also have Hug, Back Rub if player 
        wants)!  If lucky enough, either there will be a phone call asking for 
        adoption, or one of them will ask for a baby.  Click "Yes" and the baby, 
        crib and all, will appear!  This worked for me 70% of the time and ALL the 
        babies in my neighbourhood come through this fashion, really!  Wonder if it
        is because that 4 something timeframe is a "magic" time for babies to 
        appear, or because visitors appear (get a baby to appear so there is more 
        difficulty in entertaining BOTH baby and visitor).  I wonder if this will 
        work for other timing, though.
          Note:  In your FAQ, it was stated that adoption is less common in 
                 man-woman couples.  I beg to differ.  For my neighbourhood, I get 
                 more phone calls for adoption than someone asking for a baby.
        Want to know if the baby is asleep?  Here's a way: Once the Sim starts 
        putting the baby back, place the mouse cursor on the crib, and click once 
        (can also see the type of cursor).  If further options (the Sim's face with 
        actions surrounding him) come up, this means the baby is awake!  Be
        prepared to tend to it further.  If nothing comes up, the baby is asleep, 
        leaving his (or her) family members alone for 6 hours.  Be warned, though.  
        I have seen babies crying BEFORE the 6 hours is up!
        Apart from the fun of seeing the Sim playing with the baby, "Play" is 
        actually useless.  The baby is awake throughout and the motives will drop 
        fast.  Feed-Feed-Sing is a sure and fast way to care for the baby and let
        it sleep.  Of course, with sufficient time (and Mood!), one can try all 
        sorts of combinations and play with the baby as wanted.
        Editor's Note:  Actually the "Play" option does make a difference in how 
                        your baby's personality will turn out.  As of right now, I 
                        don't have any stats on this, but I may get some in the 
      broadstrong sent in an update:
        An update to my "70% sure way of getting a baby":-
        Seems like this trick won't work if the couple is kissing in any room other 
        than the first room from the front door (ie. living room).  I wonder if 
        this still works if the first room is not a living room.
        Where will the baby (crib and all) appear?  For babies born by birth, they 
        will appear just beside the spot where the couple does the kissing.  For 
        adopted babies, they will appear in the room where the phone call is being 
        picked up.
        How to determine if the next baby is a boy or girl?  Seems like this rule 
        prevails --- if there are more boys than girls, then the baby is a girl; 
        otherwise there will be a baby boy.
        (Conclusion: The SimNation prefer boys.)
        (P.S. It would be fun if there can be twins or even triplets.)
      It was earlier reported from Joseph Peitler, that you could not move the Crib
      once it had been placed.  This was incorrect, you can move the Crib in either
      furnish or build modes (F2 or F3).  One thing to do with the Crib, to help
      make sure that you baby isn't taken away by the County Social Workers, is to
      move the Crib into whatever room your Sim happens to be in at the time.
        (modified from a tip by Jordan Edmonson)
        Note:  Also, Joseph Peitler wrote that you can't move the baby crib.  This 
               is not true.  It's the same as if you're trying to move a bed: if 
               someone's sleeping in it, you can't move it.  Also, if someone has 
               the bed in their queue bar and you try moving it, you can't.  The
               same goes with the baby crib.  If the baby cradle is not in anyone's
               queue bar, you can move the cradle by going to buy or build mode and
               clicking on it. (from Keri)
        Important:  Have a Sim at home at ALL TIMES!  This doesn't mean that you
                    have to have an unemployed Sim stay home, just make sure that
                    at least one Sim is home.  If one comes home, the other one is
                    now free to go to work.  What you might want to try is to have
                    (if you have 2 Sims) them go to work every other day, one day
                    the first stays home, then the next, the other stays home.
    9.0.2  Baby Personality Matrix
      The following research comes from Lynelle Foulk:
        I think I have figured out how the baby personality points are
      determined.  I've experimented with 18 Sims babies.  (Whew! What a lot of
      sleepless Sims' nights!)  I did this because my first Sims babies didn't
      have personalities that seemed to relate to their parents.  I wondered why.
      Plus, I wondered why the children that the babies turned into rarely had
      exactly 25 points.  A few had less.  Most had more than 25 points.  I
      didn't know why kids should have more than the 25 allowed for the parents.
      Then suddenly, my babies-turned-to-kids' personalities started looking more
      like their parents in the numbers.  It took me a long time to figure out that
      the program's algorithm for determining the baby's points must have changed
      when LL was added. Luckily, my family albums told me when the babies were
      born, and I had written down the date that I'd registered LL, so I knew when
      it was installed.  I could easily see the dividing line between pre-LL babies
      and post-LL babies.
      I experimented with Sims who had the reversed personality efffect and who
      then ended up with 10 points for every trait.  Their kids ended up with
      identical personality points -- all 10's.  I tried a couple with 0 in every
      trait.  (Those mean and nasty folks!)  I would have expected a 0 in every
      trait, yet the kid had a 5 for Playful.  The baby had not been played with.
      Then it dawned on me that kids were said to be playful in the manual --
      because that's mostly what kids do is to play.   And this meant that the
      program wasn't going to produce a kid with a Playful score of less than 5.
        Note:  You can have a kid with less than 5 Playful, but this is possible 
               only with a User-created kid, who was never a baby.
      This is the way I think the algorithm works.  There seem to be only 3
      possibilities for scores for each of the traits.  Either the baby will match
      the Mom, or it will match the Dad, or it will be a truncated average of the
      two.  So, for example, if Mom has a Neatness score of  3, and Dad has an 8,
      then Baby can have only 3 possible results: 3, 8, or 5 (the truncated average
      of 3 and 8).  The baby cannot have any other scores inbetween, like a 4, 6,
      or 7.  This seemed strange until I started thinking how easy it would be to
      write the program with only the three possibilities. (Select a random number
      between 1 and 3, with the 3rd being the "average".)  It would only have
      taken a few more code lines to make the "in-between" scores possible, I
      believe.  But there was no reason to do so.  This was variation enough.  This
      is the way that all the traits seem to be done, except for Playful.  And
      there, a 5 is added to the three possible numbers.  If that results in being
      greater than 10, then it just becomes a 10. And this explains why each baby
      has a different total of points.  Imagine the extra work for the computer to
      keep trying the random possibilities until they added up to 25.  In some
      cases, it might have been impossible.  So, it was easier to allow the kids as
      many points as were necessary.  My baby with the least points 21 is seemingly
      not too different from the one with 37 -- just some little subtle
      differences.  I think the balance is what counts, not the total number of
      I had kept records of 17 babies, and this had proven true in every case.  I
      did an experimental baby, trying to be sure that the parents were quite
      different, and seeing if there were any "inbetween" scores, and it didn't
      happen on this 18th kid.
      Here's how my experimental 18th kid went: ( I don't think I can do a chart in
      e-mail, so will just put the points on a line.)
      Mom: 3, 7, 5, 2, 8
      Dad: 8, 2, 5, 3, 1
      Baby... could have had:
      Neat      3, 8 or 5 --- This time it was a 5. (Average)
      Outgoing: 7, 2, or 4 -- This time it was a 4. (Average)
      Active:   5, 5, or 5 -- And it was a 5!  (A no-brainer for the computer!)
      Playful:  2 (+5 extra), 3 (+5 extra), or 2 (+5 extra).  It was a 7 (either
                like Mom or average).
      Nice:     8, 1, or 4.  Turned out to be a 4.  (Average)
      Looking over my other Sims baby records, sometimes the baby took after only
      one parent, but most times it was a combination of one trait like Dad, one
      like Mom, one average, etc.  I think that part had to be entirely random.
      I think that all of these points are determined at the moment of birth.  That
      I say because I raised the same baby twice.  I saved the program immediately
      after naming the baby -- as fast as I could hit Enter for the name, and hit
      Pause for the action.  I went through the three days and then checked the
      resulting child's personality points, recorded them, and then Quit without
      saving.  I started back up where I'd saved the program and raised the same
      kid again.  The results were identical in personality points, but not in
      head/skin.  I came to the conclusion that this meant that it was all "nature"
      and not "nurture" that determined the points.  Playing with the baby didn't
      affect the results.   It's nice for the emotional effect upon the game player
      to watch the parent and siblings and friends playing with the baby, but it
      doesn't change those baby points, according to what I could determine.
      Also, it isn't exactly 72 hours for the baby to turn into a child.  It's
      close to 72 hours, but can vary at least as much as half an hour.  I found
      that the crying pattern of babies seemed different, even when I used the same
      pattern of "Feed, sing, feed, sing" with them.
      Apparently, the skills points assigned to the kids is just totally random.
    9.1  Children and School
      Kids have to go to school everyday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Skipping a day
      will drop their Grade one whole letter (say from A to B, or from B+ to C+).
      If the child Sim (or SimKid if you will) goes to school everyday in a good
      mood, their grades will naturally increase.  The other way to increase the
      child's grades is to have them Study.  They can study either on a computer or
      with a book, it makes no difference.  After a period of time, they will
      increase their grades.  This period of studying is small for the low grades,
      and large for the high grades.  It's therefore easier to improve from a D to
      a C than it is from a B to an A.
        Note:  As I noted earlier, you can randomly get §100 gifts from 
               grandparents with an A+.  Also with an A+ you don't have the option 
               to study anymore.  What would be the point?
      So what happens if you don't have good grades?  Your Sim gets shipped off to
      a military school!  Plus your family has to pay §1000 for tuition (but 
      thankfully you only pay this once, and they never ever bother you again).
        Tip:  Therefore to get rid of any troublesome child (i.e. a lazy one), just
              let his or her grades slip to an F, and away they go!
      Apieper sent me this:
        Regarding the section of kids and getting good grades... I always get $100
        for good grades too. I don't think it goes higher, and I'm pretty sure it
        only happens at the A+ level.  And a friend of mine pointed out that
        studying is optional. Attending school for one day raises your grade by
        three points (from B- to A-, or from F to D+) and studying raises it one
        point.  So if you go to school every day you don't need to study. I think
        it's important to add that children are far more likely to cause a mess in
        the shower or tub than adults.  (Ed. Note: Although "Messy" adult Sims will
        make messes as well)
      broadstrong sent me this:
        Apieper's kid tip has an error.  Attending school for one day (in a good 
        mood) raises only one grade point (B- to B, B+ to A- etc), so studying at 
        home do helps in grade increase, though it is quite time consuming.
    9.2  What Kids Do
      Kids are a lot like the Adult Sims, except for the fact that they don't have
      jobs, and therefore don't need Skill Points.  They also never need to gain
      Friends as it doesn't help them any.  (although a parent could use them as an
      extra agent of socialization)
      So, once a Kid gets up to an A+ and has satisfied all of her needs, what IS
      she going to do?
      Since you aren't trying to get them up the Career Ladder, and getting them
      good grades is absurdly easy, I would just leave kids alone, and let their
      free will take them where it will.
        Tip:  Two kids together will almost always start running around Playing
              together.  So if there are other kids in the neighborhood, call them
              over.  Or you could always have a second kid.
      The following tips come from broadstrong:
        It is much better to have kids later on than to create them in the Family 
        Screen.  Kids (and adults too) created this way can use only 25 bars 
        maximum for personality.  Kids born through adoption or birth have more 
        bars available (easily 30+ bars), so it is possible for these kids to have 
        8+ for two or even three of their personality bars.  Too bad they can't 
        grow into adults.
          Note:  I don't think kids will get their personality from parents.  For 
                 my game, the Jones family (one of those available as Maxis 
                 download) are outgoing but very inactive, yet their child (by 
                 birth) is an introvert, but quite active.
        "Play" is just about the best social interaction for kids; it increases Fun
        and Social motives TO THE MAXIMUM; kids CONTINUE to play even when both 
        motives are full; ANY kid would accept to play, even serious kids; play 
        sufficiently long and relationship will really go up.  They do need a large
        enough amount of space to play, which can exclude some rooms.
      Joseph Peitler sent me this:
        Simkids are not a waste of space.  They can make a lot of friends for your 
        sim family while adult sims are busy doing other things, such as cooking, 
        working on their skills, or sleeping after work.  One thing I noticed is 
        that alarm clocks doesn't go off for the sleeping simkid.  Is this a glitch 
        or has this happen to anyone else?  Also, since simkid don't "love", they 
        can't go to the bathroom with another sim without being "shooed off" or 
        shooing them off.
    10. Everything Else in the Neighborhood
      Your house can be burglarized.  During the night, the game will slow down to
      the slow game speed, and a PIP will show the burglar coming your way.  If you
      have alarms, the second he enters the house, the police will be called.  But
      if he's clever, he'll just grab one thing and run, and may get away with it.
      So if you see a burglar, here's something to try:
        - Wake up your Sim.
        - If possible, call the police BEFORE the burglar enters the house to get
          the police here sooner.
        - Now here's the fun part, since the burglar runs on the same pathfinding
          algorithm as the rest of the Sims, you can "bump into" him, and he'll
          stop cold.  So if he's trying to go out the door, and you are in the
          doorway, he'll have to stop and wait for you to move!
        Note:  Anything stolen by the thief can't be returned to you, but you do
               get partial reimbursement from the Insurance Company.  Plus if he
               is captured you also get a §1000 reward!
        Tip:  Place burglar alarms on the OUTSIDE of your house, the burglar will
              be caught before he has a chance to steal anything!
      Joseph Peitler has this to add about Burlgers:
        The more sims you have in your family house, the less chance your house 
        would likely be burglarize.  One house had 8 sims and after 100 days, their 
        house was broken into only once.  While the houses that had 1 to 3 sims got 
        broken into 3-4 times in less than 70 days.
      broadstrong sent these tips:
        Tip:  Burglars come when everyone present in the house is sleeping, so they 
              come at night.  But I had one instance where the burglar came in the 
              MORNING!  (It should be noted that that time, the father was away to 
              work, the kids had left for school and the mother was still sleeping)
        Tip:  Burglars TEND TO plunder the less well-to-do households, perhaps 
              thinking that they could not afford the burglar alarm.  My Valentino 
              (available as Maxis download) house never got burglarized so far 
              (about 20 days passed by) even though there are only Rudy and Julia
      Sims who don't know their way around the kitchen, not only cut themselves or
      burn themselves a lot while making a meal, may also cause a Fire to break 
      out.  Once the fire has started, your alarm (if you have one) will go off.  
      If you don't have an alarm, call the Fire Dept.  You can try to extinguish 
      the fire yourself, but ... you can die from the flames!
      The character § can be typed by pressing and holding ALT, then on the number
      pad pressing 0167.  This is the character for "Simoleon" the monetary unit of
      the Sims.  If you want to see something bizarre, check out the Money bag on
      the CD case, and on the instruction manual.  You will see the symbol § on
      both, but on the CD case, for some reason, it is backward!
    10.1  Death and Ghosts
      Death can come to the Sims in a couple ways.  One, they can starve to death.
      This one is fairly easy to avoid, as when the Hunger bar gets low, it doesn't
      deplete as fast, and even when it gets to completely red, your Sim won't die.
      Give it a few days, and they will, however, so get them some food.  The other
      way for them to die is in a fire that they are either trying to extinguish, 
      or merely got caught in.  Another way for them to die is to have them Drown 
      in your Swimming Pool.  This occurs when they run out of energy in the Pool.
      This can only happen if you remove the ladder out of the pool while they are
      swimming, otherwise they'll just get out before they drown.  When they die,
      the Sims leave a Tombstone (you can readily see these by playing the Goth
      household), and furthermore, they will HAUNT the living!  So don't let the
      Sims die.
      Another way to kill a Sim would be to stick a fence (or a wall) around him,
      and wait.  I did this once, and it was rather depressing to watch as the
      Sim first went Insane, then died of hunger. 
        Note:  Ghost Sims (or SimGhosts if you will) usually do their haunting at
               11 pm.  It is random as to whether they will do it or not, but if
               you have enough graves (see the Goth house) it will probably happen
               every night!
        Note:  Where the Sim dies determines their "marker".  If they die outside,
               they leave a Tombstone, inside an Urn.  The living members of your
               household then have to "mourn" the marker for 24 hours.  That is, of
               course, after they have finished what they were already doing (so
               they will watch TV until satisfied, then go mourn).  After that you
               can mourn at your leisure.
      Death is one of the few ways to get rid of a Sim for Good.  So, if you have
      just plain too many Sims in your family, or you married a Bum or something...
      Well you get the idea.  Although this is HIGHLY amoral! (good thing morality
      isn't a Need!)
        Tip:  One way to fortune is to marry a bachelor, take all their money, then
              "bump them off".  Two good ways to kill them, wall them up somewhere
              and let nature take its course, or remove the ladder in a pool.
              Bloodthirsty, but effective.  Maybe you should even name your
              murderous little Sim the "Black Widow" or something.
      Well you've had your fun with the Ghost spooking your Sims, and now you want
      rid of that Ghost.  Well you can just sell their Tombstone/Urn for §5, or
      destroy the house and they'll never pester you again.  Or if you like the
      ghost, but don't like the hauntings, you can just move your bedrooms to the
      second story since Ghosts can't climb stairs (probably since they'd go right
      THROUGH the stairs!).
      Joseph Peitler had this to add:
        Dead Sim Walking
        It takes a lot longer to kill a sim by isolate and starve him off then it 
        is to drown him.  On a full stomach, it takes 4-5 days for the hunger gauge 
        to reach zero and red and another 1-2 days for him to die from. It is even
        longer if it is a visiting sim, although I don't know you can actually kill
        a visiting sim that way (you can drown them).  Drowning is quicker, by it 
        doesn't show any devatating effects like screaming or gurgling sounds the 
        way a starving sim before he dies.  The most disturbing death of a sim is 
        from a flu by a GPV (Guinea Pig Virus), because even with energy and hunger 
        gauge at halfway, the sim could die when you least expect it.
        It doesn't matter where a sim dies, if you move he's "death marker" 
        outside, it becomes a tombstone.  Move it in a house, it's a urn.  But 
        suppose you want the urn outdoor?  Place the urn on any desk/table/counter 
        (no end table), then move the table out of the house.
        Joseph Peitler has this to add:
          The ghosts come out after every two days, after 11:00 PM (mostly 
          12AM-1AM) and go back around 6AM or sooner.
    10.2  Did you Know?
      After 100 days of your Sim living in their house (to check how long they have
      lived there, click on their money, and in the corner it will say "Days since
      Move In"), you get the option of getting little messages about the people who
      made this game.  I have included only the first one here (there are a lot of
      them!), the rest you'll have to see for yourself!
        Will Wright -- Game Designer
          Will first thought of "The Sims" shortly after the original SimCity.  It
          took this long for technology to catch up with Will's vision.  In the
          Maxis offices we have a mock-up design for the original idea of The Sims.
          Though the technology is far more advanced, the actual game does not vary
          much from this prototype.  Will makes wicked Excel sheets, and likes to
          zip around the Maxis offices on a bright red electric scooter.
          Fun Fact:  Will purchased a couple of real pink flamingo lawn ornaments
          for the team so we could properly model both the complex 3D shape of the
          birds and the physics and emotional algorithims needed for kicking them.
      Joseph Peitler sent in a list of the other "Did you Know" people:
        1.   Will Wright
        2.   Rana Ryan
        3.   Jeff Charvat
        4.   Charles London
        5.   James (Jamie) Doornbos
        6.   Patrick Buechner
        7.   Chris Trottier
        8.   Luc Barthelet
        9.   Patrick J. Barrett
        10.  Eric "Bo Bo" Bowman
        11.  Don Hopkins
        12.  Trevor Perrin
        13.  Alex Zvenigorodsky
        14.  Robi Kauker
        15.  Eric "Chin" Chin
        16.  Eric "Irk" Hedman
        17.  Jami Becker
        18.  Michael "Mike" Lawson
        19.  Melissa Bachman
        20.  Timle Tourneau
        21.  Sean Baity
        22.  Paul Wilkinson
        23.  Roxy Wolosenko
        24.  Claire Curtain
        25.  Bob King
        26.  The Sims testing team-guided by Jami, Gabe, and Etienne
        27.  Jim Mackraz
    11. Cheats & Tricks
      The following Cheats come from http://www.gamewinners.com/
        To bring up the Console to enter the Cheats into, press CTRL-SHIFT-C.
        Warning:  Try to avoid using the move_objects cheat to delete things like
                  mailboxes and carpools.  If you delete a Mailbox, sure you can't
                  get bills, but it screws up the game (in mine Guest Sims could
                  arrive, but couldn't be greeted!!).  Also if you delete the
                  carpool, you can't go to work.  Ever.
                  Also, if you delete a Sim, they will revert to the state they 
                  were in when you last saved it.  So if you got a lot of Skills, 
                  then delete your Sim, they'll lose all that.
                  I have an idea about how you could get your Mailbox/Carpool back
                  if you deleted them:  Import a new house from somewhere (usually
                  http://www.thesims.com/) and install that into the game.  That
                  should work.  Or you could just uninstall the game then
        I've divided the cheats into two categories, those that I KNOW work, and
        those that probably don't.
        Cheats that work:
        - 1000 Simoleons (unpatched game version)                  klapaucius
        - 1000 Simoleons (patched game version & Livin' Large)     rosebud
        - Create moat or streams                                   water_tool
        - Display personality and interests                        interests
        - Move any object                                          move_objects
        Cheats that probably don't work:
        - Add new family history stat to the current family        hist_add
        - Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt
          every time a route is found                              write_destlist
        - Architecture tools automatically set the level as
          needed                                                   auto_level
        - Automatically import and load indicated FAM file         import <FAM file>
        - Automatically load indicated house, no questions
          asked                                                 house <house number>
        - Check and fix required lot objects                       prepare_lot
        - Completely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT  flush
        - Crash game                                               crash
        - Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files              shrink_text <font_size> <text>
        - Create-a-character mode                                  edit_char
        - Draw all animation frames disabled                     draw_all_frames off
        - Draw all animation frames enabled                      draw_all_frames on
        - Draw colored dots at each person's origin                draw_origins
        - Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt          core_dump
        - Dump selected person's most recent list of scored
          interactions to a file                                   dump_happy
        - Dump selected person's motive contribution curve
          to a file                                                dump_mc
        - Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs
          for social interactions                                  debug_social
        - End sim logging                                          sim_log end
        - Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats              cht <filename>
        - Floorable grid disabled                                 draw_floorable off
        - Floorable grid enabled                                  draw_floorable on
        - Force an assert for testing                              assert
        - Log animations in the event log window                   log_animations
        - Map editor disabled                                      map_edit off
        - Map editor enabled                                       map_edit on
        - No tutorial object generation when tutorial house 
          is loaded                                                tutorial off
        - Prevent web browser crashes                              browser_failsafe
        - Preview animations disabled                              preview_anims off
        - Preview animations enabled                               preview_anims on
        - Programmer stats                                         tile_info
        - Quit game                                                quit
        - Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt        #import
        - Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch           rebuild_cp
        - Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose
          IFF files are writable                                   refresh_faces
        - Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps 
          for all user characters                                  refresh_textures
        - Restore tutorial                                         restore_tut
        - Rotate camera                                            rotation <0-3>
        - Routing debug balloons disabled                         route_balloons off
        - Routing debug balloons enabled                          route_balloons on
        - Run series of random operations on unhoused families    fam_test <opcount>
        - Save currently loaded house                              save
        - Save family history file                                 history
        - Say "plugh"                                              plugh
        - Say "porntipsguzzardo"                                   porntipsguzzardo
        - Say "xyzzy"                                              xyzzy
        - Selected person's path displayed                         draw_routes on
        - Selected person's path hidden                            draw_routes off
        - Set event logging mask                                   log_mask
        - Set free thinking level                                  autonomy <1-100>
        - Set game speed                                      sim_speed <-1000-1000>
        - Set grass change value                                edit_grass <number>:
          Set grass growth grow_grass <0-150>, 150 is brown grass
        - Set lot size                                             lot_size <number>
        - Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator       sim_limit <milliseconds>
        - Set time of day (unpatched game version)                 set_hour <1-24>
        - Set z offset for thought bubbles             bubble_tweak <z offset value>
        - Sets the neighborhood directory to the path               <directory path>
        - Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable
          flag. Requires rotation                     lot_border <tl> <tr> <bl> <br>
        - Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects        allow_inuse
        - Show memory view window in debug builds of the game      memview
        - Start sim logging                                        sim_log begin
        - Swap the two house files and updates families  
                                           swap_houses <house number> <house number>
        - Ticks disabled                                           sweep off
        - Ticks enabled                                            sweep on
        - Tile information displayed                               tile_info on
        - Tile information hidden                                  tile_info off
        - Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using 
          the keyboard                                             visitor_control
        - Toggle assets report                                     report_assets
        - Toggle automatic object reset feature                    auto_reset
        - Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop              sim_peek
        - Toggle camera mode                                       cam_mode
        - Toggle display of unavailable interactions in
          person control menus                                     all_menus
        - Toggle music                                             music
        - Toggle object compression in save file                   obj_comp
        - Toggle quaternion transformations                        quats
        - Toggle sound log window                                  sound_log
        - Toggle sounds                                            sound
        - Toggle web page creation                                 html
        - Total reload of people skeletons, animations, 
          suits and skins                                          reload_people
        - Trigger sound event                                      soundevent
        - Write out an RTE file every time a route is found        write_routes
        - Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt        #export
    This was sent in by Nancy Beck:
      I (actually, my son) found 2 quicker ways to make money with the cheat.   One
      is when you are typing all the !;!;! add a wrong symbol at the end and just 
      hold the enter key.  It will come up saying no such cheat, but will still add
      the money.  Just back space over the wrong symbol at the end and enter to get 
      rid of the window. Another way is to type  klapaucius; ;  and just hold the 
      enter key...it too will add all the money.
    This was sent in by Mandy Falco:
      Another way to get a bunch of money - after typing the "klapaucius" cheat,
      *do the "!;!;!;!;!;!;!" except fill up the command line until it starts
      clicking at you (it should end on an "!".) Now copy what you typed and
      hit enter. you should get around 130,000 simoleons. Since you copied it
      now you just keep pasting in your new code and before you know it you
      will have one simoleon short of 10 million. :)
    This comes from broadstrong:
      Water Tool Cheat:  The water tool cheat works only in build mode.  To remove 
      the water created with this, use Ctrl-click (just as other objects in Build 
      mode).  Clicking any Build mode button disables the water tool.
    Easter Eggs:
      There is only one easter egg that I know of.  Insert the game CD and let the
      autoplay screen come up.  Once it's up, click the Maxis logo in the lower
      left of the window to open up a picture of Will Wright with Sims crawling
      all over him.   (from Mikey Griffiths)
    Trainers & Editors:
      There is currently only one trainer that I know about, a Money trainer, which
      can be found here:
      There is also an Editor for the game, which can change your Sim's Stats, such
      as their Mechanical Skills, or whatnot:
      Here's another one:
      And another Character Editor here:
      And no, I haven't tested any of them, and therefore know very little about
      The old "Marry them for their Money" trick:
        One way to get a bunch of money is to get the last person of a household to
        marry into your family.  Then they bring over all the money they had, plus
        the money they got from selling their house.  So, what you should do is to
        simply create a Sim, put him in a cheap house (a Wall with a Phone will be
        sufficient!) and then wait for your Family of Sims to come by.  Once he has
        met them, switch back to that Family and begin the process to get him (or
        her) married into the family.  You can do this as often as you want, until
        your family is up to 8 members.
      The old "Use it then return it" trick:
        If you buy something, and decide that you don't really want it, then as 
        long as you get rid of it (in Furnish mode, click on it then press DEL) the 
        same day as you bought it, you'll get the full money back.  Great for 
        getting rid of those impulse buys.  Also useful if you want to buy a 
        computer for the purposes of Job Hunting, but don't need a computer just 
      The old "Use it while it's being repossessed" trick:
        If you manage to use an object at the same time as it is being repossessed,
        you will get money for that object, as if you had sold it.  It sure beats
        just LOSING the item!
      The old "Job Switching" Trick:
        Many career paths use similar skills.  For example, both law enforcement,
        and military require much the same thing (Crime as well).  So if you want
        to suddenly... switch careers you will be able to jump up another career
        ladder quite easily!  And at each promotion you will be given a Bonus...
        You can see where I'm going with this.  So switching careers MAY be quite
      The following tricks come to us from Kyrre Aalerud:
        1:  A little trick to get rid of garbage:  Throw the garbage-can away!
            This actually works!  If the garbage-can is new, then you will get §30
            for it, and a new one costs the same!
        2:  Also, I couldn't find anything about getting rid of children...
            I only know of this way:  have them do lousy at school, or not go at
            all.  This will send them to military school and out of your hair.
      Killing everyone in the neighborhood (for Sadists, I suppose) by Dan Vernon:
        If you are a real sadist, and you want to kill off an entire Sim 
        neighbourhood, read this. For maximum effect, have a family of 8.  Buy a 
        brand new lot, and build a house with a 3-4 tile gap all the way around it.
        Build a swimming pool all around (use klapaucius if the money's getting
        short) and put a diving boardgoing in (from pavement to pool) and a ladder 
        coming out (pool to front door). Get all your family inside and wait for 
        the neighbours to arrive... They'll dive in and come inside, socialize with 
        your Sims and then when they want to go home, attempt to leave.
        This is where it gets fun!  The neighbours will swim around until they've 
        run out of energy, and then, they will DROWN!  Repeat until entire 
        neighbourhood dies (try all this after making a large neighbourhood that
        went wrong).  Then put all but one (an adult) of the house Sims into the 
        pool and sell the ladder!  Watch them all drown and then, using the 
        move_objects cheat, move all the tombstones into the lonely Sims bedroom.
        Then make a space for him to get out (to go to work) and wait for 11 pm!  
        There are sometimes several ghosts (it's very odd when they try to swim 
        underneath furniture!) in the night and they howl and wake up Sims (which 
        is the downside of this really....).
      Empty Trash Can Trick, from Broadstrong:
        When the trash can is full, empty it, then cancel the action.  There will 
        be a pile of mess around the Sim.  Click on the pile and select "Clean Up".
        The Sim throws the trash back nito the trash can, but the trash can IS NOT 
        FULL! (or you could just try the Trick in the next section)
    11.1  Deleting Trash (and Bills too!)
      The Following Trick comes from Shyguy982:
         I always find it hard to juggle keeping my Sims happy, socializing, and
         cleaning.  Well, I solved the cleaning agenda, which made it a whole lot
         easier for me to concentrate on the other aspects of the game.  While in
         purchase mode, you can pick up dishes.  On the bottom of the screen it 
         says they can't be sold or deleted.  Which is false.  In order to dispose 
         of these nuisances in a timely fashion, simply pick it up, place it over
         another object such as a plant or couch.  Somewhere it cannot be placed
         onto.  Then simply hit the escape key while it's hovering over the object.
         Bingo!  Gone for good.  It makes cleaning your house a snap, and it gives
         you extra time to do whatever needs be.
         Also, this trick works on bills too!  Yes, you can hover them over other
         objects, and hit escape, thus deleting your bills in the process.  And
         don't worry, they don't come back to haunt you.  I've played for several
         months without having paid a bill, and never had a thing repossessed!
         I hope you can pass along this info.  It's a terribly sneaky cheat, but
         it makes things a whole lot easier.  And please give credit, it you decide
         to post it on your FAQ.  Thank you, and if ya can give me an email, and 
         let me know if they worked as well for you as they have for me.  Thanks.
         Editor's Note:  This Cheat does NOT work once Livin' Large is installed!  
                         If you try to delete something with LL installed, the Bill 
                         will simply reset to where you picked it up from.  There
                         is still the 'move_objects on' method of deleting bills,
    11.2  Paying only Every Other Bill
      I found the following cheat at http://strategyshrine.gamereactor.net/
      Paying the Bills
      Simply keep a bill, unpaid, until the mail carrier delivers the next set.
      When your flag is up (your mailbox being full of-- what else, more bills),
      pay the first one (i.e., bring it out to the mailbox.) When you do this, the
      newer bills disappear.  Using this cheat, you will only have to pay every
      other bill, instead of every one. (sent in by Jesper Thiesen)
    11.3  The Newbie Trick
      Yes, we all remember the Newbies, those crazy cats from the Tutorial.  But
      there is a really neat little trick that one can do with them, if one pays
      Here's the crux of the trick:
        While the tutorial is going, the Newbies Needs drop very very slowly.  In
        other words, you can safely ignore most everything and have them do 
        whatever you please.  This works ONLY SO LONG AS THE TUTORIAL is running, 
        and stops once the tutorial does.  So as soon as Betty Newbie pops in, do 
        no more of the tutorial.
      But what will one do with these Newbies?  Build their skills!  And since 
      their Needs don't fall (well, not exactly, check the following NOTE), you can 
      build skills at the Ultra Speed to get them up to perfect skills.
        Note:  Although Needs don't drop on their own, they will drop if you start
               exercising, or while at work.  However, this drop is considerably
               smaller than what one would experience by just normally standing
               around the house, and can be eliminated quickly by a quick nap, 
               sleeping in a bed, or by Coffee/Espresso.
      Using this trick, one can quickly get some Super Newbies!
      Mandy Falco sent me this:
        "When you are cheating the Newbie mode to max out all your skills be aware
        that it takes about 24 sim hours for your sims to regain all their energy
    11.4  Washing Dishes Faster
      Oh sure, you COULD just delete the dishes (see the above trick), but suppose 
      you don't want to, there is a way to just do the dishes a little faster.
      Mandy Falco sent me this:
      "Washing dishes faster - as soon as your sim starts washing dishes tell
      him to quit or make him do something else and the dishes disappear."
    11.5  Deleting your Characters, and resetting their Mood
      You may have noticed that any time you move your Sims into a new house, their
      Mood is set at a default level, which has most Needs at full green, except 
      for a couple (such as Fun) which are only down a little.  What use is this?
      Well, first off, any time you move your Sims into a new house, their Mood
      resets to the default level.  So if you feel like getting full energy without
      the work, just move them into a new house.
      But there is an easier way.  Before doing this, save your game (see the
      warning below) Use the move_objects cheat, and go into the Furnish mode.  Now 
      select your Sim, and press delete.  Your Sim will be pulled out of the game.  
      Now go back to Live mode, and click on your Sim's portrait to bring her back.
        Warning:  Your Sim will essentially be loaded out of your last save game,
                  so all her stats will be what they were when you last saved it,
                  so before you delete your Sim, SAVE THE GAME!!
      Now you have your stats back, and no time has passed!  If you don't gain any
      stats since you saved last, don't bother saving, it won't help you any.
        Note:  Relationships are not effected by this trick.
    11.6  How to Max out all the Personality Stats
      This section is from http://geocities.com/simdiscussion/index.html
      How to create max stats and skills:
        To max out skills, you need to do 2 things first, backup your Neighborhood 
        file and get a Hex Editor (I used Cygnus which I downloaded from
        softseek.com). Now go into the Characters folder and there should be files 
        names userXXXXX (on a side note you can rearrange which families and houses 
        certain sims are in by altering these files, thus you can instantly move a 
        sim from one family to another), open a userXXXXX file in notepad and 
        scroll to the bottom, the name of the sim should be there somewhere, make
        note of which sim is associated with which userXXXXX. Now open up your 
        Neighborhood file in the Hex Editor, use the find feature to locate 
        userXXXXX (whichever you want to alter) in the file, once you find it 
        select it and everything for a few lines after, making sure the selection 
        starts right before the 'u' in userXXXXX. Now cut this section out and 
        paste it into a new blank file, if you notice it counts of by tens on the 
        left:  00000000 00000010 00000020 ect.
        Thus on row 2 (00000010) the sets of two characters are numbered 10 11 12 
        13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F. Ok you need to alter pairs of these 
        to E8 03, and the pairs are 
        NEAT: 16 17 
        OUTGOING: 18 19 
        ACTIVE: 1C 1D 
        PLAYFULL: 1E 1F 
        NICE: 20 21, 
        and for skills 
        COOKING: 26 27 
        MECHANICAL: 28 29 
        CHARISMA: 2A 2B 
        BODY: 30 31
        LOGIC: 34 35 
        CREATIVITY: 36 37. 
        After you are finished altering the file insert it back into the
        neighborhood file exactly where you took it out. Save the file and that's 
        about it. 
        There is an Editor that will do this for you, check out the Cheats section
    11.7  Starting a Sim with random Job Stats
      Here's an odd trick to try.  (modified from http://go.to/simuniverse/)
      Create a new family at the neighborhood level.  Now create a SimKid, choose
      his stats, but don't bother with the skin, and click "Done" on the Kid.  Now
      click the Edit button for the Kid, and change him from a Kid to an Adult.
      You can change the skin all you want, but I think that you can't change the
      Now when you play this family, you have to click this Sim's portrait to make
      him appear, and once he does, he will already have several Stats filled in
      randomly.  Mine had about 8 Charisma, 2 Cooking, etc.  A neat little trick to
        Note:  This Sim will also be considered to have a "job", but this job gives
               you no money, so you probably will not want to keep it.
    11.8  Speeding up your Sim
      This section is pretty much from broadstrong.
      Here's how to Speed up/Slow Down a Sim:  Holding the mouse pointer over a 
      CONTROLLED Sim speeds his movement.  Holding it over an UNCONTROLLED Sim 
      slows him down.
      And here are some strategies that utilize this trick:
        a)  Speed up the Sim to save time.  This is especially crucial for
            long-distance walking, getting to work on time, skills training (body 
            for example) or non-active Sims who seem to walk slower.
        b)  Slow down the Sim, not to waste time, but to help the other Sim get a
            desired interaction (social or itemwise), avoid "jealousy" (and the
            awful trumpet sound) and hence lowered Relationship scores, and more 
            importantly (for me), to avoid collisions of the Sims or blockage of 
        c)  Slow down the burglar so that he is captured before stealing anything!  
            Yes, I have tried it and it works (I must admit it is very cheap
    11.9  Better Personality through Chemistry (Livin' Large ONLY)
      This is also discussed in a TIP in the Chemistry Set section above.
      The Chemistry Set has 8 distinct potions that can be created on it.  Some
      help you, some turn you into monsters, and the YELLOW one flips your Sim's
      personality.  This leads to one of the spiffiest new tricks in Livin' Large.
      1.) Create a Sim, but give her NO PERSONALITY AT ALL.  That's right, not one
          point spent on anything.  No nice, no neat, nothing!
      2.) Move this Sim into a vacant lot/house, and buy a Chemistry Set.  Now have
          her [Make Potion] until she comes up with a Yellow potion.  This could
          take a LONG time.  My Sim got 8 Logic points before making a Yellow
      3.) Drink the Yellow potion, and your Sim will go from having NO PERSONALITY,
          to have the ULTIMATE PERSONALITY.  That's right, full 10's in every
          category!  Sweet!
    11.10  Sell the Rocket Explosion
    From Alex Pinkney:
      My friend Ben discovered a way to make huge amounts of money, taking next to
      no time, and having fun at the same time.
      Buy the fireworks, and launch a rocket. Wait until you can see the rocket
      coming downwards. Go into buy mode and you can sell the rocket/explosion for
      §2300!!! This method is guilt free because you don't even need to use the
      move_objects cheat!
    12. Customizing Your Game
      Within these next couple of subsections are the various ways that you can
      customize The Sims, including the Nude Patch. (heh)
    12.1  Changing the Radio Station Music
      Changing the Radio Station Music: (from http://www.thesims.com/)
        In case you were wondering, you CAN have the Sims listen to YOUR music,
        rather than the default music.  Go to:
          C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Music\Stations
        And you will see 4 folders:  Rock, Country, Latin, and Classica (not 
        Classical, just Classica).  Now place any MP3 or shortcut to an MP3 in 
        these folders and that song will play when they play the radio!  And, no 
        you can't add new stations.  You can, however, add as many songs as you 
        want to each station.
    12.2  Skins
      You can download Skins for your Sims (think different outfits and heads) at
      almost any of the Websites listed below in the Final Words... section.  If
      you are interested in creating your own Skins, I would suggest this link:
      Located at http://www.simzonline.com/ this feature is a comprehensive look at
      how you can create your own skins.  I would also recommend downloading 
      several other programs from http://www.thesims.com/, such as FaceLift and 
        FaceLift:  http://www.thesims.com/us/getcool/faces/index.html
        SimShow:   http://www.thesims.com/us/getcool/skins/index.html
      There are other programs at the official site, which you may be interested 
      broadstrong sent me this:
        Besides the obvious skins in the game, these things are skins too, namely:-
        (a) Blanket and milk bottle for the baby
        (b) Costume for the toydoll (toydoll from the toybox)
        (c) Paint for the toycar (toycar also from toybox)
        (d) Wrapping Paper for the gift (under "Give Gift" option)
        However, by default, all these are green.  
        Coasters (http://members.xoom.com/CoastersSims/) and 
        SIMply Dariene (http://members.xoom.com/baschdar1/simdex.html) 
        (two very good fan sites I recommend) have the customized skins for all 
        these stuff.  (Latest: Coasters got more new stuff)
    12.2.1  The "Nude" Patch
      Well somebody finally got around to getting around the pixellated censoring
      that occurs whenever your Sim does something "naughty" (such as going to the
      bathroom).  It should be noted that this isn't anything great as Maxis never
      really intended for the Sims to be seen in the buff, and therefore they 
      didn't put any detail into it.
      You can find the patch at any of these sites:
      All the instructions that you will need are in the ZIP file on that site.
      What you do when you get it is to unzip it, and place the files in your SKINS
      directory, which is probably something like:
           C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\UserData\Skins
        Note:  This does NOT work for children, and furthermore, it is not anything
               that would be considered "pornographic."  In other words, you don't
               really get to "see" anything.
    12.3  Setting up Multiple Neighborhoods
      I vaguely covered this in the FAQ for a few versions, and decided it needed
      its own section.
      There are actually two ways to do this.  One is the Do-It-Yourself method,
      and the other is the Download-A-Program method.
      The first method is really simple.  This is best done BEFORE you have done 
      any work on your neighborhood!  In your Game Directory (which is probably
      c:\program files\maxis\thesims\) is a directory called UserData.  Right Click
      on this, and select COPY.  Now go back out to the Maxis directory, and do a
      CTRL-V to paste (or click the Edit menu and choose Paste, also you can place
      this directory anywhere).  You now have a copy of your neighborhood.  Now
      rename the folder to UserData2 and move it back to TheSims directory.  Now
      to switch between neighborhoods, simply rename UserData to UserData1 and
      UserData2 to UserData.
      The second method is to download this program: (Neighborhood Watch)
      and run it!  This file is from http://www.simzonline.com/ a great site for
      your Simming needs.
      This method is NOT recommended for use if you have any of the Expansion
      Packs.  See the section above for Hot Date (or the Sims: Hot Date readme
      file) for information on setting up more neighborhoods.
    12.4  Download Surprises (thanks to Joseph Peitler)
      Here is the list of all the current downloads: (http://www.thesims.com/)
        Cuckoo Clock
        Moose Head Decoration
        5 New Skins
        5 New Houses
        Wall Lights
        Slot Machine
        Guinea Pig (Pet)
        New Plants
        New "Physical" Skins
        "Elwood" Skin
        MTV Skins (which includes "Elwood")
        Topiaries (Hedge Animals and such)
        The White House
        Two New Trashcans 
        Glowing Flamingo Wall Light
        A complete Game upgrade to The Sims version 1.1!
      What you may not know is that some of these downloads are not all that they
      appear to be, some have Trojan Horses in them.  No, not computer viruses that
      could kill your computer, but rather they have other game effects that you
      may not be aware of.
      Here is a list of all the hidden effects that I know of: (some info here is
      from broadstrong)
        Slot Machine -- carries a mini-patch on it that fixes some bugs.  If you 
                        want to keep all of the cheats intact (such as the set_hour
                        cheat) then install this instead.  It isn't as complete,
                        but should help.  Also, has a hidden money cheat (or money 
                        spinner, maybe).  Play it when fun is low; there is a 
                        greater chance to win!  Great especially when the bid is 
                        100 Simoleons.
        Guinea Pig   -- The worst one of all, this one carries with it the PLAGUE.
                        Literally, this Guinea Pig comes complete with a Virus.
                        There are two things that can make a Sim sick. One is when 
                        you don't keep the cage clean and when the Sim plays with
                        it and gets bitten. Keeping the cage is easy, especially
                        if you have a maid, because she can clean it for you. If 
                        your Sim gets bitten once when the cage is clean, it will
                        have no effect. However, if he gets bitten more than once,
                        even when the cage is clean, the Sims will get sick. The 
                        more bites the Sim gets, the sooner he gets sick, the 
                        longer the sickness remains and the more chances your Sim 
                        will die. After bitten, the Sim might get sick around 1 or
                        2 days. However, if he comes accross a sick Sim and catches
                        it, he will get sick in less of a day. Especially if he got 
                        bitten before then. In order to avoid all this don't buy 
                        the guina pig, unless you are really tired of your Sims. 
                        If you wish to buy it, here are a few warnings: keep
                        the cage clean and don't play with it so much.  The more
                        you play with it, the more chances of getting bitten.  If
                        the Sim does get sick, isolate him in room immediately,
                        so he won't walk around. (from Joseph Peitler)
                        One thing about the guinea pig -- the best (or maybe only) 
                        time to play with it is when it is awake, otherwise it will 
                        bite the Sim (but of course, which animal or human likes to 
                        be awakened rudely?). (from broadstrong)
        Moose Head   -- This one isn't so bad.  The antlers on the moose head will
                        "droop" depending on the total "family mood" of the house.
                        So if everyone is feeling bad, the anters will droop quite
                        a bit.
        Cuckoo Clock -- it "cuckoos" at 12am, 6am, 12pm and 6 pm, waking up adults,
                        and only adults, in the room.  Since it sounds at 6am,
                        it can be used as an alarm clock (but I never tried it 
                        because I never used the alarm clock).
        Party Balloons -- No doubt they will attract all your neighbours and start 
                        a party, but as time goes, the balloons will burst, leaving 
                        a pile of mess that brings the Room rating straight down, 
                        and gives work for someone (maid or Sim) to do.  But I see
                        from somewhere that the mess can be sold!  Not confirmed 
        Topiary/Coped Flowers -- The topiaries and coped flowers have a flower bed, 
                        which may act as a pathblock.  Sims bumping into it will 
                        stop short and pause before moving on (just like Sims 
                        bumping into other Sims).  This is time-wasting and energy 
                        zapping. (broadstrong)
        Turkey Dinner -- Sims from all over the neighborhood flock to your house to
                        partake of the feast.  Yet often, they ignore the turkey
                        and won't eat it.
    12.5  Playing Without the Sims CD
      There are likely several very good reasons why you might want the Sims game
      CD to be out.  Maybe you don't like swapping in CD's all the time, or maybe
      you are on a computer that doesn't have a CD-ROM (such as a laptop where you
      have to swap devices in and out).  I'm not here to judge!
      Anyway, here's a site that offers a new Sims.exe for those of you who don't
      want to have your game CD in all the time:
        http://sgn.simgames.net/thesims/addons/   (link dead, no other links found)
      Warning:  If you use this "altered" EXE file, you will likely end out unable
                to install Livin' Large properly.  When you get Livin' Large you
                will then have to uninstall the game, then reinstall it before
                you can put in the Add-On.
    12.6  Creating your own Objects
      Everyone wants to be able to create their own objects, maybe a new couch, or
      a new fridge.  An ultimate TV perhaps, that has more than 3 channels.  Well,
      there are a couple of Editors that allow just that.
        Warning:  These editors can cause havoc with your game!  There have been
                  reports where objects created with these editors cause the game
                  to crash, burn and other nasty things.  That said, enjoy!
      The first Editor is Blueprint by Bil Simser:
      And the second Editor is SimTransmogrifier by Don Hopkins:
      Maxis has also released a tool to create custom wall paintings (in case you
      don't like that sad clown) called the Art Studio:
    12.7  Custom Interface Graphics
      This is the only site I know of that has new Interface Graphics for The Sims
      and Livin' Large.  Not only does it have replacement graphics (to get rid
      of that Blue interface), but it also has instructions on making your own
      Also there are new start up screens for Livin' Large.
    13. Known Bugs
    Apieper sent me these:
      Repairmen can't walk up or down hills to repair things, only to repossess
      things.  So if your entire house is elevated below or above the sidewalk (I
      know one lot starts out like this, lot 2 I believe), and you call a 
      repairman, they will just stand in place for 8 hours, bill you, and leave.
      If a sim "Sam" is watching TV on a couch, and another sim "Stanley " tries to
      interact with them, then Stanley will simply stand in front of Sam waiting 
      for Sam to stop watching TV.  However, Sam will be blocked from standing up,
      because Stanley is standing in front of them.  Even if you cancel Stanley's
      "interact with Sam" action, Stanley won't be able to move.  They will be 
      stuck doing nothing for a few hours - possibly missing work, or urinating on
      Similarly, if a Sim, "Escher" is painting and another sim "Dopey" is standing
      behind him trying to interact with him, Dopey will block Escher again.
      However, this time Escher will be able to stop painting, and he will occupy 
      the same square as Dopey, so that neither of them can move under any 
      condition.  The only way to resolve this situation is to evict everyone in 
      the home.
      Not done yet!  If you have guests, and they are swimming in your pool, you 
      can't ask them to leave, or even to stop swimming. They will swim and swim 
      and swim, sometimes until they just climb out of the pool and collapse in 
      front of the pool ladder. If there are any sims in the swimming pool when the 
      pool ladder is blocked, they will all die.
      If you have an angled wall on top of a carpet, you can't remove the carpet
      without removing the wall.
      Oh! And a HUGE glitch. If you delete any picture in a scrapbook, then the
      caption for the picture is automatically overwritten.
      So overall, the sims isn't a very glitchy game as long as you avoid having
      houses with any hills, couches, chairs, paint sets, and don't use your photo 
    The "Twins Bug"
    Catty Burton sent me this:
      I've got something really weird to tell you, and hopefully we will be able to 
      solve this problem I have.  I decided to have a baby, after having one 
      already.  When the baby changes into a Sim kid, there are TWO of them!  
      Weird, but it gets stranger.  One is a real person, that you can control and 
      make do things.  But the other, acts like a guest and you can't make him do 
      anything or interact with him (nothing happens when I click on him).  The 
      twins can even interact with each other, and the Friendships signs come up 
      (though the other twin isn't in the relationship bar).  This has happened 
      almost every time I give birth to a baby (because I start back from a saved 
      game), is this a glitch?  I'm going to experiment with this, see what happens 
      when the controlled sim is sent to military school or dies.  I'll give you a 
      report on that.  And this kid, he's a Cancer, but when he was born, he has 
      nothing on his personality.  I mean nothing, no blue slots, and he is the 
      worst of every category.  Isn't there some way you can use those 25 
      personality points?
      Knowla sent me this:
        Catty Burton was published on your faq (thanks for all the info by the way) 
        saying that she experienced having twins every time the sims had babies.  I 
        had that problem too, it's always with the little wizard kids for my game. 
        Anyway all I had to do was evict the family from the house and when I moved 
        them back in, the two kids were re-loaded and became "as one" again.  Be 
        careful though, because sometimes when you move the family out, and you 
        move back in the game automatically sells all your furniture and you have 
        to do that over again.
      moonshine sent me this:
        I also play The Sims and happen to have downloaded your Walkthrough. It was 
        the greatest! I wrote to you regarding one of the known bugs you featured 
        in the walkthrough, the one sent by Catty Burton. The same thing happened 
        with me: I was playing the Snooty Patooty family (downloaded from
        http://www.thesims.com) and as I was painstakingly taking care of the baby, 
        the weirdest thing happened. A boy appeared on my front lawn, just before 
        the baby cradle turned into a boy, who happened to look exactly like the 
        one who appeared by the front lawn. The boy from the lawn behaved like a 
        guest, only I couldn't ask him to leave. I was able to control the other 
        Simkid though. Like Catty's case, the kid had no personality stats (nice, 
        playful, etc.). Since I read about it in your walkthough, I decided to 
        conduct an experiment of my own.
        I walled-off the "guest Simkid" but I let the other one live on. The game 
        became annoying since the walled-off kid constantly tried to play and talk 
        with its twin. I had to cancel all his attempts since I was trying to get 
        rid of him. Then, I quit the game and restarted it again. The weirdest 
        thing happened! The walled-off Simkid and its twin somehow traded roles - 
        the walled-off Simkid was the one who could be controlled while the other 
        Simkid acted like a visitor. I decided to go out of the game again (always 
        saved it before quitting) and reload the game. This time, both traded roles 
        AND moods. The free Sim now had the all-red mood. I decided then to kill 
        off both of the Simkids...I made the free Simkid (this time he no longer 
        behaved like a guest) swim and removed the ladders afterwards. When he 
        drowned, the walled-off kid was still there! I decided, for the last time, 
        to save the game, exit it, then come back once more. At that point, the 
        walled-off Simkid had also disappeared.
      And moonshine also sent this:
        I downloaded a house from http://www.mallofthesims.com (from Seth 
        Nickerson's Olympian Architecture) -- it's a house for lot 3 (greek 
        estate).  I was able to create a family and moved them in. While I was 
        playing my new family, some neighbors came by but since the house was a bit
        too big, it took forever for my stay-home sim to get to the door and greet 
        the visiting Sim.  Before I was able to do so, they have already left. 
        At 3PM, the working Sim and the kids came back from work and school and I 
        was startled that the carpool and school bus kept on honking their horns 
        (like how they are in the morning while waiting for the sims to catch their 
        rides).  I paused my game and saw two of those sims who earlier visited the 
        house stuck at the edge of the lot.  Eventually Jeff Pleasant moved to let 
        the carpool and school bus pass.  I tried to greet the sims but for some 
        unexplanable reason, I couldn't.  There came a point that the help screen 
        flashed the message Jeff Pleasant is hungry...is going home...but he just 
        wouldn't go away.  Then out of nowhere, Montgomery Goth appears and my sim 
        was able to talk to him.  When I asked him to leave, he said goodbye but 
        wasn't able to go home.
            ||              ________________
            ||             /                \
            ||            /_                _\
            ||              |              |
            ||              |______________|
            ||XX (they got stuck here!)
        If you know anything about this (solution and stuff), please tell me about
        it.  I also heard that a friend of mine encountered the same problem (in 
        her game, 7 sims got stuck in the same place!) but I'm not sure if this 
        also happened in lot 3.
          broadstrong had this to say about that:
            How far was the house from the roadside pavement?  If the house is VERY 
            NEAR (two squares or less, with pillars, fences etc in between), 
            visitors can get stuck even at the doorway or at pavements.  Maximus 
            house (Maxis download) is one very fine example.  That's why it is 
            better to leave three or four squares apart, and don't place too many 
            things at the frontside (basically, don't create a front porch unless
            you have enough space for one).
      broadstrong had more to say about the Twins Bug:
        About the twin bug, I also encountered it!  It happened in the Hatfield 
        house (another Maxis download).
        That time, the crib was in the kids' bedroom, and Jeff Pleasant, an invited 
        guest, was nearing the doorstep.  At 5 pm, after Billy Hatfield had fed the 
        baby and put her back into the crib (but I know the baby was not asleep), a 
        SimGirl appeared in the room!  I could not recall if I saw twins, or 
        whether I paused the game before the "other twin" can appear, but I checked 
        that that SimGirl had NO BLUE BARS for personality (on seeing that, I felt
        somewhat chilly)!
        I reloaded the house (without saving), and this time the crib was in the 
        living room, no guest was invited, and by the time Billy fed the baby, it 
        was not yet 5 pm and he gets to sing to the baby.  After singing, the
        baby-to-kid animation went on as usual, and now the family has a normal kid 
        (except that she has no outgoing bars, but the bars were well distributed 
        in the other four personalities).
        As said, there were three differences between these two cases:-
         (1) The crib was in the living room the second time but it was in the 
             kids' bedroom (not the first room) initially.
         (2) There were no guests, as opposed to Jeff Pleasant visiting.
         (3) The baby was still awake when the "twin" appeared, but seems to be 
             well tended the secong time round.
        I don't know if these differences matter in the appearing of the "twin", 
        but it can't be mere coincidence, can it?  It also seems that playing with 
        the baby too often can lead to this, because "Play" leaves a lag time of an 
        hour or so before the baby cries (if it is effective).
    Joseph Peitler sent me this:
      Here are three glitches I recently saw:
      This one is similar to the ones Aaron Pieper described, but not as bad.
      Sim"Jim" was working out, while the visit sim "Tim" was walking towards him,
      to speak to him.  I cancelled Jim workout order, but not before Tim was
      standing over him, blocking the workbench exit.  You know the character
      finishes his workout, his arms drops and he says "WHEW!"  Well, Jim was doing
      that 5 times before Tim moved away to a distance.  He was a visitor, so I 
      couldn't control him at that time.
      2. One of the floor lamps burned out, so I made my character call the
      repairman.  He came over, touch the lamp and got electrocuted.  Thanks for 
      the patch, he didn't die (there is a joke in there, somewhere).  He finish it 
      and went on as usual.  It was funny seeing him light up like a Christmas 
      tree, though.
        Eric Chapman had this to add:
          "Hey, I was reading your FAQ and saw the note about the repairman being
          electrocuted and not dying after the patch. Well, it happened to me
          BEFORE I patched. And yes, he died. The photobook entry says "NPC
          Repairman has been electrocuted" and now whenever I call for a
          repairman, his ghost shows up! This is a GOOD thing! Why? Cause he can
          still fix things just like before, but because he's a ghost, he can walk
          through walls, people, whatever to get to the broken item. He just shows
          up, makes a quick bee-line to the broken item, fixes it, and makes
          another straight line through the walls and furniture back out. This
          saves money too, if you have alot of repairs to do in a crowded house,
          as less time is spent wandering around trying to get from point to
      3. I have 8 sims in a household.  One works at night.  Four starts work at 8,
      the last three at 9.  When 8 o'clock carpool arrived, the four got to work 
      with no problems and the work pictures showed up on their face photos.  When 
      the 9 o'clock carpool arrived, the first one went at 9:30, the second one at 
      9:45.  I had trouble getting the third one out of the swimming pool (It seems
      that I had to click on the "get out" order before the "go to work" order,
      because she kept swimming and swimming, ignoring the "go to work" order).  By 
      the time she went towards the car, it was 10:10, the car went off.  When that
      first time it happened.  It seems that whenever any one sim misses work, the 
      other sims who work the same or close to it job time, who is already at work 
      appears back home.  This also happens to my other 2 sims in a different house 
      (in the bathroom, this time), but not as much as the 8.  I got the version
      1.1 patch when this happened.  The bad news is those 6 sims won't get paid, 
      even though they went to work.  If this happens again, I'll see if I can make 
      them miss work the next day to see if they get fired.  See if I can make them 
      miss work twice and not get fired using this glitch.
      An update to the glitch about 8 sims going to work and suddenly appearing 
      back in the house.  This mostly happens when a sim is already in his work 
      clothes and misses his car pool.  The car will stay there until around 10
      minutes after the departure hour (even a bit longer if the sim is already on 
      the street and on command to "go to work").   Also, If the sim get delayed or
      "bumped" into standing still, delaying him from going to the car, the car
      will leave. If he still has the command, he will go to the street where the 
      car was and then disappears.  Then, he will reappear back in the house in his
      regular clothes, If he was wearing work clothes at that time.
      This also happens if you sent your sims to work, then save within a "sim" 
      hour and went into another house, where they ask one of the working sims to 
      move in or purpose and he said yes.  When you go back to the working sims' 
      house, you would find that all the working sims appear in a room except for 
      that one sim that moved out.
    Mark Hissett sent me these:
      Some possible bugs (I think).  After a fire this one girl I had, she cleaned
      some dirty dishes with flies.  Next thing I know, she has flies circling 
      around her.  Her hygiene bar is about 75% green, and they still don't come 
      off after a shower.  I don't believe they ever did leave her.
      In the buy or build modes, you can move dishes and such.  If you take the
      brownies someone has brought over (I am not sure if it works for all food 
      items) and place it under the fridge, it will actually go into the fridge, 
      when you move the fridge, the food moves with it.  One problem this causes, 
      is that you can't make meals or anything.  You can eat the food, as well as
      take it out.  It is quite the problem when 3 or 4 dishes are under there and 
      they have to wash them.  One thing I am unsure of is if the food goes rotten.
      I don't recall any flies in the fridge, but they dishes were not in there 
      long anyway.  It would be cool if the food lasted that way.  I will have to 
      see if it works for meals, so they last longer than 6 or 8 hours.
    Headless Sims
      This happened to me once, and apparantly happened so someone else as well
      (Ashley Baker).  What happened is I had Betty Newbie move in with another
      one of my families, which already had someone with that head.  Nothing
      happened until I saved it, left, and came back later.  Then her portrait
      at the bottom of the screen was just black.  No more picture of her, just
      a black square.
      This happened to Ashley as well, but with the Pleasants:  "I have got the
      'plesant' family (comes with the game), in a house.  I don't know why, but 
      the 'man' (forgot his name) of the family has no head, when you choose the 
      family member, nor when you chose what house in the neighborhood screen. I 
      have not deleted anything from the skins folder. His head appears to be 
      normal, when 'playing' the game (when you can see all of the body, in the 
      main 'bit' of the game).  Weird!"
    Pathfinding Follies from broadstrong:
      Sims will take routes with the least doors, so between a short-cut through 
      the house and a long way around the house (for example from backyard to
      frontyard), the Sim will choose the latter!  Also Sims rather prefer to walk
      on pathways than bare grassland.  Sims would rather walk in an L-shape manner
      than to walk diagonally (but the diagonal route is shorter!).  Both actions
      can really waste a lot of time and energy.
      As an illustration, Maximus house has a layout something like this (only
      partially shown):-
                  |           |
                  |           |
               R  |           |
               O  |           |
               A  |           -d-----------
               D  |                SSSS
                  D      ROOM
             Legend: D-    main door (facing road)
                     d-    door (not facing road),
                     SSSS- stairs
                     --- & | are walls
             Note:  Pavement all around the house
      Q: If a visitor rings the bell at main door and a Maximus had gone down the 
         stairs, will he go to the main door directly through the room to greet the 
      A: NO! (Surprised?)
         The Maximus will go out from the other door (door d), and WALK ALONG THE
         HOUSE (up-left-down in this case) to reach at main door and greet visitor 
         then (Visitor could have left by then).
         I think it's because the Sim would rather walk on the pavement than on the 
         indoor floor.
      Sims only care about the "best possible" path without caring if other Sims 
      are in the way.  So to be safe, leave TWO squares (three for really paranoid
      players) free around any object, structure (whatever thing) for walking, and
      for objects that don't have social interaction, place them by the wall.  Only
      objects having social interaction (playhouse, pool table etc.) needs to be
      placed in free space.
    14.  Getting the Most from The Sims
      This section is devoted to getting more gameplay out of The Sims, an 
      excellent game, but one that people can get bored of after awhile.  Why?  
      Because there's no way to win, and only so many things to do.  But with a few 
      of these ideas, you'll be able to play this excellent game forever.
      1.    Don't cheat!  Cheating takes out the challenge from the game, which
            can drastically decrease the amount of long term enjoyment that you 
            will get from The Sims.
      2.    Do the complete opposite of what you normally do.  If you created a 
            male Sim, create a female.  If you did a Bachelor, do 3 or 4 Sims to 
            start with.  Be creative in how you build your house.  Make it a giant 
            Octagon with doors everywhere, or a triangle with no doors at all.
            If you created an Outgoing Neat Sim, create an Active Nice Sim.  Or
            maybe you could try making the Old Coot Sim, who has NO STATS 
            WHATSOEVER!  How's that for a challenge?  Just TRY to have him make a
            few friends!
            The possiblities are endless, play around with it a little!  Don't just
            play to succeed, play for the fun of it.
      3.    Watch someone else play.  Let your little sister try her hand at a the
            game.  Not only will you be watching virtual people, but you'll be
            watching someone else watching virtual people!  How existential is 
            Then have your Sims interact with your Sisters seems and see how they
            get along.
      4.    Don't play to succeed.  Fail.  Watch your Sims run around without your
            supervision, see how far they get.  Keep them unemployed and watch the
            bills pile up.  Let the Repo man come.  Let your Sim die if you want,
            just don't enjoy it or anything, that would be sadistic.
      5.    Don't cheat!  Cheating is great when you just want to mess around, but
            when you use it in order to buy the best of everything, you get tired
            of the game quicker.  If you have to actually work to get those things,
            you'll value it more than if you just cheated to get it.  And if you 
            are going to cheat, don't give yourself too much money, or you'll take 
            out most of the fun of the game.  I'm serious!  A lot of this game 
            involves working for money, and if you don't need money for anything, 
            you've just rendered a lot of the game pointless.
            So don't cheat, if you do, you'll feel cheap in the morning.
    15. Wish List
      Here are just some ideas for what should/must be included in any further
      expansion or sequel for The Sims.  If you have your own Wishes, just email 
      them in.
      1.  Ability to take your Sims out of their house.
          This could be to go to a store (perhaps you actually have to go pick out
          your furniture?), to another Sim's house, or to work.  In any case, these
          would add a lot of new depth to the game.  And potentially unbalance the
          game and make it less fun, but hey, I'm not a game designer, I'm sure 
          they could work around that.
          DONE.  Hot Date and Vacation allow your Sim to head to Downtown and on
          Vacation respectively.
      2.  More Careers, and which Job you have carries over into your Sim's daily
          Yeah, we need more jobs.  How about the Computer Nerd career track?  
          Start out as a lowly data entry geek, and work up to some sort of Bill 
          Gates figure.  Furthermore, your job should affect your Sim's life in 
          more ways than just their hours, and pay.  For example, if you have a Law
          Enforcement Sim, and your house is getting burglarized, your Cop Sim 
          could arrest the criminal.  Or you had a criminal Sim, and a Cop Sim 
          living together, they wouldn't get along so well.  You get the idea.
      3.  More things to do with houses.
          Third stories, basements, secret tunnels (to the batcave!), whatever.  Or
          maybe even "alternative" houses, such as Oriental Style, Ancient Style,
          Caves, Huts, and whatnot.
      4.  Ditch the carpool, get your Sim their own car!
          Think of how this game would be expanded if you could build your own
          garage, and put in it, your very own car!  You'd have to make payments
          on the car for a certain amount of time, and then the car would be yours.
          (Or it could be bought outright like furniture)  Then when you went to
          work, you'd just take out the family car, and drive off to work under
          your own power.
      5.  More types of social interactions.
          How about two Sims being able to talk while on the couch, not watching TV
          or anything, just sitting and talking.  Or maybe making out on the couch.
          Or how about large conversations?  Three or four people having an 
          animated discussion on politics (not in a hot tub, just them talking).
          DONE.  As of Hot Date, if you put two Sims on a couch (watching TV or 
          just sitting) and they'll talk.  You can even have them Cuddle if you
      6.  Aging!
          Yes, babies grow up to be kids, but why not kids to adults?  Or adults
          into old people?  Think of the logistics of having to take care of a
          feeble old man!  As things stand now, there just isn't enough for kids to
          do, and getting them to become adults, would help things out 
          immeasurably.  Maybe they should go to college for awhile, then when they 
          come back, they're all grown up. (like on TV where a character leaves for 
      7.  Treat clothes as separate objects.
          This would require you to have a utility room (or hire a laundry 
          service).  Old clothes would lie scattered on the floor like garbage and 
          neat Sims would groan and pick up dirty clothes and put them into the 
          Sims would need to "change" clothes to keep their hygiene level good just 
          like actual people.  They would need to pick up dirty clothes to keep 
          their room scores high (add this to the list of chores for the maid).
          An ambitious programmer at Maxis might treat the "skins" as separate from 
          the mesh objects for clothing objects.  Now, there's a wish!
                             (from Mike Fenton)
      8.  Pets! (not just fish and guinea pigs)
          Pets would be a nice addition, I think.  Not just dogs and cats, but 
          other things as well, such as turtles, snakes and lizards.  Imagine then 
          if one Sim's pet snake got out and bit another Sim.  Why that Sim would 
          never forgive him!  (thanks to James Wardle)
          Pets are being added with the expansion, the Sims: Unleashed.
      9.  Dynamic Sim Personalities
          Right now your Sim's personalities are set at the beginning and don't
          change during the game.  Well what if that Sim's experiences in SimLife
          could radically change their personality?  Suppose one Sim has an 
          experience so traumatic that she no longer is so nice?  Imagine if an 
          Outgoing Sim gets beaten a lot, then they might lose some outgoingness as 
          they lose trust in other Sims.  Or if a mean Sim has an act of kindness 
          done to him that makes him a little less cranky.
      10. COMPUTERS
          Can someone please convice Maxis to make more use of the computers? Why 
          not CHAT through computers! Whoa! That should be more hell efficient than 
          calling them over! Better yet, make the computers have multimedia option! 
          Combine TV and  Hi-Fi to make an excellent computer. AND why not make the 
          computers a fun filled group activity (on-line multiplaying option!), 
          provided that the Sims have you want to play with got a modem. How about 
          advancing mechanical skills trhough computers? Business Sims (or other 
          computer related jobs) must fiddle around with computers before they can 
          be promoted.  (from GamemaniaX)
      broadstrong sent me these wishes:
        What I hope for:-
        (i) Stats to tie up with everyday life, such as:-
        (a) High Body can render more immunity to the Guinea Pig Virus.
        (b) High Charisma makes social interactions more successful.
        (c) High Logic renders the Sim better "AI", will make better decisions
            under Free Will.
        (d) High Body + High Creativity allows the Sim to do things like jump over
            couches or go under tables, thus avoiding being trapped in crowded 
        (e) High Mechanical + High Creativity renders the Sim to be a "handyman", 
            able to perform tasks like adding a flipping board to turn a 
            rectangular desk to a square table, or changing the upholstery to 
            increase the comfort of chairs and couches (how's that to program in a 
        (ii) More interactions with NPC (Repairman, Maid, etc)
             More options possible for these characters, such as getting a tip or 
             two from the Repairman (maybe increasing Mechanical stat!).
        (iii)Weather Changes
             How can everyday be a fine, sunny day?  Maybe at daytime, it could be 
             so cloudy that the rooms are less well-lit (decreasing Room), or the 
             day could be so rainy that the barbecue is cancelled. or so windy that 
             the cinders from the fireplace spread further than normal.  Well, 
             things like that.  Maybe under Build mode there can be an extra item 
             -- canopies (the retractable type even).
        (iv) Transportation System
             SimCity 3000 has trains, subways and bus network; why can't The Sims 
             have these?  Why must there be "the very own car", when you need to
             buy the car, maintain it and build a garage just for it?  Taking the
             public transport system would be much cheaper, though like the carpool 
             you cannot be late also.
        (v)  Twins (or even triplets or quadruplets)
             In the real world, there are twins, so in the Sims, why can't twins 
             (identical or fraternal) appear?  Tending to one baby is tough enough;
             try taking care of two (or more)!  That would be a challenge!  Or 
             perhaps there can be special objects for babies only (such as cots,
             baby toys, milk bottle etc.).
             (P.S. I hope somebody from Coasters has seen this FAQ and design new 
             skins for the baby crib.  The green colour...sucks somewhat.)
                         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      If you have a question that wasn't answered by one of the Frequently Asked
      Questions above, please feel free to email me:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
      Q:  Is The Sims going to be released on the Mac?
      A:  Yes, it already was.
      Q:  Is there any way to skip the intro, where the Sims logo is on a blue
          screen and the phrases are scrolling by at the bottom?
      A:  Nope!  This is The Sims equivalent of the "Now Loading..." screen, and
          therefore cannot be skipped!
          "So just what is the program doing when 'Reticulating Splines,'
          'Inserting Chaos Generator,' and 'Balancing Domestic Coefficients'
          flash across the bottom of your screen? Absolutely nothing, actually.
          'They're inventions of (Creator) Will Wright's imagination,' says a
          Maxis spokesman. Speaking of the SIMS, expect Maxis to release an
          expansion pack this fall..." (from INCITE PC # 7, June 2000, thanks to
                                       Joseph Peitler)
      Q:  Is there any way to alter a Sim's biography after once you're out of
          the Family Creation screen, or am I stuck with what I wrote initially?
      A:  Yes there is!  From Page 40, Paragraph 1 of the Game Manual:
          "...If you click and hold on a character, the character's bio which
          you composed in the Create a Sim window [or Maxis did] appears.  If
          you think the bio needs a little refreshing, just Control-Click on the
          character in question, and get that bio in an editable dialogue box
          for your red-pen pleasure."  (Thanks to Andrew Tate for pointing this
          out to me!)
      Q:  Can I switch a Sim's skin after I've created them, or will my Sim just
          wear the same exact clothes for the rest if his digital little life?
      A:  Your Sim can change their clothes by buying a Dresser/Armoir.  Once
          you have the Dresser, then select it, and do a "Change Clothes".
          There is one downside to this, your Sim will simply change to the NEXT
          Body Skin (there is no way to change the Head Skin).  So if you want
          to change to something specific, you may be at it for awhile.  And if
          you change your mind, and want to go back to the first skin, well...
          that will take even longer!
      Q:  The Sim I called asked me to come over to their place, is there a way
          for me to do that?
      A:  No.  What the Sim you called really meant was "I don't want to see you
          right now."  And they were just being diplomatic about it.  Anything
          they say that doesn't result in them coming over is a refusal.
      Q:  If I create two Sims in my first home, are they automatically
          considered married?
      A:  No.  The "family" is just a grouping of people in one house.  They
          don't have any "relationship" until the game starts.  Whether they
          become good friends, or lovers, or get into a fight, is up to them
          (and to you).
          Secondly, even should they become lovers, they can't get Married.  Why?
          They already live together!  Marriage is just a way to get a GuySim and
          GirlSim to move in together.
      Q:  You mention in your guide that I shouldn't bother making friends for
          SimKids, since they don't need them to advance in their job field or
          anything.  Does it work the other way around; can my adult Sim
          befriend a SimKid to help with that promotion that he wants?
      A:  Although Kids don't need Family Friends for any particular reason (as
          long as their Social is high, who needs friends!), they can be counted
          for other people's Family Friends counter.  So if SimBob befriends
          SimKid1, he still gets +1 Family Friend.
      Q:  How long does it take for a SimBaby to grow into a SimKid?
      A:  3 full days.  So exactly 72 hours after the baby arrives, he/she will
          *poof* into a child.
      Q:  So, a SimBaby grows up to be a SimKid.  Does a SimKid grow up to be a
          SimAdult?  What about a SimAdult growing up to be a SimOldPerson?
      A:  Doesn't happen.  The only Sims who grow up are Babies who become
          children.  Your Kids will never grow up and provide you with an
          income, nor will your adults need to be placed in a nursing home.
      Q:  Can you take custody of a kid from a neighbor the same way you ask a
          neighbor to move in/propose?
      A:  You can't take the kid directly, but there is a way to get a kid.
          Suppose that SimBob is courting a Sim who lives alone with a kid.  He
          asks her to marry him, then she arrives with not just herself, but
          brings the kid along as well.
      Q:  I know that a sim must ask a visiting sim with any kids to Move
          in/Propose in order to adopt the sim kid.  But suppose the kids DON'T
          have any Sim adults? Can a simkid ask any adults to move in if he has
          no parents?
      A:  No, they can not.  They do not have the option to move in/propose with
          other kids or adults, nor can adults ask a visiting kid to move in
          with them.  In other words, no adults can adopt any older sim kid in
          the neighborhood.  This could be bad if all the sim parents die,
          leaving the kids to fend for themselves.  This means they'll spend the
          rest of their "lives" eating pizza and potato chips and getting money
          only from "grandpa" and selling their artwork.
      Q:  Sometimes when a sim walks into a room, any lights in there
          automatically turn on and when he leaves they turn off.  Yet, in other
          rooms, he had to manually turn the lights on.  Why is that?
      A:  If the room has no windows, and it is still daylight, the lights won't
          come on automatically, which is very annoying if you have a room in
          the center of your house.  Also Lava Lamps don't turn on
          automatically.  I suppose everything else is a bug, or possibly even a
          Sim Equipment Failure (similar to a light breaking, not a bug).
      Q:  When I ask someone to marry me, they always say no.  What can I do to
          get them to FINALLY say yes?
      A:  Well beyond being stubbornly persistent (and why not?), you have to
          realize that the Sim you are wooing has Needs just as any other Sim,
          even though you can't see their Need meters.  Why is this important?
          Because a Sim must be in a good mood to accept Marriage (or Moving
          In), and Mood is based on the 8 Needs.  So make sure your SimLover has
          eaten, had some fun, talked to your other Sims, and is comfortable
          before popping the question.  Beyond that just keep asking them until
          they say yes!
      Q:  This marriage isn't working out.  My SimWife gets jealous when I kiss
          all the other girls.  Can I get divorced?
      A:  No, there is no divorce!  If you simply want to "play the field", then
          just make sure to have your Sim do all of his romancing in another
          room than any of his other love interests.  But if you want that Sim
          OUT, then there are ways...  You can have that person Die (see the Q
          below for more info on that), or you could get that Sim to get married
          to someone else.  Simply start up another home, and romance that Sim
          until you can get them to marry you.  They move out of the first
          house, and in with the new Sim.
      Q:  The "Propose"/"Move In" option never seems to come up, what can I do
          to encourage it?
      A:  The only reason that those options will never come up is if the two
          Sims already live in the same house, i.e. if they started out in the
          same "family", then they can't get married.  Why?  Marriage is only
          an "event", it merely serves the purpose of getting a new Sim into the
          house.  After that, there's no special purpose to marriage, and the
          two married Sims will act just like two Sims in Love who already lived
          Mark Hissett has this to add:
            There are a few ways to encourage [the propose option].  First of
            all you must be good friends with the person, or good lovers.  And
            your sim must be in a good mood as well.  If they are hungry or need
            some social, then the pie thing won't include the propose/move in.
      Q:  My Sim keeps making "ouches" while preparing Dinner.  Can they be
          wounded permanently from this?
      A:  Not from the actual preparing of the meals, but they can die if a fire
          breaks out while cooking the food.  To prevent such occurrences, have
          your Sim read some Books on Cooking.  Also build a Fire Alarm nearby.
          It can't prevent Fires, but it will call the Fire Department for you.
      Q:  I'm trying to get rid of this Table of mine, but the game keeps saying
          that it is "in use", which it clearly is not, nor is there anything on
          top of it!  How can I get rid of it?
      A:  First off, this is a bug, and as such, it may be prevented (I haven't
          tested this) by downloading the patch off of the official site.  If
          you already have this problem, you may have to have your Sims move out
          to get rid of the table.  You don't have to bulldoze the house, if you
          don't want to.  Another thing to try would be to use the move_objects
          cheat, and then delete the table.  I haven't tested this as this bug
          hasn't happened to me. (see the Cheats section for more info)
          To use the move_objects cheat, press CTRL-SHIFT-C, enter in
          "move_objects on" (without the quotes) into the little command line,
          then go to Furnish mode, click on the table, and DELete it as normal.
          This strategy should be used for any object that mysteriously stays
          "in use" even though it isn't.
      Q:  My Sim put a bag of chips down, and now I can't get rid of the chips!
          I can't eat them, I can't throw them away, what should I do?
      A:  As in the last problem, you can either move out and back in, or try
          the move_objects cheat. (see the Cheats section for more info)
          Also install either the Slot Machine or the Patch from the Official
          site, these will allow you to clean the mess up.
      Q:  Some neighbors seem to be "stuck" on my property. I can’t talk to them
          or anything. What do I do?
      A:  First, try going into Buy mode and moving things out of their way -
          they might be trapped behind objects. If they are outside, make sure
          they are not blocked by plants or hedges. Neighbors who are already
          outside and trying to leave won’t cut through the house to get home,
          so you’ll have to manually make sure they can reach the sidewalk from
          where they are. If they are inside, in a room with an outside door,
          make sure they can reach it. Just like when they’re outside, they
          won’t change rooms in order to get around an obstacle.
          If they have a clear path and still won’t move, you’ll have to do
          something more drastic:
             1)  Hit Control-Shift-C to bring up the cheat window.
             2)  Type "move_objects on"
             3)  Go to Buy mode. Select the neighbor and hit delete.  Don’t
                 worry, they’re not dead. Think of it as throwing them off your
             4)  Hit Control-Shift-C to bring up the cheat window.
             5)  Type "move_objects off”.
                                         -- from http://www.thesims.com/
      Q:  My Sim keeps getting strange phone calls, including one that implies
          that (s)he is going to die soon! Is this just the developers playing
          with my mind, or am I about to have an ex-Sim?
      A:  Wouldn't that be weird?  But luckily it isn't going to happen.  The
          only ways that your Sim can die are through YOUR own negligence.  In
          fact most the incoming phone calls are completely meaningless.  So, if
          they aren't telling you something important, such as a Friend about to
          lose interest in you, your Sim getting fired if they skip work again,
          or your Sim gaining an inheritance, you can safely ignore the call.
      Q:  My Sim is Sick!  What should I do?  Can he die?
      A.  First quarantine the sick Sim to prevent contagion.  Next make sure
          that your Sim is well rested.  Don't go to work or school while sick,
          just stay home and rest.  When up, go drink some coffee, but don't do
          anything strenuous.  And YES YOU CAN DIE!  So take sickness seriously.
      Q:  I want to expand my house, how do you remove walls?
      A:  In the Build Mode press and hold CTRL, then click and drag the mouse
          across the wall that you wish to remove.
      Q:  I saw on The Sims website that somebody had a garage with a car inside
          it.  How did they get a car?
      A:  You can fake it, but you can't really get a car.  Here's what they did.
          First they built whatever structure that they would use to house the
          cars, using the standard house builder.  Then, they activated the
          move_objects cheat (by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-C, then typing in
          move_objects on), wait for the carpool to show up, then go into the
          Furnish mode (F2), and pick up and move the car into the garage.
          It won't stay there, it will drive off eventually, but it will at
          least look like you have a car in the garage for a bit.
          You can actually download cars as normal objects from this website:
          Although you still can't drive them.
      Q:  I want to move my Sims into a new home, will they keep all of their
      A:  Yes.  Also their previous house will be sold along with everything in
          it (at current market value, e.g. all objects depreciate with time and
          use).  This value is called the "Net Worth".  You can see all the
          families' Net Worth at the Neighborhood screen.  This basically is the
          amount of money they would have if they moved out of their house.
      Q:  I ran out of money, and couldn't pay the Maid/Gardener, and now they
          refuse to come back even though I have the money now.  What do I do?
      A:  You've been blacklisted, my friend, and there's only one way out of
          it, and that is to move out of your house.  So go to the neighborhood
          screen, Evict your Sims (the bulldozer icon) and have them move back
          in.  Or you could use this as your chance to move into a larger house,
          but I suspect you wouldn't be able to afford it (if you couldn't
          afford a Maid!).
            Note:  Blacklisting ends after 5 days and the Maids/Gardeners will
                   then work for you again.
      Q:  Ok, everyday the Repairman shows up, does absolutely nothing useful,
          and just won't leave!  I tell him to go away, but he just returns
          again later!  What do I do?
      A:  This usually happens when the Repairman is called, and he finds a
          burnt out Wall Light.  However, if this wall light is being partially
          blocked, by a table, or a chair or something in front of it, the
          Repairman can't fix it!  But, he'll really want to fix it, so he keeps
          hanging around hoping that you'll move the table/chair/obstacle so
          that he can do his job.
      Q:  All my Sims only have 20,000 to start with, so how do I get them into
          the nice big shiny homes?
      A:  Evict your Sims when they get rich enough to get a new house (use the
          bulldozer Icon in the Neighborhood screen, then click on the
          appropriate house to evict.  It also asks if you want to bulldoze that
          house, that's up to you) then go back to the Select/Create a Family
          screen and select the Sims that you just evicted.  Now you can move
          them into any house that they can afford.  Make sure that they still
          have enough money to furnish the house, as most houses on the block
          come empty.
      Q:  If Sim1 married Sim2 and moved into 2's house, what will happen to
          Sim1's photos?
      A:  Sim1's photos will disappear when he moves in with sim2's house and
          change his last name to his.
      Q:  I don't like my neighborhood, is there a way to reset it to how it was
          before I mucked it up?
      A:  Uninstall and reinstall the game.  Then you might want to make a copy
          of the UserData folder (found in TheSims directory,
          c:\program files\maxis\thesims\userdata).  Then if you ever want to
          play a different neighborhood, or just play with a blank neighborhood,
          simply move the copied folder back.
      Q:  There is a marking on the lower right corner of one of my character's
          face photo.  A red plus with a circle around it.  I got it when both
          of my characters reached the final job levels.  What does it mean?
      A:  I've seen this come up two different times (neither of which were the
          one that you describe).  The first is when you Right Click on the
          portrait, it will then Zoom in on the Sim, and put in the Red
          "Crosshairs."  Then if the Sim wanders off, then the game will keep
          that Sim on the screen.  The other time I've seen this is when you use
          the move_objects cheat to delete a Sim, they're portrait will have the
          Crosshairs on it, click on the portrait and the Sim reappears.
      Q:  Is there a Demo?
      A:  No.
      Q:  Is this game worth getting?
      A:  Yes.
      Q:  How do we kill our Sim?
      A:  Well that is rather morbid of you, but there are several ways to "off"
          a Sim.  You can have them fight a fire, they might catch on fire
          themselves and die a horrible death.  Or you could starve them to
          death.  And finally you can also have them get electrocuted by having
          them try to fix an appliance (or even changing a light bulb) without
          any mechanical know how.  I think a Sim has a 1 in 5 chance of dying
          per light bulb with no mechanical skill points.
      Q:  What happens to Dead Sims?
      A:  Their remains will "remain" with you forever!  You can place the
          remains inside your house (as an Urn) or outside (as a tombstone).
          Either way, that dead Sim will every once in awhile roam around
          HAUNTING THE LIVING AS A GHOST!  Spooky!  It's a random chance as to
          whether that Dead Sim will haunt each night at 11:00 pm.
          If you have Livin' Large installed, when a Sim dies, your other Sims get
          a chance to win back the life of the departed Sim.  They must beat
          Death in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, if they win, the dead Sim returns
          to life.
      Q:  What happens to the rest of the Departed Sims' Family?
      A:  They have to mourn (if they know about the death, that is) for the poor
          Sim for awhile, then they can mourn at any time by going up to the
          remains.  Beyond that, they aren't much affected by it.
      Q:  Can you kill off the maid, repairman and the gardener?  If you lure
          them into a room or pool and remove the way out, will they die the
          same as a regular sim?
      A:  I've tried, but the Maid just managed to appear outside of my trap.
          Several times.  I would build a wall around her, but as soon as I went
          back to LIVE mode, she just ... popped out of it.
          Joseph Peitler has this to add:
            "One of the floor lamps burned out, so I made my character call the
            repairman.  He came over, touch the lamp and got electrocuted.
            Thanks to the patch, he didn't die (there is a joke in there,
            somewhere).  He finished it and went on as usual.  It was funny
            seeing him light up like a Christmas tree, though."
      Q:  My Sims' Mood is fine until they get outside, then it plummets (due to
          the Room rating)... what's wrong?
      A:  When this first happened to me, it was because I hadn't bothered to
          recycle the newspapers that had been arriving everyday (they stop
          being delivered after 6 days of you not picking them up).  Once a new
          paper arrives, then the old one turns to trash, and trash has a
          horrible effect on Room.  Also you may want to decorate the outside.
          Place some flowers, flamingoes, hedges, and whatnot.  If you place
          flowers, be sure to water them, or those will take the Sims' Room
          rating down.
      Q:  My Sim is going to work everyday, has all the requirements for a
          promotion, but doesn't ever seem to get it.  What's wrong?
      A:  Once all the requirements are met, all you need is mood!  If your Sim
          goes to work a surly grouch, he won't get promoted, but a happy fun
          loving Sim always gets the good jobs.
      Q:  Can my Sim get demoted for being in a Bad Mood?  What about if he
          loses some family friends, or a stat is dropped?
      A:  Yes, Sims can get demoted for being in a bad mood.  One could suppose
          that being in a bad mood caused their work to suffer, and that got
          them demoted.  And no, you don't get demoted if you lose some family
          friends, or you have a stat dropped.
      Q:  My Sim got fired, can I get another good high paying job?
      A:  Nope!  Have to start out at the bottom of the ladder again.  That's
          why you should avoid getting fired.  Going back up the ladder is
          easiest if you choose a career path that needs the Skills that you
          already have from working on your previous job.  So if you have lots
          of Body, try for a Military, Law Enforcement, or X-Treme career
          tracks.  Same for the rest of the Skills, try to keep to what would be
          easiest to get promoted.
      Q:  I am having no luck at making friends with this one Sim.  What am I
          doing wrong?
      A:  Some Sims just clash (click on the Personality Button, then on their
          Astrological Sign to see which Sims they are least compatible with),
          or maybe that Sim (or your Sim) isn't very nice.  It's very hard to
          like a mean Sim.  Hard, but not impossible.  With these Sims you have
          to carefully monitor their interactions.  If that Sim is about to
          taunt you, then cancel that action (although you can't cancel their
          action directly you can cancel it on the receiving end by clicking on
          the "Be Taunted" icon that will appear in your Queue), and try simply
          talking to the Sim.  With time, their relationship will improve, and
          you will be able to be less vigilant, as friends tend to clash less
      Q:  While looking at my house on the neighborhood screen, it says that I
          have 13 friends, yet when I get into the house, it says I only have
          11!  What gives?
      A:  At the neighborhood level, it counts every friend that your family
          has, including friends INSIDE YOUR OWN FAMILY.  So if your Sims are
          friends with each other, they will be counted at the neighborhood
          level.  But since these relationships don't help with the Family
          Friend count, they aren't counted at the House level.  So, at the
          House level, only friends OUTSIDE OF THE FAMILY are counted.
          broadstrong has a differing viewpoint:
            I observed that when I FIRST enter the neighbourhood (after the blue
            loading screen with all the scrolling words below), the number of
            family friends include both "friends" (50+ relationship) and "warm"
            (20 to 49 relationship).  But when I enter the house, relationships
            below 50 won't be considered (well, accordingly they are not friends
            with the Sim anyway), so the count decreases.  However, on returning
            to the neighbourhood screen, the family count is now correctly
            updated, so if the family has 11 friends, this time it WILL show 11,
            nothing else.
      Q:  My Sim seems to sleep forever!  Nothing I have done will get him up!
          What do I do?
      A:  Sims like to stay in bed, if they have no way to get out of bed.  That
          is, if you have some object by the side of the bed that prevents the
          Sim from getting out of bed, they'll just stay in there forever.  Of
          course, it would be nice if they would tell you something...
          broadstrong notes that with the Sims v1.1 patch installed, when this
          happens, you see a "Can't get up" animation.
      Q:  My Sim has been in the Bath for an awful long time.  How can I get
          him/her out?
      A:  This one happened to my sister (and it's similar to the above Sleeping
          problem).  She had a Sim in a brand new Tub that was built in the
          corner of the bathroom with a Shower right next to it.  The Sim was
          able to get in, but due to the Shower being right there, the Sim could
          not get out.  When something like this happens, look around to see
          what is blocking your Sim, and move it!
      Q:  Do we ever get to see the Sims naked?  Having Sex?  What about any
          Naked Skins?
      A:  No, no and no.  Although at the proper angle, you CAN see the Sims
          naked in the shower. (you'll have to figure out the angle yourself,
          though!)  The most the Sims ever do in love is to passionately kiss.
          If they "make a baby" then nothing happens between the Sims and the
          baby "magically appears".
          Note:  You CAN patch your game to get rid of the Pixel Censor when
                 your Sim does something naughty.  See section 12.2.1 for the
          Note:  Also, Sims CAN have sex if you have the Livin' Large expansion
                 pack installed.  Buy the Love Bed and turn it to Vibrate.  Then
                 have the second Sim go up and "Play in Bed."
      Q:  In the opening movie I can see a Sim coming out naked (albeit
          censored) from the Hot Tub, but my Sims always wear a Swimsuit...
      A:  The first Sim into the Hot Tub must be a VERY Outgoing Sim to get in
          Buck Nekkid.  Once one Sim goes in naked, then it seems that you just
          can't stop every other Sim from going in naked as well.  Crazy!  Also
          you probably should know that a lot of things in the Opening Video
          were changed in the Final Game.  If you watch closely you can see
          different Serving Plates, Plasma TV's and more.
      Q:  I set the Sims to speak English, but I can't understand a word that
          they are saying.
      A:  Sims speak in gibberish called Sim (or SimSpeak if you prefer).  The
          only way that it resembles English (or any other language that it lets
          you "set") is in the rhythm or cadence.
      Q:  Can I change the radio station's names?  What about the music?
      A:  See the above section "Everything else in the Neighborhood" for
          information on changing the music.  However, you cannot change the
          radio station's names.  So whatever you change the music to will still
          be listed under "Country" "Latin" "Rock" or "Classical".
      Q:  Do you have any cheats?  What about any trainers or editors?
      A:  Cheats can be found in the above section "Cheats & Tricks".  As for
          editors and trainers, there has been one, but I think that it has
      Q:  OK, I deleted my mailbox/carpool, and now I want them back, how can I
          do that?
      A:  Thus we see the perils of using the move_objects cheat!  I have an
          idea about how you could get your Mailbox/Carpool back if you deleted
          them:  Import a new house from somewhere (usually
          http://www.thesims.com/) and install that into the game.  That should
          work.  Or you could just uninstall the game then reinstall.
          There are two places on the site that have houses to download, "Get
          Cool Stuff" and "The Sims Exchange".  Before you go there, check to
          see which Lot Number you need, then make sure to download the correct
          house.  Your best bet, by the way, is the Sims Exchange.
      Q:  I downloaded a house from The Sims Official Site, and unzipped it, but
          now what do I do?
      A:  Houses download as an EXE, which I have assumed that you have run,
          after which it says something like "It has been installed", then run
          your game, and at the neighborhood screen it will give you the option
          to have this new house (and family) replace the one currently there.
          So the previous house will vanish, along with everyone in it, to be
          replaced by the new house and family. (all houses come with families)
            Warning:  Before downloading any house/Exchange family off of the
                      Official Site, make SURE that the lot that you are
                      replacing has nothing that you want to keep!  The
                      displaced family will simply be back at the Family
                      Selection list, but they'll have lost their home.
      Q:  The cheat 'klapaucius' no longer works!  Did upgrading the game do
      A:  Yes.  The new patch changes the money cheat from klapaucius to
          rosebud.  Why they did this is beyond me.
      Q:  Can I win The Sims?
      A:  Nope.  You can't lose either, although if you kill off all your Sims
          that could be considered losing.  This game is all about the playing,
          nothing more, nothing less.
      Q:  I can't find my serial number, can I have yours?
      A:  No.  If your game didn't COME with a serial number, you could try
          contacting Maxis through their website:
      Q:  No, really, I lost my case, can I have your serial number?
      A:  NO!!  All emails to this effect are IGNORED and DELETED.
      Q:  OK, I don't have a serial number, and therefore can't download off of
          the Official Sims Site, so how can I get all those neat downloads?
          Will you send them to me?
      A:  First, no, I won't send any of the updates to you.  Second, you can
          find most of the Sim's Downloads at any of the web pages listed in the
          Online Resources down in the Final Words section.  Try either
          http://www.simzonline.com/ or http://go.to/simuniverse/ but almost any
          of the sites will do.
      Q:  I want to put this FAQ on my webpage, can I?
      A:  Sure.  Just don't change ANYTHING without prior email approval by me,
          and try to keep it reasonably up to date.  I update this FAQ a lot,
          adding new Frequently Asked Questions, strategies, and correcting any
          mistakes found.  It really doesn't help me to have people seeing old
          versions of the FAQ and sending me emailed questions that have already
          been answered.
      Q:  I emailed you, and you didn't answer!  What's up with that?
      A:  There are usually 3 reasons why I don't reply:
             1.  Your question is already answered in the FAQ somewhere.  This
                 gets tricky if the question has been answered in a new version
                 but you were looking at an older version.  So be sure to always
                 check GameFAQs for the latest version before emailing in a
             2.  Your question is covered in the manual.  I really don't want to
                 rewrite the manual in this FAQ, and to that end I won't include
                 much information found therein in here.  Which means that I
                 won't answer questions found in the manual.
             3.  I lost your email.  This happens either when I put the email
                 aside for the moment, and forget about it, or when I attempt
                 to reply, but get a Returned Email Failure.  The second happens
                 quite often with AOL addresses, they won't accept Web Based
                 emails (to avoid SPAM) and so I couldn't answer you if I tried.
                 This is a setting in the options somewhere, and if you could
                 please tell me where to send a reply that won't get returned.
             4.  Your email didn't contain the proper SUBJECT line.  If you want a
                 Sims related response, your subject should read "The Sims."  I
                 never read emails that have no subjects at all.
          Those are the USUAL reasons why I don't reply, others include that I
          was too tired at the time I got it, and forgot about it, or that I
          didn't know an answer, and ignored it.  Those are rare.
          If you didn't get a reply, and feel that you deserve one, just email
          me again.
      Q:  I have some bizarre and obscure technical problem....
      A:  I have no idea how to fix technical problems, such as the game not
          running or the game crashing.  Try looking at Maxis' Official Sims
      If you have a question that wasn't answered by one of the Frequently Asked
      Questions above, please feel free to email me:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
                     Livin' Large Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      Just because Livin' Large isn't out yet, doesn't mean I haven't been asked
      questions about it!
      Q:  I installed Livin' Large, but it looks like the same ol' Sims.  Where are
          all of the new objects?
      A:  What happened is that your installation was interrupted, which means that
          Livin' Large never fully installed.  Here is what the official website
          (http://www.thesims.ea.com/) has to say about it:
            Some users report installing the Sims Livin' Large, but get no multiple 
            neighborhoods, no new walls, no new floors, and the only objects they 
            get are the downloads that were included in Livin' Large. Some users 
            also report seeing the new Livin' Large objects in Buy mode, but not in 
            Live mode.
            This generally occurs when a user has installed an unauthorized 
            3rd-party patch or other modification to the game's executable code. 
            The Sims Livin' Large only installs properly on legitimate, unaltered 
            versions of The Sims executable. Objects, skins, walls, floors and such 
            have no effect on this; it is only patches to the game's executable 
            code which cause this problem.
            We have also had reports of this occurring when no changes have been 
            made to the executable, but we have not yet isolated the cause of the 
            problem in these cases.
            You must uninstall and reinstall The Sims, then reinstall The Sims 
            Livin' Large.
            If this does not correct the problem, download the Livin' Large install 
            fixer. After installing The Sims Livin' Large, run the install fixer.
            This is NOT a game patch, and should NOT be used if your game is 
            functioning properly. It simply completes the installation process in 
            cases where a technical problem has prevented proper installation.
      Q:  What is Livin' Large?
      A:  Livin' Large is the upcoming Expansion Pack for The Sims.  It will
          have new careers, objects, and other bizarre things.  Check out the
          Livin' Large section near the beginning of this Guide for more
      Q:  Will Livin' Large be like Sim City 3000 Unlimited and be a complete
      A:  No, it will require that you already have The Sims installed on your
          computer.  Then when you run The Sims, it will probably require that
          you have the Livin' Large CD in, rather than the original CD.
      Q:  How much does Livin' Large cost, and where can I get it?
      A:  The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is $29.95.  The
          original Sims had an MSRP of $49.95.  You can find Livin' Large at any
          retailer that carries software:
            Electronics Boutique (http://www.ebworld.com/)
            Software Etc., Babbages (http://www.gamestop.com/)
            Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/)
          Also, starting in mid-September (2002) you can get the Sims: Deluxe
          edition, which is both the original game and the first expansion, Livin'
          Large. ($39.95)
      Q:  My Sim died, and I'm trying to Plead with Death, but it isn't working.
          What do I do?
      A:  You have to have someone who ISN'T DEAD plead with Death.  Then they
          can play the eternal game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  If you win, your
          Sim comes back to life, if you lose you may come back as a zombie.  Or
          maybe Death will ignore you and take him to Hades anyway.
                                    Final Words...
    Online Resources:
      http://www.ea.com/               -- the publisher's site
      http://www.thesims.com/          -- the Official Sims Site
                                          This one is probably the one you will 
                                          want to go to the most often.  They have
                                          downloads to add to your game (new items
                                          such as the Slot Machine), etc.
      http://www.simzonline.com/       -- One of the best Fan Sites
      http://sims.xtremesimz.com/      -- The Sims Resource Center
      http://www.projectsims.com/      -- Project Sims
                                       -- Mall of the Sims
      http://www.simeden.com/          -- SimEden
      http://www.sim-heaven.com/       -- Sim Heaven
      http://go.to/simuniverse/        -- Sim Universe
      http://www.7deadlysims.com/      -- A bizarre little site that has different
                                          skins and things based on the 7 Deadly
                                       -- Sims Online (not to be confused with the
                                          above Simz Online)
                                       -- The Diary of a Sim
      http://coasters.nozone.net/      -- Coaster's Sims Page
      http://thesims.xtremesimz.com/   -- Appears to be offline now 
      http://www.gamefaqs.com/         -- the best FAQs site on the net!
                                       -- GameFAQs section on The Sims
      http://www.cheatcc.com/          -- a great place for all your cheating needs
        EBWorld made some neat skins that can be found at the above site.
    ASCII Art created using the ASCII Art Maker by LTS (freeware)
      You can possibly (doubtfully) find it at http://www.download.com/
    This FAQ was written entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)
    Shameless Self Promotion:
      I have also written FAQs for:
        NES:      Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
                  Final Fantasy -- Magic FAQ
                  The Legend of Zelda
        SNES:     Aerobiz
                  Aerobiz Supersonic
                  Utopia: Creation of a Nation
        Genesis:  StarFlight
        PSX:      Thousand Arms -- Walkthrough
                                -- Forging/Dating FAQ
        PS2:      Madden NFL 2001
        XBOX:     Star Wars: KotOR2: The Sith Lords -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                    -- Influence Guide
        PC:       AD&D Rules FAQ
                  3rd Edition D&D Rules FAQ
                  Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                              NPC List
                                                              Creature List
                  Baldur's Gate II & Throne of Bhaal -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                     -- Items List
                                                     -- Class FAQ
                                                     -- Creature List
                  Civilization III (incomplete)
                  Colonization -- the Single Colony Strategy Guide
                               -- the Cheat Guide
                  Drakan: Order of the Flame
                  Dungeon Hack
                  Icewind Dale & Heart of Winter -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                    Items List
                                                    Kresselack's Tomb Map (JPG)
                                                    Burial Isle Map (JPG)
                                                    Shattered Hand Map (JPG)
                  Icewind Dale II                -- Items List
                  Master of Magic (revision)
                  Pharaoh (currently being edited by Red Phoenix)
                  Planescape: Torment  -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                          Items Listing
                  Rollercoaster Tycoon
                  Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
                  Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar
                  Ultima 7: The Black Gate
                  Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle
                  Ultima Underworld -- Keyboard Commands
                  Ultima Underworld II -- Keyboard Commands
                                       -- Spell List
      All of my FAQs can be found at:
       Email:    dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
       Subject:  the Sims
       Email Policy:  If you are going to email me about this game, please put
                      The Sims as the subject.  Or Sims.  Also please realize
                      that I am not hiding cheats or any other information, i.e.
                      everything I know about The Sims is in this guide.
                      Emails without the proper subject MAY BE DELETED!
    Special Thanks: (I don't post email addresses, except by special request)
      Joseph Peitler for contributing more than his share of tips (thanks!)
      Lynelle Foulk for the baby personality research
      Shyguy982 for his Trick in "Cheats & Tricks"
      Kyrre Aalerud for the 3 tricks also in "Cheats & Tricks"
      Christopher Scatliff for the Balcony correction
      Alan Waumsley for noticing that some Sims just don't get up
      Nancy Beck for a new cheat
      J.T. Kauffman for his great Questions
      Andrew Tate for a correction in the FAQ (about Sim's Bios)
      Apieper for some minor corrections here and there and for the Known Bugs
      Jesper Thiesen for the Every Other Bill thing
      Red Phoenix for a great many tips, tricks, and/or strategies
      Locutus for the Spellchecking
      Mandy Falco for her wonderful tips
      Catty Burton for her multiple baby bug
      Mark H. Dove for sending me the note on Forced Job Switching
      Mikey Griffiths for the Easter Egg (see the Cheats section)
      Dan Vernon for his method on killing everyone in the neighborhood (a bizarre
        thing to thank!)
      Adam McSweeney for pointing out one very bad mistake of mine
      Lim Yu Kee for telling me about Maids and Gardeners not returning
      Andrea Della Malva for the table question
      Joseph Peitler for the Baby Tips, FAQs, and Bugs (etc., etc., etc.!)
      Jordan Edmonson for his correction
      Keri for a couple of notes having to do with children
      RD Saunders for the Job "Shifts"
      Leviathan for pointing out that I had left section 14 off of the Contents
      Mike Fenton for section 5.7 Sim Personalities and Compatibilities
      Mark Hissett for a bunch of stuff (known bugs, and such)
      Knowla for a way to correct a bug
      Derek Hansen for his personality information
      James Wardle for a few Wishes in the Wish List
      Eric Chapman for more information on killing repairmen (see Known Bugs)
      Andrew Harms for section 6.3.1 and everything in it
      Jon Mars for the trick about getting the desired social interaction
      GamemaniaX for the expanded abuse the carpool
      Seeker for the Housebuilding on a Budget stuff
      broadstrong for lots of information (mostly on kids)
      moonshine for the evil twin bug addition
      Rob Sevening for several Livin' Large tips
      JediPika88 for lots of Livin' Large tips and information
      TheReaper86 for a trashcan strategy
      TJ Tillman for the Unleashed job charts
      Amy Lam for a Gnome pricing update
      Anyone who has emailed me with something nice to say
      CJayC for posting this FAQ and informing me (via his website) that The Sims
        was out!
      Will Wright for making this bizarrely fun game
      Maxis and EA for publishing this uniquely addictive game
    Version History:
    Preliminary Version 0.9 (2-11-00, 47k)
    Original Version 1.0 (2-12-00, 63k)
      Added the section Babies and Children
      Finished all the other sections
      Added a Trainer
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 1.1 (2-19-00, 64k)
      Renamed the Cheats section to "Cheats & Tricks"
    Changes in Version 1.5 (2-20-00, 74k)
      Rewrote a lot of the information for clarity
      Added lots of new information as well
    Changes in Version 1.6 (2-21-00, 82k)
      Added a neat new trick from Kyrre Aalerud
      Added the Frequently Asked Questions Section
    Changes in Version 1.7 (2-25-00, 86k)
      Added several new Frequently Asked Questions
      Started work on the Career Ladder Chart
      Added a new Online Resource, and fixed another
      Added 2 new Tricks to Cheats and Tricks
      Other minute changes
    Changes in Version 2.0 (2-26-00, 126k)
      Spun out a new Section 6.1 and put the Career Tracks in there
      Finished all the Career Tracks
      Added 2 new Sections, 4.1 and 4.2, Cooking and Room Rating
      Spun out another section 10.1 Death and Ghosts from section 10
      Spun out the section 9.1 Children and School
      Added another Alternate Floor Plan
      Added another Frequently Asked Question (having to do with Hot Tubs)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.1 (2-27-00, 127k)
      Created a new section 2.1  The Bachelor Sim
    Changes in Version 2.2 (2-28-00, 132k)
      Added to the Bachelor Sim Section
      Added the section 4.3  Alternative to Alarm Clocks
      Also added the section 6.2  Abusing the Carpool
      And also added the section 6.2.1  Early Morning Social Call
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.3 (2-29-00, 146k)
      Spun out the section 11.1 Deleting Trash (and Bills too!) from the Cheats
        & Tricks Section
      Added the section 2.2 The Full House (8 Sims)
      Renamed 6.1 to The Jobs Chart
      Added the section 5.1 Befriending Mean Sims
      Changed the Frequently Asked Questions Format
      Added a couple new Frequently Asked Questions as well
      Spun out the Changing the Radio Station Music section
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.4 (3-1-00, 153k)
      Added the section 5.2 Carrying on Multiple Romances
      Added the Section 5.3 Maintaining Relationships the Easy Way
      Spell Checked the entire document (thanks to Red Phoenix who pointed out
        that I needed to do this)
      Added the section 9.2 What Kids Do
      Added the section 2.1.1 The Bachelor Gets Married
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.5 (3-2-00, 164k)
      Added a new Online Resource (Mall of the Sims)
      Added a new Frequently Asked Question
      Added the Section 3.1  Building a Better House
      Added the Section 4.4  Who Needs a Trashcan?
      Added the Section 8.1  Building that Second Story
      Also added the Section 8.1.1  The "Flying" Second Story
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.51 (3-3-00, 165k)
      Created section 8.1.2 (thanks to Christopher Scatliff for the info)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.52 (3-5-00, 166k)
      Added a new Frequently Asked Question
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 2.53 (3-8-00, 167k)
      Added 2 new Frequently Asked Questions
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.0 (3-9-00, 200k)
      Added the Section "Customizing Your Game"
      And in that section I moved the "Changing the Radio Music" Section
      And created 2 new sections "Skins" and "Multiple Neighborhoods"
      Created the section "Alternate Job Chart"
      Created the section "Understanding Your Sims" and its subsections:  "What a
        Sim Wants/Needs" and "Why A Sim Does What He Does"
      Oh, I also created section 12.2.1  The "Nude" Patch (heh)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.01 (3-10-00, 201k)
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.02 (3-11-00, 202k)
      Some more Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.03 (3-13-00, 203k)
      Added a new cheat from Nancy Beck
      There is now a new Translation!  Check the Notes at the top of the FAQ
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.1 (3-18-00, 210k)
      Added the new section 7.1  Working the Pause
      Added a few new Frequently Asked Questions
      Did some Spellchecking!
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.12 (3-20-00, 214k)
      Added the section 6.3  Quitting for Fun and Profit
      Realized that I had left out the Final Stats for the Medicine Career Path
        (this is now fixed!)
      Cut some things out from the "Misc Facts"
      Added a new "Alternate Job Chart" to the section of the same name
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.14 (3-21-00, 221k)
      Added a bunch of new Frequently Asked Questions (courtesy of J.T. Kauffman)
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 3.15 (3-24-00, 222k)
      Lots of small changes all around!
    Changes in Version 3.16 (3-25-00, 223k)
      Some small changes
    Changes in Version 3.17 (3-27-00, 224k)
      One small change
    Changes in Version 3.18 (3-28-00, 224k)
      One more small change
    Changes in Version 3.19 (3-29-00, 225k)
      Added the section 11.2  Paying only Every Other Bill
    Changes in Version 4.0 (3-30-00, 240k)
      Added the Section 13 Known Bugs (thanks to Apieper!)
      Added a new Frequently Asked Question
      Added the Section 5.4 Sending your Sim out of the House
      Added the Section 5.5 Creating Friends the Old Fashioned Way
      Added the Section 11.3 The Newbie Trick
      Added the Section 3.2 Who Needs Walls?
      Added the Section 5.6 How to Befriend SimKids
      Added the Section 4.6 Moving Trash Yourself
      Small Changes (Always!)
    Changes in Version 4.01 (3-31-00, 241k)
      One small change (The new SimDay was an upgrade to the game!)
    Changes in Version 4.02 (4-1-00, 242k)
      Apparantly klapaucius no longer works with the game update (see above), but
        a new code, rosebud, works in its place.  So I added a Frequently Asked
        Question about this as well as updated the Cheats listing.
    Changes in Version 4.03 (4-3-00, 245k)
      Some spelling corrections, thanks to Locutus
      Some new tips, thanks to Mandy Falco (added 11.4 Washing Dishes Faster)
      Added a new Known Bug from Catty Burton
    Changes in Version 4.04 (4-4-00, 248k)
      Added one thing from Mark H. Dove about Fored Job Switching (Section 6)
      Added a new Frequently Asked Question
    Changes in Version 4.05 (4-5-00, 252k)
      Re-did the Cheats section with a LOT of new cheats!
      Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.1 (4-6-00, 257k)
      Added Section 4.7  The "Cluster" Method
      Added a tip to Section 9, about Children being a Tax Credit
      Added an Easter Egg from Mikey Griffiths
      Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.11 (4-10-00, 258k)
      Added a new "trick" to section 11
      Fixed one glaringly bad mistake
    Changes in Version 4.2 (4-13-00, 267k)
      Added three new Frequently Asked Question (about Maids not returning, and
        Objects that won't go away, and Chips that stay on your floor)
      Added the new section 14.  Getting the Most from The Sims
      Added the new section 11.5  Deleting your Characters and Resetting their Mood
      Added the new SimDay "event", new MTV Skins
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.25 (4-14-00, 272k)
      Added a couple of new Frequently Asked Question (about Repairmen not
        leaving, and Neighbors not leaving)
      Added the new section 10.2  Did you Know?, which is about the makers of the
        game, Will Wright et al.
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.26 (4-15-00, 274k)
      Added some Facts from Joseph Peitler in the new section 9.0.1 Baby Tips
      Added a new Frequently Asked Question (about how Friends are counted at the
        neighborhood level vs. the house level)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.27 (4-16-00, 275k)
      Changed one mistake (thanks to Jordan Edmonson)
      Added a couple notes from Keri
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.28 (4-18-00, 277k)
      Updated the Maid Blacklisting thing (thanks again to Lim Yu Kee)
      Added an idea to get the Mailbox/Carpool back (see the FAQ section) if you
        deleted it with the move_objects cheat
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.3 (4-20-00, 281k)
      Created section 11.6 How to Max out all the Personality Stats
      Created the section 11.7 Starting a Sim with random Job Stats
      Added the new SimDay "event", topiaries
      Added a couple of new websites, SimUniverse (http://go.to/simuniverse/) and
        7 Deadly Sims (http://www.7deadlysims.com/)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.4 (4-24-00, 286k)
      Created section 6.4 Job "Shifts" (a job shift is when you get kicked out of
        your level 10 job somewhere, and placed into a lower level job in another
        career, Thanks to RD Saunders for this!)
      Fixed a mistake in the Contents
      Added a new Frequently Asked Question (about downloading houses)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.5 (4-25-00, 300k)
      Created Section 5.7 Sim Personalities and Compatibilities (thanks to Mike
      Added a couple new Frequently Asked Questions (thanks to Joseph Peitler)
      Added some new "Known Bugs" (in the section of the same name, thanks again
        to Joseph Peitler)
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.51 (4-26-00, 304k)
      Added several new Frequently Asked Questions
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.52 (4-27-00, 306k)
      It's Thursday, SimDay, so added the new Maxis Object, Flowerbeds
      Added a couple new Frequently Asked Questions
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.6 (4-28-00, 320k)
      Received a way to correct a bug (the "accidental twins" thing) from Knowla
      Updated a Frequently Asked Question from Mark Hissett
      Added a couple of new Known Bugs from Mark Hissett
      Created section 4.1.1  Food Strategies (thanks again to Mark Hissett)
      Put Derek Hansen's personality scores into section 1.1.2
      Created section 15. Wish List
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.61 (5-2-00, 321k)
      Added a brand new Frequently Asked Question
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.62 (5-3-00, 321k)
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.63 (5-4-00, 322k)
      Added the latest SimDay event, the Jukebox and the White House
      Added a new Wish to the Wish List from Mike Fenton
      Snipped a few things out of the Notes above that seemed a bit redundant
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.64 (5-6-00, 323k)
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.7 (5-11-00, 336k)
      Added the latest SimDay event, the new Trashcans
      Added several new Wishes (thanks to James Wardle)
      Added to a Frequently Asked Question (thanks to Joseph Peitler)
      Added section 12.4 Download Surprises (also thanks to Joseph Peitler)
      Added a couple of new Online Resources (web links)
      Added some information on killing repairmen (see Known Bugs, thanks to
        Eric Chapman)
      Created section 6.3.1 Job Hopping Analysis (thanks to Andrew Harms)
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.71 (5-12-00, 339k)
      Created section ii. Information on the Upcoming Add-On, Livin' Large
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.72 (5-16-00, 343k)
      Created section 5.8) Getting the Desired Interaction (thanks to Jon Mars)
      Added an expanded Abuse the Carpool thing (section 6.2) thanks to GamemaniaX
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.73 (5-22-00, 345k)
      Created section 3.3)  Housebuilding, especially on a Budget thanks to
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.74 (5-23-00, 348k)
      Added several Editors to the Cheats section
      Added information from broadstrong
      Added a couple new tips from Joseph Peitler
      Some Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.75 (5-24-00, 349k)
      Created Section 12.5  Playing Without the Sims CD
    Changes in Version 4.76 (5-28-00, 350k)
      Added some more information from Joseph Peitler, in Known Bugs and Death
        and Ghosts
    Changes in Version 4.77 (6-1-00, 350k)
      Added the latest SimDay Event, the Glowing Flamingo
      Changed the email policy (see above)
    Changes in Version 4.78 (6-4-00, 353k)
      Added a bug note from moonshine (about Evil Twins)
      Added yet more information from Joseph Peitler (a couple new FAQ's, etc.)
      Added more information about the upcoming Add-On, Livin' Large (see section
      Other Small Changes
    Changes in Version 4.79 (6-6-00, 354k)
      Moved something out of Known Bugs and into the FAQ
      Found at (via Joseph Peitler) that the Slot Machine was listed twice in the
        "Download Surprises" section, this is now fixed
    Changes in Version 4.80 (6-7-00, 354k)
      Added the Italian version of the FAQ (see the Notes above)
    Changes in Version 4.9 (6-8-00, 357k)
      Created section 11.8) Speeding up your Sim (thanks to broadstrong)
      Added a lot of little additions all over the FAQ from broadstrong
      Some other small changes
    Changes in Version 4.91 (6-13-00, 363k)
      Added a lot of new information from broadstrong
      Some other small changes
    Changes in Version 4.92 (6-15-00, 365k)
      Added some new information on the Add-On, Livin' Large in section ii.
      Some other small changes
    Changes in Version 4.93 (6-20-00, 368k)
      Added a bug from moonshine
      Added more information on the upcoming Expansion Pack, Livin' Large
        (courtesy of Wendy Zupack)
    Changes in Version 4.94 (6-23-00, 372k)
      Added new Bug info from broadstrong
      Version 4.95  August 15, 2000  376k
        It's been almost two months since the last update and Livin' Large is fast
        Started using the new version history form, which as you can see is much
        cleaner to look at.  Also updated the Shameless Self Promotion to reflect
        what I've been up to lately.
        Created section 12.6 to deal with the slew of new Object Editors:
        Blueprint, SimTransmogrifier, and Maxis' Art Studio, a new tool for
        creating custom Wall Hangings.  And started up the Livin' Large Frequently
        Asked Questions section.  Not much there right now, but it will grow when
        it comes out.
      Version 5.0  September 13, 2000  405k
        Livin' Large is now out (The Sims Expansion Pack, at a store near you), so
        I went through and updated where appropriate.  Created section 1.2 to deal
        with most of the Livin' Large updates, such as the Genie, Death,
        Cockroaches and the like.  Added section 6.1.2 to deal with the new Livin'
        Large career paths.  Also added section 11.9 Better Personality through
        Chemistry, one of my favorite new tricks.
      Version 5.01  September 13, 2000  408k
        Added new jobs to the Livin' Large career section.  Updated the Genie
        listing.  Some other small things.
        Added new Livin' Large Frequently Asked Questions (which can be found in
        the section after the regular Frequently Asked Questions).
      Version 5.1  September 15, 2000  416k
        Finished filling in all the Livin' Large jobs.
      Version 5.2  September 16, 2000  418k
        Added some new Livin' Large tips from Rob Sevening.
      Version 5.21  September 20, 2000  419k
        Added section 12.7  Custom Interface Graphics
      Version 5.3  October 3, 2000  421k
        Added some information from JediPika88.  Added a spiffy little alternative
        to outside trashcans from TheReaper86.
      Version 5.31  October 18, 2000  421k
        Tiny update.
      Version 5.4  November 30, 2000  418k
        Just updated the SimDay event items. (Turkey Dinner, Jack O'Lantern)
      Version 5.5  December 6, 2000  396k
        Added some new Career Shifts from Joseph Peitler.  Cleaned up the
        Frequently Asked Question so that it takes up less space.  Also removed
        redundant/useless questions and updated other questions to include Livin'
        Large information.
      Version 5.6  December 9, 2000  396k
        Found the solution to the "Livin' Large objects not appearing" problem,
        which has been added to the Livin' Large Frequently Asked Questions.
      Version 5.7  December 10, 2000  382k
        Finished cleaning up the FAQ, so it is now quite a bit smaller.  Also
        removed the Misc Facts thingie at the bottom of the FAQ as ... well I never
        really liked it.
      Version 5.8  January 18, 2001  383k
        Added Marcel VanDalfsen's spiffy job charts to the section of the same
      Version 5.9  January 22, 2001  384k
        After much ado, added some information about gifts from EvilDave2.
      Version 6.0  April 28, 2001  393k
        Updated the guide to include the new House Party additions.  Added a
        socialization note from Winston Jen.  Added the Baby Personality Matrix
        section (which determines how Baby personalities are determined) which is
        from Lynelle Foulk.
      Version 6.1  May 16, 2001  394k
        Created section 9.3 Let the Kids GROW UP which links to a program that
        brings your SimKids to adulthood.
      Version 7.0  September 25, 2002  412k
        Updated the guide somewhat to reflect what's been going on in the world of
        Sims.  Added sections for the last 2 expansion packs (Hot Date and
        Vacation) and tried to get everything reasonably up to date.  Created a
        new section (5.2.1) on creating a "Love Shack" that deals with multiple
      Version 8.0  October 6, 2002  420k
        Added information for the latest expansion pack, Unleashed.
      Version 8.01  February 3, 2003  420k
        Some small updates.
      Version 8.1  June 22, 2003  436k
        Finally got the Unleashed Job track filled in, with complete thanks to
        TJ Tillman.
      Version 8.11  January 22, 2005  436k
        Changed my email address and some small format changes.
      Reticulating Splines:
        According to Webster's, to reticulate is: to divide, mark, or construct so
        as to form a network. And a spline is: a function that is defined on an
        interval, is used to approximate a given function, and is composed of
        pieces of simple functions defined on subintervals and joined at their
        endpoints with a suitable degree of smoothness.
        Therefore, reticulating splines would be: Constructing network based
        functions that are defined by divisible intervals while approximating said
        network and composing it of pieces of simple functions defined on
        subintervals and joined at their endpoints with a suitable degree of
          -- Will Wright (from http://www.simzonline.com/)
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    The Sims is Copyright 2000-2002 by Electronic Arts
    I am not affiliated with Maxis, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything to
    do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long
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