Are you prepared for battle? Are you ready for Avara? Avara's real-time graphic action will start your heart pounding as you see your opponent gracefully bound across the terrain and quickly swoop in behind you. Using both the mouse and keyboard, you have complete 360 degree control to counter maneuver and quickly target your enemy. Avara's maneuverability is unique, allowing its warriors to freely climb, jump, and run on any of the structures in the battlefield.
Add to this Avara's networkability, and the game gets even more interesting. Avara allows you to meet and play against people from all around the world, right over the internet. Develop your skills and strategy in the many solo levels, and when you are ready, access the Avara Internet Tracker to locate worthy opponents. With Avara, you are also able to design your own battlefields. The only limiting factor to your gaming experience is your imagination.

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