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    Romance FAQ by SLASHR4

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BG2 Shadows of Amn (PC game) - Romance FAQ by SlashR4 Ver 2.0
    This is the result of someone's hardwork, and believe me it is very hard 
    work doing this FAQ with A levels coming up and all the rest of it.  If 
    I catch anybody hosting this FAQ without my permission as I am the 
    author then I will make sure that you burn in hell and I will get Edwin 
    to burn you.  So remember, if you want to post this FAQ on your site or 
    whatever, then please ask me.  One more thing.  If I catch you selling 
    this FAQ to other people for profit, I will get a lawyer to get you.  
    And on this note I am being deadly serious.  I am not having somebody 
    taking my work to let them earn money which they didn't have any input 
    at all.  If you do not take heed of what has just been said, then you 
    will suffer the consequences and I will make sure that justice is 
    brought down upon you.  If you post this on your site, the FAQ can not 
    be changed in any way only if you ask my permission.  Not only that but 
    if I find anybody changing the name of the author in anyway then I will 
    also find some way to get you.  Now that we understand each other, let's 
    begin without any more unnecessary delay.
    Table of Contents
    1.  Big me.  (An introduction of the person who's literary skills    
    surpasses normal simians)
    2.  Introduction to the FAQ
    3.0   How to instigate love quests.
    3.1.  Aerie
            Difficulty rating	
            Step by Step walkthrough
    3.2.  Jaheira
            Difficulty rating
            Step by Step walkthrough
    3.3.  Viconia
           Difficulty Rating
            Step by Step walkthrough
    3.4.	Anomen's Romance - Thanks to Little Hamster!
    4.	Last words.
    5.	Thanks.
    1.1  Big Me.
    Hello y'all, and I'm SlashR4 at your service.  I'm currently doing my 
    last year at a boarding school in England.  This means that I am smack 
    bang in the middle of the most critical period of my A levels.  (Where's 
    Edwin's Time Stop spell when you need it?)  But nevertheless I will be 
    doing this FAQ at the same time.  It is currently my second FAQ that I 
    have started doing, my last one being an abortive attempt on doing the 
    Japanese translation of FF9.  Well, it was too big a project and the 
    English version came out before I had time to finish it.  You can still 
    see it around on the FF9 FAQs and Codes page at GameFaqs.  This will be 
    the one and only FAQ that I believe I will see it through.  As you all 
    can see I'm a complete BG2 addict, and have played it many times ever 
    since I got it.  I believe it to be one of the greatest AD&D games in 
    the gaming industry ('Of course not, I could make one MUCH better!' as 
    Edwin kindly  points out).  This is perhaps one of the only RPG games 
    that have made me play it over and over again without ever getting bored 
    of it with the exception of FF7 as well.  I normally hang around at the 
    BG2 message board at GameFaqs so if you guys don't see any updates soon 
    or want to kick my butt in the right path don't hesitate to either look 
    for me at the message boards or send an email to K.SIT99@repton.org.uk.  
    During the summer holidays I can be found at SlashR4@hotmail.com.  The 
    games that I play now are: BG2 (surprise, surprise!), Chrono Cross 
    (playstation), Tony Hawks 2 (playstation), The Sims (PC).  Having said 
    that let's move on to the most fundamental part of the FAQ.  Yep, you 
    guessed it - The Introduction of the FAQ!
    2.1	Introduction to the FAQ
    I have always wanted to do this FAQ ever since I saw that there wasn't 
    any romance FAQs on Gamefaqs.  Unfortunately I couldn't actually start 
    it cause back then I hadn't even started playing a single romance yet, 
    let alone hearing that you could have it.  Romances in BG2 are not vital 
    to the storyplot, hell, you could beat the game without doing any love 
    quests.  However the great thing about love quests is that you gain an 
    insight of those characters whom you would like to have a relationship 
    with.  You know more about their character and instead of being just 
    flat one sided characters, the begin to take shape and grow as you 
    progress through the love quest.  Unfortunately, love quests takes a 
    very long time to complete and chances are is that you will beat the 
    game before you have even finished your love quest.  Another important 
    thing about love quests is that they do not give you extra experience.  
    Only NPC plots do that.  Therefore it can be argued that love plots are 
    pratically useless.  However, I enjoy seeing my characters develop and 
    understanding more about those characters, which is why I always try to 
    complete a love quest.  At the moment, this FAQ will only contain hints 
    and help to give you some insight on what options to choose during your 
    romance dialogues.  Later on I will provide a more indepth explanation 
    such as giving you the best answer for each love dialogue in the Step by 
    Step section part of this FAQ.  I have also included a difficulty rating 
    to rate each character's difficulty in the love plot so that you know 
    which one you want to do if it is hard or easy.  The profiles section 
    are just some basic information about the character and some personal 
    insights in their group usefulness and things like that.  Please note 
    that it is just my own personal experience and in your game it most 
    likely is wrong, so spare me the indignity of writing to me with a long 
    email of pure abuse.  I will cry and beat my heart out!
    One more VERY IMPORTANT thing to note is that this FAQ doesn't cover 
    everything about finishing the romance off.  Instead it tells you the 
    necessary dialogues that you need to have gone through in order to see 
    the special event that happens before you enter Bodhi's Lair in Chapter 
    I hope you will find what you need in due time.  Enough talking, let the 
    action begin to make your character a love master specialist!
    3.0.  How to instigate love quests?
    'Well, how do I start the love quests then?' I hear you ask.  It is 
    quite simple really.  You must be either a human, elf, or half elf in 
    order for the romances to occur.  The next step is to acquire the 
    appropriate person in your party in order to get the ball rolling, so to 
    speak.  If you are playing a character of another race other than those 
    previously mentioned then you will not be able to have a romance with 
    the characters unless you download a patch which allows you to do so.  
    Each love quest is unique in its own way and have different background 
    music whenever the NPC's love dialogue appears.  The only bad thing 
    about these romances is that the duration between each dialogue usually 
    takes a long time to occur, usually between 5-6 days or even a week.  
    You may be able to download a romance patch on the internet somewhere 
    that speeds up the process but I can't find it myself and it would help 
    if I could use it cause, man, writing this FAQ does take time especially 
    the step by step walkthrough part.  ('Ay, step by step me own arse, take 
    yer axe and hack it up ay' as Korgan would say).  Anyways, let's move on 
    to the main part of the FAQ, and to the characters that you will 
    gradually know better or more intimately as the game goes on.
    3.1  Aerie
    Profile:  	Arial elf. (She used to have wings until she got had them 
    chopped off cause they were gangrenous since she was kept in 
    a cage all the time.) 
    She's a cleric/mage dual class making her a useful ally 
    although her lack of intelligence means that 	she cannot 
    memorize or learn level 9 spells.
    Well, from a male (yup, that's what I am) point of view, 
    Aerie is perhaps the least pretty out of the 	three 
    choices.  (Okay, okay, its just my personal opinion okay?  
    Don't send abusive emails over to 	me cause at school I'll 
    get nailed if it's rude!)  Besides that she has a sweet 
    little voice and her 	personality is quite nice (being 
    lawful good alignment) and she's always trying to save 
    people from 	getting killed by the party (instances 
    like Embarl the thief and the Svirflbeln gnomes).  However, 
    she's not always a happy lass, as you will soon find out 
    when you play out her romance.
    Diff:	She's definitely not hard to get!  She is easily the 
    beginner's choice or rather, for the love master 
    Party:	My party consisted of Minsc, Yoshimo, big me, Aerie 
    (naturally) Edwin, Jaheira.
    I have not got any of the other potential love interests in 
    my party and I suggest that you do not either when you 
    embark on the love quest because there may be some 
    unexpected dialogues.
    Hints:	As with all love quests I believe that the main character's 
    alignment and certainly the reputation score has some 
    influence on the outcome and the reaction of the NPCs.  Thus 
    when courting Aerie I would suggest having a high reputation 
    so that she is happy with your party.  Moreover, I believe 
    (and this is only a hunch by the way, so if anybody could 
    prove otherwise I would be grateful) is that with Aerie, 
    there are two possible paths you can follow.  One of them 
    will result in Aerie asking you to 'sleep' with her in which 
    case you must say NO!!  Yes, say NO!!!  It is very important 
    that you say no, otherwise she will break the relationship 
    off saying that it has advanced too quickly.
    The other path is just pure talking so you just have to find 
    the right answers.  This is where the hints come into play! 
    (Yay hay! Straight to the point at last).  In choosing the 
    right answers it is imperative that you pick lines, which 
    encourage more conversations with her.  You must make her 
    open up to you and in order to do that you will have to ask 
    her questions about herself.  When she 	has problems (she 
    really only has one problem but makes it into such a big 
    problem you sometimes 	think that she might just commit 
    suicide or something) you will have to be understanding and 
    sensitive.  About halfway through into the love dialogues, 
    there will come a moment when she 	completely loses it 
    totally and just says that she cannot hack it with the party 
    anymore, or words to 	that effect.  Do not be tricked in 
    doing the super sensitive thing by choosing the option that 
    apologizes to her for not being able to take care of her or 
    whatever and send her packing home.  	She will leave the 
    party and the romance will finish right there.  Instead 
    choose the other option to 	teach her how to meet life 
    with hope even though her wings are lost  
    Another very important thing with Aerie is that during the 
    Ust Natha quests you cannot sleep with Phaere.  If you do so 
    then you will lose Aerie for life!!!  Instead choose the 
    option that says 'no...I can't.  Then when she asks you what 
    you mean by that then say that, 'I can't...*I can't*' When you 
    say this then she will ask you if you are an eunuch.  
    Otherwise known as impotent, then you just say yes.  Aerie 
    will be relieved when you step out of Phaere's chambers.  I 
    think that's about all the important aspects of Aerie's love 
    Steps:	For the sake of making life easier for me I have simplified 
    love dialogues into LD.  So all you have to do is follow the 
    sequence from LD 1 to LD whatever.  This will take you 
    through the romance!
    LD1:	'My wings have been clipped...oh, I wish you could understand 
    how it feels to be bound and chained to the ground, like a 
    miserable prisoner of earth'
    		Choose option 1
    LD2:		'Have...have you ever heard of my people?  The Avariel?
    		Choose option 1
    'My memory is dim, but whenever the thought crosses my mind, 
    my eyes still blur with tears'
    		Choose option 1
    LD3:	'He used to say that a frown would never get anything useful 
    done.  I think everyone could use some cheering up...what 
    about you (character name)?
    		Choose option 4
    LD4:	I...I have been looking at the scars...on my back.  The stumps 
    that were...that were once my wings.  They do not make me 
    truly homely do they?  Am I...am I ugly to you?
    You can choose either option 1 or 3.  Either will have more 
    or less the same effect.
    I've felt like a great part of me has been missing ever 
    since.  I am incomplete...I do not feel beautiful, (character 
    name).  Not anymore.
    Either option 1 or 2 will suffice although I believe 2 to be 
    the better answer.
    LD5:		'Have I told you how I was captured and enslaved?
    		Choose Option 1
    'I...I...I suppose...I suppose I was glad to learn that the child 
    escaped after all  He ran away after my fall.  Hopefully he 
    		Choose Option 1
    LD6:		I miss my Uncle Quayle dearly
    		Choose option 1
    'I was happy...of a sort...while I was with him.  I owe him so 
    		Choose Option 1
    'Baevern brought me my faith back.  He gave me peace when I 
    needed it most.  And I shall always pay him homage in my 
    heart.  Is that so strange (character name)?'
    		Either option 1 or 2, but I think 1 is better.
    LD7:	'Have you traveled much?  I have been over much of Amn and 
    Tethyr...with the circus although it was not always the most 
    pleasant way to voyage'
    		Choose option 1 or 2.  I believe 2 is better though.
    'And...and I am glad to be traveling with you (character 
    name).  You have saved my life and made me feel very 
    		Either option 1 or 2 will do but I believe 2 is better here.
    Well it is pretty straight forward.  There is only one 
    option after all!!
    'I...(gasp)...I was having a dream.  A most dreadful nightmare!  
    Please...please sit with me but for a short while...I am shaken 
    to the very core...'
    		Choose option 1!!
    (shudder)  I screamed and screamed!!  They...hacked off...my 
    wings and then used torches to seal my wounds.  Oh, (char 
    name)...! (sob!) Oh, (char name) I...I...!
    		I believe option 2 is the best but 1 will also suffice.
    LD9:	'I have been thinking...I shall never fly again, never taste 
    the freedom of my wings.  I am sure of it...I...I don't know if 
    I can face this wretched existence on the ground.'
    		Choose option 1
    'But it IS!  It is (char name)!  How could you understand 
    when you haven't flown in the clouds?  To feel weightless 
    and free.  Ohhh how I miss it!
    There is some debate on what to choose here.  1 and 2 will 
    work but I really don't know which is better.  I chose 2 
    here but in my other games I have chosen 1.  Either way, the 
    romance will not finish.
    LD10:	I...I am sorry for the way I yelled at you. I sometimes feel 
    as if... I have been weighted down by many stones...but I should 
    not have reacted so to your words.
    		Choose option 1
    I...I suppose you are correct.  But how can I?  Tell me how 
    can I ever accept this (char name)?
    		Choose option 1 or 2.   
    LD11:	'Why must we always be fighting?  All I see is bloodshed and 
    battle...and it drains me.  Do you...do you not yearn for a life 
    of peace and contemplation?'
    		Choose Option 1
    LD12:	'I need you to tell me what the worth of life on the ground 
    is.  Is there anything to compare with the freedom of living 
    in the clouds?'
    	Choose option 1
    'No...they can't be.  Everything of beauty can be seen from 
    the sky.  And there are so many places that you cannot go if 
    you can only walk.'	 
    		Choose option 2
    LD13:	'I've...I've had enough of this life!  (sob!) P-perhaps it 
    would be better if I just went back to the circus.
    Choose option 3.  Yes it looks harsh but if you choose any 
    other then she'll leave the party.
    'But I have, I have (char name)!  I just don't have the 
    strength.  I'm so useless...'
    		Choose option 2
    		(sob!) I...I can't
    		Choose option 2.	
    LD14:	'I'm such a silly woman.  Whining and crying...I must seem so 
    ridiculous and petty.  No man will ever want me I think...I 
    feel so embarrassed.'
    		Choose option 3
    'Oh, you're just flattering me (char name)!  None of that is 
    true really!
    		Choose option  2
    'Oh...I see.  Well thank you (char name).  Ummm...do you...do you 
    think I'm beautiful?  I mean do you feel all these things 
    about me?'
    		Choose option 2
    LD15:	'I've...I've been thinking about some of the things you have 
    been telling me.  I...I wanted you to know that I've come to a 
    		Choose option 1
    'And I...I hope that you will be here to teach me about it 
    (char name).  To show how one can still...still live on the 
    ground and still be happy.'
    		Choose option 1
    LD16:	'Aerie says that she has heard about your adventures in 
    Sword Coast north of here.  She asks you what you did and 
    says that it sounds exciting.
    Choose the option where you say that you went to Baldur's 
    Gate to defeat your brother Sarevok.
    A couple more dialogues, Aerie says that do you think she's 
    Tell her that you are pleased with her change and she will 
    say that she is also pleased and will look forward to 
    battles and says that the feeling is really exciting and she 
    feels like she can fly again.
    LD17:		'Have you been to many other places besides Amn?'
    		Choose option 1
    'I...I want to go to these places (char name)!  I want to 
    voyage there and see their beauty for myself...and want to 
    stand there and feel it...touch it with my hands.'
           Choose option 1
    	By now Aerie is basically your girlfriend.  Those who know how to 
    use the CLUAConsole or use Shadowkeeper will be able to see in the 
    ROMANCEACTIVE part of the global variables the number there is now 
    a 2 which means romance acquired.
    LD18:	'I've been wondering...have you got any advice for me for        
                  	     Choose option 1
    LD19:	'I...I know that it is difficult to see what is to happen in the 
    future...but do you have any plans?  I mean once this is all over, I 
    	Choose option 1
    	'Well do you see your self traveling?  Or settling down?  Do 
    you...do you see yourself with me?'
    	'I would prefer to be with you Aerie...if the Gods are willing'
    LD20:	'My love...?  I...I know that you are tired from the day's travels and 
    that you wish to rest.  I...wish  to ask you something...before you 
    retire to your blankets...'	
    	Choose option 1
    	'I...I will show you my body (char name)...and I hope it pleases you.  
    Would you...would you stay with me this night (char name)?  Will you 
    show me what true love consists of?'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Stay with me for the night then (char name) and hold me to you.  
    I...don't want to be alone, and I so desperately need to be near 
    	Choose option 1
    LD19:	'I was so eager to experience everything new that I...I did not 
    think.  Thank you for respecting me.  I...I love you and I want our 
    first time to be something special.'
    	Choose option 1
    From here on, if you continue on to Chapter six and meet Bodhi, you will 
    get a special event concerning your love interest, in this case Aerie.  
    You will have to save her from being a vampire and in order to do that 
    you will have to read through some books on vampirism which can be found 
    in Bodhi's lair at the bottom level in a trapped chest!  Basically, the 
    Aerie romance finishes right here!  Yay!
    3.2	Jaheira:
    Profile:	Nice tough blonde elf.  As you can see she's a fighter/druid 
    class and that means she's a pretty good party member to have 
    around with those useful cleric spells.  Unfortunately as she's 
    only a druid it means that she can't use the very handy 
    restoration spells.
    	Her personality is well cloaked in her voice, as she's a very 
    independent woman, and has the need to be in control of her own 
    fate.  As you play out her romance you will soon find that she may 
    not be as fully in control of her own destiny as she might have 
    hoped.  It seems ironic that she is a woman of balance as she is a 
    member of the Harpers yet she is not in balance emotionally under 
    your leadership.  Thus the unbalance of her emotions and what she 
    thinks of your role as a child of Bhaal.   	 
    Diff:	This romance ain't that difficult at all. Just a little common 
    sense much like Aerie's romance.  It'll be medium difficulty but 
    it is also the most fun romance to play out compared with all the 
    Hints:	Like Aerie's romance you just need to choose the answers 
    that are basically suited to her style.  Balance is the key thing 
    here and you want to maintain that you are fighting for the 
    balance of things.  The fact that she later on comes out of the 
    Harper group is more emotional stress for her and so you have to 
    be a little bit understanding and sentimental.  Remember don't use 
    violence all the time when you meet her Harper comrades who are 
    out for your blood.  She will respect you more for this and it 
    will mean that her altitude towards you will be better.   There 
    are several other sub-quests that you should do to make Jaheira 
    happy.  First and foremost you must do Jaheira's Baron Ployer 
    quest.  You can find him in the Bounty Sea tavern in the Docks.  
    Next do Xcar's Harper quest which will automatically take place 
    after you bring Renfield back to the Galverey Estate.  
    	There are known problems with Jaheira's love quest.  You MUST have 
    SHADOWKEEPER, otherwise you will not be able to complete the 
    entire story!  Shadowkeeper is a trainer program and it is a 
    necessity.  There are two main areas where Jaheira's romance may 
    seem to 'freeze'.  The most common one is the appearance of Dermin 
    which should happen straight after LD23.  If he does not appear, 
    use Shadow Keeper and under Jaheira's character portrait you 
    should be able to find the variable LOVETALK.  Edit this value to 
    the one before it.  This would mean that if you load up the 
    LOVETALK value and it is on 32 for example, set it to 31.  Then 
    reload the game and the dialogue should appear again.  After this 
    dialogue Dermin should appear.  If he does not.  Go to the area 
    just outside of the Copper Coronet in the Slums area and save your 
    game.  Then do as I have mentioned above and Dermin should appear.
    	The other point of 'freezing is when Terminsel should appear to 
    give you the note that Jaheira had left behind for you.  
    Anyways without further ado we shall begin!
    LD1:	'Where to now, fearless leader?'
    	Choose option 3
    	'I'm...I'm sorry (char name).  I do not wish to cause undue strain 
    in our party.  I am merely a bit stressed and no doubt you are as 
    	Choose option 2
    LD2:	'Hmmm...seems I cannot help but speak of the dead lately.  I did not 
    want to cause you any distress if I have.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'They do at that.  Do you...recall his tales?  They could last for 
    days, a snippet at a time, here and there.  He built a history so 
    it was like you were there.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Yes, he sheltered you from those that would harm you.  Khalid was 
    the same way, always taking the cautious path.'
    	Choose 'Slow and steady, lest mistakes be made.  Good things come 
    in time.'
    LD3: 	'Ehh, I think I still have a stitch in my leg from lying in that 
    cold cell we were in.  It is good to be up and moving.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'You did what you could and that is enough.  I appreciate and I 
    also worry that you have suffered worse.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD4:	Jaheira has a bad dream.  You will have to console her.  Here's 
    how the dialogue goes:
    	'Nnn...No...NO!!  Wh...wh...what?'
    	Choose option 1
    	'No, there is something very wrong.  I...I have been having 
    nightmares, and when I awake, it is still there.  Khalid...I thought 
    I was stronger than this.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD5:	'A copper for your thoughts.  You are looking rather pensive 
    today.  Doubts about your current path perhaps?'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Is that your feeling?  I was taught that we all had choice, but 
    then the great cycle likely did not count on divine interference.  
    You must feel pressure that I do not.'
    	Choose option 1
    	This next part is obvious.  There's only one option!
    LD6:	Jaheira has another nightmare.  Its another one of these things.  
    This is easy here we go!
    	Choose option 3
    	'He walked with us, from a distance.  He smiled that I was 
    content.  I guess...I guess I was.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD7:	'Blast, our progress is not as it could be, I am sure.  Ah, 
    perhaps it is just me.  I grow tired of these pursuits.  My life 
    was not always such'
    	Choose option 1
    	'It was like that for a long time, but I always felt that I should 
    do more.  Balance needed to be...encouraged.  I wouldn't let it 
    happen again.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD7:	'I...This may be a bad time or not, but you asked a question of me 
    and I brushed it aside.  I would speak of it now...if you still wish 
    to hear.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I...I don't know why I didn't wish this known.  Maybe I thought 
    such a history was unimportant by the standards of others...such 
    as...well...such as yourself.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD8:	'We continue on our path and I cannot help but wonder if we walk 
    in balance.  I have a role to follow.
    	Choose option 1
    	'Sometimes the proper course is hard to see, what is best overall 
    may seem barbaric at first.  You will know this when...if you deal 
    with Harpers in the future.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD9: 	'(char name), do you worry of missing friends?  Or those missing 
    or...lost?  Of course you do, I don't know what prompted me to ask'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I am becoming used to the aftermath of death, but I will not 
    forget what must be avenged.  There must be closure.  I must do 
    this even as I...as we...move on.' 
    	Choose option 1 
    LD10:	'I do wish these scars would heal.  I've a life to continue and do 
    not need to be picking at old wounds.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'True enough, but I think I was speaking of emotional markings.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD11:	'This is a dangerous life we seem to lead, it does seem.  I wonder 
    if you always think it will be so?
    	Choose option 1
    	'Have you...given any thought to this?'
    	Choose option 3
    	'Yes, I suppose your heritage adds a complicating factor.  You 
    have a birthright, of a sort.  I wonder what you intend to do with 
    it when age grants you wisdom.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD12:  	This isn't a love dialogue or anything.  Some bandits appear 
    and take Jaheira hostage.  They will ask you for your valuables.  
    However, don't give them it.  Instead tell them that you will be 
    their hostage instead.  When Ertof Dand says, 'I think I got the 
    gist of it lassie.  Well now she does not seem to think much of 
    your plan.  What say you now valiant one?'  
    Choose option 1
    After the fight she will say, 'Are...are you alright?'
    Choose option 1
    'Good, I am so glad...you IDIOT!  What were you thinking?  You could 
    have been killed!  An arrow could pierce the heart or the eyes 
    when you stand like a pincushion!'
    Choose option 1
    LD13:	Again, this is not a love dialogue but a woman called Meronia 
    appears and tells Jaheira to follow her.  When Meronia tells 
    Jaheira to make her farewells quick and that she will not be gone 
    long choose option 1.  Jaheira will leave your party for a while 
    until she finds you again.
    LD14:	Jaheira returns and tells you to go with her to the Harper Hold.  
    After she says:
    	'I have been asked to bring you, and we must go soon.  They will 
    allow us to pass the wards of the door, but I must be with you, 
    and I must be conscious.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD15:  	Once again this is not another love dialogue but a 
    confrontation with Galvarey.  You can choose whatever option you 
    wish because it will lead invariably to violence.  However I do 
    try and be civil for Jaheira's sake.  It is also important to know 
    that when Galvarey decides to have you killed, Jaheira will ask 
    you if you would like her to fight alongside you against them.  
    Choose the option that says, 'I had hoped...I had hoped you would, 
    but I do not wish you to harm your friends.'
    LD16:	'So, what do you think of Amn so far?  It is certainly not without 
    its charms, or its hardships lately.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Perhaps not.  It has always been so, but there are many things of 
    merit here.  Perhaps not in the cities, but the forests are a 
    great treasure.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'That is, if you have not tired of my company yet.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD17:	'We have had many people seek our death so far.  Some would have 
    been friends had things been different.  This weighs on my mind.'
    	Choose option 3
    	The next dialogue is easy, there is only one option after all!
    LD18:	'Again I must say how much I prefer the forest to artificial 
    structures.  Everything I see simply reinforces that to no end.'
    	Choose option 3
    	'Yes, but must the gathering be done with such fervor?  When 
    people assemble they attract those who want to lead.  Why do they 
    not just accept their proper place?'
    	Choose option 1
    	'You are not a slave to your parentage though, and...I guess I am no 
    	Choose option 1
    LD19:	'I have been in a similar place as this before, though it was in 
    the company of other Harpers.  I will miss those times.
    	Choose option 2
    	'I doubt that it will be that easy.  Galvarey was as close to a 
    regional leader as the Harpers have.  The events will be told in 
    his favour I am sure.
    	Choose option 1
    LD20:	This is another scene where Reviane spawns and tells Jaheira that 
    she will suffer a traitor's death.  When Reviane asks Jaheira why 
    'this man should command so much value?' Choose option 1
    	When Jaheira says: 'You must do as you will Reviane.  I have told 
    you the circumstance, there is little for me to say.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD21:	'Skies are a bit gray no matter where we go, aren't they?  Or 
    perhaps it is just my mood.  Yes, that must be it.  No wonder I 
    suppose.  I cannot help but think of Reviane.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'I don't know.  I begin to wish we had been wrong.  It would be so 
    much simpler.  I want to believe as they do, and I wish I didn't 
    feel like I...'
    	Choose option 2
    	'I am sorry (char name), I didn't mean to suggest anything.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD22:	'This may be a bad time or not, but I think we should speak..'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Yes, well, I wished to apologize for our argument before.  I 
    wanted...I wanted you to know why I cannot speak about the Harpers.  
    There is much harm I could do.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'If I am in the right, why must I tell you their secrets?  If I am 
    in the right, why must I hide?  I do not have answers for these 
    questions and they worry me.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Yes, but can I?  There is no middle ground.  I am heading for an 
    extreme of either end.  With you at least  the choice is mine.  It 
    is, isn't it?'
    	Choose option 2
    LD23:	'There is an ill wind in the air.  Do you feel it?  I feel a storm 
    inside, in the distance.'
    	Choose option 3
    	'I don't know what I meant.  They say you shiver when someone 
    walks over your grave.  I feel as though something were marching 
    back and forth across mine.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD24:	'Blast, my armour needs some cleaning.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'No, no, it wouldn't.  I am sorry but this will take some time 
    	Choose option 1
    	'Somewhat, I am far from my old self however.  I thank you for 
    putting up with me.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Yes...yes, I suppose I have.  How much did I do for you however, 
    and how much was for me alone?'
    	Choose option 1
    LD25:	'Your old injuries feeling alright?  I thought I saw you wince a 
    moment ago.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I...I am flattered, I suppose.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD26:	'So...could I...have a few moments of your time?'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Thank you, I wished to speak of the future a bit.  I know we have 
    discussed this in brief before, but I need to clarify a few 
    	Choose option 1
    	'Do you still find my company beneficial?  Do you still think of 
    our missing friends  as often as you did?  What of your fight for 
    	Choose option 1
    LD27:	'I...I need to speak with you a moment.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I wished to apologize for my questions earlier.  I was too 
    forward.  I needed to know you remain the same man that I began 
    traveling with so long ago.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'That does not ease my mind.  I must know what is truth or I 
    cannot trust myself.  My decisions have affected many and I do not 
    wish to endanger anyone else.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'No?  The Harper in your midst?'
    	Choose option 1
    LD28:	'How...how did that battle make you feel?  Did you enjoy it?
    	Choose option 2
    	'No, but what were your motivations?  You can be violent like any 
    other person, but there  is more at stake at with you.  What were 
    you thinking?'
    	Choose option 1
    	For the next dialogue choose option 1
    LD29: 	This is not a love dialogue but instead Dermin comes again 
    and this time warns Jaheira that the Harper court has decided her 
    fate.  Death.  He tells her that the main character can be avoided 
    from suffering the same fate as long as she return to the Harper 
    Hold.  Jaheira will say that she will 'think on this'
    LD30:	Again it is not a love dialogue but a guy called 'Terminsel' will 
    show up.  This happens exactly after you have successfully rested 
    without the guards bothering you.  When you wake up you will find 
    that Jaheira is no longer in your party and Terminsel gives you a 
    note from Jaheira.  In the note she says that she has returned to 
    the Harper Hold for her judgment.  She tells you not to go after 
    her, You must therefore return to the Harper Hold in the Docks 
    District and you will find Jaheira on the top floor (the one where 
    the Spectral Harpers used to be)  She will rejoin and this ends 
    the scene.
    LD31:	'Ah, the dawning of our day, though it is very rarely that we 
    match our sleep to the cycle of day or night.'
    	Choose: 'We don't see the sunlight often.  Sorry about that.'
    	'Besides, do I strike you as a person that would adjust well with 
    a strict timeline?'
    	Choose: 'No need to.  No sunrise would ever compare with your 
    beauty in the moonlight.'
    	'Such talk!  Have you found some poor apprentice bard to draft you 
    lines, or are you practicing on the maidens we meet?'
    	Choose:  'Oh, you sting my heart when you say such things.  Hehe.  
    How cruel you are.'
    LD32:  	This one is a scene where Dermin tries to kill Jaheira.  Him 
    and his goons are not hard to defeat and you will know that Dermin 
    and Gavalrey were both traitors to the Harper cause.  After the 
    battle Jaheira will say, 'I did not wish to do this.  I did not.  
    We are in the right, (char name), but why does it still hurt?'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Heh, you and your jokes make me smile far too often, even when I 
    do not want to.  People will think I am getting soft.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD33:	This dialogue occurs before you go to sleep.  Jaheira says:
    	'It is about time we rested.  I have seen enough waking hours 
    thank you very much.'
    	Choose option that says, 'I was not aware that morale was so low, 
    what can I do to make you happy?'
    	'I do not want to be happy.  I want to be angry and feel bad about 
    	Choose option, 'If I knew what was wrong I could help.'
    	'Stop being so damned reasonable.  Get mad and say you won't stand 
    for it.  Act like you should!'
    	Choose option 1
    	'None of this would happen if you accepted your evil heritage.  I 
    would not have sided with you.  I would not have fought for you.  
    I would not have...'
    	Choose option 2
    	'If I was wrong, the dead would have died for just reasons.  So 
    many...that are dead and we are the cause.  How can all those people 
    have been wrong?'
    	Choose option 2
    	'I should be happy, but I am not.  Even with all we have done to 
    make things right, I am still troubled.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD34:	'What?  What is it you want?'
    	Choose option 1
    	Choose option 1
    	'Isn't that ridiculous?  The bastard was putting people in danger 
    for nothing and I feel guilty for ending it!'
    	Choose option 2
    LD35:	'You needn't keep a distance between us. I am in less of a mood 
    	Choose option 1
    	'I do not blame you.  Such trouble I have been.  Simple feelings 
    made more difficult by the strangest things.  I hope I have not 
    harmed your view of me.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Know that I care for you, even if I do not show it well.  If this 
    meant nothing it would have been easy to deal with.  Small 
    consolation I know.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD35: 	This dialogue comes after you sleep.  Jaheira says:
    	'I have...had a realization.  I had been walking with my eyes 
    downcast for so long I had forgotten the beauty of the land.'  
    After all we have seen, I had thought never to feel the warmth of 
    nature again..'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Forests, grasslands, they have been in harmony for untold years, 
    complimenting not competing.  I have walked by many but had 
    forgotten.  They stir my soul.'
    	Choose option 1 
    	'I forgot that balance does not mean conformity, equilibrium does 
    not need to sacrifice variety.  Dermin forgot that too.  
    Difference does not have to be chaos.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'(char name), I care for you.  I have not always shown as such,  
    and my words may seem harsh on occasion, but my feelings are true 
    just the same.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Perhaps this changes nothing, perhaps everything.  I don't care 
    anymore.  My heart cannot have nature within and be ashamed as 
    	Choose option 1
    LD35:	'We have to be nearing our goal.  It has been a long journey and 
    we have been through so much.  I hope this does not end up all 
    being for naught.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'There can be no mercy for this creature.  What he has done is 
    	Choose option 2
    	'Remarkably, we wouldn't be this close without him.  We might have 
    parted company once we left Baldur's Gate and I would still...well 
    things would be different.
    	Choose option 1
    LD36:	This scene is when Jaheira asks you to have sex with her.  Decline 
    in a nice manner otherwise the romance will be all for naught.  
    Don't worry I am still here to guide you!  Jaheira will say this 
    when the sex scene is about to start:
    	'(char name) as we learn of our situation I want to say...that there 
    is much to come, and I find I need your company more and more.  
    You are a great comfort at this time.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I know.  We are great friends...and more.  Your words ease my 
    thoughts, and many is the time we have saved one another in 
    battle.  We have grown quite close.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Stay with me tonight, (char name).  If...if you wish.
    	Choose option 1.  After all there is only one option!
    	'No, but I am less sure of many things these days.  I worry less 
    about it though.  I will set aside my hesitation if you will.'
    	Choose option 2
     LD37:	'We are ready to move on?  I think it's best that we get an 
    early start.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD38:	This is the last act for Jaheira's romance!!  You don't have to 
    choose anything but the guy 'Terminsel' comes back and asks 
    Jaheira some questions.  After this you have got Jaheira!!  Yay!  
    I didn't have to use the CLUAconsole for this.  I was in Athkala 
    for this, in the docks districts actually.  The other time I met 
    'Telminsel' who's really Elminster by the way, was in the Druid 
    Grove in my old game.  Don't worry I will keep on testing 
    different things out for you guys so I hope to keep you guys 
    posted!!    By the way you must also have a reputation of at least 
    14 otherwise Jaheira will not get her Harper Pin.  
    3.3 Viconia
    Profile:	Elven Drow.  Perhaps the fittest bird in the entire game out 
    of Jaheira and Aerie, although I reckon Jaheira and Viconia are 
    equally as pretty.  She's a bit dominant and enjoys nothing more 
    but to antagonize you and lead you on.  She is also very 
    aggressive and being Drow that also means she is very ruthless as 
    you will discover as the love dialogues go on.  If perchance you 
    side with Bodhi in Chapter 3, she will urge you to do the more 
    evil of the tasks when Bodhi asks you to choose between the two.  
    Arguably one of the hardest to get you will most likely be 
    frustrated at her changes in her mood towards you.  She's a cleric 
    and a pretty good one at that, and if you get the Crom Faeyr for 
    her she will use it quite well as a mid line attacker/defender, 
    somebody that would go well putting her between the frontline 
    fighters and the mages at the back, to finish off those beasts 
    that may have managed to evade your fighters.
    Diff:	She's the most difficult out of the three.  
    Hints:	You will have to find a neat balance between making fun of 
    her, getting angry and being sensitive.  One usual tactic I have 
    is to be relatively harsh to her at the beginning of the romance 
    and then when she talks of her experience in the Underdark and on 
    the surface show some caring and consideration.
    	For starters you must not seem weak in Viconia's eyes otherwise 
    she will despise you.  Thus, always choose options that seem to 
    make you a more courageous and daring man that you are.  She will 
    think that if you are too nice to her she will be disgusted 
    claiming this to be your weakness.  However once she starts 
    talking about her brother who saved her from Lloth, you must be 
    understanding and sensitive.  At this point you must always get 
    her to continue on her story and show some real consideration for 
    her brother and for her.  Other than that there are really nothing 
    much to say about this romance.  The only fighting action that 
    ever comes out of this romance is the appearance of a Handmaiden 
    who will appear to kill Viconia, after you have defeated her, you 
    are on your way to victory - the ending  of the romance and the 
    fact that she does not want to go out with you because she is 
    afraid that she will endanger you.  Whatever she says at the last 
    dialogue of the romance, the break up is inevitable but you must 
    not let her go from the party.  Keeping her in the party means 
    that the romance will have finished successfully even if she 
    claims that you and her will never be able to go out again because 
    of your differences. 
    LD1:	'So...what draws you to this part of Faerun?  Amn?  Athkalata?  I 
    seem to recall you mentioning some mission or some other bother.'	
    	Choose option 2
    	'How are you going to hunt down these culprits who ambushed you?  
    Vermin rarely leave scent or footstep.'	
    	Choose option 1
    LD2:	'It's a strange time along this Sword Coast.  The brink of war was 
    averted, but the countryside remains hazardous to the citizenry.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'The war your half brother nearly started.  What do you think I 
    was speaking of?
    	Choose option 1
    	'Perhaps 'his' war died.  That does not mean that other conflicts 
    won't arise.  Perhaps I ramble on, if you wish I'll stop bothering 
    	Choose option 1
    	'It has been trying past endurance (char name) (sigh).'
    	Choose option 1
    	'My neighbour was Roran Midfallow, a stout sun burnt farmer.  We 
    spoke often and allowed the male to bring me supplies that I 
    needed but could not acquire.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I had grown weak in my trust.  They chortled as I lost 
    consciousness saying how easy it had been and congratulating each 
    other on a fine...fine catch.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I split the coffin lid and let the earth in.  I clawed to the 
    surface, pain did not slow me...I would not let weakness deter me 
    from vengeance.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'He dropped to his knees in shock, which afforded me height 
    advantage as I caved his head with a miner's mallet.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD3:	'I wish to...apologize...for unburdening myself upon you before.  I 
    was so foolish to be weak in Beregost, and worse yet to speak to 
    you about it.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'My entire existence has been thus since I left the Underdark.  
    Surfacers hate the Drow without relent, and I erred in thinking 
    otherwise even for a moment.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD4:	'I have been watching you for a time as we travel.  You have a 
    pleasing look about you, I think.  The sort of musculature that 
    would make a woman swoon with desire.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Perhaps.  And what do you think of Viconia hmmm?  Does her ebony 
    glow spur lustful thoughts?  Does her sharp beauty give you 
    singular twinges of desire?'
    	Choose option 2
    LD5:	'I have been thinking a little.  I have been thinking of the time 
    I spent with the rivvil...the humans...and I have found nothing 
    redeeming or worthwhile in them.
    	Choose option 2
    	'Name one surface dweller who has treated me with ANY civility!'
    	Choose option 2
    LD6:	'So...it must take a very driven man to lead his life always on the 
    	Choose option 3
    	'Yes, I have noticed the type of man that you are.  Intense, 
    determined, strong...all the qualities I have grown to like most 
    colnbluth exist in you.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Our long lives are static, we feel no urgency.  Despite 
    appearance, we become complacent.  If the Drow had your drive...it 
    would be a Second Age of conquest!'
    	Choose option 1
    	'It is unfortunate that most of the good traits of the colnbluth 
    are held in pale little lives no longer than a firefly's.    Here 
    and there they flicker, then sad death.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD7:	'I have been thinking, and I think that I may have been 
    exceedingly harsh in my treatment of you once again.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I have toyed with your feelings unfairly, placing you down with 
    the other males I have known...and you have not been like them.  It 
    was...wrong of me.'		
    	Choose option 2
    LD8:	'Have I ever told you about how I survived when I first fled to 
    the surface?'
    	Choose option 1
    	'There I was hunted by the dirthiir...surface elves...and their honed 
    hatred drove me even further.  I was sure I would perish, never to 
    see the Underdark again.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Does it amuse you that I had to run my dark hands through his 
    sweaty folds and tickle him artfully with my tongue, that he 
    exerted himself wildly as I passionately bit his shoulder?'
    	Choose option 3
    	'Oh do not look at me in such a manner.  Does your manhood wilt 
    from talk of using Drow knowledge of the erotic to survive in your 
    world?  Is it so terrible?'
    	Choose option 1 
    LD9:	'Tell me...has there been anyone special to you?  A thief of your 
    	Choose option 2
    	'Never a special one who has waited for her hero's return?  The 
    idea has value.  I myself, hope to retire to a home that doesn't 
    change by the day.'
    	Choose option 3
    	'You think so?  I cannot wait for the final act of this play, 
    then...I am sure it will be worth waiting for.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Your heart is heavy with lust and burning desire, and beats 
    proudly and strongly...but shall it be mine or another's?
    	Choose option 2
    LD10:	'What was your life like before you were an adventurer?  Didn't it 
    seem simpler?  Less complicated?
    	Choose option 1
    	'Didn't it seem simpler, easier in flavour?  There were less 
    entanglements, far less chaos.  We weren't always exploring some 
    dank, ruined place.'
    	Choose option 3
    	'Do you?  And do you think that such excitement will grip your 
    sense forever?  Is there no longing for peace within you (char 
    	Choose option  3
    	'It would be nice, wouldn't it (char name)?  To leave the 
    insidious schemes and psychopathic  for madmen for others to 
    battle and prevail over?'
    	Choose option 2
    	'That is an offer worth bearing witness to.  It merits serious 
    consideration (char name).
    	Choose option 2
    	'I will definitely consider its value and place in my life (char 
    name).  I appreciate your words of friendship as well...it is not 
    words I am familiar with.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD11:	'Hmmm...I am wondering this:  do you ever entertain the notion of 
    	Choose option 2
    	'To commit to one person in all matter?  It seems a bizarre 
    internment to me, tantamount to slavery.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Variety is the spice of life.  The drudgery of having the same 
    partner...it would have to be a unique and special person indeed.'
    	Choose option  3
    	'From what I have seen.  Surface custom is not so different from 
    ours.  Of course, Drow culture allows for 'husbands' to be 
    disposed and replaced.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Perhaps.  I haven't devoted much thought to it, though I have 
    noticed that the role of male and female are reversed on the 
    	Choose option 1
    LD12:	'I have been thinking about the Divinity that flows through your 
    	'Does it fire your ambitions (char name)?  Is there a lust within 
    you superceding mere passion, a desire to lord over others as a 
    conqueror and superior?'
    	Choose option 1
    LD13:	'Please disregard the things I said to you earlier.  They were ill 
    conceived.  You...you are not drow and not worthy of such insults.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD14:	'I have been told little about this 'Bhaal' of yours, but I am 
    unfamiliar with him.  Among the drow, we are taught nothing of 
    other gods, and little enough about our own gods beyond Lloth.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Yes, gods like Ghaundaur, and Vhaeraun hold some power, but Lloth 
    is the strongest by far and forbids even their mention.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'Nightsinger is a mistress of darkness and loss.  I was born of 
    darkness and have lost much: my faith, my home...Shar has returned 
    much.  I am greatful to Her.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'It is difficult to describe.  The Underdark is a place of great 
    evil and danger, but also of beauty and wonder.  Would you like me 
    to tell you of it?
    	Choose option 1
    	'But these images pale before memories of the Spider Queen, and 
    the worship I began so young.  Beauty is difficult to find in the 
    blood that I let flow in her name.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'He screamed as the blade entered, and split blood when I 
    punctured his lungs.  To the delight of the matron mothers I 
    pulled out his heart still beating.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD15:	'Have I told you how it is that I came to flee from the 
    	Choose option 1
    	'One of the lesser priestesses noticed my hesitation and she took 
    the babe's life, herself, eager to usurp my place in Lloth's 
    	Choose option 2
    	'But I refused.  I was disgusted with my Queen, so I cursed my 
    mother and endangered my House.  In my naivete I thought that I 
    would survive after my actions.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD16:	'I am ready to continue my tale if you are willing to hear it.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'I would have died, in fact, were it not for...if it were not for my 
    brother.  My poor, foolish brother.  Valas...
    	Choose option 2
    LD17:	'Tell me something do you have much of a family?'
    	Choose option  2
    	'I cannot understand the relationships...the closeness that the 
    families of the surface retain with each other.  In the Underdark, 
    things are very different...'
    Choose option  2
    'There are normally no...'brothers,' although some males are 
    favoured than others.  Most simply exist to serve the Queen and 
    House but this is not always the case.'
    Choose option 3
    'In the end...he saved my life.  He...he prevented my sacrifice and 
    killed our mother giving me the opportunity to flee.
    Choose option 1
    LD18:	'My... brother...is finally what made me break my faith fully from the 
    Spider Queen.  His actions, I mean...saving me from sacrifice.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'I had begun to question Lloth's appetite for power and absolute 
    devotion with the child, but  I did not cast her out of my heart 
    fully until Valas saved my life.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I was forced to flee the Underdark, making my way quickly to the 
    surface before the other drow could stop me, cursing and crying 
    the entire way.'
    	Choose option 1
    LD19:	'If you would...if you would please sit with me for a moment, I 
    would be thankful.  I find myself uncharacteristically overcome 
    with anxiety and am not...eager...to be alone for the evening.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'I have been...thinking of Lloth.  She is cruel, not known for 
    forgiveness...and always takes revenge...collecting the lapsed and 
    fallen.  I know she will come for me.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'It will mean...it will mean nothing.  Lloth's reach is far...and I 
    fear there is no escaping it...
    	Choose option 1
    	'(char name), I am frightened to my very core!  Do not leave me 
    alone!  Stay with me this night.  I...I need to feel your flesh next 
    to mine, to embrace your strength...'
    	Choose option 3
    LD20:	'Well I see that you are finally awake.  I hope that your pathetic 
    exertions last night brought at least one of us some measure of 
    	Choose option 2
    	'It was not.  I have seen limp and blind fish with more virility 
    than you.  I would have preferred the crude pawings of a goblin 
    than suffered your rough hands.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'Do not deny your salivating male desires, fool.  I found the 
    thought of your touch pleasing, but now I know better...you are 
    nothing more than a boy in a man's clothing!'
    	Choose option 3
    LD21:	'You have no impetus to carve an empire, and you are certainly no 
    Lord of Murder.  I have decided you are weak and cowardly, not fit 
    for the godsblood flowing within you.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'You nauseate me (char name)...is it not reason enough?  I look upon 
    you and I see something that I would rather squish under my boot.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD22:	'Do not stand so close to me.  It is bad enough that I have to 
    smell your stench on the occasional breeze...must I also bask in 
    your rancid aura?
    	Choose option 1
    LD23:	'I have a confession to make to you.  Give me your ears for a 
    moment and listen, if you possess the sense.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'So then.  What do you think of that (char name)?  What do you 
    think of me now?'
    	Choose option 4
    	'I am a creature of dark lusts you fool!  Why are you not 
    disgusted by this?!  Turn away from me, spit on me and curse my 
    name I command you!'
    	Choose option 3 or 2.  I have chosen 2 and the dialogue ends.
    LD24:	*this is triggered by sleeping*
    	'(sigh)I...I cast my white flag before you.  I can struggle no more.  
    You have...you have defeated me.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'If you will have me, I shall not push you away again...stay with me 
    tonight, (char name), let us be together in earnest.  Let me savor 
    the unfamiliar fear that goes with this trust.'
    	Choose option 4
    LD25:	'A good morning to you.  Or at least, as close to morning as we 
    come with these strange hours that we keep.  I trust your 
    exertions were worthwhile?
    	Choose option 3
    	'You are not so terrible, (char name), for a male.'
    	Choose option 2
    LD26:	'Tell me...did Gorion tell you many tales of the Underdark?  Did he 
    perchance mention some of the races that lived below?'
    	'That and the delight they seem to get from cracking open your 
    skull like a hen's egg and drinking everything swimming inside 
    your head.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'The first sign of Kuo Toa are the reek of dead fish.  Head away 
    from the water they need to survive.    Risking a fight is to 
    flirt with the Cold Maiden'
    	Choose option 1
    LD27:	'Do your people have any kind of rite of passage into adulthood?  
    I am curious.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'He thought me a beggar seeking guidance.  He was surprised when 
    he learned I was Drow, but not as much when I used his holy mace 
    to cave his forehead.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'And the act pleased Lloth.  Pleasing the Spider Queen was our 
    ethos and our mantra...girding ourselves to conquer the other 
    	Choose option 1
    LD28:	'What about the time before the Life?  Before the endless travels, 
    days in the dark with death on your heels?  Who was your closes 
    ally then?'
    	Choose option 2 (what I did anyway but I don't think it really 
    	'Why do you consider him such a good teacher and close friend?'
    	Choose option 2
    LD29:	'Have you devoted any thought to what you will do once this whole 
    business is over with?'
    	Choose option 2
    	'I have thought on the future myself.  With a little ambition I 
    see us carving an empire, ruling a small kingdom, and living in 
    the hedonistic luxury that we are meant to!'
    	Choose option 2
    LD30:	'We are to stop now and rest are we?  I suppose that is good and 
    well, as I am exhausted nearly to the point of dropping.  Come, 
    then, my mrann d'ssiniss, and let us get our coupling over with 
    	Choose option 2
    	'I may be tired, but I look forward to showing the arts I learned 
    as a Drow.  I hold a degree...of...affection for you (char name).  How 
    else am I supposed to show this?'
    	Choose option 2 (Please note, because I am extremely drained today 
    I can only be doing with the quick but effective measure.  You can 
    choose option 1 which is better and then you just have to play it 
    by common sense really!)
    LD31:	'You are awake I see.  That is good.  I have been watching you for 
    some time...thinking.  I wish to share my thoughts with you.'
    	Choose option 1 
    	In the next dialogue Viconia basically explains that she wants to 
    break up with you.  This is inevitable and so don't worry about 
    	Choose option 2
    LD32:	'I have an odd feeling.  I do not...think...I have ever felt it like 
    this before...'
    	Choose option 2
    	'It is almost as if a dark whisper is traveling Faerun, searching, 
    seeking out...something...I...fear it is searching for me.'
    	Choose option 1
    	'It...no...there it goes.  The feeling...has vanished.  But that does 
    not mean it will not return.  I...I am suddenly quite cold inside...'
    	Choose option 1
    LD33:  *The fight with the demon thing and the handmaiden!  Whooo hoooo!  
    Showdown time!  
    	After the battle Choose option 2
    	Then Choose option 1
    LD34:	'Back away from me, you pathetic fool!  Do not cast your eyes upon 
    me!  I told you to let me be ilbilith!!  Are you so insipid and 
    moronic that you cannot understand such simple instructions?!
    	Choose option 1
    	'You...you are an affront to me...I wish this had never come to be!'
    	Choose option 1
    LD35:	'This...is not working...between us.  It will never work, and I think 
    you know this.  There can only be one outcome.  This can only end 
    	Choose option 2
    	'We must poison our hearts, my ssinssrigg...we must do what is 
    necessary and cleave us apart before it is too late.'
    	Choose option 2
    	'There is no way, (char name) you know that.'
    	Choose option 2
    Anomen's Romance
    4 Anomen
    Profile: Human dual class fighter/cleric. He has exceptional strength
    and constitution, making him suitable to frontline, especially for the
    early part of the game. He is primarily cleric though, and will reach
    level 21 cleric at the experience cap of 2.95 million. IMHO, he is one
    of the best NPC in the game. His fighter class gives him 2 attacks per
    round, lots of HP and better THAC0. His turn undead blasts undeads
    into pieces, including vampires and liches (at high enough
    level). Since wisdom only gives extra low level spells (there is no
    limit to casting level 6 and 7 spells), he is a good cleric even with
    his initial wisdom of 12. Most of the complains about him centres on
    his personality. He is a bit arrogant and too righteous for some
    people's tastes.
    When you first met him in the Copper Coronet, he was trying to prove
    himself worthwile to become a full knight of the Order of the Most
    Radiant Heart. He was a bit emotional before his knight test, but
    after the test, he became very sweet.
    Diff:  Very easy. The correct repsonses are very obvious. Just
    remember not to be rude to him.
    Hints: Some time after he joined your party (after LD6, see step by
    step walkthrough below), a messager would come to inform Anomen of his
    sister's death. To make him a knight later, persuade him to follow the
    law; to make him fail, kill Saerk to avenge his sister. This makes a
    difference to Anomen's skills. If he becomes a knight, he will gain
    four points of wisdom and have his alignment change to Lawful Good
    (LG). If he fails, his alignment will be changed to Chaotic Neutral
    Some time after this (after LD12), Anomen would tell you that he felt
    it was time to take the test. Go to the Order of the Most Radiant Heart
    with him.
    After the test, the romance took two separate paths depanding on
    whether Anomen passes the knight test.
    Some time after the knight test, another messager would come. The
    content of the message depended on his alignment. If he was a knight,
    the magistrate had found evidence that Saerk indeed was involved
    with the murder of Moira. Otherwise, Moira had been killed by a pair
    of thugs. No matter what you said, you could not stop Anomen from
    leaving the party. Follow him immediately to either Saerk's house in
    the Bridge District (LG) or Delryn Estate in the Government district 
    depending on his alignment.
    Make a save before you enter Saerk's house or Delryn Estate. This is
    the only difficult part of the romance. The right response is not
    obvious and if you say anything wrong, Anomen will leave the game
    forever. Basically persuade him not to kill Saerk(LG) or his
    father(CN). Tell him that you love him and the love you two have will
    strengthen him.
    (I played the game twice with both the LG and CN Anomen. I only
    started making notes the second time round with the CN one. Therefore
    the following walkthrough only shows the CN path. However, the two
    paths are identical until quite late in the romance and the Saerk/Cor
    Delryn revenge choices are mostly the same even though they are
    directed to two different people.)
    LD1: 'Prithee, my lady...it fills me with no small amount of wonder
    that you have not asked me of my journey ere we met?
         Choose option 3
         'There is precious little to tell, although my few adventures
         have been glorious, indeed.
         Choose option 1
         'Aye, it has been a stuggle to prove my worth to the order.
         Choose option 3
         'Hmph. I find it hard to believe that one woman alone could have
         performed such deeds
         Choose option 2
         'Well, of course you had fellow companion who aided you then as
    LD2: (If you have Keldorn in your party, he will join in this
         'How much do you know of my Order of the Most Radiant Heart?'
         Choose option 1 or 2
         'You have heard of it? That is good.
         Keldorn '(Sigh) Once again, Anomen, you follow pride rather than
         your head.
         'I have long since passed the time when I needed a knight of the
         Order to answer my every thought, Sir Keldorn.
        Choose option 1
        'Hmph. You're entitled to your opinion, my lady, but I think there
        is more that can be done to fight chaos than simply combatting the
        most obvious evils with a sword.'
        Keldorn 'The Order has its place, Anomen...and government is not
        'Perhaps, Sir Keldorn. I shall ponder your words, but I still
        believe the flaw exists in those who do not think of new ways to
        combat chaos.'
    LD3: 'I understand that Gorion was very much like a father to you.
         Choose option 1
         'Ah, I see. I must admit, my lady, that I am rather jealous of
         Choose option 3
         'I think you might have at that.
    LD4: 'I...I wish to apologise for so abruptly ending our conversation
         Choose option 1
         'I am glad to hear of it, I...I think of my sister, sometimes,
         alone in the manor with my father.
         Choose option 1
         'The Order does not pay well, my lady.
         Choose option 1
         'That is good. It is a terrible thing then, that she has been
         taken away.
    LD5: 'Have I told you how I became a priest?'
         Choose option 1
         'As I've said before, I approached the Order without the benefit
         of my father's sponsorship.
         Choose option 1
         'Hmph! It is that easy, is it?
    LD6: 'My lady...I feel most terrible about my burst of temper the
    previous day.
         Choose option 1
         'I am most thankful, (char name).
         Choose option 1
         'I am glad that you are so kind to me.
    LD7: A message from Lord Cor Delryn, Anomen's father,
    arrived. Anomen's sister, Moira, was murdered. Take Anomen to his
    family home, Delryn Estate, in the Government District. To make him a
    knight later, persuade him to follow the law; to make him fail, kill
    Saerk to avenge his sister.
    LD8: 'My lady? Might I bend your ear for a moment?'
         Choose option 1
         'I have been thinking much on my Test, as of late.
         Choose option 3
         'Because I do not know my own conscience, my lady.
    LD9: 'I have come to understand a few things of your past, and I have
    a question, if I might be permitted to pose it...'
         Choose option 1
         'I have been told a few things of your travels in the north and
         in Baldur's Gate in particular.
         Choose option 1
         'You...speak so carefully, my lady, because you have been accused
         of some manner of relation with the dead god of murder, Yes?
         Choose option 2
         'But you have not always succeeded, Yes?
    LD10: 'My lady, I have been pondering your situation for some
    time...this mater of your peculiar heritage...and I find myself filled
    with admiration and wonder for you, truly.'
          Choose option 2
          'Yes..always a struggle.
    LD11: 'I...I am truly sorry, my lady.
          Choose option 1
          'You must think me very odd to speak about my feelings and urges
          in such plain way, but in the Order it is paramount to control
          these things.
          Choose option 2: You should not worry about these things so
          much. (Choose another option if you have persuaded Anomen not to
          kill Saerk.).
          (His response is dependant on the option you picked before.)
          'Mmm. Your view of the Order's tenets are obvious.
    LD12: 'My Test is coming very soon, my lady. I will need to go to the
    headquarters of the Order and speak to Ryan Trawl.
          Choose option 2
          'I...have been thinking on what we have spoken of.
          Choose option 1
          'I hope that you are right, my lady.
          **Take Anomen to the Order of Radiant Heart for his test now.
    LD13: The knight test. The outcome of the test depends on your choice
    of whether to avenge Moira's death earlier.
    NOTE: From this point on, the romance is split into two separate
    paths. Only the CN path is shown here.
    LD14: 'I have been thinking about Sir Ryan Trawl and the Order and I
    have decided I am well rid of them! I cannot believe I wasted so much
    of my life on such ignorant fools!'
          Choose option 2: That's good to see...You could use a little
          freedom, I think
          'Aye, I could at that! Too long has this poor knight frowned and
          growled...I'm enough of it, to tell the truth.
          Choose option 2: Yes, this is much better.
          'Well said and much appreciated by this formerly dour knight, my
          (Anomen is now basically your boyfriend. His ROMANCEACTIVE should	
           be 2 if you check it with either CLUAConsole or ShadowKeeper.)
    LD15: 'My lady...I have been watching you most intently these past few
    hours and I have come to a conclusion about you.
          Choose option 1
          'When I first met you, my lady, I know there was something about
          you that drew me.
          Choose option 1: Ha ha! You may do as you like, good Anomen.
          'Then close your eyes, and I shall do the same...we shall meet
          for a moment as if we were two innocents coming together in the
    LD16: (This episode occurs only when your party rests.)
          'While the others retire to their sacks, might I persuade you to
          come with me somewhere away from their ears?
          Choose option 1: Very well, I will go with you.
          'Come aside, then, and let us talk in earnest.
          Choose option 1: You are, Anomen...
          'Glad I am to hear it, my love. Never has a moment been more
    LD17: 'Hmmm. I have been thinking. I am still a little bitter at being
    rejected by the Order...but, in many ways, I have never felt so happy.
          Choose option 3: Hmph. You're happy because we laid together, is
          that it?
          'Ha! That is part of my reasoning, perhaps, but not in the
          manner that your glare suggests.
          Choose option 1: I agree...we are meant to be together.
          'Well, I am pleased to hear you say that, my lady.
    LD18: (This episode occurs only when your party rests.)
          'We are to rest, now, are we? That is good.
          Choose option 1: I will accept it gladly, Anomen.
          'Most wondorous occasion! I will shout my love to the heavens
    LD19: Terl delivers a letter from Lord Cor.
          Letter 'The authorities have found Moira's murderers...a pair of
          disgruntled workers who were once under my employ...
          'I...I lost everything I wored towards to perform my duty for my
          family at his insistence...and he disowns me! He disowns me!!'
          Choose option 2: Forget him, Anomen.  he's not worth your anger.
          'Not...not worth my anger...
          Choose option 2: Anomen, I did not mean for this to happen!
          'Aye, but it is happening anyway.
          **Anomen leaves the party. Go to the Delryn Estate in the
            Government District.
    LD20: At the Delryn Estate
          (Make a save before you enter. If you say the wrong thing here,
          Anomen will disappear from the game forever.)
          'This is the end, Father. Your thoughtless cruelty destroyed
          Mother...it destroyed Moira...and it destroyed me.
          Cor Delryn 'I am no priest, my former son...you'll not see me
          bow before any altars!
          'You'll atone, father, whether you like it or not.
          Cor Delryn 'You...You would kill me?! Bah! You're too weak to go
          through with such an act!
          'It is not act. Prepare yourself, for I...what?! (char name)?
          What are you doing here?!
          Choose option 1: I came to stop you, Anomen
          'Why not, my love?! Tell me why he should not die!
          Choose option 1: He is not responsible for what happened to you
          Anomen. And you know it. (I've tried all the other options, this
          is the only one that stop Anomen killing his father.)
          'Aye...aye, you speak the right of it.
          Choose option 2: Because you will be stronger, then...because we
          will be together.
          'Together. Together, yes...but do you love me, (char name)? Am I
          only your companion, or will I have your strength to draw on?
          Choose option 1: I do love you, Anomen.
          'Then...then that is enough for me.
          Cor Delryn 'Bah! I always knew you were too much of a pansy to
          go through with it! I was right to disown you as I did...
          'I could have been more, father, had you cared. I...I always
          loved you. And I still do.'
          Cor Delryn 'You...?'
          'Aye. And still I do. We are so much alike, you and I. More than
          you will ever know.  We...could have been so much more.
          Cor Delryn '...aye...perhaps...
          'I am sorry, my love, for all of this disturbance
    Try using the cheat codes to speed up the romance really fast. These 
    You might need shadow keeper for Jaheria's romance. Like when Jaheria 
    stops talking after even you sleep or complete the special events, fix 
    the lovetalk value under the effects value to 59. When Elminster doesn't 
    show up, type:
    That will make elminster appear and conclude the romance.
    Contributed by iweird from Gamefaqs message board.
    Thanks goes to:
    iweird - 
    he's the guy that contributed to the codes section.  This stuff is 
    very useful and my thanks to him are impossible to describe.
    Gamefaqs - 
    for being a very cool site, and a very cool dude CjayC if he posts 
    this in his site.
    Me - 
    I'm sorry but I think I do deserve a slap on the back.  You don't 
    believe how trying it is with A levels on and everything.  I got 
    another exam in two days!  You guys better wish me luck so I can 
    get my three Bs to go to Bristol University!
    Little Hamster - 
    Without this guy, I would have never added the Anomen's romance.  
    Thank you so much man, sorry it took so long to do this! 

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