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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kenb215

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 12/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    Myst III Exile
                                     PlayStation 2
                           G R A D U A L  H I N T  G U I D E
                                Version 1.0.1  12/31/05
    Created By:        Kenny Barney               Message Board Name:  kenb215
    E-mail:            kenbarney@gmail.com        Date Created:        2004-10-23
    This guide is copyright Kenny Barney.
                                     Table of Contents
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    1.00     Introduction
    2.00     FAQs
    3.00     Walkthrough
       3.10  Tomahna
       3.20  J'nanin Part One
       3.30  Voltaic: Age of Energy
       3.40  Edanna: Age of Nature
       3.50  Amateria: Age of Dynamic Forces
       3.60  J'nanin Part Two
       3.70  The Final Age
    4.00     Copyright
    5.00     Contact Information/Additional Help
    6.00     Credits
    *****                       1.00   Introduction                           *****
    When playing this game, I realized how difficult some of the puzzles could be.
    I also noticed how most of the existing guides for it tell you right out how to
    solve each puzzle. This can be unfortunate for anybody who just wants to get a
    small hint to guide them through the puzzle when they get stuck.  Because of
    that, this guide was written to help give readers gradual hints in the right
    direction until they could solve the puzzles on their own. However, for those
    who are truly stuck, the solutions are listed here as well.
    *****                            2.00   FAQs                              *****
    Q. What is our goal in this game?
    A. Our goal in the game is to rescue the book that was stolen and bring it back
       to Atrus.
    Q. Do I need to go through the worlds in the same order you did? Is there a
       reason why you chose the order you did?
    A. You can go through the levels in any order you want. The reason I chose this
       order would spoil some of the game, so it won't be put here.
    *****                      3.00   Walkthrough                             *****
    ****************************     3.10 Tomahna     *****************************
    ==What am I doing here?==
    * You are here to meet Atrus.
    * He wants to show you the age he wrote for his people, Releeshahn.
    * Naturally, that isn't going to happen.
    ==What should I do now?==
    * Explore.
    * Go through the left blue door.
    * Look at the things in Atrus's study.
    * Examine Releeshahn.
    ==Some guy just came in and set the room on fire. What do I do now?==
    * Follow him.
    * Watch the tour of the age in the book, then enter it.
    ***********************     3.20 J'nanin  Part One     ************************
    =====The Observatory=====
    ==That guy is running away. Should I follow him?==
    * You can.
    * However, you don't need to.
    * Following him will show you your next destination.
    ==He locked the door to the observatory behind him. How do I get into it?==
    * Find another way in.
    * Explore the island.
    * Go back down and walk on the beach.
    * Go down to the building at the bottom of the stairs you find.
    ==I'm in the building. Now what do I do?==
    * Explore.
    * Pull the green lever to open the first gate, and push the orange button by
      the plants to open the second one.
    ==What is the point of all of the things in the main room?==
    * They are important for your quest.
    * Take notes.
    * You should take Saavedro's journal, which lies on the hammock, and experiment
      with both the Venus fly trap and the 3 balances in the room. Make sure to
      record what is balancing what.
    ==I took the elevator up, but I can't get anywhere with it. What do I do?==
    * The spinning metal cage around the elevator is important.
    * So is the fact that you can push the lever that moves the elevator up while
      you are outside of the elevator.
    * Send the elevator up while you are outside of it.
    ==There are several odd gears in the elevator pit. What do I do with them?==
    * Saavedro took parts from them to build some other things.
    * They control which way the elevator faces when it goes up.
    * You can manually adjust them to make the elevator face the correct way.
    ==That is interesting, but how do I know what to set them to?==
    * Saavedro knows.
    * He left you the information to use.
    * Read his journal.
    * You should have taken it off of the hammock.
    * Look at the diagrams by where Saavedro says that he needs to scavenge parts.
    * Adjust the parts to match the diagrams, as shown here
    * The gears should be turned so that the missing spoke on the left gear is next
      to the right gear. The left-most pulley should be pulled down twice, to the
      bottom, the middle pulley should be left in the center position, while the
      right pulley should be pulled twice so that it goes up, and then down to the
      middle. The switch should be pulled once so it is closer to you. It is
      difficult to see the differences in the wheel, so go closer to the screen.
      The small part just left of the middle can be made to flip 180 degrees by
      clicking on it.  Also, the wheel as a whole can be rotated. Turn the entire
      wheel once, and flip the part. Repeat this. Then turn the wheel one more
      time. The whiter side should be out (turned) for the two parts that you don't
      see, but left in the middle for the one you can see.
    ==I have the mechanisms in the right place. Now what?==
    * Go up.
    * Bring the elevator back down using the lever outside of the pit.
    * Watch Saavedro go into the book and its case close.
    ==I watched Saavedro leave. How do I follow him?==
    * You can't yet.
    * The device needs information that you can't give it yet.
    * However, you can use some parts of the device now.
    * Push the small, blue button.
    ==What did Saavedro mean in the hologram?==
    * He wants Atrus, the person he thinks chased him, to follow him into the book.
    * To do that you need to open the device.
    * Hmm. 3 symbols, 3 linking books. Sounds like a clue.
    * There is a symbol in each age. Complete each of them to find each symbol.
    ==Am I finished with this room yet?==
    * Not yet.
    * Examine the holoprojectors on the walls.
    =What do I do with a holoprojector?==
    * Operate the controls.
    * Find what seems to be the goal.
    * You need to line up the image on the lens with its image in the actual world.
    * The image can be found on the tusk (the large white object).
    * Move side to side and up and down by clicking and dragging the viewer, zoom
      in and out with the left control, and focus with the right control so that
      everything lines up correctly.
    * Do this for all three holoprojectors.
    ==I lined the image up. What good does that do?==
    * Other things change besides the image.
    * Examine the beads that move around.
    * They are important later, so write them down.
    * Pictures of how they should be aligned can be found here:
      Energy:  http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/myst_iii_energy_beads.gif
      Nature:  http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/myst_iii_beads.gif
      Dynamic: http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/myst_iii_dynamic_beads.gif
    ==Am I finished with this room now that I have used the holoprojectors?==
    * There is nothing left in the room.
    * You can now go and try to figure out how to get to the other ages.
    =====The Energy Puzzle=====
    ==What is the first thing I need to do to enter the energy age?==
    * The energy tusk is the one past the beach, near where you go down to the
    * Go to the tusk.
    * You will see a device that appears to focus light.
    * Find the light source.
    * It is near another similar device.
    * Go to the beach near the handles in the rock. Go right four screens, then
      face the water with two devices coming up and go to them.
    * Operate the device.
    * Turn the wheel until light shines through.
    ==I have light in this light focuser, but how do I get it to the other one?==
    * Use something to reflect the light.
    * Try the poles with a colored bead on top.
    * You can rotate them to shine the light in different directions.
    ==There are so many posts. What order do I go in?==
    * The first one you can turn is yellow.
    * The shortest route has a broken pole right near the start, and needs to be
      worked around.
    * Because of that pole, there is only one way to direct the light correctly.
    * Starting at the yellow pole, aim the light in the direction of the
      observatory, to a blue pole near the beach. Then aim the light inland, across
      the caldera to a green pole. Go there, and aim the green pole to the red one
      right near it. Direct that light inland, to a yellow pole near the rocks. Aim
      that light to a purple pole between it and a tusk. Spin that one so the light
      goes past the observatory to the red pole by where you entered J'nanin. Aim
      the light one final time, to the energy tusk.
    ==The door is still locked. How do I get it?==
    * Examine the rainbow.
    * You can push the round button in each color.
    * I've already explained the order.
    * You've already followed it.
    * Push the buttons in the order that you went through the colors in the poles.
    * Press them in this order: yellow, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, red.
    ==I am in, and I see some beads. What do I do with them?==
    * The energy symbol is the one with a large and small part to it.
    * You should remember that symbol from inside the observatory.
    * There were beads in the observatory as well.
    * Match these beads so they are in the same position as the ones in the
      observatory when the energy image was in focus.
    * They should be in the same position as the beads in this URL
    * When they are in the right place you can go to the age in the book that comes
      down, or solve any of the other J'nanin puzzles first.
    =====The Nature Puzzle=====
    ==What is the first thing I need to do to enter the nature age?==
    * The nature tusk is located behind the observatory on the far side of the
    * Try and go to the tusk.
    * You can get near it through the second ground floor door in the observatory.
    * However, there is a large gap between the rock formation you can stand on and
      its door.
    * The strange plants near it can be helpful.
    * Use those plants to make a bridge.
    ==How do I make a bridge from some plants?==
    * Try exploring the area around the caldera.
    * Walk around near the edge of the water.
    * You will find some unusual natural devices.
    * See what they do when you touch them.
    * Touch the plant in the water to make it unfurl. Then touch the white sphere
      on the plant to its left so that a Squee will come out.
    ==So I let an animal out. What good does that do?==
    * Watch what happens to the plants.
    * Whenever the Squee squeaks the Barnacle Moss expands.
    * You have seen that moss before.
    * It was near the entrance to the nature tusk.
    ==How do I get the Squee to the Barnacle Moss?==
    * You can't.
    * You don't need him to be there.
    * The only thing you need is the Squee's squeak.
    * Find a way to make his sound reach the Barnacle Moss.
    ==How do I transfer sound? Isn't the distance too far to hear?==
    * You can get the sound to the bridge.
    * Find a plant to help you.
    * Go up so you are just below the bridge and you will see a green plant with a
      yellow and white flower.
    * That plant can transfer sound.
    * Position it so you can hear the Squee, and the Barnacle Moss will expand.
    ==I am in, and I see some beads. What do I do with them?==
    * The nature symbol is the one that looks like a butterfly.
    * You should remember that symbol from inside the observatory.
    * There were beads in the observatory as well.
    * Match these beads so they are in the same position as the ones in the
      observatory when the nature image was in focus.
    * They should be in the same position as the beads in this URL
    * When they are in the right place you can go to the age in the book that comes
      down, or solve any of the other J'nanin puzzles first.
    =====The Dynamic Forces Puzzle=====
    ==What is the first thing I need to do to enter the dynamic forces age?==
    * The dynamic forces tusk is located next to the rocks out on the water.
    * To get to the door, go through the hole in the rocks.
    * However, that way is blocked by a large metal weight.
    * You need to move it out of the way.
    ==It is too heavy to push. How do I move it out of the way?==
    * Find another way to move it.
    * Use the bridge controls.
    * You can find the bridge controls nearby.
    * Go back up, and look near the edge of the rocks. You will see a small piece
      of metal which is actually the top of a ladder.
    * Use the controls to move the weight out of the way.
    * Note that you can only get onto the bridge when it is level and at the top.
    * Move the controls this way: right, left, right, right, left, right.
    * Go back to the bridge, and open the door.
    ==There is a large hole in the floor. How to I get across?==
    * Use something to fill it up.
    * Try moving the weight again.
    * Make sure that it moves forcefully into the doorway.
    * Manipulate the controls this way: left, left, right, right.
    ==I am in, and I see some beads. What do I do with them?==
    * The dynamic forces symbol is the one that looks like a circle.
    * You should remember that symbol from inside the observatory.
    * There were beads in the observatory as well.
    * Match these beads so they are in the same position as the ones in the
      observatory when the dynamic forces image was in focus.
    * They should be in the same position as the beads in this URL
    * When they are in the right place you can go to the age in the book that comes
      down, or solve any of the other J'nanin puzzles first.
    *********************     3.30 Voltaic: Age of Energy     *********************
    ==What is my goal in this age?==
    * Saavedro told us what we need to do in the hologram back in J'nanin.
    * You need to find one of the symbols that open the device he went into.
    * It can be found after solving all of the puzzles in the age.
    * This is the Age of Energy, so think about energy when trying to solve the
    ==How do I begin?==
    * Like always, you should start exploring the world.
    * Try looking at the doorway in the large rock by where you start.
    * You can't open it because it needs power.
    * Start looking for a power source.
    =====Power Plant=====
    ==Where is the power plant?==
    * Go down the path and into the cave.
    * Follow the path down the red tunnel, then turn and go through the blue one.
    * It is near the ladder.
    * One of the controls can be found going up. The other can be found if you keep
      going forward.
    ==I am there but I can't see the power plant. Where exactly is it?==
    * It is too large for you to see at once.
    * The plant gets its power from hydroelectricity; that is, from moving water.
    * There is a water-wheel you can see from the tunnel just past the ladder, a
      control wheel just above the ladder and more controls down the tunnel near a
      second door like the one at the start of the level. You can see the status of
      the power plant in the power grid near the ladder.
    ==How do I turn the power on?==
    * There are two main things you need to do in order to turn on the power.
    * The first one can be found down the pipe near the door.
    * To reach it, you need to divert the path of the moving water.
    * Go up the ladder and turn the red wheel.
    ==I moved the gate with the wheel and am down in the tube. Now what?==
    * Turn on the power.
    * Push the red button to open the door, then pull on the handle to raise the
      gear shaft.
    ==Help. How come the gear jammed when I tried to move it up?==
    * That gear intermeshes with the water-wheel.
    * If the gear jammed, then the water-wheel is moving.
    * You moved the flaps on the waterwheel, and thus caused it to turn.
    * The gear can't go up while the waterwheel is turning, so you need to stop it.
    * Go back to the control wheel, and turn it again. Now that the waterwheel is
      stopped, you can move the flaps again. Do so, then go and move the gears
    ==I moved the gear up. Why is there no power?==
    * The gear only connects the system.
    * It is a hydroelectric plant.
    * You need to make the water-wheel turn.
    * To do that, find a place where you can be next to the wheel, and move the
    * Go into the tunnel connecting the gear area to the ladder area. Just past
      where the ladder is you will see a broken window. You can move the flaps on
      the waterwheel there, making it turn.
    * If it doesn't turn, then the water is flowing in the wrong place. Use the
      control wheel to change the direction it is flowing in.
    ==The waterwheel is turning. Now what?==
    * Remember, the closest door needed power.
    * It is the one just across the tunnel with the waterwheel.
    * Now that there is power, you can open it.
    =====Electromagnet Chamber=====
    ==I went through the door and path. What do I do with the cylinder I found?==
    * Think like electricity.
    * That cylinder is an electromagnet.
    * Examine the cylinder closely.
    * At each platform around the cylinder are two metal sheets with an aperture in
      between them.
    * Look through it.
    ==I looked through the aperture and see some wiring. What do I do?==
    * Like before, think like electricity.
    * Those wires are circuits.
    * Electricity needs to have complete circuits to flow.
    * Use the large metal buttons to the side to change the circuits.
    * There are five apertures. To complete the circuit, every connector pin at the
      top needs to connect with a connector pin at the bottom, and vice-versa at
      each aperture. Start by aligning the top circuits so that each connector pins
      line up. Then align the bottom. Finally move the middle set so that the top
      and bottom circuits are connected. Which circuits need to be moved is
      determined randomly, and thus is different each time you play. Once all five
      circuits are complete, the metal sheets outside of the apertures will close.
      If they do not, then at least one of your circuits is not complete.
    ==I connected the circuits. Now what do I do?==
    * You are finished with this part of the island.
    * Go to another area.
    * Backtrack through the tunnels and head towards the chasm near the beginning.
    =====Airship Dry Dock=====
    ==I found a lot of equipment hanging around. What do I do?==
    * This is the Airship Dry Dock.
    * The airship is hanging from the ceiling.
    * You need to inflate it.
    * We have a lot of work to do for that.
    ==I can see pressure valves, but why don't they work?==
    * Most of them still work.
    * However, you need compressed air to flow through them so that they can do
    * Keep exploring this area.
    * Go to the left of the pressure valves and climb the ladder.
    * Open up the round hatch and go through it.
    * Walk on the pipe and through a tube to get to the Lava Chamber.
    =====Lava Chamber=====
    ==What is my goal here, and how do I accomplish it?==
    * Your goal is to get heated air to the Airship.
    * Use the equipment in the control room and the lava chamber to do so.
    * There is a fan in the lava chamber. Turn it on.
    ==How do I turn the fan on?==
    * Go into the lava chamber.
    * You can't enter it when there is lava inside.
    * Move the red knob on the control face around.
    ==I am in the lava chamber. Now what do I do?==
    * If the catwalk was all of the way down you can walk on it.
    * If not, go back into the control room and lower it.
    * You can use the control interface in the lava chamber to move the catwalk up
      and to bring the lava back in.
    * Whenever the catwalk is high enough, lava will fill the bottom of the room.
    * Alternate between moving the red knob around and across until you reach as
      high as it will go. Then go forward and turn the fan on.
    * Once the fan is on go back down and set the red knob to the left. Use the
      controls in the control room to move the catwalk up and let the lava back in.
      If the lava doesn't return, then the red knob is at the right in the lava
      chamber. Go back in and move it to the left.
    * Go back to the Airship Dry Dock.
    =====The Valve Puzzle=====
    ==What do the valves do and how do I use them?==
    * The valves control the amount of pressure that is released.
    * If there is no steam coming out of the open valves, then you haven't solved
      the lava chamber yet. Look in the previous section for help.
    * Set them to the correct pressure to release the Airship.
    ==What is the correct pressure?==
    * Look nearby for an indicator.
    * Look closely at the three colored pressure gauge.
    * There is a thin red line on it.
    * You can see the line better at this URL:
    * Align the arrow so it is as close as possible to the line.
    ==The valves make the arrow move too much. How do I get it closer?==
    * You are on an elevator.
    * Use the handle to the left to go up.
    * As you go higher, each valve will release less and less pressure.
    * However, you need that pressure for the elevator to work.
    * When the arrow is in the blue, the elevator doesn't go up. When it is in the
      yellow it will go to the second level. When it is in the red, it will go up
      to the third.
    ==That is fun, but how do I close the right valves and still get to the top?==
    * The lower valves release the most pressure, so close them so you can reach
      the top.
    * Once you are at the top, experiment by opening and closing valves until you
      get the correct pressure.
    * The solution is to first close all three bottom valves. Then go up and close
      all but one middle valve. Go up again, and leave three valves open.  Go back
      down to the middle, and leave two valves open. Finally, go down to the bottom
      and open all of the valves.
    ==I have the correct pressure, but how do I inflate the Airship?==
    * Look nearby for a large red wheel.
    * It is to the left of the pressure valves.
    * Turn it and the Airship will inflate.
    ==The Airship inflated, but got stuck on a large door. How do I open it?==
    * There is a lever outside that opens the door.
    * Go in the canyon to where a side path branches off and follow it.
    * Take the elevator down and follow the path.
    * Pull the lever at the end of the path to open the door.
    ==I'm in the Airship. What can I do now?=
    * Pull the lever in the front.
    * Go along for the ride.
    * Pull another lever and watch what happens.
    ==Wow! Now what?==
    * Ride the Airship one final time.
    * Go through the door and down the tunnel.
    * Turn the wheel to finish off the level.
    * Watch as the symbol is written.
    * Open the metal bookcase to go back to J'nanin
    ==I am back in J'nanin. How do I proceed?==
    * See 3.60 J'nanin Part Two
    *********************     3.40 Edanna: Age of Nature     **********************
    ==What is my goal in this age?==
    * Saavedro told us what we need to do in the hologram back in J'nanin.
    * You need to find one of the symbols that opens the device he went into.
    * It can be found after solving all of the puzzles in the age.
    * This is the Age of Nature, so think about nature and how natural objects
      interact when trying to solve puzzles in this age.
    ==How do I begin?==
    * Like always, you should start exploring the world.
    * Try looking through the Lens Blossom near the start.
    * Go up the Corkscrew Cattail.
    =====Deadwood Ridge=====
    ==I'm at the top. Now what do I do?==
    * Explore some more.
    * There is another Corkscrew Cattail.
    * However, it is dried up and shriveled.
    * Find a way to fix it.
    ==How do I fix the dying cattail?==
    * Look closely at both cattails.
    * There is a critical difference between them.
    * Try examining their drinking tendrils.
    * One of them found water while the other did not.
    * Hydrate the dry cattail.
    ==How can I hydrate the cattail?==
    * Find a water source near its drinking tendril.
    * Try touching the spherical Quaffler Fig pod near the cattail's drinking
    * It is filled with water.
    * Find a way to pop it open.
    ==What can be found here that can pop a pod?==
    * Explore up the path some more.
    * You can use concentrated sunlight to break open the pod.
    * The yellow Aurora Blossom can be opened up to reveal an amber lens.
    * Find a way to get sunlight to it.
    * There is a large fern blocking the sunlight. Move it out of the way by
      touching its base. Doing so will reveal a J'nanin linking book that you don't
      need and a path for sunlight that you do. Aim the Aurora Blossom at the pod
      towards the bottom and just left of the middle.
    * If there is no bright spot in the middle of the Aurora Blossom's view, you
      still need to move the fern behind it.
    ==I took the second cattail down. How do I use the glowing fish I found?==
    * It is called an Electra Ray.
    * Watch as it electrifies the nearby plant.
    * We did something like that back in J'nanin.
    * Keep exploring to the left of the Electra Ray's starting point.
    * You will see a brown plant with a long vine attached to its back, a fig pod.
    * Touch it.
    * This is part of another Quaffler Fig plant system. You will use it to
      transport the Electra Ray to where it is needed.
    ==I went down the path and found a curled plant. How do I open it?==
    * It is called a Tongue Fern, and it responds to light.
    * Find a nearby source of light.
    * Pull down on the glowing symbiotic spore and it will glow brightly.
    ==The Tongue Fern is a dead end. Where do I go?==
    * It isn't a dead end.
    * Look around for something else.
    * Look up when you are at the end.
    * Grab onto the blue swing vine then swing over to the right.
    ==I swung to the right. Now what do I do?==
    * You can use the swing vine to go in another direction, but its path is
      blocked by the log.
    * Try using the materials around you to take it down.
    * There is Barnacle Moss on the log, and a Squee lives nearby.
    * Bring the Squee to the log and it will collapse.
    * The Squee lives in the small opening on the other side of the trap.
    ==How do I get the Squee to the log?==
    * Touch the pink plant to knock down some fruit.
    * Go away and see what happens.
    * Walk back to the Tongue Fern and observe the Squee.
    * There is a lever near the base of the Tongue Fern to lower the trap.
    * However, we don't want to trap it.
    * Reset the trap if it is down, then roll the pink fruit after it falls.
    * Go back now and lower the trap.
    * The Squee will be blocked from going to his home by the trap and will run to
      the log.
    * Take the vine past the now fallen log.
    =====Edanna Forest=====
    ==I went past the broken log. Do I need to save the bird I found?==
    * Yes.
    * The mother Grossamery will help you later.
    * To free it, remember the experiment you did in J'nanin with the smaller Venus
      fly trap.
    * Use electricity to shock the plant.
    * You can find electricity in the Electra Ray.
    ==How do I move the Electra Ray down to the Venus fly trap?==
    * We should already have moved it once.
    * We touched a fig pod to move the Ray and the water it was in.
    * Find more fig pods.
    * The first fig pod was back before the Vine Puzzle.
    * The next one is down the path to the right of the Venus Fly trap next to a
      painting. The final one is down in the roots of the Venus Fly trap. It can be
      seen in the image in this URL:
    * Touch all of them to bring the Electra Ray there.
    ==I have the Electra Ray by the Venus Fly Trap. How do I get it out?==
    * You need to break it open.
    * We already did this with another Quaffler Fig pod.
    * Find a source of light and another Aurora Blossom (the yellow flower with an
      amber focusing lens.)
    * There is another Aurora Blossom at the end of the path past the final pod.
    * However, it is blocked by an unfurled Tongue Fern.
    * Find the light source elsewhere.
    ==Where is the light source needed to open the Tongue Fern and the pod?==
    * It is down another path.
    * Try exploring the path near the stairs going down to the final pod.
    * Notice the large, purple flowers as you follow the path.
    * They are called Lambent Orchids.
    * At the end of the path you will see one in the light.
    * Direct it towards the Tongue Fern.
    ==How do I aim the light directly at the Tongue Fern?==
    * You can't aim it straight there.
    * Find another way.
    * Use the other Lambent Orchids as mirrors.
    * There are four Lambent Orchids. Aim the first one at the one closest to it,
      at the left. Then use that one to aim the light at the Tongue Fern.
    ==I have the fern open. Now where do I go?==
    * Go to the Tongue Fern.
    * Backtrack, and go down the stairs by the Venus Flytrap roots again.
    * Climb up the glowing mushrooms.
    * Aim the Lambent Orchid found there at the yellow Aurora Blossom.
    ==I aimed the Orchid at the Aurora Blossom. Why doesn't it do anything?==
    * Lambent Orchids don't make light.
    * You need to redirect the light you already have.
    * Go back to the first Orchid and aim it at the Orchid slightly to the right.
    * You can only aim this Orchid in one direction, so when you do this the Tongue
      Fern will close up again. If you need to go back up, just move the initial
      Orchid again.
    ==I popped the pod and freed the Grossamery. What do I do next?==
    * Go to the next section of the island.
    * It is the Edanna Swamp.
    * To get there you need to open up the Tongue Fern again.
    * Redirect the light and go past the Tongue Fern.
    * Near the top, where you can see the ocean, look that way and go through the
      wooden tunnel just to the right of the ocean.
    * Take the bungee vine down to the bottom.
    =====Edanna Swamp=====
    ==I am down in the swamp. Now what do I do?==
    * Explore.
    * If you need to go back up, take the stairs close to where you started.
    * It can be difficult to find your way down here, so look around and try to
      remember where everything is.
    * Try going to the left of the stairs and following the path next to the large,
      purple plant. If you look to your left after just passing it, you can go
      forward and see another purple plant.  That plant is called a Nemel Lotus.
    ==Why are the purple, Nemel Lotuses, important?==
    * Those plants have the same fruit in them that the Grossamery likes.
    * You helped the bird out, now you need to let it help you.
    * You can use one of the plants to get the bird to take you to its nest.
    ==How do I get the bird to come to the plant?==
    * The open plant is out of food, so you need to open the other one.
    * Look at both plants carefully and note any differences.
    * There are two critical differences between them.
    * One of them is that the open plant is in light, while the closed one is not.
      Also, the open plant has insects around it.
    * Get light to the closed plant, remove it from the open one, then get the
      insects to the closed plant.
    ==How do I shine light on the closed Nemel Lotus?==
    * Follow the path next to it.
    * You will reach a Lambent Orchid.
    * Use it to get light on the Lotus.
    * Be certain that you shine it on the two stamens at the top and they unfurl
      all of the way.
    ==I shined light on it, but why didn't the Nemel Lotus open all of the way?==
    * Light doesn't open up the Lotus.
    * Pollinating insects do.
    * You need to bring the insects over from the open Lotus to the closed one.
    * To do that you first need to turn off the light at the open Lotus.
    ==How do I block the light from reaching the open Lotus plant?==
    * Just like before, follow the path next to it.
    * At the end of the path is a large, touch-sensitive fern.
    * Touch its base and it will move, blocking the light, and closing the Lotus.
    ==I closed the Lotus but the insects won't move. How do I get them to go?==
    * The insects won't leave unless you force them to.
    * Try exploring near the Lotus they are at.
    * You should see a Vesuvi Mushroom, a ball shaped plant the releases spores
      when touched.
    * Those insects don't like mushroom spores.
    * Find a Vesuvi Mushroom near the insects to chase them away.
    * Go all of the way down past the Lotus plant, then walk on the leaves until
      you are next to it.
    * Touch the mushroom to chase them away.
    ==The insects are at the new plant Lotus. Now how do I summon the bird?==
    * To get the bird to come, you need to get inside the plant.
    * You can't just walk to it.
    * Try entering through a hole in its roots.
    * Its root system is very large.
    * You can find the opening in the blue and violet root next to the now closed
    * Go forward and climb as high as you can inside of the Nemel Lotus.
    * Pull the stem to summon the bird.
    ==Wow! Now what?==
    * Look to the side and slide down to the bottom.
    * Watch as the symbol is written.
    * Go forward and use the linking book to go back to J'nanin.
    ==I am back in J'nanin. How do I proceed?==
    * See 3.60 J'nanin Part Two
    *****************     3.50 Amateria: Age of Dynamic Forces     ****************
    ==What is my goal in this age?==
    * Saavedro told us what we need to do in the hologram back in J'nanin.
    * You need to find one of the symbols that opens the device he went into.
    * It can be found after solving all of the puzzles in the age.
    * This is the Age of Dynamic Forces, so think about simple machines and how
      objects react when trying to solve the puzzles.
    ==How do I begin?==
    * Like always, you should start exploring the world.
    * You will notice that there are three main puzzles, each one near a different
      set of tracks. Your goal is to solve each puzzle and connect all of the
      tracks together.
    * The puzzles can be solved in any order.
    =====Resonance Rings=====
    ==Where are the Resonance Rings?==
    * The Resonance Rings are on the water a short distance from the main island.
    * Follow the path from the start of the level in either direction until you
      reach a series of tracks that you can walk on.
    * Most of the puzzle can be found here, but the controls for it are located in
      the cave nearby.
    * From the tracks, enter into the stone area of the cave and you will see a
      stone ladder to the left.
    * Pull the lever at the left when you get there to ride up.
    ==What do I do with the controls and the rings?==
    * Try pulling the lever on the controls and see what happens.
    * An ice sphere will form, and start rolling around the tracks.
    * However, it will shatter sometimes when it passes through a ring.
    * Notice what else happens while the device is operating.
    * The blue crystals atop each ring will sometimes turn off.
    * This happens whenever the sphere in the control pad reaches a new location.
    * Explore the tracks around the ring to figure out why this happens.
    ==What am I looking for as I explore the resonance rings?==
    * Look inside some of the resonance rings.
    * You can see that the view looks distorted.
    * That distortion is caused by sound. The same sound that shatters the ice
    * Whenever a blue crystal above the ring turns off, the sound also turns off.
    ==I know that I need to turn the resonance rings off. But how do I do that?
    * Keep looking around for one more item near each ring.
    * Just to the side of each ring is a dial with several images around it.
    * That dial controls when each ring turns off.
    * Whenever the ball on the control reaches one of the symbols, any ring with
      its dial facing that symbol will turn off.
    ==How do I know what order to turn the rings off?==
    * Notice where the sphere comes from, and where it can go.
    * The sphere will roll along the tracks, following the easiest route.
    * Follow the tracks like a ball would, and set each dial to the appropriate
      symbol (the first dial goes to the top left, the next one to the right, etc.)
    * The correct order can be seen in this diagram:
    ==What are the movie and hexagons that I see after completing the puzzle for?==
    * The movie is not critical, but the hexagons are.
    * The movie shows a scene of what will need to happen later.
    * The track that it shows moving up will need to be made to stay up after all
      of the puzzles in this world are completed.
    * The hexagons however are very important.
    * Write down their positions.
    * You will need to duplicate them again later.
    * Their positions can be seen in this URL:
    =====Balance Bridge=====
    ==Where is the balance bridge?==
    * The balance bridge is through a cave near the start of the level and the
      Resonance Rings.
    * From the start of the level, face so that the luminescent blue rocks are
      behind you and go forward.
    * Go down the stairs and into the cave.
    * Make the first left and step out onto wooden planks.
    * Proceed forward and you will reach the controls.
    ==What do I do here?==
    * Pull the lever at the left to go up. Then try the one at the right.
    * Notice how two spheres start rolling.
    * However, the ice sphere shatters when it reaches the bridge.
    * It will shatter because it needs a level surface to continue rolling.
    * When the other ball rolls onto the bridge, its weight forces the bridge to
      tilt. You need to find a way to counter this force.
    ==How do I counter the weight of the ball?==
    * To offset the weight of the ball, you will need to use a counter-weight.
    * You can find some by going left and entering the area beneath the balance.
    * There you will find several different weights.
    * We now need to find the correct weight to use.
    ==How can I find out how much the ball weighs?==
    * To do this, you will need to walk around.
    * You can get two close-ups of it from different areas.
    * The first close-up can be found near the balance bridge. Go onto the wooden
      planks nearby and walk towards the cave. Look up and you can zoom in on the
    * The second close-up can be found near the inside of the cave. Go into it,
      then head to the left. Take the wooden elevator up and go forward. The ball
      can be found to the left.
    * To see both images of the ball, go to this URL:
    * The ball is made of 1 part crystal, and 7 parts wood.
    ==I know what the ball is made of, but how can I balance it?==
    * To balance it, you need to find the weight ratio of the different materials
      the sphere is made of.
    * We saw them back in Saavedro's room in J'nanin.
    * If you didn't take notes, go back and look them up.
    * The ratios are:
      Crystal : Wood :: 1 : 4
      Metal : Crystal :: 1 : 4
      Metal : Wood :: 1 : 16
    * Don't forget about the other balance, which is level even with twice the
      weight on one side as the other.
    ==How can I try and balance the weight of the ball with the smaller pieces?==
    * You should know the ratio of wood to crystal, and crystal to metal.
    * Try thinking of each wedge of wood as weighing 1.
    * Each crystal then is 4, and each metal wedge is 16.
    * Add up the total weight of the ball. It comes out to be 11.
    * Now go back to the room to the left.
    * Is there any way to make the counter-weight, including the 4 pieces of wood
      already attached, equal 11?
    ==Saavedro destroyed too many weights. How can I solve this now?==
    * You can vary more than just the counter-weight.
    * Try going back to the controls.
    * You can use them to change the position of the fulcrum.
    * You should remember from Saavedro's room in J'nanin where 2 weights were
      balanced with one because the two weights were half the distance from the
    * Use that same principle here.
    * Move the top lever so that the fulcrum is all of the way to the left.
    * Now you need to make the counter-weight equal to 22, instead of 11.
    * You can do that by using 1 metal wedge and 2 wood wedges.
    * Do that, then pull the lever to make the ice sphere come.
    * If you did it correctly, then the sphere will roll across the bridge.
    ==What are the movie and hexagons that I see after completing the puzzle for?==
    * The movie is not critical, but the hexagons are.
    * The movie shows a scene of what will need to happen later.
    * The track that it shows moving up will need to be made to stay up after all
      of the puzzles in this world are completed.
    * The hexagons however are very important.
    * Write down their positions.
    * You will need to duplicate them again later.
    * Their positions can be seen in this URL:
    =====Turntable Tracks=====
    ==Where are the Turntable Tracks?==
    * The Turntable Tracks are on a strip of land to the side of the main, central
    * From the start of the level, go down by the post with the curling, blue line.
    * Follow the path underneath the stones to land.
    * Go forward, and there will be a doorway to the right.
    ==How do I solve the Turntable Tracks?==
    * To start, or leave, the puzzle use the lever to the left.
    * What you are trying to do is to get the ice sphere that forms when you pull
      on the ball release lever to go completely through the puzzle unharmed and
      move past it to the central tower.
    * To do that, try examining the control interface.
    ==What do all of the parts do on the control interface?==
    * Try experimenting with them to see.
    * The ball release lever will start the ice sphere rolling.
    * Each dial rotates by the same amount and in the same direction as the wheel
      on the structure.
    * The red pins will stop the dial and wheel from rotating when they reach the
      light at the bottom.
    * To solve the puzzle, you need to put the pins in the correct place so that
      the sphere will get safely through the wheels and the tracks that connect
    ==Why does the ice sphere shatter or disappear?==
    * The sphere will disappear when it goes completely around a wheel one rotation
      without stopping.
    * It will shatter when it has no place to go.
    * If the sphere is launched without a safe landing place, it will shatter.
    ==Where do I put the red pegs in?==
    * Experiment with different positions to find out.
    * The sphere will go on the left track twice, and the right one once.
    * Try to figure out where it will go one part at a time.
    * The wheel stays where it is after it moves, so try to move it only a small
      amount the first time.
    * Put the first red peg in the white area in the top of the left dial.
      Put the second peg in the purple area at the top left of the right dial. The
      third peg goes in the purple area at the top right of the left dial. Their
      positions can be seen in this URL:
    ==What are the movie and hexagons that I see after completing the puzzle for?==
    * The movie is not critical, but the hexagons are.
    * The movie shows a scene of what will need to happen later.
    * The track that it shows moving up will need to be made to stay up after all
      of the puzzles in this world are completed.
    * The hexagons however are very important.
    * Write down their positions.
    * You will need to duplicate them again later.
    * Their positions can be seen in this URL:
    =====After the puzzles=====
    ==I solved the three puzzles in the age. Now where do I go?==
    * Now we need to go to the central tower.
    * You can get to it from the Gazebo where the level started.
    * Go there and look towards the tower.
    * You will see three tables of hexagons.
    * They should look familiar.
    * They have the same shape as the hexagons we saw after completing each puzzle.
    * Each table goes with exactly one of the puzzles.
    * The first table goes with the resonance rings, the second with the balance
      bridge, and the third with the turn table tracks.
    * Depress a hexagon in the table wherever you saw a hexagon after each puzzle.
    * Their locations can be seen in these URLs:
    ==I opened the door after the hexagons. Now what do I do?==
    * Go inside, walk up the stairs, and sit down.
    * Pull the handle at the top to ride up.
    * Now it is time for the final puzzle.
    ==I took the chair up. What do I do with the spinning circles and buttons?==
    * This world was all about making connections.
    * Try doing the same thing here.
    * Each line on the diagram is a piece of track in the world. Turn them so that
      you have a complete circuit.
    ==How do I know how to turn the dials?==
    * Save your game first, then try experimenting.
    * You should be able to figure out that some of them are only useful in one
    * After that it is just manipulating the dials so that the tracks are all
    * The place you need to start at is at the blue dot. The ice sphere will start
      at the blue dot, go through the blue lines, then enter the rest of the
    * The solution can be seen in the image in this URL:
    * Push the blue button at the top to finish off the puzzle.
    ==Wow! Now what?==
    * When the ride stops, watch as the symbol is written.
    * Go forward and use the linking book to go back to J'nanin.
    ==I am back in J'nanin. How do I proceed?==
    * See 3.60 J'nanin Part Two
    ***********************     3.60  J'nanin  Part Two     ***********************
    =====The first two times=====
    ==This is my first or second time back in J'nanin. What do I need to do now?==
    * If you already solved the puzzle to get into the next world, there is nothing
      that you need to do.
    * However, if you haven't solved another level puzzle in J'nanin you will need
      to do that now so you can enter another world.
    * To find and solve the other puzzles, see section 3.1.
    ==What else can I do?==
    * If you want, you can figure out how to use the holoimager in the Central
    * You can see a different part of it each time you come with another symbol.
    * Besides that, the only other thing to do is to enjoy the scenery.
    =====The third time=====
    ==This is my third time back in J'nanin. What do I need to do?==
    * You have beaten all of the other learning ages that J'nanin links to.
    * Now find the one device that you haven't mastered yet.
    * Use the holoprojector in the Central Tower.
    ==How do I use the device?==
    * You needed to go into the other three ages to find their symbols.
    * Try and use them with the device.
    * Drag each symbol to the blue table to gradually open up the device.
    * Use the book to go into the final age.
    *************************     3.70  The Final Age     *************************
    ==What is my goal in this age?==
    * This age is where Saavedro went with Releeshahn.
    * We need to find Saavedro and get Releeshahn back to Atrus.
    ==How do I begin?==
    * Start exploring.
    * This age is small, so it should be easy to find where you need to go.
    * There are two podiums nearby. However, they need power to work.
    * Go up the stairs and you will find Saavedro.
    ==I listened to Saavedro's speech. What did he mean, and what do I do now?==
    * Saavedro said that we were trapped here, and he was unable to find a way out
      of this chamber, except to J'nanin, for the 20 years he was locked up for.
    * He also warned us that if we found a way out, we should be careful about
      using it.
    * Now we need to start trying to find a way to get out and save Releeshahn.
    * Start by turning the lever near the orange pit to turn on the power.
    =====Words of Wisdom=====
    ==I turned on the power. What does it do?==
    * The power will turn on the podiums downstairs.
    * It can only power one at a time.
    * Move the lever to the left to power up the closest podium.
    ==The closest podium is powered, what do I do with the jumble of wires I see?==
    * Each circle, smaller and larger, is identical.
    * They look vaguely like something else found in the level.
    * Try looking at the tapestries.
    * Every part to each symbol on the tapestry can be made to line up with one of
      the wires in each of the small circles on the podium.
    ==I know I need to use the symbols on the tapestries, but which are needed?==
    * Saavedro couldn't solve this, but we can.
    * You need to use something from outside of this age.
    * Remember what Atrus gave us at the beginning of the game.
    * Atrus's journal gives us a hint.
    * Try looking at the underlined words in the journal.
    * Each underlined word can be found on the tapestries.
    * The words are:
      energy powers future motion
      nature encourages mutual dependence
      dynamic forces spur change
      balanced systems stimulate civilizations
    ==I know which symbols should be used, but how do I know what goes where?==
    * You only use the words for the first three ages on this podium.
    * The symbol you got from each age gives a clue.
    * That symbol shows you a piece where the symbols for each age go.
    * The symbols for each age go in order from first to last going clockwise from
      the top small circle.
    * It does not matter which age goes in which large circle.
    * You can see a sample of the final image for all of the ages at this URL:
    ==The first podium opened up one part of the forcefield. Now what do I do?==
    * Now we need to try and setup the second podium.
    * To use it, you need to move the lever between the podiums; but doing this
      will stop the first podium and close the forcefield again.
    * Open up the second podium and look inside. It should look familiar.
    * This one can be solved in the same way as the first podium.
    * Read your journal again to find the words to use.
    * The are:
      balanced systems stimulate civilizations
    * Now try to find the symbols on the curtains.
    ==I can't find all of the symbols for the second podium. Where are they?==
    * Only one word can be found on these tapestries. You need to explore to find
      the rest.
    * Try opening up the inner forcefield again and explore that way.
    * Go down the stairs and you will find more tapestries and a Tomahna linking
    ==I found the Tomahna book. Should I use it?==
    * Your goal in the entire game is to rescue Releeshahn.
    * We don't have Releeshahn yet. Saavedro still has it.
    * Don't use the Tomahna linking book yet.
    ==What should I do downstairs then?==
    * We came down to look for the remaining three symbols to use in the second
    * Go to the tapestries and find the three symbols.
    * Once you have them, go back upstairs.
    ==I have all four symbols. What do I do with them?==
    * Use them the same way that you did for the first podium.
    * Make sure that the lever is facing the second podium, then go up to it.
    * Put the first symbol at the top, and work clockwise.
    * A picture of the final image can be found at this URL:
    ==I dropped the shield and Saavedro said he would help me. Can I trust him?==
    * Saavedro has been trapped for 20 years.
    * He wants revenge towards Atrus at any cost.
    * If you give him what he wants, he will have no reason to help you.
    * Find a way to make him give you Releeshahn.
    ==How do I make Saavedro give me Releeshahn?==
    * There are two forcefields, which divide the Age into an inner and outer
      shell, and the rest of the Age.
    * If can trap Saavedro, he may give up Releeshahn.
    * If you noticed the inner forcefield you could see that it was incomplete.
    * You can trap Saavedro by turning on both shields at once, and let him give
      you the book through the gap in the inner shield.
    ==How do I turn both shields on at once?==
    * They were both on when you arrived at this age.
    * To turn them off requires power.
    * Turn the power off.
    * Go back up to the top level of the area and turn the lever so no power flows.
    * Now go to Saavedro and get Releeshahn.
    ==I have Releeshahn. Should I leave Saavedro trapped?==
    * You can leave, but don't forget that this world is about balance.
    * Saavedro has already had enough pain in his life.
    * Open the outer shield so Saavedro can get back to his family.
    * Don't forget to switch which shield opens before turning on the power.
    * Now use the Tomahna linking book.
    =====Back in Tomahna=====
    ==What should I do now that I am back in Tomahna?==
    * Walk towards the door.
    * You will be greeted by Atrus and Catherine.
    * Enjoy the ending.
    *****                         4.00     Copyright                          *****
    This walkthrough was created by kenb215 (Kenneth W. Barney).  It may be copied,
    stored, printed, or retransmitted provided that I retain credit, that no part
    of the guide is altered, and that my permission is granted whenever it is used
    for monetary gain.
    All copyrights and trademarks are copyright and trademark by their respective
    *****            5.00   Contact Information/Additional Help               *****
    If you need any help, or have any comments or suggestions for this guide, feel
    free to e-mail me. Please make sure that any questions you have are not already
    answered in the guide.
    My e-mail is:   kenbarney@gmail.com
    You may also find more of my guides and other work at this URL.
    *****                         6.00   Credits                              *****
    Kurt Lichtenstein -
        Thanks for pointing out a glaring error in the balance beam in Amateria.
        The instructions still worked, although I had the physics backwards,
        quadrupling the weight of the rolling ball.

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