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    FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun

    Version: Final | Updated: 09/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           Medal of Honor Allied Assault
                                  Only On the PC
                        FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun
                    Version Final(last update: Sept. 10 2002)
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                         T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
     1.  Intro
     2.  Controls
     3.  Weapon Info
     4.  Tips/Strategy
     5.  Walkthrough
        • Lighting the Torch
        • Scuttling the U-529
        • Operation Overlord
        • Behind Enemy Lines
        • Day of the Tiger
        • Return to Fort Schmerzen
     6.  Cheats
     7.  Medals
              •••••••••••••••••••   1.  I n t r o •••••••••••••••••••
    Here I am came, BHS, to wash away the rain of questions you've got for this game, so
    welcome to my walkthrough for the great WWII game that is MOHAA.  It isn't exactly
    overly difficult, though if you need help, turn to this FAQ as it will guide you
    through quickly, easily, and efficiently through the war-torn world of 1942.
    This is by far the best WWII sim of the year.  Great graphics, great sound, and an
    overall feel that your actually IN the time of the 1940s.  Now I'm not going to
    review this game, well at least not here, but I must say this is a GREAT creation
    from the good people at id and EA.
    Well, looking back at this, my first ever FAQ, I found it dreadfully plain.  I first
    posted this FAQ WAAAAYYY back in March, I THINK, and since then I have matured a lot
    as a writer.  Basically, aside from this obviously changed intro, I gave the guide a
    face-lift with an all new format, better placement, a differing numbering system, and
    a better walkthrough layout.  Boy was this thing in bad shape.  I did not however
    change the sentance structure as that was fine to begin with.  I hope you enjoy this
    redux version of this guide.
              ••••••••••••••••••  2.  C o n t r o l s •••••••••••••••••
    Move Forward                        * W or ARROW UP
    Move Backward                       * S or ARROW DOWN
    Primary fire                        * Left click
    Secondary Fire                      * Right click
    Jump                                * Space Bar
    Walk                                * Left ALT
    Use                                 * E
    Holster Weapon                      * Q
    Reload                              * R
    Crouch/Duck                         * Left CTRL
    Change to Next Weapon               * MOUSEWHEELUP
    Change to Last Weapon               * MOUSEWHEELDOWN
    Say Team (multiplayer only)         * 'Y'
    Change To Pistol                    * 1
    Select Rifle                        * 2
    Select Sub machine gun              * 3
    Select Machine gun                  * 4
    Select grenade                      * 5
    Select heavy weapon                 * 6
    Use papers/binoculars               * 7
                •••••••••••••••••• 3.  W e a p o n s ••••••••••••••••••
    Ally Arsenal
    |Colt .45 \__________________________
    |Rating Long Range: 5/10 Short: 4/10 /
    Though its light, accurate, quick to reload, its really weak even with the fast
    firing rates.  It only got the five because the pistol whip is fun to watch =)
    |OSS Hi-Standard Silenced Pistol\
    |Rating Long: 1/10 Short: 10/10 /
    This firearm is deadly at close ranges.  Use it to be silent or to conserve ammo.
    Most of the time, its one hit and lights out.  However, don't plan to be in any large
    number fights with this; its not a machine gun.  This guns basically for taking out
    enemies one at time, and don't try for targets more then 15 yards away.
    |M1 Garand \___________________
    |Rating Long: 7/10 Short: 8/10 /
    When you first start this game, this classic WWII weapon is what you'll use.  It has
    a mild kickback, good damage rates, good accuracy, and short reload times.  The one
    main flaw is you can't reload in the middle of a clip.  My suggestion would be before
    going into combat, if you have only 3 or less in your clip and you have ammo to
    spare, fire off the rest to reload.
    |Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle \______
    |Rating Long: 5/10 Close range: 0/10 /
    There are many things un-likable about this, but two main reasons are this: it has
    incredibly slow firing rates and its rather weak compared to other sniper rifles.
    Its also terrible for close range fights, but that's a given with sniper rifles.
    |Thompson Sub Machine Gun \____
    |Rating Long: 6/10 Short: 8/10 /
    A fast firing machine gun that's excellent for close quarter combat.  Not as powerful
    as you would have expected from this famed brand, though.  Its generally good for all
    ranges, near and far, so its ideal when your special weapons run out of ammo (e.g.
    the shotgun or sniper rifle).
    |Browning Automatic Rifle(the BAR)/
    |Rating Long: 7/10 Short: 10/10  /
    It can fire off its 20 round clip in less then 3 seconds, and boy is it powerful.  2
    shots from this thing kills.  It uses the same bullets as some sniper rifles.  It
    doesn't do half as bad as you would expect from a machine gun at long distances
    either, thgouh the fast firing rates drain ammo quickly.
    |Mark II Frag Grenade \________
    |Rating Long: 4/10 Short: 0/10 /
    Has long range capabilities of over 40 yards, but it takes forever to detonate.  And
    by the time it does, the AI is already out of the area.  Not a good weapon except
    when used to make a large number of enemies scatter.
    |Bazooka \_____________________
    |Rating Long: 10/10 Short: N/A /
    It can clear rooms and tanks and half-tracks and everything else you want thrown up
    in the air! I would only reccomend using this for long ranges though ;)
    |Winchester Shotgun \___________
    |Rating Long: 1/10 Short: 9/10 /
    Excellent for close quarter fights, being extremely powerful.  But when your shooting
    at anything over 5 yards, take out your Thompson.  The shotgun doesn't have as high a
    recoil as you might think, but its still not very good for eliminated anything over 2
    enemies at a time.
    |.30 Cal Mounted Machine Gun \___
    |Rating Long: 10/10 Short: 10/10 /
    This is on a jeep that you'll be able to use when your on the level called Grounding
    the Airfield.  Its fast firing, powerful, and comes with limitless ammo.  Nothing un-
    likable here.
    Axis Arsenal
    |Whalter P38 \__________________
    |Rating Long: 5/10 Short: 5/10 /
    The same thing as the Allied Colt .45, only looks and sounds a little different.
    Very weak.
    |Kar 98 Sniper Rifle \___________
    |Rating Long: 10/10 Short: 2/10 /
    It has a much faster firing rate then the allied sniper, and much more powerful.  Its
    cross-hair on its lens is a little hard to decipher, though, but in its day there is
    no sniper that could match it.
    |MP40 \________________________
    |Rating Long: 6/10 Short: 9/10/
    The sound from this gun is the sound you hear in the movies whenever they deal with
    this age or the nazis.  Take out enemies quickly and easily with this one.  Mostly
    for medium range combat, but long ranges aren't that bad.  Heavy kickback, though.
    |StG Stumgewehr \_______________
    |Rating Long: 8/10 Short: 11/10 /
    A powerfull nazi test weapon, the stumgewehr is a gun that was head and shoulders
    above all the other weapons used in WWII.  Its the most powerful of any non-explosive
    firearm, the least recoil of any rifle, and the most range of any non-sniper.  This
    is the best gun in the game and you should use it whenever possible.
    |MG42 Machine Gun \_____________
    |Rating Long: 10/10 Short 7/10 /
    The same as the allied .30 cal, except this doesn't go on a jeep.  You'll face many
    of these things.  Once you capture one, you can use it.  Only downside is if an enemy
    gets past your fire your helpless from behind.
    |Panzerschreck \___________________________________________
    |Rating Long: 9/10 Short: 10 of 10 if you wanna be killed /
    A larger version of the allied grenade launcher, this one has a small shield (with no
    use, BTW).
    |Stielhandgrante \______________
    |Rating Long: 6/10 Short: 1/10 /
    Stiel-hand-grante.  Such creative German.  Anyways I like this grenade better then
    the allied one, simply because it looks better and it detonates if it come into
    contact with someone.  The blast range is similar to the Mark II.
        ••••••••••••••••••• 4.  T i p s/S t r a t e g y  •••••••••••••••••••
    Here are some tips and strategy info that you'll need to beat this game.  Read
    carefully and use these hints.  I'm not writing this to practice my typing =P.
    T a k e  Cover
    Yes, no matter what skill level you are one, ALWAYS use the cover around you.  You
    won't last 5 minutes in this game if you don't.  You don't know who is out there
    awaiting you in ambush, or what guards are waiting just for the sight of you to trip
    an alarm.  So always find cover and look(with your scope/binoculars) around and see
    if you can spot some snipers on the lookout.  Only once you've made sure that there's
    no one in your vicinity, then you can safely go into the open.
    B e  Observant
    Every inch of this game should be examined.  I'm talking about every room, door,
    cellar, stairwell, warehouse, anything.  There could be health, snipers, or secret
    objectives for you to encounter.
    R e l o a d i n g
    Another must, never, ever, ever, go anywhere with a half full clip.  That move right
    there will get you killed.  Always, once your in a safe position, reload.  You don't
    know how lethal it is to go in to a fierce fight and have to reload in the middle of
    U s e  y o u r  grenades
    If you can hear a room/group full of nazis talking/playing cards/picking their nose
    whatever, don't head into it until you've thrown a grenade or two to scare them off.
    Though the grenade may not take out them all, it WILL however scatter and disorient
    them into easier position for you to take out.
    D o n 't  s e t  o f f  alarms
    Though this may be common sense, never yourself or let a sentry set off an alarm.
    Once one is tripped, you'll have to deal with infinite guards until you shut it off.
    By not letting the Axis set them off or turning them off quickly, you will save a lot
    of health, ammo, and time.
    D o n 't  b e  a  l o u d  m o u t h
    In a good portion of the game, stealth will play a key role in completing levels.
    You want to use stealth whenever you can.  Noise attracts guards, and where there are
    alarms, count on a few to go for those.  In a lot of levels you can just take out
    your Thompson and blast your way through, but for those covert ops, try and keep it
    T h a t  Compass  H A S  a  u s e
    Whenever your lost or can't find an objective, look at the top left corner.  An arrow
    will point you in the right direction, and when your getting closer to your
    objective, two large round dots will come closer together.  The compass does not tell
    you, however, to go up or down, so you'll have to use some of your own initiative.
    W a t c h  y o u r  ammo/health
    Always pick up every weapon enemies drop.  This is where you'll get 3/4 of all your
    ammo, so pick it all up, even when you think you don't need it.  As for health, when
    you are near fullhead, don't pick up health packs you'll find in the fields.
    Instead, remember its location and come back when you really need it.
    Save  y o u r  g a m e, f r e q u e n t l y
    A must.  You never want to complete a hard objective that's taken you hours only to
    be shot in the back by some wandering, half drunken out-of-work pilot whom you didn't
    notice and have to do the whole thing over again.  I won't be writing about saving
    much, so use your own initiative.  Whenever you complete something rather long or
    difficult, always quiksave(F5) in a safe position, even if you think you don't need
    it.  Doing something over and over is not fun.
        ••••••••••••••••••• 5.  W a l k t h r o u g h  •••••••••••••••••••
    ______________________/Mission 1: Lighting the Torch\______________________
                          Level 1.1 Rangers Lead the Way
    Objectives :
    1.  Infiltrate the city
    2.  Check the door
    3.  Man the MG42
    4.  Exit
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    When the game first loads, your commander will be talking to you about the mission.
    Listen to him ramble on for a while, awaiting your ride to inevitably go bad.  After
    all the trucks stop, a German officer will come up to the driver in the truck behind
    you.  The officer will blow your cover, making your presence alerted to the entire
    city.  Watch then as the Opel gets blown on its side by a panzerschrek grenade.  Time
    to go to work.  Hop out and face the surprised Germans.
    Kill the guy with the panzershcrek on the roof, turn left and shoot anyone in front
    of you on the path to the city.  When you see the city entrance, there will be two
    germans firing behind the cover of explosive barrels (after seeing that stunt, I no
    longer wonder why the nazis lost the war ;) Shoot the barrels and watch with
    pleasure.  Enter the city.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Once in, keep up the soldiers, as they like to hurry this part up, and help them out;
    you don't want them dead yet.  After a few fire fights you'll come to an open area
    where one of your allies will ask you to check the door.  Do so by attempting to open
    it with the 'use' key.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Immediately after you find out that its un-openable, take cover because its a trap.
    There are whole lot of nazis on the roof above you, and one operating a MG42 in the
    window on the building in front of you.  Take the gunner out first, but don't bother
    to toss any grenades on the roof, for the enemies are endless right now.
    Time to man the Mg42.  Do this by going to the black screen door of the building
    where you shot the gunner.  Make your way up the stairs to the top, man the gun by
    pressing the use key, and clear the way.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Once all the guards on the roof are dead, descend back down to the door you were told
    to check, its now unlocked.  Once you open it, two or three sentries are going to
    come out.  Finish them of with your MP40.  Enter, head through the gate, and mission
    1 level 1 will come to a close.
                          Level 1.2 The Rescue Mission
    Objectives :
    1.  Release/follow the captured OSS agent
    2.  Obtain papers(the OSS agent will do that for you)
    3.  Pick up the explosives
    4.  Destroy the flak88's
    5.  Escape
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    When you start off, head straight for the gate.  DO NOT FIRE: wait for the truck to
    leave.  You'll find the main gate locked, so enter through the gate at right (tough
    puzzle, no?).  Grab the 25 health if you must, and exit from the second gate on the
    There is a sniper up on a ledge a ways in front of you, take him out with the Garand.
    Go on forward and turn left and you will see an open door.  That's the building where
    your OSS agent is in.  There are 4 guards in the first room, so before you rush in,
    toss a grenade through the door, and stand back with your MP40 in hand, and pick off
    any that try and escape.  Those that you don't kill the grenade will take care of.
    This is a big health saver.
    Go through the door, pick up the ammo/health, and go up the stairs.  There's 2-3
    guards up here, so be warned.  Once that's taken care of, unlock the bolted door to
    let the OSS agent out.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Back into the street, (the OSS agent will follow wherever you go) advance towards the
    point where you picked off the sniper.  There is a gate at your right.  Before you
    enter, pick off any guards you can from a distance and penetrate the market-like
    area.  The OSS agent will lead you (once all the guards are dead) to a room with a 50
    health in it.  Pick it up if you need, and go back out to the right to a locked gate.
    Your friend will unlock it for you.
    After some going through some halls and corridors, you'll find yourself at a large
    outside area, with guards on a roof of a base, scanning the flatland with search
    lights.  The object: not to be seen, so stick to your friend like glue.  He will lead
    you through the search lights.  And, like he said, DON'T shoot at them.  Once he gets
    you across and into the base, follow him right through a small corridor.  At the end
    there is a guard straight in front of you.  Take him out.  Proceed and keep following
    the OSS agent until he leads you to the papers.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    After he picks up the papers, one or two soldiers will come out and object.  Kill
    him/them and move on up the stairs as he does.  Grab the health, then return down and
    wait for him to be done with whatever it is he does.  Then, go downstairs.  Throw a
    grenade at the men at the table and take cover.  Shoot those that stand, and make
    your way to the back room.  You can now pick up the explosives.  Do so pressing the
    'use' key.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Travel back up the stairs, and go back to the area where you made it through the
    search lights.  Stick to him like glue again to the barrier your supposed to blow up.
    Plant the explosives and back up.  Enter the newly opened way.
    After a few steps forward STOP, take out your grenade(use the allied version; the
    stielhandgrante's too unpredictable on the bounce), and throw it near the door on the
    side of the building ahead of you.  Run up to the closed door, then abruptly run
    back.  If you did it correctly, then the door would have opened and the grenade
    detonated nearly simultaneously, getting rid of the nuisances that would have came
    out to bother you.  Follow the OSS agent to the big hole in a once-was building in
    the distance.  That's where your next objective is.  There are 4-6 guards in the
    there, most being behind the walls to the right and left of you.  Take them out, and
    plant the explosives on the flaks.
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    Return to the place where you strategically threw a grenade and turn left.  There is
    the gate where you exit level 2.
                      Level 1.3 Sabotaging the Motorpool
    1.  Disable all trucks
    2.  Disable all tanks
    2.  Get a ride heading out
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Walk up (usually left alt) to the corner and take out the patrolling guard.  In the
    brief distance, a mechanic is carrying a box hurriedly across the street, leaving
    himself defenseless.  Put him to rest from a distance and enter the warehouse.
    There is another mechanic in here armed with a pistol.  Take him out, and cut the
    wires for both trucks.  Move out through the other end.  There is another patrolman
    out here.  Pick him off with the M1 Garand.  Through the door that leads into another
    warehouse, a mechanic sometimes comes out firing.  If he does, well...sully on him.
    Either way enter the warehouse.  Again, cut the wires for both trucks.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Exit the warehouse to reach a large road monitored closely by a lookout tower.  DON'T
    GET ITS ATTENTION.  A tank should now be pulling out from one of the open garages.
    Once the tank stops, a mechanic will pop out.
    Move forward to the first of the garages.  A tank is the current occupation.  Plant
    an explosive on the back of it and leave.  The following shacks contain nothing, so
    ignore them.
    When you reach the last garage, you will see a patrolling guard a short ways past
    some crates.  Pick him off.  Now, avoiding the searchlight, run to the cover of the
    crates.  Once there lean a little ways past them so you can just make out the gunner
    up on the search tower.  Disable him.
    Now go to the tank from which you picked off the mechanic.  Put another explosive on
    the back, then gain entry to the next warehouse.  This place isn't heavily guarded,
    just 2 mechanics.  Take them both out, one of them idiots carrying a crate.  Plant
    the explosives where marked, pick up some grenades/health if you need it and go.
    You'll come to a large auto park with two lookout towers and three guards, one being
    a mechanic, and the last two tanks.  Kill the guards out, then take out the lookout
    towers using the shed with the tank in it as cover.  Plant the bombs on the two
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    THIS IS IMPORTANT! Once you planted the bombs, hurry and crouch below the raised
    patio of the house across from the motor pool.  If you don't seven guards from both
    the house and shack you entered will come out firing.  Now, stopping them from coming
    out is impossible, but this action delays them because they can't see you.  You can
    get a much better advantage with this plan.  Now, keep crouching to the corner of the
    raised patio.  Then, take out a stielhandgrenate.  Stand up and walk forward a bit.
    The guards will now come out(from the house only, if you did it right).  They usually
    come by the bunch, so use a stielhangrenate to blow them all up.
    Watch your back because several guards will come out firing from where you entered
    the motor pool.  Now at least you won't be caught in crossfire! Take them out then
    enter the house.  There is one guard in the room to your left.  In there is some
    health.  If you don't need it, turn right and go down the hall, but don't turn the
    left corner yet.  There are 4-5 nazis armed with sniper rifles and MP40's in the room
    this hall leads to.  So peer around the corner, take out a grenade, and toss it into
    the wall of the room described to make it rebound near the table.  Right after its
    detonated rush into the confusion and take out any left standing.
    Pass the ringing phones and open the door.  While standing in the doorway pick off
    the sniper in the search tower, and the guard in front of you past the metal gate.
    There is a mechanic and another nazi to the right, just so you know.  And don't let
    them shoot at you near the doorway, there's an explosive barrel right next to it.
    Once those germans are finished off, a truck will drive up.  Walk up to it and your
    off to seriously mess up an enemy airport!
                   Level 1.4 Grounding the Air Field Part 1
    1. Make it to the air-base alive
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    You'll be manning a .30 cal mounted machine gun in this mission.  Unless your trying
    for accuracy or something, don't let go of the fire button through the whole level.
    You won't be able to drive, so just shoot along at anything in your way where your
    driver takes you.
    Shoot the first three guys you encounter.  Your driver will shortly inform you of a
    'detour'.  Kill from a distance the man on the roof with the bazooka as you come
    closer (you should be seeing white trails of smoke whiz past your head), and anyone
    else on the roof for that matter.  Shortly you'll encounter a barrier.  Blast it away
    fast and the shoot all explosive barrels in the distance.
    Now you'll come to a short calm if you got all the germans behind you.  Right after,
    a few guards will climb over a wall while an officer in front of you will fire his
    MP40 at you.  Kill the foot soldiers climbing over the wall first, then let your
    driver run over the fool in front of you.
    You should be seeing more white streaks of smoke whiz past you now(or hit you).  Use
    the smoke to find/kill him.  A few guards will now come out of a house to your right.
    After you pass the house, a wall will be in front of you.  From a distance, take out
    the guard that's taking cover behind it, then swing your gun right to take out the
    guard that's hiding behind the corner/to your right.  The level will now come to a
    close, giving you 100 health (thank merciful EA).
     Part 2
    1.  Shoot out all the planes.
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Without hesitation, turn the gun around, as a truck full of soldiers are ready to
    create many holes in your mortal body.  Take them out, and any enemies that you
    approach coming up to where your driver turns into a motor pool.  Lotsa guards are
    here, so shoot all the red barrels, as he tells you, to take them all out.  There's a
    german with a bazooka on the roof BTW.  Take everyone you see out upon turning a
    corner, and you'll see a lot of olde tyme planes.  Well not that old but almost.
    Each plane takes about 30 shots to disable it, but you'll know when that happens.
    Take out every plane you see ASAP, because the longer you take, the more planes take
    off.  You may encounter a situation where a plane is taking off, shoot it or not,
    depending on how many you've let by.  After you ground the planes for good Objective
    1 will be complete and just stay alive until the mission ends.
                      Level 1.5 Lighting the Torch
    1.  Destroy the radio
    2.  Activate the lighthouse
    3.  Escape
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Grab the 100 health in the first open doorway and enter the door to the left of the
    entrance.  Three guards and your objective are located in there.  Toss in a grenade,
    shoot those that don't get any (haha you perv's).  Destroy the radio.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Some guards might hear you and come running down the hall, if they do blow them back
    to the cave from which they came.  There are a few doors and another hallway to be
    explored, but those only offer enemies to kill and binoculars.  So if you don't want
    to waste your time, go down the main hall and turn right, and head down with the
    elevator.  When presented with the option to press down again DO NOT.  There are a
    ton of mechanics and guards down there, and two on the floor your on.  Pick off as
    many you can from above, using the crates as cover, then  go down again and kill off
    the rest.  There's a health in the office below.  Get it if you want, then move on
    out to the road.
    Ahh...the nice peaceful sound of the ocean accompanied by savage gunfire...doesn't it
    just make your day? Take out the two guards around the second corner.  There are some
    sentries in the distance who are near the lighthouse, try and get what you can, but
    otherwise crouch near the mini wall and advance towards the lookout tower.  You
    should be attracting heavy fire, so do try and stay low.
    Fight your way towards the lookout tower and use it to take out the remaining guards.
    Then go into the lighthouse and move up the stairs(there is a 50 or 100 health under
    the stairwell...can't remember which).  Up top there's some idiot throwing grenades
    at himself.  If he didn't already kill himself, do so and flip the switch.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Make your way back down to the bottom to the peephole facing the outside entrance.
    There is a truck of backup crew in the short distance, so shoot out the engine when
    it gets close enough to see from your peephole and take out all remaining.  Once
    that's over, get outside and turn right.  Your rides here.  Level complete.
    ______________________/Mission 2: Scuttling the U-529\______________________
                  Level 2.1 Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine
    1.  Infiltrate the base
    2.  Steal the plans
    3.  Enter the main facility
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Walk forward until you come into view with the gate.  Zoom in with your sniper and
    shoot the sniper in the lookout tower and the guard by the gate.  Some dude will now
    radio and command you to protect him while he opens that gate.  He's going to get
    shot, either way, so once he opens the gate/gets shot go into the house he radioed
    you from.  Take the health (or remember it) and a brief breather, as you'll soon need
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Make your way through the cold, stopping frequently to shoot snipers and those REALLY
    annoying animals called dogs, to a building with a red door.  In other words
    currently the only operable door in the base.
    Go up the stairs, take out the two-three sentries up there and grab the plans from
    both rooms.  Next continue into the main hallway and toss a few grenades into it.
    Turn left at the corner into a room to face three guards, so take cover behind the
    funny looking machine.  Take 'em out and proceed past the machine into a room at the
    other end.  Grab the plans and stay still.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    As of now, 5-7 guards appeared and will soon attack.  Just let them come to you, one
    by one taking them out.  Once that's over with head back downstairs to a newly opened
    There are two or three guards in the hall on your left, take them out by peeping
    around the doorway and firing with your Springfield.  As soon as you do, a door in
    front of you will open and a guard will come out firing.  Be quick to the draw, then
    hurry into the room he was in.  Right when your there, turn around IMMEDIATELY with a
    loaded machine gun because a dog will be ready to knaw at you if you don't kill it.
    Exit the room into the main hall.
    Turn right at the corner, take out the guards from both rooms and the two in the hall
    then move on.  Cruise along until you come to a door in which leads outside.  Don't
    exit indoors yet.  Take out your Springfield and crouch near the door.  Move closer
    to the outside edges until you can see the brown of a nazi uniform in the distance.
    There is another right by him, so take them both out.  There is one more sniper in
    the distance, visible once you exit into the cold, but he's got rather slow reflexes.
    Run past all the barracks and turn left at the end.  Kill the guard.  Where he was,
    there is another corner with two more sentries.
    Here we see a situation involving lots of crates.  Don't worry there's only one guy
    awaiting Powell and once you can see the crates, you can see him, pathetically hiding
    behind a telephone poll.
    Past the crates, you will see the MG42, and when you do crouch.  And I mean RIGHT
    when you see it crouch.  Go up to the wooden box by the MG42 and take out the sniper
    rifle.  Peer around the crates (WHILE CROUCHNG!) and put to death the first two
    snipers you see.  Now, go up to the MG42.  Stand up, take hold of it, and fire at the
    two dogs and many people below.  Make sure the dogs are your first target, since
    those are the fastest and most deadly.
    Once they're all taken care of, travel down the path to where you shot at them.  In
    the first building where you killed the snipers, there's a ladder in leading up to a
    room which contains a room with a 50 health and some ammo/grenades.  If you don't
    need those, keep heading straight to a door in the distance.
    Use the peer-around-the-corner technique to take out most of the "slime" in here.
    Continue up the stairs, through the door, and down another set of stairs.  Once at
    the bottom, open the door.
                           Level 2.2 Naxos Prototype
    1.  Find a disguise/papers
    2.  Destroy the prototype
    3.  Obtain level 2 papers
    4.  Enter the U boat
    5.  Destroy the U boat
    6.  Exfiltrate
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    This mission is one of the most annoying level in the game.  First up, press Q to
    holster your gun.  Then enter the door and pick up the equipment.  Sheesh how easy :P
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Head past the nazis who are playing cards, to the first checkpoint where a guard will
    ask you for papers.  DON'T ignore him.  Press 7 to show them (if you haven't changed
    that key).  Then go through the door.  Don't go downstairs yet, but go through the
    mini office to a door at the other end of the room.  Enter here and wait for the door
    to close.  Take out your MP40, eliminate the scientists, and shoot at to destroy the
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Now enter the downstairs area.  Once in the supply room there is a roving officer
    dressed in golden-brownish attire.  DO NOT TALK/GO NEAR HIM!.  He will see straight
    through our little masquerade =/ Avoid him and proceed to the hall.  Out the door you
    will now be in one of several sub bays.  Visit the guard ahead of you as another
    check point.  Show him the papers.  Continue on until you reach another checkpoint.
    The guard won't let you pass.  Again, don't ignore him.
    So, climb the stairs to your right.  Open/close the door, and shoot the guy who you
    need to assume identity.  Pick up the papers he no longer has a need for and go back
    to the checkpoint.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    For some reason unknown, the complete idiot of a soldier will let you by unhindered.
    Turn left onto the pier and down the steps going on the sub.  Climb the ladder to
    enter it.
     Part 2
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    Welcome to the worlds tiniest submarine! Sigh...EA and id Software could not have put
    ANY less effort into drawing this sub = p
    At any rate go to one of the ends of the sub.  Either one will do.  Take out a gun
    and eliminate all guards (you went to one of the ends to avoid a crossfire).  Now,
    plant the explosives at both opposite ends then climb back up the ladder in the
    center of the submarine.  Your cover is blown, so you'll be taking heavy fire.  Exit
    the vessel fast unless you have some interest in exploring the bottom of the ocean.
    Run and don't stop running, and find cover behind the crates.
    O b j e c t i v e  6:
    This is the HARDEST part of the level.  You have to escape with the health you have
    now with NO other health's to pick up and seemingly 5 million guards trying their
    hardest to kill you! Take cover in the crates and pick them off one by one is all I
    can offer.  And take it slow, you have no pressing engagement, and the guards aren't
    Once you reach the last bay and clear out the remaining enemies, go to the last pier.
    Advance straight until you come to an opening.  There are some stairs here, but first
    get the 50 health in the room on the left (this is all the health you'll have for the
    next level).  Then climb up the stairs and into the ventilation shaft.
                        Level 2.4 Escape from Trondheim
    1.  Exfiltrate
    2.  Get on the train
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Your now in a ventilation shaft partially safe from all the germans below you.  Move
    on and follow the path of the shaft.  Upon falling out, exit the room but don't turn
    left at the corner.  There are 10-13 nazis and all have a passion for killing Lt.
    Powell, whom willingly defied their master race.  Use the peer-around-the-corner
    technique to take most out, using grenades to those that avoid.  Clear out all the
    rooms and turn left at the end of the big hallway.  There are a lot of nazis now in
    the level, and one of the big spawning points is down the stairs to your left.  So
    hurry and clear the ones in front of you and go down the stairs.
    For now, take out a grenade and open the door in front (just one door!) and throw it
    in the vicinity of the guards to make them scatter.  Exterminate all and continue
    (IGNORE THE BUNKER TO YOUR LEFT! Though its contains a canteen, once you get into it,
    there's little hope of coming out alive!) to the door ahead of you.  There should be
    three or four guards coming out of it, depending on how much time you took to throw
    the grenade.  Dispose of the rest and continue to a door with the sound of wind
    outside it.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    First, make sure your weapons are fully loaded.  Then go through the door into the
    outside and KEEP MOVING.  A train will pull up with cover fire off the endless
    enemies.  Your goal is to get to the train within 120 seconds.  Use the crates for
    cover, stopping frequently to dispose some of your troubles.  Run into the train and
    get into it.
    _____________________/Mission 3: Operation Overlord \_____________________
                              Level 3.1 Omaha Beach
    1.  Get to the shingle
    2.  Meet up with the captain
    3.  Get the bangalores
    4.  Get the bangalores back to the shingle
    5.  Follow the captain to safety
    6.  Get to the bunker
    7.  Infiltrate bunker
    8.  Secure the bunker
    9.  Take out the gunners
    10.  Exit
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Meh....this is by far the hardest and most chaotic level in the game, as you might
    imagine.  This level will really try your patience...trust me you'll get killed at
    least 20 times in the process of beating this.
    With that said, you enter the level on a boat unable to move.  You can look from side
    to side and see your allies get blown outta the water and hear your commander give
    you a briefing on the objectives.  Once the boat stops on the beach and you can get
    out, you'll be taking heavy fire by MG42's in the far off distance which you can't
    see, and getting shelled by cannons.  Nice way to introduce you to a level...
    Anyway's once you can move run for cover IMMEDIATELY behind the x like things (I
    forget what they're called) in the sand.  Those provide you the only protection
    you'll receive against the merciless shelling and gunfire from your unseen foes.  So
    note: Your allies only advance when you do so, so every time you advance for cover
    farther ahead of you I suggest you save your game.  Keep advancing, trying just to
    stay alive.  There's a medic off to your left, depending on your position, and he'll
    give you a canteen.
    Eventually you'll come to a part where your in a run for your life to the shingle.
    You'll know when your allies advance in front of you and make a mad dash for it.  I
    suggest running when your allies do, as they help draw away fire from yourself.  Once
    you reach the shingle, crouch unless you want to see yourself in red...
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    (while crouching) Head left and continue on until you hear someone inform you of
    getting the bangalores (BTW you can see the medic for another 25 health now, I would
    do so before your next objectives).  That will be your commander.
    O b j e c t i v e s 3/4:
    The bangalores will be pulsating in red at the end of the shingle.  Make a dash for
    them, pick them up, and go into the hole next to them.  Wait for the firing to stop,
    then run back to the shingle.
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    When the banagalores explode, a part of the barbed wire will be blown.  Follow the
    rest of the allies to where they are going, minding the mine field, and to the side
    of a building.
    O b j e c t i v e  6:
    Now, the commander will command two men in front of you to infiltrate the base.  They
    will be killed.  Next he will tell you.  After he says "covering fire" and "go, go!",
    go into the first pit you see and crouch.  You'll pick up a sniper rifle.  Don't try
    and take out the gunners above you, as more will just come.  Instead, while the
    gunners reload(they do so after about every 12 seconds of firing) make a dash for the
    next pit in front of you.  Wait for them to reload and dash to the next.  On the last
    pit before the bunker, take out your sniper and shoot out both gunners quickly, and
    make a run for the bunker.  Note that you'll have to be on the outside of the barbed
    wire, because the right side of it is a mine field.  Okay, you can sigh now...the
    worst is over.
    O b j e c t i v e  7:
    A dying marine will inform you of a gunner on the other side of the corner.  Heed his
    advice and snipe him out, and enter the bunker.  Grab the health in the gunners room
    and climb up the stairs.
     Part 2
    O b j e c t i v e  8:
    After the fadeout, you'll have the health you had before you went up the stairs,
    unfortunately.  There are some health packs in here, though.  All you have to do now
    is keep heading upwards while eliminating all the guards you see.
    O b j e c t i v e  9:
    Eventually you come to a room full of MG42's.  Take out the gunners in here, as well
    as the gunners across from you.
    O b j e c t i v e  10:
    Exit through the white locked door (in the previous room) which is now open.
                         Level 3.2 Battle in the Bocage
    1.  Enter and secure the mansion
    2.  Defend the rear of house
    3.  Defend front
    4.  Find radio
    5.  Radio attack on the flak 88
    6.  Destroy anti-aircraft guns
    7.  Radio attack on flak 88
    8.  Exit through bunker
    O b j e c t i v e s 1/2:
    This a really long tough mission, but it won't be as hard if you follow my strategy.
    When you start enter the house and kill all enemies, upstairs and down.  And SAVE THE
    MEDICAL PACKS.  These will really be important later on.  Once you cleared out the
    nazi infested house, you will be notified of an oncoming attack from the back of the
    manor.  Get to a window and snipe them all out.  Don't really worry about those that
    get by, your friends will help with those.  Once you killed all of the on-comers
    objectives 1 and 2 are complete.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    You'll now be informed of an impending siege on the front of the house.  Grab a
    couple 50 health packs and go downstairs to the MG42 emplacement.  The attackers will
    be coming from both the left and right side of the road, usually three at a time
    simultaneously.  Ok now, if you plan to stay alive using the MG42, ONLY FIRE WHEN THE
    them while they're still on the roads, they WILL fire back and believe me, those
    dudes firing at you from both roads is suicide, especially because they are on the
    run and your a sitting duck.  They also have remarkable accuracy.  Once they are on
    the bridge and aligned, then fire because they will be concentrating on getting to
    the mansion, not taking you out.  After you kill all 20 or so nazis the objective is
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Now exit the mannor and proceed onto the road to the right.  The first tree you spot
    get behind it to take out the sniper behind the bolder near the destroyed tank.
    Next, throw a grenade or two behind the tank.  Throw a few more at the next tanker,
    as a lot of guards will be there.  Soon you'll come to an intersection.  Move
    straight and when you hear a thumping sound and see smoke accompanied by explosion,
    you'll realize you need to call an air strike on the flak 88.  Backtrack to the
    intersection and turn left.
    Daw de daw da da...your just a humbling traveler with a Tommy gun in your
    arms...Eventually you'll come to a plot of land with a country style house and
    stable.  Sorry, no horsy rides today, kiddies = [  Head to the shrub like wall on the
    right to pick off two guards in the stable, and another manning an MG42.  Go into the
    stables, and there you'll find a s!!! load of health and ammo.  Use it wisely...
    Go out the stables from the opposite end.  There are two snipers behind a rock, and
    one behind the silo.  Once you took care of them get the radio from the dead guy in
    the middle of the field.
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    Once you get it, IMMEDIATELY run for cover behind the wall.  10-15 hostile's have
    just appeared, and you now have two options:
    For those with 90+ health, race back to the stable to man the MG42.  I said 90+
    because there will be heavy fire at first concentrating on your position.
    For those with 80- health, stay behind the wall, throwing a few grenades and sniping
    a few off, but otherwise letting your allies do the dirty work.
    Once you killed all hostile's, go back to the flak 88.  Take out your binoculars,
    look at the flak 88 and press the fire button.  If you did it right you should hear
    the commander of the 81st Air Borne Division radio "Roger.  Target acquired".  It
    will take a few seconds for the flak to be blown up.
    O b j e c t i v e  6:
    Go up to the destroyed flak (don't you just wonder who was operating it? Such detail
    =|) and turn about 90 degrees left.  Go through the open gates and take out your
    sniper rifle.  Shoot the german [manning the MG42] from the trench and let your
    allies take out the other two.  Go behind the bunker in which the MG42 gunner was
    killed and plant a bomb on the anti aircraft gun.  Once planted dive into the bunker
    to avoid the blast and man the MG42.
    O b j e c t i v e  7:
    Around 10 hostile's have spawned (boy that doesn't sound right =P ) in the distance.
    Take them all out with your friendly MG42.  Once back at the trench, turn around the
    corner which leads to the gate, and you'll find in the middle of the road are two
    demomen, a sniper, and an officer that pulled at no show at your Mg fest.  Throw a
    grenade and take the rest out.  Now double back, past the gates, find the other flak
    88, and radio an attack on it.
    O b j e c t i v e  8:
    Continue past the destroyed '88 until you reach a bunker.  Take out the only two
    germans in it and get into it.
                         Level 3.3 The Nebelwerfer Hunt
    1.  Find and destroy the 4 Nebelwerfers
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    This is one of the longer levels, and will require large amounts of patience (and
    stamina) to stay alive.  With that said, move forward and grab the panzerschrek and
    ammo.  Come out of the bunker to face 3 nazis behind the destroyed flak 88.  Kill
    them and continue on until you reach a clearing with a destroyed tank and a half-
    track in the distance.  Using the tank as cover, destroy the half track with two
    direct hits from the panzerschrek.  After its destroyed you will be met by several
    allies who were hiding in the nearby trenches, while you did all the work.
    Pffffffft.  Cowards.
    After their short talk go straight on the road the half-tack was on.  When you
    encounter a corner and a sniper shooting at you behind a rock, throw a grenade in his
    vicinity.  It should take care of several pests in the nearby area.
    Proceed down the road, and you'll come to see a car at the opening to a city.  Its
    driver is right next to it, so be sure to take him out.  Hurry and get behind the car
    and crouch.  Your allies will do most of the work from the mass amount of guards to
    your left, right, and practically all around, but make sure you take out the Mg42
    gunner in the distance.  Once they killed everyone go to the place where you killed
    the gunner.  Take the 50 health, and peer around the corner of the exit to take out a
    certain sniper awaiting in ambush, on the upper floor of a building ahead of you.  Go
    down the street, noting that there are many health's in these buildings.  March on,
    and when you see another gunner in the distance (why is it always so foggy here in
    Europe?) take him out, knowing when you move towards it 6-7 guards will appear.
    Try to keep your allies alive by fighting alongside them, as they will prove useful
    later.  Take cover behind the nearly demolished building on the left side of the
    street, picking off what you can.  Once that's over (remember there are many health's
    in the buildings) continue on to a car parked on the side of the street.  Don't pass
    it.  Take out your sniper rifle, zoom while walking down the dirt street (remeber to
    not pass the car yet), and you should see yet another gunner, this time protecting a
    barricade that is meant to keep you in.  Now head to the right side of the car and
    crouch near the passenger door, and let the two in the house come to you.  Hold up,
    your not in the clear yet.  There is a gunner inside the house, just waiting for you
    to come into view.  Toss in a grenade and he should be killed.
    Enter the house and pick up the health near the Mg.  On the right side of the street,
    go into the building farthest down.  In there, take out your panzerschrek and go to
    the back of it.  Peer through the window and you'll hear the sounds of a tank.  This
    bucket of bolts will take 5 blows from the panzerschrek, and you can't exactly stand
    in front of it while firing.  The tank will blow a whole in the wall right when it
    comes to a stop, but that's the only spot it will fire at.  So immediately after it
    shoots the wall down, while its reloading, fire a panzerschrek off and take cover,
    for the tank will fire again but you should be well clear.  Again, right when the
    initial explosion is over, and while its reloading, fire.  Use this strategy to
    destroy it.
    Once you finished off the tank, move to the left side of the house to a useable MG42.
    Use it to kill the 4 guards across from you.  Then get out of the house to the area
    where the demolished tank is.  There are some health's in the building with the hole
    in it, but don't get them yet.  Instead, go to the right side of the building and
    peer around to corner and take out all you see.  Then, run to the tree to use as
    cover.  Take out the enemy sniper in one of the once-were shops and apartments on the
    far left side of the street, across from this tree.  Then rush into the building with
    the wooden floor.  Move behind support pillar.  There should now be some sentries
    appearing behind the car and the building up ahead.  Take 'em all, then !WALK! up the
    steps of this building and take out the two upper floor, then just wait there a
    moment.  6 guards will appear out of the shops/apartments and come up the steps.
    Take them as they come with the BAR.  Then, go to the window with the MG42.  Show
    yourself to those below then quickly return to steps.  Wait for the guys to come
    again and take 'em all.  Do this a few more times until none appear.  Grab the 100
    health on the desk (don't you tell me you don't need it) and go downstairs to the
    street.  Note again there is some health in these buildings.
    In one of the last houses, there will be an access to a backyard which leads to a
    cemetary.  This will get you around the barbed wire at the end of the street.  Once
    in the cemetery run and take cover behind one of the gravestones.  Use it to kill the
    guards manning the big guns.  Once they're all dead, RUN AND DON'T STOP to the left
    side of the church.  On your way a german will man an MG42 in front of you.  To avoid
    this, simply keep running.  A guard might appear, take him out.  Enter though the
    back and shoot anyone in your way, hauling ass to get to the small closet like room
    with only one way in.  Once there, let all the guys come to you.  SIGH! You got
    through that SO much easier then you thought.
    After all are dead in the church, go out the back way to the road the barbed wire
    blocked.  Its not over yet.  You'll soon come to an open field with sparse trees and
    vegetation.  Now, a lot of FAQs say to take the trench to your right and get into the
    bunker.  If you do that you'll get bombed back to the Stone Age, and as to how they
    managed it I'm currently at a loss to say.  So instead, RUN along the left side of
    the hedge until you come to a tree to your right.  Hurry, you only have a few seconds
    before the Nebelwerfers realize you position.  Peer around it to take out the MG42
    gunner in the bunker the RUN to the cover of the white mini wall (get the to the side
    in which faces against the trench but does faces a dormant nebelwerfer in front of
    you) and crouch for cover.  A few pigs ;]  will now come to your attention in the
    short distance near the nebelwerfer you face, so take them out.  Next, turn around
    (while crouching!) and crawl toward the blast pit behind you.  There are two nazis to
    be taken care of, which otherwise would have shot you in the back.  Now run to the
    tree and nebelwerfer.  Plant a bomb on it (on the nebelwerfer, not the tree =\) then
    get away.  Go into the bunker and pick up the health, then snipe all the guards that
    are manning the MG42's from the bunkers entrance.
    Now go back to the blast pit and to another wall in the distance.  You won't need to
    crouch with this tall one.  Peer around it because more gunners appeared in place of
    the dead.  Take them out, then RUN towards the bunker in the distance and hop into
    the maze like trenches.  Take out the few that will come, then just clear out all the
    rest of the bunker.  Once you killed them all, plant the explosives on the remaining
    Nebelwerfers and the mission will come to a close.  Congrat's on one long and hard
    ______________________/Mission 4: Behind Enemy Lines \______________________
                     Level 4.1 Rendezvous with the Resistance
    1.  Locate downed G3 pilot
    2.  Escort pilot to hideout
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Right off, get behind the first tree you spot, look carefully around it, and shoot
    the two guards in the distance.  Go straight to the corner and turn left to find the
    pilot being guarded by three officers.  Shoot them all, freeing the pilot.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    He'll grab and mp40 to help you out.  Go down the path up till you see a house to
    your right.  There's a sniper in the distance and a patrol guard near the house, so
    be careful.  Go into the house and pick up the canteen (25 health) .  Around the back
    of the house is the wine cellar, which contains a 50 and 25 health and some ammo if
    you want it.  Otherwise keep going straight down the road until you reach a sentry
    behind the cover of sandbags.  Take him out, then trek down the path to the left.  At
    the second corner, take out some troublesome guards.  Another band of nazis lies
    ahead, use a grenade to scatter 'em and quickly dispose them.
    At the end of the road you'll come to a base-like area with a guard high up on a
    hill.  Take him out, minding the enemy in the bush.  Go to the right hand log wall,
    peer around the corner, and then throw a grenade behind the log wall in front of you
    (this will take out to two behind it).  To your right and in the distance behind
    another log made wall there are two sharp shooters, who are hella hard to see, since
    they only come up from their cover when they want to shoot.  Take them out when they
    come up.  Once everyone is dead, the game will save.  Man the Mg42 on the hill facing
    the road from wich you entered and wait.  Soon a truck full of reinforcements will
    appear.  Kill all who are riding on the back, then shoot out the engine for kicks.
    Next go into the church, kill everyone in it (boy are parents gonna scream when they
    see you do that = ]) then advance to center to what looks like a coffin.  Press 'use'
    to open it and go into Manon's hideaway.  Go to the end of the tunnel to meet up with
                            Level 4.2 Diverting the Enemy
    1.  Infiltrate the tank park
    2.  Bomb Tanks
    3.  Switch tracks at first junction
    4.  Find a way into the train station
    5.  Plant explosives on track barrier
    6.  Throw switch in office overlooking the bridge
    7.  Get on and escape with Opel truck
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Don't try to get onto the truck, because it will take you a million tries, because
    jumping in this game is so screwed up, and you'll be plunged and disoriented into the
    park full of enemies.  Instead just run on foot to the alarm house with no alarm
    (???) and get in.  Wait as four idiots will try to intercept you.  Now just run on
    down the road as far as it leads....  what's that? You got killed? Well, when you
    next start, try to crawling under the Mg42 emplacement overlooking the road, and toss
    a grenade or two into it.  Now, ignoring the rest of the road, go up the hill to the
    MG42 and hop over the sandbags to enter the park.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Kill everyone in the park, plant the bombs on the tanks where highlighted, and get
    outta the way.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Exit through the opposite end past a sandbag post.  Don't forget to get your KAR '98.
    Once your down near the train tracks kill the dog and its master.  Keep following the
    track until you can see a concrete bunker with two MG42's sticking out of it.  You
    know what to do.  Up where the tracks split, press 'use' at the switch.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Go into the tunnel and RUN past the steps/door.  A near impossible to kill MG42
    gunner is in there, and your best bet is to just ignore it.  You WILL be hit, I'll
    guarantee that, but not for much damage if you dash past it.
    In the distance, shoot the red barrels to draw attention.  When three some members of
    the Nazi Party come to examine, pick 'em all off with your Kar.  Continue on into the
    snowy valley, and turn right at the first glen.  When you encounter a yard guarded by
    a searchlight,
                          ****!DO NOT SHOOT IT OUT!****
    There is an 'invisible man' using that and an MG42 who you can't kill just yet, but
    he's blind useless if you just avoid it.  Get past the yard, killing the guard, and
    enter _one_ of the doors.  Once you enter the building a door will swing open ahead
    of you.
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    Wait for the guard to appear then get behind the closed door and get rid of them all.
    Grab the health if you must and climb the stairs.  Hurry up and kill the now visible
    invisible man and use the gun he left behind.  5 or 6 guards will now be entering
    through the glen.  Take them all out with the Mg and go into the door behind you.
    Now you'll go through a few rooms with nothing to do but kill everyone.  Eventually
    you'll come to a room with a giant radio and some stairs.  Go up them and kill the
    lone soldier.  Open the door leading outside then stand back, because a dog will come
    running through it.  Then take out you Kar 98 and go outside for some fresh air.
    Right click and zoom the whole time while walking, taking out the snipers on the
    bridge.  At the end of the rails and by a black tunnel, put the bomb on the barrier.
    O b j e c t i v e  6:
    Go up the steps and shoot everyone in the lot, including the dog.  In the house
    there's a 50 health, BTW.  Go onto the bridge and into the office and flip the
    O b j e c t i v e  7:
    Exit and go back to the yard.  A truck will now light up and honk.  Get on it and
    crouch as it drives you away, taking out anyone you can.
                           Level 4.3 The Command Post
    1.  Infiltrate perimeter
    2.  Send false communique
    3.  Steal troop manifest
    4.  Steal battle plans
    5.  Gather intel on new Tiger tanks
    6.  Escape
    [any order these objectives can be completed, except for objective 6]
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    This level is THE most TEDIOUS in the game.  You have to make your way into the manor
    fighting off several hundred enemies while trying not to let them set off alarms in
    which case guards are infinite and then you have to escape being chased by infinite
    guards and a few dogs and several snipers and an MG42 gunner.  WHEW!
    Get off the truck and into the barn and grab much needed health[s].  Go out the other
    side and snipe the guy by the guard house, the patrolling guard, then the two manning
    the MG42, _in_ _that_ _order_.  Once done go to the alarm house and take out any
    remaining guards by the gate with your sniper rifle.
    Its easy going until you reach the perimeter.  Just stay on and follow the path, and
    make sure not to let any guards live.  Enter the gate which leads to the perimeter.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Snipe off the guys by the tanks then enter the first house(the one with the fire in
    the fireplace).
                                   IMPORTANT NOTE!
    Later on you may notice that when I describe "Objective X" and tell you how to
    complete it, the objective may not be as it is in the game.  For example, I may start
    to describe Objective 3 when in actuality its Objective 5.  Sorry, but this level is
    really long and annoying I can't remember the names exactly.  It doesn't really
    matter, since you'll get your objectives done anyways, but I thought you should know
    so you won't think I was drinking when I did this part of the FAQ...
    Go up the stairs, clear the rooms until you come to a radio.  Press 'use'.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Now go back downstairs into the room on the left of the door.  There is another door
    in here, so enter and descend the steps.  Clear the basement, and take the plans.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Next go out of this section of the mansion and into the next.  Clear out all guards
    until you come to a room with many bookcases.  Go up the steps and into the double
    doors upstairs.  Clear the room, get upstairs to the third floor, and take the plans.
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    In the last part of the mansion(the section on the far left) objective 5 can be found
    upstairs and to the left, through a dinning room and a door in there.
    O b j e c t i v e  6:
    Go to the gate in the perimeter, making sure you have a  fully loaded MP40.  Take out
    your KAR and snipe the guard manning the MG42.  Take out your MP40 and make a run for
    your life.  Your goal is to get to the end of the shrubbery and across a bridge to
    Manon's awaiting jeep.  You have to run all the way once you pass through the gate
    because, as I said before, enemies unlimited will appear behind you.  So make your
    way through the shrubbery, shooting who you can, and remembering to kill the deadly
    dogs first and foremost.  Once at the bridge just run up and into Manon's jeep.
    _____________________/Mission 5: Day of the Tiger \______________________
                      Level 5.1 Snipers last Stand Part 1
    1.  Locate missing bazooka team
    2.  Get past the gate and into the rest of the town
    3.  Proceed to the southern edge of the town
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    This level may seem impossible, with snipers hidden so well you seemingly get killed
    by invisible men.  Well, once you know the locations of the snipers, this level is a
    piece of cheese...(Yes cheese: I miss Perfect Dark...okay you PC users have no idea
    what I'm talking about so I'll shut up now = \
    Immediately take out your sniper rifle, and go up to the brick wall.  Look around it
    and take out the sniper in the window in the building across from you.  Meet up with
    your men (whom are quite useless, BTW, so it doesn't matter if they all die).  Go to
    the pillar of the building with dark bricks.  Take out the guard by the arches and
    near the car, then take out the three snipers in the windows facing the building your
    Once taken care of go up the steps of the dark building and head to the closet.  Walk
    up to it until you can go no closer.  Look straight down and throw a grenade.  If
    done right a sniper will fall dead out of the closet once the grenade detonates.
    While your up here, go to the corner on the right of the closet and look out at the
    view.  Your getting shot, aren't you? Well the sniper is on a roof across the street,
    kinda camouflaged.
    Head carefree into the street and straight to the end.  Go to the steps.  You're
    getting shot again, aren't you? The sniper this time is across the road that leads
    left into a new area, and upstairs in a building that has no roof.  By the car is a
    25 health.
    Go up to the wall facing the road that enters a new area.  From here take out the
    sniper high above in an attic of a building that gets thinner as it rises, the top
    being light red.  A tree should be paritally obscuring your view of him.  Now move on
    to the corner of the building in front and right of you.  Peer around it and take out
    the sniper up in the window above the fire.  There are a few snipers in the building
    up the steps BTW, which is a possible location for the bazooka team.  If they're
    there, take their stuff and leave.  If they're not there, then go back to the place
    where I told you to remember and into the building.  Go upstairs and you'll find the
    dead team.  Either way objective complete.
    O b j e c t i v e s  2/3:
    Now go to the locked gate and blow it open with your bazooka.  Go through the gate
    and turn left.
     Part 2
    1.  Find tank crew
    2.  Defeat Panzer tank
    3.  Keep crew alive/enter city hall
    4.  Steal king tiger
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Note: Keep your medic alive at all costs.  He will give you a 50 health each time
    your hit.  He's a lifesaver.
    Once the fadeout returns go into the door on your left.  Meet up with your allies and
    pick up the panzerschrek ammo.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Peer out the window and destroy the tank with 4 shots from the panzerschrek.  You
    must destroy it before it stops other wise it will blow up where your standing and
    kill the tank crew.
    O b j e c t i v e s 3/4:
    Wait for the planes to drop some bombs near the destroyed tank then continue.  Shoot
    out the guards that will come out of the building in front of the destroyed panzer.
    Enter the building and clear it out, to kill a lot of would-have-been-snipers.  Once
    out turn the corner and look up at the exposed building.  A sniper should be shooting
    at you, so return the favor.  Take out any and all snipers until you reach a place in
    the road that will go straight then make a left turn at the end.  In a dark brick
    building will be several snipers looking out their windows.  Go into the building and
    dispose of the disciples of Hitler.
    Make the left turn, minding the two snipers on the roof of a small building.
    Continue on, taking out all the snipers (oh this level is so repetitious [not to
    mention my adjectives]), to two buildings connected by a small bridge.  Go up the
    steps of the first building, taking out enemies, and cross the bridge and enter into
    the tenement.  Kill another would-be sniper then go back to ground level.  Make the
    turn righ, taking out all snipers.  Once you reach the entrance of the city hall
    (watch the snipers on a balcony at your left), throw an grenade into the entrance.
    After which a few guards will come out.  Clear the building and go out the right hand
    bottom floor door.  Go out into the nice countryside with that King Tiger Tank and
    kill the soldiers guarding it.  That ends one long and tedious level.  Next level you
    actually get to BE and drive the tank, so that makes up for this seemingly endless
    game of finding and killing snipers.
                          Level 5.2 Hunt for the King Tiger
    1.  Escape with the King Tiger
    King Tiger Tank Manual
    Tiger Tank Damage Rates
    Regualar gunfire: NO AFFECT
    MG42 Fire: NO AFFECT
    Panzerschrek explosion: 10, 15, 20 health loss
    Panzer tank shell: 25 health loss
    Flak 88 shell: 40-50 health loss
    On Moving
    This may be frustrating at first, but in order to turn the tank in the direction the
    turret is facing, hold the jump button.  To go forward using the turret while not
    turning, hold forward and just move the mouse around in the desired direction.
    Tank~Tank Combat Strategy
    The panzer tanks you'll encounter are fairly simple.  They are as slow as you, and
    usually only fire when completely stopped.  Two hits usually brings them to flames,
    so while reloading move around to make them miss.  Try and get behind them, as it
    will take a while for their firing mechanisms to turn to face you.  One shell from
    these costs you 25 health, so try not to get hit.
    On Buildings
    Destroy EVERY BUILDING possible, as most usually contain panzerschrek teams.  Do this
    by firing one shell at a building wall.  If its destroyable, it will shatter like
    glass.  If not, there's no one in it so don't worry about it.  But every building
    that can be demolished, should be, for fun or work.
    Back to the walkthrough...
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Man, look at your new car.  This'll impress a few chicks ;) Send to the two guards in
    front of you flying with an 88 shell and destroy all buildings visible.  Also, be
    aware of the panzerschrek teams that like to scuttle around like little pinching
    little ants.  Once in the street turn right then left.  Destroy the truck and flak
    88.  Once at the end of that road turn left.  You'll soon encounter an offensive
    panzer tank.  Use the above strategy to destroy it.  Continue on around a corner.  A
    fade-out will soon follow.
    Cruise on, running over all enemies in sight.  Soon you'll come to an intersection,
    one side having a destroyed bridge.  You must kill the tank across the bridge, then
    turn right.  Destroy the flak 88 in the distance by moving straight forward on the
    path and manipulating the mouse (i.e.  firing at it on the run).   In the next area
    you will encounter a hidden panzer tank at left.  Destroy it and move on.  There will
    be a flak 88 facing the next entrance.  Kill it, as well as a tank that will come
    along shortly.  To your left is a guard tower, so shoot the explosive barrels near it
    and 'watch the temple topple over,' and if you don't know who that excerpt is from go
    stand in the corner.
    Go up the road, taking out all the buildings you can, and push on just enough along
    the corner until you can see a tank on the left side of the road, and no more.  One
    hit usually does it in.  Now, go a little more and look at the road to your right.
    You should be seeing  in the distance a lone man with a panzerschrek, behind the
    cover of sandbags.  If your in the right position, he won't be able to hit you, so
    you can take all the time you need.  Now, again, move forward just a little and but
    look left.  Another guard with a panzerschrek will be firing.  Take him out.  Destroy
    ALL BUILDINGS that stretch from the left side of the intersection and on.  One of
    them has a panzerschrek team in it.  Now, turn right and move straight towards the
    sandbags used for cover.  Turn left at the corner and fire straight down.  A heavy
    weapons man will be there awaiting in ambush, him being the last line of defense.
                                 Level 5.3 The Bridge
    1.  Sneak in and find high vantage point overlooking the bridge
    2.  Snipe the Germans trying for the detonator
    3.  Use vantage point to radio airstrikes
    4.  Destroy opposing King Tiger
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    In this level, stealth is the most important aspect.  This isn't a shoot 'em up level
    at all.  If one guard sees you at the wrong time, he'll ignore you and make for the
    bridge detonator.  So, everyone you see must be killed, and chase after those that
    don't turn and fight.
    Near the tank, take out your sniper rifle.  Look ahead to the corner street and kill
    the sentry who can't see you.  Now RUN past the alleyway to the corner, hoping that
    the snitches didn't see you.  Take out the sniper on the walkway up above near the
    houses, then those that are in the street.  Next go to the corner with a FULLY LOADED
    Springfield and turn it.  Shoot all that comes.  Make sure you shoot the officer in
    the dark coat first, as he is the quickest to react.  Next go to the next corner
    where you took your enemies out and peer around it just enough so you can see a
    doorway.  Shoot the german unlucky enough to be in your sights, and move a little
    more until you see another guard.  This area of the town is totally clear.  Go into
    the building in front of you and on the left side of street.  Climb the stairs and up
    the ladder.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Now you have to make sure none of the germans make it to the detonator alive.  Use
    the sniper rifle, reloading only when your clip runs out.
    O b j e c t i v e s 3/4:
    Time to radio in attacks like you did on the flak 88 at the 'Battle in the Bocage'.
    Do so until your ally in the tank says "Its to late Powell! Get outta there now!".
    opposing tank will blow it up in about 5 seconds after your friend gives you the
    warning.  Get down to the street(there is a 100 health in the bottom floor room) and
    cross it to the next house.  Kill all the guards then move up the stairs.  Continue
    radio in the attacks through the window until you get a mission complete message.
    Your tanks health should be pretty low, so be quick here.  A fellow but hostile tiger
    tank will now pull up, firing at will.  It will take 2 airstrikes to turn this thing
    to dust.  Once done the mission will fade away.
    ____________________/Mission 6: Return to Fort Schmerzen \______________________
                        Level 6.1 The Siegfried Forest Part 1
    1.  Locate and destroy the two flak 88's
    2.  Keep tracking towards the rally point
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    This level will seem at first a little overwhelming, since you have to find two guns,
    in a huge forest, and take them out, while at the same time avoiding the countless
    snipers and MG42 emplacements hidden around the level.  Not to worry.  Follow my
    directions and this level will take 5 minutes.
    At the starting point go and hug the far left rock wall.  Continue near as possible
    to it until you reach a depression in the wall where it abruptly decreases about a
    foot in its thickness.  Well, that's the marker telling you a sniper is directly
    overhead.  I don't need to tell you what to do.  Continue hugging the rock wall until
    you reach a point where there are many trees about you, and taking the place of the
    rock cliff will be just a badly drawn picture of the forestry.  Turn right and
    straight past the dense trees and use the scope to view your first objective.  Take
    the sniper near it, knowing that another with an apparent death wish will come out of
    nowhere once you kill his friend.  Plant a bomb on the flak and get out of the way.
    Now, look at your compass.  Face the direction it says your objective is in.  Follow
    the compass until you reach a place where the trees thin out, making some kind of
    path.  Don't be fooled, halfway through it is a gun emplacement at right.  Take that
    out then get back on the path and proceed forward, mindful of the sniper ahead.
    Eventually, following your compass, you'll come to the final flak.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Now, go straight towards the place where the flak and its sandbags face.  Down the
    hill, and keep following the compass until you reach a location where you can see
    several mg42 gun emplacements and snipers all in one bunker.  Take them all out with
    your trusty KAR.  Continue on past that point, and shortly past the level will fade
     Part 2
    1.  Destroy 20mm Flak
    2.  Get to the rally point
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    As you start off, to your left is a large rock next to a smaller one and a tree.  Go
    to it.  With the scope, look up onto the cliff where the rocks face to find a sniper.
    Your goal now is to get to where that sniper is.  There is an ascending path near the
    foot of the cliff he's on, so go up it.  Once there, scale the wall (be sure to kill
    the sniper) until you reach an cave like opening with a door carved into it.  Enter
    it, taking out all enemies.  Go up the ladder in the first room.  On the roof and in
    the open is the Flak.  Plant the explosive then get below.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Directly out the door head forward.  Past a rock, persist forward until you reach
    another cliff.  Kill the sniper near it, then hug the wall and follow it(once you
    reach the sniper, hug the wall facing your left).  Ultimately you'll see another
    raised bunker with all sorts of baddies' in it.  Kill them all from afar and go past
    the bunker.  Shortly after passing it(keep hugging the wall), the level will fade
                             Level 6.2 Die Sturmgewehr
    1.  Infiltrate base
    2.  Steal blueprints for the stg44
    3.  Steal an stg44
    4.  Destroy weapons cache
    5.  Exfiltrate base
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Move forward until you see a sentry pacing back and forth.  Shoot him with your
    silencer.  DO NOT SHOOT THE GUARD IN THE LOOKOUT TOWER! If you do the MG42 gunner in
    the distance will see your position and shell you back to your maker.  Instead just
    avoid the searchlight and slip into the base right under the nose of the oblivious
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Turn right at the alarm switch, go into the office like room, and take out the
    officer to steal his uniform.  Though you wear the uniform, for some reason the
    guards still recognize you as an enemy, so don't holster your weapon yet.  Go
    straight past the alarm and turn the right corner.  Take out the guard (who's wearing
    heavy winter clothes indoors...haha sux for him he must be broiling) and turn right
    where he was.  In the room past the stairs is the id.  Pick it up and now you can
    holster your gun.  Go down the stairs, and show your ID to the guard.  Turn right
    past the alarm and go down the hall, and head into the room at the end and to right.
    Quickly press Q to upholster your gun and shoot the guard, then take his ID from the
    table.  Now, advance down the hall and show off your brand new shiny Id to the guard
    near the MG42 emplacement(why would they have an Mg42 indoors...?).  Remember that
    spot for later.
    Go straight into the new area and into the large hall.  At the end there is a pair of
    doors to the right.  Go through them.  Shoot the lone engineer and pick up the
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Go back to the hall and make your way to the end.  Near the alarm, ascend the stairs.
    Now, quickly upholster your silenced pistol and shoot the officer talking to the
    scientist.  If you shot the right place, it would have went through them both and
    killed them instantly.  They would have been a real pest for the next objective.  Go
    into the double doors and pick up the stg44 and its ammo.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Now place an explosive charge where marked and quickly exit the room.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Once out of the storage area TURN OFF THE BLOODY ALARM! Otherwise you'll be facing
    limitless, blood thristy enemies.  Someone may turn it back on, so keep turning it
    off until it stops completely.  This way only three to four will come instead of
    countless hundreds.  So kill the few that come, then make your way back to the room
    just before the MG42 watched hall.  In the room on the right, previously locked, is a
    100 health and some ammo/grenades.  After you pick up the supplies open the door that
    leads to the MG42.  Bounce a grenade off the wall to where the MG42 is.  That will
    take care of him.  Go out the hall(there are no further guards to encounter until you
    reach the outside) and make your way back to the entrance.  Go out the now open gate
    and take out the guard towers.
    Go past the barrels and crates, but when you get to the last crate in the yard stop.
    Look around them to find that there are three snipers in the bunker in front of you.
    Take them out and continue on past the building.  There are three guards in this
    area, and one guard tower.  The guard tower may seem inactive because there's no
    searchlight going, but don't let that fool you.  There still is a guard up there.
    Once you took care all of that go to the end of the last building and go around the
    corner.  Kill the enemies manning the mg42's and go out the gate.  Here you'll
    encounter about 6 guards, so use the tree's as cover.  At the end of the path the
    level will fade out.
                       Level 6.3 The Communications Blackout
    1.  Plant bombs on radio stations/antenna's
    2.  Exit
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Here we will have to avoid detection, as alarms are everywhere.  If you set one off,
    either turn it off very quickly or kill yourself to start over.
    Snipe the foe in the distance.  Take out your StG44 and kill the officer most likely
    running for the alarm.  Now enter the city.  WALK up on the sidewalk on the left side
    of the street.  At the corner is a guard and through a window on your right an
    officer will try and set off an alarm.  Kill them both, then kill the roving sentry
    in the middle of the street around the left corner.  Now facing forward, you should
    see two sentries pacing back and forth.
                           *DO NOT SHOOT EITHER OF THEM*
    If you do, one of them, or someone who's sees the killing, will run for an alarm
    immediately, and your too far away to intercept any such kind of plan.  Pick up the
    25 health in the room with the dead officer and alarm and move out.  Halfway through
    the street is an alternate route and somewhat an alleyway.  Take it.  When you reach
    a bridge connecting two buildings kill the sniper on it.  Shortly after, a sentry
    will cry out in alarm and rush for an alarm, so take him out fast.  Now before you go
    back onto the main street, there is a sniper that needs to be taken care directly to
    your left and above you in a balcony of a building.  Kill the few roving sentries in
    the area and continue towards the bridge.  Take out the sniper on the balcony and the
    mg42 emplacement in the distance.  Neither will see you unless you fire and miss.  Go
    to where the mg42 gunner was and proceed up the steps of the bridge.  About halfway
    the steps up start _walking_.  Take out your silenced gun and kill the officer just
    beyond the brick wall.  Once he sees you he'll run for another alarm, so dispose of
    him quickly.  Get close to the brick wall, as several sentries will now throw
    grenades into your vicinity.  Take them all out with your powerful ally StG.
    Now, even though this will be out of your way, go right on the street instead of
    left, and clear out the entire section of this town.  Now why did you that? Because
    at the end of the level, your going to be making a dash through that very area, and
    it won't help to have all those guards there.
    Now on your normal route, follow the main road going left.  Around another corner
    your objective will be in sight.  Kill the people in the guard towers, then kill your
    adversary near the alarmhouse.  You will probably be shot once you do so, and an
    alarm WILL go off, so make a dash for the alarm house.  Turn the siren off then snipe
    off the men in the alarm house across the plain of snow.  Once everyone's taken care
    off, move into/clear out one of the radio houses, pick up the health, then plant the
    bombs.  Do the same thing to the other, then go out in back of them a plant bombs on
    the antenna's.  Once they detonate an unstoppable alarm will be triggered.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Endless guards now face you, so make sure your StG44 is ready.  Your going to run and
    get to the building where you went out of your way to clear out.  Though some guards
    will still be there, not nearly as much as before.  Run and shoot at the same time,
    making your way towards your objective, and when you get to the building get upstairs
    and hop out the window.
                           Level 6.4 The Schmerzen Express
    1.  Locate and enter train station
    2.  Cut power to electric fences
    3.  Send radio communication
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Take the 25 health and make sure your Stg is reloaded.  Take the first path(NOT THE
    ONE TO THE RIGHT) until you come to a three way intersection, and take the one of
    which leads back to the city.  From the cover of a large rock, snipe the dog near the
    entrance then get behind the rock completely.  Wait until the guards obediently come
    for you to kill.  Boy such intelligent AI   :   |
    Take the path straight in front of the city entrance.  Half way past a dog will come
    and try and bite your ***** off   = OHurry and kill it.  Snipe the two guards on the
    bridge and go past it.  Make sure to take their ammo.  Past the bridge head straight,
    ignoring all other paths, killing all those freakish dogs along the way, until you
    come to the entrance of what looks like another city.  Enter and turn the corner.  A
    dog will now come out and again try and bite you.  Kill it, and then the soldier that
    will follow.  Go down the winding road until you reach the end.  Take the health and
    go onto the train tracks (not ON them you dimwit).  Note the train wizing by.  Now
    just follow the tracks, taking out all the dogs in front of you.  After a long walk
    you come to the train station.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Take out everyone up high on the bridge.  Go on the left side of the tracks.  A dog
    will come for you soon, so be wary.  Eventually you'll come to a storage yard with
    lots of lookout towers, with germans using mg42's as protection.  To take them out as
    efficiently as possible, get behind the crates (facing the gate)  that somewhat
    divide the terrirotry patrolled by the two towers.  Throw up a grenade into the
    lookout tower.  Then run back to the one behind it and do the same, though once you
    throw the grenade make sure you run for cover because the search light of the tower
    near the house will center on YOU.  Take out the last guard in the tower with your
    sniper rifle.  Once taken care of go to the second yard.  Take out the watch towers
    and go into the third and final yard.  Take the towers all out and go to the house
    behind the gate.  Kill everyone there and shoot out the electric box inside.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Once you do so, go all the way back to the first yard with the now unlocked house.
    Go inside it.  Run forward a bit, feint towards the steps, and run back to the
    doorway because the ferocious creature known to man only as dog will attack.  Feint
    to the steps several more times to draw out sentries.  When the feinting stops
    working go to the next room.  In there, watch for grenades from above and turn right
    at first opportunity.  Kill the two sentries and go into the hall.  In the third room
    in this hall is a set of stairs.  Head up.  Clear out the whole second floor, then
    find the radio.  Its in one of the rooms, just look around.  Press use once there.
                     Level 6.5 Storming Fort Schmerzen Part 1
    1.  Snipe guard towers and minimize casualties (less then 9)
    2.  Unlock cell block and free the POWs
    3.  Plant explosives on fuel flow control units
    4.  Open main fuel line valve
    5.  Find way into inner facility
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    All right: it all comes down to this.  The final level in the game.  And boy is this
    level long and hard.  It took me 40 minutes and 50 lives to beat.
    When the level loads you'll be riding in an emtpy box car on a train, heading for
    Fort Schmerzen.  In about 15 seconds your car will come to a stop.  Your friends will
    unmercifully shell the poor fool thats just outside your door, and anyways, you have
    _much_ bigger problems at hand.  You have to make sure that casualties number LESS
    THEN 9, which means on your 9th your mission fails.  There are 5 guard towers all
    with particular amounts of snipers in them.  You have to be quick, as your friends'
    only thing to do here is die and be a real pain in the @ss.
    Once your door opens go for a crate then crouch near it.  Pick a gaurd, any guard, to
    kill.  Once you snipe him out, use the time for the germans to replace him as cover
    from the metal rain.  When you must reload, keep your scope up on your next target,
    and right when you get your first bullets in take him out.  And hurry up, because you
    only have about 30 seconds before all your men ( including yourself ) are dead..
    After you kill all 15+ snipers your first objective is completed.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Unless your some gaming god, you should only have around 10- health, but don't worry.
    In the middle of this level you'll soon have 100.  Now brake for some cover as a door
    from the warehouse will open up and in it are several snipers.  Your responsibility
    for your team over, let them fend for themselves while you find a hiding spot to
    carefully pick the oncomers off from a safe distance.  Then go into the warehouse and
    for the nearest crate in it.  In here are about 5 well hidden guards, most of which
    behind crates on the far left corner of this place.  When you kill them all, turn the
    wheel to exit.  Turn the next wheel to get past the barricade and kill the sentry in
    the distance.  Note the inoperable door to your right.  Proceed, following the path,
    until you hear MG42 fire.  You have to take the guys manning them out if you want
    your POWs alive.  Hop over the tables, and move in the room on your left as thats the
    location of the release switch, some ammo, and grenades.  Take it all and flip the
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Go to the locked gate and confer with the freed POW.  Then go back to the inoperable
    door to find your allies that have wired it full of nitro.  Use the plunger to blow
    it all but DON'T GO IN YET! There's an MG42 gunner at the end of the hall.  Let your
    friends take him out, and STILL don't go in.  Take out your Stg and kill all of about
    10 guards that will come for you.  Now you can safely enter.  Once you do, man the
    MG42 and take out all the guards to the right.  Ignore that way and go left.  Before
    entering the next room with the explosive barrells, bounce a grenade off the wall on
    the left to take out some rats ^_^ REMEMBER THE ELEVATOR.  Go into the hall and down
    the stairs.  Go straight and kill the guy you will confront.  Bounce another grenade
    off the wall that heads right at the intersection which offers a different route.
    That should also get rid of some of this place's filth.  Plant a bomb where marked.
    Now proceed straight to the end of the hallway.  You'll come to a ordinary room with
    an extraordinary gift: a 100 health pack! Hallelujah!.  Trace back to where you
    planted the bomb and take the passage left.  In here take out the guards and plant
    the bomb.  Now go all the way back to the stairs and go past them.  Kill the two in
    the hall and again plant a bomb where highlighted.
    O b j e c t i v e  4:
    Go down the left side of the hall.  There are a LOT of guards here, so be careful.
    At the end you'll find yourself in a maintenance room, or that's at least what it
    looks like.  Kill the sniper on the walkway and go to the bottom.  Now, crouch under
    the pipe, and turn the valve.
    O b j e c t i v e  5:
    Crouch back under that annoying pipe blocking your path, and RUN back up the stairs
    all the way back to the room where the elevator that I told you to remember is
    located.  You'll encounter limitless enemies until you reach that point, so don't
    doddle for too long.  Once you fought your way back, decend the elevator to the inner
     Part 2
    1.  Acquire a gas mask
    2.  Make your way to the lower level
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    As the elevator takes you down have an StG in your hand.  Right when it lands you'll
    be getting drenched in a rain of metal, so hurry and find cover.  Clear the hall then
    move to the end of it.  Go into the last door on the left and down the ladder.  Take
    out the surprised Joe down here and go straight.  In the next hall take out the next
    two guards.  Keep a runin' farther and farther down the halls, tediously taking room
    after room of guards out until you come to a long hallway with many crates.  In the
    middle of the hall a sniper will appear outta the blue.  Take him.  Note where he
    came, and lob a grenade into your enemies eye's.  Into the next room with two ways to
    go, turn right.  Take out the sentry in front of you and go to the empty doorway.
    Peer around the corner and take out the two at the end of the hall.  Go to their
    position and turn left.  Enter the next hall and take out the guard.  Turn left at
    the corner and take out the two mindless and brainwashed nazis who actually think
    they can stop you.  Enter the next door and go down the winding path, picking off
    enemies below while at the height you at.  When you see an elevator, that means your
    objective is near.  As you approach the hallway, try sniping around the corner to
    take out the hallway enemies.  Don't rush into the hallway, as this is the main place
    for the barracks of the enemy.  Once the direct hall is cleared, hug the left wall
    until you reach the entryway to a sleeping quarter.  Throw a grenade off the wall to
    scatter the enemy.  Then rush in and kill the latter.  Do the same with the other two
    quarters.  Now, at the end of the hallway go into the room which contains a much
    needed 50 health and the gas masks.  What, no time to try any on? *Sigh* But I guess
    the germans don't care how tacky I look (as if they have any room to talk if they
    did; just look at the clothes they wear).  Okay now I'm sounding like some 15 year
    old girl sorry :P
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Immediately after you pick up the mask take out your StG and WAIT RIGHT THERE.
    Several guards just came up on from the elevator.  Remove them from their duties when
    they arrive then go into the elevator and press the down key.
     Part 3
    1.  Open main gas valves
    2.  Plant explosives
    3.  Return to the elevator
    4.  Escape to elevator
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    Your gas mask will now be on.  Thus you'll be able to hear your breathing, and your
    vision will be clouded from the fog by your heavy breathing.  So as your elevator
    keeps going down I would crouch to get a better view of the enemy.  So while
    crouching, you'll be able to see your enemy BEFORE he sees you, and you know what to
    do when he's in your sights.  Believe me if you don't crouch count on taking a few to
    the chest.  Move forward and left at the first opportunity, clearing the room.  In
    the hall take out the lone sentry and STOP in the doorway.  Go forward JUST ENOUGH
    for you to see one pillar supporting this underground facility.  Lob a grenade on the
    wall to make it rebound near the pillar.  Once the room is cleared ignore the passage
    way to right and enter the hallway to left.  Kill the guard across from you and
    approach the corner.  Now, you'll hear some scientist say "Fools! Stop shooting!
    You'll release the gas!" Now, as you know, in war you always wanna do what your enemy
    doesn't want you to do.  So, peer around the corner and put a few holes into the
    large brownish container containing the mustard gas.  Then watch the enemy fall
    slowly to the ground :) .  Everyone's dead now, wether or not you directly killed
    them.  Go to the valves.  Press the key use on each.
    O b j e c t i v e  2:
    Where marked in pulstating red, plant the explosives with the action button.
    O b j e c t i v e  3:
    Once the explosives are planted, you have 20 seconds to get back to the elevator.
    You won't encounter any barriers, so you should arrive there in plenty of time.  Get
    in the elevator and press up.
     Part 4
    1.  Escape from Fort Schmerzen
    O b j e c t i v e  1:
    THIS IS IT.  This is what it all comes down to; time to sink or swim.  This is the
    final part of the game.  You only have to escape, but its not so easy when you face
    around 30 new kamikaze enemies trying to block your way, while the building erupts
    into flames and it falls down around your ears.  You have to run as fast as you can
    otherwise you'll be engulfed in flames, so you have little time to deal with the
    enemy.  Damn nazis! Can't you guys just admit defeat and go cry about it to your dark
    haired, blue eyed, German speaking, Jew hating mothers? Arghh! Anyways use your StG
    for this part, and kill as many as you can on the run, NEVER STOPPING.  There is only
    escape route to go, and its not that hard to find.  I can offer little help for you
    but to just run(doesn't your character ever run out of breath? jeez he must be
    At the fade out kill the sentry on left (are the nazis completely oblivious to the
    fact fort Schmerzen is going to collapse?) There is a soldier in the room behind the
    sentry you killed, make sure he doesn't hit you in the back.  Run out the door, as in
    about 5 seconds you'll have enough 3rd degree burns to make Powells body resemble
    that of a 100,000 year old mummy.  There are three sniper towers out here as well as
    well as 4 to 7 guards.  Run and hop over the turned over table to pick up the health,
    ignore everybody and rush onto the train.
    CONGRATS! You have just beaten the game of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault! Too bad
    the ending sux...but oh well.  See you next time...until then, this is black hole sun
    logging off.
             ••••••••••••••••••• 6.  C h e a t i n g •••••••••••••••••••
    To cheat in single player, press the ~ button to bring down the "console".  Here are
    the list of cheats to type in:
    All weapons                                                  wuss
    Invincibility                                                 dog
    Heal player                                              fullhead
    Removes target                                           notarget
    Maximum ammo                                            give ammo
    List of the player's inventory                      listinventory
    Teleport to location                                   tele x y z
    Prints out current location and angles                      coord
    Set current health                            health <set health>
    Kill yourself                                                kill
    Weapon Names (cheats on the right):
    Colt 45                                                    colt45
    Frag Grenade                                       m2frag_grenade
    Walther P38                                                   p38
    Steilhandgranate                                 steilhandgranate
    M1 Garand                                               m1_garand
    Mauser KAR 98K                                              kar98
    Shotgun                                                   shotgun
    Bazooka                                                   bazooka
    Panzerschreck                                       panzerschreck
    BAR                                                           bar
    StG 44                                                       mp44
    Thompson                                              thompsonsmg
    MP40                                                         mp40
    Springfield '03 Sniper                                springfield
    KAR98 Sniper                                          kar98sniper
    Type them in and press "Enter."
    To enable the "No Clipping" cheat(go through walls, doors, etc.), right click on the
    MOHAA shortcut.  In the "Target" text box, type this at the end of the location of
    the game:
    +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1
    Then go to your game and bring down the console.  Type 'noclip' in without quotes and
    press 'Enter' to enable.  Type it again to disable it.  Note while in no clipping
    mode, you are invincible but cannot fire weapons or use/activate anything.
    CREDIT: CheatPlanet.com for these codes/cheats.
    Online Cheaters? To download the anti-cheat patch, go to either Mohcenter.com,
    AlliedAssault.com, or ea.mohaa.com.  This helps a little, but the pro cheaters will
    probably be able to bypass it =\
                ••••••••••••••••••• 7.  M e d a l s •••••••••••••••••••••
    You can earn special medals for completing secret objectives or completing the game
    on certain difficulties.  Here they are.
    Beating the game medals:
    Bronze Star: beat the game on Easy.
    Silver Star: beat it on Medium.
    The Distinguished Service Cross: beat Hard.
    Special Medals
    Special Medals you only get by completing secret objectives and performing acts of
    bravery.  Here is the list and how to attain each one.
    L e g i o n  o f  M e r i t :
    Get this by saving the hostage in Mission 1 'The Rescue Mission'.  You can hear him
    being interrogated, so just follow your ears...BTW he has A LOT LESS health then you
    or your OSS agent, so keeping him alive will be quite a pain.
    N o r w e g i a n  C r o s s  w i t h  S w o r d :
    In Mission 2 'Scuttling the U-529', get the passenger manifest list in the sub before
    sinking it.
    A m e r i c a n  C a m p a i g n  M e d a l :
    Just come out of Omaha beach breathing and with a steady pulse.
    G o o d  C o n d u c t  M e d a l :
    Mission 4, 'The Command Post', destroy the two Tiger tanks in the perimeter.
    Explosives are located in the section of the house with the many bookcases.  Go
    upstairs, through the single door at left, and in there go down the hall to the
    second door.  Enter there to encounter several nazis and the explosives they guard.
    D i s t i n g u i s h e d  S e r v i c e  M e d a l :
    In Part 1 of 'Snipers Last Stand', keep alive ALL of the bazooka and tank teams.  The
    hardest medal in the game to win, by far.
    A r m y  C o m m e n d a t i o n  M e d a l:
    In 'Return to Fort Schmerzen' level 4 on the sniper part, end up with _less_ the 5
    Copyright 2002 © Paul 'black hole sun' Lauria

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