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    Evil (Bad Karma) Walkthrough by Whitechocobo666

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/31/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.1
    For PC
    Author: whitechocobo666
    Well this is an evil walkthrough through for Fallout, the first of the 
    Fallout series.  This walkthrough takes you through the game doing all 
    the evil quests and not doing the good ones.  It's more of a 'bad karma' 
    walkthrough than an evil walkthrough, because you get most of your bad 
    karma by slaughtering innocent people, instead of doing lots of evil 
    quests (you still get lots from the quests though).  This is because 
    there isn't enough evil quests in Fallout to get enough negative karma 
    and experience.  If you want to be evil, Fallout 2 is the better Fallout 
    This is based on the Australian version of the game (I think it's the 
    same as the American version) and it doesn't have any of the patches 
    installed, although if you have the patches installed it won't make much 
    difference.  If you're playing a European version of the game you may 
    not have children in your game, so you won't be able to get as much 
    negative karma as the other people.  You can probably get a children's 
    patch from http://fallout.gamestats.com.
    And if I have missed some stuff, you can e-mail me and tell me and I'll 
    put it in the walkthrough and I'll give you credit.
      Vault 13
      Shady Sands
      Radscorpion caves
      Shady Sands (again)
      Vault 15
      Raider Base
      The Hub
      Brotherhood of Steel
      LA Boneyard
      The Glow
      Brotherhood of Steel (again)
      LA Boneyard (again)
      Brotherhood of Steel (yet again)
      LA Boneyard (yet again)  
      LA Boneyard (another time)
      The Hub (again)
      Junktown (again)
      Shady Sands (yet again)
      Vault 13 (again)
      Military Base
      Followers of the Apocalypse
      Shady Sands
      Brotherhood of Steel
      The Hub
    1.0  First release, finished 23/1/01.
    1.1  Just some stuff about the alien blaster. 14/5/01.
    - Gamefaqs for putting this up.
    - The people on the Gamefaqs Fallout message boards, I've learned some 
    of this stuff from them.
    - Anthony <bigbaddog33_2001@yahoo.com>) for telling me about the alien blaster.
    - Other people that emailed me and told me about the random encounters, I 
    deleted the email and I don't remember would you all said, crazy me, so it's not 
    in the walkthrough.
    - Someone also sent me, telling me how they got a different ending for Shady 
    Sands using my walkthrough, but I deleted that email too, sorry!
    Your character is important in Fallout.  You can make it however you 
    want.  This stuff here is my opinion and my preference though.  Do what 
    you want, but you may not be able to do all the quests.
    Statistics are important to your character.  You start off with 5 in 
    each stat, and an extra 5 points to distribute how you like.  You can 
    decrease the stats below 5 though.  If you choose the gifted trait every 
    stat starts off at 6 instead of 5.
    Strength:  In Fallout, strength is mainly for melee damage and to see if 
    you can wield weapons properly or not.  You get +3 to strength for 
    wearing power armour and you can increase it by 1 by having operations 
    in the Brotherhood.  I have it at 5, because you can use all the small 
    guns with that amount, and you'll have enough strength to wield any 
    weapon with the power armour, and you'll get good melee damage when you 
    get the operation and wear the power armour.  Use buffout to increase 
    this temporarily.
    Perception:  Perception determines how well you can shoot at a range.  
    You don't really need it that much, because you can just increase the 
    weapon skill you are using and you get a really good chance at aiming 
    anyway.  If you want to increase it temporarily, take some Mentats.  I 
    have it at 4 and increase it to 5 with the operation.  You don't need it 
    high if you use burst weapons, which is what I use usually.  You can 
    increase it permanently by 1 at the Brotherhood of Steel.
    Endurance:  Endurance determines your HP per level.  I set it at 4, and 
    I get 4HP per level.  If you set it at 6 you get 5HP per level.  It 
    isn't really that important.  Use buffout to increase this temporarily.  
    You can increase it permanently by 1 at the Brotherhood of Steel.
    Charisma:  Charisma determines the amount of NPCs you can have 
    (charisma/2, rounded down).  I set it at 5, but 4 would be good enough.  
    The NPCs are pretty bad after the beginning of the game, and you only 
    really need 1 of them to carry your equipment.  Charisma doesn't seem to 
    effect much else, so you can set it down to 2 if you want, and give 
    yourself extra endurance, agility or perception.  Use Mentats to 
    increase this.  You can increase this permanently by 1 if you encounter 
    a Celtic poet or something while in the mountains.  Keep talking to him 
    and ask about his song until a new option comes up, and then ask him 
    that, and he teaches you.  I can't remember it very well, but you can 
    increase it from him.
    Intelligence:  It's probably the most important stat, because it 
    determines how many skill points per level you get.  I set it at 10 to 
    get the maximum skill points possible.  It's harder to gain levels while 
    you're evil, so you'll need all the skill points you can get.  If you 
    have higher intelligence you also get better things to say when your 
    speaking, which is another bonus.  You can't increase this temporarily, 
    but you can get the operation in the Brotherhood to permanently increase 
    it by 1.
    Agility:  Agility is pretty important too, as it determines how many 
    action points you get each round.  I set it at 6, which is lower than I 
    wanted.  8 is the optimal amount, as you get 9AP.  You still get 8AP 
    with 6 agility though.  You'll need 8 agility for the Slayer and Sniper 
    perks later on, if you want to level up.  Use psycho or buffout to 
    increase this temporarily.  You can increase it by 1 permanently in the 
    Luck:  Luck mainly determines your % chance of getting a critical hit, 
    and it also determines your chance of getting random encounters on the 
    world map.  I set it at 6 so I occasionally get critical hits.  With 6 
    luck I can also get the 'better criticals' perk later on.  You can 
    increase it by 1 by talking to the fortune teller in Adytum, and getting 
    your fortune told 3 times.  So it may be better to set it to 5 and it 
    will get increased to 6.
    My character:
    ST: 5
    PE: 4
    EN: 4
    CH: 5
    IN: 10
    AG: 6
    LU: 6
    A better character:
    ST: 6
    PE: 5
    EN: 4
    CH: 2
    IN: 10
    AG: 8
    LU: 5
    You can choose up to two traits, they are optional.  It's usually good 
    to choose 2 though, because there are some good ones to choose from.  If 
    you choose badly, you can take the 'Mutate!' perk to change one of your 
    perks for another.
    Fast Metabolism:  It increases your healing rate, but you get no poison 
    resistance or radiation resistance.  I like it, because you have a time 
    limit to complete your quest, and you need to use drugs to increase your 
    radiation resistance to 100% anyway.  But it is pretty useless because 
    you have an almost unlimited amount of stimpaks in the game.
    Bruiser:  It increases strength by 2, but decreases your AP by 2, which 
    is a bad trade off.  Very bad.  You don't really need the extra 2 points 
    for your character anyway.
    Small Frame:  It gives you an extra agility point, but you can carry way 
    less.  That makes it pretty bad for me, because I like to use the big 
    guns and energy weapons which are heavy and use heavy ammo.  You'll want 
    to use those guns, too.  So this isn't really worth it.
    One Hander:  It lets you fire better with one handed weapons and worse 
    with two handed.  If you have high luck it may be alright, as you can 
    get the alien blaster.  But there are only 2 good guns that are one 
    handed - the 10mm SMG and the Alien Blaster.  The two handed weapons are 
    much better, so you may as well use them, and not take this trait.
    Finesse:  People like this in Fallout 2, but I don't know about Fallout.  
    I never take it.  It gives you +10% critical chance but decreases your 
    damage by 30%, which is bad.  But it you have fast shot and can't aim, 
    it will let you get a lot more critical hits than you usually would.  
    But I still don't take it anyway, because you can get sniper later on if 
    you really want critical hits, and your Turbo Plasma Rifle or other gun 
    can kill the bad guys in one shot without critical hits.
    Kamikaze:  It gives you a starting AC of 0, and gives you +5 sequence.  
    It isn't that bad if you have low perception, like this character (the 
    AC of zero only makes you 6% more likely to get hit, which isn't much).  
    You get lots of AC from armour as well.  It's not really that good, 
    Heavy Handed:  It gives you +4 melee damage, but your criticals do 30% 
    less damage.  It isn't really useful, because +4 melee damage isn't very 
    much, except at the very beginning of the game.  The lower critical 
    damage isn't really that bad anyway, because criticals still do lots of 
    damage anyway.
    Fast Shot:  It's very good in this game.  It decreases the cost of every 
    attack by 1AP, so you can shoot way faster.  After you take the 'Bonus 
    HtH Attacks' attack you can attack with the super sledge or power fist 
    for 1AP, and if you take 'Bonus Rate of Fire' you can fire the turbo 
    plasma or Red Ryder LE BB gun for 2AP.  You can't aim at the eyes or 
    legs or whatever, but you can attack 8 times with HtH weapons and 4 
    times with good ranged weapons instead of 2 aimed HtH attacks and 2 
    aimed range weapon attacks.
    Bloody Mess:  This is a favourite of many bloodthirsty people.  There is 
    no downside to getting this trait, so if you don't feel like getting 
    anything else you may as well get this.  It also changes the ending a 
    little bit if you're not evil, but you're going to be evil so it won't 
    change the ending if you get it.
    Jinxed:  It gives you more critical failures, as well as everyone else 
    around you.  With 10 luck you won't get any critical failures, so this 
    would be good if you had 10 luck.  But you don't have 10 luck, so you'll 
    be getting lots of critical failures with it.  And since you'll probably 
    be using energy weapons, if you get a critical failure it may blow up 
    and you'll lose the weapon and it'll hurt you.  But it will make the 
    game more of a challenge at least.
    Good Natured:  Increases First Aid, Doctor, Speech and Barter by 15% and 
    decreases all the combat skills by 10%.  It's ok, but you never really 
    use first aid or doctor, and you probably will use 4 or the combat 
    skills throughout the game (or 3 of them, anyway).  It doesn't really 
    change much to make it good enough to get.
    Chem Reliant:  Pretty useless, it increases your chance to be addicted 
    to drugs, but it decreases withdrawal time.  Don't take it, as the 
    withdrawal time isn't that long, and it's pretty bad to be addicted to 
    drugs, as it takes a while to become unaddicted, and time is something 
    you don't have.
    Chem Resistant:  It decreases your chance of getting addicted, but it 
    decreases the time the drugs effects you for as well.  Drugs usually 
    last for a pretty long time, so decreasing the withdrawal time doesn't 
    make much difference.  But you don't really use drugs enough to make 
    this worthwhile.
    Night Person:  Yet another useless trait, it decreases your intelligence 
    and perception by day, but increases it by night.  You won't really want 
    to be doing much at night time because it's harder to fight at night.  
    You'll be doing most of your stuff during the day.  Of course you could 
    just do everything at night if you got this perk, but it's annoying.
    Skilled:  Increases all of your starting skills, but you get perks only 
    once every 4 levels.  Pretty bad, because perks are what makes your 
    character better by a lot.  If you take this you'll only get 5 perks at 
    the max, and you'd get 7 of them without.  You can't get both Sniper and 
    Slayer this way.  Not good for evils, only for people who want to finish 
    the game quickly.
    Gifted:  It gives all stats +1, but it decreases starting skills and you 
    get 5 less skill points per level.  It's pretty good, but you need the 
    skill points more when you're evil, so I don't take it.  It's good when 
    you are good.
    I took Fast Shot and Fast Metabolism.  Choose whatever you want.
    You can use all skills, but you can only tag 3 to start off.  Tagging 
    the skills increases them by 20% and they increase twice as quick.  So 
    choose your tag skills carefully.  Later on you can pick the 'Tag!' perk 
    to choose another tag skill.
    Small Guns:  Small guns lets you use pistols, rifles and SMGs well.  
    Small guns are useful from the beginning to the middle of the game.  You 
    need 80% small guns to get the sniper perk later on, so it's a good idea 
    to increase it that much.  The 10mm SMG and sniper rifle are the best 
    small guns, and if you aren't going to use the minigun the assault rifle 
    is good too.  Don't increase it too high, though.  The 'Guns & Bullets' 
    increases this skill.
    Big Guns:  Lets you use the Flamer, Minigun and Rocket Launcher:  The 
    Flamer is pretty good, but the ammo is heavy, the minigun needs heaps of 
    ammo, and the rocket launcher ammo weighs heaps and is pretty rare.  So 
    big guns aren't really the best choice of weapons.  They do do the most 
    damage overall though, but you rarely need to do more than 50 damage at 
    one time so they're not that useful.  They can hit more than one enemy 
    at once though, but they can hit your NPCs too.
    Energy weapons:  Lets you use weapons that use micro fusion or small 
    energy cells.  Energy weapons are probably the best overall because of 
    the plasma rifle, which does 30-65 damage and is good against all 
    enemies.  The ammo does weigh a bit, but the plasma rifle can be 
    upgraded to the turbo plasma rifle which fires quicker and does more 
    damage.  Energy weapons are the best in Fallout.
    Unarmed:  Unarmed lets you fight without weapons, or with glove weapons.  
    It is surprisingly good if you take 'Bonus HtH attacks' and 'Fast Shot', 
    so you can attack 8 times in a round with a power fist.  Unarmed is good 
    because it doesn't knock your opponent away when you hit them.  Pretty 
    good for up close fighting.  You need 80% unarmed for the Slayer perk 
    Melee:  Melee weapons are about as good as unarmed.  When you hit 
    someone with a melee weapon, they get knocked back if you do over 10 
    damage, which is pretty annoying I think, because you have to chase 
    after them.  The Super Sledge is the best melee or unarmed weapon, and 
    knocks back double.  This isn't as bad if you can knock the enemy into 
    the wall, but it is pretty annoying.  You don't really need this skill, 
    but it saves ammo.
    Throwing:  Throwing is a pretty useless skill.  The weapons that you can 
    throw are either really rare or do hardly any damage, making it useless.  
    Even if you have bad throwing skill you can usually hit your target with 
    grenades, so you don't really need to increase this.  The plasma 
    grenades are pretty good against groups though, but don't waste your 
    skill points on this.
    First Aid:  First Aid can heal 4-10 points of damage, and you can use it 
    a few times a day.  This is a pretty useless skill, because doctor does 
    the same thing but heals crippled limbs as well.  If you use a first aid 
    kit you have a higher chance to heal.  But you can just use stimpaks to 
    heal, because they are common, and it doesn't waste any time.  'First 
    Aid' books (the green ones) will increase this skill.
    Doctor:  Doctor is like first aid, but can heal crippled limbs or bad 
    eyes as well.  It's very rare that you would get a crippled limb though, 
    and you can heal using stimpaks, so this is pretty useless.  A doctor's 
    bag gives you more of a chance to heal.
    Sneak:  Sneak lets you get past people/creatures without them seeing 
    you.  It isn't that useful, because you don't have to do that very 
    often.  When you shoot someone with sneak skill on it may act like you 
    have a silencer on your gun, and no one can hear it shoot.  It is in 
    Fallout 2, anyway.  I'm not sure if it works like that in Fallout.  But 
    you don't need this skill.
    Steal:  Steal is one of the better skills.  You can steal heaps of stuff 
    of most people, and heaps of stimpaks of police and guards.  It's worth 
    increasing up to 100% or 80% or something.  You don't need it though, 
    but it does make things easier.
    Lockpick:  Lockpick is a good skill, too.  You use it to open locks, of 
    course.  There are many locks in the game to unlock, but you can just 
    drop dynamite next to those doors instead to open them.  You do need 80% 
    lockpick to open the cargo room in the Brotherhood though, so it's worth 
    increasing up to 80% just for that.  Using lockpicks increases your 
    chance to pick normal locks, and an electronic lockpick increases your 
    chance of picking an electronic lock.
    Traps:  Traps is pretty useless in this game, mainly because there isn't 
    many traps to disarm.  And the traps that you do encounter, do hardly 
    any damage anyway.  So you don't need this skill at all.
    Science:  Science is pretty useless.  If you leave it at what it starts 
    at that will be enough.  I only used it in the Cathedral and the 
    Military Base.  And if at first you don't succeed, you can keep trying 
    over and over until you do, which makes it useless to increase this 
    skill.  The 'Big Book of Science' increases this skill.
    Repair:  Repair is mainly only used to repair the power armour in the 
    Brotherhood, and to remove force fields.  You don't need to use any 
    points on this skill, because you can find 'Dean's Electronics' books 
    which increase this skill enough.  You need about 40% to repair the 
    power armour.
    Speech:  Speech will help you persuade other people.  It's good with a 
    high intelligence score, so that you have more dialogue options.  I put 
    it up to 100% so you convince anyone about anything.  A good skill.
    Barter:  A very good money saving and money making skill.  Barter makes 
    the seller's good cheaper to you.  Eventually the seller's good are so 
    cheap that yours are more expensive.  Then you can just keep selling 
    your stuff to him and then buying it back with extra equipment and 
    you'll have spent nothing to get equipment.  Put it as high as you want.
    Gambling:  This lets you have more chance at gambling in roulette and 
    the slot machines.  It isn't too useful because money is pretty common 
    in the game.  But if you increase it to 100% you can win lots of money, 
    so if it was your first time playing the game, then it would be good, 
    but it isn't good for experienced players.
    Outdoorsman:  If you have high enough in this skill, it lets you avoid 
    random encounters on the world map if you choose to do so.  You don't 
    really encounter much on the world map which makes it pretty useless, 
    and if you do encounter something you would usually want to fight them 
    for the experience.  You can increase it with the 'Scout Handbook'.
    I tagged Big Guns, Speech and Steal, but Energy Weapons are better than 
    Big Guns.
    Perks really customize your character to be how you want it.  You can 
    choose a perk on every level that is a multiple of 3, unless you choose 
    the 'Skilled' trait, where you get one on levels with a multiple of 4.  
    Certain perks need certain skills and stats to get.  You can increase 
    your stats temporarily with drugs to get a perk you want.  These are the 
    ones I picked:
    Awareness (level 3):  I had to take some mentats to get this, but it's 
    worth it.  You can see the HP, weapon and ammo your opponent is using.  
    It's useful, as you can tell how long you will take to kill the enemy, 
    and how dangerous they are, etc.
    Bonus Move (level 6):  This gives you 2AP each round for moving.  It's 
    useful for HtH fighters as they can chase the enemy after they've 
    knocked them away.  But it's good for everyone, as you can run away 
    before the end of your turn and your opponents will waste their AP 
    chasing you, or it will be harder for them to hit you.
    Bonus Rate of Fire (level 9):  I had to take some drugs for this, but 
    it's one of the best perks.  It lets you fire every ranged weapon faster 
    by 1AP, so it will let you fire more times per round.  Couple this with 
    fast shot and you'll be able to shoot heaps of times per turn.  Really 
    good with the turbo plasma rifle.
    Bonus HtH Attacks (level 12):  This lets you attack 1AP quicker with 
    Hand-to-Hand weapons.  If you have fast shot, this will take them down 
    to 1AP each attack, so you can attack many times per round.  Very nearly 
    the best perk.  Very good with the power fist or super sledge, you can 
    do as much damage as the turbo plasma rifle per round.
    Better Criticals (level 15):  This gives you 20% chance of getting a 
    better critical attack, so you can do more damage, have more chance at 
    knocking out or giving a crippled limb etc.  I mainly got it because I 
    planned to get sniper later.  It isn't that useful if you have fast shot 
    and don't get sniper or slayer, though.
    Sniper (level 18):  I would have got this.  Need 80% small guns, 8 
    agility and 8 perception.  It gives you a critical hit with a ranged 
    weapon every time you succeed in a luck roll.  A luck roll is rolling a 
    ten sided dice, and then if the number is equal to or below your luck, 
    you succeed, but if it's over, you fail.  So I would have been getting 
    criticals 70% of the time, and they would have been better criticals, 
    Slayer (level 21):  If I got up to level 21 then this would be my choice 
    of perk.  Needs 80% unarmed, 8 agility and 8 strength.  Every time you 
    succeed in a luck roll with a HtH weapon you get a critical, and they 
    would have been better criticals too.  And I could have attacked 8 times 
    a round.
    Steal everything.  Steal as much as you can, and sell it if it's 
    useless.  And give it to your NPCs to carry if you can't sell it 
    straight away.
    You can steal off your NPCs without getting caught, so you don't have to 
    barter with them to get stuff back you've given them.
    If you don't have fast shot, aim for the eyes.  You'll have a +60% 
    chance to get a critical hit.  You have nowhere near that much chance 
    aiming at the other body parts, so aim for the eyes.
    Run around corners when you're fighting.  They block the enemy's line of 
    fire, and they have to waste their turn running around the corner to see 
    you.  The bonus move helps this.
    Hide behind corners and wait for the enemy to come to you.  They'll be 
    at point blank range and you won't miss as easily.  And they can't shoot 
    you as they run up to get you that way.
    Against the rats and scorpions and stuff, attack once, and then run 
    away.  They have low AP, so they have to use all their AP to catch up to 
    Kill the Brahmin.  They are worth 80 experience each, and they can't 
    attack you if they are inside their pen.  That's good experience (The 
    same as 8 children!).
    Don't give your NPCs burst weapons, or they'll hit you.  Here's what I 
    would give the NPCs:
    Ian:  14mm Pistol or power fist (.223 pistol if you were good)
    Katja:  power fist or ripper
    Tycho (if you're good):  Sniper Rifle.
    Don't use good guns on bad enemies.  Keep the 10mm SMG or Assault rifle 
    with you to burst those unco enemies and save your micro fusion cells.  
    If you have heaps of ammo, you may as well use it, though.
    NOTE:  My north is to the top left of the screen, therefore south is the 
    bottom right, west is the bottom left and east is the top right.  On the 
    world map it's normal, though.
    NOTE:  Talk to everybody.  I'm not going to say to talk to everybody, 
    this is just showing all the negative karma quests and how to do it.  
    This shows what you HAVE to do.  It's a good idea to talk to everybody 
    about everything.
    VAULT 13
    You start off with the Overseer saying some stuff to you about getting 
    the water chip, and you get kicked out of your Vault.  Loot the body 
    near the entrance for 24 x 10mm AP, and a knife.  There are 20 rats in 
    the cave, each have 5AP, 6HP and 25 exp.  Use unarmed on them once, and 
    then use the rest of your APs running away and they'll never hit you.  
    The exit to the cave is in the south east, so exit and head east to 
    Vault 15, on the way you'll pass a village, so enter it.  You may 
    encounter merchants on the way there.  If you have good steal skill then 
    steal their stuff, but if you don't, just talk to the leader and say 
    you'll travel with them to Shady Sands.
    You start off to the north.  The guy to the right talks to you, and you 
    can talk to him if you want.  He's not useful yet, though.  Talk to the 
    girl opposite him about everything, and when you leave the dialogue 
    screen you'll get 250 experience.  
    Head east and enter the house there.  Talk to the man with the black 
    jacket and blue pants.  Get to asking him if he can join you, and say 
    that he can have a piece of the action instead of giving him 100 caps.  
    You'll get 100 experience.
    Leave this screen to the east, and then head a bit south and talk to the 
    farmer.  Ask him what he's doing and try and get a dialogue option about 
    'Crop Rotation'.  If you can't, choose the 'ask about' button, and type 
    in 'Crop Rotation' for 500 experience.
    Go back to Seth at the entrance of Shady Sands and ask him to take you 
    to the radscorpion caves.
    Your goal here would be to kill all the radscorpions if you were good, 
    but you aren't good.  So leave one of the scorpions alive so you don't 
    finish the quest.  The scorpions give you 110 experience each, and they 
    have 25HP.  Try and let Ian shoot them with his 10mm pistol, so you 
    don't suffer damage by running up and attacking them.  Of course you can 
    shoot them if you think you'll hit, though.  In the east there is 24 x 
    10mm AP and stimpak underneath some bones, and in a south room there is 
    48 x 10mm JHP on the ground under bones.  When you kill a scorpion, take 
    one of their tails.  Head back to Shady Sands.
    Go to the south east corner of the screen, and enter that building, 
    which is the doctors.  Talk to the doctor there and give him the 
    radscorpion venom for 250 exp.  You could use it on the guy in the back 
    room, but then you would get karma.  Hunt around Shady Sands (both 
    sides) to try and find a piece of rope, and take it.  Talk to anyone 
    else that you haven't talked to.  Leave Shady Sands and head to Vault 
    VAULT 15
    Enter the little hut to the north and go down the ladder.  Kill the 7 
    rats that are around the cave floor, and then enter the vault.  There 
    are 6 flares in a locker on the east wall, so take them.  There are 6 
    more rats inside, and also a lesser mole rat near the elevator shaft.  
    Kill all these rats and then use the rope on the elevator shaft, and use 
    the rope to go down to the second level.
    There is 13 rats and 4 pig rats on level 2.  North of the elevator is 
    115 x .223 FMJ on the ground, so take it.  In one of the south rooms is 
    a locker - wear the leather jacket that is inside it, and take the rope.  
    Use the rope on the other elevator shaft and then use the rope to go 
    down to the third level.
    There are 13 rats, 9 pig rats and 1 greater mole rat on level 3, so kill 
    them.  Head to the south east of this level and when you see the cave 
    in, you get a message and 500 experience.  There are 2 fragmentation 
    grenades and 1 explosive in a locker, and a 10mm SMG and 24 x 10mm JHP 
    in the other locker.  Don't give the SMG to Ian.  In the east room is 24 
    x 10mm AP.  The total combat experience you should have received is 
    1835, which is good for a bunch of rats.  Leave and head to the Raider's 
    Base (you would have got it on your map from talking to the people in 
    Shady Sands).
    There isn't much to do at the Raiders.  Head north and enter the 
    building, and then talk to Garl Death-Hand.  Ask to join so you can kick 
    some serious ass, and then agree to kill the two women, and do just 
    that.  You get 100 experience and -1 karma for killing both of them, and 
    then talk to Garl again.  You're now a friend of the Raiders and you get 
    500 experience and -2 karma.  Some of the raiders have good drugs, so 
    make sure you steal them.  Head to Junktown.
    Not much to do in the first screen, but you can get healed by the doctor 
    if you are hurt.  Leave the screen to the north.
    On the second screen, head to the north east and enter the General 
    Store.  Talk to Killian, and once you've finished talking a black man 
    will walk in and attempt to kill Killian.  Just stand there and don't 
    help either of them.  
    Head a bit to the west and enter the Crash House, and pay the lady 
    behind the desk for one night's rest, and enter your room to the east.  
    After a bit the lady will talk to you and say some psycho is taking 
    Sinthia hostage.  Make sure you save, and then talk to the raider.  Talk 
    to him and don't get him angry, and after a while he'll ask for money 
    and free passage out.  Tell him that you'll let him out without hurting 
    him (the second option from the bottom) and he'll leave.  Talk to 
    Sinthia and ask if she's alright, ask who her boss is, tell her she 
    should pack up and go and she'll show her appreciation, and you get 1000 
    experience.  Leave the screen to the north.
    Walk a bit to the north east near the dog, and it'll follow if you're 
    wearing the leather jacket.  If it doesn't, feed it some Iguana-on-a-
    stick.  It'll follow you and you'll get 100 experience for solving 
    Phil's dog problem.
    Head west and enter the casino, and head north into the back room.  Talk 
    to the fat man in the desk, Gizmo.  He should ask you to kill Killian, 
    so accept.  You can raise the price pretty easily.
    Wait until 1800, and then enter the Skum Pitt to the north.  The Skul 
    ganger will hit the barmaid, and then the bartender will shoot the Skul 
    ganger, and the Skulz will leave.  Search the body for some leather 
    armour.  Leave the screen to the south.
    Enter the back of the crash house, and talk to Vinnie, the leader of the 
    Skulz.  Tell him you want to join, and that you can prove yourself.  
    Agree to steal Neil's Urn.  Go back to the Skum Pitt, and then use your 
    steal skill on the urn on the edge of the bar to steal it.  Take it back 
    to Vinnie for -1 karma and 400 exp.  Next they'll ask you to kill Neil, 
    so agree and you'll be back in the Skum Pitt.  Kill Neil and the Barmaid 
    for -6 karma and 300 experience.  Leave the Skum Pitt and rest until 
    0800.  Leave the screen to the south.
    Go into the General Store, and then try and open the door on the west 
    wall.  Killian will talk to you, and then say that you broke in, and 
    agree to get thrown in jail for -3 karma.  Pick the lock to the jail 
    door and then the guard will attack you so kill him.  You get 250 
    experience and -3 karma for breaking out of jail.  Wherever you go now 
    the guards will attack, but they would have anyway when you tried to 
    kill Killian.
    Head to the General Store and kill Killian for 300 experience.  You can 
    loot his safe in the other room for 500 experience (I think) and some 
    Head back to Gizmo to get your money, 600 experience and -5 karma.
    Head back to Doc Morbid's place, and climb down the ladder in the back 
    room.  Talk to the midget and learn about how Doc Morbid is shipping 
    body parts to Iguana Bob in the Hub.  You may kill the midget and Doc 
    Morbid and his guards if you want, it is recommended.  Head to The Hub 
    (All of the police have lots of stimpaks and ammo.  Make sure you steal 
    Head south when you enter the hub, and leave the screen to the south.  
    You can buy books from the library, which is the top right building in 
    the middle of the town.  The General Store is in the top left of the 
    middle, buy some rope there.  There is a loan company in the bottom left 
    in the middle, but you don't need a loan so don't get one.  There is a 
    weapon shop in the bottom right, but you can get a discount there in a 
    second if you want, but there is a better weapon shop in Old Town that 
    you'll get to soon.
    South of the middle of this screen is Iguana Bob.  Talk to him and tell 
    him about Doc Morbid, and then yell out about how the food has body 
    parts.  Bribe him for some money, the amount depends on your barter 
    skill.  But no matter how much you bribe him, you get 500 experience and 
    -2 karma for doing so.
    Head to the east of this screen, and enter the Far Go Traders.  Talk to 
    the man at the door about the job, and then enter the back room and say 
    you'll accept the job, and then talk to the first man again to get the 
    details.  You'll partly finish this quest soon.
    Head to the Maltese Falcon, which is in the south west of this screen.  
    Talk to the man in the leather jacket in the south of the place, and 
    he'll tell you about how he's heard of you, and ask for a job.  You'll 
    get taken downstairs.  Decker will tell you about a job to assassinate 
    Hightower and his wife, so accept it.  Talk to Kane (the guy in the 
    leather jacket) to get details and your starting money.  Leave this 
    screen to the south west.
    This is the Heights, where the Hightower fellow is.  You can kill him 
    several ways.  If you're powerful, just start attacking the guard near 
    where you start, and all the other guards will run to kill you, and 
    eventually just Hightower and his wife will be left in the house for you 
    to kill.  Or you can head around to the south of the house, and shoot 
    Hightower through the bottom window, and all the guards will run to 
    attack.  The best option is probably going to the front door, talk to 
    the guard and tell him you're late, and he'll let you in.  The next 
    guard will speak to you, so tell him you have to speak with Mr 
    Hightower, and that it's a matter of life or death.  He'll let you in, 
    and make sure your NPCs come inside, too.  Go south and enter the room 
    that Hightower is in, and he'll talk to you.  Kill him, and then all the 
    guards, and then the wife.  This way is better, because you get the 
    cover of the house, and the only way the guards can attack you is 
    entering through the front door (and through the windows, but that 
    doesn't happen often), and you'll get free hits on the guard before 
    he/she gets you.  Anyway, you get 875 experience for killing all the 
    guards as well as Hightower and his wife, as well as -1 karma for each 
    Hightower killed.  Go into Hightower's room, and enter his back room 
    where the footlocker is, and save.  Unlock this locker (there's a trap 
    in there) and then take out the necklace.
    Head back to Kane, and tell him your Job's done, and he'll take you to 
    Decker.  You'll get your money and he'll ask you to do another job, so 
    accept.  Get your money off Kane, and then leave this screen to the 
    south east.
    This is the water merchant's area.  The Cathedral is just a bit to the 
    west of where you start, so enter it.  Your target it the lady in the 
    robes in the south west corner of the room.  This battle isn't too hard.  
    Shoot either the metal armour guard in her room, or the other guard in 
    the north east of the main room first, as they are the most dangerous.  
    Before that, you can get 25HP healed for free from the doctor.  Anyway, 
    kill everyone in the room, and if you get the killing blow on the kid 
    you'll get the Childkiller karmic title, yay!  Anyway, you'll get 585 
    experience and -3 karma for killing everyone in the Cathedral.  In the 
    north west room is shelves in a locked room, if you can pick the lock, 
    loot the shelves for lots of drugs and some robes, which you may take 
    (although you can get some more later on, and you won't have to carry 
    these around).
    Head south from here and enter the water merchants place.  Go in and 
    talk to the main water merchant, and get them to deliver water to your 
    vault for as cheap as possible.  If you don't have enough money then 
    make sure that you order it later on.  You need the extra 100 days, 
    because you aren't going to get the water chip for your Vault (positive 
    Head back to Kane, talk to him, and then get your money off Decker, as 
    well as -2 karma, and 700 experience.  That's all for Decker for now.
    Head to the building in the bottom left of the middle of this screen, 
    and talk to the owner.  Ask about the deathclaws and you'll learn that 
    Harold and some other psycho in Old Town know about it.  Leave this 
    screen to the east.
    This is Old Town.  Head east up the street and then enter the second 
    building to the north you come across, which is the weapon shop.  You 
    can buy pretty powerful weapons here, and you're probably going to need 
    them, too.  I use the shelf in the back of this store to store all my 
    excess equipment that I want to sell or I'm not going to use.  Anyway, 
    trade your stuff and get some combat armour.  If you ask for something 
    with a little more punch, he'll tell you about the gun runners, and a 
    super sledge will appear in his inventory.  If you're a melee person 
    you'll want that.
    Head east from that shop, and then save when you get to the warehouse at 
    the end of the street.  Enter the warehouse, and the guy will talk to 
    you  (there is a bum outside the Maltese Falcon who will give you an 
    introduction to this guy for heaps of money, but you don't need it).  Be 
    nice to him, and ask to buy his stuff.  Buy some psycho and some other 
    drugs if you want (you may need a bit of radaway and some rad-x, you 
    need two of each in total).  Leave after that.
    Head to the second building south of where you started, where a psycho 
    is yelling out.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you about the deathclaw, 
    and that you have to speak to Harold first.  Enter the building and talk 
    to the ghoul in there.  Give him $25 and then ask about the deathclaw.  
    After he's told you about the deathclaw, go back and talk to the psycho 
    and get him to take you to the deathclaw.
    You're now in the deathclaw's lair, so be sure that you save.  You may 
    want to take some psycho.  Head south east, and the deathclaw will 
    attack.  My tactics are to run all around, getting the deathclaw to 
    follow (you need 8 or 9AP) and Ian and Dogmeat will kill it (after 
    ages), or you could just kill it if you have decent guns and decent 
    skills.  You get 1000 experience for killing the deathclaw.  Head to 
    where the deathclaw came from, and you see a mutant on the ground.  
    Instead of talking to it, get out your gun and kill it.  It doesn't 
    fight back, so you may as well get the 300 experience.  Take the radio 
    (make sure you keep it) and whatever else you want, and then head back 
    to the Hub.
    In Old town, head into the center building, and go down the stairs in 
    the north east room.  Head south, and the doors are trapped and locked.  
    You can use your traps skill and lockpick skill on them, but you can 
    just drop dynamite next to them and they blow the doors open.  There are 
    also traps on the ground, but they are weak and do hardly any damage.  
    After going south for a bit you'll get in the thieves guild.  Head into 
    the south east room and talk to the man, and say that you want to join.  
    He'll give you a quest to steal the necklace from Hightower's place 
    (you've already done it) without killing Hightower (It doesn't matter 
    that you have).  Accept, and you'll get 900 experience for finding the 
    thieves guild.  Go and talk to Katrina, the girl to the right of the 
    entrance.  She'll give you some lockpicks and some other stuff.  Now go 
    back and talk to Loxley, and give him the necklace.  Then talk to 
    Katrina again, for $3000, 500 experience and some electronic lockpicks.
    Now you've got a choice which caravan you want to do.  The water 
    merchants leave on days with multiples of 5, and the Crimson Caravan 
    leaves on the 3rd and the 17th (if you talk to the leader of the Crimson 
    Caravan, and then talk to his daughter, and you have 6 charisma, you can 
    say you are interested in her for some drugs).  Take whichever you want, 
    but head to the Brotherhood of Steel.
    Talk to the BoS guy on the left, and he'll give you a quest to find 
    something from the Glow and bring it back.  You'll do that later.  Talk 
    to the Caravan Master again and head back to The Hub.  This time take a 
    caravan to LA Boneyard (we won't be going to Necropolis, everything 
    there gives you positive karma, even the citizens of the place when you 
    kill them).
    You start in the town of Adytum.  You can trade stuff in the underground 
    place to the west, if you want.  Head south and a bit west and enter the 
    building and talk to Jon Zimmerman, the mayor.  He'll want you to kill 
    the leader of the Blades, for killing his son.  Agree to help him.
    Head south again all the way to the bottom of the screen and talk to the 
    man in the lab coat.  He'll say stuff about getting parts for their 
    hydroelectric farm or something, so agree to do it.  You can talk to 
    Sammael, the Boneyard Scav in the tent to the east of here if you want, 
    and he'll tell you that the guy with the parts was killed by deathclaws.
    Head to the east of this screen, and enter the tent there.  The man in 
    there gives tarot card readings, so get three readings (talk to him 
    three times, don't offend him) and you're luck will go up permanently by 
    1.  The tarot cards in Quest for Glory 4 are still the best fortune 
    tellings in any game though.  These readings tell that the Master is to 
    the south, and the Military Base is up to the north.  Yay.
    Leave this screen to the north, and you'll be in the area with the 
    Blades.  Now you could kill the Blade leader now, but then you can't buy 
    stuff from the Gun Runners.  Leave this screen to the west, and save.
    This is the deathclaw area.  They have the big deathclaws with sharp 
    claws and 225HP in here.  3 of them.  And they respawn every 3 hours, 
    too.  So you can kill all three of the deathclaws, leave the screen, 
    rest three hours, go back and fight the deathclaws, leave, rest etc. 
    forever.  You get 1000 experience from the deathclaws so this is pretty 
    good.  You can do this any time you want, but I do it on the way back 
    from the Glow.  You can always avoid these deathclaws if you want, 
    although you should be able to take them out.  Search the body of the 
    man that is east of the house, and take the junk off his body, and then 
    leave the screen to the east.
    This is the Gun Runners place.  Follow the moat to the west, and then 
    talk to the guy and tell him you want to buy weapons.  He'll let you 
    past, so head north past him and enter the building.  Now you can buy 
    some good stuff here, if you have ok energy weapons skill, get a plasma 
    rifle and as much micro fusion cells as you can carry.  It'll be the 
    ultimate weapon in a second, and it's great against deathclaws.  Don't 
    buy too much though, you're going to kill these guys soon.
    Head back to the Blade's area, and enter their building to the north.  
    Go to the south east most room, and talk to their leader, a lady in a 
    leather jacket.  Tell her you're here to kill her and do just that.  The 
    whole gang of the Blades will attack.  There are two people to watch out 
    for - a black man with a super sledge, which is in the room to the 
    right.  He can do heaps of damage, so take him out first.  The other guy 
    is the man at the entrance, who wields a spiked knuckles.  Anyway, make 
    sure you kill all of them, including the kids and the people that run 
    away.  Be sure to loot all their bodies and take all their stuff, they 
    have lots of money.  You get 2015 experience and -10 karma for killing 
    everyone in the house.  Leave this building and anyone else on this 
    screen that you run into, you can kill (including the kids of course).  
    You get 335 experience and -8 karma for the rest of these people.
    Head back to Adytum, and talk to Jon Zimmerman again for your $2000, and 
    an extra $500.
    Head back to Miles and give him the part for nothing at all, and tell 
    him he can give them to Smitty himself.
    Smitty's place is across the road and a bit south from Zimmerman's.  Go 
    there, and talk to Smitty.  He'll see you have a plasma rifle and he'll 
    upgrade it to the turbo plasma rifle.  You must be very proud.
    Head over to the Gun Runners, and they'll attack when you get to their 
    screen.  The first guard is easy to kill, he's just wielding a shottie.  
    You can hide in the building ruins to the south, to stop from being hit 
    by the snipers.  After killing that guard head over the moat, and go 
    around the east side of the big building.  Kill that first sniper behind 
    the barrels, and then wait behind the building for all the other Gun 
    Runners to catch up to you, and shoot them as they round the bend.  You 
    get 1145 experience and -5 karma for killing them.  You also get heaps 
    of stimpaks, heaps of ammo, heaps of combat armour and heaps of new 
    weapons from their bodies and the lockers inside.
    Head back to the Blade's area, but leave the screen to the west this 
    time, to end up in the Followers of Apocalypse area.  Here you can enter 
    the library, and then talk to one of the female punkers near the 
    entrance.  One of the called Katja will join you if you ask her to.
    Head to the other building in this area, to the east of the library.  In 
    there are Bounty Hunters, the leader will say 'There's 1500 caps on your 
    head for killing children' or something and they'll attack you.  Once 
    again you can run outside and get them to chase you around the corner 
    and you can pick them off as they run outside.  You'll get -1 karma and 
    430 experience from them, as well as some nice weapons, although you'll 
    have enough weapons from the Gun Runners.  Leave the Boneyard and head 
    to the Glow...
    Straight away when you arrive, swallow two of your Rad-Xs.  Then go up 
    to the east side of the big hole, and use your rope on the beam that 
    hangs over the hole, and then use your rope to go down.
    On the first level, loot all the bodies, and get the keycard and 
    holodisc off the body of the power armoured person in the north most 
    room.  Then use the keycard on the elevator to the south east and go 
    down to level 2.
    Again, search the bodies on this level.  When you see the robots lying 
    on the ground, attack them and kill them.  Since there's no power, they 
    won't fight back, and it'll be some of the easiest 1425 experience 
    you'll ever get.  There is a red key on the dead guy in the north east 
    room.  Head to level 3.
    The unpowered robots on this level give you 950 experience.  On this 
    level, find the other elevator, use the red key on it and go down to the 
    4th level.
    On the fourth level the robots are worth 650 experience.  There is an 
    artificial intelligence computer in this area that can give you some 
    information for your pip-boy, like power armour and the FEV virus info.  
    Anyway, search all bodies and stuff, take the blue key of the guy in the 
    south west room, and use the elevator to get to the sixth level.
    On the sixth level are the power generators.  Firstly kill the robots 
    near the elevator in the north west corner for 475 experience, and then 
    find the generators in the east room.  Use a tool or your repair skill 
    on the generators to repair them.  There are 'Dean's Electronics' books 
    around to increase your repair skill if you need them, although reading 
    books wastes time so make sure you don't waste too much time, or make 
    sure you have some more Rad-X to take.  After repairing the generators, 
    use the computer and initialize the primary power.  Head to the elevator 
    in the north west corner, use the blue key card on it and then go to 
    level 5.
    You get 1000 experience for getting to this level.  Now that the power 
    is on, the robots will attack you.  Oh well.  Use the doors for cover, 
    and pick them off as they round the bend.  You get 1600 experience for 
    these robots.  Loot the rest of this level, there is heaps of stuff in 
    the lockers on the east wall.  Well after you've got all the experience, 
    leave the glow, and head to the Boneyard.  The Hub.  Take a caravan from 
    the Hub to the Brotherhood.
    Well this isn't entirely evil, but join the BoS by giving Cabbot the 
    holodisc you found (the one on the first floor).  You get +1 karma 
    (Nooooooo!) and 2000 experience for joining.  All that positive karma is 
    worth it, though.  Enter the BoS, and go to the second floor.  The 
    doctor in the north room can perform operations that increase your 
    stats, but it takes a while to perform them, and time is something you 
    don't have.  I still got the strength and perception operations 
    performed, though.
    Head down to the third level, and then head to the south east room.  
    Talk to the man in combat armour behind the table with the disassembled 
    power armour on it.  Ask for the power armour, and he'll tell you he'll 
    need a Systolic Motivator or something to repair the power armour.  
    Looks like you'll have to get it.
    Head to the first level, and go to the east.  You can enter the room to 
    the south, and watch the whole combat lesson for a bit of an increase in 
    unarmed.  Talk to the power armour guy in here and ask for some weapons 
    and armour.  He'll let you get it from the weapon guy in a second.  
    Don't bother talking to him anymore after that.  Leave this room and 
    then talk to the guy in combat armour behind the desk.  You get some BoS 
    combat armour (which is pretty useless since you'll get the power armour 
    in a sec) and you can get three more loads of ammo, choose whatever you 
    want.  Then you may have the chance to ask him for a Systolic Motivator, 
    and then convince him out of it.  I never got that option though, so 
    you'll have to steal it.
    Head west, and enter the room to the south of the west elevator.  Save 
    the game here.  Sneak into the south room, loot the systolic motivator 
    from the locker, and then run into the room to the north and drop it.  
    The big guy will talk to you, and say something innocent and he'll tell 
    you to leave.  Pick up the systolic motivator and do just that.  
    Head back to level 3, and give the guy the Systolic Motivator.  Repair 
    the power armour for 500 experience (he'll give you the manual to 
    increase your repair skill) and wear it to get +3 strength.
    Head to the fourth level, and talk to the guy in the blue robes.  He'll 
    ask you some stuff, and then offer to scout for him, and say you'll need 
    weapons to do it.  After that, talk to his assistant next to him, and 
    get a weapon of your choice.  Leave the Brotherhood for the Hub, and 
    then take a caravan to the Boneyard.
    Now that you've got the power armour, you can level up by killing the 
    deathclaws.  You'll need 80% lockpick if you level up, so remember to 
    get that much.  I usually level up 3 times or so.
    Go to the doctor, and he tells you he needs technical manuals to improve 
    your power armour, and says to get them from the Hub.  You may not get 
    them from there, though.
    Head back to the Brotherhood of Steel, via a hub caravan.
    Now it's time to slaughter the BoS.  Make sure you have your plasma 
    rifle and electronic lockpicks ready.  I leave my NPCs outside so they 
    can't get killed.  Anyway, the best place to start is down in Rhombus' 
    room, the guy with the systolic motivator in his locker.  Run into his 
    room and he'll attack you, so kill him, and stay in that room.  Everyone 
    else in the BoS will now run to attack you.  Because you are in Rhombus' 
    room, they have to run around lots of corners to get to, and have to 
    attack you at point blank range.  Only one or two of them will be able 
    to shoot you at a time.  You may like the look of the gatling lasers the 
    BoS are using, but they aren't good against power armour so leave them 
    for now.  This fight shouldn't be that hard if you stay in Rhombus' room 
    until everyone is dead.  Anyway, once you've done that, some BoS people 
    will still be alive on this level.  Head to the west, and you will see 
    that there are lots of senior paladins and senior scribes in the north 
    west room.  Save, and then get out your electronic lockpicks.  Use them 
    on the door (you can use electronic lockpicks in combat) and when you 
    unlock the door they will attack.  They're a bit harder than the other 
    BoS members but they aren't that hard.  You can run around the corner to 
    the left of you if you want to block their line of fire.  Once you've 
    killed all them, you can loot the cargo room.  Look at all the stuff 
    they have!  Loot as much as you want.  Make sure you take the technical 
    manual from one of the boxes.
    Now kill the other levels of the Brotherhood.  Level 2 and 3 are pretty 
    easy, as you aren't against power armour people, but level 4 has a few 
    of them.  In level 4, start combat with the enemy, and then run back to 
    the room you started off in, and pick them off as they round the corner.  
    If you have to fight more than one at a time, you can block their line 
    of fire with the monitor in that room.
    Anyway, make sure you take the Autopsy holodisc of Vree's body on level 
    3, you need it at the cathedral.  Now head to the hub and take a caravan 
    to the Boneyard.
    Experience and karma:
    Level 1 - 2520 exp, -10 karma
    Locked room on level 1 - 840 exp, 0 karma
    Level 2 - 950 exp, -8 karma
    Level 3 - 1790 exp, -10 karma
    Level 4 - 1680 exp, -4 karma
    Ground level - 380 exp, -1 karma
    In Adytum, take to Miles and get your power armour upgraded to hardened 
    power armour using the tech manual you got from the Brotherhood.
    Anyway, head to the Followers of the Apocalypse's library, and in one of 
    the west room there are purple robes on the floor.  Take one of them, 
    and then leave and head to the Cathedral, south of the Boneyard.
    Start by talking to your NPCs and telling them to wait.  Wear your 
    purple robe, and enter the cathedral, and head north.  Steal the red CoC 
    badge of the girl in the leather jacket, and use it to open the door to 
    the north east of her.  Go up the stairs three times, and then enter the 
    east room where the purple robe guy is.  Tell him to have a deal, you're 
    from a vault, and say you have information for the master, and let him 
    take you to him.
    You get taken to the master.  Ask him to explain why you should join, 
    then say you can't know the best future without him explaining, then say 
    the race will be mutants, then that he means to change all others into 
    mutants, then say that he's got a problem with his master plan, and then 
    say the mutants are sterile.  Then you can either give him the holodisc 
    as proof, say he's lying, and say his race will die out.  Or ask if he's 
    asked any mutants, and then tell him to ask a female mutant.  He'll say 
    that he's been all wrong, and that you should leave.  He sets the bomb 
    underneath the cathedral for 5 mins.  Run down the hall, and then to the 
    north and enter the elevator.  Go to level 1, and use science on the 
    computer for 1250 exp and you get the location of the military base.  
    Walk south and the mutants will talk to you, and say that you have 
    important business for 750 exp.  Continue south, and then go west.  You 
    can use the bit of wall to the south of the bookcase, and it opens up 
    the secret passage.  Head north and go up the stairs.  Now leave, making 
    sure that you pick up your NPCs on the way.  You get 10,000 exp and 10 
    karma, but you have to do this to finish the game, damn.  In Fallout 2 
    the last boss gives you 25 karma, which is like 2.5 karma in this game, 
    but you get 10 karma!!!  Damn Fallout.  Head to the Boneyard.
    Now it's time to kill Adytum and the rest of the people in the Boneyard.  
    I like to start in Jon Zimmerman's room, buy shooting the regulators in 
    there.  That way the regulators have to get to you by entering the door, 
    and you can just wait at the door and shoot them as they come in.  After 
    killing the regulators, start killing the civilians by shooting the 
    leather jacket punker with the 14mm pistol in the middle of the street - 
    she's the most dangerous.  The villagers are pretty easy to kill.  You 
    do get karma for killing the regulators, but they would attack if you 
    just killed the villagers.  You could run away if you want instead of 
    killing them.
    The Followers of the Apocalypse are next.  They are pretty damn easy.  
    Start wherever you want and just kill them.  Head to The Hub next.
    Experience and karma:
    Civilians - 1465 exp, -14 karma
    Regulators - 1305 exp, 2 karma
    Jon Zimmerman - 60 exp
    Followers - 1950 exp, -10 karma
    Time to slaughter The Hub.  I start with those easy caravaners first.  
    It may be better to start by hiding in one of those houses along the 
    street and attacking the police and get them to chase after you.  They 
    are the most dangerous, and if you attack the caravaners they can shoot 
    you from a long range.  Try not to let the kids go, like a accidentally 
    did.  They give good negative karma.
    On the main screen of The Hub, the police attack straight away.  Run 
    behind the Crimson Caravan building and wait for the enemy to run around 
    the corner and you can pick them off easily.  The rest of the people on 
    this screen are very very easy, you don't need any help at all.  Don't 
    kill Decker though, you don't want the karma.
    Old town is next.  Once again the police will attack straight away, so 
    kill those ones right near you, and then run to the west side of the 
    warehouse that's a bit above you.  Wait for the police to run from the 
    east and then shoot them as they turn the corner.  The rest of the 
    people on this screen are very easy.  Don't let the kids go, either.  
    Don't forget the thieves in the guild.
    Next is the water merchants.  This screen is easy as well.  There are no 
    combat armoured police around here, and the people own hopeless weapons.  
    Very easy killing here.  Go to Junktown next.
    Experience and karma:
    1st screen (I missed the kids) - 3215 exp, -13 karma
    Main screen - 5625 exp, -13 karma
    Old Town - 3170 exp , -12 karma
    Thieves - 535 exp, -2
    Water Merchants - 560 exp, -3
    Decker - 630 exp, +1
    You have probably already killed most of the guards and hard people at 
    Junktown, but slaughter the rest anyway.  You need no advice in this 
    battle, everyone is easy.
    On the second screen, kill everyone but leave the Skulz alone.  We don't 
    want positive karma.
    On the third screen, kill everyone but the boxing guards, and Gizmo and 
    Izo.  I don't have a clue why the boxing guards give you karma and the 
    guards in the casino don't, but oh well.  Oh, and don't kill that group 
    of Skulz in leather armour that are wandering around, because you'll get 
    karma for it.  Head to Shady Sands.
    Experience and Karma:
    1st screen - 840 exp, -4 karma
    2nd screen - 280 exp, -3 karma
    3rd screen - 975 exp, -3 karma
    Shady Sands is damn easy once again.  Be sure to get the kids, there's 
    lots of them.  One of the kids has a BB gun, so take the ammo if you 
    were lucky enough to get the Red Ryder LE BB gun.  You didn't slaughter 
    Shady Sands at the start of the game, because then Junktown would have 
    attacked you as you entered.  Oh yeah, and don't forget killing the 
    brahmin for 400 experience or something.
    Experience and Karma:
    1st screen - 1455 exp, -12 karma
    2nd screen - 505 exp, -9 karma
    VAULT 13
    Ah, good old Vault 13.  Anyway, I like to go to the third level and talk 
    to the overseer and he says stuff about the Hub merchants.  Anyway, you 
    can't kill the Overseer when he's in his chair, so don't even try.  But 
    he won't attack you if you attack and kill all the other Vault Dwellers.  
    But if you go back to him after you've finished the battles with the 
    Vault Dwellers he will attack you.  So don't go back.  Again, you need 
    no help to kill them, they have no armour or anything.  Head off to the 
    Military Base to the west after this.
    Experience and Karma:
    Level 1 - 350 exp, -2 karma
    Level 2 - 500 exp, -5 karma
    Level 3 - 1050 exp, -7 karma
    Well this is the end.  Leave Ian and Katja (and dogmeat if he's still 
    alive).  If you talk to Ian again he'll attack you, so you can kill him 
    if you want for 125 experience (and maybe some negative karma).  Use the 
    radio you got way earlier in The Hub off the mutant body, and say 'Heavy 
    Damage, co-ordinates 10...' or something, and you'll get 1500 experience 
    and 3 of the mutant guards will walk away from guarding.  There is still 
    one mutant left guarding, though.  Walk up to the mutant and kill I for 
    300 experience, and take the holodisc off it's body and examine it.  You 
    can now open the door to the base.
    Wear your purple robes now.  Head north, and try not to go through the 
    orange forcefields unless you have to.  After going north a bit there is 
    a computer, but you don't actually have to do anything with it.  But use 
    science on it, and then turn all the programs down to minimum, but 
    change the pest control to 'all' or 'large living' to kill the mutants 
    in the east room (useless).  Head north again and pass through the 
    orange forcefield and go down to level 3.
    Head south through the orange forcefield and head east.  Hug the south 
    wall so you don't step on any traps, and then head down the south 
    passage. The mutant will tell you you aren't supposed to be here, so say 
    ok and run south past him.  Hop in the elevator, and go to level 4.
    You get 2000 experience for getting to level 4.  Head north from here, 
    to the room with all the computers in it.  Use science on the computer 
    to the north that the man in directly in front of, until you get a 
    message saying you get an interface screen.  Use the computer, display 
    the security codes and choose '53478-2565-7763929', which is the fifth 
    option, and sets the base to a silent, 5 minute countdown.  Now exit the 
    military base, the same way you entered.  When you leave the military 
    base screen, you'll get your endings.  And your karma will go back to -
    100, damn it.  Anyway, my character just before leaving the military 
    base was:
                             VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                           02 September 2162  0837 hours
      Name: Psycho             Age: 25               Gender: Male
     Level: 16                 Exp: 129,650      Next Level: 136,000
     ::: Statistics :::
           Strength: 09         Hit Points: 031/089         Sequence: 09
         Perception: 05        Armor Class: 031         Healing Rate: 03
          Endurance: 04      Action Points: 08       Critical Chance: 007%
           Charisma: 05       Melee Damage: 04          Carry Weight: 250
       Intelligence: 10        Damage Res.: 050%
            Agility: 06     Radiation Res.: 030%
               Luck: 07        Poison Res.: 000%
     ::: Traits :::           ::: Perks :::           ::: Karma :::
      Fast Metabolism          Awareness               Reputation -168
      Fast Shot                Bonus HtH Attacks       Berserker
                               Bonus Move              Childkiller
                               Bonus Rate of Fire      
                               Better Criticals        
     ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
      Small Guns ..... 082%        Men ............ 319
      Big Guns ....... 128%        Women .......... 151
      Energy Weapons . 091%        Children ....... 022
      Unarmed ........ 072%        Super Mutants .. 002
      Melee Weapons .. 112%        Ghouls ......... 027
      Throwing ....... 046%        Brahmin ........ 013
      First aid ...... 034%        Radscorpions ... 014
      Doctor ......... 012%        Rats ........... 121
      Sneak .......... 021%        Robots ......... 021
      Lockpick ....... 080%        Dogs ........... 009
      Steal .......... 102%        DeathClaws ..... 041
      Traps .......... 015%
      Science ........ 042%
      Repair ......... 041%
      Speech ......... 101%
      Barter ......... 059%
      Gambling ....... 031%
      Outdoorsman .... 020%
     ::: Inventory :::
      279x Stimpak             27,580x Bottle Caps      15x Buffout            
      10x Nuka-Cola            11x Mentats              5x Psycho              
      26x RadAway              8x Rad-X                 17x Super Stimpak      
      1x Necklace              1x Lock Picks            2x Scout Handbook      
      1x Electronic Lock Pick  1x Motion Sensor         22x Explosive Rocket   
      1x Stealth Boy           1x Tape                  1x Robes               
      1x Super Sledge          1x Rocket Launcher       1x Hardened Power 
                                          Total Weight: 248 lbs.
    Then when I looked at my character sheet back at Vault 13 I had an extra 
    10,000 exp and only -100 karma.  You're only supposed to get +5 karma 
    for the Military Base.  Damn -100 karma.  I don't actually remember when 
    I got the berserker title, I don't even remember seeing it.  Oh well.  
    Oh, and those stats are on hard, I don't play on easy.  If it was easy 
    all the skills would be 30% more.
    Yay, the ending bit.  These are spoilers of course, but the whole 
    walkthrough is spoilers.
    "You managed to destroy the vats, then you killed the Master before he 
    could realize his twisted plans.  With the Master gone, his armies flee 
    to the east in fear of retribution from the remaining normals."
    "The mutant armies, led into battle by the fierce Super Mutants, destroy 
    the Followers of the Apocalypse.  Barely human carrion feeders pick over 
    the Follower's remains."
    "The mutant army marches as far north as Shady Sands, razing the small 
    town to the ground."
    "Junktown becomes the new Boomtown under the careful, and profitable, 
    guidance of Don Gizmo.  He profits the most, and continues to increase 
    the size of his casino, and the scope of his power, until he chokes to 
    death while eating some Iguana-on-a-stick."
    "The Brotherhood of Steel, under new leadership after the death of 
    Rhombus, becomes an over-zealous, techno-religious dictatorship.  In 20 
    years, the Steel Plague devastates the newly formed New California 
    Republic, and starts a dark age that could last a thousand years."
    "The Hub disperses before the might of the mutant army and will never 
    "The Desert Raiders eventually regroup and manage to terrorize small 
    communities in the years following your adventures."
    "Your involvement with the various people and places of the Wasteland is 
    well documented by future historians.  Only a single question remained 
    unanswered: What happened to you?"
    What happens to you is this:  The Overseer kicks you out of the vault.  
    But of course, as he turns around, you get out a pistol and blow his 
    left side off his body, he crawls around and then even more blood spurts 
    out of his body.  It's one of the best deaths in a video game.  Of 
    course you have to have your violence level on maximum blood to see it.  
    If you have the European version your character won't do that, so press 
    'A' just when he finishes talking to you, and then shoot him yourself 
    and watch the death.
    Anyway, these endings were ok.  You always get the overall endings.  You 
    always get the Followers endings.  The ending for Shady Sands was pretty 
    good I think, that's nearly the best ending possible.  A good ending for 
    Junktown too, as Gizmo is a bad guy.  It might have been a better ending 
    if you killed him too, though, I'm not sure.  The Brotherhood of Steel 
    ending is good, by the New California Republic they mean what Shady 
    Sands turns into if you get a good ending.  You always get that ending 
    for The Hub.  You can get a better ending than that for the raiders, 
    where they terrorise all the towns.  I didn't make them ungroup or 
    anything, I don't know why they have to regroup.
    Anyway, that's the end of the walk through.
    Ok, I haven't encountered most of these, but I've heard about them on 
    message boards and stuff.  I'll post the ones I remember here.  You 
    encounter them while walking around on the world map.  The better your 
    luck the more secret encounters you get.
    There is a huge dinosaur footprint on the ground, and a dead body in the 
    print.  Search the body for a stealth boy.
    You encounter a Used Car Salesman.  Kill him, and then search a locker 
    in the area for the Red Ryder LE BB Gun, which is probably the best 
    weapon in the game.
    You can encounter talking brahmin.  They say 'Moo, I say' and stuff.  
    Some brahmin in the towns do it, too.  Kill the brahmin of course.
    There is a phone box or something that disappears when you get close, it 
    disappears.  It's supposed to be an easter egg for Doctor Who or 
    There is a UFO half sticking out of the ground with dead alien bodies scattered 
    around it.  One of the aliens has the alien blaster.  If you click on the faded 
    writing on the side of the ship, there's a sign that says 'Property of Area 51.  
    Return when found.'  (By Anthony <bigbaddog33_2001@yahoo.com>)
    There's probably more, but I can't remember them.  Tell me what they are 
    if you know them, or tell me about these ones and explain them better.
    Anyway, that's the end.
    Fallout (c) Black Isle or Interplay or something.
    Fallout Evil Walkthrough (c) whitechocobo666 2001.
    Disclaimer stuff:  You can use this walkthrough on any site as long as 
    the content isn't edited.  I don't care if you convert it to html or 
    anything, just leave it how it is.  And if you are putting it on your 
    site, it would be good if you told me.  You don't have to, though.

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