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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Starvin Marvin

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    Full Throttle
    PC MS-DOS/Windows
    This Document Copyright 2002 Joe Gulliver.
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    Original Publication: 27/05/02 (May 27th, 2002)
       1 - Game Walkthrough.
       2 - Secrets.
     1 - Game Walkthrough
     - I recommend you save regularly throughout the game -
    Okay, here we go, are you ready?
    You awaken in a dumpster, with a sore head, and a bad temper.
    Punch out the flap on the right side,and crawl out of the trash.
    Walk to next scene on the right, and use the Hand icon on your Bike,
    As Ben says, "Some joker took my keys", so let's go kick that joker's ass!
    Walk over to the Bar entrance, and kick the Door down (Foot icon).
    Go into the bar and watch the short cut-scene,
    then use the Hand icon on the Barkeep to get your keys back.
    Walk back out of the bar, and use the Hand icon on the bike again.
    Hooray, it works!
    You'll get another short cut-scene, then you'll have to fight a Biker.
    Combat is explained in the manual,
    but basically all you have to do is press the Right Arrow on your keyboard,
    and keep hitting the Enter key.
    You could use the mouse, but I found it easier with the keyboard.
    After his ass is kicked, you'll get another cut-scene
    When you wake up, Maureen will be there and explain that your bike needs work,
    say to her "How's it look?" then "Where am I supposed to find all this stuff?",
    then each of the options to further explain how to get the items,
    and end the conversation with "Well, I'll let you get back to work".
    Take the Hose and Gas can in the house, and look at the Photograph on the wall.
    Walk out of the house, and say to the reporter
    "Listen, I've got to stop an ambush", followed by the bottom option,
    then the bottom option once again.
    Walk off to the left of the screen, and watch the next cut scene,
    then walk to the left again, and then into the Trailer.
    Knock on the door, and then kick it down when Todd is yelling at you.
    Open the cabinet near Todd, and take the Lockpick,
    open the fridge, then pick up the Meat.
    Finally, walk over to the light patch, and pick up the Torch.
    Ben will automatically go back to Maureen's, after she's finished talking,
    go back to the Map, and to the Tower. Use the Lockpick on the Lock,
    pick it up when it falls on the ground, and walk through the gate.
    **This next part takes a bit of timing to get right,
    so you may want to save your game before you do it**
    Walk over to the ladder, and try to climb it, you'll set off the alarm.
    Quickly walk over to that tall thing
    in the back corner (there should be a light near it).
    Wait until the cops land, and go to their vehicle.
    Open the Gas cap, and use the hose on it, use the Gas Can on the Hose,
    then use the Mouth icon on the hose, and watch the cut-scene.
    Go to the Junkyard, use the Lock on the Door, and climb the chain to get in.
    Climb down to the ground, and go over to the parts pile under the light.
    A dog will jump out, causing Ben to run away. Climb down, and head right.
    Use the Meat on the Blue Car nearby, go back to the last scene,
    and climb up in to the Crane. Press the red button so it turns green,
    then use the Up/Down lever to pick up the Blue Car,
    raise it to it's full height, and go all the way back to the parts pile.
    Use the Hand icon, and Ben will get some Forks, bringing in another cut-scene
    (This game has a lot of them...)
    The cops have a road block set up, how dare they get in the way of Ben's quest!
    Go to the Gas tower, climb the ladder again, and watch *another* cut-scene.
    When it's over, you'll end up back at Maureen's house,
    use the Hand icon on the Debris, and get back on your bike.
    Drive up the road near the top of the screen (between the Tower and Junkyard),
    you'll be at the Bar again. Go around to the back (where you started),
    talk to Miranda (the reporter) and she'll give you a Fake ID. Enter the Bar,
    and give the Fake ID to Emmett, he'll give you a ride in his truck.
    Walk inside the house, move the Pillow, pick up the Tire Iron,
    and use it on the Lock, to trigger a cut-scene.
    Eventually you'll end up at Emmett's crashed truck.
    Use the Tire Iron on any of the Wheels, and kick the Semi-Trailer over.
    If you want some Fertilizer, get some (You don't need it).
    Drive along the road at the bottom of the screen,
    and keep going until it stops. Look at the Sign,
    then at the Plaque down at the bottom, it will tell you what you need.
    Ride all the way back down the road and don't stop!
    Eventually, Ripburger's henchmen will chase you,
    once the scene ends, drive all the way back until you see their car,
    click the left mouse button to stop your bike, and walk over to the vehicle.
    Use the Tire Iron on the Fender, and then use the hover unit on your bike.
    Climb back on, and go to the Mine Road.
    Ride along until you meet Father Torque,
    talk to him about everything, then ride until you meet another biker.
    You'll have to fight a lot of people now, and you'll probably fall off a lot,
    but don't worry, you can't die.
    (There are only two people that you actually *need* to fight,
    the Cavefish guy, and the guy with the Booster,
    all the others simply carry weapons that you can use)
    This section of the game is definitely the hardest,
    so you'll probably need to practice a lot before you can do it.
    I don't have any tips it, sorry!
    When you've done it, ride along until you see an icon of the Goggles 
    at the top of your screen, and press the Right mouse button. 
    Ben will put on the Cavefish goggles you took earlier.
    Continue riding, and eventually you'll hear beeping and see an icon
    flashing in the bottom corner, if it says "CAVE" click the Left mouse button
    and you'll enter the cave.
    Stay on your bike, ride right, then go left.
    When you come to the Fortress, get off your bike, and
    push the Ramp next to it, then use it again to hook it up.
    Get back on your bike, and ride right.
    Now, get off your bike again, and unhook the Ramp,
    you'll get a cut-scene showing the Cavefish riders crashing into the cave wall.
    When it's finished, you'll find yourself at the Gorge.
    The Ramp will already be set, so get on your bike, and jump the Gorge!
    (There will be an icon to do it near the top of the screen)
    Hooray! We're at the Corley Motors factory!
    Go down to the Gift stand, and pick up the Joystick there.
    Drive the car anywhere, until the batteries die.
    Look at the t-shirts behind the guy, and when he looks away,
    steal the bunny on the floor. Go back to your bike,
    and ride the road near the top of the screen.
    Use the Bunny on the minefield, and pick up the battery it drops.
    Head back to the Factory, and back down to the Stand.
    Use the Battery on the car, and then drive the car up to the top of the screen,
    until Horrace chases it, then drive it through the gate. Pick up the Bunny Box,
    then go back to your bike,and ride to the Minefield.
    This time, use the whole Box of Bunnies on the minefield,
    but when they're loose, pick all of them up.
    Now set one down at a time, but wait for each one to be blown up before
    you put down any more. Eventually you'll reach the Vultures hide-out,
    and be greeted by Maureen... And another cut-scene.
    When you can, say "Let me go or else...", then "I'll call you names!",
    followed by "Diapered Dynamo!",
    which will get you out of the torture and into the Destruction Derby!
    Drive to the left, and drive up the ramp, try to land on the gold car,
    then push it to the other ramp on the right side of the stadium.
    Push it up the ramp, and off it,
    then drive off the ramp yourself to end the Derby, and start a cut-scene.
    After it's done, you'll be on fire, but fortunately you're in a fireproof suit.
    Run over to the wall, set the piping on fire, and wait for 
    the next cut-scene to finish. The blue car should start ramming the gold car,
    so jump over onto the blue car wait until they're near the big fire,
    and jump into it. They should follow, explode, and trigger another cut-scene.
    Now you'll be back at the Vultures hide-out,
    you can look through the Parts if you want to find the key,
    or just wait until I tell you later in this guide.
    Walk back out of the hide-out (Maureen will give you the photos),
    and go to the Factory. Walk around the back,
    and wait until all the meters have stopped clicking, then kick the wall.
    (There's a certain part of it you have to kick, 
    it's on the left side of the screen, and can be difficult to spot)
    Go through the secret passage, and go to the Floor safe,
    put in the code "154492", and it'll open.
    Walk through the door, and use the Keycard in the card reader.
    Go over to the levers, use the Motor lever once, and the Lamp lever twice, 
    then leave the room. Walk through the door further to the left, 
    use the Photos on the Easel, and watch the cut-scene.
     ** You have to do this quite quickly, so you should probably save **
    Open the Grill beneath you, then open the Panel directly above it,
    when Ripburger reaches over with his cane to close it, quickly grab his Cane.
    Feed the Cane into the fan, and you'll end up on the back of the truck.
    Use the Tire Iron on the Fuel line with the strange pattern over it.
    After the cut-scene, you'll end up in the big... thing.
    Climb up the ladder to the right side of the screen, hit the green button,
    and go into the Take Off menu. 
    Go to Post Takeoff - Gear - Raise Gear, and you'll get another cut-scene.
    Climb down into the truck cab, and hit the buttons until the screen turns on.
    From here, go to:
    Main Menu - Defense Menu - Machine Guns - Control,
    and then hit System Off, to drop Ripburger to his gruesome death.
    Now climb into the Plane-thing, walk left a little,
    then use your bike to ride out in glory, and end the game!
     2 - Secrets
    Ask Emmett if you can play the knife game over and over,
    and after a while he'll let you play.
    You can feed any left over Bunnies into the Fan on the truck in the end.
    Press Control + V to see version information.
    If you leave the game alone for a while, you'll get a screen saver.
    Supposedly pressing Shift + V in a Bike fight will let you win,
    (I never got this to work)
    Shift + W during normal game play will allow you to see the ending.

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