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    Walkthrough by DTee

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    Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 19:35:14 EST
                                                   FULL THROTTLE WALKTHROUGH
    written by Danny Tee
    email: dancloud@aol.com
    You start out in the dumpster, behind the Kickstand. If you want, punch the
    dumpster anywhere for a few minutes. Great therapy! Once you're done screwing
    around in the dumpster, punch the E-Z Open Door (the one to the far right). So
    anyway, go to the right, and try getting on your bike. Uh-oh, looks like
    someone has your keys.  They're in the bar. But the bar door is locked. There
    is not a key, but you don't need one. In case you forgot, you're a big, tough
    biker! Why do you think they call this place the KICKstand? Kick the door
    down. Then enter the bar. Talk to the bartender, and ask him for your keys. He
    has them, but he won't give them up. Once again, you're a big, tough biker!
    Grab the bartender, and he will wuss out and give you the keys. Exit the bar,
    and get on your bike. 
    After a while, you will notice a Rottwheeler. Remember to kick his butt. You
    do not have any weapons yet, so just get in close and keep punching! Or if you
    want, press Left Shift+V and he will automatically fall off his bike. This
    cheat works on ALL bike fights. Then you start cruising, and pop a wheelie,
    just for the heck of it. Uh-oh, did we say something about HITTING THE ROAD?!
    You will wake up in Mo's shack. Your bike got trashed, and you need to get
    some stuff to help Mo fix it. You need to get a pair of forks, Mo's welding
    torch, and some gas. Pick up the gas can and the hose. Then walk outside and
    talk to Miranda, be sure to talk to her about the ambush and ask her for a
    ride (Dont believe her, she has a car and it's sitting under the shack, but
    she has the keys and Ben can't find the car, and he wouldn't leave without his
    bike anyway). Walk out of this screen, and she will take off. Walk away again.
    Go to the trailer.
    Walk up to the trailer, and knock on the door. Todd will come up and start
    talking. He's a fat dork, and you're a big, tough biker! Kick the door in
    while he is talking, and he'll take a nice, long nappie. Heh, heh, heh. Open
    up the fridge, and take the meat. Open his cabinet, and take the lockpick.
    Then use the elevator, and grab the welding torch. You will be back at Mo's
    shack. He will give the torch to Mo by himself, and appear outside. Leave this
    screen, and head for the gas tower.
    Use the lockpick from Todd's trailer on the door lock. Ben will throw the lock
    on the ground, but don't leave it! What, were you born in a barn or something?
    Pick it up! Then go in. Try to climb the ladder, and an alarm will go off.
    Notice that little thingy near the left side of the screen? Click right next
    to it, and and he will hide behind it. When the cops come, they will go up
    into the tower and leave their hover thing unguarded. Use the hose and gas can
    on the hover thing, then click the Mouth icon on the hose, and he will siphon
    the gas out of the hover thing. Then he will run back to Mo's shack and give
    the gas to Mo. Leave this screen and go to the junkyard.
    Use the lock you picked up from the gas tower to lock down the rolling door,
    by snapping it onto the latch. Then use the Hand icon on the chain, and you
    will climb over the wall. Now, before you go on, check your inventory. You
    should have only the meat and the lockpick. Jump down into the yard. Look at
    the parts pile. Now you must be thinking, "Hey, piece o' cake!" Go ahead, try
    to grab it. See? Not as easy as you thought! That dog wont let anyone take
    anything. Jump back down, and go to the screen on the right. Now quickly put
    the meat in the blue car that's right next to you. The dog will jump in the
    car. Now go left and jump back up onto the platform. Now walk along the
    platform to the right and climb up to the magnetic crane control tower. Click
    on the lever to the left, and lower the crane as low as it will go. Then hit
    the red button on the right. The crane will pick up the doggie car. Now lift
    the crane as high as it will go. Leave the control tower, but don't drop the
    doggie car. Leave it in the air. Click on the ground and he will climb down.
    NOW you can go take the forks. You will appear in Mo's shack, again. But
    what's that picture of? Little Mo with her Uncle Pete at his Mink Ranch? (By
    the way, what in the hell is a mink?) So anyway, Mo puts a recoil booster on
    your bike. and you drive off, setting Mo's shack on fire.Uh-oh, the cops
    didn't appriciate having the gas siphoned out of the hover-thing.
    Go to the gas tower.
    Touch the ladder to set off the alarm. Those stupid cops from up the road will
    come back up here and check out the alarm, and you can go back. You will meet
    your gang up the road, and Old Man Corley will get the crap beat out of him by
    Adrian Ripburger. Remember that "Diapered Dynamo" thing, it will help later.
    When the cutscene is over, you will be back at Mo's. Examine the debris, and
    then go out of town the other way. You will be back at the Kickstand.
    Go around to the back, where the dumpster is. Talk to Miranda to get a fake
    ID. Go in the bar, and give the fake ID to Emmet. He will put your bike in the
    trailer, and you will ride in the engine compartment, and Emmet will drive you
    to Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch, and you fall asleep and wake up at the mink ranch.
    Uh-oh. Emmet had a fuel leak, and he took the fuel line off your bike to fix
    it! Well, as long as you're as you are stuck here, you might as well look
    around. Try to go in the barn. It's locked, you say? Well, tough crap. There's
    no way in the barn. Go in the house. You know how people sometimes hide things
    under their pillow? Well, Mo is no different. Push the pillow aside, and take
    the tire iron. Use the tire iron on the lock on Mo's chest. You will get a
    hose that you can use on your bike. Then, the storyline takes over. You put
    the hose on your bike and ride off after Mo. She zips ahead of you, and you
    try to use the booster to catch up, but she stole your booster fuel. Emmet
    gets hijacked by three Cavefish, and he loses his cargo, and his life, and you
    lose the bridge! Looks like you'll have to find another way over Poyahoga
    Nestor and Bolus' car is back at the mink ranch, but dont worry about that
    now. First, you have to make a little road hazard. Use the tire iron on the
    tires to loosen them, then kick the trailer over. Take some fertilizer if you
    want, you can use it as a weapon. Now ride your bike back to the mink ranch to
    get Nestor and Bolus to chase you, and lead them through the fertilizer. It
    will get on their windshield, and they'll crash. Cruise over to the wreck.
    Use the tire iron on the car to take the hover unit off it. Put the hover unit
    on your bike, trust me, it will help later. Now would be a good time to save
    your game. Now get on your bike, and take a mine road exit. Take any one, they
    are all the same.
    Talk to Father Torque about everything. You have to fight out here to get the
    stuff you need. The stuff you need is some new booster fuel and a pair of
    Cavefish goggles. Here is how to defeat each one of those guys:
    Vulture: (fast guy) It's all about timing, so use the chain.
    Rottwheelers: These losers seem to go down pretty easy by hand.
    Black Vulture: Chains are o.k. against this guy, but the board works better.
    Vulture Girl With Hat: You can knock her down with a feather!
    Vulture Chaisaw Chick: Knock her down and you're a hero!
    Cavefish: (difficult) I suggest you use the board, but wait until his head is
    Remember, if you keep getting you butt kicked out here, during the fight, hit
    LEFT SHIFT+V and those slotheads will fall down automatically. So anywho, once
    you get the booster fuel and a pair of goggles, put the goggles on. Don't
    worry about driving, Ben drive the bike by himself. Look at the bottom-left
    hand corner of the screen? Wait 'till that says "CAVE". When it says "CAVE",
    click, and you'll go in.
    Ride right, and then left. Dude, this fort is freaked up. You can't go in the
    fort, but you can take the ramp. In fact, you have to! Use the Hand icon on
    the ramp twice to roll it over to the bike, and attach it. Ride to the right,
    and use the Hand again on the ramp to pop the dots off the road. You will
    appear at the spot where the bridge used to be. Get on your bike, and click in
    the directon of the gorge to jump it. The jump totally kicks!
    Go down to the stadium, and enter it.
    Oh look! A RC car! Try it out. Aw, man, you killed the batteries. Use the Look
    icon on the t-shirts in the souvenier booth so Horrace will turn around. While
    Horrace is turned around, swipe the bunny on the cord. Leave the stadium.
    Get on your bike, and drive north to the mine field.
    Sent the bunny out into the mine field. When it bites the dust, take the
    battery. Cruise back to the stadium.
    Put the batteries in the RC car. Whee! It works! Drive the RC car north, and
    through the turnstile. Horrace will go chase after it. Swipe the box of
    bunnies, and cruise back to the mine field.
    Send the bunnies into the field, but don't let them bite the dust. Pick them
    all up, one by one. Once you have all eight bunnies, cruise back to the
    Swipe another bunny box, and cruise back to the mine field.
    Send the bunnies from box #2 into the mine field, and let them all explode.
    Follow the path that the bunnies made as far as you can. Once you go as far as
    you can, let the bunnies from box #1 go kill themselves, one by one. Once all
    the bunnies are gone, walk past the mine field.
    Uh-oh. Mo thinks you killed Old Man Corley, and now your arms and legs are
    tied to their bikes! You have to talk your way out of this, it involves that
    "Diapered Dynamo" thing. So anyway, you end up in a demolition derby.
    Nestor and Bolus wont let you get to Mo! There are two ramps in the stadium.
    Jump off the first one (to the left) onto the gold car, and it will stall.
    Knock the gold car over to the other ramp (to the right), and off it. Then
    drive off it yourself. You will make the Boom-Boom Brothers (Nestor and Bolus)
    stall out. Run over to the pipe-thing and along it, and the stadium will catch
    fire. You will be on the gold car, and the Nestor and Bolus will keep nailing
    the gold car. Jump on the blue car, and when it drives near the fiery wreck,
    run into it, and the blue car will follow you. It will explode.
    Leave, and cruise over to the factory. Mo will give you the pictures of the
    Corley murder on the way out.
    Walk around to the back of the back of the factory.
    You need to kick the wall in a certain spot when all the utility meters are
    black, and a hatch will open up. Use the hatch.
    Look at the floor safe. The passcode is 154492. You will get a reel-to-reel
    tape of Corley's will, and a security card. Go to left.
    Put the security card in the slot, and walk into the projector room.
    You will see Adrian Ripburger talking about his plan for the new line of
    Corley Minivans. Push the Motor lever all the way down, and pull the Lamp
    lever all the way up. The film will melt, and the ugly technician will try to
    fix it. Meanwhile, you automatically ran into the hallway.
    Go into the Audio-Visual room.
    Put the Corley murder photos on the easel, and the will tape on the reel-to-
    reel player. Adrian Ripburger will wuss out and run, and drive away in a
    stolen truck. 
    You drive down the road with Mo on your bike, and Adrian Ripburger slams into
    your bike. Mo falls under the truck, and you are hanging on the front. Lift up
    the front panel, and Adrian Ripburger will push it down with his cane. Quickly
    grab Adrian Ripburger's cane. Open up the grill, and jam the cane into the
    fan. You will come out behind the cab. Loosten the farthest fuel line (the one
    on the right) with the tire iron. Mo climbs back up from under the truck, and
    jumps Adrian Ripburger. The Vultures took the hideout (a transport plane with
    no wings) out on the road and pull in the truck.
    Get up to the cockpit and press the green button. Choose "TAKE OFF", "POST
    TAKE OFF", "GEAR", and "RAISE GEAR". Adrian Ripburger tries to shoot Mo, but
    Ben kicks his butt. When the transport stops, the truck will lurch out over
    the gorge. 
    Go into the cab and press the orange button. Choose "MAIN MENU", "DEFENSE
    SYSTEMS", "MACHINE GUNS", "CONTROL", and "SYSTEM OFF". Adrian Ripburger will
    fall down the gorge to his doom. Climb back into the plane.
    Walk to the left of the truck to your bike and get on it. Oh yeah, and don't
    Well, that's it. You've beat Full Throttle. Well, actually, I beat it. You
    just followed my advice. I hope you liked my lengthy walkthru. If you need me
    to give you another walkthru, e-mail me at dancloud@aol.com.

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