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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spatvark

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                                    Full Throttle
                                           by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)
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                        <          [01] Introduction          >
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    Round these parts there's a legend... about the meanest, toughest,
    hard-ridin'est, gravel-chewing, punk-stomping biker of them all -- Ben
    Whatsisname. There was the time Adrian Ripburger -- a Chablis-swilling,
    limo-riding yuppie executive -- tried to take over Corley Motors, makers of
    the last real domestically produced motorcycle. He thought he could frame Ben
    for murder in the process. Ben had his bike trashed, the cops on his trail,
    his gang in jail and his picture on CORVILLE'S MOST WANTED TV show.
    But that didn't stop Ben -- and it shouldn't stop you, either, as you help Ben
    survive one of his more gnarly adventures. Slug your way through rival
    motorcycle gangs like the Rottwheelers, Vultures and Cavefish, leap yawning
    crevasses and trade snappy repartee with sleasy semi drivers. Hop on your
    hawg, pop a wheelie, and leave your enemies with dust in their eyes and bugs
    between their teeth.
    But bike riding and brawling weren't enough to make Ben a great biker -- Ben
    had brains as well. You'll occasionally find a situation where brute force
    just won't cut it. Be patient, practice deceit and larceny -- excuse me,
    negotiation and, um, "borrowing" stuff -- and you'll find your way out of the
    toughest spot. And if all elese fails, kick and punch the #%!! out of
    whatever's in your way.
    The tenth game to use Lucasarts SCUMM engine, Full Throttle was Tim Schafer's
    first solo project with the company. Blending the classic Lucasarts style of
    adventure gaming with action game sequences, and an awesome heavy metal
    soundtrack, not to mention the awesome voice acting, Full Throttle rocks it's
    way from start to finish.
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                        <           [02] Disclaimer           >
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    Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
    for personal reference but if you plagirize any sections, well... I'll have to
    come up with something evil to do to you...
    The only place allowed to host this FAQ is:
    GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk
    You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to Full Throttle that
    AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes I've made (this
    does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal retentive about my
    Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
    site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
    trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
    desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
    bother, I won't even reply to your emails.
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                        <        [03] Version History         >
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    v1.05 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]
    v1.00 - It's done! [03/03/08]
    v0.60 - Walkthrough complete up to Corville. Also added 1000 CC Chanty to the
            Lyrics section. [03/03/08]
    v0.20 - Finished up the introduction, and then did the Characters section. I
            might wind up starting the Walkthrough later today. [03/03/08]
    v0.10 - Basic layout, Introduction, and Lyrics section done. Added some
            questions to the FAQ, though I'll probably come up with some more
            later. [02/03/08]
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                        <            [04] Contents            >
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        **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
        **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
        **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
        **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
        **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
        **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [06]
          ==>Get Your Motor Runnin' ----------------------------- [06a]
          ==>Head Out on the Highway ---------------------------- [06b]
          ==>Lookin' for Adventure ------------------------------ [06c]
          ==>And Whatever Comes Our Way ------------------------- [06d]
          ==>Born to Be Wild! ----------------------------------- [06e]
        **>Lyrics -------------------------------------------- [07]
          ==>The Gone Jackals ----------------------------------- [07a]
          ==>Chitlins, Whiskey & Skirt -------------------------- [07b]
          ==>Lucasarts ------------------------------------------ [07c]
          ==>Notes ---------------------------------------------- [07d]
        **>FAQ ----------------------------------------------- [08]
        **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [09]
        **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [10]
        **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [11]
        **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [12]
        **>Goodbye! ------------------------------------------ [13]
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                        <           [05] Characters           >
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    Ben Throttle:
        Leader of the Polecats, Ben is a no-nonsense biker, living his life out on
        the road with as much honour and integrity as he can. While initially
        hesitant to get involved with the whole Corley Motors affair, when his
        gang are taken for a ride, he steps up to bring it all to an end.
    Malcolm Corley:
        Owner of the last domestically producing motorcycle company in America,
        Malcolm was something of a wild child in his younger days, tearing up the
        highways on bikes of his own construction. Now he's older, and still
        fighting to keep his bikes on the road, just in a different way. But with
        only months left to live, he's going to have to pull a fast one to keep
        Corley Motors in business as a motorcycle manufacturer.
    Adrian Ripburger:
        Vice-President of Corley Motors, Adrian Ripburger isn't much liked by the
        old man, though he is respected for his business acumen. Ripburger though,
        has no such feelings towards Malcolm Corley, and will do whatever it takes
        to seize control of the company, even if it means getting his hands dirty.
        A mechanic working out of the craphole town of Melonweed, Mo, as she
        prefers to be called, can fix practically anything. While she earns her
        living mostly repairing toasters, she's been putting bikes together since
        childhood with her now absentee father.
    Miranda Rose Wood:
        A muck-raking journalist, Miranda is out looking for accidents on the
        highway for her to snap photographs of and sell. She gets more on film
        than she expected though, when she comes across the Corley Motors convoy.
    Nestor & Bolus:
        Ripburger's lackeys, neither are particularly known for their
        intelligence, though Nestor is marginally in charge of the two, Bolus
        being the muscle. They do the dirty work for their slimy boss.
    Father Torque:
        Former leader of the Polecats, Father Torque now spends his days riding
        the Mine Road, looking for heads to crack. He also gives out advice to his
        successor, Ben, whenever he's asked.
    The Polecats:
        Neither the toughest, smartest, or even moderately wealthy gang on the
        roads, the Polecats aren't a bad bunch of guys, though they're struggling
        to get on by. In fact, they're flat broke, which is why they get roped
        into the gig to run as the escort for the Corley Motors. But things go bad
        when it turns out their leader, Ben, didn't sign them up, and then to
    The Vultures:
        Not a whole lot is known about the Vultures, since they spend a lot of
        time hiding in secrecy. They do though, have a habit of modding their
        bikes with gnarly booster units.
    The Rottwheelers:
        Your prototypical bikers, the Rottwheelers are brutal thugs with no other
        purpose in life but to get up in the face of anyone and everyone that they
        come across.
    The Cavefish:
        Riding their highly modified motorcycles, the Cavefish gang are as insane
        as they come. With their own bizarre religion and a hidden base somewhere
        on the Mine Road, they operate on a stretch of Highway 9 as road pirates,
        hitting various lorries that travel through their territory.
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                        <          [06] Walkthrough           >
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    Full Throttle departs from the previous Lucasarts adventures in it's changed
    user interface. Instead of using a Sentence Parser, consisting of matching
    verbs with objects, it uses a variation of the Pie Menu system. With a simple
    crosshair as the main cursor, a red square encapsulates it when it moves over
    something that can be interacted with, whether an object or a person. Clicking
    the left mouse button upon it will then pop up the Pie Menu. Select the tool
    you want to use:
    Eyes  - Enable you to examine something.
    Hand  - Use your hand for something, whether picking items up or for punching
    Foot  - Use your foot for something, i.e. kicking a door in.
    Mouth - Talk to, or or use your mouth on something.
    To access the inventory, click the right mouse button. You can then left click
    on an item to select it, and then move the cursor away from the skull to get
    it off the screen, and then click on what you want to use the item on (it'll
    get a yellow border when it's over another object); or right click to examine
    Here's a table with the control shortcuts on, they'll make your life a lot
    easier whilst traversing the world in Full Throttle:
      |                             Controls                              |
    | W | Walk To           | E | Examine           | K | Kick              |
    | P | Pick Up/Punch     | T | Talk To/Use Mouth | I | Inventory         |
    <--[06a] Get Your Motor Runnin'--------------------------------->
      | Items    | Description |
    | Gas Can    | I wish this gas can was full.                                 |
    | Hose       | Hmm... This hose smells like gas.                             |
    | Keys       | The keys to my existence.                                     |
    | Lock       | It's open.                                                    |
    | Lockpick   | It's a lockpick.                                              |
    | Meat       | Ack.                                                          |
    We take control with our hero out of sight. Move the cursor over the Dumpster
    'til we get a red square around it, and then click. Ben punches the Dumpster
    open and hauls himself out of there. Head round to the front of the Kickstand
    and try to fire up the Bike, but someone's pinched his keys. This is not
    turning out to be a good day so far. Rap on the Door, but no one answers, so
    let's do this the old-fashioned way and stick yer boot in, kicking it wide
    Take a look around if you want (there's some good laughs to be had from
    examining the various pictures on the back wall), and then talk to the
    Bartender, Quohog. He stonewalls you, so it's time to get creative. Grab him
    and watch Ben use the guy's nose ring to slam him down on the bar. Getting the
    Keys back, Quohog also gives you some good information about an ambush on the
    Polecats. Looks like you better hustle. Leave the Kickstand and use the Keys
    on your Bike to get it started.
    Ben peels out of the parking lot and hits the highway. However, he quickly
    meets some trouble, and we get our first experience of Full Throttle's
    fighting system! It's simple enough, move the mouse left or right to steer
    either way, left click to attack, and right click to cycle through your
    weapons. If you want to use your keyboard though (which might be advisable if
    you're playing this windowed in ScummVM, or make sure to engage the mouse
    capture), the Left and Right Arrows steer, Enter attacks, and Tab cycles
    through the weapons. There isn't much of the way in tactics to this fight,
    just swing yourself right next to the Rottwheeler and pummel the ever-loving
    #%!! out of him.
    With his opponent crashing and burning, Ben pulls a wheelie, only for his
    front wheel to drop off. Can I hear you say "Wipeout"?
    Luckily, someone finds our intrepid hero and gets them some help. Eventually.
    Ben wakes up in a strange place (surely not the first time, and certainly not
    the last), to find Maureen, who's patched both him and his Bike up. However,
    she still needs a few parts to finish the job on the motorcycle. After having
    a good chat with her, grab the Hose and Gas Can by the door, and then leave.
    Waiting for Ben outside is Miranda, the journalist who found Ben. Talk to her
    for a bit and mention the ambush. She seems pretty interested, but can't give
    you a lift down the road to help out your crew. Close the Mailbox and then
    leave. Seems like our little photographer is a deceiving duplicitous dame! God
    I love alliteration.
    We find ourselves on a zoomed out view of Melonweed, the crummy little town
    we're stuck in for the moment. There are only three other locations here; the
    Junkyard (top-left), Todd's Home (below the Junkyard), and the Gas Tower
    (top-right). Let's check out the closest first, Todd's Home.
    Take a look at the Skylight and the Chimney, and things look somewhat
    suspicious. Have a gander at the Sandbox near the back as well. Interesting...
    Knock on the door, and you can hear a lift come up, the door soon answered by
    Todd... sort of. Rather, he yells at you through it. Talk to the Door and
    Ben'll say he's a friend of Mo's, but Todd cuts in, shouting out that he
    didn't steal her welding torch. Yeah, we believe you Todd. Really. While he's
    still at the Door, put your big boot to it, cracking it open and taking out
    the fat guy along with it.
    Inside his home, open the Cabinet behind Todd and grab the Lockpick inside.
    Open up the Refrigerator at the back of the room and pick up the Meat. Next,
    step onto the odd-coloured patch of floor, to take the lift down to Todd's
    workshop. There's a few laughs to be had from looking at his... "art," but
    really, we're here for the Torch that's sitting pretty there by the table.
    Grabbing it takes us back to Mo's, who reminds us we've still got the Forks
    and the Fuel to go.
    Next stop is the Gas Tower. The gate's locked and the Signs say the fence is
    electrified. Bummer. Use the Lockpick on the Lock, to jimmy it open, tossing
    it aside. Pick it up from where it drops and then go inside. Go climb the
    Ladder, and things take a turn for the worse. Ben triggers an alarm, calling
    the police out to the place on a Hover Sled! Make a scramble up the Ladder,
    but you can't go fast enough, and wind up under fire. Looks like we're gonna
    have to play things slightly differently.
    Return to the Gas Tower and lay your greasy mitts on the Ladder once more, but
    this time, when the alarm goes off, head to the back-left of the screen, and
    behind the structure there. You'll know you're positioned correctly when you
    can't see Ben anymore.
    When the police arrive, they can't spot our hero, and since they didn't see
    him running away from the tower, they assume he must have gone up the ladder,
    and is still up there. Landing their Hover Sled in the Gas Tower's front yard,
    they clamber up the Ladder, leaving their vehicle unguarded.
    Come out of hiding and grab the Gas Cap on the corner of the Hover Sled, and
    then use the Hose in there, the Gas Can with the Hose, and then wrap your lips
    around the Hose. Hey, you need suction to get it started! With the Gas Can
    filled, the cops spot Ben down in the yard, so he hightails it out of there,
    gas in hand, while the cops go for reinforcement.
    Back at Mo's, we're told we've just got the Forks to go!
    Let's head to the Junkyard next. Check out the Latch on the Rolling Door, and
    you can see it's unlocked, which is sweet. Go over to the Chain and pull it,
    opening up the Door. Now, we just need to get to the Door without letting go
    of the Chain. Huh.
    Some lateral thinking here; if pulling the Chain raises the Rolling Door, what
    happens if the Latch is locked? The Chain stays fixed in place... Use the Lock
    on the Latch to keep it shut, and then climb up the Chain, gaining access to
    the Junkyard.
    Check out the Parts Pile, and Ben will spot a pair of Forks right on top of
    it, but as you try to grab it, that Dog you've been hearing in the background,
    and saw evidence of at Todd's Home, bursts out from the middle of the junk,
    chasing Ben back up the wall. When it tears off to the right, follow after it
    to the next screen, where you'll see a bunch of wrecked cars, and a large
    magnet hanging above them. Huh.
    Toss the Meat into the nearest Wreck, and when the mutt starts to feed in the
    clapped-out car, go back to the previous screen and this time, go up the Tower
    in the top-right. You'll find yourself at the controls to the large magnet;
    the far left lever controls the vertical, the right lever controls the 
    horizontal, and the button activates/deactivates the magnet. Lower the magnet
    over the Wreck the Dog is feeding in, and then activate it. Raise the Wreck up
    into the air, and the Dog will be trapped!
    Head back down to the ground, and grab the Forks from the Parts Pile. And
    that's it, we have everything Mo needs to fix the bike!
    Back at her place, she tells you to wait outside, while she makes the final
    adjustments. As Ben makes to leave, he notices the Photograph on the wall, and
    asks about it; it's a young Maureen and her Uncle Pete at the Mink Farm he
    left her when he died. Huh.
    Outside, Mo finished with her repairs, shows off her work on the bike,
    including the sweet new Recoil Booster she somehow managed to lay her hands
    on. Hightailing it out of there, Ben finds the highway being searched by the
    police he scammed the fuel from earlier, and turns back to Melonweed. We need
    to get all those Hover Sleds away from the road...
    Return to the Gas Tower, and set the alarm off once again by manhandling that
    Ladder. It'll draw all the Hover Sleds, while Ben's waiting on the edge of
    town on his bike, ready to jet on out of Melonweed.
    <--[06b] Head Out on the Highway-------------------------------->
      | Items    | Description |
    | Fake I.D.  | Pretty mediocre fake I.D. Hope no one notices the correction  |
    |            | fluid under the name.                                         |
    | Photograph | Here's Mo's picture of her and her Uncle Pete at his mink     |
    |            | ranch. She said she went there whenever she needed to get     |
    |            | away for a while. That's pretty much my only lead right now.  |
    | Tire Iron  | I'd like to wrap this around Ripburger's neck.                |
    Ben catches up with the Polecats on the side of the road, making a pitstop as
    Malcolm Corley makes use of the facilities; Ben goes looking for him.
    Meanwhile, Miranda's spotted the Corley Motors president, and is poised and
    ready to snap as incriminating a photo as she possibly can. What she gets
    though, is a prime series of shots, all showing Adrian Ripburger beating the
    old man to death. Shame about getting caught by Bolus. She manages to escape,
    though without the camera, and Ripburger sends Nestor after her, telling Bolus
    that he has "an important engagement with the rest of the Corley family."
    As the corporate shark prepares to land a few more blows on Malcolm, Ben
    arrives. Corley makes the tough biker promise to hurt Ripburger bad for what
    he's done, and to find Mal's daughter, Maureen.
    Meanwhile, Bolus has arrived in Melonweed, but Mo takes him out pretty
    handily. Skimming through his pockets, she finds his Corley Motors ID and
    Miranda's camera, but spots Ripburger's limo as it arrives.
    Back to Ben as he just arrives in Melonweed. Head to Maureen's place and go
    inside. There's nothing there, but note that the Picture is gone from the
    wall. Go outside and check the Debris; Ben finds the camera smashed to pieces
    and with no film inside, as well as the missing Photograph from inside, which
    he promptly pockets. So Mo's probably headed to the Mink Farm, which means
    that's our next destination.
    Leave town the way that you came, but it seems that Malcolm's corpse has been
    discovered, drawing the police like flies to... well, you know. Returning to
    Melonweed once more, take the Northern exit this time, finding your way back
    to the Kickstand. Take a look at the Semi parked out front, and then go
    inside, where we find Quohog and the truck driver, Emmet. The bartender draws
    Ben's attention to the Monitor, which is showing the news, declaring that the
    Polecats have been arrested for the murder of Malcolm Corley, and that
    roadblocks have been set up all along Highway 9 to capture the "vicious
    criminal" that is the Polecat's leader. Bad news.
    Talk to Emmet, and try to get him to give you a lift, but he'll refuse on the
    grounds that, a) he doesn't like you, and b) he can't get through the
    roadblocks either. Leave the Kickstand, and head round the back to the
    Dumpster. Ah, good memories. Walk over to it, and the source of the "Pssst!"
    sounds reveals itself to be Miranda, hiding out from Ripburger's lackeys. She
    gives you a Fake I.D. to get through the roadblocks, in order to get her
    editor to help her out of the mess she's in.
    Return to the Kickstand and give the Fake I.D. to Emmet (who promptly sticks
    his knife right through it), and he'll agree to give you a lift to Uncle
    Pete's Mink Ranch; the bike in the fertilizer and Ben in the engine
    After getting through the roadblock, Ben nods off for a while, waking up the
    next morning to find the truck stopped. They're at the Mink Ranch, and Emmet
    is making some minor repairs to his truck as Ben exits the engine compartment.
    Quickly getting the hell out of there, Ben's suspicious and checks his bike,
    his suspicions confirmed. The gas leak he's smelt in the engine compartment
    was real, and Emmet stole his bike's Fuel Line to replace the damaged one, the
    treacherous sonofa...
    There's no other option but to scout around the Mink Farm and hope to find a
    replacement Fuel Line. The Barn is locked, so check out the house to the
    right. Check the Banner at the back to confirm that Maureen did indeed belong
    to the Vultures at one point or another. Push the Pillow aside to reveal a
    Tire Iron; grab it and use it to open up the Chest, revealing a bunch of junk,
    including a hose to replace the stolen Fuel Line.
    Just then, Ben hears an engine revving outside and spots Mo peeling out of the
    barn on her own motorcycle. Quickly getting his up and running, he chases
    after her down Highway 9. Overtaking Emmet's Semi along the way, he catches up
    to her, but she hits her Recoil Booster, taking her clear, especially after he
    realises that it was HIS Recoil Booster that she just used, having stolen it
    while he was in the house.
    Puzzled at Maureen's behaviour, Ben's almost blindsided by Emmet, pushing him
    just that one step too far. But just as he's about to go all out after the
    trucker, he spots the D.I.Y. sign showing that they're entering Cavefish
    territory, a bad place to be. Especially if you're a trucker. Emmet drops his
    Semitrailer, taking out one of the Cavefish bikers, but another one gets a
    shot off, an explosive-laden sucker dart, fixed onto the back of the Semi rig,
    going off as Emmet's halfway across the bridge.
    Meanwhile, Nestor and Bolus arrive at the Mink Ranch. Believing they're ahead
    of Maureen, they lay in wait...
    <--[06c] Lookin' for Adventure---------------------------------->
      | Items    | Description |
    | 2x4        | Incredible the kind of weapons you find out on the road.      |
    | Chain      | This chain could never handle my horsepower.                  |
    | Chainsaw   | It's that chainsaw I picked up on the Mine Road.              |
    | Fertiliser | This stuff reeks!                                             |
    | Goggles    | Definitely not my style.                                      |
    | Hover Lift | It's a single hover lift unit.                                |
    | Mace       | Incredible the kind of weapons you find out on the road.      |
    Back in control, Ben's at the site of the dumped Semitrailer. Grab a handful
    of the Fertiliser, and then examine the Semitrailer, especially the Wheels.
    Get back on your Bike and continue on down the Highway.
    You can now travel freely along Highway 9, left clicking when you come across
    a turn or a place you want to visit. But for now, let's head all the way down
    to the end of the line.
    Arriving at the Ex-Bridge, take a look at the large Sign by the parking lot.
    Check out all the pictures and plaques on it, and you'll find out that the
    only way to jump the Poyahoga Gorge requires a few items: a Recoil Booster, a
    Hover Lift, and a Ramp to jump from.
    Hop onto your set of wheels and go down the Highway in the opposite direction;
    next we want to visit the Old Mine Road. First person we'll meet there is
    Father Torque, the former leader of the Polecats. Talk to him about the other
    gangs, especially the Cavefish, and then ask him about the Poyahoga Gorge.
    He'll tell you that the Ramp Ricky Myren used to jump it was taken by the
    Cavefish, and it's kept in their cave, confirming what the Plaque by the
    Ex-Bridge said.
    Once you're done talking to him, it's time to let your fists pick up where
    your mouth drops off:
    There are three Rottwheelers hanging out on the Mine Road. Your pal from back
    at the beginning of the game returns, and he's just the same as before,
    fighting bare-handed, and can be taken out in a pure slugfest.
    The second if of the S&M variety, more S than M, who brandishes a 2x4. It's a
    nasty weapon, two hits are enough to put you down, so don't waste time in
    fighting this guy, take him out quick. It's important you win the 2x4, since
    you'll be needing it shortly.
    Finally, there's also the tattooed Rottwheeler, with blond hair. He wields the
    awesome looking Mace. It's not the strongest of weapons, but tell me that it's
    not cool as all hell?
    There's a good few Vultures running the route, though two of them stop
    appearing once you defeat them. First up is the woman with the red mohawk;
    she's got a Chainsaw, the best weapon in the game; one hit will take out
    anybody, including you. While you probably can beat her with another weapon, I
    say play it smart and give her a face full of Fertilizer.
    Next is the black man wearing goggles. His eyes are covered, so you can't use
    the Fertilizer on him, so you'll have to resort to other weapons. He's also
    important to beat, since he wields a Chain, which you'll need for another
    Third is the redhead woman wearing a bandana. She fights barehanded, so just
    pummel her with whatever.
    The last of the Vultures won't actually fight you, instead acting his recoil
    booster. Huh. If you have it, wrap the Chain around his throat, so when he
    kicks it into gear, he's no longer in the seat. Done that? You've just got one
    of the items you need to jump the Poyahoga Gorge.
    These guys are nasty. If you get too close, they'll shoot out a miniature oil
    slick, taking you right out. Still, the Chainsaw will take them out nice and
    easy, but if you're after a pair of their Goggles, you're gonna have to find
    some way around their kamikaze fetish, since they blow themselves up with a
    self-destruct device on their bikes. The trick is to use the 2x4 when they sit
    up, to knock them off the bike without taking the bike itself out. Once you do
    that, you can take the Goggles off the Cavefish yourself.
    With our shiny new pair of Goggles, drive along the Mine Road and right click
    to put them on. Wait for the word CAVE to appear on the bottom-left, and then
    left click to gain entrance to their hidden base. Keep following the path
    until you reach the Ramp. Push it over to your Bike and then hook them up
    together, before riding on out of there. But as you head on out of the cave,
    the Cavefish chase you down, for a rather bizarre scene. Regardless, Ben has
    to leave the Ramp behind... or does he?
    Return to the Ramp and Push it over to the Bike; note how the road marker gets
    thrown out by the Ramp as it's lip pressed into it? Hook the Ramp up to the
    Bike, and ride to the next screen. Get off your Bike and unhook the Ramp,
    taking out the road markers on the corner. The Cavefish, whose Goggles read
    the road markers to tell where they are, drive straight off the edge.
    Back at the Ex-Bridge, the Ramp is set up near the edge. Now we just need the
    Hover Lift. Head all the way back down Highway 9 to the Mink Ranch, where
    Nestor and Bolus are waiting. Let them chase you, up to the Semitrailer, and
    note what happens when they drive through the Fertiliser. Hop off into the
    Mine Road to lose them, and then turn back round to stop at the Semitrailer.
    Use the Tire Iron on the Wheels, and once you're done loosening them up, get
    behind the Semitrailer and push, knocking it over onto its side, right in the
    middle of the road, dumping even more Fertiliser. Nice.
    Get Ripburger's lackeys back on your tail, and keep them there all the way up
    to your shiny new trap; they total their hovercraft, but they're quickly
    picked up by Ripburger, who tells them he has a new plan to lure Maureen in
    with the bike she and Malcolm put together when she was a little kid. Head
    back down the highway to where the Hovercraft crashed and take a look at it.
    Use your Tire Iron (damn, but this thing's great!) on the Fender to crack it
    open, enabling you to steal their Hover Lift unit. Hook it up to your Bike,
    and you're ready to cheat death in replicating Ricky Myran's famous Poyahoga
    Gorge Jump! Just drive straight to the Ex-Bridge, and once there, tell Ben to
    drive onward.
    <--[06d] And Whatever Comes Our Way----------------------------->
      | Items    | Description |
    | Bunny      | Ack.                                                          |
    | Battery    | Powerblast Brand. How ironic.                                 |
    | Bunny Box  | It's a whole box of those furry things.                       |
    | Card       | Corley Motors.                                                |
    | Photos     | Mo gave me the photos of her dad's murder. Gruesome.          |
    | Tape       | I sure hope that's Corley's will.                             |
    Day turns into night as Ben rides on into Corville, home of Corley Motors.
    Parking outside, head on to the main door, and give the Big Door a pounding,
    but there's no getting in. Head on down to the Stadium instead, and talk to
    Horrace at the souvenir stand. Make sure to ask him about the T-Shirts being
    100% cotton, and while the old man's back is turned, grab the Bunny tied to
    the booth. Also, give the Joystick to the RC Car a try; it'll quickly run out
    of juice, which is a bummer.
    Once you're all talked out with Horrace, leave the Stadium, and take the road
    headed North, towards the Vultures base. I don't much like the look of that
    minefield, but we have a plucky volunteer to test it out for us! Pressgang the
    Bunny into running the minefield, and when it (inevitably) gets blown sky
    high, pick up the Battery that falls down close to Ben.
    Return to the Stadium and put the Battery into the RC Car. Steer it off to the
    right, and on the next screen, send it through the Turnstile, so that Horrace
    can't get to it without traipsing all the way through the entire Stadium. Heh
    heh heh. While he's off doing that, grab the Bunny Box, and make your way back
    to the Vulture's minefield. Looking at it though, is one box going to be
    enough? Unload the Bunny Box at the Minefield, but grab up every Bunny before
    they go and get all explodified. Once you've done that, make a flying visit by
    the Stadium to snatch a second Bunny Box and then unleash every one of them,
    all sixteen Bunnies at the Minefield. With a cleared(-ish) path, follow them
    on through to the Vultures hideout.
    Oh look, a welcoming committee, throwing a party just for you, the guest of
    honour, playing the role of the piñata. With a rope tied around each limb
    attached to a bike riding in a different direction, things don't look to be
    going quite the way Ben hoped. Basically, you can go through every possible
    thing to say to Maureen to eventually get out of this, though for the sake of
    expediency, tell her "Let me go, or else..." and then "I'll call you names."
    followed lastly by "Diapered Dynamo." Caught off guard by the name Malcolm
    used to call her, Mo listens to reason long enough to at least consider that
    Ben might be telling the truth, rushing off to get the roll of film she took
    from Bolus developed.
    Tied to a chair this time, somewhat more comfortable than being drawn by the
    bikes, Ben glares a little (presumably; I'd sure as hell get in some glaring)
    as Maureen goes through the Photos. She swears vengeance on Ripburger, but Ben
    makes her realise there's a better way of doing it, by exposing him at the
    shareholder's meeting. They just need to die first...
    Suzy comes up with a plan, basically involving making Ben have as rough a time
    of it as she can possibly make him, taking place at the Destruction Derby
    being held that very night. Come the show, and both Ben and Maureen are there,
    in their awful disguises, but with the addition of Nestor and Bolus as the
    Boom-Boom Brothers, it looks like things might not go quite according to plan.
    While you can use the mouse to steer the vehicle, it's a lot easier to use the
    arrow keys to do so. To start, we need to take out the Gold car, so head off
    to the left, and go up the ramp. Jumping off the end will make you land atop
    the Gold car, stalling it. Next, shove the Gold car all the way to the
    lower-right wall and then up the ramp located there. Push it off the end, and
    then follow after it, driving over its roof onto that of the Boom-Boom
    Brothers Blue car. This leaves Maureen free to make sure the show goes off
    with a bang. (BAD PUN. BAD!)
    With Ben now getting all toasty warm, head towards the left-most section of
    wall to talk to Suzy, who mentions Mo insisted that the vintage hardtail had
    to be taken, before running the wall's entire length, setting it aflame as you
    do, performing the distraction part of the plan.
    Unfortunately, Nestor gets his car started up again, aiming to squish Ben good
    and proper. Stood on top of the Gold car, when Nestor rams it, hop on over to
    the roof of his Blue vehicle. Once it draws close enough to the initial
    explosion, jump off and run into the flames. The Boom-Boom Brothers follow you
    in, only to meet their own grisly fate as crispy critters as their Hovercraft
    blows up with them inside.
    Back at the Vultures hideout, Mo has the hardtail in pieces, looking for the
    key to her father's safe, which contains his will. Take a look at the Parts,
    and you'll find five different codes engraved or painted on the various bits
    and pieces. Clockwise, starting from the top-right:
    - B67T93
    - 1247-8
    - 48053
    - 891-61
    - 154492
    Talk to her about how Ben should gain access to the Factory, and Mo will tell
    you about a secret passage used to gain access. Exit, and you'll wind up back
    in Corville. Head round the back of the Factory and move over to the left
    side. Just right of the Meters is a pole; follow the line of that down to the
    ground, where it (figuratively) bisects a medium-sized stone. The stone just
    to the right of that is the one you want to kick when all four of the Meters
    have the black gap in the middle. Enter the opened up Hatch.
    Inside Malcolm's office, it's time to crack open the Floor Safe. There's no
    slot for a physical key, so it must be a code to open it up that was hidden in
    the hardtail. It's six figures, so that eliminates 48053. There are no
    hyphens, so 1247-8 and 891-61 are gone, and finally, there are no letters
    either, so B67T93 is disregarded as well. That leaves us with 154492! Type in
    the numbers, and then press down on the large engraved button. Rising up, the
    Floor Safe is open, allowing Ben to grab the Card and Tape within.
    Leave the office via the right and into a corridor; use the Card in the Card
    Reader by the first Door to gain access. After watching the beginning of
    Ripburger's speech (Oh dear lord, not the minivans!), we get control back.
    Walk over to the projector and pull the Motor Lever once, and the Lamp Lever
    twice to burn out the film. Mavis (wait... that's a woman?), the
    projectioneer, comes in from the room next door to try and fix it, while Ben's
    lurking back out in the corridor. Enter the second door this time, and use the
    Tape on the Reel-to-Reel, or the Photos on the Easel, either will work.
    Ripburger is shown up by the slideshow of the Photos Miranda shot of him
    murdering Malcolm Corley, and suffers a second blow as Ben queues up the Tape,
    playing Mal's last will and testament. He tries to talk his way out of it, but
    Maureen, finally recognised as Malcolm's daughter, leaps on stage and takes
    the podium. The corporate shark makes a run for it though, chased by Ben, and
    escapes on a Corley Semi.
    <--[06e] Born to Be Wild!--------------------------------------->
      | Items    | Description |
    | Cane       | I'd sure like to wrap this around Ripburger's neck.           |
    The next day, Ben and Mo head out to pick up her bike and get the Polecats out
    of jail, but as they're heading down Highway 9, they're rammed from behind by
    Ripburger in his stolen Semi, plastering both Ben and Mo to the front of the
    larger vehicle. However, the Vulture's have finally shown up, with their cargo
    carrier running on down the road, looming over the Semi (Little fish eaten by
    bigger fish, eaten by bigger fish, eaten by bigger fish!).
    Regaining control of Ben, pull open the Grill and then push up the Panel above
    it. Ripburger will lean out of the cab and use his Cane to push the Panel back
    down; seize this opportunity to snatch the Cane from him. Stuff the Cane into
    the Fan (which you can throw any spare Bunnies into, if you so wish), and when
    it grinds to a halt, Ben will dive through and pop out the back of the Semi's
    cab. Use the Tire Iron to loosen the right-most Fuel Line, and Ben'll pull it
    free, but he catches Ripburger's attention. As he's about to fire though, Mo
    makes a diving tackle from the side, forcing Ripburger's body onto the brake,
    slowing the Semi down enough for the Vulture's plane to swallow the Semi.
    All hell breaks loose in the plane's hold, as the Semi's Machine Guns
    activate, Ripburger opening fire on anyone he can, though he manages to miss
    everyone. Still, he got everyone away from the plane's controls, and it's
    heading straight for Poyahoga Gorge, the one whose bridge was blown out
    earlier in the game. Someone's got to stop it...
    Walk to the Ladder, and Ripburger will open fire, but his aim's so bad that he
    completely misses Ben. Continue on to the Ladder and Ben will clamber up to
    the cockpit. With the main controls shot to hell, we'll have to improvise.
    Click on the monitor to activate the controls and select "Take Off", then
    "Post Take-Off", followed by "Gear", and finally "Raise Gear", to pull the
    wheels up into the plane's undercarriage. Now it's down to a tussle between
    momentum and friction as to whether the plane's going straight into the
    Poyahoga Gorge or not.
    As Maureen staggers about in the hold, asking Ben what's going on, Ripburger
    takes aim with his pistol, only to take a diving tackle from Ben. Friction
    wins out, the plane shuddering to a halt halfway over the edge of the
    Ex-Bridge, teetering precariously. The Semi is launched forwards, both Ben and
    Ripburger still onboard, bursting out through the open cargo bay door to
    barely balance all by itself. Ben manages to hang onto the top of the cab, but
    Ripburger is thrown clear, getting his jacket caught on one of the machine
    Sit back down in the cab, and fire up the Semi's monitor. Click "Main Menu",
    then "Defence Systems", followed by "Machine Guns", "Control", and finally
    "System Off", to make the machine guns withdraw. As Ripburger falls to his
    death, make your way back into the cargo plane. But as you do that, the
    Vultures start to bail, leaving the weight distribution uneven, meaning the
    plane starts to unbalance! Walk to the left and get on your Bike, outrunning
    the firestorm behind you in a blaze of glory.
    Father Torque reads the sermon at Malcolm Corley's funeral service, and after
    it ends, Ben and Maureen are sat in the back of her limousine. She asks if
    things have to be different between the two of them now that she's gone
    corporate and rich, but as Ben starts to reply, they're interrupted by a phone
    call. Maureen takes it, and Ben seizes the opportunity to slip away, riding
    his Bike off into the sunset.
                          / =============================== \
                        <             [07] Lyrics             >
                          \ =============================== /
    <--[07a] The Gone Jackals--------------------------------------->
    December '61
    my Dad's wages light 
    Still on that salary 
    we, all four, could sleep tight 
    Right now if you drank from 
    that very same well 
    you'd need a run of luck 
    to score a bed in a trick hotel 
    Is this the legacy of 
    too much for too few that I see
    The kind of legacy that's 
    tossin' some good men to their knees
    The Great Society's 
    maligned concrete cage 
    sits dead and vacant now  
    at least it kept out rain
    With all those corners cut 
    the cracks grow wide and near 
    I heard some cash was saved 
    but where it's gone ain't clear 
    Who goes down next I don't know 
    I don't know nothin' anymore
    Tomorrow's legacy that's 
    layin' in state awaits reprieve 
    I always thought that when a man goes down 
    you do your best to pick him up 
    But how can the milk of kindness trickle down 
    when it's syphoned off and cheats the cup
    ==Born Bad==
    That's the way it begins 
    you try to behave 
    yeah, you try to fit in 
    But when you rise and stand 
    you find a lock step march  
    no room for jazz 
    Born bad 
    with a slight-o-hand 
    I go from jam to jam 
    with a crash, boom, bam 
    Born bad 
    I dodge a sucker punch 
    and drop a bomb, like Liston 
    on an animal hunch 
    I've been down 
    Yeah, I've spent some time downtown 
    I've covered sacred ground 
    soft and slow and round 
    I gave up 
    Yeah, I learned to give it up, 
    thinkin' that's the final cut 
    But it turns out I was wrong 
    Born bad  
    that's the way it began 
    stuffed a young pink lung 
    down a rank glue bag 
    Born bad 
    this is where it all lands 
    for a bull headed, corner hangin' 
    problem child man 
    I grew hard
    Over time my scars toughed up 
    When gettin' even just wasn't enough, 
    I had to choke my conscience off 
    I've come far 
    Yeah, I had to travel far 
    Peel through layers sick and raw 
    just to taste and touch once more 
    Born bad  
    like a synchro mesh shift 
    that's stuck in third 
    just smokes and burns 
    Born bad  
    with a cig-hangin' lip 
    A talk back baby on a 
    star-crossed ship
    ==Drop the Hammer==
    Stars spinning 
    the earth forgiving our backs 
    Pines season 
    the cool wind as we fill our chests 
    Babe, you dropped the hammer of love 
    you dropped the hammer of love 
    on me. 
    Babe, you dropped the hammer of love 
    don't drop the hammer of love 
    on me. 
    Beer flows through 
    tequila through Lucy's sequins 
    Kids snoring, 
    the boom box sings Dandelion
    Now you're in the stars 
    up in the autumn lights 
    A stage set the befits 
    a Chieftain of our tribe 
    Don't forget me 
    as I await my flight 
    I wish on a star 
    for you tonight 
    If there is 
    a way it can be arranged 
    when my time comes 
    I'd like to, again, share a stage 
    <--[07b] Chitlins, Whiskey & Skirt------------------------------>
    ==Increased Chances==
    The population is greatly decreased,
    and now the odds are greatly increased,
    that I may someday get a chance,
    to kiss your lips.
    I thank the lo-o-ord each day,
    for the apocalypse.
    Folks are mostly disfigured or dead,
    but sugar, I won't let it go to my head.
    My mama's face has dripped down into the dirt,
    but I'm still chasin' chitlins, whiskey and skirt.
    <--[07c] Lucasarts---------------------------------------------->
    ==1000 CC Chanty==
    Put my head in a basket
    'Cause I'd had a tank full
    When she blew my gasket
    I surely was thankful
    'Til I head for the skies up above
    It's a woman with wheels that I love
    (Written by Dave Grossman and Hamilton Camp)
    ==Special Biker Haiku Section!==
    bar fighters leap out
    moths tangle with orange hot flame
    my nose thrice broken
    -Mark Christiansen
    spliting lanes at rush
    beemer tries for a cut-off
    taste my righteous chain
    -Peter McConnell
    booming thunder rolls
    clutch release throttle open
    red smear on pavement
    -Tom Payne
    wet grease on the road
    makes me laugh as my buddy
    slides under a truck
    -Troy Molander
    on the road for days
    two wheels, an engine, and me
    I don't brush my teeth
    -Brian Bonet
    sky covers the land
    dark goggles cover my eyes
    speed covers my tracks
    -Hal Barwood
    road rises upward
    forehead smiles for the pavement
    cranium tastes bad
    -Jonathan Ackley
    Emmet drops a load
    green crap coats the road like snow
    take just a little
    -Ryan Kaufman
    Todd does not like you
    bang on door but say nothing
    can not you talk, henh?
    -Khris Brown
    whiffin' the asphalt
    hot leather, shiny metal
    see, I am manly
    my male fantasy
    now a profit making game
    maybe I'll get chicks
    -Michele Harrell
    <--[07d] Notes-------------------------------------------------->
    Other songs by The Gone Jackals featured in Full Throttle are "Get Outta
    Town", "Trapped", "Let 'Er Rip", "Love Comes Crawling", and "Not Buried Deep
    Enough". All tracks are from their 1995 album, "Bone to Pick"
    Also featured in the game is "The Ride of the Valkyries," composed by Richard
                          / =============================== \
                        <              [08] FAQ               >
                          \ =============================== /
    ==Q. Can you actually get Emmet to let you show him the knife thing?==========
    A. Yeah, just keep bugging him about it. Eventually he'll let you. And man,
       it's really kinda grim when you try to go fast and start missing badly.
    ==Q. Any other little secrets in Full Throttle?===============================
    A. Well, you can win every fight on the Old Mine Road by pressing Shift+V,
       you can do the same for the Destruction Derby (though some versions require
       Ctrl+C instead), Shift+W will take you directly to the end credits, and
       that's it I do believe.
    ==Q. I thought the main character was called Ben Whatsisname, not Ben
         Throttle. What's with that?==============================================
    A. He was always called Ben Throttle, it's just that when Full Throttle was
       being made, there was also this TV series called Biker Mice From Mars,
       which had a main character called Throttle. To avoid getting sued, though
       it seems somewhat unlikely, Lucasarts removed every reference to Ben's true
       surname. But then, Biker Mice From Mars died out, so Ben's surname was back
       in the mix for Full Throttle II: Payback, and Full Throttle: Hell on
       Wheels. However, Biker Mice From Mars has since been revived, though has
       yet to find distribution in the US, so... well, who the hell knows?
    ==Q. Wait, Full Throttle II: Payback? Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels? What the
         Hell? There are sequels?=================================================
    A. No, which is more the shame. Full Throttle II: Payback was cancelled before
       production even really began, back in the last millennium. Full Throttle:
       Hell on Wheels, on the other hand, got pretty far along in development, far
       enough even for Lucasarts to have created an interactive demo they showed
       off at E3, way back in 2003. And then Lucasarts screwed us all by
       cancelling it.
    ==Q. So what are the odds of there ever being a released sequel to Full
    A. From Lucasarts? After Hell on Wheels got crushed, I really can't see the
       company ever going back to it's adventure game roots. But Tim Schafer, the
       man behind the original Full Throttle has his own company now, in Double
       Fine Productions. It's possible he could buy the licence to Full Throttle
       and produce sequels to it, like Telltale Games have with Sam & Max, but it
       should be noted that Double Fine Productions, in the seven-to-eight years
       it's been running, has only published one game. Sure, it was the utterly
       awesome Psychonauts, but I doubt that sold enough to give Schafer the cash
       to afford the Full Throttle licence. Still, let's hope Brütal Legend does
       finally show up and rock as hard as we expect it to.
    ==Q. Any random Full Throttle goodies?========================================
    A. Well, there's a Graphic Novelization of the game, though it is riddled with
       spelling mistakes. You can check it out for free over at deviantART:
       There's also the highly cool Full Throttle movie, by VGMD. Clocking in at
       just over an hour and 65mb in size, it's the entire game being played
       through, but with the HUD removed and edited to flow smoother like an
       actual film. Check it out, also free, over at GamersHell:
    ==Q. Help! I own a copy of Full Throttle, but I can't get it to run!==========
    A. Chances are, your computer is just too good to run Full Throttle. However,
       there is a solution to this; the wonderful folk over at ScummVM
       (http://www.scummvm.org) have created a nifty program to allow many old
       point-and-click games to be run on todays more technologically advanced
    ==Q. Do you know where I can find a copy of Full Throttle? I can't seem to
         find it in the shops, nor *ahem*online*ahem*=============================
    A. All of the Lucasarts Point-and-Click Adventure games are on the IDSA's
       hitlist, so there are very few places online that would pirate the games.
       Add the fact that despite being very old, it's not so long ago that they
       were still being sold, you should be able to get a hold of a copy via eBay.
       It's a shame though, the games are no longer sold by LucasArts, but have
       not been declared as Abandonware.
    ==Q. What's Abandonware when it's at home?====================================
    A. Abandonware is software that has been abandoned. No, really. What it
       actually means is that it is no longer sold or produced, and has been
       released into the public domain.
    ==Q. Well, what's in it for Lucasarts?========================================
    A. Apart from respect from the old-school gamers, nothing really. But there's
       only so much flogging of a dead horse that can be done, and many of their
       old point-and-click adventure games are such classics that they actually do
       still sell somewhat.
                          / =============================== \
                        <             [09] Thanks             >
                          \ =============================== /
    This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P
    My Brother   - for getting me into the Lucasarts games in the first place, and
                   doing most of the puzzle solving for me (I used to be a hideous
                   example of back-seat gaming)
    DJellybean   - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
    Phoenix 1911 - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
                   professional and stuff XD
    GameFAQS     - for hosting this FAQ.
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                        <          [10] Legal Stuff           >
                          \ =============================== /
    This unofficial document is protected by the international Copyright law. All
    content within is created and owned by Peter Carter. Absolutely no profit must
    be made from this work; it may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, and/or
    altered in any way or under any circumstances without the prior consent from
    the author, except for personal and private use. All copyrights and trademarks
    contained within are owned by their respective holders. No copyright
    infringement was intended during the creation of this document.
    Copyright 2005-2009 Peter Carter.
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                        <          [11] Next Version          >
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    There probably won't be a next version to be honest. What can be added to
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                        <         [12] Working On...          >
                          \ =============================== /
    Fallout 1.
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                        <            [13] Goodbye!            >
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    And that's all for now folks!

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