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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WallsOfEryx

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                                   Full Throttle
                                Complete Walkthrough
                           By: Felipe ''WallsOfEryx'' Gaboardi
                        E-mail:  felipecamposgaboardi@gmail.com
                                Twitter: @GriloGabo
                                    Version: 1.0
                                  06/19/2010 14:42
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    *         CONTENT          +
    1-0 - Introduction
      -1- Interface
      -2- Fighting
      -3- General Tips
    2-0 - Walkthrough
      -1- The Beginning
      -2- Fixing Your Bike
      -3- Jumping Over the Gorge
      -4- The Shareholder's Meeting
      -5- The Last Highway Stunt
    3- -  Credits
    *   1-0 -- INTRODUCTION --   +
    Full Throttle is an eternal adventure classic. When you think of Lucas Arts's 
    top adventure games, what do you think besides Monkey Island, Sam and Max and 
    Day of the Tentacle? You obviously think of that game with bikes, kickass songs
    and that epic moment when he jumps over a gorge. Of course, we all have a bit of
    a problem with the ridiculously short lenght of the game, but it still was 
    enough to mark my childhood. 
    In 2002, they announced a sequel that would be called Full Throttle: Hells on 
    Wheels for PC, PS2 and XBOX which ended up being cancelled for several reasons,
    one of then being the death of Roy Conrad, Ben's original voice actor. All in 
    all though, Full Throttle is still a timeless classic. Now go play it. I command
    *   1-1 -- INTERFACE --    +
    It is a point 'n click game, as expected. The interface presented on this game
    is a lot more agile than the games presented before. Instead of dragging your
    mouse all the way down to the bottom of the screen to get the commands, you 
    simply click and hold at the object you want to deal with. When you do so, the
    Polecat's Tattoo shows up. That's the graphic menu and you have 4 possible 
    Fist - It deals with the most generic actions in adventure games: Pick Up, use,
    punch... the usual stuff.
    Eye - Pretty much just the Look at command.
    Boot - Well... it's the kick command. You kick stuff.
    Tongue - You use the tongue not only to speak, but also to lick, suck... the
    usual sexual innuendos.
    The mouse's right button opens your inventory. Click an item with the right
    button again to check it out.
    Later in the game, you'll drive a *gasp* car. To drive the car just use the
    arrow keys on your keyboard. Yes, there's nothing else to it.
    *   1-2 -- FIGHTING --     +
    Just like the Indiana Jones, Full Throttle has a combat system. And it also is a
    pretty stupid combat system, but fortunately it also has a ''sucker punch'' (aka
    the chainsaw. More details on that in the Mine Road part of the walkthrough).
    There's nothing really special about the fighting. You get close to your 
    opponent and left click to throw a few punches. Right click to cycle through 
    your weapons. But still, you don't even have to win. If Ben loses, he'll just
    fall off his bike and get back on the road later to get his ass handed to him
    again. There's really nothing to it.
    *   1-3 -- GENERAL TIPS --   +
    - Talk to everyone about all topics, look at everything and try to pick up
    every item.
    - Technically, you can't die in this game. True, you can ''die'' by the ending
    of it, but since Ben's the one who's telling the story, he'll just say he got
    the story wrong (because he is sorta alive, after all) and let you retry.
    - If you're having problems with the fights in the Mine Road, just grab the
    chainsaw and slash away. You don't have to play fair.
    - When talking, really try all topics. Some of the dialogue in this game is
    just hilarious!
    - If you get stuck, rubbing every item on every person and/or object might be
    effective, but it's so frustrating and dull you'll stop having fun. Just check
    this guide to be able to keep going. There's no reason to be ashamed about it.
    Sometimes adventure games have a really weird line of logic...
    - I strongly suggest you get at least the intro song from the game (Legacy, by
    The Gone Jackals). The songtrack in this game is pretty awsome, specially if you
    are into hard rock.
    *   2-0 -- WALKTHROUGH --    +
    NOTE: This walkthrough has spoilers! Read it at your own risk!
    The story begins in the middle of nowhere as Ben starts narrating it (although
    you won't see him doing that ever again except when you ''die'', but ok). Two
    old guys, Malcolm Corley and Adrian Ripburger (voiced by none other than Mark
    Hamill!  OMGOMGOMG!), are in a limo and argue about the idea of taking a gang of
    bikers to a shareholder's meeting... Well, I don't see anything wrong with that.
    When,  suddenly, someone rides over the limo and smashes the disgusting angel
    figurine on the limo's hood! Corley shows interest in those vandals and follows
    them. And the opening credits start to roll...
    *   2-1 -- THE BEGINNING --    +
    Kick Stand
    So, the Polecats are now in this bar called Kick Stand. Enjoying themselves,
    having a few drinks and spending more money than they actually have. Then none
    other than Corley shows up! Seems he'd like to have a chat with the one who rode
    over his car, the Polecats leader Ben. Since Ripburger's a minivan loving man,
    he is asked to sit tight and wait in the car to avoid embarassment. After a 
    while, Rip starts wondering why Corley's taking so long and his henchmen rise
    the possibility that he's been beaten to death. That'd be rather unwise of the
    bikers pretty much because Corley's Motors is the last bike making company and
    it's  vice-president wants to make utility vehicles for your mom. Actually,
    Malcolm is entertaining the Polecats with stories of the glory days. Rip shows
    up in the bar and takes Ben outside to make an offer of escorting Corley to the
    meeting. Ben refuses right away, so Ripburger does the most reasonable thing to
    do: knock him out, have one of his henchmen take his bike and coat and drive
    ahead to make his gang think he accepted the offer. Just great.
    You'll wake up inside the dumpster. Punch the right lead to get out. Go right.
    You better catch up with your gang! Hop on your bike and... hang on a sec! Some
    joker took your keys! The nerve of some people! Try knocking on the Kick Stand's
    door. Nobody will answer it, so just use your foot on it. Hehehe... a really
    ironic choice of name for the bar. Go inside and try talking to the bartender.
    I think it's pretty obvious he's trying to hide something. Try pulling that
    bullring of his to give his nose a new accessory: the counter. He'll give your
    keys right away and say he was threatened in order to stall you there as long as
    possible. Hmmmm... this is getting interesting. He'll also mention somebody said
    something about killing Ben and making it look like an accident. Oh, that's
    probably all bollocks. Hop on your bike and drive away! On the road, you'll bump
    into one of the Rottwheelers, a rival gang. Just punch away. It won't be hard to
    beat baldy over here. He's unarmed and only tries to bitchslap you.
    After defeating that excuse for a biker, Ben will make a pretty neat trick! And
    then his front wheel will fall down and he'll turn into a ball of fire... O SHI~
    Thankfully, some driver finds him and takes him to... eerrr... ''professional''
    *    2-2 -- FIXING YOUR BIKE --    +
    Mo's Shack
    You'll wake up in a small toaster repair shop. The owner of the place, Maureen
    (Mo for short) is a pretty good mechanic and turned out to be a good enough 
    doctor to fix Ben good as new after a fatal accident. She's working on your 
    bike, which, needless to say, is pretty much destroyed. Talk to Mo as much as 
    you  like. You'll learn that she's almost done with your bike, but she still 
    needs a new  pair of forks, some gas and someone took her welding torch, so 
    you'll have to get it back. You don't have to get these in any particular order,
    but the  best one is first the torch, then the gas and finally the forks, pretty
    much  based on the itens you'll get. After you're done talking to Mo, pick up 
    the hose and the gas can by the corner. Take a look at the photograph on the 
    wall and  you'll learn  that Mo has a Mink Ranch. It's out of business, but she 
    goes there whenever she has to run away for a while. With that done, leave the 
    shack. Talk to the girl who brought you here and she'll learn about the ambush.
    Too bad she says she does not have a car to take you to the ambush spot... leave
    through the left and she will with the car she hid beneath the shack... 
    goddammit. Head to the trailer (it's the thing right next to the flashing hole).
    Todd's Trailer
    Try knocking on the door. Todd'll come up and try to shoo you away. Try talking
    to him to get some pretty funny dialogue. When you're done, kick the door (with
    the fat guy still looking through the spyglass) to get inside and knock the guy
    out. Open the cabinet to the left and grab the lockpick, then open the 
    refrigerator and pick up the meat. There's an elevator to your right, so go down
    (if you got inside without kicking Todd, you won't be able to ride it). Well,
    there sure is a lot of junk here. The torch is right next to the table. Pick it
    up and Ben will take it back to Mo.
    You'll be back on Mo's shack. Leave and head to the Gas Tower (the tall building
    on the upper right).
    Gas Tower
    The door is locked. Use the lockpick on the lock to get it open. Ben will throw
    the lock on the floor, but pick it up because you'll need it in a bit. Go 
    inside. There's not much here... try touching the ladder and... an alarm will 
    go off! What to do now? Well, you if either stand around or try to climb the 
    ladder, a couple of guys on some sort of flying machine will try to shoot you. 
    You COULD  try running away, but the best thing to do here is to hide. Did you 
    notice the  big cylinder on the upper left? Click on it and Ben will hide behind
    it. The gunners will land next to the tower to look for you. This is your 
    chance! Open  their machine's gas tank and put the hose in it. Use the gas can 
    on it to lay it down and finally use your mouth on the house to steal some gas!
    They'll notice you, but you'll be able to run away, spilling some gas in the 
    process, I might  add. Isn't it ironic how you didn't actually take any gas from
    the tower? All that's left is a pair of forks. Go to the junkyard. It's the big 
    building on the upper left side of the town.
    Well, how are we going to get in there? You can try opening the gate by pulling
    the chain to the right, but it'll close before you can reach it. You can't ask
    Todd for help either, considering you've kicked him on the face... well, you'll
    have to take the unorthodox way in. Use the lock on the gate. You heard me, lock
    the gate. Try pulling the chain now. Since entrance is locked, the chain won't
    roll, so you'll be able to use it to climb over the wall!
    You'll see a parts pile lying around. Try picking it up and OMG A DOG FROM HELL
    WILL ATTACK YOU! Thankfully, you'll be able to get away from the little monster.
    You'll have to get rid of the mutt before getting the forks. Go all the way 
    right and you'll find the dog playing around and a bunch of cars. Put the meat 
    inside one of them, preferably the one that's right under the magnet. The mutt 
    will go inside the car and have his dinner. Now go left and up the tower thingy.
    You'll be controlling the magnet now. The left lever controls the hight, the 
    right controls the position and the button turns the magnet on and off. Turn the
    magnet on, grab the car where the mutt's in and put it as high as you can. Now 
    you can go back to the parts pile and pick up the forks you need!
    Now that you got all the parts, Mo can finish your bike! And she also installed
    a booster on your bike! What a nice lady. Well, you've got an ambush to go, so
    you better run. Better say goodbye.
    Melonweed Overview
    You'll try to take the highway, but those damn Gas Tower cops are out there 
    looking for you! Oh, damn... Try going to the Gas Tower. Just touch the ladder 
    again and the alarm will go off. The stupid guards won't notice it's a diversion
    and will go there right away. Ben'll take the chance to drive to the highway.
    You'll catch up with the gang next to a public toilet. Looks like Corley's 
    taking a whizz. We switch to Corley leaving the bathroom. The reporter girl is 
    already in hide and taking pictures. Then she snaps the pictures she came all 
    the way  here for... Ripburger beating Corley to death with a bat. Bolus, one of
    the henchmen, grabs her and takes her camera, but she's able to run away! Right
    after Rip leave, Ben shows up and listen to Malcolm Corley's last words... he 
    wants you to find his daughter so she can take over the company, for Ripburger 
    wants to  start making *gasp* minivans! His daughters name is... Maureen.
    We switch to the thugh trying to kill Mo, but thankfully she manages to escape.
    She also happens to take the film roll from the camera. When Ben arrives at the
    shack, the whole place is a mess. If you look at the debris, you'll find the 
    camera without the film roll and Mo's Mink Ranch picture. That's where you're
    heading, but the police is blocking the roads... Hop on your bike and drive up 
    the road north of Melonweed.
    Kick Stand
    Go to the alley next to the bar. Somebody will be calling you from the dumpster.
    It's Miranda! The girl who took the murder pictures! She'll ask you to help her
    and she'll hand you a fake ID to go through the roadblocks. Go inside the bar.
    The news are on and it looks like they think Ben killed Corley! Also, the 
    Polecats have been arrested! Looks like you should've told them to get the hell
    out of there... Now there are roadblocks along Highway 9 to get you arrested. 
    Try talking to Emmet, the trucker playing the knife game over there. If you 
    insist on making him let you show how to do it, you'll play a hidden minigame! 
    Yay! Anyway, show Emmet the fake ID and he'll agree to give you a ride to the 
    Mink Ranch, with you hiding inside the truck, of course. Fortunately, the cops 
    won't notice the corrective fluid on the fake ID and will let Emmet pass.
    *    2-3 -- JUMPING OVER THE GORGE --    +
    Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch
    Emmet will drop you and your bike off right in front of the ranch and drive 
    away. Then you'll notice he stole your bike's fuel line! That no good son of 
    a... Go inside the shack to your right. You may poke around a bit, if you like.
    Open the pillow and you'll find a tire iron underneath it. Pick it up and use it
    to open the chest by the bottom of the bed. Ben will find a hose and pick it up.
    As soon as he does so, Mo will come out of that big barn that was locked! Then a
    chase scene begins.
    Hiway 9
    Why is Mo running away from you? Hmmm... During the chase, she uses her recoil 
    booster to get away, and it looks like she took the fuel from yours! Oh boy...
    During this whole mess, Emmet will drive by and try to slam you. Man, he's so 
    dead! Then Ben notices his in Cavefish territory. The Cavefish are a gang of 
    people that look like mummified Tusken Raiders who steal the cargo from trucks.
    Which pretty much means that Emmet freaks out when they show up. He unattaches 
    his cargo of cra- I mean, fertilizer and hits one of the Cavefish. One of the 
    others sticks a pack of dinamite to the back of his truck, making it blow up! 
    Well, Emmet's dead, we can live with that... but the real problem is that he 
    took the goddamn bridge with him. Meanwhile, Bolus and Nestor arrive at the Mink
    Ranch and wait for Mo to arrive, even though she just left. Losers.
    So, the bridge's gone. What's the most reasonable thing to do? Why, jump over 
    the gorge, of course! You'll need three things: A ramp, recoil booster fuel and
    some hovering gadget to make sure you make it. Ben'll drop by the fertilizer 
    cargo. Pick up some of the green stuff and use the tire iron on the 
    semitrailer's wheels and push the semitrailer to make a huge mess. Hop on your 
    bike and head up to go back to the Mink Ranch. When you get there, Nestor and 
    Bolus will chase you. Just keep going straight and when you go through the 
    fertilizer, they'll crash! Hah! After the cutscene,showing that Ripburger is 
    cracking another scheme, head back  and stop at the crashed car. Use the tire 
    iron on the fender to grab a hover  unit! Use it on your bike. Now ride down the
    road in any direction and go to the Mine Road (that's when the green sign shows
    Mine Road
    It's time to do some fighting! When you're on the Mine Road, stay on the road. 
    If you stick to the sides for too long, you'll fall off your bike. The first 
    person you'll bump into will probably be Father Torque, the former Polecat 
    leader. Talk to him about every subject. He gives you very important clues, 
    specially when he talks about the Cavefish! Also, he doesn't show up again if 
    you've talked about everything you can, which is good considering you don't want
    to keep bumping into him all the time.
    There'll be three gangs riding along Mine Road: The Vultures, The Rottwheelers 
    and the Cavefish. Some of them will have weapons, and some of those weapons are
    what you'll need, namely the chain and the 2x4. You may get those fair and 
    square if you want, but I'd still advise you to get the chainsaw, which pretty
    much wins every battle. But if that's the case, how the hell are you going to 
    get it? Pretty simple. When you find the person who has the chainsaw, the 
    Vulture  lady with the neat hair, switch weapons until you find the fertilizer.
    Just throw some of it on her eyes and you'll win! (Note: The fertilizer will 
    only work on  her). She won't show up anymore after you beat her.
    Now just slash your opponents away until you get both the chain and the 2x4.
    You'll probably also get a skull with spikes, but it's useless, so forget about 
    it. Now run around until you find the smarty-pants Vulture who always uses his
    booster and runs away when you show up. Use your chain to grab him by the neck 
    and knock him out of the bike. You've got the booster fuel! 
    Now all that's left is the ramp. Ride around until you meet a Cavefish. Try not 
    to bump into him or else he'll spill oil on the road and you'll fall down. Ready
    your 2x4 and smack him on the noggin when he lifts his head up! You'll knock him
    out and get the Cavefish goggles! Now, I know what you're thinking: Can't I just
    use the chainsaw to beat him? Well, you can, but since he's still concious when 
    he falls down, he'll blow himself up along with his bike, keeping you from 
    taking the goggles...
    Now, right-click to put those hideous looking goggles. Now the bike will drive 
    on it's one. Just wait until the secret cave is indicated and left-click to go 
    Cavefish Hideout
    Keep riding along the road until you reach the ramp. Get off your bike and use 
    the ramp to set it close to it. You'll notice it chipped off one of the dots 
    when you pushed it. Hmmm... Use the ramp again to attach it to your bike and 
    ride it  to the right. Now, before leaving, you'll have to make sure those crazy
    Cavefish won't follow you... Remember your talk with Father Torque? The Cavefish
    can only see by picking the dots along the road... and the ramp chipped off one
    of them  when you pushed it. Use the ramp to clean the floor a bit. Heheheh. 
    When you leave the Cavefish will follow you, but they'll fall to their death. 
    Gorge's Edge
    You're all set to jump! Save the game, because this cutscene KICK ASS! Hop on 
    the bike and click right and off you go! AWESOME! As Ben rides along the road, 
    night comes...
    *    2-4 -- THE SHAREHOLDER'S MEETING --   + 
    Corley Motors Factory
    Finally, here we are! The shiny factory at the end of the road! You can't go in,
    though, because the meeting has been postponed until Ben's arrested. This could 
    be a problem, considering you can't go to the meeting if you're in jail. Just 
    try going to the demolition derby stadium. It's the large structure to the right
    of the factory.
    Stadium Entrance
    Here you'll find some guy called Horrace. He's selling souvenirs! Buy your 
    Corley Motors t-shirt right now! Talk to him, if you like. Try the toy car and 
    you'll  pretty much kill the batteries... ah well. Have a look at the shirts 
    behind the guy and steal the bunny while he's not looking. Well, it's the only 
    way to get it considering you're broke... leave the stadium.
    Corley Motors Factory
    You've probably noticed there's actually a road to the left of the factory. Get
    on your bike and follow it.
    Mine Field
    The Vulture's hideout is on the other side of the field. Needless to say you 
    can't go there yet because the mine field is rigged with - guess what - mines. 
    Use the bunny you've just got on the mine field (you heard me) and let the 
    little bastard go. He'll blow up! Don't worry, though, it wasn't a REAL bunny. 
    It was a toy, actually, and somehow it's battery will drop right next to you, 
    completely intact. Pick it up and go back to the stadium.
    Stadium Entrance
    Use the battery you've just got on the RC car. Now ride it all the way up and 
    then go through the gate now Horrace will go all the way through the factory to
    get the little car, leaving you alone at the souveniers shack. Hehehe. Steal the
    bunny box and go back to the mine field.
    Mine Field
    Throw the box on the ground and look at the bunny army go! Pick up almost all of
    the bunnies save for one before they blow up. Notice how the bunny made a path
    before running into a mine. Walk along the path and release another bunny to 
    make another path. Keep doing this until you finally reach the hideout... then 
    the Vultures will capture you!
    Vultures' Hideout
    You'll see been chained up in a... very unconfortable position. Mo thinks he 
    killed her father, so the only fair thing to do is trying to horribly rip him in
    pieces. Don't worry, the game will spare you from any gore fest and you can't 
    really die here. The problem is that whenever you try to mention Malcolm 
    Corley's demise, she'll cut you off and try to rip you apart. Getting out of 
    this one is easy, just threaten to call her names and call her... diapered 
    dynamo! This could be considered an odd insult... except that's how Corley used 
    to call her when she was little. When you say that, she'll give a chance for Ben
    to explain what  happened and mention the photographer. Mo will mention that she
    has the pictures, so she'll leave to develop them, something she should've done 
    before trying to go medieval on you, and leave you for the Vultures to keep 
    playing with. Later, she'll apologize for pretty much trying to kill you. Well, 
    as long as she is sorry, I guess we can't get a hold a grudge against her almost
    tearing you in pieces, right? Anyway, the plan now is to expose Ripburger in the
    shareholders' meeting. Unfortunately, he has canceled it until both you and Mo 
    are dead. Well, it's time to crack a plan to play dead, then! The idea here is 
    that both Ben and Mo are going to the demolition derby and play an act in which
    their cars crash and explode. While Maureen will be safely launched from her 
    car, Ben will amuse the audience by running around on fire. Don't worry, it's 
    perfectly safe!
    Demolition Derby
    You're now in the derby wearing some fairly obvious disguise through which 
    Emperor Palpati- I mean, Ripburger can see quite clearly. But that's what you 
    want, isn't it? Anyway, the henchmen, now known as Boom-Boom Brothers (yeah, 
    it's a really stupid name. Just play along.) will come along and try to mess the
    whole plan by keeping Maureen (in the yellow car) away from you. Now, here's 
    what you have to do in what is the only annoying part in this game: Drive a bit 
    left until you find a ramp. Driver up it and when you jump, you'll land on top 
    of the brown car, making it stall! You'll have to do the same with the blue car
    (the Boom-Boom Brother's car), but you can't quite reach it by just going up the
    ramp by the right of the stadium. You'll have to push the stalled brown car all 
    the way to  the bottom of the stadium, then start pushing right until you get to
    the ramp. Push it up the ramp until it falls down and then jump over it! You'll 
    bounce on  the brown car, then you'll bounce on the blue one, making it stall! 
    With that  problem solved, Ben and Mo will move forward with the plan and 
    explode each other and make a huge commotion! You'll be out of that stupid car.
    And you'll be also on fire! But the Vulture's will ask for a bit more of a mess,
    so start walking along the wall to the left to start setting the whole stadium 
    on fire!  The whole crowd will run away and the gang'll grab the bike. However, 
    the pair  of stupid henchmen will get their car running again and will go after 
    Ben. He'll safely get on top of the brown car, but those two will just keep 
    trying to hit  you. Take the chance and jump on top of their car and they'll 
    start to drive  away. When you get close to the huge ball of fire, drop from the
    car and run to  it. Then the two stupid henchmen will drive into the flames and 
    make two huge  mistakes: 1- Think they actually hit you; and 2- Park inside the 
    damn fire ball. Needless to say,  their car will blow up and Ripburger now 
    thinks you're dead...
    Vultures' Hideout
    Mo has dismantled the bike and it's all over the floor now. She'll mention she's
    looking for the key to her father's safe... hmmm... keep talking to her and she
    will tell you about a secret back door entrance to the factory. I'll get to that
    when the time is right. For now, have a look at the scattered bike parts as soon
    as you're done talking. You'll see several numbers written around. The one 
    you're looking for is 154492. Write it down and leave the hideout. Mo will give 
    you the murder pictures before you leave.
    Corley Motors Factory
    Go to the side of the factory. Those weird things are the utility meters Mo 
    talks about when you ask her about the secret way in. Now, this one is kind of 
    hard to explain. You have to find just the right spot to make the door open. On 
    the left side of the wall, you'll see a crack that reaches Ben's waist. Right 
    beneath it, you'll see three circle-shaped cracks. Wait for the utility meters 
    to stop and  try kicking it! If you get it right, a secret door should open. Go 
    inside. (Note: It is possible to open this door before ever talking to Mo. 
    However, if  you got inside, the security guard would chase Ben away).
    Corley's Office
    You'll notice there's a square on the floor. That's the floor safe. Take a look 
    at it and input the passcode (154492). The safe will open and Ben will find a 
    key card and a tape, hopefully containing Corley's will. Go through the door on 
    the right. There'll be three doors here. Try entering the middle one. You'll 
    watch a small scene showing Ripburger's gruesome future for Corley Motors... 
    MINIVANS! NOOOOOOO! After the scene, the... eeer... genderly unidentifiable 
    person will call security and Ben will run like hell. After the coast is clear, 
    head back to the hallway with the doors. The right door has a car reader right 
    next to it. Use the keycard on it to unlock the door and go inside. You'll be in
    the room with the movie projector, which has two levers. The left one adjusts 
    the motor and the one from the right sets the light level. You can screw around 
    with them and mess Ripburger's presentation as much as you like, but if you ,
    really want to make a huge mess, stop the motor (lever on the lowest position) 
    and max up the lights (lever on the highest position). That'll pretty much burn 
    the filme and damage the equipment. Hehehe. The man/woman from the other room 
    will be busy trying to fix this whole thing. That's your chance! Go to the room 
    in the middle. It's time to expose Ripburger, at last! Use the pictures on the 
    easel and watch his downfall... as Ripburger tries to explain himself, Mo will 
    take over the speech and tell the whole story. Unfortunately, Ripburger will run
    away in the process. But don't worry... he'll get what's coming to him...
    *   2-5 -- THE LAST HIGHWAY STUNT --   +
    Hiway 9
    You'll see Ben and Mo riding along Hiway 9 going to pick up her bike. All is 
    well until... Ripburger shows up in a truck armed with machine guns! O SHI~ Ben 
    tries his best to dodge him, but the truck will slam into the bike and Ben will 
    get stuck on the truck's front while Mo is thrown underneath it! But then the 
    Vultures will show up with their wingless plane rolling down the highway! Well,
    that sure is the most awesome thing I've ever seen! When you get control of Ben,
    open the panel. Rip will close it with his cane. Take that chance to take his 
    cane from him! Open the grill and you'll see the fan inside. Jam Rip's cane on 
    it to make it stop. Ben will go inside and exist through the back. You'll see a
    some fuel lines. The one on the right is a bit loose. Use your tire iron on it 
    and  while you try to drain the truck's fuel, Rip will try to shoot you! But Mo 
    will jump at him and make the truck fall into the Vulture's plane! The truck's 
    machine guns, however, will destroy the plane's controls! And I don't know if 
    you can remember, but... the bridge's out. Uh-oh, better stop this plane before 
    it makes a forced landing! Rush to the controls on the plane's cockpit. Use the
    monitor. Most of the controls are broken, but you still can stop the plane! 
    Choose Take Off, Post Take Off, Gear and finally Raise Gear. This will make the
    plane's landing gear to be withdrawn, making the whole plane it's own breakes! 
    Rip will try to shoot Maureen, but Ben will make a jump for it and stop him! The
    plane reaches the gorge and stops, but the truck is thrown outside and left 
    dangling at the gorge's edge. You'll still be on the truck, but Rip'll be 
    hanging by his coat to one of the machine guns. If you try to climb back to the 
    plane, he'll try to shoot you! I think it's finally time to take revenge on 
    Malcolm's death... take a look at the truck's panel. Turn on the computer, 
    choose Main Menu, Defense Menu, Machine Guns, Control and, finally, System Off. 
    Shutting the machine guns down will make Ripburger fall for his death... Now you
    can go back to the plane. You have to leave before everything blows up! Go a 
    little to the left and you'll see Ben's bike there! Hop on it and ride your way
    out of the exploding plane!
    You'll see a very heartbreaking scene of Malcolm's funeral, with several bikers
    coming over to pay respect to the beloved bike maker... after that, we see a 
    scene with Ben and Mo having small talk in her limo. Since she's in a total 
    different league now, Ben says she shouldn't be hanging with the likes of him 
    any longer. Mo gets distracted with a phone call and he takes the chance to 
    leave the car. We see Ben riding down to the sunset as the credits start to 
    roll... You've just beaten Full Throttle! Congratulations!
    *   3         --CREDITS--          +
    Thanks for all the FAQs writers out there for  inspiring me. Thank YOU for
    reading it, or else there wouldn't be any point on writing it in the first 
    place. Very special thanks for the three-headed monkey. I'd also like to say 
    that I'm not a natural English speaker, so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. 
    Peace to you  all. And, just to remember, if you have any doubts, problems or 
    comments just send me an e-mail. (felipecamposgaboardi@gmail.com)
    You can tweet me @GriloGabo.

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