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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Starvin Marvin

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    Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge
    PC MS-DOS/Windows/Macintosh/Amiga
    This Document Copyright 2004 Joe Gulliver.
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    Original Publication: 03/12/04 (December 3rd, 2004)
       1 - Game Walkthrough.
        - Part 1: The Largo Embargo.
        - Part 2: Four Map Pieces.
        - Part 3: LeChuck's Fortress.
        - Part 4: Dinky Island.
     1 - Game Walkthrough
    As with all my guides, this walkthrough is to get you through the game as
    quickly as possible. If you're strictly following this guide, you will miss
    out on a lot of the comedy of the game. I suggest you use this (Or, any guide,
    for that matter) only when you *really* need it.
    Oh, and so I don't get a million emails asking how to save - Press either F5,
    or F1 on your keyboard - They bring up the game menu, where you can save,
    load, or exit.
     Part 1 - The Largo Embargo
    Everything needs a beginning, and the start of the game
    seems a good place for this one.
    Pick up the sign, and walk across the bridge to meet Largo.
    Choose any of the dialog options, they all have the same result -
    Large hanging you over the bridge and taking your hard cash. Bummer.
    Keep walking to the left, and go into the second door to meet Wally.
    Pick up a piece of paper near the bottom-right of the screen, and wait for
    Wally to take off his monocle and rub his eyes. Use this opportunity to steal
    the his monocle (Hey, that's a pirate's life!). Leave the poor guy's shack,
    and head down towards the bar through the hatch. Talk to the barkeep, and ask
    him "How's business?", after some short dialog, Largo will make an appearance.
    When he's gone, use the paper on the spit dripping from the wall. Yummy.
    Exit the bar, and then swing into the kitchen through the window to the left
    of the hatch. Pick up the knife on the table, and then swing out again.
    Walk up to the lit-up ship in the background, and pick up the hanging bucket
    near the left edge of the screen. The pirates will object, but convince them
    to let you have it by picking either of the first two dialog choices.
    Head back to the street, and walk all the way to the right (Over the bridge),
    and you'll be presented with the map of the island.
    Head down to the Swamp (Where the water splits into multiple sections), and
    Use the bucket on the swamp to fill it up. Niiice. Walk back to Woodtick, and
    then go all the way in to the big ship on the left side of town. Use the knife
    on the rope the alligator is tied up with, and then go into the room in the
    back. Pick up the toupee, and then close the door. Use the bucket on the door,
    and quickly hide behind the dressing screen. Largo will come bursting through,
    and get a face full of swamp mud. Leave the room, and pick up some
    'Cheese Squigglies' from the alligator's bowl, before going to the laundrette
    (Where you got the bucket). Watch or skip the short cutscene, and
    head back over to the hotel ship. Pick up the Laundry Ticket from the back of
    Largo's door, and then go back to the Laundrette again. Use the ticket with
    Marty, and take the... Bra. Not quite as expected, but it'll do the job.
    Go to the island map, and head to the Cemetery.
    If you're not too scared by the spooky music, walk up to the graves on the
    hill, and use the Shovel on Marco LeGrande's. Exit the Cemetery, and go to the
    Swamp. Hop in the Coffin, and row over to the right until you get to the
    Voodoo Lady's House (Big wooden skull... Difficult to miss).
    Pick up the string on the table to your left, and then walk over to the right
    to meet the Voodoo Lady. Ask her "How's Business?", followed by "Tell me about
    this Largo guy", "Why don't you just put a curse on Largo?", and "What kind of
    ingredients do you need for the doll?".
    She'll tell you why I've been making you collect all these strange things.
    Choose the options to give her all the items, and after some dialog, she'll
    present you with a Largo Voodoo Doll, and some pins.
    Jump back in your coffin, sail back to land, and head over to the beach to the
    Pick up the stick lying next to the tree, and then go back to Mad Marty's, the
    laundrette. Open the box near the rat, and then use the stick on it.
    Use the string on the stick, and then use the Cheese Squigglies on the box.
    Wait until the rat starts eating the Squigglies, and then Pull the string to
    trap him. Open up the box, pick up the scared rat, and head over to the Bar
    Kitchen (Remember to swing through the window).
    Use the rat with the vichyssoise, and then exit the kitchen through the window.
    Go around and into the main Bar, talk to the Barkeep, and ask him "Hey...
    Ah... How's the stew tonight?". After a short cutscene, he'll ask you if you
    want the job for a new chef. Say "Sure, I'll give it a shot".
    He'll give you 420 pieces of eight, and send you to the kitchen.
    Escape out the window, and then go to the hotel. Enter Largo's room, to find
    him there. Quickly use the pins on the voodoo doll to send him running, and
    send you to the Voodoo Lady. Looks like you're in trouble, sonny.
    Say "What can I do?", and she'll explain things a little, and give you a book.
    Get in the coffin, head to the island map, and then to the Peninsula.
    Walk up to the houseboat, and give the Monocle you stole from Wally to Captain
    Dread, say "I need to charter a ship", and you're done with Part I. Nice job.
     Part 2 - Four Map Pieces
    After a short cutscene, you'll be standing on the outside of Captain Dread's
    houseboat. Despite what Guybrush thinks, we're not off to find Big Whoop just
    yet - There's just a little... Well, okay, a LOT of work to be done first.
    Pick up the parrot chow to your right, and walk into the cabin.
    Talk to Captain Dread, and say "I don't know, what are my choices?" when he
    asks where you want to go. He'll explain that he only knows how to get to
    three islands, and then present you with a map to tell him where to go.
    For now, we need to travel to Booty Island, which is governed by the love of
    Guybrush's life, and the woman he set out to rescue in the first game, Elaine.
    Or, Elaine Marley, to be formal. ... Or should that be Mrs? Regardless, we're
    going to Booty island.
    Once you're there, open the door to your left, and enter the shop.
    Resist the temptation to buy the Elvis memorial plate, but do buy the Ship's
    horn, the saw, and the sign to the right of the parrot (Use the Pick Up
    command to buy them). Use the Parrot Chow on the hook that the sign was on,
    buy the mirror he was looking in, and then exit the store.
    Walk over to the right, past the costume store, and talk to the woman in the
    big hat with the leaflets. Ask her for a leaflet, and end the conversation.
    Head into Stan's Previously Owned Coffin shop (Why isn't there one of those
    in my town?), and then tell him you need to leave, to receive a handkerchief.
    Go back to your ship, and then sail over to Phatt Island. Any of the dialog
    choices with the guard will lead to you being arrested, so choose as you like.
    Once in jail, pick up the rock hard mattress, and then pick up the stick.
    You might be in jail, with a psychopathic zombie-pirate after your head,
    but you have a stick, and I think that's what really matters in life. A stick.
    Use your wonderful stick on the leg bone of the rather unfortunate chap
    in the next cell, and then use the bone on Walt, the dog. In real life, you
    shouldn't give bones to dogs, as they chew them and the chips of bone can kill
    them, so I don't recommend it. Unless you hate dogs, or something.
    Pick up the key Walt left you, and unlock your cell. Take and open both of the
    envelopes on the shelf near the door, and then leave the building.
    Use the leaflet you got from Captain Kate (Lady with the big hat on Booty), on
    your wanted poster, and go in to the Library, to the right.
    Open the model lighthouse on your left, and take the lens inside. Walk over to
    the librarian, talk to her, and say "Hi, I'm looking for a book", say the same
    thing again after she tells you to whisper, and then follow the dialog options
    through to get a temporary library card. Use the card catalog, look in the
    C D drawer, and find 'Disasters' (Should be a the back, on the left). Say
    "Hmmm. 'Great Shipwrecks of Our Century', I'll have to remember that", and then
    go to the P Q R drawer and find 'Recipes' (Third back, second row from
    the left), and then use the same "Hmmm..." dialog as you did with the last one.
    Pick any third book, and walk back to the librarian. Ask her for the three
    books, and exit the library.
    Go down the nearer alley, and then follow the weird little guy when he leaves.
    When he leaves again, walk up to the door, and open the slot. Say "What's the
    next winning number going to be?", and you'll have to go through the same
    password routine the little guy did. To get past it, you need to remember how
    many fingers he holds up for the first time, as that will be the answer.
    - For example, if he holds up four fingers, then the answer will be Four,
    regardless of how many he holds up the second time-
    After three successful tries, he'll say he doesn't recognize you, pick either
    dialog choice, and he'll tell you the winning number. Go back to the gambling
    alley, and then talk to the dealer. Say "I'd like to place a bet", and then
    tell him the number you got from the guy behind the door. Pick the invitation
    for your prize, and leave the alley. Walk to either the very far right, or
    very far left, and after a small cutscene, you'll see the island map.
    For now, we need to go to Governor Phatt's mansion, located towards the South
    of the island.
    Open the gate, and head in to the house. Talk to the guard, and use any of the
    first set of dialog choices. At the next set, say "I think there's a fire
    in the kitchen" to make the guard leave. Walk up the stairs, and use the third
    book you chose in the library, with the "Famous Pirate Quotations" book on
    Phatt's bed. Leave the mansion, head all the way back to Captain Dread's ship,
    and set sail back to Scabb Island.
    Go down the hatch into the bar (Note the cool piano playing monkey),
    talk to the barkeep, and say "Grog, please". He doesn't believe you're old
    enough, despite Guybrush's manly-man beard. Say "Will you accept a temporary
    library card?", and then "Yeah, I could really use it". He'll tell you what he
    can give you. You actually need all three drinks, so go through the necessary
    dialog options to get them. He'll also give you a free, funky, crazy straw,
    as well as some not-so-funky barkeep jokes. Oh well. Use the yellow drink on
    the blue drink, and then use your crazy straw on the new green drink. Use the
    banana on the metronome on top of the piano, and then pick up JoJo, the monkey.
    Quite how Guybrush fits a fully grown monkey into his pants I don't understand.
    Anyway, leave the bar, and go up to the laundrette. Use the saw you got from
    Booty Island's antique store, and cut off the guy's peg-leg. Head over to the
    Woodsmiths shack, which is the farthest right door, and steal the hammer and
    some nails, then go to Captain Dread's ship, and sail back to Booty Island.
    Walk all the way to the right, to get to the Spitting Contest.
    Stand near the little flags on the ground, and then use the Ship's Horn to
    distract the Spitmaster. Quickly pick up the flags, and then talk to the
    Spitmaster, and enter the competition using any of the names.
    When it comes to spitting time, you'll fail regardless of the choices you use,
    so just go straight to Ptooie. Use your crazy straw with the green drink, and
    then re-enter the competition, this time use "Swish-Swish", "Hooooooook!",
    "Chwwwwwwk!", "Ptooie!", and you should win the competition. If you don't, use
    the straw on the green drink and try again. Sometimes it seems to happen first
    time, other times it takes a few goes to do it. When you win, you'll get a
    spit plaque, to remember your moment of greatness.
    Leave the contest, and go to Stan's, and say "I'm looking for a good used
    coffin", when he hops in the casket, close it, and then use the nails on it.
    Leaving poor Stan trapped in the coffin, walk over to the big gravestone, and
    take the Crypt Key hanging from it, and then exit the store.
    Walk into the Costume shop to your left, and give the party invitation you
    won to the shopkeeper. Nice dress. Go to the island map (Left of the guy with
    the cannon), and head for the mansion in the north-west corner of the map.
    You'll be stopped at the gate house by.. LECHUCK!! Oh wait, okay, never mind.
    Say "I'm here for the Governor's party", followed by "I've got my invitation
    right here", followed by "I have my costume right here". Mmm-hmm, looking
    mighty fine there, Guybrush.
    Walk over the small hill, and then down to the right, over the tree bridge,
    and then the mansion is just a little way to the right. Open the door, go in,
    pick the map piece up from the frame on the left wall, and leave again. The
    guard dog will start barking at you, use any of the dialog options as they all
    bring the same result - A close up meeting with a rake. But all is not lost,
    for you're reunited with the love of your life! In her bedroom, no less. Hell,
    I'd take a rake in the face any day if it got me into a girl's bedroom.
    Choose all the nicer dialog options, to try and convince Elaine to love you
    again. Despite your best efforts, you blow it, and she throws the map piece
    out the window. What a bitch! Go back into her room, and steal the oar off the
    wall. Now that's payback. Leave the mansion an.. Wait! There's the map piece,
    go over and pick it up! I think I would've used some harsher language had I
    been in Guybrush's shoes.
    Go to the island map, and then come straight back to the mansion, but this time
    you'll be in your regular clothes. Shame, I rather liked that dress.
    Pick up the dog, and then walk around the side of the house. Carrying a dog.
    And a monkey. In your pants. Push the garbage can, and then run away from the
    chef, looping around so you come to the back of the house from the other side,
    and into the door the chef came from. Pick up the fish from the barrel on the
    table, and then leave.
    Go back to town, and into the antique shop. Give the spit-plaque to the dealer,
    and then say "What do you mean? It's worth a mint!", followed by "That's not
    just any lump of pus", and finally "The spit of the person who killed LeChuck
    is on it", to get 6,000 pieces of eight for it. Leave the shop, go to the ship,
    and set sail for Phatt Island.
    Walk over to the fisherman on the pier behind you, and say
    "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty fisherman", "I'm the best fisherman in these
    isles!", and then any of the next options, until he asks if you want to make a
    wager. Say "Sure, I'll take your bet", "Sounds Fair", and then any of the next
    dialog options, "All right, it's a bet", and then give him the fish you took
    from the kitchen on Booty Island, and he'll give you his fishing pole.
    Head over to the Phatt Island jail, and use the small key in the cell door to
    free Captain Kate. Pick up the new envelope on the shelf, and open it to get
    some Near Grog. Sail back to Booty Island, and walk over to Captain Kate.
    If you haven't done so already, look at the "Great Shipwrecks" book, talk to
    Captain Kate, and say "I'm interested in chartering a ship", "Okay, I'll pay
    you the 6000 pieces of eight", "Yeah, let's blow this popsicle stand", and then
    click on the coordinates you got from the book on the map.
    When you reach the coordinates, say "I'll dive in and look for the sunken
    galleon", and then swim over to the monkey head at the front of the ship.
    Pick it up, and then pick up the anchor rope to be brought back up. When you
    reach Booty Island again, walk into the antique shop, and give the monkey head
    to the dealer, in exchange for the map piece.
    Head to the island map, and then to the cliff where the other map piece landed.
    Go to the cliff side, and use the fishing pole to pull up the map, until a
    seagull steals it. Leave the cliff, and go to the big tree. Pick up the plank
    next to the tree, and use it in the hole on the far left.
    Use the oar in the one next to it, and then use the plank again to start
    climbing. Oof, that didn't go so well. Watch the awesome cutscene, and then
    pick up the broken oar. Set sail to Scabb Island, and then go to the Woodsmith.
    Give him the oar, and then go back to the Big Tree on Booty Island.
    Follow the same procedure as before, and then keep swapping the oar and plank
    around until Guybrush takes over. When he's at the top, go into the hut, and
    use the dog on the pile of maps to find the right one. Leave the hut, and pick
    up the telescope from the one behind it, then go to Captain Dread's ship, and
    sail to Phatt Island.
    Go to the island map, and then go to the waterfall. Walk to the path at the
    top, and use the monkey on it, then go back to the waterfall and in to the
    newly discovered gaping hole. Keep going through the left door, until you come
    out the other side, then walk up to the cottage on the cliff. Open the door,
    and go in.
    You'll find an old codger named Captain Rum in there, tell him "I'm looking for
    a map", and "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, Prepare to die", he'll challenge you to a
    drinking contest. When he puts down your mug, pick it up, and use it on the
    tree in the background, then use the bottle of Near-Grog you got from the jail
    on the mug.
    Use the mirror with the mirror frame, and open the shutters near to the screen,
    then go outside and use the telescope with the grotesque statue. Make a note of
    the brick it hits, pick up the telescope if Guybrush hasn't already, then go
    inside, pick up the mirror, and push the brick that the light hit. Take the
    third map piece from the skinny fella' in the bathtub, go through the hole,
    and make your way to the Scabb Island cemetery.
    Find Stan's crypt, and then use the key you got from his store on it.
    Look in the "Famous Pirate Quotations" book, and then match up the quotes to
    find Rapp Scallions coffin. Open it up, and pick up the ashes. Leave the
    cemetery, and go to the Voodoo Lady's, in the swamp.
    Look through the jars on the shelf, and pick up Ash-2-Life. Say "I'll take it",
    and head over to the coffin of Rapp Scallion again. Use the Ash-2-Life on the
    ashes in his coffin, and watch the results. Say "You WERE killed, Rapp", and
    then any of the next dialog options, and when you can, say "I'll check the gas
    for you, Rapp". Exit the cemetery, and head up to the beach.
    Walk up to the shack in the background, and use the key in the door. Push the
    knob on the stove, and then walk all the way back to Rapp. Use the Ash-2-Life
    on him again, and say "You were right, the gas was on", and he'll reward you
    with the final map piece.
    Go to Wally's (The little guy you stole the monocle from all the way back in
    the first part), to find him still blinded. Give him the model lighthouse lens
    from the library on Phatt Island, and then give him a map piece. He'll agree to
    put it all together if you get him a love potion from the Voodoo Lady's, so
    head to her place, say "Wally sent me to pick up some love potion", and she'll
    give it to you. Head back to Wally's, to find he's been kidnapped by LeChuck,
    along with your map...
    Head back to the swamp, open the crate on the shore, and then use it. Two men
    will come and pick you up in the crate, and take you directly to the most
    fearsome man in the Caribbean, LeChuck. There ends the rather long Part II.
     Part 3 - LeChuck's Fortress
    I hope you like orange, there's a lot of it in this level.
    Walk along to the right, up the stairs, and through the passage at the top,
    until you get to the sign post room. Take either of the back tunnels, and look
    at your spit-encrusted paper. Remember the first verse of it (You can always
    look at the paper again if you forget), and walk into the second room. You
    should find a skeleton picture matching the verse (If you don't, keep going
    through the rooms until you do), push the skeleton and go through. Do the exact
    same thing for the next verses, until you reach a huge door that was featured
    in an earlier cutscene. Despite how it looks, the door isn't locked at all, so
    just open it and walk through. Pick up the voodoo key to the jail from the
    throne, and you'll be captured by one of LeChuck's traps. Oh well.
    Choose any of the dialog options with LeChuck, as they make no difference.
    LeChuck will eventually leave you and Wally just hanging around (Har-dee-har).
    Use your crazy straw with the green drink, spit on the shield to your
    right, then on the pan near the bottom, and again at the shield.
    If everything went to plan, the spit will have ricocheted off the shield,
    and off the pan, straight onto the candle. It may take a few tries, though.
    You'll find yourself in a pitch black room, so open the juju bag that the
    Voodoo Lady gave you, and use the matches that come out of it. Uh-oh.
    Maybe that wasn't such a bright idea. Roll on Part IV.
     Part 4 - Dinky Island
    You're here! The end of the game! After all that work I did for you! It's
    finally paid off!
    For the rest of this guide, please send me a cheque for $49.99... Oh, fine,
    you can have it for free.
    You'll land on Dinky Island, which was conveniently where you needed to go
    anyway. Pick up the bottle floating in the nearby ocean, and you'll get some
    more of your old stuff back. Walk over near the parrot, and open the barrel.
    Give the cracker to the parrot, and it'll tell you the first set of directions.
    Pick up the crowbar on the ground, and the martini glass next to it, then walk
    into the jungle. Go left a couple times, and there will be a bag hanging from a
    tree. Use the crowbar on the bottle, and then use the bottle on the bag to cut
    it open. Pick up the box that falls down, and go back to the parrot.
    Use the martini glass with the ocean, use it on the still, and then on the
    cracker mix box. Give the two new crackers to the parrot, and he'll tell you
    some more. Head back into the jungle, take the right path this time, and you'll
    come to a pond. Take the rope, and then use the crowbar on the box. Take the
    dynamite, and then go right twice, and you should see a big hedge-dinosaur.
    Go north until you find a large pile of rocks (Should be two screens away from
    the dinosaur), and then head east once, to find a big X on the ground.
    Wonder what that's for...
    Go back through the new shortcut Herman showed you, then use the shovel on the
    big X. Once you hit cement, use the matches on the dynamite, then use the lit
    dynamite on the ground. Ka-boom.
    Use the rope on the crowbar, and then use it on the twisted metal rods from
    the hole. The intro scene will have it's conclusion now, and ends with you
    plummeting a rather long way into the hole. "Oh, dear", as Elaine said.
    Find and use the light switch on the right hand side of the screen, and you'll
    be confronted again by LeChuck. Choose any dialog options, as it makes no
    difference. Shame the voodoo doll of Largo didn't work as well as that one, eh?
    When you can move, keep going right, until you come to a wall, take the north
    door, and you should find two skeletons. Your parents. Take your dad's skull,
    open the drawer to the right, then take the syringe. Open the trash can, take
    the surgical gloves from it, and leave the room.
    If LeChuck happens to find you during this, quickly use the handkerchief you
    got from Stan's a long time ago, on him, and that'll give you "something of the
    body", for the voodoo doll you're making. He should confront you more than
    once, so you'll have more than one try if you don't do it quickly enough the
    first time.
    After you've left the first aid room, go left, and then north, and you should
    be in a big room filled with boxes. Open the one nearest to you, and you
    should find a doll, so take it. Open the rest until you find a balloon, which
    you also need. Exit the room, go left, and then north again, to find a room
    containing a Grog machine, and a helium tank. Use the surgical gloves and
    balloon on the helium tank to fill them up. Use the coin return on the Grog
    machine, and a small coin will fall out. Wait a few seconds, and LeChuck should
    show up, but stop and look at the coin first. When he's bending over, quickly
    grab his underpants. Yuck.
    For the final item, which is 'something of the head', find the elevator.
    Push the call button on the left of it, go in, and wait for LeChuck to come.
    When he arrives, pull the lever in the elevator, and his beard will get
    caught in the elevator door. Ouch. Pick it up, and then mix all the items
    (Beard, Handkerchief, Skull, Underpants, Doll) in the juju bag.
    Use the lever to take the elevator back down, and then find LeChuck. Use the
    syringe in the voodoo doll, find him again, and say "I wonder what would happen
    if I tore the leg off this thing", "Oh all right, I'm coming over", and then
    any of the next few dialog choices. Now sit back and watch the ending.
     ... Or don't. Your choice.

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