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    Speed Walkthrough by Headrock

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    The 60-minute Walkthrough for Monkey Island 2, by Headrock
    		Written for the CRIMINALLY INSANE.
    BIG BIG BIG NOTE: If you're playing the game for the first time, please
    copy this file to a diskette or a CD-rom, put it in a safe place, and
    forget about it. It takes all the fun out of this INCREDIBLE game. If
    you're Really Really stuck, get another Walkthrough. This walkthrough's
    purpose is to solve most of the puzzles before they're even encountered,
    so the whole cause-effect of the storyline is completely lost, and the
    enjoyment of this hilarious, whacky adventure is shot to hell.
    On a more personal note: If you can't finish this game on your own,
    you're a moron.
    Anyone who's played Monkey Island 2 knows that it is one of the best and
    most interesting quests ever to come out of Lucasarts Studios. While the
    "Lite" version is quite easy, the regular game is difficult but much much
    more interesting. In any case, the myriad of locations available for travel
    (between Islands and across them), especially the fact that you are free
    to move ANYWHERE during chapter 2, makes the game a bit long to finish even
    for those who've already done it before. Yours truly, however, has an
    acute disorder, and remembers the entire game from start to end. Amazingly,
    I discovered one day that I know the fastest, easiest way to finish the
    game without having to "go back and finish something" before it's absolutely
    neccesary. This makes the game go much, MUCH faster. No more wandering 
    around, all confused about where you should go next, or what you forgot to
    do - This walkthrough does EVERYTHING in a neat, orderly fashion.
    This Walkthrough, like other walkthroughs of the "60-minute" style, is
    not only a complete and percise, but is also organized in a manner which
    minimizes travel between locations. It is based on the order in which things
    can and can't be done, and on the proximity of puzzless that become 
    available for solving simultaneously. The Walkthrough is useful even if you
    don't plan to finish it THAT quickly. In fact, the only way to actually finish 
    the game in under 60 minutes, all dialogue and skippable cutscenes must be 
    skipped, by pressing ESCAPE or clicking both mouse keys simultaneously 
    (to end a cutscene), or by repeatedly pressing the "." key (to skip text 
    lines one by one, during dialogues where a Left+Right-click doesn't work).
    Like watching a TV show without voice or subtitles. Don't even ask why I do it.
    Cause I don't know.
    NOTE: to make your life easier and your gameplay even quicker, I warmly 
    recommend memorizing the entire game. That's basically what I did, except I 
    didn't TRY to memorize it, it's just how my brain normally works. Play it
    about 20 times or so, and you'll understand.
    You could, however, copy down the order of locations you must visit - this 
    makes it much easier to remember the order of actions too: If you're at a 
    certain location, you can easily figure out (If you've already played the 
    game), what can and can't yet be done at that specific point in the game.
    P.P.S: Your Truly holds the record at 55:35, measured from the very first 
    click (difficulty selection menu) to the last click in the game (dialogue 
    with parents at the Big Whoop Carnival). And I bet I can go faster.
    1. Get Shovel
    2. Cross Bridge
    3. Enter Wally's Cartography Shop
    4. Wait until wally removes the monocle, then Get Monocle
    5. Get Paper 
    6. Exit to Woodtick
    7. Enter Bar
    8. Talk to Bartender (Ask about Business)
    9. Use Paper on Spit 
    10. Exit to Woodtick
    11. Enter Kitchen Window
    12. Get Knife
    13. Exit to Woodtick
    14. Enter Three-Pirates' Ship
    15. Get Bucket (Ask "is it yours?")
    16. Exit to Woodtick
    17. Exit to Scabb Island
    18. Go to Beach
    19. Get Stick
    20. Exit to Scabb Island
    21. Go to Swamp
    22. Use Bucket on Swamp
    23. Exit to Scabb Island
    24. Go to Cemetary
    25. Go up to the Cemetary Hill
    26. Use Shovel on Grave
    27. Exit to Cemetary
    28. Exit to Scabb Island
    29. Go to Woodtick
    30. Enter Hotel
    31. Use Knife on Rope
    32. Look at Bowl
    33. Get Cheese Squiggles
    34. Enter Largo's Room
    35. Get Toupee
    36. Close Door
    37. Use Bucket of Mud on Door
    38. Exit to Hotel Lounge
    39. Exit to Woodtick
    40. Enter Three Pirates' Ship
    41. Exit to Woodtick
    42. Enter Hotel
    43. Enter Largo's Room
    44. Close Door
    45. Get Laundry Ticket
    46. Exit to Hotel Lounge
    47. Exit to Woodtick
    48. Enter Three Pirates' Ship
    49. Give Laundry Ticket to Launderer
    50. Exit to Woodtick
    51. Exit to Scabb Island
    52. Go to Swamp
    53. Use Coffin
    54. Row to Voodoo Shack
    55. Get String
    56. Look at Middle Jar on Second Shelf
    57. Get Ash-2-Life Jar
    58. Talk to Voodoo Priestess (Ask about Business, about largo, about doll)
    59. Continue by giving all four ingredients of the Voodoo Doll
    60. Exit to Swamp
    61. Row to Shore
    62. Exit to Scabb Island
    63. Go to Woodtick
    64. Enter Hotel
    65. Enter Largo's Room
    66. Use Pins on Voodoo Doll
    67. Enter Three Pirates' Ship
    68. Open Box
    69. Use Stick on Box
    70. Use String on Stick
    71. Use Cheese Squiggles on Box
    72. Wait for Rat to enter Box, then Pull String
    73. Open Box
    74. Get Trapped Rat
    75. Exit to Woodtick
    76. Enter Kitchen Window
    77. Use Captured Rat in Vichysouisse
    78. Exit to Woodtick
    79. Enter Bar
    80. Talk to Bartender (Ask for Stew, then accept job offer)
    81. Exit to Woodtick
    82. Exit to Scabb Island
    83. Go to Peninsula
    84. Enter Dread's Ship
    85. Give Monocle to Captain Dread
    86. Talk to Captain Dread (Ask to Charter a Ship)
    --- END CHAPTER ---
    1. Get Parrot Chow
    2. Enter Cabin
    3. Go to Phatt Island
    4. Pull Mattress
    5. Get Stick
    6. Use Stick with Leg Bone
    7. Get Bone
    8. Give Bone to Walt
    9. Get Key
    10. Use Key on Lock
    11. Get Gorilla Envelope
    12. Get Manilla Envelope
    13. Open Gorilla Envelope
    14. Open Manilla Envelope
    15. Exit to Wharf
    16. Enter Roulette Alley
    17. Exit Roulette Alley
    18. Follow Guy to Back Alley
    19. Open Peephole
    20. Ask for Next Winning Number
            If you haven't figured it out, the code is very simple. The guy
            behind the door shows you two sets of fingers. What he actually says
            is unimportant - look at the number of fingers he shows you the
            first time - that's the answer.
            For instance, the guy shows three fingers and says "If this is Five,"
            then shows 2 fingers and says "What's this?" The answer is 3.
    21. Exit to Wharf
    22. Enter Roulette Alley
    23. Place Bet, giving the Winning Number, and ask for Cash
    24. Exit to Wharf
    25. Enter Backalley
    26. Open Peephole
    27. Ask for Next Winning Number
    28. Exit to Wharf
    29. Enter Roulette Alley
    30. Place Bet, giving the Winning Number, and ask for an Invitation
    31. Exit to Wharf
    32. Enter Library
    33. Open Lighthouse Model
    34. Get Lens
    35. Look at File Cabinet
    36. Click on "R"
    37. Find the "Recipes" card
    38. Remember "The Joy of Hex"
    39. Exit back to File Cabinet
    40. Click on "D"
    41. Find the "Disasters" card
    42. Remember "Great Shipwrecks of our Century"
    43. Exit Cabinet
    44. Talk to Librarian, get Library Card and the two books you memorized.
    45. Exit to Wharf
    46. Exit to Phatt Island
    47. Go to Phatt's Mansion
    48. Open Gate
    49. Enter Mansion
    50. Talk to Guard (Say you're Guybrush's cousin, and that the Kitchen is on
    51. Enter Phatt's Room
    52. Use "Big Whoop" book on "Great Pirate Quotations" book
    53. Exit to Mansion
    54. Exit to Mansion Grounds
    55. Exit to Phatt Island
    56. Go to Dread's Ship
    57. Go to Booty Island
    58. Enter Shop
    59. Get Saw
    60. Get Horn
    61. Get Sign
    62. Use Parrot Chow on Hook
    63. Get Mirror
    64. Exit to Ville De La Booty
    65. Exit to Booty Island
    66. Enter Costume Shop
    67. Give Invitation to Shopowner
    68. Get Dress
    69. Exit to Ville De La Booty
    70. Exit to Booty Island
    71. Go to Roadblock
    72. Show Invitation and Costume
    73. Go to Mansion
    74. Go to Mansion Backside
    75. Push Trash Can
    76. QUICKLY go to Mansion Frontside
    77. QUICKLY go to Mansion Backside (walk around the mansion, not back
    	in the direction you came from...)
    78. QUICKLY Enter Mansion Kitchen
    79. Get Fish
    80. QUICKLY Exit to Mansion Backside
    81. QUICKLY go to Mansion Frontside
    82. QUICKLY enter Mansion Lounge
    83. Get Map Piece
    84. Exit to Mansion Frontside
    85. Suck up to Marley, the romantic phrases do the trick.
    86. Exit to Mansion Frontside
    87. Chase Map until it's Gone
    88. Exit to Booty Island
    89. Go to Mansion (again)
    90. Go to Mansion Frontside
    91. Go to Mansion Lounge
    92. Go to Marley's Room
    93. Get Oar
    94. Exit to Mansion Lounge
    95. Exit to Mansion Frontside
    96. Get Dog
    97. Exit to Booty Island
    98. Go to Big Tree
    99. Use Plank
    100. Use Oar on Hole
    101. Use Oar
    102. Get Broken Oar
    103. Exit to Booty Island
    104. Go to Dread's Ship
    105. Go to Scabb Island
    106. Enter Carpenter's
    107. Give Broken Oar to Carpenter
    108. Enter Bar                   
    109. Use Banana on Metronome
    110. Talk to Bartender (Show Library Card and get Blue and Yellow Drinks)
    111. Exit to Woodtick
    112. Enter Three Pirates' Ship
    113. Use Saw on PegLeg
    114. Exit to Woodtick
    115. Enter Carpenter's
    116. Get Hammer
    117. Get Nails
    118. Exit to Scabb Island
    119. Go to Dread's Ship
    120. Go to Booty Island
    121. Enter Stan's Used Coffins
    122. Ask to see a coffin
    123. Close Coffin
    124. QUICKLY use Nails on Coffin
    125. Get Crypt Key
    126. Exit to Ville de la Booty
    127. Go to Contest Grounds
    128. Approach the Flags and Use the Horn
    129. QUICKLY pick up flags
    130. Use Yellow Drink with Blue Drink
    131. Use Crazy Straw with Green Drink
    132. Approach Line
    133. Press 1,3,2,3, and spit when the woman's veil is fluttering in the wind.
    134. Go to Ville de la Booty
    135. Enter Shop
    136. Pick up Map
    137. Talk to Shopkeeper (Find out about trade-ins)
    138. Give Plaque to Shopkeeper (Claim it has the spit of the man who killed
            Le-Chuck on it)
    139. Exit to Ville de la Booty
    140. Look at "Great Shipwrecks of our Century" to find the coordinates
    141. Talk to Captain Capsize (Ask for a Pamphlet, and charter her ship)
    142. Enter the correct coordinates for the Mad Monkey Shipwreck
    143. Dive
    144. Get the Mad Monkey Headpiece
    145. Pull Rope
    146. Enter Shop
    147. Give Headpiece to Shopkeeper
    148. Exit to Ville de la Booty
    149. Enter Dread's Ship
    150. Go to Phatt Island
    151. Use Capsize's Pamphlet on Wanted Poster
    152. Go to Pier
    153. Talk to Fisherman (Insult him, and accept his bet)
    154. Give Fish to Fisherman
    155. Exit to Wharf
    156. Exit to Dread's Ship
    157. Go to Booty Island
    158. Exit to Booty Island
    159. Go to Cliff
    160. Look down Cliff
    161. Use Fishing Pole on Map Piece
    162. Exit to Booty Island
    163. Go to Big Tree
    164. Use Plank
    165. Use Reinforced Oar on Hole
    166. Use Reinforced Oar
    167. Pick up Plank
    168. Use Plank on next Hole, and continue from 164 until game takes over automatically)
    169. Get Telescope
    170. Enter Hut
    171. Use Dog on Pile of Papers
    172. Exit to Treetop
    173. Exit to Tree Bottom
    174. Exit to Booty Island
    175. Exit to Dread's Ship
    176. Go to Phatt Island
    177. Enter Prison
    178. Get Vanilla Envelope
    179. Open Vanilla Envelope
    180. Exit to Wharf
    181. Exit to Phatt Island
    182. Go to Waterfall
    183. Go to Top of Waterfall
    184. Use Monkeywrench on Valve
    185. Go to Waterfall
    186. Enter Tunnel (and keep going until you reach the other side)
    187. Go to Remote Shack
    188. Open Window
    189. Enter Shack
    190. Agree to Contest
    191. QUICKLY Pick up Mug
    192. QUICKLY Use Mug on Potted Plant
    193. QUICKLY Use Near-Grog Bottle on Mug
    194. Use Mirror on Frame
    195. Exit to Shack front
    196. Use Telescope on Monkey Statue (And remember which stone the light hit)
    197. Enter Shack
    198. Press correct Stone
    199. Get Map Piece
    200. Exit to Secluded Beach
    201. Enter Tunnel (And keep going until you reach the waterfall)
    202. Exit to Phatt Island
    203. Exit to Dread's Ship
    204. Go to Scabb Island
    205. Exit to Scabb Island
    206. Go to Cemetary
    207. Use Crypt Key on Crypt Door
    208. Enter Crypt
    209. Look at "Famous Pirate Quotations" and find the one by Rapp Scallion
    210. Look at coffins until Rapp Scallion's is found
    211. Open Coffin
    212. Get Ashes
    213. Exit to Cemetary
    214. Exit to Scabb Island
    215. Go to Swamp
    216. Use Coffin
    217. Row to Voodoo Shack
    218. Pick up Ash-2-Life Jar
    219. Ask Priestess to make Ash-2-Life, supply the book "Joy of Hex"
    220. Exit to Swamp
    221. Row to Shore
    222. Exit to Scabb Island
    223. Go to Cemetary
    224. Enter Crypt
    225. Look at Rapp Scallion's Coffin
    226. Use Ash-2-Life on Ashes (and offer your assistance)
    227. Exit to Cemetary
    228. Exit to Scabb Island
    229. Go to Beach
    230. Use Shop Key on Wiener-Shop Door
    231. Enter Weiner-Hut
    232. Use Gas Switch
    233. Exit to Beach
    234. Exit to Scabb Island
    235. Go to Cemetary
    236. Enter Crypt
    237. Look at Rapp Scallion's Coffin
    238. Use Ash-2-Life on Ashes (And confirm that the gas is off)
    239. Exit to Cemetary
    240. Exit to Scabb Island
    241. Go to Woodtick
    242. Enter Wally's Cartography Shop
    243. Give Lens to Wally
    244. Give 4 Map Pieces to Wally
    245. Exit to Woodtick
    246. Exit to Scabb Island
    247. Go to Swamp
    248. Use Coffin
    249. Row to Voodoo Shack
    250. Talk to Priestess (ask for Wally's order)
    251. Exit to Swamp
    252. Row to Shore
    253. Open Crate
    254. Use Crate 
    1. Exit to Intersection
    2. Go Left
    3. Look At the Spit-Encrusted Paper in your Inventory, and one by one find
            each combination of bones, push, and go through. Repeat the process
            once for each verse in the poem.
    4. Open Door
    5. Get the Key
    6. Use Crazy-Straw on Green Drink
    7. Spit at the Bottom Left part of the small round plate on the right side
            of the screen (The one hanging on a net of ropes, or what looks like
            it). Spit four times to get the desired effect. You'll hit the
            balloon, then wally, then the baloon again, and then the candle.
    8. Open the Juju Bag
    9. Use the Matches
    1. Get the Bottle
    2. Use Bottle on Rock
    3. Get Crowbar
    4. Get Martini Glass
    5. Use Martini Glass on Seawater
    6. Use Martini Glass on Still
    7. Go to Woods
    8. Go West
    9. Go West
    10. Use Broken Bottle on Sack
    11. Get Cracker Box
    12. Go East
    13. Go East
    14. Go South
    15. Use Martini Glass on Cracker Box
    16. Give Cracker to Parrot
    17. Go to Woods
    18. Go East
    19. Get Rope
    20. Use Crowbar on Box
    21. Get Dynamite
    22. Give Cracker to Parrot
    23. Follow Parrot's Instructions, repeat until arrived at huge X.
    24. Use Shovel on X
    25. Use Matches on Dynamite
    26. Use Dynamite in Hole
    27. Use Rope on Crowbar
    28. Use Rope'n'Crowbar on Stalagmites
    29. Use Light Switch
    30. Go to any room you can - try to do the following as quickly as possible,
            by entering the closest room as fast as possible and carrying out
            anything you need:
            STORAGE ROOM
            Open Boxes to get Balloon, Kewpie Doll.
            Get Skull
            Look in Trashcan
            Get Gloves
            Open Drawer
            Get Syringe
            Use Gloves on Helium Canister
            Use Balloon on Helium Canister
            Use Coin Return, then Get Lechuck's Underwear
            Give Hanky to Lechuck
    31. Once completed, go to the Elevator
    32. Use Button
    33. Enter Elevator
    34. Wait for Lechuck, and Pull Lever
    35. Get Beard
    36. Use Kewpie Doll on Juju Bag
    37. Use Skull on Juju Bag
    38. Use Dirty Underwear on Juju Bag
    39. Use Used Hanky on Juju Bag
    40. Use Beard on Juju Bag
    41. Push Lever
    42. Find Lechuck, and QUICKLY use Syringe on Kewpie Doll
    THE END!
    Below is a list of all locations you must visit, in correct order.
    Notice that you are sometimes automatically transported between
    locations (This is noted in parenthesis). Also notice that sometimes
    you need to go through a certain screen to get to your destination.
    This is denoted by "->". Any room listen this way that is NOT at
    the end of the -> line is only go-through. Otherwise, all rooms
    listed have something to be performed in them.
    WOODTICK BRIDGE (Start Location)
    Wally's Cartography Shop
    Three-Pirates' Ship
    Cemetary Hill
    Largo's Room
    Three Pirates' Ship
    Largo's Room
    Three Pirates' Ship
    Voodoo Shack
    Three Pirates' Ship
    WOODTICK -> Bar
    Dread's Ship
    --- END CHAPTER ---
    -> Cabin
    Phatt Island -> Prison (Automatic)
    Roulette Alley
    Back Alley
    Roulette Alley (For money)
    Roulette Alley (For invitation)
    Mansion -> Mansion Insides -> Governor's Room
    Dread's Ship
    Booty Island
    Mercantile Shop
    Costume Shop
    Mansion -> Mansion Backside
    Mansion Frontside
    Mansion Backside (Running AWAY from the chef)
    Mansion Kitchen
    Mansion Frontside (Again, running AWAY)
    Mansion Lounge
    Marley's Room (reenter after thrown out)
    Mansion Frontside
    Booty Island Map
    Mansion -> Mansion Frontside
    Big Tree
    Dread's Ship
    Scabb Island
    Three Pirates' Ship
    Dread's Ship
    Booty Island
    Stan's Used Coffins
    Contest Grounds
    Mercantile Shop
    Talk to Captain Capsize and Enter the correct coordinates
    Back to Booty
    Dread's Ship
    Phatt Island
    Pier (After using leaflet on Poster)
    Dread's Ship
    Booty Island
    Big Tree
    Up to Treetop (by using the plank/oar maneuver)
    Treetop Hut
    Dread's Ship
    Phatt Island
    Waterfall -> Top of Waterfall
    Waterfall -> Tunnel -> Small Island -> Hilltop Shack
    Inside Shack
    Shack front
    Inside Shack
    Shack Basement (Through pressing the correct stone)
    Small Island
    Dread's Ship
    Scabb Island
    Voodoo Shack
    Beach -> Weiner-Hut
    Voodoo Shack
    Swamp Shore (Enter Crate to complete chapter)
    Intersection Inside Fortress -> Left
    Huge Door (through panel maze)
    Voodoo Shrine
    Ooze Room (By grabbing the Voodoo Key)
    Explosives Warehouse (By spitting correctly)
    Use the Matches to complete Chapter
    Jungle -> West -> West
    East -> East -> Beach (south)
    Jungle -> East
    East -> East -> North -> North -> East (Remember to feed polly along the
    	way or you'll get lost)
    Treasure Cavern (By using explosives on big X)
    Big Whoop West End (Automatically after Cutscene)
    	ANYWHERE - Give Hanky to LeChuck
    Elevator at Top Floor (by pulling the Lever when you have all three
    	inflated baloons/gloves)
    Elevator Bottom Floor -> Any Tunnel
    Use kewpie doll with Syringe to complete chapter.
    This file has been provided by
    HEADROCK Industries Inc., Ltd. and Co.
    Copyright 2004 Headrock Beats of Jerusalem (c)
    Presented in MonkeyVision(tm) for the good of the people.
    Feel free to loot, plagiate, and otherwise misuse or edit,
    I doubt the FAQ would get any better than this. ;)
    Coming soon: The 60-minute walkthrough for Day of the Tentacle, Sam-N-Max, and more...

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