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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sepukukitty

    Version: 2 | Updated: 04/08/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				The Sims Medieval
    Hello, fellow Simmers! This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough and I'm very excited 
    about making it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me 
    at a.n.seaton@gmail.com. I have completely written about 25 quests so far, but
    I have many more that I am working on. As you can see from the Quest List, I'll
    be adding these as I encounter them and I'm trying to go through all possible
    options, just in case. This is a long process, so please be patient as I work
    to bring you all the information I can. This is not complete yet, but I hope 
    to finish it sometime this month.
    I own The Sims Medieval and in no way claim to have created any of the portions
    of the game. I have created this guide from my own spare time and gaming. 
    Please do not copy and paste this walkthrough without my consent or giving 
    credit. I have worked very hard.
    04-08-11: Began to add Quest Loot Tables.
    	  Most formatting is now complete.
    	  Finished adding all Buffs that I know of.
    	  Created Crafting Tables.
    	  Added Special Note A, B, and C.
    	  Completed Spell List!
    	  Added Aspects
    04-07-11: Began v.2.0 as v.1.0 was not in correct submission format.
    	  Began formatting in notepad.
    	  Added Table of Contents.
    	  Added Responsibilities.
    03-27-11: Began v.1.0 in  OpenOffice. 
    	  Quest Table added.
    	  25 quests completely written.
    	  Began adding buffs.
    	  Completed Introduction and Disclaimer.
    Table of Contents
    A Special Note
    	Note A
    	Note B
    	Quest List  		
    	Quest Loot Table		
    	Positive Buffs			
    	Negative Buffs		
    	No Effect Buffs		
    	Well Being
    Crafting Lists
    	Wizard Potions
    	Physician Remedies
    	Smithy's Items
    	Food from the Cooking Pot
    	Food from the Oven
    A Special Note
    Note A:
    Okay, so this is a note about how I roll...kinda. I know other walkthroughs and
    FAQ's offer details on the controls and such, however, not only is there a 
    tutorial, but there is a lot of information in the booklet about the controls.
    The way I've designed this Walkthrough is to do just that: walk you through the
    game, no matter what part you're stuck at. As you've noticed from the Table of
    Contents, I've added a lot of other information that you may enjoy. I'm trying
    to make this game fairly easy to understand for a first-time player without
    trying to make you feel like a noob. 
    Note B:
    Now, I just have a small note about the Quest Loot Table. You'll probably note
    that some quests like "A Missing Child" are super short, but there is still a 
    platinum trophy to win for those quests. Take the time to complete the assigned
    responsibilities and to get your focus up to achieve Platinum level. You'll
    slowly learn how to balance it so you never feel like you're completely behind
    on a quest.
    Note C:
    I almost started to drive myself crazy because the original Quest Loot Table 
    was slightly off. Then I realized that the Rewards were probably different
    because my Kingdom had a High Knowledge Score. With that said, just keep in 
    mind that my tables may be off because of your Kingdom's Knowledge score.
    Quest List
    0 QP: Free Time	
    1 QP: A Missing Child
    1 QP: First Steps
    2 QP: Contents: Genie
    2 QP: Crab Bandit
    2 QP: Jacoban's Day Out
    2 QP: Power Grab
    2 QP: Rise of the Playwright
    2 QP: Royal Holiday
    2 QP: Royal Review-Incomplete
    2 QP: Wedding
    3 QP: Ancient Secrets
    3 QP: A Rash of Rudeness
    3 QP: Blacksmith Apprentice
    3 QP: Book Burning
    3 QP: Bounty Hunt: Wild Boar
    3 QP: Bric-a-Brac Day
    3 QP: Cultural Crusades
    3 QP: Cutting Edge
    3 QP: Dangerous Minds
    3 QP: Death of the Proxy
    3 QP: Doomsday
    3 QP: Eastern Promises
    3 QP: Evolution of Chinchilla
    3 QP: Family Crest
    3 QP: Famine Fever
    3 QP: Fountain of Legend
    3 QP: Fur
    3 QP: Gilded Guilds
    3 QP: Golems Gone Wild
    3 QP: Hungry Hungry Hamfast 
    3 QP: I Don't Feel So Good
    3 QP: King for a Day
    3 QP: Make Books, Not War
    3 QP: New Gangs of Aarbyville
    3 QP: Nurse with a Curse
    3 QP: O Fortuna
    3 QP: Peasant Revolt
    3 QP: Prelude to a Plague
    3 QP: Sacred Scrutiny
    3 QP: Tournament of Honor
    3 QP: The Case of the Missing Monarch
    3 QP: The Fisherman's Challenge
    3 QP: The Philosopher's Stone
    3 QP: Ye Olde Magic Show
    4 QP: Goblins
    4 QP: Heir to the Throne
    4 QP: Invasion!
    4 QP: Jacoban's Day Out 2: Pilgrimaster
    4 QP: Legend of the Talking Frog
    4 QP: O Creature My Creature
    4 QP: The Dragon of...
    4 QP: The Mirthful Love Doctor
    4 QP: The Seven Mechanical Arts
    4 QP: The Witch Is Back
    4 QP: Sinister Sorceress
    Free Time
    Primary: All
    Cost 0 QP
    Rewards: None
    	This isn't really a quest. You get to enter a freeplay mode of sorts. 
    You do not gain experience, you do not have responsibilities, and you do not 
    have RP or QP available. You just get to hang out and play with some of the 
    different hero sims. You do get to switch to any sim you wish to play as. You 
    can play as the Monarch, then play as the Knight if you want, then switch to 
    the Wizard. 
    A Missing Child: Find 'im
    Primary: Any
    Cost 1 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 10 RP  |	| 10 RP  |	| 20 RP  |	| 20 RP  |
    	| 675 S  |	| 675 S  |	| 900 S  |	| 900 S  |
    	| 400 X  |	| 800 X  |	| 800 X  |	| 1200 X |
    	| None	 |	|  +W	 | 	|  +W    |	|  +W    |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    This is the shortest quest available. It doesn't matter who you choose,
    you basically do the exact same thing. I was the physician. Ask someone about 
    the disturbance. You'll find a child is missing. Ask your patients and you'll 
    be able to discuss his recent travels with 2 people. Go to the outskirts and 
    you'll find him. Ask about his disappearance at the Town Square.
    First Steps: If you build it...
    Primary: Monarch
    Cost 1 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 10 RP  |	| 10 RP  |	| 10 RP  |	| 10 RP  |
    	| 400 S  |	| 400 S  |	| 750 S  |	| 1000 S |
    	| 400 X  |	| 800 X  |	| 800 X  |	| 1200 X |
    	|  +K	 |	|  +K	 | 	|  +K    |	|  +K    |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    First things first, your Monarch wants to make sure he is presentable 
    for his kingdom by using the gussy up option on the mirror upstairs. Next, 
    discuss the castle with the build master. You can find him by finding the gold
    icon above his head. He will tell you he needs resources. To do so, you need 
    to go to the forest. Once there, discover and collect wildflowers. This is a 
    necessary tool for other heroes of the game. After a moment, a bandit will try
    to mug you. Challenge the bandit to a duel. Once you win, collect wood in the 
    forest. Now, go to the graveyard where you will be prompted to discuss grave-
    digging with the gravedigger. Afterward, collect stone in the cave. The Monarch
    will mention that he needs to also go to the Village Shoppe, so you need to go
    to the path to the Village Shoppe. Note: You don't always have to go here 
    first, then to the shoppe. Click on the Village Shoppe and click go to Village
    Shoppe.  You don't have to buy anything there. After you leave, you will see 
    someone ask for help. Click on this person and select check safety. They tell 
    you they were bullied by someone in the town square. Go to the Town Square and
    send town bully to the stocks. Go to the judgment zone and when the bully is 
    in the stocks, throw an egg at it. Return to the throne room and you will be 
    greeted by two different people. Whomever you choose to woo, does not matter. 
    After you use a couple friendly actions, you need to give the flower. Give 
    resources to the Build Master, then take time for yourself by completing you 
    responsibilities. You will be prompted to write letter of hire for a Royal 
    Adviser and when you're finished, to send letter of hire via the messenger 
    post. Ask the adviser for advice and he will tell you to buy something nice 
    to spruce up your throne room and will even give you a little money. Buy some-
    thing in furnish mode, then declare the throne room open by clicking on the 
    Monarch. Next, you will need to view the current political situation and then 
    discuss the Kingdoms' future with the build master. [End]
    Contents: Genie: Free the Genie!
    Primary: Wizard
    Cost 2 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 20 RP  |	| 30 RP  |	| 40 RP  |	| 50 RP  |
    	| 900 S  |	| 1125 S |	| 1350 S |	| 1800 S |
    	| 800 X  |	| 1200 X |	| 1600 X |	| 2000 X |
    	|  +K	 |	|  +2K	 | 	|  +2K   |	|  +3K   |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    When you first begin, you'll notice there isn't as much water. 
    Overflow the well, then check it by drawing water. You'll find a bottle. 
    Return to your tower. You'll find it is a Genie in a bottle. Research genies 
    for one hour using the archives. When you're done, you'll be prompted to 
    summon the genie using a mirror. You'll tell the genie you're going to free 
    him. Create a genie stabilizer from the craft table.	 Now, collect 3 soul 
    fragments. To do this, first be sure to prepare the Spirit Thief spell. Then, 
    find 3 random people and cast the spirit thief spell. Do this three times. 
    Release the genie by meditating for an hour. You've done it! Now find the 
    genie in the town. When you find him, check on his health and accept his 
    token of gratitude. [End]
    Contents: Genie: Use the Wishes!
    Primary: Monarch
    Cost 2 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 20 RP  |	| 30 RP  |	| 40 RP  |	| 50 RP  |
    	| 900 S  |	| 1125 S |	| 1350 S |	| 1800 S |
    	| 800 X  |	| 1200 X |	| 1600 X |	| 2000 X |
    	|  +K	 |	|  +2K	 | 	|  +2K   |	|  +3K   |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    There is something going on! Go visit the town square to see what's up.
    Discuss rare goods with the merchant there. She'll have something special for 
    you. Wait. When she calls you, take the bottle from her. Ask her about the 
    genie and she'll tell you to summon the genie from the mirror. Choose your 
    first wish. 
    	Money, Love and Memory Problems?
    	Wish for money. After you wish for money....nothing happens. Question 
    the genie about the wish. You'll find you have to be very specific. Ask the 
    merchant about the wishes  and she will tell you what you've discovered. Ask 
    three different people what they would wish for. After doing so, summon the 
    genie again and make your second wish about love. Wish for a lass lover. 
    Await your new lover in the throne room. When they don't show up, ask about 
    your missing lover. The person you ask will tell you it is they. Something is 
    wrong...Demand an explanation from the genie. Seek advice from your adviser 
    and from the build master. You get to decide again what you would like to 
    choose for your final wish. Wish you never met. To make sure it worked, check 
    the town square. You'll find the merchant again. Discuss rare goods with the 
    merchant and again, wait. When she calls you, take the bottle from her. 
    Realizing what will happen, find a place to dispose of the genie, like in the 
    	Eternal life, Love, and Infinite Wish Problems?
    	For you first wish, choose eternal life. You'll find that nothing is 
    different. Question the genie about it and you'll be told that you'll never 
    grow old, but if you get into a fight, you'll probably die. Go back to the 
    merchant and ask about the wishes. You'll be told to be very specific. To 
    decide what to wish for ask three people about wish. After, summon the genie to
    make your second wish. Wish for the handsome stud and you'll be told he'll be 
    here soon. Await the arrival of your lover in the throne room. After a short 
    while, he won't be here. Ask about your missing  and a lady will be there claim
    ing to be your love. Demand an explanation from the genie. Seek advice from 
    your advisor and from the Build Master. When you're ready, summon the genie and 
    make your final wish. Wish for infinite wishes and the genie will concede and 
    be yours forever. But first, he's going to count each and every wish you can 
    make. Return the genie to the merchant unsuccessfully then find somewhere to 
    dispose of the genie. Might I suggest the well? [End]
    Crab Bandit: Powerful Ally?
    Primary: Monarch
    Cost 2 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 20 RP  |	| 30 RP  |	| 40 RP  |	| 50 RP  |
    	| 1000 S |	| 1250 S |	| 1500 S |	| 2000 S |
    	| 800 X  |	| 1200 X |	| 1600 X |	| 2000 X |
    	|  +S	 |	|  +2S	 | 	|  +2S   |	|  +3S   |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    Your Monarch begins the day by thinking of security. Write a letter 
    to inventors, then send the letter at the messenger post. You will have to wait
    for the inventors to arrive. Discuss the invention with each inventor. There a
    re three: land mine, flying machine, and the Crab Bandit. Ask about the Crab 
    Bandit. He'll tell you nonsense and tell you to discuss the Crab Bandit with 
    the Build Master. When you're done, search the cave. Someone is outside. 
    Discuss the crab bandit with this person. Search again for the crab bandit. You
    will now have three new objects, but there are two options.
    	Option A: New clothes, feed the crabs, give moustache wax.
    	Request the land mine from the inventor.  They will tell you they will
    do anything else you ask. Ask for their clothes. Promptly deliver the clothes 
    to the cave. Then, ask about the moustache. This person can be found by finding
    the golden icon above their head. Mix moustache wax from the fireplace. Again,
    deliver the wax to the cave. Finally, buy ingredients for fowl soup and potato
    soup. Have one fowl soup and potato soup in your inventory. Finally, deliver 
    the food to the cave. You need to go back into the cave to finalize the 
    alliance. When you come out, wear the moustache that is now in your inventory.
    	Option B: New fragrance, ward swap, moustachioed sacrifice.
    	First off, go to the village shoppe and buy musk. It is under the items
    header. Apply musk using the mirror. Find a child and ask child to be a ward.
    Once complete, send the child to the cave. You'll need to wait an hour for the
    ward swap. While waiting, ask the man near the cave about moustache. He'll go
    inside. Find your crabling ward. After, finalize the alliance then wear the 
    moustache in your inventory. [End]
    Crab Bandit: Crab Hammer
    Primary: Blacksmith
    Cost 2 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 20 RP  |	| 30 RP  |	| 40 RP  |	| 50 RP  |
    	| 1000 S |	| 1250 S |	| 1500 S |	| 2000 S |
    	| 800 X  |	| 1200 X |	| 1600 X |	| 2000 X |
    	|  +S	 |	|  +2S	 | 	|  +2S   |	|  +3S   |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------	
    First, you need to ask the mineral dealer about the stock. He'll ask 
    if you want to check his wares. Select the first option to look at rare 
    mineral, then ask the build master about the mineral. After speaking with him,
    search the cave for the rare mineral. After a short scene, return to the 
    smithy. Craft a crab hammer. You will need 2 Electrum, 2 Ferrous, 2 Phosphorus 
    and the small chunk of mineral you received from the mineral dealer. You can 
    find these other minerals by discovering rock deposits in the area. After 
    forging, harvest a full shell from the cave,  then return to the smithy.  Now, 
    you have to choose what you want to make. A sword or a suit of armor. 
    	For the sword: Craft the Longclaw. You will need 3 mithral which you 
    will find on the beach near the rocks (away from the ship). Once you've 
    successfully crafted the sword, you will find a piece of shell undamaged. 
    Equip the crab mustache. [End].
    	For the armor: Craft the Spiked Carapace. You will need 3 adamantle 
    and some ferrous. Once you've crafted the armor, you will find a piece of 
    shell undamaged. Equip the crab mustache. [End]
    Jacoban's Day Out
    Primary: Any Jacoban
    Cost: 2 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 10 RP  |	| 20 RP  |	| 30 RP  |	| 40 RP  |
    	| 000 S  |	| 750 S  |	| 750 S  |	| 1000 S |
    	| 1040 X |	| 1040 X |	| 1040 X |	| 1560 X |
    	| +2C-S	 |	| +3C-S	 | 	|  +3C   |	|  +3C   |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    Okay, so we're just gonna follow your Jacoban around. First, ask the 
    Monarch for a donation. You must provide your own bag, so get the bag from 
    the merchant. Go talk with the Jacoban leader, then read Jacob's Journey. 
    When you're done, ask for 3 bolts of cloth from 3 different people. They cost 
    10 simoles each. Return the book to the Jacoban leader, and reflect on the 
    watcher for 90m. Go have your neckerchief made. You'll need to make a large 
    bowl of vegetable soup for your inventory, then you can pack your belongings 
    on the ship. When you're done, make the pilgrimage. [End]
    Jacoban's Day Out
    Primary: Jacoban Priest
    Cost 2 QP
     	 Bronze		 Silver		  Gold 		Platinum
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------		
    	| 10 RP  |	| 20 RP  |	| 30 RP  |	| 40 RP  |
    	| 000 S  |	| 750 S  |	| 750 S  |	| 1000 S |
    	| 1040 X |	| 1040 X |	| 1040 X |	| 1560 X |
    	| +2C-S	 |	| +3C-S	 | 	|  +3C   |	|  +3C   |
    	 --------	 --------	 --------	 --------
    This one is a little incomplete. First, ask the king for a donation 
    then go get the bag from the merchant. I chose to fundraise, so ask for a 
    donation from someone. Then, give 100 simoles to the monarch. You'll need to 
    search the forest for the vault then ask the tailor to make a neckerchief. 
    You'll need to get spare loom parts for them. Then, you'll be able to ask to 
    make the neckerchief. Now, you'll be teaching the attendant about converting 
    people. Convert 2 new jacoban's. Then, absolve sims for 1 hour. Teach the 
    attendant another lesson about absolving.  When you're done reflect on the 
    watcher for 1 hour, then give a sermon. During this time, you should be 
    waiting for your neckerchief to be made. Pick up your neckerchief, then you'll
    be able to make a large portion of vegetable soup, pack your belongings onto 
    the ship, and finally make the pilgrimage. [End]
    Power Grab: Domestic
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost: 2 QP
    	First thing first, hold court to hear from your wonderful citizens. 
    After hearing from them, your Monarch will decide either to pass new 
    legislation or to read about past leaders.
    	Pass new legislation:
    	Using your tactical map, pass an edict. Once passed, gather thoughts 
    as a self-interaction. Once finished, gather feedback from 3 people. Your 
    Monarch will now want to see the market at the Town Square when it opens. Go 
    to the Town Square at 7am. There will be a total of four people that you can 
    ask about troubles. One person wants an autograph for his daughter. Sign an 
    autograph. Another person needs help drawing water. Draw water for her.  The 
    third will tell you about unfair prices at the Village Shoppe. Buy and Sell 
    at the Shoppe. Finally, the fourth will tell you about not feeling safe. Clear
    the bandits from the forest clearing. Now what to do about the bandit? Either
    kill the bandit or let them be. If you decide to kill the bandit, you will 
    have to challenge to a duel to the death. Hopefully you'll win. [End]
    	Go to the store and buy The Rise and Fall of Tyrants and Peace, love, 
    happiness. Read both books. After reading, gather thoughts as a self-
    interaction. You will decide how you want to do. I chose to prepare a speech. 
    Gather feedback from 3 people. Write speech at the scribe table, then practice
    speech at the mirror. Have 3 people spread the word, then give speech at the 
    town square. [End.]
    Power Grab: Foreign
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost: 2 QP
    	In this quest, you are dealing with two separate parties of people. 
    I'll go through each party individually. There are also two different options. 
    	To start, view the political situation at the tactical map. You'll 
    decide to invite them over. Draft Tredony invite then draft Crafthole invite 
    at the scribe table. Give an assignment to your advisor. Wait for your advisor.
     Welcome the Merchant Prince(ess) and the Smithmaster, finally listen to the 
    report from the advisor. He will tell you what dirt he has on each Royal 
    Member. Here, you get to choose if you either blackmail the Merchant about his
    spouse or help spruce up their relationship. Then, you get to choose if you 
    either poison the Smithmaster or give him the best sweets in the Kingdom.
    	Blackmail and Poison:
    	Let's deal with the Merchant first. First, become friends with the 
    Merchant. Compliment his good looks and use best chat-up line. Coyly flirt 
    with him. I know this is really awkward if your Monarch and the Merchant are 
    both males, as was the case in my game. On the other hand, it is entertaining.
    Once you've got him all buttered up, ask about his spouse. He'll tell you it's
    not important. Plan a secret rendez-vous with him. Have your advisor 
    impersonate you and go to the rendez-vous. Wait for your advisor to come back.
    When the advisor returns get the report and you'll get the Merchants undies. 
    Confront with the undergarments and he'll be loyal to you. 
    	Now for the Smithmaster. Send your advisor on errands, then give him 
    50 Simoles for everything. Wait for his return, then ask for the supplies. 
    Brew some wine if you haven't already, then choose serve tampered drink then 
    select the poison and lastly, your victim. You will select the Smithmaster 
    and his bodyguard. Your Monarch will tell the Smithmaster he's been poisoned 
    and will trade loyalty for the antidote. He will agree. Give the antidote to 
    the Smithmaster. [End]
    	Sex and Chocolates:
    	Not really, it was just a better title. Let's start with the Merchant 
    first again. Instead of becoming friends with the Merchant, become friends 
    with the spouse. He'll ask about the love life, then will comfort the spouse 
    by agreeing to help out. Make a shopping list at the scribe table, then send 
    the advisor shopping. Wait for his return. Send a makeover request from the 
    messenger post. When the advisor returns, ask about the supplies. You'll be 
    sending your advisor to the forest for a little while. Send spouse for 
    makeover. Wait, then go check out the new look. Send the spouse to your 
    advisor. Wait, then get report from the advisor. Send the Prince to his 
    spouse and wait. When they return check loyalty status. He should be loyal now.
    	Now for the Smithmaster. As before, send your advisor shopping with 
    50 Simoles. Get the supplies when he returns. Read the sweet book of sweets. 
    Serve the Smithmaster Sweet Sunshine Sangria, then exchange the recipe for 
    loyalty. [End]
    Rise of the Playwright: Hard Work
    	Primary: Bard
    	Cost 2 QP
    	This one is pretty straight-forward. Go to the ocean, and gather 
    inspiration for 1 hour. Write a poem for the critic, then read the poem to him.
    It'll suck. Take an inspirational stroll, then go to the tavern and write a 
    poem. You'll write from experiences, so, get drunk. To do this, just keep 
    drinking from the cask. Then get stuffed by having 2 meals, then get hungry. 
    Find someone and argue with them, then kiss someone. Find someone to woohoo 
    with. After becoming hungry, become very hungry. Once done, starve yourself. 
    That's it, no food at all. You'll get to the point where your sim will try to 
    eat. Just keep doing other things like gathering inspiration for a long time. 
    After, get well rested. When you're better, write a poem and read the poem to 
    the critic again. There's still something missing. Go on a foreign adventure, 
    then ask for advice. You'll be told about moldy bread. Eat it and wait. You'll
    hear a noise, so investigate it at the grave yard. Talk to your mother and then
    go on a spiritual journey. Write a play, perform the play then speak with the 
    critic about your play. [End]
    Rise of the Playwright: Play-giarism	
    	Primary: Bard
    	Cost 2 QP
    	First off, speak about the event with whoever has a gold icon. Travel 
    to the Village to welcome all the other competitors. Greet 3 of them. Serve the
     Aspiring Bard a drink. Greet 2 more people. You can choose whether you want to
     end the party now or not. It's not important. Choose the party must go on! 
    Continue socializing for 1 hour. Thank 3 people for attending. Go to your 
    archives table and write the song of sleep. Request a performance by a Bard, 
    then steal her notebook at the Village and read it. You'll then need to get the
     Aspiring Bard drunk (only takes 2 drinks). Now, choose whether you will woo 
    Whats-her-face the Lovely or have someone else do it.
    	Woo Lovely: 
    	Ask Lovely about her interests and she'll tell you about llama musk. 
    Go buy it from the Village Shoppe. Take a bath with the musk and then you need
     to write a poem that has a love inspiration in it. If you already have one, us
    e it. Read Lovely the love poem and wait. Then, go ask Mr. Romantic about his 
    muse and he'll be upset about breaking up with Lovely. Write a play, it doesn't
     really matter what one. Let the person in charge know you're ready and request
     the first performance from the king. Perform your play and one of the 
    competitors will complain and claim you stole it from her. (You would never!) 
    Tell the Monarch it's your play. [End]
    	Have Someone Else:
    	As above, ask Lovely about her interests, then buy the musk from the 
    Village Shoppe. Tell Mr. Alluring how to seduce Lovely then wait. The rest is 
    as above beginning with asking about the muse. After you tell the monarch it's
    your play, you're done. [End]
    Royal Holiday: A Little Time Off
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost 2 QP
    	It's about time for a vacation! Before you pack your bags, ask your 
    Royal Adviser about vacation destinations. The adviser will tell you about two
    locations: Luffenting and Smortlee. Ask someone about Luffenting, then ask some
    one about Smortlee. You will then decide which place you would like to visit.
    	Visiting Luffenting:
    	When the Monarch arrives at Luffenting, you will be asked if you would
    like to enjoy wine or ale. It really doesn't matter what you choose. When the 
    Monarch returns, he will become slightly obsessed with whatever he drank. Send
    a request for the recipe from the messenger post. In the meantime, try to 
    create the recipe from memory. To check supplies, go to the brew keg and choose
    brew and then hover over one of the Luffenting [Ale/Wine]? recipes. Brew and
    taste and then you will receive the recipe from the Luffenting Brewers. Learn,
    brew, and drink Luffenting [Ale/Wine]. Once you're finished, write a note of 
    thanks, then send the note of thanks from the messenger post. [End]
    	Visiting Smortlee:
    	When the Monarch arrives at Smortlee, there will be the option of going
    to the tournament or going to a banquet.
     	Tournament! When the Monarch returns home, he will become slightly 
    obsessed with a sword. Send a request for the recipe of the sword. In the mean-
    time, train for two hours on the training dummy. If you don't have the 
    Barracks, you can buy one from the furnish mode under domestic then 
    professional for 290 Simoles. Then, you will need to challenge and defeat the 
    Swordsman in a duel. I found this to be a little difficult. Be sure to be at 
    level 4 with a good weapon, good armor and a lot of focus. You will receive the
    recipe from the Swordsman. Write a letter of thanks, then send the letter of 
    thanks from the messenger post. [End]
    	Feast! You will receive the Nourished and Taste of Smortlee buffs. 
    When you return home, you will have a quest exactly like the Luffenting quest 
    above, except it involves a stew. Finish the quest using the same steps as the
    Luffenting Quest.
    Ancient Secrets
    	Primary: Wizard	Support: Merchant
    	Cost 3 QP
    	First, the Wizard. Listen to the Town Crier. Start the journey to the 
    ruins and question the surveyor. Petition your Monarch to open the site, but 
    it's a no go. Use your arcane tome to gaze upon the ruins and then discuss the 
    ruins with the royal advisor. You can choose to either summon an ancient relic
    or to craft one.
    	Acquire and read a certain book. Then go home and conduct arcane 
    research. Prepare and cast the summon spell. Offer the token to the advisor and
    then argue the benefits to the advior. He won't let you. Craft and drink an 
    elixir of Allure and convince the town crier to trade. Present the new consent
    to the advisor and present the royal permission to the surveyor. When you're 
    able, go to the ruins. [End]
    	Read the book and study alchemy for 30m. Transmute 1 bar of gold and 
    give it to the advisor. Go to the ruins. [End]
    	Now, the Merchant. Question the miner and then go to your stall and 
    check for spare supplies. Acquire a coil of rope, 4 stakes and a tinderbox. 
    Conspire with the wizard and then discuss the ruins. You can either Negotiate 
    or Blackmail and either have the surveyor or the miner to be your guide. 
    	Negotiate: Draft up a trade agreement and then negotiate the agreement.
     Buy all the bundles of harvest grain from the Village then finalize the agree-
    ment. Report to the wizard. 
    	Blackmail: Buy all the bundles of harvest grain and then blackmail. 
    Report to the wizard. Choose your guide.
    	Miner Guide: Acquire 2 trout and 1 large loaf of fine bread and give 
    the food to the miner. Travel to the ruins. [End]
    	Surveyor Guide: Sail to Crafthole to trade for a hammer and then give 
    the hammer to the surveyor. Travel to the ruins. [End]
    Royal Review: Bloodletter's License
    	Primary: Physician
    	Cost 2 QP
    	First, go kneel before the Throne, then petition the Monarch for your 
    license renewal. Get the full details from the advisor. You can choose to 
    further educate yourself or to replenish your stock of curatives.
    	Research medical theories at the archives, then purchase and read 
    Mucus Operandi. Write two sets of medical notes, then send one copy to the 
    royal advisor and the other to Tredony. You can send both from the messenger 
    post. Instruct your assistant with your newly acquired knowledge. Now, give 3 
    people a medical consultation, diagnose 2 sims and give first aid to one sim. A
    sk someone for a recommendation and report your accomplishments to the Monarch.
    Pay 100 simoles to the messenger post, then receive your license from the 
    Monarch. Return to your clinic. [End]
    	Replenish Stock:
    	Check the stock at your operating table first, then at the crafting
    table. Havest 4 Valoroot, which, if your focus is high enough, you should be
    able to havest only from the garden in front of the clinic. Gather 4 grass-
    weed and 4 seeds, then craft 2 weak health salves and 2 weak curative tonics.
    Visit the village and then you continue, starting from the medical consults.
    Royal Review Imperial Inspection
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost 2 QP
    	Checking on your Keep:
    	First, warm hands at the fireplace, then create an outfit from the 
    dresser and reflect on your regality (or groom self) at the mirror. Dictate 
    biography to Royal Advisor, then read biography to self. Because your advisor 
    sucks at writing, write Royal Memoirs, then send memoirs from the messenger 
    post. Choose either to cook and enjoy a stew or brew and enjoy sweet wine. Once
     done, confer about Kingdom with Advisor. Go to your table and pass a royal 
    edict, then practice two military scenarios. [End]
    	Checking the Town Square:
    	First, go to the Town Square and sample water supply by drawing water,
     then drinking it. Feed the Pit Beast while you're in the area, then pick a 
    random citizen and send them to the stocks to test them. Release the civilian,
    then either go to the Forest or go to the Village Shoppe. If you go to the 
    forest, go on a royal hunt. If you go to the Village, you don't go on a hunt. 
    Either way, after you are done, go to the beach, board the ship, and sail along
    the coast. When you return, you'll be prompted to hail 3 citizens. This 
    doesn't require a relationship to do, you just need to be focused. When you're
    done, converse in depth with someone. [End]
    Book burning: Literacy
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	Your Monarch hears rumors of book burnings. Go to the forest to 
    investigate. Talk with a peasant about the burnings. You will discover they 
    can't read the books, so they don't need them. Hurry back to your castle to 
    pass a new literacy law. When accomplished, speak with a peasant to see how the
    law is working. You'll find they don't have a teacher. You can now choose to 
    hire a teacher either domestic or foreign.
    	There is a professor you know of that can teach. Offer him a job. 
    He'll tell you he wants a duchy as part of the deal. Speak with your advisor 
    about free duchies. You'll find you're all out. However, there is a bit of land
    currently housing barbarians. Plan battle on the barbarians using the tactical
    map. When you're ready, drive out the barbarians from the forest. Give the 
    duchy to the professor. He'll request reading primer. Go to the Village Shoppe
    and buy reading primer. Send the three peasants to the forest to have their 
    lesson, then help teach the group reading lesson. [End]
    	You'll need to mail 200 Simoles to Tredony for a teacher. Await 
    response. You'll find there is a conflict keeping the teacher from reaching 
    your Kingdom. Plan diversionary attack using the tactical map. Launch the 
    attack and the teacher will be at your throne room. Welcome him. He insists he
    cannot work unless he has his doll. Retrieve it via the forest. Give him the 
    doll, then send the peasants to the forest. [End]
    Book burning: Literacy
    	Primary: Bard
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	The bard hears about book burnings and wants it to stop! Ask the 
    monarch to investigate the burnings. He'll tell you he needs proof. Investigate
    the forest and then talk to the three peasants. They will give reasons for the
    burnings. Go home and write a poem trying to convince them to stop. Read the 
    poem to a peasant, then ask the peasant to be a literary student. You'll need 
    funding. Ask the Monarch to fund the literary education. He agrees, but you 
    need supplies. Go to the village shoppe and buy reading primer. Go home and 
    teach the reading lesson. You aren't getting through to the peasant! Choose if
    you will try teaching through song or roleplay.
    	First, compose new lyrics on the lute. Once done, perform the song. 
    The student will be more receptive now. Either play the fiddle or just teach 
    the lesson. It doesn't matter what you choose. The fiddle can be bought from 
    the Village Shoppe. After the lesson, ask to stop the burnings. The student 
    will tell you to meet in the forest. Ask the student to gather students. When 
    you're ready, teach a group reading lesson. They are happy! Write the beginning
    of a book and the students will contribute a chapter each. Collect the chapters
    and then read No More Burnings. [End]
    	Write a play using the archives, then recruit the student to act. Do 
    this by clicking on the stage and selecting to perform the play. You'll then 
    be prompted to recruit someone. You can hire the student for ~39 Simoles. 
    Perform the play. After the performance, ask to stop the burnings. From here, 
    it is the same as using the song option starting with going to the forest, and
    ending with the book. [End]
    Book burning: Scary Stories
    	Primary: Bard Support: Wizard
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	The bard hears about book burnings and wants it to stop! Ask the 
    monarch to investigate the burnings. He'll tell you he needs proof. 
    Investigate the forest and then talk to the three peasants. They will give 
    reasons for the burnings. Conspire against the book burners with the wizard. 
    The Wizard gets an idea. Research flame enchantments for 2 hours. He'll come up
    with the idea of an unburnable book.  Write a book with the bard, then give the
    book to the wizard. Have the wizard craft the unburnable book. Once done, 
    suggest the book to the peasants. Follow them to the burning. They find it 
    more entertaining than threatening. Ask the bard to write another book. 
    Promptly do so with the bard. Craft an egg musical manipulator, then give the 
    egg to the bard. With the bard, you can choose to perform a song into the egg 
    or to speak. It doesn't matter which you choose. Perform a song (or poem) into
    the egg, then give the egg and book back to the wizard. With the wizard, craft
    an enchanted book, then suggest the book to the peasants and go to the burning.
    Bric-A-Brac Day: Finders Seekers
    	Primary: Blacksmith, Physician, Spy, Wizard
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	For this quest, it doesn't really matter who you choose. The only 
    difference is what you will craft as a sample for the Monarch. Now, at a couple
    points in the quest, you can choose between two options. For the first 
    opportunity, it decides what you craft. The second opportunity decides how to 
    clean your home. In this guide, I'm not going to put the alternate of the above
    two options, only the ones that matter.
    	To begin, if you are not at your homestead, you will need to head home.
    Then you will be prompted to give a polite inquiry to the Monarch. He will 
    explain he is looking for a sample of what you can do. Choose what to craft, 
    then do so. Give the sample craft to the Monarch and he will tell you to clean
    up and await his message. Once you get the message, you will be asked to 
    present self to the Monarch. He will tell you about Bric-A-Brac Day and you 
    will be participating. Copy the Bric-A-Brac List from the scribe table. It 
    doesn't matter if you choose Locations or Items. I usually choose Locations. 
    Talk with the other seekers. Here is the important choice: Search around town 
    or at the forest clearing.
    	Around Town:
    	The first stop is to search the pit of judgment. Yup. Jump on in and 
    you'll find the first item. Afterward, search around the town square, more 
    specifically the well. Draw some water and you'll find the item. You can choose
    to check in or search the pond. It doesn't really matter. If you search the 
    pond, you'll get the item, but the outcome is the same. There is someone tied 
    with you. I chose to check in at this point. You are told the standings of the
    participants so far. Now, search the docks by boarding the ship. Next, find a 
    cave to search. You will be asked to check in again and then told to go to the
    reception hall. Ask the advisor about the final item. It is in the throne room.
    Search the throne room by sitting on the throne. Return the lost bear. [End]
    	Around Forest:
    	When you choose this, search around the forest clearing and you'll find
    an item, then search the Village Shoppe and you'll find another. I chose to 
    search the dock first. Board the ship at the docks and you'll find another item.
    Check in and see how you're doing. You will be prompted to hunt by the Sacred
    Oak. This tree is the big tree next to the Peteran Church. Click on one of the
    bushes to discover it. Normally, you can't as a blacksmith, however, click on
    it again after discovering it and you'll be able to search the bush for the 
    next item. Check in again, go to the reception hall, and ask about the final
    item. Sit on the throne to find, then return the bear. [End]
    Evolution of Chinchilla: Heavy Metal
    	Primary: Blacksmith
    	Cost 3 QP
    	The Smithy hears that the chinchilla's have evolved and the Hunter's 
    sword is no longer effective against them. The solution? Make a better weapon!
    First off, discuss the chinchilla's with the hunter. The hunter will give 
    information about it and lend you a sword to try it out yourself. Investigate 
    the chinchilla's in the forest. You find out the sword is, indeed, useless. Go
    home to craft a chinchilla trap. Once done, capture a chinchilla in the forest.
    You will begin to do a lot of crafting with adamantle and mithral. First, craft
    an adamantle hammer, then a mithral hammer. You will then craft an adamantle 
    hammer test and a mithral hammer test. Once the tests are done, you will craft
    an adamnathral hammer and hammer test afterwards. Once complete, craft the 
    Chinchilla's Bane. You have two options regarding the captured chinchilla. It 
    doesn't matter what you choose. Release the chinchilla or kill the chinchilla 
    in the forest, then deliver the Chinchilla's Bane to the hunter. [End]
    Evolution of Chinchilla: Chinchilla of the Watcher--Incomplete?
    	Primary: Blacksmith Support: Peteran Priest
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Imbue the Herd
    	We'll look at each hero individually. First, the Smithy. It starts out
    as the quest above. After you capture a chinchilla, give it to the Peteran 
    Priest. You decide with the Priest if you should imbue the entire herd or not.
    After deciding to imbue the herd, have the Smithy diagram an amplification 
    recipe. Once designed, the smithy needs to speak with the Mystic Merchant. You
    must first ask about the merchant. You may now try to buy amplifying dust, 
    however, the merchant wants you to forge a dust box first. When you're finished
    with the request, talk with someone to figure out where the merchant went. 
    Trade your dust box, then craft the mystic amplifier. Give the amplifier to the
    priest. [Smithy end]
    	Now the priest. When you first begin, the priest will need to research
    the chinchilla's for two hours. When done, the priest will know to make 
    Chinchili, but needs chillaweed. Collect chillaweed from the forest. Go home 
    and cook and eat the chinchili. [This is when you decide to imbue the entire 
    herd.] Using your research desk, write the chinchilla wisdom. After you're 
    done, give a sermon about it. You will find hunters here now. Pray with the 
    hunters to gain insight. Finally, imbue the herd in the forest after receiving
    the amplifier from the smithy. [Priest end][End]
    Family Crest
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	You're family heritage has come into question. Ask your advisor about 
    the crest. Then, write and send a letter to your relatives. Ask  your advisor 
    and your servant to prepare for your relative. Welcome your cousin to the 
    throne room. Now, down to business. Ask about the crest. He wants to see the 
    kingdom first. Follow to the town square, then discuss the town square. Now, 
    decisions, decisions.
    	Another part, no stocks, clothing, and death by the pit.
    	Go to the docks, then discuss the docks with the cousin. He'll want you
    to send a servant to the stocks. Don't do it. Return to the throne room. Now, 
    discuss your rude relative with 2 foreign dignitaries. Then, discuss the 
    dignitaries with your rude relative. He'll want awesome clothes. Give him 
    Kingly clothing, and ask about the crest again. He's being very odd. Discuss 
    the relative with the Town Crier. He'll have a message about the cousin for 
    you. Receive the message and you'll find he's not really your relative, but a 
    bandit. Choose death and the pit. Actually, it doesn't really matter. If you 
    choose to kill him yourself, you'll just have to choose challenge to duel to 
    the death, but make sure you can kill him. Send him to the pit, then wait for 
    him to be killed. [End]
    	Spit, stocks, declaration, exile.
    	You'll choose to spit in the well so do so. Your cousin will want you 
    to spit in a villager's face (I have not chosen this option before.) That's too
    far. He'll tell you to send a servant to the stocks, so do so. He'll want you 
    to humiliate them by throwing something at the servant. Don't do it. He'll 
    start to have a fuzzy memory about the crest. Declare his greatness, then ask 
    about the crest. He's being very odd. Discuss the relative with the Town Crier.
    He'll have a message about the cousin for you. Receive the message and you'll 
    find he's not really your relative, but a bandit. Choose to exile him and 
    you'll be done. [End]
    Family Crest
    	Primary: Knight
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	Like the monarch, your heraldry has become an issue. Discuss heraldry 
    with the 3 recruits. You'll then realize no one is at their posts. Find the 
    missing recruits and demand an explanation from them. They'll tell you that 
    until you provide evidence of your heraldry, they won't work for you. Discuss 
    the situation with the guard, then with the monarch. You have two options, 
    however, when you choose the second, it only saves you a couple actions.
    	Whip those guards into shape! Find your recruits again and intimidate 
    the recruit. It doesn't work. Patrol the docks, the front gate, the forest, 
    then return to the barracks. Investigate your family crest with a recruit. 
    You'll find that they were told by the new dignitary about the crest. Discuss 
    the new dignitary with the monarch. Confront the Queen. Expose her in front of
    the court, and she'll run away. Command your recruits to follow and then chase
    the Queen to the judgment zone. Watch the Queen die. [End]
    Famine Fever
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Okay, so first off, ask your advisor about the peasants in your house.
    They're mad. Now you can choose from two options: Ask, "why don't they" about 
    the situation or punish them.
    	Why don't they, and lower taxes:
    	Okay, so hear the peasant's grievances. Shoo them all out. Ask the 
    advice of your advisor and you'll have another option. Lower the tax or die. 
    Lower taxes. Wait a few hours to see if it worked. Ask your advisor about the 
    peasants. You'll need to hunt a bear and invite the peasants to a feast. Make 
    a large serving of bear stew. [End]
    	Punish and die:
    	Send a peasant to the stocks and wait a few hours. It didn't work. 
    Now someone must die. Pick your victim and send them to the pit. Wait a few 
    hours and talk with your advisor. It's the same as above, so invite the 
    peasants and cook bear stew for them. [End]
    Famine Fever
    	Primary: Merchant
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Go to the throne room and ask the king about the peasants. Talk with 
    peasants and you'll need to feed them. Acquire 15 barley from the Village. 
    Distribute the barley to 3 peasants, the request funds from the Monarch. Ask 
    advisor about the many bloomers and take them to acquire 100 barley. Report the
    success to the advisor. Invite the peasants to a party and get them all buzzed.
    Famine Fever
    	Primary: Wizard
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Go to the throne room and ask the advisor about the peasants. Go home 
    and research for 1 hour about making it rain more. Prepare the Rain Storm spell
    and cast it from the Town Square. Meditate at home and demand an explanation 
    from the peasant in your home. Compensate the peasant for damages and research
    for another hour. Memorize the multiply food spell. There is a choice of using
    gruel or bread. I chose bread. Acquire a large barley bread and cast multiply
    food. Deliver the food and cast multiply food in the village. [End]
    Hungry Hungry Hamfast: Deal with the Peasants--Incomplete
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost 3 QP
    	First, go to the square and discuss the protest with Hamfast. Seek 
    advice from your advisor and assess the situation in the Village. You can 
    choose to either improve conditions or cut the population down. 
    	Improve Conditions: Discuss improvements with Hamfast, then call for 
    food from your servant. Discuss plans with Hamfast. You can either Do 
    everything yourself, or you can choose to pay for it all. If you choose the 
    latter, you will just pay for everything. I chose to fix everything myself. 
    Investigate the well and then draw water. Fix the well at the Village. Have 5 
    bowls of gruel in your inventory and deliver it to the village. Kill the rats 
    in the Village, then discuss the new state with Hamfast. [End]
    Hungry Hungry Hamfast: Don't die, Hamfast!
    	Primary: Physician
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Okay, so first, discuss the protest with Hamfast, then discuss the 
    Village with the Monarch. Access the Village conditions, then discuss medical
    supplies with Hamfast. Return to your clinic and research triage for 2 hours.
    You can choose to make eith 5 tonics and salves or 10. I'm ambitious so I chose
    10 each. Craft 10 weak curative tonics and 10 weak health salves. Give these to
    Hamfast. Order Hamfast to the clinic after she passes out, then draw water from
    the well. Research starvation at the archives, then replenish Hamfast's fluids.
    Administer the cure. [End]
    I don't feel so good...
    	Primary: Jacoban Priest	Support: Physician
    	Cost 3 QP
    	First, the Jacoban Priest. Discuss the sickness with the ill person and
    send them to the clinic. Reflect on the watcher for 30 minutes. Discuss crimes
    against the Watcher with your attendant, then discuss the courier with the 
    advisor. You can either absolve the sim or choose "you dare bribe me?" but it 
    doesn't matter what you choose. Check in with the physician and discuss the 
    disease. Reasearch the illness for 1 hour and inquire about the man. Accuse the
    man of defiling the mask. You can either give him to Jacob's Sword or absolve 
    	Jacob's Sword:
    	Consecrate the well and request the sword from the attendant. Wait for
    it to arrive. Welcome the sword and direct to the clinic. Cast Watcher's 
    blessing. [End]
    	Check in with the man. He'll want to do something for you that you 
    choose. Either increase or decrease fear. I chose to increase fear, but it 
    doesn't matter that much. [End]
    	Now the physician's turn. Discuss the sickness and then examine the 
    patient. Medicate the patient and then perform surgery on sim. Discharge the 
    sim and craft 3 weak cure tonics. Go to the church. [End] 
    	Depending on what you chose for your Priest to do, depends on the 
    options. If you chose Jacob's sword, you'll go to the town square instead. 
    While there, medicate the well and draw water. Go to the clinic and forcefully
    medicate the ailing man.[End]
    King for a Day
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Okay, you can now choose who you'd like to be King for a day. I chose 
    the Knight. First, you need to go talk with the Monarch and he'll go on his 
    vacation. Go sit on the throne, then Visit the town Square. Ask about the 
    stench and board the ship to get the stinky cheese. You'll notice people are 
    staring at you and rumors are going around. Question about the rumors and 
    you'll find people think you're usurping the throne. You can choose how to deal
     with the situation.
    	Conversation and no gift:
    	Become friends with the Town Crier, then find a way for the pit beast 
    to eat the stinky cheese. Return to the throne room and ask about the 
    disturbance. Talk about the disturbance to the revelers and you'll notice the 
    Monarch with be back very soon. You choose to give him a gift or not. Shut down
    the party and then give your report to the Monarch. [End]
    	Violance and gift:
    	Instead of becoming friends with the Town Crier, challenge them to a
    duel. When you win, find a way for the pit beast to eat the stinky cheese. Go
    back to the throne room and ask about the disturbance, but this time, join the
    revelers! Socialize with them for 1 hour or so, then tell them the monarch is
    returning. Go to the Village and buy the monarch's gift and give it to them.
    Nurse with a Curse
    	Primary: Physician
    	Cost 3 QP
    	Okay, first question your nurse about her behavior. Ask the nurse to 
    return to work. Return the clinic and craft a fresh strong cure tonic. Discuss
    portents and sweep the floor and then go to question the town crier. Research 
    superstition for 2 hours. Ask 2 women about cures and then present the options
    to the nurse. I chose to use the frog. You'll need to acquire 3 eaglewood, 1 
    lordleaf, 4 seeds, 2 sagewort, and catch 1 fresh-water toad at the pond. Craft
    an anti-curse charm and give it to the nurse. Dispose of the toad in the well.
    Ask the nurse about the curse and it still isn't working. Ask the 2 women from
    before about the remedy. Ask the herbalist for help. Go medicate the well for 
    her first, then buy the pointy hat from the Village and grab fresh linens from
    the dresser. Cook up the witch's robes from fireplace and craft a fake nose. 
    Give the witch costume to the herbalist and invite the nurse to watch the 
    removal. Go to the garden to witness the removal yourself. [End]
    Prelude to a Plague
    	Primary: Physician	Support: Merchant
    	Cost 3 QP
    	First, the physician. Sweep the clinic floor and ask 3 patients how 
    they are feeling. Diagnose 2 patients and craft a weak curative tonic. Craft a
    weak health salver then confer with the nurse. Examine the ailing peasant and
    administer a cure. Request help from the merchant. Research symptoms and 
    examine the second patient. Medicate the ailing patient and draw a blood 
    sample. Devise a medical formula at the scribe table. Craft a prototype 
    antidote and administer it to someone. Ask the merchant to question the ailing
    citizen and draw blood sample from the patient. Craft 2 batches of the anti-
    virus and test it on the baker and then add it to the well.
    	Now the Merchant. Check the merchandise of your stall and listen to the
    latest news from 2 people. Visit the clinic and request supplies from the 
    nurse. Open the stall for business and request additional medicine. Check on 
    the ailing patient and send it to the clinic. Write trade correspondence to 2 
    different territories and send it to Crafthole and Tredony. Wait for a reply. 
    Travel to the Village to interview the refugees. Question the plagued peasant 
    and question the baker. Bribe him to go to the clinic and acquire 10 bundles of
    wheat. Sail to exchange grain and give the medic infected grain and burn the 
    rest of the grain in the Village. [End]
    Sacred Scrutiny:
    	Primary: Jacoban Priest
    	Cost: 3 QP
    	Alrighty, so you'll find that there is an inquisition! Find out why the
    attendant is worried. She will tell you about the inquisition. Go meet the 
    Jacoban Inquisitor and find what the inquisitor wants. She will start talking 
    to you and tells you to follow her. When you get to the Town Square, hear what
    the inquisitor says. Go back to the cathedral and give a sermon. Granted, 
    you'll have to set the time, then wait...Get feedback from the inquisitor and 
    then help with her prayers. She'll be very unpleased and tells you to get the 
    evils out of the cathedral and to do better. Go to the Village Shoppe and buy 
    items for brewing holy water, then brew it over the cooking pot. Bless 3 items
    in the church. Reflect on the watcher. The next part is to convert 5 people. As
    long as you have a good amount of focus, this will be easy. Then, look for 
    someone who hates the church. Hint, hint, go back to the Town Square. Ask the 
    fellow if he has the relic. He won't tell you anything at the moment. Follow 
    him to the tavern and serve him a drink. Then, make him your friend. He'll ask
    for some help, so help him and then convert him. You'll need to bring him to 
    the cathedral and then hear his confession. He'll tell you stuff then go to the
    pulpit and absolve him. Find the inquisitor and have the final inspection. 
    Again, follow the inquisitor, then go to the cathedral. Show her the skull of 
    Davius. Set the time for another sermon, then give a sermon and finally hear 
    final appraisal. [End]
    The Case of the Missing Monarch
    	Primary: Spy
    	Cost 3 QP
    	This one is pretty short. First, ask the advisor about your summons. 
    The monarch is missing! Find the servant and interrogate him, then interrogate
    the advisor. You can try to guess the gender of the secret lover, but it 
    doesn't matter, the outcome is the same. Put truth serum in the servants' 
    drink and then find the secret lover and interrogate them. Go home. You'll 
    find the Monarch there. Explain the situation. Now to prove your innocence! 
    Pickpocket the lover and identify the leaf. Present the evidence and then 
    execute the lover by sword. [End]
    Ye Olde Magic Show
    	Primary: Wizard	Support: Bard
    	Cost 3 QP
    	First, I'll explain everything about what the Wizard does, then the 
    Bard. If you're not home at your tower, go there. Choose which gender of the
    assistant you want. I don't know that it matters. I chose women. Ask 3 women to
    apply, then show your prepared spells. Research the arcane, then travel to the
    stocks to perfect your trick. After being arrested, go home and conduct 
    interviews with the different prospective assistants. Cast Magic Probe on all 
    three and then pick the one that suits your fancy. Prepare the Flare, Vanish, 
    and Magical Tune spells before you leave. Instruct your new assistant and then
    head to the town square. Perform sleight of hand, make the assistants' clothes
    disappear, then wait for the Bard to start playing the lute. Assist with 
    Magical Tune, then vanish somewhere. Re-appear and you're done. [End]
    	Now, for the Bard. Draft 3 pamphlets for the event and deliver the 
    pamphlets to the Town Crier. Don't forget to personally invite the Monarch. 
    Brew drinks at the tavern and sweep the floor. Go to the Village Shoppe and buy
    premium lute strings. Practice your song for 30m and once the assistant is 
    chosen, pick up the assistants' outfit from the Village. Write a play and it 
    may now make you deliver a pamphlet to the Royal Advisor. Size up the assistant
    and then give the outfit to her. Go to the Town Square and read the 
    announcement out loud. Play the lute on stage when it's time to, then perform 
    the play with the assistant. [End]
    Heir to the Throne
    	Primary: Monarch
    	Cost 4 QP
    	There is a lot in this. So first, write and send a declaration of 
    intent to all the ladies. Bathe and choose 3 potential suitors. Write in your 
    journal. You can choose what type of mate you want and if you want it to be 
    business only or with love.
    	Strong, business only, strength, cave, mind, gender matters:
    	Brawl with each suitor and become their enemy. Write in your journal. 
    Draft a contract of child ownership and present the contract with your chosen 
    suitor. Spar with someone and you'll receive a virtue. Search the cave for 
    anoterh and then ask 3 people for deep insight for a third virtue. Write in 
    your journal and give your suitor a goodbye kiss. Get the fertility wine from 
    Profilia and perform the fertility ritual in the forest. Marry your suitor. If
    the gender matters, choose which one. Plan your mating strategy at the tactical
    map and then woohoo. Have your desired gender baby and spend time with the new
    born when it is born. Write in your journal. [End]
    	Friendly, love, empathy, town, soul, gender doesn't matter:
    	Ask for a joke from your suitors and give them all a hug. Write in your
    journal. Write a love letter and give it to your chosen suitor. Argue and then
    apologize to someone to get the empathy virtue. Search the town for another. 
    Then ask 3 people for faith. Write in your journal. Get the fertility wine from
    Profilia and perform the fertility ritual in the forest. Marry your suitor. 
    Plan your mating strategy at the tactical map and then woohoo. Have your baby 
    and spend time with the newborn when it is born. Write in your journal. [End]
    Jacoban's Day Out 2: Pilgrimaster
    	Primary: Jacoban
    	Cost 4 QP
    	Start out by talking with the Justicer about the incident. Give 100 
    simoles to the person you owe money to. Ask for advice about facing death from
    the Jacoban leader. Make a good friend then discuss your fear of death with 
    them. Vent your fears at the sea, eat your last meal then go to the trial. Make
    your opening statement. They'll ask if it was your fault. 
    	Yes: Make your closing statement. [End]
    	No: Give someone money to take your place. [End]
    Jacoban's Day Out 2: Pilgrimaster
    	Primary: Merchant
    	Cost 4 QP
    	Offer compensation to the Justicer. Ask people about the lost painting
    and visit the art collector in the Village. Ask the art collector about the 
    lost painting. You can either negotiate a deal or pay for the painting.
    	Pay: Pay for the painting and give it to the justicer. Then wish him 
    Bon Voyage.
    	Now you have 2 more options. You can either find real hungeroot or you
     can fake it.
    	Find real hungeroot: Read "On Hunt for Hungeroot" and then sail along 
    the coast. Scour the Dark Territory for soil and then ask about planting it. 
    Plant seeds in the forest, ask 4 people to buy during that time, if you can. 
    Harvest the hungeroot and give it to the art collector. As above, give the 
    painting to the justicer and wish him bon voyage. [End]
    	Fake hungeroot: Gather wildflowers in the forest and have fish stew in
    your inventory. Gather seaweed and ask the tailor for help dying the plant. Ask
    4 people to buy while it's being dyed, then give the hungeroot to the art 
    collector. As above, give the painting to the justicer and wish him bon voyage.
    Jacoban's Day Out 2: Pilgrimaster
    	Primary: Spy
    	Cost 4 QP
    	Talk to the Justicer about incident. You can choose the work of art or
    blackmail option.
    	Art: Ask about the art collector and then ask the art collector about 
    art. He'll want you to get some papers for him or you can just steal the 
    painting. Papers: ask the Monarch for royal trade papers. He won't give you 
    any, so forge them. Give the papers to the collector, then give the painting to
    the justicer and wish him bon voyage. [End]
    	Steal: Craft a draught of disorientation and serve the art collector 
    a tampered drink. Steal the painting and give it to the Justicer, wishing him 
    a bon voyage. [End]
    	Blackmail: After talking to the justicer and choosing to blackmail him,
    write a letter to the Jacoban Proxy. Send the letter off and ask the Monarch 
    about the Kingdom's Treasures'. Steal the treasures from the messenger box and
    plant the goods on the justicer. Report the thievery to the monarch. Meet the 
    constable at the docks and give the response letter from the proxy to the 
    constable. [End]
    Jacoban's Day Out 2: Pilgrimaster: Golem Bob
    	Primary: Smith	Support: Wizard
    	Cost 4 QP
    	First, we'll go through the smith, then the wizard.
    	Talk about the incident to the Justicer and convince him to allow an 
    internal investigation to be done. Give the evidence to the wizard and question
    the thief. You can choose to keep it or not. For now, choose to keep. Lie about
    the stolen property and craft the golem body. You will also craft the legs, 
    arms and then make him in the forest. [End]
    	For the wizard, craft evidence and the locator powder. Scry with the 
    powder and craft elixir of the golem. Research the Jacoban Trials and give 
    the elixir to the smith. Ask 2 Jacobans' about the trials and research their 
    laws. Teach the basic law to the golem once it's made and turn the golem over 
    to the Justicer. [End]
    The Mirthful Love Doctor
    	Primary: Physician
    	Cost: 4 QP
    	This one has two different paths which I will have here. It's a bit of
    a long one, hence why it costs 4 QP. You should be able to get platinum on this
    one. First, review the case file at the archives for one hour. Then, write a 
    note to self and you'll notice you have a patient. Ask what the problem is. 
    You'll need to inspect her vitals. Give her a placebo shot then diagnose her. 
    This is where you must choose:
    	Pregnant: Listen to her question. Technically you can choose to tell 
    her if she should marry the father or not. I chose to tell her to marry him. 
    She'll leave. You'll have a new patient. Ask what the problem is. She will tell
    you she just broke up with her boyfriend and ask if she'll ever get over it. 
    	Yes: Invite her to the Ocean, and meet at the docks. You'll decide to 
    find a seashell for her and give it to her. Return to your clinic and if you 
    don't have one, buy a mirror. Scrutinize yourself in the mirror. You'll have 
    another patient. Ask what the problem is. She'll tell you the problem. Kiss the
    patient scientifically. Diagnose her.
    	Horrible technique: She needs more practice! Practice technique with 
    her a total of 4 times. Now, check on your heartbroken patient. She'll announce
    a new crush, but how to handle it?
    	Straight-forward: Give her a lucky hug and you'll find another patient.
    Ask about the problem. She'll tell you about her chastity belt.
    	Force it off: When it is unsuccessful, go to the Village Shoppe and 
    pick up metal scraps. Go to the cave and collect acid ants. Go home and craft 
    the chastity belt key and then unlock the chastity belt. You have yet another 
    patient (patient #5). Ask what the problem is. You can choose what she must do.
    	Sexier wardrobe: Click on the dresser and give makeover to the patient.
    I like this option because you enter the Create-a-Sim Mode! Your heartbroken 
    patient is back again. Ask about her crush. She'll tell you about a message in
    a bottle at the beach. Find the message in the bottle. You'll be feeling sick,
    so go home and sleep until well-rested. When you're up, research symptoms at 
    the archives. Check on the patient you taught how to kiss. She'll tell you 
    about another problem. Listen to the problem, then explain how babies are 
    made. She'll ask you to help her practice.
    	No: Decline her offer, then get the deciphered message from her. 
    Follow the notes' instructions and go confront your secret admirer. She'll ask
    if you have the same feelings as her.
    	Yes: Kiss her with all your heart. [End]
    On the other end of things...
    	Dying: She'll leave and you'll have a new patient. Ask what the problem
    is. She will tell you she just broke up with her boyfriend and ask if she'll 
    ever get over it. 
    	No: This is the same as saying, "yes" above. You'll have another 
    patient. Ask what the problem is. She'll tell you the problem. Kiss the patient
     scientifically. Diagnose her.
    	Bad breath: Craft mouthwash at your work table. Give her mouthwash, 
    then kiss her and access the outcome. Now, check on your heartbroken patient. 
    She'll announce a new crush, but how to handle it?
    	Be creative: Give her a lucky hug and you'll find another patient. 
    Ask about the problem. She'll tell you about her chastity belt.
    	Craft Key: This is the same as above. You have yet another patient 
    (patient #5). Ask what the problem is. You can choose what she must do.
    	Chastity belt: Give her the chastity belt as a threat against her 
    husband. Follow the instructions as above in the "force it off" section. You'll
    have to give her an answer.
    	Yes: Woohoo with her, then get the deciphered message from her. 
    Follow the notes' instructions and go confront your secret admirer. She'll 
    ask if you have the same feelings as her.
    	No: Give her a friendly hug. [End]
    Positive Buffs
    ??: I didn't pay enough attention to know.
    - : This has no value and either doesn't add to your focus or have a time.
    V : Variable. The longer the action is performed, the greated the time and/or
        focus value.
    Name			Source				Focus 		Length
    							Value		of Time
    Peter's Inspiration	Watching Sermon			+3		??
    Delicious		Eating/Drinking			+3		5h
    Excited							+5		2h
    Blood thirst Quenched	Bloodthirsty Flaw		+5		4h
    Relieved		Chamberpot			+5 		2h
    Alluring		Elixir of Allure		+5		2h
    Clean			Wash bucket			+5		3h
    Yummy Meal		Eating/Drinking			+5		5h
    Restored		Eating/Drinking			+5		1h
    Fed the beast		Pit of Judgment			+5		1d
    Intrigued		Socialization			+10		2h
    Research Rampage	Research			+10		7h
    Watchers' Smiling	Prayer				+10		7h
    The Watcher is Near	Work				+10		-
    Carefree		Lack of Faith			+10		3h
    Inspired		Very high King. Knowledge	+10		5h
    Bathed			Bath				+10		8h
    Warmed			Cooking fireplace		+10		40m
    Feeling Festive		Feast Ale			+10		1h
    Great Wine						+10		3h
    Generous						+10		11h
    Read a good book	Reading				+10		8h
    Decorated						+10		-
    Comfy			Comfortable object		+10		-
    Attractive		Gussy Up at Mirror		+10		4h
    Combat Ready		Sharpening Sword		+10		12h
    Buzzed			Drinking			+10		4h
    My better half		Spouse				+10		-
    Let off Steam		Socialization			+10		2h
    First Aid		Socialization			+10		5h
    Nice Nap		Napping				+10		4h
    Smells like a baby	Cuddling Baby			+10		5h
    Pipe Dream						+10		11h
    Feeling Superior	Talking w/non Jacoban		+10		3h
    Got a good deal!					+10		7h
    Encouraged		Wish				+10		5h
    Savoring the Stench	Unkempt Trait			+10		-
    I can do it on my own!	Solitary Trait			+10		-
    Winner!			Tactics				+10		7h
    Home where the heart is Socialization			+15		9h
    Fiendishly Delighted	Seeing Sim Suffer		+15		5h
    Joyful							+15		3h
    Dazzled							+15		5h
    Delectable Meal		Eating/Drinking			+15		4h
    Geologist		Harvesting			+15		2h
    Adrenaline Rush		Making a Wish			+15		2h
    Oddly Powerful		Making a Wish			+15		4h
    Victorious		Combat				+15		11h
    Whale Rage Satiated	Whale Ate My Parents Flaw	+15		??
    Passed an Edict		Political Victory		+15		10h
    Won a fist fight	Winning Fight			+15		11h
    Charitable		Good Trait			+15		17h
    Prognosticating		Socialization			+15		2h
    Herbalist		Harvesting			+15		2h
    Cheered Up						+15		2h
    Comforted		Talking w/ Good Sim		+15		1h
    Enjoying Solitude	Being Alone			+15		-
    Spirited		Making a Wish			+20		??
    Finsihed a book		Reading				+20		22h
    Tasty Treat						+20		1h
    New Friend		Socialization			+20		10h
    Clairvoyant		Making a Wish			+20		1h
    Captivated		Making a Wish			+20		5h
    Crisp Ale		Eating/Drinking			+20		1h
    Tipsy			Eating/Drinking			+20		2h
    Feeling Fertile						+20		-
    New Stuff!		New Objects			+20		1h
    Watchers' Gaze		Reflect on Watcher		+20		V
    Shifty			Making a Wish			+20		3h
    What a Great Adventure	Adventure Trait			+20		11h
    The Chosen One						+25		5h
    Nicely Decorated					+25		-
    Entertained						+25		3h
    Well Rested		Sleeping			+25		10h
    Marvelous Meal		Eating/Drinking			+30		5h
    Lovely Lute		Listening to Lute		+30		3h
    Very Encouraged		Making a Wish			+30		5h
    Remember Parents	Reading Letter			+30		11h
    A Job Well Done		Finishing Responsibilities	+35		11h
    Uplifted						+35		3h
    First Romance		Socialization			+40		1d
    First Kiss		Socialization			+40		1d
    Having a Blast						+40		3h
    Just Married		Socialization			+50		2d
    Churdle Power!		Eating/Drinking			+50		3h
    Life is so Fun						+50		-
    It's a boy		New Baby			+80		1d
    It's a girl		New Baby			+80		1d
    Negative Buffs
    Name			Source				Focus 		Length
    							Value		of Time
    Unknown Sickness					-5		-
    Marked for Arrest	Fist Fight			-5		-
    Fatigued						-5		3h
    Bland Meal		Eating/Drinking			-5		5h
    Soaked							-5		1h
    Angry							-5		2h
    Searching		Lack of Faith			-5		1h
    Worried							-5		2h
    Afraid							-5		-
    Whale Got Away		Whale Ate My Parents Flaw	-5		6h
    Passed Out						-5		-
    Nervous Wreck						-10		4h
    Slight Cold						-10		11h
    Minor Bite						-10		5h
    Minor Wound		Combat				-10		11h
    Minor Scratch		Combat				-10		11h
    Feeling Unrefined	Low Kingdom Knowledge 		-10		5h
    Nightmare						-10		7h
    Whale Rage		Whale Ate My Parents Flaw	-10		-
    Punched			Fist Fight			-10		12h
    Lost a Fist Fight	Fist Fight			-10		11h
    Too Many People		Being in a Crowd		-10		-
    Looking for a Fight	Bloodthirsty Flaw		-15		-
    Upset							-15		2h
    Need a Drink		Drunkard Flaw			-15		-
    Lonely							-15		-
    Bad Nights' Sleep	Cheap Bed			-15		4h
    Hangover		Eating/Drinking			-15		11h
    Humiliated by Stocks	Stocks				V		-/5h*
    Humiliated						-15		1h
    Dry Spell		Licentious Flaw			-20		-
    Twisted Tongues		King. Well Being		-20		11h
    Shirked Responsibility					-20		10h
    Afraid of the Dark	Coward Flaw			-20		-
    Moderate Bite						-20		11h
    Moderate Injury		Combat				-20		11h
    Noxious Infection					-20		11h
    Demoralized						-20		2h
    Lost Friend		Socialization			-25		1d
    Nauseous						-25		1h
    Woozy							-25		2h
    Major Laceration	Combat				-30		11h
    Tired							-30		2h
    Sloshed			Eating/Drinking			-30		2h
    Virulent Disease					-30		11h
    Very Hungry						-40		10h
    Poison Pox						-40		11h
    Magma Fever						-40		11h
    Grievously Wounded	Combat				-40		10h
    Crying Baby		Crying Baby			-40		10m
    Exhausted						-50		-
    *This is the worst negative buff. When you're first in the stocks, you'll have
    -15 focus, however, if someone keeps throwing eggs and tomatoes at you, it adds
    -5 focus to the count. Then, to make it worse, it'll stick around for 5 hours 
    after you're released. 
    No Effect Buffs
    Name			Source				Focus 		Length
    							Value		of Time
    Recently Performed	Lute				-		-
    Hammer Tyme		Hammering Metal			-		-
    Slightly Focused	Quest				-		-
    Slightly Unfocused	Quest				-		-
    Unfocused		Quest				-		-
    Focused			Quest				-		-
    Musty Wine		Eating/Drinking			-		3h
    Mean Drunk		Eating/Drinking			-		1h
    Sleepy							-		2h
    Exposed to Sickness	Socialization			-		5h
    Falling Behind on Quest	Quest				-		7h
    Behind on Quest		Quest				-		15h
    Surprised						-		-
    Well Being
    	Income and Salary 
    	Very Low: Currently Unknown
    	Low: Currently Unknown
    	Neutral: Infected Sims roam the Kindom.
    	High: Sims are relatively healthy
    	Very-High: Simole income raised and most sims are healthy.
    	Bandits vs. Guards
    	Very Low: Currently Unknown
    	Low: Bandits regularly roam and home burgleries happen consistantly. 
    	Market prices moderately increased.
    	Neutral: Some bandits roam, home burgleries happen occasionally.
    	High: Currently Unknown
    	Very High: Currently Unknown
    	Arts and belief in The Watcher
    	Very Low: Currently Unknown
    	Low: Unique social options available.
    	Neutral: Unique social options available.
    	High: Important foreign priests attracted, new social interactions,
    		"Watchers' Charity" for donating to church.
    	Very High: New social interactions, "Watchers' Charity" for donating
    		to church, "Chosen by the Watcher" interaction available.
    	Experience and Educational Asperations
    	Very Low: Currently Unknown
    	Low: Currently Unknown
    	Neutral: Nothing.
    	High: Experience slightly increased and Sims occasionally "Inspired"
    	Very High: Experience greatly increased and Sims often "Inspired"
    The Castle
    The castle is made up of the Throne Room, the Reception Hall, the Barracks, 
    the Training Yard and the Spy Quarters. You start with the throne room and 
    the reception hall is added automatically. The barracks and spy quarters unlock
    hero sims. 
    	Monarcy Profession
    	Knight Profession
    	Spy Profession
    	Adds: 2 Security, 2 Knowledge to your aspect capacity.
    The Docks
    The Docks have your ship, the ocean, and The Lighthouse. While you gain no hero
    sims, the Docks are a great place to fish, mine and complete quests. The Ship
    allows you to travel to other places to trade or go on adventures.
    Town Square
    The Town Square, in my opinion, is made up of The Market, The Smithy, The 
    Tavern, The Judgment Zone, and The Mill. You do not gain hero sims for The 
    Judgment Zone or The Mill, however, the mill adds to your aspect capacity. The
    market, smithy and tavern unlock hero sims and aspect capacity. 
    	Merchant Profession
    	Blacksmith Profession
    	Bard Profession
    	Adds: 3 Security, 5 Culture, 4 Well Being, and 3 Knowledge to your 
    	aspect capacity.
    The Bluffs
    	I have no other name for this area. This area is home to The Wizard 
    Tower and The Clinic. 
    	Wizard Profession
    	Physician Profession
    	Adds: 4 Well Being to your aspect capacity.
    The Churches
    	This area is composed of The Jacoban Cathedral, The Peteran Monastery,
    The Watcher Pavilion, The Kingball Court, and The Graveyard and Cave. 
    	Jacoban Priest Profession
    	Peteran Priest Profession
    	Adds: 3 Well Being, 2 Security, 9 Culture, and 2 Knowledge to your 
    	aspect capacity.
    These are completed as much as I know. Each Profession does not have many 
    responsibilities and they are randomized.
    Write 2 New Laws: Complete at the Scribe Table
    Pass and Edict: Complete at the Tactical Map.
    Ask 2 Citizens about Life: Must have some relationship with them.
    Write Treaty of Ongoing Peace: Complete at the Scribe Table.
    Hunt Great Bear: Complete at the Forest.
    Hear 3 Petitions: Sit on the throne and wait for people to ask you for things.
    Practice Military Strategy with Someone: Complete at the Tactical Map.
    Pay Taxes: Pay at the Messenger Post.
    Sharpen Sword: Click on your sword in the inventory.
    Practice on Training Dummy for 2 hours: Complete at Training Dummy.
    Duel the Challenger: There will be someone with a dark red/maroon colored icon. 
    Defeat him/her.
    Diagnose 2 Sims: Under the Physician menu.
    Give First Aid to 2 Sims: Also under the Physician menu.
    Pay Taxes: Pay at the Messenger Post.
    Craft and deliver weak curative tonic: Craft at table, customer will have dark
    red/maroon colored icon.
    Craft and deliver weak health salve: Craft at table, customer will have dark 
    red/maroon colored icon.
    Successfully collect leeches (3): Collect leeches at the pond 3 times.
    Medicate 2 people on the Operating table: Drain their blood until "medicate" 
    becomes an option.
    Craft and deliver elixir of allure: Craft at table, customer will have dark 
    red/maroon colored icon.
    Prepare 2 Spells: Arcane tome has the option.
    Finish Writing a Play: Totally write a play at the archives.
    Write 2 Poems: Like writing laws with the Monarch, but with inspiration.
    **For the moment, this does not include quest-specific spells.**
    Curse 		Energy, Dark, Force
    Flare		Energy, Fire, Light
    Ghostly Music	Air, Energy, Order
    Growth		Light, Energy, Air
    Inferno		Fire, Energy, Chaos
    Magic Arrow 	Energy, Air, Light
    Mend		Energy, Order, Light
    Miasma		Dark, Order, Fire
    Sleep		Dark, Chaos, Force
    Spirit Thief 	Dark, Force, Air
    Telepathy	Light, Energy, Order
    Teleport	Air, Light, Chaos
    Terror		Dark, Order, Energy
    Crafting Table
    **For the momeent, this does not include quest-specific items.**
    ****Wizard's Potions*****
    Call of the Forgotten: Soul of the forgotten x3
    Drunk-Me-Not: Bloodmoss x3, Eaglewood, Sagewort x2
    Elixir of Allure: Grassweed x3, Phosphorus, Valoroot x2
    Elixir of Enchantment: Angelweed, Grassweed x2, Lordleaf x3, Phosphorus x2
    Flame Sword Enchant.: Adamantle x2, Azurite x2, Mana Stone x2, Phosphorus x2
    Flask of Fortune: Angelweed, Eaglewood x3, Electrum x2, Seeds x3
    Luck Potion: Electrum, Grassweed, Sagewort x2, Seeds x2
    Mystic Grog: Belladonna x2, Grassweed x3, Lordleaf, Well Water
    Wizard's Staff Core: Azurite, Mana Stone x2, Nightshade
    ****Physician's Remedies****
    Weak Tonic: Grassweed x3, Valoroot, Wildflowers x2
    Weak Health Salve: Bloodmoss x3, Valoroot x2, Wildflowers 
    Moderate Tonic: Grassweed x5, Valoroot x2, Wildflowers x3
    Strong Tonic: Angelweed, Grassweed x3, Lordleaf x2, Valoroot x3, Wildflowers x2
    Strong Salve: Angelweed, Bloodmoss x4, Lordleaf x2, Valoroot x3
    Crude Longsword: Cruddium x5
    Untempered Longsword: Cruddium x2, Ferrous x3
    Longsword: Ferrous x5
    Greatsword: Cruddium x3, Ferrous x6
    Steel Longsword: Ferrous x5, Phosphorus x2
    Embossed Longsword: Adamantle x2, Electrum x2, Ferrous x3, Phosphorus x2
    Fiery Greatsword: Flame Sword Enchantment, Greatsword
    Fiery Steel Longsword: Flame Sword Enchantment, Steel Longsword 
    Fiery Embossed Longsword: Embossed Longsword, Flame Sword Enchantment  
    Basic Staff: Cruddium
    Staff of the Watcher: Electrum x3, Ferrous x3, Wizard's Staff Core
    Staff of Indeterminate Evil: Mithral x4, Phosphorus x2, Wizard's Staff Core
    Ramchackle Chestguard: Cruddium x7
    Crude Plate Mail: Cruddium x4, Ferrous x5
    Chainmail: Ferrous x7
    Plate Mail: Cruddium x3, Ferrous x8
    Steel Plate Mail: Ferrous x7, Phosphorus x3
    Advortonian Scale: Electrum x4, Ferrous x5, Phosphorus x2
    Bear Hide Armor: Bear Meat x2, Ferrous x2
    **Smithy's Items**
    Rustic Paddle: Ferrous x3
    Expert Paddle: Electrum x2, Ferrous x2, Phosphorus x2
    Excalipaddle: Adamantle x2, Mithral x3
    Ferrous Hammer: Cruddium x2, Ferrous x5
    Cruddium Hammer: Cruddium x5
    Watcher's Hammer: Adamantle x3, Electrum x3, Mithral x4
    Steel Hammer: Ferrous x5, Phosphorus x3
    **Spy's Potions and Poisons**
    Coagulating Compound: Bloodmoss x3, Nightshade, Sagewort x2
    Combustion Cordial: Eaglewood x2, Grassweed x2, Seeds x2
    Pestilence Poison: Belladonna x3, Bloodmoss x4, Nightshade x2, Sagewort
    Potion of Preparation: Belladonna, Eaglewood x2, Wildflowers x2
    Sleeping Draught: Belladonna x3, Grassweed x4, Nightshade x2, Wildflowers
    Truth Tonic: Belladonna x2, Grassweed x4, Sagewort x3
    Vomicious Venom: Belladonna x3, Lordleaf, Seeds x2
    Rejuvenating Reagent: Angelweed, Bloodmoss x2, Nightshade, Valoroot x2
    Barley Ale: Barley x3
    Bloody Moss Mary: Bloodmoss x4
    Cider: Apple x3
    Feast Ale: Barley, Honey, Wheat
    Honey Mead: Honey x3
    Hypocras: Grapes x3, Spices x2
    Mulled Wine: Grapes x5
    Sparkling Wine: Apple, Grapes x2
    Sweet Wine: Grapes x2, Honey
    Wheat Beer: Wheat x3
    **Food from Cooking Pot**
    Seed Porridge: Seeds x4
    Tench Soup: Tench 
    Bear Soup: Bear
    Bear Stew-Large: Bear Meat, Cabbage, Mushroom, Potato x2
    Boar Soup: Boar Meat
    Boar Stew-Large: Boar Meat, Cabbage, Mushroom
    Double Boar Stew-Large: Boar Meat x2, Cabbage, Onion
    Eel Soup: Eel
    Eel Stew-Large: Cabbage, Eel, Egg, Onion
    Fish Stew-Large: Herring, Trout
    Fowl Soup: Fowl Meat
    Frog Soup: Frog
    Frog Stew-Large: Frog x2, Potato
    Herring Soup: Herring 
    Hunter's Stew-Large: Bear Meat, Boar Meat, Fowl Meat, Rabbit Meat, Venison
    Meat Soup: Haunch of Meat
    Mushroom Soup: Mushroom
    Onion Soup: Onion
    Pigeon Soup: Pigeon
    Potato Soup: Potato
    Rabbit Soup: Rabbit
    Rabbit Stew-Large: Rabbit Meat, Turnip
    Salmon Soup: Salmon
    Seafood Stew-Large: Potato, Salmon, Trout
    Stewed Fowl-Large: Fowl Meat, Potato, Turnip
    Sweet Porridge-Large: Apple, Barley, Honey
    Swordfish Soup: Swordfish
    Trout Soup: Trout
    Turbot Soup: Turbot
    Turnip Soup: Turnip
    Vegetable Stew-Large: Cabbage, Mushroom, Onion, Turnip
    Venison Soup: Venison
    Venison Stew-Large: Cabbage, Cheese, Onion, Venison
    Whale Soup: Whale Meat
    Whale Stew-Large: Whale Meat x2
    **Food from Oven**
    Field Rations: -
    Flat Bread: -
    Apple Pie-Large: Apple x2, Barley x3, Egg, Honey
    Barley Bread-Large: Barley x3
    Boar Pie: Boar Meat
    Broiled Bear: Bear Meat
    Broiled Eel: Eel
    Broiled Fowl: Fowl Meat
    Broiled Frog: Frog
    Broiled Herring: Herring
    Broiled Meat: Haunch of Meat
    Broiled Pigeon: Pigeon
    Broiled Rabbit: Rabbit
    Broiled Salmon: Salmon
    Broiled Swordfish: Swordfish
    Broiled Tench: Tench
    Broiled Trout: Trout
    Broiled Turbot: Turbot
    Broiled Venison: Venison
    Broiled Whale: Whale
    Cheese Pie-Large: Cheese x3, Egg x3, Wheat x3
    Eel Pie-Large: Eel, Egg, Spices, Wheat
    Feast Bread-Large: Egg x3, Grapes x3, Wheat x3
    Fine Loaf-Large: Wheat x3
    Fowl Pie-Large: Egg, Fowl Meat, Spices, Wheat
    Royal Custard-Large: Egg x3, Honey x3, Spices x3, Wheat x3

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