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    Save Hacking Guide by onca747

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/27/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Guide: Editing Save Files in Majesty 2
    Author: onca747
    email: onca747@gmail.com
    Date: 27 September 2011
    Version: 1.00
    Unfortunately there does not appear to be any cheat codes in Majesty 2, unlike
    its predecessor. So how does one cheat... er, I mean get better player
    experience from the game? Happily the save files are simple text format and
    they're easy to edit, once you know what you're looking for.
    Overall, the process is as follows.
    - Start a scenario, save the game & quit.
    - Open folder 'My Documents\majesty2\profiles\0\saves\campaigns\saveX'
      where 'X' is the slot# of your save file. (In reverse order they appear in
      the load menu; ie. oldest is '0', second-oldest is '1', etc.)
    - (This folder is for Windows; for Mac I'm not sure, but its probably something
    - Edit 'mission.sav' in notepad or your favourite text editor. Remember to copy
      it first!
    - Make changes as per instructions below.
    - Save the file, start Majesty 2 and load your save game, and enjoy.
    1. Increased Kingdom Gold
    - In 'mission.sav', search for exactly this text: kingdomtreasure "money"
    - Change the number after this text to the amount of gold you want. Note if
      there's a decimal, leave the numbers after the decimal point as is.
    - (Ignore the 'wood'... lol some design aspect which didn't make it to final
      release ;)
    2. Hero Levelup
    - Firstly you need some heroes in your kingdom at level 2 or greater before you
      can use this hack; so create some guilds/heroes before saving.
    - In 'mission.sav', search for this string: entity "hero_
    - Scroll down to where it says: {"level"
    - On the next line, change the number after 'currentlevel' to the level you
    - (If there is no 'currentlevel' then hero is still at level 1; you'll have to
      skip him.)
    - Search for the next string 'entity "hero_' and repeat.
    - The hero's HP and stats will automatically update when you load the game.
    - This will levelup all your heroes; if you only want to levelup a particular
      guy then you'll have to make a guess.
    3. Increased hero gold
    - What's the use of a high level hero if he's still using crappy equipment?
    - In 'mission.sav', search for this string: {personalcardcash
    - Look a couple of lines lower; if 'classes' is not followed by
      'hero_<something>' then skip it.
    - If it is 'hero_<something>', then a couple of lines lower again, beside
      'money', this is the hero's personal gold stash.
    - Change it to give the hero more money. (If there's a decimal point, leave
      the numbers after the decimal as is.)
    - Search for next string '{personalcardcash', rinse and repeat.
    - Build a blacksmith & magic shop in your kingdom, and watch your heroes go on
      a splurge.
    - Again, this hack affects all your heroes.
    You'll notice there are tons of things to play with in 'mission.sav'. I haven't
    delved very deeply into all the options; the things listed above give a fairly
    rudimentary intro. Feel free to experiment. Heck, write a save file editor if
    you're so inclined. 
    Of course if you mess up the file, or change some random things, it could crash
    the game. Just restore your save file from the copy (you did make a copy,
    Have fun (and kill that bloody Rafnir ;)

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