Imagine a world inside your computer, a fantastic universe populated with Letters and Numbers as real as you and I.
Cliff Johnson, author of the award-winning Fool's Errand, has created a quest that begins when a power surge flings the number 3 from her secure home inside a spreadsheet into the madcap world of letters. As you follow her journey home, you'll meet characters as unique as those that Dorothy found in Oz.
A tour de force of animation and sound, 3 in Three challenges you to an interactive treasure hunt of word puzzles, logic dilemmas, and brain twisters. With no dead ends to force the player to start the game over, 3 in Three offers many hours of delight and challenge. Losing is impossible, but winning requires logic, strategy, and a sense of adventure.
- Features 80 mind boggling puzzles and 60 animated scenes.
- A five-minute, fully-animated finale awaits those who unlock the sacred Temple of Rhyme nor Reason.
- Partially solved puzzles are saved for later completion.
- Collect words and clues throughout the game to use in the final solution.

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