Developed using the Unity Engine, Sky Legends, a free-to-play online flight combat game, will have players taking flight in customizable open cockpit era airplanes built for fast-paced multiplayer battles in an attempt to rule the skies. Developed by Smart Bomb Interactive, Sky Legends, based in a fictional fantasy world, will feature multiple factions with new factions launching regularly. The game's item shop
will include hundreds of cash items and numerous item categories with exclusive items on offer. Sky Legends airplanes will display a one-of-a-kind fun art style with three airplane classes and upgradable
parts with endless customization options. At launch players will embark on four fast-paced game modes including Dog Fight, Team Dog Fight, Capture the Flag and Training/Tutorial. Additional launch highlights will include community features such as friend's lists and squadrons, and mode-based and map-based weapon and plane achievements. A diverse cast of characters -- along with multiple weapons, customization features and missions -- will raise the fun factor on the traditional aerial combat genre.