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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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     PMMMMMMMM]M# ]MM MM@~~~     BMc_MM&_M# #MM  #MM    #M_pM~ ]MM[MMM&  Mf MMMMf
       ]MM8   #MMNNMM]MMMMM      ]M#QMM##M&yMMM6 ]MM    MMMM`  ]MM[NMMM, M&BM  __,
        MM8   BM&  MM BMNggg      QMM BMM$jM  BM6#MM&pgcMMf"M, ]MM[QM#]MMM6BM&gNM#
       ]MMf   4M#  MM MMMMM&       M&  MM M8  ]M&#MMMMMf#M5 ]M  MM[4M& MMM6 #MMMM8
        ,gggpg,             _pgggg_pg__ __         ,___,      ,p_,pgpgq_
        MMMMMMMM&gg         #MMMMMMMMMMMMM#        #MMMMc     #MMMMMMMMMMMpp
       ]MMMMM  `~MMMMMMM&   MMMMM#                MMMMMMM&    MMMMM&    MMMMMMMMg
       "MMMMMn     MMMMMM6  MMMMM8               gMMMMMMM#    #MMMM#      ~MMMMMMg
       ]MMMMMf      #MMM##  BMMMMM               MMMMMMMMM    #MMMM#       `MMMMMM
       ]MMMMMf       #M&NB& MMMMMM              ]MMMM"MMMMY   jMMMM#        ~MMMMMc
       ]MMMMM6       ]M#&M& BMMMMMMMMNgc        #MMM# MMMM#   #MMMM#         #MMMM8
       ]MMMMMf       #MMMMM BMMMMMMMMMM        _MMMMf #MMMM   #MMMM&         #MMMM#
       ]MMMMM        BMMMMMf#MMMMMMM~M"        MMMMMMMMMMMM&  ]MMMM&        _#MMMM&
        MMMMM       gMMMMMM BMMMM6            4MMMMMMMMMMMMM  ]MMMM&        #MMMMMf
        MMMMM      pNMMMMM' MMMMM6            QMMMM" ~~#MMMM, #MMMM&      _pMMMMM#
        MMMMM    ppMMMMMM   MMMMMf            MMMMf    4MMMM& ]MMMMf    _NMM8MMMM~
        N#MMMgpgMMMMMMM#`   MMMMS5           4MMMMf    ~MMMMM ]MMMML__gMMMMMBMMM'
        M~~~~~              M##MM#M#MMM7@M! "~F#F        MM#M! MMM@MM~^^`
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                Platform:   PlayStation 3
                 Version:   1.00
            Last Updated:   09/22/2012
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                Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
           Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt
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    O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O
       Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
     - Introduction.......................................................[WD-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[WD-CON]
     - Tips and Tricks....................................................[WD-TIP]
     - Chapter 1: The Woods.........................................[WD01]
     - Chapter 1: Bear Trap.........................................[WD02]
     - Chapter 2: The Motor Inn.....................................[WD03]
     - Chapter 2: Infected..........................................[WD04]
     - Chapter 3: St. John Dairy....................................[WD05]
     - Chapter 3: Mending Fences....................................[WD06]
     - Chapter 3: Back from the Fence...............................[WD07]
     - Chapter 3: Jolene............................................[WD08]
     - Chapter 3: Back from the Camp................................[WD09]
     - Chapter 4: Dinner............................................[WD10]
     - Chapter 5: The Meat Locker...................................[WD11]
     - Chapter 6: Escape............................................[WD12]
     - Chapter 7: Rescue............................................[WD13]
     - Chapter 7: Showdown..........................................[WD14]
     - Chapter 8: Abandoned Car.....................................[WD15]
     - Trophy Information.................................................[WD-TPH]
     - Version History....................................................[WD-HIS]
     - Credits............................................................[WD-CRE]
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                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
     Hey guys! Bkstunt here continuing my guides on "The Walking Dead" with
    Episode 2: Starved for Help. I'm a little behind on the series, as Episode
    3 JUST came out a few days ago, but I'll catch up! After playing through
    Episode 1 I was instantly in love with the game and Episode 2 doesn't
     Enjoy the guide everyone!
     ~ Bkstunt
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                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                               Controls                               >==O
    Here are the controls for The Walking Dead:
                    _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
                   |  _____ |                            | _____  |
                   |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
                 ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
                /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
               !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
               |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
               !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
               |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
               | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
               |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
               |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
               |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
               \         /                                  \         /
                \       /                                    \       /
                 `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'
     |                                                                        |
     | Left Stick: Move Character.                                            |
     |                                                                        |
     | Right Stick: Move Reticle.                                             |
     |                                                                        |
     | X Button: Action.                                                      |
     |                                                                        |
     | Circle: Action.                                                        |
     |                                                                        |
     | Square: Action.                                                        |
     |                                                                        |
     | Triangle: Action.                                                      |
     |                                                                        |
     | Directional Buttons: Actions.                                          |
     |                                                                        |
     | Start Button: Pause.                                                   |
     |                                                                        |
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O
     Here you can find tips and tricks to surviving in The Walking Dead.
     First of all, an explanation:
     - The MAJORITY of the game is just like most of Telltale's games: a
       point-and-click adventure game where you talk to others, gather items and
       solve puzzles. There is very little ACTION in this game.
     - Despite that, the game DOES feature section of action-oriented game play,
       mainly with PANIC EVENTS! These events will catch Lee by surprise and often
       require quick thinking on your part to survive, and may incorporate using
       items and/or brute force. Panic Events are symbolized throughout the guide
       to stress their timed nature, as failing a panic event or taking to long
       will often result in your death (and a GAME OVER).
     - You control much of the action with a cursor, which is designed to also
       give you certain options for item interaction when you move it over items
       or people. The cursor is sectioned into up, down, left and right buttons.
       Each action is usually assigned to a certain direction, for example
       "Investigate / Look At" is usually the UP button. The ACTION button is
       usually the BOTTOM button. Keep this in mind, as I often say "Press the
       action button" when I mean press down!
     - My "Results" section after your choice options are all "choice
       notifications". I don't mean "results" as in whether people will be happy
       or not, but "results" as in what choice notifications the GAME tells you
       if you pick that particular choice.
     o Pick up any item you can find! This game doesn't believe in Red Herrings!
       You'll find SOME use for it.
     o Keep cool in panic events! Remember to try moving and don't be afraid to
       use brute force! Also be aware of any and all items lying around as you
       may very well NEED them.
     o Not EVERY choice in the game is really a choice. There are many "choices"
       you'll make that don't really affect anything. However...
     o There ARE choices in the game that DO really matter. I will be just
       flat-out telling you what dialog choices do but its up to you to decide how
       you are going to be playing the game.
     o The dialog choices are always assigned to a certain button, but are random
       on subsequent playthroughs. I'll list them in order from shortest to
       longest and let you know what happens if you pick them.
     o Choosing NOT to pick any dialog options IS an option! The "..." is just
       a faster way of being silent than WAITING for the timer to expire.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Chapter 1: The Woods                         >==O
     Please note this guide is for EPISODE 2! For maximum enjoyment, you should
     REALLY play through Episode 1 as well.
     If you require a guide for Episode 1, look here:
     Ok, let's do this. Start a new game and you'll soon get control of Lee, who
    is standing behind a zombie. You'll learn that three months have passes as
    well. Put your cursor over it and use the AXE button to finish it off. Soon
    you'll meet a new character, Mark, who is obviously out hunting with you.
    Sounds like the party is short on food:
     I wish I knew for sure how much food we had left:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Not enough. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We'll manage. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You'll have to ask Lily. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You'll learn quite a bit about what's been going on in the three month gap by
    talking to Mark, especially with Kenny and Lily:
     You know, Kenny's been talking about taking off if he can get that RV running.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Kenny won't abandon us. (RESULT: You gave your opinion about Kenny)
     [3] He's better off without us. (RESULT: You gave your opinion about Kenny)
     [4] He's got a family to look out for. (RESULT: You gave your opinion about
     You'll also be reminded about how much of a pain Larry is:
     Seems like he's got a problem with you in particular.
     [0] Say Nothing. (RESULT: He noticed your silence)
     [1] I have no idea. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] He thinks I'm dangerous. (RESULT: Mark will remember that)
     [3] He's an old racist asshole. (RESULT: Mark will remember that)
     [4] He's just looking out for his daughter. (RESULT: Mark will remember that)
     Ah, good memories. Soon Mark will see a bird and will get it in his
    sights, giving you some dialog options:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Shoot it! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Don't risk the noise. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Can you make that shot? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon you'll hear a scream in the distance. Lee and Mark will run off to
    investigate and find some students and their teacher. Oh geez, the teacher
    is caught in a BEAR TRAP! Kenny will show up soon as well while the students
    wonder whether to trust our group or not:
     These might be the same guys that raided our camp, and... We barely got
    away from that!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What happened?! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Who raided your camp? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We're not going to hurt you. (RESULT: Nothing)
     The two teens are obviously at odds about whether or not to trust us, but
    you'll get a dialog option soon when the taller one asks us to help try and
    get him out:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We'll try! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Was he bitten? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Not our problem. (RESULT: Nothing)
     What a crappy situation!
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Chapter 1: Bear Trap                         >==O
     Soon you'll learn that some walkers are coming! We don't have much time to
    help this guy out but Lee is going to try!
     Once you regain control you will be able to do a number of things. Mark has
    already pointed out that the trap has no release. With the trap you can try to:
     - LOOK at the trap.
     - Try to OPEN the trap with your hands.
     - Try to use the AXE to pry it open.
     However, NONE of those will work. There is also a CHAIN nearby that you can
    chop at with your axe, but it WILL NOT WORK either. There is additionally a
    STONE nearby you can grab and attempt to bash the chain with, but that won't
    work either. You can also chopping the nearby tree the chain is attached to,
    but you KNOW that isn't going to work...
     In the end, you only really have ONE option left:
     Chopping off the man's leg...
     This isn't going to be pretty, but its really the only way. You'll need to
    use the axe on his leg about FOUR times before you cut him free. Now, what
    happens next depends on if you cut him out or not (which depends on the
    amount of time it takes you to get around to chopping at his leg):
       -= CUT THE MAN OUT =-
     You will get the message "You cut David free." Mark will grab him and
    start bringing him back but the shorter teen, Travis, will be jumped by
    zombies (since he was busy throwing up). He'll be overcome by them as the
    rest of the group leaves.
       -= FAIL TO CUT THE MAN OUT =-
     You will get the message "You failed to save David." The group will start
    to walk away, but Travis will grab for Mark's gun and Mark will accidentally
    shoot him in the stomach, making Kenny ask what happened:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't know! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] It was an accident! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] He went for the gun! (RESULT: Nothing)
     They will grab Travis and bring him along as they leave.
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "Going Hungry" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 2: The Motor Inn                        >==O
     After the logo and episode text disappears you'll eventually be back at the
    motel. Of course Lily (and Larry) are none too happy that you've brought in
    more people:
     You can't just be bringing new people here! What are you thinking?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We left the other one behind. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I thought we could save his life! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] He would have died if we left him! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] * We're the ones that shot him. (RESULT: Nothing)
     * = Happens if you bring Travis back.
     And of course, Lily and Kenny will get into an argument. You'll get a chance
    to put in some dialog of your own here:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Kenny was frustrated by your silence)
     [2] Lily's right. (RESULT: They all noticed you sided with Lily)
     [3] Kenny's right. (RESULT: They all noticed you sided with Kenny)
     [4] It doesn't matter who's in charge! (RESULT: You tried to stay neutral)
     After Kenny storms off, you'll follow Lily as she complains about having to
    hand out food rations. She'll make YOU do it, which isn't an easy task.
    "You only have four food items for ten hungry people."
     Once you regain control, you'll have your Axe and four food items. We need to
    hand them out. Below is what happens (notification wise) when you give people
     Give CLEMENTINE food to see: "You chose to take care of Clementine".
     Give DUCK food to see: "Duck and his family appreciate that".
     Give LILY food to have her refuse you. You can say "Fine. Don't Eat." to her
     to get the food back or "Take it anyway" to make her take it.
     Give MARK the food to see: "You fed Mark".
     Try and give CARLEY food to see: "You chose to feed Carley", but she
     WILL NOT take it...
     Try and give DOUG food and you'll see "You tried to give Doug food, but he
     Give LARRY the food to see: "You made a tough choice".
     Give KATJAA the food to have her tell you to give it to Duck.
     Give KENNY the food and he'll refuse it unless duck has eaten. If you fed
     Duck too, it'll say "The others noticed you fed Kenny".
     If you give BEN food it will note "Giving food to Ben may prove an
     unpopular choice".
     Once you're down to ONE piece of food, you'll have a choice to make:
     [1] [Keep the last piece of food for yourself] (RESULT: You chose to keep
                                                             food for yourself)
     [2] [Save the last piece of food for someone else] (RESULT: Nothing)
     Additionally, we have lots of people to talk to and catch up with:
     Talk to Lily for the following dialog:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Lily food)
     [3] Let's talk about you and Kenny (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We should think about leaving here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Talk to Katjaa to follow up on the man you cut up:
     Can you give me a hand real quick?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'd better not. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Sure. What do you need? (RESULT: Nothing, leads to more dialog)
     If you pick number [3], you'll get more dialog by helping her. She'll be
    quite out of her element with patching up the man, though:
     But, I mean, cuts and bruises are one thing, but Lee, this man has no leg!*
     * = This dialog is different if you brought back Travis...
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I did the right thing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] It's what your husband wanted. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that, you can talk to Mark for a bunch of dialog options:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] Lily's pretty pissed at us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Mark food)
     [4] Ever miss the Air Force base? (RESULT: Nothing)
     After the conversation, you will have to choose who to give your Axe to
    as well:
     [1] [GIVE AXE TO MARK] (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] [GIVE AXE TO LARRY] (RESULT: Nothing)
     Mark will also quote what you told him earlier to Larry as well:
     Is that what you told him?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I never said that. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Yeah, that's right! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] That's not what I meant... (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you talk to Larry, you'll get these options:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Larry food)
     [3] Lily and Kenny need to get along. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Lily wants to ditch the new people. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you talk to Clementine (or even go near her, really), Lee will notice
    her missing hat and wonder where it's at:
     I don't know. Can you help me find it?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Sure. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I don't have time. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Do you really need it? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Talk to the new guy to get some dialog options:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] So, who are you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How you holding up? (RESULT: Leads to new dialog)
     [4] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Ben food)
     If you choose option [3], you'll get some more dialog as Ben wishes
    he did SOMETHING:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't know either. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You did all you could. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You'll be prepared next time. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You'll get some dialog by talking to Duck too:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] How are ya doing? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're a pretty brave kid. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Duck food)
     Talk to CARLEY (whom you may or may not have depending on how you played
    Episode 1) for the following dialog:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] Sleeping any better? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Carley food)
     [4] I'm giving out food, what should I do? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Talk to DOUG (again, if you have him) for this:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] What are you working on? (RESULT: More dialog)
     [3] Think Katjaa can save that guy? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Want some food? [GIVE FOOD] (RESULT: Gives Doug food)
     If you picked [2], you'll get this:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Does it work? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How does it work? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It's just some string and some old bells. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You can talk to Kenny about him wanting to leave. He'll mention your past
    exploits if you've been a friend, he'll note that and say you're welcome to
    join him:
     [1] You should stay here. (RESULT: You tried to convince Kenny to stay.)
     [2] The coast does sound like a smart idea. (RESULT: You told Kenny leaving
                                                  for the Coast was a good idea.)
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Chapter 2: Infected                          >==O
     Afterward Katjaa will call you and Kenny over. The poor guy didn't make it.
    Kenny will storm off:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Let him go. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] What's his problem? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'm sick of this shit, too. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Katjaa will talk about the man she tried to save and Ben, with some dialog
    popping up, however, soon the dead man will... attack Katjaa!
       P A N I C   E V E N T !
     Lee will quickly spring into action, trying to separate the teacher from
    Katjaa. Jam on the action button until you can can press another button
    which will free Katjaa. Lee will cry out for the Axe but will soon be
    grabbed himself!
     You'll be face to face with the teacher now! Argh! Move your left stick
    to the left or right to smack the zombies head against the truck. Soon Mark
    (or Larry: whoever you gave the axe to) will come over and you can use your
    cursor to PUSH the zombie away, letting him take a swing at it but he will
     Next you'll need to use your cursor to KICK the zombie while trying to
    move BACKWARDS. Keep trying to kick the zombie as much as you can and soon
    you'll fall out of the truck. The zombie will of course follow you, leading
    to another face to face encounter where you'll need to jam on the action
    button until Carley comes over and shoots the thing in the head. If you don't
    have Carley, whoever had the axe will come and save you instead.
     After the event, Ben will of course be confronted by the group about not
    telling them his friend was bitten, which leads to a VERY defining and
    revealing scene:
     It's gonna happen to ALL of us.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You're lying. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] God help us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We're all infected? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Ben will explain HOW he knows this but soon he'll be interrupted by Carley
    giving a warning to some men nearby.
     I said back off!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Are you armed? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're outnumbered here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We don't want any trouble. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you have DOUG in the group, his "alarm system" will go off and the group
    will have a chance to watch the men. You can ask Ben a question here:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I think you know who they are. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We don't want to hurt your friends. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Are they the people that raided your camp. (RESULT: Nothing)
     In the end, Lily will ask you and Mark to go check out the dairy farm they
    claim they own:
     [1] Ok, we'll go to the dairy. (RESULT: You decided everyone should go)
     [2] No deal, we'll just stay here. (RESULT: You voted against going to the
     No matter what you pick, you'll head off to the diary. Picking [2] just
    makes the group put it to a vote.
     On the road to the diary Carley will talk to you about the power struggle in
    the group:
    (-NOTE-) IF you have DOUG, you won't have the following three questions.
             Instead, you'll talk about the fence and see he has a laser pointer.
     Personally I'd be happier if you started to take charge more.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Me as a leader? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Lily is a smart leader. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Kenny keeps us motivated. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Does anyone else know?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Just you. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Larry knows. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It doesn't matter. (RESULT: Nothing)
     What exactly DID happen with the senator?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It was an accident. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Now is not the time... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You know what happened... (RESULT: Nothing)
     After all of that you'll be asked some questions by the brothers:
     Where are ya from?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I grew up in Macon. (RESULT: Andy will remember that)
     [3] I move around a lot. (RESULT: Andy will remember that)
     [4] The motor inn is my home now. (RESULT: Andy will remember that)
     Who's running things over there?
     [0] Say Nothing. (RESULT: The St. John brothers noticed your silence)
     [1] I am. (RESULT: The St. John brothers took note of that)
     [2] Lily. (RESULT: The St. John brothers took note of that)
     [3] Kenny. (RESULT: The St. John brothers took note of that)
     [4] It's a democracy. (RESULT: The St. John brothers took note of that)
     How many people you got over there, anyway?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] [Change the Subject] (RESULT: You avoided answering the question)
     [3] Nine. Including the kids. (RESULT: You answered honestly)
     [4] Enough to defend ourselves. (RESULT: You let them know that you are
                                              prepared to defend yourselves)
     The questions will be interrupted by arguing in the distance. Everyone will
    shut up and get down while they watch the bandits. Soon the bandits will take
    care of their differences in the bandit way and you'll continue to head
    towards the farm...
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "Conversation Killer" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 3: St. John Dairy                       >==O
    Before long you'll be at the farm. Andy will point out the fence once you
    get there, noting that they push 4000 volts through it:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] This is a brilliant set up. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Ever have any accidents? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We can't have the kids around the fence. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You'll soon meet Brenda, the brothers mom, who will greet you and ask
    you a question:
     Have you got someone with survival experience to lead your group?
     [0] Say Nothing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] We work together. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I've got things under control. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Lily keeps us focused on survival. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Kenny's working on getting us somewhere safer. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Brenda will do her best to make you all feel welcome as well:
     Now that y'all are here, we'll make sure you're safe and comfortable:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We're awful hungry. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We brought gasoline. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Does that offer apply to the rest of us? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon the talk will change to their one remaining (sick) cow and when Brenda
    learns you have a vet she'll be overjoyed! She'll want the group to come over
    and so Mark and Lee will stay at the farm while Carley (or Doug) and Ben will
    head back to the Motor Inn with the food that Brenda gave them. Andy will
    tell you to settle in and look around and to come get him when you're ready
    to secure the perimeter. Mark will find the place incredible:
     So how do you want to play this?
     [1] Let's make sure the place is safe. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We should do whatever we can to help out! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Once you regain control, you can feel free to look around.
     If you check out the swing, Lee will mention to Andy how much fun the
    kids would have on it:
     Kids used to like that old swing even more than the tour sometimes!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] How did it break? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Mind if I try to fix it? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] How long since its been used? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Well, we can take some initiative here and repair the swing! First, head past
    Andy and you'll see some sawhorses and boards lying around. You need to "look"
    at the board first, then go ahead and "use" the saw and Lee will cut himself
    up a [_BOARD_]. 
     Now we need to find some rope. Open the gate by the house and you'll soon
    be on the porch. Up here you can examine the rewards if you want, but go to
    the left and open the SHOE BUCKET. You'll find some [_ROPE_] in here.
     With the board and rope, go use them on the swing and you'll fix it!
     Good job!
     Now, onto talking with people:
     You can also go up to the door and talk with Brenda:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] The place looks amazing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] When will dinner be ready? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] How many rooms in this house? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] What happened to your staff? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [6] How is your family holding up? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Asking her question [4] will give you more dialog choices:
     [1] ... (RESULT: She noticed your silence)
     [2] Just curious. (RESULT: She will remember that)
     [3] Sorry, that was rude. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It looks custom built. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you try and go through the gate between Mark and Andy, Andy will stop
    you and ask what you're fixing to do around the barn:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Nothing. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Just trying to help out. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'm curious about your barn. (RESULT: Nothing)
     No matter WHAT you pick, he'll keep you out of that area until after you go
    secure the perimeter...
     You can talk to Mark by the fence as well, but there's not much to talk
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] Securing the perimeter will help us a lot. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You can also talk to Andy:
     You guys been stockpiling, huh?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] No one fucks with us. (RESULT: He will remember that)
     [3] We can help protect the dairy. (RESULT: Andy appreciates your offer of
     [4] How many weapons do YOU have? (RESULT: You learned they have several guns)
     You'll be able to ask him some questions now:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] Are we your first guests? (RESULT: You found out that other survivors
                                            have stayed at the farm)
     [3] Let's go fix the perimeter. (RESULT: CARRY ON TO NEW SECTION)
     [4] The fence stops the walkers? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Once you're ready, tell Andy you are ready to go fix the perimeter
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 3: Mending Fences                       >==O
     With you and Mark alone, you'll be able to ask him a (much needed) question:
     What were you thinking, telling him what I said about him thinking I'm
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] He's a piece of shit. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I try to be civil at least. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We'll work it out somehow. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon you'll come across your first fried walker. Lee will kick it, but it
    MUST be dead. If you examine it you'll get a question from Mark:
     Who do you think he was?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It doesn't matter. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Maybe a farm hand. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] At least it's not one of us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     To get the zombie off the fence, first PULL the arrow out (so it doesn't get
    stuck) and then push the zombie. Easy stuff. Mark will continue the
    conversation as you walk the fence:
     God, can you imagine not having to worry about the walkers anymore?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It's dangerous. (RESULT: He noticed your ambivalence)
     [3] It's useless without gas. (RESULT: He noticed your ambivalence)
     [4] A fortress needs people to defend it. (RESULT: He noticed your
     He'll ask your thoughts about the brothers as well:
     [1] ... (RESULT: He noticed your silence.)
     [2] What do you mean? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] They're delaying the inevitable. (RESULT: Mark picked up on your doubt)
     [4] We can take this place if we have to. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon you'll come across a second zombie. Go ahead and push it and you'll
    see its hands are stuck to the fence! You'll need to use your axe on each
    hand to chop them off before you can continue! As you continue, Mark will
    comment on the upcoming dinner and how hungry he is:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm hungry, too. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Focus on the task. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We'll go ask for more to eat after. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon you'll come across a third zombie, but this one has knocked down a
    couple of posts really good. Mark will jump over to the other side and get
    in place to push the post up. When you can, go ahead and push the right post.
    You'll need to jam on the action button but as you do the fence will come
    back on!
     Well shit! Watch the scenes as Mark gets hurt (poor Mark) and when you have
    control you'll be behind a tractor. The tractor is safe, but we can't stay
    here. You can look around, but just be careful how long you look in certain
    directions as the screen edges will turn orange/red and you WILL die if you
    are exposed too long!
     What we NEED to do is get the tractor moving, but before we can do that we
    have to do a couple of things. First of all, look at the right portion of the
    tractor. See the plow blades in the dirt? You need to interact with the PLOW
    LEVER near (under) the driver's seat to get the blades up. Next, you have to
    look around the left side of the tractor. On the far wheel is a CHOCK that
    you need to grab, so the tractor can move.
     Now we must move SLOWLY with the tractor. You just need to stay behind it
    after all. Soon it will run into one of the zombies we pushed down earlier.
    To get it to move again, you'll have to pull the zombie out of the way.
    No big deal. Keep moving with it and soon it'll hit ANOTHER zombie. Go and
    pull that one too, but you'll find out THIS one is still alive somehow!
       P A N I C   E V E N T !
     Argh! Quick, move your cursor over the zombies face and kick it. Do it
    twice and soon you'll have to jam on the action button again. This time
    though you'll plain RIP the zombie in half! Lee will throw it a distance
    and then you'll have to keep moving behind the tractor! BE SURE to stay in
    the front end of it though, as the zombie is STILL CRAWLING AFTER YOU.
    Keep staying near the front end and soon the zombie will meet his fate and
    Lee and Mark will escape back in the field.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                   Chapter 3: Back from the Fence                     >==O
     When you get back to the house Andy will ask what's wrong:
     Lee, what's wrong?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It was a goddamn ambush! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] The electric fence came on! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I thought this place was safe! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Lee will tell them what happened and soon the rest of the group will come
    down the road. Mark will head inside with Brenda and Katjaa while the brothers
    explain their relationship with the bandits:
     Food for protection. Not like we had much of a choice, but they did stop
     hasslin' us.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] It was a fluke. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] So much for your "understanding." (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] It isn't as safe here as we thought. (RESULT: Nothing)
     The group will of course spend some time talking and the brothers will say that
    they know where one camp is and can go scope it out with you.
     It you fixed the swing, Andy will point it out to the kids.
    (-NOTE-) If you DID NOT fix the swing earlier, Andy will point out that he
             fixed it so the kids can play with it.
     To CONTINUE the story from here we need to go talk to Dan, but there's a lot
    to do (optionally) before that. For example:
     You can talk to KENNY to get some dialog options:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] How you holding up? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Lily doesn't want to be here. (RESULT: More dialog options)
     [4] Your family made it here okay? (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you choose [3], Kenny will ask if your with him on this:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Yeah, of course. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I'm not choosing sides. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] No. Lily's been doing a good job. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You can talk to Clementine about the swing. She'll ask you to push her on it:
     [1] Sure. (RESULT: More dialog options)
     [2] Maybe later. (RESULT: More dialog options)
     Pick [1] to let Clem have a turn on the swing. This will of course let you
    ask/tell her a number of things:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] We're safe here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How are you doing? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] What do you think of the dairy? (RESULT: More dialog options)
     Choose [4] to have Clementine ask you a question:
     Do you think things will ever get back to how they were?
     [1] ... (RESULT: She noticed your silence.)
     [2] Yes. (RESULT: You shared hope with Clementine.)
     [3] I'm not sure. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I don't think so. (RESULT: You didn't hide the truth from Clementine.)
     You can talk to Lily (who is hanging out north of the barn) for some dialog:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] About your dad... (RESULT: More dialog options)
     [3] I take it you and Kenny haven't made up. (RESULT: More dialog options)
     [4] How do you feel about leaving the motor inn? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] Do you think this was a good idea? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Choose [2] to get some more dialog:
     It's been three months, your dad still treats me like I'm some kind of
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] So he's the asshole. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How do you put up with him? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Does he treat you like that too? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Choose [3] (From the main talk menu!) to get some more dialog:
     I know I came down on you guys pretty hard, but you do agree with the way
     I'm running things, right?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't know. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're a good leader. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Kenny believes there is still hope. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After talking to all those people, go talk to the St. John brothers and
    tell them you're ready to head out. Clementine will hope that you remain
    lucky before you go.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                          Chapter 3: Jolene                           >==O
     You'll soon see Dan and Lee sneaking through the woods. Lee will end up
    finding the camp. You'll get some dialog choices soon:
     You see anybody?
     [1] ... (RESULT: 
     [2] Can't tell. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Looks empty. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Stay on your guard. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Dan will go check out the tent after that and soon you'll have a chance
    to look around. 
     There are a LOT of things to look at around the camp, but the vast
    majority of them are uninteresting. You should go around the camp
    site and examine the BOXES on all the tables. Lee will eventually find a
    [_CAMERA_] by one of them (it's random which one) and Dan will get REALLY
    worried when you find it, saying "oh, good" once he learns the battery is
    dead. NOT a good sign, right there!
     Next, go examine the tent (now that Dan's moved away). Lee will head
    inside. From here, you can look at a picture, a bloody bunny, or the
    sleeping bag. Examine the sleeping bag last to find a missing item,
    Clementine's [_HAT_]! You won't get long to look at it though before a
    lady shows up behind you with a crossbow!
     Of course Dan will have his gun on her and we'll have ourselves a
    standoff! She'll claim not to be with the bandits and will say that she
    "knows what you do" in reference to Dan:
     You don't know me!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Who are you? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] What happened here? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Who attacked the diary?! (RESULT: Nothing)
     The woman will go on rambling, leading to some new dialog:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You shot Mark! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Screw This! [SHOOT HER] (RESULT: You chose to shoot Jolene)
     [4] Where did you get Clementine's hat?! (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you choose not to shoot, you'll get more dialog as she continues to rant:
     [1] ... (RESULT: You chose not to shoot Jolene)
     [2] Don't be stupid! (RESULT: You chose not to shoot Jolene)
     [3] Put down the crossbow. (RESULT: You chose not to shoot Jolene)
     [4] That's Enough! [SHOOT HER] (RESULT: You chose to shoot Jolene)
     IF AT ANY TIME you decide to shoot Jolene, you'll have to use your cursor
    to target here and press the action button to shoot her. You will also get
    some dialog with Danny:
     [1] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: He noticed your silence.)
     [2] Justice. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     [3] She was too far gone. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     [4] She was about to shoot. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     [5] * She had Clementine's hat. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     If you chose NOT to shoot Jolene, you'll get some dialog with Dan:
     [1] ... (RESULT: He noticed your silence.)
     [2] Thanks, I guess. (RESULT: Danny noticed your suspicion)
     [3] You murdered that woman! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I was going to shoot her myself. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     [5] * She said she brought you meat. (RESULT: Danny noticed your suspicion)
     * = You'll get this one if you choose not to say anything before she dies...
     Dan and Lee will talk a bit and, with nothing else to do, will head back
    to the farm...
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                    Chapter 3: Back from the Camp                     >==O
     Back at the farm Lee will go talk to Brenda on the porch. Lily and Kenny
    will be arguing nearby:
     A lotta tension with y'all, huh?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Yeah, you could say that. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Don't mind them, it's how they are. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] They can't agree on how to run things. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Brenda will mention that Katjaa and the kids are in the barn with the cow
    and dinner will be ready soon.
     Now that you're free...
     You can talk to Brenda some more:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] How's Mark doing in there? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We ran into some trouble out there. (RESULT: More dialog choices)
     [4] Why are you out here instead of cooking? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Pick [3] here to get some more dialog with Brenda:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Your boy is nuts. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Why do you deal with bandits? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We met a woman at the camp... (RESULT: Nothing)
     You can talk to Dan for some (creepy) dialog:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] This place is isolated. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You really like that gun. (RESULT: More dialog choices)
     [4] You run this place with just one cow? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Pick choice [3] here to get some more dialog:
     What's not to like?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Danny noticed your suspicion.)
     [2] It's just a gun. (RESULT: Danny noticed your suspicion.)
     [3] Not much, I guess. (RESULT: Danny noticed your suspicion.)
     [4] Just kinda creepy, that's all. (RESULT: Danny noticed your suspicion.)
     You can also go talk to Lily:
     Did you find any more of those guys that hurt Mark?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We found a tent. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Nothing happened. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Danny shot someone. (RESULT: She will remember that)
     [5] I shot a woman. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that talk, you can ask some questions:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] What were you and Kenny arguing over? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] How do you feel about leaving the motor inn? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Do you get the feeling something's going on here? (RESULT: Nothing)
     After all the chatting, head into the barn. Apparently the cow is going to
    have a baby! Interesting. Clementine will also make a funny comment about
    the salt lick. Once you can, give Clementine back her hat to make her very
    happy! She'll then ask you a question:
     Hey Lee. Do you think you'll ever have kids?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I don't think so. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I'd like to, someday. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I haven't thought bout it in a while. (RESULT: Nothing)
     You can talk to Andy in here as well:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] How's the cow? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] When do you think we might eat? (RESULT: Nothing) 
     [4] Danny and I met a woman in the woods... (RESULT: Nothing)
     From here you can go check out all the stalls if you wish. There's nothing
    of interest in any of them though. What IS interesting is the back door. Go
    check it out and Kenny will come up to you and go on about how they are
    hiding something:
     What about you? What about Clem?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You're being stupid. (RESULT: Kenny didn't like that.)
     [3] She's not actually family... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'll protect her, no matter what. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Kenny and you will have a good long talk about how to break in and take a
    look. Be sure to "LOOK" at the left screws once you can to continue the
    talk. Andy will soon come over though:
     Can I help you boys find something?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Kenny covered for you.)
     [2] Kenny heard a noise. (RESULT: You made an excuse.)
     [3] What's behind the door? (RESULT: You questioned Andy directly.)
     [4] Just checking out the barn. (RESULT: You made an excuse.)
     After Andy's "warning", you will be free again and the game will tell you
    "Distract Andy to get him out of the barn". We will also need to get something
    to take off those screws with, just FYI. You can talk to Kenny now if you
    wish, as he is hanging out in the barn:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] How do I distract Andy? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I can't get that lock off the door. (RESULT: Nothing)
     There's nothing we can do IN the barn right now, so head outside.
     Once you're outside you'll see a quick scene of Larry flirting with Brenda.
    Heh! You can also talk to Lily if you wish:
     What's going on, Lee? Did something happen?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Everything is fine. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] There's something odd with the barn. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Kenny thinks they're hiding something. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Lily wants to take the food and leave, but you can ask her another
    question after the dialog prompt:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] I'm starting to think they may be hiding something. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you REALLY want to, you can also go interrupt Larry and Brenda. Larry
    will walk away and you'll get to ask Brenda some questions. They are the
    same questions as earlier, with one added one:
     [1] Exit (RESULT: Exit dialog menu)
     [2] What do guys keep in the barn? (RESULT: Nothing)
     OK, time to distract Andy now. First, let's get ourselves a tool. Go head
    over to the generator and to the north of it near the work area is a toolbox.
    Go interact with it to open it and pick up the [_MULTI-TOOL_] inside! Sweet!
    Now, for the distraction part. Head to the generator and "use" it to get a
    closer look. There is a POWER button to the upper right and a panel on the
    bottom. Use your multi-tool on the panel to open it and you'll see the belt
    running. Now, TURN OFF the generator and then use your multi-tool on the
    (now not running) belt.
     Lee will take the belt and Andy will come out and inspect the generator,
    becoming pissed off as you might expect. Now's our chance though! Head back
    into the barn and approach the door (NOTE: If you didn't give Clementine
    back her hat earlier, you will AUTOMATICALLY DO SO NOW... seems like you
    can't just keep it, huh!?). The dinner bell will ring now... ugh, bad timing!
    Kenny will get drug away too, telling you he'll make an excuse for you.
     Go ahead and interact with the lock. You will need to use the multi-tool
    on EACH of the four left screws to undo the assembly but once you do the
    door will open and you'll get to see what's in the room behind the door!
    However, Andy catches you:
     Boy. Didn't you hear the bell? Dinner Time.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What the hell is this?! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I found the door open like that. (RESULT: You lied to Andy)
     [4] Why is there so much blood in there? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Say what you will and Andy will then explain that hunting made the mess.
    Lee will nod in agreement and head off to the house...
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "Thank you for shopping at Save Lots!" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                          Chapter 4: Dinner                           >==O
     Once you're inside, you'll see everyone is at the table about ready to eat.
    Lee will ask where Mark is and if he can wash his hands and soon you'll be
     Guess what!? We're not going to wash our hands! Now, the bathroom is close
    by and you can look through the medicine cabinet if you wish, but there's
    nothing really interesting in there. What we WANT to do is head upstairs.
    Head up them slowly and Lee will make them creak ever so slightly but won't
    draw any attention. At the top of the stairs you NEED to go check out the
    left door, which leads to a closet. There's a LOT of questionable items in
    the closet' stuff that dairy farmers don't likely need. What we NEED to do is
    interact with the POWER CORD on the floor.
     After checking that out, check out the far door. You can check out some
    bloodstains on the floor, but more importantly Mark is NOT in the bed. Next,
    go interact with the nearby bookshelf. Lee will push it out of the way and
    a door will be behind it. Brace yourself and open the door...
     After watching the (short) scene you will be in control, but we have to act
    quick! The game will note "Get to Clementine before she eats!". Quickly run
    down the stairs and go through the LEFT door! Once you do you'll have some
    dialog options:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] IT'S PEOPLE! (RESULT: You couldn't stop Clem from eating!)
     [3] DON'T EAT THAT! (RESULT: You stopped Clementine from eating!)
     [4] CLEMENTINE, NO! (RESULT: You stopped Clementine from eating!)
     [5] * Spit that out! (RESULT: You tried to stop her!)
     * = Choices you have if you took TOO LONG to get to Clementine.
     (-NOTE-) If you take TOO long, some of the above choices will be the same,
              but they won't be capitalized. In those cases, you'll just see the
              notification "You tried to stop her!"
     After your outburst, the people around the table will start talking and
    soon you'll get some more dialog actions to explain yourself:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Extra dialog)
     [2] Mark is upstairs, LEGLESS! (RESULT: You chose to be direct!)
     [3] You are eating HUMAN meat. (RESULT: You chose to be direct!)
     [4] This woman is fucking INSANE! (RESULT: Extra dialog)
     If you picked [1] or [4] up above, you can say some unique dialog here:
      [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
      [2] Fuck you, Larry. Eat up. (RESULT: You let Larry eat human flesh.)
      [3] That woman just fed you a man's legs. (RESULT: Nothing)
      [4] That woman is running a slaugherhouse. (RESULT: Nothing)
     NORMAL players will have said something by now though:
     More reactions occur afterwards along with some more dialog choices:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing*)
     [2] Go upstairs and have a look! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We need to get the kids out of here! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] They're picking us off to trade as meat. (RESULT: Nothing)
     * = If you stay silent the whole time, you'll see the message "Brenda
         noticed you've been silent."
     The group will realize what's happening now and before long you'll be able
    to respond to Brenda and her explanations:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You're all sick! (RESULT: You chose to be direct!)
     [3] Just let us go. (RESULT: You chose to plead with them.)
     [4] We outnumber you. (RESULT: You chose to threaten them!)
     In the end, Brenda will confirm that they go after people who were "going to
    die anyway" and Dan will mention "Like ya'll". NOT good!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Clementine, run! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Lily, grab a knife! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Kenny, get your gun! (RESULT: Nothing)
     No matter what you pick, Andy and Dan will get the jump on the group. More
    chaos will ensue with another dialog choice:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We're screwed! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Somebody do something! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Everything will be okay! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Andy will then grab Clementine to make sure you don't do anything:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'LL KILL YOU!!! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] YOU FUCKER!!! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] LET GO OF HER!!! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon the chaos will go silent as Mark drags himself downstairs. Soon
    after that though you will be knocked out by Danny...
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                     Chapter 5: The Meat Locker                       >==O
     After coming to, you'll see that you're in a solitary room with Larry
    screaming his head off. Clementine will come talk to you and after Larry's
    stupid claims you will be able to talk to Clementine:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What happened? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Is there a way out? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You okay, Clementine? (RESULT: Nothing)
     Soon you will regain control. Time to try and find a way out of here! 
     If you talk to Larry, you'll end up with some dialog while he's ranting
    about you hating him:
     [1] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I'm not your enemy. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're not worth hating. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you talk to Lily, she'll try to get her dad to calm down.
     If you talk to Kenny, he'll stress that he has to get to his family...
     There are plenty of things you can check out in the room in the meantime,
     - Boxes
     - Pallets
     - Shelves
     - Salt Licks
     - Air Conditioner
     Explore what you can but SOON Larry will have another heart attack. Looking
    at the Air Conditioner will expedite Larry's heart attack, FYI. Lily will
    run to his side and announce he isn't breathing! NOT good... Kenny will put
    together what THAT could mean in a hurry and will talk to Lily about what he
    thinks needs to be done:
     God dammit, Kenny! He's not dead!!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Maybe you're right. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Lily can still save him. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We can't kill him if he's not dead! (RESULT: Nothing)
     After some more dialog you will soon have to make a difficult decision:
    Help LILY or help KENNY...
    (-NOTE-) This, like other events in the game, is not REALLY a choice. Picking
             one or the other will NOT change what happens in the end, but it will
             change some events afterwards. It's really your decision. You can
             read ahead and see what the differences are if you like, but there's
             really no "right" way here.
    (-NOTE-) You can optionally choose to NOT DO ANYTHING here. If you do decide
             not to do anything, Kenny will call you worthless and "take care of"
             the situation himself...
       HELP LILY
     "You chose to help Lily save her Dad"
     Lee will ask if he's breathing and will tell Lily to let him take over
    while he does hands-CPR. Once you have control, you can use the cursor to
    continue the CPR, but pay attention to the dialog in the background.
     Soon, Kenny will do his thing and end the situation. Nothing you could
    have done will stop that...
     Kenny will be MUCH more pissy if you chose this route.
     "You chose to help Kenny keep Larry from turning"
     If you choose to help Kenny, you will end up having to hold Lily back.
    As usual, jam on the action button to pull her back. You'll need to do this
    twice for Kenny to finish...
     Lily will be MUCH more pissy if you chose this route.
     After the deed is done, Lee will go over to Clementine.
     If you helped KENNY, she'll ask why:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] He was dead. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We couldn't take that chance. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you helped LILLY or didn't do anything, she'll ask if it is over:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Not yet. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] I don't know. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Yes. For now. (RESULT: Nothing)
     She will start crying after that and Lee will tell her to focus on
    something hopeful.
     Like what?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] A safe place. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Your walkie-talkie. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Getting out of here. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you want, you can talk to Kenny here after what he did:
     [1] Exit. (RESULT: Exits dialog menu)
     [2] What now? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We've got to work together. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Could you kill Katjaa or Duck? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [5] * About your family... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [6] * It's just you and me... (RESULT: Nothing)
     * = These choices only appear if you HELPED Kenny.
     You can also talk to Lily. If you helped her or didn't do anything, you will
    get this dialog:
     He was still alive, Lee. He was still alive...
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Larry was a good father. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Kenny was trying to keep us safe. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You've got to think about your own life. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you helped Kenny, you'll get this dialog:
     Don't talk to me, Lee. Don't fucking talk to me.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I know you hate Kenny... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Larry would want you to move on. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You've got to pull yourself together. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Ok, NOW let's focus on getting out of here!
     To get out, we need to go check out the air conditioner. Lee will reason that
    there is a duct behind it and will learn his multitool is gone. Naturally.
    Clementine's rock doesn't help much either. What we NEED is a COIN. If you
    were being attentive back at the beginning of the game, you'll remember that
    Larry mentioned having coins in his pockets...
     Go talk to Lily and Lee will ask her for her "permission" to search him.
    Once you have it, search Larry. The pocket you will want is the LEFT pocket
    (Larry's front-right pocket). You will find the [_COINS_] there.
     With them in hand, go examine the air conditioner again and use the coins
    on the screws. Kenny will help you take the unit down once you do.
     Well, there's our way out, Lee.
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Clementine can fit. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] It's too small to fit through. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We don't know where it leads. (RESULT: Nothing)
     It's indeed a pretty small space, but Clementine will volunteer for
    the trip.
     I can do it
     [0] SAY NOTHING. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [1] Go, quickly! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] You don't have to do this. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You think you can do this? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I know you're brave enough. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After lifting her up Clementine will follow the duct to the other side and,
    after several agonizing seconds and a gasp, will open the door letting the
    rest of the group free. Clementine will stay behind with Lily who is still
    saying goodbye.
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "Too Much Salt Will Kill You" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                          Chapter 6: Escape                           >==O
     Head outside of the room to get a nice overview of what it contains. Ugh...
     Once you regain control, you will be able to grab a weapon from the room.
    The following weapons are scattered throughout the room, but note that you
    can only have ONE at a time:
     - Hay Hook
     - Sickle
     - Mini Cattle Prod
     It really doesn't matter WHICH weapon you take. Once you're ready talk to
    Kenny who will head out (Note that he will ask you if you're ready if you
    HELPED him earlier). Follow him. You'll see that Dan is in the distance
    looking away from you. Sneak up on him and soon Andy will show up making you
    and Kenny have to hide out in a stall (there dialog is classic as well, by
    the way!). Talk to Kenny once you're in the stall:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] What should we do? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We'll take him out together. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I'll keep an eye on him. Be ready to act when I say. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Kenny will ask you to take a look and see what he's doing. To look out, look
    to the left and SLIGHTLY press forward to open the stall door. You'll see that
    he is setting up a trap (while talking to the cow, nonetheless!). Report back
    to Kenny if you wish and he'll ask you to look again.
     Once you look again (or if you waited awhile before looking the first time),
    you will see Danny pointing his gun at you!
       P A N I C   E V E N T !
    (-NOTE-) If you fail to grab the gun, you will get shot in the head.
     Once you do, Danny will head backwards slowly, trying to reload the gun.
    During this time you SHOULD quickly attack him by moving your cursor over
    his torso and hitting the action button. Lee will attack with whatever weapon
    you grabbed earlier (or your hands, if you didn't grab any weapon), but
    Danny will knock you down.
     At THIS point, you will be rescued by either Kenny or Lily, depending on
    who you sided with earlier. In the end, Danny will be caught in his own trap
    without his gun. Kenny will also run out to the house upon hearing his wife...
     We'll have to deal with Danny first. Lee will hold him at pitchfork-point
    while he tries to convince you of his style of life:
     Give part of yourself... so others can live!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Cannibalism?! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] That's why you killed that woman! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Mark never volunteered to be food! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Afterwards you will have to decide Danny's fate. The options
    (and notifications) are:
     o Kill Danny.
         Lee will thrust the pitchfork into Danny, with Clementine shouting
        "No!" from behind. You'll also see the message notification "Clementine
        witnessed what you did."
     o Spare Danny.
         Lee will thrust the pitchfork into the hay, saying this is NOT how
        the world works now. You'll also see the message notification
        "Clementine will remember you spared his life."
     The choice is ultimately yours. Danny won't be bothering us from this point
    on. Lee will soon leave the barn and head out to check out the rest of the
     Watch the scenes as someone approaches the fence. It will be Carley and
    Ben (or Doug, and his laser pen...).
     Is everyone okay? You guys have been gone WAY too long!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Get out of here! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] They attacked us. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] We need your help! (RESULT: Nothing)
     Lee will explain the situation while they try to find a way in around back.
    From here, Lee will move up to the front of the house. Sneak on up and when
    you get close enough you'll hear Andy taking Duck and leaving. Keep going
    and soon Brenda will see who's outside:
     Andy? Danny, is that you? What's going on out there?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Brenda was frightened by the lack of response.)
     [2] Yeah, it's me! (RESULT: Brenda saw through your lie.)
     [3] I left Danny in the barn... (RESULT: You frightened Brenda.)
     [4] Where are Katjaa and the kid?! (RESULT: You alerted Brenda to your
     From here, any surprise attacks are out the window. Walk up to the front
    door and you'll see that Brenda has Katjaa hostage and she'll tell you NOT
    to come in.
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "Taking Charlotte" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                          Chapter 7: Rescue                           >==O
     Despite what she says, go ahead and open the door and enter. Brenda and
    Lee will exchange some dialog. Go ahead and take another step and you'll
    hear her say:
     "Stop right there, I mean it!"
     STOP when you hear that. If you take another step she will KILL Katjaa
    (which is a game over). Instead, you should be able to TALK to Brenda by
    moving your cursor over her, which results in these options:
     [1] Put the gun down, bitch!! (RESULT: Katjaa dies)
     [2] It doesn't have to end like this! (RESULT: Katjaa lives)
     Be SURE to pick "It doesn't have to end like this!". 
     Once you say that, Brenda will head up the stairs a little bit. Take a few
    more steps until you hear her say:
     "Stay back! Don't do anything stupid!"
     STOP once again when you hear this. Just like last time you will be able
    to TALK to Brenda for some more dialog options:
     [1] Let her go, Brenda. (RESULT: Katjaa lives)
     [2] I'll kill all of you! (RESULT: Katjaa dies)
     Like last time, be SURE to pick "Let her go, Brenda.".
     Once again, she will head up the stairs. By now you should be fully aware
    of what we are trying to do here: have Brenda go up the stairs until she
    meets Mark... kinda odd that she's not noticing him, but oh well. Move
    forward again until she says:
     "I don't want to kill you, Lee!!"
     Once you hear that, STOP and talk to her again:
     [1] You don't have the GUTS! (RESULT: Katjaa dies)
     [2] Please, don't make this any worse. (RESULT: Katjaa lives)
     Like the other times, choose the peaceful option and say "Please, don't make
    this any worse.". Head forwards afterwards and soon Mark will repay Brenda
    back for what she did to him...
     With Katjaa safe, you'll hear Andy and Kenny yelling outside...
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Chapter 7: Showdown                          >==O
     Rush outside to see Kenny try (and fail) to save Duck. You'll then talk to
    Andy a bit:
     Who the fuck do you people think you are? Look what you've done!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Calm down. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Shut the fuck up! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] You brought this on yourself. (RESULT: Nothing)
     After that, Andy will get shot in the ear (If you have CARLEY) or almost
    blinded by a laser (if you have DOUG)... damn! Lee will rush him though
    as Duck runs to safety.
       P A N I C   E V E N T !
     JAM on the action button as you grapple with Andy. Once you complete this
    first part you will tumble down the hill, through the picket fence. Andy will
    recover faster (damn) and will kick you in the face. He'll then make sure the
    generator and fence is on and will take you over to it. You can try punching
    here, but it won't do any good...
     At the fence, he will attempt to shove your head down into it. Jam on the
    action button to ensure this DOES NOT HAPPEN. After awhile and getting SO
    CLOSE, Lee will look over to Lily for help...
     If you SIDED with Lily earlier, she will SHOOT Andy and let you get the
    upper hand.
     If you SIDED WITH KENNY earlier, she will look away and you'll need to
    jam on the action button some more. You'll end up knocking Andy down once
    you finish. 
     Once you're on top of Andy, feel free to PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE over and
    over. Keep punching and don't let up!
     Once you're done, you will get up and grab the rifle while Andy continues
    to talk trash. He's also very full of assumptions:
     As soon as Dan and Mama get out here you're all fucked!!
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] I said it's over! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] They're both dead. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] They're not coming. (RESULT: Nothing)
     As Lee walks away, Andy will yell at you to get back and finish this!
     The options (and notifications) are:
     o Walk Away.
     "You spared Andy's life." 
     Lee will walk away as zombies start to overrun the farm...
     o Shoot Andy.
     "You chose to kill Andy."
     Lee will go back and finish Andy off while the group looks away...
     No matter what you pick, the dead will begin to overrun the farm and the
    group will start to head back.
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer" trophy now, an
              obvious reference to Tales of Monkey Island.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                      Chapter 8: Abandoned Car                        >==O
     On the way back, Carley will ask you a question:
     Were they really killing people?...For food?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Yeah. They were. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] We should've known something was up. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] Yeah. And Clementine almost ate some. (RESULT: Nothing)
     If you have DOUG, you'll get a different question:
     I never thought a laser pointer would be the thing that saved our lives.
     [1] ... (RESULT: He noticed your silence.)
     [2] Don't worry about it. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You probably should have stayed. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     [4] I'm glad you showed up when you did. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     Afterwards, you'll also get back your the [_CAMERA_]. You'll have a chat
    with Kenny as well, about what happened in the Meat Locker:
     What do you think?
     [1] ... (RESULT: He noticed your silence.)
     [2] You're no hero. (RESULT: Kenny will remember your words.)
     [3] You murdered Larry. (RESULT: Kenny will remember your words.)
     [4] You destroyed this group. (RESULT: Kenny will remember your words.)
     [1] ... (RESULT: He noticed your silence.)
     [2] I'm with you. (RESULT: Kenny noticed your loyalty.)
     [3] We fucked up. (RESULT: He will remember that.)
     [4] It'll be fine. (RESULT: Kenny noticed your loyalty.)
     Afterwards, Clementine will ask about the St. John brothers:
     Lee... Are those bad people dead?
     [1] ... (RESULT: Clementine noted your silence.)
     [2] Yes. Walkers probably got em. (RESULT: You were direct with Clementine.)
     [3] No, they are alive and suffering. (RESULT: You were direct with
     [4] We didn't kill them, so I don't know. (RESULT: You gave Clementine a
                                                        reassuring answer.)
     IF YOU DID KILL THEM (Even one...):
     [1] ... (RESULT: Clementine noted your silence.)
     [2] Yes. They were bad. (RESULT: You were direct with Clementine.)
     [3] I'm sorry you saw that. (RESULT: You gave Clementine a reassuring answer.)
     [4] I shouldn't have done that. (RESULT: You revealed your guilt to
     Soon Duck will hear a noise in the woods and the group will discover a car,
    giving you some dialog options:
     [1] Hello? (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] Come out or I'll shoot! (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] Don't shoot, we're here to help. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Say what you want and then approach the car slowly (or at any speed,
    really... it doesn't matter). Lee will soon discover no one is here and
    the tank is on empty...
     Kenny will discover a TON of supplies in the back and soon the group
    will be arguing over the moral choice of whether or not to take the supplies
    here. Clementine will speak up as well, leading to some dialog choices from
     [1] We have to take this, Clementine. (RESULT: You chose to take food from
                                                    the car anyway).
     [2] You're right. We shouldn't take this. (RESULT: You and Clementine chose
                                                        not to steal food.)
     If you choose [1], You will need to unlock the car yourself and start to
    select boxes of supplies, which group members will start taking from you.
    You'll soon find a hoodie and will try to give it to Clementine, even though
    she is hesitant:
     [1] It's yours now. (RESULT: You made Clementine take the hoodie)
     [2] We're not like the bandits. (RESULT: You convinced Clementine that it's
                                              okay to take the hoodie)
     [3] Just hold onto it for safe-keeping. (RESULT: You convinced Clementine to
                                                      take to hoodie for awhile;
     If you choose [2], Kenny will state that we HAVE to take this stuff:
     [1] ... (RESULT: Nothing)
     [2] We'll survive without it. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [3] You're on a tear today, huh. (RESULT: Nothing)
     [4] I don't want any part of it. (RESULT: Nothing)
     Either way, watch as the group get's loaded up on supplies. You'll also soon
    get some batteries for your camera, which will let you see a video that Jolene
    took earlier in the game. And with that little bit of foreshadowing about the
    bandits, Episode 2 will come to an end...
     (-NOTE-) You will get the "It's Not Stealing If You Need It" trophy now.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
     In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. Getting trophies
    in this game is EXTREMELY easy, as basically all you have to do is play
    through the episode to get them!
    (-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.
       .——————————————————————.                                 .——————————————.
     __|   The Walking Dead   |_________________________________|   Platinum   |__
        Description | Earn all trophies in: "The Walking Dead"
      How to Obtain | This will quite simply be the last trophy you get in the
                    | game. Once you have all of the other trophies, this one will
                    | unlock. You'll need to wait until every episode is out,
                    | though. (PS3 Only)
       .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
     __|   Going Hungry   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 1 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
     __|   Conversation Killer   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 2 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .—————————————————————————————————————————.                .————————————.
     __|   Thank you for shopping at Save Lots!  |________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 3 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
     __|   Guess Who's Coming to Dinner   |_______________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 4 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
     __|   Too Much Salt Will Kill You  |_________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 5 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
     __|   Taking Charlotte   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 6 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
     __|   You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete chapter 7 of episode 2.
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
       .——————————————————————————————————————.                     .——————————.
     __|   It's Not Stealing If You Need It   |_____________________|   Gold   |__
        Description | Complete Episode 2: "Starved For Help"
      How to Obtain | Simply play through the game, consulting the guide if you
                    | get stuck.
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                           Version History                            >==O
     Version 0.10: August 30th, 2012
     Light formatting work, setting up the guide. No real content yet.
     Version 1.00: September 1st - 22nd, 2012
     Working on the guide piecemeal for most of September, whenever I have a
    moment to spare, and that's all it really takes. Episode 2 was a FANTASTIC
    episode, but Episode 3 was also released recently (will need to get to that
    sooner or later).
                  _____        __      __               ___
                 |_   _|       \ \    / /              |   \
                   | |   H E    \ \/\/ / A L K I N G   | |  | E A D
    O==<                               Credits                                >==O
     o Tetraninja for his "Let's Play" on Youtube. Helped me out a lot.
     o Jeremy Wise from Cheatmasters.com for the support.
     o Johnathan Sawyer for the controller ASCII.
    DON'T                                                Document © Bkstunt_31 2012
    EAT                                     Walking Dead: The Game © 2011 Tell Tale
    DINNER...                                         E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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