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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/30/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Cave - FAQ/Walkthrough

    Version 1.5 - Jan. 24, 2013

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    Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ. This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all Cave Paintings. I try and make all my guides spoiler-free, so do not expect me to tell you what is going on story wise as you play. I suggest you play through the game once on your own, and then use my guide as a hidden item finder or puzzle solution guide.

    If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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    Playstation 3Xbox 360
    D-Pad - LeftCharacter 1D-Pad - LeftCharacter 1
    D-Pad - UpCharacter 2D-Pad - UpCharacter 2
    D-Pad - RightCharacter 3D-Pad - RightCharacter 3
    L AnalogCharacter MovementL StickCharacter Movement
    OPick Up / DropBPick Up / Drop
    TriangleSpecial AbilityYSpecial Ability
    L1Pass CameraLTPass Camera
    L2 + R2RespawnLB + RBRespawn


    Basics Features


    Switching Characters

    The game requires you to use three characters to make your way through the cave. Characters can only hold one item each, but they can still perform actions while holding an item, such as pulling a lever or pushing a box. To switch between characters, use the D-Pad. Be aware of where each character is on the D-Pad, because some puzzles will require you to switch quickly.


    Special Abilities

    Each character has their own special ability, and while some are very useful others are not. You can complete every section of the game with any set of characters, but certain ones let you bypass whole sections. The following is a quick overview of the characters and their abilities.

    The KnightInvincibilityAllows you to get through areas where you have to walk around a long way by ignoring fall damage.
    The HillbillyHold BreathAllows you to go through long water sections, really only useful in his section.
    The Time TravelerPhase ShiftAllows you to bypass a lot of doors, really useful.
    The ScientistHackingAllows you to bypass puzzles that require you to open doors by simply hacking them open.
    The AdventurerGrappleAllows you to bypass small sections by grappling, but not overly useful.
    The TwinsGhostAllows you to skip sections that normally require 2+ people.
    The MonkTelekinesisAllows you to bypass the whole Zoo level by sucking the Hot Dog out of the machine, as well as other cases.



    Firstly, this game has unique gameplay and you may wonder, "Why isn't the game starting" as you toggle through the characters. This is because the game has already started and you can freely move any of the seven characters. Taking three into the cave will lock your character set to those three.

    While this game allows you to skip certain puzzles based on the players you choose, I am going to always assume you have to solve the puzzle the long way.


    The Campfire

    Start by heading right and grabbing the Crowbar with O/B and then go left and use it (Square/Y) to pry your way through to the Shoddy Barricade. Follow the path until you are unable to jump up and over a high ledge and find the nearby box to the right, which you can grab and push/pull by holding Square/Y. Pick three characters and stand them on the bridge to proceed.


    The Gift Shop

    Head right and talk to the Gift Shop Clerk with Square/Y and as you walk away he should ask you to bring three trinkets and drop the Novelty-Sized Key. Grab the key and head left to unlock the "Employees Only" Door.

    Drop down to the Broken Old Well and spot your first hidden Cave Painting. While we cannot get it this second, unless you have the time traveler, we will get it in a bit.

    Cave paintings are scattered throughout the cave and are the games version of collectibles. Note that the images they display are based on the characters you have with you. This means you will have to collect them while playing all the characters to get 100%.

    In order to pass the door on your left, you'll need to pull the Lever in the basement, by the door, and on the other side of the door. Once open, it will stay open for good and you can freely move your characters around. Take whoever has the Crowbar and continue left and jump up the platforms just before the Bell to reach another Cave Painting and the Old Well. Pry the Rusty Crank off it and take the crank back to the Broken Old Well and use it to get the Bucket.

    This will also break the well and allow you to collect the Cave Painting you saw previously.

    Return to the Old Well and continue up to the Fuse Box and place the bucket on top in order to grab the Fuse. Now, return to the basement with the vending machines and place it in the Empty Fuse Box. The New Grog Machine will pop out a Can of Grog that your characters can drink, but what you want is the Hot Dog from the Hot Dog Machine.

    Grab the Hot Dog and return to the bell and throw it on the Pit of Spikes.

    To get the trophy/achievement Well Done jump across and sacrifice a character to have the cave monster shoot fire at them and cook the hot dog.

    Switch characters and grab the Fuse and return it to where you got it from. You should now have one character by the bell and one up by the Levers and Such. You need to ring the bell with one character and then switch and use the levers to move the dog-like creature out of your way. Proceed down the new tunnel, grabbing the Cave Painting, and then drop into the water below.

    Your other character will automatically move up to you when you reach a new checkpoint, so there is no need to worry about them.

    Climb out of the water to your right and head down the ladders to the Box of Dynamite and grab a stick. Now head back up the ladder and light the Dynamite via the Flame and rush over to the right and toss it by hitting O/B by the rocks. Continue down the tunnel and hop up the first ledge to grab the first Trinket and then switch characters.

    The name of the trinkets depends on the previous playthrough and therefore I will refer to them as trinkets.

    Follow the path and go down and through the water to find the second Trinket and then return to the fork and go up to stand on a weighted platform to open the door. Switch to you final character not holding an item and walk through the door. Take the first ladder you see to grab the third, and final, Trinket and then head down and use the Elevator Call Button further down the tunnel. Press it again and quickly hop on to return to the start of the tunnel and take all three items to the Gift Shop Owner.

    Before heading into the tunnel, check the Postcard Display and grab the Postcard that pops out. Now, talk to the owner and head inside the cave with the Postcard to get the trophy/achievement Shoplifting.

    There is another trophy/achievement for taking the postcard all the way through the cave. To do this you will always want to make sure that the postcard is equipped to whoever you are advancing with or that one of your allies is holding it, since they will teleport forward with it.

    Follow the cave into the next pool of water and then jump on the rope to pull down the counterweight. Switch characters and jump across the gap, now open with the weight pulled up, and hop to the other side where a Cave Painting is. Continue to the right and remove the character from the rope so you can pull the box left, just between the gap above. The fall is normally too far for your characters, but with the box now in place they can carefully fall to safety. Move all three characters on the weighted floor lever and continue.


    The Knight

    We have just come across our first independent area. If you have the Knight in your team, the narrator will usually discuss something related to them, head to the pit with fire shooting out and use his special ability (Triangle/X) to safely drop down the shaft. Now, head left to meet the King for your quest. Head right and approach the gate, which will open, and then climb the rope and ladders to meet the Princess. Now, go back down and head right to progress further into the tunnel.

    Climb down the rope and head right up another rope and then all the way up the ladder, ignoring the area to the right as the guard will kill you. You can see the Dragon Gate Key just on the other side of the gate, but you are unable to reach it.

    If you have the Time Traveler or the Monk you can easily get the key with their special abilities, but I am going to assume you do not.

    Head up the steps until you spot and elevator and a Lever. Put the Knight on the elevator and switch characters and bring them all the way to the lever. Pull the lever with your ally and stop when the hand gets to II and switch to the Knight to grab a Cave Painting. Now put the Knight back on the elevator and activate his special ability and drop him to floor three. Now that the Knight is distracting that guard by the key, use the ally to head down and get the key. If you do not care to get the trophy/achievement for no deaths, then you do NOT need to go back and move the elevator to get the Knight to safety.

    Take the key with your ally and head down the right side of the cavern to find the Dragon Gate and unlock it. Instead of heading inside, drop down the ladder and across the pits of spikes to find another Cave Painting. Now return them to the Dragon Gate and switch to the Knight.

    Bring the Knight down the left side of the cavern, following the dragon signs, and enter the left side of the dragon's den. You need to jump over into the dragon's area of attack and hit his invincibility to distract him while your ally steals the Dragon Treasure. Now, climb back up the tower and place the treasure into the Coin Machine to receive the princess' Bloody Amulet and return to the king.

    Enter the king's chamber and grab Excalibur. Unfortunately, the knight is too weak and will need to cheat to get Excalibur. Go back into the tower and find the Crate of Dynamite and grab a stick. Head back down and follow the dragon signs until your see the four skull sign and follow it all the way left for a Cave Painting. Now, notice the loose rocks above the crypt with Excalibur directly above? Well, you need to light the dynamite and drop it just below to release Excalibur. Now return and pull it from the stone.

    If you follow the king back to the princess' chamber you will gain the trophy/achievement Royal Buffet.

    Exit through the king's chamber and continue.


    The Hillbilly

    Using the Hillbilly's special ability, swim through the underground tunnel and out the other side. Head right and grab a stick of Dynamite from the Crate of Dynamite and light it with the Flame to allow your party to enter.

    Head left down the tunnel and meet the Amazing Two-Legged Lady before heading left to the prize booth with a Pink Bear. You will need to get 5 tickets to get this thing for the lady, so let's get started.

    Walk left a little and grab the nearby Carnival Ticket and place it in the Ticket Taker.

    Now continue left until you reach the Dunking Booth and hop the Hillbilly on top and have an ally smack the target for another Carnival Ticket. Switch to the Hillbilly and swim through to tunnel to the left and climb the ladder for a Cave Painting.

    Drop down and head right to climb the rope and then head left at the Guess Your Weight Machine. Keep going left, past the Wheel of Misfortune and up to find the Wrench and then switch characters.

    Now climb up and this time go right at the Weight Machine and head all the way up to the top to find the Man of Ordinary Strength and a Barbell. Grab the barbell and head back the way you came and stop at Magnifico's tent. Watch Magnifico make the cupcake disappear and then place the barbell on the Magician's Table. Magnifico will make the barbell insvisible, but you can still pick it up and head to the weight machine.

    If you want to get the trophy/achievement Weight of the Beast you will need to get the Knight, Hillbilly, Time Traveler, Barbell, Sledgehammer, and Wrench on the scale. See below on how to get Sledgehammer.

    Stand on the pressure plate and hit the button to net yourself another Carnival Ticket. Note that if you are getting the 666 weight mentioned above you will need to make the barbell invisible again.

    Using another ally, head to the top of the cavern and ride the carnival wheel around to grab a Cave Painting and then reach the Fuse Box. Switch to the Hillbilly and use the wrench on the Generator Truck to shut down the power and grab the Fuse. Now, drop to the ground and run across the carnival wheel to the left side and climb up by the Carnies. Once again, shut off the power and insert the fuse into the Empty Fuse Box.

    The Carnies have now moved, so grab the Sledgehammer and use it on the Test Your Strength Machine for another Carnival Ticket.

    Return to the fuse and grab it once again by shutting off the power and head right, past the carnival wheel, and insert it into the Empty Fuse Box by the fortuneteller Xavetar. Talk to him and note the color of his crystal ball and head to the Wheel of Misfortune. Use the Color Picker to select the color of Xavetar's crystal ball and pull the Lever to get the final Carnival Ticket.

    After inserting all tickets and getting the Pink Bear, return to the lady for a scene. There is now a new prize in the machine and you need only one ticket, which is located to the left with the kid again. Grab the Carnival Ticket and get the Lighter. Grab the Wrench with the Hillbilly and head back to the dunking booth and drop him into the water, where he can swim off to the right to reach a Pipe Valve Nut and a Cave Painting.

    Turn the pipe valve nut and then use the Lighter on the Hay Bales to the right of the lady to finish the area and continue.


    The Miner

    When you reach the large pit of spikes, pull both levers to create a cave in and make your way across. Now head to the bottom of the shaft and meet the Miner. He will throw three things at you, a Shovel, a Bucket, and a Can of Corn. We want to let the Can of Corn get blown up and become a Destroyed Can of Corn for a trophy/achievement, so just leave it.

    If you are not going for a no death run, you can get the trophy/achievement Fire In The Hole for having all 3 characters blown up by the miner's dynamite. Technically, they don't all need to die, as my Knight was still protected and I got the trophy/achievement anyways.

    Grab the bucket and climb back up to the Water Puddle and fill the bucket. Now return to the miner and when he throws a stick of dynamite grab it with the bucket to put it out. Now climb back up and jump off the rope to the right and use the Dynamite and Flame to head into a side cavern. Using one character, block the mine cart to stop just below the crane and then use another to pull the Claw Lever, while collecting the Cave Painting. Now push the cart through to reach the miner.

    Return to the miner and grab another stick of dynamite and this time use it on the rocks on the level above the Water Puddle. You will need to use all three characters to create counter weight pressure and allow you to push the mine cart into the left tunnel. Before leaving, make sure to get the Cave Painting in the upper right.

    Once again, return to the miner for a stick of dynamite and blow the rocks up on the level above the previous. Head inside and jump across the large gap for a Cave Painting and then go down to the mine cart. With whoever has the shovel, jump into the cart and then push them into the tunnel with the other character. Make sure you're on the character with the shovel as you pass through the tunnel and slap the Track Switch to get the cart to the miner. Now bring all three characters onto the weakened track to drop down.


    The Adventurer

    Head inside and swing across the spikes to stand on a pressure plate and allow your allies inside. Climb up the pyramid side and enter the second alcove for a Cave Painting and then continue. Inside the pyramid, swing across and land on another pressure plate, but don't bother moving your allies forward, as they will soon teleport. Now, head further inside to move your allies forward.

    Take the second ladder up into an alcove that has three Egyptians carrying fish on a pole and bring all three party members in front of it to get the trophy/achievement Walk Like An Adventurer. Now head all the way down to the bottom of the pyramid and finding the Ankh and then bring it all the way to the top and place it in the Ankh Recess. This will open the door and you can swing across the spikes and stand on the rabbit pressure panel to open a nearby door.

    Switch to both of your other character and take them to the newly opened area and stand on the farthest panels to the left and right (Snake and Lion). Back at the Adventurer, hop off the rabbit panel and climb up onto the ledge above and head through the now opened door and spot the next clue for the pressure panels.

    Switch to your allies and this time put them both on the jackal and then use the adventurer's special ability to swing up to the ledge above. Now, move your allies to the Bird, but be careful as this only slows the spike. Wait for the spikes to lower and cross and then move both allies to the Snake panel again. Drop down, hitting the spike panel that now poses a danger for your allies, and then move them to the Lion panel to allow the adventurer to continue, hitting another spike panel. Finally, move your allies to the Bird and Jackal panels, slowing the spikes, and then run and swing across to reach the sarcophagus.

    Now we have to move the sarcophagus around, so have your allies stand on the Snake and Bird panels and push the sarcophagus out the door with the adventurer. When it drops, head to the right side and push it left to stop on a darker color panel that is an elevator.

    The next section is timed. As the sarcophagus lowers, you will need to switch to your allies to open the doors and allow the adventurer in and able to remove the panels blocking the tombs path south. Start by having them on the Jackal and then drop down into the room below and run left and drop down again to get a Cave Painting.

    Return to the sarcophagus and hit the pressure plate to the left of the sarcophagus to get it going. Now rush down and go under the sarcophagus and hit the pressure plate on the left to allow it to pass. As soon as it is in the way of the door, run back right and drop again. Quickly, move your allies to the panel just right of their current one (the Lion) and then switch back to the adventurer and head through the door and hit the pressure plate again to reach the bottom.

    Push the sarcophagus to the right, accidently killing you "friend" and when the floor caves in, head left. Notice the wall has some drawings on it and a golden bowl in front; well you need to complete each of the three drawings by having your allies stand on the correct panels and your adventurer on the third. Once you have lit all three areas your allies will be free of the spike room and a heavy block will drop. Use this block to weigh down the platform where the adventurer is and then get all three allies on the pressure plate by the exit. Head out, collecting the Cave Painting, and continue onward.


    The Twins

    Head through the heavy door and drop down and run right, taking the upper ledge, to reach a set of three levers. Activate all three and then use the Twins special ability to hold the lever while they enter the gate and head for the house.

    Run right and jump up the lower of the two ledges to meet Daddy and grab the Umbrella. Head to the top of the maze-like mansion and use the umbrella on the Attic Hatch and get the Cave Painting inside. Now, head all the way downstairs to the kitchen and meet Mummy and grab the Hammer from the toolbox nearby. Return to the attic and use the hammer on the Loose Floorboard and then head right.

    Grab the Fuse from the Fuse Box and then push the nearby box all the way down to the kitchen, stopping in the room just below the attic to place the fuse in the Empty Fuse Box, and push the box in front of the old fashion elevator. Now, pull the Dumbwaiter Switch twice and head back to the room where you placed the fuse and push the box to the window.

    Return to the kitchen and this time use the Twin's special ability to pull the switch and take the elevator yourself. Here you will find an Empty Chamber Pot and a trophy/achievement Such Bad Children for jumping on the bed til it breaks. Once again, return to the kitchen and then climb the ladder to reach the bathroom above and use the chamber pot to get water from the Faucet.

    Head to the room where you left the box and use it to jump out the window and climb the ropes to the roof. Using the filled chamber pot, dump the water down the Chimney and then climb down to get the Skeleton Key. Open the Study Door and head to the Living Room Door just below it and knock over the bookshelf for another Cave Painting. Now head all the way down and unlock the Cellar Door and grab the Dog Food to place in the Empty Dog Bowl upstairs.

    Switch to another party member and head left and then across to a Pile of Bones to grab a Femur. Continue your downward descent, getting a Cave Painting and head through the dog house to reach the area under the house and turn the Steam Valve. The Twins can now grab the Rat Poison from the cellar.

    Place the twins by the Pot of Soup and then taunt the Guard Dog with the femur to distract Mummy. While she isn't looking, pour the poison into the soup and then use the faucet upstairs. You can now use the Skeleton Key to exit the door that Daddy was blocking.


    The Time Traveler

    Using the time traveler, pass the stalagmites and head up the first ladder to find a Cave Painting. Head left through another set of stalagmites and use the block to grab the Fuse from the Fuse Box. Now return to the main level and go right and down the second ladder to plop the fuse into the Empty Fuse Box. Now, use the Time Machine to reach the prehistoric era.

    Once again, climb the first ladder and go left to move the block into the liquid and prevent it from seeping down and forming stalagmites in the present. Now, return to the future and phase through the electric field for a scene. Head back left and hit the Museum Door Button and then zig zag to the bottom of the cavern and find the Dinosaur Exhibit, stopping to get the Cave Painting on the level above and to the left.

    For trophy/achievement Smells Like Team Spirit, bring all your party members to the Dinosaur Exhibit and get them all smelling like dinos.

    If you have the Scientist, she can hack the Antique Arcade Machine, but it doesn't so much other than make noises.

    With one of your characters smelling like a dino, head to the same location in the prehistoric era to find a real dino. As you approach, the dino will smell you and fall in love and run after you. Quickly, run left and trap the dino in the short cavern and then switch to another character. Bring the other character all the way down to the same location as the dino, except head left on the level above to meet Thog. Grab one of Thog's stone wheels and push it right to drop it on top of the dino's head and kill it.

    With one of the characters in the prehistoric period, head all the way right of Thog for a Cave Painting and then up and right to a stone and dripping liquid. You need to push the boulder to the right and while still gripping it, switch to the other character in the past and travel to the present. Head all the way right and a well should now be built, if it isn't then your character in the past was not gripping the boulder. Like the character in the past, use your present character to hold onto the Well crank and switch to your character in the future.

    Take your final character to the future and head to the location of the well in the past to find the Bucket on display. With the bucket, collect some Oil from the dead dino's location and use to start the Combustion Engine via the Engine Oil Intake. This will power the Elevator Button, which you should use. Now, push the wheel all the way to the time machine and bring it to Thog in the past before you crush him with another wheel.

    With Thog's whole lineage dead, head back to the future and grab the Smurg that was on display. Back in the present, use the key to exit left.


    The Zoo

    Head left until one of your characters is "killed" and then left and down to spot the monster hunter and get a scene. Pick up the Batteryless Tape Recorder and continue the descent, passing another Cave Painting. Head left until you run into the Crystal Cave Monster and then drop the recorder before getting tossed to the other side.

    Climb the nearby ladder to find and push a box to the floor and left. Climb the box and run past the lever, and up for a Cave Painting, before continuing left to find the previous explorers. Honk the clown's horn if you want, but you'll need to pry the Dead Battery out of the Dead Robot. Return to the monster room and switch to either of your other allies not holding the battery and bring them into the monster room: one to pull the Lever you just ran past on the way to the dead explorers and one to pull the Lever in the area below.

    Make sure to get the Cave Painting in the area below and then head through the now open gate and return to the pool of Electric Eels and hop in. Swim to the other side for a Cave Painting and get shocked to charge the Battery. Now return to the tape recorder and put the battery in.

    If you want the trophy/achievement To Soothe A Savage Beast, grab the recorder and take it to the kiosk playing music just left of the Hunter and record it. Now play it back to get the reward.

    Drop the recorder, which should now say Tape Recorder (Recording) and have the crystal monster toss you behind him again to record its growl. Pick up the recorder and return to the Hunter and drop it nearby to play the recording and sent her off. Now, use the Hot Dog Machine to get a Hot Dog and descent again. As you make your way to the cave monster, the monster will start to walk toward you. Run right and lure it across the stone bridge to cause it to crumble.


    The Scientist

    Hack the Door Control Panel and then follow the long hall to a Grog Machine and hack it as well. Once again, follow the path and get a Cave Painting before continuing. Jump into the water and swim across to grab a Fuse from a Fuse Box and then head back and up the ladder to place it in the Empty Fuse Box. Now, ride the elevator upstairs and climb to ladder to hack the Lower Blast Door Console.

    Ride the elevator back down and then back up and then enter the control room to unlock the nearby door. Enter and wait for the laser to start to head away from you and then hack the Laser Control Console to kill the other scientist. Grab the dropped Launch Key and place it in one of the keyholes in the previous room.

    Continue past the laser and examine the Administrator's Terminal. I suggest writing down each code for each day of the week, as they are randomly generated. Return to the previous room and hack the Elevator Control and use the Elevator Control Button to ride the elevator down. Now take the ladder all the way down to the bottom left room to reach the cafeteria.

    The Wet Floor Sign actually creates a wet floor, rather than marks one. Jump to it and grab it and climb the ladder back up to the top and go left up another ladder to find another scientist. Place the wet floor sign to the left of the Warhead Loading Consol and then hack the machine.

    If you follow the scientist's example and slip off the edge of the upper level, you can get the trophy/achievement Hazardous Work Environment.

    Grab the Launch Key dropped by the scientist and insert it into one of the Keyholes left. Return to the cafeteria and grab the Cave Painting before checking the food marked on the Today's Special. Climb the ladder to level 2 and head right to check the Bulletin Board and find out what day of the week it is (this will determine which of the codes from the admin console you will use).

    Return to floor 3 and head right for a Cave Painting before inserting the correct code via the levers. Note that if you mess up you will have to recheck the code at the admin console, as they are reset. Inside, grab the Knockout Gas and head back upstairs to the room to the right of the Bulletin Board and switch your character.

    From the launch room with the Keyholes, head right and climb the ladder to reach the HVAC Control Switch. Hit the switch and then quickly drop the gas on your other character to knockout the guard. Once again, grab the Launch Key and insert it into a Keyhole.

    Return to the cafeteria and fish through the Fruit Bowl until you find some Bananas and take them to Chimp, who is just past the knocked out guard's location. Feed him a banana and then head to the left room on the 2nd floor with the Chimp in tow to activate the guidance system. You can now head back to the keyholes and turn them with all three characters.

    With the missile launched, you can now exit through the left door on the bottom floor.


    The Monk

    Head left across the bridge and make your way up the mountain, using the monk's ability to remove the Support Beam and continue. When you reach the peak, head left and use the monk's power on the Wind Chimes to receive your quest and a Feather. Now, return to the bridge and place all three characters on it to collapse it and continue.

    Make sure to grab the feather with another character is you want a trophy/achievement for this area.

    Head through the tunnel until you reach a new sign and use the monk's power to retrieve the Lotus Blossoms on the right. You will now need to slowly make your way through the tunnel without losing the blossoms. This is done by watching the chimes and turning your back when they begin to move. Make your way slowly toward the left until you can close the Window with your powers and then place the blossoms on the Blossom Pedestal.

    The next puzzle requires you to make six gallons of water from an Empty 4 Gallon Jug and an Empty 7 Gallon Jug. If you wish to figure it out yourself you wouldn't be here, so here is the answer:

    • Fill the 7 gallon jug
    • Pour the 7 gallon jug into the 4 gallon jug
    • Empty the 4 gallon jug via the Drainage Grate
    • Pour the rest of the water in the 7 gallon jug into the 4 gallon jug
    • Fill the 7 gallon jug
    • Pour the 7 gallon jug into the 4 gallon jug (which currently contains 3 gallons) and you will now have 6 gallons to place on the Scale Pedestal

    Now head up the elevator and view the Cave Painting. Head right and place one of each character on a floor mat to ride up, ignoring the Object of Desire. On the right is a Cave Painting that can be reached via the rope, but be warned that without the feather in hand you will have to fall to your death to respawn.

    You need to break both bridges to get the trophy/achievement Embrace Impermanence.

    When you are ready to proceed, ride the carpets all the way to the top to spawn a rope and continue.

    Climb the left ladder and use the Meditation Statue to zoom the camera out and spot the Support Bolt on the left. Use the monk's ability multiple times to unscrew the bolt and then head right and use his ability on the Support Beam. Descend and head right now to push the block and climb the rope to a Cave Painting.

    Now return to the master and get his attention with the chimes again to gain the master's ability. You can now open the Master's Gate at the bottom of the hill.


    The Island

    Head through the Master's Gate and grab the Cave Painting before pushing the boat into the water and hoping aboard. After hitting land, use the ladder and follow the slope up, grabbing the Straight Pipe. At the Hermit's shack, grab the Cave Painting and then push to box off to the right to allow you to jump up the ledge. Head all the way to the other side of the island now and move the new box left into the cave below.

    Place the pipe in the Pipe Socket and then grab the Cross Pipe from the Hermit's shack and return. Head inside the cave and go under the balloon and take the upper path to place the pipe in the cross-shaped Pipe Socket and view the Cave Painting nearby. Now, grab the L Shaped Pipe and head left, passing a possible Cave Painting on an large rock (it depends on the characters if it is there), to place it in another Pipe Socket.

    Descend to the level below and turn the Water Valve and then go left and grab the boat and push it all the way right until you reach a new pool of water that is blocking the way.

    Remember the two Pirate Flags you passed on the surface, well there is another to the bottom right of the boats location. Move your characters to each flag and pull them to reach the powder kegs. Move a keg to each of the following location:

    • The ladder
    • Just before the set of four stones
    • Under the water and breakable stones

    Now go back to the east side of the island and grab the Can of Corn and place it by the keg under the water. Now grab the keg by the ladder and pull it until it lights. Quickly push it back the way you came and cause a chain reaction of explosions that should destroy the rocks and get you the Creamed Corn trophy/achievement. Also, if you have the adventurer, get the Cave Painting on the rock between the lava by swinging to it.

    With the water now gone, return to the boat and pull the Lever and push to boat until it stops under the balloon. There is another Water Valve nearby, use it and then push the boat to the ocean. Sadly, the Hermit has occupied one of our seats, so let's get rid of him.

    Return to where the powder kegs were and grab the Femur and head to the Hermit's shack and drop it off by the Spanky. Now, grab the Box of Crackers by the east ocean and find the Parrot, located by the first flag, and use them to cause him to land on your shoulder. Now head back to the shack and wave the femur at Spanky to record his bark and head to the Hermit. With the Hermit gone, board the boat and head off.


    Exiting the Cave

    Return to the Gift Shop Owner and grab the Novelty-Size Key... again. Make your way through the first part of the game, which is no longer a puzzle, and collect the three Trinkets in the same location as before and return them to the Gift Shop Owner.

    The trophy/achievement Win-win-win-win-win-win-win should pop once you get all characters through the game. To get Corruption, you need to have everyone take their trinket and leave the level. To get Redemption, you need to return your trinket by talking to the owner multiple times and leave empty handed.

    Note that if you return the item you actually see the character leave the cave. This is a hint as to why previous characters, who took the trinket, remain in the cave and become the trinket gathering quest at the beginning of the next playthrough.



    What You Always WantedReached the bottom.Complete the game once with any characters.
    Who Wants to Live ForeverNobody died.Finish the game with none of your characters dying.
    ShopliftingStole.Take the Postcard from the Postcard Display into the cave.
    RemorseRemembered it's wrong to steal.Bring the Postcard all the way through the game and return it to the Postcard Display.
    Win-win-win-win-win-win-winEveryone reached the bottom.Play through the game with every character.
    RedemptionSaw the good in everyone.Completed the game with everyone empty handed.
    CorruptionSaw the darkness in all our hearts.Completed the game with everyone Trinkets in hand.
    The Whole StoryCollector of forgotten dreams.Collect all Cave Paintings.
    Well DoneSacrificed oneself for ultimate flavor.Have a character get flamed by the Crystal Cave Monster to cook a Hot Dog in the Gift Shop Section.
    Royal BuffetWhere did the King go anyways?Follow the King to the Princess' chamber in the Knight's Section.
    Weight of the BeastThe scale reveals a baleful figure.Place the Hillbilly, Knight, Time Traveler, Wrench, Sledgehammer, and Barbell on the Guess Your Weight Machine in the Hillbilly's Section.
    Fire In The Hole3 die by the Miner's hand.Have all three characters die from a stick of the Miner's dynamite.
    Walk Like An AdventurerPantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.-
    Such Bad ChildrenBroke things.Jump on the parents bed until it breaks in the Twins Section.
    Smells Like Team SpiritEveryone is gross.Make all three characters smell like dino in the Time Traveler's Section.
    To Soothe A Savage BeastCaptured crusty melodies.Record and play back the elevator music from The Zoo's kiosk.
    Hazardous Work EnvironmentSlipped, where wet.Slip off the same ledge the scientist does in the Scientist Section.
    Embrace ImpermenanceBroke bridges.Collapse both bridges in the Monk's Section
    Creamed CornFood-based destruction.Destroyed both Cans of Corn: one by the Miner's dynamite and one by the powder keg explosion.
    Don't Fill Up On Fortune CookiesPeered into everyone's fate.Had the foretuneteller Xavetar read everyone's fortune.



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