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    Combat Guide by JPhill

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    Combat Guide
    By Justin Phill
    Copyright 2002-2004
    Version 2.1
    Last Updated: September 9, 2004
    Created: January 7, 2002
    Hi! And thanks for looking at my first ever FAQ. I've decided to do 
    something somewhat smaller than a full FAQ, that would probably drive 
    me insane working for half a year straight, so I start on something 
    smaller. Well, I'm doing a Combat Guide to Halo for the Xbox (great 
    game). First, let me explain my table of contents system, if you want 
    to search for someting, simply put in the letters and numebers after 
    what you want to look for, then search, and you'll be there in no time, 
    pretty cool huh? Enough intro.
    Legal Stuff
    You aren't allowed to copy all or even part of this FAQ and give 
    yourself credit for it, as it is PLAGARISM, and is a crime. If you want 
    to copy any part of it, send me a E-Mail (Info below), with the subject 
    "Halo: Combat Guide". I will give you an answer and let you do it (if I 
    decide to), as long as you tell me where you put in, and give me FULL 
    This file is Copyright 2002 by Justin Phill.
    This file can only be currently found on
    If you want it on your site, send me an e-mail, and I'll give you an 
    answer. I want your site's adress too, for record purposes. If this is 
    on ANY OTHER SITE other than the ones listed above, tell me so I can 
    get rid of it. I want to know what sites this FAQ/Guide is on!! 
    Remember, you can't make profit off of it, and if you do, or see 
    someone doing this, call the police (only I can make a profit :)!
    *One thing*: You are allowed to print it off for your own personal use, 
    but don't sell it or anything like that.
    Contact Information
    Name: Justin Phill
    E-Mail: solidsnake122@msn.com
    Please put the subject of the E-mail "Halo Combat Guide", I get enough 
    e-mails already! (If you don't get an answer, it's either in the FAQ, 
    for a good reason, or my account got frozen again :) One last thing, 
    please don't send any E-Mails till I'm done this, if I do, I won't 
    answer them. Thanks.
    Newest Version
    Version 2.2 (4/11/03): Yet another contribution update. I think this is 
    getting pretty close to finished, but I truly don't think it ever will, 
    with people ALWAYS having something to say. I won't let this FAQ die, 
    and it's the readers (me too) that are keeping it alive. 
    Version History
    Version 0.1 (1/7/02): Just started the FAQ, finished everything up to 
    the end of the Grunt today!
    Version 0.2 (1/9/02): Finished the Jackals and Elites today! Forgot to 
    do Jackals yesterday! I said to myself I'd do one part a day, so I had 
    to do both to keep up!
    Version 0.3 (1/10/02): Finished the Hunters and all of the Flood, just 
    thought doing a little more a day wouldn't be bad, maybe I'll do even 
    more, it'll get this done faster!
    Version 0.4 (1/11/02): Added the Black Elite.
    Version 0.5 (1/21/02): Oops!! Fell behind for 10 days! I had a school 
    project to do. Finished up to the cons of the Covenant.
    Version 0.6 (3/07/02): Uh, fell behind. Finished up the Covenant 
    Version 0.7 (10/09/02): I really haven't worked on this for 7 months?! 
    Yikes! I'm working on it again because my other computer crashed, but 
    it has a warranty (yay). I finished all of Section 1 (Yay, again), and 
    are on the Assault Rifle.
    Version 0.8 (10/10/02): Started the Shotgun. (something's up with the 
    format, this turned into a Rich Text Format or something....widen your 
    screens people, some Windows XP thing I guess, sorry for any 
    Version 0.9 (10/15/02): Finished to just past the Rocket Launcher, and 
    almost the Grenades which I'm doing now. Pretty much past halfway, only 
    a little more to do. Added a handy little searching technique, just 
    copy the weird number and letter combo at the end of the secton or 
    subsection, then use the Find option to get there quickly (I'm a 
    genius, aren't I?). <-- Did this for the Table of Contents only...I'll 
    get around to doing the rest.
    Version 1.0 (11/04/02): I fixed the darn Rich Text format thing! It's 
    now normal size (I told you I was a genius :) Anyway...I decided to 
    give my reasons for the Fire Rate and Effectivness, it's just not a 
    complete FAQ without it...is it? Finished all the human weapons.
    Verson 1.1 (11/05/02): I got sooooo much accomplished today before I 
    realized I had some better things to do (I'm just kiddin', I love 
    writing FAZs...I mean, FAQs, heh, heh...heh, really I do). I finished 
    the Human Vehicles. One more thing, way back in Version 0.2 I said I'd 
    do a part a day, right? Well since I fell behind, I should be finished 
    the FAQ, eh? Oh well, it'll get done one day.
    Version 1.2 (11/12/02): I think the FAQ got rejected, so I added 
    another part to it to make it way different, and I realized that I 
    couldn't use bold or underline, so I had to delete all that (and it 
    took a while). Anyway, I got up to the Plasma Rifle done, and still 
    doing more! I added the section borders too! (I really hope it gets 
    accepted, I have stuff that no other FAQ has!!)As I said, I'm doing 
    more. I'm calling it a day after I finished the Covenant weapons.
    The file size is 50k now, I feel so proud.
    Version 1.3 (11/13/02): Well, I've finished all of Sections 1 and 2 and 
    finished "Surviving on Easy" in section 3, so this FAQ is coming along 
    great. There's something wrong with my Game FAQ's account, I can't 
    update :( Heh heh, I fixed some of the language, a good FAQ doesn't 
    have anything bad it in (I know it said some can slip by, but I'm 
    trying to keep mine clean!)
    Version 1.4 (11/14/02): Finished up to "Surviving your Friends", added 
    the "Weapon Combo" section, that should help a lot for surviving in 
    combat. This was a pretty good update, about 20k worth of new stuff 
    (yay). I also got around to adding the Fire Rate and Effectivness to 
    the weapons I missed. I can now update again! The thing with my account 
    was fixed!
    Version 1.5 (11/15/02): I realized that my enemies part was a little 
    cramped, so I spaced it out. Fixed one spelling mistake. Put in a few 
    Weapon Combos to get the section going. Finished the Guide, but it's 
    still missing one key thing: contributions from readers.
    Version 1.6 (12/10/02): My e-mail account has been hacked (according to 
    my brother anyway), if you've sent something in, I'm _so_ sorry! If you 
    want to send it in again, go ahead, I changed my password for my e-mail 
    account. Here my brother's hacking story: We have MSN Messenger, so my 
    brother was on it, and he said, "Hey Justin, were you on MSN at you're 
    friends house?". I said no, feeling a bit shocked. He told me someone 
    was on with the same name as me. I say, "Are you sure it's mine, did 
    you check the e-mail address?". He told me it was mysticsnake@msn.com 
    (my e-mail). Well, sorry about that, just thought I should let you 
    know, there isn't much new info, just a couple of corrected spelling 
    Version 1.7 (12/12/02): Added my new e-mail. Please send anything 
    anyone has sent in the past couple of weeks again, this time to my new 
    account, I promise it'll work. Thanks.
    Version 1.8 (12/14/02): Wow, people are sending things in (I feel so 
    happy). I added a sender's contribution to the Flood section, he had 
    something to say about how to kill them better (basically). Check it 
    out, it's pretty cool. And I've been corrected about the pistol and AR 
    bullet size.
    Version 1.9 (12/16/02): Cleared up my Legal Stuff bit. Apparently 
    people think they can't just print it off. Maybe I was just a bit 
    Version 2.0 (1/07/03): How ironic that I update exactly one year after 
    I started this FAQ. I've added so much there isn't enough room to list 
    (well, there is, but it would take to long). I saved up all my mail 
    sent in, and put it together today. It's been a long wait, but here the 
    Version 2.01 (3/10/03): Just a small update because I'm getting WAY too 
    many e-mails from people about the Wraith (now anyway). That's the only 
    major thing, maybe some fixing up on some of the weapons. Anyway, 
    enjoy! Plus 2 little extra updates that came along at some point
    Version 2.1(3/31/03): Added some more contibutions, fixed a few 
    different things. My "FAQ Mail" folder is getting a bit big, maybe I 
    should add the things as soon as I get 'em...(9/9/04): Oh god, it 
    happened. I lost all the email I recieved in the last few months. I'm 
    so sorry to all who sent it. I got a new email address a while back and 
    forgot the old one. Once again, I'm sorry. If you'd like to resend it, 
    by all means, please do. I'll add everything right away from now on. 
    But, nothing about the Wraith, please and thank you.
    Table of Contents
    Section 1.0: Enemy Guide  A21
    1.1: Covenant             A22
     -Section Intro           A23
     -Grunts                  A24
     -Jackals                 A25
     -Elites                  A26
     -Hunters                 A27
    1.2: Flood                A28
     -Type 1                  A29
     -Type 2                  A30
     -Type 3                  A31
     -Type 4                  A32
    1.3: Robots (Monitor and Sentinels)  A33
     -The Monitor                        A34
     -Sentinels                          A35
    1.4: Which is the strongest?         A36
    Section 2.0: Weapon Guide      B21
    2.1: Human Weapons             B22
     -M6D Pistol                   B23
     -MA5B Assault Rifle           B24
     -M90 Shotgun                  B25
     -S2 AM Sniper Rifle           B26
     -M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher     B27
     -M9 HE-DP Grenade             B28
     -M41 LAAG                     B29
    2.1.1: Vehicles                B30
    2.2: Covenant Weapons          B31
     -Plasma Pistol                B32
     -Plasma Rifle                 B33
     -Needler                      B34
     -Shade Stationary Gun         B35
     -Plasma Grenade               B36
    2.2.1: Vehicles                B37
    2.3: Best Weapons              B38
    2.4: Situations, and the different weapons to use.  B39
    Section 3: Combat Guide        C21        
    3.1: Survival Guide            C22
     -Surviving on Easy            C23
     -Surviving on Normal          C24
     -Surviving on Heroic          C25
     -Surviving on Legendary       C26
     -Surviving your Friends       C27
     -Weapon Combos                C28
     -Vehicles on Co-op mode       C29
    Section 4: Just for Fun Game Stuff  D21
    5.0: FAQ's  E21
    6.0: Final Words  F21
    6.0.1: Credits    G21
    6.0.2: Ending     H21
    Section 1.0 A21
    1.1: The Covenant A22
    A23 - Just before I begin this section, I would like to explain it. I'm 
    going to tell you a breif description of what the person looks like, 
    then what weapons they usually use, the different types of it, 
    strength, and difficulty. Then I will add a note about the Covenant 
    enemy on the Legendary difficulty, and will proceed on, now read on 
    (The ranks were sent in by shantlers)
    He says that the Silver Elite are "Special Ops" and they use Hunter 
    Grunts A24
    What they look like: Grunts are the smallest Covenant. They come in 
    several different colors, but the most common body armor color you'll 
    see is orange. They are roughly 5 feet tall.
    What weapons they use: Grunts most commonly use Plasma Pistols, Plasma 
    Grenades, Plasma Rifles, and Needlers. They aren't that good of a shot, 
    so you don't have to worry too much.
    The Different Types:
    Orange Grunts (Rank: Minor Grunt): The most common, they are seen on 
    every level with Covenant. They are fairly easy to kill, one or two 
    shots with the Pistol will take them down.
    **SIDE NOTE**: All enemies take different amounts of damage depending 
    on the difficulty. So when I say "one or two shots", I'm talking Easy 
    mode, and I will for the rest of this helpful guide!
    Red Grunts (Rank: Major Grunt): There are usually one or two of these 
    around where there are groups of Grunts. My guess is they are Captain 
    Grunts. They can take more damage than normal (orange) Grunts, but 
    still should be nothing to worry about.
    Silver Grunts: These Grunts appear on Level 10, The Maw, as well as 
    Level 9, Keyes. They have Silver colored body armor, purple colored 
    skin, and carry a big gun (not anything you can use, the fuel rod 
    cannon that are on Banshees and Hunters). They take more shots to kill, 
    but nothing a well placed head shot can do :).
    Black Grunts (sent in by Rayden Cheung): Supposedly appear on Level 9 
    and 10 as well. They more than likely use the same weapons as the 
    Silver ones, but I'll get back to you all on this one.
    Strength: The overall strength of the Grunt is very weak, just a couple 
    of shot with any gun will take them down (excluding the Rocket 
    Launcher, it'll kill pratically anything in one hit). Useless, weak, 
    pathetic, they're just annoying.
    Difficulty Rating: 1.25/10
    Legendary Note: These little pests can hold their own in groups on 
    Legendary. With groups, I recommend that you use a grenade, or hide by 
    a wall, peek out, shoot, hide, or sidestep like crazy. 
    Legendary Rating: 3/10
    Jackals A25
    What they look like: Jackal are blue Covenant hiding behind their 
    shields. Their shields come in different colors (explained later), and 
    are fairly common. About 5'8" tall.
    What weapons they use: Jackals are seen only using Plasma Pistols. They 
    will occasionaly use Plasma Grenades to throw at you (I'm not 100% 
    sure, I'll check on it!). They can shoot fairly well, so be careful! 
    (Fast on Legendary too!)
    The Different Types:
    Blue Shield Jackals (Rank: Minor): This is the most common type of 
    Jackal. Whenever there is a Jackal, it's usually this one. They are 
    weaker than the Gold Shield Jackals (in terms of Body Strength AND 
    Shield Strength), but should still be treated with caution.
    Gold Shield Jackals (Rank: Major): This Jackal is not as common as the 
    Blue Shield Jackals, as they are stronger in Body Strength, and take 2 
    melee attacks to kill (on Easy). Tougher, but still nothing to get 
    scared about!
    Strength: As mentioned above, Jackals are good shots, take a few hits 
    to kill, and to hurt them you have to shoot that little spot where 
    their gun is, otherwise a grenade or melee attack will do. You can't 
    destroy their shield with human weapons, but plasma weapons will do 
    nicely to wear it off.
    disturbed_jedi@yahoo.co.uk sends me this:
    Against the Jackals, an effective way of the beating them is to keep 
    shooting them with the assualt rifle and run towards them. It seems 
    that they usually hide behind their shields and stop firing. When your 
    close enough, you can melee them to death. The only problem with this 
    tactic is that it uses a lot of ammo. But if you're lucky, you could 
    have hit his arm by the side holes and have killed him after you 
    unbalanced him.
    Difficulty Rating: 4.25/10
    Legendary Note: Jackals can be a real problem when well positioned on 
    Legendary (like up high and far away). They shoot quick and accurate, 
    so you can't use a scope to hit them up close (which is a good 
    technique on Easy and Normal). Tough!
    Legendary Rating: 6.5/10
    Elites A26
    What they look like: Elite are 8'6" tall, and vary in color, from blue 
    to red to silver. They are quite strong, and have a shield on top of 
    their already stong physical body. 
    What weapons they use: Elites carry nearly every Covenant weapon in the 
    game! They have been seen carry Plasma Pistols, Plasma Rifles, Plasma 
    Grenades, and Needlers! They have everything except Fuel Rod Cannons! 
    They also use melee attacks, so watch out if you're fighting up close! 
    They are also capable of accurate shooting.
    Halo64@msn.com says that grenades probably kill in one hit on Normal 
    and Heroic, could someone confirm it, unless I have to....
    Author's Note: I know for a fact they don't kill on Legendary.
    The Different Types:
    Blue Elite (Rank: Minor): This is the most common Elite, you'll see 
    them the most out of the Elite. They are fairly strong (on Easy, if you 
    forgot what I'm referring to), and shoot well. Once you take off their 
    shield, they yell, and you'll know you've pretty much finished them off 
    (this last sentance goes for all Elite!).
    Red Elite (Rank: Major): Less common than Blue, but still fairly 
    common. They are stronger than the Blue considerbly, so watch out for 
    them! Just remember they aren't as common as Blue, so don't get 
    Gold Elite: Rare, but VERY powerful. They take a lot of shots to kill, 
    but nothing a close range shotgun blast will take care of (EASY 
    difficulty!). They are quite rare, but you'll see them a few times in 
    the game. Besides having a gun, there are Golden Sword Elite! These 
    things can kill you in one hit (Normal and above), or 2 on Easy! Watch 
    out, and keep your distance!
    Black Elite (Rank: Spec Ops): I almost missed this one! It is found in 
    Level 9, Keyes, and is quite powerful. Not as strong as silver, but not 
    as weak as red. They are highly skilled, and your best bet is to hide 
    and shoot, hide and shoot.
    Silver Elite (Rank: Spec Ops): The rarest of them all! These are only 
    found on Level 10 amd Level 9, luckily. There are very strong, and are 
    tough even on Easy! They take a lot of hits, can deal damage well, 
    throw grenades, and melee good! No sword versions, thank god!
    Invisible Elite (according to Element322@aol.com and Rayden Cheung is 
    the Silver Elite on Level 3 after you board the ship, possibly only on 
    Legendary): The most annoying of all, they are totally invisible from 
    long distance, and hard to see even up close! Your best bet is to use 
    an Assault Rifle to guess where they are because when you hit them, you 
    can see them for a few seconds.
    Halo_Sniper2005@msn.com has a strategy for the Invisible Elite:
    If you use 2x Magnification on the Sniper Rifle, you can see the 
    ripples that they make. You can shoot them then.
    Author's Note: Pistol works too, but Sniper does more damage.
    Strength: Elite are very powerful in their shield and physical body. 
    They take a lot of hits to kill, but on Easy the Blue Elite are still 
    pretty easy. They shoot good, powerful, watch out! Plasma weapons work 
    great against them, so pick one up!
    disturbed_jedi@yahoo.co.uk sends me this:
    When fighting the Elites, a good way of dealing with them is to run at 
    them and shoot them with an entire clip of the assualt rifle, and if 
    they're not dead, either switch to a second gun while reloading the 
    assault rifle, or continue towards them and sidestep when they attack 
    with melee and punch their back.
    To know where the invisible Elites are, look for the ripples they make. 
    Fortunately, the plasma sword wielders are very conspicious, so they 
    can't kill you without you seeing their sword.
    Difficulty Rating: 5.75/10
    Legendary Note: Elites are incredibly tough on Legendary, even the Blue 
    ones! They shoot VERY quickly, and take a full clip (60 shots) of an 
    assault rifle! Red, Gold and Silver are insanely tough to kill (just 
    takes a while). Best bet is to hide to reload, and don't get close!
    Legendary Rating: 9.0/10
    Hunters A27
    What they look like: Hunters are about 8 feet tall. They have spike 
    like things on their back, and have blue armor, a grey unkown alloy 
    shield, and their orange skin. If you look at their visor, it's green 
    What weapons they use: Hunters only use one weapon: The Fuel Rod Cannon 
    (which are found on Banshees, used by pressing the L trigger, explained 
    later!). They will use their shield to melee attack you when you're up 
    close, so stay far away!
    The Different Types:
    Blue Armor Hunters: This is the only type of Hunter in the game (to my 
    best of knowledge). I've explained what it looks like before. They are 
    quite powerful, as if you don't hit them in the right spot(s), they 
    will only take about 1/8th of the damage! (explained below!)
    Strength: Hunters are very strong, as they will use their shield to 
    block your attacks. If you have a rocket launcher, by all means use it! 
    Otherwise, hit the orange parts, that seems to do more damage to them. 
    It only took me one shot with the pistol to kill it by hitting it in 
    the orange spot!
    disturbed_jedi@yahoo.co.uk sends me this:
    Against hunters, I use an ammo conserving way. Usually, you find them 
    in twos with no other enemies around, so it's easier to kill them. You 
    can use a pistol, sniper rifle, needler or plasma pistol. If you don't 
    happen to have those, you can use a plasma grenade, but it's harder. 
    This is very simple, run up to one of the hunters, whilst dodging the 
    fuel rod shots, and sidestep when they charge. This should cause them 
    to have their backs facing you and you just basically shoot their 
    orange spot. Or plant a plasma grenade on it and run like hell. Another 
    way of fighting them without firing a single bullet is to do the same 
    thing, but melee his orange spot instead.
    Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10
    Legendary Note: Hunters aren't much different on Legendary than the 
    other difficulties. They do more damage when they hit, so stay back, 
    use a scope weapon to pick off their weak spots. Not too hard, stay 
    back and dodge!
    Legendary Rating: 5.25/10
    1.2: The Flood A28
    The Flood first appear in Level 6, 343 Guilty Spark (aka, the Monitor). 
    They are a fair bit stronger than the Covenant (otherwise the Covenant 
    wouldn't fear them!), and body parts of them can be blown off ON SOME 
    TYPES! They use human weapons (usually, sometimes they use Covenant), 
    and can melee attack as well. They are pretty much deformed humans, 
    now, read on...
    (Flood Forms were sent in by shantlers and Halo64@msn.com)
    This was sent in to me by M_Sojka623:
    First off, on the Flood type 4's if you throw a plasma grenade or human 
    grenade at them, if the explosion lands right on them, all the type 1's 
    inside get vaped, so you dont have to kill them. This saves lotsa ammo, 
    especialy if your playing coop, and one person has a shot gun and a 
    rocket launcher, making ammo extra scarce.  
    Another thing is that, if you shoot the Type 2's or 3's and they fall 
    down, and you think they are playing dead , just take your gun and 
    shoot the arms and head off they won't get back up, and the head is 
    actually there on both 2's and 3's just most of the time there is a 
    bulbus type 1 stretched around it. I discovered this in the Library, 
    when the sentry's were shooting thier lasers. after we had killed all 
    the flood in this room they started shooting the dead body's of the 2's 
    & 3's. at closer examineation they were shooting the head and arms off 
    them, and ones that they didn't shoot in tiem got back up. It's really 
    important to do this sometimes, or you end up fighting the same enemy 2 
    or even 3 times.
    Flood Type 1 (Infection Form) A29
    What it looks like: This Flood looks like a little spider. It's tiny, 
    no more than 8" tall! Yellowish in color (as with all Flood), and not 
    too too dangerous, but in packs (which they usually are), they could 
    pack a punch...
    What weapons it uses: Type 1 only jumps up and attacks you, or run at 
    you and explodes in a little green burst. Not much damage, so don't 
    worry about it, now if a whole bunch explode on you (I'm talking 20 or 
    30), you're toast!
    Strength: Insanely weak, one hit with ANYTHING will take these guys 
    down. If they're in groups, shoot one, he'll explode, and start a chain 
    reaction of death for the group!
    Difficulty Rating: 1/10 (they can explode in groups, otherwise it'd be 
    Legendary Note: Same weak strength, but the explosion does ever 
    slightly more to you, it'll take about 10 explosions to kill you. Don't 
    worry about these guys!
    Legendary Rating: 1.5/10
    Flood Type 2 (Combat/Drone Form) A30
    What it looks like: This type looks like a short(er) human. It's small, 
    walk kinda sideways, and carries different weapons. No physical 
    attacks, except maybe a whack when you get up close! (below)
    According to jugga_la@hotmail.com, the Type 2 Flood are actually 
    infected human Marines.
    What weapons it uses: This type uses several different types of 
    weapons, from assault rifles, shotguns, even Rocket Lauchers, to any of 
    the Covenant weapons (except Plasma Grenades, that probably the only 
    thing it doesn't use!). Tri-Whips as well (see below).
    Strength: A HUGE step up from Type 1. It takes about 30 shots or so to 
    kill it with the assault rifle. I've also discovered that shotguns work 
    great against the Flood (besides Type 1). Some times they just fall 
    down, but they're just "playing dead" (unless you actually killed him).
    Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Legendary Note: These things move ALOT quicker on Legendary, and also 
    shoot faster. Watch out for the better accuracy! The "play dead" thing 
    also happens alot more as well, so watch out!
    Mike Sojka sends me this:
    Another thing is that, if you shoot the Type 2's or 3's and they fall 
    down, and you think they are playing dead , just take your gun and 
    shoot the arms and head off they won't get back up, and the head is 
    actually there on both 2's and 3's just most of the time there is a 
    bulbus type 1 stretched around it.
    First off, on the Flood type 4's if you throw a plasma grenade or human 
    grenade at them, if the explosion lands right on them, all the type 1's 
    inside get vaped, so you dont have to kill them. This saves lotsa ammo, 
    especialy if your playing coop, and one person has a shot gun and a 
    rocket launcher, making ammo extra scarce.
    Legendary Rating: 5.25/10
    Flood Type 3 (Combat/Drone Form) A31
    What it looks like: This Flood looks like a more bulked up version of 
    Type 2. It's left hand has a (about) 3 foot long tri-whip, and it 
    carries a weapon in it's right hand. Headless as well.
    According to jugga_la@hotmail.com, the Type 3 Flood is an infected 
    Covenant Elite.
    What weapons it uses: It uses almost every weapon (like Type 2, see 
    it's weapons for this one), and on top of that, it'll fly through the 
    air, and whip you from above when it's coming down! Sometimes it will 
    just have it's whip.
    Strength: These things can take quite a bit of punishment from an 
    assault rifle or anything except a shogun, a shotgun will take them out 
    in one hit from close range. Don't get too close, or they'll whip you! 
    Strongest type of Flood!
    Difficulty Rating: 6/10
    Legendary Note: Faster. Stronger. More accurate. These can can be quite 
    a problem in packs (which they usually are in) on Legendary. Keep you 
    distance, try and hit them in the air, while they're vunerable! Tough!!
    Legendary Rating: 7.75/10
    Garysnake64@wmconnect.com sent this in:
    On The Maw, in the Armory, there are invisible Flood there.
    Flood Type 4 (Carrier Form) A32
    What it looks like: This Flood looks like a walking, dome-like thing. 
    It seems to have tentacles on the side of it (which it never uses as 
    weapons), and can walk. Big and fat, pretty hard to miss!
    Sent in by Beazly464@aol.com:
    While playing the Library and being attacked wave after wave of Flood,
    watching the Type 4 Floods running they reminded me of the grunts. So I 
    think that the Type 4 Flood is an infected Grunt.
    What weapons it uses: This Flood only uses a Self-Explosion like the 
    little Flood. They come close to you (or when you shoot them), lie 
    down, puff up, and explode, doing quite alot of damage. Also when this 
    happens, around 4 to 6 Type 1 Flood will come out.
    Strength: Uh, they take any amount of shots to make them explode (at 
    least 10 with the Assault Rifle), then that's the end of them, and the 
    birth of the pesky Type 1's. Not too dangerous if you destroy them from 
    far away.
    Difficulty Rating: 3.20/10
    Legendary Note: Same thing goes for Legendary, they take a few shots, 
    explode, hatching Type 1's, so the difficulty doesn't change BESIDES 
    the fact that they do more damage. Not tough at all!
    Legendary Rating: 3.75/10
    1.3: Robots (Monitor and Sentinels) A33
    The "robots" are found at the end of Level 6, and are found in every 
    level after that of the game from there EXCEPT Level 9. The Monitor 
    does not attack you, he helps you for Levels 6 and 7, betrays you on 
    Level 8. The Sentinels are not very strong, but they are enemies, so I 
    had to do a section on them!
    The Monitor A34
    What he looks like: The Monitor is a floating ball-shaped robotic thing  
    that has a blue glow to it. Appears at the End of Level 6. No weapons 
    **SIDE NOTE**: I'm cutting the different types along with the Strength 
    as the Monitor cannot be destroyed and cannot kill you. No difficulty 
    either! (Same with the Legendary Note)
    Sentinels A35
    What they look like: The Sentinels are similar to the Monitor, except 
    they have no glow, and are silver and longer lengthwise (widthwise 
    too!). Found on Level 6, 7, 8 and 10.
    What weapons they use: The Sentinels only have one (main) weapon, which 
    is a OK strength laser. It takes them about 7 times longer to kill one 
    of the Flood than you (even longer on Legendary, with the exception of 
    Type 1, the little buggers). When you destroy them, stand back, as they 
    explode, and you don't want to get hit by that, do you?
    The Different Types:
    Non-Shield Sentinels: These are your basic Sentinels, for the "What 
    they look like", look up, because that's what they look like. Their 
    laser varies on difficulty (Quick Story: My brother and I were playing 
    the 8th level on Legendary, so as soon as it started, my brother got 
    uttery decimated in about a second from the Sentinels! Watch out! (By 
    the way, I have beaten all levels on Legendary!)). Nothing much to 
    worry about!
    Shield Sentinels: See everything for the Non-Shield Sentinels, and just 
    add a shield on to them. Simple as that!
    Strength: Not strong, yet not weak. They can take you down if you're 
    careless. On Easy, a point and click with a shotgun, or point and a 
    couple of clicks with a pistol. Don't worry about 'em on Easy and 
    Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10
    Legendary Note: Death on Level 8's beginning (you read my story). No 
    point in going far back, as it is a LASER, not bullets, so it's very 
    accurate. Your best bet is to sidestep, and shoot like you know what!
    Legendary Rating: 7.5/10
    1.4: Which is the strongest? A36
    Finally, you'll find out which is strongest, with a Easy and Legendary 
    discription of each race, their goods and bads, battle tactics, which 
    levels they appear on, and an overall rating, then I'll summarize it 
    all, and give you the answer!
    The Covenant
    Easy: A piece of cake on Easy. The Grunts only take a few shots, the 
    Elite take 2 melee attacks, the Ghosts take 10 shots with a pistol! Our 
    eldest enemy is insanely weak alone, moderately hard in groups.
    Legendary: Exactly the opposite on Legendary. These buggers are good! 
    They shoot fast, Elites take a ton of hits (5 melee?!?), the Jackals 
    shoot insanely fast, accurate, dodge, are smart (sometimes retreat for 
    backup). Strong enough alone, very tough in groups.
    Pros and Cons (Goods and Bads)
    Pros: The Covenant are smart, strong, accurate, evasive. They sneak up 
    behind you occasionaly, follow you when you retreat (unless you throw a 
    grenade), know when you're weak. Overall, they are excellent. With all 
    these traits, plus the Difficulty Barrier (I should add that-01/21/02 
    Note), make them nearly perfect, nearly......next to us!
    Cons: Everything has a bad side, even the Covenant. They are usually in 
    groups, so a grenade will easily take care of them. The Elites always 
    roll out of the way from a grenade, hey, this can be used, set 'em up 
    by a cliff. They aren't as smart as I said....
    Battle Tactics
    The Covenant are usually seen in groups, for the most part. If they are 
    alone, they will retreat leading you into a trap. Watch out for this, 
    try to kill them quickly, espicially on Legendary.
    Levels the Covenant appear on:
    All levels except Level 7 (The Library: Flood only).
    Overall Rating: Easy-6/10
    The Flood
    Easy: Not too too hard on Easy, but sometimes a pain the the butt. 
    Always seen in groups. Use the exploding ones to your advantage, as
    they always seems to travel in groups. Kill the fat ones, and it's easy
    as pie!
    Legendary: Quite a step up, but not as much as you think! They are 
    considerably tougher, but nothing you probably can't handle. They stay 
    in packs, so destroy the fat ones, then chuck a grenade and run!
    Pretty hard, but not enough!
    Pros and Cons
    Pros: They are quite powerful because they are like zombies, dead, but 
    at the same time not. They travel in packs which could pose a threat if 
    you don't have any grenades, and there are no fat ones nearby. They 
    weild both human AND covenant weapons, so watch out (they don't use 
    plasma grenades, just frags...).
    Cons: Like all the others, there is something bad. They travel in 
    packs, so a grenade or shooting the fat things will work. Also they 
    arew quite slow on their feet (until they jump anyway), espically the 
    fat ones. Watch out for the Flood, but focus on the Covenant.
    Battle Tactics
    The Flood are nearly always seen in groups, which could hurt you. They 
    usually have 1 of each type close to eachother, it kinda balances them 
    out in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Take out the Type 4's (fat 
    ones) first, then theType 3's (the bulky ones), then the 2's (less 
    bulky), and then the little buggers.
    Levels the Flood appear on:
    The Flood appear on Levels 6-10.
    Overall Rating: Easy-4.25/10
    Easy: They really aren't much of a threat on Easy. The lasers don't do 
    much damage, and they aren't very fast either. The shield ones only 
    take a few shots more. Don't worry too much about these ones..
    Legendary: A pain in the butt, but at the same time, not that bad. The 
    few times you encounter them, they are in groups. Simply throw a 
    grenade and hide. They take off massive damage if you stick around for 
    more than 3 seconds, so be careful!!
    Pros and Cons
    Pros: Um, they fly, so that could make it difficult, but a plasma 
    pistol shot seems to home in on them (you have to be pointing in the 
    general direction). They also have lasers, which are quite accurate.
    Cons: They aren't very fast, or strong either. Usually all it takes is 
    one fully charged plasma pistol shot. They tend to stay in one spot, so 
    a grenade works like a charm.
    Battle Tactics
    They stay in a group, so like I said, a grenade works great. They fly 
    around to get away if they are damaged. Lasers will hit you if you stay 
    in the open, and sometimes even when you're hiding. Make sure you have 
    a Plasma Pistol or Grenades when fighting (preferably).
    The Robots appear in:
    Level 6-8, and 10
    Overall Rating: Easy- 4/10
    		    Legendary- 6.5/10
    The most worthy opponent award goes to...
    The Covenant!
    Your long time archnemesis proves to be the biggest threat to you. They 
    always win the fights between them and the Flood, and the Robots as 
    well (on Legendary, on Easy, it's anyone's game). It's probably best to 
    let the Covenant win the battle against the Flood before you clean them 
    out, because they'll be weak. They're the toughest, watch out.
    Section 2.0 B21
    2.1: Human Weapons B22
    M6D Pistol B23
    **SIDE NOTE**: I'm not going to bother copying the weapon discription 
    out the manual, if you want it, look for yourself, I'll put my own 
    discription, the power, accuracy, then rate it, and the best time to 
    use it.
    This pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a 12 round clip (magazine, 
    if that's what you call it). It fires 12.72mm (thanks to 
    Hawkeye3114U@aol.com for correcting this) bullets, which are armor 
    piercing. It takes two hands to use, and has a 2x scope feature.
    Power (Rating: 7/10)
    The pistol may be small, but it packs a punch. It can take a Grunt down  
    in one shot on easy. It's scope feature is a real help in some 
    situations. A head shot on a Grunt will instantly kill it, and 2 shots 
    to a Jackal. It's been done, you can take down a Hunter in one shot if 
    you hit it in the back, or another orange spot. Plus it takes as few as 
    3 shots to take down someone in multiplayer.
    Accuracy (Rating: (9.75/10)
    It's not perfect, but darn close. It's not ultra-precise, but it gets 
    the job done. The small target crosshair prove how accurate it really 
    Fire Rate (Rating: 7.75/10)
    It fires quite fast when you hold down the trigger, or even when you 
    push it down as fast as you can. It's still not as fast as some weapons 
    out there, but it gets the job done.
    Effectivness (Rating: 8.25/10)
    Well, since it's good at both close and long distances, why not? The 
    only reason it doesn't get a better rating is because of the power, and 
    possibly the fire rate. It's still good, even if those two ratings 
    aren't that high.
    Best time to use it
    The best time to use this weapon is probably against Grunts and 
    Jackals, just because Elites are too strong (you'll most likely take 
    damage before you kill them with this). It works fine against Hunters, 
    provided you hit them in a weak spot.
    Power: 5
    Accuracy: 9.75
    Fire Rate: 8.25
    Effectivness: 8.25
    Overall Rating: 8.56/10 (Great)
    MA5B Assault Rifle B24
    A heavy duty assault rifle which fires 7.62mm shots (thanks 
    toHawkeye3114U@aol.com for telling me this). Very useful, and has very 
    fast fire capabilities. It is also gas-operated (thanks to 
    Power (5.5/10)
    A single bullet does not do that much to an enemy. A whole bunch does 
    though...It's great when you fire rapid, as it can take down pretty 
    much anything. Don't let the power rating fool you, it's a great 
    Accuracy (8.25/10)
    It's pretty accurate, not as accurate as the pistol, but still good 
    enough to get the job done. It's larger crosshair makes it a not so 
    good choice for long range shooting.
    Fire Rate (10)
    Well, let's see, it's an Assault Rifle, it has to fire fast, doesn't 
    it? It shoots so fast you'll have to reload in just a few seconds (I'll 
    get the exact time soon). Very fast gun, but the faster you shoot, the 
    less accurate is gets.
    Effectivness (9.5/10)
    It's good at both long and short range, it has an excellent fire rate 
    to make up for it's fairly weak shot, making it a great gun to get any 
    job done. Wether it's destroying a Ghost or Banshee, or taking out a 
    bunch of guns, the Assault Rifle can handle in it most situations.
    Best time to use it
    The best time to use the Assault Rifle is probably when facing large 
    groups of Grunts, as they are weak, and the assault rifle has a high 
    rate of fire. It's good overall, but best in this situation. Also works 
    good against small groups of Flood.
    Power: 5.5
    Accuracy: 8.25
    Fire Rate: 10
    Effectivness: 9.5
    Overall Rating: 8.31/10 (Excellent)
    M90 Shotgun B25
    This shotgun packs a punch at close range, firing several bullets at 
    once, doing critical damage as well.
    Power (9.5/10)
    This weapon indeed packs a punch. It would get a higher rating, but it 
    only works at close range. If you try to shoot a mile away, you'll do 
    pretty much nothing to the enemy.
    Accuracy (7/10)
    Since this weapon is only good at close range, it won't be very 
    accurate. However, this is EXTREMELY accurate at point blank range 
    (right in front of the enemy if you don't know), so use it close, or 
    don't use it.
    Fire Rate (5/10)
    The Shotgun has to be loaded (not re-loaded, there's a difference) 
    after each shot, so that brings it down a few points. Another thing is 
    that you have to RE-load each shell (you only have to hit X once 
    though), which takes a LONG time if you have nothing left in your 
    Effectivness (8/10)
    This thing can severely damage or kill anything (on the ground anyway, 
    with the exception of Ghosts) in one hit. If you use the melee and 
    shoot combo, it's practially game over for the enemy. This weapon is 
    also EXCELLENT against the Flood, you can take nearly any one of them 
    down in just a single shot (even on Legendary, if you're close enough).
    Best time to use it
    Definetly at close range you should use this weapon. It also seems to 
    work very well against the Flood. Use it on the Flood, and Elites.
    Power: 9.5
    Accuracy: 7
    Fire Rate: 5
    Effectivness: 8
    Overall Rating: 7.37/10 (Good)
    S2 AM Sniper Rifle B26
    A sniper rifle equipped with a scope that can magnify 2 or 10 times. It 
    also has a Night Vision feature (activated by the White Button). Fires 
    14.5mm fin-stabilized discarding sabot bullets which are armor 
    piercing. It is also gas operated (thanks to Halo64@msn.com and 
    juggla_la@hotmail.com for some corrections here).
    Power (9.75/10)
    This weapon can pretty much kill anything in one hit. The only thing it 
    can't is Elites and Hunters (on Legendary anyway). It's also totally 
    useless against the Flood.
    jugga_la@hotmail.com tells me that:
    The flood have no "living" tissue or armor, so henceforth the bullet 
    passes easily through the floods now dead and loosly held together 
    cells. And because the bullet travels at such a high speed it has a 
    very low entering/exiting hole difference.
    Now I know why the Sniper doesn't work on the Flood...
    Accuracy (10)
    It's a Sniper Rifle, it has to be perfect. It's best to lead off a 
    moving target (espically in Multiplayer). On a still target, aim and 
    pull the trigger, and you'll hit.
    Fire Rate (8/10)
    It shoots faster than you think when you hold down the trigger. Of 
    course, the 4 shot mag/clip runs out quickly this way, so I recommend 
    you don't hold the trigger down. If you need more than 1 shot for an 
    enemy, it's best just to hit the trigger as many times as you need, 
    otherwise you lost the perfect accuracy.
    Effectivness (7/10)
    Yeah, it's a great gun....but only at long range, at close range it's 
    very useless. It's meant for medium (medium is pushing it, a bit) and 
    long ranges only, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use this gun at close range, 
    it's a death wish at close range, don't use it on the Flood either.
    Best time to use it
    It's best to use this at long range, and long range ONLY. It's 
    practially useless at close range. It's a very powerful weapon, don't 
    waste it on close range enemies. Be careful, this weapon pierces right 
    through things, so don't shoot Marines, be careful...it also kills lots 
    of lined up enemies though...(thanks to Halo64@msn.com for this last 
    disturbed_jedi@yahoo.co.uk sends me this:
    Instead of using the light, you can use the sniper rifle night vision 
    scope to see. It is slightly more effective because you don't give your 
    position away that easily, and you're ready to fire. But it isn't a 
    good idea in swarm levels because when you fire, the bullets 
    practically go through them. You can't even kill a type 4, I've tried.
    Power: 9.75
    Accuracy: 10
    Fire Rate: 8
    Effectivness: 7
    Overall Rating: 8.69/10 (Excellent)
    M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher B27
    A very powerful rocket laucher, that takes up pretty much half of your 
    screen. It has a 2x magnification feature, and has 2 rounds until you 
    must reload.
    Power (10)
    It's a Rocket Launcher, it takes out pretty much anything in one hit. 
    Useful against Elites, Hunters, Ghosts, Gun Turrets, and Banshees (I 
    love shooting Banshees down with a Rocket Launcher, I'm a professional 
    at it :), are you?). Aim, fire, and it's pretty much dead.
    Accuracy (9.5/10)
    It flies in a straight line, and hit's where you point it. It lost half 
    a point because it takes up half the freakin' screen (unless you zoom 
    it....)! Other than that, it's a great weapon.
    Fire Rate (6.5/10)
    Well, the reload time isn't that fast, and you have to load the Rocket 
    Launcher after each shot, so the fire rate takes a hit. It makes up for 
    the semi-good fire rate with it's power.
    Effectivness (8.5/10)
    It's just so powerful! It take take out a Banshee, Ghost, Elite, 
    Jackal, Grunt and Gun Turrets in one hit! On the higher difficulties, 
    the Hunters can withstand one hit (unless you directly hit the weak 
    spot), so it loses some effectivness there.
    Best time to use it
    Use it on Elites, Hunters, Ghosts, Gun Turrets, Banshees and large 
    groups. Don't use it at close range either, that's just common sense!
    Power: 10
    Accuracy: 9.5
    Fire Rate: 6.5
    Effectivness: 8.5
    Overall Rating: 8.63/10 (Excellent)
    M9 HE-DP Grenade B28
    A lightweight grenade which you can carry up to 4 of. These grenade 
    explode after about 3 seconds on the ground. The Covenant often do not 
    notice them as much as they do with Plasma Grenades. They do not stick 
    to things, and WILL bounce of walls and other objects, so be careful.
    Power (9/10)
    They are pretty powerful, but not as strong as the Rocket Launcher. 
    They can and will kill you instantly if you're on top of them on 
    Legendary, you can withstand 2 on Easy. They can take most things out 
    pretty easily, except the big things like Elites and Hunters (on the 
    higher difficulties...).
    Accuracy (9/10)
    Where you throw them they land...usually. They do bounce off walls (-1 
    point), and can hurt you, so that reduces the rating. Otherwise, the 
    longer you hold it, the farther they go, and they'll land where you aim 
    unless something is blocking it.
    Fire Rate (6.5/10)
    A human arm can only throw so fast, so that's why it's only a 6.5. I 
    really can't think of any other reasons for this. I know it travels 
    pretty fast to it's target too (same with the Plasma Grenade).
    Effectivness (8/10)
    It can take out a large group of enemies in a grenade or two, and it 
    can flip over those annoying gun turrets too (it also kills the enemy 
    operating it). The Covenant don't seem to notice this grenade when it's 
    thrown (when compared to the Plasma Grenade anyway), so these grenades 
    are quite effective.
    Best time to use it
    If it isn't already obvious, so should use it when you're facing many 
    units that are very close together (a group of enemies...). You can 
    also use it to help wear away the shield of an Elite, or stun Hunters 
    and take off the Jackals shield (It'll probably kill them).
    Power: 9
    Accuracy: 9
    Fire Rate: 6.5
    Effectivness: 8
    Overall Rating: 8.13 (Very Good)
    M41 LAAG B29
    It may be on the back of the Warthog (see Vehicles section below), but 
    it's still a weapon...It's one big chaingun (minigun, whatever you want 
    to call it) and has unlimited ammo and a awesome fire rate. It can tear 
    down an Elite even on Legendary in mere seconds (you still have to 
    watch out for the other enemies). Great weapon.
    Power (8.5/10)
    It fires so fast it's nearly impossible to figure out how much damage 
    one bullet does (actually, it's not that hard, but still, who'd want to 
    do that?). It's great.
    Accuracy (9/10)
    It's as accurate as it is strong, the bullets can saw down a Grunt from 
    pretty far away... For a gun like this, accuracy this good makes it 
    something to fear when playing Multiplayer (the Covenant and Flood 
    should fear it too...)
    Fire Rate (10)
    Seriously, this thing fires faster than the assault rifle. It has 
    unlimited ammo too, so no reload times either, with all this, you could 
    take someone down in 2 seconds flat (trust me, I've done this to a 
    human before...).
    Effectivness (8.75/10)
    The only thing I'd say this loses a point for is the fact that you need 
    a Warthog to use it for (and a driver, so chances are, you won't be 
    using it that often in Campaign mode). You practially never get to be a 
    gunner unless you're playing co-operative. Oh well, the moment's you 
    use it are nice.
    Power: 8.5
    Accuracy: 9
    Fire Rate: 10
    Effectivness: 8.75
    Overall Rating: 9.06/10 (Kick a$$!)
    I thought I'd put all the human weapon ratings in one spot:
    M6D Pistol - 7.69
    MA5B Assault Rifle - 8.31
    M90 Shotgun - 7.37
    S2 AM Sniper Rifle - 8.69
    M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher - 8.63
    M9 HE-DP Grenade - 8.13
    M41 LAAG - 9.06
    2.1.1: Vehicles B30
    For this section, I'll simply describe various points about the 
    vehicle, and whether to bother getting it or not.
    A sturdy vehicle with a minigun (chaingun) mounted on the back. Seats 3 
    people (1 driver, 1 passenger, 1 gunner). It also has unlimited health 
    so it can never be destroyed.
    It has a minigun (chaingun) on the back, which got a *9.06* rating from 
    the weapons section. It's a very good weapon, and the passenger just 
    make this vehicle even better.
    It can take unlimited damage (it, not you), but you'll end up taking 
    all the damage done to it. If a rocket hits it, chances are, you're 
    dead. It greatly reduces damage done to you compared to when you're on 
    My Recommendation
    Take this vehicle over a Ghost, simply because it doesn't get blown up 
    when it has sustained enough damage, and that the weapon does more 
    damage when you have a gunner. 
    A big tank with a turret that has 2 weapons on it. Seats up to 5 people 
    (1 driver, who controls the turret and turret weapons, and 4 passengers 
    that sit 2 on each side). Unlimited health, and damage done to you is 
    This great vehicle has a cannon that can take out pretty much anything 
    in one hit, and a machine gun that can fire even when shooting with the 
    cannon, the combo of these 2 makes for a lethal attack.
    This thing takes pretty much no damage. For a rocket, it's like 
    throwing a rock through a window, it's broken, but there's still some 
    left. Only if you get a direct shot at the driver is when you'll do 
    some damage.
    My Recommendation
    Take this whenever you possibly can! This thing is awesome! It doesn't 
    get destroyed, seats 5 people, and the weapons on it are unmatched.
    2.2: Covenant Weapons B31
    Plasma Pistol B32
    A small pistol which fires plasma shots, which are good for taking down 
    Elites shield. They have the ablility to charge up, causing more 
    damage, but takes up more ammo. Almost every Covenant uses this at some 
    point in the game.
    Power (4/10 to 9/10= Average of 6.5)
    Since you can charge this little thing up to do massive damage to 
    Covenant shields, use this against them when possible. This is a great 
    way to take off Elite's shields, and also destroy the shields the 
    Covenant sometimes hide behind.
    Accuracy (9.5/10)
    Very accuate weapon. It's not perfect, but darn close! This is good for 
    taking out things at long distances. It also seems to home in on a 
    target as well, which is an added bonus (only when it's charged up). I 
    found this out when shooting down the Sentinels in Level 8 (Two 
    Fire Rate (8/10)
    It does fire pretty fast, but only as fast as your fingers can go. It 
    fires slower (duh) when it's charged up (because you have to charge it 
    up). Overall, it's fire speed it quite good.
    Effectivness (8/10)
    It's very effective agaist the Covenant shields (the ones they hide 
    behind), Elites, and Jackals. It will quickly eat away the Elites 
    shield, allowing you to shoot it with a normal gun to kill it. Jackals 
    will run away, leaving an opening when they're shields are weak.
    Best time to use it
    The best time to use this weapon is when facing the Sentinels, and when 
    shooting Covenant long distance (not too long though).
    Power: 6.5
    Accuracy: 9.5
    Fire Rate: 8
    Effectivness: 8
    Overall Rating: 8/10 (Very Good)
    Plasma Rifle B33
    A rifle similar to the Plama Pistol, but slightly different. It has a 
    overheat meter below the ammo. Once this reaches the end, the weapon 
    will shut down to cool off. Don't go ballistic with this weapon, shoot 
    wisely and this will never happen to you.
    Power (7/10)
    It fires so fast it doesn't really have much power to it. The shots are 
    pretty weak, but since the fire rate is pretty good, it will take down 
    an Elite's shield in seconds. Use this gun when you're facing alot of 
    Accuracy (8.5/10)
    It's pretty accurate, but not as accurate as compared to the pistol. 
    It's shots fly straight, and hit what you aim for. When you need to 
    make your shots count at close range, use this gun.
    Fire Rate (9.5/10)
    Yeah, it's a pretty fast firing gun, but not as fast as the Assault 
    Rifle, so it doesn't get a perfect 10. It fires fast enough to get the 
    job done, and the fire rate also makes up for the lack of power in this 
    Effectivness (8/10)
    Use it on Elite and Jackals. Anything else and this isn't as effective 
    against. Overall it's pretty good, because Elite and Jackals are pretty 
    much around every corner. Keep this gun when you get it, and take this 
    over the Plasma Pistol.
    Best time to use it
    Like I just mentioned, use it on Elite and Jackals. If you want, you 
    can try using it on gun turrets, it works pretty good on that as well. 
    Great gun, probably one of the best Covenant weapons.
    Power: 7
    Accuracy: 8.5
    Fire Rate: 9.5
    Effectivness: 8
    Overall Rating: 8.25/10 (Very Good)
    Needler B34
    A pistol-like weapon with pink needles pointing out of it. Kinda looks 
    like a Dust Buster :) Homes in on it's enemies, making it a good gun. 
    Holds 20 rounds before having to reload.
    Power (4/10 to 10= 7/10 average)
    A very powerful gun, but it all depends on how you use it. The more 
    shots you fire, the more powerful it gets. If you shoot enough into an 
    enemy, it will kill them (you know this when it explodes in a big pink 
    blast). So remember, the more, the merrier (you get it, don't you?)
    Accuracy (10)
    Well, let's see, it's nearly impossible to miss when you're aiming at 
    the enemy because no matter what it homes in (unless the enemy is 
    dead). I really think this is reason enough to make this one of the 
    best weapons in the game.
    Fire Rate (9.5/10)
    Fires very, very fast, but I think the Assault Rifle still fires 
    faster. It take easily take down an Elite in seconds if you pump enough 
    rounds into it. I highly suggest you take this gun when you can.
    Effectivness (8.5/10)
    It can home in and kill anything in the game, and not a perfect 10? Why 
    you ask? Simply because it can't kill Hunters, Banshees, Ghosts, and 
    people in gun turrets (I believe). It loses the point and a half 
    because of this reason.
    OK, it can kill Hunters, but only from behind (thanks to 
    Power: 7
    Accuracy: 10
    Fire Rate: 9.5
    Effectivness: 8.5
    Overall Rating: 8.75/10 (Amazing)
    Shade Stationary Gun B35
    A stationary (that means it doesn't move) gun turret that fires plasma 
    shots very fast, and 3 at a time. You usually see Grunts in these.
    Power (9/10)
    Well, it shoots Plasma, which is good for taking out Covenant (which is 
    your biggest threat), it's powerful because it shoot 3 at a time, so 
    why only 9? Doesn't kill in one hit. It great though, get into one and 
    mow those Covenant down.
    Accuracy (9/10)
    It's not 100% accurate like the Sniper Rifle or the Needler, but pretty 
    close. It loses accuracy with distance, but it's excellent at close 
    range because it doesn't lose any power or accuracy.
    Fire Rate (9/10)
    I think it's reason enough simply by the name. It shoots _really_ fast 
    and at close range, you can flatten an army of Covenant in mere 
    seconds. Use one of these if you're in trouble.
    Effectivness (9.5/10)
    Two reasons why there isn't a 10 here. 1: Grenades can take it out 
    quite easily. 2: You get hit alot in it because you aren't moving. It's 
    still good for taking out Covenant armies, so get into one when you 
    Power: 9
    Accuracy: 9
    Fire Rate: 9
    Effectivness: 9.5
    Overall Rating: 9.13/10 (You gotta love it)
    Plasma Grenade B36
    A blue color grenade which is dropped by the Covenant. Elite usually 
    drop 3 or 4 of these when you kill them. Grunts drop them too. They 
    stick to people, enemies, and vehicles, but for some reason, not trees 
    and mountains (terrain in other words).
    Power (8.5/10)
    I think it's a little weaker than the Human Grenade. It can still take 
    out groups of enemies though. Throw it onto a Grunt, and watch him run 
    to a big group of enemies, and kill them all. Powerful, but not as much 
    as the Human Grenade.
    Accuracy (9.25/10)
    Since these ones don't bouce off everything, I gave it a little extra 
    on the rating. It'll stay where you put it, unless it's on terrain, so 
    use this grenade when you need accuracy, the other when you need power.
    Fire Rate (6.25/10)
    Same as the Human Grenade. A human arm can only throw so fast, and I 
    think that's all the reason I can give.
    Effectivness (8.5/10)
    I think it's a little more effective because you can plant it on 
    enemies and watch them kill a whole group of 'em when they run in. Also 
    it's safer too, and I think that's a good reason as well.
    Power: 8.5
    Accuracy: 9.25
    Fire Rate: 6.25
    Effectivness: 8.5
    Overall Rating: 8.13/10 (Smokin')
    Here are all the Covenant guns and their overall ratings:
    Plasma Pistol - 8
    Plasma Rifle - 8.25
    Needler - 8.75
    Shade Stationary Gun - 9.13
    Plasma Grenade - 8.13
    2.2.1 Covenant Vehicles B37
    *Quick Note* Since you'll be fighting Covenant in vehicles, I thought 
    I'd add the best strategy to beat them.
    A small purple vehicle driven by the Covenant (thank to 
    jugga_la@hotmail.com for catching the mistake there), usually piloted 
    by an Elite. Shoots a double-barrel plasma cannon, and moves quite 
    It's weapons are a double barrel plasma cannon mounted on the front of 
    the Ghost. They shoot _really_ fast, and can take out most things in 
    mere seconds. The shots are quite visible, and can easlily be dodged in 
    Multiplayer by sidestepping at long distances.
    These things have a Health Meter. It's name is above it, and the meter 
    is right below. Blue means it's in good condition, yellow in OK 
    condition, and red is bad condition, and you should probably get out. 
    They are easily destroyed by big groups in Legendary if you sit still, 
    but keep moving and they won't touch you (most of the time).
    How to beat them
    They aren't too too strong, so you could try to take them out with an 
    Assault Rifle. If you're daring, and they don't notice you, try taking 
    out the driver with a Sniper Rifle. If you have a Rocket Laucher 
    (jugga_la@hotmail.com says you can flip them by shooting under them), 
    by all means use it, but be sure to lead off, or you'll waste ammo.
    Sent in by UnshavedMask:
    I have a hint for your FAQ on Halo. I always hated it when an elite 
    would jump into a Banshee before I could reach it. I found out that 
    when he jumps in the banshee most of his body is protected when the top 
    closes. All of his body except for his feet. When he flies over you get 
    out a pistol or a sniper rifle. Aim for his feet when he does a fly 
    over. He dies,falls out, and the banshee wont explode into pieces. 
    Author's Note: This is VERY hard, and next to impossible on any 
    difficulty except Easy and Normal. Good luck...
    My Recommendation
    It's a vehicle, it's not too bad. Take it when you're alone, or when 
    you need to get somewhere fast. The cannons are a good weapon against 
    Elite, Jackals, and Covenant Shields. If there's a Scorpion nearby, 
    take that, but take this whenever else.
    This has to be my favorite vehicle in the game. It's purple, and it 
    flies around. Elites always fly it, and it kinda looks like a ball, but 
    with 3 tails on the back. You'll know it when you see it.
    The Banshee actually has 2 weapons. A plasma cannon similar to the 
    Ghost (if you want to know about it, check the Ghost), and a Fuel Rod 
    Cannon. If you don't know what a Fuel Rod Cannon is, then it's the 
    weapons that Hunters use, and it can take out groups of enemies (on 
    Easy, about 1 shot, on Legendary on the other hand, it takes about 3).
    The Banshee can take quite a bit of punishment, but it has a Health 
    meter like the Ghosts. A good tactic is to just hover way above the 
    enemy, then shoot Fuel Rod Cannons (Left Trigger) like crazy at them. 
    Stay away from the ground, or you're gonna be toast.
    Wraith *Can't be driven (sent in by a million people, thank you, I'll 
    have your names in the credits in the next major update :)
    ("Juggernaut" sent in by JulieWilkie@aol.com)
    A big purplish-blue tank driven by the covenant. It's quite hard to 
    miss, it is usually found out in the open. You'll know it when you see 
    it. Driven by (most likely) an Elite.
    This thing has one big Plasma Blast, which WILL kill you in one hit on 
    Legendary if you get hit DIRECTLY. Even on the easier difficulties, try 
    to avoid it.
    Probably the strongest Covenant vehicle. It takes 2 shots from the 
    Rocket Launcher on Easy to destroy it, and on the harder difficulties, 
    even up to (I think) 4! Just keep strafing and you'll be fine.
    Sent in by berkl@countryday.net:
    One more thing- you can tell the Wraith is driven by an elite by taking 
    the Scorpion at full speed and ramming the side. If you can get the 
    thing to flip over, the elite falls out. It also displays the message 
    "Press X to flip Wraith" but you can't get in it.
    2.3 Best Weapons B38
    Well, here's where the awards to the most powerful, most accurate, 
    highest fire rate, and most effective weapons go. (I almost forgot, 
    best overall too). All right, here's the awards!
    Most Powerful Weapon goes to....
    The M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher.
    This weapons is obviously the strongest, simply because it shoots 
    Rockets, and can kill most things in just one shot.
    Most Accurate Weapon goes to....
    The S2 AM Sniper Rifle and the Needler
    Both these guns have superb accuracy, the Sniper Rifle, because it can 
    fire farthest away, and the Needler because it homes in on it's target.
    Highest Fire Rate goes to....
    M41 LAAG and the MA5B Assault Rifle
    Well, I guess it should go to the Assault Rifle because you'll use it 
    more often, but these are both very fast firing guns. 
    Most effective weapon goes to....
    The MA5B Assault Rifle
    Even though no weapon got a 10, this one came closest. It fires fast 
    enough to keep the enemies from firing, has a good reload time, and can 
    be used against pretty much anything.
    **Apparently everyone disagrees** Hm, well it's still a good weapon. It 
    depends on the kind of player you are. Tell me, which is better at long 
    range, the Assault Rifle or the Shotgun? With that answer, how can the 
    Shotgun be most effective? 
    Other people have said that the Rocket Launcher is most effective. But 
    how's this? It's USELESS agaist a (good anyway) sniper in Multiplayer. 
    I'm sure most people notice that a huge rocket is coming their way. The 
    Assault Rifle is MOST EFFECTIVE OVERALL. Many of the other weapons are 
    good in CERTAIN SITUATIONS, but this weapon is good at many more than 
    other ones are. You also don't have to use any "combos" with other 
    weapons to use it EFFECTIVELY.
    Just think of every situation that you can use each weapon in, and the 
    Assault Rifle will come up a lot of times.
    Jim from New York disagrees, he says:
    I found my self-using the plasma rifle the most. It has a high rate of 
    fire and it does significant damage to all enemies. It also gets ride 
    of the Elites shield a lot faster then the assault rifle. The only draw 
    back is that it can over heat but I fond a combo to get ride of this 
    fact. All you have to do when your gun is about to over heat or when it 
    has over heated is use the melee attack and wave your gun in the air 
    then it is good to fire.
    Hey, an arguement is still a contribution...
    Finally, the biggest award of all, Best Overall...goes to....
    Hands down, this guns owns. 3 shots can take anyone down in multiplayer 
    if you're good enough. Along with a 2x scope, and a pretty powerful 
    bullet, it's definetly one of the things you should be carrying.
    2.4 Situations, and the best weapons to use B39
    Well, instead of naming a million situations, I'll just list the 
    weapon, and tell you the best situations to use it in. Sound good? I 
    hope so, because it's not getting better.
    M6D Pistol
    Some situations you could use this weapon in is when you have to do 
    semi-long distance shooting, and when you want to make accurate head 
    shots without using your sniper rifle. It's also good when you're 
    facing a small group of (I'm talking 2 or 3) Grunts or Jackals. It's 
    great for levels without Sniper Rifles.
    MA5B Assault Rifle
    A great all-around gun. You can use this in pretty much any situation 
    in the game, except long distance shooting. You can mow down groups of 
    Grunts with this, you can take out 1 or 2 Elites without taking much 
    damage. It's a great gun, get it when you can, it'll come in handy in 
    mostly any situation.
    M90 Shotgun
    The shotgun is good for close range, and close range ONLY. This is not 
    designed to go far. It's great for taking out things like Elites at 
    close range, and it's sometimes good against Jackals. This gun should 
    be used ANY TIME YOU CAN GET IT against the Flood, this gun is 
    _the_best_ for killing Flood, hands down.
    S2 AM Sniper Rifle
    I'm sure you know what this is for, long distance and accurate 
    shooting. If there's a Grunt in a turret, and you aren't spotted, take 
    him out with this. If you're feeling daring, you can try to shoot an 
    Elite out of a Ghost. I've tried shooting an Elite out of a Banshee, 
    it's _really_ hard, and just a waste of ammo. Long distance only.
    M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
    Um, this is pretty straightfoward too. Use this weapon when there is a 
    large group of Elites, Grunts, and Jackals. This is also good against 
    Hunters, as it takes them down quickly no matter where you hit them. If 
    you hit the Hunters in the orange spot, no matter what, they're dead. 
    So use this gun on big groups. This is also great for shooting down 
    Banshees (I'm a _master_ at this). When they fly straight toward you 
    shooting, hit 'em with a rocket, and move! They'll go down pretty fast.
    M9 HE-DP Grenade
    There is only one use for this weapon. Use it on large groups of 
    enemies, but make sure it isn't close to you, as it does sometimes 
    bounce off enemies. Don't waste this type of Grenade, it does alot of 
    damage against the Covenant, and especially against the Flood (it 
    practially kills them in one hit!).
    M41 LAAG
    Since you can only use this great weapon while on the Warthog, it's 
    effectivness diminishes, but it's still good. Well, use this only while 
    your on the Warthog, one when one is nearby, because it'll take 
    anything down (yes, anything) in just a matter of time.
    Plasma Pistol
    This weapon is great against long range targets (mostly the Sentinels, 
    but it will hit other things too). If you aim in the general direction 
    of the Sentinel, it will home in and take it out in one fully charged 
    up shot. I don't use it against the Flood, neither should you. Only use 
    it against the Covenant with shields, and the sentinels.
    Plasma Rifle
    The Plasma Rifle is good against Elites and Jackals mostly, but works 
    on pretty much any other Covenant too. Don't try it on the Flood, they 
    seem to have a resistance to Plasma, as Covenant have a weakness to it. 
    Use it on Elites and Jackals only, and watch out, it overheats.
    This gun can be used against anything on the ground except Hunters. 
    It's a great way to take down those pesky Elite. Just pump a lot of 
    rounds into one, and he's down....for good. Don't use it against 
    Jackals, it's just a waste of ammo (because they have a shield). 
    Remember, Elite only (maybe a few Grunts).
    Shade Stationary Gun
    Just like the M41 LAGG, this can only be used at certain points in the 
    game. I wouldn't recommend it all the time, only when you have extra 
    cover helping you, otherwise you'll just be taking damage. Use this 
    when you're facing large groups far away, then when they get closer, 
    kill them, then when they get REALLY close, get out and kill them all 
    (they'll be weak).
    Plasma Grenade
    Use this to plant on little things that run around alot (like Grunts), 
    they'll run into a group of enemies, and take not only itself out, but 
    all the others too (or considerably weaken them). That's pretty much 
    the only reason to use them, besides planting them on vehicles when 
    they go by (good luck trying to get one on a Banshee....).
    **SIDE NOTE** It seems that Jackals don't notice grenades when you 
    throw them, I found that out a while ago...should of put it in before.
    Adding on to this, I find the ALL Covenant units don't seem to notice 
    the Human Grenade either.
    Jim from New York says:
    I think the best 2 guns to use in the game when you can get them are 
    the shotgun and the pistol. These 2 guns when carried together cover 
    all the bases. The shot gun provides power and kills almost anything at 
    close range and the pistol, with its zoom capabilities allow you too 
    kill almost anything in a few shots from a distance.
    Section 3: Combat Guide C21
    3.1: Survival Guide C22
    Well, this is the main part of the Guide. I put in the info on weapons 
    and enemies to simply help you out. Here's where we're gonna make you a 
    professional player with all these great tips on how to survive on 
    different difficulties (and the hardest of all, your friends....). 
    Having beat the game on every difficulty, I think this part will help 
    you become a better player.
    Surviving on Easy C23
    Well, first off is the _easiest_ difficulty of all, Easy. In this 
    difficulty, it's not really that hard to survive at all. But, of 
    course, I can give a few pointers, but it's just too easy to go in 
    depth, so here's a few pointers:
    -Use the weapons that best suit the situation!
    I didn't do 2 whole sections on weapons and enemies for nothing! 
    They're there to help you pick the right weapons to use against the 
    right enemies, and to make this section easier to use. Use the other 
    sections as refrence.
    -Use cover when in big fights.
    I know for a fact every big fight in the game has cover to it, if 
    you're in trouble, hide somewhere and let your shields recharge, then 
    go out fighting, if you do this, you'll never die!
    -Melee when facing one or two enemies.
    It only takes 2 melee hits (B on the controller), to take down an 
    Elite, so do that when you're facing one. Don't waste your ammo killing 
    a single Grunt, just whack 'em!
    -Stay behind your backup.
    If you're in trouble and have Marines with you, let them go in and get 
    killed first, that way you can just pick the enemies off when they're 
    weak. Most of the time you get more Marines anyway (Level 3, for 
    -Bomb big groups.
    They don't make grenades for nothing, use them on as many big groups as 
    possible. After Level 5, there is lots of Flood, and they're always in 
    groups, so a grenade is a helpful thing.
    -Vehicles are your friend.
    This is the Easy difficulty, it's designed to get you used to the game 
    so you can do better on the hard difficulties. One of the most 
    important things to get used to is driving vehicles. Use the best one 
    for each situation (see, I use the previous sections to help me out! I 
    think that's a pretty good strategy).
    -Remember, it's the Easy difficulty.
    Easy isn't really that hard. Enemies have reduced health (compared to 
    the other difficulties), and do less damage. Don't worry about rushing 
    into things, it's not going to kill you (most of the time), and the 
    enemies run away half the time after you weaken them. Focus on getting 
    your sidestepping (or strafing, whatever) down, and ducking will help 
    too. Learn to drive wildly, it'll save you on the harder difficulties. 
    Learn the system here, and it'll be easier once you get onto the harder 
    This was sent in by BballSF17@aol.com:
    -Put on Co-op, then have 1 person stay back, and one person go do the 
    level, when he dies, he'll come back to where his partner is. It's just 
    like unlimited lives.
    Those 7 things should help you for now, but if I think (or get) any 
    more, I'll put them up!
    Surviving on Normal C24
    Now, normal is where the game starts getting fun (uh, I mean hard too), 
    the enemies start do more damage and take less. The Elites with swords 
    will kill you in one hit now, so be careful, so, I'm still going to 
    give pointers, it's still not THAT hard.
    -Stronger, smarter, and more brave.
    The Covenant are beginning to be a real pain now, they do more damage 
    and take less, they use cover, attack in groups too. They also don't 
    run away as often, they usually go down with a fight. Don't get too 
    close to them now, you have to start learning to stay back, or you'll 
    never be able to survive on Legendary.
    -Distance is your friend.
    You don't want to stay close to the enemy at all, they'll take down 
    your shield pretty fast (when this happens, backtrack to a safe place). 
    Some of the enemies have been replaced by stronger versions of them 
    (that's why I did an enemies section, my FAQ pulls itself together), so 
    keep back, but not too far, this is only Normal, you'll definetly want 
    to stay back from the Flood on the higher difficulties (trust me),but 
    you'll want to get into the habit as soon as possible.
    -Weapon choices are important.
    You don't want to be using a shotgun at long range when you're fighting 
    Jackals, do you? Sure, you can use one against the Flood at any time, 
    but you're not fighting the Flood the whole time. The Assault Rifle is 
    a good all-around gun, so it's good to keep one of those on hand. If 
    there is a big group of enemies, don't stand there and shoot them, 
    throw a grenade, and then finish off your weakened enemies.
    -One hit kills
    This is the difficulty where the Elites with sword can and will kill 
    you in one swift hit. Stay back as much as possible, and keep moving, 
    don't try to melee them. It doesn't matter if you take some damage from 
    other enemies while fighting one of these (except Hunters, be careful 
    with them), it's better than getting killed in one hit, isn't it?
    -Duck, pop and shoot!
    This is a good technique to learn. Simply hide behind a low lying 
    object that will cover you when you duck, wait for the enemies, then 
    pop up, shoot a bunch of them, then go back down. This is also a good 
    way to recover your shield when it's down. Learn this, and it'll make 
    your life easier.
    -Strafing is important.
    This will be your best means of dodging fire soon. It works great on 
    this difficulty too, because the Covenant don't shoot ridicously fast 
    yet. If you're in a big fight with no cover, use this and you will take 
    MUCH less damage.
    -Use melee on your best judgement.
    You can't just run it and whack them all now, you'll get sawed down 
    pretty quickly. If you have the chance (or the element of suprise on 
    Level 5's bridge, for example), hit them from behind, it kills them 
    instantly. You can use the melee in a combo. For example, you could hit 
    an Elite with your Shotgun, possibly taking off it's shield, and since 
    the Shotgun is a close range weapon, you can take TONS of damage off of 
    These pointers should help for now. I'll add more as I get them, or 
    think of them.
    Surviving on Heroic C25
    Here's where the game starts to get hard, once you can beat a couple of 
    levels on this difficulty, try Legendary! Be sure to look at the Easy 
    and Normal pointers, they'll help you too. Here's some new pointers:
    -Melee ONLY when they don't see you.
    On this difficulty, you don't want to rush into a fight whacking away, 
    it will (and most likely) kill you. Only use melee when they have their 
    back to you, or they're already in front of you (use the melee-shotgun 
    combo! <-- This will be in the Weapon Combo section). Melee can be 
    dangerous, be careful.
    -Strafing is imperative!
    You HAVE TO strafe on this difficulty, hands down. If you don't, you 
    will surely die! The enemies shoot even faster and more accurate now, 
    so always keep on the move when in a fight.
    -Take out the biggest threat first.
    Your biggest threats will be the Elite, then the Jackals, and finally 
    the Grunts. If a Grunts get's in your way, it doesn't matter. In that 
    order, it's greatest to least damage. It's also a good plan to kill the 
    enemies closest to you first.
    -Use your head.
    You can't just rush in anymore, try to analyze the situation and find 
    the best way to get through it, there's more than one way to do most 
    things. If there is two Elites on a bridge and you have a Plasma 
    Grenade, throw it, maybe one of them will dodge and go off the bridge 
    (I've done it), that way you only have one left to deal with!
    -Don't be a hero, retreat!
    If you find yourself in over your head in enemies, retreat! Don't kill 
    yourself fighting! Hide somewhere and let your shields recharge, that's 
    like recovering 100% of your health right there. While you're back 
    hiding, think of a way to kill the enemies.
    -Enemies are even tougher now.
    It's no walk in the park, the Covenant, Flood, and Sentinels are all 
    stronger (take more damage and dish out more), not to mention they are 
    much more accurate, so cover is a gift to you. Remember which guns work 
    best against what, and always use the weapon to suit the situation.
    -Let your enemies fight it out.
    In the later levels when all 3 races are against you, let them fight it 
    out, but on this difficulty, the Covenant will always when. Luckily for 
    you, they'll be very weak after this battle, making it easier for you 
    to kill them, and you get a lot more ammo.
    -Backup is useless.
    Don't use the Marines to save your life, they die pretty fast. If you 
    can get them into a vehicle, great, but if not, they will probably die. 
    Do not rely on these guys at this difficulty!!
    This should help you out, if I think up or get anymore, I will put them 
    up here.
    Surviving on Legendary C26
    Well, it all comes down to this, the part you've been waiting for, the 
    Legendary difficulty. It's really hard, take my advice. Get used to 
    taking hits and tough fights, because that's all this is. It's going to 
    take a lot of skill and practice to even survive on this difficulty, 
    even with the pointers.
    This difficulty is not easy at all, so don't feel bad if you can't beat 
    it. I'll do my best to help you out here, with the best pointers I can 
    think up. Be sure to review the pointers for the other difficulties, 
    because you can use them on this difficulty. Here we go:
    I'm serious, if you stand still for a SECOND, you will be toast, even 
    by a group of Grunts. You'll get so used to strafing, you will soon be 
    able to dodge your friends shots with great ease. Trust me on this one, 
    don't stop for anything!
    -Use cover whenever possible.
    It's very important to use any cover you can at this difficulty, 
    becuase if you don't, you'll get gunned down faster than you can say 
    "Oh my...". The Elites will saw into you with their excellent accuracy 
    and insane fire rate. Use anything (ANYTHING) as cover for this!!
    -Set traps, if you can.
    The Covenant aren't super-intelligent and they can't read your thoughts 
    through your controller, so try and set them up. Hide behind a corner 
    with a Shotgun after letting them see you. They'll be at point-blank 
    range at this point, leaving them open to a direct shot. Think of the 
    traps you can do.
    -It's not always best to stand and fight.
    Sometimes you just gotta run through. You might not make it unscratched 
    (you most likely will take a hit), but it's worth a try. You can use 
    this strategy on Level 7, where it's non-stop tough battles the whole 
    time, so just run-and-gun.
    -Analyze the situation.
    If you've played the same level on an easier difficulty, you know 
    what's around the next corner, so think ahead for this. There isn't any 
    hope for people who just run in and hope that they come out alive. You 
    have to think for a minute here, it will work out better in the end.
    -Don't waste ammo.
    You need a lot of shots to take the enemies down, so don't waste shots 
    just to see if there's an Elite hiding around the corner, or trying to 
    hit a Jackal. It takes about 2 Assault Rifle Mags/Clips to take down an 
    Elite, so that means you can only take out 5 Elites with a fully loaded 
    Assault Rifle. Pick a Covenant weapon, or a Flood weapon so you can 
    keep getting ammo for it.
    -Weapon choices are very important.
    I didn't do the other sections just for kicks, it's for a good reason, 
    to help YOU. Shotgun works against the Flood, Plasma weapons work good 
    against the Covenant, and a Plasma Pistol fully charged will home in 
    and destroy (or weaken considerably) a Sentinel. Make sure you have the 
    right weapons for the situation. The assault rifle is a good weapon to 
    have with you.
    -Vehicles are a real help.
    If you can get your hands on a Scorpion or Ghost (for one-player), or a 
    Warthog (for two-players), use it by all means! They are a great way to 
    speed out of big battles. After that, you're in the clear and can think 
    of a way to destroy the enemy. (Vehicles have weapons that help alot 
    -Kamikaze! (Co-op only!)
    If you want to have some fun (this works too), throw a Plasma Grenade 
    on your friend, and let him run into the enemy! Sure, your friend will 
    die, but you're not, so he can respawn. After this, the enemy will be 
    weak and you can take them out with great ease.
    -Long distance shooting helps.
    If you have a Sniper Rifle, it will help you. You may not be able to 
    take out anything in one shot anymore (you can kill Jackals in 2, if 
    you hit a Grunt in the head, it's dead, and Elites take at least 3), 
    but at least you're not taking damage. Use weapons with scopes from far 
    away, you can easily dodge shot, and deliver more shots.
    Like I said, Legendary is EXTREMELY difficult the first few times 
    around, and still hard after that. I hope these pointers help you for 
    now! I'll add more when I think them up, or they get sent in!
    Surviving your Friends C27
    You think the single player game is hard? I bet some of your friends 
    beat you occasionaly, don't they? Well, even if they don't, this 
    section will help you out in beating your friends. You can use the 
    pointers from Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary to help you, but here 
    are some that aren't in any of those:
    -Get to know their playing style.
    Are they Snipers, or people who tend to rush in and destroy from close 
    range? Do they use vehicles, or prefer to stay low on foot? Figure out 
    how they play and counter it. Here's some tips on the types I've 
    Sniper: They are quite dangerous, very dangerous if they are good at 
    sniping too. The best way to rid these guys is to get a Rocket 
    Launcher, shoot at them (they'll move, trust me), and use this time to 
    get in closer. Or you can try beating them at their own game....
    Close combat: Don't let them get close in the first place!! Use a long 
    range or explosive weapon to take them out before they can get close. 
    If they do get close, make sure you get away fast and set up to destroy 
    Vehicles: My personal favorite to kill. Grab an explosive weapon, that 
    will easily take out a Warthog. Ghosts are a bit tricky, you have to 
    lead them off, or you'll never hit them. Using an Assault Rifle hurts 
    Ghost drivers as well. If they try to run you down, move out of the way 
    as soon as possible. Scorpions have to be the easiest to destroy. Grab 
    a Rocket Laucher and shoot, just like that, they're toast. Or use can 
    use a Pistol or Sniper Rifle and kill them in one or two shots, as long 
    as you can see them in the drivers seat (I've actually killed people in 
    Scorpions with a Pistol, I'm not kidding!).
    People on foot: These people are usually medium distance, and like to 
    suprise you. Surprise them with a grenade or a Sniper shot to the head. 
    If you want you could try a vehicle, but I say keep moving, use cover, 
    take shots, hide, and get closer as you do this.
    -Keep them guessing.
    If you can see them, they can see you. If they know where you are, and 
    you don't, you're in trouble. You'll want to keep them guessing as much 
    as possible, keep moving! If they don't know where you are, they can't 
    hit you. Kill them before they can spot you if they don't know where 
    you are.
    This is all the new pointers I can think of. Use these and the ones 
    from the other difficulties, and you should have no trouble beating 
    your friends. For the record, the closest I've even come to losing is 
    50-11 (this was against my cousin who's quite good at the game, and 
    against my brother who is also pretty good). Practice, and you'll be 
    winning in no time.
    Weapon Combos C28
    First off, let me explain what a weapon combo is. A weapon combo is a 
    series of different strikes against the enemy, possibly combined with 
    other terrain elements (such as a bridge) causing massive damage to 
    them, and most likely killing them. I don't have very many to start 
    with, but I'm hoping people will send them in, and I'm hoping that I 
    could think of a few more myself.
    Combo #1: Melee + Shotgun
    Weapon(s) Required: Shotgun
    Damage: Massive-One hit kill
    This one is pretty easy to do. Simply hit an enemy with a shotgun, then 
    pull the right trigger while doing this. The result: a melee and shot 
    combo providing maximium damage.
    Combo #2: Melee + Headshot
    Weapon(s) Required: Pistol (Human)
    Damage: One hit kill
    This one can be difficult at times, and works mostly on Grunts (the Red 
    version of them anyway, it might work on the normal kind). First, you 
    melee them, then while they are stunned, shoot them in the head, one 
    hit kill.
    Combo #3: Enemy Suicide
    Weapon(s) Required: Plasma Grenade (maybe a Human, not sure)
    Damage: One hit kill
    Good fun. Only works on levels with a bridge. Simply get an Elite near 
    the edge of a bridge (if you can), then throw a Plasma grenade. They 
    always dodge by rolling, so try to predict which way they will go. If 
    done right, they will roll off, with a one hit kill for you.
    Combo #4: Chain Reaction
    Weapons(s) Required: Non-explosive weapon and grenade (any type)
    Damage: Massive-One hit kill
    Be careful with this one!! First you need to kill an Elite, they 
    usually drop a bunch of grenades, so use this to your advantage. Throw 
    a grenade at the grenades the Elite dropped, and it should in a huge 
    chain reaction of exploding grenades, heavily damaging or killing the 
    other enemies around it.
    From Jacob Keyes:
    Instead of using a grenade to set off the reaction, use a rocket 
    launcher to save a little time. This gives the enemy less time to react 
    and results in more death.
    Combo #5: Flood Destruction
    Weapons(s) Required: Preferrably a non-explosive weapon
    Damage: Massive-One hit kill
    Kinda like the Chain Reaction one, except you use the Flood Type 4 (see 
    the enemy section if you don't know what I'm talking about, or search 
    A34 in Find) as the grenade. Shoot it, causing it to explode, it will 
    kill the other Flood around it. If you're lucky, it might destroy some 
    other Type 4's causing a lot of death (including yours if you're not 
    This was sent in by Jacob Keyes:
    Combo #6: Quick Pockets
    Weapon(s) Required: Plasma Pistol/Rifle and Assault 
    Damage: Easy death to Elites
    First select plasma weapon, when attacked by an elite, attack it, when 
    it's shields are gone/nearly gone push Y and swap to human weapon, 
    continue firing. If the enemy still remains when you begin to reload 
    the weapon, swap back and do it again.
    Effect of this: The plasma weapon tears through the shield, the human 
    weapon shreds through their armor.
    The Benefit: The plasma weapon(s) don't need to cool down, the human 
    weapon(s) don't need to reload.
    If you've got any, send 'em in!
    Vehicles in Co-op Mode C29
    The game is considerably easier with a friend who can actually fight. 
    It's even more fun because you can use the turret with the vehicles 
    without the bad aim of the Marines. So here are some good points about 
    having a friend with a vehicle.
    **SIDE NOTE** I'm not doing any vehicles that can only seat 1 person, 
    which leaves only the Warthog and the Scorpion.
    You can actually put the gun turret to good use with two players. 
    Wether it's with your expert shooting skills or your friends, it's good 
    any way. The passenger seat isn't that great, but it gets the job done 
    when you have a rocket launcher.
    One of you is going to argue who's going to drive and who's going to 
    gun. This could cause some fighting (and hopefully not a friendship). 
    Usually the more experienced player drives (they know where to go!).
    It's just like driving in the passenger seat of a Warthog when a second 
    player uses it, since the driver controls the weapons. It adds some 
    extra firepower to your team though.
    Same as Warthog, except it'll probably be a race to the tank to see who 
    drives. If you're greedy and really want to get it, kill your friend 
    (in the game, I hope you knew that).
    4.0 Just for Fun Game Stuff D21
    This section is a send-in, entirely based on the reader here. Send me 
    in your funny (or weird, or hard, etc.) stories of Halo, and if I think 
    it's worth putting up (which I most likely will), it'll be here.
    This story is from Princejake2@aol.com:
    My cuz rented a XBox when his PS2 messed up, he came over to my house 
    to spend the night and he brought Halo (which he rented) we were on one 
    of the levels, driving in the Warthog, me being the gunner, him 
    driving. I thought I saw something so I told him to stop while I looked 
    at something and I jumped off.......he kept on going. Then I started 
    getting shot at. It was an ambush! So I told my cuz to stop and let me 
    get back on the gun and he said ok. He started backing up slow while I 
    was running to the back and I didn't notice, then he accidently sped up 
    and ran over me! 
    Author's Note: This is pretty good.
    This story is from SlitherBoy4@aol.com:
    Funny thing happened a couple days ago, I was playing Assault on the 
    Control Room, well you know the brige on the left of the control room 
    with the 2 banshees? I throw a plasma grenade near a elite, 4 grunts 
    fell down and 2 elites jumped, can you say suicide? It was funny I was 
    looking down with sniper rilfe and I started to fall down.
    Author's Note: Pretty good.
    So SEND 'EM IN!!
    5.0 FAQ E21
    Well, as soon as I get questions, I'll answer them and post them here, 
    then this will be a big section.
    Q: ...Halo 2 may feature destructable environments a-la Red Faction. 
    They are still toying with it. Does anyone know if this is true, or 
    just a rumor?
    A: I really don't know. If you know, e-mail me so I can put it here and 
    tell him.
    Send in your questions.
    6.0 Final Words F21
    Well, this is it, the spot where the FAQ/Guide pretty much ends. I 
    really enjoyed working on it for the past months. It's so great working 
    on them, so I'm starting a new one. I hope you enjoyed this guide, and 
    I hope that it helped you.
    6.0.1 Credits G21
    Here is my list of people to thank. Wether it's the people who sent in 
    questions, to the people who put in Weapon Combos, they're all here.
    This feels like the Academy Awards, standing up there and thanking 
    I'd like to thank Game FAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) for putting my Guide on 
    the site.
    I'd like to thank the people at Bungie for making Halo, as if they 
    didn't, this Guide wouldn't be here.
    I'd like to thank my friends for liking it.
    I'd like to thank my brother for helping with one pointer, and helping 
    me beat a few levels (Co-op).
    I'd like to thank my cousin, as he is the closest person to beating me 
    (I won 50-11).
    That's all for now!
    (If you sent in something and it's not on here, I probably forgot, but 
    don't worry, it'll be here soon).
    Thanks to the following people who sent stuff in:
    Hawkeye3114U@aol.com (Pistol and AR bullet size)
    M_Sojka623 (for some info on the Flood)
    shantlers (for the Ranks/Forms)
    Jacob Keyes (for a Weapon Combo)
    Halo_Sniper2005@msn.com (for some requests/Hunter strategies and 
    Invisible Elite)
    Halo64@msn.com (Flood Forms and a bunch of requests/info)
    Princejake2@aol.com (for a Fun Stuff story)
    BballSF17@aol.com (for a Needler correction)
    Jim from New York (for a different look at the Most Effective Weapon 
    and the "2 best weapon to use")
    jugga_la@hotmail.com (for a lot of stuff)
    Garysnake64@wmconnect.com (info on the Flood)
    SlitherBoy4@aol.com (info for the Juggernaut)
    Element322@aol.com (info on the Invisible Elite)
    JulieWilkie@aol.com (info on the Juggernaut)
    disturbed_jedi@yahoo.co.uk (for some enemy strategies)
    Rayden Cheung (for the Black Grunt)
    UnshavedMask (for some Banshee Stuff)
    Beasly464@aol.com (for a note on the Type 4 Flood)
    berkl@countryday.net (for some info on Wraith)
    And to the MANY, MANY, people who corrected the Wraith mistake.
    And that's all, thanks for reading.

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