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Dome Wars


Dome Wars is a pretty old game for the Macintosh computer. In it, you are a dome, fighting for survival against anywhere from 2-10 other domes, which can be controlled by humans, or by the computer. You are to use angles, power levels, and different types of weapons to survive. A game consists of several rounds of this carnage.

Sounds and Graphics: 3/10
Even though I'm a fan of this game, I have to admit… the graphics aren't good. They consist of a two dimensional area (although you can set it to display custom backgrounds and ground, it still remains 2-D). Everything in this game is 2-D. Also, the sounds are simple, boring, and repetitive. Fortunately, sounds and graphics don't usually play the biggest part in how good a game is. And Dome Wars is no exception to that statement.

Controls: 9/10
Simple, and amazingly easy to pick up on. You just have to play a game or two to get the hang of it. Other then that, you'll never have any problems whatsoever with the controls of this game.

Gameplay: 6/10
Dome Wars loses 3 points for not having a true one-player. All it really has is just different ways to customize (for lack of better word) exhibition games. It has a tournament feature, which is a poor attempt at a one-player. It's fun, but it isn't very satisfying once you are done, and you most likely will not play it over and over again. As for the way the gameplay is set up, it is very well planned. It is easy to get the hang of, very smooth, and lots of fun.

Fun Level: 9.5/10
This is where Dome Wars gets a good score. This game is fun as all hell. You will most likely spend hours blasting other domes apart and trying new ways to play the game. The fun level goes up even more if you are playing with friends. This game is tons of fun, and definitely worth the short download that it is.

Replay Value: 8/10
Dome Wars doesn't get old too fast. You will have many hours of fun trying different ways to play the game and getting better. The ability to customize weapons makes this game a lot more fun as well. I have found that it is fun to have a lot of friends come over and have a tournament. Lots of good times you can have with this game.

Dome Wars is a fun game, and you will notice that once you get past the poor graphics and sound. The high replay value pays off and the quick and easy to pick up on gameplay helps a lot. Download this game and give it a try! It's definitely worth it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/22/04

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